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HUNTINGDON. Aug. 24, 1856.
. .
Minssit Ent-oas t --Will you please publish
the 1 . -..iwing letter from the idon. Chauncey
Slimier, of New York. I think a careful peru
sal of what is written therein will at least bring
smelly of our friends to meditate thoughtfully
beli,re they con cast their votes for any man for
President of the United States, who asks their
suffrages and who does not distinctly define his
position agitinst the horrors of the Slave pow
cr. Thi.+ block cloud of oppression, which is
sweeping:away nll .r free institutions; the free
press, free speech. the ballot•box, and religious
liberty, are all prostrated before the march of
this devastating curse, and should a man be
elected to begin the ruin where the present ad
ministration has left off, in four years more,
don't he surprised to see your ministers of the
Gospel torn from their pulpits in the Free
States, as the Slave power did attempt to do iu
Virginia, not long since, and is now doing in
Missouri and Kansas. I don't suppose that
these outrages will always be confined to the
Methodist Episcopal Church and her ministers;
but may not all the Protestant Churches expect
the same fate, if it dares to preach against this
I know that all Mr. Shaffer says upon the
-subject of admitting the Papists into the Con.
vention over the Protestant delegation at Phila.,
to be true. I there said to Gov. Johnston, Mr.
Riddle and other gentlemen of the Convention
that it ceased to be an Anferipan Convention.
Nr. Shaffer was a delegate in the NewVOrk
Convention, in June last, and where every
Northern State was represented, and acting
upon the solemn obligation which every Amer
ican understands, and there nominated .Col. J.
Charles Fremont, and on the very grounds that
he wen in heart and practice a Protestant, and
that we all knew him to be so. Mr. Shaffer is
a member of the Methodist Church in good
standing. awl no mau in New York occupies a
more elevated position :Is a man of talent and
Christian gentleman. Yours truly,
SA RAT. A SPIIINGH, Aug. 14, 1856.
U. Posy, Dsq.—My Dear Sir : I have just
received, .by way of New York City, your note
of the 9th inst., inelosing the following extract
from the Ithaca Citien, to wit:
"Comixo Baeg.."—Clutuncev Shaffer, who
was one of the most prominent bolters from the
Philadelphia American Convention, nod who
lots been stumping the river countics in this
Stele at the Fremont meetings, has returned
to.hearty support of Fillmore and Donelson.—
Mr. Sheffer is an eloquent speaker, and was
District Attorney in New York City. Ife be
longs to the Methodist Church, and his recent
convielion that Mr. Fremont is a noman
, the reason why ho witlahaws his support
••:, Itepuldicans. llc has candidly ex
. I ull the evidence, for and against, which
.tared, soil has looked closely ifito the
. • ,:s of Fulmer, and the opposition a
• '.on•. and declares that the evidence in
hie heioe Papist is conelusive, for
v.•! •••t support him."
•• :m• • in- h . c . ntnive is producing
• ..• . •••.•• vgiC)II, and desire toe to
• •• • I, is true or nut. I answer
t ur ittitriention--a "Roorbaclt."
That let •,:tt her mischief matt occur from the
eirculto r tx that strticle. I will set the matter
•of mr prderenee of eandidatea right nt once.
In the flesh place, I was not n prominent or
othot -bolter' li e n the Phi'adelphia American
'Convent-en. T was net a detegate to that Con
vention. There were reasons why I ,honlil not
he a dele,nte. I bad too wucht to do wi:b un-
Or. :awl; or, ms emin,il Pidia
delpli:l 15,4,111ide • to much to do against the
~ . ., ! •1-andi,M at Pitt.'lmmion last August
.• . • . ".ile inclined he, sue Americanism
V 'tut, te he eno,idered a safe man to go to
my will, I admit.—
, ,1 • ' .oioa wtt.3 not an "Ameri.
wilt wait oalictirtied, it mai a
Ctiiivontion ; as far as thu
~.: ~: 4'•t l'
,—,corotql, it woo a Convention for
• tut Prepaete ,on of Human Slavery, and the
•ceseit was the nomination of twn men, one of
'whom glories in being the owner of a hundred
-slaves t and the other (Mr. Fillmor , t i—in: t • a
'most subservient instrument of th Pow.
ern as is manifestly proved by Id , •
Acting as President of the Unite •.: ,•:
by his speeches trade during hi< , •
in pursuit of are nomination. a., , !.. ,
nullification speeches at Albany : :•!-
-on his return from his visit to th. I :,m.
Hence the leading Silver•G ray : , •••••.•-,papers of
, the North (including the sr )i,rk Express)
claim Mr. Fillmore as the regular Whig notni•
nee for the Presidency, while the South claim
him as the champion of Southern rights, (mea
ning the extension of human Slavery by the
action of the General Government,) while Mr.
iFitheore, to justify' the claims tho South, in of
feet says "Elect me, or the South, that loves
-me se well. shall not remain in the Union."
As an American, I am not Udall,' by the no
tion of that Convention; rather, let :no say, I'
cannot submit to be bound by its action, any
more than can toy brethren of Massachusetts,
of C - ..fricctient, and of every New England
Slut . The American party of Massachiwits,l
in solemn council assembled, has - deelneed for
Mr Fremont, and nominated electors favorable
to his election ; and so has the State of Can-1
necticut, and so will all New England do, (for
New England has a history,) and so will the
American party of this State act , excepting al.
ways a portion of the Silver-Gray portion of
that party. The latter portion will steed by
Mr. Fillmore, notwithstanding, he "has adopted
the leading principles of that platform,' the
seventh section of which commits the American
party to Slavery extension under the guise of
squatter sovereignty; because this " , portion of a
portion" cualc into the order wife the design
of retrieving the fallen fortunes of of Mr, Fill
more, as is proved by the attempted ostracism
of the liberal minded mon of the Order, sad by
the threats preceding and accompanying the
Philadelphia Convention, that in the event of
George Law's recei ring the nomination for the
Presidency, they, with the Whig, party proper,
would nominate an out-and-out American
Whig, (meaning Mr. Fillmore, I presume), and
also by letters now in existence, and which, I
hope, will yet bo published.
I have not "returned to the hearty support of
Fillmore and Donelson," nor will Ido any act
or thing tending to sanction the outrages of
Pro-Slavery, Nullification Border Kuala., who
in addition to their outrages in Missouri and
Kansas, of thainselves sufficient to turn the
cheek of durkeess pale, have, from 1852 until
now, wrested the high powers of the nation
from their legitimate purpose to the strengthen
ing of the Slave Oligarchy.
There are other objections to my supporting
Mr. Fillmore, founded upon the fact stated by
the Ci fixers, that I belong to the Methodist
The church owes Slavery no particular good-
will, for Slavery has rent that church in twain ;
has imprisoned women fur teaching the slave
to read the Bible, and has sought in every way
to destroy that church, as being the oppouent
of Slavery most to be feared. Let facts speak.
Last winter a minister oldie Methodist Church
in Missouri, was arrested while in the pulpit by
a gang of men (who, if they live, will probably
vote fur Mr. Fillmore), who 'wantonly and false
ly charged hituswith horse.stealing ; and, with
out allowing him time to put on his overcoat,
mounted him on a horse, drove him some se
venteen miles (the weather being intensely
cold), threw him into a cheerless room, without
lire, there left him to die, and (Isere di,d I
My informant is a Bishop of the Methodist
Church, and spoke of his own knowledge.
Another instance : The Rev. Mr. Wiley, and
about thirty other ministers of the Methodist
Church have been assaulted in their churches
and driven from place to place, like beasts of
prey, their lives being every day in imminent
Another instance: In Kansas a Methodist
minister wrs whipped, tarred and feathered,
tied to a log and set afloat on the Missouri
Another instance : Very recently, a Meths.
dist minister in Missouri, while preaching, was
dragged from his pulpit and tarred and fca•
there(); while an old Methodist layman for
the crime of expostulation against such con
duct, was shot ; and it is a notorious fact, nod
one which wilruoradmit of controversy, that a
minister of my church cannot preach the Gos.
pal in the Stale of Missouri, or the Territory
of Kansas, but at the peril of his life! and yet
I find no reproof of these outrages either• in
the Philadelphia platform or in any of tho
speeches Of Mr. Fillmore.
As to having examined "all the evidence"
in relation to Aft. Fremont's religious creed, I
have to say that I have examined all the evi•
deice including Aldertitan Fultner's statement,
and exhausted the means. of iniormittion within
my reach, and have arrived at the following
conclusions :
Ist. That Mr. Fremont's father was
French Hugonot, and his mother an American
Protestant lady.
2d. That Col. Fremont was born a Protes
tant, baptized a Protestant, married Protes
tam lady, had his children baptized by,
Protestant clergyman, educates them in the
Protestant faith, while he is a Protestant in
practice in all the relations of life.
I admit that he Was taart.;,l raiholic
clergyman, unler circuinAtee. . Lir to
himself, Roil with which the publ - , ~beady
:id. I conclude tl,at
statement is altogetle ' '••••
was nut in IVashil,_ , •:: at ••,: : ,•,.
says he conversed with him, our s•
months of that time. lie was on the
Ocean, or the Isthmus of Darien, or cm the
stcniaer Circe to Law, from Aspinwall to New
lurk City, at the time listed by Fulmer.
I should add that upon C it.-Frement's arri
val in Now York City he sailed to Europe
without visiting Washington at all, and that he
rein:tined m Europe more than a year.
I should further add, that the conviction in
my Mind that Aldertnan Fulmer has here false
wduess against his neighbor is strengthened by
the contradictory statements that I atn credibly
informed he has made concerning this preten
ded conversation, and by the t'urther fact that
among his immediate neighbors his statement
is not Lelieved.
?But if I should refuse to vote for Mr. Fre
mont because of his being to Homan Catholic,
I could not vote for Mr. Fillmore, and for the
reason that the Convention which nominated
Mr. Fillmore war controlled by Ronan Catt,
lies as well as by Slavery Propagandists. This
is the proof:
Two sets of delegates appeared from the.
State of Louisiana—one Protestant, and the
other Roman Catholic—both demanding ad
mission. The Cowan Catholic delegation wan
received, and the Prote4ant delegation was re•
The reason, I understand, assigned for this
singular admission and rejection was, that •the
Homan Catholic delegation did not acknowl
ede:e the temporal supremacy of the Pope ; but
did the Protestant dehvation aelcuowledge the
temporal supremacy ofihe Pope'?
There are other objections to my supporting
Mr. Fillmore, and as an American, and a man
who, at the commencement' of his political life,
resolutely set his face against the further ag
gressiuns of the Slave Power, I cannot he in
duced by atty special pleadin , , or any 'Roor•
backs' that may be hatche'd in Site hot-bed of
ulitical zeal, to vote the any other man for
President than Col. Fremont, inasmuch as I
see no other way of putting an end to the terri
ble ag gression ' s of the Slave Powur.
I beliure upon the election or defeat of Cul.
Fremont will depend the question, whether or
not the black column of Slavery will. be pushed
to the Pacific Ocean; whether or not the Afri
can slave-trade, the sum of all wickedness, will
be revived ; and whether or tint practical Sla
very shall be forced into id • • under
decisions of Federal Jul,. • las Mr.
Fillmore sought to :ippoint
souse of his Judges ; , • . , her this
country shall • . , i,eernment
fur the Slave Oligarch, ; , • 1. or nut we
shell recover our le. .
•.• honor, and go
co in peaceful p elimax ahem.
greatness; or v i, ,e r ,‘• he destroyed by
the aggressive!ystein of the Slave Power,
Very truly yours,
Political Changes.
A newspaper published at Plymouth, Indi
ana, called the Banner, has hauled dawn the
Buchanan flag and run up that of Fremont:—
A German domestic paper, called the "Anzei
ger den Nordens,." which has all along suppor
ted the Plural administration, has declared a
ping. the Buchanan ticket, and conic out in
support of the Philadelphia Republican need
nations andplatform, placing the names of
Fremont and Dayton at the, head of its col
umns. The lion. Joseph Knox, of of Illinois,
a Pierce elector in 1852, and always a Demo.
erat, addressed a Fremont meeting ut Buell In
land lately, and came out boldly in favor of a
Bepublicun ticket. A friend in Massachusetts
who knew him, doubted the truth of this state.
meta wro to to -him propounding an inquiry
on the subject; whereupon he responded In a
lettcr which is published, declarinq himself en
thusiastically for Fremont. The Northwestern
Democrat, published iu Minnesota. and hereto.
fore a supporter of the Pierce administration,
hue hoisted' 1 -ht Fremont and Dayton flag;—
The Leesville Anzeiger, a German paper pub•
lished in Kentucky, n,.; hauled down the Buell.
anan flag. Judge Stuart, d'promittc't and in.
tluential Democrat of Mansfield, Ohio, has do.
(dared for Fremont and Dayton.
filar To render M. Fillmore more palatable
to Northern voters, it has been strenuously rep.
resented in his behalf that he signed the fugi
tive slamlaw only under the advice and urgent
solicitation. of his Cabinet, nod particularly
that of Mr. Crittenden, his Attorney General,
against his own wishes. Mr. Crittenden has
written, a letter putting the clapper on his elec
tioneering representation. Lle says t
There was no urgency or solicitation to Mr.
Filhuore to sign the bill that I know of, I
certainly used none, sordid I ever suppose that
any was necessary. Mr. Filhnore, I have no
doubt, signed the bill freely, and in obedience
only to his awn convictions and sense of duty.
SW-Rumor says that, thorn Id ono Buchan.
au men in Compton, Rhode Wand.
£" There will be but two portico in Ohio—
Buchanan and slavery on one side, and Fre
mont and Freedom on the other. The Cleave
land Herald says the entire Fillmore ticket is
now out of the field.
war An intelligent correspondent at Mere.
dith Bridg, N. 11., thinks that no Fillmore
ticket will be started in that State, and that
the Buchanan men will let the election go by
The Meadville (Csawf,d co.) Spirit of
the Age, an independent paper, has also come
out for Fremont and Dayton. The editor has
heretofore been a Democrat.
Ze—Fall River acorns not to know that Fill li
snore and Buchanan are in the field. There
ore but two pasties in that city ; one of theta
goes for Fremont and Dayton, and tie other
for Fremont and Johnston.
ter The Erie Trite American, which halted
for some time between two opinions, comes to
us this week with the names of Fremont and
Dayton nt the head of its columns. This
makes the fourth Fremont paper in that coone
war The Rochester Democrat says "an ef
fort is being made by the doughflsces to unito
the Fillmore and Buchanan strength in this
State. The headway made by Fremont has
thrown those parties into perfect condemn
Si t y. We find that in the entire State of Per.
tenet there are twenty eight political news'.
pers. Of these there are.
papers. circulation
For Fremot
For B neluoin,
There is no Fillmore paper in the State, nor
does any Fillmore organization
&Er We cut the folloe•ing from the Cleric.
Banner, a Fillmore paper: "An 61d
writing from Crawfbrd county says: "It i.;
long time since I heard from you. Twenty , •
men at work for me, took a vote and only •,:.,
Buchanan titan was in the crowd. This coat:-
ty will :eaten clean work for Fremont this
On the 17th inst...l ..
V. and Lucretia. CS: • , :.„
weeks and four days.
Sweet balm she glanced into our world to 6.;
A sample of our mi
Then turned away her languid eye
To drop n tear and ;ire,
Sweet babe, she tasted of life's bitter cup,
Refused to drink the potion up.
py virtue, sun , lry
I— , Das, issued oot , •
Plea; or Huntingdon rftinty. ,o 1 ' •. •
ted, :tell by puldie ontery, !H. ,'• o
Honao in the borough or If ntin :Dion, on Thu,-
day, the 20th day of SeptemLer, 1856. at In
o'clock, A. M., the following deicrihed proi.c
to Wit:
All the right, .title and interest of the
dont of, in and to a tract c !and lying partly in
Brady and partly in 11110,5011 11,111111)up, ad
joining lands of t, iu, preen aint Watson, on
the east, the Juniata. River on the South, lands
of.rohn McCahan on the ,rot and dam. Simp
son on the north ; containing about GO acres
more or leas, most of which is eleared, with a
large tavern 1101010, stable, saw-mill, storehouse
warehouse, and time dwelling houses. Also;—
The interest of the defendant in n tract of land
in Benderson township, adjoining on the mirth
lauds al Jane Armitage, on the east lands of
James Simpson, on the south by Alexander
Simpson, un the west by Samuel Goodman;
containing 114 acres more or less, about
acres cleared with a nniHe, born, and frame
carpenter shop and excellent orchard titer:•ou.
Seized, taken in execution, and to be sold as
the property OfJarans J. Goodman.
The riet, title and interest of the defendant
of iu and to a trat•t ol• land situate in Brady
township, Huntingdon county, containing about
sixty acres, being part of the Sugar Grove
Farm, lying on both shies of the Pontsylvania
Railroad, on the west side of Mill Creek, ad
joining the Juniata river, lands of Irvin, Gruen
and others, having thereon erected a lunge two
story frame tavern house, one saw•ntill, one
barn and storehouse, one warehouse, three
dwelling houses, and ether buildings and out
Seised, takes in execatiou, and to be sold as
the property of Robert Kyle.
Nozo.—llaintid hereby gives retire, that on
the sale of lit., Mill Creek property, the interest
ofJames J. Goodman, in the preinise3, twill first
be °fibre,' for sale, subj.:et to a mortgage of
$2208,50, tohi, interest from the first of April,
1855. It will then he sold on the mortgage us
th., property of Robert Ryle, and thu purchaser
will take the •title of Witham Buell:luau dis
elso•ged from liens.
The purchaser trill he relaired to pay $.lOO
when the property' is struck down, the bal
ance of his lid on the :whnowledgenieu of the
Sheriff's deed at iior. Toots.
Sheriffs Office,
Hunt., Aug. 27, loOli.
Scientific American
*French V. IMA:11.1.1,
Cat:ilogthA nod furtlh information, ap
ply to A. 1,. KENNEDY, M. it.,
Prvsl,lent of WIL T ,
One Thousand Dollar Cash Prizrs.
The twelfth annual volume of thl.t useful
publication cotutnences on the 13th day of
September neat.
chiefly to tut„ promulg,p at •••••
haling to 11, arious hnuio • •;••
Arts, 1m1u0t.:..1
etas,,• b.. • , • • nut)
all ino,•• to pi
is calculated to advam,
Iteportit U. S. }:mm, n:c elm
publiiihed every week, including
of all the patent claims, together .:•.,
and information upon thouAitteld of other stilt.
$lOOO-1N CASH PRIZES—wiII be paid
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011ie° until January Ist, nl:7. tra) — llere are
tine chances to secure cash prizes.
ed once a week ; every number curtains eight
large quarto pages, terming annually a coot
plate and splendid volume, illustrated with rev
cral hundred original engravings.
sikr TERMS—Single Subscriptions 02 a
year, or $1 for six months. Five copies for
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ies sontgratis.
Sonthi:.rn Western and Canada money, or
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Lions. Letters should be directed (pest paid)
to. MUNN & CO.
128. FttlionSl. .11 ; WErk.
ger MEssits. MUNN Jc, CO. aro extensive.
lv engaged in procuring patents for new inven
tions, and will advise inventors, without charge
in regard to the novelty of their improvetuenta.
Aug. 27,--3t.
N Pursuance of an er of the Orphans'
I Court of Huntingdon county, will be sold at
Public Vendee, on Saturday, Me GM q t . Sep
lensber, 1856, on the premises, late the proper
ty of Hugh Andrews, der'd., a Farm, situated
in Shirley township, in said county, on the road
leading from Mount Union, to Shirleysburg,
00 Acres, 91 Perches,
110 of which is cleared, divided into fields of
conveniest size and well watered, the balance
is wood laid thickly ma with tiak aid pine tim
ber. There is about 100 Berk, of the cleared
laid river bottom of the first quality. The
1 .1... Wl, improvements are a newer
ite two story BRICK DI,I.INC ...,...1,14.
111 House, :12 by 3I; ft,t, with 7.V . •
a well of water couveniest, a 11,;,,• " •
Barn, Washlouse. Alan, two good orchards,
one of which is young nod of choice fruit.—
There is an abundant, of limestone on the
place, and a kiln fur burning the same. There
loon been several thousaml bihliels of lime pot
on within the last three pia, :tuit ft now pro.
domes well—the crops. Ow pri-it•iit smou.. will
compare favorably with sty is the neighbor.
This property is sit: :tteb within one and a
half miles of It. 17,,i u. whet, the Ceatral
Railroad and Penusyle.min. Canal both pass,
affording a good mar;:: t at all sunset, of the
year. A further fleser.if ion is Lemeil none•
cettsary, ns persons widting to purchase will
view Is;' themselves e; a , libess to R. R. Au,
drovi:, Uuiun, Ilutitlad.lit county, Pa.
Salo to teaunenee o u t 0 . e10,:k, Olt Said
:1 , 116.3 ....II Le made known by
.!!, 1 Ad.m.
;; , .
!'.: house•
~• •n.•;. (`„irk
liendenon, -• • ~ a rt 11 u
Alondtty, Sc;,. .
Ttiesd.Ly, S.' , • ''•
doeksult, Wednesday . i
I , ridny, Sey,t
. I I,lfdety
. ~~~~
. ... ~. ~. .. ... ~ril::.,
_ ,~ .. .1. .1Y
~. ...~ ~l'. ,n~t ,1~. ~ Slice.
.... ... ::i iY'i~i,~~. ~ ~ ~..,...
, ),'56.
li‘ !Pot, rs f.r s i!t• ,L' . .l,:ll)ie
tract k.l zoi sit 'it t hip. it tin-
11,1, 11,atilll,
, 11,1 th, pttl.die
t,) :t. !let,
I. t.. .I r itt
IW,I /1011,,, n I,llk
bia.l/1111 . , 11.114 talivr uutl.mildings. Alio a
15 Acni of unseated land, situated in Jack
son township. This tract is welt timbered and
has a goo,l site for u water power. Stone
Creek runs through this tract. It is sin miles
from Perrysville, Mifflin county, to which place
a cowl eon he easily made.
TERMS—Made easy to suit purchasers. If
the Rhone thrm is not sold by the Ist of Nov.,
it will be rented to a good, practical farmer.
Apply to eIIARLES GREEN, two miles
below CouL h 'o Mill, or to W. P. ORIP,SON,
70 . L.x.r.4:.!•14... , ... , ,..:1v.z.: •L:lt':..ll
West Pettit Square. Philadelphia.
Orgaui', , 1 cu the plan of the industrial Col ,
legcs of Europe, and the onl}• Col.
lege in t 1 , ,• ; :a which gentlemen graduate
in the h.•H
.‘ n,ing Monday, Septet.
Alathenimic , Prof. S. 11. r 1,7101),
Gen't " A. C. KLNNEDY.
Alttehinery, " 11. H. Boucitmt.
Miner'y & " A. W. litsu.
& Tuougl Drim'g 1.1,1C1.
. .
:Vi>"131 . 41.
+. ~..
: ; : .;.
MANUFAC 10 13. Y ,
OWEN BOAT, thankful for post favors, re- ! ts; SLNATE, April 21, 1,.',;;.
spectrally alarms the public i u ti ,,,,,,,i that I Pc5,..',..,/, That this resolution pass. On the
ho is prepared to mitutdataurn at Ba tt shop on 1 lir,t amendment, yens 24, nays 5. On the see
! ond amendment, 3ea. 10, no's 6, On the third
Washington street, on the property lately and
for autos years °coupled by Alex. Carillon, ,
I amendment yeso 20, nays 1. Ott the fourth
CARRIAGES, BUGGIES, 11OCKAWAYS, ! amendment, y eas 23, nays 4.
GERMANTOWN WAGONS, 1 Extract from the Journal.
and in short every kind of vehicle desired.— I THOMAS A. MAGUIRE, Cie&
Rockuways and Buggies of a superior manufae-
turn and finish always on hand and for sale at 1 Ix Ikea Or HEVREsENTATIVEs, 1
fair prices. I April 21, 1656. )
R , Piliribtl of ail kinds done at the shortcut no- • Erse/red, That this resolution pass. On the
dee and most reasonable terms. first amendment,yeas 72, nays 24. On the
Uuntingdon, May 20,1856.—1 y.
second amendment, yeas 63, nays 25. On the
JOSEPH DOUGLASS, in MoConnollstown 1 third amendment, yeas 64, nays 25 and . the
has constantly on hand, ready made rifles, and:is i Mirth amendment, yens 69, nays 16.
prepared to make and repair Guns ofall kinds nt , Extract trots the Journal.
aie 'Marten notice. I Arril n, tans. ' WILLIAM .TACK, On*.
Resolved by the Senate and House of Rep•
resentatives of the Commonwealth of Pene.oyl•
vania in General _assembly met, That the fol
lowing amendments are proposed to the consti•
tution of the commonwealth, in accordance
with the provisions of the tenth article thereof.
There shall ho an additional article to said
constitution to be design: m.l 00 artier cicren,
00 fellows t
Al:TICI.1.: xr.
OF P1113.1.1C DEBTS,
SECTION 1. The state may contract debts, to
supply casual deficits or failures in revenue:,
or to Inset expenses not otherwise provided for;
but the ag-4regate amount of such debts direct
and contingent, whether contracted by virtue of
ono or more acts of the general wsembly, or at
different periods of time, shall never exceed
seven hawked and fifty thcusand dollars, and
the annoy arising frem the creation of such
&Id:, shall he applied to the purpose for which
it teas obtained, or to repay the debts so coo•
traded, and to no other purpose whatever.
SECTION 2. In addition to the :00, limited
power the state may contract debts to repel in.
vasion, suppress insurrection, defend the state
in WM',
tot to redeem the present outstanding
Ml.:lA:taut.. of the state ; but the maney arts•
in . , front the contracting :,t'sueli &lots, shall be
applied to the purpose for which it was raised,
or io repay such debt, and to :to other purpose
.1. To provide fur the payrunnt of the
end ;my :idditiontd debt contraet.
tie' le,4islature Atoll, at its first
Tier the adoption of this amendment,
•reate a ,Inking fund, which Aull be suflieknt
pay th, accruing inter,: on such debt, unit
ttoottdly to reduen the principal thereof by a
out not less than two hundred and :iffy thou•
tied dol!ars ; whieh sinking foml shall consist
if the net annual income of the public works,
front time it it owned by the state. or the
pro; tell; of if, Flik of the same, or any part
therttof, and of the 11110,111,2 nr preeeeds of rule
ow,:ed by the statp, iGgtth, with (Ali
, fu u or res,;orees, that may ho dmdgnated
by la n. 'rite said sinking fund may be inerea.
sod, from time to time, by arsigning to it any
part of the tenet ; or other revenues of the state,
not requir,l for the ordinary and current ex.
of government, and toilets in ram of
evasion or insurrection. no part of the
• • •. . t•ablic
ini cd'
ictiividuttl, Con
-~ i ..
..,~ : 1~,,~.
shall nut
-I,art thereof, of any coon-
I , : or of any cor.
o• t, , 01,1,11n.11
eonst 441 i..e, is Lu designated as arti•.:'
ws :
Ani teLE Nll.
We county sh s till he divided by a line cutting
oft' over ene•tenth of its population, (either to
form a new county or otherwise,) without the
express assent of such county, by a voteof the
electors thereof; nor shall any new county be
established, containing less than four hundred
square miles.
From section two of the first article of the
con,titntion, strike out the words, "Qc the city
ilinleiphia, anti of rack cou n ty reepeetir,
flom section live, same article, strike sot
the words, 'V' rhitroietphia and ,t
:" from seetion seven, same article,
strike out the words, "neither the I it!' of . Phila.' tin the question,
c'elphia um. aril," and insert in lieu thereof the Will the House agree to the necond amend.
insists, "and nn;" and strike out section four, , meat'?
same 'article, nod in lieu thereof insert, the U.
lowing :
"Sscrms 4. In the year ono thousand eight Anderson, 'Backus, Baltlain,
hundred and sixty•four, anti in ove,ry seventh Ball, Beek (Lycomingt) I L ,!:. (York,) Bern
year thereafter, representatives to the number hard, Boyd, Brown, Brush, Buchanan, Cold
or one hundred, shall he apportioned and din. well, Campbell, ('arty, Craig, Fausold, Foster,
tributod equally throughout the state, by dim Get; Haines, Hatnel, Harper, Heins, Hibbs,
trivts. in proportion to the numbs, of ton able Hill, Ilillegas, Holcmnb, Hunseeker,
inhabitants in the several parts li e -v ..1' ; ex- Imbrie, Ingham, Innis, Irwin, Johns, Johnson,
veld that any county containing at i. ' ihree Laporte, Lebo,Longaker, Lovett, M'Calmont,
thousand live hundred notables, Tally -11‘ -wed M'earthy, Wemh, Mangle, Menear, Miller,
is separate representation ; but no tv thus Montgomery, Moorhead, Nunnernacher, Orr,
thrc, .unties shall ho jolt.. r. Arson, Purcell, Ramsey, Reed, Reinhold,
shall In, divided, in the
..Ile, Roberts, Shenk, Stnith, (Allegheny,)
An. , vit./ contaning tt •••, • • t. Whallon, Wright, (Luzernty,)
toentitle it to at ' • ,
shalt Ita, svparattt t. 1 _SA v,—Messrs. Augueine. Barry, Clover,
it, tool shall bc (livid .1, .• ' • • Edinger, Fry. Fulton, Gaylord, Gibboncy,
t.utms tort not% 'oat te p t • ton, liatMoek, Iluneker,Losenrinp,r, Magee,
.• ar as . emth of tvitivh Morris Mumma, Patterson, Phelps,.
•• v dtet (ire d•:.tative.'' S•ti..bery, Smith, (t'anibria,) Thompson,
t same art'Atie, • ter, Wintrode, Wright, (Dttuphiu)and Yearsley
• • • . t:/'Phi/uttelitht . to
rrik,ry „nor/ , , tad,
after the
• divide the
• ! „ • . Atoriaitt and
, • . the taunter above
• ' um:hanged
your one thou
,•, '; ii• i : ; .ur
Tile le,isl.itere 1:,. r to I,lter,
r, voke. or linen!, an). eliarter nl rporntion
conferred hy, or not r,
W . _ oral lOW, whenever in flick ,•• I ..•
I • to the citizens of
wanner, however, that
•l nue tin the corporator,.
Filed April 24, 1 SG, J Seery th, con,.
Harrisburg, June 27, 1856.
Pennsylvania, ss :
I do certify that the above and foregoing is a
trite and correct copy of the ortginal "Resolu
tion relative to an amendment of the Constitu
tion" as the same remains an tile in this
•—•—• In testimony whereof I have hereunto
L.S. set my hand and caused to be affixed the
seal of the Secretary's Office, the day and
yeartibove written.
:rdary ( ; 1' Oa, C,triatort,viet
IN 6N: N T 6, April 21, 105,1,
Resolution proposing amendment., to th.
Coinaitution at the Commonwealth, beilv utui,
On the question.
Will the tinnnt,
to lie fir:q anlend.
The yeas and utty.i were trihen ngrreably tc
the provisions of the Constitutikr, toad were
follow, viz : •
YEAS—Messrs. Browne, halew ! Crew.
well, Evans, Ferguson, F101111..11, lingo, lll
gram, Janilson, linox, Laub:tell, Lewis, M,.
Clintock, Price, Seller 3, Shuman, Souther.
Straub, Taggart, IValton, Welsh, Wherry, Wil
kins and l'iutt,
N.tYs--lessrs. Grabb, Gregg, Jordan, ilk:
linger tool Ilratt-5.
So the question was determined in the
On the question,
Will the Sennte t*l4ri . , to the second amend.
The yens and nays were taken agreeably to
the provisiDns of the Cunslitation and were as
Browne,lialew, Cress
well, Evans, lo,ram, Jamison, Knox,
Laubach, Lewis, Sellers, Slunuan,
Souther, Straub, IVallon, Welsh, Wherry and
Y Si—Messrs. Crabb, Ferguson, Gregg,
Frau Price nhd. Platt, Spm,krr-6.
So the qm,tion was determined in the tar.
On the question,
Will the Senate agree to the third attend.
inent ?
The yeas and tars were taken agreeably to
the 'ion:dilution, and were as follow
yEAs—Nlessrs. Browne, Bnekalew, Crabb,
Cromwell, Keats, FerglmMl, Flen n iken, Ho ge ,
Ingrain, Jamison, Jordan, Knox, Latbach,
Lewis, M'Clinteelt, Mellinger, Pratt, Price, Sel
lers, Shaman, Soether, Straub, Taggart, \\'al•
bin, Welsh, Wherry, Willains and Platt, .'ppro
NAYS- Mr. ti regg-1.
So the qucolion Was determined in the air•
On the question,
Will Ole are to O,tirth
Yr -
,:. ~~,.
1';10 ;Ty, an,l
Crabb, reg
Mellinger mid
So the question wa, determined to the
Journal of the House or Itepr.entatives.
1!1. 1,
The yotm and ntlyti were taken a;ro, tq
t!, yo)visions or the Constitution, and olilla
firs! proposed amendment, were us follow, viz
ider,on, 13,1elitt,
b!!!. (I,yetnning,) Beek, (York,)
!, Boyer, Drown, Brush, Ilnehanan,
• :I, Campbell, Carty. Craig, Crawlbrd,
' - ! nasold, k'oster.
. . Heins, lliliiio , hill,
nh, Ilunseeker.lmbrie,
I haul, toms, Irvin,ollns..lnl.lll,ll:, Laporte,
Longaker, Lovett, WCalmont, NVCarthy,
M'et,ntlt, Mangle, ..lenettr, Miller, Montgomery,
Moorhend, Nunemneher, Orr, Pearson, Phelps,
Purcell, Ramsey, Reed, Reinhold, Riddle, Ro
berts, Shenk, Smith, (Allegheny,) Smith, (Cam
bria,) Smith, (IVvorniug,) &rouse, Thompson,
Vail, Whallon, Wright, (Dauphin,) Wright,
(Lucerne,) Zimmerman and Wright, Speaker
NAYS—Messrs. Ano"ustino, Barry, Clover,
Cobourn, Dock, Fry, Fulton, Gaylord, Gab°.
noy, Han; :lion, lianeuelc. nouseke,per, Hone
-I:tr, Ma.,,ce, Manley, Morriq,
ratter,ion, Sali,bury, Sraith, (Philudelphia)
Walter, Wiiitivde red YLarNky-2 I.
the tika,,tion rue detemained in the :dill,
1l e taken and nava were
viz sen, and were ns
the determiecd in the Air
fill the t! • • agree to the third amend.
: : , 0 ,,, .. , ;,., vs were taken, and wore as
I 1•4,44-31 - , . At.desen, Backus, Baldwin,
! Ball, Beck, (1., cooling.) Beck, (York,) Bern.
hard, Boyd, Buyer, Bruhn, Buchanan, Ct..' n ' t ..
well, Campbell, Carty, Craig, Crawfu7a, Edi n .
1 ger, ausold, Foster, Fry, Oet,'4, Haines, Ha.
met, B
, Harper, Heins, Hibba, Hill, Hillegas, Hip-
ple, Holuml , h. kicetAceper, !rubric, Ingham 1
144111,, Irwin, johns, Johnson, Laporte, Lobo, ' _ —
I ,eligake..., f.,,vet t, M'Calmont, M'Humb, Mau. [aide of Benjamin Froker Deceased.]
•''',lli.alear. Miller, Montgomery, Nunnemach- Aministrator's Notice.
,'l, Orr, Pc:tr.-ion, Phelps, Purcell, Ramsey,
k c d, Riddle, Sbenk,Smith,(Allegliony,) Smith 1
- ' ' ' ) S :LI (W • • ) TI ,'stratum on the, estate ut Benjamturraker, late
"" '"" t : ‘"11"•''' Thompson, o f Diddin 'fownship, dee'd., have been granted
4 . ~,. ' Wright, (Oaupfthi,) 11rright,buzerne)
i to the undersigned, residing in said township.
„,„I to whom those indebted will please make int.
' ' 'J o - t i , ( 1n t , ',,,,, 8 , to ", r l 7 , ( „ C y l a t e i l : , G C „?, b ,,`: e ", — „,': ! in_c_44l444oi.y nt, and . thosp having .. claims will
themduty authenticated for settlement.
. .. ,•1 Haueock, !Timelier, Lcisoirilt,;, M', Pr.."..
1 ~ , • Magee, Manley, Moorhead, Morri,4, ! A m , 1:4, '56.-44. ,
: ..tterson,Leinthold, 11.01,erts, Salislir,t, Wel.; _ 4 ,
----• —--
.. Wintrodo, Yearsley and Wright„ .Speaker
N. BALL respectfully solicits the attention
j.mithe farming community to a quality of
Ploughs which he is now manufacturing, and will
~,,S a l .., ,t h. e question was determined in the ntllr.
1 On the question,
have ready tbr sale in a few days, he is al so p re .
Will the House agree to the fourth amend- I pared m make harrows , wagons,
cart . ,
went ? : barrow., &c..ece., and to do all kind of repairing
IYeAs—Messrs. Anderson, Backus, Ball, :at the shortest notice, and in the most substantial
Bock, (Lyeeining.) Beck, (York,) Bernhard, I manner ,
I Boyd, Brown, Brush, Buchanan ' Caldwell, i shopon N. W. commit lifentgmery anti Wasti
-1 campbell, Carte, Craig, Crawford, Dow• ' ington eta.
'loll, Velinger. Vanseld, Foster. Fry, Get, lia. March 27 13,i4 If.
mel, Harper, Heins, Hibbs, Hill, Hilieges,
Hippie, liulcumh , Housekeeper, Hunseeker,
Itubrie, Innis , Irwin, Johnson, Laporte, Lebo,
Longalter ' Lovett, Nett!mow, Carthy,
Comb, Maugle, Menem., Miller, Montgomery,
Moorhead,Nunnemacher,Orr, Pearson, Phelps,
Purcell, Ramsey, Reed, Reinhold, Riddle, Ro•
berts, Shenk, Smith, (Cumbria,) Wright, (I.u.
verve,) Yearsley, Zimmerman and Wright,
NAYS—Mc , isr, Berry, Clover, Cobourn, Fut.
ton, Oiltbotioy, Haines, Hancock, Huneker,
Ingham, Leisenring. Magee, Manley, Morris,
Patterson, Salisbury', and Wintrode-16.
. .
So the question was determined in the afar
Ifertivbuty, June 27, 1856. f
vilify that the above and foregoing, is a
n d e,reet copy of the "Yeas" and "Nays"
on the 1?esolotion proposing amendments
the Constitution of the Connouwealth, as
appears on the Journals or the two
"lonics (.1 . the General Assembly of this Com
nr.mwcalth for the session of IF:Ai.
Witne,a toy Lend nod seal of naid
this toenty-eet•entlt day of June, one thin ,
sand eight hundred nod tiltysix.
Seereturp ef . the Commonv. , ,,tel...
HI: is DOW solllllg Ids largo and splendid as-
surtmeut of
Goods at Cost
For tlwilleinen's wear, consisting of Cloths,
Black and Blue ; Black Cassimer, Satinets,
Flannels, &c.
Table Diaper, Kcntncliy Jean,, Tweeds,
Summer Cloth, Linen Pocket Handkerchiefs
fur ladies and gentlemen, Silk Handkerchiefs,
Satin and Grenadine Vestings, Marsitilles and
Figured Vestings.
A large lot of Gloves and Hosier fur ladies
unit children.
A good to.,ertmerd of Silk Good—Black,
from 50 cent; to. $1.,25 ; Colored, from 76 cents
No. 1 extra noloskin Hats for 6'3,75.
A large stuck of hardware, Queensware and
G roc,:
ladies' Dress Goods.
Such an BUM, he Lanes, De Berg, Alpaca:,
Cambrie and SWIHB, spotted and liynr
ed ; Mae!: Silk Laces, Edgings and Inserting.,;
Black Silk and Cotton Nettin and Bobinet.
Silk and Cott.. Blond,, and a variety of Goods
every kind.
A large lot of Summer Wear for men and
111 of which will be sold at prices be•
all competition.
that he
ae li )( a 'e s t fitted " I inform t i l ; t ' ' ' la P t l ' i l i c i p e
Iht. , e, Oh Allegheny Street, and istiow. " 1
prttpared to entertain all who majklavor hint
with their patronage, in no uttelTjectiottAtio
The house has been !limit;lied in n style H.'.
,arps,ed by any establishment in the Borough.
.1)141 will always be supplied with the sub.
. .
~tantials and deli;.acins of the 5C71 , 111, In a
wod, no pal:, will be spared to mal.•e this
house a first class hotel, and nothing left nn.
done to render its guests comfortable and hap-
His Bar is furnished with the ehoi,est liquors,
Nity2 ; 5
No. 26. South Second Street, Philadelphia,
Tmporter, Manufacturer, and Dealer in Drugs,
"Medicines, Chemicals,
and American White ZINC,
Glassware, Varnishes, Brushes, Instruments,
Ground Spices, Whole Spices, and all other
articles usually kept by Druggists, including
Borax, It. dig°, Glue, Shellac, Potash, &c., kc.
All orders by mail, or otherwise promptly nt•
tended to. Country merchants are invited to
call and examine our stock before purchasing
elsewhere. Goods sent to any of the wharves
or railroad stations. Prices low and goods war
Hill Street, Huntingdon, Hunt. County, In.
rri if: ',reprinter would respectfully an- 14.'1.'.':4
-I- noun.: to all his old customers and thell4
"rest of mankind," that he has refitted his_ 11_
house, and is prepared to accommodate strangers
and travellers, and the public generally. lle lies
also attached a
and he gill hire horses, carriages . , &a., on the
most reasonable terms.
April 9 1856.-1 y'.
R. 1,1111), M. 11,
MEa rc.44lr.
Ha ring entered into eo•partnership will be plea.
sed to attetia to any business of their profession.
J. B. LUDEN, N. D., Huntingdon.
C. BOWER, N. D., Newton. Hamilton.
J. A. SHADE, N. D., Shade Gap.
J. H. WINTRODE, B. D., Marklesburg.
June 4,1656.-4 m.