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Forever flout that Atoutlard jheet,
Whero br,uthes the (e but Witt ht , f , tre uu,
With Freedom's suit iien.di rte• fent,
And Fri:Month' I,:nuer streaming o'er not
iye have concluded to issue a "Corn•
paign Journal" from the Ist of July to the
".11st of October. We do this through the
solicitation of numerous friends. The
terms will be ten copies tonne address, five
dollars, payable in advance•.
Come friends to humanity, come free•
men end beer a hand in the righteous
cause of freedom, in spreading this great
principles of liberty. 'iii Journal is the
only paper in the county which to not sold
to the interests of the slit ve•driver.
Lotter from Gov. Robinson.
Jute 3d, 1856.
Dear die: Your note of the 15th alt, is this
day received. It would afford me much plea.
sure to visit the East at this time, but Frank
Pierce has decreed otherwise. Lust Full
threats were tirade against Lawrence, and our
citizens were indicted for treason because the
President's tools mid they only wanted to en
force a lewd procksontel we were aceordiogly
stood ogsiust the. Uuited States government,.
Thc President, in a message and proclamation
denounced us ns traitors, and endorsed the be
gne officers in the Territory and pledged the,,
the services of the army and navy of the UM.
tea Status and militia of several States to eub•
dun the people of Kansas decided tsi lento
thsir towns and villages unprotected and allow
President'n, tools to execute his will with.
out oppnsition. About the 9th of last month
I loft for Mu East on liminess of my own, and
1 Last no moiler left than tine sigma was given
for the commencement of operations. I was
&mind by a mob at Lexington, Mo., au in•
.nietinent I:iiind by a paelted jury, and a procla.
motion nestled ...fling upon all who desired to
Jr nay lewreuecto assemble under the cont.
emnd c: the Unite 1 States Marshal. The
people, not befonving the President intended
onitfa,.e humanity, kept about their business
and offeimi uu opp.,Mmin to the ollicer's posse.
They have, however, learned by bitter experi•
t qic) tbst there is no grouter outlaw in this
coontry thee Frank Pierce, who, after anew,
~ a few men and disarming the people, blow
up and burned the best hotel in the counts)
a est of Sr. Louis, with its furniture, destroyed
two printing dices, burned my house, barn
outbuildings, with furniture, library, papers,
wearing apparel and everything inflammable ;
robbed and pillaged the whole town,. carrying
'may nod destroying tuns of thousands of dol.
Pura' worth of property belonging to the hard.
working pioneers. The men belonging to this
name posse, with the favor of Shannon, many
of whom are enrolled as his militia, have since
been robbing and plundering Free State peo.
pie wherever they could and thew, till now the
people have risen in their might and coalmen.
ced protecting themselves. Civil war is now
raging in Kansas, and nothing but the speedy
suppression of the. arrest invaders under
Shannon, Buford & Co., can 5:400 the country
from destruction. The people era driven to
moduess, and will bear nn more of these out•
rages event from the President of the United
Jude.. C. W. Smith, G. NV. Deitsler, G. Jon.
(1, W. Brown and myself, all, save the
last, the meet quiet and best citizens of Kansas
are new guarded in the open prairie by United
Slates troops under charge of treason, here to
remain till next September, when, if they ao
decide, a jury will be perked, a mock trial will
ho held, and we shall be hung. Such to now
the state of affaira in Kamm. The people of
Kansas have determined henceforth to protect
their lives and property with their own strong
arms, and it is to he hoped that the people of
the country will approve their euree and place
some luau in the Prraidential Choir who will
not rob, pletaloi and persecute the mtisens of
infant States, because they happen to differ
from hint in politics. The preaunt of our bc.
loved country Id dark ank outtuotia of evil, the
Future is iu the hands of the free votele of the
13ona of Liberty.
Very truly your:,
c. 1:01tINSOY
Ilon. J. LI. Fuzuon
Judge McLean on Blavory and Kansas.
CINUINNetT;,Juiw 6, 1856.
ME DEAR Sin .—Yoor eloquent awl patriotic
letter of the 13th of May was forwarded to Om
from Washington, ,and came to hand on my
way to the West, when I had only time to ac•
knowledge its receipt and my obiigatioue for
your warm expresinons of !duchies, and confi.
dunce. Since then I have Leen engaged at my
circuit in Indianapolis.
You will have learned before this from the
public papers that the Missouri cult to which
your letter refers was coutiuued to tho Decera•
her term and a re argument ordered. Of course
I cannot now properly say anything iu regard
to it, but I must express my gratification in
knowing that you are eatistied with my views,
already publicly avowed, as to the cnustitution
lit power of the general governmeut over the
subject of slavery in the territories.
our allusions to our native State and its bat
tle•fields, and to home of my adoption and the
ordinance of 1787, an intimately connected with
its history, bring to me grateful rerninisecenes.
•Vor New Jersey I have ever cherished a filial
pride and regard ; though limited in territory .
and pioputittion compared with other of her ins.
ter States, ehe has at all times been strong in
those high qualities which are only developed
in an advanced stage of civilization, and has
wielded a moral force superior to her relative
political power. My father lett Ireland a young
man, and landed at Wilmington, in Delaware,
at the dawn of the revolution. He woe atter
became a citizen of Now Jersey, and occupying
an humble position in the common wallie of
life, he aspired to no higher place than that of
private in the ranks of the revolutionary army,
and bravely bore his part as a militia man in
the battles of Monmouth, Priiiceton and Teen
low. The memory of a father's service, how.
ever humble, in as glorious a struggle, may
wall ba cherished by a son with proud sane.-
tiom I wen boric in your county of Morris, but
ft r the close of the revolution, my father, with
his young family, settled in the north-western
territory, whore it has been my favored lot to
ivuw up under the congenial iutluences of that
immortal ordinance which was wisely guaran
teal liberty forever to that beautiful region;
and which her ruillious of peaceful and patriotic
people will never cease to reverence as the
of their progress, prosperity and
It has been t me a anima or the deepest re.
Ktet, sod of the 'moat paiufirl appreheuein for
thee We ty of our institutions, to witness the
, Meng ruiliffer,ice awl hostility, developed
more generally . daring tho last few yeani,
this salutary principle of that great measure of
Jefferson. Some, indeed, have ventured to
question its constitutionality, although for urn
seventy years it has been the theme of eul9gium
with lawyers and statesmen of the highest etnt.
nom in all sections of the country, and has re.
calved the sanction of every judicial tribunal in
which it has been discussed. lied that, too, it,
the slave States.
I n th ese hat e r Ittys, Jaek•B.laiiterns, germ:,
ted in the bottomless marshes of putty politic,,
seem to allure unite 115 many followers ad are
found in the path illustrated by the purer and
sa f er li g ht s en t itled front the precepts and ex
amples of the sage. of the revolutionary period,
and politiLet action seems to Lu directed rather
by considerations conceived party necessity
than by the seggestions of reason, juetit,e and
patriotic principle.
• Occupying the pusition I do, it is not pei
ted to me to epee!: of the transaetions in Kan•
sae in their legal aspects; but I may say with
yon, that I contemplate the violence, blemished
and civil and fraternal war now transpiring
there with mingled emotions of sadness, alarm
and mortification. They am the fruits of that
ilbadvised and mischievous mcasure.—the re•
pen' of the Missouri Compromise, which from
the first, I have earnestly deprecated ; and I
have no hesitation in saying that the immedi
ate aitnission of !Wises as a State into the
Union under the Coustitution already formed,
commends itself to me as a measure of sound
policy, and well calculated to bring peace to
the territory nail to the country.
With these views, I have net beta backward
in advising to all 'suitable ways, theadoption of
that Illtallllo. There ore seventh precedents
which may bo appealed to in support of it, and
especially that of the admission of Michigan.
It would do to injustice to any section of the
country. It would powerfully mud to tranquil.
in: the public mind, allay sectional jealousies,
and bring the great muss of the people to the
earnest support of thu Constitution and the
Union in their pristine integrity. The South
would have no just cause to complain of it, acid
indeed ought freely nod generously to yield it
upon the altar of public goood. Sipco the a.
doption of the Constitution, as many Slave
States as Free States, Lave been admitted into
the Union ; and the Slave States, while they
have only about one•fourth of the white pope.
lotion of the country, embrace a much larger
extent of fertile territory, with a mere genial
climate than the Free States.
No intelligent observer can fail to seu that
the tendency of our institutions is downward,
and all history and experience show that no
free government, with such tendencies, was
ever arrested in its declining career without a
revolution, either by a peaceful change of its
policy and rulers, or by the bloody urbittaruout
of thus sword. It it an axiom tu government,
us clout' as any intuitive truth, that no free go.
veruntent can rest upon any other than a sound
!floral basis. it this tenet consist its strength.
Row much of this foundation remains for ow
model Republic, it will be well for the people,
yet virtuous sad enlightened, to ponder in sea
son. If they do nut see or appreciate their
danger, it 18 is vain thatthey hold the power
to apply tho corrective.
With the greatest respect,
I am very truly yours,
Jona hicLeatc.
i•ITEU FROM KANSAL—Chicago, June 19—
A compnal , of 75 MOD, the first compauy of tho
Chicago Linigrant Aid Society, MI yesterday
for Kansas.
klra. Brown, the wife of the editor of the
Herald of Freedom, bad just arrived here. She
left Leavenworth on the 12th, on which day a
band of 250 Missourians were encamped three
miles from Lawrence. She met Colonel Sun,
ner, on route for Lawrence, with a strotii; body
of troupe, including a company of artillery.
The Pro-Slavery Vigilance Committee of
Leavenworth bad renewed their' notice to the
Free State men to quit the territory.
Col. Sumner had warned tins Iliatouriaus to
Gem Whitfield arrived at St. Louis on Mon•
day en route for Waiddegtou.
Fur Flour the market continues dull there
is eery little inquiry Ihr export, and only about
000 bids, mostly ;viol straight brawls, hone
beau taken in lots at $6. The home demand
is moderate within the range of s6a6 50 tot
vonamon retailing brands $6 75a7 50 for cx•
Ira, as to brand and $B3B 50 per bbl for fan.
ey family dour. Wheat have been Gisposeil of
in mnall lots, at $ 1 , 40 4 1 ,6 0 the inferior to gecd
white. Ityc—further sales of GOO bushels
Pennsylvania are reported at 72c. in :tut..—
Corn --the ileinahil is moderate, and7oooaliooo
bushels yellow found buyers at 15a180. for in
ferior, ould 51c for prime Southern, afloat, in
eluding 1500 bushels good Peuusylvania at 49e
and FOObtiALId ut 471 c. the latter delivered.
1., Altoona, on Wednesday the IHth inlit.,
by It,. Downs, Mr. Goo. P. bldridgo of Phila.
to Miss Lizzie Wallace of Spruce
On thu 19th inst., by David Aurandt, At tho
bowie of Mr. A, W. Sliced., on Broad Top,
Mr. Jonathan Gordon, of this county, to Miss
Mary Jane BiClB3, of Fulton county.
On the 26th ultimo, at the residence of her
husband William Comb near Graysville, Mrs.
Alaa Curry, aged about sixty eight years.
Near this borough us Thursday last, Mr.
Luko Vorhees, aged about fifty.
T ETTERS of Administration have becu gran.
ted to mo upon the estate of Robert Gra.
ham, lute of Dublin township, deed. All per•
SOW indebted to him will make payment, and
those Laving claims proem them tu
Dubliu June 1.3,
THE G )od g in Col. Owtw ' a Storo aro soiling
out 1 y retail at cost, and they will be sold
below eoa, and upon time to nay ono who will
buy the whole stuck or a largo part of it.
JOIIN SCOTT, Assignee,
DEMONS Lviug accounts against Thomas
Todhunter win , please present them to Jae.
Cree, near Burnt t•abius.
At Roman's Matutuoth Clothing Sten, you
ran get
Moen Coate for 87 Cent.,
Holamer Pants for 87 Cants.
bummer Yenta tot 87 Conte.
95 AC:LIES 01 , ' LINT)
In Xibliacequillas Valley,
Huntingdon County, Pcnn'a
_ Foer milt, front the
tti , "-
I ' . ‘ l:• i l i j i . n J ' il ' i j i:l ' ,: li" l 'l
.1 1i „ 1 "C.Is t :A'744 .'
JAHILS McDunal , l &C .. ' ,
ethers, Into thu property Id Jain., Ross, de, 'd.,
uhout thirty acres cleared, part of whieh ti ex
cellent meadow ; with log Louse .eel barn, gel
opting of water et the door :out having Saddlvr's
Crook running till ough it. 'rile pat t not i...iiiir.
oil is well-tinihiittiii, haring enough to nay l'or
tiio property two or throe blues, and ;t goo,l tam
loft, For turn. nail on the unilersiiiiitil.
liunting , lon, 26th Aluy, 1856.—tt.
tti k ti,)l
------ -A A
OW EN BOAT, thankful for past favors, ru
aPectfully informs the public in general that
ho is prepared to manufacture at his shop on
Washington street, on the property lately and
for many years occupied by Alex. Cannon,
and in short every kind Of vehicle desired.—
Hockuways and Baggier of a superior manufac
ture and finish always on hand and for sale at
fair prices.
Repairing of all kinds done at the shortest no
tice and must reasonable terms.
Huntingdon, May 25, 19r41.-ly.
IlAitaifitllG, May 10, 18,;G
2b_ School Directors. :
Decision No. 11, ou page si; of the Pamphlet
copy of the "School Law and Deei.deos," does
not correspond with the general practice over
the State, and is also found to be erroneous to
some extent as a matter of law, inasmuch no it
improperly exempts "trades, occupations and
professions," of a loss value than two hundred
duller.,, from taxation for Sel.ol purposes. !
'was so regulated to correspond with the State!
thx on occupations, but the 29th and 30th sec.
Lions of the School Law adjust the School tax
to the County as well as State tax ; and as tic•
cupatious under two hundred dollars arc nut
exempt from taxation for County purposes, it
follows as a necessary consequence that they
are liable to taxation for School purposes. The
variour acts of Assembly, with regard to Conn•
ty tax aro exendirigly obscure and unintelligi ,
bin with regard to the manner of assessing the
tax on occupations ;Irt the soundest rule, of
practice to be gathered from them will be for
Directom to assess "occupations" for School
porpose, at such rate per cent., us the neeessi•
ties of tho District may require, not acceding
thirteen mills on the dollar, except where the
tax at the rate thus fixed would not amount to
fifty cents, in which case it should be fixed :it
that specific 8.7, according to (be proviso to
the 30th section of the School law.
Whore the duplicate has already been made
out, Directors recall and itumnil it art:min.: ,
the iniarlici.itnia contained in this cironlar. The
other tnx docidiona in the Pamphlet copy of
the S 'tool law coulltrtn to the art, of A.m..,
lily and duelst .of the rout IS, nud are to Lc
rereiyed as notiimily by Directors.
Very liC3p,ctfally,
Deputy Superitemdenr.
A Now Assortment Ju,t Opened :
And will be sold 30 per cent.
'I ROMAN ri,peetfully Lis Cll,l,
J-. 11 .
niers awl the l'a'dle generally, that he
lust opened et his riule-ream in Market Square ;
kluutioitilou. a i lea lid new stuck of Eiady.
Clothing for Spring and Summer
which ho with sell elicurer than the same unclite
of Gomla can he purchased at. octal tit l'hiludef
phia or coy other utabliApem la lit ccoutty.
l'orcons wishing to Ice Clothing would tin
well to call and examine la: ouck before I at ri ,-
ring else whew
April 9,'^• •
Real,: t ,
011P114111S , COURT SALE.
By virtue of an order of the Orphans'
of iluntingaon county, there will be
public sale in Cassville, on Satiirday the 2'ith
day of Juno anal, the one undivided hall of a
tract of Coal band titanic on Broad Tap, Hun.
tingdon County, containing
111.0 or less, known as the lram.
nnsts—one-third of tho purchase money to
be paid on confirmation of sale at the Auguvi
Court following, and the remainder in two equal
annual payment., with interest, secured on the
property in the manner.
1). CLARKS ON, 'Lush:,
J. uvosos, )1. L.
141,11 T cAx.,
Ilaviug entered into capartnership . will ha plea.
and to attend to any business of tlitnr profession.
. .
J. U. LUDEN. N. D., lluatio::(1ou.
C. BOWER, N. D., Newt,. Hamilton.
J. A. SHADE, N. D., Shade Gap.
J. H. WINTRODE, N. D., Nurkleoburg.
Juue .1, 1866.—1tu.
Ambrotypos as Daguerreotypes.
'l l 7 P. PI.IIdTYMAN r - especifullyinforms
the public that ho is uow prepared to take
Datillorreotypos, and Ambrotypes on glass, pat
up iu single or double roles. Iteetu3 at the
Station Muse.
Something hew at Huntingdon.
The celebrated Centro County Itou fot sale
et the following prices :
Four cents per lb for common WWI Led from
f inchca quern and round up. 41 ants for
I.loreesehoe and Spike. 1,01.3, includnih , and 1
inehe3 square , and 4 could fur Nail redo, At the
cheap Mere of
Jlist ELLINF.ors ADVER 1 ; ENT,
V~JHA'I' A [l . SHi
!".1 . ; 8 fl , iirc.flB
II E is now salliu his huge.huge.and 91 , 1endi , 1 us.
Cloods of Cost.
For wo,r,
Black and Bluk: i 1;14,1, •;itticr,
ably: 1
:iurru (nth, ',i11.. 1 i
- - ,
I , igured ti' etin,
A large lut i s vO,; III;
A gool ..t
from 50 cimt,
to SI.
No. I extra .I\l
A 1,,rv0 stock ut if,
A,: • .
Such : • I
larue vi Stoulner :To,
itarAit or wiiich will be svl,i at price., bU
yonl all eetapetitiou.
1111(),V1) TOP 11()IISF
\k Tt t s i t i t a h t l
i r i t:3l , ..: m et i f i t t l t l ,: ly ti i u tt p ro t r h n e a
I t 3 l r i , , ,a t: i al l e , :;..; .',..„
House, 01. A11.,,,het; Street. and ii Now It
prepared to enkriain all wl, ;..,,, : Lvor him
with their pat Lmtvt., in all , , '• • tHnable
The Lots, 1,13 b,t.t. klriii,',• :i•: vl.. t,t
sorpas.ell Ily ally e...tablislirnent ip ..,, :', :..,, , 11.
ilia table will ,prays he supplied w,:l, , .., ..•
stautiuL “iel d,licat i•e; or lies , ,, , ~, 1., :1
word, 11, 1 ... i,..; will be spn.r,.l 1. : :',;,,
1, , •,i. ~. ;:: • -, 1 1 . 1:14.111.401, 2014 11 , 10.1 , ,,., ; . ;:•
l'.:, k•r its guests vetufurtabl, at. t h :
Ili.• -.. , i •,..rni..lted with tli: clt,iqe,t 11, 1 ,..,
ANI)REW Ma: 1 .:.. ~....
NEW WIIOLESALE llltt 5T0111,,.
Ni) 20, Scath Seeotql Street, Philadelphia .
Importer, IStrotufaz:turer, and Dealer in Uru n,
Nledicine,, Chemicals,
~PAINTS, ums,
mid American Whit. ZINC,
Olihr 'CI All%
Glautwate, Vantisbes, Drusb,s, Instztouents,
Ground Spices, Whole Spicet, and all utter
articles usually kept by Drt,tists, including
Borax, Ictligo, Glue, Shollue4ottub, tkc., be.
All orders by mail, or uthursiise vutnittly
tended to. Country merchants are incited to
call and V.:C.IIIIC our stock before purchasing
elsewhere. Cowls sent to any of the wharvets
or railroad stations. micro log MI goOd, war
RMER'S 1 I()M E.
MCM S:1110;111.11,.
Ilill Street, Huntingdon, Hunt. County, l'a.
, 11111: proprietur weal respectfully au.
noutmu to all his old ettstontera and the kli;il
're4t of mankind," that he It. refitted his 11.
house, and is prepared to necoinmodate
and travullort , , and the ' , oldie generally. Ile has
also attached a
and lie till biro h. cw- t i,gev , f c ., on t h e
mwit rc,onable tertu,
April y
South Third Street,
Importer of Frew:b Calf tikins;
Has Conslaully on Hand, and Always
l'inishing, all kinds of
Leather, Morocco, CalfSkiuS, Sheep
Skills, iSc., &c.
She ltteution of C., ry Alerchanto" and 111. 0;tetuttn.,
2, 1956..--ty.
Al a -11 A
ANp DI:4I . ! Ey IN
Fu.ll, Bac,: , Clierse, filial Fruit, Lard,
Prirscol oil, lllib, Lcod, Piy Lcaol, Wg
data Glass, Glas4warc, Iron awl Nails, Star and
Tallow Caw! Vartepakll awl Bashi Soap, uul
notworactures goarally.
No. 2 Wood St.,
TSlallikt, P.l.
l'artienlar tatuntion given to thu auk of rig
Metul nut Blooms, and liberal advance, made
kub. 13, 1636.-Iy.
Wholesale Dealers in Provisions,
ogivr ft At. COnfflYtisXON
Commercial Row, •
M:ty ai, I -56. t;tn.
MRS. SABAH KULP wish., to ;worm the
.Ut ladies of llnutingdon and tho surrounding
country tlho she has naive.' next door to Charles
Miller above the Presbyttnian Church, 11111 St.,
wilt.: she iutcuds clurying oil the fancy and
straw Millinery business. 'lavin received the
latest ciV thshion, silo is prepared to offend to
all that wily favor Ina With their chstoin.. •
April 10, 1 555-tf S. A.
CbuTHINo tiom uu: iu Ituut,u4 , l.ll at Whole
sale, as th,ap a. tlicy Cal) 111 thi. it, 1 haft,
4 Whole: ale ta .PLlmit;lol,,
3lir;'t:,,i,.l' EUt
IELIE VING nu establishment of :!Ji,
) needed in this place, the elect
just ,)patted 0 l ,, rtto and eacefally
of IlAmilVA., and Ora now renoy I , ••• •
date all who girth then;
Olig our Aio3; win be found 4 f.,;1
111,11( ci
Putty, Lucks,
A really excellent as,ortment
including all the late,t airantioas.
Tema', Dow, (land, 1'; u,,,1
Saws, (thirty dift,reat ek,
1 latehets, Shears illili SCi .1(1, C1,111.1.1r ell . rid
Auger lilts ? Tile
rv. 41111 .01 ('..a
!•:.. t:o
()ii, end lh.ints , BettNlic , .
!,• • . • , 4e. In fret ev,rytliity
41ware *tore.
111. ion ot1:: r .
1: .:,I‘vare or 1)r) t. : •
...~ ..... ~. ..11 ~' ..
:.1Y '. • •
The Lost is Found;
6, - NED By 19,
115,.C. McC;II.T, wisheA t) inform hi: ii-i
• tr:entls and the public v,enerall ,- , IP;
that he has bought the utiove.nainitl . •,ii.
foundry, Patterns. I , lnsks, and illl iti, I , '--'4/
contents, and ilk long experience in the,ets ho hope. i' . • . • taiii it binire nt' the iii...ilii:
patren,ige. A , i 1., ' . '' • i*. , l ~ ,I.y in toll onc
ration. he can in , . . civic 111, 11
Call mitt: all kie 1 r . . . . 1 rol!i, :
Mill. - iii i.. ~. i'., •.,, .., • ' ', , ~ i.
awl I.lar-ruoin Store, of all sr:, for noiAl or
ALL Ca tin ; ;,. for bouso grates
such ns Lent,:lb, &e. Plow:
..t cvcry dciaiptiott t.I Ll., hav,t and most hIl.
Al,o IrDgolt boxes
or. fr,aue,, large
coti,istitig of liettlo,, haring turn
. .
ill, IA :$l, ill& th,
aboVe -.mica article:, rather wwal or iron: mut
!-.llhe kinds of •Ca,tim;, too numerous to
1114,1111i111, 111101 ' which Will I e ,ola cheaper than
ever for C 45111. 1 ,1 all kiwis of country nroduce.—
Also aid metal will battik., in exellatmu fur cas•
ling. Hurry up your old turtal awl rotlutry ye '
duce whoa any artides are wanted.
LATEST 11t1c1{`,1L U 1
",i-'.I!.P !I?, if ifl@ e 5 B', 111)1 TTI:013. T.l .1) '!..) tf) ::-:1
AT 'rm.
BROAD TOP 1)EP(Y.1 1 .
lUNNINGUAM DUNN ye just ruct,i , ed
wyli-selectud stork of Spring &
Goods, consisting of
Dry Goods, liard-i% ale, Genceen,,
queens-nal' e, Cetlak-evare,
Hats, boots and shoes.
willow -1s are.
C cry-ware, stnue :cud earthen
Tin-ware, Cane rasiung-rods.
d 3lath; Clothing a (Iva ys on hand
: ,rythin : .; that i. ••
)totit,i‘t ,
01 lsrotil.
unt :111 hi;
li,yttin;:l ti ; . I,
, . • •
Foundr.y, . ~• •• .
oral illll. :01101 tirc L• , ••
all kind, of the Lest qtallity IN •
tie, Rod must run:4,ollu terms.
Factuvr, aro invited to call mot eN,antine our
I . l,tighs. Wu are tit.,outiaturitig the flouter
Plough, (this plough took the pronto:a at Alto
lltintiogdun C only Agric,tltitral Fair, it' Istt s )
also lltinter't, celchr.tted Cutter rlougli, which
can't hu Lout, together with the
cud Pluttgl, have Ott hand
out ore 1111.1111trucl.01i0g Cook,
Parlor and (Alice stoves for coal Lr wood.
cutiskting of I.Cuttlus, Duilers,
of which will he sold chop l'ur cash ur to ex
change for country produce. Ohl inet4l taktut
fur now castings. By Orbit inteution to I,llSi
lieas and desire to please, We hone to receive a
shale of public paitrottogc.
J. 111. CL . N.NINIIIIAM S 131.10.
April :to,
In the healing art. Those anti, led kith all
kinds ot 'Velours, Wens, Cane , ~ Fungus,
Ilaimatodes, Sehorrus, Goiter, l'olypui,
or any growth or Sores, no numwr on what part
of the body, can be cured by art entirely new
method, without cutting, caustic or pain, Of en.
rattle). Those afflicted with Blindness, Deaf
ness, and other Diseases, tie mutter whet their
name may be, rate reel an..ured of finding teliel,
and thi.reforc should nut delay a motnent. Write
iii, , ease and symptoms full mud you LOU reecho
all answer by roturu mail; to insure an IMMO'
01,103k1 the small stun of Twenty-live Cents, to
warrant hint iu spending his oa.te for yimr bene
fit. All other letters must have a post atittpll etc
closed to prc•pity answers. N. 11-1.4. h. 13 a
regular Gmiluato.
n e ed to visit distant place::,
undergo it painful operation, and spend a for;litm
when you min ha Cured wtili little capeuse, and
without suffering, near home.
Achtruss, IiELLI\G,
blochanicshueg, C utubc laud y,
The uuliscribut iilliohrti :61111 11.1.; to
uperatiou. pruau.
OH, daily - it largo 441.utit (he boa whit,
in dip iattriur th, State, 1 will
it at .4 point On Uta l'i_tuu,ylvaiaa.,
or at the Kilo, at tan - •
All °Our.: will Ito prowpily altrn It d ‘,,.
:11,1q. 1
C!, -, 0•1
c t. 7
srmaraoT JI VI IVIEE. 000'71
Of !1.,
I tor
elianwl,on st, I , :awy ilk
II 1V,..!
liuuriet . 1:
•••••• .
••• . • ;
't 11:ilitC,
liats et Caps,
iN it:DIVA
0;1 ClOtlIN,
a roc, 7-'lOl
•i• Tj
• •
.1 1 1111\ , (IV Sl'E 111:1' uro• „
1 ~.: ;
i' i
the Coll,tilaiplive
•,pplicdiitop,. y
tit, the .1
Vui.oc iu
111,1, we
••:‘ ie
~tii~;l Ali.
,xl , ...,•tatiwk4, awl I earn,stly
Ike illit:illgCll,l2 01 all ,0 01, 0:
the itl.lll flit in , to
at once the :toutbinglic: din '
and ,tteee ,, fal sy , -
tent Of Metlik . :ll Vajo.r 11:1.1.1011, :Is the. oNt,
•.art, of lietrgii — ior the liiiiroiniptive. 1 otter
to vitt it within the ruuvit of all, and can so ar •
rantw it, that the iurnli,l e. never requited to
leava Luau, where the 1,,,n,1 cd . trietal,hip :ttl
affection, tend eu nitwit ail the
ellorls• Where there they, 1..,w b ,, pe
for the inu.,t se CIL ry hnl , elecv ea se, as thro'-
ont pill the store, of
of tho troat -
eiliiilulit]),UCTC , Sflli, !Intl Slltii!ling en
der ut the :41)(1% e CO1111 , 1.1illtS : 1. C.:11
gi , Vedy I,c rt.lior. I 1::11
Isl,lStlle ill 11:lu1Ti11;,1 , 1 1,0 ,11 Jo
VI, 1111111 C,, N.,. A' rt k :nut
hai .1. 1, rc,!
one.- (hit
ne., 41, n •l•
• . .
the •Ltliiiitt,tr•itr t,l
ritein, ilt Hoch tt nt,tuut r, II :It tht'V ate 1 . 1 , 11ve
11114.6 it, the COI al ill .1 ~11, •1 . , .111.1
duce tLcir ileLlOil itl tho 91 the al
prat,ll , .11 :11CeC , I.)
of Lk. V. Odd, .
1 . 111!1,I11:1 , C1_1,1.11.111 t.l
1%1 , 1.11i:111" 01.11, ii
irk , ' 110111 Iht . l
uare a c o ugh, ni,ht 411,1 (ire, Ulf
ht), Ilitleh they a Xpr•l•ll,l, tiw c. to ii
the.; 4‘ , l••acit all i • •••••, •
11:cy hav
~.. ~ . ... I'. ~ ~., .
.. ~. ~.~
. „
1)r. Root: the 1%-ot., I.
his ititwotaied labors is 1., Ow oil
tit 515551 to tot
1iA1.1 . 11 STONE, INI.II.
.10NA.,.. .1. 1\11.'.."1', 11. 1:
\V 11. fll. 11
TI( .1011. N; ;,
SIT:WA ::()S Ott - ,k N. Y.
11,11 . I 11,11,fe, all ILI.
ter- 11/ ; Illy . 4 ., ;1 . 11,i1t.11 , 1e11Ce •
it, ,11 ,
Alt.iicy must I , y the
Po.,ltuaster, nucti lett,'
usually kept its a Philadelphi., nook Store, and
inasiv thein at hull the Plibla,ber's retail price,
the ailb.esibo: now allots to the public.
111 sehoot I.uuktt used tit the county rah be
had hi tiny .isatatsti, at retail and
natal. r 0.1.4,11., Letter and WI 411 , 141 q; r“1,1,
wholc6ale or by the ream.
100 Gold Penh with 6thar ,tut Livid
front 'sl upwind.,
toe l'on.ket and Pets kutvre :sod
otlw,' he., uusoutaetstre
1.0 upitolll . l,l P.;; .111 j
3,4.190 riceEs iv,t ILL rAirEtc,
mid prettiest 6tyle3,iii,t teLeived ftut
awl Nov YorL,l. , i , ` u.."u Irk etc
Z.O) t.e.Lutitidly
'l . lllOlmM ,1 1 1 Wia
•I I t . M. llilw,tl.l
pliblie I uvc but til t
he convine,,t drat in Int) tn,f . of Lilt
flat,' will be 1 , 11.16Cti uud also bavt - money.
member the place.. eviller of *nap., v uo.r
Lailroadi NVAI. C'ol.o\.
in 31.
1.1/01%11..V1 ,
t toil hand.
11),LIVI1 - .1011,
TiY :r. ~,zra..,:!,.1.:,.
4-:T . .
, , ;! :11
. 4 11(1
1 ',lf,. 11,..
'I i:i' Ut !
• : .
i , .. ,~,: .. ,
Tt 1)1w n.,r
:1! !•
••17 •1, r c .
N\ `.
'T E (TNT s.ti INV; I ,
Nth , . I.'ompnvy
Incorporated by the Slate of PI
a•d toy
'Teal to
' I isf
wivy is rt,,i,etl inn '
inlet ,t paid'
I opr ct • •
in O....limiting till ".
nook , . inn.' I
IN I, it
„Ai/Bunn; I
I :ne,1 , 31t11P21 , k I
1 31110111 ally fail"flT,
I'l V., Tf !lENIZY T. 1:1:'SSEII
Ulf 01!.`.. , .
~: ~ „•i,
t!. • r
. .
tact t 41 it
add. .
) \I 14"1' I t I N(E \
ANSIt 454,100
1 •1 , 1-11 , 1,1111.1.
FIRE INSURANCE, po.i.eit,t, 1,,,„
in.olc 111 tpwu
• .
1, prouli.LlV •
Ny. 1:111:1VSTER.
• .f tr,
'1‘ (. 1:' 1 1 / 1 : 11 .1 : t i l l ' f '.. t:%/1111111 , 11 l'!,
i I
lel' 11'111. Clai.-ely ull.l The,ll lei Mol,y,
rah , . Il',ALir.”.l.,
givo, aptil
c.l Tutt,day 4,\t,
()Cu, it. tho li,n,tii;ll of
I.lll,.'eltell, 101' illU /ea, Ol fulfilling LLc .11
npuoaduiLut, .14. tiLid Nvlitau ill
li:t% it;.,ainst mid fund an
111 ti..6l{lnttnr buduluirtud
is 1111011 ...lid fund
ith thQ I'ilc., Lilt
I t
.t 1
it n“ .1) that 114.,
City I, and
1:;:•:, 1 :vv ". 0.1, xi
t , . 1).'.; Pill
11), ,w 4 for
1 It a biL‘c :1,, 1'1,4 out*dt.lly, 4141%
. v . , i.l 1 ) . 4 , 1 ) .111.01.
1 I Lluuti..jduu,
W. S.‘ X
I.'Li: ('1?1'1'
,teuk.tiot ,
N(.• k 1..
) Lim,: a
ol it Irti,
Iri id. 1,
A. B. crkEw
1 0.1,11aLel