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Pnaoroits Voctrg.
shave, or not to shave 1 the question is,
:bother 'tis better on the human phiz
::o lot accumulation of our hair,
:over the chins and lips which now are bare ;
Or to continue still to scrape away
The hirsute ornament from day to day—
To lather, shave, perchance to gash the face ?
Ay, there's the rub ; for in this case,
What mis'ry's ours! 'Tin this must give us pause
And make us rather let alone our jaws,
Than by continuance in the barbarous use
Cut, scratch and lacerate them like the deuce.
For if it actually were the ease,
That Nature never meant the human face
To be no teased and tortured as it is--
If so, I say, why then what business
Have mortals virtually to cry out
That Nature knew not what she was about
Why, since the beard was evidently meant
To grow, should man be seemingly intent
On trying to prove Nature was a dunce,
And did not know her trade? Why not at once
Pluck out the eyebrows and extract the nails,
And shave the heads of females and of males?
Strange 'tis that men should worship fashion so,
As to be willing thus to undergo
The pains of shaving, rather than permit
Moustache and heard to grow as they think fit
How singular, that moo should still delight
In torturing their faces, when they might
Themselves their comfort, ease and health obtain
By vowing they will never shave again
But 'Liu the dread of ridicule and scorn
Makes the foal fashion easy to be borne.
Thus custom of us all doth cowards make ;
And for this savage custom, then, we take
The trouble and the pains our chins to mow,
Because it is the fashion to do so.
But thus, our chins will soon oc;;tore, I hope,
Be lathered o'er with the pale suds of sonp •
Soon shall moustache and beard again on a ll
Our chins wag merrily in street and hall!
mit t Timor.
The Deaf Aunt and Deaf Wife.
I had an aunt coming to visit me for the
first time since my marriage, and I don't
know what evil genius prompted the wick
edness I perpetrated towards my wife and
my ancient relative.
'My dear,' said I to my wife the day be
fore my aunt's arrival, you know Aunt
Maty is coming tomorrow ; well, I forgot
to mention a rather annoying circumstance
with regard to her. She is very deaf ; and
although she can hear my voice, to which
she is accustomed, in its ordinary tones,
yet you will be obliged to speak extreme
ly bud in order to be heard. It will be
rather disagreeable, but I know you will
do anything in your power to make her
stay pleasant.
Mrs S. announced her determination to
make herself heard if possible.
I went to John who loves a joke
about as well as any person I know of,
and told him to be at the house at 6 P. M.
on the following evening.
I went to the depot next night with a
carriage and when I was on the way home
with my aunt, I said—
'Aly dear aunt, there is one rather an•
noying infirmity which Anna (my wife)
has, which I forgot to mention •before.—
She is very deaf; and although she can
hear my voice, to which she was accus
tomed in its ordinary tones, yet you will be
obliged to speak extremely loud in order
to be heard. lam very ferry for it.
Aunt Mary, in the goodness of her heart
protested that she rather liked speaking
loud ; and to do so would afford her great
The carriage drove up—on the steps
was my wife—in the window was Jolla
T-, with a face as utterly bole= as if
he had buried all his relatives that after
I handed my aunt out,—she ascended.
the steps.
am delighted to see you!' shrieked
my wife, and the policeman on the oppo
site sidewalk started, and my aunt nearly
fell down the steps.
'Kiss tne, my dear,' howled my aunt,
and the hall lamp clattered, and the win
dows shook •as with fever and ague. 1
looked at the window—John had disappear
ed. Human nature could stand it no lon
ger, I stuck my head in the carriage and
went into strong convulsions.
When I entered the parlor, my wife
helped aunt Mary to take elf her hat and
cape, and there eat John with his sober
Suddenly 'did you have a pleasant jour
ney t' went my wife like a pistol, and John
T— nearly jnmped to his feet. , tat .
'Rather dusty,' was the response, in a
whoop, and so thu conversation continued.
The neighbors for blocks around must
have heard it ; when I was in the tMrd
story of the building. I heard every word,
In the course of the evening my aunt
took occasion to any to me—
'How loud your wife speaks, does it not
hurt her.'
I told her all deaf persons talked loudly
and that my wife being used to it, was not
affected by the exertion, and that my aunt
Mary was getting along very nicely with
Presently my wife said softly—
'Alf, how very loud your aunt talks.'
'Yes,' said 1, 'all deaf persons do. You
are getting along with her finely; she
hears every word you say.' And I rather
think she
Elated by their success at being under
stood, they went at it with hammer and
longs ; till everything on the mantel-piece
clattered again, and I was seriously afraid
ea nova eollesting in trout of the house,
But the end was near. My aunt being
of an inquisitiv. turn of mind, was desi
rous of finding out whether the exertion of
talking so loud wao not injurious to my
wife 6o
'Doesn't talking so loud strain your
lungs?' said she, in an unearthly whoop,
for her voice was riot as musical as it was
when she was young.
'lt is en exertion,' shrieked my wife.
Then why do you do it v was the an
swering scream
, Because you can't hear if don't,' squea
led my wife.
.What, said my aunt fairly rivalling a
railroad whistle this time.
I began to think it time to evacuate the
premises ; and looking around and seeing
Juhn gone I stepped into the back parlor,
and there he lay, flat on his back with bis
feet at right angles to his body. ro'l ng
from side to aide, with his face poked ,Into
his ribs, and a mast agonizing expression
of countenance, but not uttering a sound.
I immediately and involuntarily assumed
a similar attitude, and I think that from the
relative position cf our boots. and hands,
and our attempt to restrain our laughter,
apoplexy must have inevitably ensued, if
a horrible groan, which John gave vent to
in his endeavor to suppress his risibility,
had not betrayed our biding•place.
In rushed my aunt and wife, who by
this time comprehended the joke, and such
a scolding as I then got I never got before
l and I never hope to get again.
I know not what the end would have
been, if John in his endeavors to appear
respectful and sympathetic, had not given
vent to such a diabolical noise, something
between a groan and a horse-laugh, that
all gravity was upset, and we screamed in
I know it was very wrong, and all that
to tell such falsehoods ; but I think that
Mrs Opie herself would have laughed if
she had seen Aunt Mary's expression
when she was informed that her hearing
Wits defective.
ear Why are kisses like the creation!
Because they are made out of nothing,
and very good,
rßitchter says, Friendship is a dan-
gerous thing br young ladies : it is love
full-fledged, and waiting for a fine day to
fly away.
ffer 'The key to a mother's heart is a
baby. Keep that well oiled with praise,
and you can unlock every pantry door in
the house.
BASTIFULNESS.—BashfuIness is not a
fault ; it is more a nervous affectation than
anything else. The over bashful should
mix more in society, and cultivate an in
difference to outward symptoms.
fatmcr's Ototumn.
The Potato of the Future.
A correspondent of the New York Tri- 1
bune makes the following announcement :
SlR:—About a year ago I conceived the
idea of producing the mammoth size of the
petrified remains of plants, which we meet
with in the study of geology, by means of
an excess in supply of carbonic acid. I
constructed an iron vessel, in which I gen
erated carbonic acid gas by means of dren
ching limestone with vinegar. This I in
fused into the soil in a flower-pot in which
I had planted a potato. I did this daily;
also I put the flower-pot into an iron vessel
I filled with the carbonie acid, and covered
to prevent diffusion. At the end of about
six months the plant reached the height of
four feet, and bore a pale blossom. In a
week more the pot was split. [took out
the plant, and a single potato (beside the
remains of that I planted), of about eight
inches in diameter, was at the root. By
planting this and treating it in the canto
manner, I hope to obtain potatoes of the size
of a barrel.
"I remain very truly, yours,
S.—Until now I never ventured to
lay this matter before the public, but I apt
now fully convinced the soil may be ren
dered very prolific by manuring with lime.
atone soaked with an acid. A. A.
..lievaavoino, Pa., Nov. 23, 1852."
The Beet Peed for Cowe.
The vegetable I wish to recommend as
the best, all things considered, for milch
oows in winter, is white fiat turnips; some
persons will object to the turnips because
it will affect the taste of the milk and but
ter. So it does if fed raw ; this can be a
voided by boiling. For each cow, boil half
a bushel of turnips soft, while hot add five
or six quarts of shorts, which will swell,
and you will get the worth of it. A mess
like this to a cow once a day will produce
more milk of a good quality than any oth.
er feed at the same cost. Turnips fed in
this way do not taint either the milk or
One thing in favor of turnips as feed for
cows is that they can bu sown in August,
or as late as September. I sowed some as
Tate as September last, which were very
fino. Turnips are also very profitable for
pigs, boiled in the same was as for cows.
—Plow, Loom and Anvil.
' .1
4 4:
?i f ?
Ayers Pills, glide, sugar-shod, over the pal
ate, but their energy, although wrapped up, is
Mere, and tells with giant force en every foun
dation of disease. There are thousand of suf
ferers who would not wear their distempers if
they knew they could be cured fur 25 ets,.—Try
Ayer's Pills and you will know it.
Purity the blood and disease will be strayed
(lease the system from impurities and you
are cured already.
Take this best id all Purgatives, and Reran ,
In, Indigestion, Weakness Head:idle, Backache,
Sideache, Jainelice,,Rheumatism, Ilerengum,iti
and all diseases which are purgative. remedy
can reach fly, before them like darknesu before
the Sun. _
Reader, if you are suffering from nny one of
the numerous complaints they cure—suffer no
more—the remedy has been provided for you,
and it it is criminal to neglect
That Alier's Churry Perinral, it the hest med
icine for n Cough, is known to the whole woo lot
rind that Ayer's Pills ure the Rest of all Pills, is
known to those who hart 'Neil them.
Prepared by 1)R.3. C. iER, Lnwell, Moon.
and sold by every respectable Druggist in Now
TIIOS. READ & SON, Huntingdon, Pa.. BC.
CHER, & PORTER, Alexandria, Pa., J. LI,
HUMMER & Co. Weterstreet, Pa., J. N. ROL.
LEH, Petersburgond by all dealers everywhere,
Feb. 15, 1856.-2 m.
Birmingham, Huntingdon county, Pa.
pms . Institute is situated on the Pemisyßombs
I Raul Hoed, and occopie., one of the most de
sirable locations in the state. It is so easy of st
ress. retired, healthful, and surrounded with Fllol
romantic mountain scenery, that no one who
wishes to learn, could find an institution more fa
vorahly situated. Experienced teachers who are
graduates of Troy and Mt. Ilolycke Seminaries
are employed in this institution, and no pahis
will he spared to sustain its growing reputation.—
The sweater term commences the last Tuesday
in April and continues five months. Charges to
date from the time of entering, and no deductions
made for absenceexceptto ease of sickness Pu
pils from Minimd are expected to board in the
Seminary Building with the Principal who gives
his emit e attention to their iutereet ahem
Boarding, Tuition and furnished rooms per
term $6O 00
Latin '
German, French, Painting, Drawing
and Instrumenttd Musa:, Extra. .
March '27, 1855 —tf.
Brilliant DlKplay or Jewelry.
THE public generally, and the rascals who,
I some time since. entered my store and remo
ved valuables to the amount of about $llOO
without my permission, are informed that I have
iust opened a more general und better assortment
of articles in my lino of business than •vas ever
brought to Huntingdon, consisting of Watches,
Jewelry, Clocks, Fine Knives, •i
Pistols. Perfumery, Port Mon
miles, Silver Ware, and Fancy
Articles, Sc., &c. My old friends and customers,
and the public in general throughout the county,
are requested to call and examine my assortment,
Huntingdon, March 29, 1854.
HAs just returned from the east with a large
and splendid assortment of
Fall and Winter Clothing,
for men and boys, made in the latest fashion and
in the most durable manner. Who over scouts
to be dressed better and cheaper than anybody
else in town, let him call at W . l.Loconny's
CHEAP CLovitiso STORE, one door west of T.
Read & Son's drug store, Huntingdon.
Call and sre for yourselves
Oct. 18, 1854.
RAILROAD 1101'118.
Mail T. 13x. T. Fast T. lE. T.
Train leaves P.M. P.M. P,M. P.M.
Petersburg, 2.45 3.30 9.17 12,30
Huntingdon, 3.02 3.46 9.32 1.05
Mill Creek, 3.15 3.56 9.42 1,38
Mt. Union, 3.33 4.09 9.56 2,20
Truin leaves P.M A. 31. P.M. A.M.
Mt. Union, 4.17 6.36 7.42 5,25
Mill Creek, 4.34 6.49 7.55 5.55
Huntingdon, 4.49 7.02 8.08 7.02
Petersburg, 5.05 7.13 8.19 7.30
JN. BALL respectfully solicits the attention
•of the farming community to a quality of
Plough, which ho Is now mannfiustiring, and will
have ready thr sale in a few days, ho is also pre
pared to make harrows, wagons. carts, wheel
barrows, eke., Rm., and to do all kind of repairing
at the shortest notice, and in the most substantial
ShoponN. NV. corneroi Montgmery and Wash
ington sts.
March 27 1855--tf.
Practice in the several Courts of Huntingdon
Blair,Catubrin, Centre, Mifflin end JUlllittn COUR
tie.. March 23, 1853.
rpHE partnership heretofore existing between
Myton and Mosser is by mutual consent dis
solved, and all persons knowing themselves in
debted to the said firm, will please call and set
tle their accounts without delay.
Saubiburg, April 2, 1855.—tt
VOTICE is hereby given that the partnership
LI heretofore existing between the undersign
ed (trading under the firm of Couch & Dunn,)
is this day dissolved by mutual consent. The
books of said firm are in. the bands of David
Dunn with whom all concerned will please to
make immediate settlement.
April 10, 1855-ff.
Dr. John McCulloch,
nil... his professional services to the citizens of
U Huntingdon and vicinity. Office, Mr. Hilde
brand's, between the Exchange and Jackson'.
Huntingdon, Aug. 99, 1855. •
Will attend to•ell business entrusted to him. Of
fice nearly opposite the Omni lionse.
ltle7 0, .sa
600.—How so Two Muss !—Triumpli
Cuatplete 1 I—Why is it that tie Ex-Governor
of Maryland, also the President et* ono of the
Banks at Frederiek City, urged the Doctors there
to procure it? Why has a large cash order
thin inch come nom iota Men as Me4srs. Peel
Stevens, wholesale Dru;:gists of Alexandria,
Va . and by the vcry to,ct mail, au order, (the
third time in Mar weeLs) from Mr. rierpoint,
anal front Nteslrs. Cook & Co., of eamt, place,
and by the very same mail a fourth order front
Messers. Hopper & Wilmer of Centreville, Md.,
(where a short time since such an excitement
sprung up from some remarkable cures made
there by Prof. C. DeGratit's (genuine) Elee
tric Oil, from 39 South Eighth Street, Philaticl
phis, a foes doors south of ehesnut street How
is it that the editor of Erie Observer, was cu
red in two days of rheumatisms in his back of
three years' duration ; end Mr. Brady, of Har
risburg of Paralysis? Why and how was it that
the other day Mr George Weis, 227 Eager street
Baltimore, two doors from St. James , church,
was cured of palsied hands of long mantling ,
also the late case of a lady in Philadelphia, cu
red of spinal curvature, and another of Prolap
sus Uteri, a complete, radical cure? Ask them.
Why do such men as Mesrs. G. N. & W. 11.
Williams. wholesale Druggist's, of S‘racuse N.
Y., write, August alnk.that—"your'Electric Oil
proven more beneficial than any other prepara
tions we have ever heard of," &e.
Yours, G. N. &W. HAVILLIAms.
Why has Joseph Osborn. ERI., of Auburn,
ritten, DOW the third time that "Prof. De-
Grctia's Eleatic Oil is selling vet) , fast, and
making great mires never before accomplished
here 1" Why did joint Run, Esq., send, the
flit inst., a gold dollar in a letter front Double
Bridges, Va., for a bottle, on the recommenda
tion of Wm. Arvin, Esq., of the some place !
who got swat a short time since for the Gout,
unit was cured? Why is it that every one speaks
of it as "a wonderful emative," and is this not
the real effuse of mere selling at retail, in Pluilu
dolphin Omni, thou is sold of Dr. Jayne's medi
cines. or five of any otters 7 Why is it that a
Physician of large practice used it on the parn
lvved limbs of his boy, atter using everything
else ? Sitaply because the genuine "Electroic
Oil," trout the office of Proh DeGrath, effectu
ally care- paralysis. Why and how is it that
over sstha has been sold in Washington, D. C.
during about six weeks, anal over $lOOO Worth
in Baltimore in the same time 7 Why do Messrs
Morris ei Co., of York, N., (ono of the finest
Drug houses in the State,) and John Wyeth,
Esq., of Harrisburg, Pa., sell so much, when
they have any quantity of all sorts of other
medicines right by the side of the "Electric
Oil?" Simply because nothing else will answer
the purpose that the Oil does. Let the skepti
cal ask the numerous cases of almost hopel e ss
patients, if anything could be more agreeable
in use, or More effectual in its results—some af
ter ha. ing expended hundreds of dollars on va
rious former treatment, with nothing but dis
couragement and despair for their trouble. Why
is it that other medicines have advertisements
pilot up column high, in all the papers while
Professor De Grath's 'Electric Oil' is only no
ticed at a simle expense nut to exceed $l5 to
$2O a day '1 Why is it that two physicians are
daily employed in the office, applying the (gen
uine) 'Electric Oil" to patients. Whim.' with
Totter, Palsy (and it is warreuted for this).—
Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Headache, Old Sores
and Bruises, Wounds, Cuts, Sprains and Inju
ries, Sore Breast and side; also all kinds of
painful complaints. Although a cure is war
rented, yet not more than one bottle has over
been returned t nod that was u CUSS of rota
deafness, of 16 years' standing. Of coarse ma
ture mold not restore such a case, with whatev
er help.
N. B.—An educated Doctor always in linen
dance and leanes may, if they desire it consult
with u lady by dropping a line to the,ffice of
Poor. C. DEG RATU, •
39 B. Eighth street,•Phila.,
3 doors So u th of Chesnut at.
Price. 50 Ms, 75 ors., and $l.
P. S.—Five &liars reward will he paid for the
arrest ilta low scamp, n Jew peiller. who copied,
on n dirty sheet, some of Prof. Ue G red.'s bills;
ned as the originals are copyrighted, he Is liable
to the law.
Rememberthc No., 39 S. Eighth st., Ehiadm
Thomas Read & Son, Huntingdon, Hunt. Co.
IL Barnwell, Montgomery, Muir co., W. G.
Murray, llollidnyshurg, Blair co., ComL•on &
McCoy, Frankstown, Blab cc., J. IL Hurner &
Co., Waterstreet. Iluot. co., Wm. Moore, Alex
andria, hunt. no.
Sept. 20, 1855.
)7'. AA NA
7 :43 , • 0 OCDOC.O ? .0 0 0 0 t,rt,
' a l.., 4'
‘ , 113 g JOB OFFICE g 'l.
‘ ,. ...ii, 0 OF THE 0 ( ./ .. 2
0 '!'!
``'.,t 0 "HUNT. JOURNAL." o ,it ,
4 4 ;#3 : The largest and best ( 0 ) P
'fig g JOB OFFICE ,, co, fc r
, g IN 711 E COUNTY. 0 E;..
4 , ,,c1 u JOE-WORK 0 ,'d
4.:•. ° 0 ( 14
OF 0 4 4
ki 0
40 :, g 211 115li'lli.'4)
43, ( 0 ) EXECUTED • O.:uP
tl 3 o As Chen!, us the Cheap est
T2111,:j t-4>
<f) o
, (1 2 1 10 DS ° q 4 °
0 nt;
) 0 (
, THAN )
-..., . ~.
e . o Tilt 1746:Va 0 kh>
L (. ..>
441 g WARRANTED. g
44 - 1 0 All kinds of 0 .1 ,
: 4 7 1 ' g o BLANKS g
- .. 0 CONSTI'NTLY ON 11 AND. ?) g
4 1 f) 000000CC00000
G. ) S77.9C . F:"ACWAV; 4• 3 4 A3
e V V - V
VV - ', 4.1.,-..:41
Informs his old friends and he public, that ho
has returned to his old home, and will attend to
all business in his protession, entrusted to him,
ntith fidelity and his best ability.
. ,
Office inldnin Street,vouth tilde, the last house
below the Court house.
Huntingdon, May 13,1852.
SAMUEL T. linowir
Jolly SCOTT,
2C)TrTi' i33.107/5%,
Attorneys at Law,
Huntingdon, Pa.,
Office somas that formerly occupied by John
Scott, Beg.
Oct. 19: 1853.
Adams & Co.'s Express.
T. K. SIMONTON, Agent, Iluntingdon.
Money, Packages, and goods ofall kinds, re
ceived and forwarded at t he risk of the company,
to all the cities and principal towns in the United
State May l , '52.
MRS. SARA!' KULP wishes to inform the
ladies of Huntingdon and the surrounding
country that she has moved next door to Charles
Miller above the Presbyterian Church, Hill St.,
where rho intends carrying on the fancy and
straw Millinery business. Having received the
latest city fashion, she is prepared to attend to
all that may favor her with their custom.'
April 10, 11153-1( S. A. KULP.
Where,may be obtained the most speedy rem
dy fur
DISEASES.—,OIeets Strictures,
Seminal Weeklies , . into in the Loins, Affections
of the Kidneys, mid all those cellar anecdotic,
arising. limn a secret habit, particularly the youth
of bora sexes, which if not cured, produces con
stitutional debility, rendering marriage impossi
ble, and in the end destroys both Mind and Body.
Voting Men,
especially, who have become the victims of Sol
itary Vice, that dreadful and destructive habit
which annually sweeps to nn untimely grave thou
sands of young men of the most exalted talents
and brilliant intellect, who might otherwise have
entranced listening senates with the thunders of
eloquence, or waked to cestacy the living lyre,
may call with full confidence.
Married Persons,
or those contemplating marriage, bang aware of
physical weakness, should immediately consult
Dr. J., and be restored to perfect health.
Dr. Johnston,
office No. 7 South Fredrick St., seven doors from
Baltimore Street, east side up the steps. CY'Be
particular in obtaining the name and number, or
yon will mistate the place.
A cure warranted, or no chnrge made, in from
one to two days.
TAKE NOTICE.—Dr. Johnston's office is in his
dwelling, up the steps. His very extensive prac
tice is a sufficient guarantee, that he is the only
'propel physician to apply to.
Dr. Jolist., member of the Royal College of
1 Surgeons. London, graduate from one of the
most eminent Colleges of the United States, and
the greater part ()foliose life has been spent in
the:llospi Ws of London, Paris Philadelphia, and
elsewhere, bas effected come of the most aston
ishing cures that were ever known, many trou
bled with ringing in• the ears and head when
asleep, great nervousness, being alarmed at sud
den semis, and bashfulness, with frequent blush
ing attended sometimes with derangement of
mind, were cured immediately.
A CERTAIN DISEARE.-1t is a melancholy fact
that thousands full victims to this horrid disease
owing to the unskilfulness of ignorant pretenders
who by the use of that density poison Meteors,
ruin the Constitution, causing the most serious
symptoms of that dreadful disease to make their
appearance, such ns affections of the bend, nose,
throat, skin, etc., progressing with frightful ra
pidity till death puts a period to their dreadful
suffering, hy seedhig them io that Bourne whence
no traveler returns.
TAKE PA NoTtc,--Youngmen who
have injured themselves by o certain practice in
dulged hi when alone—a habit Frequently learned
from evil compahions, or at school—the effects
of which are nightly felt, even when asleep, nail
if not cured renders marriege impossible, and de
stroys both mind and body.
What a pity that a young man, the hope of his
country and the darling of his parents should be
snatched from all prospects and enjoyments of
life by the conseithence otileviating t r out the path
of nature and indulging in a certain secret h u hit.
Such persons before contemplating Marriage,
should called that a sound mind and body are
the most neeessary requisites to promote connu
bial happiness, Indeed without these, the jour
ney through life beeollles a weary pilgrimage,
the prospect hourly darkens to the view; the
nand becomes shadowed with despair, and tilled
with the melancholy reflection, that the happiness
otionother becomes blighted with our own.
Comrrvrtrriostot. DEBir.try.—Dr. J. address
es young men, and all who have injured then,
selves by private and improper 111,101,0 nm
lorol . miArt A.—These Orc . some OI 1110 sad and
melancholy effects produced by early habits of
youth, vie: Weakness of the Buck and Lillll,B,
Palls in the head, Dimness of Sight, Loss of
Muscular power, Palpitation of the Heart Dy,
pepsin, Nervous Irritability, Detangements of the
Digestive Functions, General Debility SyMptoms
of Consumption, &e.
MEN'. I.ll,V—The fearful effects on the mind are
much to be dreaded; Loss of memory, Collins'.
of ideas, Depression of .Spirit, Evil Forbodings;
Aversiou to Society, Self Distrust, Love of Soli
tude, Sic., are some of the evils produced.
Thousands of persons of all agcs,can now judge
what is the cause of their declining health. Los
ing their vigor, becoming weak, pale and °twain
ced, have singular appearance about the eyes,
tough nod syintoms of consumption.
. . .
Married persons, or those contemplating mar
riage, being aware of pliy,ical weakness, should
immediately consult Dr. J. and ho restored to per
fect health. Office, No. 7, South Frederick-St.,
Baltimore, lad.
N. B. Let no false delicacy prevent you, but ap
ply immediately either personally or by letter.
Skin Diseases Speedily Cured,
To STRANGERS.—The many thousands cured
at this Institution within the last ten years, and
the numerous important Surgical Operations
performed by Dr. J „witnessed by the Reporters of
the papers, and many other persons, notices of
which have appealed again and again before the
politic, is a sufficient guarantee that the afflicted
will find a skillful and honorable physician.
As there are so many ignorant and worthless
quacks advertising themselves es Physiciansotain
log the health of the attuned Dr. Johnston would
say to those unacquainted with his reputation that
his Credentials or Diplomas always hang iu his
office. _ .
Weakness of the organs itnmcdiately cured,
and full vigor restored
lir All letters post paid—romeilies sent by
:Way 22, 1835.-Iy.
Would respectfully.inform his friends and the
public, that he has on hand and is receiving for
the cooling season, a tine ansortment of
cs)s. J.zr. are 0
Consisting of Watches ' Chains, Breast Pins, Fin
ger Kings, Ear Kings, Pencils, Keys, Thimbles,
Studs, Medallions, ace. Together with his celebra
ted and unrivalled
_ _
Which is equal if not superior, to an'y now in toe
Each Pen is Engraved with his own name,
and every Pon Warranted.
Oh did you ever, no I never !
Mercy on us what a treat;
Got head's Cold Pen, they're extra fine,
And only found in 4 . , :urtli Third Street.
A eplendid Pen!!! Whore did you got it ?
Pure Diamond Pointed, can't be beat;
Toe, Ty fliontl!, Iltore'sii? ImAIT Om
In Read's Gold Pens of North Tart' Stret t.
CTltcad's Gold Pen is found only at 56 North
Third Street, belOw Arch East Side.
Piladelphia. Jan. 8,1852.—tf.
II K. NEFF, M D .,
AVlNG:locatcd himself in WAnitionsmzint
in this county, would respectfully offer his
professional services to the citizens of that place
and the country adjacent.
J. B. Laden, M. D. Gen. A. P. Wilson,
N. A. Henderson, " Wm. P. Orbison, Esq,
J. 11. Dorsey, " Hon. James Gwinn,
N. Stewart, " John Scott, Esq, •
Hon. George Taylor.
lientingfon, Pa.
Jacob hi, Gemmill, M. D., Allexandrto.
I John hPeulloch, " Petersburg.
rpnE undersigned wishes to inform his friends
1 and the public generally that ho has moved
his shop to the building of And. Harrison, or
merly occupied by him as Collector's Office,
Hill St.
Where ho intends carrying on the Tailoring
business on such terms ns will not fail to givo
satisfaction to all that may favor him with their
He wishes to return thanks for the liberal pa
tronage heretofore received and hopes by strict
attention to business to merit a continuance of
J Np 9 $. KULP.
the !lama.
April 10, I 111811- tt.
Dr. Kennedy, of Doximry, hn.l discovered in one
of our common pa , tare weedy a remedy
that cures '
rrom, , 7 4al JD T)? 11:131M1,
tho worst scrofula down to a c annum pitopic,
lie has tried it in over 1100 welt, and never
failed except in too eases, (Lath tl under humor.)
Ile has tow in his pcssei.siun aver two hundred
certificates of its virtue, all within twenty miles
of Boston.
Two bottles fire warranted to cure u nursing
sore month.
One to three bottles will core tl e worst kind
of 'Pimples on the lace.
T oor three bottles will clear the system o
Two bottles aro warranted. to cure the worst
case or Erysipelas.
Ono to two bottles are warranted to cure all
humor in the Eyes. _
Two bottles :ire warranted to cure running of
the ears owl blotches among the hair.
Four to six bottles are warranted to cure cor
rupt and running ulcers.
Oue bottle will cure scaly eruption of the
'fwo to three bottles are warranted to cora the
worst case of tingwc.rm.
Two to three Cottles ere warranted to mire the
most desperate ease of rheumatism.
TbrJerto fear bottles are warranted to cure the
salt rheum.
Five to eight bottles will cure the worst case
' scrofula. •
A benefit is always experienced from the first '
bottle, and n perlect cure is warrunted when the
above quantity is taken.
Reader, I peddled over a thousand bottles of
this in the vicinity of Boston. I knew the effect
of it in every ease. So sure as water will extin
guish fire, so sure will this cure humor. I never
sold a bottle of it but that sold another; after a
trial it always speaks for itself. There are two
tbings about this herb that appear to me surpri
sing ; first that it grows in our pastures, in seine
places quite plentiful, and yet its value has never
been known until I discovered it in l446—second
that it should cure all kinds of humor.
In order to give some idea of the sadden rise
and great popularity of the discovery. I will
state that in April, 1853, 1 peddled it nod sold
about six bottles per day—is April, 1854, I sold
over one thousand per Jay of it.
Some of the wholesale Druggists who have
been in business twenty and thirty years, say
that nothing in the nasal; of patent medicines
was ever like it. Th. re i> a universal praise of
it from all quarters.
In my own practice I always kept it strictly for
humors—but since its introduction as a general
family medicine, great and wonderful - virtues
have been found is it that I never suspected.
Several cases of epileptic lits—a dine se which
was always considered incurable, have been cu
red by a few bottles. it. what n merey if it will
prone effectual in all cases of that dreadful mal
atly—there are but few who have more of it than
I have. .
fiw of several cases of Dropsy, all of whou
aged people cured by it. Fur the rariotti tlisc:t•
see of the Liver, Ilvadarite, Dyspepsia
Asthma, Fever and Ague, Pain in the Side, Dk.
cam., of tile Spine, and particularly in disease:
of the Kidneys, &e., the discovery has done
good than any medicine ever known.
No change of diet over necessary—eat the bes
you ran get and enough of it.
Dinucl toNs von Ustf.—Adults one tablt
spoonful per day—Children over ten years des.
sett spoonfull—Children frout five to eight year
teaspoonful!. As no directions can lid applies•
hie to all constitutions, take sufficient to operat
on the bowels twice a day.
Manufactured by
No. 120 Warren St., lluxburil;Mass.
I'rice 01,00
T. W. Drotr, General Agent fur Peunsylva.
IVholes.,le Agents.—N.___Y : City, C. V. Ca
ner, tll Ban lac Street.—C. H. Ring, 192 Broad
way.—lt & Clark, 275 Rroadway.—A.
1). Sands, ISO Fulton Street.
For sale by Cl. IV. BrelnnatOleVeytown; Sirs
_ .
Mary Mnrla, I.caiston t]; 1. ht..aci 8c Son, Hun.
Anil sold by Agents generally
May 2,1855.—1 y.
Tor the prevention and Cure of Intermittem
and Remittent Fevers, Fever and Ague, Chill:
and Fever, Dumb Ague, tieneral Debility Nigh!
Swente, and all otherforom of disease which hart
a common origin In Malaritt or Minsma.
This is a amoral antidote which will entirel ,
protect any resident or travellar evil in ILI
most sickly or swampy localities, from any Ago ,
ur I liuus disease whatever, ur any injury Iron
constantly inhaling Malaria or Miasma.
- -
It will instantly cheek the Ague in persons
whu have - sullen:A fur any length of time, from
one day to twenty years, so that they need Lever
to have another chill, by continuing in use ac
centing to directions. The patient at once begins
to recover appetite and strength, and Afoutinnes
until a permanent and radical cure is effected.
One or two bottles will answer I'm ordinary
cases; sonic may require more. Directions prin
ted (lemmas, French and Spanish, stecompasy
each bottle. Price ore dollar. Liberal dis
counts made to the trade.
JAMES A. RHODES, Providence, E. 1
New York, June 11, 1855.
"I have made a chemical examination of
"Rhode's Fever and Ague Cure," or Antidote
to Malaria, and have tented it for Krsenie, Mer
cury, Quinine, and Strychnine, hut .have not
found a particle of either in it, nor have I found
any sult3tanao in inn composition that would
prove injtiriouato the constitution.
JAMES R. CIULTOM, M. 11. Chemist.'
Lewisburg, Union Co., Pa., Maly 2, 1855.
Mr. J. A. Rhodes—Dear Sir t The box of
medicine you sent tno was duly received on the
nth of April. I have sold about one half of it,
anti so far the people who have used it, and six
of the cases wore of long standing ; my sister.
who had it for five or six years back, and could
never got it stopped, except by Quinine, and
that only as long as she would take, is now, I
think, entirely cured by your remedy.
Lots hi Altoona for Sale.
LOTS FOR SALE IN A L'f 00NA six ml es
north otHollinaysburg and about one mile north
west of Allegheny Furnace, Blair county.
After the 21st day of May, the LOTS in; a d
TOWN will be open to the public for sale.
It is well known that Inc I'ennsyteootoß ad
Road Company have selected the place for t tat
erection of the main Machine null other Shopt
and are now building the same.
The Rail Road willbe opened early in the Fel.
throwing nt 011 , 70 a large amount of trade tot het
place. The main inducement at this time in
fering Lots lon sale being to secure the requts-
Re Machinists and Tradesmen, and homes fOr
the Machinists and other employees of tie Rail
Road Company. Early application will secure
Lots at a low price.
Pot further information ripply to C. 11. MAY
ER, at Altoona, or to R. A. McMURTIZI
• I Hollidaysburg. •
THE/ library
for theirvery liberal patronage, and
,' 7, will be opon every Saturday ate,
hopes by strict attention to business."' Yet. noon, at 3 o'clock, in their room in the
to merit a continuance of them., ill all haste of Court Rause, Subscription 50 cents a year.—
Castings, Cooking Stoves, Air-Tight, .actor, New books hare been added to the former ex•
Ten Plato Wood and Coal Stoves, of various at- cellent collection—uPtinny , Fern's" popular
nos, and all kinds of Ploughs; the Lancaster and : tr ay k l a s s c. Th e furdi , , ,,
the Plank Barshear patterns, and Keystone No.
and patronage of the public will enable the collec
t Self-sharpening and 11111 Fide Ploughs,
Shears to suit all kinds of Ploughs is the country; ton to be still more extended.—
Rolling•mill and Forge Castings, Grist and Saw- I By order of the
mill Castings, Lewistown Threshing Machine' President
Patterns, and the four horse end two horse Power I Huntingdon, Jan. 22 1855.
of Chambershurg patterns; and all other kinds of,
Take no more Arsenic, Tunics, Mercury, Qui
nine, Febrifugns, Strychnine, or Anti-Periodics,
of any kind. Thu well-known inefficiency of
these noxious poisons proves them to be the oil ,
spring of false medical principles, or of mercena
ry quacks. The only remedy in existence that
is both sure and harmless is
lluntingdon, Thomas Read & Son,
and for sale by dealers generally.
Marsh 20, 1255-Iy.
castings too ntui;Orcus to 'mention, all of which BLANKS..-Always buy your Blanks at the
will be sold cheaper than over for cash and all j "Journal Office." We have now prepared n ye
kinds of country produce. Also, old mettle token ry superiorarticle of BLANK DEEDS, BONDfI,
in exchange for castings. JUDGMENT NOTES, SUM M OW. EXIT
Huntingdon, November 9, M' TIONS,
The "HUNTINGDON . Jot:mu." is publishee nt
he following rates t
if paid in. advance $1,50
If paid within six months after the time of
subscribing 1,75
If paid at the end of the yem 240
Awl two dollars and lifty cents if not paid till
after the expiration of the year. No subscription
will he taken for a le's period than six mouthy;
and no paper Millie disconthued, except at the
option of the Editor, after it has went over the
time of subscribing, until she end of that pear.
Subscribers living in distant etinnties,or in other
Widen, will be required to pay invariably In
tzT rho above terms will bo rigidly adhered
to in all eases.
Will be charged at the fallowing rates:
1 insertion. 2 .10. 3 do.
Six lines or less, $ 25 $ 37i $ 50
One square, (16 lines,) 50 75 1 08.
Two " (32 't ) 1 00 1 50 2 00
Three " (48 " ) 1 50 2 25 3 00
Rosiness men advertising lay the Quarter, Ileit
Year or Year, will be charged the following rates:
••••••• -•- •i
3 ini7. 6 mo. 12 mo.
One square, $3 40 $5 00 $8 00
Two squares, 500 800 - 12 00
Three squares, 750 10 00 15 00
Four squares, • 900 14 00 23 00
Five squares, 15 00 25 00 38 00
Ten spmes, 25 00 40 00 60 00
Business Cards net exceeding six lines, one
year, $4.00. •
Agents for the Jom•nal.
Thefollo;ing persons WC linen appointed Agents
for the III'ETINGEON JOURNAL, who are author
ized to reedy', nod receipt for money paid on sub
scription, and to take the names of new subscri••
bent at our published prices.
We to this for the COnVellienCo of our subscii
hers living nt a distance from
JOHN W. TIIOAII,ION, llollidaysbUrg,,
GEORGE. W. Consults, Cromwell township.
lltnsos, Clay township.
DAVID LTNInr, Cromwell township.
1)r. 1. I'. Asucom, l'enn township, •
J. WATIEII.OI MATTERN, Franklin township,
SAMUEL Servers', Jackson township,
Col. JNO. C. WAtsos, Brady township; •
MOIIItIR Brown, Springfield township,
Wel. HUTCHINSON, ESq.,lVsitiorsniark tp.,
• Ilesny ICEtt, West Barre,
Joan Iht.snAcu, Water:meet,
• Maj. Cumo.ts MICKLEY. Tod township,
A. M. 111..11r. Duhliu township,
01,0111:1; WILSON. Foil., Tell township,
JAM', C r.N., Birmingham.
sirs NEL. LYTLE, E , 11., Spruce Creek.
Maj. W. Moonr, Alexandria.
11. F. WALLAct, Union Furnace.
SIMLON Wutuirr, E,1., Union township.
DAVID CLARKSON ' Esq., Cass township.
Wioros,Esq., Franklin township..
Davin l'Anuku, Warriorsmark.
DAVID AIIIZANOT, Esq., Todd township.
Ito. J. ALFRED Sll.ths, Dublin township.
The “.101IIINARP has 300 Subscri
bers snore, than any other paper
in tep a COUIItY•
PAN V, Otilis.:l,ENNIG'S Buti.DiNu, N. W.
corner SetiAll nail Walnut ,tracts.
Pifit.....11) ELI M.A.
This Company effects Piro Iti,uranee on Buil
dings, Goods, Furniture. Fe.
" CARGO, To all ports in the World.
Inland insurances on Goods 1, rimers, Inkes
canals, railroad, nnd hind carriage to all pa; to Li,
the Union.
Also, iusuronce upon LIVES fipou the moot
favorable terms.
llon.Tlamtw.B. Florence Jame 4 E. Nuell,
George 11. Armstrong, Charles Ding.,
Edward I'. Middleton, Ed. R. Ilcimbold,
George liehnhold, F. C. Brewster,
Thorn. Mandertiel4, l,me Leech.
THOMAS B FLOBENCE, r, cs id eu i,
EDWAUD IL. 11E1.M001.1., See'y
. .
limiTmonox, PA.
Vlain ianq
And all Kinds o f Legal Blanks,
Used by Magistrates & Others
Printed at lite OFFICE.
The subscriber, thankf ul to his friend, end pa
trons, and to the Public generally, for their pa
tronage, still continues to carry on at the same
stand, one door cast of Mr. C. Cunt's Hotel, Mar
ket street, Huntingdon, where he will attend to
nil who will titror him with their custom, sod al
so keeps on hand a good assortment of WATenES,
CLOCKS, JEWELRY, d c., &c., all of which he is
determined to sell Cl low prices.
Clocks, Watches and Jewelry of all kinds will
be repaired at short notice, and hoeing made ar
rangements with a good workman, all repairs will
be done in anent and durable manner, nod every
person leaving articles toe repairing shall havt,
them done at the precise time. By paying strict
attention to business, and selling at low rates, ha
hopes to receive s share of politic patronage.
Huntingdon, Sept. 7, 1852.—tf.