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    Cheapest "Job Printing" Office
1".7IXI: C!Citrit.TY.
We have now made such arranoemenls in one
Job Office as will enable vs to do all kinds of
Job Printing at 20 per cent.
cheaper rates
Than any Office in the County.
Dive non call. If we don't give entiresatislita
lion, nticliprge at all will be made.
D ELIEVING nn establishment nt this kind
j ) needed in this place, the subscribers have
just opened a large sad carefully selected stock
of IlatittwAna, and me now renny to menu.-
date all who may give thorn a coll.
Among our stock will be found a full assort
ment of
Building Materials,
Nails, Glass, Putty, Locks, Bolts, Hinges, &c.
A really excellent assortment of
Nlcchnnies' Tools,
including all the latest inventions. Mill, Cmss
mit, Tenon, Bow, Hand, Compass and Wood
SARA, (thirty dillerent varieties,) Chisels, Axes,
Hatchets, Shears and Scissors, Oredusted and
Common Auger Bits, Table and Pocket Cutle
ry, Iron and Steel of all shapes and sines, Car
rings Springs end Axles, Hiner,' Coal Shovels,
Blacksmiths' Vices, Oils and Paints, Brushes,
Mimes. Sc., ite. In fact everything usually
kept in a
Hardware Store.
We make no allusion to any other individual
establishment, Hardware or Dry Goods, but we
say generally that for reasons well un derstood
by traders, we can and do sell Goods in our line
on bettor terms than they can be had elsewhere
im,this county, and as tow as can be bad in any
neighboring county. Persons from a distance
are invited to call or send in their orders.
cr Two doors west of the Globe and Post
Office. JAMES A. BROWN & CO.
nuntingdon fc i l Foundry. •
I thud or inlornting their friends and the pith
lie generally, that they have rebuilt the Hunt
ingdon Foundry, and are now in successful ap
trntion. and are prepared to Cornish casting of
all hinds, of the hest q u ality on the shortest no
tice and most reasonable terms.
Farmers arc invited to call end examine nor
Ploughs. We urn manufacturing the Hunter
Plough, (thin plough took the premium nt the
Huntingdon County Agricultural Fair, in 1855)
nine Hunter's celebrated Cutter Plough, which
can't be heat, together with the Heystone,lllll
- Barshear Ploughs. We have on hand
and are menutheturing stoves, ouch no Cook,
Parlor and office stores for cool cr wood.
consisting of Nettles, Boilers, Skillets, &c., ell
of which will be sold cheep for cash or in ex
chimp for country ;reduce. Ohl metal taken
for new enstings. By it strict attention to !ami
ne, and desire to Ideme, we hope to roach,' a
8 lure of pubtie patronage. . .
J. M. CUg.NINaIIAn & 131 W,
April 30, ISh3.-[f.
A 51; TM:MN !4.1"....Vg.
Dowagine, Midi., March 11, 1856. '
J. A. Rhodes, Esq.: Dear Sir--As I took your
medicine to sell on consignment, ' , no cure no
pay," I take pleasure in stating its affects us re
ported to me by three broils tea who live its this
place, nod their testimony is a fair specimen of
all I imve received
W. 8. Conklin told me—"l had taken nine
bottles of Christie's Aguc Helmut, and continu
ally run down while using Blond my lungs end
liver were Congested to that degree that blood
discharged from my mouth and bowels, yo that
all thought it impossible for me to live through
1111111er chill. Thu doctors too did all they could
tier roe, but thought 1 must die. Nothing did me
good until I got Ithodeo' Fever and Ague CUR,
which 111 011, relieved me of the distress and mat
am at my stomach and pain in toy head and
bowels, and produced a pesmaneut cure in
shout time."
Conklin says lid taken medicine
of RS good n doctor as we have in our county,
and taken any quantity of quinine and specifies
without any good results from 95th August to
17th Deoeuthl, hlutseeing haw nicely it ope
ratedan toy brother, I got a bottle of Rhodes'
fearer and Ague Cure, which ellected it prim,
neat cure by using two thirds of a bottle. '
S. M. Conklin was out here, but both other
brothers say hit case was the SllllOl its H. M'S
I sold the medicine to both the same day, and
the cure was as speed) Beni the same small q
tity, and I so specify. Yonvs with re
The above speaks for itself. Good proof as it
is, it is or no better tenor 111,11 the rout number
of like certificates I have already published, and
the still greater amount that is pouring in to me.
Otto thing more. Last year 11.1 occasion to
Caution the Public in these words t—
"I notice one jinn who hare taken one of my gen
eral circulars, substituted the mane of thew nostrum
/or toy medicine, and then with hracen impudence
end their pamphlet with the eye/notation, "Let the
proprietor of stop other medicine say as much if he
dares,' "
Now I take pleasure in saying that the Cats•
tion referred to the same "Dr. Christie's Ago(
Balsam" that is mentioned iu tho above eertifb
There are several other industrious people wig
are applying to their poisonous trash all that I
pu'slish about my Fever and Ague Cure, or An.
tidoto to Malaria, except the Certificates demo
and the Certiticute of the celebrated Chemist
Dr. James It. Chilton, or N. Y. in favor of it:
perfectly harmless character, which is attached
to every bottle. These will always nerve to dis
tinguish my medicine from imitations. For sale
by John Read, Huntingdon, and Druggists gen
April 30, 1856.-9 m.
The undersigned Auditor appointed by the
Court of Common Pleas of Huntingdon Coun
ty, to distribute the proceeds ..f the Sheriff's
Sale of the personal property of Samuel L. Glas
gow, amongst those entitled to receive the same
hereby gives notice to all parties interested, that
he has appointed Friday the 23d day of May
next, at two o'clock, P.M. at his oilleo in the
borough of Huntingdon, for the hearing of the
parties in this ease, when and tvh ere all persons
Interested may attend if they think proper.
30th April, 1856.-4 t.
Whereas letters testamentary on the Estate of
William Orr, late of Toll Township, deo'd.,
have been granted to the undersigned, notice is
hereby given to all persons indebted to said es
tate to make payment immediately, rood those
having claims against the same to present them
duly authenticated for settlement.
WM. X. 01111,
'4' 13 *
April 30, 1856.-60.
Ai Itoman'a Mammoth Clothing Store, you
eon get
Linen Coats for 8 . 1 Cents
Bummer Pants for 87 Cents.
bummer Vests for SI Cents.
Fellow of the Royal College of Phyricians,
and./ or nears Senior Physician in the Lon
don kept Litiretaryit r diseased of
the I, 1A CS.
TN this age of progress, Medical Science has
I contributed low full share to the general wel
fare, end that which shines resplendent, the
brightest jewel in her diadem is MEI/ICAL VAPOR
INHALATION in the treatment of Consumption
and Kindred laced ~,, s. The treatment hitherto
pursued has been faulty and wolully int:Rh:lent ;
the stomach being made the receptacle of noose•
ous oils, and a host of other nostrums ; all the-te
toe, hying expected to act upon the lungs ; the
failure to eradicate, or even stop the ravages of
the disease, in nearly every ease of well-develop
ed Consumption. is surely warning enough to
the Datsumptive to shun such a treatment. The
disease is net in the Stomach but in the Lungs.—
Common sense will at once teach, that medicine
applied in the form of Vapor, directly to tho dis
eased surface of the Lungs, will be tin• more cf
tectual then medicine taken into the stomach.
Thettecess of "Medicated Vapor Inhalation"
in treating diseases of the Lungs, exceed toy
sanguine expectations, and I earnestly appeal to
the intelligence of all afflicted, or who may have
the germs of sickness within them, to embrace
at once the soothing heeling, and successful sys
tem of Medical Vapor• Inhalation, as the ONLY
"Ark of Refuge" for the Consumptive. I ollitr
to out it within the reaeli of all, and can so ar•
range it, that the invalid is never requited to
leave home, where the hand of friendship and
aflection, tend to much to aid the physician's
efforts. Where there is life there is sow hope
fur the most seemingly hopeless casts, as titre -
ont allthe stages of this insidious disease, the
wondirttil and benefieient abets of the treat
ments are soon apparent. In eases also of
the inhaling of powders and vapors have been
eminently successful, and to those suturing un
der any of the above named complaints, I can
guarantee speedy and certain relief I have
pleasure in referring to TWO HUNDRED AND SE
VEN names, rexhients of New York and neigh
borhood, who have been restored to vigorous
heatth. About one-third of the above number
according to the patients' wen statements were
considered hopeless eases.
The inhaling method is soothing, safe and
speedy, and consists in the administration ol• me
dicines in such a manner, that they are =trued
into the lungs in the form of a vapor, and pro
dove their action at tho seat of the disease. Its
practical success is destined to revolutionize the
opinions of the medical world, AND its.ramasit
Applicants will please state if they have ever
bled from the Lunge, if the) have lost flesh,
nave a cough, night sweats and fever turns, what
and how notch they ox aviate what the condition
of their stomach and bowels. The necessary
Medicines, Apparatus, &e., will be fbrwarded to
any part.
TERMS.—rive dollars, consultation Ice.—
Batumi: of the fee payable only then the pa
tient reports lawsuit convalescent.
the undersigned, practitioners in medi
cine, cheerfully and heartily recommend Dr. R's
teethed of treating diseases of the Lungs and
Throat, ns the best nod most effectual ever intro
duced into the medical practice. One convic
tions are based upon having several of our own
patients, confirmed consumptives, restored to vi
gorous health, after n few 'eoliths' treatment by
Jr. Rose. In the above named diseases, the ap
plicutimi of -Medicated Vapor" inhaled direct
ly into the Lungs, may lie ,lastly considered us
lutunit.v, reetlering .
Ruse deserves well of the Profession fur
his unwearied labors in bringing the inhaling
method to such a , hgree of perfection.
,IGNAS A. MOYI, M. 1).
Wit. B. AUSTIN, M. D.
TION —Price one dollar. Address JOBNSON
STEWART R , F., Wilco 38t, Broadway N•
*ribe new Posta g e law re q uires that all lot
ters bo nun-raw ; toy eurrespundeneo bein g
extensive, applicants to insure replies, must en
close post e.
0 - 45-Mmioy Letters must be re g istered by the
Pinata:lst,, such letters : o nly bein g at our risk.
The Lost is Found;
TU uy,t f 9 tvr, COME TO I.IFE.
1E1i,1•1'.. •
tii . iii4 FOUNBiIY
_ - - -
OWNED BY IsnAtt. tscl.
n C. McGILL wishes to inform his .:,.
It. friends end the public generally. ..-..
that he hos bought the above-named 1 / 4 .1;
Foundry, Patterns, Flo , ks, end all its ': ' .
contents, and from hi: long experience in the
business he hopes to ohtain o shore tit' the public
patronage. As he has the Foundry in fall ope
ration, he ran furnish nll who mar give him a
call with 01l kinds of Castings ; such us Rolling
Mill and Forge Costing, Grist and Saw Mill
Costing, improved Thrashing Machine Casting;
and inn short time will have Cook Stoves or en
riour. OW and improved patterns for wood anal
coal; also ten-plate stoves, Air-Tight, Parlor,
and Bar-room stoves, of all sloes lbr mood or
coal. Also Castings for house ; cellar grates ;
such as 'motels, Sills, Sash-Weights, &c. Plows
el every description of the latest and most im
proved style. Also steel soles, wagon boxes,
oven frames, large bells and cast water-pipes.
HOLLOW--W .811 M
consistingof Kettles, Boilers, &c.. haring turn
ing -lathes. ho will bo able to furnish any of dig
above-named articles, either wood or iron ; and
he has all kinds of Castings too numerous to
mention, all of which will ho sold cheaper than
ever for vph and all kinds of country produce.—
Also old metal will ba taken in tixelumge for cas
ting. Burry tip your old metal and country pro
duce when any articles urn wanted.
A pr.23;56.—1y.
TILE undersigned having sold out and given
up business at Mill Creek, they are now anxious
to have all unsettled accounts, notes, &c., due
them settled up in as short time ns possiblo. 7 -
Those, therefore, knowing themselves indebted,
will giro this notice their e K arlien attention.
• ESSLER & 11110.
P. S. We have 40,000 Plastering Lath or
hand and for sale. K. & B.
A pr.9:56.-6t.•
Proposals will be received by the County
Commissioners at their office in Huntingdon
up to 12 o'clock on the 9th day of May, 1953,
for rebuilding the bridge across the Jutkinta
sec at Huntingdon, which was blown down by
the late storm.
Perseus are requested to examine the abut.
meats and pier and see to what extent they've
injured, and bid accordingly. Plan and speci
fications can be seen at the Commissioners' ob
flee. By o Commissioners.
April 23, 3t.
CLOTHING from me in Huntingdon at Whole
sale, ue cheap as they can is the citi(l4, US rhavo
a Wholesale store in Philadelphia.
a ►pt.9,'36. . U. ROMAN.
Ctii. l ,7iii.'clou„A'iLi
County y Y th l' elp te pr i t i lis ‘ e N r o i 7M t e N t:
ehantile Taxes, fur the year commencing the
first day of May, 1031.
Alexandria Boo' &Porter Ty. CLASS. AMOUNT.
George C. Bucher, 13 $lO 00
Henry C. Walker, 13 10 00
Charles Porter, 13 10 00
Wilkins Moore, 14 7 00
Samuel Hatfield, 14 7 00
Joseph Green & Co., 14 7 00
John R. Gregory, 14 7 00
name Yinsuship.
Samuel W. Myton, 14
John C. Conch, 14
James C. Walker, 14
Stewart Foster, 14
George W. Johnston, & Co., 11
Brady ntenship.
Mnd dol.& Eby,
Irvin, (trees & Co.,
Cass 'fp. d , Camille Borough,
Peter M. Bare,
Evans & Brother,
James Ifenderson,
Joseph I'. Heaton,
Coy Township,
T. E. Orhison & Co.,
James Glasgow
C.Von7well Township.
Thomas Orbison,
David Etnier,
George Sipes,
Iset:, Wigton w, Co.,
Shenier& Son,
Dahlia' Township.
Blair A Robison,
Andrew Wilson,-
James Cree, Jr.,
Franklin Township.
J. Wareham Mattern,
Samuel Matters,
Filtorb, Stewart &
Jan S. lsett,
G. A J. li. Shosnherger,
ibtoit;n:pion Borough,
Fisher A McMurtrie,
J. A IV, Saxton, `.
George Gain,
Benjamin Jacobs,
W. At J. Cartoon,
J. Bricker,
E. Snare,
.Joseph lkiger,
A. Willoughby,
.1. Snyder,
L. Westbrook,
Long A Decker,
Henry Ilutrinn, •
Hartley Cu.,
Atoms 'Straus,
.1. Drown A Bro.,
David P. Gain,
Williutn Colon,
Ilope.ll Tarn:77li,,
David iC IVilliain Co., 11
David looter, 14
Jilekst Tux itsir;,,,
Hobert Melittroey,
Julio A. Wei ;ht k Co.,
Joseph Porter,
John ten
Elias : , Loser,
George E. lade,
William IL Harper,
James Magid,
13 10 00
14 7 00
14 7 00
14 7 OU
14 7 00
George IL :iteiner,
\VP Davis,
Owen & Grafilos,
Josepli Law,
David IL Campbell,
Samuel Wail,
Shirleysburg 80,
13eltzhoover & Bossier, 14
Oliver Etnier, 14
John & J. Eby,
John W. Smith,
John Bare,
Sainnel Eby,
William B. LCIIR,
John Long & Co.,
J. G. Lightner,
S. L. Glasgow,
John H. Lightner,
st did d township,
Binir, Looke & Co.,
Sil'et & Gorsuch,
11.1/ 71.irovltip.
14 7 00
14 7 00
14 7 00
C. 4: .1. 11. Blair;
A. CA:lair,
Tail 20 wash
,rnas Clark,
.5005 Sheeder,
14 7 00
• 14 7 00
14 7 00
14 7 00
14 7 00
14 7 00
14 7 00
Levi Ev:to,,
less!er, & Co.,
James Dun.,
James Edwards,
.NlLUuiro & Port,
11 i,lker %blow np.
NTegaban A Moore,
.Ic.seph Douglass,
Warriornan Tp., 6 Birwing•
hum Borough.
Flarel Clarke
James Clarice,
A. I'. Kinney,
B. F. Patton,
U. 6 flyer, Jr.,
S Fox,
ll'est 2'p. 6 Petersturg linen.'
John Hewitt, Jr.,
Henry Neff,
Benjamin Hartman,
John Cressuell A, Son,
Samuel I). Nylon,
John 11. Hunter,
Union 'l'u,rnship.
Isaac Zimmerman, . _ _
7 00
13 10 00
14 7 00
13 10 00
14 7 00
14 7 00
14 7 00
14 7 00
14 7 00
14 7 00
14 7 00
14 7 00
14 7 00
Huntingdon Borough.
Jan Read,
Pao sbu rg Borough.
Joseph Johnston,
Brad g 24 , 1r/tip.
James & John McDonald,
Burro: Township.
3 10 00
4 6 00
9 8 00
9 8 00
Robert Massey,
Alexandria Barony!,
Henry Fockler,
Huntingdon Borosojis
John Fochler,
9 8 00
9 8 00
Thastingdon Bo)ough
Fisher & MeMurtrie,
Shirley Township.
George Eby,
Alexandria Borough.
John Gemmill, 14 7 00
An appeal will be held by the undersigned at
any time up to the 15th day ofJuly at the Com
missioners Office. Persona wishing to appeal
will please apply within the time prescribud, RR
the law prohibits any appeal after that time.
Notite is hereby given that all Lineenses not
lifted previous to or during the August Court,
will be left in the hands of a Justice of Peace
for collection. A. 11. CIIEWIT.
I Bunt. April 10,1850. County Treasurer.
14 7 00
The undersigned having Adiniuistered on the
Estate of AleNaittler . McKibben, decd., noti•
ftes all perecnis owin g & having claims against
said Estate to coins forward and settle their
JNO. WM./LW/CFI, Adm'r.
April Di, 1856.—Gtt
ZATZST' 4,111ya4 or
Are jest receiving and Jpening one or the fin
est assortments of Goo& ever offered to the cit
izens of this place, ns folios.
Clothes, Cassiniers, Satinet's Vestings, Cot
! ton Goods for Summer wesi; nlsu, Challies.l3e
ropes, Lawns and Printo v and every other article
i necessary for the Ladilm.. .A splendid lot of
Ste!, Si;l,. Ladies' striped and barred Silk,
Linnen (kiosk amt in fact every article
of wearing apparel necessary for lodic,
otid ranoy Goode.
lAles nil hinds c.f Drees Trimming, Glance.
COlllll, Itilo!.1111‘, 1111i1. 111.1:1(14, Dress Caps, awl
every ether article usually kept in ^ country
; .
7 00
7 00
7 00
7 00
7 00
12 50
7 00
Stecee Hats of the latest styles, Silk, Crape
and Straw Bonnet,
11.iTS & C.11°.3.,
of the Ltust styles, turd of every color.
littirrA & 514 - stfilli,
10 00 ! Our stock of Dillti 1111 , 1 SI. !.., cannot he beat as
10 00 I fa. quality and cheapness 11.. Flee. ; it is .-
7 00 I doubtolly the finest in ton,—mt e.,eption.
10 00' 0.A17.1?Yi1L. , aul ail Cloths.
7 00 I .-t
A splendid assortment of Carpets, Duggits and
Oil Cloths.
10 00 U.o.lll3WilitTl,
7 0 2 ; The best assortment in to., not etteepting the
00 "Hardware establishment," end at lower prices.
QT.IMII AT Slit/...12113, r. , 13.0C-I'Zi.IES,
Tobacco, Cigars,
1.7171LL01.1117./.1.11.13, &c.
Cedar-Ware, Ropes, Cords and every variety ::f
Goods, such no are usually ',IA i:: a country
store, eau be had by collie ;:,, dice Clicau Store
of .1. 6 W. t.l2s;'l•llN,.
A very good article of ift. , ...rel, Ilming, Cosi
fish, Hams, tlhouldem, and pried lt.a.f, jast re
ceived and Sr redo at th. 4 cheap corner opposite
the Post Office, known as Me store of
Umbrellas and Parnsub, a s tease 51 , 10,,11t.:t
received and for sale by ,J. A W. S., x i ro:r.
cnrrot nov,s, Foes, flop La:lies' Gres, Coliars
of evety variety, and moat imaut:tul styl,, tbr
sale by bf. 6 T
The direst assortment f Laney Cassimers ar.
er oared ; also vesting, 'NI: C, , ililerS, acid at
lower prices th an can be pur.Mased at any other
10 00
7 00
10 00
7 00
10 00
7 00
15 00
12 50
12 50
12 50
7 00
10 00
7 00
7 00
7 (0)
7 00
7 00
. -
house in tools, fur sale 11). W. SAXTON
Huntingdon ? April 16 11'56.
7 00
]C 00
7 00
rsun, Imr•e Pled their
d eating heuse Item
The following named
npplinetions for Invent
nes itt the °like of the.
Quarter i2ension3 for the
to he preset.ted to sail
201/i th.v of Men next,
cd: of 1:ho Court of
Junty of finutingdon
nurt on Tuesdea
7 00
10 00
7 00
1CIM:1111 B. Zeigler,
Andrew Johnston,
Andrew Miebus,
Henry Mellanigill,
Henry Cornprobst,
Ed win J. Neff;
Henrc Helrright,
Sanniel Huey, Aleinudria.
George Itimiliilph,llarrce tit.
3aIIICS Hewing, linilto 'Co wnsilip.
Janes K. than
Alwidiai L
.. mot, wcsorp,
Murtha 1J cMtirtrie, West Tp.
Hobert Stewart, Jack.ion Tp.
Samuel Stefrey, Jackson.
Jitnies Ciunnl.erlin. Wan iorsmark Tp,
John Jantkon, Tp.
Daniel Prough, He:viers. Tp.
Michael McCabe, Toil Tp.
Satires Dune, TA Tp.
I titAingdon,
7 00
10 00
10 00
7 00
7 00
10 00
10 00
7 00
7 00
7 00
I:ATING nuesus.
Rudolph Noir,. Petersburg Borough
Nathaniel MIMI., Alexandria Borough.
Samuel Beagle, Mora; fp.
Henry Wirrbaugh, Birmingham Borough,
Henry Africa, Huntingdon.
George Thomas, Huntingdon.
Edward C. Summers, Huntingdon.
Thomas Meo ilium ' Tud Tp.
M. F. CA MPBELL, Clerk.
VIINV InscOvEzy.
In the heading art. The, afflicted with all
kinds of Totters, Wens. Cancers, Fungus,
llitimatedes, Selturrus, Ii iter, Polypus, ke• r
or any growtlt or Sores, no matter on whe ~art
of the body, can be cured by an entircl new
method, o about cutting, caustic or pain, (if cu
rable). '!•hose afflicted with Blindness, Deaf
ness, nod other Diseases, lie Matter What their
name may be, can rest ats,ttred or finding relief,
and therefore should not delay a moment. Write
disease and symptoms full and you can receive
nil tooled by return until; to insure an answer
enclose the small SUM of Twenty-live Cents, to
warrant him in spending his time fur your bene
fit. All other letters must have a'post stump en
closed to pre•pay answers. N. 13—Dr. K. is a
regal. Graduate.
There is no seed to visit distant places, to
undergo tt paintul operation, and spend a fortune
when you can bo cured with little expense, and
without sulii,ing, near home.
Address, Ibt. C. L. KILLING,
Mechanicsburg, Cumberland county, Pu.
BOOKS ! 4t,t, , p• BOOKS !
40,000 voi.u,E
,S of new and popular
Books, embracing every variety
usually kept inn Philadcl din Book Store, nod
many of them at half the Publisher's retail price,
the subscriber now °Wert; to the public.
All school books used in the county can bo
had in any quantities at retail end wholesale
rates. Foolscap, Letter and Wrapping Paper,l
wholesale or by the ream.
100 superior Gold Pens wills Silver nod Gold
Cases, from $1 upwards.
100 Pocket and Pen knives of Rogers' and
others' best manufacture. •
100 splendid Port Monnaiesand Pocket Books
at 2li ctn. and upward,. •
the intent and prettiest styles, just received Irum
Philadelphia nod New York, prices from 10 MS.
a piece and upwards.
imo beautifully painted and gold giltod Win
dow Shades at 44 ets. and upwards.
The public I eve but to cull and examine, to
be convinced that in buying of the above stock
they wII be pleased and also save money. Re
member the place, corner of Montgomery and
Railroad streets. WM. COLON.
A New Assortment Just Opened !
And vrillbe sold 30 per cent.
cltEarmiuTuani TILE tiIIEAPESTI
ROMAN respectfully itrorms his cum,-
inert and the public generally, that he has
just opened at his store-room in Market Square,
Huntingdon, a splendid new stork of Ready
Clothing for Spring and Summer I
which he will sell cheaper titan the same quality
of Goods can he purchased at retail in Philadel
phia or any mild establishment in the country.
Persons wishing to buy Clothing would do
well to call and examine his stock Ware purcha
sing elsewhere.
April 9.7 541.
W. H. WOOD, A. M., Proprietor and Principal.
JOHN M. CA USLAND, Teacher in Preparatory Department.
Rev. •W. S. MORRISON, Lecturer on Evidences of Christianity.
Rev. JAMES CAMPBELL, Lecturer on General Literature.
J. A. SHADE, D., Lecturer on Anatomy and Ilygeana.
The semi-annnal Exhibition will take place on the let Wednesday of April. An address will
Ito delivered belbre the societies in the fore part of the day. The exhibiti o n will earnto oa in the
evening . . the TNitinillatiVlS the week !awl., These exercises the friends of education arc re•
spectfully invited to attend. The next session will open the' lot Wednesday of May. This in•
stitution holds oat peculiar indueement, to young men seeking an education. The Board of In
structors is composed of gentlemen of high literary ituaintnemslind skilled in their professions.
The location it very healthy, having the pure mountain air and free front all noxious vapors arising
from stagnant water and marshy ground. Those subject to ague could not litul a more desirable
place. The temptations to vice, idleness, and dissipation ore few. There is nothing to draw the
mind or the student from his books, no liquor io allowed to he sold in the place or nearer than Mt.
Uni., miles oil: It is just such it situation as a young tnan desirous of improvement would
The societies are in n flourishing condition ;
buildings arc large :111 , 1 commodious, capable ofr
ace. situated uu the mall
:ration of the Penna. Railroad.
Tcaus—For session of live months, for hoard I
fuel, extra. Students arc charged from the time
meats quarterly in advance. Fur catalogues act
Mareb 5, 1856.—anin.
New Goods New u4cads I
D. P. Gob luts just received from Philcdel•
phia a large and beautiful stock of
spzumo surarann GOODS.
consisting of the most fashionable Dress Goods,
for Ladies and Gentlemen, such as Black Silks.
Chameleon & Fancy Silks, Silk Challi, Chn lli
de lains, Spring stiles of Hamilton De L« ins,
Baniges. All Word de !mins, Fatten and Dolma'.
tie Gingham , . Debair., Mad.. CEsth, Alpacca,
sun Prints of all description. ALSO,
is Drge hit of dress Trimmings, dress Buttons,
Bonnet Silks, Ribbons, Glures, Mittg, Hosiery,
Veils, Undersleeves, Collars, Mum
et, Mohair head dresses. Summer Shawl's, &c.
,11,e, Cloths, IslAck and Isles, Hack and fancy
Ya,imer, Cottoil Stripes,
I , ai.ts, Nankeen. t .‘luslins, bluarit,il and un
bl,arlird, Ticket', Cheeks, Table Diaper, West
en 111.: Listen TAD. Cover,, an.l a variety of
too 1111111,0t19 to nirriti an.
di. Caps, 'At cots esti shoes,
Buckets, Tubs, Churns,
Gil Clot t,
Groceries, Vial azd salt,
and nil good, usually kept la n country Store.
My racimtomers;anil . us many new as
can crowd in are respeafully request.; to Lome
and examine my goods
All kinds of Country pro luce token in ex
oli:111;le for goods, at the highest market prices.
April 9, 1e56.
Huntingdon County, Pa.
n r.v. A. S. YEA NIL, A. TU., Principal.
161153 .*.f.ATE Preczpiress.
rie spy; Session of NA Institution will
cowtnenen ou Thnraday, May .lat, 1:330, nod
continuo 21 il'elaks.
t na ry,ln in loc ated 11
and Moral Village, ni Trouigh
Twelve Miles from the Mill Creek 'SWIM
en the Pennsylvania Central Rail Road, and
may be ',ached in 10 hours front Baltimore
or 'Philadelphia. The Buildings are Brick,
and afford ample accommodations for email.-
deed and fifty Pupils.
fhoa who desire their Sons and Daughters
to be removed from the bent and noise of the.
City during the Summer months, may find in
Cassville, a quiet retreat, Fresh Mountain Air,
and pure water, together with Literary advan•
Tuition in English Branches, and Ancient
Languages, per Sessio, $lO,OO. Music, Pain•
tiug, Drawing, ttud Modern Languages, En•
Ira. Room nod Furniture per Session, $5,00.
Board and Washing, per Week, $1,75.
Secretary V Board qf Traitees.
Citssville March, 2d 18513.—Gt.
110, LT, South Second Street, Philadelphia.
Importer, Manulacturer, and Dealer in Drugs,
31adicines, Chemicals,
and American Wl:ite ZINC,
WINDOW Ci.....itSog
Glassware, Varnishes, Brushes, Instruments,
Ground Spices, Whole Spices, nod all other
articles usually kept by Druggists ' including
Borax, Glue, Shellac, Potash, &c.,
All orders by mail, or otherwise promptly at
tended to. Country merchants are invited to
mill and examine our stock before purchasing
elsewhere. Goods sent to any of tint wharves
or railroad stations. Prices law and goods war
Jso. C. INxus.
AI At II I E Sll.O P
Hollidaysburg, Blair, Co., Ira.
THE proprietors of thii estaldisl!-
-L meet have lately' increased their, .
facilities furniebing extensively -
Steam Engines, Blowing Macnine- " ' r "" "
ry, Car-wheels, and Axles, Mill I.:cue
ing. Pulleys ' Hangers, Sha ft ing, lint Blast and
other pipes, Forge and Foresee castings of all
kinds, Plows and Plow Castings, Porticos, Ver
andahs, Iron Railings of beautiful style and tin
ish. All work done with dispatch and on us fa
vorable terms as any other establishment in the
Feb. 20, '56.-3nik
11111 Street, Huntingdon, Hunt. County, Pa,
rpm: proprietor proprietor would respectfully an-in
„Luau to all his old customers and the II;
"rest of mankind," that he has refitted his
home, and is prepared to accommodate strangers
and smellers, and the public generally. Ve has
also attached a
and he will hire horses, carriages, &c., on the
most reasonable terms.
April 9 1856.—1 y.
JOSEPH DOVGLASS, in McConnellatown
hat constantly on baud, ready snade rifles, and is
prepared to make and repair Guns of all kinds at
Not eherteet potion. (April 21„ gki.
and each has a fine Minuet choice works. The
accuunnodating same flay students. Shade Gap
route between Charnbcrsburg and the Mt. Union
tuition unit room. $52.50. Washing, light and
of entering, until the doge of the session. Pay
further particulars address
W. 11. WOOD,
Shade Gap, llunt. Co., Pm
An Improvement Worthy the Progres
sive Age.
Tll subscriber is prepared to furnish every
citizen of the Commonwealth with one of
these superb articles, acknowledged by all who
hove them M use, and by every one who hat tes
ted them, to be superior to anything of the kind
ever brought bell:re the public.
They aro made of the hest matmial, under the
supervision of the subscriber, who is prepared
to deliver them at any point in this or the nd-
Joining counties. This nmehine possesses many
advantages over any other of thekind, front the
fact, dint it in no manner wears the clothingus
es less soap, and is easier worked.
- -
The price ranges from six to seveNdollars.
The subscriber warrants this machine to give
entire satisfaction. If it does not do everything ,
he says, no ch,,rge will be MlO2. A trial is car
ne,tly invited end perfect satisfaction warranted.
A strong reconlinendation for the =chi nu is
is number already .ilii.
Any pe6on who - wishes one of these articles
31 be accommodated by addressing
Alexanuria, Hunt. Co., ra
ORM: Nifional `safely Company.
Vainut &red, South West Corner Third Street.
incorporated by the Slate of Penn
Mo ney . Is received in any sum large or small
aud interest paid from the day of deposit.
The Oleo is open every dry, from 9 o'clock
in the morning till 7 o'clock in the evening, and
on Monday mid Thursday evenings, till 9 o'clock
All soma large or small, arc paid back in gold
• on demand without notice, to any amount.
President, Hon, HENRY L. BENNER,
Seeman, Wet J. REED.
Henry 1.. Donner, C. Landreth Manus,
Edward L. Curter, - 2. Carroll Brewster,
- 4't k. ateraTrFan;
Jame: - ; 11. Smith. Francis Lee.
The investments of the Fund now amounting
to more than ONE MILLION of dollars, in accor
d.m with the act of incorporation are made in
Mot tgages, Ground Rents, and in such tirst-class
securities as mast always insure perfect security
to the depositors, and place beyond all risk the
permanency and stability oft tt is old and well
establi,hed Institution.
Fell. 20, 1856.
Huntingdon County, Penn
This Institution is located at Shirleysliurg, Hun
tingdon County, Pit., 7 miles from Mt. Union
station, on the Central Railroad, on the stage
route from the latter place to Chambersburg.
The summer session of this institution com
mences on Thursday, the Ist of May.
The attention of PareaN and Guardians is re
,Pectlitily called to this institution, as offering
excellent advantages liar obtaining an education.
It is situated in a retired, healthy and beautiful
section of the country, free from evil and distur
bing influences, so that a rare opportunity is of
fired to young men of pursuing a thorough
course of study, uninterrupted. 'file course em
braces all the branches taught at the hot Acad
emies in the State. The largo and valuable np
paratus belonging to the Institution, holds out
peculiar inducements to those who desire .0 stu
dy the Natural Sciences, practically. It is our
aim to render the instruction received here, e
qual to that imparted at first class Academies.—
By nn earnest attention to the welfare of those
committed to their charge. the Principals hope
to merit a continuance of the patronage that has
been bestowed upon them.
TERMS.—Boarding, Room and Tuition, for
sessien of five months, Pa's ; washing, light and
fuel extra. Payments quarterly in advance.—
Books, stationary. Sic., can be obtained here at
city prices. For Circulars or further informa
tion address the Principals.
April 2, 1856.-Bt.
This school lots been opened it the Hall for
merly occupied by Ow "Suns of Temperance,"
on Dill street. Ibe course of instruction em
braces Single and Double Entry brok •keeping,
lectures on commercial science. and also lectures
on commercial law, Ethics, and political econo
my. delivered by members of the Bar.
The student [ through a course compri
slog over Thar hundred forms, writing cut, jour—
nalising, pasting and closing four entire sets of
books, solving problems, &e., precisely ga in re
al business, and in addition to this ho has large
practice in oral nod blackboard exercises, in o
pening anti closing Single and Double Entry
Books, in Partnership, Administration, Joint,
and Compound Company settlements, in recei
ving a partner into copartnership, DO settling
with a retiring one, all of which, together with
various other - exertlses and calculations cannot
fail to give full satisfaction and profit the learn
er. Students can enter at any thne a day or e
vening clays or both it' they wish, the ;line is
unlimited, they can leave at any time nod re
turn at pleasure without additional charge.
For any other particulars, address personally
or by letter T. 11. POLLOCK, Principal.
Assistance given when required in opening
and closing books. (April 2,1856.-I'.
Keep constantly on hand a largo assortment
of Flan, Cueese Pao' tamss, which they
are prepared to d,ispos* of at the lowest market
rater. Orders promptly excretal.
Sold for Taxes up to and Including 1854.
7HEREAS, by an act of the General As.
VV sembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsyl
vania, entitled "An act to amend an act direct
tog the mode ofselling unseated lands Jhr tax.
es and other purposes," passed 13th Mari!, 18.
15, and the other nets upon, that subjt.i: , the
Treasurers of the several counties wi:l,.n this
Commonwealth are directed to commence on
the 2nd Monday in June in the year 1816, and
nt rite expiration of every two years thereafter,
mid adjourn from day to day, if it be necessa•
ry so to do, and make public sale of the whole
or any part of such tenets of unseated land,
situate in the proper county, es will pny the or
rearages of the taxes which shnll then have re
instilled due and unpaid for the space of one
year belore, together with nll cost, oeeessarily
:teeming by reason of such delinq ore
ALFRED 13. CREWIT, Treasurer of the
County of II untinmlou, do therefore herebygive
suttee that upon the following tracts of wises,.
toil land, situate herein described, the several
sums stated are "the arrearages of the taxes,
respectively, due and unpaid for one veatT and
that, in pursuance of the direction orthe afore
said art of Assembly, I shall, on Monday the
sth day of June next, at the Court House, in
the borough of Huntingdon, commence the
Public Sale of the whole or any part of such
tracts of unseated lands, upon which rill or any
pert of the taxes herein secified shall then be
due, stud continue such s ole, by adjournment,
until nil the tracts upon which the taxes shall'
remain due trial unpaid, be sold.
Treasurer of Ihntingdon County.
Treasurer's thrice, 1
April 1, is 26. j
I'. .2Vantes of Warrantees, Tara,
Bar ree Township :
Cromwell Township
A lexander McKeehan, I 83
Charles Bayles, 61
John Smith, 61
George Stephenson, • G 3
John Jourdan, 64
Samuel Galbraith, 61
Jusaph Galbraith, 63
John Galbraith, 64
Walter It. Hudson, 1 50
Cass Township :
William Miller, 3 20
Robert Miller, 3 20
Clay Township
Thomas Green, 3 14
Ephrnim Galbraith, 7 27
Dublin Township
Titus Harvey, 1 30
John Forrest, 1 26
Franklin Township
John Partner, 714
Henderson Township
Henry Gates, 3 35
Jackson Township
Thomas Partner, 2 57
Jacob Hiltzheimer, 2 G:
George Steover, 2 5!
Andrew Boyd, 2 5'
George Cranor, '2 5
Adam Striker, 2 6
George Engles, 2
James Deane, 2
hairy' Conan, 2
Alexander Johnston, 2
Thomas McCune, 2
John Russell, 2
William Steel, 2
Samuel Conan,. 2
Samuel Inrsball , 1
402 53
389 31
393 17
403 53
418 120
393 41
400 70
408 77
413 126
410 88
422 115
420 24
Porter Township
Samuel Fisher,
Ruth Green,
Henry Green,
Eleanor Wallasters,
John Spencer,
Shirley Tp. :
Springfield Tp.
Nathan Old,
Tod Tp.
Daniel Neweittner
S. Barkley & IV. Edwards,
do. do. do.
Henry Roads,
Neal Clark, (now Amos)
John Pears.,
John Philips,
George Buchanon,
David Lipsky,
Joseph Brown,
James Witer,
Daugherty & Speer,
John Blan,
William than,
John Murphy,
John Miller,
Tell Tp.:
George Truman,
Simon Potter,
John Pease,
Adam Clow,
Jobs Covenhoven,
Robert Fee,
Benjamin Elliott,
Samuel Richards,
John Brewster,
West Tp. :
Robert Watson, 21 21
John Watson, 25 90
Robert Young, 19 63
William Watson, 23 34'
W. McAlevy &W. Reed, 360
Elisha Shoemaker, 12 48
Walker Tp.
Charles Smith,
Richard Smith,
Hugh Laurish,
Rudolph Laurish,
John Kerr,
Warriorsmark Tp
John Matthews, 40 32
76 107
46 60
240 120
420 102
439 51
438 40
271 85
242 51
322 52
309 75
395 113
355 129
414 10
•131 30
288 69
181 78
26 18
42 39
412 78
The following real estate upon which person
al property cannot be found sufficient to pay
the taxes, returned by the several collectors, is
charged with the taxes thereon assessed far the
years 1851 and 1852, and will be sold as unsea
ted lands, in pursuance of the directions of the
41st section of the net of Assembly, entitled :
"An Act to reduce the State debt and to incor
porate the Pennsylvania Canal and Railroad
Company," approved the 20th April, 1844
Burros Tp.
150 William Crownover,
Jackson Tp.
800 Adam Tedwller,
pstate of John McClure, dee'd.)
Administrator's Notice.
Notice is hereby given that letters of Ad•
ministration on the estate of John Mc-
Clure late of Tod Township Huntingdon County
dee'd., have been granted to the undersigned,
residing in said township, to whom, those in
debted will please make immediate payment,
and those having claims will present them du•
ly authenticated for settlement.
J. G. MoCLL'ItE,
A rim
April 2, 1856.-Ct.
t 5. .!iila" - 00ri`i atauga,
Office with Daniel Africa, Esq., Dill street be
tween Montgomery. and Smith streets, Hunt%
i Won. Po. f bolts. 4Q,',31100,.
4 48
~ S 44
10 16
9 10
3 46.
16 37
14 73
15 30•
2 48
10 08