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SfirWe are requested to state td the person
who took a daguerreotype likeness of a young
lady from Auxer's room in the Court House,
Its can have El 0,00 by returning it.
Warrieb . ,
On the 23d ult., by Rev. J. W. Haughawout,
Rev. E. W. Kirby, of.the Baltimore Annual
Conference, to bliss Etnmie M. Wilson of Mae•
eeysburg, Hunt. co.
On the 25111 ult., by the Caine, Mr. Samuel
Stimen of Altoona, to Miss Mary A. Estep of
Jurtiuta Iran Work,
Administrator's Notice.
NOTICE i s hereby given that letters of Ad
ministration on the estate of Samuel Kerr,
late of Penn township, dec'd., have beets gran
ted to the undersigned, residing in said town
ship, to whom those indebted will please make
immediate payment, and those having claims
will present them duly authenticated ft/resettle
October 1, 11356.—Gt.
Administrator's Notice.
NT, OTIOE is hereby given that letters of AA.
1 , 4 tniifistrittion on the estate of Thomas Goa
such, late of Penn township, deed., have been
granted to the undersigned, residing in said
township, to whom, those indebted will please
make immediate payment, and those having
claims will present them duly authenticated for
October 1, 11356.—Gt. .4 doer.
tritE undersigned Auditor, appointed by the
L Orphans' Court of Huntingdon county, to
distribute the balance in the hands of John
Householder and Moses Hamer, Executors of
William Householder, deceased, amongst those
entitled to receive the same, hereby gives no.
Lice to all persons interested, that lie willattend
Mr the purpose of making said distribution, on
Saturday, the 25th day of October, 1856, at 1
o'clock, * l?. M., nt his °dice in the borough of
Huntingdon ; when and where all persons in•
tarested may attend if they think proper.
October 1, 1856.-41,
The undersigned offers himself as a mull
+late fur re-election to the office of COUNTY St it.
tExtin'of kfuntingdon county, and respectfully
solicits the suffrages of his fellow-citizen,
Hunt., Sept. 2.1. 1856.-30
Will rOMMOIICO ;tan inter ression alive months
on Monday, Nov. 3d. It id hoped that the
pleasant situation and salubrity of the village,
the convenience and spaciousness of the Semi
nary, and the established character of the In
'tractors will secure the attendance of a large
number of mils.
Terms—Pur Board and Tuition per session,
$8 to 12,00
Shirleysburg, Hunt. Cu., Pa.
Day Tuition from
Apply to
To the Voters of Huntingdon County.
Having been impelled to this step especially
ffnm the lonelier in which, 1 conceive, my end
of the county has been maltreated, dishonored
and abused, by the recent action of the Repub
lican Executive Committee, in the distribution
of the different olliees.throughout the county,
and also from considerations of a personal
character, 1 offer myself as a free, independent
anti untrammelled candidate fur the office of
Associate Judge, at the approaching general
election to be held in October next, and re•
apectfully ask your suffrages.
Patented Nov. 20, 11354.
Tuts Mill occupies about 2f feet by 3 feet and
is 1 feet high, weighing 370 pounds, and is
worked by hand or horsepower, and noes very
easily. Two mcii can make from 6to 12 hat ,
ruts of cider per day, it worked according to di.
.„. .. ..
For sale at the manufacturer's prices, by
Messrs. Taylor k Cremer, Hunting(lon Agents.
Price, $.lO.
The undersigned will Inca the School Direc
tors, and Teachers for examinations in the re
spective districts as indicated in the following
Cobb.° .
Toll, Friday, Aug. 29,17ni0n Sellout House.
Tod, Tuesday, Sept, 2, Newburgh.
Morris, Thu-sday, Sept. 4, Spruce Creek.
Franklin, Friday, Sept. 5, hook School House,
Warrierstnark. Saturday, Sept. 6, Wartiorstu'L
Alexindrin, Monday Sept. 8 Alexaudria.
Porter, Tuesday, Sept. 9, Alexandria.
Walke'r, Wednesday, Ser;t. In, MeCounellstown.
Henderson, Thursday, Sept. 11, Court House,
West, Monday, Sept. 22, S. C. Bridge.
'larvae, Tuesday, Sept. 23, Manor
Jackson, WctliCe;day, Sept. 24, MeAlavey's Ft.
Penn, Friday, Sopt. 26, Marklesburg.
Deposlll, Sat„ Sept. 27, Rough & Ready S.ll.
Brad,, Wednesday, Oct. 1, Mill Creek.
filtictey, Thursday; Oct. 2, Aughwick Mills.
Shirleyshurg, Friday, Oct. 3, Shiilleysburg.
Cromwell, Saturday, Oct. 4, Orbisonia.
Dublin, Monday, Oct. 6, Shade Gap.
Springfield, Tuesday Oct. 7, Maddensvillo.
Clay, Wednesday, Tuesday,
8, Scottsville.
Casa, Thursday. Oct. 9, Cassvillm
Carsville, " " " "
Enloe, Oct. 10, l'lnce of Elections.
l'he time of meeting will he 10 o'clock, A.ll.
at ouch of these places, and 'punctuality is very
desirable. 'reachers must attend a public ex
amination if they desire certificate,
Co. Superintendont,
Ang.20;36. -3m,
wmuuum N. SHIUGARD,
NO, 191 North Third at., above Wood, Phila.
'try, Jujube Paste, Gum Drops, Chocolate
Drops, Brandy Drops, Liquor Bottles, Jelly
Cokes, Cream Chocolate, French Tcys, White
Sugar Toys, Ac., &c.
Oranges, Lemons, Raisins, Currants, Citron,
Figs, Dates, Prunes, Almonds, Walnuts, Fil
berts, Cream Nuts, Ground Nuts, Fire Crack
ers, Syrups, Tamarinds, Liquorice, Rock Can
dy, .te., Ac.
The attention of Dealers is resested to an
examination of my stock, which will be found
equal to an, in Philadelphia.
N. S.--.l3rders by mail or otherwise prompt•
ly attended to.
ghade Gap, Huntingdon County, Pa.
W. H. WOODS, A. M., Pr^prietor &
J.A.SHADE, Lecturer On Anatomy& Hylleana, l Rae. J. CAMPBELL, Lecturer on General
SAMUEL CAMPBELL, Assistant Literature,
JOHN M. CAUSLAND. Teacher in Preparatory Department,
THE annual exhibition will take place the Ist Wednesday of October. An address by the
Rev. 1). X. Junkin, D. D., will be delivered before the Philo and Diaynathian Societies, at 2
o'clock, P. M. The Exhibitional performances will take place at 61 o'clock, P. M. The ex.
aminations the week previous. Ihen exercises the friends of education are respeetthlly invi.
ted to attend. The next session opens on iVednesday, the 29th of October. This Institution
holds out peculiar inducements to young men seeking an education. The Board of Instruction
is composed of gentlemen of high literary attainments and skilled in their profession. The 10
cation is very healthy, having the pure mountain air, and free from all noxious vapors arising
from stagnant water and marshy ground. Those subject to ague could not find a more deska•
ble place. The course of instruction is such as is best caleulated to prepare young men for
business, for teaching, and for taking a high stand in College, For those desiring to become
Teachers, a Normal Class will be formed, in which practical instruction will be given in the art
of Teaching. To this class, lectures will be given on the subject of Teaching. The tempta
tions to vice. idleness and dissipmfint are few. There is nothing to draw the mind of the stu
dent from his books, it is quiet and retired, just ouch a situation as a young inns desirous of
improvement would seek. The secludes are in a flourishing condition, and each has n fine li•
brary of choice works. The buildings are large and commodious, an additional building is in
the c pHs') of erection, which will be finished this fall. Shade Gap is situated on the mail
route between Chambersburg and Mount Union Station on the Penn. Rail Road.
TERMS :—For Session of live months, $52 50. Witching, light, and fuel, extra. Students
are charged from the time of entering until the closo of the Session. Payments half in ad
vance, balance at the middle of the session. For catalogues and further particulars, address
IV. 11. WOODS,
Shndo Gap, Ilunt. Co., Pa.
September 17, 1856.-3 m.
God Save the Commonwealth.
eral Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pen n•
syl venni, entitled "An act relating to the elec
tions of this Comincuwcalth," approved the sec
end do, ofj.dy, A. D. 1839, I JOSHUA
GREEN LAND; High Sheriff of the County of
Huntingdon, in the State of Pennsylvania, do
hereby make known and give notice to tie elec
tors of the County aforesaid, that a General
Election will he held in said County of Hunt
ingdon, on the
Secooil THe6day, lith of October, 1856.
At which time State and County Officers, ns
lows, will he elected
ONE I'ERSON for Canal Commissioner of
said Commonwealth.
ONE PERSON for Auditor General of said
ONE PERSON for Surveyor General of said
ONE PERSON in conjunction with the Coun
ties of Blair, Cambria and Somerset, to fill . the
office of member of the Uouse of Representa
tives of the United States.
ONE PERSON in conjunction with the coun
ties of Blair and Cambria, to fill the office of
member of the Senate of Pennsylvania.
TWO PERSONS, in conjunction with the
county of Blair, to till the office of members of
thslSolise of Representatives of Pennsylvania.
. -
.. 7 TWO I'ERSOXS, to fill the office otAfiteci
ate Judges of said county.
ONE PERSON to fill the office of Sheriff of
said county.
ONE I'ERSON to fill the office of County
Commissioner of said County.
ONE PERSON to fill the office of Director
. theyli . T..!l:ll conty..
ONE PERSON to fill the office of District
Attorney of void county. _
ONEPERSON to fill the office of County
Surveyor of said county.
ONE PERSON to fill the office of Auditor of
enid county.
- In pnrsa mice of said Act, I also hereby make
known and give notice, that the places of hold
ing the ntbresnid General Election in the sever
al election districts within the said county, are
as follows _ _
let district, composed of Henderson township
and all that part of Walker township not in the
loth district, at the Court House in the Borough
of Huntingdon.
Oct district, composed of Dublin township, ht
Pleasant Ilill School House, near Joseph Nel
son's in said township.
Oct district, composed of so much of Warriors
mark township us is not included in the 19th
district, at the School House adjoining the town
of Warriortmutrk
itth district, composed of the township of Hope
well, at Mu School Rouge at Rough and Ready
Furnace, in said township.
sth district, composed of die township of Bar
rce, at the house of James Livingston (formerly
John Ilarper,) in the town of Saulsburg, in said
_ .
1;t11 district, composed ofthe township of Shir
ley, at the house of I). Fraker, in Slairlcvsbnrg.
7th district, composed of Porter and Walker
townships, mid so much of IV.lst township as is
included in the following boundaries, to wit :
beginning at the south-west corner of Tobias
Caufman's fonts on tote bank of the little Junia
ta river, at the lower end of Jackson's narrows,
thence in a north-easterly direction to the most
setithertily part of the farm owned by Michael
Maguire, thence north 40 degrees west to the
top of 'nosey's mountain, to intersect the line of
Franklin township, thence along said line to lit
tle Juniata river, thence down the sumo to the
place of beginning, at the public School House
opposite the German Reform Church in the bo
rough of Alexandria.
Otis district, composed of the township of
Franklin, at the lions° of Jacob Matters, now
occupied by G. W. Menem, in said township.
9th district, composed of Tell township, at
the Union School 'louse, near the Union Meet
ing HOMO, in sail township.
Will district, composed of Springfield town
ship, at the School House near Hugh Madden's
in said township.
. . . .
I ith district, composed of Union tp., at the
School house near Ezekiel Corhin's in said
township. . . .
12th district, composed of Brady township,
at the School House known as the Centro School
House in said township.
13th district, composed of Morris township,
at School House No. 2, in soil township.
14th district, composed of that part of West
township not included in the 7th and 26th dis
tricts, at the public school house on tho farm now
occupied by Miles Lewis, (formerly owned by
James Ennis,) in said township.
15th district, composed of that part of Walk
er township lyingsouthwest of a line commenc
ing opposite David Corbin'. House, at the Un•
ion township line, thence in a straight line, in
cluding said Corbin's house to the corner of Por
ter township, on the Huntingdon and Woodcock
Valley road, at the house of Jacob Magalty, in
said township.
ltith dish iet, composed of the township of Tod
at the Green School House in said township:
17th district, composed of that part of West
township on the south •cast side of the Warrior
ridge , deaso b t e jv i nti:s nt at t t "e tli l o h got ar ors e a s i t d ridge, to
the lino of Barree tp., thence by tho division
line of Barren and West townships, to the 'sum
mit of Stone mountain, to intersect the lino of
Henderson and West townships, thence by said
line to place of beginning, at the house now oc
cupied by Benj. Corbin, on blurry's Run.
loth district, composed of Cromwell tp., at
the house now occupied by David Etnire, in Or
Mk district, composed of the Borough of Bir
mingham, with the several tracts of land near
to and attached to the seine, now owned and oc
cupied by Thomas M. Owens, John K. bleCa•
ban, A. Roberson, John Gonsimer and Wm.
Gensimer, the tract of land now owned by Geo.
& John Shoonbergor, know,, as the Porter tract
is annexed to said district, situate in the town
ship of Warriorstnark, at the public school homo
in said Borough.
20th district, composed of Cats township, at
the public school house in Casaville, in said tp.
21st district, composed of Jackson township,
at the houso of Robert Barr, now occupied by
John Hirst, at MeAleavy's Fort, in said tp.
22d district, composed of Clay township, at
the house of Josh. Shore, nt the Throe Springs
in sold township.
2311 district, composed of the township of Penn •
pt the public school house in Marklesburg, in
said township.
2411, district, composed of that part of Shir
ley township, lying and being within the follow
ing described boundaries, to wit : Beginning lit
the intersection of Union and Shirley township
lines with the Juniata river ' on the south side
thereof; thence along said Union township line
for the distance of three miles from said river ;
thence eastwardly by a straight line to the point
where the main from Eby's Mill to Germ.) .
Valley, crosses the summit of Sandy Ridge
thence northwardly along the summit of Sandy
Ridge to the river Juniata, and thence up said
river to the place of beginning ; et the public •
school lion, in Mount Un ion, in said district. I
25th district, composed of the Borough of
Huntingdon, at the Court House in said Moro'.
20th district. composed of the Borough of Pe
tersburg and dolt pert of West township west ,
mod south of the line between Henderson end
West township, et or near the Warm
to the Frauklin township line on the top of re,-
sey's mountain, so to to include in the district
the house of Drivid Waldsmith, Jacob Longen
ecker, Themes Hamer, James Porter, end John
Wall, at the public school house in the Borough
of Petersburg.
I also make known and give notice, es in out
by the 13th section of the aforesaid act, I am di
reefed, "that every person except justices of the
peace, whashall bold any office or appointment
of profit or trust under the government of the
United States, or of this State, or of any city
or incorporated district, whether a commission
ed officer or agent, who is or shall be employed
under the legislative, executive or the judiciary
department of this State or of the 17nitril States
or any city or incorporated district, and also,
that every member of Congress end of the State '
Legislature, and of the select or common coon-
eil of any city, commissioners of any incorpora
ted district, is by low ineepoffile of holding 1 r ex
ercising at the same time, the office or appoint
ment of judge, inspector, or clerk of any election '
of this Commonwealth, and that no inspector, ;
judge, or other officer of env such election, 511011 ;
be eligible to any office, to he then voted fur."
Also, that in the 14th section of the act of
Assembly. entitle,/ an "Act relating to execu
tions end pier other purposes," improved, April
IG, 1840, it is enacted that the aforesaid 13th
section "shall not be collet, ued as to prevent any
militia officer or borough officer from serving as
judge, inspector or clerk for any protocol or spo
clod election in this Commonwealth."
PUlrSitant to the provisions contained in the
67th section in the net aforesaid, the judges of
the aforesaid districts shall respectively take
charge of the certifieate or return of the elec
tion of their respective districts, and produce
them at a meeting of one judge from each dis
trict, at the Court louse, in the Borough onion
tingdon on the th ird day after the day of the e
lection, tieing for the present year on Friday, the
17th dos of October next, then nod there to do
,mid pei r fonn the duties required hy low of said
judges. Also, that where It jolge by sickness
or unavoidahlo accident, is unable to attend said
meeting of Judges, then the certificate of return
aforesaid shall he taken charge of hy one Or the
! impectors or clerks of the election of said dis
trict, mod shall do and perfortn the duties t eipti
red of said judge unable to attend.
Also, in the 61st section of said act, it is en
titleddnt "every general and special election
shall be opened between the hours of eight and
ten in the forenoon, and shall continuo without
interruption or adjournment until seven o'oluck
in the ev ening, when the polls shall lie closed."
Given under my hand at Huntingdon, th 7 10th day
of September, 1856, and of the independence of
the tailed States, the eiyhtyvirst.
Hunt., September 10, 1856.
4is'ME2l T'®ltt&fierlllr, , ,
ut: would offer for sale the following pro-'
VV party, viz t One Farm in Brady Town.
ship, blunt. co" known as the Mill Creek Farm.
Containing 270 Acres, about 130 acres or
which is cleared and in good state of cultivation,
and a considerable part of it has been well limed I
and a large quantity of limo putting on this fall..
Limestone handy and easily quarried, the bal
ance of the land is in timber. There is created
lit good Batik Darn, with u unning water in the
yard, good !louse with flowing fountain or pure
water in the yard. Also, a young apple orchard
of 60 or 70 trees. 1200 bushels of good wheat
has been raised in a season off this farm with
corresponding crops of other grain, there is 40
acres of this land first quality bottom land.
ALso—A farm of 90 Acres, in Germany
Valley, Hunt. co., it being one half of the Fat m
formerly owned by Geo. Eby. Nearly all clear
ed and in at fine state of cultivation. Choice
Limestone Land with House and Stable erected
thereon, with running water. If miles from
Shirleysburg and 5 miles from Penna. Canal and
Railroad at Mt. Union.
Also 15 Acres of choice land adjoining the
above ' on which is erected two good Houses,
small Barn, Weed House, &c., with a never-fail
ing spring of g ood water, and fine Orchard, with
choice fruit. This is a very desirable property,
and would ho suitable for a mechanic, or any
person desiring to retire from active life.
ALso— A farm in Union Township, Hunt. co.,
containing GS Acres, one half of which is
cleared, and the balm' ce first quality of Timber
land, situated within one mile of the Penn& Ca
nal and Railroad at Mill Creek.
L'ither oP the above proportion will be cold
loo• and on rousonahlo terms, apply to the sub
scribers at Mill Creek, Huntingdon co., Pa.
NOTICE is hereby given that Letters of Ad.
ministration on the estate of David Graham,
late of Dublin township, dee'd., having been
granted to the undersigned, all persons knowing
themselves indebted will please make immeilt
ate payment, and those having claims will pro•
sent them duly authenticated for settlement.
500 Chesnut
'l)llrNftlrialTAleby _
t A DUN N.
35 Seeks Coffee just received and for sale
wholesale by CUNNINGHAM & DUNN .
Resolved by Ore &nate and House of Rep
resentatives of the Continonseettlth of Pennsot
rank in general Assembly me?, Tliat the tol•
lowing amendments are proposed to the mad•
lotion of the tolnmonWettith, in accordance
with the provisions of the tehth article thereof.
Nits/ nfiktil)StfiNt.
There shall he an additional article to said
constitution to he designated as artic'e eleven,
as follows I
SEcttos 1, The state may contract debts, to
supply casual deficits or failures iu revenues,
or to meet expenses not otherwise provided for;
but the aggregate amount of such debts direct
and contingent, whether contracted by virtue of
one or more nets of the general assembly, or at
different periods of time, shall never exceed
seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars, and
the money arising front the creation of such
debts, shell be applied to the purpose fur which
it was obtained, or to repay the debts so cum
traded, and to no other purpose whatever.
SECI : IOX 2. In additioit to the above limited
power the stato may contract debts to repel in.
nation, suppress insurrection, defend the state
in war, or to redeem the present outstanding
indebtedness of the state ; but the money axis•
ing from the contractlng of such debts, shall be
applied to the purpose for which it was raised,
or to repay such debt, and to no other purpose
Srx•rtox it. Except the debts above specified
in sections one and two of this article, no debt
whatever shall be creatvl by, or on behalf of
the state.
S►aatox d. To provide for the payment of the
present debt, and any additional debt contract•
ed as aforesaid, the legislature shall, at its first
session, after the adoption of this amendment,
create a sinking fund, which shall be sufficient
to pny the accruing interest on ouch debt, and
annually to reduce the principal thereof by a
sum not less than two hundred and fifty thou
sand dollars ; which sinking fund shall consist
of the net annual income of the public works,
from time to time owned by the state. or the
proceeds of the sale of the same, or any pelt
thereof, and of the income or proceeds of sale
of stocks owned by the state, together with oth
er funds, or resources, that nuty be designated
by law. The said sinking fund may he increa
sed, from time to time, by assigning to it any
part of the tuxes, or other revenues of the state,
not required for the ordinary and current ex
;mews of government, and unless in case of
war, invasion or insurrection, no part of the
said sinking fund shall be used or applied oth
erwise than in extinguishment of the public
debt, until the amount of such debt is reduced
below the sum of five millions of dollars.
Seettox 5. Thu credit of the commonwealth
shall not in any manner, or event, be pledged,
or loaned to, any individual, company, corpor
ation, nr association ; nor shall the common.
wealth hereafter become a joint owner, or stock-
Milder, in any company, association, or corpor.
--- ANCTION 6. The commonwealth shall not ns•
sume the debt, or any part thereof, of any coun
ty, city, borough or township ; or of any cor
poration, or association ; unless such debtshall
have been contracted to enable the state to re
pel invasion, suppress domestic insurrection,
defend itself in time of war, or to assist the
state in the discharge of any portion of its pre.
snot indebtedness.
SECTION 7. The legislature shall not author
ize a:ty count•, city, borough, township, or in
corporated district, by tit tue of n vote of its
izens, or otherwise, to become a stockholder in
any company, association, or corporation ; or
to obtain money for, or loan its credit to, any
corporation, association, institution, or party.
There shall he an additional article to said
constitution, to be designated as article XII, as
No ~o unty shall he divided hr a line cutting
off ever one.tenth of its population, (either to
form a now county or otherwise,) without the
express assent of such county, by a voted the
electors thereof; nor shall any sew county be
established, containing less than lour hundred
3 , 1114111, miles.
• • -
From section two of the first article of the
constitution, strike out the words, "of' he city
of Philadelphia, and q/ each county respective
ly ;" from section five, same article, strike out
the words, "if Philadelphia awl of the several
counties ;" from section seven, same article,
strike out the words, "neither the city of Phila•
delphia nor any," and insert in lieu thereof the
muftis, "and no ;" and strike out section four,
same article, and in lien thereof insert the fol
lowing :
"SatTios 4. In the year one thousand eight
hundred and sixty-four, and in every seventh
year thereafter, representatives to the number
of one hundred, shall ho apportioned and din.
tribute,' equally throughout the state, by din.
triers, in proportion to the number of taxable
inhabitants in the several parts thereof ; ex
cept that any county containing at least three
thousand live hundred taxables, may be allowed
n separate representation ; but no more than
three counties shall be joined, and no county
shall be divided, in the formation of a district.
Any city containing a sufficient number of tax•
Miles to entitle itto at least two representatives,
shall have a separate representation assigned
it, and shall be divided into convenient districts
of contiguous territory, of equal taxable polio.
'mien as near as may bo, each of which in.
tricts shall elect one representative."
At the mid of section seven, same article,
insert these words, "lyre city of Philadelphia
shall be dici(kd into single. senatorial districts,
of contiguous territory as nearly equal in taxa
; file population as possible ; lmt noward shall
' be divided in the formation thereof:" w
The legislature, at its first session, after the
adoption of this amendment, shall divide the
city of Philadelphia into senatorial and
representative districts, in the manner above
provided ; such districts to remain unchanged
until the apportionment in the year one thou.
sand eight hundred and sixty-four.
To be Section xxvi, Article r.
The legislature shall have the power to alter,
revoke, or annul, any charter of incorporation
hereafter conferred by, or under, any special,
or general law, whenever in their opinion it may
be injurious to the citizens of the common•
wealth ; in such manner. however, that no in•
justice shall be done to the corporators.
IxSENAIT, April 21, 1866,
Resolved, That this resoltian pass. On the
first amendment, yeas 24, nays 5. On the sec•
and amendment, yeas 19, nays 6. On the third
amendment, yeas 28, nays 1. Oa the fourth
amendment, yeas 23, nays 4.
Extract from the Journel.
April 21, 1856.
Resolved, That this resolution pass. On the
first amendment, yeas 72, nays 24. On the
second amendment, yeas 63, nays 29. On the
third amendment, yeas 64, nays 25; and on the
fourth amendment, yeas 69, nays 16.
~Kxtract from the'Jourmil,
Piled April 24, 1800. Secty of the Com.
iliirrisbury, June 27, 1856. J
Penneylvanirt, se
I do certify that the shove and foregoing isa
true and correct copy of the ortginal "Resolu
tion relative to an amendment of the Constitu
tion" as the same remains on file in this office.
In testimony whereof I have hereunto
L.S. set my hand and caused to be affixed the
seal of the Secretary's Office, the day and
year above written.
Secretary if the Commonwealth,
IN !April 21, 1856. SEM:T.IIY% Orme,
Resolution proposing amendments to the Ilurriebnrg, Jane 27, 1856. J •
Constitution of the Commonwealth, being under Poinny/rania, es :
consideration, I do certify that the above and foregoing is a
On the question, true and correct copy of the "Yens" and "Nnys"
Will the Senate agree to the tirot amend• taken on the Resolution proposing nmenthovnts
meta ? to the Constitution of the Commonwealth, an
The yeas and nays were taken agreeably to t:ie same appears on the Journals of the two
the provisions of the Constituii.. and were as Houses of the General Assembly of this Corn
follow, viz : monwenlth for the session of 18.56.
YEAS—Messrs. Browne, 13w kelew, Cress- Witness my hand and seal of said office,
well, Evans, Ferguson, Fleniicen, Hoge, In- L.S. thin twenty-seventh day of June, one thou
grain, Jamison, KIIOX, Latilmeh, Lewis, Me- sand eight hundred and fifty-six.
Clintock, Price, Sellers, Shinn., Souther, A. G. CCRTIN,
Straub, Taggart, Walton, Welsh, Wherry, Wil• Seerefary of the Commonwealth
Linn and Pintt, Speaker-24. July 9, 1856.4111
NAYS—Messrs. Crubb, Gregg, Jordan, Mel
linger and Pratt-5.
So the question was determined in the affir
On the question,
Will the Senate agree to the second mend.
The yeas and nays were taken agreeably to
the provisions of the Constitution and were as
follow, via:
YEAS—Messrs. Browne, Bucicalew, Cress
well, Evans, Hoge, Ingram, Jamison, Knox,
Lnubach, Lewis, WCliiitock, Sellers. Shunt.,
Souther, Straub, Walton, Welsh, Wherry and
NAYS—Messrs. Crabb, Ferguson, Gregg,
Pratt, Price and Pratt, .S'penke,r-6.
So the question was determined in the attic ,
'waive ?
On the question,
Will the Senate agree to the third timmid
ment ?
The yeas and nays were talc. agreeably to
the Constitution, .d were as follow t
YEAS—Messrs. Browne, Buckalew, Crabb,
Cresswell, Evans, Ferguson, Flenniken, Hoge,
Ingram, Jamison, Jordan, Knox, Laub:wit,
Lewis, ItrClintoek, Mellinger, Pratt, Price, Sel.
lers, Shuman, Souther, Straub, Taggart, Wal
ton, Welsh, Wherry, Wilkins and I'iatt,
NAYS—Mr. Gregg—l.
So the question was determined in the atilt ,
On the question,
Will the Senate agree to .ho fourth amend
mitt ?
The yeas and nays were taken agreeably to
the Constitution and were as follow, viz .
YEAS—Messrs. Browne, Buckalow, Crum'.
well, Evans, Flenniken, Hoge, Ingram, Jaini•
8011, Jordan ' Knox, Lanbach, Lewis, M'Clin.
Lock, Pi ice, Sellers, Shuman, Souther, Straub,
Walton, Welsh, Wherry, Wilkins and Pitt,
NAYS—Messrs. Crabb, Gregg, Mellinger a n d
So the question was determined in the affir-
Journal of the House of Representatives, '
April 21, 1856.
The yeas and nays were taken agreeably to
the provisions of the Constitution, and on the
first proposed amendment, were as follow, viz:
YEAs—Messrs. Anderson, Backus, Baldwin,
Ball, Beck, (Lyeotning,) Beck, (York.) Bern•
hard, Boyd, Buyer. Brown, Brush, Buchanan.
Caldwell, Campbell, Carty, Craig, Crawford,
Dowdrill, Edinger Fansold, Foster. Getz,
Unities, Hamel, Hunter, Ileins, Hibbs, Hill,
Hillegas, Hippie, Holcomb, Hunsecker.lmbrie,
Ingham, hulls, Irvin, Johns. Johnson Laporte,
Lebo, Longaker, Lovett, M . Calmont, Johnson,
llPeomb, Mangle, Menear, Miller, Montgomery,
Moorhead, Nancinaelter, Orr, Pearson Phelps,
Purcell, Ramsey, Reed, Reinhold, Ri ddle, Ro
berts, Shenk, Smith, (Allegheny,) Smith, (Cam.
bria,) Smith ' (Wvoining,) Strouse, Thompson,
Vail, Whallon, 'Wright, (Dauphin,) Wright,
(Luzerne,) Zimmerman and Wright, Speaker
NAYS—Messrs. Augustine, Burry, Clover,
Cobourn, Dock, Fry, Fulton, Gaylord, Gibbo•
ney, Hamilton, Hancock, Housekeepe r, Hune
ker, Leisenring, Magee, Manley, Morris, Mum
ma, Putterson,Salishitry, Smith, (Philadelphia)
WitlLer, Wintrode and Yearsley-24.
So the question was determined in the affir
On the question,
Will the House agree to the second amend
The yeas and nays were taken, and were as
follow, viz :
Ycias—Messrs. Antlers., Backus, Baldwin,
Ball, Beek, (Lycotning,) Beck. (York,) Bern
hard, Boyd, grown, Brush, Buchan:in, Cald•
well, Campbell, Carty, Craig, Fausold, Foster,
Getz, Haines, Hamel, Harper, Heins, Hibbs,
Hill, Ilillegns, Hipple ' Holcomb, llunsecker,
linbrie, Ingham, Innis, Irwin, Johns, Johnson,
I.ebn Longnker, Lovett, M'Calmont,
WCarthy, ItPdomh, Mangle, Menenr, Miller,
Montgomery, Moorhead, Nunnernacher, Orr,
Pears., Purcell, Ramsey, Reed, Reinhold,
Riddle, Roberts, Shenk, Smith, (Allegheny,)
Strouse, Vail, Whallon, Wright, (Lucerne,)
Zimmerman, and Wright, Speaker-63.
NAYS—Messrs. Augustine. Barry, Clover,
Edinger, Fry, Fulton, Gaylord, Gibl.tiey, Ha
milton, Hancock, Huneker, Leisetning, Magee,
Manley, Morris, Muintna, Patterson, Phelps,
Salisbury, Smith, (Cambria,) Thompson, Wal
ter Wintrode, Wright, (Danphin)and Yearsley
So the question was determined in the 'Oil ,
On the question,
Will the House agree to the third amend
ment ?
The yeas and rays were talon, nud were as
follows, vie:
YEAS—Messrs. Anders. ' Backus, Baldwin,
Ball, Reek, (Lycomitig.) Beck, (York,) Bern•
hard, Boyd, Boyer, Brown, Buchanan, Cali'.
well, Campbell, Carty, Craig, Crawford, Edin
ger, Fausold, Foster, F'ry, Getz, Haines, Ha
mel, Harper. Heins, Hibbs, Hill, Hitlegas, Hip
ple, Holcomb, Housekeeper, Imbrie, Ingham,
Innis, Irwin, Johns, Johnson, Laporte, Leho,
Longaker, Lovett, M'Calinont, M'Comb, Nau
gle, Menear, Miller, Montgomery, Nunnemach.
er, Orr, Pearson, Phelps, Purcell, Ramsey,
Reed, Riddle, Shenk, Smith, (Ally homy,) Smith
(Cambria,) Smith, (Wyoming.) Thompson,
Whallon, Wright, (Dauphitt,) Wright, Luzerne)
and 'Zia merman-6-l.
NAYS—Messrs. Barry, Clover, Cobourn,
Dock, Dowdall, Fulton, Gaylord, Gibboney,
Hamilton, Hancock, Iluneker, Leisenring, 1111'.
Carthy, Magee, Manley, Moorhead, Morris,
Patterson, Reinhold, Roberts, Salisbury, Wal•
ter, Wintrode, Yearsley and Wright, Speaker
So the question was determined in the affir
On the question,
. Will the House agree to the fourth amend
YEAR—Wears. Anderson, Backus, Ball,
Reck, (Lyeeming,) Beck, (York,) Bernhard,
Boyd, Brown, Brush, Buchanan'Caldwell,
Campbell, Carty, Craig, Crawford, Dow •
dal!, - Edinger, Fausold, Foster, Fry, Getz, lb,
mel, Harper, Heine, Hibbs, Hill, HiHops,
Hippie, Holcomb, Housekeeper, Honsecker,
Imbrie, Innis, Irwin, Johnson, Laporte, Lebo,
Longaker, Lovett, M'Calmont, M'Carthy, M'-
Comb, Mangle, Mentor, Miller, Montgomery,
Moorhead, Nunneinacher, Orr, Pearson, Phelps,
Purcell, Ramsey, Reed, Reinhold, Riddle, Ro
berts, Shenk, Smith, (Cambria) Wright, (Lu
cerne,) Yearsley, Zimmerman and Wright,
Nees—Messrs. Barry, Clover, Cobourn, Fill.
ton, Gibboney, Haines, Hancock, Huneker,
Ingham, Leisenring, Magee, Manley, Morris,
Patterson, Salisbury, and Wintrode-16.
So the question was determined in the affir•
1 EL lEVIN 0 nn establishment of this kind
needed in this place, the subscribers have
just opened a large and carefully selected stock
of llAnnwrtte.. kind are now randy to accommo
date all who may give them a call.
Among our stork will be found a fall assort.
tacos of
Building Materials,
Nails, Glass, Putty, Locks, Bolts, Binges, &c.
A really excellent assortment of
Mechanics' Tools,
including all thu latet inventions. Mill, Cross
cut, Tenon, Bow, Hand, Compass and Wood
Sawa, (thirty different vsrieties,) Chisels, Axes,
Hatchets, Shears and Seiss..s,llrnduated and
Common Anger MA, T. 1.1. an . Pocket Cutle
ry, Iron and Steel of all shedes .nd sizes, Car
riage Springs and Axles. Mince,' Coal Shovels,
Blacksmiths' Vices, Oils and Paints, Brushes,.
names. &c., Ac. In fact everything usually
kept in a
Hardware Store.
We !mike pro allusion to any other indiridnab
establishment, Hardware or Dry Goods, but we
generally that for reasons well understood
by trailers, we ran and to sell Goods in our line
on better terms that they can be had elsewhere
in this county, and as Low as can ho had in any
neighboring county. Persons from a distance
urn invited to call or send in their orders.
Two doors west of the Globe and l'ost
'.'l:l)MUTliiis.'.'s 10Til4thLtM. 4:IIAM '..i'
& st D o r . "l l , , l4a r v i o4ul B 3: r s eLei m vo e t r l
Goods, consisting of
Dry Goods, Hard-ware, Groceries,
Queens-ware, Cedar-ware,
Hats, boots and shoes.
Crockery-ware, stone and earthen
Tin-ware, Cane Fishing-rode.
Ready Made Clothing always on hand,
and in short everything that is usually kept in a
country store.
kept constantly for Sale.
Call and examine our Goods and judge for
All kinds ol country produce taken in ex
change for Goods at the highest market prices.
The highest market pikes paid for all kinds
of Grain.
Prompt attention paid to storing and forwnrd.
ing nil kinds onnerchandise. produce, &s.
'Huntingdon, May, 14,
~t ; _''" Foundry .
-1 thod of iniorming their friends and the pub
lic generally, that they hare rebuilt the Hunt
ingdon Foundry, and are uow in successful op
eration, and are prepared to furnish casting of
all kinds, of the best quality on the shortest no
tice and most reasonable terms.
armers are invited to call and examine our
Ploughs. We arc manufacturing the Hunter
Plough, (this plough took the premium at the
Huntingdon County Agricultural Fair, In 1855)
also Hunter's celebrated Cutter Plough, which
can't he heat, together with the Keystone, Hill
side, and Barshcar Ploughs. We hare on hand
and aro manufacturing stoves, such as Cook,
Parlor and office stoves for coal cr wood.
HOLLOW -W altri
consisting of Kettles, Boilers, Skillets, she., all
of which will be sold cheep for cash or in ex
change for country produce. Old metal taken
for new castings. By u strict attention to busi
ness and desire to please, we hope to receive a
share of public patronage.
April 30,
New Goods New Goods !
D. Gwin has just received from Philadel
phia a large and beautiful stock of
consisting of ho most fashionable Dress Goods
for Ladies and Gentlemen, such as Black Silks,
Chameleon & Fancy Silks, Silk Challi s Citall,
de loins, Spring stiles of Hamilton De Loins,
Barnes. All Wool do Loins, Fancy and Domes
tic Ginghams, Debate, Madonna Cloth, Alpacas,
Lawns, and Prints of all description. ALSO,
a large lot of dress Trimmings, dress Buttons,
Bonnet Silks, Ribbons, Gloves, MI MS, Hosiery,
Laces. Veils, Underslecves, Collars, Chimes
cite, Mohair head dresses. Summer Shawl s,&c. Also, Cloths, black and blue., black and ancy
Cassimer, Cassinets, Vtoting4, Cotton Stripes,
Mr pants, Nankeen, Mushas, smacked and un
bleached, 'PickettCheeks, Table Diaper, Wool
en and Linen 'fable Covers, and a variety of
Goods too numerous to inseam
Also Bonnets,
Hats dr. Caps, Boots and Shoes,
Buckets, 'rubs, Churns, Baskets,
Oil Cloths,
Groceries, Fish and salt,
and all goods usually kept in a country Store.
My old customers, and as many new ones as
can crowd in arc respectfully requested to come
and examine my goods.
All kinds of oountry produce taken in ex
change fur goods, at the highest market prices.
April 9, 1856.
Something New at Huntingdon.
The celebrated Centre County Iron foi sale
at the following . prices
Four cents per lb for common assorted frets
inches square and round np. 4} cents for
Horse.shoe and Spike-rods, including e and
inches square, and 3 cents for Nail-rods, at, the
cheap store of
To be awarded by the Agricultural Society. of
Huntingdon county, at the Fair to be held at
Huntingdon, on the Btb, %hand 10th of Octo.
ber next, 1856 :
Bost Stallion, 95,00 Best draft horse, 3,05
2d best do., 3,00 2d best do., I,o'
3d best do., 2,00 Best riding horse, 9,0(
Best 2 or 3 yr. colt, 3,00 2d best do., 1,01
" under 1 year, 1,00 Bost match horns 4 , YJ
" brood mare, 3,00 2d best do., 201
2d best do., 1,60 Best trotting bores 2,00
Best family bursa, 2,00 2,1 d 0.,. ,00
2tl best, 1,00 Best mules, 4 c.,
9d best.,. 2, ,
Judges :A. I'. Wilson, Esq., Huntingdon, .2.
F. Barlett, Spruce Creek, John Colder, Porter,.
David Rupert, Bays Hamilton,• Franklin. .
Best pair work oxen 4,00 Best coo', 11,0.:
2,1 best'do., 3,00 2tl best do., 3,0;)
3d best do., 2,00 Best 3 year heifer, 2,00
Best Bull, 3,00 " 2 u do:, 1,00
2d best do., 2 . ,00
.... " calf, 1,00
Best bonr,
2d best 40.,
3d best do.,
3,00 Bast sow, 8,00
8,00. 2d best, 8,00
1,00 Best litter of pigs, 2,00
Best tine wool buck 3,00 2d best do,. 2,00
2d best do., 2,20 Bast fine woofewa 3,00
Best Soutlidown do 8,00 2d best do., 2,00
2d best do., 2,00 Best long wool do 3,00
Best long woo) do., 3,00 " Southdowu db. 3,00
Judges : Samuel H. Bell, Shirley ; W. Idle
man, Morris ; Peter Livingston, Barrio ; John
Garner ; Penn ; Eli Wakefield, Brady.
4,00 34
3,00 4th do.
2,1 llo:,
Ju6es : Rlisha Shoemaker, Hernlcrson; John
Shaver, Shirley ; A. B. Sangaren, Walker; W.
Hutchison. Warriormark; Winton, Franklin.
....... -
Best plow, 3,00 Best wiwar drill, 3.00'.
" harrow, 2,00 " curs planter, 3.0.,
" cultivator, 3,00 " horse rake, 2,00
" hill-side plough 3,00 " reaper, 3,00
" windmill, 3,00 " mower, 3,00
Judyets: John S. (sett, Franklin; Peril' hforre,
Morrie t George Jackson, Jackson ; Kenzie L.
Green, Clay ; liaac Long, Walker.
Best wheat,. . 4 1 ,00 . . Best rye, COI'
2,1 hest do., 3,00 Best oats 2,00
Bost Indian Corn,. 3,00 BeSt Buckwheat, 2,00
2d best do., 2,00 • .
Judges : T. Fisher, Hutitingdbn ; Hon. Tirbi.
Stewart, West• ' Geo. Eby, Shirley; J. Entrekirt.
Hopewell , L. O. Kessler, Brady.
Best bread, 3,00 Best bard soap. I,oo'
:ol best do., 2,00 2d best do. 50'
at best d0.,1,00 Best candles, 1,00
Best poaneake, 1,00 2,1 best do., 50
2d best du., 50 Best carpet, 2,00
, '
. ,
Best sponge cake, 1,00 2d bow, do. 1,00
Zi best do., 50 Best hearth rug, 1,00
Best butter, 3,00 2d best do., 50
2,1 best do., 2,00 Beet flannel; 2.00
ad best do., 1,00 20 bast do., 1,00
Best Maple saga:, 1,00 Best quilt; 2,00
Best cheese, 2,00 2.1 best dm, 1,00
2(1 best do., 1,00 Best' wool socks, 50.
Best apple butter, 1,00 " worsted do., 50
" tomato catsup, 1,00 "ornamental nee-.
1;00 die work, 1,00
1,00 24 best do., 50
Best silk enibrod'y 1,00:
" honey,
4 4 jelly,
2,1 hest do,
Best preserves, I,oo' 2d best du., .50
iZI best do.. 50 Best shell work., 1,00
Best pickles. 1,00 21. best do.. 10
I 2d best dn., - 50
Judges : J. Scott, Esq., Iluntingdon ; J. Por
ter, Esq., Alexandria; Mrs. John Gominill; Por
i ter ; Mrs. A. W. Benedict and Miss Prudence.
J sekson, Iluntingdon.
i Cr Persons whose trade is baking eannOt otP
! to this list in competition, as it is intended for
1 the encouragement 01 housekeepers. Bet bak
ers may compete among themselves and obtain
Best 2 her. carriage 2,00 of tin ware,
:1,00 Best lot earthen &
sot sin. harness, 100 stone ware, 400
" farming do., 1,00 " cooking storo, 1,00
" bridle & saddle, 1,00 " wash. machine, sn
" pair of boots, 1,00 " meat vessel, 1,0 a..
It it shoes, ;00 " churn, 1,00
" side sole leather, 1;00 " pair of horse
" kip & calf skin, 1.00 shoes, to
" side har. & upper 1,00 " specimen mar •
'' lot cabinet ware, 1,00 blc work, 2,00
& greatest variety
Jul7g . es: Gen. J..C. Watson, Mill Creek ;
Stryker, Porter; J. Saxton, Huntingdon; Dr. J.
A.Sliade, Shade Gap; J. Wilson, Henderson•
Bost & greatest va 2,1 best do., 1,00
riety apples, 9,00 Best & greatest vs•
2d beat'tk;:, • 2,00 Heti' grape., 3,00
Bost doz. Fall do, 2,00 " native do., nOC
2,1 best do., 1,00 2,1 boil do., :,c
Best doz. winter do 2,00 Be. doz. peaelie!,!: of
2d best do., 1,00 "'doz. plums,
Best pears, 21 . 10 ttinees. I, ••••
Judges : R. B. retriken, gsq., Itentangdon
Dr. Win. Swoope, Porter; J. eresswell,
T. T. Cromwell, Esq., Cromwell; David ilaam
Best potatoes, 2,00 Best turnips,
2d best do, 1,00 " onions, $0
Best tweet do., 2,00 " celery, I.
" tomatoes, 1,00 " cabbage, 00
2d best do., 50 " squashes, cc
Best purple eggs, 50 " pumpkins, 00
" peppers, 50 '. watermelons, 110
" beats, 50 " musk melons, 50
50 " beans,
50 " peas,
Judges : Grating, Esq., Porte; A; Port
Esq., }lnntingdon; Gen. John MeConib,Jack.•
town; Divid Henderson, Franklin ; John Gem
mill, Porter.
Best display of flow: v Bost ear. dahlias, i 3 OO
ern in bloom, 2,00 2;1 best do.„ 60
2d best do., 1,00 Best boquet, SO
Best display plants, 2,00
Judges : G. C. Bucher, Porter; Col. S. Whir
ton, Huntingdon; Mrs. P. C. Swoope, Miss Julia
Miles, Huntingdon; Miss M. Colder, Porter.
Rest-pair turkeys, 1 best
2d best do., 50 Best pair chickens 1,00
Best pair geese, 1,00 2tl best do., 60
2tl best do., 50 Best display pool., 2.00
Best pair docks, 1,00 2d hest do., 1,00
Judges : Dr. J. McCulloch, Huntingikin, D.
Womelsdorf, Esq, Franklin ; G. Wilson,
Simeon• Wright, Esq., Union, W. P. Orbis on,
Esq., Huntingdon.
Judges on biseretimiary Premiums, for articles
not enumerated in the foregoing lief J.
Cresswell, Barree; James Clark, Esq., Birming
ham.' W. B. Smith, Jackson; Juntas Hende r s o n.
and Gen. Geo. W. Speer, Casseille.
J. S. Barr, See'y. [Hunt., Aug. 27,'66.
The subscriber will offer at public sale, on
Tuesday, November 11, his farms situated in
Morris township, and contaiuing 265 acres.-
250 acres under fence and in good cultivation,
the balance timber land. This property is di
vided about equally into two faring, with a large
kAbrick house and frame tenant house.**
. .ltalLit large barn, wagon shed nod german..
crib, cementer and blacksmith shops on one;
and a good frame house and barn on the other,
with good water and fruit on both places, and
in a healthy neighborhood.
Also at the seine time acd place , I will offer
406 acres of mountain land, in lots of from 50
to 100 acres, to suit purchasers. This land is
well set with thrifty young ehesnut, white and
yellow pine, and oak timber, and convenient to
the farms ' with good roads to and through the
same. The above property is within mile of
the Penn'a R. R., and 21 of tho canal at Woe
Street. For further particulars, address
Spruce Creek. P. 0, 5ep.3,'56-2M.
i -6,