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    FREE EXI-11 - 13ITION !
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At the Elepholit Store.
HAVING removed hiA extensive Store to No. 1,
111eCaltan's How, formerly occupied by T.
K. Simonton, is now prepared to accommodate
his old customers, and the public generally, with
a splendid and fashionable asssortment of
Fall and Winter Goode,
His assorttnent consists of
Dry G IE , , Groceries,
Hardware, Queensware,
nnil all kinds ofgoods usually kept in a Country
Store. Also, a beautiful cheap and elegant as
sortment of
Ladles' Dress Goods,
and Trimmings of every variety. Also, Hats;
Caps, Bonnets, Boots and Shoes, and a variety of
goods of all kinds.
Comory produce taken in exchange for goods,
ttt the highest market prices.
Huntingdon, 18, 1954.
WINTER OF !851 Al'
t`' 112
I hnve jest received, and am now opening, on
the corner opposite Coots' Hotel, a large and
beautiful assortment of
Fall and Winter Goods,
consisting of Cloths,'Cnssiir,ers, Black aril Fan
cy Satinet's,, Tweeds, Jeans, Flannels
Yellow, White and lied. Also n large lot of
Seek Flannels of all colors. French Merl
nev, Coburg Cloths, all wool, Delains, Plain
end Fancy Delains, Cashmere, Debaize, Maim
co, &e.
A Large Lot of Dress Goods,
Silks Black, Bard and Plain, Bonnet Silks, Cal.
Jars, Undersleaves Sliimmazens, Fancy
Dresses, Financings, Lace, Ellgeings unit Insur•
lion, Ribbons, Trimmings, &c.
Cotton Goods,
Biaslins 131cftelied and tinblenelied,Canton Flan
nels, Drills l'able Diaper, Crash, Glares, and
Dosery of all kinds.
11,ts and Shoes. Groceries, Queensware,
Eardware and Cedar Ware.
Oil Cloths, Carpets, Carpet Sacks, &c.
My el 1 customers and as many new ones ns can
crowd in, are earnestly requested to call and ex
mine my goods.
All kinds of Country Produce taken in ex
change for Goods at the highest market prices.
Oct. 15, 1854.
Sheriff's Sales
DY virtue of sundry Writs of Ft. Fe., Lev. Fa.
) and Vend Exp.. issued out of the Court of
Corn. Fleas of Huntingdon county, and to me di
rected, I will expose to Public Sale nt the Court
House, in the Borough of Huntingdon, on
TUESDAY' the 15th day of November, at In o'-
clock, A. Al., of said lay, the following described
Real Estate, to wit t
All the defeudents interest in to certain tract
of land in Henderson township, Iluntingdon
county, adjoining Alexander G win's heirs on
the north and and John Glazier on the south
mid John Simpson on the east and Colestock's
on the west, containing ninety acres, more or
less, about thirty acres cleared, with a two go
:4y frame house and stable thereon erected.
Seized and taken in execution and to be sold
of Samuel Friedly.
ALSO—A tract of land in Black Log, Shir
ley township, three hundred acres, more or less,
with about two hundred cleared, and a two sto
ry log house and small log barn thereon erected,
bonnded on the north by Sauttel MeGarvy and
south by 'Thomas N. Orbison.
Seized end taken in execution and to be sold
ns the property of Thomas Bighorn.
A LSO—Twenty five acres of timber land
in Barren township, Huntingdon county, ad.
joining lands of William Mailit and George
Ifittehinson and lands belonging to Monroe
Seized and taken in execution and to be sold
as the property of James Johnston.
ALSO—One lot of 2 stereo, more or less, in
Barree township, Huntingdon county, with a
two story log hense thereon erected, bounded.
by Alexander, Bell, Christi. Gearhart and
James Livingston. Seized, taken in execution,
and to„). sold as the property of John Harper.
ALSO—One lot of ground situate in Hope
well township, Huntingdon county, adjoining
land of John Russel, sr., and Leonard Weaver
containing one nem, :lore or less, on which is
erected a one and a half story house as the
property of John A. Weaver. Also—upon
any interest the said John A- Weaver, may
have or hold in and ton tract of land, contain
ing 100 acres, more or less, situate in the town
ship of Hopewell and county aforesaid, adjoin.
ing land of dames Entriken, John T. Shively,
Peter Fries and J. B. Weaver. Seized, taken
in execution and to be sold as the properly of
Joint B. Weaver & William Fisher.
Oct. 18, 1834.—ta.
WrinnEAs by a precept to me directed, dated
at Huntingdon, the 26th day of August
A. D. 1854, under the hands and seals of the
Hon. George Taylor, President of the Court of
Common Pleas, Oyer and Terminer, and gener
al jail delivery of the 24th judicial district of PCMI•
sylvania composed of Huntingdon, Blair and Cam
bria, nod the Hon. 'Photons F. Stuart nod Jona
than McWilliams, his associates, Judges of the
county of lluntingdou, justices assigned, appoint
ed, to hear, try and determine all sod every in
dictments tondo or taken for or concerning all
crimes, which by the laws of the State are made
capital or felonies of death nnd other offences
crimes and misdemeanors, which have been or
shall hereafter he committed or perpetrated for
crimes aforesaid—l use commanded to make pub
lic proclamation throughout my whole bailiwick
that n Court of Oycr and Terminer, of Common
Pleas and Quarter sessions, will be held at the
Court House in the Borough of Huntingdon, on
the second Monday (and 13th day) of November
next, and those who will prosecute the said pri
soners he then and there to prosecute them as it
shall be just, and that all Justices of the Peace,
Coronor3 and Constables within said county be
then and there in their proper persons, at 10
o'clock, A. 111. of said day, with their records, in
tmisitions, examinations and remembrances, to
its those things which to their offices respectfully
Dated at Huntingdon the 2Gth day of August,
, in the year of our Lord 1854, and the 78th
year ofAineviran Independence.
Oct. 18, 1854.
WHEREAS, by a precept to mo directed by
v the Judges of tho Common Pleas of the
county of Huntingdon, bearing test tho 26th day
of August, 1954, I am commanded to make
Public Proclamation throughout me whole ball
wick, that n Court of Common Pleas will be
held in tho Court House in the Borough of Hun
tingdon, on the third Monday (nod guilt day) of
Nov., A. I)., 1854, for the trial of allissues in said
Court, which romin undetermined boforo the
said Judges, when and where all jurors, witnesses
and suitors, in the trial of all issues nro required
to appear.
17LXJ1 --- tit Huntingdon, the 2Gth dee of Aurrust,
in the year dour Lord 1854, and the 78th year
of American Independence.
Oct. I°, 1854.
A beautiful assortment of Silk Dress Patterns, Black Silk, and Bonnet Lining, Just receiv
ed and lion' sale by J. & IY. S.tsTott.
Clothing! Clothing! Clothing!
The brylt and hest Srlrrt«l Stork of
Ready !Italie Fell anti Winter Clothing,
Ever Offered to the Citizens of
tlnittingtion county.
I F you wish to got a chenp nod fashionable suit
of clothing fit 30 per eent. less than you can
eliewheru proenre tigm, then go to the cheap
Clothing Emporium 47' HENRY HOMAN, op
posite Clouts' lintel in Market tqumc, Hunting
don' l'n., where you will find licudy tondo Cloth.
ing of any quality, made of sound materials, find
in the most fathionnble style and fit rates int•
measurably below eny other establishment in
this vicinity, where it is considered that the
nix• fence it tar preferable to the slow
shilling." nod where, for good fits, line mem+.
tlt, fashionable style and finish, "he can't Mt
The subscriber respectfully invites the ntten
tinn of his numerous friends and customers nod
the public in general to his immense and well no
sorted stock of Wiens' and Boys' Foil and Win
ter Clotliinz. consisting ',roily of Fine 010111,
Bearer, Pilot, Petertilinm, Whitney, Felt and
Double Overcoats, Cloth Frock, .111,s Sack
and Business cents, of nll qualities, styles slid
colors, Monkey Jackets, Roundabouts of differ-
Out sorts, (inlaidcs and prices. Pine Black
Doeskin, Cloth nod Cassimcrc pants d u., Finley
enssimere, Satinet, Tweed, as well as n variety
of magnificent Vests, some of which in quality
and workmanship equal any custom work, that
can be obtained in any otligr place. Besides a
large assortment mil Boys' (nothing, the subscri
ber also keeps on hand n well selected
stock of Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods, stuck us
handkerchiet, cravats, collars. glares, sacks,
shirts of nil descriptions. Undershirts, Draw
ers, Knit Jackets Suspenders, Traveling Bogs,
Hats and Caps, mind great many other articles too
!micro. to specify.
- . .
Encouraged by past fitvort, the subscreber ins
far exceeded lilt usual outlay in purchasing stock,
and he now assures the public that no person
widtiug to purchase need leave his store without
being suited, he it enabled to sell at the row low
est priers ! and whoever wishes to make a wise
outlay of his money is respectfully invited to call
and =mine for himself.
Oct. IS; 1854,
If You Want to Buy Cheap
Goods, Call at the Storo of
MITE subscriber would respeetlully announce
to the pnl , !it., that he fins returned from
Philndelphin nut New York, and is now otening
at his well known ',and in Market Square, the
4argest and prettiest assortment of
Fall and Winter Goods,
ever Mooglit to the borough or Huntingdon, and
is now telling at unusually low prices.
My stock comprises in part, Clothe, Cassimers,
Mack and fancy, Satinette, a large variety of
Satin and Silk Vettingt, Kentucky and renon.
Jeans, Tweeds, 'Pickings, brown nnil bleached
Drille, Crash Begs and Bagging, Table
])inper, Se., mid a great variety orpods too te
dious to mention.
Ladies Dress and Fancy Goods,
A large assortment of Under sleeves, Collars
and snenc,r-.
Prints in abandance,Nfous. do Lanes,De helne,
Alparclnr, IMMITS, Cashmeres, Florence Mar
aliti I;ra. de Nap", Bonnets and Edging,
Ribbons, fancy, rind black Chap, black silk
Lane, Ladies' livid Gloves, Cents !dark do.,
..tnen and Stile Handkerchiefs, Italian Cravats,
Hosiery, &r.
Boots and Shone.
Hardware, Queensware, Glassware
and Cedar Ware,
A good sapply,of Fresh
Hats and Caps,
A great varier• of
Straw Goods.
My stock has been selected with the greatest
care in regard to quality and price, and I flatter
myself that 1 ells otter inducements to purchasers
not to he I'mtinl ekewhere.
Thankful for the patronage of the Oast. I.v my
friends, and the piddle generally, 1 respltcirtily
solicit a continuance of the same.
_ _
Huntingdon, Oct, 11, 1,34
Tae most eXtritorelitiftry in Me World
i s the Great llrinedy for inn
an , i
IT. C. 1,1;1:1,1.1:3
LINIMENT is a most extraordinary medicine,
the truth of which is placed beyond doubt by
the vast sales of the article and the many cures
being daily performed by it, which previously
had resisted all other medicines and the skill
of the best physicians in the world. It is com
posed of balsams, extracts and gams peculiar
to Arabia—possessing, in a concentrated form,
all their stimulating, anodyne, penetrating, unc
tuous and revulsive properties, and the Sallie
which, ages ago, were used by the "Sons of the
Desert,':,with such miraculous success. in cur
ring theliseases of both man and beast. -
Real au:Allowing remarkable rare, which
should or itsel place if 0. Earrell's
Arabian Liniment far beyond
any similar remedy. -
Whenever thril great medicinO called H. G.
Farrell's celebrated arabian liniment, has been
introduced, it less rrtiarined the most extraor
dinary cures in the annals of medical history—
every body who uses it once becomes its warm
est friend—they not only keep it always on hard
for the benefit of its timely use in eases of
emergency, but recommend it to all their
friends. It has been before the public for near
ly ten years, and yet is daily developing new
virtues; many diseases have been cured by it,
for which the preprietor had never recommend
ed it; its magical virtues spreads through the
land with the speed of lightning owl many, very
many poor invalids who supposed their days on
this earth were fast drawing to a close, have
been by a persevering use of this invaluable
liniment herded, mad now rejoice in the bless
ings of health, and the enjoyment of this beau
tiful world. Read this to believe, and not to
doubt. Inquire, of your neighbyrs whom you
know to have used it, and they will tell you no
medicine ever discovered possess the half of its
extraordinary healing powers. The racking
pains of rheumatism and neuralgia yield in a
few minutes to its powerfully anodyne proper
dies. "The lame are made to walk." Old
sores; which have rendered the subject a loath
. sonic thing to behold, are healed. The weak
and trembling, from deranged state of the
nerves, by the use of this Liniment. rejoice in
the recovery of their former health and strength.
Many long standing aficctions of the liver,
lungs and kidney have, yielded to its use alter
the various remedies hail Idled. It is very ef
ficacious in curing the diseases of horses, and
cattle, such as sweeny, sprains, bruises, swell
ings, cramps, lameness, dry shoulder, splint,
etc., and if used in the beginning, mover fails
to stop the farther progress of fistula, pull-evil,
ringboue and spavin.
Look out Ar CounteVeils!
The public are i;nutioned against another
counterfeit, which has lately made its appear.
ance, called W. B. Farrell's Arabian Limment,
the most dangerous of all the counterfeits, be
cause his halm% the name of Farrell, many
will buy it in good faith, without the knowledge
that a counterfeit exists, and they will perhaps
only discover their error when the spurious
mixture has wrought its evil effects.
The genuine article id manutectured only by
Farrell, sole inventor and proprietor,
and wholesale druggist, No. 17 Main street,
Peorin t Illinois, to whom all applications for
Agencies must be addressed. lie sure you get
it with the letters H. C. before Farrell s, thus
—H. G. FARRELus—and his signature on
the wrapper, all others are countpleits.
Sold ti Thos. Read .% Son, Huntingdon, R.
E. Sellers A: Fleming Brothers wholesale, Pitts
burg, and by regularly authorized agents
throughout the United States. _
Price 23 and 50 coots, and $1 per bottle.
AGENTS WANTED in every tow, village
and hamlet in the United States, in which on
is ilot already established. Address H. G. Far.
rell as above, accompanied with good retbrunce
as to character, responsibility, &c.
Grocery, Confectionary,
rD 7 r- - Z 'PM Zi.nrlsl 7 lla,
A 7 , :DNEW IfElll7S, would respeoiltlly in
/I form the citizens or Ilnulingdon and vicini
ty that ho has just returned from the cast, with
n very largo and fresh supply of Fruit and
Confcetionaries, such as
Candles, Lemons, Raisins, Nuts, V,
and the largest stock of Toys nod Fancy
Articles, ever offered fir sole in t..i4 town.
:11c receives daily from the city of Baltimore,
the hest oysTEnS that can be found. Those
in want of prime 'shell can be occommoiln
teil by rolling at Ilitesoloon. lie ins fitted op a
expressl for tie Ladies.
. _
Thnnktul to the public Air past furors, he hopes
by strict attention to business to merit it continu
ance unite name.
Huntingdon, 0,1. 12, lira
Mini istra tor's Notice.
T ETTERS oftdministration having been gran
ted by Oa ltcgister of Wills of litintingdom
county to the undersigned, on the efititte of
George Henderson, isle of West township, 'iced.
they hereby give notice to all persons indebted
to said estate, to come forward and make pay
ment, and all persons having claims against dip
estate to present theta to the subscribers for set.
Oct, 11, 195.i.-6t.•
Tim undersi g ned will sell as Private Sale, M-
I thee or nll 01 the ll:flowing described tracts
of land, to wit:
No. 1. A tract of Limestone land s cent- the
Shade Cap, in Dublin township, containing 170
Acres. This land is patented; with good build
ings oat good water thereon; nod about 100
acres cleared and cultivated.
No. 2. A tract of Limestone land, in Tell tp..
Huntingdon Co.; tying on the Waterloo end
Burnt Cabins'rond, adjoining James Jones end
others, containing 124 Acres of thrm land and
30 acres of Mountain land adjacent. Some 75
acres are cleared and cultivated; with a house
and barn, orchard and excellent water on the
No. 3. A trod of 300 acres of land, in Wal
ker township, nt the mouth of Haystown Branch
three miles below llnntingdon,vartly river bot
tom and partlli red shnle table land. About GO
acres are cleared and cultivated, with a dwelling
house and barn 011 the premises,—a number of
bearing fruit trees and 0 young orchard of graf
ted apple and peach trees, &c.
No. 4. A tract of 287 acres of land in Tod
township, with a house and barn thereon erected
and about GO or 70 acres cleared and cultivated,
with good water and good fruit tnercon--now in
the tenancy of Vincent Robinson. This laud
lies near the route of the projected Drake's Ferry
& Dread Top Hailmad.
No. 5. A tract of 140 acres of land in Hope
well tp; adjoining Mud of Jo! Beaver, Jas. Eat rl
ken and odic's—ahem 70 acres are cleared, with
a new log dwelling house thereon. This land is
fresh nail productive, and 11 , U0i11,4 the Broad Top
Railroad at Coffee Ran.
The terms will be made easy to suit purchasers
cud the title will be warranted.
Huntingdon, Oct. 1834.—tf.
ti :41 C.: ;3
rrTIE nethe,;,. :•hing to tlht- ,
-I- pose of it portion .1• their real.
Witnestate, will olfer Wine oarsale'irt4 . eik . M
the premises, on Thursday the
they or November, A. It. 1E54, the
Min and Farm,
situate 5 miles from Huntingdon, in Woodcock
Valley, nod only one half mile Iron; the Broad
Top Railroad; containing 59.1 Acres of superior
lime stone land, 250 of which ore elearml. Ev
ery field on the premises is supplied with run
ning, water all seasons of the year. The Grist
Mill is new, with three run of stones nod calcu
lated for four; with the most approved machine:
ry. Alto, n good miller's House, with acres
This is one of the hest points in the county
for a store and graht merehant, es almost all the
wheat Ihnt Comes Hillltingdoll passes by the
mill, and would naturally stop there if a market
wen offered. Oil the fere,is a large two story
stone honor, and all the necessary out-buildings
with to never failing spring close to the house,
and a bank barn and stable. There. are 2 swell
nrds on the premises, one of which is entirely of
grafted fruit, carefully selected. •
Thefarm fs in a line state of enitivation, and
the mill and buildings arc in good repair.
There is also 170 :tyres or wood and ore land
within I mile of the farm, which will he sold with
it. There is on this tract a very tine vein of
nossil ore, which has been iTened.
Thu above hos liven divided into three sepa
rate properties, owl will be sold separately or
togedier, as purchasers any deAre.
The first ilivivioo to remain 10 acres immedi
ately around and including the Mill, with all its
tooter• rights:.
The second division to contain 175 nerea or
the liu• n t hind, with the tln•m buildings; and the
170 neves of wood and ore fond.
The third division to contain 108 acres adjoin
ing the above property, with en orchard on the
])rafts of the whole ' rind also of the separate
parts, will be exhibited. the day of Nils.
TERMS—will be mode easy. to snit purchas
ers, and 'will be tondo known at the sale, or up
on application to one of the undersigned at Hun
tingdon, or at I.n College, Easton, nt.
Notice to School Directors and
The School Directors of the following na
med School Districts, are hereby notified that
I will meet them as designated, for the purpose
of examining teachem and granting certificates:
Oct. sth at Qrhisoaia, to examine applicants
fur the schools of Cromwell district.
Oct. 11th at Sanlsbnrg, to examine appli.
mints for the schools of Barren district.
Oct. 12th at Ennisville, to examine nppli•
cants for the schools of Jackson district.
Oct. 1•1 th at Corbin's School House to cx•
amine applicants fur the schools of Union dis.
Oct. IGth at Mill Creek, to examine appli•
cants fir the schools of Brady district.
Oct. 18th at Shirleysbucg, to examine opph•
cants for the schools of Shirley district.
Oct. 19th at Shade Gap, to oxawinc n ppli•
cants for the schools of Dublin and Tell diXts.
Oct. 21st at Scottsville, to examine appli
cants for the schools of Clay and Springfield
Oct. 23rd ,pt Cassville, to examine appli•
cants for the schools of Cass and Tod district;,
Oct. 23th at Marklostnarg, to examine nppli•
cants for the schools of Penn and Hopewell
Oct. 26th nt McConnelstown, to exnmine
plieants tr the schools of Walker districts.
N. ll.—Those districts which have neglected
to make out their yearly report would confer a
favor by attending to it immediately.
Teachers may be examined at any time by
presenting certitießte 3 of good moral character
from the Board of I)irectors of the District in
which they pro ;Tidying.
Copies of the School Laws and decisions, can
be Nrished to Directors by calling at the ollico
of Fisher nod Williamson, on Hill street, or at
my residence on Mifflin street, in the borouth
of Huntingdon.
J. S. DARR, County Sup.
Ifuntiugtlon 0ct..1, 1834.—1 N •
Executor's Notice.
TEWERS teknmcianr.y harp this day been
granted to the undersigned, on the estate of
William Nlynn, late of Hopewell township, Hun
tingdon county,dee'd. All permis indebted will
make immediate payniont, mid those having
claims will present them duly authenticated the
Stonerstown, Bed. Co.
coalmuut. Mint. Co.
Oct. 11, '34.-Gt.• Es.ccutucs.
or to Mtrapy,S•
Bedding anti Carpet
No. I4S South Second Street,
Where he keeps militantly on !nand n full nisorti
went :if every article in his line of business.
Feathers, feather Beds,
Curled Thar. Cam link.• and Straw
Vel,rrt Topest,T, Tuprstry, Ilrussela, Three-Ply,
Infpuon, renctiun, List, Ray and llnxp
Carpeting's, Oil Clot ha, Canton Mattingly,
Cocan and Spnniih Mattincs, Floor an 4 Stair
Drug:mt.. ►]earth II ac-i, Door Mats,
To which Ire respectfully invites the attention
of purchasers. [Ott. 4, 's4.—ty.
THE undersigned auditor, appointed by the
Orpheus Court of Huntingdon county. to dis
tribute the balance in the hands of Col. .Thhc
Crdssn•ell administrator of David Woods. doe'd.
hereby gives Notice to all persons interestr.bthat
he n•iil attend for the purpose of makb
distribution, on Saturday the •tth day of Novc, •
her next, nt one °Think. 1. M., nt his °Mee H
the borough °Mind ingilon, when and where nil
persons interested luny attend.
Oct. 4, 1834,-4t. Auditor.
THE mulersigned auditor nppointed by the
Orphans Court of Huntingdon comfy to distrib
ute the balance in the bonds of John Gra flos,
name. of Daniel Roister, 4lee'd amougq those
entitled to receive the some, hereby gives notice
to nil persons interested that he will attend for
tile purpose ofnotking said distribution. on Fri
day the 1111 day of November next, at one o'clock
nt his office in the borough of Hunting
don, when nod where all persons interested may
attend. ;10115 REED,
Oct. 4, 1854 —4l. Auditor.
Estate oCJltnes Leonard, deceased,
The undersigned auditor, appointed by the
Orphan's Court of Huntingdon County, to ascer
tain the liens, if any against the real estate, of
Jones Leonard, dee'll., and to make distribution
of the amount of the valuation ofsaid real estate,
to and among the heirs and legal representatives
of said tloe'd., will Immod fur that purpose at his
office, in the borough of Huntingdon, on Friday
October 27th, 1954, at ono o'clock, I'. M. at
which time all persons ara.requirul to present
their claims before such auditor, or be debarred
from coming in tin• a share of such f
Oct. 4,1854.-4 t. Auditor.
Teachers Wanted.
91111 school di rectors of Brady township, wish
1 to employ FIVE Teachers to take charge
of the public schools in the District, for a term
or four months, to commence on the 14t sir No
vember next. Ono Teacher is needed, wialified
to teach the German, in connection with the
The County Superintendent, will give public
notice of the time, he will attend in the district
to examine applicants who Dive not received
their certificates iteretofOre. The Directors will
he present and receive applications at that or and•
other time.
By order of the Beard.
H. L. meemany, Scc'y.
Oct. 4, 18.51.-3 t.
Huntingdon County ss,
The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, to Mary
Carter, of said county, Greeting:
Whereas, Joseph Carter, did on the 21th day
ci February, instant, prefer his petition to the
George Taylor, Esq., President Judge of
the Coma (if Common Pleas of the 'county of
Hunaligilim, in vacation, proyhig that for cer •
lain causes therein set forth, he might he divorced
from the hoods of matrimony entered into with
the said l‘lat - y Carter. We do therefore com
mand pm the said Mary - Ostler, as you were be
fore commanded, that setting aside all other bu
siness pad excuses whatsoever, you be and ap
pear in your proper person before our Judges nt
Ilantingdon, at a court of Common Pleas there
to be held fbr the said county', on the second
Mouilay of November, A. D. 1834, to answer the
petition or libel °film said Joseph Carter, and
to show cause it' any you have, why the said
Joseph Carter your husband should not be di
vorced from the boncls of matrimony, agreeably
to the net of General Assembly in such ease
made and provided. And hereof you ore not to
fail. Witness the Hon George Taylor, Esq.,
Pre,iilent or our said court, at Huntingdon this
20th day of Augo , t, A. D. 1554.
Sh'ffs Mike, Oct. 4. '54.-4t.•
lJ MIXTURE, fn• the Fever and Ague, Chagres
Fever, Dyspepsia, and all Bilious Affections.—
The proprietor or this Medicine wilt state, with
out hesitation or tear or contradiction, that the
Stampede Mixture lans eared more persons W!iero
it has been introduced. than any other medicine
in nsc for the above diseases. this Medicine has
neither arsenic nor quinine in its composition;
all or the ingredients are urn perrectrully healthy
charaeter, Imtll highly stimulating and invigora
ting in their tendency. l'ersons while using this
Medicitte will not be ntlected by exp,, , 111, 1"./ Wa
ter or a .11111111 atmosphere any 111011: 11,11 li ilea
in their liallal health. flutters in ee,..,:oas or the
country where the Ague prevails,! to
adopt this Medicine, as the patient F uot oidiged
to lay by while tinder treatment, and tia.y may
110 assured of a SPEEDY CURE. The la.oprietor
could introduce thousands of certificates tram
those or the highest r,pectobility, big prefers
saying to the sick—Bay one bottle, and ytot Will
11111, the infallible proof in yourself. Full direc
tions tin• its asst accompany each bottle.
Certificates can be seen nt the oiliest, showing
where this Aicdieine has yr ma, when all others
have Miles!.
For Dyspepsia and all other Billions Com
plaints, there is not a better Medicine in market.
It has 111730 been taken with the must astonish
ing success in several ca,es of Rheumatism and
Goat; tbr these complaints take a tablespeottrul
twice n day.
One bottle Of this Medicine very often hos the
desired ellect.
l'rice SI per bottle: For Pith, by Druggists in
all ports of the United States and Canada.
All Wholesale Urder4 must he addreaied to
bIEAD & BLEECKER, Solo Proprietor,
98 Broadway, New York.
Agent, Houma , : W. Salmi, Huntingdon, Pa,
September 6. 1804.—1 y.
Valuable Farm at Public Sale.
WILL bo offered at Public Sale, on the prom
ism', on Tuesday, the 3d day of October
next, a Farm in Cromwell township, Huntingdon
county on the bank of Big Aughwick Creek,
near lielindit Iron Works, containing about 118
Acres and the usual allowance, 100 Acres of
which are cleared and in a good state of cultiva
tion. The improvements are a double Log Barn,
two Dwelling Houses, with other out buildings,
an orchard of upwards of 100 Apple trees, and a
small Tan Yard. The terms will be made easy,
and au indisputable title given by
September G,
RESPECTFULLY informs the citizens of
Stoneretown, Coal Mont, Hopewell, end the
country adjacent, that he has located a Medical
0111 cc in the house Ibrmcrly occupied by Lemuel
Evans. Esq., and is now ready to attend to all
calls, and by strict attention to business, hopes
to receive a good portion of public favor.
September 6, 1834.-1 y.
ALL persons indebted to the suliseriber will
pleuse cell and battle their accounts on ,r be
fore the first day of January next—all Ileroollfil
remaining unsettled alter that date will he placed
in the hands an proper officer for collection.
Alexandria, Sept. 6,1854.-4 m. ,
Afresh supply of Garden Seeds train Risley'
Gardens, just received, and for sale by
Fab. 2a, 1853. J. &. SAXTON.
BARGE DE LAINES, in endless variety, at
the choup coruor of A. CAR:MON.
Administrator's Notice.
1 I T 11.11 S of Admitti,tration Miring been
. 4 grouted, liy tho ortiumh,don
to the subscriber on the estate of Colo , tI t.
WAGONER. Into of Clay township, lie
hereby glees notice to all persons indebted to
said estate to moue forward anti tentie payment,
nnd those haring claims against the some will
, please present tho same, properly nuthentientell
for settlement, to the subscriber, who resides in
Clay township, Huntingdon county, near the c
sidence or said
Replember 13, 1854.—Gt
Adinini.tratoes Notice
...... ... a•••• ••••••
T ETTEIIS of Adt»inkirmion havin g Lecn
granted, by the Regizterof Iltuningdon co.,
to the subscriber on the estate of D.otint. Youxn,
late of Cass township, dee'd., he hereby glees no
tice to all persons indebted to said estate to conic
forward and mike payment, and elf persona har
ing claims against the same will pleasd present
them. properly authenticated for settlement, to
the subseriber, who resides in Cass township,
Iluntingdon county.
September 13,1854.—Gt.
To Brick Makers.
DROPOSA LS fur !making 000,000 Brick, at the
11 Warm Springs near I lontingdon, trill be re.
ceireibup till the 16th July inst. Tliase PrOpO-
Sillg to state whether with machine or by baud,
nod how much per thousand, Contractor to furnish
wood, and how much if wood furnished, and at
what rate if wood leave provided.
Work to be commenced immediately.
Our stock of Oil Clotlis and Carpets
is goad, Tubs, Buckets, Willow Ware, and
everything usually Item in a country store.
In fact we have everything to snit the taste or
all, end at lower price, than can lie got at In '
other house in town, if you don't he satisfied
the fact utter calling, then we give op.
We have niso, 711811, SALT, PLASTER,
end ttlesteceive and store (irate, as usual.
ItA CTIAt j; ',Sert. 27, 1834.
Address A. P. WILSON, Hunting Lion, Pa,
r; ILL-AK!,
()nice with DANN:, ArnteA, I.:sq., Ilill ,treet,
between Montgomery anal Smith streets, Hunt.
[Sept. 20, '34. ff.]
TRAY HORSE.--Came to the plantation
t) of the subscriber, living in Jackson township,
land. Co., shout the middle of June, it black
horse, about sixteen years out, about twelve
hands high. with n !mail white epot fh the titer.
The owner eau have him by paying expenses.
Jackson tp., Sep. 20, 1854.-30
Brought Home to the Door oldie Mi
ly been made by Dr. Cootie, of this city, in
the treatment of Consumption. Anthem end all
diseases of the Lung. We refer to "Dr. Curtis'
Ilygeans, or Inhaling Dygeim Vapor and Cher
i). Syrup." With this new method ])e. C. has
restored many afflicted ones to perfect health ;
as an evidence of which lie has innumerable cer
tificates. Speaking of the treatment, n physi
cian remarks : It is evident that inhaling—con
stantly breathing an agreeable, healing vapor,
the medicinal properties mast come in direct con•
tact with the whole of .the arial cavity of the
lungs, and thus escape the many and varied
changes produced upon them when introduced
into the stomach, and subjected to the process
of digestion. The llygenna is for sale at all the
druggists' throughout the country.
New York Dutchman .100. 14.
Tiro Inhaler is worn on the Itr;:t ' :t - Oade7the
linen without the least inconvenience—the heat
of the body being talicient to evaporate the
Hundreds of CASES of CURES like the fol
lowing might be named. One l'ncknge of IIy
!MUIR line cured me of the ASTHMA of six
years standing.
Jas. F. Keesherry, P.. 11. of Doncannon,
I am cured of the ASI ut years
standing by Dr. Curik' llygeana.
. 1 / a ivirtt Eirookign, N. Y.
Peke three 'Duna, a Parkage,—Sithl by
No. 149 Chambers SI., N. Y.-4 paeltageg sent
free by express to any part of the United States
thr Ten Donny,.
N. B.—Dr. Curtis' Ilvgenert is the ORIGI
others Iwo !else imitation:, or vile a n d -INJURI
OUS euunterreits. Shun them as you would
Sept. 20. 1854 —ly.
At Private &tle.
rr HIS property is shunt° on Bono
I Creel:, about 9 miles north of r i - i s
Huntingdon, l'a. The mill is in, 11
good repair, has 3 run of bores, 5.e.4 - "
Also, a good Saw Mill and Lath Mill ; a good
dwelling house fur the miller. Also,
290 Acres of Land,
about 125 Acres of which is cleared and in
good state of cultivation; the balance in well
covered with good timber. The ihrtn buildings
consists of a large Frame House, a large Frame
Barn, and a large Store thence, in a good stand
fora store, lint now unoccupied. Also, a large
orchard of choice fruit.
The property is intik r a lease for four years
from the Ist of next April, at s;:is wear.
For further inforniniiou call on tin; subscriber
in Huntingdon.
Sept. 27, 's4,—tf.
Rebecca Furnace
THIS property to situate on Stone r ~...t.
Creel:, al.out 12 miles north orrlt It
Ilnittinktlon Pa. It Is in good or- ': : ..tkt
der, and plenty of ore within t r _444"!':4
miles—in a tine wood country where coal can he
got readily, nod about 400 etCHES of LAND.
This property is now idle, and possession can
he given at any time.
Any further information can ho had by cal
ling with George Couch, Huntingdon, or ➢Jary•
Conch, Altoona.
Sept. 27, 185.i.—tf.
The undersigned having been appointed Ex
ecutor or the last will and testament of Henry P.
Dorsey, Into or the Borough of Huntingdon,
dec'd., hereby gives notice that ho bas taken out
letters testamentary on the estate or said deed.,
and notiltet all persons indebted to snit estate,
to call on hits and settle their indebtedness, std
those having claims against the estate to present
them itiproper form.
Sept 27, '54.-61,
LADIES Lasting and Silk work Gaitors, ICid
Morocco, and Goat Boots and Shoes. at the
store of GEO. GWIN.
CARPET Bags, just received and for sale by
J. ,f• IV.. S'A XTOS.
A FRESII supply of Gingham+, Check, and
tL Shambray, just received 111111 for solo by
.J. & W. SAXTO
Mug. Delano, B. Defines, De Berego, Lawns,
Ginginuns, and a choice variety of Goods of all
kinds, at the store of GEO. GWIN.
T)ONNETS. of all sorts and colors, also, Miss'
. 1) Flats, from 37i to 300, just received and for
sale by J. & W. SAXTON.
FUSE, constantly on hand and for solo by
BARRELS No. 1 Herring just received
and for sale at the store of GEO. GWIN.
A s t u h p o e str r e a o rt f kle of
Fluid for sale at
for solo at the storo of GEO. GWIN
flillE greatest variety of Dress Tritninings,
I. Funs, Cravats, ''ielHr, Tyde Yarn, Dress
Buttons, Ladies Collars, Chcantzette, Fancy
Mikis., Under Sleeves, Kid and Lyle Thread
(Roves, and Hosiery of every variety, just recei
ved nod for sale by J. & W. SAXTON.
10 BARRELS Roe Ilerring,just reeeived inu i
fur sale at the more of GEO. G
ILVER and Plated Spoons, Gold, Silver and
t.) Meted Spectacles, ut Elm. Suare'sJcwelry
'DORT MONNAlliti, Card Cayce, 11;1 the
I nest, finality of Worn.ExooLm's Pookot
Kidres, a very large quantity at Etha. Sunni's
.1. & S.tXTON,
TAVt• Iron Philadelphln the
1 1. hit .;: .. and liands,iine-t assortment of
ever tittered in this place, consisting of Cloths,
Cassimors, Satinetts, N'estinus, & e .
For the Ladles,
we into Plaid Sills, Worsted and every
variety or tibia geoiis, to pleas 6 the taste of the
Ladies. Also, Shawls ' Sacking Flannels, Bon
net Silks, Bonnets, and the finest atssortinent of
Under.sleevus, Shinnizetts, &e., ever
otkreil to the ladies (Willis place.
Boots and Shoes,
or every variety, fin. Men ntol Iln,ys, Ladies'
Shoes, of every variety.
lints and Caps,
of the vet,: latest and hest style,.,
of which we ahem, beep the largest and best as
sortment ever kept in this place.
Queensware, '
a magnitlcent assortment, which we arn selling
quite low.
art alittle np, but wo are determined to sell at
low if not lower, than and• other house,necording
to quality.
rpHE Partnership of the subScribers, carrying
on the IThieltsmithing business, in Warriors
mark, Huntingdon county, is this day dissolved;
nll persons having unsettled accounts will conic
forward and settle with D. l'arker before the first
of November next, or their accounts will be left
with a proper (Ancor for collection,
Sept. lot, 1854.
The subscriber will continue the Blacksmith
business at the old stand in all its various bran
ches, where all can be accommodated who thror
Lim with their work. DAVID PARKER.
September 13,'54.-9t.
Real Estate Agency.
The undersigned hag established no ngrnry
for the Sale and Purchase cf Iteal listtite in
Huntingdon county.
Any person wishing to sell or purchase ran
give no a description of the property, its loca
tion, quantity, quality, and terms.
We engage m this agency on such terms as
cannot he objected to.
The Agent has the facility of making the
properly extensively known.
We now have sonic very (Icsirable land which
we other on easy terms. BREWSTER.
Notice to School Directors and
THE School Directors of the following, named
School Districts, are hereby notified that I will
meet them at the place and time designated, for
the purpose of examining teachers and granting
September Orb, nt Alexandria, to examine ap
plinants for the schools of Porter township.
N. B.—Those Districts which have neglected
to make out their yearly report, wonbl confer it
litvor by attending to it immediately. The Di
rectors of tho several Districts, should give me
early notice of tho time when they intend open
ing their schools, so as to enable me to appoint it
convenient time to meet them.
Teachers may be examined at any time by pre.
seining certificates of good moral character from
the Board of Directors oflhe District in which
they aro applying.
Copies of the School Laws and deciFirms, can
be furnished to Directors by calling at the office
of Fi , her & ott Hill street, or nt toy
resideneeon Mifflin street, in the borough of Hun
tingdon. J. S. BARU, Co. Superintendent.
Huntingdon, August 30, 1854.
l'o l'ersons out of Employment. 93:44
$3OO to $l,OOO a Tear.
Book Agents Wanted.
• Subscriber publigheg a number of most
• valuable Pictorial nooks, veto popular. and
of suck a moral and religions influence that while
good men may safely engage in theic circulation,
they will conlbr n pol , /ic benefit, and receive a
fitir von
. Tenhation for their labor.
Or 'Po men of enterprise and tact, tills bust
fleas offers un opportunity for profitable employ.
meat seldom to be met with.
eir Persons wishing to engage in their sale,
will receive promptly by mail, a Circular con
taining full particulers, with "Direetions to per
sons disposed to act HA Agents," together with
the terms on which they will be furnished, by
addressing the subscriber, post-paid.
181 William :diva, Nor -lark.
T rEF,SS, and ready for Agents by the
Ist of October, 185.1, "Scars' illustrated
Description of Me Russian Empire.'
For further address as above.
August 30, 1854.
Tuscarora lid Juni a N
Coqnly, 11:una. ;WA:
rl - tHE Fall Session will commence on MonllA
OcreuEn 2,1854. Whole expenses or board,
tuition, room, fuel, washing nod incidental, va
ries from $5l to $57 per session of 22 weeks.—
Vocations from the I,t to the 15th of April, and
from the 15th of August to the last of Sept.
For further particulars see circulars, or address
(pest-paid) either of the Principals.
Aug. 30,'54.-2m. Port Hoyal P. 0.
Executor's Notice.
LITTERS testamentary on the Estate of
lIS B. LooAs, Inte of Clay township,
Huntingdon county, deed., having been granted
to the Undersigned, all persons indebted will make
immediate payment, and those having claims
will present them properly authenticated for 513 C•
tletnent. ADAM HEHTEIt,
Aag. 30, '5.1. -Gt.. Executors.
Administrator's Notice.
T ETTERS of Administration having been
granted to the undersigned, on the Estate of
JOHN Coy, late of Berme township, Huntingdon
county, deed., all persons indebted will make
humediati. payment, and those having claims
will ',resent them properly authenticated for set
tlement. JAMES COY, Ad WI..
August as, 1854.-61.
A large lot of Shoes—Lace Boots, Buskins,
Misses and Children's at the Store of
A superior lot of Rifles, for sale at tho
Abeautiful assortment of Cross-barred India
Silk, just received and for solo by
J. & W:S.tx•rox
AFIIESII supply of Ostrden Seeds, from the
Fredonia Gardens, just reeeived end for solo
by J. & W. SAXTON.
HATS.—Moleskin No, 1 and 4, of the latest
styles. Kossuth Batts or Colour styles and
qualities—will be sold low at the cheap store of
GEO. G117.V.
JUST receiving, this week, Mackerel, Tier lin
&c., and for sale by J. &W. SAXTON.
UST received a brantiMl assortment of Scol
ipod and Plain Velvet Ribbons, by
A BEAUTIFVf. nssortment of Fancy
mere, ()Ifni., Summer Wear, fur men and
Lute. Aku, Carpet Bogs, &c., receiv
ed and fur that, by J.& W. sAxTo.N.
L(JOKING ju-t received ond for solo
by J. t y W. SAXTON.
J ETTEUS Teo the Efate of
Wo.t.ism Wit .••• rf Tell township,
Ihmtingdon comity, • ' ' 'sing been granted
to the undersigned, ' ; ,‘.4 indebted will
make Immediate paytn, s,suud those haring
claims will present them properly authenticated
fur settlement.
(lEoliflE WILSON, Exertiter.
Atignst 23, 1554.-Gt..
Land For Sale
The undersigned desirous of removing to tho
West offers for Palo his landP, consisting, of 265
acres of improved land; the improvements con-
Rkt of ,t good Stone house, it double Log Born,
Carpenter Shop, and Blacksmith Shop; n great
vadety of fruit no one end or the farm, and on
the other and a turn Story Log House, and good
frame barn, and conic young ft ad; trans plaited.
Tioere ore about 11:0 or 170 acres cleared, and in
n good state acid tivntion, the remainder iA well
timbered, and within I mile of n good ear-mill;
there are ~,ernl tourer hiling !Trim of water
on the premises. property is 60 situated
us to diode into two forms if desired. The pro
perty is situate alooit 3;. miles emit or this horo'
August 2d. 1:354. JOHN POUTER.
Sale of Land.
MITE subsCrilicr offers for sale his farm, lying
j_ within tiara miics of tihirleysburg, Jinn,
logdon county, Pa., containing about I Itt acres,
SO of which is clenrol and nit good Fence, a
considerable part post and rail. (In the premises
are a two story dwelling house, large RIO con
venient, and it large Ihune tank barn, both en
tirely new. The, above property being within
three miles of Shirleyshurg, renders it convenient
14,T shone who may wish to rend their sons and
dnughters to the excellent Schools established in
that borough. Those whetting a good nod con
venient home Call be accommodated, and npott
easy terms. B. E. COLLINS.
July 5, 185.1
Town Property for Sale.
THE subscriber offers some valuable property
for sale in the Borough of Alexandria, con
sisting of Two „nooses and Lots, The houses
ore large and comfortable, with every requisite
outbuilding. One of the hooves has been occu
pied as a store, &e• On the lot arc a great vari•
ety of fruit trees. Possession could ho obtained
in the fall, if desired.
July 5, 1854
Oa if; , rll,lresl Corner r;l* Hill and 3141dride
eq Streets, in the Boronyh of Huntingdon,
A T which n general Banking business is con.
ternplateil to be done.
brafts . on Philadelphia, Pittsburg, &c.,
altt•ays for sale. Collections made nt the princi
pal points in the United Snit°,
nineY reccitei nu denosit,iniyablo en demand,
without intere,t; uko fin• :1, o, and 12 months,
payable with reasonable rates of interest thereon.
Members of Firm:
.T. M.
wm. JACK,
Wm. M. Lloyd.
A. P. Wir.som, WM. Donny+, Jn.,
J. G. , . 'A4l.ns, Tilos. 1 , 1,11,,
Wm. P. OnnisoN, Jon); SCOTT,
JA311:9 GWIN, (4:0. W. I.l.kt,rrnox.
Huntingdon, Pa., July 12, 185-1.-3 m.
American Artists' Vnian.
TILE enhscrilters to the Works or the Artis t..'
Union are respectlullv informed that from
the unprecedented favor whielt they have revel
ed, the Secretary leek, confident in stating that
the who'e moldier of Engravings (?50,000)
be disposed of within a feW 111.111 S, Of which dae
notice, tlimugh the press, trill he given.
AtiENTS are requested to form Clubs and
Kindift their Suliscril,ers witting
J. W. II01,1312(10KE, Seeretary.
105 Broadway, New York.
July 19, 1551.-Mn
Frlnn and Saw-Mill far Sale.
sub,cribei odors for sale his Flinn stud
Saw-Mill, situate in Bart, towns sip, of
at the junction or Stone Creek and
Two Hundred and
I,•r, 'is cleared ntul in IL
hal/lllee i.a revered
lid nil
East Brancit,
ty Acres, of Mack Pi)
goOri gate of cuiriymio.
With fine and Ouk tin,;
July 5, 1854.
Chesnut Sheet, iIetWOVII 3d and
OLIVET; 11. I'. PA iiKER, or Ohio, and
- JAMES 11. 1-1/ V., of this City, having
leased the shove sreil hitown and popu ' iar house,
for n term of years, are now prepared to flCCOM
modate guests ins manner equal to nny house
in the tit r.
. -
The loeation of this house it Fuporior to one
other, Lcing in immediate proximity to brlSitle,,;
Aloe, tO most of the Public Offices, Post
(them Anil the Exchange, where 01111111/USSCS start
for all parts of the city.
The house siring been put in thorough repair,
and new furniotre added, with minty modern im
provements, will add snorts to the comfort of
guests. The tables will at all times be supplied
with the hest the market affords, and nothing
shall ho wanting, on air plat, to make the
FRANKLIN truly the Travelers' Home.
Your patronage is Innst re,peetfully solicited.
July lit, 1554.-3 m.
LAND 11,".t NTED.
,V.NY person linciag n small pine of land for
sale, within ten miles or this place, see site
or eight acres, can fin,l n purchaser who will pay
Tut, eAS,I Dolt's, by calling ut my land agen^y,
at the canoe of the Huntingdon Journal.
July 26, 1234.
lIOOVER Still at His Post
T HE undersigned, now engaged in putting up
Annitage's Eleetro Mugnetie Lightning
Rods in this and adjoining counties, would res
pectfully call the attention of the intelligent pub
lic to the great superiority of this Patent, at
season like this, when accidents to property and
lire almost daily °rem., it is the dictate of human
ity, as well as interest, to make nee of the best
means of security in our power, for though the
Lightning be in the hands of Him who rules the
storm, this protection and blessing are always
connected with our own etThrts.
July 26, 1861.-tf.
Land for Sate
A TRACT OF LAND situate in Gerinany
Valley, near Shirleysburp., Huntingdon co.,
containing about 123 Acres, the greater part
of which is limestone, in a good state of cultiva
tion, bounded by lands of George Swine and An
drew Spanoglo. JOHN LOTTS.
Juno 21, 1854.
Fifth for Sale
15 Barrel, SuNuchanna Shad,
10 Half bbl.
just received and for sale at the store of
UEO. GwiN,
CIGARS, CANDIES, &c., &c., wholoala and
retail, at the cheap store of J. BRICKER.
BILANKSI.-.Always buy your Blanks at the
"Journal Otlice." We have now prepared a ve
ry soperiorart into of !ILAN!: l)EEI)S, BONDS,
T 1( &o.
T UST re,e:red and for sale, Ilan , Shoulder,
Drkd Beef, Lake Trout, White Fish
alsa Dried reaches, Dried Apples, &c., &c., for
sale by J. k W. SAXTO.
I . )LTRE WHITE LEAD, just received and for
I side by J. ,g; W. SAXTON.
plain and fancy, at very low. ;rites, at the store
I. 0 ter.; t i: tWitr " : o7e .
hums and Mitch forsale cheap
lathe ELEPHANT Corner.
DONNETS and Hats of the latest stylus, just
.1-1 received at D. P. U WIN'S Store.
DonT MONNAIES front 25 cents up to $2 50
at Ed. Snare's. Apttlls 1852.