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    ',l:ern :10 ch-.itizsor.
C mc,-Jo
ftfOk Frost.
17i91•—frealt meat Tot all hinds.
Ir4atf*our town yentenlay.
tatrlnur is declining.
tia‘The v,,atlittr is delightful.
IsBlbe debt of Spain is $33,000,000.
1' 'A Crystal Palace in to be built at Naples.
1 Cuba contains a population of one
e'The fever and ague prevails in Hun.
The flies and mosquitoes are getting
stiff in the joints.
girThe sweet potato crop this year is im•
There are about fifty thousand Mormons in
ter Manners is a medal whose reverse is
CrThe Cholera Las entirely disappeared at
be" There was a regular 'muss,' among the
b'hcla. on Saturday night last.
Pesclies are netting at s3—per dozen in
IFelo make people quiet, always gi,ethern
what they went.
e,'The apple crop in Ohio has been un
usually abundant.
"Steam fire engines are being introduced
into oar principal cities.
grThere are fifty hotels in New York, cal•
ued at $12,850,000.
Crlt is said that • there is 87,000 Know
Nothings in Indiana.
The New York Sun is printed on 'paper im
ported from France.
Mt—Since the i:mtease of pay in the army,
there is quite a rush to enlist.
lIM.The army expenses during the current
year will cover $7,600,000.
ta"The methodists are erecting a splendid
Church in Washington city.
WA tooth weighing six pounds has been
exhumed near Newark, N. J.
''The coal product of the world in 1853,
is evtimated at 75,000,000 tons. •
(Or A hotel has been erected at Portland,
Me., called the "Know Nothing House."
'The first three children baptizdd in Dos•
ten, were Joy, Recompense, and Pity.
ti'"'Counterfeit 550 gold pieces are in cir
culation in California.
vulne of the hog buainegs in Cincin
nati last year oat $9,871,383.
WA carpet made of ivory is to be exhibited
at the Paris World's Fair in 11133.
Near McConneletown, on Thursday the stb
inat., by the Rev. W. M. Deatrick, Mr. J. A
tXANIII:R NORRIS Or McConnelstown and Miss
ELIZABETH, eldest daughter of Mr. Jacob
In thin Borough, at Mr. Ryic's, on the sonie
day and by the same, Mr. J.,ox Dtterrna and
Miss MARI' Jetat, daughter of John Port, all
of the vicinity of Huntingdon.
~~IG ~~~~~31~~ ~~'3o
Octocr 13, Isl 4.
$1 1,00
,Flour per Md.,
Tied Wheat, per be.,
White Wheat, per bit
Bye, per be
Corn, per bit
l'httS, per Li,
Bay, per ton
Butter, per lb.,
Lard, per 1b.,•
Eggn, per doz.,
PHILIDEPLUA, Oct. 9.—Sales of 500
bhls superfine Floor sold at $7,73, nil some 7
n POOO 1)1)15 at $7,75 a 0.00. Ilse Flour6,:l7i.
Corn meal is .3:arce. Gruin.—There is very
little wheat offered some 4 a 5,000 bushels
southern at 1.60 a 1,65, for fair to good red 1,65
a 1,73 for prime white. Bye is scarce ut 1,13
1,10. Corn 70 a 70c. Oats 48 a 49c.
Grocery, Confectionary,
- .
@VVITI. i . It 2.1 2 IrsYD al .
A ICDREW ItREBI. 7 B, would respectfully in
n form the citizens of Huntingdon and vicini
ty that ho has just returned front the rust, with
a very large and fresh supply of Fruit and
Confectionaries, such as
Candies, Lemons, Raisins, Nuts, &c.,
and the largest stock of Toys and Fancy
ArtiCles, ever offered fin• sale in thin town,
Me receives &lily from the,eity of Baltimore,
the hest OYSTERS that enn he found. The,e
in want of prime .shell fish,' con lie neeommoda
te'n by calling nt the saloon. Ile has fitted tip a
expressly for the Ladies.
Thankful to the public for past favors, he hopes
by strict attention to business to merit a continu-
AAce of the same.
Huntingdon, Oct. 12, 1853.
If You Want to Buy Cheap
Goods, Call at the Store of
l'ltattla .fj V:iYl - 111.
TILE subscriber would respectlully announce
to the public, that he has returned from
Philadelphia and New York. and la now opening
ut his well known stand in Market Square, the
' largest and prettiest assortment of
Fall and Winter Goods,
ever brought to the borough of Huntingdon, and
is now selling at unusually low prices.
My stook comprises in port, Cloths, Cassimers
black and fancy, Satipetta, 0 large v yof
Satin and Silk Vestings, Kentucky a pm].
Jeans, Tweeds, Tickings, brown and plied
Muslins, Drills, Crash Bags and Bagging.. Table
Diaper, &e., and a great variety of goods too te
dious to mention.
Ladies Dress and Fancy Goods.
A large assortment of Under sleeves, Collars
and spencers.
Prints in abundance,Mous. do Lanes, Do Berege,
Manaus, Lustros, Cashmeres, Florence Mar
celine, and Gro. de Naafi)]. Bonnets and Edging,
Ribbons, fancy, and black Gimp, black silk
Lace, Ladies' icid Gloves, Gents black do.,
rat : Lmen and Silk Handkerchiefs, Italian Cravats,
,oaiory, cc,
,/,.,-' roots and Shoes.
- )ensware, Glassware
;actor Ware,
and Caps.
iw Goods.
m selected with the grenteet
tality and price, and 1 flatter
l'er inducements to purchasers
patronage of the past, by my
blie generally, 1 respectfu:ly
33 of the saute.
11, 1!154.
itrat9es Notice.
sinistration having been gran
kter of• Wills of Huntingdon,
the estate of
Into of Weat townAhips
Wee to ell Ng t,. in,le..ted
dee tbraltisl oil make par-
Ms having eluttns against ti e
tem to the subscribers fur set•
rian under.igned will sell at Private Sale,
tiler or all of the following described trate
of land, to wit t
No. 1. A triter of Llmmona land near the
Shade Gap, in Duldin tuivtishin, containing 170
Acres. This land in patented; with good build
ing. and good water thereon; and about 100
aer” cleared and cultivated.
No. 2. A tract of Limestone land, in Tell tp.,
Huntingdon Co.; lying un the Waterloo and
Burnt Caliiiis'road. adji.iiiing James Jones and
others, containing 154 Atli,. of limn laud unit
80 acres of Nloinitaiti land adjacent. Some 75
acres are clotted and cultivated; whit n house
and harp, orchard and excellent water on the
No. A tract of 200 acres at land, lit Wal
ker township, at the tumuli of Haystown Branch
Three miles below Huntingdon, partly river bot
tom and partlo red slate table land. About 80
acres aro cleared and cultivated, with it dwelling
house...l barn on the premises,—it number of
hearing fruit trees and a young orchard of graf
ted apple and peach trees, &c.
N0 * ..4. A tract of 287 acres of land in Tod
township, with a house and barn thereon erected
and about 60 or 70 acres cleared and cultivated,
with good water and good fruit ntereon—now in
the tenantry of Vincent Robinson. This land
lies near the route of thn projected Drake's lorry
& Broad Top klailaoad.
Nil. 2. A tract of 140 ncres of land in Hope
well; adjoining land ofJolin Beimer, Jas. Earl
ken and otheis—about 70 acres are cleared, with
a new log dwelling house thereon. This land is
fresh and producare, and adjoins the Bruad Top
Railroad at Coffee Ran.
The terms will he made ea.y to suit purchasers
and the title will be warranted.
Huntingdon, dlet.
rrIIE undersigned wishing to dis
pose or a million of their real
C' ill offer at 1m1)11, solo on
the premises, On Thursday the nth
day or November, A. I). 1854, the
Mill and Farm,
situate 5 mike from Huntingdon, in Woodcock
Valley, and onhi one hall mile from the Brunt
Top Railroad; containing 224 Acres of superior
limo stone land, 220 of which are elearcu. Ev
ery field on the premises is supplied with run
ning enter all seasons at the s ear. The Griot
Still is new, with three run a stones nod caleu
toted for four; with the most approved machine
ry. Also. a gust miller's House, with neees•
ears. outbuilding,
this is one of the hest points in the eonnft
for a store and grain nierchant, no almost all flail
wheat that comes to Huntingdon passes by the •
mill, and would stop there if at market
was offered.. On the farm, is n orgy two story j
stone hence, and all the neces.ary
with a newer Whim spring close to the !more,
and a habit boru and stable. There ore 2 orch
ards on the, premises, one of which in entirely of
grafted fruit, carefully selected.
The farm is in a line state of cultivation, and
the mill nod buildings are in good repair.
. _
There is also I 70 - neres niid are hind
within I mile of the firm, which will he sold with
it. There iv on this tract a very fine VCill ci
titscil ore, which inn, been opened.
The above has been divided into three sepa
rate properties, end will be sold separately or
together, as pure may desire.
" "
The tirt.t tliriaiuu to eonisiti 10 ',ere,: immedi
ately around and it.cluding the Mill, with all its
water rights.
The second dit•i>ion to contain 175 acres of
the farm land, with the farm buildings; and the
170 acres or wood and ore land.
The third division ru contain IN nem adjoin
ing the above property, nith an orchard on the
Drain: 6r the uhole. and also ol the seporate
will he cxlithiti..l MI the duy sols.
NlS—.ill lie wale easy. to snit pureloi
et,, cud hill he niede kou.n ot the sole, or up
on application to one of the undersigned at Hun
tingdon, ur uL Loki:tette College, Easton, Pa.
5 , Oct. 11, 1524.-st.
Executoes Notice.
T ETTEPS te•dantentory have this day been
grunted to the tuitleredgned. on the I'.:inte
William Flymi. late of I lititetve II Hun
tingdon county. dee'd. Ali persons todebted a ill
nuke immediate ltitment, mei those baying
claims will I resent tluly authenticuted fur
s.v+ii.7Er., TINGLING,
Strolergrown, Bed. Co,
Coalman. Hunt. Co.
Oct. 11, 's4.—Gt.•
ALL rers— indebted to the suliseril , er will
please veil and settle their accounts on or he
fore the ti,t d .y of Jan u ary next—all ammunts
remaining untitled Mier that date will he placed
in the hands of a proper officer for collection.
Alexandria. Sept. 6,1654.-4 tn.
' To
• DR. 2.
RESPECTFULLY informs the citizens of
Stonerstown, Coal Mont, llopewell, and the
country adjacent. that he has located a Medieal
(Mee in the house ihrmerly occupied by Lemuel
Evans. Fdahand is now ready to attend to all
mills, and ho strict attention to business, hopes
to receive n good portion of public. favor.
September 6, 1854.-Iy.
Taluable Farm at Public Sale.
vi7ll.t. he offered et Public Sole, on the prem
v Vilea. on Tuesday, the thl day of I /ember
next, a Fernt in Cromwell township. Huntingdon
on the hank of Big Aughwick Creek,
near Melinda Iron Works, containing about 118
Acres and the usual allowance, 1110 Acres of
which are cleared 'lnd in a good state of cultiva
tion. The improvements ore it double Log Barn,
too Dwelling Douses, with other out buildings,
an orchard of upwards of tutu Apple trees, and a
email Tan Yard. The terms wilt be made easy,
and MI indisputable title given hp
September 6, '54.-3t.•
Notice to School Directors and
Tho School Directors of the following tin
med School Districts, are hereby notified that
1 will meet them as designated, tor thepurpose
of examiningteachers awl granting con ilicatem:
Oct. 51.11 at Orhisonia, to examine applicants
for the schools of Cromwell district.
(Jet. 1 lth at Souldburg, to examine rippli•
cants fir the sehook ofßarree
(ht. 12th at Ennisville, to examine appli•
cants fur the schools of Jackson district.
Oct. 14th at ()whites School House to ex•
amine applicants fur the schools ol• Union dis•
Oct. 16th at Mill Crrek, to examine appli•
cants for the schools ot• Brady district.
Oct. 18th at Shirleysbur,:. to examine appl:,
cants for the schools or Shirley district.
Oct. 19th at Shade Gap, to examine appli•
cants for the schools of imblio and Tell &sets,
Oet. 21st ut Scottsville, to examine appli
cants for :he schools of Cloy and Springfield
districts. _
Oct. 23rd at Cassville. to examine nppli
cants for the schools at Cass and Tod di. triet..
Oct. 23111 at 9lurkleshur•=. to exatnine ari.!i
cants for the schools of Penn and _lloyess,..
2iith at McCoy', ,wn. to examine ap•
plicants tier the schools or Walker districts.
N. D.—Those districts which have neglected
to make out their yearly . report would confer a
favor by attending to it immediately.
Teachers may he examined at any time by
presenting Certificates of good moral character
linen ha Board of Directors of the District in
ahi;.h they are tippl vin
Copies of the School Laws and decisions, can
ho furished to Directors by calling at the oqice
of Fisher and Williainson, tai Hill Strect,r at
my residence on steel, in the burouth
of Huntingdon,
J. S: BARR, County Supt.
liuutiugdon Oct. 4,1854.-4 t.
L'ard,y ,5. Kap.
Bedding and Carpet
WA RE;rotnr..
No. 148 South Secodd Street,
firs nouns ATlvi; RPRIMR llrtxllT, Ptltl:A•
Where 110 keep. , con , fnntiv en hand n a.eort•
meet of ,
every article in hie line of butane...
Feathers. Feather Reds.
PATENT SKIING mArrnlsssr,sl,
'Curled Hair. Mr, ling. and Straw
Meet tfliteAtro, TI I ,IOI. Prowl., Three-Ply,
Ingrain. renetinn, List, Iraq and ileum
Carpotings, Oil roths, Canton Matlinall,
Cocoa cud Spnekli Martinis, Floor and Stair
•Ornetrets. Ifenrilt Rees, Mior Mutt,
To whin he respectfully invitee the attention
of purchasers. [Oct. 4, 1 54.—1 y.
THE under:doted molder. anointed by the
Orphans Court of Iluntinedon county. to die
trihute the 11111111 lee in the hand'. of Cal.
Ilresswell nolminktrater of David %Venda,
hereby gives notice to all persons interetomithnt
Ire will attend ler the purrnvot of imiltit,t
distribution, on Sninnbty the 4th thy of Novem
ber next, at 011 P I'. NI., at alien, in
the borough el llontinetien. "hen and where all
persona interested nary attend.
Oct. 4, 1854,-4t,
THE ninler.tigne , l ninlitnr Appointed ty the
OrplonnA Court or tin ntitupion enmity to tiktrih-
Ilte the balmier in the hundA of J o h n n e . i ti n ,
admr. of Daniel ainon,t Ong°
entitled to receive The , none, hereby give.; notice
to all tiersnon intert , ted that he will attend rot.
the porno, 14 . 11131kitla nail diAtrihution. on Fri
day th e 3,1 ,1,,y of November next, nt one tielnek
P. M.. nt (Olive in the borongh of !hinting
don, when and where n 111,0 1 ,0119 imeregte,l may
attend. JOHN REED,
oet. 4, 1814 —4t. Auditor.
Estate of 'lames Leonard. deceased.
The undersigned auditor, appointed by the
Orphan's ('tart of linntingibin County, to ascer
tain the liens. if any against the roll catitte, of
Lr.ll , li. 111'11.. and to make distribution
of the amount of the valuation of naid real estate.
to and among the I , rirg and ltgtl representsitivPs
of said dee d.. will attend for that parpwe Of 'tin
allive, in the hre•ote,ll Hnntinv,(l,,n, on Friths
octolier 27t1t, IPSO. at one nit P. NI. at
whieh titer all persons are requir!,l to pre,in
their claims liefote such auditor. or be deterred
from coining in for a share clot+ f and.
Oct. 4,1854.-4 t
Teachers Wanted.
rrnE , e hr.l of isrmis tawn,hip, wish
to employ' FIVE Teschers to toke rh:u•_e
of the polilie schools in rho District. fn• a term
of lion• teontlis, to commence on the I •• , t of No
vevelier nest. One Teiteher is needed,
to teseli the German, in convict tine with the
T. e Comity Superintendent, will give piddle
notic , or the time, he will ittiell.l in the 111 , 111't
t., 0,1 , t11,10 llPPlienlltS WhO latco not received
theft evrtilletites heretofore. 'rho Direettn, will
pre.ent end receive applications at that or any
other time.
By order of the Tionrd.
H. L. MeCARTIIY, Sec'y
NI. 4, ISS4.—Z.
11untingdon County U.
Tl , O C ~,,, mon wealth or l'ennsyivunia, to Mary
Carter. of said minty. Greeting:
Where... Joseph Carter, did on the 2WI day
of Yelirintry, instant, prefer petition to the
HUH. George Taylor. Esq.. Pre,dilent .111,1g,t
the Court of Common l'loas i.t tie connty of
eat nig that for eer•
taut entices therein set Petit. he might lie divorced
crir, the hands or matrimony entered into with
the said Mary ettrter. We do tlierer,ro eon,
the said Mary Corte, Rs yon were be
t,o, ~ m omonled, that setting u•dile all tither lin
sint,.. eXettei wiintsoever, you he and tip-
I sir
in eour proper person before tint Jildges ut
tiou•iti,..'utt, at n court of Common Pleas there
i,e hal tinr the said (veiny, on the geotalti
~" Nnortnlier, A. it. 1854, to mower the
),, out Pll orthe I 3a4t•idi Carter, told
to sliew 311yy111` why the sail t' yr , ‘l,l clintild not be di:
Toreed trout the bwirls of unity:loony. agreeably
to the art oh General Asseinhly in touch ease
made and pried:led. And 1.,, ,or you are not to
fail. Witness the Hon. 11eurge Taylor. &al..
Preilident of our call court. at Huntingdon this
211th day IA Anat.. A. D. 1.154.
.16611 CA (i IMENLAND,
offlee, ()et. 4. '51.-4t.•
i t fresh supply of Garde. Seeds train 1ii617.q
Lt Gardens, just retTived, and fin• sale by
Feb. 23, 1853. &. SAXTON.
T)11. EI)WAI:1) STAStritnli
for the l e t eyelid Ague, Cliagres
Fever, I lyspepsiat, and all Illiliiu< .litlections.
'rhe proprietor of this Meilionte will ,tioe, with
out hesitation or tear of oaltra4lictoat, t' the
St.anne,le \fixture hat, care,l taste per: ,a
it lets 1,1,11 111:1WthlVed. rli,ui nor other
iu use t o e the This 31e,licilie has
neither arsenic our quinine la its ciiiiipo.ition;
all or the ingrwlients arc of a perrectihlly healthy
character, and highly stimaiiiiiira and nici,ta
ting in their teudener. 1%4,011, while widt: this
'Aledicine will net lie allevicii 1., expo-etc to wa
ter or a Hatay atttio,pliere any :ante than when
in their usual health. Monti sin i.vetion; 01' the
eoutitry where the Ague pre v.O do well to
adopt this Medicine. it the I enc.! is not obliged
to Itic by while under ireiWWWW. and they may
he assured ut a Nri.r.ol Cum.. 'lhe 'proprietor
could introduce thousands if i•ercakui, from
those of the hi,ll.e,t r.-p but oreters
saying to the sick —llex one tiotrie. and 1.:1
have the iniallilde pveil in ynarseir. lull
flir 1,1.15 C ‘W‘,llll/illll 1:101 111)ttle•
ca. he semi at tin: When. showing
where this Medici.: has 1,,,1i1,1/ When all others
For ity:pepslit and all other llillioue Oat,
plaints, there' , liOt a Inllna . in IllaiiNCL
It InIS also) he., with thv iimst .1,4. i-f
ling mime. In .e‘l,lll vases ol and
Until; for tile.o complaint. lake a
twice a day.
o. bottle of this Medicine very alien has the
desired elleet.
si 11,1. tile: For slit• be p rugg i,,tA in
all intro, of mu Ijone.l State.: mot i2antola.
All Woole,alu 'must hu .61.1ru , ed to
MEAD S.; 1; I. EEL'I,K It. Sole t o
nro.olwav, New York.
Agent, llon.vcr.,er 6. 1854.—1 y
end Mated Spoom, Gold, silverund
L Muted Syeerdeles, at Edm. Su it 'e JewcLc
POUT Mt tN NA I ES. Card Cases, and the 11.
lie, t git:ility of Wosli.lioLm's locket
Kives, a very iitrge omit ity at Ed,i. Snaro's
Atlttsittistrtttor's Notice.
ETTEIZs ..1* .I , lliiiiii,tratitin hu. i t been
• gi I, y Regbger of Ihnitilwlini
io the lin the eStlit of l'tttctrrt.,N
11 ' .11,11N I, it 1:11,• Ch,. ,11,1i0li he
looe , y •• person: holvble.i to
sold c,1;11, I c tualike paymeol,
hilt': nplinst flip saint) **ill
who reside itt
plea, P ,
Clay t.. , ‘ county. near the re
Aidenee Id
WI i J. WAGONER, Aihn'r.
Septeniher 13, 1834.—tit.
Afteilinigmator's Notice.
IT ETTER , . id . Xitinitli:oration having I:eon
. ei:throd, the Iteeister of lint, intolon co.,
t o a, 4.11 the eQtnietif DAttuELIL . M•NG.
Into Cl 1.• 11),Iloo'd.. he bereh , Kies 11.
rice to nil porecut in:lel:toil to said estitte to coin ,
figward utt.t iodise ptiyment, and nil persons hoe
ing, elitino. !wailed tile !mine will pleonn present
them. propody authenticate:l Mr :Agnomen!, to
thu snitseiilier, who resides in l'ass township,
Iluntingdon comity.
September 13. 1,14.-61.
BEAUTIFUL, assortment of Fan,'
rat Cludoi Summer Wear ti.r . nien Rua
buy's. Also,Curp ' et Bags. &a:, ikc!, jest receiv
ed and fur sale by J. hi W. 841XTON.,
Prize lira for Payer and Ague.
/lire three table-•goons.
fnl (one-third of the contents of the bottle) in the
morning, one-third at noon, and the linliinee in
the evening. before MOllll, on the pottletiCe gale
day, or when 11 e ebille and fever have anheitled
—previiini-lv biking it doze iirptirgative medieiuo
re cleanse the im The bottle to he well
shaken. C4' Children to take it in smaller do
!MS. proportioned to ng,e.
Cal`' Pereone wishing to beenme Assents for the
celebrated Prize Cure fir Fever and Anne, will
learn the priced find terms (fir raz4 ooh • ) 04 per
siinal applieation, by letter (pot pail) to B.
I'. MA STIN, Pei Henry Street. New-York,
where it sins• he hail. Om/califs and remit. price,
$1 per single bottle; $8 per dozen; $B4 per gross.
Ako for sale. wholeimle, .hy
BKI,I, ens & Co.. Drtiggiate. 170 William street,
corner of Heckman, New-York, 810 tilbet , thro' -
out the Union. Aug. 9, 1854.-Is.
To Brick lltaken.
1)ROPOS LS for 111Ikin 500.000 Brick. at the
Warm Springs near lloontiuguloon, will b. re.
(Tired up till the lath Jody 1114. Those propo
sing to state whether with molehille or by hand,
and how notch per thousand, Contractor to furnish
wood, awl how much if wood furnished, and at
whit root. if wood leave provided.
AVlirk to be cont.lieneCNl
Address A. P. WILSON, Huntingdon, Psi.
' 'DE greatest rnriety of Dress Trimmings,
Fans, Cr.tvats. Zetfir, Tyvlti Yarn, Dress
Buttons, Ladies Collrs, Clienuntt':, Fancy
litikfs., Under Sleeves, Kid and Lyle Thread
Gloves, and hosiery of every variety. reeel.
reo unit for sale by J. el W. SA xToN.
liA lIRELS Hoe Ilertiuttjunt receive,h in d
fur stile nt the ,tore of GEO. ;
Land for Sale
A TRACT Oh' LAND situate in Germany
Valley, near Shirley , hurg, Ilmttingdnn
containing about 123 ACM, the greater part
of mild, in rmentonti, in a good state of mill iva
tion, hounded by lands of George Swine mei An
drew Spa tingle. JOHN
Jane 21, 1834.
S the shrill whi:tle of the Locomotive will
A' S
he heard from Brom! Top. giving 11 new
innoll, to nli kinds of Inniinen, the i,ti ler:imicil
has determined not to he exeelle , l by any steam
in the colour, lie thereMre oilers to the
public the moat elegant stock of
Spring and Summer Clothing
ever opened in the comm., maimming the nowt
fashionable Dresc, Frio!, and Seek Coate,,
and Vests. Shirts,Ctillars.Smi.l.,
& e . Al:, Sill, mei :iaminer Ilntn
—nil of wide!' he in detertH • m nrll eticarEn
tht, the elienwt. .
Ile lia4 on • ii , nettnent of
Clothe. Caio.iinereq, , a gill make to
tinier, in 0 ennerior
.1. al SNYDER.
liiintingilon. Juno 7, 1854.
J. SimpsoN AnucA,
21'.711:Lil a R 21111.7,
Onlee wifli Arnte4, Esq., pill street,
between l‘loptg.tmery awl Smith Fireet, Hunt.
ingliUn, [Sept. 20, '54. tf.]
QTIRALY IlOllSE...Camr to the plnntation
or the sulKerilier. hvit, in.Tnekson totttedlin,
Gum. Co., about the middle of June. a bla e li
home, about ~.ixteelt year. 014, nhont twelve
!mufti high. with a smell white spot in the fee , .
The owner can have him by paying
Joekson tp., Sep. 20. 1834.-30
111 - 6EAILI.
Brought .Thwe ,-
k woNDERFui, to, recent.
rt 1y been made by lir. o• t this eity, in
the treatment tit' Con.antiptl , dditit and tti
diaeases of the I.tintr. Cacti;
livgetuni, or Inhaling ffsg,..,(.'.leer.
r; Syrup." With tin.: new Ned., I lie. ha,
teiattred many atliietttd ones to perfect health
n 4 au evidence I w which he boo innumerable rer.
titivate.. Speaking of the tmttatent, a
It is evident that itittdrog—,ott.
itantly breathing on ',rye 'lar, v.inor
the medicinal propel - tie.: no, ( . 111111! in , 10 . 01• I
tact ttiih the ..f the anal cavity of th,
lungA, and Om: t.s.'aihe the ninny anti vatic ,
eitangeg produced upon rhea when hnroattrei
into the stomach, and subjeluod to the proves:
of dige.dion. The Ilygeatia i< fe sale at all tht
druggiets' throughout tile ',unary.
N e w loth I.outel.,ffin rf .100. 14.
Tito Inhaler is: worn on the hreint under the
linen without the clot invonveitience—the heal
of the hotly being ,utlicient to evaporate tit
11 it
Hundreds of CASES of CURES like the MI•
lowing might he mooed. One Package of.11y•
grana has cut rd toe of the ASTHMA of sit
years standing
Jas. F. It;e:therr, .11. pf Ihrnmpinon,
I lint cured of the ASTHMA of Itt year;
Slllll.liltg by Dr. Corti.' Ilytzenna.
.11 rooptra Brook) n. V.
Priee thr , , '1)01141N t Yeekeee,—Sol , l hy
CUR I'IS Boy!) & I',\Ul.,
N. 149 019 al Sr., N. Y . .-4 pnek.t:lvg
free fir expre.. t,. Any ;,,t, of the United State.:
fur Ten 14,,1hn,.
N. 11.-1 , 1.. 1 11vgenna ip 'lir 011161-
NA 1. all
1 , t1 . 1 , Ore bit , o imittitioa4 or vllo and IN.11:111-
01.'S rimaterieits. Shun them as y. woula
Sepi. 20. 1834 —ly.
A 1)1 ES I.ll,4init nod Silk work Gnitors, 1 id
I a Nlortte.t, and G u st Bout, and . 41loott. .t the
'tore or ( 1 O. GWI N.
I will buy it in gtiod faith, without the knowledge
C e RPET Bags, just received and Ate Qfiip I that a countertidt exists, and they will perhaps
.1. SANTO.V. only discover their error when the spurious
nnxttire has wrought its evil effects.
sueelr of OinclugnA. Cheek, stud 1 •
, , • f 111 ,, ~e unine article is manarcturea only by
c voamoray, J ust received Alla fi te sole fi, • -
s (.1 . F arrell, solo inventor and proprietor,
and wholesale druggist, No. 17 Main street,
Peoria, Illinois, to whom all applications toe
Agencies must be addressed. lie sure you get
it with the letters 11. 11. hcfore Farrell's, thus
—ll. G. FARB El.l.'S—itud his signature on
the wrapper. all others are counterfeits.
Sold by Thos. Read R Son, Huntingdon, R.
E. Sellers I. l l,ining Brothers wholesale, Pit tie
burg,•und ly regularly authorized agents
throughout the United States.
beir Price :Hui 50 tents, tuidll per bottle.
AGEN'T'S W A NTED in every town, village
and huniletin the I"iiitetl States, in which on
is not already estaLliyhal. Address H. G. Far
rell as above, accompanied with good referee,
as to character, responsibility. Ac,
Aug. 30, IC3-1-4t.
)(ay. Delane , , 11. Debittes, Do Berme. tame,
Gingbums. awl a choice variety of 11i...44 of ,111
kinrk. at the -tore of GE)). It WIN.
T COKING (1 lassos, Just rei.cived and for sole
JA by .1. 4. iI SAXTH.\'.
I)().NETS or all sorts and Colors, M.o. Mks'
I ) I lam, from 37i to 300. Just received 1,1.1 fur
vale by J. & IV. sAvr()N.
BtgriNc, rownEn and SAFETY
J. , FUSE. ',A.m.'}' on lourl tool for
At Private Sale.
ri'llTS I.ropPrty it 4 gitnato on !..t
ererk. 'Mom 'J miles nmr •
min . ;
good repair, Ina. :I run or
Also, n eond S,, w Mill nn 1 I..nh" • ~ m tl
dwelling blot her the miller. A 1...
290 Acres of Land,
about 125 AMA is cleared and in a
good Ninth I.f etthivetien; the halnlice is well
Covered with bard timber. 'rhe Win buildings
eonsists of a large Frame Ilan,. n largv Frame
Barn• and n lArgo Store Mao,. in It ,11.111 stand
fora moire, bet now aillOvetivied. Alma, a large
orchard of choke trait.
property is milli r n IP , . Inr fititr years
from the ist of next
For )iu•ther information tiall un the .o.seriber
in Unittingdon.
C.I:1')It E COUCH.
Sept. 27, 's4.—tf.
Rebeooa Furnioe
, i'HIS property lo Sitllitto•toll SIOW r , ~.......
1 Creek, about 12 Miil.4 north tt1 . 44 i ti t i . .: oo,i
litortitiptlott, l'n. it is in A t , ott 1/I . ' •
, 1.. r, ~ .1 PICII iW of ore noltin 2 II
int:e--in a line wood contort , whe 4 ,o e O ,O e . io l a ,
got ...only, too! dliotit'4oo Ant KS or LAND.
l'hi , propel ty is now bile, and I..segsion colt
I,e ot, at olio time.
.\ Ile further ttif , oleistion CAtl Mbar(
t: by col
lin with t;tior,n, Couvii. lluittiti ti ti, or Mary
uotteb, Altoona.
Stet. ',a, 1654.—tf...k ik ,'
• J. &W. SAXTOi,.,
HAVE just received from Phlladeipl i tr. tbo
largoet and handsome. ....went of
oar uttered in this pin e. ennsietwg Cloth.,
Cussitnars, Sxtinetts, Veminge,
For the Ladles.
we here Plaid Silks, Worsted Mishit!, and every
variety of plaid goods, to please the taste ut the
Ladle, Mao, Shawl,., Sacking Flannels, Bow
nyt Silks, Bonnets, and the finest assortment of
Collara, Undoes sleeves, Shinaneus, &c., ever
uttered to the ladies of this place.
Boots and Shoes,
of °yen, variety, for Men and Boys, 'Ladies'
Shoes, of every variety.
Hats and Caps,
of the very latest non hest styles.
of which we always keep the largest and best as
sortment ever kept in this place.
a magnificent assortment, which we are selling
quite low,
are a little up, lout we are determined to sell as
low it' not lower, than any other house,according
to quality.
Our stock of Mi flottos and Carpels
is good, floekenu, Willow Ware, and
everything itquilly kept in a country store.
In tact we hove everything to suit the taste of
all, and no louver prices thou can be got at any
tither house in towil,.if you don't be oatislied of,
the fact titter calling, theft we give tip.
bate also, FISH, SALT, PLASTER.
and also receive and store (train, as usual.
Sept. 27, 1814.
The undersigned bovine been aPPitittre'l
emit or of the hod will and testament of !leery P.
Dorsey, late of the Bonnie!' or Iltititiogdon,
lett'td. hereby gives moire that he line taken out
letters testamentary on the estate of said dee'd.,
and notifies all persons italehte.l to said estate,
to call on him met settle their indebtedness, and
those haying claims Kainst the etude to present
them in proper harm.
Sept 27, 'sl.—Gt.
JUST receiving, rlri went:, .7thrherel. Iferrin
&c., and for safe by .1. &W. SAXTON.
JUST received n beautiful opmortment of Scol
iped and Plain Valve! Ribbons. by
t. & w. SAXT,r.
ne most extraordiurrydiHenrery in n•
is the Great Arebian lleme,fy for Man
end Beg N!.
LIN I MENT is a most extraordinary medicine,
the truth of which is placed beyond doubt by
the vast sales of the article and the many cams
being daily performed by it, which previously
had resisted all other medicines and the skill
of the beet physicians in the world. It is cons
posed of balsams, extracts end gums peculiar
to Arabia—possessing, in it concentrated form,
all their stimulating, anodyne, penetrating, unc
tuous and revulsive properties, Owl the same
which, ages ago, were used by the "Sons of the
Desert," with such miraculous success, in cu
ring the diseases of both man awl beast.
Read the followin;, r op q rkable ,ore, which
should of if. 14,.,,,rd
TI. 4:
hew , : L. • , .
t.mer;!Pitcy •
friends. It 1— ' ?.,
Iv ten year:, ;•,; ; • , 1.• ;;.• .;,•,;;• 1;;;• •
yirtm.•; n,:thy !••., • h. .
for wkich the Fn.; t r• • ; et . • ;;: ; ••; ;•
cd it ; it, mattes; t-; t,„ , ; ••• ; •
land ahlt the of tig:itkio...;.,.; eht
many poor invalids um, 5m• : ,•.„..: •.; ik , ;•,
this, ,trth were last dine, ;•••••. ,
been by a pir,e, io, ten• :.:•;
liniteenf healed, mai now. rej-i,,• ••
of health. and the enjoyment el thi; beau
tiful world. Read this to believe. nod nut to
doubt. Inquire, of neighbyrs whom you
knots- to have used it, rind they will toll you no
medicine ever disci - owed post, the half ofits
extistortlinary healing 'prover... The racking
!Ethel of rheamatista and neuralgia yield in a
few minutes to its powerfully onodyne proper
ties. "The lame are mode to walk.' Old
sores, which havesrendered the subject a loath
some thing to behold, ore 11.14,1. The weak
and trembling, front deranged shoe of Um
nerves, by the use of this Liniinent. rejoice in
the recovery of their formerhealth and strength,
Mary long standing afloclions of the liter,
lungs and kidney have yielded to its use after
the various remedies had felled. It is very ef•
(knelt,. in curing the of horses, tool
cattle, sock as sweetly, sprains. Inmiuts,ett•rll
crimps, 1111111111,3 ii. dry stitod , or,
et,. nod if used in the beginni,. never fails
in stop the farther progress of tistul.t,
ringbone and .pasts.
Look ont . i:o. coon ferreitg!
Tho public are co.otim,o,l against another
efflieterreit, which has Intrly envie its tippet',
Here, celled W. 11. l'erreli's A rabien
the inn+t dan,t:erous or all the conntoft , iu, be
entwe his tomeg the entice Far rell, m an y
. _
HATS.—Moloskin No. 1 and 2, of the latest
styles. Kossuth Hats ut' various styles and
qualities—will be sold low at the cheap store of
?FRE Partnership of the subscribers, carrying
I- on the Illarkstnithing business, in Warriors
mark, Huntingdon county, is this day dissolved;
all persons having unsettled accounts will come
titru•ard and settle with I). Parker before the first
of November next, or their accounts will be left
with a proper officer for collection.
Sept. Ist, 1854.
Thu subscriber will continue the Blacksmith
business at the old stand in all its various brun
ches, where all eau be accommodated who fitvor
him %Orli their work. DAVID PARKER.
September 13.'34.-31.
Tim uhscriher tams for sale hi: farm, lying
Real Estate Agency. within three miles of Shirleyshimg, Hunt-
The undersigned has established an agency int.don county, Pa., containing about 143 now,
for the Sale thud Purchase el Real Estate i n stt of which is cleared and under gi s t trme, a
Htmtingdon count y. -----
considerable part pc, a 1..,! tot. 0i; tie premises
Any person wishieg to a two story Or:einem house. large and cons
Po'htot i can Il • r e e ttient, mot ii large frame bank barn, both en
give . a description of t h e paw ty, tts amt. ; iro . , The bore property b e i ng w i thin
! new. tu a
tion 4Ulllltily, qUatlity, and terms. .
tle enga g e in this agency on such terms ea three mita. of Shirleysburg, renders it convenient,
cannot be objected to. tbr those Willi may will, to send their sons and
daughters to the excellent Saul.% established in
The AAettt has the facility of making the that borough. Those wishing II good and con•
property eatensively knOW.I. i Vellielli 11011110 can be accommodutt-I, and npon
We now have come very deslinble 1a Which e asy terms. U. E. COLLINS.
we offer on easy term. WM. I3REWSTER. July 5, 1851. •
, ."
Notice to tlchool Dlroetoro and
THE Stliool Director! , of the following mtme , l
Rehm! Dl4trict., infr liemby notified !lint i will
meet them nt the plots unit lime designee/. fir
the Immure of examining teachers end grinning
co flat.
September Pth. at Alexandria. to examine npr
plienntn fne the pelmnl4 of Porter towt,lilp.
N. li.-71109c District:4 which have neglected
to make oat their yearly report, would plotter a
favor by attending to it Immediately. The Di
rectors of the were' Diedrich. Antild 'Wee me
early notice of the time when ;hey intend open
ing their .11.1,m114. no ItS to enable me to appoint 8
convenient time to meet them.
Teachers may he examined at any time by pre•
sewing vet til•ates of gond moral character tram
tic lioard of Direetors of the District in which
they are applying.
Coide. or the School Laws and decisions, eon
lie fin•tii•hrd to Directors hp calling at the Mike
of Fi.lier & Williamson. on 11111 street, or at or
residence on ililfin street, in the borough of HI un
tingdom J. S. BARR. Co. Superintendent.
Huntingdon, Augu4t 30, 1854.
• Ad si i faro tor's Notice.
LE'rTEES of Administration harinm been
granted to the undersigned, to the Estate of
THOM. COI - , late of Barree township, Hun
tingdon county, aer'd., nll persons indebted will
moke immediate payntent, told those hoeing
chums will present theme properl, authenticated
!or •ettleutent. JAMES CUY,
.August at, 1854.-6 t.
Persons out of Emplovment.laa
$5OO to $l,OOO a Tear.
Book Agents Wan 1 e (I.
TILT Siih'erilicr number of moo
valuable Pictorial Minh, very punlar. and
of each a mural :Ind religion , influence that while
gum] men may sitfoly engage in their circiflutimi.
they will confer n public benefit, and receive a
Jan. cnyinetimak, liar their Lae,.
To men or enterprise null tnet, this food
lIVSA otTer ,, an opportunity An. prolintble employ.
ment sel do m to he met with.
Psrsotts wishing to engage in their sale,
will receive promptly by mail, a Circular con
taining full particulars, with "Direetitmq to per
sons disposed to net Pa Agents.," together with
the terms on which they will he furnished, by
addressing the subscriber, poq-pailL,
lirtltEßT SEARS, Prarasnrn,
1 xtrow, Nen , Yurk.
Or IN NI :~S, ;led ready fbr Airetd4 by the
Oetot, •wear.;' Illtistrtited
Degeripf 01 the Russian Empire:
leer Nailer partivelarB atidruss us above.
Taem,ra Valley, Juniata
County, l'cuna.'
rrlnt: Full Session will eommenee on slostsA v.
Ocrottun 2.1854. Whole expenses or hoard,
tuition, room, fuel, washing and incidental. va
ries from 451 to $57 rvr session of 22 weeks.—
Vuestious from the Ist to the ralt el hpril, and
front the 15th of Am:ll,r to the last or Sept.
For further particular, see circulars, or address
(post-paid) ef
DAVID WlLsoti. A. %I.
Aug. 30, '34.-2M. Port Royal P. O,
Dissolution of Partnership.
partnership heretorcire existing between
undersigned. in earring on tlib Woolen
V,:etary business. in Shirley' township, was die
liy mutual consent, on Monday the lith
illy of Angti , t in,t. All lien , ung having tinsel
lavAntsii to transact with tl, Into then, will
Please call et the
ur me•,tival iittitory
1854.-3 t
, .
N. 11. The 1 , ,t,..t0ry linsinp,, in tm ita vn e nn ,
•.laokes, carried on as herrt , pfore 11: the Oki
,;tani by SAMUEL 1i001155. •
U:TTERS tostanantrary (in the F-t..te
1-4 .rum It. hire nt . Chty tonnship.
nec'cl.. having. he , ii gra: tea
the nwlLT.:igh,l. ull person, ind,hted n ill in . t h e
payment. niiii
ill present them properly intilientiedieil Inr set
ticinent. ADAM
Aug. 30, '54.-Gt.'
Aditallnißtratorh, Notice.
ETTEits of Administration horin,. been
j granted to the undersigned, on the Estate of
dour Coy, !moor Barren township. Flonitinedon
county. dee'd., MI persons indebted will make
immediate illy:nem, tort those having.
will present thou properly authenticated fur set
tieurent. JAMES COY, Achu'r.
August 30, 1854.-6 t.
it large let a Shoes—T.2re Boots,
INlNses and Children's At the Store or
A superior lot of Rifles, fur sole at the
T ETTERS Tpstamentery, on the Estate of
J • WILLIAM late of Tell fou,ship.
Iltinthiploti county, deFil., hoeing been granted
to the undersigned, all persons indebted will
make home lime pnyment, and those having
claims will present them properly authenticated
fur settlement.
August 23, 1e54.-6t.'
T ETTEKS testamentary hare this flay been
granted to the undersigned, residing. in Ilar
reo township, upon th•• lam' will and testament or
ilotrAs Rune. hire of Barree township. Itel!'ll.
Thome intlebtril will please make immediate pay
ment, and those 'taring claims will present them,
properly uuthnuticntod. w.....
rtuDy, s
Augtigt 9, 1554.-tlt.•
The undersigned desirous of removing to the
West oilers for sale his lands, consisting of 265
towes or improved land; the iniprovunenta con
sist ofa grid Stoll{l 11011g0, n rouble Log Barn,
Corpent,r Shop, and Lliteksmith Shop; a great
vorktv of fruit or. one awl of the farm, owl on
the other e,oi a two Story Log House, and good
frame I.oro, and some young fruit trese planted.
There are nlanat 160 or 170 items cleared, and in
a good state of etativati., the renotinaer is e•ell
tholowe.l. nod within I mile of a goad
;I we several never liriliug spring, of wet,
.• premises. This property is so situated
ale hat, two firms if desired. The Pro'
' , city is si cite about 34 mike east of this lure'
August Y.l. 1,324. JOHN PORTER.
A beautiful assortment of Cross-barred India
Silk,jiett received and fin• sale by
J. & W. SArrox.
AFRESH supply of Garden seeds, from the
Fredonia Gartlens,just received and for sale
by J. & W. SAXTON.
Town Property for Sale.
'FILE subscriber oilers some valuable property
kr sale in the Borough of Alexandria, con
sisting of Two Houses and Lots. The 110118 es
are large and comfort:ll4N with e:•ery regaisite
outbuilding. One of the houses lan been occu
pied us a store, &c- On the It urn a great vari
ety of fruit trees. Possession could be obtained
in the kll, if desired.
July 5, 1854. SAMUEL SPYKER.
Sale of Laud.
Test capers.
it 11;.,:n t
Executor's Notice,
Executor's Notice
Executor's Notice.
Land For Sale
113ANECIING 11017S£
On Northwest Carrier of Hill and Montaorne.
ry Street*, in the Borcneph of ifentingdon,
A 1' which n reneral Banking balkiness Is con
te,totd.ted to he done.
Drafts an Philadelphia, Pittsbnre, &e.,
always far lisle. Collections made at the prin& -
put points in tile Milted States.
Money revel Ved on deon4t. payable on demand,
without interrst; also fi n • 3,6, and 12 month.,
payable with reasonable rote, of interest then..
Members of Firms
Hollidaysburg, Pa.,
R. B. Janwstor,
Wa. M. Lloyd.
J. M. liptc,
Huntingdon, Po,
_ .
A. P. Witmov, WM. DORM, JR.,
.1. Or..n. MlLbol, THOR. FISHER,
WM. P. Ountsox, TOUT SCOTT,
Ilutuingdun, Pi.. July 12, 1854.-BM.
American Artists' Union.
THE t•iithseribm , to t:,e Works of the Artiste'
I Union are respecttully informed that from
the unprecedented Conr which they !lace rseei.-
ed, the Secretary leek confident in seating that
t h e w i in . e numb e r of Engravings (250,000) will
tw rlivo.ed of within a new mouths, of which duo
notice, through the press, will he given.
AGENTS ore requested to form Clubs and
t e n d in their Satiserihers without deftly.
J W. 1101.11BOOKE. Secretary,
503 Broadway, New York.
July 7'%
Far117..7i1: . ,:d Saw-Mill for Sale.
'rite tillers for sale his Farm and
Saw., I 11. situate in Barrett township,
thi. county. at the junction of Stone Creek and
East Branch. containing. Two Hundred nod Thir
ty Acreo, of which SO Acres is cleared and in a
goad mate of cultivation; the balanee envered
with Pine and Oak thither. tool ell
July 0, 1804. JAMES 11EMPHILL.
Cheanut Street, between Sli.Yrit 4th,
LIVER It. P. 0 ;
.LAVES 11 or this City. I living
leased the :More well known and popul,
torn term uoe:trsoire now prepared to
modate guests hi at manner equal to any house
in the city.
- - . -
The hiretian of this house is:superior to an"'
other, heintr in immediste proximity to husiiimot;
iSO. Of the Banks. Public Offices. Post
Wino and the hxchuuge , where omnibuses start
for part+ of' the pity.
The !office buying finch pnt in thorough repair,
ttnil new furniture idled, with twiny modern im
provetnentn, will add much to the cumfort
'rhe tuhles will at all timen he
with the let the tnitrket drunk. nil nothing
still be wanting, on nor port. to make the
FRANKLIN trills the Triteelere flume.
Your piano:age i 3 tno•t ro.orrtrully golirited.
July 19. 1854.-3 m,
10 DOZEN Ame.' No. 2 jo , t recei
ved and for sale by .1. & W. SAXTON.
DITTSIIIII{C Hams nod Flitch for =ale cheap
at the ELEPIIANT Owner.
no ONSETS and Huts of the latest armies, just
receives! at I). I'. GWIN'S Stare.
PORT MONNAIES front 25 rent.; up to 82 50
tit Ed. :ilium's. Aim! 15 1852.
C); BARRELS No. I Herring
,just received
and fur sole at the store of UEU. UWIN.
Asuperior nrticle of Burning ritthi fur rale nt
the store of GEU. GAVIN.
FIS II ..11,,ND S.l LT,
or safe at the store of
NY tier.itin ing 6 stnidl I.lere or land for
I r.f ;lace. ,1:t
or ei2lit --, •: Wi 1 , 1%. ly
THE CA.! , DOWN, 111 r! 11• S
nt the 01:',.0 r,r the ilinit.ingdunJutirtial.
July 26, 1354.
HOOVER Still at Ififis !
THE titiderNigne,l vow engag,l in potting im
L Armitage's; lilectro Ala ; aiotie Lightning
Mal , . in this and adjoining counties. would reo
pectfolly call the attention of the intelligent pith
lie to the great sigority of this Patent, 'lt a
~norm like this, w Accidents to property and
lire ulmeet daily (cent, it is the dictate of him,-
ity. ns well no homest. to make use of the lie , t
or ,ccority in or power. for though the
Lightning he in the !intit of Him who roles the
',mint, Ilk protection and blessing are always
connected with our own effort,
SA3lUliii. HOOVER.
.Ttily 26, 1654.-0:
Fish for Sale.
15 Rimels Stu:quell.. Shad,
10 I
just received and fur sale at the store of
(MG tRS, CANDIES, sr., &c•.. wholegolo nod
of tLe Coop store of .1. IlltlC KER.
BLANKS..-Ah%nys buy your Mud. at the
"Journal (Mice." We hare now prepared a ee
rt. qaperionirtiele of LAN I )1.: F. )S, INDS,
I) UsT reeeived Hem Shoulder,
Sid,,. Dried P., Troia, Mite Fief:
0,, Dried Pe:. • ...I Applee, &r.. &e.. for
sale by %V. SAXTON.
I Wit b: WM
slt) by
' , ,just received and fur
.1. & IV. SAXTON.
JUST RECEIVED and for male Fish, Salt and
Midst by J. & W. SAXTON.
A splendid lot of Bonnets just received and fur
tl sato try .1. 6. W. .5.1.17V.V.
Amost beautiful Mt of Bemire de Leine put
tern., and in the puree, irony 18ict4 up to 50
cts. per yurd,judt received and for auto Ity
J. I c. W. SAXTON.
The Russians Defeated!!!
LTAI'ING returheil tram the City with it large
Li mid splendid miaortment of tiouda, respect
fully inform their friend...nil the public. at I
that thee 'lace 'Heated thetnwlve4 at Alin Creek.
stud haring purettnred their lit odn Sir Cash, they
are now prepared to sell them an cheap, if tint
cheaper. than any afore in the county. Their
Stork consists Of a large ns.rtment of
Dry Goods, Ha rdtbare, Queenswaret,
Groceries• Soots and Shoes,
Hats and Days,
and in short.eeeryt king iv:tinily kept inn 7ountry
Store. 'Persons wishing to parelisse will find it
to their intern-ts to give them a call pur
chasing elsewhere. as they are dcrerniued that
their motto shall be Quick Sales and Small Prof-
N. 0. All kinds of protluee taken In exchange
Mill Creek, May 91, 1851
Cr A fine lot of l'isToLe at Yt.t. SR A ne,
A N oneellent variety of linal'ax KNIVES. at
Snare's. April 15, 1832
iILARGE and splendid assortment of Ban
nets, Misses' Flats and childretud hats and
Caps, selling at law prices at the store of
HAMS, Shuuldura and Flitch , For ale at the
1 1 store of ‘‘'LN,
tor men and buys, a good aisortment, at the Ftore
of GEO. G WIN.
plain awl litucy, at very law prices, at the attire
of ULU. G WIN.
A SUPERIOR urtiele r fur
Zl. sale at the oath ot