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attic Directory of Hunt. Co.
Pres o
' eat Judge .. ..... —__
fan. GM TAYLOR, of Huntingdon.
..Issociate Judges :
Hon. JuNo. WWILLIA3ts, of Franklin tp.
Hon. T. F. ATHWART, of West tp.
District Jittorney :
J. SEWEL STEWART, of Huntingdon.;
JOSTIL T A GREENLAND, of Huntingdon.
Sheriff's Counsel:
DAVID &mu, Esq., of Huntingdon.
THEO. H. (IREMER, Esq., of Huntingdon.
Register ; Recorder, ere. :
M. F. CA3IPBELL, of Henderson tp.
County Commissioners :
THOMAS HAMER, of Went tp.
ELIEL SMITH, of Union t
SAMUEL WIGTON, of Franklin tp.
Commissioner's Clerk:
Commissioner's .gtforne9 — :
Joni REED, Esq., of Huntingdon
Suditors : ' . „
HENRY BREWSTER; of Shirloysburg.
DAVID PARKER, of Warriorsmark.
JOSEPH M. STEVENS, of Petersburg.
Directors of Poor:
SAMUEL MATTEN, of Franklin tp.
JOHN BREWSTER, of Shirley tp.
JA3IES SAXTON, of Huntingdon.
Poor House rittorney :
Ravin BLAIR, Esq., of Huntingdon.
Poor House Treasurer:
HENRY BREWSTER, of Shirley tp.
Deputy Surv eyor:
J. S. AFRICA, of Huntingdon.
Coroner :
Court Crier :
SAMUEL S. SMITH, of Huntingdon.
Where may be obtained the most speedy rem•
edy for
SECRET DISEASES.—GIeets Strictures,
Seminal Weakness. Pain in the Loins, Affections
of the Kidneys, and all those peculiar affections
arising from a secret habit, particularly the youth
of both sexes, which if not cured, produces con
stitutional debility, rendering marriage impossi
ble, and in the end destroys both Mind and Body.
Young Men,
especially, who have become the victims of Sol
itary Vice, that dreadful and destructive habit
which annually sweeps to an untimely grave thou
sands of young men of the most exalted talents
and brilliant intellect, who might otherwise have
entranced listening senates with the thunders of
eloquence, or waked to ecstacy the living lyre,
may call with full confidence.
Married Persons,
or those contemplating marriage, living aware of
physical weakness, should immediately consult
Dr. J., and be restored to perfect health.
Dr. Johnston,
office No. 7 South Fredrick St., seven doors from
Baltimore Street, east side up the steps. lEW'Be
particular in obtaining the name and number, or
you will mistake the place.
A cure warranted, or no charge made, in from
one to two days.
TAKE NOTICE.--Dr. Johnston's office is in his
dwelling, up the steps. His very extensive prac
tice is a sufficient guarantee, that he is the only
propel physician to apply to.
Dr. Jobston, member of the Royal College of
Surgeons. London, graduate from one of the
most eminent Colleges of the United States, and
the greater part of whose life has been spent in
the Hospitals of London, Paris Philadelphia, and
elsewhere, has effected some of the most aston
ishing cures that were ever known, many troll.
bled with ringing in the ears and head when
asleep, great nervousness, being alarmed at sud
den sounds, and bashfulness, with frequent blush
ing attended sometimes with derangement of
mind, were cured immediately.
A 'CERTAIN DISEASE.-It * is a melancholy fact
that thousands full victims to this horrid disease
owing to the unskilfulness of ignorant pretenders
who by the use of that deadly poison Mercury,
ruin the Constitution, causing the most serious
symptoms of that dreadful disease to make their
appearance, such as affections of the head, nose,
throat, skin, etc., progressing with frightful ra
pidity till death puts a period to their dreadful
suffering, by sending them io that Bourne whence
no traveler returns.
have injured themselves by a certain practice in
dulged in when alone—a habit ftequently learned
from evil companions, or at school—the effects
tit which are nightly felt, even when asleep, and
if not cured renders marriage impossible, and de
stroys both mind and body.
What a pity tbat a young man, the hope of his
country, and the darling of his parents should be
snatched from all prospects and enjoyments of
life by the consequence of deviatingfrom the path
of nature and indulging in a certain secret habit.
Such persons before contemplating Marriage,
should reflect that a sound mind and body are
the most necessary requisites to promote connu
bial happiness, Indeed without these, the jour
ney thraugh life becomes a weary pilgrimage,
the prospect hourly darkens to the view; the
mind becomes shadowed with despair, and filled
with the melancholy reflection ? that the happiness
of another becomes blighted with our own.
es young men, and all who have injured them
selves by private and improper indulgence.
Istrulasalia.—These are some of the sad and
melancholy effects produced by early habits of
youth, viz: Weakness of the Rack and Limbs,
Pains in the head, Dimness of Sight, Loss of
Muscular power, Palpitation of the Heart Dys
pepsia, Nervous Irritability, Detangements of the
Digestive Functions, General Debility Symptoms
of Consumption, &c.
MENTALLY—The fearful effect. on the mind are
much to be dreaded; Loss of memory, Confusion
of ideas, Depression of Spirit, Evil Forbodings;
Aversion to Society, Self Distrust, Love of Soli-
tude, &c., are some of the evils produced.
Thousands of persons of all ages,ean now judge
what is the cause of their declining health. Los
ing their vigor, becoming weak, puts and emacia
ted, have singular appearance about the eyes,
c lfa h rr a i n ee d l ' p .‘ e .m rs t ors o s o r h f t co o n s g e contemplating wnton mar
riage, being aware of physical weakness, should
immediately consult 1)r. J. andsbe restored to per
fect health. Office, No. 7, South Frederick-St.,
Baltimore, Md.
B. Let no false delicacy prevent von, but ap
ply immediately either personally or by letter.
Skin Diseases Speedily Cured,
To STRANGERS.—The many thousands cured
at this Institution within the last ten years, and
the numerous important Surgical Operations
performed by Dr. J.,witnessed by the Reporters of
the paper., and many other persons, notices of
which have appeared again and again before the
pnblie, is a sufficient guarantee that the afflicted
will find a skillful and honorable pliys:cian.
As there are so many ignorant and worthless
quacks advertising themselves es Physicians,ruin
mg the health of the afflicted Dr. Johnston would
say to those unacquainted with his reputation that
his Credentials or Diplomas always hang in his
Weakness of the organs immediately cured,
and foil rigor restored
tEr All letters post paid—remedies sent by
stay 22, 1854.-1y
ALARGE and splendid assortment of Bon
nets, Misses' Flats and childrens' Hats and
Caps, selling at low prices at the store of
OM BARRELS No. I Herring just received
.40e- , and for sale at the store of GEO. GWIN.
Asuperior article of Sinaloa. Fluid for sale at
the store of GEO GWIN
•__ .._•_
HAMS, Shoulders and Flitch, for sale at tho
store of GEO. GWIN,
for men and boys, n good assortment, at the store
plain and fancy, at very low prices, at the store
fiBARRELS Roe llerring,.io . vt received an
for Late at the ;loll; ut U V). GIVD.
The New Jersey Zino Company
ent e l p * o ved the quality of their products, are
pr execute orders for their
- ''''.4lluPEnion PAINTS.
DRY, nntt GROUND IN OIL, in assorted pack
ages of front 25 to 500 pounds; also
DRY, in barrels, of 205) pounds each.
Their WHITE ZINC, which is sold dry or
ground in oil, is warranted PURE and unsur
passed for BODY and uniform whiteness.
. . _
A method of preparation has recently been
discovered, which enables the Company to war
rant their paints to keop fresh and soft in the
kegs for any reasonable time. In this respect
their points will be superior to any other in the
Their Brown Zinc Paint, which is sold at alow
price, and can only be made from the Zinc ores
from New Jersey, is row well known for its pro
tective qualities when applied to iron or other
metallic surfaces.
Their Stone Color Paint possesses all the pro
perties of the Brown, and is of an agreeable col
or for painting Cottages, Depots, Oat-buildings,
Bridges, &c.
Dealers supplied on liberal terms by their
Wholesale Paint Dealers and Importers,
N. W. cor. of loth 1k Market Sts., Phila.
April 19, 1854.—ern.
HAS just returned from the east with a large
and splendid assortment of
Spring and Summer Clothing,
for men and boys, made in the latest fashion and
in the most durable manner. Who over wants
to be dressed better and cheaper than anybody
else in town, lot him call at WILLOUGHBY'S
CHEAP CLOTHING STORE, one door west of T.
Rend & Son's drug store, Huntingdon.
Call and see for yourselves.
April 19, 1854.
~~1"IDY~~~ g
HAVING removed his extensive Store to No. I,
MeCahan's Row. formerly occupied by 'T.
K. Simonton, is now prepared to accommodate
his old customers, and the public generally, with
a splendid and fashionable asssorttnent of
His assortment consists of
Dry Goods, Groceries,
Hardware, Queensware,
and all kinds of goods usually kept in a Country
Store. Also, a beautiful cheap and elegant as
sortment of
• Ladles' Dress Goods,
and Trimmings of every variety. Also, Hats;
Caps, Bonnets, Boots and Shoes, and a variety of
goods of all kinds.
. _
Country produce taken in exchange for goods,
at the highest market prices.
Huntingdon, April 5, 1854.
White Sulphur and Chalybeate Springs,
TENSE Springs are now open for the reception
1. of visitors. They are situated in Cumber
land county, Penn's., 30 miles west of Harris
burg, and are accessible by the Cumberland Val
ley Railroad to Newville; front thence in good
coaches and over easy roads eight miles to the
springs. Many improvements have been made
since the last year, and the recant discovery of
the Chalybeate Spring adds greatly to the in
ducements presented tbr the present season. The
accommodations for Bathing in all the usual
modes—water Hot and cold, fresh or mineral.—
Persons visiting us will find a happy retreat and
a pleasant homd. Below you have the analysis
of our Sulphur and Chnlybeate Springs.
SCOTT COYLE, l'roprietor.
The odor of Salphuretted Hydrogen, perceived
at some distance from the Spring, imparts to this
water the peculiar properties of Sulphur Springs.
Besides this ingredient, I find that the water con
tains Carbonate of Soda, and of Magnesia, Glau
ber's Salt, Epsom Salt, and Common Salt, in
gredients which give it an increased value. After
removing the excess of Carbonic Acid which it
contains, it gives an alkaline reaction. The Cha
lybeate water readily yields a preci pate. after
ebullition or continued exposure has expelled the
excess of Carbonic Acid. Besides the Bicarbo
nate of Iron, which is its chief characteristic, it
also contains Epsom Salt, Common Salt, and
Carbonate of Magnesia.
Respectfully yours, Jos. C. Boors.
Having examined the elements that enter into
the composition of the White Sulphur and Cha
lybeate Springs, of Doubling Gap, us exhibited
in their analysis by Professor Booth, of the Mint,
a practised and competent chemist, are nuthori
zed to say, that they possess all the sanative pro
perties of similar medicinal waters, in the various
diseases for which their use has been recommend
ed by Physicians.
1-lousy IlAwrsuontr, M. D.
July 5,'54.-2m. Philadelphia.
I have jusf receiver', and am now opening, on
the corner opposite Couts' Hotel, a large and
beautiful assortment of
Spring and Summer Goods,
consisting of Cloths, Cassinters, Fancy and Plain,
Silks, Fancy and Black, Beteg,: Domains, Bereges,
Bard Domains, Lawns, Gingham+, Linens, Moo.
line, and prints of every description. Hosiery,
Gloves, Silk Mitts, Long and Short. Veils. Col
lars, Under-sleeves, Ribbons, Shawls, and n va
riety of DRESS GOODS too numerous to men
Also, a large assortment of Bonnets, Hats and
Shoes, Groceries, Queensware, and Hardware,
Carpets, Oil Cloths and Carpet Bags, Clothes
and Market Baskets, Buckets, Ch urns, 'rubs, Sc.
. .
The public are respectfully invited to call and
examine my Goods, as I am determined to sell
them cheap.
Alt kinds of Country Produce taken in ex
change fur Goods at the highest market prices.
Huntingdon, April 5, 1854.
A BEAUTIFUL assortment of Fancy Cassi.
suers,Cloths, Summer Wear, fur men and
boys. Aso, Carpet Begs. &c., receiv
ed and fur solo by J. & W. SAXTON.
j3 ONNETS. of all sorts and colors. also, Miss'
Flats, from 34 to NO, just received and fur
sale by J. & W. SAXTON.
10 DOZEN Ames' No. 2 Shovels, just recei
ved and for sale by J. & W. SAXTON.
AFRESH supply of Gingliams. Check, and
Shanabray, just received and for sale by
J. & W. snyroN.
JUST received nod for sale, Ham, Shoulder,
Bide, Dried Beef, Lake Trout, White Fish
also Dried Peaches, Dried Apples, &e., &c., fur
mule by J. itb W. SAXTON.
PURE WHITE LEAD, just received end fur
sale by J. & W. SAXTON.
JUST RECEIVED and fore& Fish, Salt and
Plaster by J. & W. SAXTON.
Asplendid lot of Bonnets just received and for
sale by J. o• iV. SAXTON.
A moat beautiful lot of Berage de Laine pat
terns, and in the piece, front ialcts up to 30
cts. per art, just received and ler sale by
J. ..i.txr.o.v
Electro-Magnet Lightning Rods.
A rrER many years' close investigation end
11. numerous experiments. the Patentee takes
pleasure in informing the public that he has err'.
veil at the true principles of protecting families,
dwellings and property from the destructive in
fluence of Lightning. The calamities that
every City, Town, Village and Country falls vie,
tam to annually, through the gross negligence of
its inhabitants, is beyond calculation, especially
when the remedy is so My to obtain—this is
found in Annitage , s Patent Magnetic
Lightning Rods, and in this alone. This
Rod has, been examined by the most scientific
gentlemen in the world—Professors APMurtrie,
Johnson, Waller and many others that have ex
amined them, recommend mid speak of them in
the highest terms of approbation, and have pro
nounced them the only safe rods in use in this or
any other country, for the protection of Lives and
Property. One advantage is to divide and throw
back a part of the electric fluid harmless to the
clouds; in time of a stroke this enables the rod
to conduct that portion of fluid that belongs to
the earth without the slightest danger of leaving
the conductor. This rod has many other advan
tages over the old one. The only place of man
ufacturing is in
Vine 51.,3 doors above Tivel.filt, Philadelphia,
where all persons are respectfully invited to call
and examine for themselves. For sale Whole
sale and Retail, by THOS. ARMITAGE.
Orders promptly attended to. Terms cash.
PuttADA.. Aug. 13, 1847.
I have this day carefully inspeete7iii c ' ondueior
or Lightning Rod, with vane and index, erected
by Mr. Thomas Armitage, on Bellevue House,
Gloucester, and have no hesitation in saying that
it is not only the best that I hare ever seen, but
that it is the only one I have yet examined that
is constructed on strictly scientific principles. It
is with much pleasure that I recommend this
conductor to the attention of owners of buildings.
I am well satisfied that the Magnetic Lightning
Rod;ntanufaetured by Mr. Thomas Armitage, of
Philadelphia, is the best that has ever been made.
I have spent several years in the study of the laws
of electricity and magnetism, and have no hesita
tion in saying that these Rods are constructed
upon the only principle of safety. The electric
shock is received and dispersed by the magnet at
the top of the rod, and it would he impossible,
according to the laws of attraction and repulsion,
for a building to be injured by a stroke of light
ning when protected by one of tho se ro d s . I
have been acquainted with Mr. Armitage for sev
eral years, and before he commenced the manu
facture of these rods I examined the principle on
which they are constructed, and felt convinced
that their adoption would be attended with com
plete success. The increasing demand for these
rods, and the extensive sales in all parts of the
country, is ample commendation of their utility
and superiority.
Riskng Sun, Yhihid. Ca, April 10, 1832.
Thefollowing extract is taken from an editori
al in the Germantown Telegraph, edited by Major
"The bogus rod placed upon our dwelling we
have had taken down; and another ereted by Mr.
ARMITAGE, to which we would call the attention
of our farmers and readers generally. It is put
up on true scientific principles, and is a rod that
has been approved by the highest authority, and
will bear the most thorough examination. Those
who have been deceived, as we have been, should
lose no time in having a proper protection against
lightning, substituted. The cost is a mere bag
atelle when compared with the entire safety of
our houses and barns against this destructive ele
ment. Mr. ARMITAGE'tI advertisement will be
found in the columns of this paper; and we feel
as though we were performing an imperious duty
to the community, by thus inviting to it general
PHILADELPHIA, Dee. 4, 1852.
Mr. T. ARMITAGE, Vine Street, west of Twelfth
Street, Philadelphia.
MY DEAR Sin: After a trial of teeny weeks, it
affords me great pleasure to inthrm you that I
am highly delighted with the lightning rod you
placed upon my house at Bustleton. As far as
my chemical knowledge enables me to perform
an opinion, I am satisfied you have developed
the correct principles in the adaptation of rods to
protect property from destruction by lightning; as
soon as the advantages of your arrangements are
understood, I am convinced that few persona will
be found so reckless as to fail to avail themselves
of the protection afforded by your rods. Wishing
you all success in your enterprise,
I am yours truly,
No. I, North Eleventh Street,
I'tnfessor of Anatomy, Philadelphia College of
Burl'don, Gaon Co., Pa.,
lo Agent for Huntingdon, and adjoining counties,
and will furnish the Rods on the seal° manner as
the Proprietor. Any person desiring to be sup
plied with the Rods can leave their order with the
Editor of the Journal, or with Gafflus Miller, o
the Rail Road Hotel. April 12, '24.—Om.
at. 229 North SECOND Street, below Collow
lnll, Pitd..inEcrida; has on band, a splendid
assortment of Velvets, Tapestry, Brussels, a
Three Ply, Ingrain, and Venitian CARPETS:
besides Druggets, Canton and Cocoa MAT- t ",i
gi TINOS, IVinsow Shades, Door nuts, Floor.
F, and Table on. CLOTHS, Stair Rods. Hearth r
0. Rugs, &e. Also, the BADE, nt MS other l;
STORE, Corner of Bth and SPRING GAn-
DEN STREET, under duo Spring Garden
March 22,1854.4 m.
ME can now furnish the Joel Dawson Cot-
Ling Box, manufactured by Wm. Loutitt
& Co., of this place and will he delivered at any
point on Canal or Penna. IL Road.
A simple anibdurable arrangement; sell-feed
ing, and will cut hay, straw, or corn-fodder, any
desired length.
A trial is solicited, and warranted to give sat
isfaction. Price $lO Cosh.
Mill Creek, Runt. co., Pa., March 1,'54.-6m.
moult., GRAIN & =mama
Commission Merchants.
Nos. 23 & 25, Spear's Wharf,
John Clark, Esq., President Citizens Bank, Balt.
A. P. Giles, Esq., Cashier, Franklin Bank, "
John Hertzler, Jr., Esq., Philadelphia.
Rogers, Sinnickson & Co., "
J. 'tome. Esq., Presd't Cecil Bank, Port Deposit.
J. Wallower & Son, Harrisburg,
Col. H. C. Eyer, Selinsgrove.
J. H. App & Co., "
Nagle, Windgote & Co., Milton.
W. W. Cooke, Esq..., Money.
Simon Schuyler, Esq., "
George Bodice, Hughesville.
W Weaver & Co. Montoursville.
I'. W. Lloyd. Cashier, Williamsport.
Gen. W. F. Packer.
James H. Holing, Esq.,
Lewis G. Holing,
McHenry & Ruhh, Jersey Shot e.
J. P. Holing, Lock Hoven.
GreARII, GIESE & Co., have the largest wharf
room of any Commission House in Baltimore, al
ways giving quick despatch to boats in discharg
ing their cargoes. [Fob. 8, '54.-em.
A NOTHER fresh supply of Hemp du Lions,
Lawns, Berne, all wool do Bags, and part
cotton from 20 to 31 ets per yd. Also another
fresh supply of Trimmings, just recd and for
sale by & \V. SAXTON.
DOUBLE Barrelled English Snub and Twist
1 , 0 BUNG PIECES—aIso Single Barrel
ed Guns, from four dollars to thirty each, for
stile by J. & SAXTON.
.UST receiving the handsomest lot of Carpet.
ever tittered in this place. Also, Oil Cloths,
which will be sold low by
'.l. d• W. SAXTON.
PERFUMERY—A good lot, of the best,at
PORT MONNAIES from 25 cents up to 02 50
at Ed. Snare's. April 15 1852.
QoooFeet of Safety Fuse, just received
and for sale by J. & W. SAXTON.
CARPET Bags, just received and for sale be
A title let of Pt:irot, at ELM.
C - $ 300,000,
Great Gift Enterprise
E 20111% TI
.IVos. 377 and 379 Broadway, _V, a. nrk.
Prof. J. WOODMAN HART• •Prop'r and Manager.
F. H. E. BROWN Treasurer.
G. L. Mom. Corresponding Secretary.
C. Astrrox HANKINS • • • Descriptive Lecturer.
respectfully inform the citizens of New-York
and the world at large; that, for the purpose of
NAL called
the largest circulation of any literary or business
paper extant, and tbr the purpose of ennobling
all to see his wonderful illustration of the Entire
World, (the first and only thing of the kind
ever produced,) now on exhibition at the World's
Hall, Nos. 377 and 379 Broadway, and for the
purpose of popularizing American Art: and also
of giving a world-wide circulation to his renown
ed "Book of Travels, Adventures and Anecdotes,'
which should be read by the million, he will dis
tribute among the purchasers of his tickets of ad
mission the following magnificent and valuable
Gifts, amounting to the sum total of $300,000.
Prof. Hart's Whole World, worth an Immense
fortune to any one, valued at $50,000 00
Prof. Hart's Elegant Country Seat,
with 100 acres of land in a' high state
of cultivation, the buildings on which
ccst $15,000, situated on Long Island
Sound, and commanding a wapiti-
cent view of 30 miles in every 'rec.
tion, valued at 25,000 00
A Cash Loan far 100 years, without
interest or security, 10,000
The Celebrated Model of the City of
Sun Francisco, valued at 8,000 00
Prof. Hart's far-famed Panorama of
the Hole Land, 10.000 00
A Magnificent c ity Residence in N. T. 17,000 00
100,000 Volumes of Prof: Hart's en
tpsive Travels in the Old and New
World, interspersed with remarkable
Adventures, Amusing Anecdotes, &
Thrilling Incidents, elegantly bound,
with gilt edges, including a portrait
of the author 75,000 00
Twenty-five Building Lots, each con
taining 10,000 square feet, in a
9 . ful village in tlio subtirlis . of N. Tack
City, each valued at $5OO, 12,500 GO
2'S illy elegant Rosewood Piano
Fortes, at $3OO 9,000 00
5 " 4i " 500 2,500 00
20 " " Melodians, 100 2,000 00
50 " Gold 'recites, 100 5,000 00
100 " " 75 7.500 00
100 " " " ' 50 5,000 00
200 25 5,000 00
100 " " Bracelets, 15 1,500 00
1000 " " Rings, 2 2,000 00
2000 " 1 2,000 00
200 sets elegant Silver Tea
spoons, 9 1,800 00
50 " " "Dessert
goo"", 12 GOO 00
" Table
spoons, 18 450 00
20,000 vols. Mrs. Partington's carpet bag of
fun, at 50 eta. 10,000 00
30,000 pieces of the most Fashionable Music,
at 25 ets. 7,500 00
35,000 elegant steel engravings,2s cts. 8,750 00
80,000 finely engraved pocket maps of the city
of New York, 14,127 75
31,089 porte-monnaies, at 25 eta. 7,772 25
A Valuable Gift for Every Ticket.
Each SI Tieket entitles the holder to One
Year's subscription to the Illustrated and Family
Literary and Commercial Journal, called Mute
WHout Wont.," and to Four Admissions to
the Exhibition of the Whole World, and also to
one of the 300,000 Gifts, thus insuring every par
son investing in this stupendous enterprise the
full worth of his or her mom .and a rare chance
to realize a fortune beside, ri,acet buyers will
also receive, engraved on r et, when pur
chased, an elegant Portrait ut Proiessor Hart, and
a correlt and elaborate drawing of his splendid
Country Seat, ono of the Gifts, to which a Grand
Free Excursion will be given.
When the :300,000 tickets are sold, the proper
ty will he placed at the disposal of a Committee
appointed by the ticket holders of any place
wherein the greatest number have been sold, to
be distributed as shall be peribetly fair and satis
factory to all concerned; and judging from the in
creasing rapidity with which the tickets are being
purchased by all classes of people, in every part
of the country, it is reasonable to conclude that
the enterprise will soon terminate in the happiest
'lt will not be necessary for ticket holders to be
present at the distribution of the Gitts, unless
they wish to, as they will be duly notified of the
time and manner of the partition of the property,
and all may safely rely upon the honorable fulfil
ment of the undertaking, and the perfectly fair
and satisfactory disposition of the above named
Gifts. When the Gifts ova awarded, holders of
tickets shalt also be promptly notified as to what
Gifts they wilt receive.
Any information relative to the Gifts may be
obtained through the attire of the World's Hall,
where also may be had any responsible reference
All orders by malt mint he addressed, post
paid, money inclosed, to Prof. J. Woodman Hart,
World's Hull, 377 and 379 Broadway, New York,
and the tickets, with a copy of the paper, will he
promptly forwarded to any part of the world.
If any orders are received after the tickets have
alt been sold, the money will be promptly return
ed, post-paid, to the person sending it.
Correspondents will please write distinctly
their name and residence, county and state, to
prevent errors.
It is advisable for those desirous of securing a
year's subscrintiou to the unique Pictorial-Jour
nal called
To remit the money immediately ' in order to
commence with the beginning ot'the let volume.
J. WUODMAN HART, Prup'r and Editor.
New York Iteferenees.
L. E. BULKELEY, Esq., 49 Wall street. '
F. J. VISSCIIER & Co., Real Estate Brokers, 34C
Agents.—Persons desiring to become Agents
for the bale of Tickets, by forwarding (post-paid)
One Dollar, shall ho sent a Gitt ieket and a
Prospectus, with the paper, containing alt neces
sary information.
Opinions of the Press.
The following notices of Prof. Hart's Whole
World are cut from the principal Newspapers of
New York:
Prof: Hart's Great Gift Enterprise is taking the
city by storm. Almost everybody we meet has
either purchased a ticket or is about doing no.—
The exhibition itself is one of the most interest
ing, instructive and ingenious ever exhibited in
this country, and is worth fully one dollar to
view it. The Professor will give a grand Free
Excursion to every purchaser of his ono dollar
tickets to his elegant country seat, which is one
of the gilts in his Great Enterprise, and a year's
subscription to his valuable Journal, and also one
of the 300,000 gifts.—Atlas.
structive and entertaining exhibition of the whole
World is at Nos. 377 and 379 Broadway. For
one dollar four tickets may be procured for the
exhibition, and one valuable gift, which may be
so independent fortune for the receiver, and also
one year's subscription to the Illustrated Journal
called The Whole World.—Dispatelt.
Pito, Ilma's WI,UI.E WOHLD.—The success
which this extraordinary, ingenious and compre
hensive work of art is meeting, is commensurate
with its merits; it is the first and only one of the
kind ever conceived, and it stands fold' us a mon
ument of the unweary patience and perseverance
of man, and as at most wonderful de , claapnicut .at
mental fertility.—Triteattc.
31arvIt 195 I. •tim.
I~G3~3~upful~l'P~o a 1
$l,OOO Reward !
Hydro-Electric Voltaic Chains,
ARE tor the first time introduced to the people
of Huntingdon and vicinity, as the most con
-I,enient, efleetual, and strictly scientific mode of
instantly relieving and permanently curing all
Now we know that an announcement similar to
the above meets the eye of threader almost dai
ly, and perhaps this may be classed with many
others. But listen or you do us injustice. It is
claimed that Pulvermacher's Electric Chain, is
the only magnetic romedical agent that is secured
by patent, grunted by this government, on the
ground that it was a strictly useful and scientific
article. The Chains are now on exhibition at
the Crystal Palace, and attract much attention
from the thousands who daily visit it.
The manner of using the chains is very simple.
The chain is first moistened with common vinegar,
and then one end of the chain is applied to the
part where the pain is located, and the other end
°matte to the first. The ends of the chain should
never touch each other. At the moment of ap
plication, the most acute pain is instantly relieved,
wherever it is located, by the passing through the
part a constant current of uninterrupted slectro
magnetism. In the following diseases, no other
remedy has ever given such complete and perfect
satisfaction to the patient as Pulvermacher's
Chains: Rheumatism, Painful and swelled Joints,
Pains in the Back, Deafness, Blindness Paraly
sis, Neuralgia in the Face, Long standing Ner
vous Headache, Palpitation of the Heart, Gener
al Debility, Dyspepsia, Female Diseases, Asthma,
Contracted Joints, &e.
will be given to any person who will produce so
many well authenticated certificates of cure from
intelligent patients and scientific physicians, of
the above diseases, as has been performed by the
use of the Electric Chain during the past year.
It is truly the fact that wherever the electric
chains have been introduced, bottled nostrums and
common lard have greatly diminished in sale,
people having become disgusted with the practice
of using their stomachs for drug shops.
The Electric Chains are highly recommended
by Professors Mott, Van Buren, Post and Cares
chats, of New York; are also in daily use in every
Hospital in that city. The chains will last for
years, are always ready for use, and produce no
injurious results, when used us directed.
The introduction of the Electric Chain into this
country is the dawn of a new era in medicine.--
During the last twenty years, it can safely be es
timated that tea thousand females have died year
ly from this one disease,
It is well known to medical men that this com
mon disease is beyond the reach of medicine, and
that in proportion to the amount of medicine giv
en, the more the patient is doomed to suffix, and
sooner will death close the scene.
During the last 2 rears more than one thousand
cases of Prolapses ulteri (telling of the womb)
have been permanently cured in England and
France. Most of those eases were ladies of high
standing, who had previously tried all other kinds
of treatment with no benefit. Among the distin
guished ladies that have been cured in Paris is the
present Queen of France. In this country, du
ring the last year, one hundred cases have been
cured in the city of New York, many who have
allowed their names to be published for the bene
fit of those suffering with similar complaints.—
The mode of use is simply to apply one end of a
30 link chain to the spine just above the hips, and
the other end upon the abdomen, and allow the
chain to remain for one hour. This to be repeat
ed four times during the twenty-four hours.
The Electric Chains never fail to relieve the
severe pains and swelling incident to this disease.
The worst forms of this disease readily yield to a
few applications of a chain, and in no single in
stance have they failed to give instant relief, if
they did not effect a permanent cure. All persons
who are victims of this usual winter complaint,
are kindly invited to call and obtain a pamphlet
of HIMACE W. SMITH. Agent for Hun
tingdon county, who wilt also explain their mode
of use.
The electric chains can be sent by mail to any
part of the United States, by addressing (post
paid) any of the agents in the principal cities, or
Joseph Steinert, 568, 11 ) :( 2 tay . Now York.
Gen. Agent, 568 Broadway, N. T,
January 18,1854.-Iy.
Attorneys at Law,
Huntingdon, Pa.,
Office same as that formerly occupied by John
Scott, Esq.
Oct. 19, 1853.
RC. McGILL returns his thanks
• to his friends and the public
for their very liberal patronage, an& W '
hopes by strict attention to business ef. "r',
to merit a continuance of the same, in all kinds of
Castings, Cooking Stoves, Air-Tight, Parlor,
Ten Piste Wood and Coal Stoves, of various si
tes, and all kinds of Ploughs: the Lancaster and
the Plank Barshear patterns, and Keystone No.
4 Self-sharpening and Bill side Ploughs, and
Shears to snit all kinds of Ploughs in the country;
and Forge Castings, Grist and Saw
mill Castings, Lewistown Threshing Machine
Patterns, and the four horse and two horse power
of Chambersburg patients; and all other kinds of
castings too numerous to mention, all of which
will be sold cheaper than ever for cash and all
kinds of country produce. Also, old mettle taken
in exchange for castings.
Huntingdon, November 9, 1859.
Grocery, Confectionary, Bakery,
*Thlti N.liiioON.
HENRY .7. AFRICA, would respectfully in
vite the public to call at his establishment
in Railroad Street, where all those who need any
good Bread, Rusk, or any other kind of Cakes
found at a Bakery, may be supplied.
He has just received a very large and fresh
supply of Fruit and Conf,ctionames, such as
Oranges, Lemons, Raisins, Nuts, &c,,
and a large stuck of TOYS.
Be receives daily from the city of Baltimore,
the best OYSTERS that can be found. Those
in want of prime 'shell fish,' can bo accommoda
ted by calling at the saloon. He has fitted up a
saloon expressly for the Ladies.
Thankful to the public for past favors, he hopes
by strict attention to business to merit a continu
ance of the same.
Oct. 12, '53.
HENRY COUNPROBST havingjust ro
turned from Philadelphia with a large and
well selected stock of Dry Goods, Boots &
Shoes, Hardware, Crockery-ware,
&c., embracing the usual variety of a country
store, whirls he has been enabled to purchase up
on terms permitting him to compete successfully
with any other store in the vicinity, would res
pectfully solicit the patronage of his friends and
customers, and would endeavor to merit the ap
probation, as he is well satisfied of his ability nt
present, to suit the tastes and accommodate the
wishes of the public at large.
lie is prepared to sell very low for CA911.-
Country Produce taken in exchange at the most
reasonable rates. March 29, 1854.
TILE undersigned have for sale a second-hand
ed Carding Machine, with all the ne
cessary fixtures, whirls they oiler for sale very
Any one wishing to purchase will do well
to rail sind see it. KESSLER & BRO.
Mill Creek, April 12, 1854.-3 m .•
IrititilltG Hums and Flitch forsale cheap
et the ELEPHANT Corner,
. .
NA . DeWitt's, B. Delaney, Do Burege, Lawns,
Ginglnns, and u eltoieu variuty of Goods of all
kinds, at the store at GEO. GWIN.
LGlasses,justreceired and for sale
bS J. j• 11". SAXTON.
, • ••-
noNN r FS :ind Oats of the lataht attics, ins ,
ree,Ye.l at D. P. ()WIN'S" Store.
Late Arrival of New Goode.
A large lot of barred Delnne. Portion Twilit,
Domestic and French Ginghnme, Alpaca., tack
Flannels, Tweeds and Limeys, brown and bleach
ed =slit., a large stock of ribbons, and a hand
some assortment of dress goods for ladle' and
gentlemen. For style and price can't be beat, for
sale at GEO. GIVIN'S Store,
50 sacks Ground Attain Salt just arrived and
for sale at GEO. GWIN'S Store.
50 barrels Conemaugh Salt in store and for sale
A late arrival of English and French Merinos
for sale low at the store of GEO. OWIN.
WO kegs Nails and Spikes for sale by the keg
or pound, at GEO. GWIN'S Store.
500 lbs. Cast Steel for drills and sledges. for
sale at the store of GEO. GIVIN.
500 pieces calico, now styles and patterns, of
good quality, sold low at the store of
Fluid :amps, a large and handsome assortment
for sale at GEO. GIVIN'S Store.
Jan. 4, 1854,
Hardware, Groceries,
Fancy Goods, Notions, Drugs, Paints,
Oils, Bats, Caps, Boots, Shoes, &c.,
At James Bricker's Store,
Which are offered at the lowest prices, also re
ceiving a large supply of CANDIES, which
will be sold at wholesale price as low es 14 cts.
per lb. Also, Fruits, Oranges, Lemons, Rais
ins, Figs, &c. All of which have been bought
with great care, and on the best terms, and will
be sold low for Cash or to punctual customers.
I flatter myself that I can and will sell Goods low
as they can bo bought for in this neighborhood.
My friends are requested to call and examine for
themselves, feeling confident that those who do
so cannot go away without buying. Ladies and
Gentlemen of this neighborhood believe me when
I any that great pains have been taken to get such
goods as you admire.
Store on Hill street, opposite the JOURNAL
Huntingdon, Oct. 19, '53.
Mountain Female Seminary.
THE Mountain Female Seminary at Birming-
I ham, Huntingdon county,Pa., on the Penn
sylvania Railroad, occupies one of the most
healthy and desirable locations in the State.—
Strangers visiting the Institution !rive unhesi
tatingly expressed the opinion, that it so easy of
mess, retired, healthful, and surrounded with
such romantic mountain secnery, that no one
who wishes to learn, could find an institution
more favorably situated. Past success and fu
ture prospects have induced us to greatly enlarge
our plans, and enabled at to give such compensa
tion to teachers as will command those possess
ing the highest qualifications.
Cost, per term of 22 weeks, varies from $55 to
$6O, for which good accommodations will be giv
en. Music, French, Latin, Painting, &e.,extra.
Pupils from abroad ace expected to board in
the Seminary building with the Principal, who
gives hisentire attention to the interest of the
Institution. ISRAEL W. WARD,
Oct. 5, 1853. Principal.
K 0 SS U T 11, Wellington, Cottage,
Gothic, and other Clocks, for sale 10 , 1
cheap, at Edw. Snare's Jewelry Store,
HOUSEKEEPERS study your interests, why
go to Auction and pay extravagant prices for
half-made FURNITURE? Cull at No. 1, North
NINTH street, and examine the largest assort
ment of the best made Furniture and Bedding in
the city, Feather Beds, Hair, Husk, and Straw
Mattresses; a large assortment of fancy What
nots, Sofa Tables, marble tops, and Washstands;
Walnut and Mahogany French Tete-a-tetes, Di
vans, Wardrobes, Bookcases; French Bedsteads;
Fancy Stuffed Seat, Cane seat, Windsor, and of
fice Chairs, Counting-house, and cane-seat Stools,
Settee and Arm-chair Cushions; Cottßge furni
ture made in every style .d color; Sofa 13eds and
Lounges, wholesale and retail, ad warranted to
give sati,faction, and sold at the lowest prices.
Sep. 28, 1853.-1 y
Chartered by the State of Penn-
Sylvania In 1541.
--- -
Saving Fund of the National Safety Corn
puny, No. 62 Walnut Street, 2 doors above
Third, PHILADELPHIA. is open every day
from 8 o'clock A. M. to 7 o'clock P. M., and on
Monday and Thursday evenings till 9 o'clock--
This institution is well known as one of the hest
managed and safest in the country, and pays rave
ran CENT. interest for money put in there, from
the date of deposite.
Any sum from One Dollar upwards is received.
And all sun's, large or small, are paid back on
demand, without notice, to any amount.
This saving fund has mortgages, Ground
Rents, and other first-class investments, all well
secured, amounting to more than half a million of
dollars. for the security of der o +itors.
Office 62 Walnut street, two doors above
Third, Philadelphia.
Hon. HENRY L. BENNER, Pres`t.
Was. J. Rem), Secretary.
Mont Wm. Richards, Pottstown, Montgomery
co. J. 1). Streeper editor of the Montgomery
county Ledger, Pottstown.
J. M. Sheenemen, editor of the Neutralist,
Skim:mobillo, Mont. co.
Enos Benner, Esq., editor of the Farmer's
Friend, Sumneytown, Mont. co.
Hon. Joel Jones late Mayor of Phil's.
Hon. John Robbins, jr., member of Congress
4th District, Pennsylvania.
Hon. JaMes Page, late Postmaster of Phil'a.
Hon. Wm. Peniugton, late Governor of New
Sep. 28, '53.
Store, 29 N. 3rd St. Philadelphia,
Morrocco Manufacturers, Curtiers, Importers,
Commission and General Leather Business,
Wholesale and Retail.
Manufactory 15 Margaretta Street,
Aug. 24, '53.-1 y.
11. W. SMITH,
~~~ l~r
Huntingdon, Penn'a.
OFFICE on Main Street, next to that of Gen,
A. P. Wilson..
''Terms modernie, and ull work warranted to
give entire satisfaction.
July 13, '53.
Will attend to all business entrusted to him. Of
fice nearly opposite the Court House.
May 4,'58.
Informs his old friends and the public that he
has returned to his old home, and will attend to
all business in his profession, entrusted to him,
with fidelity and his best abilit Y.
Office in Main Street, south Side, the last house
below the Court house.
Huntingdon, May 13, 1852.-6 m.
BARGE DE LAINES, in endless variety, at
the cheap corner of A. CARMON.
fllNGHAMS—Domestie.and Dress, just re
ceived at D. P. OWIN'S Cheap Store.
Alarge assortment of Lawns and Benue de
Laiues, just received at the cheap store of
_ .
FUSE. constantly ou hund and for solo by
• .1. BRICKER.
r Aims 'Awing and Silk work Coitois, Kid
rout 13,1 , and hhoeS
THE undersigned has leased and lit
-1 ted up the above HOTEL, on the
!, corner of main and Montgomery Street
• in the borough of Huntingdon, and
well prepared to accommodate all who may fhvo r
him with their custom. The traveling communi
ty and the public generally are cordially invited
to call with him, hoping by strict attention to
business to merit a large portion of public patron.
age. No pains will be er:ed to render general
June 29,'53.—)7,
informs his
. ,
, . V--, friends and the
__-__,: public general
' = _ 3 Iv, that he has
... . ''' --- --.:.-_-,istablis he d a
i er
..', , !,'..mac: -' 2l l - 7
-.."'Marble Yard,
~ . , • ' ....-- -
1. , in the borough
i' , l , • l'. iif Huntingdon,
,',ll Jllllllll ll ll ll ' -
' ':: , nd has 'list re
_•--,' ''' .. , 1, ,, 10,0 ill I ' --, ,slued from
..i, ; ~, ,___, _-. • . . Philadelphia a
selected stock of choice Marble grave-stones, o
every description, which ho will furnish at very
reduced prices.
All orders from any part of the county or ad
joining counties, addressed to the subscriber,
will be received and promptly attended to.
Shop on Hill street, two doors west of Gen. A.
P. Wilson's Office.
May 18, 1853.—iy.
Adams & Co.'s Express.
T. K. SIMONTON, Agent, Huntingdon
Money, Packages, and goods ofall kinds, re
ceived and forwarded at the risk of the company,
to all the cities and principal towns in the United
State May 1,'52.
The subscriber, thankful to kis friends and pa
trons, and to the Public generally, for their pa
tronage, still continues to carry on at the same
stand, one door east of Mr. C. Cout's Hotel, Mar
ket street, Huntingdon, where he will attend to
all who will favor him with their custom, and al
so keeps on hand a good assortment of WATCHES,
CLOCKS, JEWELRY, &c., &r., all of which he is
determined to sell at low prices.
Clocks, Watches and Jewelry of all kinds will
be repaired at short notice, and having made ar
rangements with a good workman, all repairs will
be done in a neat and durable manner, and every
person leaving articles for repairing shall have
them done at the precise time. By paying strict
attention to business, and selling at low rates, he
hopes to receive a share of public patronage.
Huntingdon, Sept. 7, 1852.-Iy.
Practice in the several Courts of Huntingdon,
Blair, Cambria, Centre, Mifflin and Juniata Conn
ie.. March 23, 1853.
Would respectfully inform his friends and the
public, that he has on hand and is receiving fur
the coming scuson, a fine assortment of
clles.nKraitlimw o
Consisting of Watches, Chains, Breast Pins, Fin
ger Rings, Ear Rings, Pencils, Keys, Thimbles,
Studs, Medallions, &c. Together with his:celebra
ted and unrivalled
Which is equal if not superior, to any : now in nee
Each Pen is Engraved with his own Hanle,
and every Pen Warranted.
Oh did you ever, no I never !
Mercy on no what a treat;
Get Read's Gold Pen, they're extra tine,
And only found in North Third Street.
A splendid Pen!!! Where did you get It 7'
Pure Diamond Pointed, can't be beat;
Yes, soy friends,
In Road's Gold Pens of North s:,,ird Stre, t ,
'Road's Gold Pen is found only at 55 North
Third Street, below Arch East Side.
Piladelphia. Jan. 8, 1852.—tf.
- .
Blair county. Lancaster county
Huntingdon co. Lancaster county
Blair county. Lancaster county.
Central Penn'a. Banking House,
OBRYAN, 9LEIIVI & CO.— Office on Alle
gheuy street, a few doors west of the Court
Howie, and nearly opposite tne Post Office,Hol
lidaysburg, Pa.
The Company is now ready to transact busi
ness. Upon money deposited for a specific
period of three, six, nine or twelve months, in.
terest will be paid at such r a tes an are usually
allowed by Savinge Institutions. T ransient de
posites received, payable on demand.
R. R. BRYAN, Cashier.
Hollidaysburg, May 21, 1850.
11. K. NEFF, M. D.,
H AVING located himself in WARRIORSMABIL
in this county, would respectfully offer his
professional services to the citizens of that place
and the eountry adjacent.
J. B. Laden, M. D. Gen. A. P. Wilson,
M. A. Henderson, " Win. I'. Orbison, Esq.
J. H. Dorsey, " Hon. James Gwinn,
M. Stewart, " John Scott, Esq.
Hon. George Taylor.
. -
Huntingdon, Pa.
Jacob M, Gemmill, M. D., Alexandria.
John M'Cnlloch, " Petersburg. _
_ . _
Notice to Tavern Keepers.
NOTICE is hereby given to the keepers of ha
and Taverns within the comity of Hosting.
don, that the Judges of the Court of Quarter See
alone of said county, enjoin upon the keepers of
such Inns and Taverns that they close their res
pective bars on the Sabbath, and refrain front
selling or dealing out liquors on that day; and
the licenses of such persons as shall disregard this
injunction will be revoked forthwith agreeably to
the Act of Assembly in such ease made and pro
vided upon the fact of such violation corning tes
the knowledge of the Court.
By the Court, 24th Jan. 1852.
_May I, 1852,
CHOICE LIQUORS for medicinal purpo..
en, consisting of
Best quality FRENCH BRANDY,
" "
In short, all kinds of Liquors used for:that par.
pose can be had at tho cheap store at
April 22, 1852. J. BRICKER.
Lots in Altoona for Sale.
north of Hollidayaburg,and aboutone mile north
west of Allegheny Furnace, Blair county.
After the 21st day of May, the LOTS in said
Town will be open to the public for sale.
It is well known that tne Pennsylvania Rail
Road Company have selected this place for the
erection of their main Machine and other Shops
and are now building the same.
The Rail Road willbe opened early in the Fall
throwing ut once a large amount of trade to this
place. The main inducement at this time in of
fering Lots for sale, being to secure the requis
ite Machinists and Tradesmen, and homes for
the Machinists and other employees of the Rail
Road Company. Early application will secure
Lots eta low price.
For further information apply to C. H. MAY
ER, at Altoona, or to R. A. MativißTßlE.
May t, 1832—tf.
A SPLENDID assortmeut of Ladies' Dress
Goodskist received at CARAION'S.
WHISKEY constantly on hand and for ,ale
the Biitrel, vt thy cheap ture of