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A Physiological Curiosity.
St. Martin, the man who has an opening
into his stomach, produced by a gun shot
wound, is in New York, and a number of
the physioians of that city have been ex.
perimenting with the view to ascertain the
time required to digest food. A thermo
meter introduced into his stomach, through
the opening, rose to one hundred and one
Fahrenheit. The carrot, Dr. Bunting
says, in consumed in five to six hours.--
Bare roast beef will thoroughly digest in
an hour and a half. Melted butter will
not digest at all, but float about in the sto
mach. Lobster is comparatively easy of
digestion. Upon the application of the
gastric juice to a piece of purple tissue pa
per, the color at one° faded. In relation
to the patient a health, Dr. Bunting obser
ved that it had been uniformly excellent
having, since his recovery from the effects
of the wound, supported a large family by
Iris daily labor. These experiments do
not differ materially from those made by
Dr. Beaumont twenty years ago. Mr St.
Martin is at present a little upwards of fif
ty years of age, a spare frame, but appa
rently capable of considerable endurance.
He is in excellent bodily health, and it has
not prevented him trom pursuing active
and severe labors. If he does -not keep a
compress to the aperture in.drinking wa
ter, or swallowing anything else, the whole
contents of his stomach trill pass out thro'
that opening. Through this opening
comes out a small part of the stomach, i.
e , the inner coat, which shows its different
appearances--thick or swollen when under
the work of digestion, and thinner when
the digestion is over. St. Martin is on his
way to Europe.
Kind Wordy.
They never blister the tongue or lips.-•-
And we never heard one of mental troub
le arising from this quarter. Though they
do not cost much, yet they accomplish
much. They help one's good.nature and
good will. Soft words soften our own
soul. Angry words are fuel to the flame
of wrath, and make the blaze more fierce.
Kind words made other people good
natured. Cold words freeze people, and
hot words scorch them, and bitter words
make them wrathful. There is such a
rush of Hi other kinds of words in our
dayr, that it seems desirable to find kind
words a chance among them. There are
vain words, and idle words, and hasty
words, and spiteful words, and silly wordy,
and empty words, and profane words, boi-
sterous words, and warlike words. Kind
words also produce their own image on
men's souls. They smooth and quiet, and
comfort the hearer. They shame him out
of his sour, morose, unkind feelings. We
have not yet begun to use kind words in
such abundance as they ought to be used.
ther Taylor of Boston said in a public ad
dress:--t have this' day seen Mr. Amos
Lawrence's pocket book. It is such a
pocket book as Was never made before. Oa
one side of it is printed, in gilt letters,—
What shall it profit a man if he gain the
whole world and lose his own soul You
open another fold and read, "l'he gold is
mine, milli the Lord of Hosts." On still
another fold is printed, •'lle that giveth
to the poor lentleth to the Lord." 1 asked
Mr. Lawrence what all this cts for. He
told me that he remembered that as men
grew old they sometimes grew selfish, and
every time he looked at his money he wan
ted to be reminded of the Gospel, by which
he ought to use his worldly goods, and
therefore he kept money in each of these
folds of his pocket-boon for all good uses
which Divine Providence might suggest.
Do ntt look upon holiness, (writes a mo
ther to her child ) in the light of conformi
ty to a law, a mere submission to certain
restrictive precepts. Luok ujon holiness
as happiness—the only true happiness
To speak of it as the duty of a Christian,
is a low and inadequate view ; it is the pri
vilege of the Christian. The power to be
holy is one of the greatest blessings that
Christ has purchased for us, and bestows
on us through the gift of the Holy spirit.
Dear reader, examine yourself by the
test. Is holiness regarded by you as a
happiness or a hardship ? If you do not
enjoy holiness and follow after it, you could
not enjoy Heaven, for it is a state of su
preme happiness, because it is a state of
perfect holiness.
EAT Iv.—An Englishman of recent im
portation dropped into a restaurant in this
city, a few days since, and made a hearty
meal, topping ofl with a piece of pie.—
The latter, upon-taming, he found it to be
cold,and, calling the 'tlitttle black boy,"
who stood near, he said to him , Talcu
this pie to the fire and 'eat it' His con
sternation was great when Sainbo walked
to the stove and quietly devoured the
Hoeing Colloquy.--" Peter, Peter, I
sees a toad !" stud a little darkey to his
brother ono day, as they were digging over
a heap of manure.
'Whar is he Joe V
'Why right dar—don't you see 'im V
'No—hit 'im wid de hoe !'
Joo hit the toad a crack, which brought
Peter to the ground.
.oh, you fool Joe ! dat was my toe ! 1
seed dat all de time'
fellow, I considaw that an
insult,' said a thing to a fireman who
run against him as he was moving with
the crowd ; avise you to put yourself
in a posture--aw—suitable for you de.
fwence, or the consequeuces which will
enswue will—be -liable to pwove extreme
ly fatal to himself."
"Look here si oony, I dont know what
kind of a team you're drivin' now but I
tell you that if it means anything about
fightin,' I'm your man 1" replied the fire
nian, making a pass at spooney but the
dandy took a sudden notion to run to the
fir., and nabbed is the crowd.
t - s()ClDii"9.aG3rl , g3
ltr'' MILL
ail.rillOTAF,Ml l l) Y . 1 7 :10
Corner of tterrnantown Road and New Market
Streets, on the North Pennaylvania.Rail Road,
Constantly on hand or made to ot der, the fol•
lowing highly approved-Flour Mill Machinery.
Woodward's Patent Portable Mills and Smut
Johnston's Patent Iron Concave Bran Due.
Stovers Patent Fuel Saving Corn Kilns.
Pierson's Patent Barrel Hoopand Moulding
Improved Bridge Steps and B9shes for Mill
The best Anchor Brand Bolting Cloth Burr St
Calico Mill Stones. Corn, Cole and Plaster
Johnston's Patent Cast Metal Con-
11211 Ilana_rap
East and South-Past of the Ohio and Mississip
pi Rivers.
Warranted to take out of the offal of every
Bushel Ground, from 1 to 21 Ibs, of standard
floor, which could not be bolted out on account
of the electrical adhesiur. to the Bran.
NOTICE :—I hereby warts all persons against
infringing my rights, secured by Letters Pa
tent as above, as I will prosecute all persons
snaking, selling, or using any Bran Dusters
with an Iron or Cast Metal Concave in via.
lotion of the Letters Patent of Joseph John
ston, dated April 24th. 1854.
N. B.—State and County Patent Rights for
all the above Machines for Sale.
August 22, 1855. tf
Chambersburg & Mt. Union
TIE undersigned aware that a suspension of
the line of Stages over the road between
Chamhersburg and Mt. Union, cannot be but
disadvantageous to a large section to the country
has, at considerable expense and trouble, made
arrangements to run aline of Stages Tri-weekly
between the two points. Good Horses and cont.
formable Stages have been placed un the route,
and experienced and trusty drivers will superin
tend the running (tithe Coaches. The proprie
tor of the line is desirous that it be maintained.
and he therefore calls upon the public generally
to patronize It, confident that it will be for their
mutual advantage. Every attention necessary
will be given, and the running of the stages will
be regular.-
132"' Stages leave Mt. Union, every Tuesday.
Thursday, and Saturday evenings, arriving at
Chambersburg the next day at 2 o'clock. 'Re
turning, leave Chamlmersburg the same night at
10 o'clock, arriving at Mt. Union early the fol
lowing evening in time for the ears. Stages stop
at Shirleysburg, Orbisonirt, Shade Gap, Burnt
Cabins, Fannettsburg, Horse Valley, Strasburg
and Keefer's store.
erFure through $3.00; to intermediate points
in proportion.
Aug. 22, 1855.-tf.
Two Splendid Parlor Engravings,
_ .
EwriTLED "Italian Abbey — in the — olden
Times," a splendid steel engraving, from
the flelebrated painting by Lanflseer ; nail the
"Departure of the lruelites from Egypt," a large
and beautiful engraving hum a painting by D.
Roberts. The retail price of the above engra
ving is $3, per copy, but will be scat free of
charge as follows
riIHE subscribers have established a Book
I Agency in Philadelphia, and will furnish any
hook or publilation sit the retail price free of
postage. Any persons. by forwarding the sub
scription price of any of the $3 Magazines, such
as Harper's. Godey's, Putnam's, Graham's, or
Frank Leslie's Fashions, &c. will receive the
magazines for one year and ft copy of the above
beautiful engravings, free of charge, or if sub
scribing to a $2, and a Si, Magazine, such as
Peterson's. and Challen's Ladies' Annual, they
will recivo both magazines and a copy of either
of the above engravings.
Every description of Engraving on Wood ex
ecuted with neatness and dispatch. Views of
Buildings, Newspaper Headings, Views of Ma
chinery, Book Illustrations, Lodge Certificates,
Business Cords, &c. All orders sent by mail
promptly attended to. Persons wishing views
of their buildings engraved eon send n Daguer
reotype ur sketch of the building by mail or ex
Persons at n distnnce having saleable articles
would find it to their advantage to address the
subscribers, no we would net es agents fur the
sale of the same BYRAM & PIERCE,
50 Sough Third St., Philadelphia, Pa.
Nov. 28, 1155.—1 y.
Sebastopol Taken
The undersigned hat just returned from the
city with a large and splendid assortment of
Fall and Winter Goods,
which Inc is now prepay.' to dispose of at very
low and reasonable rates. Persons desiring to
purchase will find it to their interest to give him
a call before purchasing elsewhere, us he studirs
only to plena. His stock consists ofa large lot of
Dry Goods, Hardware.
nODIS & SHOES, ii4. 4 ro is
Glass & Queensware,
alargo and splendid assortment already made
which ho is proparod to sell in lots to suit porch.
N. B.—Country produce taken in exchange
for goods.
Moomille, Nov. 7, 1855.—tt.
Offices on Hill Street, opposite
"a s." t .t, e rn C e o r o o rs f I :l ? tira e nrgn i' n o k . l t i l n , eta .
Adams & Co.'s Express.
T. K. SIMONTON, Agent, iluntingdon
Money, Package., end goods ofall kinds, re•
coined and forwarded at the risk of the company,
to ail the cities and principaltowne in the United
State May 1,'54.
Dissolution at Partnership.
The Partnership heretofore existing between
the undersigned, is this day by mutual consent
dissolved. The business will be carried on
hereafter, by John Huvett, Jr., at the old stand.
Q$ al, ISSL-4f .
For the rapid care of Coughs, Colds. Hoarse li
nest, Bronchitis, Whooping-Cough, Asthma and
Consnmption. is universally known no the hest
remedy ever yet discovered for every variety of
2.lmtmary ducats. So wide is the field of its
usefulness and on numerous the cases of its cure.
that almost every section of the country abounds
in persons publicly known. who hove heel, re
stored from alarming and even desperate cases
of the lungs by its When once tried its su
periority over every other medicine of its kind
is too apparent to escape observation. and where
its virtues are known, the public no longer hesi
tate what antidote to employ for the distressing
and dangerous affections of the pulmonary or
gans which are incident to our climate. By its
timely use many, any, almost all attacks of dis
ease upon the Lungs or Thront, nro arrested
and thus nro saved ninny thousands every year
from a premature grave. No fiimily should he
without it. and those who do neglect to provide
themselves with a remedy which wards off . this
dangerous class of diseases will hove cause to
deplore it when it 18 too late. Proofs of the sur•
pricing efficacy of the Cherry Pectoral need not
he given to the American penplo,--they trace li
ning proofs in every neighborhood. But those
who wish to read the (gatements of those whose
whole !width has been restored and whose lives
have been coved by its use, will tied them in my
American Almanac , rhich the agent below MUM%
ed has to furnish gratis to every one.
Prepared by Di.J. C. AYER, Lowell. Masa.
and sold by every respectable Druggist in Now
THOS. READ & SON. Huntingdon. Pa.. BU
CHER Sc rouTER. Alexandria, Pa.. J. H.
HO MMER & Co. Waterstrect. Pa.. J. M ROL
LIM, Petersburg. and by all dealers everywhere.
May 7,1856.-2 m. 6,1 y.
Birmingham, Huntingdon county, Pa.
, 1 5 1115 'mime is situated on the Pennsylvania
Rail Road, and occupies one of the must 4,le
nimble locations in the state. It is an easy of ate
cent, retired, henlthful, and surrounded with such
romantic mountain scenery, that no one who
wishes to loam. could find an institution more fa
vorably situated. Experienced teachers who are
graduates of Troy and Mt. Holy. lee Seminaries
are employed in this institution, and no pains
will be Fpared to sustniti it, growing reputation.—
The summer term commences the last Tuesday
in April and continues live months. Charges to
date from the time of entering, and nn deductions
made for Olsen. except in case of sickness ?n
-uns from abroad are expected to board in the
Seminary Building with the Principal who gives
his entitle attention to their interest and advance
Boarding, Tuition and furnished rooms per
term $OO 00
Latin, German, French, Painting, Drawing ,.
and instrumental Music, Extra.
Ray. I. W. WARD,
March 27, 1855—ti.
Brilliant Display of Jewelry.
public generally, and the rascals who,
I some time since, entered my store and remo
ved valuables to the amount of about $llOO
without my permission, are informed that I have
rust opened a more general and better assortment
of articles in my line of business titan was ever
brought to Huntingdon, consisting of Watches,
Jewelry, Clocks, Fine Knives,
Pistols. Perfumery, Port Mon
nal., Silver Ware, and Fancy
Articles, &c., &c. My oil friends and customers,
and the public in general throughout the county,
are requested to call and examine my assortment.
Huntingdon, '•lurch 29, 1854.
HAS just returned from the east with u large
and splendid assortment of
Fall and Winter Clothing,
for men and boys, made in the latest fashion and
in the most durable stunner. Who ever wants
to be dressed better and cheaper than anybody
else in town, lot him cull at W,Lououur's
Cuaae CLOTHING STOHN, one door west of T.
Read & Son's drug store, Huntingdon.
Cull and see for yourselves
Uct. 18, 1854.
Mail 'l'. Ex. T. t Fast T. E. T.
Train leaves P.M. A.M. . P.M. P.M.
Petersburg, 2.19 4.18 9.45 12,30
Huntingdon, 2.36 4.34 10.01 105
Mill Creek, 2.49 4.44 10.11 1,38
Mt. Union, 3.07 4.57 . 10.25 2,20
Train leaves P.M P.M. P.M. A.M.
Mt. Union,' 4.46 6.45 8.10 5,20
Mill Creek, 5.03 6.58 8.22 5.50
Huntingdon, 5.18 7.21 8.35 0.15
Petersburg, 5.34 7.25 8.47 6.45
JN. BALL respectfully solicits the attention
*of the farming community to a quality id
Moup/ot which he is now manufacturing, and will
hone ready for sale in a few days, he is also pre
pared to 111 , 1 he harrows, wagons, carts, wheel
harrows. &c., &c., and to do all kind of repairing
at the shortest notice, and in the most substantial
manner. _ _ -
itil;;;;;On N. W. come rut Montgmery and Wash•
ington sts.
March 27 1855—tf.
A. P. Wicsort. R. Mulct: PETntute
Practice in the several Courts of Huntingdon
Blair, Cambria, Centre, Mifflin and Juniata Coun
ties. Matruh 93, 1853.
THE partnership heretofore existing between
Itlyton and Musser is by mutual consent dis
solved, and all persons knowing themselves in
debted to the said firm, will please call and set
tle their accounts without delay.
Saulsburg, April 2. 1855.-0
Dr. John McCulloch,
ffers his professional services to the citizens of
U Huntingdon and vicinity. Office, Mr. Male
brand's, between the Exchange and Jackson'.
Huntingdon, Aug. 29, 1855.
@acrn .gs DIEM%
Attorneys at Law,
Huntingdon, Pa.,
Office same as that formerly occupied by Jobs.
Scott, Esq.
Qui, is, IDe.
THE founder of this Celebrated Institution,
I offers the most certain. speedy, and only
effectual rcineity in rho mold for Weets, Stric
tures, Seminal Weakness, Vain in the
Constitutional Debility, Impotency, Weakness
of the flack end Limbs, Affections of the Kid
neys, Palpitation of the liedtt, Dyspepsia, Ner
vous Irritability, Disease of the head, Throat,
Nose or Skin ;Mid all those serious and melon
choly disorders arising from the destructive
habits of Youth, which destroy. both body and
mind. These semet and solitary pritetkes are
more fatal to their victims than the song of the
Syron. to the mariner Ulysses, blighting their
must brilliant hopes of anticipations, rendering
marriage, tic., impossible.
Young Men,
especially, who have become the victims of Sol
itary Vice, that dreadful and destructive habit,
which annually sweeps to 1111, untimely grave
thousands of young men of the MUst exalted
talents, and brilliant intellect, who might oth
erwise have entranced listening senates with
the thunders of elo ;ileum or waked to eestaey
the living lyre, may call with all cunt/deuce.
Married persona, or young men nontempla
ting marriage, heist; aware or physical weak.
110,4, organic debility, determines, &e..ahmild
iminediately c•onsult Dr. Johnston and be re•
stored it: perfect health.
lie who places liimaelr unikr the care of Dr.
.folii.ton may religiinidy confide in his honor an
a gentleman, end confidently rely upon his skill
as is physician.
Organic Weakness.
immediately cured, and NU vigor restored
This disease le the penalty most frequently
paid by those who have become the victim of
improper indidgeneies. lung persons eon too
apt to commit'execsste from not beieg• aware of
the dreadful comoviclicu that may ensue.—
Now, who that under,tands the subject will pre
tend to deny that the power of Procreation is
Ins: sooner by those falling into inipruper habit
than by the prudent. Besides being deprived
of the pleasure of healthy ollsaring. the most me
clout ail destructive tlimMties Minim! and ho
tly arise. Thu system heroine deranged , tivt
physical and mental powers weakened. nem,us
debility, dyspepsia, palpitation of the heart, in
digestion, a Westing or the frame, cough symp
toms of Consumption.
64 Office No. 7, South Frederick Street, se
ven dotal; from Baltimore street, East side, up
the steps. Be portico her in observing the name
and number, or you will mistake the place.
A Cnre warranted, or no charge made, in
from One to Two Days.
Dr. Johnston,
Member of the Royal College of Sergeant,
London, graduate from one or the most eminent
Colleges of the United States, and the greater
port of whose life has been spent in the first Hos
pitals of London, Paris Philadelphia, awl else
where, has effected nonce of the most lumens:l
ing cures that wore ever known, many troubled
with ringing in the head and cart when asleep,
great nervousness, being alarmed at sudden
sounds, and bashfulness, with frequent blushing
attended sometimes with derangement of mind,
were cured immediately.
A Certain I,isease
When the misguided and imprudent votary
of pleasure finds he hiss imbibed the seeds of this
painful disease. it to too often happens that an
ill-timed sense of shame, or dread ut d iscovery,
deters him from applying to those who from ed
ucation and respectability, can alone befriend
bins, delaying till the constitutional symptoms
of this horrid disease make their appearance,
such as ulcerated sore throat, diseased nose,
nocturnal pains in the bead and limbs, dimness
of sight, deafness, nudes on the shin bone,, and
arms, blotches on the head, face and extremities,
progressing with frightful rapidity, till at last
the palate of the mouth or the hones or she ease
fall in, and the victim of this awful disease be
comes a horrid object of commiseration, till
death puts it period to his dreadful sufferings, by
sending him to uthut ',mune Irons whence no
traveller returns," To such. therefore, Dr.
Johnston pledges himself to }reserve the most
inviolable secrecy, and from his extensive prac
tice in the first Hospitals of Europe and Ameri
ca, ho can confidently recommend 0 safe and
speedy cure to the utilbrtunate victim of this hot
rid disease.
It is a melancholy fact that thousands fill vic
tims to this horrid disease owing to the unskil
fulness of ignorant pretenders who by the use of
that deadly poison Mercury, ruin the cons.i
tution. and either send the unfortunate sittlerer
to an untimely grave, or make the residue of his
life miterablc.
Take Particular Notice.
Dr. .L. uddres•es all those who have inlayed
themselves by private and improper indidgen
cies. _ _
These are some of the sad and melancholy
effects produced by early habits of youth, viz :
Weakness of the Back and Limbs, Puns ;he
head, Dimar,s of SIAM, foss or Muscular pow
er. Palpitation of the Heart Dyspepsia, Nervous
Irritability, Derangements of the Digestive
Fauctions, General Debility Symptoms >f Con
sumption, tec.
M.TALLY—The fearful effects on the mind
are much to be dreaded; Loss of memory, Con
fusion of ideas, Depression of Spirit. Evil I,or
boditr,ll. Ave .sion to Society, Self Distrust,
Love of Solitude, Timidity, tie., urn some of the
evilb produced.
Thousands of persons of all ages, eon now
j u d g e wind is the rouse or their deelioing health.
1,0 l ap 66, vigor, becoming weak, ?tale mid
cmach td. base SingllUtr appe nets ab .ut the
eyes, tuat:h ,ad spawn.: of coesemp:t.n.
Johnston's Invigorating Reme
dy for Organic ‘Vcakites.s
By this great and important remedy, weakne,a
of she Olgaus in speedily eared and full vigor re
stio eil. Thousands of the most dehilita e I and
nervous. who had lust all hope, have been im
mediately relieved. All Impediments to Mar
riage, l'hysileal or Mental Disqualitieotion, Ner
vous Irrituhility, Tremblings and Weakness,
or exhau s ti on ot the most fearful kind, speedily
cured by Doctor Johnston.
Young en,
who have injured themselves by a certain prac
tire indulged in when alone—a habit ftequently
learned from evil companions, or et school—the
effects et which are nightly telt,oreq when a
sleep, end Wind cured renders marrisge bow-m
-oil-4(.0ml destroys both mind and body, should
apply immediately.
What a pity that a young man, the hopeof hitt
country, and the darling of his parents should he
snatched from all prospects nod enjoyments of
life by the consequence ot deviating from the path
of nature and indulging in a certain secret habit
Such persons before contemplating
should reflect that a sound mind and body are
theme' necessary requisites to promote con.-
bial happiness. Indeed without their, the jio,r
ney through life becomes a weary ptigrinia 4 ,,
the prospect hourly darkens to the view; the
mind becomes shadowed with despair, and filled
with the melancholy reflection that the happiness
of another becomes blighted with our 0011.
N. B. Let no false &Hefty prevents., but d p.
ply immediately either personally or by letter.
Skit' Diseases Speedily Cured,
To Strangers.
The many thousands cured at this Institution
within the last th years, and the numerous im
portant Surgical Operation:, performed by Dr.
Johnston, witnessed by the Reporters of the pa-
Pera,and many other persons, notices of which
ave appealed cgain and again before the pub
lic, is 'sufficient guarantee to the afflicted.
'rake Notice.
N. B. There are PO Many ignorftnt and
worthless quarks advertising themselves as
Physicians, ruining the health of the already af
flicted. 1)r. Johns'n &tns it necessary to say to
those unacquainted with his reputation that his
Credentials or Diplomas slways hong in his of
etir Vane NoTref.—A II letters must he poet
paid, and contain n postage etanip for the reply,
or no answer will he sent.
June 18. 1856r17.
A HUMAN trrx foArztt.
Dowagine, Mich., March 11, 1816.
.1. A. Rhode'. Esq.: Dear Sir--Ac I took your
medicine to sell On consignment, "no cure no
pay, , ' I take ',Mummy in stating its effect' as re
ported to me by three broth era who live in this
place, and their testimony is a fair specimen of
all I flave received t
W. S. Conklin told me—"l had taken nine
bottles of Christie's Ague 11114 am, and euntinu-
Ily run down while using it mud my lungs and
liver were Congested to that degree that blood
discharged from my mouth and 1r on that
all thought it impossible for Inc to live
another chill. The doctors WO di,l all then could
for me, but tbought I must die. Nothing did me
good until I got Rhodes' Fever and Agee Cure,
which at 011100 relieved me of the distress and non.
met at my stomach seal pain in my head and
bowels, eel produced a permanent cure in a
Omit time." . . .
II M Conklin says : "1 hai taken medicine
of no good it doctor es tee hove in our county,
and taken any quantity of quinine and specifics
without any good results from With August to
lith december. Rut seeing how nicely it ope
rated on my brattier, I gin u bottle of Rhodes ,
Fever and Ague Core, which chested a penile-
Milt cure by using two thirds of a bottle."
S. M. Conklin was not here, hut both other
brothers say his ease wits tho same as If. M's.
so:il the medicine to Lath the same day, and
the cure was as speedy flout the time tan
lily, and I might so specify. Yours with re
spect, A. UNTINGtON.
above speaks for itselt. Coed proof as it
is. it is of en bbtter tenor' flten'tbe vast !mintier
of I:ke certificates I hove already published, and
the still greater amount that is pouring in to ate.
One thing more. Last t ear I bad occasion to
Caution the Public in these words :
"I notice one firm who halm taken one qf my gen
eral circulars, substituted the name of thew nostrum
for ,it, medicine. and then with bra ze n ‘,,,,,,,d eure
end their pamphlet with the exclamation, • Let the
proprietor of any other medicine say as much if he
dares,' " . .
Now I take pleasure in saying that the Cnn
tion referred to the same Christie's Ague
Isom" that is mentioned in the above certifi
cate. . . . . .
There ere several other industrious people who
are applying to their poisonous trash all that I
pu'idsh about my Fever and Agno Cure, or An
tidote to Malaria, except the Certificates °Nuees
anti the Certificate or the. relrhr:tted Chemist,
Dr. James R. t7hilton, of N. Y. in favor of its
perfectly harmless character, which is attached
so every bottle. These will always serve tu
thignish my medicine from imitations. For sale
by John Read, Huntingdon, end Druggists gen
April 30, 1856.-3 m.
o coocccoo...o o
o eatz,&X. , 0
0 0
• OF THE 0
O •
The largest and best 0
'• op
°).411111 EMI G:
As Cheap as the Cheapest, ° 0
LITJD 52442%
4, 9 WARRANTED. 0 I t &
.., u 0
o All kinds of 0
4 '.1 3 BLANKS g '
43 4 ( ), . . 0 c..)
13 0
o l O c l: , S o ? A ,, N o T I.: . 0:I .
. II An l ( ) , di>
Would respectfully infortn his friends and the
that be has on hand and is receiving for
the coming season, a line assortment of
ct. GO 1112.0
Consisting of Watches, Chains, Breast Pins,Fin
ger Rings, Ear Rings, Pencils, Keys, Thimbles,
Stain, Almlallions, &c. Together with his celebra
ted and unrivalled
Which is equal if nut superior, to any now in use
Each Pen is Engraved with his own name,
and every Pen Warranted.
Oh did you ever, nu I never
Mercy on us what a treat;
Get Head's Gold I'en, they're extra fine,
And wily found in North Third Street.
A splendid Pen !!' Where did yon get ill
Pure Diamond Pointed, can't he heat;
Yoe, my f!iunti!, ttpro's i o hu.mb.9Fi!ig
In Weed's Gold Pons of North Tlirrd'Strei t.
filir Read's Gold Pen is found only at 55 Nur&
Third Street, below Arch East Side.
Philadelphia. Jun. 8,1858.—tf.
11. K. NEFF, N. D.,
HAVlNG:located himself' in WinUlOnBMAlnt
in this county, would respectfully offer his
professional services to the citizens of that place
and the country adjacent.
J. B. Laden, hi. D. Gen. A. P. Wilson,
M. A. Henderson, " Wm. P. Orbison, Esq,
J. H. Dorsey, " Hon. James Gwinn,
M. srewart, " John Scott, Esq..
Hon. George Taylor. _ . _
I7untingdon, Pa.
Jacob M, Gommill, M. D., Alescindria.
John M'Cullooh, 44 Petersburg.
rrnw undersigned A% islies to inform his friend,
and the ,mblic generally that he has moved
hie shop to the building of And. Harrison, for.
merly occupied by him as Collector's office,
Hill St.
— Where ho intends earrying on tho Tailoring
business on such terms as will not fail to giro
satisfaction to all that tnay favor him w ith t h e i r
custom. . . _
-- Oe;iiihee to return thank. for the liberal pa
tronage heretofore received and hopes hr strict
attention to bueineee to merit a eontineenee of
the name. ENOS U. KULP.
Appil 10, 1855—tt.
ofil. with Daniel Africa, Esq., Hill street be ,
tween Montgomery and Smith streets, Hunt
Marlon, Pa. (Sept. on, '65.-4y.
Greatest Medical Discovery of
the Age.
Dr. Kennedy, ur itexbu;y, hat discovered in
ono of onr common pasture weeds a remedy t!iut
EWl5rl CY:t
from the worst scrofula down ton common pin,
Ile has tried it in over 1100 cases, anti never
failed except in two (Nisei, (both thunder h t 0,...)
lie has now in his ilossessinn over two hundred
certificates of its virtue, all within twenty tunes
of Boston.
Two bottles are warranted to cure a nursing
sore mouth.
One to three bottles will curo the worst kind
of Pimples on the face.
Two or throe bottles will cure the system of
Two bottles are warranted to cure the worst
case of Erysipelas.
One to two bottles ire warranted to cure all
Lum ,r in the Eyes.
Two bottles are warranted to core running of
the cars mid bliithes unone the hair.
Four to six bottles are warranted to cure,
corrupt and running steers.
One bottle will cure scaly corruption of the
Too to three bottles are warranted to mire
the worst ease of ringworm.
Two to three t.cttlea are warranted to cure
the moat desperate case of rhettmatiam.
Three to four bottles are warranted to cure
the Fah rheum.
Five to eight bottles will cure the worst case
of scrofula.
A benefit it always experienced from the first
bottle, and a perfect cure is warranted when
the above quantity is taken.
Render, I peddled over a thousand bottles
of this in the vicinity of Boston. I knew the
effect of it in every ease. Su sure us water will
extinguish tire, so sure will this cure humor.—
I never sold a bottle of it but that sold another;
after a trial it always speaks for itself. There
are two *Hug+ about this herb that appear to
me surprising; first it grows in our pastures in
some places quite plentiful and vet its value
has never been known until I discovered it in
1846—second that it should curs all kinds of
In order to give some idea of the sudden rise
and greet popularity of the discovery. I will
state that in A_pril, 1859, I peddled it and sold
shout six ',shires per day—in April , 1854, I sold
over one thousand per day of it.
Some of the wholesale Druggists who have
Leon in business twenty and thirty years, say
that nothing in the annals of patent medicines
was ever like it. There is a universal potties
of it front all quarters.
In my own practice I always kept it strictly
for humor—but since its inttoduction as a gen
eral family medicine, great and winderlul vir
tues have been found in it that I never suspect
Several raves of epileptic }lN—a disc.o
which was always considered' incurable, have
been cured by a few bottles. 0, what a mercy
if it will prove eflectual in all cases of that
dreadful malady—there aro but few who have
more of it than I have. • _
I knoo of several cases of Dropsy, nil of
whom aged people cured by it. For the vari
ous diseases of the Liver, Siek Head tche, Dys
pepsia, Asthma, Fever and Ague, Pain in the
Side, Diseases of the Spine. and particularly
in diseasea of the Kidney - a, Bm., thin discovery
has done more good than any medicine ever
No change of diet ever necessary—eat the
best you cue get end enoug h of it.
DiRECTION; YOU Use7--Adults one table
spoonful per dav—Children over ten years des
sert spoonfull—Children from five to eight years
teaspoonful!. As no directions coo be applica
ble to all constitutions, take sadicieut to oper
ate on the bowels twice a day,
Manufactured by
No. 120, Warren St. , Roxbury, Muss.
Price $l.OO. _ _ .
T. W. nyott, General Agent for Penneylra.
Wholesale Agents.—N. Y. City, C. V. Click•
ner, 01 Barclay Street—B. H. Ring, 192 Broad.
way.—Rushton and Clark, 275 Broadway.—A.
& I). Sands, 100 ballot% Street.
or Fa le by G. W. Brehm., McVey town ;
Alt's. %buy Marks, Lewistown; T, Head St Son,
And sold by Agents generally.
May 28;56.—1y.
A FEW days ago this question was put by
one of the Sunday Papere g it uitraeted
mach attention, was upon the lips of Politiciaus
who used it for their (pockets) advantage.
But what is it that daily enters the 11.8011 of
the most respectable families in Philadelphia?
What is it that gives such happy and bright
prospects to those whose limbs were drae•n al
most into knots?
What is it causes the deal to hear, and the
lame to walk ?
Whitt is it that cured the tooth-echo, and ear—
ache al many Philadelphians and vicinity ?
— What is it'rhat cures . lihmunutism without lea
ving any bad effects I
What in it that makes the palsied limb alive
What Is it that cures the Croup, that dreaded
complaint which sweeps thousands of this land
into their graves?
What is it that soothes and takes away inflam
What is it that heals wounds and relieves sit
pain ?
It is Prof. Charles DeGrdth's,
Original. Ge ' Electric Oil.
Yes I it has cured mere cases that were tho't
hopeless than any medicine extant.
yon say it is all lodge? Putetbelteve it?
Ask those who hate used it, they will tell you
that my Oil gave relief after till remedies had
failed. When you ask for Electric Oil, be sure
yea ask for Prof. DeGrath's, as it is the only
Legitimate Electric Oil prepared; take none other
as all others are imitations, and I will not be re
sponsible for any, except my name be in writing
upon the wrapper and my name blown in the
Mn. LIVINGSTON, of New York, Editor of the
Monthly Law Magazine, wrote nu, that ho was
cured of a molten and stiff neck by one appli
cation. The Oil was recommended by a lady in
the Girard House.
Mrs. Cameo, Coates St. above Ridge Road,
celled May 14th and said the oil cured her of
Neuralgia, Chill and Croup.
Mothers supply yourselves, 25 ets. por bottle,
and doubt no mare.
bill. CA lIIPIIELL, of Montgomery co., Penna.,
bought a bottle a foe days ago. and said he had
wed it in his timilly fur swollaa glands and swats
hugs which generally appear in parsons after
haring the Scarlet Fever. lin thinks it ahead
of all mbar remedina—and so it is.
l'ei;;;;rWe daily calling at my office, 99 Ntli.
thlt St., and tolling me of its wonderful curative
Price 25 eta., 50 cts. and SI per bottle. Large
bottles the clicapsst. This valuable Oil is sold
Thomas Read & Son, Ihintingdon, Hunt. Co.
R. Barnwell, Montgomery, Blair co„ W. G.
Murray, Hollidaysburg, Blair co., Condron &
McCoy, Praukstown, Blair on., J. H. Horner &
Co., Waterstreet.ilunt. co., Wm. Moore, Alex
antlria , hunt. co. _
Amt druggists and dealers in the U. S. Use
none other hgt DeGrath's.
May 28, 1856. Sept. 26, 1825.
'lrma) E).(galapEtll.
Wil lettetul to all entrusted to hint. Of.
ace nearly mulls the Cenrt Hone'
;ley 11, 's•
The .• uatittonox JOURNAL" is published at
ho following rates
If paid in advance $1,50
If paid within six mouths after the time of
If paid nt the end of the year 2,00
And two dollars and fifty cents if not paid till
after the expiration of the year. Ni. subscription
will he taken for a less period than six niontha,
and nd paper will he discontiqued, except at the
option of the Editor, after it has went over the
time of subscribing, until the cud of. that vent.
Saliscribers living in distant counties,or in otliat
States, will be required to pay invariably ix
advstnee. .
CrThe nbovo terms will be rigidly ndlietrd
to in all eases.
Will be clinrged at the following rate.:
1 insertton. 2 do. 3 do.
$25 $ 3 $. SU
Six lines or less,
One square, (16 Ines,) 50 75 1 00
Two " (32 " ) 100 150 2 (is
Three " (48 " ) 150 225 300
Business men n4vertising by the Quarter, Halt
Year or Year, will be charged the folluwiug ratan
3 mu. 6 mo. 12 mo.
One sonata, $8 00 $5 00 $8 0 0
Two squares, 500 650 12 50
Three squares, 750 10 00 15 00
Fear squares, 9OD 14 00 23 00
Five squares, 15 00 25 00 38 00
Ten squares, 25 00 40 00 60 00
Business Cards net exceeding six lines, one
year, $4.00.
Agents for the Journal.
Thefo!lowing persons we have appointed Agents
for the HUNTINGDON JOURNAL, who are author
ized to roceivn and receipt for money paid on sub.
scription, 81111 to take the names of new subscri
bers at one pnhliehed prices.
We do this for the convenient f one subscri
bers nt n distance from fingtion.
Jowl W. THOMPSON, Eeq., dilpilidayshneg,
SANUEL COEN, East Barrett,
GEORGE W. CORNELICH. Cromwell town/hip.
Honor iluneots, Clay township.
DAVID ETN/RK, Cromwell township.
Dr..l. P. Aencom, Penn township,
J. WAREHAM MATTERN, Franklin township,
"SAMUEL STEFFEY, Jackson township,
Col. dm). C. WATSON, Brady township,
MOlllllO Balowtr, Springfield township,
WM. HUTCHINSON, Esq., Warriorsmark
HENRY NErr, West Barren.
JOHN BALRDACH, Wetterstreet,
Maj. CRADLES Mums, Toil township,
A. M. Main, Dublin township,
GEORGE WILSON, Esq., Tell township,
JAMES CLARK, Birmingham.
Maj. W. Moone, Alexandria.
B. F. WALLACE, Union Furnace.
Stmuntr WRIGHT, Esq., Union township.
DAvn., CLARKSON, Eeq., Cuss township.
SAMUEL Wio.rox, Esq., Franklin township.
Davin PAttunn, Esq., Warriorsmark.
DAVID AURANDT Esq., Todd township.
Do. J. ALFRED SIIADE, Dublin township.
The "JOVIINAL” has 300 Subscri
bers more, than any other payer
in this county.
corner Second mid Walnut street..
CAPITAL $300,00n. _
Tltii Company effects Fire Insurance on Bell
dings, Goods, Furniture, &c.
" CARGO, To all ports in the World,
. .
Inland insurances on ()coda by rivers, Inter,
canal., railroad, and land carriage to all parte at
the Union.
Also, insurance upon LIVES, upon the tno•t
favorable terms.
Hon. Thomas B. Florence Jetties E. Neal!,
George 11. Armstrong, Clutrles Dingce,
Edward P. Middleton, Ed. R. lielmhold,
George Beim hold, F. C. Brewster,
Thomns Manderficlit, Isaac Emil,
TIIOMAB I 1 I'LOY{ENCE, Preshlent,
EDwARD M1.N11101.11, Seey
pin &. - Intg .
Ellll,, Tll 1.1,VD122.
And all Kindk of Legal Blinks,
Used by Magistrates & Others
Printed at the JOI!IINAL OFFICE,
The subscriber, thankful to his friends and pa
trons, and to the Public generally, fur their pu•
tronage,-still continues to carry on at the same
stool, one door east of Mr. C. Cones Hotel, Mar
ket street, Huntingdon, where he will attend to
ad who will fuvor him with their custom, and al
e i keeps unhand a good assortment of WAvcuss,
Cute., JEWELRY, Se., ell of which he is
determined to sell at low prices.
Clocks, Watches end Jewelry of all kinds will
be repaired at short notice, and having outdo ar
rangements with a good workman, all repairs will
be done in it neat and durable manner, and every
person leaning articles fa• repairing shall have
theta done at the precise time. By pitying strict
attention to business, and selling at low rates, be
hopes to receive a share of public. patronage.
lluntingdon, Sept. 7, 1852.-If.
Tali library will be open every Saturday after.
noon, at 3 o'clock, in their room in the
Court Baum Subscription 50 cents a year.—
New books have been added to the former ex•
cellent collection—" Fanny Fern's" popular
writings, "Bayard Taylor's" &c. The further
patroungo of the public will enable the collar.
tion to be still more extended.—
13y order of the
Huntingdon, Jon. 22 1855.
The undersigned proposes publishing provid
ed sufficient encouragement be obtained, a Map
of Huntingdon County. Said Map to be con,
articled by actual survey of all the public Roads
Railroads, Rivers, Streams, Canals, Township
Lines, &c., and every place of note contained itt
said county, carefully shown in their respective
places, and the name std place of reactance of
nearly every business man in said county, and
the brunch or business allowed by each ono re
spectively and the place marked where nearly all
the farm buildings stand. and the proprzetor and
occupant's name.. Said map to contain from
fourteen to eighteen feet of engraving, and to be
finished in the most modern style and workman
like manner, &c. WILLIAM CIIRISTY.
Dec. 19, 1855.—tf.
BLANKS.--Always buy your Blauks at the
~J ournal Office* We have now prepared a ve
ry superior article of BLANK DEEDS, BONDS,
TIOW 4, &e .