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In every county in the United States and
Canada, to sell one of the most important
Books ever published in America, and one that
should be in the hands of every male and fe.
male, who retard their own - health and the
welfare of their offspring, entitled
. .
Revised and enlarged by Horton How/I'rd,
M. D., containing nearly ONE HUNDRED ILLUS.
TRATIONS, of great importance, and nearly one
thousand large octavo pages, bound in substan
tial loather binding library style, three colonies
bound in ono containing an important SYSTEM
OP DOMESTIC MEDICINE Mith a Treatise on an
stomp, Physiology, and all diseases that man•
kind are heir to with Prescriptions of the great
est importance to mankind. Also, an exten
sive TREATISE ON MIDWIFERY, giving a full des
cription of the Diseases of Women—the cause
of disease and cure.
This book was first published as a Text
'look and is now used in the Eastern Colleges ;
but the revised edition is made . . simple and
plain, that all classes may comprehend it. It
contains an explanation to all the medical
terms used in the book. Price $4.
Agents wishing to engage in the sale of this
valuable book. will do well to make immediate
application as it will be exclusively a subscrip
tion book, and the greatest palm will be thken
to prevent one Agent from selling on the terri
tory assigned to another.
A sample copy will he sent, by mail, post
paid, to any part of the United States or Can
ada, on the reception of the retail price in cur
rent funds or postage s tamps with term to
Agents, and to those wishing to engage in the
Address H. M. RULISON, Publisher, Qua•
her City Publishing ilouseP2 South Third
street, Philadelphia, or Queen City Publishing
House, 115 i Main street Cincinnati, Ohio.
Oct: 24.----st,
Will be sold at Public Sale on the premises,
one mile from the month of Spruce Creek in
Franklin township, Huntingdon county, on
One of which contains
265 ACRES,
more or less. About 160 acres of which aro
cleared, and in a high state of cultivation, the
balance guoll timber land. Or this farm there
i 3 emoted a
now occupied by Daniel Shultz. A largelatill
barn, and all the convenient out•buildings.—
There is also a good well and spring of water,
never known to fail, conveniently located to
the Holm and Barn.
The other of which contains about
mere or less, about 100 acres of which aro clot •
red, and under excellent fence, and well eultiva
led ; the balance is well timbered. On this
farm is erected a good. substantial STONE
HOUSE, now occupied by B. L. Harvey. A
small Bank Bern and a good Well of water;
and there is also a small orchard on it.
13uth of the abet . ° farms are situated one
mile front the Depot of the Penna. Railroad,
ut the mouth of Spruce Creek, and four miles
from the Penna. Canal ut Wuterstreet ; and in
one of the best neighborhoods fur a home mar
ket, it the interior of the State; being nor
wended by numerous Iron Works.
On the first farm there is due it widow's dew
er of $2789 27. Ott the second farm there is
also due a widow's dower of $l4OO. The pur
chaser will be subject to the payment of the a.
bore dower, on the death of the widow ; the
interest to he paid annually until that time.
The balance of the purchase money to be
paid at follows, to wit :
0500 to be paid on each farm when the pro
perty is knocked down, or satisfactory seettrity
given therefor. The purchaser dile &strum
to pay $lOOO on the brat day of A pail, 1836,
when a deed shall be executed and delivered,
and possession given of tie! farm. The balance
nt bo secured by hand and mortgage, and the
time of payment to be in 1,4, 5, or 10 equal
annual payments to snit the purchaser.
The purchaser of the seeund farm to pay
0300 on the Ist of April,lBs6, and the balance
secured as in tic titan of the first Win, with
same privilege SUS 10 Bute or payment. Any
information relative to ,aid Farms, can be lid
USI enquiring of
PM/ i! intidon, Penna.
(lclultt•r 17, 1855.-4:1.
he subscriber being desirous of removing to
the Wert, offers his form situated in Wert Town
ship, on tho mad leading from Petersburg tu Me-
Alavy's Fort, for sale. Ilia iiirm tuliiinis land of
William Armstrong, Thomas V. Storart, and
others, containing about_
tills ACRES.
About 170 acre= cleared ,notto a good state of
cultivation. The Mance is well timbered.—
The improvements lire a
LOG HOUSE, mid small
Tenant House a new bank
I barn 80 by 45 Net.
There is also on the premises a young ORCH
ARD , and water piped to the door from it never
failing spring of water. This ',lmitation is high
ly productive, being good limestone limit. It is
situated within 21 miles of Petersburg, where
the railroad and canal passes through. The sub
scriber is anxious to sell at private Sale and if
not sold, will offer it at public sale, at the Court
House. in the Borough of Huntingdon, at the
Novel:ll,r Court. . .
Arias ntade easy to suit purchaser.
August 29. 1855.
The subscriber is constantly manufacturing
Files and Rasps of superior quality and at the
lowest prices, equal to the best imported goods
and much cheaper.
Manufacturers and Mechanics can have
their old files ro•eet and made equal to new, at
about half the original cost. Flat 12 inches
$2,00 per dozen ; Flat, 14 inches $2,75 per
dozen ; Saw•files, half round, Millsaw and eth
er files in proportion. Single files and frac
tional parts of dozens charged at the same
rates, and warranted satisfactory.
No. GI New Street between Race & Vino &
Second and Thitd Ste. Philadelphia.
Aug. 22, 1855.—5 m.
LETTERS of administration on the Estate of
Alexander McCall, late of Hopewell tp. '
Huntingdon Co., dec'd., having been granted
to the undersigned, all persons indebted to said
estate are requested to make immediate payment,
and those having claims against it will present
them July authenticated for settlement.
Oct. 17, 1655.—tit..
JOSEPH DOINGICASS, in MoConuelletown
tine constantly on hand, ready made rifles,
and is prepared to make and repair Quns of all
kinds at the shortest notlee
April 28, 1851-ly,
TRIAL LlST.—November Term, 1855.
John Brown vs Caleb Brown.
H. Mytinger vs P. Livingston.
J. Simpson Africa vs D. Flenner et al.
Hirst for Caldwell vs Daniel Africa.
Hon. John Stewart vs Love & Smith.
D. Caldwell vs Dell & Crotsley.
Com. for Bretton vs M. Crownover.
Joshua Johns vs Blair, Robinson & Co.
Horatio Trexler & Co. vs J. & W. Saxten.
Thomas Clark's heirs vs Brison Clark.
Charles S Black, q. tam. vs D. McMurtrie.
Adolphus Patterson vs John Doughenbough
Corn. for Kyler vs Robert Madden.
George Jackson vs Sassatnan's ex'rs et al.
Sterret & Potter vs J. Alexander, Garnishee.
John Lee vs Joseph P. Moore.
Amos Potts vs James Neely.
Spruce Cr.& Philips h 9 T. It. Co. vs NV. Graham,
Waterman, Young & Co. vs John Jamison.
Jas. Entrekin vs Britton Clark.
Samuel Barr, farmer, Jackson.
David Beck, Jr., " Warriorsmark.
Samuel Book, " Tell.
William Coleburn, farmer, Franklin.
John Carver, mechanic, Barre°.
Joseph Cromer, mason, Clay, now of Hunt.
John Flenner, termer, Henderson.
Samuel Gregory, do. West.
Henry Horton, do. Tod.
Jahn S. Iset, Iron Master, Franklin.
Richard Madden, farmer, Clay.
Ben j. McMahan, do. Barren.
William McLain, do. Dublin.
John B. Morrow, do. Tell,
James Neely, do. Dublin.
Henry Orlady, M. 1)., West.
Samuel Rolston, Warriorsmark.
John G. Stewart., carpenter, West.
William Sims, clerk, Franklin.
Samuel Stewart, drover, Jackson.
Andrew Wilson, farmer, West.
John S. Wilson, do West.
Jonathan P. Doyle, Shirley.
David McGarvey, farmer Shirley.
Thomas N. Barton, farmer, Shirley.
Samuel Beaver, farmer, Hopewell.
Jacob El. Bare, miller, Springfield.
George Ciesswell, merchant, West.
Henry Desis t blacksMith, West.
James Duff, farmer, Jackson.
WilliamlWan, farmer, Penn.
Adam Fosse, farmer, Hopewell.
John Gcbrett, do. Brady.
Charles Green, Esq., Siemer, West.
Henry Garner, farmer, Walker.
Augustus Green, do. Clay.
Adam Herter, farmer, Play.
Thomas Hooper, dedfirpmwell.
Thos. B. Hyskill, dtllPlPlCTriorsmark.
Adams Houck, do. Tod.
Asahel Hight, Huntingdon.
Samuel Harnish, farmer, Morris.
Jacob Hicks, farmer, Walker.
Samuel Isenberg, carpenter, Porter.
John Jamison, merchant, Dublin.
Daniel Rondo, farmer, Porter,
Adam Keith, farmer, Tod.
James Long, do. Shirley.
James Lane, Sterner, Cromwell,
James Lynn, mechanic, Springfield.
Joseph Mingle, farmer, Warriorsmark.
John Mash, farmer, Jackson.
George Miller, do. West.
Reuben Massey, farmer, Barree.
Robert Madden, merchant, Springfield.
Samuel Neff, farmer, Porter.
John Piper, do. Tud.
John Reed, • do. Hopewell.
Henry Rhodes, do. Shirley.
Jonas Rudy, do. Barree.
Abraham Shaw, farmer, Union.
Abedueg . o Stevens, merchant, Wurriorsmark,
Samuel Sheerer, farmer, 'Pell.
David Stevens, plasterer, Springfield.
Isaac Taylor, farmer, Dublin.
Wititer C. Van Tries, clerk, Warriorsmark.
John Whitney, manager, 'rod.
Simeon Wright, Esq., farmer Union.
Isaac Yocum, farmer, Penn. •
Lewis Kande, do. Porter.
John Bisbin, mason, Porter.
Depict I'eightal, farmer, Penn.
William Appleby, farmer, Dublin.
David Albright, miller, Porter.
Henry Boyles, farmer, Penn.
Samuel 13e11, fanner, Shirley.
Basil Devon, Cromwell.
John Eberly, farmer, West.
James Fleming, do. Jackson.
Thomas Fisher, merchant, Huntingdon.
Samuel Garner, farmer, Penn. •
•James Hutchison, do. Henderson.
Samuel Harris, do. Penn.
Archibald Hutchison, fanner Warriorsinark.
Evans Jones, gent., Franklin.
William Krider, farmer, Wnrn•io•emark.
Daniel Kyper. farmer, Walker.
Thomas Locke, laborer, Springfield.
John Long, merchant, Shirley.
John Murphey, shoemaker, West.
William Morgan, farmer, Warriorsmark. •
James Morrow' farmer, Franklin.
Chas. H. Miller, tanner, Huntingdon.
Joseph Marlin, farmer, Porter.
George MeCrum, jr., farmer, Barren.
George W. McClain, farmer, Tod.
Jesse ;McClain, fainter, Tod.
James S. Oakes, farmer, Jackson.
Samuel Pheasant, farmer, Porter.
Andrew Smith, farmer, Union.
Martin Shank, farmer,. Warriorsmark.
William Stewart, farmer, West.
Win. B. Smith, farmer, Jackson.
Dorsey Silknitter, farmer, Barroe.
Peter C. Swoope, Huntingdon.
George L. Travis, mechanic, Franklin.
Michael Ware. fanner, West.
William Hutchison, farmer, Warriorsinark.
By virtue of sundry writs of Fieri Facies, Le
vari Facies and Venditioni Exponas, issued
out of the Court of Common Pleas of Hunting
don Count), and to me directed, 1 will sell try
public outcry, at the Court House in the bor
ough of Huntingdon ou Tuesday the 13th day
of November, next, (1853) at 10 o'clock, A. BE,
the following described real estate, to wit t
All tho defendant's right and interest in and
to a Lot of ground in the borough of Cassvillo,
which Lot the defendant purchased at the sale
of the Trustee's of Robert Speer, dec'd., and
marked on diagram letter E. Beginning at the
street on the east, bounded on the south by a lot
of Elias B. Wilson, Esq., on the west by H. L.
Brown, on the north by Lemuel Green, and is
supposed to contain ono and a half acres, be the
1 same more or less.
Seized, taken in execution, and to be sold as
the property of Richardson Read.
ALSO, . . .
All the right and interest of defendant in the
following property, via t
A lot of ground iu Wurriorsmark township,
Huntingdon County, containing two acres more
or less, bounded on the north by lands of Hays
Hamilton, on the south by Steiner's land, and
on which is erected a two story brick house and
stable, and other out-buildings, with a never
failing spring of water and a well.
Seized, taken in execution, and to be sold as
the property of John L. Cox.
ALSO, _ _
All the right and interest of Washington Bu
chanan in and to a tract of of land Bra
dy township, Huntingdon Co containing 20 acme
mere or less, bounded on the south by the Juni
ata river, on the north by land of A. I'. Wilson,
Esq., and on the east by land of Peter Halde
man, with a stone still house and chopping mill
thereon erected.
Seined, taken in execution, and to be sold an
the property of Washington Buchanan.
A lot of ground situnte On the north aide of
Bill street, in the borough of Huntingdon, being
22 feet in front on said street, and extending in
depth two hundred feet to Washington street and
being a part of Lot No. 91 in the plan of said
town, having thereon erected n two story Log
lima, weather-boarded, and kitchen, stable
and other out-buildings.
Seized, taken in execution and to he sold as
the property of Jacob Snyder.
A certain lot of ground adjoining the borough
of Birmingham, containing about ono ncro more
or less, adjoining n lot of John Owens, Esq., on
the west, the public road lending from Birming
ham to Waterstreet, on the south, lands of She
enberger's heirs on the north and east ; on which
a brick building Is erected, seventy feet In length
and thirty-flee in depth, two stories high, with a
stone basement, known,as the Mountain Female
Seized, token in execution, and to he sold as
the property of the Mountain Female Seminary.
- • •
The interest and estate of Samuel Booher, the
Bert (being one undivided half thereof) in the
following described real estate, consisting of two
parcels, ono thereof situate in the township of
Shirley and county of linntingdm, adjoining
lands of Andrew Spanogle on the east, and lands
of John Lutz on the north, south and west, con
taining six acres more or less, having thereon
a woollen factory called "Sinking Spring Wool
len Factory ;" being a two story frame building
with Carding machine, looms, dye kettles and
other machinery attached. Also : A saw-mill,
four dwelling houses (one stone, one frame and
two log) stables and other buildings. On the
land is en orchard, a never-failing spring of ora
tor power, and the factory is in running order.
The other thereof being timber land and con
nected with said factory, situate on the western
base of Black Img Mountain, adjoining lands
of Andrew Spanogle nod others containing 38
acres more or less.
Seised taken in execution, and to be sold as
the property of Samuel Booker.
All that certain one story plank house or buil
ding with basement, containing in front twenty
four foot and in depth eighteen feet, and the lot
or piece of ground on which it is erected, with
the curtelago appurtenant thereto, situate on the
south side of Schell street, and alley on the
southwest, in the town of Conimont, Hunting
don county aforesaid.
Seized, taken in execution, and to be sold as
the property of Reuben White.
Ail the right, title and interest of defendant
David Woods, dcc'd., of, ht and to n smell par
cel (Aland situate about two miles east of the
borough of Huntingdon, adjoining land formerly
oa•ued by Jacob Fockler, containing about ono
sere, through which the turnpike and Railroad
pass, having the remains of a log house and gar
den thereon: Also, all the undivided interest of
the defendant, David Woods, deed., of, in and
ton lot of ground in the borough of Huntingdon,
situated on the western side of Allegheny street
fronting fifty feet on said street, and extending
back at right angles thereto, two hundred feet
into the margin of the Juniata River, edjoining
Bath street on the north west and lot formerly
owned by Mrs. Foster on the south east and
numbered two hundred and sixteen in the plan
of said borough, upon which is erected a log
dwelling house with garden attached &r•.
Seized, taken in execution and to be sold as
the property of David Woods, deed.
- - -
All the right, title and interest of the defen
dants Elton B. Pike and James Gardner in and
to a body of woodland extending front the Rays
town Brunch on the west to Sidling Hill on
the east, and lying on both sides of Torreon
Mountain, and in the bend of Trough Crok
Valley. in Walker and Union townships, Hun
tingdon county; adjoining lands of 'Phonate
Read, Daniel Africa, Jacob Breneman and the
Mister land on the cast or Trough Creek side,
lands of David Blair on the north-west, lands of
Davin Corbin, Rudolph Brenemon and John
Sharer on the west or Raystown Branch side,
and Ixtendinm from the Juniata river below the
State dam to Shaver's Gap on Terrace Moun
tain aforesaid: being composed of several sur
veys and ports of surveys in the names of Dr.
John Henderson, George Feu, William Fen,
David Pea and Robert Fen, nod containing in
the whole between twelve and fifteen hundred
acres, snore or less.
Seized, taken in execution, and to be sold as
the property of Eben B. Pike nod James Gard
N. IL By directions of the plaintiff, five hun
dred dollars of the amount bid for this property
mast be paid by the bidder as soon as it is knock
ad down to him, otherwise the property will ho
again immediately put up for sale, until the con
dition is complied with.
All the right, title, interest and claim of the
defendant Thomas Wallace, of, in and to a piece
and parcel of meadow-land situate on the mar
gin of Suniding-Stone Creek, in the borough yfj
Huntingdon, adjoining a lot of George Jacksd!.
on the north, a lot of Wm. Dorris, n the
south, another lot or said defendant, in Sr., ;he seine
inclosure, on the west, and said creek on the
cast, containing seven acres and sixty-four
perches, be the same nore or less.
ALSO—A Int of ground situate at the south
eastern corner of Church and St. Clair streets,
in said borough, fronting about seventy-four feet
on St. Clair street, and extending back from the
same two hundred feet to the old line of the said
borough and western boundary of the above
mentioned and described lot—bounded on the
north by Church street and on the south by a lot
owned by the widow Hawn—including the whole
of lot No. 179 and part of Lot No. 172 in the re
corded plan of said borough.
Four contiguous lots of ground situated in •
said borough, bounded on the north and west by
the Renner Farm, on the east by the Warm
Spring road and on the south by u lot oflion
James Gwin.—Nus. I, 2, and 3, as repre
sented on a map of said lots devided on the 16th
day of October, 1855, for tho defendant by . J.
Simpson Africa County Surveyor, containing
each four acres and No. 4 containing about 3
acres--be the samo more or less.
Seized taken in execution and to be sold as
the property of Thomas
All the rigid, title, claim and interest of the
deft.., Peter Haldeman, of, in and to the follow
described tracts and parcels of land, to wit m
.etract or parcel of land situate in Shirley tp.,
Huntingdon County, containing about two hun
dred and sixty acres, be the same more or less,
(the same being composed of two or more tracts
or parcels of land) and being commonly known
on the 'Ferry Property,' opposite Drake's Ferry
on the south side of the Juniata river at Mt.
Union, hounded by the Juniata river, by lands
of the heirs or devisees of Col. Wm. Postlethwait
and lands of the heirs orAndrew Pollock, dee'd,
lauds of Samuel Shaver and others, almost 30
oteres of which art cleared, with a two story
frame dwelling house, a stone stable, a stone
warehouse, several other small buildings and a
small orchard thereat.
ALSO—Part de tract of land situate in Bra
dy township, in the county of Huntingdon, orig
inally surveyed in pursuance of x warrant gran
ted to Francis Hamilton, dated March 9th, 1787
Beginning at a Black Onk on time bank of the
Juniata river, thence by Imsad of J. F. Cotterell,
N 4 deg. W 81 ps. to a post, N 86 deg. W 20
ps. to a post, S 17 deg. W 9 ps. to a atone heap;
thence by lands of \Viso and Buchanan (part of
the same survey S 8 dog. 14 ps. to the Juniata
river, thee., down the said river by the several
courses and distances of the Same to the place of
beginning . , containing 24 acres and 38 perches,
on which is erected a weather-boarded log dwel
ling house &c., known as the old Drake's Ferry
ALSO—Part of a tract of laud of font. or 119
acio7lyrnpadjuiuing Mifflin county, near and
above the north-west end of the new Bridge, the
same being that part of a tract of land which J.
Cotterell bought of Samuel Drake, Jr., in
1838 or 40, which lies in Huntingdon County.
Seized, taken in execution, and to be sold as
the property of Peter Higdon..
Sheriff's 0 files, 1
Hunt., Oct. 17, 1853.
Wuanzas by a precept to me directed, dated
at Huntingdon, the 22d day of August,
A. I). 1855, under the hands and seals of the
Hon. George Taylor, President of the Court of
Common Pleas, Oycr and Terminer, and gener
al jail delivery of the 24th jpdiciall district of Pettn, 4
sylvania composed of Huntingdon, Blair and Cam
bria, and the Hon. Thomas F. Stuart and Jona
than McWilliams, his associates, Judges of the
county of Huntingdon, justices assigned, appoint
ed, to hear, try and determine all and every in
dictments made or taken for or concerning nil
crimes, which by the lowa of the State aro made
capital or felonies of death and other offences
crimes and misdemeanors, which have been or
shall hereafter be committed or perpetrated fur
crimes aforesaid—l am commanded to make pub
lie proclamation throughout my whole bailiwick
that a Court of Oyer and Terminer, of Common
Pleas and Quarter sessions. will he held at the
Court House in the Borough of Huntingdon, on
the second Monday (and 12th day) of November
next, and those who will prosecute the said pri
soners be then and there to prosecute them as it
shall be just, and that all Justices of the Peace,
Coroners and Constables within said county be
then and there in their proper persons, at 10
o'clock, A. AI. of said day, with their records, in
quisitions, examinations and remembrances, to
do those things which to their offices respectfully
Dated at Huntingdon the 22d day of August,
in the year of our Lord 1255, and the 79th
year of' American Independence.
NX THERE" by a precept to me directed by
V the Judges of the Common Pleas of the
eonnty of Huntingdon, bearing test the 22d day
of August, 1835, 1 am commanded to make
Public Proclamation throughout my whole baili
wick, that a Court of Common hells will he
held in the Court House in the Borough of Hun
tingdon, on the third Monday (and 19th day) of
November A. D.,1055, for the trial of all issues in
said Court which remain undetermined before the
said Judges, when and where all jurors, witnesses
and suitors, in the trial of all Issues are required
to appear.
Dated at Huntingdon, the 22d day of August,
in the year of our Lo•d 1855, and the 79th year
of American Independence.
Register's Notice.
Notice is hereby given to all persons inter.
ested, that the following persons have settl e d
their accounts in the Register's office ut Hun
tingdon, and that the said accounts will be pre
sented for conformation and at an
Orphan's Court to be held at Huntingdon, iu
and for said County of Huntingdon, on Wellies.
day, the 11th day of November, 1855 :
1. John Neff, acting Executor of the but
will and testament of George Sfong, late of
Warriorawark township, deed.
2. John Snyder, Administrator 'ft tonic tine,
ite., and Trustee to make sale ()Meal Estate of
Philip Shultz, late of the borough of Henthig
don, deed.
3: Thomas Weston, Esq., Administrator
cow lestamento annexo of John Nevling, late
of the borough of 13irmingbam, dec'd.
4. James Coy, Administrator of the EAnte
of Thomas Coy, late of Decree township, dec . d.
5. John Scott and George W. Scott, Execu•
tors of the last will andlestament ofJohn Scott,
lute of the borough of Alexandria, dee'd.
• 6. William Christy, Esq., and Tho 3. MeLoy,
Administrators of Alexander Westbrook, late
of Porter township, dee'd.
'l. John P. Stewart, acting Administrator of
the Estate of Joseph Crownover, late of Berme
township, deed.
8. Levi Evans, Esq., Administrator of the
Estate of David E. Strode, late of Tod town•
ship, dee'd.
9. Levi Evans, Esq., Executor of the last
will and testament of Anil Barbra Erode, lute
of Tod township, deed.
10. David Ilebison7iurvlidng Executor of
the last will ned testament of Andrew Robison
lute of Warrionimark township, dee'd.
it. Trust account of Benjamin F. Patton,
Trustee appointed. to sell the Real Estate of
John Spinier, late of Warriorsmark township,
Register's Office, 1
Hunt., Oct. 13, 1835.
Call and look before you purchase,
AS just returned front Philadelphia and is
I now opening one of the prettiest and best
selected stock of goods ever brought to the bor
ough of Huntingdon. It would be useless to
mention all of the goods we have on hand—
Lad . lei 3 Dress Goods.
lof the latest stylos.
A large stock of liosery, Dress Trimmings,
Ribbons, Velvet, bonnets Undert•leves, Collars,
Spgneers, Casimeres, Cloths Casinytts Laces,
Silk Mitts, Delanes, De-1; '
erge, hid Gloves,
and all kinds of goods genernlly kept in a
country store.
Alse—tt line assortment of
Hoots, Shoes, Hats, & caps,
Glagswarr, Queensware and Cedirriale.
A large and good supply of
Fresh Groceries.
Call and sea my g;o7l;;;Fexamine for your
ThanVint for the patronage of the past by my
friends, and the public generally, I respectfully
so licit n continuance of the same. .
All kinds of country produce tnken in cx•
Mange for goods at the highest market price.
Oct. 10, 1855.
fIUNNINGIIAM & DUNN hare just returned
kj from Philadelphia, and are now opening at
the head of the Broad Top Basin a:large and
beautiful assortment of Full & Winter Goods
Consisting of
Dry Goods, Groceries, Hard-ware,
Queens-ware, Cedar-ware,
Bats, boots and shoes.
Ready Made Clothing always on hand.
and in short everything that is usually kept in a
country store.
kept constantly for Sale.
Call and examine our stock before purcha
sing elsewhere, end see whether we cannot
make it your interest to patronise on.
All kinds at country produce taken in ex
change for Goods at the highest market prices.
The highest market pliees paid for all kinds
of ()rain. _ _
Prompt attantion paid to storing and forward•
log all kinds of merchandisa, produce, &e.
Huntingdon, Oct., 10 1855.
stitution, located in Shlrleysburg, Hunting• '
don County, will commence on the Ist day of
The place is easy of aicess, being connected
with Mt. Union on the Central Railroad, by a
daily lino of coaches. The Principal will spore
no reasonable expense and pains to make the
Institution worthy of a liberal patronage.
lEROS :--Boarding, tuition, and room, $5O
per session of live months. Tuition front $8 to
$l2 per session, according to studies. Payable
quarterly, in udvunec. For Circulars, etc., ad
dress the Principal, Rev. G. W. SHAIFFER,
October 10, '2s.—Gt . Shirleysburg, Pg.
STR&X 1,10618.
TWO white hogs supposed to weigh two hun
dred (such, came to. J. Ninf's Mill. - The owner
is desired to come forward, prove property, pay
charges, and take them away, otherwise they
will be disposed of according to law.
Oct. 17, 1855. •11.'
1111 000.—SoLu ix Two Dern I—Trittinph
Complete I !—Why is it that the Ex-Governor
of Maryland, also the President of one of the
Banks at Frederick City, urged the Doctors there
to procure it? Why has a large cash order
this week come from such men as Messrs. Peel
'4., Stevens, wholesale Druggists of Alexandria,
Va . and by the very next well, an order, (the
third time in tour weeks) from Mr. Pierpoint,
and from Messrs. Cook & Co., of same place,
and by the very same mail a fourth order from
Messers. Hopper & Wilmer of Centreville, Md.,
(where a short time since such an excitement
sprung up from tome remarkable cures made
there by Prof. C. DeGrath's (gennine) Elec
tric Oil, from 39 South Eighth Street, Philridel
phis, a few doors south of Chesnut street? ]low
is it that the editor of Erie Observer, was cu
red in two days of rbennintisms in his bock of
three years' duration ; end Mr. Brady, of Ilar
risburg of Paralysis? Why and how was it that
the other day Mr George Weis, 227 Eager street
Baltimore, two doors front St. James' church,
was cured of palsied hands of long standing
also the tote rate of a lade in Philadelphia, cu
red of spinal curvature, and another of Prohip•
sus Uteri, a complete, radical cure? Ask them.
Why do such men as Mcsrs. U. N. & IV. 11.
Williams, wholesale Druggists, of Sy remise N.
Y., write, August 3oth. that—"your Electric Oil
proves more beneficial then any other prepare.
hobs we have ever heard of," &c.
Yours, G. N. & IV. H.Wtr.tutnns.
Why has Joseph Osborn. Esq., of Auburn,.
written, now the third time that ' , Prof. De-
Grath's Electric Oil is selling very fast,
making great mires never before accomplished
here I' ,
Why did John Rex, Esq., send, the
nil inst., u gold dollar in it letter from Double
Bridges, Va., for a bottle. on the recommends
ties of Win. Arvin, Esq., of the canto place
who got some a short time since tae the Gout,
and was cored / Why is it that every one speaks I
of it as wonderful relative," and is this not
the real cause ofniore selling at retail, in Philo
dolphin alone, than is sold of Dr. Jayne's medi
cines, or five of any others 4 Why is it that a ;
Physician of large practice used it on the Imo-
lvsed limbs of his buy, al a i using everything
else I Simply because tit enuine "Eleetroic
Oil," frotn the office of Pr . DeGrath, effectu
ally owes paralysis. Why and how is it that
over $5OO has been sold in Witshington, D. C.
during about six weeks, and over Slow) worth
in Baltimore in the UMW time? Why du Messrs
Morris & Co., of York, Pa., (uno of the finest'
Drug houses in the State,) and John Wyeth,
Esq., of 'Louisburg, Po., sell so much, when I
they taco any quantity of all sorts of other '
medicines right by the side of the "Electric
OW" Simply because nothing else will answer
the purpose (lint the Oil does. Let the skepti
cal nub the numerous cases of almost hopeless
putionts, if anything could be more agreeable
in use, or more effectual in its results—some of
ter basing expended hundreds of Junius on va
rives fencer treatment, with nothing but dis
couningient and despair fur their trouble. Why'
is it that other medicines have advertisements
piled up column high, in all the papers while ;
Professor De Grath's 'Electric OiPsis only no-
ticed at n smite expense not to exceed $l5 to
$2O a day? Why is it that two physicians are
daily employed in the °Mee, applying the (gen
uine) "Electric Oil" to patients afflicted with
Totter, Palsy (and it is warranted for this).—
'Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Headache, Old Sores
and Bruises ' W.111i9, - Cats, Sprains Lind
ries Sore Breast and side; also all kinds of
painful complaints. Although to cure is war
rented, yet not more thau 000 bottle has even
been returned ; and that W. a case of totid
deafness, of 15 years' statiding. Of course ea..
tare could not restore such a case, with whatev
er help.
N. 13. An educated Doctor always in atten
dance and ladies may, if they desire it consult
with a lady, by dropping a line to the office of
PROF. C. DEO tam,
39 S. Eighth street, Phila.,
3 doors South of Chesnut st.
Price. 50 ets, 75 els., ned
P. B.—Fire dollars reward will be paid for the
arrest of a low scamp, a Jew pettier, who copied,
on a dirty sheet, some of Prof. Do Urath's
and as the originals ars copyrighted, 416 is liable I
to the law.
Remember the No., s 9 S. Eighth et.,
Thomas Read & Son, Huntingdon, hunt. Co.
H. Barnwell, Montgomery, Blair co., W. G.
Murray, Hollidaysburg, lilair cu., Comb.. &
McCoy, Frankstown, 1tM50....1. H. Hamer- &
Co., Waterstreet,Hunt.T6., Wm. Moore, Alex
andria, hunt. co.
Sept. 26, tdriti.
Of Valuable Real Estate
T1IF: subscriber offers his well-known Tavern
Stand Property, on Ray's Rill, Fulton Co.
Pa., at private Sara, with an the land belonging
thereto, being 3113 ACRES of patented laud,
163 acres of which is cleared and under good
fence. The improvements ore a large
Frame Tavern Stand,
a good large Stable, sufficient to tccommadate
eighty horses, 'Granary, Corn Crib, Wagon shed
and all other necessary oat buildings, nod an
oxen He'd orchard of choice fruit—a occur fail
ing stream of water of the door, and several
good living springs in dilleront parts of the land.
There are also on this property Two Good
Tenant Rouses.
The uhuye is woof the best known Tut ern
Stands on the Hoed, and the place is in a high
state of cultivation, and well adapted for pas
Ile also offers for sale the Farm adjoining the
above, on Cil ho at present resides one half
mile south atlas Tavern property, containing
800 ACRES of good limestone land, 514
acres of which is cleared tinder fence, in a good
state of eultivationond the balance well timber
The improvements are good now
Two-Story Weather-Boarded House,
Bank Baru, Spring Rouse, Wash House, and
other out buildings, a first rate orchard of good
fruit, a good spring close to the house, sod ne
ver Millings spring; of water in every field.
There arc alsoon!iis Inc! a good
THE present session of this Institution will'
close on Wednesday, October 3d. The ex-
I Isibition will take place in the evening. The ex.
meditation the week previens. These exercises
I the public generally are invited to attend. The
;next session will commence the last Wednesday
of October. The institution is located at Shade
I Gap, a quiet and retired place, free from all
temptation to vice, idleness or dissipation. Tho
location is II healthy one, being situated among
the mountains. It is entirely free front the nui
nso communions our rivers end so destrue-
I ti l l% "s to ealth. '
! The coarse of instruction is such as has beets
; found by experience most suitable for expanding
I and d veloping the powers of the mind. The
1 student is early taught to rely upon himself, to
For Bus Cure of White Swellings—Curvature of i think; to reason, and investigate the different
the opine ; Dyspepsia ; Neuralgia ;. Rheutua• i subjects which are brought him. The govern
lions ; Disease or the Kidneys, OWSTIII, Womb, meet is strict but mild, only requiring what is
&e., &e. A book accompanies each machine, for the student's highest good. Around hits is
giving full instructions in the application of it , thrown,. far as practicable, the restraints and
in tubercular and seraulona diseases. Motto , &Infests of a yell regulated Christian home.
factored and for sale by W. C. &J. Neff, No. 1 Shade Gap, is situated 17 miles from the Mount
31 South 7th Street, Philadelphia, Pa. Union station of the Pennsylvania Rail Road,
; ,
which lace there will be a line of smges.
I September 0, 11105.- from
TERMS— p 550 per session of five months. this
NOTICE. includes tuition, room-rent and board. Wash
ing, light and fuel extra. For further portion ,
-• NTOTICE is hereby given that the pat tnership lam address
Oct. 10, 1855.-3 m. , 4 , heretofore existing between the undersign
-0 A .91 ENT s,, ed (trading under the firm of Couch & Dunn,)
is this day dissolved by mutual consent. The I .
A Book for Every Family in the Union, books of said firm are in the bands of David
Bllpdfl la! and Reliable. Dunn with whom till concerned will 'Acme to I
BELCHER'S II (ST( saY OF ALL THE RE • make immediate settlemen
'UNITED STATES. I April 10 1855-tf.
This is a large Octavo of 1,02 pp., Muslim ,
fed by nearly 200 engravings, and gives rho
"History, Doctrine, Government and Statistics''
of all the sects in this country. It is told ex- I • Has just opened
elusively by subscription, and the demand I ,
it is increasing !'rota n '„
rom every sectio of the n
Th e re are still a few counties unengaged its ' o.l‘
l'enna., its which thorough•going men tit' good , READY-MADE CLOTHING. •
address might do a large and prolitnble busi• '
eras. The terms are such as cannot fail to j
!pay. For these and other particulars apply to ! .
or address ; COATSI4 it,LNIE.O 4 ItZtTS.
JOHN E. POTTER, Publisher, And oilier articles of gentlemen's wear.
No. lb Samom St., Phan. ! October 3, 1853.
Oct. 24,1055,-2m. . ..._
Lime Kiln, and several excellent 'quarries, and
as good a location for a Tan-yard as could be
desired, with plenty of bark convenient. There
are also Three good Tenant Houses on this
plaro and two other good barns.
This is ono of the best stock forms in the
country, and offers peculiar ind ucements to any
person who desires to raise cattle, &c.
Ho ofilt sell in quantities to suit parehasers,
and any one wishing to make a bargain would
do well to examine the above properties before
purchasing elsewhere.
Terms mode to suit purchasers.
For further information apply to else subseri.
Whatever partnership which existed between CAN nut CLOTUINO AT WIIOLNSALV,
the undersigned iu the Surveying business has AS CHEAP AS IN THE CITY, AT
been dissolved by mutual consent. ROMAN'S CLOTHING STORE.
J. SIMPSON All,tlcA, - --
The business will he conducted us fertneriv
by J. Simpson Africa. ' All binds, cheaper than cleewhere. at
Sept. 12. 15.15.-tr. - . /1, ROMAN'S CLOTHING sTirim.
. TIMM Y2 9 :5 la:
Corner or Germantown Road and New Market
Streets, on the North Pennsylvania 'Rail Road,
Constantly on hand or made to older. the fol•
lowing highly approved Flour Mill Machinery.
Woodward's Patent Portable Mills and Smut
Johndon's Patent Iron Concave Bran
Stover's Patent Fuel Saving Corn
Pierson's Patent Barrel Hoop and Moulding
f n proved Bridge Steps uud Bushes fur IEII
Thu bust Anchor Brand Bultiag Cloth Burr S.
Calico Mill Stones. Cora, Cole and Plaster
JohnstoeN Patent Cast Metal Con-
7 f-5 i[L.f f Yil-1 LU . t _i ....I ' .. ti-.IJIS,
alid,a:A of the Ohio and Mississip
pi Rine
Warranted to take out of the offal of every
Bushel Ground, from 1 to 2/ lbs, of standaril
flour, which could not be bolted out on account
of the electrical adhesion. to the Bran.
NOTICE :—I hereby ware all persons against
infringing my rights, secured by Letters Pa.
tent as above, no I will prosecute all persons
nothing, selling, or using any Pratt Dusters
with an Iron or Cast Metal Concave in vio
lation of the Letters Patent of Joseph John
sing., dated April 2.lth, 1851.
N. B.—State awl County Patent Rights Cr
all the above Machines for Sale.
August 29, 1855. tf
Cliambersburg & Mt. Union
THE undersigned mate that a suspension of
I the line of Stager over the road between
Cbumbersburg and -Mt. Union, cannot be but
disadvantageous to a large section to the country
has, at considerable expense and trouble, made
arrangements to run a lino of Stages Tri-weekly
between the two points. Good Humes and corn
thrtable Stages have been played on the route,
and experienced and trusty drivers will superin
tend Olin running of the Coaches. The proprie
tor of the lit, is desirous that it •be maintained,
and Ito therefore rolls upon the puhlie generally
to patronise it, ColliiiiCTlE that it will be for their
mutual advantage. Every attention necessary
will he given, and the running of the Stages frill
be regular.
, Stages leave Mt. Union, every Tuesday,
Thursday ' and Saturday evenings, arriving at
Claunhesburg the rent day at 2 o'clock. Re
turning, leave Chambershurg the same night at
10 o'clock, arriving at Mt. Union early the fol
lowing evening in time fur the Cars. Stages
stop at Shirleysburg, Orhisoniu, Shade Gay,
Burnt Cabins, Inuncusburg, Morse
Strasburg and Kec'es's store.
6., - Fare through 53,00: to intdtmediate pointy
in proportion.
August 22, 1955.—t
Utriningham Illuntingdou Co., Pa.
rinF, winter Term of this Institution wiil
open Wednesday October 3ist.
Instruction given filen the branches requisite
to entering College advanced. We are al t o
prepared to accommodate any who may with
to give attention to the ornamental bronrlte , ;
in addition to these we design giving prominant.e
to the study of Architecture. .
Sons of Ministers and young meu who have
been engaged in teaching and desire to fit them
selves more thoroughly for that station area
mitted free of Tuition.
Tuition, Board and Furnished .room $60,e0
per session—payable F t rietly one half in ad
vane°, the other at the middle of the term.
THOMAS WARD, Prier/pot,
THOMAS SCOTT, Assistant.
Oct. 10, 1655.-3 m.
Fannettpmpc . !lf:_tge .l
Monday, Wednesday 00.1
Friday Itiernings.
Returning will leave FANNETTSBURG on
Tuesday, Thursday and Sal urday Mornings,
connecting wills the Express Trains east and
west in the morning, and the Mail train in tits
evening. COMMITTEE.
Oct. 8,18.55.-3 m.
Accommodation Line,
TE undersigned would respectfully inform
the travelling public that he has Hacks run
ning from Mill Creek to Caasville, twice a week;
leaving (Jasmine nt 7i o'clock on Mondays and
Fridays, and returning same doss.
His hacks are good ; their drivers maul,
and persons travelling on this route, will do
well by giving him their patronage.
Sept. 12.
Now is the time to purchase
Fl233lF@Tl f ,
Have just received from Philadelphia, the lar
gest and limit assortment of Dry Goods ever of
fered to the citizens of this piston, and surround
ing country ; such as Merinos, Alpacas, Muslin
de Lanes, Paratuatta Cloth, Persian Cloth, black
and Colored Silks and every variety of Dress
Goods and Trimmings. Also, Cluthi., Cassini
ers, Vestings,
Call and See
one of the finest assortments of Trimmings brc't
to this place ; also, Collars, Gntlersleoves,
Gloves of every variety, Ladies' Scarfs
and the best assortment of Shawls aver offered.
I A splendid lot of the finest Carpet and Oil Cloth,
&every variotr, and the hest assortment in town,
twery description, and at lower prices thnn
can be got at nny other hours.
iililiough they are a little up, we will try and sell
as lute as the lowest.
nAirs /4, CAPS, BOOTS 66 SHOES,
the largest noel Lest assorttnent ever ollered, and
at lower prices.
and every vuriety of Goods, such us are usually
kept in a country store. Call and see !Jethro
purchasing any otter piece, and if we can't sat
isfy you of the fact, we will cave under.
October ti, 1855.
rho best assortment of Carpet and Oil Cloth
just , revived and for sale by J. &W. Saxton.
Who handsomest assortment of Do lanes, Per
Isian Clutl,. Larilla Cloth, Berage de Lanes,
Paramette Cloth, and all wool Merinoes, all woo!
do lanes, of the best styles and selected with the
greatest care, fur sale by J. & W. SAXTON.
500 web s assorted Prints, just received and
fin sale by J. & W. SAXTON.
The greatest variety of 13oots and Shoes ever
uttered tbr sale by J. &W. SAXTON.
Lndies' Collars, Cud... Awes, Chinutzetts, and
Gloves, Trimmings, at J. &. W. Saxton.
A beautiful lot of Katy & Cup,, also Silk and
Straw Bonnets, by J. &W. SAXTON.
A great variety of Belts, Head Drama, Brace.
Triuma age, &e., by J. & W. Saxton.
rile handsomest assortment of Dross Silks,
I just roes'd and fur saki by J. d; W. Saxton.
Abeautiful assortment en velvet, silk and woe.
sled vestings, by J. & W. SAXTON.
!▪ awes Ague Powders, just reed and for sale
▪ ,y J. &W. SAXTON.
Mho best lot of Shawls, Buell us lirosit, Cassi
mer, Bay state and square shawls, just recd
fur sale by J. & W. S AX ON.
tSc W. SAXTON will take all kinds of coun
, try produce in exchange for goads at their
Cheap store, south-west corner of Public Square.
A splendid assortment of Cum Bolts jag roe'd
-Mend for rale by J. & W. SAXTON.
If you want to buy good Cheap Goode
D. I'. (loin hits just received from rbiladeb
tillia.a large and beautiful stock of
consisting of the most fashionable Dress Goods,
!Or Ladies and Gentlemen, such as French Mc
rinoes, Alpacca, Paramatta Cloth, Persian Cloth
All Wool de Loins, Fancy do Loins, Debaire,
cobings, Black and Fancy Dress Silks, and
Prints of nil description. Also, Cloths, Canal
mere, plaits and lamp Nosiness, Vestings &c.
Al.BO, a large lot of dress Trimmings, :fres,
BottonsOlibbontis, Bonnet Silks, Gloves, Mitts,
Woolen and Cotton Hosiery, Laces, Veils, Un
.!,,,Peevei, Collars, Chimazetto, Iligulotts, Silk'
Bonnets, and a variety of Dress Hoods ion nu
merous to mention.
flannels ot all ktntls, Lump, Woolen Table
Covers, Shawls. Com Finis, bleached awl unblea
ched Mustins, 'lichen, Checks, Gingbains, &c.
Grocories of all hinds, Hats & Caps,
Boots aud Shoc§, 011 Cloths,
Buckets, Tubs, Baskets, and all goods usually
kept in a emitters Stare.
Aly old customers, and as many new ones as
can crowd in are respectfully requested to coma
and examine my goods
All kinds of Country produce token in ex
change fur goods, at the highest market prices.•
October 3, 1855,
W. IL WOODS, Principal,
Shade Gap, Sept. 26, 1855.-3 m.
LETTERS testamentary on the estate of
Elizabeth Parsons, late of 'Dell towwnship,
doo'd. having been granted to the undersigned
all persons having claims against the estate will
present the same duly authenticated, and all
persons knowing themselvos.indebted will make
101 l tp , Oct. 10, 1855.-ftt. Executor.
Attends to buying, selling and locating Lands
and land warrants, pays taxes, loans Money on
Real Estate seeurity,on commission, oxamittea
and mites abstracts of title, &c. Any business
intrusted, will be attended to promptly and with
Rotor to Hon. Coo. Taylor and Members 0c
the liar at Huntingdon.
May 14th, 1855-limo.
Dr. John McCulloch,
nffers his protbssionatecrvices to the citizens et
Ullantingdon and vicinity. Office, Mr. !Hide
i brand's, between the Exchange and Jaciteon'a
• Huntingdon. Aug. 29. !RS,