Huntingdon journal. (Huntingdon, Pa.) 1843-1859, May 14, 1856, Image 4

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Dr. Kenneny, of Huxhnrc, ha.t discovered in one
of our common posture wrote a remedy
that cures
.U 217 Q 11: b
the wont scrofula clown to a cAntilou
Be has tried it in over 1100 wits, and never
failed except in two eases, (hoth II under humor.)
Be has now in his possession ore: two hundred
certificntes of its ',Wile, alt within twenty miles
or Boston.
Two bottles are warranted to cure a nursing
sore mouth.
One to three bottles will cure tl e worst kind .
of Pimples on the thee.
T oor three bottles will clear the system°
Two bottles are warranted to cure the worst
case of Erysipelas.
One to two bottles are warranted to cure all
humor in the Eyes.
Two bottles lire warranted to cure running of
the ears nod blotches among the hair.
Four to six bottles are warranted to cure cor
rupt and running ulcers.
One bottle will cure scaly eruption of the
Two to threo bottles Are warranted to curs the
worst case oft ingworm.
Two to three bottles are warranted to cure the
most flesperete case or rheumatism.
Three to four bottles are warranted to cure the
salt rheum.
Flee to eight bottles will cure the worst case
of t.
A benefit is always experienced from the first
bottle, and a perfect cure is warranted when the
above quantity is taken.
Header, I peddled over a thousand bottles of
this in the vicinity of Boston. 1 knew the elli!et
or it in every case. 81, sure as seater will extin
guish fire. so sure will this cure humor. I never
sold atonic of it but that sold another; atter a
trial it always speaks for itself. There are two
things about this herb that appear to me surpri
sipg ; first that it grows in our pastures, in some
places quite plentind. and yet its value bus never
been known unlit I diseovered it in 1846—seeund
that it should cure all kinds abut:tor.
In order to give tome idea of the sudden ri , o
and great popularity of the discovery. I will
state that in April, 1851, I peddled it and .1.1
about six bottles per day—in April, (854, I sold
over one thousand per day of it.
Some of the wholesale Druggists who have
been in business twenty. and thirty years. say
tluit nothing in the entails of patent medicines
was ever like it. The re is a universal praise of
it from all quarters.
Ie my own praetice I elwers kept it strictly for
humors—hut shire its intrmluetion as a general
family medicine. great and wonderful virtues
have heen found in it that I never si.pected.
Several epileptic fits—a •li..ease which
was always etm4iderect incurable, have Keen cu
red ht at few bodies. 0., what a merry if it will
prove ellbetual in all eases of that ilremiral mai
nalv—there are but lbw who have more a it thou
I love.
1 know of several cases of Dropsy, ell I,rwhon,
aged people cured hr it. inc the verisso,lbied
see of the Liver, Si^k neadache. Dv spepsie,
Asthma, Fever and Ad., Pain in the Sidi., Dig
cages of the Spine, end particularly in
of the Kidneys, &c., the discovery has d o ne wore
good than any medicine ever known.
No amigo of diet ever necessary—eat the best
you can get and enough of it,
lttnec•rioNs t•on Ca.—Adults one table
spoonful per tiny—Children over ten years slug
fest sposinfull—Children frets five to eight years
teaspuonfull. A, no directions visa he applica
ble to all constitutions, take sufficient to operate
on the bowels twice a day.
Manufachired by
No. 120 Warren St., Roxbury, Mass.
Price $l,OO
T. W. Drorr, Gtooral Agent for Pennsylra—
i'llolcsale . Agents.—N. Y. City. C. V. Click.
ner, SI Sttect.—C. 11. Ring, 192 Broad.
wkly.—Naga. & Clark, 275 Broadway.—A, 13.
i). Sands, lon Fulton Street.
sale by G. W. Brahman, McVeytown; Mc,.
Mil,S Marks, Lcwietown; T. Road & Sun, Hun-
And sold by Agents generally.
May 2,
A KUMAR tirn S.AVri).
Dowagine, 111irh., 31arch
J. A. Rhodes, Eq.: 11e,‘r Sir--A , I took your
medicine to sell on con.ianment, "no ettre no
pay,'' I wise pleasure in stating its °Gets ng re
tuuted to use be three broth who line in this
place, and their teNtimuny in a fair spechnen of
all I have received
W. S. told me—"l bad talv, nine
bottles a awl I,ntinu
ally run down while usimi it un it in . , Ina,. and
liver were Con , ,,,teil to that ,t, that blood
dkelotraell fit/111 my mouth tool bowel.. so that
all thought it impu,sihlo for mu to line through
it not her The tun did all they could
for me, but ,!,ought I nio,t Nothini; dial ale
good until I gut Wank,' Fever and A,tie Care,
which at 1.111 . 1: re!ieved toe °Min tlibtre,s and nail
-BVil at my stomach and pain in toy awl
and produced a permanent cure in U
6101, Cole."
11. M0.114.1in toys t "1 ha talzen medicine
o r n o g ood a doctor to we have in one county,
and taken any quantity cif quinine and speciiics
without any good results from 2:011 .Aic,:est to
17th I teceinhcr. But seeing how nicely it ope
rated on my brol ner, I got it bottle of Mode,'
Fever and Ague Care, which ellecled a ;arm,
Dent CUM by naing two thirds of 0 bottle."
S. M. Conklin was not here, but hoth cihcr
brothers say I is case was the same as 11. ll',
I sold the medicine to Loth the smog day, ned
the cure was as party tutu the 5ame,,,11.,
ty, and .1 tuieht su specify. Yen, w....
• ~
r Tile shove ,pPaks for 11,4•11: flood proof a- i•
it i s o r no Wit, tenlie till.lll tho vast number
of like certificates I have already published, awl
the 01111 greater moonlit Olt is pouring in at toe.
Otte thing more. Last year Iliad uee.lon to
Caution the l'uldie in these words t—
"1 naive one firm who bare lal.en one rti mg po
em( circuities, .1. , it Hied the haute if the ri•
If, mg medicine. awl ;01,111111 a, e
earl their pamphlet with lie eat butoiCet, • Let the
proprietor of otrj other tordit iue aaf as neck he
cloees,'" A r.. . . . _
Nuw I take plett.ttre In that tho Can
tina referrad to tl.o sante "14. ChEktio's Ague
It .Isain" that in tnentiune.l in titanium., oortitl
- . . . . .
lhere ere several other industrious people wire
are apply rag to their poisouom trahli all that 1
pletfula about any Fever and Amu, Care, or An
tidote to Malaria, except the (7crtiticates
end the Certificate or the relrbr,tted chew,
Dr. Jame% It.' Chilton, of N. Y. in favor of iia
perfectly ha rinks' , character, which in attached
to eterl• bottle. nurse will always aerve to dia.
tingrakh my medicine from imitations. For salt
by John Read, fluntingdon, and Druggists gen.
April CO, 1056.-Im.
Nu. 47 Nowt OA.; rs, ItA,
Keep constantly on hand a large assortment
of Fisit, CuaLse As n Paul istoss, which they
are prepared Cu dispose of at the lowest market
rates. Orden promptly executed.
Fob. 27,1856.-3 m.
411 U. P. 2EI - ?1:31112113.
Willattend to all husiuers entrusted to him. Ot
is* nutty oppositt she Goort Moos*.
11* IP, 'ft
OF C11,111GE! !
• Two Splendid Parlor Engravings,
r.NTITLED "Bolt on .O.bey in the Olden
'J Times," a splendid steel engraving, from
the ,elebrated painting by Lainkeer ; and the
"Dep.itt tiro of the Inielites from Egypt," n large
and beautiltil engraving front n pointing by 1).
Robert, The retail price of the above engra
ving is $3, per copy, but will be sent fee of
charge its follow!.1
E sab>cribers have establi•bed a Book
, Agency in Philadelphia, and will furnish any
Jok or publimition nt the retail twice free of
,ostage. Any persons. by 'forwarding the sub
scription price of any of the $ll Magazines, such
ns llarper's. fitiey's, Putnam's, tirahnnes, or
Prank Leslie's Fashions, &a. will receive the
magazines for one year and n copy of the shove
beautiful engravings, free of charge, or if sub
scribing ton $2, and a $l. Magazine, such a,
Peterson's, and Chalice's L a dies' A notial, they
will revive both magazines and a copy of either
of the above engravings._
Every des, riptitm ofl:ngrnringen Wm.; ex
emu.' with nedilICSS and di , p..;eli. Views of
noil.linga, Newspaper Ileading,, Views or Ma
chinery, Bonk Illustrations, Lien
Busine.. Cards, &e. All orders sent Ly mail
promptly !mended to. Persons wishing views
or their . buildings engraved von send a Daguer
reotype or sketch ordo ailing by wail or ex
Persons at a distance having saleable articles
would find it to their ail%;int,,ge to nitiirt , ti the
subscribers, Iltt son Wollill 1 , ..t n< Vt..1.1t , fir the
sale or the same 111 . 11 1
rit)Sowlt Vied .St., I
29, I i55.-Iy.
rtrt3Tilikr?..Z (OF "7f1:1 - 2, '0211.10
Sebastopol Taken!
Thu nuderstu.ned has jest returned frion the
:ity with a lae.e, and splendid usAortment of
Fall and Winter Goods,
which he is now prepared to dispo,e of at very
ow and rea•ohaLle rates. Per<onw ile,iring to
inrelia , e will find it to their intere , n i t H e him
call bu:ore porelia , ;ng cs be
the to ple,:e. Ili , mia4. i•on%i• , ova 1.1, - ;.,e lot a
Dry Goods, Hardware.
Glass & Queensware,
large and splendid tr ,, lrtment of ready nude
•hielt he is prepared to sell in 1 ,, ,q poi el,
JOHN II EV1%31..
N. B.—Country produce taken ill,uge
1001•Nville, Nov. 7, ISs:l,—tf.
Chesnut Street. hi n. No. 16.5
One door below I S de,
Centlemen 1., boy ,e,-
,ty made. he :•.•
Nlerelmitt T;61.,,,,.i•
.0 , 1 "
•1 1 1 4 .1 %sill hi, 1,1.1 , 1 e lip ;:u•
°dee and pet
411 , t) a line a...4.lrgyeat
T,lll±l gr 11 FE 1 3 I' J 'OD?,
Ant every article is inuri,cd uith lion
price, in plain
Nor. 7, IS55.—Gm.
No. 6, Routh Third Street,
Importer 01 French Calf Skills;
AND .7 I
Has Constantly on Hand, and Always
Fin•sbipg, all Muds of
Shins, &c. tk.c.
The attention or Country MeFelinnts and Man-
Comiirer,, is solicited.
January 2, I 856.—1 y.
T, LE It'llZ , i I'l Tii Lf.c1;1122170
1'1:.11.1•.1; IN
' . • , o:1, Lord, lord
/ . ie Lend, Ic,! Lead, Win-
Pon and Nods, Slor ead
i ego ~, g oteti nod Rosin Soup, nod
offla :1;10011g genereg.
No. 27 Wood St.,
Particular attention given to the sale of Pig
Metal and Dkniais, and libeP3l utlvomeCs niacin
Feb. 13, 1336.—1 y.
ffiLi`.lZ, Y 12
Duvenport, lowa.
Attends to buying, belting and locating lsnds
and land warrants. pays taxes, loans money on
Real Estate seritrlty, on Commission, examines
and makes abstracts of title, .t.e. Any business
intrusted, will be attended to promptly and with
to non. Cco. - Taylor and Blembers of
iu Bar at II noi;uo.lon.
Nuv. 21, '35.•111.1.•
To Iron Manufacturers. • -
The sith..milier ha, recently diqeorered an ore
hank which will yiald an uhandant supply of '
lion I (Inc Bank is on a small (rant of
land (hclon.,;ing to the stalmeriber) containing a
bout twenty acre.—situated in IVaiker Town
shii, shout mile and three (porters from the
on the Broad Top Railroad, near Mc-
Speuitne. of the ere may Ito seen in tient.
ic,ien at the Ticket Wilco of the Penna. Cen.
Lral 1111 II 1.1.11.
The sah , eriher will either sell or tense the a
hove tract of land.
January 2, IS:A.-4m.
nuvristaDoN, PENNA.
gß4°thee.; on Hill Street, upp,ite
the Court Rouge, and Nardi East
Corner of Hill Und Franklin ets.
CAPITAL, $200,000.
FIRE INSURANCE, perpetual or limited,
made in town or country, Ott every deecriptiou
of property.
Lemon promptly paid.
J. AIcDOWELL, Ja., Ne.olarY.
W. BREWSTER, Agent, linit - noooox.
Jon. 241, Isoc-t(..
Ci - Ars - 01' , V,An:fi ,
Corner of Gerun ntooon Road and New Morket
Streets, on the North Pennsylvania Rail Road,
Constantly on hand or made to older. the fol
lowing highly approved Flour Mill Machinery.
Woodward's Patent Portable Mills And Smut
Machines. _ _
Juhnst km Concave Bran Dus
P. • • r • Kiln, •
• . • ;1 !
lwla 0,1 ,-,vs f.r ICI
Epiif .
Thrlle , t An• I ,er braldl Bolting Cluth Bnrr
Celie° ,•• 4. Cure, Cole and I'l.U,
CE, 11(1.3.
owxi: OF
Johnston% Po lent Cast Metal Con-
en i e
1,221 ri3 l ll
Eat and Suutlt•P, of !hP Oldu and 31.:
Il'arrrlntol , :t of 1110 ofT,tl vory
lcoiti 1 t, ft , . or
~,,t Ir I I I
uf the elot I: _it.
.NE)Tic F.: —1
it -
A% 11 ti ill 1.1( •
, .lpril 2 !ill, I • '', I.
I'II()M.AS B. \1 W.) LAV.AI2 I), for.
N. I;.—Atnto autl I'.lt.lit.lli e ,hzs
all Ow tiltore slnchivau fut Sale.
k.gust 29, 183. i. tl
Chamber , burg & tnion
'mate that et .
over lite
tit , ..• Jta'g anti Ali. L !
1., a la,ge
Itt. ran,,i I,•e a ldc e,aen,re ana I Iran )
toron it line or •
la:raven the tsyn Gan) 11,0,s en i •, 1
forial.le Stage., have linen alai on the
and eNia•rieuve,l and r,.• , y o,l,ers A% ill
tend the running. of the enaelte, Tbc Pr"Prie
tor or dui line, it ile,irriut that it be ntaintained.
owl Ito therel're (,114 upon the public generally
to patran:/e lc, ennii•lent that it %till be l'ffl•
;ve . ..y attenCam geve- , Ay
will he yen, an,l the 'll:lining of the.
be regalar.
CCr Stages leave 'NI, l'niert. every
Thai-thy, ainl Saturday evenings, arriving at
Cintattnasitarg the netit Ito at 2 o'chock.
tarning . , Igive 'lie barne pi.,,ht
lo o'clock. airivieg at rea , l y
lo,,iti L t eve a'w.,4 in tin), the ear., .;.,
ll•rise b:ra-1,,,
neer. wore.
c 11,rou;4,11 $3.00; to in; een t edia te
22, 1853.-tf.
fIENNINCIIANI St DU SEhave just returned
rl.lll l'hihnlelphia. and are now opening at
tho heal of the Broad Top li.isin it)are and
beautiful assortment of Fall SI Whiter Goods
Consisting of
Dry Goods. fiord-wave. Groceries,
Queens-snare, Cedar-ware,
Dais, boots nod shoes.
'41% tow-la are.
Ready Matte Cloilti ug always on band,
and in short every thiog that is uenally kept in a
eoantry stole.
kept rin,antly for Sale.
Call una Cur stork 1,61. re purcha
sing ekettl ere. viol sec t,Loll, we cannot
Make it your ial fot.•l to I. r-in•ll 00.
All kiink tit country toodaca taken in ex
thanv Goads at the 11; 0 1,01 market p r i ce ,
Tue. higheAt market wires pail fir all kinds
of Crain.
Prompt nt tent ion pail to storing and forward.
leg all kind, of merchandise. produce, Fe.
Huntingdon, lot., lu 15.55.
, t001:IrS,
Call and look before 3•oil lru rclhose,
Lt )
1111 ` 1,
TT AS j 0,,. returned nom Philadelphia and iv
opeaia. 4 oue of tha pro tie-t read - herr
I .rock 01 tr oils ever hrooght to the hoe
., ! I lloutio.e.lAm. It wool.' he molest to
, a iof 11.1 4 000 s we hoyc en bund—
Ladies' MOSS Goods,
of 1
•-• hid (dove,
awl all I.•. H ,•ts 600,1 i “:ly 1,20, in a
Al,--;, 6,, • ,• tnicut of
BOWS, N hoes, lints, & ear:,
A i,,• 6 u and good sopply of
Fresh Groceries, _ •
Call and see nii,(;o.l;:i;tle:C,inline fur your.
Thenklul for the patronage of the pilot hp my
friends, and the public generally, I respeetrolly
solicit deontinumme cf the some.
All kinds ot mionosy produce token in en
chance 11, gn. , 14 at the highest market price.
Ot t. 10, 1S)).
To those who wish Farms—to site fertile
land et it chest , Peke melon easy terms, your et.
trillion is celled to the. Ridgway k arm and
0,1 Company. Twenty-live tams or more in
proportion, 411 v given for payable in instill
mews of II Per week, or $ 3 per month. It is
'cleated in Elk county. Pt., and has 'one of the
be-t markets in the state for its produee. The
soil is a tick loam, end is not to ho Surpassed
for limning, us examination will show. Ichas
'the best elements of prt,perity, being underlaid
by two rim 11 veins of Coal, and will .diortlr tic
intersected by four ruilrolds. The timber is Or
the Most valuable kind. Title unexceptionably
good, and warrantee deeds are {riven. It are
semi, a amid and substantial, apportteuity to eMm.
intim laming. providing for one's children nr
making an investment. Further punkah,.
Inc t ie d fr o m the pamphlets which nro sent 10 in
quirers. Letters tumwered promptly. Apply
oraddress HANPL W. CATTELL, Secretary,
135 Walnut Street, noel h side between Fourth
and Firth sts., Philadelphia. Full information
is contained in the pamphlets.
Feb. 13,1856.-3 m.
I (j' B""".
B" g i NVIITTAt i I y 4 DII/I)T.
For the rapid CHIT or cou,k, Colds. Hoarse
ness, llronehitis,Whoopine•Cough,Artiona nod
Consumption, iv universally known es the hest
remedy ever vet discovered for every variety of
Nleumery disease. F., wide it the field of its
usefulness and so IIIIIIIC1 . 011: 4 the ens, of its cores
that almost cwt re ,ection of the eonntry :Mounds
in persons publiely hoown, who have been re
stored from Alarming and even desperate cases
Of ;he lungs by its we. Witco on, tried its su
perittrity over every
,other medicine tof its kind
is too neparent 10 ematte ohscrvat ion, and where
it , fit - tiles are knomn, the pnbiie longer hes',
e what antidote to employ I, the distrettsing
ova dangerous . oth , ctions of the pohnonlry or
gans which nee incident to on, climate, Ity it;
timely use ta t i) , ;rotir, almost all attacks of dis
co, upon . the Lungs or Throat. nro arrested
and this are,aved !rimy thousenits every year
from a premature gr.tve. No honily should be
without it, end - those wt.() do ailtleot to provide
them , elves wlth art tn , ly which wards t Lit
eltist; of (E... ttm, hill ht..,
deplore ii when it 1". too Into. Pr.Mtf.; .•
ttiicapy.ttf the l'l.k rry l'k vtol:k1
los gik elk to the Auto. reeple,—rie y 1..1
.11 11 tO read the ,Litelectlis Uf •
I.!. I • ',aid! has Lc to
saye.:l by its, will find files,.
.1 s. Almintle v. hirh tifff r.rnat In3lfffv
c.i to
I'l ~ , rOl.l, 1, L. .1. ‘,. I:.
IVIII T.l I a i 1,11
Bermingham, ingdon comity, Fa.
T ut-; oil
. .
: •%, 11,1
Sr Building \OIL the s
his en,ile atto tiuu to their itt , orrA mid a.lvaite
Tuition uutl fttrni.ltcl roomq.
Tet•tn $(11) 1.1
Frelo'h, DrawL -
and luArtuuentul A1.1,1e, Extra.
ELY. 1. NV. VA1I1),
Mgr,•h 27, 1555-tr.
iaii t Jewell N.
":' Iwi,. I l•
• •
1.• • • • lee! Fenek
• • . My old frien,l4 nn , l citqtonterA,
in genoral thro:l:4ltolat the eotey,
lire relitte.,ll to cull and csomine mt w.,,,,ment.
.ED )11_ NI, SNARE.
. Iluntingilou, Morel' 21, 18:d.
A SPLENI)II) .1111111'AL
lust 'lnward tram the east with a large
and splendid —or!lnent
Fall anti %flitter Clothing,
rur men and boy,, Matte iu the Litest f.1,111U11
in the duroblu manner. Whu ever eta
to he .11 - ensed better and cheaper than env I.ody
e6e in town, let hi. call at W . /.1.01,11111 . $
CIAEFIIING STONE, one dour went of T.
Clead & San's drug ~tore, Huntingdon.
Call inn'. see her yourselves
Oct. IS,
11.~ILICO-fD 110[ 1{9.
Ttc tixs U9ING kasr.
Mail T. I Ex. T. T. F.. I'.
Train leaves P.M. P.M. P.M. P.M.
Peterilffirg, 2.419.17 i
untin,lon, 3,2 3, 1.„.2
Nig ('ruck, $.514 9.42
lit. 4.(.0 9.56 AM. l'.M. A.M.
II . 4.17 6.:16 7.42 2,95
6.49 7.55 r,:.5
I: 7.02 8.0 7
4 .02
lilt ~7'il 1111 ST PROSPER.
T N, 11.\ I.l.sulniitq thy iittilninil
••ur the to a 111.11, or
lt,1111f1 , ,1•'111!4. :111:1 Will
11111'e really fur hal,: in a 1,, Al-. pre
tu make hai n.niS,
63: 11.1 11. 11 , 0 Al 1.111 . 1 ing
at il,it :-Inirtost nonce, null in the must sunstaittial
tiliepon N. W. curnorut lontiolory and Wash.,
111;0011 SIS.
Aliirch 27 14352-tf.
A. P. WilArim. 11. Ittit:cn
Praetire in the Re% eral Courts of Iliintinglon
Blair,Cittubria, Centre, Mifflin mid if iiiiiiitu Coun
ties. Mureh 21, 1813.
THE partnership heretormo existing between
Alyttm is by mutut.t consent di.-
solved, mei hntrwing themselves in
deked to the said firm, will ice call and eet
tle their accounts without
Saulsburg, April 2. Inedi.—tt
NoTicE is Ifirulry gimun:Uott tlioputnership
Lel 1,11,0 re exi,.tjug bqtween
(remline under itt :V. I)tiiin,)
is 11141,14. y ilissulvetl, Ihr . mutual .evosem, Thu
1,0,1;3 lirin are in tho lulu Io ar David
Duoath 1 , 110111 all concerued will please to
taaku itunlmliate settl,tuent,
April 10, 183:3-tf.
Dr, john McCulloch,
prassion4; services to the citizens et
Ulitintingtkii and (Alice, Mr. 'little
brautre, betwouti the Extihange and Jacklion'a
Huntingdon, Aug. it, 1855.
. . . . : . _•:
000.—SOND IN TWO DA I'S !—Triutoph
Conidrir ! !—Why IN it that the I.x-Governer
of blarylatal, also the Presideut of one of the
Banks tot Frederiek City, urged the D oethr:, there
to K er., it I Why lies or lurge trash order
this week come trotti FlOql mot as Messrs. Peel
& Stevens, clocks:de Druggists of Alexandria,
. and by the very 'text mail, nn order, (the
third time in lour weeks) from 31r. Pierpuint,
and trout Heist's. Cook & Co., of stone place,
nud try the rely slims mail n thurth order from
le,sers. Wilmer of Centreville, 'Md.,
(where a hunk titer since suela an excitement
,Prong tip faire some remarkable cures made
there by Prof.: C. I •el tratb", (p,lllliiie) Elec
tric Oil, l'rom 39 : 4 ,ml', Street, l'hiladel
Oda, a few doors s. 00!, chesnut street ? Dow
is it that the editor ot is observer, was cu
red in two days of rhetinnitisins in his hock of
three you , ' duration; ntel Mr. Brady, of Ilar
rishurg of Paralysis ? Why end haw was it that
the oilier day Inc George Wets, 227 linger Street
Iteltimore. tee Ooors fr., St. James' church, elm, of pad , ,cll bandi of long standing ,
al-0 .1 a holy in Philadelphia. cu
red of spinal euevature, and another of Prolnp
so, Uteri, a eomidete, radical cuter ? Ask them.
Who 0.0 I• 1101 inen or , G. N. & W. 11.
Williams, wbole:tale Druggists, of Syracuse N.
Y., write, August gush. that—"your Electric Oil
proves more bencbcial than any other prepara
tions we have ever 11.11,1 of," &e.
yours, O. N. &W. 11.Wit.t.usts.
AN'hy 1,, Joseph Osborn. Esq., of Althorn,
riton, 11..5v t!,,, third time that "I'rof. De-
I 'l- , •trie Oil is sellinki very fast, 011.1
; I,,ver before ticeonoili,th , ,l
ht ,1,.1 send, the
dollar in it letter front 1 1,,,,ht 0
▪ V.i., fora bottle, on the reconintenda
kV. IX Wet. Al,lll, Or.lllo 0111110 Ware
tell ,111U0 for the toot,
a , cared ? Why is it that every one speak ,
it world:Trot emotive," awl is this old
• re,l can , e of more at retail, in
I h.ll, it , old of 1)r, ,laylle'S
or of 11",,y is it that a
;,•., , la, • practice ivied on the riva
l._ I„,y, titter it,ing everythin
I•.•eause the genuine "Eleetroic
Oil," Woo, of prof. I)4,l4r:tilt, ell'eetu
lly cures p,traty di. Why no.l lonv is it that
has Lest sold in 11',1,1,ingtun, 1). C.
;,. six tool over $111111) worth
in tlic r.elitetime7 ‘Vlty du Messrs
0., of York, (one of the finest
): cs.i l the State,) nod .lolort Wyeth,
, of Ilarrihborg, l'a., sell SO mush, {VII.
• ~, any quantity of all sorts Or Other
sitio of the "Electric
ly be... • nothing el.:, trill :ol:wrr
does. Let the skciai
,. , • , of aline. hopeles.,
,• • • .. , he mere agreeable
..-,• ...,1 it its restilts—,ome
ter lot • o•.• hundreds er•lallarA on va
rious ,• tr ,, atment, with nothing but the
eutati,,,,,. • • : .' • for Weir trouble. Why
is it. lotve advertisements
pile.l up , • •
in 1,11 We papers while
. I'rofessor 11r tlrath's ‘l,l,,ctric Oil' is only no
ticed ut it :thole expense not to exceed 115 to
1211 a Illy 1 Why it flat tout sicialis ore
daily employ.' in the other, apply the
oho.) ‘•l•.ltetrit• Oil' to I,,ticuts lir:l4.lva 0 iilt
'reticr. l'aisy (mot it it warrented for thi:),-
1 1,01111 . 1 , e, (nil Cores
I . a MO lld a
• !• • • . ••• ; also all kinds cf
1.. , • ••' ogli a care is war
:•••1 ••
, oe bottle has ever
lo•d ; .! .0 a case of tot.!
o: tt. yt•-•••• -tainting. Of course ini•
n, cou:.l not it,,,re such a case, witii Ivitatev
N. I
—An ~.111,, a te.1 always in
An I Loh, ile-ne it consult
v..: I 1.. is. IQ o.;: a low to Ow °nice or
(!. DE( h:
.1': Cheznut FI.
• •
I'. •••.-1:ive.1..11.L. , o..:11.1 trill he paid for the
.n.••t lost' scout], a .tuts• pedier, tcht, copied,
a 4111 i ,hert, 1)u 14114;
a 4 the originals ale copyrighted, he 1, liable
to the 1.3•.,•.
r the 29 S. Eighth ut.. l'liiaila.
11e;o1 & Sou, Ilootio,ilon, tlunt. Co.
11. Ilaruk,,ll. Moulg, mory, 1;loir to., W. G.
7111orny, 1:Inh• to., Condron &
..1101 . 9y, nanksiown, Blair co., J. 11. Burn e r &
Cu., 11'olcrstrect, Haat. co., Wm. Moore, Alex
andria, Hull, co.
Sop!. 20, 1655.
' A A A A 4 JA A(47C
• r 1.7;;" 011 :(9)
0 .
0 I
11 ,
• ir"flra.
" JOB OFFICE ( 0 ) :;• , >
• 1 , 1 , IN TIM COI v ( c ) >
1.:1; 0 " w
ion-on 0
zi ,`,?
n 0 OF ( 9 ) >
Clicre s r,t, 0
• 4VP.:I) r
- 1 ;1;771.11
4'.-; 0 IVAIMINTED. 0
( •
0 ) All kirids of t ti
4; • ! • ') • BLANKS ` , k>
JUIIY SCOTTi Salim, T. Ditown
Cfigri7 DYin - 2 . 1.1%
Attorziesrs at Law,
Huntingdon, Pa., •
Office same as that formerly occupied by John
Scott, Esq.
Oct. 19, 1853.
Adams & Co.'s Express.
T. K. SIM9NTON, Agent, liming('lon,
Money, Puekatres, end goods °fall kinds, re
ceived and forwarded at the risk of the contnuns,
to all the cities and principallowns in the United
Naar° May 1,'52.
/ To. SAT;A II KULP wishes to inform the
1 , 1 ot Huntingdon and the snrrounding
country that she has inured next door to Charles
Miller n love the Pre , hyterian Church, Hill St.,
where she intends carrying on the fancy and
,oraw Millinery i011P11113.. !laving received the
I.test city fashion, she in prepared to attend to
all that nia'y laver her Uitli their eastern.
April ua, I eZ , 3.-ef S. A. KULP.
ion itt Partnership.
Ti.c Perti,r , hip heretofore existing between
the tindenignea, is tbis day by mutual consent
dissoltted.. The business will be carried on
hereafter, by John purest, Jr.. at the old stand.
Get. 31, 11165.—ef.
Where nay be obtained the most tweedy rem.
dy fnr
MSEASES.—CiIcets StriCtstres,
Perms.' Wessknes, l'oin in the Loins, A Ireetions
of the Kidneys. and sill tillAff 'seminar ntlections
arising from n secret hohit, pstrtiessierly the yowls
of both sexes, which if procured, prosinees essn
stitutionni tlehilitj, resplerinst marlins:is impossi
ble, and in the end destroys both Mind and Butly.
Voting . Nen,
especially, who have Lemma the victims of Sol
itnry Vice, that dreadful and destructive haltit
which annually sweeps to an untimely grave thou-
sands of young men of the now exalted talents
and brilliant intellect, who might otherwise have I
entranced listening senates with the thunders of
eloquence, or walked to ecstacy the living lyre,
may call with full confidence.
Married Persons,
or those contemplating marriage, loin aware of
physical weakness, should immediately consult
Dr. J., and.he restored to perfect health.
Dr. Johnston,
office No. 7 South Fredrick St.. seven doors frim
Baltimore Street, cast side up the steps. Celle
particular in obtaining the name and number, or
yon will mistake the plaice.
A cure warranted, or no charge made, in from
one to two days.
TAUT No•rtcx.—Dr. Johnston', office is in his
dwelling, up the steps. Ills very extensive Prac
tice is n sufficient guarantee, that he is the only
propm physician to apply to.
Dr. Joh.tnn, member of the Royal College of
Suri7cons. London, graduate from one of the
most eminent Colleges of the United State's, and
the greater part of whose lite has been spent in
the Hospitals of• London, Paris PhilAdelphitt, and
elsewhere. has elliieted .01110 of the most aston
ishing ,arcs that were ever known, many trou
bled with ringing in the ears and head when
Inherit, great nervounnens, being alarmed at sud
den sounds, anti bashfulness, with frequent blush
ing 'mended sometimes with derangennitit of
mind, were mired immediately.
A :Cum.AIN ThsEAsE.—lt Is a mchincholy foot
shot thousemls full Vielhila to this horrid 4i,,ense
owing to the unskilfulness of ignorant prefer - eters
who by the use of that deadly poison Alereury,
ru i n tlir coloititution, causing the most serious
symptoms of that tlrenflful Inseam to milk° their
nppenrance, such as MINIMts of the head, nose,
throat, skin, etc., progressing with frightful ra
pidity till sleuth puts a perimi to their dreadful
sutli‘ring, hy i.cutting them iu that Bourne whence
no traveler returns.
TAM, NOTICL—Young men who
hove injured then.elves by a certain practice in-
I bilged in when alime—a habit uLel newly learned
111 aII evil companions, or at school—the elleets
at which ire nightly felt, even when mike'', and
if not enrol renders nuirrie4e impossible, and de
greys both mind and body.
What a pity that a young man, the hope of his
country, null the darling of his parents should he
snatched from all prospects and enjoyments of
Ht': by the eonsmittenee at deviating the path
of nature awl indulging in a certain secret
Sad, per,rms I.e6,rer e,ttemalating Marriage,
should reflect that a sound mind and Maly are
the most neees,iry retpli , ite, to prottlot a coll..
Idol happiness, indeed u idiom these, the jour
ney thraugh life becomes a weary pilgrimage,
the prospeet hourly darkens to the view; the
mind liceometi.shadowed with despair, and tilled
with the melancholy relleetion, that the happiness
of ;mother becomes blighted uith our own. •
CousTrtrTiouct. 1/1.11.1 . 1,-1), .1. address
es young men, and all who have injured them
selves he private and improper italulgunce.
1110U1SgANA.— . 11,, are Or OW sad nail
moNadiois produeed by early Whits, of
viz: 11'enkaess of Ilia Iteuk and Limb.,
!'.tins i n the head, DiffillOon Or SiVia. loin of
Aluseolar power. Palpitation of the Heart Dys
pepsia, Nerronq lerimhility, INtangements of the
Digestive Fningions, General Debility Symptoms
of Comommtion, be.
MENTALLY—The fearful effects on the mind are
much to be dreaded; Lass or memory, Confusion
of ideas, Depre.don of Spirit, Evil I , ,orbodings;
A ver,i. to Society, Sill Di•trest, Love of Soli
tude, &e.,.are some of the evils produced.
Thousands of persons of ell uges,ettn now judge
what is the entice of their deeliein, health. 1.0,
ing their vigor, becoming weak, pale and etzinciu
ce.l, have singular oppmance about the eyes,
tough and spoon. of consumption.
. .
Alarried Persona, or those contemplating mar
riage, being; aware of physical weakness, should
ionneilimely consult Dr. J. mid he restored to per
fect health. Oflice, No. 7, Small Frederick-St.,
Baltinitire, Md.
ALL tit!itolcAL ON:RATIO:48 Punrotorr.n.—
N. B. Let no false delicacy prevent you, bin ap
ply immediately either personally ur by letter.
Skin Discuses Speedily . Cured,
To SritANoLit3.—The litany thousands cured
at this institution within the hot ten years, and
the numerous important Surgical tlpvtyttiuns
performed by Dr. J.,Wittiesseil by the Reporters of
the papers, and many other per -sits, notices or
which have appealed again and iiLmin before the
public, is a suliicieitt that the ;Whit:tell
will flail a skillful and 11.011114 e phys'ehati.
As there are so silloy i,liorititt awl wortlile,
quacks advertising thentselees its rlty,icians,riiiii
tog thin health of the afflicted 1)r. Johnston would
to those unacquainted with his repuratititi that
his Crcileutials or I)iplonias always' hang in his
01; ice.
— Weakness of the organs immediately cured,
and NI vig or restored
Ci Mnetters post paid—remedies sent by
lot il.
May 22, 1855.—1 y.
. .
Would rupectiolly inform his friends and the
public, that I o has on hand and is receiving for
tlio coming season, It line assortment of
":1 (.1.4 Cb 4 lx- ; -- t y 9
Coßsisting of Watches, Breast Pins, Fin
ger Rings, Ear Rings, Pencils, Keys, Thimbles,
Studs, Aleilalliiis, eic. Together with his celebra
ted and unrivalled
Which Is equal if not superior, to any now in u.e
Each Pan is Engraved with his own name,
anti every Pen Warranted.
Oh did you ever, nu I never
Mercy on us what a treat;
Get head's Ould Pen, they're extra fine ,
. And only Iltund in North Third Street.
A splendid Pen !!' Where did you get it?
Pure Diamond Pointed, can't be bout;
Yea, toy friends ' there'eno Inunhuieing
In Mend's (told Pens of North
Flirted's Gold Pen is found only at 55 North
Third Street, below Arch East Side.
Philadelphin.Jen.. 8, I 85p,—t
H. K. NEFF, N. U.,
in this enunty, would respectfully Mier his
professional services to the citizens of that place
mitt the country adjacent.
niarf!ut:wets :
J. B. Laden, M. ll: Gen. A. P. Wilson,
M. A. Henderson, " Wm. P. Orldson, Esq,
J. 11. Dursey, " 110 n. James.Gwinn,
Stewart, " Jant Scutt, El.
lion. George Taylor.
Ibinliagdon, Pa.
Jacob M, Gommill, M. b., Alexandria.
John M'Culloeli, retershat:g.
undersigned .islie, to inform his friends
end the public generally that he has moved
hisslatip to the building of And. Ilurrison;for
merly occupied by him as Collector's office,
Bill St.
Where to Intends carrying on the Tailoring
buciness on such terms as, will not fail to give
satisfaction to all that may favor him with their
custom. . . _
V lie wishes to return thanks for the liberal pa
tronage heretofore received and hopes by strict
attention to business to merit a continuance of
the same._ ENOB KULP.
Aprillo, 11115-tt,
TERM .o}`, .111E0JOURNAL
The "lIUNTWODON JOURNAL" ie pultlishea et
he following rates :
If paid iu advstnce $1,59
If paid within six months after the time ot
It' iit tl,a g ad of the yeal . •• •
Anil two dollars and cents if not paid till
after the expiration attic year. No sale,cripti t ie
will he taken for it less period than six months,
and nopitper will lie discontinued, except at the
option or the liditur, tater it has meet oytr the
time of sidiseribing. until the end of that year.
Sabserilairs living in distant eilunties,or in ether
Slates, will he required to pay invariably in
iT 'I he above terms will be rigidly adhered
tom all cases.
Will be charged at the following rates:
1 insertion. 2 do. S do.
Six lines or less $ 25 $ $ Sir
(Inc square, lines,) 50 75 100
Two " (32 " ) 100 150 202
Three " (48 " ) 150 225 300
Business men advertising hy the Quarter, llolf
Year or Year, will he charged the following rates,
3 mu. 6 in.,. 12 int.
One square, $3 00 $5 00 $0 00
Fwn snunrcs, 500 650 12 50
Three snuaras, 750 10 00 15 00
Fur srphires, 900 14 00 23 00
Fire squares, IS 00 25 00 80 00
Ten squares, 25 00 40 00 60 00
Business Cards net exceeding ilia lines,ana
year, $4.00.
Agents for Ilse .1 'nal.
The following persons we hove eppoituud Agents
for the 111 - siviNuntin Jounival., who ore author
ized to receive and receipt for Tummy paid on sub
scription, oil to take the Homes of new subsea
hers at our published prices.
We tie this for the convenience of our subscri
bers tieing Ilt tl
.Joust W. T1111311,1N, Vaal., Hollidaysburg,
(31,01,1, W. Ctultst.irs. Cromwell township.
llvososi, Clay towll4liip.
I).tvin silo:. Croton ell township.
Dr. J. P. Aso,' m, Penn town,liip,
J. WA111..11,1 MATTE.. Frallkiiii township,
8.131 t. rt. Faci•FET, Jaekson
C01..1N0. C. WATSON. Brody township,
Itlonttis !Snow, Springfield township,
W3f. lIUTCIIINSON, Isiq., Warriorsunark tp.,
ficouott W. WIIITTAKER. l'etersburg,
Nticr, 11 ' est Ilarree.
Jolly 13.,1,11ACT1, Waterstreet,
Maj. CHARLES Mien... Tod township,
A. 51. Itt. tin, Dublin township,
"icon". Ti 11 township,
Jamvat Cummins, Birmingham.
NATIIIN11:1, LYTLE, hill., Spruce Creek.
Maj. W. Moo., Alexandria.
B. P. WAI.I.AcE, Union Furnace.
Sty Los Union township.
11.11'10 l'1.%1:1;sos. Cass township.
ire - 1.1. ox, Esq.. Franklin town,liip.
()Are. 1'.11.1i Eqq., Will . lll,llllllrk.
ii A I . I:ANDT. Told township.
Da. J. ALFRED SHADE, 1)11111ill township.
The "JOI ItNA I." has 300 Subscri
bers 3111011., than any other rover
C ty.
corner Sueutid and streets.
C Sauomoo.
nig Company elkets Fire Insurance on Buil
dings, Coods, Furniture, &r.
CARGO, To all ports in the World,
_ _
Inland insurliti'ves on floods by rivers, lakes,
canals, railroad, and lan.l carriage to all pn, to ti
the Union.
Also, insurenee upon MITES, upon the meet
favorable terms.
llnn. Thorna.B.} lorence Jinni.. R. Neal),
11. Arni , trong, (I 111.4 , 11i1,1T,
V.. 1,1 1 .11 Aliold ton, R. Relunl.4)l4l,
F. C. Brew.ter,
Thoutw. MuntlerliPl,l, Lune
EuwAun R. 11..5111011 , , Seri
WM. BRE Agent,
pain butt
C 11 AF
11 htgill.A.TiAo
And all Kinds of Legal Ilfanks;
Use d by Magistrates & Others
Printed at the JOIIINAL OFFICE.
The subscriber, thankful to his friends and pa
trons, and to the Public gencrAlle, for then pa
tronage, still continues to on at the same
stand, one door east of Mr. C. Goat's lintel. Mar
kt, street. llomia,don, where he will attend to
all ivho mill favor him with their custom. and al
so keeps on hand a goisl assortment of WATCHER,
CLOCKS, JEWLI.I,I, SA . , all of which he in
determined to sell at low KIN,.
_ .
Clocks, IVittelleit and Jewelry of all kinds will
be repaired at ',hurt entice, and haring made ar
rangements a. ith a genii workman, all repairs Will
be done in a neat and durable manner, and every
per-on lean log articles fill • repairing .111111 hnri
them done at the 1.11 eise time.- Jim paving strict
attention to husinesA„ntd selling at low rates, he
hopes to receive a share of public rlltronfige.
Ilmitingdon, Sept. T, 1852.—tf.
THE library will be open every Sututilay alter
! noon, at 3 o'clock, ill their rucni in the
Court Muse. Suk.eription 50 cent, a yrttr.—
New hooks have ice, added 11) the former ex.
cellent Fcro'n" ropular
writings, "Bayard Taylor's . ' Sc. The furtliir
patrouage of the public will enable the collco.
aim to be still more estended.--
By order of the
Prt dident.
llnntingdon, Jan. 22 1P55.
The undersigned proposes publixhina provid
ed sufficient encouragement be obtained. a Bhp
of Iluntingthin Comity. Said Mar to lie con
strueted by actual survey 0)101 the public Roads
Railroads, Rivers, Silvio., Canals. Township
Lines, iith, and every place of note contained in
Mill county. enrefully shown in their respective
places, and the name red plaeb or residence of
nearly every husinese man in said county, and
the liraneli of business tolloaced by ea c h oho re
spectively and the place marked where nearly all
the farm buildings stand, and the proprietor and
occupant's names. Said map to contain from
fourteen to eighteen feet ofengracing, and to he
finished in the most modern ,tyle aild workman
like manlier, &e. WILLIAM CHRISTY.
Hee. 19, 18:15.-tf.
BLANKS.--Always buy your Blanks at th•
"Journal Office." We have now prepared n ve
ry enperiorartiele ofil LANK DEEDS, BOND%
TIMM, Ire.