Huntingdon journal. (Huntingdon, Pa.) 1843-1859, October 24, 1855, Image 3

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TRIAL LlST—November Term, 1855.
Frasr W Era.
John Brown vs Caleb Brown.
H. Mytinger vs I'. Livingston.
J. Simpson Africa vs D. Fleuner et al.
Hirst for Caldwell vu Daniel Africa.
Hon. John Stewart vs Love it Smith.
D. Caldwell vs Dell it Crotsley.
Zorn. for Bratton vs M. Crownover.
Joshua Johns V 8 Blair, Robinson it Cu.
Horatio Trexler Cu. vs J. it W. Saxtuu.
Thomas Clark's heirs VA Brison Clark.
•Charles S Black, q. tam. vs D. McMurtrie.
Adolphus Patterson vs John Doughenbough•
•Coat. for Kyler vs Robert Madden.
George Jackson vs Bauman's ex'rs et al.
Sterret h Potter vs J. Alosander, Garnishee.
Join Lee vs Joseph P. Moore.
Amos Potts vs James Neely.
Spruce Cr.& Philips b 9 T. R. Co. vs W. Graham,
Waterman, Young & Co. vs John Jamison.
Jas. Entrekin vs Brison Chu*.
Samuel Barr, farmer, Jackson.
David Beck, Jr., " Warriorsmark.
Samuel Book, " Tell.
William Coleburn, farmer, Franklin.
John Carver, mechanic, Barree. -
Joseph Cremer, mason, Clay, now of Hunt,
John Fleenor, tanner, Henderson.
Samuel Gregory, do. West.
Henry Horton, do. Tad.
Jahn S. Iset, Iron Master, Franklin.
Richard Madden, farmer, Cla
Benj. McMahan, do. Ba r ree.
William McLain, do. Dublin.
John B. Morrow, du. Tell,
James Neely, do. Dublin.
Henry Grimly, M. D., West.
Samuel Holston, Wurriorsteark.
John G. Stewart, carpenter, Went.
William Sims, clerk, Franklin.
Samuel Stewart, drover, Jackson.
Andrew Wilson, farmer, West.
John S. Wilson, do West.
Jonathan ,P. Doyle. Shirley.
David MeGarvey, farmer Shirley.
Thomas N. Barton, farmer, Shirley.
Samuel Beaver, farmer, Hopewell:
Jacob E. Bare, miller, Springfield.
George Cresswell, merchant, West.
Henry Day's, blacksmith, West.
James Doff, farmer, Jackson.
William Dowlan, farmer, Penn.
Adam Pouso, farmer, Hot (men,
Juin: Gehrett, co. Brady.
Charles Green, Esq., limner, West.
Henry Garner, farmer, Walker.
Augosins Green, do. Clay.
.Idum Heeter, farmer, Clay.
Thomas Hooper, do. Cromwell.
'Noe., B. Hyskill, do. Warrriorsmark.
Adams Houck, co. Ted.
Asalicl Hight, Huntingdon.
Simnel Harnish, former, Morris.
Jacob Hicks, farmer, Walker.
Samuel I,enberg, carpenter, Porter.
John Jamison, merchant, Dublin.
Daniel Kande, limner, Porter.
Adam Keith, farmer, Ted.
James Long, do. Shirley.
Lane, farmer, Cromwell.
James Lyon, nearinic, Springfield.
Joseph Mingle, farmer, Warriorstnark.
John Mash, farmer, Jackson.
George Miller, do. West.
Reuben Massey, farmer, Berme.
Robert Madden, merchant, Springfield.
Samuel Neff, farmer, Porter,
Jobe Piper, tie. To 4.
Jolts Reed, do. Hopewell.
Henry Rhodes, do. Shirley.
Jonas Rudy, do. Barree.
Abraham Shaer, farmer, Union.
Abednego Stevens, merchant, Warriorsmark.
Samuel Sharrer, limner, Tell.
David Stevens, plasterer, Springfield.
Isaac Taylor, farmer, Dublin.
Waiter C. Van Tries, clerk, Warriors:nark.
John Whitney; malinger, Tod.
Simeon Wright, Esq., farmer
louse Yocum, farmer, PRIM.
Lewis Knoile, do. Porter.
Jobußisbin, mason, Porter.
Daniel Peightal, fanner, Peen.
William kipleby, farmer, D.iblio.
David Albright, miller, Port,.
Henry Boyles, farmer, Penn.
Samuel Bell, farmer, Shirley.
Basil Devon, Cromwell.
Julio Fbcrly, fitaner, West.
James Fkming, do. Jackson.
Thomas Fisher, merchant, Hinitingam.
Samuel Garner, thriller, Pram
James Hutchison, do. Henderson.
Samuel Harris, do. Penn.
Archibald Hutchison, farmer Warriors...l:,
Evans Jones, gent., Franklin.
William Krider, former, Warriorsarark.
Daniel Kyper. farmer, Walker.
TI omaa Locke, laborer, Springfield.
John Long, merchant, Shirley.
hu Murphey, shoemaker, IVest.
William Morgan. firmer, Warrior...nark.
James Morrow' farmer, Franklin.
Cha 11. Miller, tanner, Huntingdon.
Joseph Marlin, farmer, Porter.
George MeCrum, jr., farmer, Ba.ree.
George W. McClain, farmer, Toil.
Jesse McClain, farmer, Tod.
James S. Oakes, farmer, Jackson.
Samuel Pheasant, firmer, Porter.
Andrew Smith, farmer, Union.
Martin Shank, former, Warriorsmark.
William Stewart, farmer, West.
Wm. B. Smith, farmer, Jackson.
Doraey Silknitter, farmer, Barree.
Peter C. Swoop!, Huntingdon.
George L. Travis, mechanic, Franklin.
Michael Ware. farmer, West.
William Hutchison, farmer, Warriorsmark.
Y virtue of sundry writs of Finn Facials, Le-
vari Facias and Venditioni Exponas, issued
out of the Court of Common Picas of Hunting
don County, and to me directed, I will sell by
public outcry, at the Court House in the bor
ough of Huntingdon, on TuusJay the 18th day
of November, next, (1855) at 18 o'clock, A. M.,
the following described real estate, to is it :
All the defendont's right and interest in and
to a Lot of ground in the borough of Cassville,
which Lot the defendant purchased ut the oaks
of the Trustee's of Robert Spoor, dec'd., and
marked on diagram letter E. Beginning at the
street on the east, bounded on the south by a lot
of Elias B. Wilson, Esq.,
on the west by H. L.
Brown, on the north by Lemuel Green, and is
supposed to contain one and a half acres. be the
Immo more or less.
Seised, taken in execution, and to be sold as
the property of Richardson Read.
All the right and interest of defendant in the
following property, viz t
A lot of ground in Warriorsmark township,
Huntingdon County, containing two acres more
or less, bounded on the north by lands of Hays
Hamilton, on the south by Stoner's land, and
on which is erected a two story brick house and
stable, and other out-buildings, with n never
failing spring of water and a well.
Seized, token in execution, and to be sold as
the property of John L. Cox.
All the right and interest of Washington Bu
chanan in and ton tract of of land lying in Bra
dy township, Huntingdon Co containing Zo acres
more or leas, bounded on the south by the Juni
ata river, on the north by land of A. P. Wilson,
Esq., and on the east by land of Peter Halde
man, with a stone still house and chopping will
thereon erected.
Seized, token in execution, and to be sold as
the properry of Washington Buchanan.
A lot of ground situate on the north side of
Hill street, in tho borough of Huntingdon, being
22 foot its front on said street, and extending in
depth two h undrod feet to Washington street and
being a part of Lot N 0.91 in the plan of said
town, having thereon erected a two story Log
House, weather-boareel, and kitchen, stable
and other out-buildings.
Seized, taken in execution and to be sold as
tho property of Jacob Snyder.
A certain lot of ground adjoining the borough
of Birmingham, containing about one nero more
or less, adjoining a lot of John Owens, Esq., on
the west, the public road leading from Birming
ham to Waterstreet, on the south, lands of Sho
enberger's heirs on the north and east ; on which
a brick building is erected, seventy feet In length
and thirty-five in depth, two stories high, with a
stone basement, known us the Mountain remelt:
Seized, taken in execution, end to he sold as
the property of the Mountain Female Seminary.
The interest and estate of Samuel Boehm., the
Deft (being one undivided half thereof) in the
following described real estate, consisting of two
parcels, one thereof situate in the township of
Shirley and county of Huntingdon, adjoining
lands of Andrew Spanogle on the east, and hinds
of John Lutz on the north, south and west, con
taining site acres more or less, having thereon
woollen factory called "Sinking Spring Wool
len Factory ;" being n.two story frame building
with Carding machine, looms, dye kettles and
other machinery attached, Also : A saw-mill, I
four dwelling houses (one stone, one' frame and PROCLAMATION.
two log) stables and other buildings. On the I ViTHEREAS, by a precept to me directed by
land is an orchard, n never-failing spring V V the Judges of the Common Piens of the
ter power, and the factory is in running order. I editor). of Huntingdon, bearing test the 22,1 clay
The other thereof being timber land and eon- let August, 1855, I am commanded to ninke
nected with said 111C1OrY, situate on the western i Public Proclamation throughout my ninety
base of Block Log Mountain, adjoining lands wick, that a Conte of Common Fleas will he
of Andrew Spanogle and others containing 38 held in the Court House in the Borough of II:m
-acros more 01.1reti. I tingdon, on the third Monday (and 19111 'lay) of
Seized taken in execution, and to be sold as November A. D.,1855, for the trial ofal l issues in
the property of Samuel Booker. said Court which remain undetermined betbre the
ALSO, I said Judges, when and where all jurors, witness's
All that certain one story plank house or bull- and suitors, in the trial of all issues are required
ding with basement, containing in front twenty- I to appear.
four feet and in depth eighteen feet, and the lot Dated at Huntingdon, the 22,1 day of August,
or pieee of ground on which it is erected, with in the year of our Lord 1855, and the 79th
the curtelaigo appurtenant thereto, situate ou the of Alneri...
south side of Schell street, and alley un the JOSIILT:1 GREENLAND, Sherift'.
southovest, in the town of Coalmont, Bunting
don county almost:ill. Register's Notice.
Seized, taken in execution, and to be sold as , Notice is hereby given to all persons inter•
the property of Reuben White. ested, that the following persons have settled
ALSO, their accounts in the Register's office et Elute
All the right, title and interest of defendant tingdon, and that the said accounts will be pre.
David Woods, dee'd., of, itt and to a small per-seated for conformation and allowance at an
eel of lend situate about two miles east of the Or dburt to be held at Huntingdon, in
borough of Huntingdon, adjoining land formerly I and fors a,A,Counly of Hmitin,gdon, on Wedues
owned by Jacob rockier, containing about rare ! day, the 11th day of November, 1853 :
acre, through which the turnpike end Ruilroad I 1. John Neff, acting Executor of the lust
pass, having the remains of e log Imuse and gar• will and testament of George Hong, late of
den thereon: Alm, all the undivided interest of l Warrioratnark township, dee'd.
tho defendant, David Woods, dell., of, in .d I 2. John Snyder Administrator de kale non
to n lot of ground in the borough of Huntingdon, A 1 T • .1- a IF
sawed on the western side et' Allegheny street "'nee to nu "' t ' a "tate of
Philip Shulta, late of the borough of Hunting
fronting fifty feet on said street. and extending
back at right angles thereto, two hundrod feet I den, deed.
into the margin of the Juniata River, adjoining 3. Thomas Weston, Esq., Administrator
Bath street on the north west and lot :Menet ly ems testanralo annexe of John Nevling, late
owned by Mrs. roster on the south ea., .4 of the borough of Birmingham, dec'd.
numbered two hundred end sixteen in the phut .1. James Coy, Administrator of the Estate
of said borough, open which is erected a log of Thomas Coy, late of Barren township, de:id.
dwelling house with gimlet' attached Gn. 5. John Scott lend George W. Scott, Exec.
Seized, taken in excention end to be sold tors of the last will .d testament ofJohit Scott,
the property of Mehl Woods, deed,
lute of the borough of Alexandria, dee'd.
ALSO, f. William Christy, Esq., and Thos. 3feLny,
All the right, title and interest of the de,bit- Administrators of Alexander Westbroolc, late
dents Eben B. Pike end James Gard.: in and of Porter township, deed.
to a body of woodland extending from the. Rays- I 7. John P. Stewart, acting Administrator of
town Branch on the west to Sidling llill on the Estate of Joseph Crownover, late of Barree
the east, and lying on both sides or Terrace township, dce'd.
Mountain, and in the bead of Trongli Creek S. Levi Evan* EVI Administrator of the
Valley, in Walker and Union townships, Hun- E. of D • 1 3 .
tingdon county ; adjoining lands or ,late ,act( lame of 'lot tow.
I Reid, Daniel
there; Jacob Menem. and the . 111 1 ) :
Heister land.on ist or 'frough Creek side, 9. Loci Evan.' Esq., Executor .f tine last
lands of David Blair on the north-west, lands of I will and testament of Ann Barbra Brode, hate
,Davin Corbin, Rudolph Brcneman and Joists of Tod township, ilee'd.
' Shover on the west ee Buystown Branch Silk, 10. David Robison, surviving Executor of
and extending trona the Juriate river below the the 'ast will told testament of A tulrew Robison
! State 'lain ar Sharer's Gap on Terrace Moult late ll 'an ire: mark b'rr n+hip, decd.
min aforesaid; being composed of several stir- 1I . 'frust account of Benjamin F. Patton,
soya and 1): 111 ‘ ar.ii'vel. in 'ho l'anle . ofTra:tee appointed to q.ll the Real Estate of
John Henderson, George Pea, William Fen, John Spittler ' late of Warriersmark townihip
David lea and Robert Yet, end containing in deed. HENRI( GLAZIER,
the whole between twelve and fifteen '
ltmt 4 islePs uutee, Regishr.
les, more or less.
"' Seized, taken in execution, and to be sold as I Hunt., lief. 13, 1833.
the property of Eliett D. Pike std James Gaol
T. H. By directions of tile vlsintiff, fire hun
dred dull.. ui the amount bid be thin property
must be 1,641 by the bidder as soon as it is knock
ed down to him, otherwise the property will he
at ain immediately put up fur sale, mail the eoli
th:ten is ,emptied
All the eight. title, interest and claim of the
defendant Thomas Wallace, of, in and to a piece
and parcel of meadow-loud situoie un the mar
gin of Sooting-Stone Creek, in tie borough of
Huntingdon, adjoining a lot of George Jackson
on the north, a lot of Win. Dorris, Sr., on the
south, another lot of 54.1 defend ant, in the some
inelesure, on the west, owl 8161 creek on the
east, containing seven acres and sixty-four
perches, lie the some more or less.
ALSO—A lot of ground situate at the south
eastern corner of Church owl St. Clair streets,
in sold bormigh, fronting about seventy-four feet
on St. Clair street, and extending book from the
same two hundred feet to the old line of the said
b)ri.ugli and western boundary of the shove
mentioned and described lot—boutitled on the
north by Church street and on the smith by a lot
owned by the widow Hawn—including the whole
of lot No. 173 and part of Lot No. 172 iu the re
, corded plan of taut borough.
Pour routigtious hits of ground situated in
soil borottgh, bounded on the north and west by
the Renner Farm on the east by the Warm
Spring toed anal on the south by a lot ()Mon
Janie; Gwin.—Nos. I, 2, and 3. as repre
sented on a map of said lots divided en the 16th
day of October, 1855, for the detenclent by J.
Simpson Afriea County Surveyor, vintaining
each fear acres and No. 4 containing about 3
acres—be the same more or le".
Seized taken in execution and to be sold as
the property of Thomas Wallace.
All the right, title, claim Ulla interest of the
daft.., Peter Haldeman, of, in and to the follow ,
leg described tracts and parcels of land, to wit :
A tenet or parcel of land situate in Shirley tp.,
Huntingdon County, containing about two hun
dred and sixty acres, he the same inure or less,
(the same being composed of two or more tracts
or parcels of land) and being commonly known
as the 'Ferry Property,' opposite Drake's Ferry
on the south side of the Juniata river at Mt.
Colon, tounded by the Juniata river, by lands
of the heirs or devisees of Cul. Wm. Postlethwa it
and lands of the heirs of Andrew Polluck, dee'd,
lands LA'S:mind Shaver and others, almost 30
acres of which are cleared, witlt a two story
'frame dwelling house, a stone stable, a stone
warehouse, several other small buildings and a
small orchard thereon.
ALSO—Part of a tract of land situate in Bra
dy township, in the county of Huntingdon, orig
inally surveyed in pursuance of a warrant gran
ted to Francis Hamilton, dated March Oth, 1787
Beginning at a Black Oak on the bank of the
Juniata rim, thence by lull of J. F. Cotterell,
N 4 deg, W 8I pa. to R post, N 96 deg. IV 20
ps. to a post, S 17 deg. \V 0 ps. to a stone heap:
thence by lands of Wise and Buchanan (part of I
the same surve) li 8 deg. 14 ps. to the Juniata
river, thence down the said river by the several I
courses and distances of the Kama to the place of
beginning, containing 24 acres and 38 porches, 1
on which is erected a weather-boarded lug dwol
ling house &a., known as the old Drake's Ferry
ALSO—Part of a tract of land of four or five
acres lying adjoining Mifflin county, near and
above the north-west end of the new Bridge, the
same being that part of a tract of lund which J.
F. Cetterell bought of Satnnel Drake, Jr., in
1838 or 40, which lies in Huntingdon County.
Seised, taken in execution, and to be sold as
the property of Peter Haldeman.
Sheriff's Office, 1 Sheri".
Hunt., Oct. 17, 1853. j
WnEREAs by a precept to me directed, dated
at Iluntingdon,
,the 22.1 day of August,
A. D. 1855, under thu hands and seals of the
Hon. George Taylor, President of the C.rt of
Common Pleas, Oyer and Terminer, and genet ,
al jail delivery of the 24th judicial district of Penn
sylvania composed of Huntingdon, Blair and Cam
bric, and the Hon. Thomas F. Stuart end Jona
than 'McWilliams, his associates, Judges of the
county of Huntingdon, justices assigned, appoint.
ed, to hear, try and determine all and every in
dictments made or taken fur or concerning all
crimes, which by the laws oldie State ore made
capitol or felonies of death and other offences
crimes and misdemeanors, which have been or
shall hereafter he committed or perpetrated for
crimes nforesaid—l am commanded to make pub
lic proclamation throughout toy whole bailiwick
that a Court of Oycr and Terminer, of Common
Pleas and Quarter sessions, will be held at the
Court House in the Borough of Huntingdon, on
the second Monday (and 12th day) of November
next, and those wise will prosecute the said pri
soners ho then and there to prosecute them as it
shall be just, and that all Justices of the Peace,
Coroners and Constables within said county be
then and there in their proper persons, at 10
o'clock, A. M. of said any, with their records, in
onisitions, examinations and remembrances, to
do those things which to their offices respectffilly
a pperiain.
litited at Huntingdon the 221 dny of August,
in the year or our Lord 1855, and the' 79th
year oh ATerienn Independence.
GO o'oo,
Cali and look before you purelmfie,
.11 - \\./ 1 1121,
u returned front Philadelphia and Is
111100 ring one of the prettiest tool best
selected sn.ek ul geuds ever brought to the bor
ough of Huntingdon. It would he useless to
mention nil of the goods we have on hand—
Ladles , Dress Goods.
of the latest styles. _ _ .
A large stook of Rosary, Dross Trimmings,
Ribbons, Velvet, bonnets Under slaves, Cullers,
Spencers, Casimeres, Clotbs, Casinctts, Laces,
Silk Mitts, Deimos, De-Berge, Kid Gloves,
and all kinds of goods generally kept in a
country store.
Also—n Hun assortment of
Boots, Shoes, Hats, & cups,
GhLus,tre, Qamistrare and Cederware.
A largo and good sapply of
Fresh Groceries.
Call and se; ;Fg;,;:fsiVtlexamine for dour•
--- Tittioklet for the patronage of the past by my
friends, and the public generally, - I respectfully
solicit n continuance of the same.
All kinds of country produce taken in ex
change Mr goods at the highest market price.
Oct. 10, 1855.
rAiaz &W! 6.0071.0 f
IUNNINGII AM & DUNN hour just returned
from Philadelphia, end are now opening at
the head of the Broad Top Basin alarge and
benutiful assortment of Fall & Winter Goods
Consisting of
Dry Goods, Groceries, Hard-ware,
Queens-ware. Cedar-ware,
Hats. boots and shoes.
Ready Made Clothing always on hand.
and in short everything that is usually kept in a
country store.
kept constantly for Sale.
Call and examine our stork before purcha
sing elsewhere, and see whether wo cannot
make it your interest to patronise us.
All kinds of country produce taken in ex
change for Goods at the highest market prices.
The highest market prices paid for all kinds
of Grain.
Prompt nttsntion paid to storing and forward.
ing all kinds of merchandise, produce, &e.
Huntingdon, Oct., 10 1855.
stitution, located in Sltirloysburg, Hunting
don County, will commence out the let day of
November. '
The place is easy of access, being connected
with Mt. Union on the Control Railroad, by a
daily line olcoaches. The Principal will spare
no reasonable expense, and pains to make the
Institution worthy of a liberal patronage.
lERMS 2—Boarding, tuition, anti room. $5O
per session of live months. Tuition from $8 to
$l2 per session, aceortling to studies. Payable
quarterly, in advance. For Circulars, Me., ad
, dress the Principal, Roe. G. W. SIIAIFFER,
October 12,'55.-6t* Shirleysburg, Pa.
TWO white hogs supposed to weigh two hun
dred etch, came to J. Neff's Mill. The owner
is desired to come forward, prove property, pay
charges, awl take thew away, otherwise they
will be disposed of according to, law.
Oct. 1 4t.'
bbl 000 . — SOLD in Two asys I—Triumph CASSVILUO SLMINARV—YaIe ant!
(....;ptere r :—Why is it that the Ex-Governor ! Female.
of Maryland, also the President •of one of the
Rankest Frederick Cit, the Doetors there Bev T
to procure it Why lias larAu eash order Mis s V. TOMLIN. Prinellial,
MANN, tareceptresas
this week Come from such men as Messrs. Peel Thu A tinivi-rsary Exhibition of this Institute
& Stevens, wholesale Druggists of Alexandria, will take place the 27th and 28th of September. '
Va . and by the very next mail, an order, (the ladies' Exhibition, evening of the 27th. An-'
third time in our wee k s ) f rom M r . Burpoint, niversary addiess by Rev. Alfred Cookman, of:
m i d from Messrs. Cook & Co., of same place, Pittsburg. Zoning of the '2Bth, at Id o'clock, I
and be tile very same mail it fourth order front ;did the Gentlemen's Exhibition in the evening
Messer-, Hopper & Wilmer of Centreville, Mil, o f the same du ).• endance of friends and patrons •
(where a 6110 rt time since such an excitement '
sprung up from 1401110 remarkable cures made . A general att
there by Prof. C. DeGrath's ( genu i ne ) Ek e _ is solicited. Fall and Winter session will open
Inc Oil, from 39 South Eighth Street, l'hiladel ; Nov. lot.
phis, a few doors south of Chesnut street 7 How , The temporary difficulties diet bad arisen
is it dint the editor of Erie Observer, was cu- : between the Faculty and Trustees, have been ;
red in two•dnys of dieumatisms in his hack of : amicably settled, and all will move on with its '
three years' duration ; and Mr. Brady, of liar- ; usual activity an d ;m ere ,.
rishnrg of Paralysis? Why and how was it that ; Arrangement arebeing made for the erection
the other day Mr George Weis, 227 Eager street of neat cottage buildings upon the Seminally
Baltimore, two doors from St. James' church, I ggro!uids fm
o ptirate rooms of gen(l men,
was cured of palsied hands of tong
also the late ease of it ladv in Philadelphia, en- "qic
wes excinsurety.
red of spinal curvature, and another of Finley- ,
ens Uteri, a complete, radical cure? Ask them. The sexes ;1111 thus be on opposite l 8 •I , of
Wh y d o suc h men as M uers . C. the grounds, and the gentlemen who wish
Williams, wholesale Druggists, of Sp.:ices, N.! can hoard themselves.
V., write, August aoth. that--"your Eleen•ie oil Expenses per quarter, for board, tuition,
proves more beneficial dm any other preparit- end heavy articles of Furniture to advance,— ;
dons we have ever head of," Re. OO
Your'. !G.N. & W. 11 •WILI•lame- Further information can be hail by arldres-
Why hes Sosepli Osborn. Esq., of Auburn, • fl u! , pch,,,i
is icd,
.1. T. TOMLIN.
written, now Elio third time that "Prof. De: 19
Orath's Electric Oil is selling i cry root, owl , ,
making great cures never helot.° it - ccomplkhed ' 7l F
hero 1" Why did John Hon, Esq., send, the 11 o R SALE
24 inn., a gold dollar inn letter front Double • I • • .
Dridgm, Vu., for it bottle. on the recommenda- The subscriber being desirous of removing to
Lion of Win. Arvin, Esq., of the same place the West, otters ;tit farm situated in West Town
who got hqme a short time since for the Gout, ship, on the road lending from Petersburg to Mc
awl MU , cured? Why is it that every one citrate Navy's Fort, for sale. His farm adjoins laud of
of it as '‘a wonderful curative," and is this not • Willinm Armstrong, Thomas F. Stewart ; end
the real cause alum selling at retail, in Philo- others, vont:tinily ',rev_
delphia alone, than is sold of 9)5. Jayne's tnetli-
265 ACR
vines. or five or any others 7 Why is it that a ALovit 170 acres cleared, and • .1 state of
Physician or large practice used it on the pat, . cultivation. l'he laden,- ailit•rel.—
lyzeil limbs 61 his boy, utter using everything
..; ~ 'rho improvemems
else t Simply because the genuine "Electroic - g - rii 1.00 BOWIE, ands ;,' ~6' .1 ,
Oil," reom the o ffi ce or Prof. DeGratit, sheen[ - i it ss ; 'Tenant House a new I/
ally cures paralysis. Why end how is it that i 11 Olbarn SO by 45 feet. ,• , , ..,/ . .4,:......._:.
over $5OO has bean'solit in Washington, D. C. , r ,. nrn is
en the
0 7 -
during about six weeks, nail over $lOOO worth ; "
and water piped tel the door from a never
;i \ ii l l ' i ' it ) g%iiring. of water. 'Phis plantation is high
in Baltimore in the same time 7 Why Wlfti• no s [
1 ,
Morris & Co., of York, Pa., (ono or
lv productive, being good limestone land. It is
Drug:s,i. of u i s i e: rr i i n sb t it h i ? g, S i t e : ) ...l e l n 1 0 Julio \1; V ',.'i , ' ( '.',' . i ...: i 1 , 1 , 1 . 1i . i . ! . ( i ,i ! l a within
nt) g ei l n i n n t i
p le a s ,s o e t I: h e r t , e ,
t r i s a turg ,i . ,il l e v Itc
theyro ' have any quantity or all 50115 or stiter ! '"' '"
, , scriber is anxietts to sell at private sole and if
M. , ll ' u ; ,',. Eks ''''' : not sold. will otter it at public sale, at the Court
medicines right , by the sk , le
0111 " Simply 'mo m " "' thu g . '" w "` th " r " , House in the Borough or Huntingdon, at the
the purpose that the Oil does. Let the skepti- 1 November Coofi. •
cal ask the numerous cases of almost hopeless .
perms made easy to suit purcilaser.
patients, if anything could be more agreeable 'IIIOSIAS DAME%
in use, or more efreettial in its results—Wit. nf- i A,,,, 5 , 29. 1855,
ter lut . hig expended hundreds or dollars on v a t- , +'•
d m
dons former treatment, with nothing lint at,- ' S a le _
of Valuable Real Estate.
couragement and despair for their trouble. Why .
is it that other medicines have advertisements By ytrltte cXthe power canrerred upon me by
pile.l up column hi g h, in all the papers while ; the last trill nod testament el Nancy Neff late
Professor De Grath's 'Electric Oil' is only no- ' of West, township, Huntingdon County, tlee'cl.,
tired at a simla expense' not to exceed $l5 to I viii expo,. to public sa l., o ,, r tht ..„, the I p
$2O is day? Why is it that tem physicians are October, 117'55, at ens o'clvek, P. Si.. on tit,
daily employed in the office, applying the (gen- premises, the following described real estate
ulna) "Electric Oil" to patients otHicteil with law i 1,,, i,r,,,,,,,,,.). of said dee , d., vie .
'fetter, Palsy (and it is wurrented foe tho.— An that plantation, and tract or limestone
Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Headache, Ohl ssres
and Bruises , wounds , Cuts , sin . eius owl loin . , bottom 1 , ; ,, iitd , , , i , 0 , ,A . ,y , e,,,t , tol,r io s , l z i . i i p ,.. n . fi n it ti ,, i t i t , ii i i. ,; 4l ;
ries, Sore I;renst and side; also all kinds (.1 I'm ' , '; :
." -
i : " n i?: „„. '_' 2,
~,... ,
puinrul complaints. Although a CUM is war- Itml .- ti. ds cot no , i
~..1 , ••. • is ..i. .
;entail, yet not more than ono bottlo hes over
been returned ; foul that wits n ease of total
deafness, of 56 years' standing. Of 'Three 1111- • 1,. • '
tore could not restore saris a ease, with whaler ' , !,::'.',
er help.
N. 13.—An eilueated 1)oetor always in Mien 1,, I, ,„,,.
dance and ladies only, if they desire it consult ; I . ,
with a lady by dropping a line to the office of (
Pit,. C. nviiittmt, l cans maul
:10 S. 'Eighth sired, Phila.,
3 doors South of Chi:said st.
Price. 50 eta, 75 eta., and $l.
P. S.—Fire dollars reward will he paid her the
arrest of :t low scamp, a Jew 'miler, who copied,
on a dirty sheet, some ot' Prof. Do Urotlin
and as the originals are copyrighted, tea is liable
to tie law
Remembprtho No.,
Thomas Reatl &. Soo,
. - -
31tirray, Iloilitlaysburg, Blair co., Coodroo
McCoy, Frankstown, Blair co., J. 11. 11,,Tur
Co., Ittitcrstrcet. Hunt. co., Wm. Moore, AI •N
-antlria, Hunt. en.
Sept. YG, 1855.
- -
Of Valuable Heal Estat e
,i,, :• , i .c t:1" , :t11 c 1 ,0 :• , - ., !: !. • -, •..-., . ~ : , :
..:: I. ' • * .:• ' ;', *- . ' 1 . 4 . , leave Mt. Union, every Tuesday,
BoonctS, a n d 11 '.':. • • .., ', , 1 •' '- ' l''' Mt . 1 a M ' illie a :- ‘ ;'l•Z i t it S c a t t f u e i xT7la)Tt n ii ing o ' ' ' cl a o ' e r k ' . 'ing li:!
•., •
~. , , ...„ .0 • -any the *same night nt
Flannels nt; al, 1..5. • . ::, •-• ••• •• .
( I '" ' o e t r . ' el n .4 4 , S ta lit n , ' , 7 lS . „ ' Co . infort, ,:.•..' .• , - •• - - -,• -,• ~•:r '• , • ~.- .- •
....' la t i lTC‘ ,7„7,!.. Y 11.7„,',,,1;
0,,,i 7,1„:4i,,,, 1 icl,en, Cliwi,s, Gill.,:•an. • • . - • • •
• sla: it.. , ~ .er,,, ti,•!,,onitt, Simla Gap,
Groceries of all kinds, Etati, di V.,,,: :, . . • CrWin+. Pannettsburg, Horse Valley,
Z.oct:,. and Slices, Oil Gloili:;,
Bin. :Sk.7OW- 1 111T3, QTYDZIDTEVYAR:: . , "•, ' . ' - ---.' ‘. '' , " o : 1 . iidn ,, d.ilate Nib , .
and I:X..1111, 1 , , • ~•.1‘...' etc
All kinks of i_lut,,t. ,- ••. -• ~, • • 1-: •, : : • . • 1! - ' • :•• I•areby given to all p,:sons whom
change for goods, ut •.,. . ~: ~• : '.• • ~::: . , , s. . -:., i•sit that from and after the next set-
October 3, 1.8:.5. 1!! !.s• ~ • 1!!!• County Auditors of Huntingdon•
._ : ..,,. , i., .' • •cary 1856) no claim or demand
an il i y - D3(10
~,, L , 2 . L _:
.! LI y ~o inst said County on account
'rim present se%sioa of 1:1i , in:: •• ,• - ••••1 in-........ - ( ...- any road or lo'hlge view, election, or sorvice of
Y. close un \Wednesday, October ,•,1. i:,,,,, ,•,.. my; kind rendered said county, and which is of au
I Midden will take place in ti:: evening. The or- ~ d er eteedieg than six Years, will he allowed in
mutilation the week previous. These exercise; '- element by said Auditors, and all demands
Acconlanodation incL. the public generally are invited to attend. The ,nealled for and unclaimed up to, the time spa-
THE undersigned would resneCtfullY inform next session will comineuee the last We'lliestlay eilied, will ho considered as forfeited and forever
the travelling public that he has Hacks run. of October. The illSllllllioll is located at Shed, hut out; and the certificate, order or paper on .
ning front Mill Creek to Casstille, twice a week; Clap, a quiet and retired place, free from all , Melt it is predicated, rejected and thrown aside
leaving Casseille at 74 () Meek . Mondays n ud temptation to rice, idleness or dissipation. Ti,•• n,as conceited paper.
Fridays, and returning same dim. locution is a healthy one, being situated um..
His hacks are „ co d, th c i r J oiners gen a d , • the mountains. It is entirely free from the in!i
lutd persons traveang on this route, will do :',": ( ; ! ,!t°,:?:" °n " 1 " 1 = cite I ' ve " " od " del " rw! •
well by giving him their patronage.
illiAgialt At .
* The course of instruction is styli as has bee,
' • e l l° 1 ;SE• found by experience most suitable for .ptaid'u';
Sept. 12, 1855.-Iy.
•._, and tl veloping the powers of the mind. l in :1 : 1 ,, l nl l i
tt n oi undersigned
h r p s et ic ini e cli d dgi li ing i s e h ro e ae s n t y :
tn i h n da f .
t o
1 7 :sr. : friends is i s s oiin, of,o.moved student is early taught to rely upon himself; to
i n i t i ti i ii s v r. oceupied by hint as Collector's Office.
ZI4X C T. RO) MA. C. N K 1,710 15n i i, , ,e i b t i1i k fit5, : ,,,, :i i1 e . i c :1 1, ,, ,,, ,, ,,,;(; :i i3. 1. - ti , y , , , , i i.c, ,, ,, : , : ir1 t i : , : e ti , i .l t; :a r tr . i ii , t . ,
MACHINES. for the student's highest good._ Around him is • Where he intends en • ' , i' onthe Tailoring
For the cure of IWhite Swellings-Curvature ot ' thrown,. far as practicable, the restraints and • b„, i ,„„,. on such t C,, ny l a T,Tin ~,,,,, fall ~, ~,,,
the spine ; Dyspepsia • Neuralgia ; Rheutua• i comfit, is of a well regulated Christi. home. I satisfaction ic, a ll I la,„ aa . ) . f . ay ., h i. „ ya w a;;,`,!
tint ; Disease of the liitineys, Uvaria, Womb, I Shade Gap, in situated It miles from the Mount' . C,,,, toni.
1 I
ri ! , ll. , e n •w e i ;e le y s et t o o fu r r e e tu re rn ,,, t i i , i o a , t it s ud for hu t p h o o . li b li:ra s l tr p i t ei
&c., &e. A book accompanies each machine, , I.!nitatt stuthet uf the Pennsylvania Hail Road,
giving fitil instructionslll the application of it • from whirlpinee there will be a line a stages.
' hi n g e I , lt i teLt 1 , - 1 int,ilotkierinet,,t,itirle.litpon:l
furtherbor pa W ,,, a i f e il i i t : 1 thc A s p a r tr l . o,
in tuteretdar Mid scrotulons diseases. Mattu• 1 TI: 1018- $ 5 ° pcl . ''""'"'"" of ll y° ' , .. 11 " ,061 attention to business to merit a continuance of
fneturcd and for sale by W. C. & 3. Neff, .N". F. I ,TOS 11. KULP
:14 South 7th Street, Philadelphia, Pa.
! lure address
Seph•mher•3;•l3ss-. ~. _ . . _. .
I W. 11. WOODS, Principe!. 1
.. _ . .. ..____.
- Shade Oap, Sept. 2G, 18:15.-:hits i
NO'FICE. I 11. 11,0111 A..N
voTIcE is hereby given that the partnership , Thai just opened
11 heretofore existing [olive's n the undersign- I The new and elegant Methodist Church Die• ,
ed (trading under the firm of Couch & Dunn,) I fire in Williamsburg, Blair Counts., will be de- AGO ' ASSORTMENT
is this day dissolved by mutual emant. The i fleeted to the service of Owl, on gabbed' mots 6;
Looks a bald firm are in the hands g David ' ning, rho 28th inst., at half past 10 o'clock, A. OF ..
Dunn with whom all concerned will please to Al. Rev. J. P. Durbin, D. D.. Professor Tiffs
make immediate settlement. ny, Bishop Waugh, Rev. Wm. T. D. Clem, Rev. READ y_ mADE GLoili I mil_
GEORGE COUCH, ' 3 no. Collins, and several other distinguished 11.1 U.
DAVID DUNN. : speakers are expected. Services will con- CONSISTING or ALL teases or
i mince on Saturday morning, the 27th inst. - -
SETTLE UP. I Williamsburg, Oct. 6,'55.-at. And other articles of gentlemen's wear.
Persons knowing themselves indebted to the ' October 3, 1823.
Isle thin of Frank. and Neff of Markleshur g, ei • EXECUTOR'S NOTICE.
titer by note, book, or atny unsettled account, are , 1 ET'PERS testamentary on the estate of COUNTRY DEALERS
hereby notified that it settlement is not made
.1.4 Elizabeth Parsons, late of Tell towal,hip,
or 'adore the I st 'ily"f N",...ber, their accounts ! dec'd. Wing been granted to the undersigned cAN nee CLOTHINO xr ViIiGLI.ALC,
will he placed in the builds or proper officers for ! all parsons having (Alin. against the 06tate will
collection. • prescui the same duly authenticated, and :111 AS CHEAP AS IN THE CITY, AT
.IXIMIEW G. NErr. . persons knowing themselves indebted will make ROMAN'S CLO'fIIING STORE.
&. . 22, 1855.-tn.• 1 payment to ALEXANDER 31A OLE,
THOMAS SCOTT, Assistant. DISSOLUTION. 'fell tp , Oct. 10, 1855.-• Ct. Executor.
. to, 1855.-3. J. W. T114)11Ps011.
Whatever partnership which existed between 1
Administrator's Notice. the undersigned in the Surveying business has AV 'Tall:dr! A -. 11 11T1, ) A"
kin it l ' lMU' l rCt'f b fllNG " STORE.
Letters of Administration on the estate of been dissolved by mutual consent. AND
John tier, dee'd., lute of Walker township, CO.ILL/16.5/O.NER FOR I'ESA"A ADISIINISTIIATOWS NOTICE.
Huntingdon County, having been granted to 1 ETTEES of administration on the Estate of
the undersigned, by the Register of said court. The business will be conducted as formerly Attends to buying. belling um locat i ng Land.
.I_, Alexander AlcCall. late of Hopewell tp. '
ty. All persons indebted to said estate will by J. Simpson Mrien. and land wurrants , pays tuxes, loans Money on Huntingdon Co., der'd., having been granted
i.,,he immediate pan., .. id w i pers .. hoo .l Sept. 1'.., 185.5.-tf. • Heal Estate security,on commission, examines to she undersigned, ell persons Indebted to said
1 and makes abstracts a tut., atm Any business • oasts urn requested to make 0tt0,,,,,,,,0.„„...,,
in claims will present. them duly authenticated TOSEPfiI DOUGLASS, in MeConnellstown 1 intrusted, will be attended to promptly nuii will I end those baiting chilies flittitnit - ii - w 7 iii - p*Ws7,: - :
for settlement. u. , has constantly on baud, ready made rifles, , fidelity then' dolt authenticated for settlement.
I.IIINRY M. KER. 1 , kd o ,'„ and is prepared to make and repair Omni of nll Rater to Rom Geo. Tti;•. and Members of ROBERT iticeALL, i ~„,
W )
WILLIAM KKR. ' ' ' kinds at the shortest moth, the Bur ut Huntingdon. MATILDA MeCALT., 1 '''''''''''
September 5.1855. 6t.' April 23. 1855-Iy, . Alay 14th, 1853-6tno. Cu t. 17.1822. (10
MM.: subscriber otkrs his wcil-hnown Tavern
stand Property, on Ite.C.4 thll, Fulton l to.
it.. at private Sol, al the !awl
thereto, being 6 , 113 ACRES or pal. nted huul.
163 now of which is cleared ant under good
fence. The improveinenta :are a large
Frame Tavern Stand,
a good large Stable, sufficient to accommodate
eighty horses, Granary, Corn Crib, Wagon shed
and all other necessary out building 4, and nu
once llent orchard of choice limit—a never fail- .
ing stream of water at the door, awl several
good living springs in different parts Addle land.
There are also on this property Trio Good
Tenant Houses.
The above it one of the best known Tavern
Stands on the Road, and the place is in a high
state of cultivation, and well adapted for pas
He alho offers for 0410 the Farm adjoining the
above, on which he at present resides one half
mile south atilt, Tavern property, containing
SOO ACRES of good limestone lend, 514
acres of which is cleared under fence, in a good ,
state of eultivation,end the balance well timber-
The improvements are good new
Two-Story Weather-Boarded Bono,
Bank Barn, Spring House, Wash House, and
ot h er ou t buildings, a first cute orchard of good
fruit, a good spring close to the house, and ne
ver failings springs or water in every field.
There urn alsopri . lhii trtet a good
Limo Kiln, and several excellent quarries, and
no good a location for a Ton-yard as could he
desired, with plenty of hark convenient. There
era also Three good-Tenant Houses on
place and bra other good barns.
This is one or the boat stock farms in the
country, awl oilers peculiar ind 'lemons to any
person who desires to raise cattle, :ice.
He will sell in quantities to suit purchaser,
and any O. wishing to 'nuke a bargain would
do well to examine the above properties before
purchasing ersewbere.
Terms made to suit purchasers.
For further information apply to the 50,6
Oct. 10, 1855.-3 m.
Birmingham Huntingdon Co., Pa.
THE winter Term of this Institution will
open Wednesday ,fletober 310..
instruction given in all the branches requisite
to entering College advanced. We are al,
prepared to accommodate any who may
to give attention to the ornamentnl brunches;
in addition to these we design giving prominence
to the study of Architecture.
Bons of minister. and young men who have
been engaged in teaching and desire to tit them
selves more thoroughly for that station arc ad
mitted free of Tuition.
Tuition, Board and Furnished room Seo,oo
per seasion—payable strictly one half in ad
vance, tho other at the middle of the term.
THOMAS WARD, Principal,
:IN 4,:
• • •
' ' .
.1 , 11 :
. •
I;',es and fru
immd parts or de, 1 at the same
aud warra,!te.l
No. 61 Ne,- Stvoot . •1 t
•corm turd Sts. ,', :.•
_, ] ~..
Famiettsburg Stage,
Monday, Wednesday and
reiday Mornings.
Hemming will leave EANNErISIIVRI: on
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Mornings,
connecting with the Express Trains east and
west in the morning, and the Mail train in the
evening. COMMIrrEE.•
Oat. a, 1655.-31 n.
April 10, 1655-tf.
Now t, Ike time to purchase
J. .:•:;. s . •'2J. ..1.,..v5 - ilt 6E12 BUM
Have just received from Philadelphia, tho lee- 6t
gest and finest assortment of Dry Goods ever of- "
ferod to the citizens of this plan: and surround- ~... .."..' ,
' . MILL
ing mom,. ; such as Merinos, Alpacas, Muslin • STONE - 7-4
de Lanes, Parionatta Cloth, Persian Cloth, black .../
nail Colored Silks a n d every variety of Dress I corner of G ermantown Road and New Market
Goods and 'trimmings. Also, Cloths, Cassini
ere; Vestings, &c., &,'• Streets. on the North Pennsylvania Rail Road,
Call and flee
one of the finest assortments of Trimmings brc't
to this place ;also, Collars, Undersleeces, Chi- lo Constantly on hand or 'nude to mder, th o fol.
wing highly approved Flour Mill Machinery.
renzetts, Gloves of every variety, Ladies' Scarfs Woodward's Patent Portablo Mills and Smut
and the hest assortment of Shawls ever offered. Machines.
CARPETS, &o. Johnston s Patent Iron ConcovtAran Thss-
A spiemli.l lot of , wit Oulu.' and Oil Cloth,
Patent rue] Saving Corn Kiln , .
of every variety. and the best assortment in town. Machines.
Pistion's Potent Barrel lloop and Nodding.
QTTEMINTSWILItr, Improved Bridge Steps and Bushes for Mill
of cvery descriptiou, and ut lower prices the Spindles.
can 1..., hu: At any other house
amoczatxEs, The beet Anal, .r Brand Bolting Cl o th B urr &
Calico Mill Stones. Corn, Cole and Plaster
although they are n little up, we try and sel!
us low us the lowest. Crushers.
a tl t ie l a n i e ig r p est r l Z. best assortment ever uttered, and ' Johnston'su Pate c i a l s tl;ast Metal Coe ,
WILLOW WARE, do. • 151 4 ,2P1 [U . : - .l ' ! L'6.11,
„„,, CI ery roriefy of Goods, such as aro ii,:lik .
- East and South-Eart of the Ohio and Misaissip
kept ill a country store. Cali and see bot,ro pi Rivers.
purchasin4 any oil er place, nail if we cnin. sot- Wnrrfinted to take out of the offal of every
isfy you of the fact, we will.pave under. buabel II round. from 1 to 2/ lbs, of standard
October s, I tiss.
flour, which could not lie hotted out on account
. .
rite best n,soettuent of Carpet Rad Oil Ci ,, th '' '..lh't electrical ettheBite '''' the Bran '
I just received and for sole by J. & W. baxt.. , :l. -
.. ... .. . . ..
' NOTICE hereby warn nll persons against
rrlc i.aioi4omest tmertment of De lean., Per- infringing my right', secured by Letters Pa.
j slat. Cloth, Earilla Cl.ah, &wage de lames, tent ns above, as 1 will prosecute all persotA
Tto - dotette Cloth, ond ell r. 0.4 Ilerinoc3, all wool . tanking, selling, or using any Bran Dusters
de lanes, of the best stj les end selected with the with an Iron or Cast Metal Concave io vi..
greatest on , o, for sole hY J. , s. W. SAXTON. • lotion of the Letters Pnbmt Joseph Jolop.
elm, dated April 24th, 1E54.
achy ;tsserted Prints.. just received tied tiOmAs D. woo owAllo, Proprietor.
VT. SAXTON. ti. 11.—State nod County Potent Rights for
call the nbovo Machines
Elie gre,
i;n~,i ; ,
v,' . .
i_ j (iiov., Triuuning
:et~c~. i ~., ~ _ .
A bentitiftil 1, t •'is
fl_tt. 4 traw 130111,
~' i ~ .. .
I;reat nri.ty
t lute, 'l'ritnmir
ri'i handsomust n , •
r , ' , %111131 f r
; - , 0 !
:lino, insurance upon LIVES, upon the mull
just reed and f, favorable ten,.
J. & W. SA ninEcr,d,
- -
lion. T1i0.,1.1. Moroni:
rill ti be.; lit v suet au Bru,!l . .ieorge. 11. Acm-trong,
in t s., flake ~,,; !..,lward 31i•Idietun,
.d for by . 7. N . 1-1011r1!,01,1,
l'italnber4burg & . Icll. i nion
If y4lll ‘, totily . good tikeapEootis
CAL.'. f .T
; • ", 4 1 :f.
...mhemhurg• and 'Mt. Union, cannot Lo hut
1 . 1 1d.. - nntageous t: n large section to the country
ut vol.:icier:l6le eNpvlit.o and trouble, mit,l4
~,,intements turn!! a lino of Stages 3'r!,vccitty
ts.ell Zlie pwittm. tiooti Horses and cunt
tific; h ave betm placed nn . the route,
rie, •,' • • • • ' .. , erienead and trusty driver' will ailperin
r••• • ••• • • • '" .• miming of the Coaches. • The propric
-' tic I , ains, rant' , " i
• 11- ' .u. , :Ile line is desirous that it 1,0 maintained,
" 1- ' and he therefore calls upon the public generally
•11..•..rettiut it, confident that it be for their
atitual advantage. Every attention necessary
and the running of the Stages will
ic: I,
L' .
~i~. ~
Wifs)(6 - DV,LAEIIr
!.... v . LENNIG'S I:ILI/IN°, N. W.
anti V;;:itnit street,
I'llllA DEL! W.I.
CAPITAL iinuo,ouu.
insw,tnee on Bull.
' COnipulty C.ll',Ls
GoodA, Furniture,
.; i 11:;SELS,)
• !torn 111 the World
1:11nuil in••urnnrc nn Goods lid rirera, lakes !
• railroati, Had Inwit.arriag, to all parts of
I; te. 1;11
JattitlA E. Ne.,11,
Ciliates 13higeo,
E. R. Ticlmbold,
P. C. liret,ttlr.
olio 11. Um
31. ifiltEWSTElt, Agent,
unilersigneil aware that n mown ilou of
a the of Stn [:es over the toad between
August 22, 1255,-1.
as 23, 1855.