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    The Markets.--I» Flour there is very little
doing standard brands are held at $9,50 per
bared, lint bu,, rs ow not disposed to operate
at that rate, and sales are limited to a few small
lota taken at somethintt less—exact terms not
public; 500 barrels Western extra sold at $9,.
SI and 250 half barrels Mannyunk at $9,7 5
per pair. For home consumption the demand
smell within the range of $9,50@510,50 pop
barrel according to brand. Cora is trance.---
Corn Meal is quiet, and the prices are the same.
~, ~f~,
On :Monday, October '27th, or typhoidpneu
monia, ANNA VIOLA, only daughter of Samuel
W. and Elizabeth K. Drips, of Armago, Indi•
Ann co.. P,t., aged 9 years niol 9 months.
- tosmorouriii
RRANtiENIENTS for the Second Ann
Vattern.. of this new and popular Institn
ft. for the diffusion of ',iterative and Art, have
I can made on the most extensive scale.
- Amon:: ill, works already engetted, i 9 the fo•
famed "GENOA CRUCIFIX,' which original
ly Thoneand Dollars.
In forming this new collection, the dig i'k,c
of work; a American Art, oral the oncousat;:-
mem Of AlTler'con get 1 113, 110 t been over
looked. Conuith , oiotti rare hem issued to malty
of the moot distingoklicil American Artists, who
will con:riittite L , ./1110 a their llne-tt productinus.
Ammig them are there Marble Busts, executed
by the greatest lining Sculptor—Hiram Powers:
GEORCIE IVASIIIN(ITON, the Father of his
Catintry ; FRANKLIN, the Phi
losoploir ; LUNIELi WEBSTER, the Statea
man. A special agent has visited Europe soil
Mete Cattail :Ind judicious selections of foreign
works Art, both in 'Bronze and Marble; Sit:
teary anti Choice Painting;.
The whole forming a large and valuable col
lcetion of Paintings and Statuary, to bu distri
buted free among the met:Mors of the Associa
tion foe Oa Second year.
Terms of-Membership.—Thc payment of three
constitutes tiny one a inember of this As
sociation, and entitlei him to e ithe r on , or t h e
fuilowing Magazines for ono year, and also n
ieket in the distribution of the Statuary and
The Literature ksticid to fuliscrilier, emtrioH
of the following Monthly _Negro:lnes : Harper's
l'attutta's, Kniekerboel;er. Blackwood's, tire-
Mutt's, Book, and Roust:bold
1 ersons t axing memberships ere entitled
JO U. , of the :Nlagdzilics for ono year, anti
six tick, s is the tinaribution.
The net proceeds derived from the sale of
mo b rb hips, or de
e voted to this purehuso of
, m om
s e
of Art for the to , niog yecr.
Tim A11%1131416. Secured—by becoming a
member of :ilk
Ist All perste, receive the full value of their
at the start, in the shape of sterling
.Magazinn I,i centime.
ntrli hicather is rnlitributing towards par
•ch..sing elrtice Works of Art, which are to
innung thealsolcas, and are at
R.lB thin! , encouraging tau Arts uf the count *
disbursing 51.ouiandyti dollars through its Agi:„.
l't•r,on., limb; fur tnernhertlC,
oicase give their Lost Alec •
the ',tooth tlict it'll the Mo,:aziae to
have letter reghtterett at tic
1., 1.. the receipt 01
I. o certificate or together with
tow trauci to .thy
• 1, :• ! nt Tiook,to, ca
1, • t,. . . 1; A,,uciattion.
„ • •
•. I ;. i •
. :,ebasiopoi :
30,000 MEI\J KILLED,
'ilit; undersigned lies just returned fru,
city with it large and splendid essortmer.t ut
Full and Winter Goods,
which ho is tit, prel,are,l it 1151 . 105 C Or at very
low told rcumnuLle rotes. • l'cr,ins oi
lintel: tic will find it to their iaterost to him
o call before purchasing elsewhere, us he studies
only to please. llis stock con,i, of a le ai*
Dry Goods, Hardware,
Glass & Queepswarc, , ,
t, large mid it , i;ortment of rra!,y
üblel, 1.0 is ;u•epnretl to wall in lots to , olit ):tneli•
N. 11.—CE4miry produce taken iu e,
li i . good,.
.Nloorsvi!le. Non. 7,
Prince & Co's
'4l. ; '
-y ~ y
~_ -.
The oldest establishment in the (Jailed Sita..s,
the largest in the World.
.Between 17,000 and 18,000 of there Inatri
niente have been finished and are now in ace.
The latest improvement in our Melodeons ia di,
t, us by Lacers Patent, 22d May,
By weans of this swell Solo Pamages way he
played with the fall power of the Instrument ;
while the accompabiment is soft nod
Hereafter all Melodeons made hr ns will be
nished with this attachment
ExtractWoZZe6omzn;pri;t% Adcyrtivr, .I<<l., 27.
"Messrs Prince & Co. could retain a hand
some fortune by disposing of rights mother man
ufacturers to use their new improvement. but an
they prefer to make it a feature in their Instru
ments it con only be obtained by purchasing one
of their manutheture."
Agents for the sale of our Melodeons may he
found in all the principal cities and towns of sho
United States, and the Canadas.
GNU. A. PRINCE & Co , Buffalo,
and No. 87 Fulton-at., New York.
Nov. 7, 1855.—•
CLOffIING STORE The Partnership horetofore existing between
.9 the undersigned, is this day by mutual consent
AN:I digeolved. The bashiess will be carried on
MERCHANT TAIIHRING ESTABLISH.. hetes fit r, by John II tiyot. Jr.. at the old stand.
Chesnut Street, Philadelphia, No. 165 11013E1tT M. CUNNINGHAM.
Ono door below Fifth, :North Side.
Oct. 31, 1555.-tf. •
Gentlemen who wish to buy their clothing roe. Stray Cattle.
ay male, il - itv *spoil as can be made by any . Came to the residence of the subscriber, liv-
Merchant Tailors of the United States, should mg ill lloiewell township., Huntingdon Co.,
visit this magnificent store, where goods of the soinetime in the mouth of August last, live
finest des. sic how Rudy Made and in the piece , head of young cattle supposed to be two years
which will be mar ~. to order at the shortest ' old, marked with a i ion, nil' the right, nod the
acutee and'pest eat :,:,.:faction warranted. I left ear scolloped vi: the under side. The own.
Also a line assornutat cf ;or is regained to come forward prove property,
IS 9 .IrA :-.. Kk i lia i r -LEEEN .. 60 , 10A 4 , pay charges, and take theta away, otherwise
And every article is marked with the lowest mum ! they will be disposed of accordii, to law.
pries, In plain Livros. JOHN J. bECKER.
Nov. 7, IPr5.--6no, : Get. 24. 1855.-41.
Il ik4O r ikAl44s
a g lI g
0 0 >
4 4 '
0 ° JOB OFFICE to) Lt. ,
( 0 ) OF THE g
i o 40 1104. JOURNAL." o -10
o The largest awl tot
<3; ( ( j JOB OFFICE
<1,13 g IN T LIE COUNT °
]: 0 !.
SOU-WORK o 4E 4 '
c `? - 1
n - ,( - 1 •••,,, W.>
• ` ,1 •.) 1.1:4
.!• , 1j EXECUTED ff ,)
4 :7)-3 o .1s Chtf,i) as tno cci>
E (,)
:,1.1111 -UT SATISFA , TION IS t ( ) ) ' dlS ,
WARRANTEI). o r k.
u All kinds of
••• 0
') BLN
AKS (c;
CoasTlN'ri, 05 11,150.0
- c c
v v v
'Y alqi:AitsL , 'l','ll{l . l.!'/.1 :s i'ilfli
The undersigned will uller at public sale on
Wednesday, the 12th of December next, on
the prmisea, all that value:de farm Fituate on
James Creek nt its junction with the Raystown
Braneh of the Juniata River, one mile and a
half from tte "Worthington" depot of the frond
Top Railroad, mud twelve miles frota Homing
don-,containing about 2:13 acres, having thereon
a new three story stone and frame Grit!. Mill,
with four run of burrs, and all the modern im
provements—a large SlOOO unmaion lion•tt Cc
lute residence of the lam James Entreltin,
a hire bank lawn, it two alert !trick
house for kg tenant lions. and 01:1-
er improventents. About the me, t!,
ia cleared, lit) acres of it
bottom. This Mill 13 SittiPlC in 0,
wheat growing neighborhoods in co. A
good level road to the Railroad. i t
is a good one fern store, mid the fart-,
snit ha dividing.
Thu owners will sell at ',Ate cc:;1
offer at public sale ns above, not 000000
The money is not wanted moon, and term, tt iii
be made easy. Payments extended to coy ,a
sonahle number of years, for pin, or on the
whole, to suit varehast,,, if roperly sevar,l.
nrms wi'l ice miblisio'd on day of , ale. Po,
se tsion will he ,iven ou lira of January or first of
L r '.t
~L'.. ~. ... ~,
LTI:i:t.41,1•:1:. Ft. 1310 t. t. •• ,•; t t•
I:tr;• nett;••' 1,1 att , l
winter 1,00t1 , ., ror the wontq !;,
pr..rti t;:.: lit mint: o ••
as. , , ',tut 01 . ma , . rt !: '•
A unit:l.loi • •.
: t.!;.
'3'.~ ~.
1: I:
;••:. , ' •
I ; !.•
-,7 1 11T. • t ,•• 1 , •••,• :
our friends nnd -• ,• :
,ery 'dread • • .•
iwAv and ropolav - • . .
iso,t• 114 ;.rent tt vaviety at the • . • .
the t y Boo!, Sten,. : •
vari:ty 1 11,11 , 0 1,,• .1. !.••
ey and Plain Note ',Liter and Cap eh 1
Envelopes. (3uld Pees owl
feent $1 upwards, Ven nail ;'.
id,unnaies and l'oelzet- nooks, !Ili itli. ;1
ijial,-,1.1 . 0j . , and 1:11.1,1XS, 0.u.•
:School 'looks iu qunutthos to c , nratry tnorch
atnts anti tunellers at City witolo,,lu
1000 PIECES WALL PAPER of tvery
kind, IVinlow Paper nod painted
Shade, with Putnan's Patent tielf , Adjusting
Cnrtittn Fixtures. All the nbora ut Pillla. re
tail prices, call and extunine, "I endeavor re
qtse." Store on Railroad Pt. H un ti ng d on ,
• t.tcr. 17, 107 . 3.
tiodenhamer on the E'3les,
Practical Observations on some of the Disea
ses of tfio litctum, Anus, and Continnous Tex
tures—giving their Nature, Seat, Causes, Symp
toms, Consequences, and Prevention ; especial
ly addressed to nun-medical readers. fly Wan.
• Budenhatner. Al. It. Second edition with plates
&v. Bvo. .. 2. J. S. REDFIELD,
No. 84, Beekunin et.
Nov. 7, ,5,
LE'T'TERS testamentary on tho estate of
Abraham Imo of Tell tp.,
having been granted by the Register of Willa to
the under••igned, all pertains having claims
tigain:t inlet deceased nro notified to presunt them
to. and ail petsuns Indebted am requested to
make payment to
Oct. at, 1855.—Ct.•
In every county in the United States and
Canada, to sell 01le of the most important
Books ever publithed in America, arrd one that
should be in the hands of every male and fe
male, who regard their own health nod the
welfare of their offs.pring, entitled
Revised and enlarged by Horton Howard,
M. D., containing nearly OM: 111,111iED MAT.
MATIONS, of great importance, and nearly one
thousand largo octavo pages, hound in substan
tial leather binding librery style, three volumes
Imand I,: one containing an important HYSTEM
or noarrstqc mententE ' with n' reatise nn•
atomy, Physiology, anti all diseases that man
kind are heir to with Prescriptions ofthe great
est importance to mankind. Also, an exten•
sive TREATISE on MIDWIFERY, giving a full dei•
criptiun of rho Diseases of Women—the rouse
of disease and cure.
This book wes first published as a Tcm.
Book and is now used in the Eastern Col'eges;
but the revised edition is made simple and
plain, that all classes may comprehend it. It
contains nn explanation to nil tho medical
terms used in the book. Price s.t.
Agents wishing' to engage in the sale or this
valuable Lmok. with du well to make immodiote
application as it will be exclusively a subscrip•
thin book, anti the gretitcst pains will be taken
to prevent tile AgCllt lrutu selliug on the terri•
tore assigned to acct et,
A sample eopy will he sect, by mail, hosts
paid, to any part of the United States or Can•
ado, on the reception or the retail price in cur•
rent fluids or postage, stamps with term to
2%.:rent9, aid to those wishing to engage in the
Address IL M. RULTSON, Publisher, Qua•
icor City Publishing House,'32 South Third
t,eet, Philadelphia, or Queen City Publishing
Loure, I I f!, .7•lttin t.trut Cincinnati, Ohio.
Oct. '2.1.-2-Zt.
Will bo sold at Public Sale on the premiere,
ono mile from the mouth of Spruce Creek in
Franklin tow:mhip, Ituntingdon county. on
77'Eso..t Nol" , ..r.gliit-2717,, 1856.
k!.te a which contains
265 ACRES,
or i„,;. About 160 acres of whith ore
• 1, ;•!.• in a high Mate of cultivation, the
Um!), Nal. (to this (*arm there
~•reeted .
t " G r: rqi n ft 1 - 10 1"'1:
.I'4ll •L, ).. 1; •
now ucett1.1,,,1 1 .,y Diode! Shultz. A lat.,.
bum, mid all Ow convenient out-build -. .
livre is td,o good well and spring of waft,
Ileser knocm to conmukutly located to
ass Dom.
11 • or which cown;,:s
i 67
..• • 104 ro,—, t•%. are ele:t
well cultiva.
i ~,
.... ~ ~:
. ~ ~ _ ~~:
. ,
, .
„ . • e I.,e,httlee
. e.. I. :,lid the
I he ' , Ilirtn to pny
en,l the I,itlnnee
• ,•retl tts in the ease of the first farm, with
tri time pnymet:t. Ar:y
' • • ••.: can be.hatt
• 1 / 4 T
1 ‘ 'it I..)Ailtie
,iosiroos or r.lllco. hig (,I
• • , i'llato . l iu IVent. TOW!,
. , .•. from l'etersburg to
' • • Tatitl,ll
•,' ' : • •,. Thomns F. 6tewitrt, nr..l
ont: • .
• : .1, and in a goo , ' state of
':wee is well timbered.—
.111 its AIO . tyt
BM:SE, and 5ata11*:th.‘.,..? 4 , 4
In e; i Tenant llottFo lICW
'yyatrt ttO I, 4" 1 . . t •
al:, on the premise:in young ORCH.
All I t , :toil water piped to tiwdoor front a never
tiring of wuter. TLIA 1141M:16011
pr.:bird., being good lillleStollo land. It is
within nh miles Cl Petersburg, where
Ow railroad and canal passes through. The sub.
,•cilier is anxious to sell at private sale nod it'
not sold. will offer it at public sale, at the Court
!loos°, in tho Borough of Huntingdon, at tl:c
November Court.
Tows outdo oa , y to snit porelio,er.
A tiu,t
The subscriber is constantly manufacturing
Files and Rasps of superior quality • and at the
lowest prices, equal to the beef imported goods
and much cheaper.
Manufacturers and Mechanics can have
their old files rmcut and made equal to new, at
about MX, the original cost. Ilat 12 inches
$2,00 per dozen ; Flat. 14 Meins per
dozon ; Saw•tiles, half round, Millssw and uth•
er tiles in proportion. Single files and frac
tional parts of deemns charged at the mous
rates, and warranted satisfactory,
J. 13. SMITH.
Nu. 61 Now Street between Itatat & Vino &
Second and Third St, Philadelphia.
Aug. 22, 1855.-3 m.
lETTERS of administr4tion on the Illitato of
Alexander MeGull, lute of Hopewell tp.,
Huntingdon dee'd., lowing been granted
to the undersigned, all persons indebted to said
estate are requested to make immediate payment,
and those having claims against it will present
them duly authenticated for settlement.
Oct. 17, 1853.-'tt.'
JOSEPH DOUGLASS, in AleConnelistown
has constantly on hand, ready made rille4,
anti Is prepared to make and repair Guns (dull
kinds at the shortest notice. '
April 29, 1855*.
EItO(:LAMATION. 81. Two , E !-7;.;,,,ph
Cun.pith: :—Why is it that the x-Governor
IVIIEREA 8, by a. precept to irte directed by
ot Alaryland, also the President of one of the
the J"'hz" the C """" ° " P le""r the Bard. at Frederick City, urged the Doctors there
county of Huntingdon, beating toot the 22,1 doe to procure it? Why has
a Jorge cosh order
ot August, 1132:i, 1 010 commanded to inak . o this „ roit „ Th , win sash two , us m ess , poet
Public Proclamation thronglsont my whole s, ot . cus, whoirstile Drug iota of Alexandria,
wick, that a Court of COIIIMOII fleas will be •
va . and by the very next mail, an order, (tho
held in the Court House in the Borough of Hun- time in (our ttreks , from Mr. i,iorpotot,
tingdon, the third Monday (and I 'Jth day) of t hir d
and from Mes , rs. Cook & Co., of sang, pi lee,
November for the trial of ell issues in au , by the ( . 00 , stup , mull ibur , order „ root
suid Court whiell remain undetermined before the „ tossers. itopp l . .., certh . orino,
told Jallge, whet and .110 " witaelse ' (where a short time since such an excitement
and suitors, in the trial of ell I.llon Orr required sproug up front some routuritubie
cure, tondo
to appear.
there by Prof. C. DeOroth's (genuine) 1:! •c
at Huntiugdon, the 22t1 day 01 August, trio i v from , t ,„ sou , 1 , (111 , ( street ,
in the year "I our Lord 1855, and the - '4.11 Year , . , . , '
- • ' Tna, a iew (~,ors smite t 'spot ,:tr. .
of American Independence.
JOSHUA GItEBNLAND, Sheriff. riqc.iltitnli,Lillideney:slitoofrrioicful,
three years' duration.
0111 ltrady, of I
ri•burg of l'ai•itlysis '1 Why and Irow was it t!t
the other day Mr George ‘Veis, 227 1::a
llahimore, two doors limn St. Ja: 1.• :1.
eared of palsied hands of 111•1,: .
also the late 01110 Of a lady ill Philadr;pliie, t :-
red of spinal curvature, and nno l h ol
sits n complete, radical cure f aca,.
IVIo• d 0 ,neh men en Alcsrs. G. N. & W. 11.
wholesek Druggists, of 51 remise N.
V., write, Atignq 10111. that--“yotir Electric '
proves more beneficial nay other prepara
tions we have ever heal d of." Co
Yours G. N. & 11.W...1A (3in.
'by has Joseph t l.born. Esq., of .%aburn,
uritten, now the third time that "Prof. Be-
Grrth's Electric (al is 01111110 very lest, and
nitil,hig great eares never home at:L..11,11,1,i
here IVIly did John flax, Esq., lend, ti
Id ,01.1 dollar in a, letter from
Bridge..., hot it bottle, on the re, 110.011110-
tion of Win. Arvin, Esq., or 1110 1 11:1,0
who got some a short thee since fur the Gout, ,
and was cured f IN'lly is it that every ono speaks l
ot it as "tt wonderful emotive," and is
the real came of more •,elling at retail, in Pidi'l
delphia alone, than it sold of Dr. Jayne's 111011 - :
tines, or tivc of any others 1 'Why in it that a !
Physician of largo praetice ased it on the para
lyzed limbs of his boy, utter 114110 everythi,:_:.
else 1 Simply because the !,:entliee
Oil," from the oitico of Prof. De(ratii, ch'ect,l
- CUITS paralysis. Why and how is it ti,
over 0200 has heeti sold in SVasliington, 1).
during about six weeks, and over $lOOO WWI!.
in Baltimore in the sonic time ? Why oh, 'Mos,-
Morris & Co., of Cork, Pa., (one of the faiest
Drag houses in the State,) and Jolin Wyeth,
Esq., of _Harrisburg, Pa., soil 011 111110:1, (111011
111(1y 111,0 any quantity of all sorts of other I
medicines right by the side of the "Electric
(.1111" Simply 1i1,111140 nothing eke will answer
the purpose that the Oil does. Eel the skepti
cal asst the numerous cases of almost hopel,s ;
patients, if anything could be more agreeable
in use, or more etleemol in its results—sunie of-
ter ha. iog expended hundreds of dollars I,n va
(11111 11001111;4 I'in
-1.111111.11,40/11VIli 111111 11,. 110 i'•l . 1:1 , 11
i`; 1 1 1 1.01 111 11111,1; ;I‘ ,.
i tO l•: O.:. '
101011 day f 'Why is it that two : ar,
daily employed in the I • .• ~
111110) "Elecirie • , •.
'ratter, Palsy (andl.
Wounds, Cots, Sprains au.; t
.1 'Ol , l suel sir's! tlso all Lim,- of
.! tints. Alt!, a cure is war
: more than : ,:e bottle kin ever'.
TRIAL LlST—November Term, 1855.
George Jackson ea Sassaman's ex'rs et al.
Sterret S. Potter a-; J. Alexander, Garnishee.
John Lee vs Jo,, ;It I'. 110.,re.
AMOA Potts vs James Neely.
Spruce Cr.& h a T. 11 . . Ca. vs W. G
11'nt,rinati, Yutalg it Co. vs,Jolan Jamison.
.1113, is lirlson Click.
111 Appleby, litriner, Dublin.
David Albright, miller, Porter.
Henry Boyles, tanner, Penn.
Samuel Bell, farmer, Shirley.
Basil I.:teron, Cromwell.
John Eberly, flamer, West.
James Flething, do. Jackson.
Thomas Fisher, merchant, Huntingdon.
Samuel Garner,litriner, l'utoi.
.notes Ilt,tchisom do. Bender:son.
Samuel Barris, do. Penn.
Archibald Hutchison, tanner 'Wurriorstuark.
Evans Jones, gent., I. , 'ranklin.
Witlimn Krider, farmer, IVarrioramoick.
Daniel Kvper. Harmer, Walker.
Thom. Locke, laborer, Springfield.
John Long, uterelmnl,
John 'Murphey, shoemaker, West.
Willinnt Morgan, farmer, Wartiorsmark.
dames Morrow' farmer, Franklin.
Chas. li. Miller, tailor. Ifuntingdon. •
•loseph Marlin, farmer, Porter.
George McCrum, jr., former ; Harree.
George W. McClain, farmer, Tod.
.I, , se :McClain, Rimer, 'rod.
Join, S. Oakes, farmer, Jackson.
Saninel Pheasant, farmer, Porter.
Andrew Smith, farmer, Union.
nl,, farmer, Warriorsmark.
• .. . • • rt, thriller, West.
-• f,.., ••. l! .rreo.
(.. •. 1
.• Vi.arriononari:.
. .
Call anti :• oar lrrrri~nssr;,
n - •
: -
. bunuo:
•; • ~.a chilercs, (Nu!.
• • '
: •, • -
_ f ....
1. . ; 1 reFpecti%Oly
• , . 11 faille.
: .•. • t:iken iil c::.
•.. • 1., :.•.• I; ne tl:e
14.1. I, 1,5.
DUNN hove it', returned
from Philadelphia, and are now openiag at
tiro bead 01 . the Broad 'l'op Basin n' large and
Le:dant assortment of Fall & Winter Good,
Con,istiaz or
P3l•y Girds, Groceries, Ilard-ware,
Queens-ware, Cedar-ware,
Dais, boots and 14104,b.
;Wulf laic Clothing always on hand,
aunt in short everything tllnt is usually I,,pt in n
/I:leoA . r. T, 17 Sll AND PLAT
kept constantly for Sale.
(Thll and examine our sled: beg le pire!,,
sing. elsewlaire, aiol h,(l whether we (mmt
wake ii your iiiterc,t to liatr.inise us.
All kinds of country pr,alttee taken in ex
change liir Cap.'s at the highest niarket prices.
The highest market pikes paid for all kinds
of Grain.
Proopt ottrnlion paid to storing and ILra•ard
ing nll kin , l4 unnerannilise, produce,.:.
Ovt., It) 1855.
din, county, will conini.pice un tlac Is (lay of
be place is easy of access, being connected
with Mt. Union on the Central lUn ro ,m,
daily line of conches. The Prineipal will spare
no reasonable expense and pains to make the
Inmitniina unrihy of aliberal patronage.
IEIIMS tititioi;, and r,um. $5O
per of live 1110111113. 'natl. /1 , 111 SS to
$l2 per ae,ordinv to smile,
thkrterly. ~ , i111Ce• For CirCUIIII,4. rte.. a!•
pal, Rev. C. W. SIIAII4`EIt,
Vtitim icti)it SALE.
offer, lor ,tdo a tract or :awl
Tsit twe la llendergott townAldp, Huntingdon
c• quay, i“cdolcd by lands or frier Sadoite, Jolt!,
and others, cotttainibg
j ; .5 and one-half Acres,
about 110 acres are cleared and in a gcndstate
of cultivation, the balance icing welbtiathered.
The itoprovetnents
Ar_ are a oood LOG rj'
14 - , itut;s2, a NEW
WAtioN oHIrU , a CORN CRIII, Leo good
ORCHARDS antta !mei-failing SPRING of
water near the house. this farm is situated
six miles from the town of Idnuting,don.
Terms will I ins & eon in suit ',limbos,.
Oetnber 31.
NO'T'ICE it hereby given that the partnership
hcretolore e3tisting between ilia undersign
ed (trading under the firm of Couch & Dunn,)
is this dap• dissolved by mutual content. The
Woks of said firm are in the hands of David
Dunn with whom all concerned will bleaso to
make immediate settlement.
iILOIWE CO I.:(1 11,
April to, ISMI-tf.
STRIY 1100.
TWO white hogs supposed to weigh two hun
dred each. came to J. Nett's Mill. The owner
is desired to come forward, prove Iloperty, pay
chares, end take them away, otherwise they
will ho ;disposed of according to law.
B. J. NEFF.,
0,1. 17, 1855.-41.*
it i,.!1
.. .i
1:01! , Lt , •! .
, *. !I „ .
11 aters,iect. limit. co., I. •
ia. vo.
Pkll'A'fi: SALV,
CY Valuable Heal Estate
s h.:Tiber offers 111;1VA:11-I:now,
1 tit Intl Property, on hue's llill, Fulton
at private Sure, with all the land lalunging
thereto. beiag 3.13 ACHES of patented land,
Ca am, ot which is ileareil nail nailer good
tlmoo. The improvTnonts are a large
Frame Tavern Maud,
„ sultielcat to accommodate
eighty horse , .. ratittry, Corn Crib, Wagon shed
and ell other necessary nut buildings, and en
orchard of choke fruit---a never
of water at the .loor, and , tveral
; , 0,1 ,pringA in dii.,out parts °rt . , !and.
There tire alsu uu this pruperty Two et00;1 .
.li,nt !loose,
The above io one of the best known Tavern
itnndy on the Po.ul, and the p!ace is in u
Hate et' enltivatiun, and well adeptel for 1,,w-
11e al. oii'et.; 101. the Farm adjoining the
011 MM.', he at reiitles uric Itnli
toile .oath of the Tavern properly,
SOO of good liute.toitr limil,
cleared antler fence, in a good
state fif cultivai:onothi the balance well timber
ut: i now
Tiro-Sti,ry , artitel
other out buildings, a • . ' •
iron, a good springclo , • t •
ver failings spring, of
There are also on thi , tract a gt , ..1
Linie Kiln, and several excellent quarries, end
as good a locution torn Tun-card ao could be
desired, with plenty of hark convenient. There
are oleo Thee good Tenant. Houses on this
place and two other gam! barns.
. -
This is one or tho - best stock farm in the
country, and (albs, peculiar inducements to any
person who desires to raise cattle, &c.
lie trill sell in quantities to suit purebasor,
and any one wishing to coke a 'bargain would
do well to examine the above properties beferc
purchasing elsewhere.
Terms made to suit purchasers.
For further information apply to the subseri.
Oct. 10, Ibs3.—'im,
TO 11,(11FINTS.,
A Book for Every Family in the Union,
Impartial and Reliable,
nEi.cliEws iiismity OF ALL. TIIEHE
T1.:4 is a large Octavoof 1,021 pp., illustra
ted by nearly 200 engravings, and gives the
"II istory, Doctrine, Government and Statistics"
of all the sects ia thin country. It is sold ex
c!u,ively by subscription, and ilk demand for
increasing from every seetiou of the coin,-
There are still a few counties unengaged in
Penna., in which thorough-going men of 001
address might do a large and profitable husi
ness. The terms are such 04 cannot fail to
pay. For these and other particulars apply to
or address
JOHN E. POTTER, Publiphrr,
yo. 15 .Sansom St., phila,
Whatever partnership which existed between
the undersit,,d in the Surveying business has
beets dissuiv,l by mutual consent.
J. 1•'. RAMEY.
The business will be conducted as fimerly
by .1. Simpson Africa.
Sept. 12, IPss.—tf.
'/./6" , u6' . 1`./.;I'AIJ . J .
BL lUt
rh 1J
Cula, of lit-rin,thtowil Howl and New Market
Street.;, on the Nurla Petinmylvania Hail Loud,
f • .•+!!: Op , fol.
, •irr::.i: 3litelliitery.
' • , , :attd :int:t
..~i.. .. _ .. .., Ir„tt i'~~. ..,. ~ .... .
~., i' i
• - 311,1. e; fr..
• i
~ • .
JohtaNtoii's lekat :Okt•:,3 (*WA-
, .
1: : (:•• • : • •
. • •• • ,:• :ronnt
:. . •
;, • Huth lit:ster,
. •‘ and Conitty : far
iacltinrs for 6:11:.
Canalitersburg & 1.113i0111
undersigned aware that a suspension of
the line of Stages over tie road between
Chambersburg and Mt. nylon, cannot be imt
disadvantageous to n large seetion to the country
has, at considerable expense end trouble, made
arrangements to run a line of Stages Tri-weekly
between the two p , ,ints. Good Horses and eon,
ibriable Stages have been placed on tiro route,
driver; will suncrin
r of ti.a Conehes. ' The twople
desi,n, that it be maintained,
the pu'llie generally
dote ti.rit it will ha lor their
I,cry attention necessary
of the Stages trill
....• . ru
r r:.- I
Union, every Tuosility,
t arriving :it
. . o 0'
• ; .
i''.:i' , i . V;AlN ..1.4A1ii:,..:
fi . a.
;' '
.rr .
ill • •••• • ! ~•:
•••.- , uf
Board an , 1 Vinitishe,l ro•.'r, • c. •
C., other at the mi.lcUt•
185 '.1;11 . 1 . , ) , , , 11:16 •. •
IL,late of fle:Ci . ll ~511111:1TS, laic of
I.n.casier City,
ETTE:ts or Adminktretion on the estate of
j j Hugh Andre,re, alee'tl., haying been granted
tie tottlersigned, by the Regiqer Laneas
ter Comity, all perEonn haring ebtints again,t
the sail estate NVIil pte,ent their ebtiona, and all
pet, Ile LIR/Whig o eoirc, i , ..lebte.l :mid de•
eenotl mill make payment to either or the to,
dersigned Aduanniniaratori, or to James W.
.Atalrems it the rite or Lanee,ter, their agent.
ei.ester eta., JOHN JOHNSON, Little Britttiti
Laoon,ter county, Adel'',
Fainteellsbuivg• Stage,
1. T s 'ILL LEAvE PERI:\ 5N11.1.1, ON
ti t , Montlny, Wednesday .1
Friday Alorwtngi.
I:emitting will leave FANNEWSBURti uu
,ie . :,!ay, Thursday and Sal niday Mornings.
with the Expr,,,. Tra;t, east Anil
the murilitig, 1.1,1 the Mail tr.lin in the
MdE.CT.R lvt.A.o NE
F'or the cure of 11'hittitiwellings—Curratureof
t 1.., > iuu: Dyspepsia ; Neuralgia ; 'theater,
; DI.-Ouse of the kidney - s, (traria, 11rotnli,
;1..a book accompanies each machine,
instructions in the application of it
anti set...tutu,
m;.I lot iltlo I;y IV. C.: 3. No.
~..e..11; DI; Sit. Ptt.
Sep, him
Lett,, of Administration on the estate of
Thomas heal, late of the borough of Hunting
don, desettaed, having keen granted to the under
signed. all pees°n+ having claims against said
dee'd, will present them duly authenticated. fur
settlement, mitt all persons indebted to said de
ceased, or the into firm of Read and Son, are re•
quested to make immediate payment.
.101 IN READ, Administrator.
Huntingdon, Nov. 7,1855.-3 t.
Ifaa just openc,i
coy tsrtsu OP ALL KINDS or
taATt.;, vAlvra,
Anil (.:ler article:. of ,entlenzen'a wear.
(October 1, 1858.
AU kinds, elwaper than elsewhere, at
'z.ri\A“ , f(o . 26
Have just received from Philadelphia. the ler
. gest end finest assortment of Dry Goods ever of
fered to the citizens of this place, end surround
ing country ; such as Merinos, Alpacas; Muslin
de Lanes, Parematte Cloth, Persian Cloth, black
and Colored Siike and every variety of Dress
t Goode and Trimmings. Also, Cloths, Cassius
, ers, Wont:go, 6c., &c.
Call and See
one of the finest ...mums of Trimmings brat
to the piece ; Colloro, I.7ndersleeveo, Chi
; mazett,, Gloves of every variety, Ladies' Scarfs
end too hest ii,sormmt of Sinovls ever offered:
Ar, ; of t finu.42 Carpet and Oil Cloth .
• •••ription , mai rtt low, prices than
••: ,•. 'toy other hoo4,
10.1 I'lnst4.l.
they itre it little up, we will try and sell
tis the lowest.
& CAPS, BOOTS sa, sums,
!., largest and best a ;sornnent ever °dared, and
inner W WARM, dc.c.
119 Are usually
• • , . • •. t and see before
sec cau't sat.
Me best assortment of Carpet and Oil Cloth ,
I just received nud for sal, by J. &W. Eluxton..
i_ he handsomest I,sortment of De lanes, Per
siati Cloth, Larilla Cloth, Ilerage do Lanes,
Parnmette Cloth, and all wool Merinoes, all wool
etc lane , , of the best styles and selected with the
care, tier sale by J. W. SAXTON.
xcbs ssortml Prints jaA received and
for sale by J. & W. SAXTON.
[e greatest variety of Boots and Shoes ever
otlered tar sale by J. &W. SAXTON.
1 . wiles' Collars, Under:At:eves, Chintazetts, and
I,(Auves, Trimmings, ut J. &. fit•'. Saxton,
A. j, t i g. , , a lt: v ti
n l i o i t et o s f ,
1 1 , 1;tts (; ,, a alto Silk
A great variety of Belts, Head Dresses, Brace
lets, Trimmings, &e., by J. & W. Saxton.
The handsomest assortTnt
of Dross Silks,
ust leo• • d and fur sokvJ.W.saxu
\ beautiful assortment el velvet, silk and woe
ysted ve,:tings, by .1. W. sArroN.
, Aler's Ague Powders, just reed and for sale
Che best lot qf =u•;t ns Brosha, Cassi-
I mer, Bay 16 In to and Native shawls, just recd
and fur sale by .1.::, W. SAXTON.
w. sANTO.: , .; will take till kinds of coun
t, try produce in exchange for goods at their
.tore, west corner of ruhlie Square.
• utment of Gum Belts just rec'd
. : W. SA XTON.
you want to buy good Cheap Goods,.
Jui!: ....,.
U. P. ,ittst rvt,ivea from Philadel-
Vm arty of
ul the 1)re ,. 3 Goods, .
ez,l (ie.:fence, such Freteeh Me
: .. ‘lpaeoa, Perannati Cloth, Persian Cloth
''Lde !sins, I/ebnize,
, Die's Silks, end
: 1 • 1 rinnoiegs, dress
cs, Alit's,
y, Wpolen Tablo
; ; . and
LLE. , Ginghains,
Groceries ofall hinds, Hats tic Caps,
Boots, and Shoos, Oil Cloths,
littekeN, Tubs. 13aFkett., end tall goods usually
ket,t in a country Store..
141 y old custliter,, and as many new one,' as
c:ln crowd in are respeetnilly requested to (iota,
aw.l my goods
All kin,k of COllllll'Y produee taken in ex-
for goods, at tile highest market prices,
October 1, 1855.
L12D2 1 .0.1.
TIM present session of thii Institution will
close Ott Wednesday, fetcher dd. The ex
hibition will take place in the evening. The ex
amination the week preview=. These exercises
the public generally arc invited to attend. The
next ges4.l will commence the last Wednesday
of October. The institution is located at Shade
Gat., a quiet and retired place, free from all
temptation to vice, Wien.; or dissipation. The
location is a healthy one, being situated among
the muuntains. It is entirely free from the nui
sances so common along our rivers and so destruc
tive to health,
The cow, of instruction is such as has been
found by experience most suitalde for expanding
and d rckping the powers of the mind. The
student is curly taught to rely upon himself, to
think, to rNtson, and investigate the different
subjects which arc brought him. The govern
ment is strict but mild, only requiring what in
for the student's highest good. Around him is
thrown, as far us practicable, the restraints and
comfutts of a well regulated Christian home.
Sil:l4le (hip, is sits Bird 17 miles from the Haunt
Union station of the Pennsylvartia Renal Road,
Iron) which place there will be a lino of stakes.
E ?‘i S—sso per session of five months, this
includes tuition, room-rent and board. Wash
ing, light and fuel extra. For further particu
lars address
W. 11. WOODS, Principal-
Shade Gap, Sept. 20, 1055.-3 m.
LETTERS testatuentary ou the estate of
Elizabeth Parsons, late of Tell towwnship,
dee'cl. having been granted to the undersigned
all pe . rsons having claims against the estate will
present the same duly authenticated, and all
yrs..; knowing themselves indebted will make,
Tell tu Oct. 10. I &57,--ot. Executor.
:11. W. l'iliOllPSON,
c . „ NER PEA'N'A.
Attends to buying, st.iling and locating Lauda
1:11.1 lantl warrants, pups LUX., loans Money on
Real 1•:q ate security,on commission, examines
anti makes abstructs of title, &c. Any business
iturnstod, will be attended to promptly and with
lieflTT to lion. Geo. Taylor and Members at
the liar at Illattitigtlan-
Jlay 1111., 13:5-limo.
i Dr. John MaPtah:Joh,
I tiers Lie profcssionol services to the citizens co
, tictitingdun and viciii:ty. Wive, Mr. Hilda
! rantre, between the Exchange and Jackton'n
Huntingdon, Aug. 29, 1852,
Now Is the time to purchase
'est :I , s:A Uncut lo town
azto CERIES,