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    r ' , discovery in ate Mad
Arabian Rented!, jiff X.
and Bead.
n. 11. PARRI,I,I,'S
known that the Arabians attained a height in
the knowledge of medicine which caused the
whole world to wonder and admire. With
them the science of chemistry had its birth,
and it is, therefore, not at all strange that a
people so eminently successful in the healing
art, and so persevering and daring in charac
ter, should by actual and untiring experiment,
discover remedies far surpassing in efficacy all
others, for the cure of those diseases incident
to them from their mode of life. The greater
part of their time being spent in hazardous and
bloody warfisre with the different tribes, they
were subject to the most violent attacks of thee
matism, paralysis, neuralgic pains, and vari
ous inflammatory diseases, as also the most
horrid wounds, sprains, bruises, tensors, swel
lings, diseases of the joints, etc., etc. All these
diseases they were as surprisingly efficient in
curing, that the uninitiated looked with won
der and attributed their skill to the powers of
IMENT is a composition of balsams and oils,
from the rare plants peculiar to this country,
and it was by the use of the articles composing
this great remedy that not only their physinians,
lint even the wild Arabs of the desert were en
abled to perform such miraculous cures. The
Arab steed is world-renotened for his beautiful
symmetry of form, his unsurpassed speed and
agility, and the incredible fatigue he is capa
ble °tendering. Why is it? Because from
the time of his birth his limbs are carefully
watched, and upon the first appearance of dis
ease the magic lotion is applied, and such
things as confirmed sweetly, poll-evil, fistula,
ringlmne, scratches, spavin, lameness, etc., etc.,
are unknown. The same result will follow in
all cases where 11. G. Farrell's Genuine Arabi
an Liniment is used in time. Therefore delay
not in procuring a good supply of it, fur every
dollar spent in,it will save you twenty, and a
great deal of suffering, if not youn
Look MA,. Counlerfeilgi
The public are Quilt against another
counterfeit, which has lately made its appear
ance, called W. B. Farrell's Arabian Liniment,
the most dangerous of all the counterfeits, be
cause his having the name of Farrell, many
wilt boy it in good faith, without the knowledge
that a counterfeit, exists, and they will perhaps
only discover their error when the spurious
mixture has wrought, its evil effects.
The genuine article is mimufrctured onlyby
Farrell, sole inventor and proprietor,
and wholesale druggist, No. 17 Main street,
Peoria, Illinois, to whom all applications for
Agonies must Ire addressed. Be sure you get
it with the letters H. G. before Farrell's, thus
FAIMELL'S—and hi:; signature on
the wrapper, all others are eounterlas.
Sold by Thos. Bend & Son, ITuntingdon, P..
Sellers & Fleming Brothers wholesale, Pitts.
burg, and by regularly authorized agents
throughout the United States.
11C 'Price 25 tn (1 50 cents, .11 ..S1 per bottle.
AGENTS WANTED in every town ' village
and hamlet in the ITnited States, in whielt one
is eat already eat &dished. Address IL (t. Far
rll al ove. accompanied with good reference
aS to character. responsibility, &e.
May 10, 1051 I—It.
On the 2d inst., by Rev. N. S. Buckingham,
Mr. SA CU. LIPPERT of this place, and Miss S.
MOCI BEE of Alexandria.
On the 9th inst.. by the same, Mr. C. C. Mc.
CI.EI.I,AND of Loci, Haven, iimmerly or Brad.
tOrd county, and Miss Emzi JAN 1.1 WRITE, O,
this place. -
Administrator's Notice.
TEns of Administration having been
I-I granted to the undersigned, on the Estate of
JANE 6 WATKINS, late of the borough of Alexan
dr'n. Huntingdon county:deed., all persons in
debted to his estate will snake immediate payment
and tlmse having claims will present them duly
authenticated for set tientent.
May 24, 1854.-Gt.
Runlingdon and itielleavy's Fort
Turnpike Road Company.
filllF, Commissioners named in the net author
icing the incorporation of the Huntingdon
and MeAleary's Fort Turnpike Hood Company
ore requested to meet at the Court House, in the
borough of Huntingdon, on Friday the 2nd day
of June next, at 1 o'clock, P. M., for the purpose
of opening hooks for receiving subscriptions to
the capital stock of said Company.
DAvn> Joni OAKS,
lt oliEwr Cl 7 3(mixs,
IVm. B. ZEIGLER, 'WILLIAM C1.131311 . E5,
lloisEnT M'Buu.r, 11'31. B. SMITD,
E. SHOEMAKER, Sr., lto.wr - JoussroN,'
Gr.oaun Coucu, IlczchiAu Cluy ...a
TILOAIAS Pls.'', 1/A.13 SNARE,
GEonou Gwin, TROMAS At..vus,
May 24, 1854.-2 w.
To Kill-Wrights and Builders.
PROPOSALS will be received, by the under
eigned, up to the let day or July next. for
the erection 61 completion of a
~ „, T
Story Brick Grist
IL on the " Cypress Cottage
t ,:!,!
'rho Mill is to be propelled by water, and to
be calculated for ten pairs of burrs.
Brick can ho outdo, and Stone procured, with
in half a mile of the premises.
Plan and specifications burnished on applica
tion, by mail, or personally, to
Huntingdon, 141ay 17, 1854.-Gt.
" , Blair County Whig," "True Democrat" and
“Harrisburg Telegraph" publish six times and
charge this office.
BAHHELS No. 1 Herring just received
AWL , and for sale at the store of GEO. (MIN.
ASUPERIOR article of Cider Vinegar for
sale at the store of GEO. GWIN.
Public Notie.
SCIIO 01. DEPARTMENT, Harrisburg, May 10, '54.
ny the 4:10 section of the "Act for the regula
-U tion and continuation of the Common School
System," passed MayB, 1854, it is made the du
ty of the Superintendent of Common Schools, to
give notice by publication in two newspapers in
each county for three successive weeks, to the
School Directors of .the several counties. that
they are to meet in convention at the Seat of
Justice of the proper county on the first Monday
at Juno next, and select viva twee, by a majority
of the whole number of Directors present, one
person of Literary and Scientific acquirements
and of skill and experience in the net of teach
ing, as County Superintendent for three succeed
ing school years.
The School Directors present in such conven
tion or a majority of them, shall at the same
tmte fix the compensation of the County Super
intendent, anti immediately after such election,
the President anti Secretary of the Convention
61101 certify to the Superintendent of Common
Schools, at Harrisburg, the name, amount of an
nual compensation allowed, and the Post Office
address, of the person who may be elected Coun
ty Superintendent. C. A. BLACK,
Superintendent COMM. Sdsools.
Slay 17, 1854 -3t.
Land Warrants Wanted.
A GENTLEMAN intending to go West this
Fall, wishes to purchase a few Land War
rants. Any person having Warrants to sell, of.
any quantity or Acres, will do well to call soon.
Apply at the (dice of the County 'rreasurer.
Huntingdon, May 1",' 5d.-4t.•
HAMS, Shoulders uud Flitch, for sale at ilia
store of GEO. GIVIN.
JUST received and for sale, Ham, Shoulder,
Side, Dried Beef, Lake Trout, White FM,
Ito Third Peaches, Dried Apples, Bre., Fie., f oe
dale by J. & W. SAXTON.
Administrator's Notice.
EWERS of Administnttion having been
_4 granted to the undersigned on the Estate of
JOHN SPHER, late of the borough of Cassville,
Huntingdon county, dee'd., all persons knowing
themselves indebted will make immediate pay
ment, and those having claims will present them
properly authenticated fur settlement.
CASRViIIe, May IT S 1054.-60
100,000 GIFT% for the PEO.
PLE..-Joafew Psnwam,
submits to the People of the United States, hie
connection with the Exhibitions of hie Magnifi
cent and Immense
Mirror of North & South America,
At ACADEMY BALL, 663 Broadway, N. Y.
100,000 Tickets Only, at $1 Each,
Will he sold. Foch Purchaser of a Ticket
for the Admission n/ Four Persons to the Exhibi
tion, will be presented with a Numbered Certifi
cate, entitling the Ilohlar to One Share in the
following 100,000 Gifts te
A FARM, located in Harrison Township. Glou
cester co. New Jersey, and within 15 miles of
Philadelphia. It embraces over 100 Acres of
Land, in a high state of cultivation, with
Dwelling, Barns, and other necessary Out
houses, in good repair. There is a large Or
chard of choice Fruits. Title indisputable.—
Valued at 816,000. (Ann information
M regard to the farm can be obtained of
felon Redfield, tenant on the premises.)
A PKRPETU At LOAN without secteity or int. 5,000
CC CC CI CC 1.000
2 CC If It " $ 5OO ea 1,000
10 " " " " 100 " 1,000
Dale." who can trot, in harness, a mile
in 2.4o—valited at' 1,500
5 io - se;rooT;1 ; 1 . :07 . 014, valued at 500 each 2,500
5 " 900 " 1,500
(A portion of the Pianos are T. Gilbert
& Co's Celebrated Rolians. Others of
...„ —..-....
Ballet, Davis & Co's splendid instruments.)
The iNplendul &ries of Paintings known
as the "Mirror of .iVew England and
Cmnulinn Secure!," and now realizing
a handsome income by its Exhibitions
in the East—valued nt 22,000
3 Light and Beautiful Carriages,
at $225 each, 675
10 Gold Watches, 100 " 1,000
40 " . " 50 " 2,000
100 Pens nod Cases, 5 " 500
5,000 Pencils, 3 " 15,000
94,819 Pieces of choice, Popular and Fash
ionable Music, 25 cts. each, 23,705
Valued at 96,380
100,000 Gifts,
In order to insure to all concerned a perfectly
fair and satisfactory disposition of the above na
med Gifts, Ale. PERHAM proposes that the
Shareholders shall meet together
On Thursday Evening, June 22, MI,
(or sooner, Well the Tickets nre sold—doe no
tice of which will he riven.) et some suitable
place, hereafter to he designated, and appoint a
Committer of Fire Prrsoft, to receive the proper
ty, which they may dispose of in such manner—
by lot or otherwise—ns the Shareholders, in
general meeting, shall direct, the Couttnittee
giving good and sufficient bends, if required by
the Shareholders, for the thithful performance of
the ditties required of them.
Shareholders residing out of the city of New
York, will stand upon the seine footing as resi
dents, and whatever may bill to their shares will
be fitrw•arded to them it►such tnanner as they
may direct, alter the partition has taken place.
All osiers for Tickets, by mail, should be ad
dressed to JOSIA H NI, Academy Hall,
613 Broadway, New York. If it should happen
that all the Tickets are sold when the order is
received, the money will he returned, at our ex
pense Ihr postage. Correspondents, will please
write distinctly their name, residence, Cottnty
nod State, to prevent errors. Or, if convenient,
enclose en envelope, with their directions on it
in full—in which, such Tickets as they may or
der will be returned. May 10. 1854.-74 t.
THE SUBSCRIBERS manufacture from tho
from two inches to eighty inches in diameter.—
Their Saws are hardened and tempered, and aro
ground and finished by machinery designed ex
pressly rim the purpose; and aro therefore much
superior to those ground in the usual manner, as
they are strengthened and stiffened by increasing
them in thickness regularly from the cutting
edge to the centre, consequently do not become
heated or buckled, and produce a great saving in
They also manufacture CAST STEEL MILL,
LET WEISS, of superior quality, all of which
they have ibr side, or they may be obtained of
the principal hardware merchants throughout the
United States and Canada.
R. HOE & CO.,
29 and 31 Gold-street.
May 10, 1854.-3 t.
Cassville, Huntingdon County, l'inna.
rpolf. 1
,7h: c o e l k I
s 'o e n a r e l i s . di,vriiiilcedprinestoontthr,7ermTecrimos
ses 2:th June.
Rev. .7. T. TOMLIN. A. 8., Principal.
Mrs. TOMLIN, Prereptress.
Miss EMMA PHILLIPS, Mimic Teacher.
" E. V. MANN, Ass. in Female Department.
Rev. W. ARBUCKLE, Steward.
CIIIUGES :—For Tuition, Board, Room-rent and
Bedding. $lOO per annum. One
half payahle in advance.
TETRAS:—Music, Painting, and the Modern
Languages. Pupils not remaining ono
year, will be charged $1,75 per week,
for Board, &e., as above, and the usu
al rates for Tuition.
The Trustees of Cassville Seminary confident
ly recommend the new Principal and Board of
Instruction to the friends and patrons of the In
stitution. The high character acquired by the
Principal, no a Teacher, in one of the best Insti
tutions in the Eastern States, will he fully sus
tained in the new position ho assumes.
Miss PIIILLIN4. the Music Teacher, has justly
mined a high reputation in her profession, and
it is hoped that the efforts of the Board to supply
competent instructors in all the departments of
the School, will ho met by tho same liberal sup
port heretofore received.
J. W. CLARK, President.
GEO. W. SPEER, Secretary.
May 10, 1854.-2 in.
ANY person wishing to engage in the Livery
Stable business, is hereby informed that the
subscribers offer for sale their whole stock—Six
Horses, Five Buggies, a Carriage, and
Harness, &e. To be sold together. Any person
wishing to purchase, can have terms made known
by applying to GLASGOW & STEEL.
Huntingdon, May 10,'54.-9t.
Attention, Ist Battalion, 4th Brigade
and 14th Division Pa. Volunteers.
Tly an order to me directed, from
• .7. - 1 —; Major Mickley, at his office at Par
.; adj. Furnace, bearing data April 29th
i i
'i',i - 1854, you are hereby ordered to meet
.:",,' in Cassville, on Friday the 20th day of
, May, inst., at 10 o'clock. A. M., of said
day, in full uniform, and with 10 rounds
of blank cartridge to every man, prom,
11,. red fat Battalion Training, Inspection
of Arms. The following Companies, viz t Com
pnny A Capt. A. W. Clarkson, Trough Crock
Guards, Company It Capt. Taylor, Guards
Company C, Capt. Mickley, P. A. Blues, Com
pany 1), Capt. Ralph Crotsley, Scott's Artillery.
A. W. CLAIOKSON, Adjutant.
P. 8. A full tornout is requested, as this will
be the last Battalion Training under the present
organization. We would respectffilly invite any
i other Companies of Volunteers to jo in with us
.1 on that day. [May 10,'54_31._
Administrator's Notice.
LETTERS of Administration having been
granted to the undersigned, on the Estate of
DAWSON C. SMALLEY. deed., Into of Shirley
township, Huntingdon county; all persons indebt
ed to said agate aro requested to make immediate
payment, and till those having claims ogainst the
same will present them properly authenticated for
settlement. HENRY BRE . IVSTER, Admr.
Shirlepburg, Play to, '54.-6t.•
15,000 V ar ' p r op it ti l h E ir S llo r o n l e c w s,,M ,
embracing every variety usually kept
inn Philadelphia Book Store, for sale is holesale
and retail very low for cash.
Orders from all parts of the country solicited,
and will be promptly and faithfully attended to.
School Books and Stationary of every kind will
be kept constantly on hand nt the lowest rates.
limpor's Magaeino and Goday's Lady's Book,
can ha had every month as soon as out.
Store opposite Whittaker's Hotel, Railroad
St., Huntingdon, Pa.
1000 Pieces Wall Paper, all of which was
purchased this Spring, of the latest and most
fashionable styles to ho found in Philadelphia,
for sale very low, from 121 ets. a piece and up
wards. at Colon's Cheap Rook Store,
opposite Whittaker's Hotel, Huntingdon, Pa.
April 26, 1854.
1%0.:56, North Wharves, Phila.,
Commission Merchant,
FOR the sale of English and American Pig
Lend, Scotch and American Pig, Bar and
Bloom Iron, Bones Tin and Metals generally.—
Liberal advancements made on consignments of
merchandize generally. Agent for the sale of
Le Boy & Co.'s Lead and Tin Pipe, Sheet Lead,
Cast Iron Gas and. Water Pipes.
April 26, 1854.-Im.
HA just returned from the cast with a large
- 1 - 1 and splendid assortment of
Spring and Summer Clothing,
for men and buys, made in the latest fashion and
in the most durable meaner. Who ever wants
to he dressed better and cheaper than anybody
else in town, let him coil at Wiumnonny's
CORM' CIA/TOMO STORE, one door west of T.
Read & Son's drug store,.lluntingdon.
Call and see fur yourselves.
April 19, 1854.
30 per cent. Cheaper than the
Cheapest S !
THE undersigned most respectfully announces
to the citizens of Huntingdon and vicinity,
that he has opened one of the hest and most splen
did assortment of Ready-Made Clothing that has
ever been in the Borough of Huntingdon. Ile
takes pleasure in stating to the public that he is
fully prepared to sell
Cheaper than the Cheapest !
Ile will constantly keep on hand the greatest
variety of the following articles, viz:
Superfine Black Dress and Frock
Coats, brown and limey sack coats, pantaloons
new stele, black and fancy cassitnere, and easel
net and corduroy.
Also, it great vairety of plain and fancy
Summer Pantaloons.
Vests, the richest and must varied assortment
ever offered in this place.
Boys' clothing, linen shirts, silk under-shirts
and drawers.
A choice selection of neck nnil pocket hand.
kerchiefs.—Also a large stock of
Hats and Caps,
Umbrellas,tranke, carpet-bags, and a great many
other articles.
Cr Persons wishing to boy clothing would do
well to call and examine this stork before pur
ehosi2y,elsewhere. • _ . .
friStore two doors trust of the Post Office,
Huntingdon, April 19,1654.
ijavE just received from Philadelphir. the
1 - 1 . largest and best assortment of Spring and
Summer Goods ever offered, and at lower prices
than can be purchased at any other house. They
are determined to sell lower thin can be purchased
anywhere east of the Allegheny, and no mistake.
If yon wish to be satisfied of the fact, call and see.
Dry Goods,
such as Cloths, Cassimers, Satinetts, Tweeds,
Childrens' ware, Cottonades, wonted.
The handsomest assortment of Indies Dress
Goods ever offered. Also, Trimming of every
variety, the best assortment over offered.
1000 webs assorted Prints, nr•.d every other
article usually kept inn country store.
of which we always keep the largest and best as
sortment ever kept in this place.
a magnificent assortment, which we are selling
quite low.
are nlittle up, but wo are determined to sell as
low if not lower, than any other house,according
to quality.
Cedar and Willow Ware,
such as Baskets, Tubs, Buckets, Krout Stands,
&c., &c.
Carpets and Oil Cloths.
bealtiful assortment, which will be sold low,
call and see and he satisfied of the fact.
Hats and Caps.
of the very latest and best style; also
Boots and Shoes,
. _
the best and cheapest in town, if yOu don't be
lieve it, CALL AND ROE.
We are also purchasing and storing Grain,
and it is admitted on all hands that we have the
most convenient place for unloading grain in or
about town, April 12, 1854.
11" greatest variety of Dress Trimmings,
Fans, Cravats. Zeffir, Tyde Yarn, Dress
Buttons, Ladies Collars, Chetmzetts, Fancy
Ildkfs., Under Sleeves, Kid and Lyle Thread
Gloves, and Hosiery of every variety, just recei
ved and for sale by J. S. W. SAXTON.
ABE AUTIFUL lot of Gents. Gaiters. Ladies
Gaiters and Shoos, Gents. Boots and Shoes,
Misses Gaiters anti Shoes, of an endless variety,
just received and for sale by
QILIC Dress ;Hatteras, Benue de Lanes, Bent-
Li zee, and Lawns of every variety and color,
just received and for sale
i. & W. sArroN.
A BEAUTIFUL assortment of Fancy Cassi
mers, Cloths, Summer Wear, for men and
boys. Also, Carpet Bags. &r.. &c., just receiv
ed and for sale by J. & W. SAXTON.
DLINNETS. of all :ort and colors, also, Miss'
) Flats, from 37i to tub, just received and for
sale by J. & W. SAXTON.
CWELLS &CO.. Pork Packers and
s Wholesale Provision Dealers, No. 325,
Liberty st., Pittsburgh, will keep on hand,
ready to supply at all times and on the shortest
notice, choice and reliable articles in their lino of
business and upon accommodating terms. Their
main stock will consist or Bacon. Lord Oil,
Lard,Sugar cured Hams, Dried Beet,
&c. They have also made arrangements fur an
early supply of
Lake Superior White Fish and Mack-
Inaw Trout,
in bbls. and half bills., and which, coming direct
from the extremest Northern waters, will ho vere
much supqrior to those of any other catch, and
they will ho able to otter these favorite tulicles at
lower rates than the inferior or Southern catch
are supplied in this market.
C. Wells & Co., desire to call the attention of
DEALERS and Inure Dies, particularly, to their
stork of BACON, in the selection and prepara
tion of which particular attention has been given
to the quality, so as to otter to customers the
most reliable article. Orders will receive prompt
attention. [March .59. 1554.-3 m.
(11 ILVER Butter Knives, and Salt Spoons, a;
E. Suttre's Cheap Jewelry Store,
For sale at tlie Cheep Store of J. BRICKER.
Retailers of Merchandise.
(11,ASSIFICATI0N otMerchants in iluntinc
k-) don county, by the Appraiser of Mercantile
Taxes, for the year commencing the first day of
May, 1854.
Alexandria Borough. Ct.ess. Amoc NT.
Bucher A Porter, 12 $l2 50
Charlea Porter, 13
_ _ 10 00
Henry C. Walker, 14 10 00
Spykor & Williams, ' 14 7 00
Barree township.
*Graff Is Hamilton, 14 10 00
Silas Cromwell, 14 7 00
*John S. Miller, 14 10 50
S. W. ilyton & Masser, 14 7 00
Bernard Lorenz, 14 7 00
Irvin & Greeg, 14 7 00
Brady township.
Kessler & Brother, 12 12 50
Irvin, Green & Co., 14 7 00
Heaton & lihy, 14 7 00
Birmingham Borough.
James Clarke, 13 10 00
Cass township.
Richardson Read, 14 7 00
James Henderson, 14 7 00
Franklin J. Spangler, 14 7 00
Clay township.
T. H. Orbison & Co., 13
10 00
_ _ __
*James Glasgow, 14 10 50
Cromwell township.
T. E. Orbison & Co., 13 10 00
heft, Wigton 4 Co., 13 10 00
George Sipes, 14 7 00
David Etnier, 14 7 00
William Harper, 14 7 00
Dublin township.
Brice X. Blair & Co., 13 10 00
James Cree,l4 7 00
Andrew Wison, 14 7 00
Franklin township.
G. & J. H. Shoenborger, 11 13 00
Shorh, Stewart 4 Co., 13 10 00
J. W.lllattern & Co., 14
... 7 00
- __
lsett it Son, 14 7 00
Ilooterson township.
Dunn & Couch, 13 10 00
F. & C. Snyder, 14 7 00
*J. F. Ramey, 14 10 50
Iluntinadon Borough.
Fisher & MeMurtrie, 12 12 50
J. & W. Saxton, 12 12 50
George Gwin, 12 12 50
Thos. Read & Son, 13 10 00
*Benjamin Jacobs, 14 10 50
Alex. Carmon, 14 7 00
David P. °win, 14 7 00
*J. Bricker, 14 10 50
Edmund Snare, 14 7 00
Joseph Reiger, 14 7 00
A. Willoughby, 14 7 00
Jacob Snyder, 14 7 00.
Levi Westbrook, 14 7 00
Charles Black, 14 7 00
*Robert Corsey, 14 10 50
Long & Decker, 14 7 00
Henry Roman, 14 7 00
Henry Cornpropst, 14 7 00
Jackson township.
Henry Lee,
*Win. Cummins,
Robert Meßurner
John A. Wright .t; Co.,
*W. G. Bigelow,
Ilopewell township.
Amos Clarke
1.1 7 00
14 10 50
14 7 00
13 10 00
14 10 50
14 7 00
!(orris touutdo:p.
Irvine & Greene,
(ieo. 11. Steiner,
Law & Fetterhoof,
Law, Low & Co.,
J. J. Cunningham,
M. L. Nitta,
Porter township.
S.jlatfirld & Co.,
Joseph Green & Co.,
Penn totenship.
*James Campbell & Son,
Fitzeltarles & Co.,
*Samuel Wall,
Petersburg Borough.
I 1 7 00
14 7 00
14 7 00
14 7 00
1:1 10 00
14 7 00
1:1 10 00
14 7 00
13 15 00
14 10 51
14 10 50
*l?,clwin .1. Nell,
14 10 50
12 12 50
12 12 50
Abraham Crusiwell,
John R. hunter,
Shirleysbury Borough,
John Long & Co.,
J. 0. Lightner & Co.,
William B. Lens,
13 10 00
13 10 00
13 10 00
Sh irk,/ township.
S. &O. Eby,
13 10 00
13 10 .00
14 7 00
J. W. Stnitt'& Co.,
Glasgow & Co.,
.Springfield township,
Robert & H. Madden,
Tell township.
A. C. Blair,
Tod township.
John Hamilton,
Ilidker township.
William Campbell,
Ile n ry Barri ek,
Alex. Cunningham,
West township.
Huyett & Ne/F,
Bernard Lorenz,
Benjamin Hartman,
Warriorsmark township,
B. F. Patton,
Geo. Guyer & Co.,
Geo. W. Owens,
Stewart Fox,
Morris township.
Cunningham & Cresswell, 14
Huntingdon Borough.
T. Bead & Son.
Brady township.
James & john McDonald,
14 7 00
14 7 00
14 7 00
1:1 10 00
14 7 00
14 7 00
13 10 00
14 7 00
14 7 00
13 30 00
14 7 00
14 7 Oo
14 7 00
3 10 00
9 8 00
Alexandria Borough,
C. Christina , lliintingon Borough
John Fodder, 9 8 00
Classification of Beer, Oyster Eating Houses,
kc., for the year commencing the Ist day of
April, 1854.
Alexandria Borough.
John H. Gregory,
Barree township.
*W. Gregory,
Brady township.
*John Montgomery,
Henderson township.
*Thomas P. Love,
Henry Africa,
9 8 00
8 5 00
8 7 50
8 7 50
10 00
10 00
8 6 00
8 6 00
Andrew Mobus,
George Thomas,
E. Summers,
Morris township.
*Samuel neigh),
8 7 50
8 7 00
*Bartholemew Malone,
Porter township.
*Alexander Westbrook,
*Henry Helfritter,
Milker township.
Joseph Douglass,
Bowling Saloons.
8 7 50
8 7 50
8 5 00
I 'Table, 10 00
Ilenderson township.
William Dorris, Jr., 14 7 00
Cromwell township.
William Orbison, Esry., 14 7 00
Shirley township.
George Eby, 14 7 00
it',//her township.
S. S. Wharton, 14 7 00
Porter township.
James Gemini,
Those marked thus (*) sell liquor.
An Appeal will be 1;01;1, by the undersigned,
at any time previous to the August Court, ut
the Cotnmissioners' Office.
. Notice is herohy given, tlat all Licenses not
lifted during or previous to the August Court,
will be left in the hands of s Justice for collec
tion. JOS. M. STEVENS,
County Treasu;er.
May 8, 1854.
ACHOICE lot of Shinnies for sale at the
cheap store of J. BRICKER.
Electro-Magnet Lightning Rods.
AFTER many years' close investigation and
numerous experiments, the Patentee takes
pleasure in informing the public that he has arri
ved at the true principles of protecting families,
dwellings and property from the destructive in
fluence of Lightning. The calamities that
every City, Town, Village and Country falls vic
tim to annually, through the gross negligence of
its inhabitants, is beyond calculation, especially
when the remedy is so easy to obtain—this is
found in A rinitage's Patent Magnetic
Lightning Rods, and in this alone. This
Rod has been examined by the most scientific
gentlemen in the world—Professors APMurtrie,
Johnson, Wallor and many others that have ex
amined them. recommend and speak of them in
the highest terms of approbation, and have pro
nounced them the only safe rods in use in this or
any other country, for the protection of Lives and
Property. Ono advantage is to divide and throw
back a part of the electric fluid harmless to the
clouds; in time of a stroke this enables the rod
to conduct that portion of fluid that belongs to
the earth without the slightest danger of leaving
the conductor. This rod has many other advan
tages over the old one. The only place of man
ufacturing is in
Vine St., 3 doors above Ta;el flh, Philadelphia.
where 411 persons are respectfully invited to call
and examine for themselves. For sale Whole
sale and Retail, by THOS. ARMITAGE.
Orders promptly attended to. Terms rash.
py !! ,.,%.. Aug. 13, 1847.
I hsve this day carefully inspected a conductor
or Lightning Rod, with vane and index, erected
by Mr. Thomas Armitage, on Bellevue House,
Gloucester, and have no hesitation in saying that
it is not only the best that I have ever seen, but
that it is the only one I have yet examined that
is constructed on strictly scientific principles. It
is with much pleasure that I recommend this
conductor to the attention of owners of buildings.
I am well satisfied that the Magnetic Lightning
Rod, manufactured by Mr. Thomas Armitage, of
Philadelphia, is the best that has ever been made-
I have spent several years in the study of the laws
of electricity and magnetism, and have no hesita
tion in saying that these Rods are constructed
upon the only principle of safety. The electric
shock is received and dispersed by the magnet at
the top of the rod, and it would be impossible,
according to the laws of attraction and repulsion,
for a building to be injured by a stroke of light
ning when protected by one of these rods. I
have been acquainted with Mr. Armitage for sev
eral years, and bctiara he commenced the 4natm
facture of these rods I examined the principle on
which they are constructed, and felt convinced
that their adoption would be attended with com
plete success. The increasing demand for these
rods, and the extensive sales in all parts of the
country, is ample commendation of their utility
and superiority.
Rising Sun, Piffled. ea., April 10, 1852.
The tbllowing extract is taken from an editori
al in the Geanunlown Teleyraph, edited by Major
Fuca!! t
"The bogus rod placed upon our dwelling we
have had tatke n down; and another ereted by Mr.
ARMITAGE, to which we would call the attention
of our farmers and readers generally. It is put
op on true scientific principles, and is a rod that
has been approved by the highest authority, and
will hear the most thorough examination. Those
who have been deveived, as we have been, should
lose no time in having a proper protection against
lightning, substituted. The cost is a mere bag
atelle when compared with the entire safety of
our houses and barns against this destructive ele
ment: Mr. Analuraog's advertisement will be
found in the columns of this paper; and we feel
as though we were performing an imperious duty
to the community, by thus inviting to it general
DC, 4. 1852.
Mr. T. ARMITAGE, Vine Street, west of Twelfth
Street, Philadelphia.
_ _
MY DEAR SIR: After a trial of many weeks, it
(linda me great pleasure to inform von that I
ant highly delighted with the lightning rod you
pieced upon my house at Bustleton. As far as
my chemical knowledge enables me to perform
en opinion, I 11111 satisfied you have developed
the correct principles in the adaptation of rods to
protect property from destruction by lightning; as
soon us the advantages of your arrangements are
understood, 1 am convinced that few persons will
be found so reckless as to fail to avail themselves
of the protection afforded by your rods. Wishing
you all success in your enterprise,
I not vow. truly.
No. I. North Eleventh Street,
Ptofossor of Anatomy, Philadelphia College of
H artW on, U nion Co., Pa.,
Is Agent for Huntingdon, and adjoining counties,
and will furnish the Rods on the same manner as
the Proprietor. Any person desiring to be sop
plied with the Rods can leave their order with the
Editor of the Journal, or with (MMus Miller, o
the Rail Road Hotel. April 12, '54.-2m.
The New Jersey Zino Company
and improved the quality of their products, are
prepared to execute orders fur their
DRY. and ORM DIN OIL, in assorted pack
ages of from 25 to 500 pounds; also
DRY, in barrels, of 200 pounds each.
Their WHITE ZINC, which is sold dry or
ground in oil, is warranted PURE and unsur
passed ter BODY and unfliwna whiteness.
A method of preparation has recently been
discovered, which enables the Company to war
rant their paints to keep fresh and soft in the
kegs for any reasonable time. In this respect
their paints will be superior to any other in the
Their Brown Zinc Paint. which is sold at a low
price, and con only be made from the Zinc ores
front NcwJersey, is now well known for its pro
tective qualities when applied to iron or other
metallic surfaces.
Their Stone Color Paint possesses all the pro
perties of the thrown, and is of an agreeable col
or Mr painting Cottages, Depots, Oat-buildings,
Bridges, &c.
Dealers supplied on liberal terms by their
Wholesale Paint Dealers and Importers,
N. W. cor. of tOth Se Market Sts., Phila.
April 19, 1854.-6 m.
HAS just received, and opening, at his well
known Store in Market Square, tlie largest
and prettiest assortment of
Spring and Summer Goods
ever offered to the people of Huntingdon and
vicinity, and is now rapidly selling at unusually
low prices.
My stock comprises in part, Cloths, Cassimers,
black and fancy, Satinetts, a large variety of
Satin and Silk Vestings, Kentucky and Penna.
Jeans, Tweeds, Tickings, brown and blenched
Muslins, Drills, Crash Bags and Bagging, Table
Diaper, &c.
Ladies Dress and Fancy Goods,
Prints in abundance, Mous. de Lanes,De Berege,
Alpaccas, Lustros, black and fancy, colored
Silks, Cashmeres, Bonnet and Florence Silk
Edging Ribbons, fancy Gimp, black silk Lace,
colored Kid Gloves, Gents black do., Linen and
Silk Handkerchiefs, Itnlian Cravats, llosiery, &c.
Boots and Shoes.
Hardware, 9ueeasware, Glassware
and Cedar Wire,
mats and Caps.
A great variety of
Straw Goods,
My stock Las been seleeted with the greatest
care in regard to quality and price, and I flatter
thyself that I can offer inducements to purchasers
not to be found elsewhere.
Thankful tbr the patronage of the past, by my
friends, and the public generally, 1 respectfully
solicit is continuance of the same.
gir My old stock of Goods will be sold nt 15
per cent. below cost. April 12,1854.
THE undersigned have for sale a second-hand•
ed Carding Machine. with all the no•
cessary fixtures, which they offer for sale ver,
low. Any one wishing to purchase will do wel
to call and see it. KESS1111:11
Mill Creek, April 12, 1254.--3ru.•
Great Artists' Union Enterprise!!!
011, PAINTINGS, 10,000
ENGRAVINGS, colored in oil, 45,000
CASH LOANS, for 100 years each, 30,000
REAL ESTATE,_ 84,000
TOTAL, $250,000
The American Artists' rnion, would re
spectfully announce to the citizens of the Uni
ted States and the Canadas, that for the pur
pose of the advancement and extension of the
Fine Arts, and with a view of enabling every
family throughout the length and breadth of
the land,to become possessed of a gallery of pic
tures, many of them the work of inflater minds.
and finally, for the purpose of giving a world
wide circulation to
Darley's Great Picture of Wyoming
They have determined to distribute among
the purchasers of this work, Price, $l,OO, 250,•
000 gifts, of the value of 8250.000.
Marble Statuary, $40,000.
100 fine busts of Washington, at $lOO $lO,OOO
100 " " Clay, 100 10,000
100 " " Webster, 100 10,000
100 " " Calhoun, 100 10,000
Oil Paintings and colored Steel Engravings.
50 elegant Oil Paintings,
each $lOO.
in splended gilt frames,
size 3 x 4. feet. J 5,000
100 Oil Paintings, 2x 3 ft. each $5O, 5,000
500 steel plate Engravings, brilliantly colored
in oil, rich gilt frames, 24 x 30 inches. each
$lO, $5,000
10,000, elegant steel plate Engravings, colored
in oil, of the Washington Monument, 20 x
26, each $4, $40,000
237,000 steel plate Engravings, from 100 dif
ferent plates, now in possession of, and own
ed by the Artists' I'nion of the market valise
of, from 50 ets to 1,00, each. $41,000
REAL ESTATE, $51,000.
1 fine 324 st. in N. Y. city,sl2,ooo
22 building lots in 100 and 101st . sts. New
York City, each 25 x 100 ft. deep, earl,
$lOOO, $22,000
100 Villa Sites, containing each 10,000 sq. ft.
in the suburbs of New York city, and con,
sounding a magnificont view of the Iltulson
River and Long Island Sound; each, $5OO,
LOANS OF CASH, $30,000,
20 loans of cash, for 100 yrs. each, without in
terest or security, 250 each, $5,000
tt " " 100 " 5.000
" " 50 " 5,000
20 " 5,00(1
" 10,000
The holder of each ticket, is entitled, first, to a
steel plate engraving, (size 25 a 30 in.) of the
Great American Historical work of Art
T/ 7 / 6 1iiift'Effi.>
copy of which may he seen at the office of
this paper, and second, to one of the 250,000
Gifts, which will be distributed on the comple•
lion of the sale of the tickets.
The purchaser of 5 tickets, on the receipt of
his order, will be forwarded, carefully packed,
either one copy of the "Wyoming," elegantly
painted in oil colors, or one copy of the •'\Vv.
oming," plain, and one copy of each of four
other engravings, equal to it in value, and is
entitled to 5 gifts. The purchaser of more
than 5 tickets, can have his choice out of 100
different subjects, front steel plates owned by
the Artists' Union, each picture being in value
equivalent to the "Wyoming," and is entitled
to one gift for each ticket he holds. A list of
the subjects can be seen at the °thee of this
. . .
AGENTS.—Persons &shin , . to become
Agents. 111 r the sale of tickets; by forwarding
(post•paid.) $l, shall be sent a Gift Ticket, a
copy of Wyoming. and prospectus, containing
all necessary information.
It is confidently believed, that the tickets
will he disposed of by the first of July, when
the distribution of Gifts will be entrusted to a
Committee appointed by the ticket holders.
The steel plates from which the Engravings
are printed, can be seen nt the office of the
Artists' Union, and cost, .100,000. Speci•
mans of the Oil Paintings and Engravings, are
also on view at the rooms.
References, in regard to the property.—W.
C. Barritt, Esq., Counsellor at Law, 10 Wall
St. N. Y., Visseher & Co., Real Estate
Brokers, 80 Nassau St. N. Y.
All orders for tickets, must be addressed
postpaid, with the money enclosed, to
505 Broadway, New York.
April 12, '51.-3m.
:.;111 1, 1X11
I have just received, and am now opening, on
the corner opposite Coats' Hotel, n large and
beautiful assortment of'
Spring and Summer Goods,
consisting of Cloths, Cassimers, Fancy and Plain,
Silks, Fancy and Black, Berege Detains, Bereges,
Bard Detains, Lawns, Gingham. Linens, Moo •
tins, nod prints of every description. Hosiery,
Gloves, Silk Mitts, Long and Short, Veils. Col
lars, Under-sleeves, Ribbons, Shawls, and a va
riety of DRESS GOODS too numerous to men
Also, a large assortment of Bonnets, Hats and
Shoes, Groceries, Queensware, and Hardware,
Carpets, Oil Cloths and Carpet Bags, Clothes
and Market Baskets, Buckets, Churns, Tubs, &e.
The public aro respectfully invited to call and
examine my Goods, as I am determined to sell
them cheap.
All kinds of Country Produce token in ex
change for Goods at the highest market prices.
Huntingdon, April 5, 1854.
113111111 I.
TIAVING removed his extensive Store to No. 1,
-LA MeCahan's Row. torn' erly occupied by t.T.
K. Simonton, is now prepared to accommodate
his old customers, and the public generally, with
a splendid and fashionable asssortment of
Ilia assortment consists of
Dry Goods, Groceries,
Hardware, Queensware,
and all kinds of goods usually kept in a Country
Store. Also, a beautiful cheap and elegant as
sortment of
Ladles' Dress Goods,
and Trimmings of every variety. Also, Hats;
Caps, Bonnets, Boots and Shoes, and a variety of
goods of all.kinds.
- • - -
Country produce taken in exchange for goods,
at the highest market prices.
Huntingdon, April 5, 1854.
Executor's Notice.
LETTERS Testamentary on the Estate of Su
sannah Shade, late Susannah Levi, late of
the Borough of Huntingdon, dee'd., having been
granted to the undersigned, all persons indebted
will make immediate paytnent, and those having
claims will present them properly authenticated
for settlement. A. IV. BENEDICT,
April 5,'54.-6t. Executor.
N'on .ba. of' Cod Fish, just received and to
1,./ sale by J. & W. SAXTON.
CIGARS, CANDIES, &e., &e., wholesale end
retail, et the cheap store of J. BRICKER.
Dr. ins. preiilltOCkll Family Niedieines
for sale In. HORACE W. SMITH.
Huntingdon, March 29. 1854.-3 m.
JUST receiving, this neck, Meeker.% net
&c., anti fur sale by J. &W. SAXTON.
Brilliant Dimplay of Jewelry.
THE public generally, and the rascals who.
some time since, entered my store and reino-•
ved valuables to the amount of about $llOO
without my permission, ere informed that I have
jest opened a more 'general and better assortment
of articles in toy line of business than wan ever
brought to Huntingdon, consisting of Watches,
Jewelry. Clocks, Fine Knives, ,
Pistols. Perfumery, Port mon
naies Silver Ware, and Fancy
Articles, Sc., &c. My old friends and customer,,
and the public in general throughout the county,'
are requested to call and examine my assortment.
Huntingdon, March 20, 1854.
HENRY CORNPROBST hnvingjust re
turned from Philmletphia with a large end
well selected stock of Dry Goods, Boots &
Shoes, Hardware, Crockery-ware,
&c., embracing the usual variety of a country
store, which he hot been enabled to purchase op •
on terms permitting hint to compete successfully
with any other store in the vicinity, would res
pectfully solicit the patronage of his friends and
customers, and would endeavor to merit the ap
probation, as he is well satisfied of his ability at
present, to snit the tastes and accommodate the
wishes of the public at large.
Ile is prepared to sell very low for CASH.-
Country Produce taken in exchange at the most
reasonable rates. March 20. 1054.
BLANKS.--Always buy your Blanks nt the
"Journal Ofllee." . We here now prepared n ee
ry superiorartiele of BLANK DEEDS, BONDS,
TIONS, &c.
Shirleysburg Female Seminary,
Rev. JAME:i CAMPBELL, A. M., Principal.
Juniata Academy,
Ilucti J. CAMPBELL, A 13., 1 p r i uc i l. „ k i, ,
TILE Summer Session of these Institutiont
commences on Werbtrs<hrg, the sth of MT,
and continues five months. They are situated in
the retired Village of Shirlevsburg, in the heart
done of the most lately andfertile rallies of the
In a rural district, among ono of the plainest
end simplest people of Pennsylvania, apart from
the bustle and evils of a thoroughfare or largo
town, convenient of access front all sides, with a
community noted for its temperance and morali
ty, and possessing a healthy and unusually beau
tiful situation, this Village presents advantages
for Literary Institutions, which strike the eye or
every visitor. Each one possesses new and
modions buildings, and a full corps of teachers.—
They are under entirely seperate governmentund
instruction, being situated about a quarter of a
mile apart, and having nothing its common ex
cept that the use of the Academy Apparatus is
given to the Seminary.
The course of instruction is thorough and ex
tensive, embracing the branches usually taught
its such Institutions. These Schools offer two
principal inducements; first, tie most extensis a
and complete Philosophical and Chemical Appar
atus in this section of the State, to which Profs,
sor EuXistm. has made the valuable nddition of
his choice collection of Astronomical and Mathe
nuttiest Instruments, including sa tine Astronomi
cal Telescope; second, the cheapness octlic terms.
'Wishing to render their Institutions, as far as
they can,accessibletoall,the Principals bare redo •
ced the price of boarding to the lowest possible
sum. The regular expenses at the Female Sem
inary, excluding the ornamental branches, aro
550,00 per session, while at other similar Institu
tions the prices vary from $58,00 to $90,00 per
session. In the Academy, the whole expense of
tuition, hoarding, washing, furl, light and room
rent, wilt vary from 545,00 to $30,00 per session.
The whole number of !omits at both schools, for
! the past year, was upwards of 100. .`;'prcioi Mts.
eN formed for those wishing to qualify themselves
for Machos.
A Fancy Department Will be added to the Sem
inary, in which a course of lessons of 4 to G weeks
will he given in Gilding and Bronzing, on wood
nod Stone, Embroidery on Satin, Crape.
Muslin, et cetera. Young ladies that wish it,
can receive instruction in this department atone,
which will only require their attendance at the
Seminary for the time of the course. Terms $3,00.
Tuition pap/le is .111couer. No pupils admit
ted Mr less than half a section. No deduction
for absence, except in races of protracted sick
ness. For circulars and further information ad
dress (post paid) the Principals,
Shirleysburg, March 29, 1854.-3 m,
respectfully inform the citizens of New-York
and the world at large; that, for the purpose of
enabling all to see his wonderful illustration of the
entire world, (the first and only thing of the kind
ever produced.) now on exhibition at the World's
Hall, Nos. 377 and 379 Broadway, and for the
purpose of popularizing American Art: and also
of giving a world-wide circulation to his renown
ed "Book of Travels A.lven tures and Anecdotes,'
which should he real by the million, ho will dis
tribute among the purchmers el his tickets of ad
mission the following magnificent and valuable
Gifts, amounting tothefum total of $300,000.
Prof. Ilart's Whole World, worth nn immense
fortune to any one, valued at $50,000 00
Prof. Hart's Elegant Country Sent,
with 100 'acres of land in a high State
. .
Of calti cation, the buildings on which
rest $15,000, situated on Long Island
Sound, and commanding
cent view of 30 miles in every direc
Con, valued at 25,000 00
The Celebrated Model of the City of
San Francisco, valued at
Prof. Hart's far-famed Panorama of
the Holy Land, 10,000 00
A Magnificent city Residence in N. Y. 17,000 00
100,000 Volumes of Prof. Hart's ex
tensive Travels in the Old and New
World, interspersed with remarkable
Adveniures, Amusing Anecdotes, &
Thrilling Incidents, elegantly bound,
with gilt edges, including a portrait
of the.autho
Twenty-five Building Lots, each coo
raining 10,000 square feet, in a beau
tiful village in the suburbs of N, York
City, each valued at $5OO, 12,500 GO
Tigirly elegant Rosewood Piano
Fogies, at $3OO 9,000 00
5 u tc " 500 2,500 00
20 " " illelodians, 100 2,000 00
50 " Gold Ilittelies, 100 5,000 00
100 " 75 7,500 OD
100 " " " 50 5,000 00
200 " " " 23 5,000 00
100 " " Bracelets, 15 1,500 00
1000 " " Rings, 2 2,000 00
2000 " " " 1 2,000 00
200 sets elegant Silver Tea
50 " " " Dessert
12 GOO 00
25 " " " Table
spoon*, IS 450 00
20,000 vols. Mrs. Fartingtou's carpet bag of
fun, at 50 eta. 10,000 00
30,000 pieces of the most Fashionable Music,
at 25 cts. 7,500 06
35,000 elegant steel engravings.2s cts. 8,750 00
80,000 finely engraved pocket maps of the city
of New 1 ork, 14,127 75
31,089 porte-monnaies, nt 25 etc. 7,772 25
A loan for 100 years, without interest. or secu
rity, of Cash, 10,000 00
It 14 conlidoUly believed that the tickets will
all be sold, and the property will be distribu
ted by the first of June.
The property will be placed in the hands of
a Committee appointed by the ticket holders,
to be distributed in a perfectly fair and satis
factory manner to all concerned.
Thu price of tickets is $1 each, entitling the
the holder to four admissions to the Exhibi
tion. and one .of the 300,000 gifts .
. _ _ .
; All orders for tickets Must be addressed, post-
I paid, with the money enclosed, to Prof. J.
Woodman Hart, Nos. 377 and 379 Broadway
World's Hull, New-York. and the tickets will
be promptly forwarded to any part of theworld.
Any information relative to the property may
be uldaincd at the office of the 11orld's Hall,
or of P. J. Visscher .1: Cu., No. 80 Nassau St.
Now York.
) March 29, ',58.-3m.
9,000 00
75,000 00
9 1,800 00