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FLoon.—Some 3 a 4000 barrels have been
told at $11,50 for standard brands, and $9,75.
$9,87i for extra, which establishes an advande.
The demand for home consumption is also
more active within the range of $9, 5 0a5 10 , 75
for common retailing to extra and fancy fam
ily brands. Cons MEAL and RYE Fnoua are
mare inquired for. About 1400 barrels of the
tbrrner sold at $4 for . Pennsylvania Meal, and
200 barrels of the latter at $6,50 per barrel.-
IVra:Ar is scarce and wanted at previous rates,
and about 6000 bushels , sold at 210a211 cents
for fair to prime Reds, and 195 cents for info.
rior, and 220a230 cents for fair to prima White.
This work a great help to teachers and 'm
idis. It is u quarto of latter sheet size, contain
ing Directions, Subjects, end Blank Leases for
Composition, with large end splendid Engra
'vino. It is finely printed on the hest writing
paper. Price 27i cents for school edition or 624
cents in full gilt binding.
13v Dion, Lerdner, L. 1.. D. ; treating of all
the Physical Science, in a complete and finniliar
manner. Two large octavo volumes, of 1,206
pages, with several hundred Illustrations. Every
teacher and library should have a copy. Prico
Front its discovery, continued by an American
liistorinn to the present time. A large octavo
volume. of 1,200 pngos, splendidly illustrated,
gilt binding. The mast complete history of our
country ever written. Price $4.
Ca fug Da@illls2
Embracing the History Diagnosis, and Treat
ment of Diseases in general ; including-those pc•
miller to Females, and the management, of Chil
dren. A ccompauied by n complete case of re
medies prepared expressly for this work. Price
of Book and Case, $5. Book alone $1,50.
LAW, 66 'Fulton
rublielied by Immo - NV
St., New Yoik:
Nov. 28, 1855.-
E sAscribers have established a Book
,LtA g eney in Philadelphia, and will furnish any
book or publi•attion at the retail price free of
postage. Any persons. by forwarding the nob
seription prico of any of the $3 Magazines, such
nn !lamer's, Godey's, l'n mnto s, Graham's, or
Frank Leslie's Fashions, will receive the
magazines liar ono year and •t copy of the splen
did lithograph portrait of either Washington,
Jackson or Clay.; or if subscribing to a $2 and
asl Mngazine, they will receive a copy of ei
ther of tho three portraits. It' subscribing to $6
worth of Magazines, all three portraits will bo
sent gratis. Music furnished to those who may
nish it.
Envelopes of every description nu l l size in
large or small quantities furnished. Seal Press
es, Dies, &c. sent to order.
Every description of Engraving on Wood ex
ecuted with neatness and clispateh. Views of
Buildings, Newspaper Headings, Views of Ma
chinery, Book illustrations, Lodge Certilientes,
Business Cards, &c. All orders sent by mail
promptly attended to. Persons wishing views
of their buildings engraved eon send a Daguer
reotype or - sketch of the building by mail or ex
press. . . . . .
.. - Persons at a distance having' saleable articles
would find it to their elem.:Age to whims the
subseribers, as we would net as agents for the
sale of tho some. BYIIAM & piEncr„
50 South Third Si., Philadelphia, Pa.
Xnv. 28, 1355.—1 y.
The subscriber being desirous of removing to
the West, od o rs his form situated in West town
ship, on the rood lending from Petersburg to
MeAlavev's Fort, for sale. His farm adjoins
land of William Armstrong, Thomas F. Stewart
and others, containing about MS Acres, of which
there is cleared and under a good state of culti
vation about 170 Acres. Tho balance is well
timbered. The improvements aro a Log House
and Bank liars, together wRh a small Tenant
House. The barn is new, 80 by 45 feet. Theiro
is also on the premises a Young Orchard, and
water is piped to the door from a never-failing
spring of water. This plantation is highly pro.
ductive, being good limestone land. It is situa
ted within 21- miles of Petersburg, where the
railroad nod canal passes through. Sale to com
mence at It/ o'clock on Thursday, 20th of Dee.,
1853. Terms—One third of the purchase mon
ey to be paid in hand, the balance in two equal
payments with interest. To be secured in the
usual manner. THOS. HAMER.
Nov. 28,'55.
Fruit, Shade, and Ornamen
tal Trees.
solo at t heir Nurseries in Ihnitintzdon,
an assortment of trees of the 'Jest varieties con
sisting of
All orders addressed to them will be filled at
the usual nursery prices. Terms Cash.
r . l , lstate of Benjamin Nearhoof, ilea.]
The, undersigned Auditor, appointed by the
Orphan's Court of Huntingdon county, to make
distribution of the funds in the hands of George
Guyer Jr., Administrator of the estate of Ben.
jamin Nearhoof, late of Warriormark town
ship, deceased, among those entitled to the
same, hereby gives notice that he will attend
at the Register's Office in Huntingdon, on Sat
urday the 22d, day of December next, at 3
p'clock F. for the purposes of his appoint.
meat, where all persons having claims against
said funds are requested to present the same
or be for ever debarred from getting a share of
said fund.
Nov. 27th 1135.5-4 t.
Estate of James Campbell, late of ShirJey
NroTicz is hereby given to all persons inter
eated that the undersigned appointed audi.
tor, by the Orphans' Court to distribute the bal
ance °timid estate remaining in the hands of
Hance R. Campbell, Adm'r., will attend for tho
purpose at his office, on Thursday the 20th of
December, 1855, at 10 o'clock, A. M., and that
at that time and place they arc required to pre
sent their claims to the undersigned or be de
barred from coming in fur a share of such assets
or balance. A. W. 13ENEDICT,
Nov. 28, 18545.-4 t. Auditor.
LETTERS of Administration on the estate
of James Stewart, lets of West tp., Hunt
ingdon Co., dee'd., having been granted to the
undersigned, all persona indebted to said estate
will make immediate settlement, and thou, hay•
ing chums against it will present then. duly an
thentieated for settlement.
Nor. 28, lAs5.-At.•
In every county in the United States and
Canada, to soll one of the most important
Books ever published in America, and one that
shonld be in the hands of every male and fe•
male, who regard their own health and the
welfare of their offspring, entitled
Revised and enlarged by Horton Howaill,
H. D., containing nearly ONE nusracED
MATIONS, of grout importance, a n d nearly one
thousand large octavo pages, bound in substan•
tint leather binding library style, three volumes
bound it one containing an important SYSTEM
or nostrwric msoloin with a Treatise on an
atomy, Physiology, and all diseases that man
kind arc heir to with Presetiptions of the great.
eat importance to mankind. Also, an exten
sive TREATISE ON MIDWIFERY, giving a lull des.
cription of the Diseases of Women—the cause
of disease and cure,
This book was first published as a Text
Book and is now used in the Eastern Cofeges•,
but the revised edition is made simple and
plain t that all classes may comprehend it. It
contain an explanation to all the medical
terms used in the book. Price 11.
Agents wishing to engage in tho sale of this
valuable book, will do well to ;mike immediate
application ns it will be exclusively a subserip•
lion book, and the greatest pains will be taken
to prevent one Agent from selling on the terri
tory assigned to another.
A sample copy will he sent, by mail, post
paid, to any part of the United States or Can
ada, on the reception of the retail price in cur
rent funds or postage stamps with term to
Agents, and to those wishing to engage in the
Address H. M. iII:JASON, Publisher,Qua
ker City Publishing House,Cll2 South Third
street, Philadelphia, or Queen City Publishing
I House, 1153 Main street Cincinnati, Ohio.
Oct. 24.-st.
400 - 13 N.
Call and look before you purchase,
LT As just returned from Philadelphia: and is
I 'now opening one of the prettiest end best
selected stock of goods ever brought to the bor
ough of Huntingdon. It would be useless to
mention all of the goods we havo on hand—
Ladles; Dress Goods,
of the latest styles.
A large stock at llosery, Dress Trimmings,
Ribbons, Velvet, bonnets tindersloves, Collars,
Spencers, Cnslmeres, Clothe, Casinetts, Lames,
Silk Mitts, Delanes, l)e-Borgc, Kid Gloves,
and all kinds of goods generally kept in a
country store.
Also—a fine assortment of
Boots, Shoes, Bats, & ca
Glassware, Queensware and ecderware.
A large and good supply of
Fresh Groceries.
Call and see my goods and examine for your
Thnnkfnl for the patronage of the past by my
friendq, and the public generally, I respectfully
solicit a continuance of the same.
Xlll kinds of country produce taken in cx
change for goods at the highest market price.
Oct. 10, 1855.
IUNNINCIIIAM & DUNN have just returned
kj from Philadelphia ' and are now opening at
the head of the Broad Top Basin a' huge and
beautiful assortment of Full & Winter Goods
Consisting of
_ _ _
Dry Golods, Groceries, Hard-wase,
Queens-ware, Cedar-•ware,
Slats, boots awl shoes.
lvillow-wa r e.
Ready Abide Clothing always on hand.
and in short everything that is usually kept in a
country store.
kept constantly for Bale.
Call and examine our stark heft re purcha
sing elsewhere, and see whether we <anion
make it your intermit to patronise us.
All kinds of country produce taken in ex
change for Goods at the highest market prices.
The highest market pukes paid tar all kinds
of Grain.
Prompt attention paid to storing and forward.
ing all kinds of mereltandiss,yroduce, &c.
'Huntingdon, Oct., lo 1855,
TnE s—w, improvement Company will sell
j at public aumbm in the New Town of Saw-
Vin, on Christmas Day, 25th Dec., 1853, n large
number of building lots, according to the num
bers of the same in the plan of said town. The
town is located at the junction of the Ilrond 'rep
Railroad, leading to Shoup's Run, und llopewell.
The plan of the town will show the junction of
theroad. We are now making nrrungemciats fur
Turnpike Road over the Mountain, to MORRIS
COVE and MARTINSBURG. We are also
prepared to have water conveyed to the
in pipes, that will throw the water from 40 to 60
feet high. Extensive arrangements have laten
tly been made for the improvement of the town.
A Hotel will be finished end furnished before the
25th of December. The Terms on which the
lute will bo offered, will be made known on day
of sale. Persons desiring a Plan of the Town
of Saxton, will receive the same by addressing
President of the Company, Huntingdon.
Nov. 21, 1855.—5 t.
iloMl2gs OIL 4112 viaato
Sebastopol Taken! !
The undersigned has just returned from the
city with a large and splendid assortment of
Fall and Winter Goods,
which be is now prepared to dispose of at very
low nod reasonable rates. Persons desiring to
purchase will find it to their intcrrat to give him
call before purchasing; elsewhere, ns he studios
only to please. Ills stock consists ofa large lot of
Dry Goods, Hardware.
BOOTS is tillOrS, 11A.711
Glass & Queensware,
a large and splendid assortment of ready made
which he is prepared to sell in lots to suit purch
asers. JOHN HUYETT,Jr.
N. B.—Country produce taken in exchange
for goods.
Moorsville, Nov. 7, 18.15.—tf.
swoon fad' [Law,
Davenport, lowa.
Attends to buying, selling and locating Lands
and land warrants, pays taxer, loans Money on
Heal Estate security, on commission, examines
and makes abstracts of title, &c. Any business
intrustdd, will be attended to promptly and with
Refer to Hug. Goo. Taylor and Members of
the Bur at Huntingdon.
November 21, 1055.-6 m.•
I OSEPII DOUGLASS, in McCounallstown
has constantly on hand, ready made titles,
and is prepared to make and repair Gone of all
kinds at the shortest,notice.
pril 28, 1888-Iy,
Prince & Co's
The oldest establishment in the United Slates, and
the largest in the World.
Between 17,000 and 18,000 of there Imo.,
ments have been finished and ate now in use.
The latest improvement in outlklelodeons is the
Secured to us by Letters Patent, 22d May, 1855.
By menus of this swell Sole Passages may be
played with the full power of the Instrument,
while the accompaniment is soft and stimlned.—
Hereafter all Melodeons made by us will be fur
nished with this attachment
Ertjnetfronid. Commercial Advertiser, .htly
' , Ales - firs Prince & Co. could realize , a hand
some fortune by disposing of rights to other man
ufacturers to use their new improvement. but as
they prefer to make it n feature in their Instru
ments it can only be obtained by purchasing one
of their manufacture."
Agents for the sale of our Melodeons may he
found in all the principal cities and towns of the
United States, and the Dumas.
end No. R 7 Fulton-st., Now York,
Nov. 7, 1855.—'
Chesnut Street, Philadelphia, No. 165
One door below Fifth, North Side.
Gentlemen who wish to buy their clothing rea
dy made, quite as good as can be made by any
Merchant Tailors of the United States, should
visit this magnificent store, where goods of the
finest class are keptileady Mode and in the piece
which will be made up to order nt the shortest
notice and perfect satisfaction warranted.
Also ft fine assortment cf
And every article is 'milked with the lowest cash
price, in plain figures.
Nov. 7, 1855.—0 mu.
III: subscriber for sole a tract of land
I situate in Henderson township, Huntingdon
county, bounded by lands of Peter Swoope, John
McCartney's heirs, and others, containing
113 and one-half Acres,
about 110 acres are cleared and in a goodstate
of cultivation, the balance being well timbered.
The improvements
4a. - are a good LOG , '
f+" HOUSE, a NEW A
ORCHARDS and a never-failing SPRING of
water near the house. This farm is situated
sin miles from the town of Huntingdon.
Terms will be made easy to suit purchases-.
October 31, 1855.—tf.
The subscriber is constantly manufitcluring
Files and Rasps of superior quality and at the
lowest prices, equal to the best imported goods
and much cheaper.
Manufiteturers and Mechanics can have
their old files meta and madeequal to new, at
about half the original cost. Flat 12 inches
$2,00 per dozen ; Flat. 14 inches 82,72 per•
dozen ; Saw•files, half round, Millsaw and oth
cr files in proportion. Single files and frac
tional parts of dozens charged at the same
rates, and warranted satisfactory.
No. 61 New Street between Race Vino &
Second and Third Ste. Philadelphia.
Aug. 22, 1855.-3 m.
J ETTERS of administration on the Estate of
A Alexander McCall, Into of Hopewell op.,
Huntingdon Co., dec'd., having been granted
to the undersigned, all persons indebted to said
estate are requested to make immediate payment,
and those loosing claims against it will present
them July authenticated for settlement.
MATILDA McCALL, S "" m r ""
Oct. 17, 1855.--St.•
NOTICE is hereby given that the partnership
heretofore existing between the undersign
ed (trading under the firm of Couch a's Done,)
is this day dissolved by mutual consent. The
books of said firm are in the hands of David
Dunn with whom all concerned will please to
make immediate settlement.
April 10, 1835-If.
LETTERS testamentary on the estate of
Abraham Hattie, late of. Tell tp.,
having been granted by tilt Register of Wills to
the undersigned, all persona having claims
against said deceased aro notified to present them
to. and all persons indebted are requested to
make payment to
Oct. 31, 1855.-6 E..
The Partnership heretofore existing between
the undersigned, is this day by mutual consent
dissolved. The husinese will be carried on
hereafter, ay John Iluyett.Jr., at the old stand.
fop Eta al. CUNNINGHAM.
Oct. 31, 1855:.V.
Collectors are hereby notified that the Com
missioners will meet on the first Monday in De
cember next, to give them their exonerati ens on
Militia Fines. According to a late Act of As
sembly no exonerations for said fines can be giv
en oiler t Mistime. By order of Commissioners.
11. W.- MILLER, Clerk.
Nov. 130855.
ILRRANGEMENTS for the Second Annual
Collection of this new and popular Institu
tion for the diffusion of Literature and Art, have
been made on the most extensive reale.
. _
Among the works already engaged, is the fur
famed "GENOA CRUCIFIX," which original
ly cost Ten Thousand Dollars.
In forming this new collection, the diffusion
of works of American Art, and the encourage
ment of American genius have not been over
looked. Commissions nave been issued to many
of the most distinguished American Artists, who
will contribute some of their finest productions.
Among them are three Marble Busts, executed
by the greatest living Sculptor—Hiram l'owers:
GEORGE WASHINGTON, the Father of his
losopher; DANIEL WEBSTER, Me States
man. A special a gent has visited Europe and
madc eareffil end judicious selections of foreign
works of Art, butts its Bronze and Marble ; Sta
tuary and Choice Paintings.
The whole forming a large and valuable col
lection of Paintings and Statuary, tu he distri
buted free among the members 01 the Associa
tion for the Second year.
Tenn, of Membership.—The payment of three
dollars constitutes any one a member of this Ae•
sedation, and entitles him to either one of the
following Magazine. for one year, and also a
ticket in the distribution of the Statuary anti
The Literature issued to subscribers consists
of the following Monthly Magazines : Harper's
l'utnam's, Knickerbocker. Bleckwood's, Gra
ham's, Godey's Lady's Book, and Household
Persons taking five memberships are entitled
to any live of the Magazines for one year, and
to six ticke s in the distribution.
The net psoceeds derived from the sale of
memberships, are devoted to the purchase of
roorks of Art for the ensuing year.
rhe Advantages Secured—by becoming a
member or this Association. ere—
Ist All persons receive the full value of their
subscriptions at the start, in the shape of sterling
Magazine Literature.
2,1. Each member is contributing towards pur
chasing choice Works of Art, which are to be
distributed among themselves, and are at the
sonic time encouraging the Arts of the country,
disbursing thousands of dollars through its Agen
Persons in remitting funds for membership,
will please give their post office address in full.
stating the month the) wish the Magazine to
commence, and hare the letter registered at the
punt-office to prevent loss , on the receipt of
which, a certificate of membership, together with
the Magazine desired, will be forwarded to any
part of the country.
Those who purchase Magazines at Bookstores
will observe that by joining this Association,
they receive the Magazine and free ticket in the
annual distribution, all at the same price they
now pay for the Magazine alone.
Beautifully illustrated Catalogues, giving full
descriptions, sent free on application.
For Membership address C. L. DERBY,
Actuary C. A. A. At either of the principal
offices—" Knickerbocker Magazine" office. 348
Broadway, N. T., or Western 061.066 Water
Street, Sandusky, 0.
Oct. 14,1855.-6 t.
The undersigned will oiler et public sale on
Wednesday, the 12th day of December next, on
the premises, all that valuable farm situate on
James Creek et its junction with the Raystown
Branch of the Juniata River, one mile and a
half from the "Worthington" depot of the Broad
Top Railroad, and twelve miles from Hunting
don—containing about 225 acres, having thereon
a net, three story stone and frame Grist Mill,
with four run of burrs, and all the modern im
provements—a largo stone mansion house the
late residence of the late Jamei Entrek In, Esq.,
a large bank barn, a two story brick dwelling
house for Mill—two log tenant houses and oth
er improvements. About 150 acres of the land
is cleared, 50 acres of it being first rate river
bottom. This Mill is situate in ono of the best
wheat growing neighborhoods in the State. A
good level road to the Railroad. The situation
is a good one for a store, sad the farm would
suit for
The owners will sell at private sale, and will
offer nt public sale as above, if not sooner sold
The money is not wanted soon, .d terms trill
be made easy. Payments extended to any rea
sonable number of years, for part, or at, the
whole, to suit purchasers ' if properly secured.
Terms will be published on day of sale. Pos
session Will be given on first of January or dent of
April. A. P. WILSON.
Ilttntiugdon, Pa., Oct. 20,1855.—t5.._
Ulai6l CarECII.
VESSLER & IRO. have just received
IV large and well assorted stock of fall and
winter goods, suitable for the wants of all, and
partica,urly the farming community ; a good
assortment of made op gloating, Hardware,
Queens ware, &c.
A superior article of Coffee, Sugar, Molasses
and Tobacco, which will ho sold at a small ad
vance on cost. Call and examine for your
selves. Also, large supply of fish, salt, plaster,
stone coal, Iron nails, and stoves, constantly on
hand and toi sale.
We are prepared to exhibit a much larger
stack of boots and tames titan heretofore, and
at reduced prices. Call mai see before purchas
ing your wintet supply
07 - The highest price paid for all kind of pro
Mill Creek, Oct 10, 1855-61.
75 In , Is. Mackeraljust ic ryAva i t t inil
i co i r u rle
300 . t c a k i s v Gronnd Al i T T &S s at r i , lt E r i o t c::l 33 7g . for
70 Tons Plaster recelialadullotrialicilboy.
75xE"of nails
S & "ik a f gl,ll ' t b lltl2o.
NE New Tide Water Canal Boat just finish
and ler sale by MOHLER &lilt°.
30,000 UVerrElnlp b rei - ISE,
TILE subscriber in happy to inform his numer
ous friends and customers that ho has added
very largely to his already extensive and varied
stock of new and popular books—and can now
boast as groat a•variety at the same low prices
as the City Book Stoves. His STATIONARY
is of great variety and well selected, via: Fan
cy and Plain Note Letter .d Cap paper and
Envelopes. Gold Pens and Silver Boilers
from Si upwards, Pen and Pocket Knives, Port
Mammies and Pocket- Books, Ink and inkstand.
Razor-strops and Brushes, Bse.
School Books in quantities to country march
' ants and teachers at City wholesale prices.—
Wrapping paper constantly on band.
11.001.1 PIECES WALL PAPER of every
kind, Window Paper sad painted
Shade, with Putnam's+ Patent Self-Adjusting
Curtain Flxtgres.. All dm above at Phila. re
tail prices, call a nd examine, "I endeavor to
please." Store on Railroad St. Huntingdon,
1 . WM. COLON.
Oct. 17, 1855.
Bodenhauter on the Piles.
Now fAusmy.
Practical ebservationa on some of the Pisan
i,* or the Iteetoiu, Auus, and Continuous Tex•
tures—giving their Nature, Seat, Causes, Sytne
toms, Consequences, and Vraventlon especial
ly addressed to, non-medical leaders. 41y
lkdonharnor, , 114 D. Second edition, with elated
8,0. SA, J. N. lIEDFILLD.
- Nov. 7, 1855. No. 34 , liecknian et.
$1 000.—SOLD to Two Dire !—Triumph
Complete !—Why is it that the Ex-Governor
0 ; M a ryl And, also the President of one of the
Banks at Frederick City, urged the Doctors there
to procure it? Why has a large cash order
this week coma trom such men as Messrs. Peel
& Stevens, wholesale Druggists of Alexandria,
Vu. and by the very next mail, an order, (the
Shirai time in tour weeks) from Mr. Pierpoint,
and from Messrs. Cook & Co. of same place,
and by the very same mail a liturtit order from
Messina. Hopper & Wilmer of Centreville, Md.,
(where n short time since such an excitement
sprung up from some remarkable cures made
there by Prof. C. DeGrath's (genuine) Elec
tric Oil, front 39 South Eighth Street, Philatlel
phis, a few doors south of Chesnut street I How
is it that the editor of Erie Observer, woo cu
red in two days of rheumatisms in his hack of
three years' duration ; anal Mr. Brady, of Har
risburg of Paralysis 7 Why and how anus it that
the other day Mr George Weis, 227 Eager street,
Baltimore, two doors from St. James' church,
was cured of palsied hands of long standing ,
also the late ease of a lady in Philadelphia, ea
red of aminol curvature, and another or Prolap
ans Uteri, a complete, radical cure? Ask them.
Why do each men as Mcsrs. G. N. & W. 21.1
Williams, wholesale Druggists, of Syracuse N.
Y., write, August 30th. that—"your Electric Oil
proves more beneficial than any other prepare
nous we have ever heard of," &c.
Yours,' G. N.W. lI.WILLIAms.
_ .
Why lots Joseph Osborn. Esq., of Auburn,
nritten, now the third tiara that "Prof. M
enuli's Electric Oil is selling very fast, and
making great cures never before accomplished
here 1" Why did John flux, Esq., send, the
ad Met., a gold dollar In a fetter from Double
Bridges, Va., for a bottle. on the recommenda
tion of Win. Arvin, Req., of the same place
who got some a short time sheer for the Goat,
and was cured? Why is it that every one !Teske
of it as "a wonderful curative," and is this not
the real cause anion selling at retail, in Phila
delphia alone, than is sol i of Dr. Jayne's medi
cines, or flve of any others Why is it that a
Physician of large practice used it on the para
lyzed limbs of his boy, alter using everything
else ? Simply because the genuine "Electroie
Oil," from the office of Prof DeGratli, effectu
ally cores paralysis. Why and how is it that
over $5OO has been sold in Washington, D. C.
during about six weeks, and over $lOOO worth
in Baltimore in the same time? Why do Messrs
Morris & Co., of York, Pa., (one of the finest
Drug houses in the State,) and John Wyeth,
of Harrisburg, Pa.. sell no much, when
they have any quantity of all sorts of other
medicines right by the side of the "Electric
Oil?" Simply because nothing else will answer
the purpose that the Oil does. Let the skepti
cal ask the nunicrons cams of almost hopeless
patients, if anything could be more agreeable
in use, or more enema in its results—some M.
ter Ira log expended hundreds of dollars on va
' rious former treatment, with nothing but dis
couragement and despair for their trouble. Why
is it dint other medicines have advertisements
piled up column high, in all the papers while
Professor De Grath's 'Electric Oil' is only no
ticed at n simle expense not to exceed $l5 to
$2O it day? is it that two physicians are
daily employed in tire office, applying the (gen
uine) "Electric Oil" to patients afflicted with
Tettor, Paley (and it is warrented for this).—
Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Headache, Old Sores
and Bruises Wounds, Cutts, Sprains and Inju
ries Sore Bruises,
and side; also all kinds of
painful complaints. Although a cure is war
rented, yet not more than one bottle has ever
been returned ; and that was a ease of total
deafness, of 16 years' standing. Of course na
ture could not restore such n case, with whatev
er help.
N. 11.—An educated Doctor always in atten
dance end ladies may, if they desire it consult
with a lady by dropping a line to the office of
39 S. Eighth, street, Phila.,
3 doors South of Chesnut Rt.
Price. 50 els, 75 eta., and $l.
P. S.—rive dollars reward will be paid for the
arrest of a low scamp, a Jew pedlar, who copied.
on a dirty shoot, sumo of Prof. De Grath's bills;
and an the uriginuls are copyrighted, lie is liable
to the law.
Remember the so., 39 S. Eighth st., Phiada.
Thomas Bead & Son, Huntingdon, liunt. Co.
R. Barnwell, Montgomery, Blair co., W. G.
Murray, Hollidaysburg, Blair co., Condron
McCoy, Frankstown, Blair co., J. H. llsrner &
Co., IVaterstrect. Hunt. co., Wm. Moore, Alex
andria, Hunt. co.
Sept. 26, 1853.
Of Valuable Real Estate
THE subscriber offers his well•known Tavern
Stand Property, on Ray's Hill, Fulton Co.
I'a•, at private Salo, with all the lund belonging
thereto, being 848 ACRES of patented land,
1113 mem of which is Owed and under good
fiince. The improvements we a large
Frame Tavern Stasi,
a good largo Stable, sufficient to accommodate
eighty horses, Granary, Corn Crib, Wagon shed
and all other necessary out buildings, and an
excellent orchard of choice fruit—a never fail
ing stream of water at the door, and several
good living springs in different parts of the land,
There aro ;ilsuim this propert% Two Good
Tenant llouses.
The aho•yo is one of the hest known Tavern
Stands on tho Road, and the place is in a high
state or cultivation, and woll adapted for pas
ture. _ . .
DlllLlNpliout L.‘c.ixt:as7l.
THLlreslsessklo f thisl!'srl7 I,ieoniedney,octob,. ,OT.
hibition will take place in the evening; The ex
amination the week previous. These exercises
! the public generally are invited to attend. The
next session will commence the last Wednosdaj
of October. Tho institution is located at Shade
Gap, a quiet end retired place, free from all
temptation to vice, Idleness or dissipation. The
' Ilocation is a healthy one, being sitnated argon;
the meenlains. It is entirely free from the mei
sanrcs so common along one rivers and so destruc
! tt'vo to health.
The course of instruction is such as Ass been
- bend by ext crionee must suitable for expanding
and d velopmg the powers of the mind. The
student is early ial(git to rely upon himself, to
For the cure of White Sr• IF think, to reason, and investigate the different
se tug nry u .
~ c at m a t subjects which aro brought lisp. The govern
lhe vino ; DY.1)00".. m eat is strict but mild, only requiring what is
for the student's highest good. Around him is
tirm 1 Disease Of the Kidneys, Oyftria, Womb, thrown, as tar us practicable, the restraints and
Ac., Ar. A 'nook accompanies each tnachinc, comforts of a well regulated Christian home.
giving %II instructions in the application of it Shade Gap, is situated 17 miles from the Mount
in tdiercular and scrofulous diseases. Month , Union station of the Pennsylvania Rail, Road,
factored and sale by W. C. AJ. Neff, No. I Iron, which place there will bo a lino of stages.,
3i South 7iil Street, Phi'dttlelPltla, P. ! TERMS—SSO per session of five months, this
Septetillme 5, 1865. ' includes tuition, room-rent and board. ! Wash-
ad ligdressht and fuel extra. For further para.-
Oet. 10, 1855.-3 m. Letters of Administhation on the estate of W. 11. WOODS, Principal.
- Thomas Ilona, Into of the borough of Hunting- ' Shade Gap, Sept. 28, 1850.-3 tn. .
lr • O AIIESITs. don, &sensed, having been granted to the under -
signet,. all persons having claims against said JUNIATA ACADEMY.
A Rook for Every Family I n the Union) deed, will present them duly authenticated. for HE WINTER SESSION OF THIS IN-
Impartial and Reliable. settlement, and all persons indebted to said de-
BELCHER'S HISTORY OF ALL THE RE. ceased, or the late Om of Read and Son, swore. Tetitution, located in Shitlqaburg, Hunting
don County, will commence on the Ist day of
LIGIOUS DENOMINATIONS IN THE quested to make immediate payment. November.
UNITED STATES. JOHN HEAD, Administrator. The place is easy of access, being connected
This is a law Octavo of 1,024 pp, Ululate- Huntingdon, NOT. 7, 1 855.-3 t.
H. ROAN, with Mt. Union on the Central Railroad, by a
tad by nearly 200 engravings, and gives the
Quilt' ryas of coaches. The Principal will spare
"History, Doctrine, Government and Statistics'
tie reasonable expense and pains to make the
institution worthy of a liheral patronage.
of all the sects in this country. It is sold ex• flas just openr,l 'TERMS t—Boarding, tuition, and room, $5O
elusively by subscription, and the demand for per session of five months. Tuition from sl3„to
it is increasing fromevery section of the coon- A CIA ASSORTMENT $l2 per session, according to studies. Payable
try. . quarterly, in advance. For Circulars, etc. ' ad-
There are still a few countivs unengaged in ; 11, I dress the Principal, Rev. G. W. SHAIFFER,
Penna., in which thorough-goiv men of good October 10, '56.-6V Sfrirleysburg, Pu.
address might do a large end profitable busi- READY-MADE CLOTHING. I
aces. The terms are such as cannot fail to EXECUTOR'S NOTICE.
pay. For these and other particulatft apply to ......., ~.„,...
~. ,
.....„,,, VI lElth testareintary on the estate of
Ur address IA fsildllWrlhet NWT 5 , VKS - 4: D , f 1 L Elizabeth Parsons, lute of Tell towwnship,
JOHN E. POTTER, Publisher, And other articles of gentlemen'. weer. deed. having been panted so the undersigned
' Mo. I& Saimiam St., Phila. October 3, )855. ;all persons basing claims against the estate will
present the same duly authenticated, and all
persons knowing themselves indebted will make
Tell tp , Oct. 10, 11355,61. Executor.
lie also offers for sale the Farm adjoining the
above, on which he at present resides one half
mile south of tlte Tavern property, containing
SOO ACRES of good limestone land, 514
acres of which is cleared under. fence, in a good
state of cultivation,and the balance well timber
The improvements are good new
Tio-StOry Weather:Boarded Howse,
13ank Barn, Spring House, Wash House, and
other out buildings, a first rate orchard of good
fruit, a good spring close to the house, and no
nor failings springs of water in every field.
There arc also on this tract a good
Lime Kiln, end several excellent quarries, and
RA good a ocation for a Tan-yard as could be
desired, with plenty of hark convenient. There,
arc also 'Three good Tenant Houses on this
place and two other good barns.
This is one of the best stock farms in the
country, and offers peculiar inducements to any
person who desires to raise cattle, &e.
lie will sell in quantities to snit purchasers,
and any one wishing to make a bargain would
(hp well to examine the above properties before
purchasing elsewhere.
Terms tlattle to suit purchasers.
For further information apply to the subsea
Whatever partnership which existed between OAS SHY CLOTH'S,/ AT WHOLESALE:, i
the undersigned iu the Surveying business has VI CHEAP AS IN THE CITY, AT 1
been dissolved by mutual consent, ROMAN'S CLOTHING STORE, Dr. John MoOullooh,
nfir. I4s protemdonal service:llo the citizens et
J. F. ItAALLA. OVERCOATS. Ullumingdon sad vicinity. (Wee, Mr. glide-
The business W ill be conduct ed HI formerly brand's, between the Exchange end Jackeon'i
by J. Sim son Africa.
44 l ' in 'it.' MtTIVrAVIIV..` AT out , 111 ^ 0 .11 40 . Aeg. ", I ant.
nut. 12, 1865,-V.
ZYo(§)@NalD 9 g3
- , ; , - 1 - MILrISIONE,a
Corner of Germantown Road and New Market
Streets, on the North Pennsylvania Rail Road,
Constantly on hand or road° to order, tho fol.
toning highly approved Floor Mill Machinery.
Woodward's l'atent Portable Mills and Smut
Johnston',: Patent Irun Cone., Bran Due
Stover's Patent Fuel Saving Coru
rson's Patent Barrel /loop and Moulding
Improved Bridge Steps and Sashes for Mill
- -
The best Anchor Brand Bolting Cloth Burr &
Calico Mill Stones. Corn, Cole end Plaster
Johnston% Patent Cast Metal Con
J 1): i fs
East and South• East of the Ohio and Mississip•
pi Rivers.
R•nrranted to take out of the offal of every
Bushel Ground, from I to 2i lbs, of standard
flour, which could not he bolted out on account
of the electrical adhesion to the Bran.
NOTICE :—I hereby warn all persons against
infringing my rights, secured by Letters Pa
tent as above, ns I will prosecute all persons
making, selling, or using any Bran Dusters
with an Iron or Cast Metal Concave in vio
lation of the Letters Patent of Joseph John
ston, dated April 24th 1854.
THOMAS B. WOOO%VARD, Proprietor.
N. B.—State and County Patent Rights fur
all the above Machines for Sale.
August 29, 1855. tf
Chamberdmrg & Mt. Union
rpuE undersigned aware that a suspension of
the line of Stages over the road between
Chambersburg end Mt. Claim, cannot bo but
disnilvantegems to n huge section to the country
has, at considerable expense and trouble, made
arrangements to run a line of Stages Tri-weekly
between the two p, 'into. Good Horses and com•
fort/able Singes have been placed on the route,
and experienced mil trusty drivers will superin
tend the running of the Coaches. The proprie
tor of the line is desirous that it he maintained,
and he therefore calls upon the public generally
to patronise it, confident that it will be for their
mutual advantage. Every attention necessary
will be given, and the rushing of the Stages will
be regular.
'Stages leave Mt. Union, every Tuesday,
Thursday ' and Saturday evenings, arriving at
Chambersburg the next dray at 2 o'clock. Re
turning, leave Cliambersburg the same night nt
10 o'clock, arriving at Mt. Union early the fol
lowing evening in time for the Cites. Stages
stop at Slairleysburg, Othisonin, Shade Gap,
Burnt Cabins ' Famettsburg, Horse Valley,
Strasburg and Keefer's store.
tii^Farethrougb $3,00: to intermediate points
in proportion.
August 22, 1855.—tf.
Birmingham Huntingdon Co., Pa.
TIIE winter Term of this Institution will
open Wednesday October Ms.
Instruction given in all Olio branches requisite
to entering College, n d, nnee ,l. w-6 arc als o
prepared to accommodate any who may wish
to give attention to the ortinniontnl brooches;
in addition to these we design giving prominence
to the study of Architecture.
. .
Sons of ministers and young me a who have
been engaged in teaching and desire to lit them
selves more thoroughly for that station arc ad
mitted ❑ee of Tuition.
Tuition,l3oard and Furnished room $60,00
per session—payable strictly one half in ad•
rance, the other at the middle of the term.
THOMAS WARD, Principal;
THOMAS SCOTT, Aesistant.
Oct. 10, 1855.-3 m.
Estate of nuou ANDREWN,Iate of
, denL
Lancaster City, _ ... .
LETTERS of Administration on the estate of
Hugh Andrews, dec'd., boning been granted
to the undersigned, the Register of Lancas
ter County, all persons hoeing claims against
the said estate will present their claims, and all
persons knowing themselves indebted to said de•
ceased will make payment to either of the un
dersigned Admimusistrators, or to James W.
Andrews in the city of Lancaster, their agent.
ROBERT R. ANDREWS, Lower Oxford,
Chester to., JOHN JOHNSON, Little Britain
tp., Lancaster county, Adm'rs.
Oct. 31st. 1855.-6 e.
Fannettsbnrg Stage,
Monday, Wednesday and
Friday Mornings.
Returning will leave FANNETTSBURG on
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Mornings,
connecting with the Express Trains nest and
west in the morning, and the Mail train in the
evening. COMMITTEE.
Oct. 3,1855.-3 m.
I Now is the time to pun base
4N W...
Have Just received from Philadelphia:the lar
gest and finest assortment of Dry Goods ever of
, fer,d to the citizens of thin place, and surruubd
ing country ; such us Merinos, Alpacas, Muslin
de Lanes, Paramatta Cloth, Persian Cloth, black
mid Colored Silks and every variety of Dress
Goods and Trimmings. Also, Cloths, Cassini
' era, Voatings,
Call and gee
one of the finest assortments of Trimmings hro'i
to this place ; also, Collars, Undersleoves, Chi
mazetts, Gloves of every variety, Ladies' Scarfs
and the Lest assortment of Shawls ever offered.
011.RPNITII, &a.
A splendid lot delis tint Comet ittol Oil Cloth,
of (ivory variety, and the best assortment in town,
of every description, and at lower prices thou
con he got at any other house.
although they are a little up, we will try and sell
as low as the lowest.
the largest and best tusortinent over Oared, and
at lower prices.
and every variety of Goods, such as are usually
kept in a country atom Call and sec before
purchasing any oiler place, and if we can't sat
isfy you of the fact, we will cave under.
October ; 1855.
Pie best nssortment of Carpet and Oil Cloth
1 just received and for sale by J. &W. Saxton.
Mho handsomest assortment of Do lanes, Per
t sian Cloth, Larilla Cloth, Derage de Lanes,
Paramette Cloth, and all wool Merinoes, all wool
do lanes, of the best styles and selected with the
greatest care, fur sale by J. &W. SAXTON.
welts assorted Prints, just received and
for sale by J. & W. SAXTON.
The greatest variety of Boots and Shoes ever
offered fur sole by J. & W. SAXTON.
Ladios' Collars, Undenlocres, Chimszotts, and
Gloves, Trimmings, at J. Sr. . W. Saxtons.
Abeautiful lot of Hats & Cops, nlito Silk and
Straw Bonnets, by J. &W. SAXTON.
great variety. of Belts, Bead Dresses, Brace•
lets, Trimmings, &c., by J. & W. Saxton.
rrhe handsomest assortment of Dress Silks,
I just rees'il and tbr sale by J. & W. Saxton.
A beautiful assortment of velvet, silk and woe
vostings, bz J. &W. SAXTON.
E4 3 l;ees Ague Powders, just reed and for'sala
Mite best lot of Shawls, such as BrOstia, Bassi
' mar, Bay state and square shawls, just recd
and for sale by J. & W. SAXTON.
Jy &W. SAXTON will take all kinds of coati.
, try produce in exchange forgoods at their
cheap store, south-west corner of Public Square.
.A splendid assortment of Gum Belts just rec'd
and fur sale by J. & W. SAXTON.
It you waft to buy good Cheap Geode,
D. P. (twin has just received from
phin a large and beautiful stock of
of the roost fashionable Dress Goods,
for Ladies and Ci..:;.lemen, sash no French Me-
Alpacen, Pitrainatta Cloth, Portion Cloth
All Wool de LaMs, Fancy de Loins, Debnize.
Cohings, Black and Fancy Dress Silks, and
Prints of till description. Also, Cloths, Cassi,
mere. plain rind fancy Cassincts, Vestings,
ALSO, a large lot of dress Trimmiu6s,.dress
Buttons, Bibbonds, Bonnet Silks, Gioves,Mitts,
Woolen and Cotton Boaiery,•Laces, Veils, Un
dersleeves, Collars, Chimazetts, Riguletts, Silk
Bonnets, and a variety of Dress Goods too nu
memos to mentims.
Flannels of all kinds, Linseys, Woolen Table
Covers, Shawls, Comforts, blenched and nublea
; eked Muslins, Tickeu, Checks, Ginghains,
Groceries of all kinds, lists di. Caps,
Boots and Shoes, 011 Cloths,
Buckets, 'rubs, Baskets, and all goods usually
kept in a country Store.
My old customers, and as many new ones as
can crowd in arc respectfully regnestcd to come
and examine my goods.
All kinds of Country produce taken in ex
change for goods, at the highest market prices.
October 3, 1855..