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    A Plucky Sheriff.
n Friday last, Sheriff Henninger, of Ches.
leanly, proceeded to BeWiner° with a re
don from (iovernor Bigler, for Solari°, the
fighter, who had previously been arrested
int city. They traveled on the cars and
a they arrived at Havre De Grace, the pri
,r asked to be unironed. The Sheriff core
d with his request, as the cars were going
. very rapid rate: When abdut three miles
L side of Chester, a "gentleman''—undoubt•
ycul accomplice—eat the bell rope that ran
ough the ears, stepped to the door and threw
pen. Shwa° evidently knew this man and the
ivement, for he sprang to the door the in.
cut it was opened. The Sheriff sprang after
n, but a man Hitting by the door had nearly
sed it before he could reach it.
however, was on the platform in no in
t, but only to see his prisoner spring from
mrs,while they were running at the late
om twcinty.five to thirty miles nn our.—
saw strike the ground and roll upon it
a bull. In an instant the intrepid Sheriff
wed, striking upon his face, and cutting
lip. He arose and found that his upper hp
the only wound of consequence. Ills prt-
T had gathered himself up and started for a
evidently crippled by his fall. The Sheriff
iwed and wined on the culprit, calling np.
lint to surrender, who seeing he was about
a Overtaken, turned and squarest himself
fight. The Sheriff drew his revolver and
mpted to tire, but fortunately for the pri
or it missed. He WEIS about to try another,
in the pugilist surrendered and begged for
he Sheriff' held the pistol to his breast and
him to hold out his hands for the irons,
,h he submissively did. After securing
, the Sheriff put his prisoner before him and
ted towards the city on foot. At the next
ping place, the conanctor,who had remain
gnorant of what had happened, was inform
ir the circumstances ' and was persuaded to
bark, expecting to find the Sheriff and
Sr both dead, or badly injured. Instead of
, they were found on the rail, the victor
•ching his prisoner before him. They were
m on board and brought to West Che;ter.
Irillaburg Union.
Fob. 28, 1854.
• • • $B,OO n $8,50
ur per
err Sced, per bu.,•
Wheat, per Int., •
Ito Wheat, per bu
t, per Int
it, per bu
tkwhent, per Int • • •
a. per bu
xaoed. per Int
r, per ton
ler, per lb.,
Feb. 25, 1854..
$8 25
4 00
1 95
1 90
,ur pre 661
rn Meal
!lite Wit.t, per !At
Feb. 25, 1854.
4 0*)
ur per 1,1,1
rn Meal
Me Wheat, per 1,0
Thousands of Parents ml mac Vermifoge corn
nal of Castor oil, Calomel, &e., are not aware,
at while they appear to benefit the patient, they
e actually laying the foundations for a series of
ceases, such as salivation, loss of sight, weak
.ss of limbs, &c.
In another column will be found tl:e nalvestisa
cnt of Ifobensack's Medicines, to :which we ask
o attention of all directly interested ha their own
well as their Children's health. In Liver
amplaints and all disorders arising from those
'at billions typo, should make use of the only
:amine medicine, notions:lades Liver Pills.
gr" Be not kr( iced," but ask in. llobensnek's
min Syrup and Liver Pills, nn a observe that
is has the signature or the Proprietor, J. N.
)BENSACICS, as none eke aro genuine.
'll3lllOBl PAW01,11 . 11(1,7/ iliseorery ill the JJurld
is the Gyms Arabi'ea Remedy fur Man
and React.
Is well 'known to possess the 'nest wonderful
healina, penetrating, and stimulating prop
ties, mid by its promptness in effecting cures,
hick previously hail resisted all other mai
nes, administered by the must scientific phvs
ians, has placed it flir beyond any similar
medy ever• introduced to the people of the
nited States. It stimulates the, absorbents
increased action, and thus enables nature to
'row off disease—it p,tofrate, 171 e leases,
Ing strength mid activity to the muscles—it
powerfully anodyne and thereby allays wier.
nut irritation, in•oducint/ a delightfully pleas
ty sensation through the whole frame. ((wing
) its remarkable anticeptic properties, it purl.
es and neutralizes that poisonous, corrosive
rinciple which renders old ulcerous sores no
iniellit to heal: it therefore is peculiarly rule!,
al their speedy cure. This Liniment from its
enetrating and strengthening qualities bas
con found to be a specific fur Paralysis or Pal-
Whiteswellings and diseased joints, and in
ic•t all complaints involving the muscular sys
um. It has cured cases of Rheumatism of
twenty to thirty year's standing, and affections
r the Spine wherein the entire column was so
rooked and distorted, that the patient could
of walk or stand without artificial support.—
fumerous caws of Palsy have been cured
Olen the flesh had withered, leaving nothing
ut the dried skin amnion°, and the limbs to
illy without use or feeling. For• Children with
'coup it is of inestimable value, rubbed nod
allied over• the throat and chest. If applied
rely on the chest it never fails to give relief
the sovere eonfilfs attending Cunsumptions,
Whom and Colds. It heals wounds speedily
—will cure Scaldhead, Mange, etc. Planters
aid Farmers will find it it most valuable mill
inc to be applied to Horses and Cattle for
;pmins, Bruises, Lameness, Stiff Joints, Swee.
my, Dry Shoulder, Wounds, Burns, Splint,
or Galls, Hardened Knots on the flesh,
Look mil
,fin• antakifeibil
The public are cautioned against another
riunterfeit, which has lately made its appear
ice, culled W. 11. Farrell's Arabian Liniment,
ie 'oust dangerous of all the counterfeits, be-
Mice his having the name of Farrell, many
'ill buy it in good faith, without the knowledge
.t a counterfeit exists, and they will perhaps
illy discover their error when the spurious
iixture has -wrought its evil elfects.
The genuine article is manufrctured only by
1.11. Farrell, sole inventor and proprietor,.
nd Aelestile druggist, No. 17 Main street,
'envie, Illinois, to whom all applications for
igemines must be addressed. Be sure you get
WA. the letters IT. O. before Farrell ii, thus
—IL Cl. FARRELL'S—and his signature on
lie wrapper all others are counterfeits.
Sold by T hos. 114nd & Son, Huntingdon, R.
:. Sellers & Fleming Brithers wholesale, Pitts
erg, and by regularly authorized agents
hroughout the United States.
per- Price 25 and 50 cents, and $1 par bottle.
A(IENTS WANTED in every town, village
Aid hamlet in the United States, in width one
s not already established. Address IT. Cl. Far
ed ns above, accompanied with good reference
M•character, responsibility, &c.
February 45,'54.—it.
On the 27th ult., by nee. Mr. O'Farrell, Mr.
MI 1,11,1,11 Y, tO MiS9 MARY SILIFFER,
tutu o f MI.. Union.
On the 21411 nit., Michael rkplinger, Mr.
Snynt.t C. an
or ihintiu,doi, Cetntly.
At las residence in Dublin Cp., nn Wednes
day 22nd ult., Mr. DAVID HUDSON, aged 65
MB can now furnish the Joel Dawson Cut-
VV ting Box, manufitetured by Wm. Lantitt
& Co., of this place, and will he delivered at any
point on Canal or Penna. 11. Road.
A simple and durable arrangement; sell-feed
ing, and will cut hay, straw, or corn-fodder, nay
desired length.
A trial is solicited, end warranted to give sat
isfaction. Price $lO Cash.
Mid Creek, Ilant. co., Pa., March 1,'34.-6m.
0 17 p7e ' te rr ;rm g :7er ' e " t g e r f o o r re r1 17e te N r vi l lg i n g ve m i o t ", r ( o7„ - 1
fret? this Auto to close oeplaster season..
Fish stud Salt, n heavy stock of Groceries, with
a general assortment of goods, and ell articles
generally found in country stores, constantly fur
sole. RESSLER & 13110.
Mill Creek, Pa., March I, '54.-1 re
Notice to Contractors.
91W0 owes to build. One at earls end of the
Court-llouse yard. The letting to be held
on the 24th day of March inst. Proposals will he
received Op to that time. The plan and Fp,ifi
cations can he seen at the Commissioner's Office.
Huntingdon, March 24,'54.-41.
- 13ROPOSALS will he received on and before
1 the 16th of March inst., nt the office of the
undersigned, for the building of a Brick addition
to the present Comma, School Building, in this
Borough, thirty by forty feet, to be built and lin
ished like, nod joined to the present School
building. The roof to lie joined to the present
roof, and hipped at the side. A Plan nod specifi
cation can be seen before the day ofletting by ap
plying to A. W. BE EDICT,
Secretary of the board of School Directors.
Iluntingrfon, March 1, '54.-3t. I 7
Valuable Beal Estate for Sale.
Bvirtue of nn order of the Orphans' Court of
Jefferson county, there will be exposed to
public sale or outcry, on the premises, on TUES
DAY the 2511: day of April next, a certain piece
or parcel of valuable Real Estate, late the proper
ty of Frederick Sprinkle, deed., situate in Oliver
township, Jefferson county, bounded end descri
bed ns follows : 125 Acres. adjoining limbs
of john Sprankle's Heirs, John Koller, Jacob
Wyant, 11. Doterspike, .T. Rolnick nod others,
with a GRIST MILL, SAW MILL, nod other
buildings thrreon erected.
Sale to comtnenee at ono o'clock of said dry,
when terms will be mode known and due nttcnd
once given by
Mnrcli Aden's. of Siwaliklo.
Situated in the Village of Williams.
burg, Blair County, Pa.
THIS - institution, which has barn in successful
j_ operation since the year 1848, is designed to
prepare the pupil for active business pursuits, or
for admission into any of our Colleges. This in
stitution offers every tacility to those who wish
to qunlify themselves for instructors in our Com •
mon Schools. Young men will be received and
prepared for entering the higher classes of any
College in the State.
The School is divided into two departments,
the Classical atd English. In the Classical de
partment tnstrnetion is given in Latin and Greek,
and such English studies ns are requisite to fit
young men for College. In the English deport
ment a coarse of instruction is given, which is
intended to tit the mil fur active pursuits in life.
The plan embraces a thorough course of instruc
tion with a view to preparation fur College,
Teaching, or Business.
Instruction is gircii in French and German.
Timms are moderate. The smnmer session
will commence on Monday, April 3d. Boarding
can be had at the hoarding house, or hi private
For farther particulars address, postage pre•
paid, JOHN MILLER, Principal, or any of the
gentlemen whose names are aftixed.
GEO. W. SMITH, • ff,„
Williamsburg, flair co., March 1, '54.-2m.
TN pursuance of an Alias Order of the Orphans'
Court, will be sold at Public Sale, in Cuss
ville, on
TurnsnAr, Iran MAiten,
A Farm, near Cassville, of about 200 Acres,
embracing an excellent water power, and baring
thereon erected a large Stone House, Saw AIM,
&c., about 6U acres are cleared and in cultivation.
A Farm, adjoining eassville, containing 120
Acres, about 40 acres cleared and in excellent
A nod of Me Timber Land, !Mar KLlrrlaaa'S
Saw Mill, containing 16 Acres.
A number of Tara Lama, in the borough of
Cassville, together with several out Lots of 5 and
10 Acres each.
The nndivided one half an tract of 55 Acres
of good Coal bind, situate on Broad Top, known
as time '•Rhodes Tract."
Tawma.—One third on confirmation of sale,
and the remainder in two optat annual payments,
with interest, to be secured on the property.
GE(). W. SPE ER,
JAS. Mell,l )1' I , E,
Mmes. of Robt. Speer, dee'd.
I will Also oiler for sale, at the same time, upon
favorable terms, 800 Acres fy excellent Timber
L earl, (adjoining the above tract of 200 aeres,
with Saw Mill, &e.,) situate immediately on the
line of the Drakes' Ferry anti Broad Top Rail
Road, and embracing one of theltest sites for a
Tanner}• in the State. GEO. W. SPIER.
Mitre!' 1, 1854.-35.
pm: undersigned is now oifering a superior
quality of Fashionnble Clothing at COST,
consisting of DreSs, Frock, and Overcoats, Pants,
Vests, Shirts &c. Persons wishing to pur
'chase good Clothing, at exceedingly low rates,
will do well by calling on
Huntingdon, Feb. 22,1854.
Administrator's Notice.
ALL persons inlcusted, are hereby notified
that Letters of Administration. on the estate
of David Market, late of Shirley township, Hun
tingdon county, deed., have been granted to the
undersigned, who resides at Orbisonia, in said
county, and all persons having clahns or demands
against the estate of the saol decedent are re
quested to make knowit the same to the under
signed, without delay.
February 22, 1854.—Gt.
Administrator's Notice.
-r ErrEHS of Administration having been
.1j granted to the undersigned, on the estate of
ZacharlaliPheasanf, late of Union township, Hun
tingdon county, dec'd., all persons indebted will
make immediate payment, MA those having
claims will present them duly authenticated for
Feb. 22, 1254.-Ct.
Asuperior article of Burning. Fluid for sale at
the store of GEO. GWIN.
100 bushels of Ohio Cloverseed, just receiv
ed and for sale by
ATTIESII supply ofdlinglunns, Cheek, and
ji Slnunbrayi just received and Sru sale by
A FIZESII supply of Garden Seeds, from the
11 Frodonia GardenA, Just received and for sale
by .1. & W. S..XTON.
2000 Foci Or Safety Fit , . Vet:eked
and for sole by J. & W. S,XTON.
IliN. Or Cl. ji,t ,vt.viVi'.l and fo
V Hole by .1. & !... IX.TON.
Publio Salo of Land
\ TILL ho sold at Public Sale, nt the house of
V V John Janiison, Shade Gap, on WEDNES
DAY the tith day of March next, nt 2 o'clock in
the nfternoon, a piece, of land in Tell township,
containing about 106 Acres, morn or leas,
adjoining lands of John Fulton, Ilizabeth Par•
sons, James Mitchell, John SINN, and Jacob
Shoop, tibont 70 acres of it cleared-20acres now
in Rye. The above land will be sold without re
serve to close an estate.
TERMS—One third of the pnrclinse money
cash, the balance in two equal minim) payments
with interest, to be secured by bonds end mort
gage—possession end title given when Mims are
complied with. .lOIIN 5. ISETT.
Spruce Creek, Feb. 22, 1854.-3 t. .
Two Farms for Sale
I wish to sell, at private sale, two small tracts
of land, situate its Cromwell township, lluntin'g•
don county, Pa., adjoining lands of Colegate's
heirs and others. There is about Two Stun
dred and Fifty Acres in both tracts, which
were formerly one tract; over One Hundred Acres
are clearest, and lying within three miles of Slur.
leysburg and eight miles of Mount Union, on the
Pennsylvania Railroad. There is tolerable im
provements on each tract, and a good well; of
water at the door of each improvement, with Et
stream of water passing through each property,
with oboist twenty acres of meadow on both tracts.
The upland has a beautiful southern • exposure,
with limestone rock projecting to the top of the
ground. There is said to be an Ore Bank on
one of the tracts.
For further particulars, address William B.
Leas, Shirleysburg, Pa.
February 22, 118.51.4 t.
li. T. COFFEY, M. 111
A NNouNCEs to the Profession, that he Ns
opened, in the rooms adjoining his oilier, in
Burgle() Mechanical Institute,
for the application ofamtraced physiological sup-
Ports, in the treatment of Chronic Disease, and
those numerous Weaknesses and Deformities of
the body, in which support to the relaxed told
dragging organs is an important condition of cure,
and necessary to the success ofinternal treatment.
All the appliances need, are endorsed by many of
the most eminent lumbers of the Profession, and
consist, in part, of Body Braces, for Prolapses
Uteri, (or Falling of the Womb,) and the diseas
es of the Heart, Lungs, Stomach, Bowels and
weakness of the Back and Nerves, which result
from such 4 tfallhig,"—Spinal Supporters, for ev
cry rarictyorSpin affection—Chest Expanders,
to the body. and cs/artjc the Chest,—Pile
and Perineill Elevators, Hernial Trusses, etc. etc.
The increasing importance of this department of
pathology, and the difficulty the country practi
tioner has in procuring any tneelittnical nil, much
less those that net in harmony with nature,-indu
ces the nt much cost and labor, to
supply what is alike, a professional desideratum,
and necessary to gourd the public against the
imposition of UNSCILNTIFIC and INJURIOUS con
Physicians, and all others interested, are invi
ted to call and examine. Those who desire to
give Ih eir patients the auxiliary benefit of any va-
riely of scientific support, can send their patients
to the Institute for that purpose, without risk of
any niece of such rouihhquy,
A discount of 20 per cent. to the profession on
all instruments furnished them, or at their request.
A room will be fitted up specially fur Ladies,
with a Lady in attendance.
Hollidaysburg, Feb. 15, 1854.
TO ifiIFRID-31:LiNL,
The atTention of the I:Iodic:0 PrQiession in Pt.
is respectfully invited to the follownig important
facts :
„ I. Toto 1001 than two thirds oldie American
women are afflicted with Prolapses Uteri, and its
associated complaints; the result of natural deli
cacy of organization; defective physical education;
early marriages; the various accidents of preg
nancy, and Labour, and general neglect of hygi
enic measures,
'2. That as Prolapses Uteri is a displacement,
or "filling" of this organ, it necessarily involves
is like descent. or dragging of the Heart, Lungs,
Stomach, and Bowels, and that ono fundamental
condition of cure in all these ensue, is, the appli
cation of such n Physiological brace, or supporter,
as will most effectively brace the weak bock nod
withont compression, assist the relaxed and over
taxed muscles in performing their not office
of lifting, and holding in their place, the dragging
viscera of the Chest and Abdomen from the de
pressed Uterus. The observation of every Phy
sician, nod the extensive and increasing use of
abdominal supporters, (so called) furnishes con
clusive proof of this,
3. That the Supporters now in use never have
received the approval of the Profession, because,
they all, in common, act as hnothse and cavilling
clamps. compresses, :Ind ',la ring poultices, creating
a necessity for their perpetual use by restraining
the freedom and exercise of the muscles, which
they should only assist, and, nlso, aggravating
the "falling" mid dragging, by their crowding and
compressing, rather, than their bracing and dent
' tiny tendency.
4. In view of the above facts, which every Phy
sician has been compelled to feel but too keenly,
is it not the duty, as well ns the interest of the
Profession, to seek for an instrument which nets
upon established principles of pathology, and
which is at once effective, and necessary to the
success of the practitioner, and professional in its
origin and design 1
The undersigned, therefore, (Wing in accord
once with the true interests of the Profession, nod
I niter much investigation and outlay, now offers
to them an instrument which tally meets all the
above indications. The Brace invented by 1)1..
Banning of N. l'., lies alone received the appro
bation of the Alumni of the Profession, or taken
rank ns a permanent contribution to Medical
' Memo. While it sufforts the weak back and
lifts up the abdominal viscera, the undersigned,
by combining it wills a recent invention, hiss odd
est greatly to its efficiency in erecting the hod!, and
expanding Ihe chest, and these instruments sire be
lieved to fulfill creep indication that am lie deri
ved from mechanical support, while acting in
complete harmony with the forces of stature.
Desirous of hal...hieing these Braces through
the co-operation of Physicians, and being enabled
to furnish them at Manufacturers prices, you are
respectfully ',Arced to the annexed quotations :
Fine Steel Body Brace, Retail Price, $lO,OO
Silver Plated, " " " 15,00
Fine Steel Erector Brace, Retail Price, 15,00
Silver Plated " " ' 6 20,00
Twenty per cent discount off these prices to
Physic iaus.. _ - _ -
A Si•ientifie Treatise, and Descriptive Essay,
will ho sent to l'llysi,inns ' gratuitously, by ad
dressing Dr. 11. T. COFFEY,
Hollidaysburg, Pa.
February 15, 1854.
Adrantage of the Body lira,, oerr Other Sup
porters.—lst. It iv cool. id. It i. light. Oa. Its
pads can all he shifted up mid down, right or 1011,
as frequently' as the necc,ity of the mum may
require. 4th. Its great and universal flexibility.
fith. It Ltrrs rs—a Lt. ovum. Immo oowx
Ult. Its pads me four, and press on the weak
hips, and particularly on the weak bock, support
ing, yet not restraining the hotly. 7th. Its pads
being of naked horn, stimulate and harden the
muscles, while soft and cushioned ones (like
poultices) relax anti WI (11,11, through heat nod
perspiration, and soon become rancid. Bth. it is
so constituted as to admit of attaching to it any
proper spinal apparatus, and also the most per
fect pile and hernial trusses. Oth. It may com
bine with its meelianical influences the virtues of
thegalvanic battery, locally or generally Applied.
7'he Erector lio n ,' and Chest Expander, in ad
dition to the - above, makes pressure upon the
front of the shoulders, rind without constraint or
compression, erects the body, cantons TILE CTIRST,
and: promotes health, grace and beauty. It is
free front strops. bandages, on compresses, nets in
harmony with nature, and defies scientific objec
tion. For those who have weak hacks, stooped
shoulders, narrow or flattened diem! , d c A r n.,
ferule it is the best invention over presented to
the public.
lion.: or Itlrasunmixv.—For the
Brace ' draw a NM snugly around the bode, one
anti half inches below the tips of the hip hones.
over the linen—for the Erector Brace, add meas
urement around the chola, under the arm-pits,
and send the number of incl., cash accompany
ing the order, and the Brace will be sent to order,'
with ai . eNplonattry circular, and exchanged to
suit, il mom Hutt fy returned, unsoiled.
NoTHER fresh supply of Boots and Shoes,
J just received And lor soh, by
JUST received slid for sale, Mackerel, Cod
•lish, Plaster, Salt, by
J. ,
To the 110'es and Legal RepramtativutVJ..l3llL'i
LEONARD, late rf Bowe Township, in the
county ,plantiocdon, dee'd.
To o ke . notice that in pursuance °fon order of the
plums' Court of the county of Ilantmplon,
to nit Ilintietl, I will proceed to !told an %Inc,
upon the premises of the real estate IV the soil
James Leonard dcc'd., situated in Jackson tp.,
in the,' County aforesaid 011 TUESDAY, 'TOE
4TII DAY OF Arm NEXT (A. D. 1854, ) when
and where you may atten d ayou sec proper.
Sheriff's Office, Huntingdon. }
February 21, 1854.-61.
Take Notice.
9111 E undersigned having closed business, here
by gut,' notice to nll persons indebted to him
to call nail settle their accounts on or before the
first of May next, as Ito is going to leave this port
of the country; else, sill those having claims will
vesent them forsettlement. All accounts unset
tled at that time will be left in the hands of
proper ollieer tier collection.
Alexandria, Feb. 15, 1854.
THE subscribers to the stock
the Huntingdon and Bro,ol
Top Mountain Rail Rood owl
Cool Company, ore hereby re
quired to pay to the undersigned
on or before Friday the 2411, day of February,
inst., a further instalment of Five Dollars on each
nod cam , share of stock subscribed for or owned
by them respectively.
By order of the Board of Directors.
Huntingdon, Feb. 7, 1854.—8.
Executor's Notice
ETTEIIB Testamentary, on the Estate of
Joseph Work, late ut Porter township, !fun
tingdon county. deed., 111101 - 114 been grunted to
the undersigned, all persons indebted will make
immediate payment, anil those haring claims will
present them duly authenticated fur settlement.
February 15, 1854.—Gt.•
Auditor's Notice,
rpnr, undersigned, appointed by the Orphans'
Court of Huntingdon county, to distribute
the balance in the hands of the Administrators
of Joseph Stewart, late of the borough of Hun
tingdon, deed., among those entitled, still attend
for that purpose nt his office in Huntingdon, on
Saturday the 18th day of Morel next.
Huntingdon, Feb. 8,1854.-4 t.
Commission Merchants,
Nos. 23 & 25, Spear's Wharf,
John Clark, Esq., President Citizens Bank, Dalt,
A. P. Giles, Esti., Cashier. Franklin Bank, "
John Hutzler, Jr., Esq., Philadelphia.
Rogers, Sinnickson & Co., "
.1. Tome, Esq., Presd't Cecil Bonk, Port Deposit,
J. Wallower & Son, Harrisburg,
Col. 11. C. Eyer, Selinyrovo,
.f. H. App &
Nagle, Wintlgate 8: Co., Milton,
-W. W. Cooke, Esq., Money.
Simon Seligyler, Esq.,
IW. Weaver & Co., Dlontnnrovilla
T. W. I.loyd. Cashier, Williain,port
Gen. W. F. Packer.
James 11. LHling, Esq.,
Lewis G. Hu
Ale Henry & Robb, Jersey Shore.
J. I'. 1 hiling, loc k linven.
UTCA me, & Cu., hare the largest wharf
room of ,tny Cumneissinn House in Baltimore, al-
Ivor; giving quick despatch to louts in discliarg
log their enrgoes. [Feb. 8, 's4.—run.
Book and Slat iOnary House
'1'111; -.,:', _A II
Make, it profitable to sell at very
23 PARK ROW, opposite the Astor louse,
Offer one of the most extensive Stocks and cum
Ode assortments in the country of
The amount of goods in our line pun:hosed by
country merchants is usually quite small eompn•
red with their dry goods, hardware, a n d other
and this very circumstance absolutely com
pels jobbers in t i n book business, who sell no
time, to get larger profits in order to make up for
the losses and extra expenses necessarily invol
ved in n credit business of small amounts. It is
also city tin• the merchant to make arrangements
to buy his book bill for cash; though it might not
be h 0 convenient fur him to purchase his larger
bills in this way.
These considerations have led ns to adopt in
our business, from this date, January, 1854, the
following principles, viz: SMALL 'PROFITS, UNVA
Being ourselves the sole publishers of a num
ber of the lending tool most extensively-selling
School Books in the country, an well as works in
other departments, our facilities ore unsurpassed.
'Jail upon us, or send an order, and judge for
yourselves. if the saving you can make by buying
of us for cash is worth while.
Our location is very central, and easily found.
Stand on the Astor house stops, nod look st !night
forward across the corner of the Park, and you
cnnnot avoid seeing our signs. Remember,
the name is MASON BROTHERS.
Feb. 1,1854.
LIUTEE 7 2, , ,
No. G, South Third St., below Market,
1n attention of Country Buyers is called 1111, the extensive assortment or all kinds of Fin
ished Leather,
constnntll on hand and tor sale at reduced prices.
N. B. All kinds of country leather taken in
exchange for goods. [Feb. 1, 's3.—Sin.
11l Nora Third Sited, below Race,
Manufacturers and Wholesale Dealers in
Corn Brooms, Looking Oboes, Cordage,
Painted Buckets, Clocks, Wick,
Willow Baskets, Window Shades Twines,
Cedar Ware, Bristle Brushes, Matches,
Blacking. Wood and Willow Worn of all kinds ;
at the manufacturor's lowest cash prices.
JAM. BUNTON, JNO. M. 11.011'M
January 18, 185
IAL, just received
J. & W. S.
WHISKEY constantly on hand and fur sale by
the Barrel, at the cheap store of
A bonutiful assortment of Silk:Dress Patterns,
Black Silk, and Bonnet Lining, Just rcecic•
ea and for sale by J. & W. SAX•rox.
TUST received a handsome assortment a
.IDay State Shawls, Long Shawls and Square
Shawls, which we are selling quite low.
J. 6.. W. SAXTON.
PEdiFUMER 3."—A,goot , lot, of the bestott
®(bill watehes will be sold by En. SNARE
uu•cr than eliewhera.
QII.VEIt and Plated Sweets, Gold, Silver nod
k;) Mooed Speeteeles, al Ellin. 611:1Fen Jewelry
( Mutter oral Salt Spuoas, at
0 N. Clicup ..kwelry Stoic,
lAlCil_i`l'_r i 'ijil
€41,000 Renard .!
Hydro-Electric 'Voltaic Chains,
A RE fin. the first time introduced to the people
Ili of Huntingdon and Yummy, as the most con
craient, eylertual, and strictly scientific mode of
instantly relieving null permanently curing all'
Now we know that no announcement similar to
the above meets the eye of the renderalmost
and perhaps this may be classed with litany
others. lint listen or you do as ininstice. It is
claimed tint l'ulvertnacher'a Electric Chain, is
the only magnetic remedical agent that is secured
by patent, granted by this government, on the
ground that it was n strictly useful and scientifie
article. The Chains are now on exhibition at
the Crystal Palace, and attract much attention
front the thousands Minden,. visit it.
'l'llo manner of using the chains is very simple.
The chain is first moithincil with cent/son vinegar,
and then one end of the chain in applied to the
Part where the 'obit' in located, nod the other end
emesite to the first. Tho ends of the chain should
never touch ouch other. At the moment of ap
plication, Olio most unite pain is instantly relieved,
wherever it is located, by the passing through the
port a constant current of uninterrupted alectro
magnetism. In the following diseases, tin other
remedy has ever given such complete and perfect
satisfaction to the patient as Pulvermacher's
Chains: Rheumatism, Painful and swelled Joints,
Pains in the Back, Deafness, Blindness Paraly
sis, Neuralgia in the Face, Long standing Ner
vous Headache, Palpitation of the heart, (tenor
s! Dyspepsin,Female Disensen, Asthma,
Contracted Joints, Sc.
will he given to any person who will produce so
many well authenticated certificates of mare from
intelligent patients nod scientific physicians, of
time above diseases, as has been performed by t►te
use of the Electric Chain during the past year.
It is truly the feet that wherever the electric
Auxins have been introduced, bottled nostrums and
2ommon lard have greatly diminished in solo,
iticitilo having become disgusted with the practice
of using their stomachs for drag shops.
The Electric Chains are highly recommehded
by Professors Mott, Van Buren, Post and Carno
rhan, of Now York; are also in daily use in every
Hospital' in that city. The chains will last for
years, are always ready for use, nod produce no
injurious :rod., when used as irected.
The introduction of the Electric Chain into this
country is the dawn of a new era in medicine.—
During the last twenty years, it can safely he es
timated that tea thott.qoad females hare died year
ly front this one disease,
It i: well known to medical men that this com
mon disease is beyond the reach of medicine, and
that in proportion to the amount of medicine giv
en, the more the patient is doomed to suffer, and
sooner will death close the scene.
During the last 2 years note than ono thousand
enses of Prolarmq rt,ri (falling of the womb)
have been pernutnentill cured in England and
France. Alost of those cases were ladies of high
stnntling, who bad previously tried all otherkintls
of treatment with no benefit. Among the distin
guished lathes that have been cured in Paris is the
present Queen of France. In this country, du
ring the last year, oar hoondad eases have been
cored in the city of New York, many who have
allowed their:limes to be published for the bene
fit of those suffering with similar cotnplaints.—
The mode of use is simply to apply ono end of a
:30 link chain to the spine just above the hips, and
the other end upon the abdomen, and allow the
chain to remain for one hoar. This tube repent
ed for a • times during the twenty-four hours.
The Electric Chains never fail to relieve the
seri, poiiis and swelling incident to this disease.
The Worst forms of thistlisease itendily yield to a
few applications of n chain, and in no single in
stance have they litiled to give instant relief, if
they did not effect a permanent cure. All persons
who nee victims of this ttsmd winter complaint,
nee kindly invited to call and obtain a pionplilet
of HORACE W;smfrui..\gcnt for Hun
tingdon county, who will also explain their mode
of use,
The eTeet is chains can be sent by mail to any
part 01 the United Ftates, by addressing (post
paid) n:iy of the agents in the priceipal cities, or
Joseph Steinert, 568, Broadway New York.
Gen. Agent, 568 Broadway, N. Y.
.7annary 18, 1854.-ly. •
Late Arrival of New Goods.
A large lot of barrel Delam. Persian Twills,
Domestic and French Ginghaws, Alpacens, sack
Flannels, Tweeds and Limeys, brown and blench
ed muslins, a large stock of ribbons, and a hand
some assortment of dress goods lbr ladies and
gentlemen. Fur style and price can't be beat, far
sale at GEO. GWIN'S Store,
50 kegs Rock Powder on hand and for side nt
the store of GE O. GIVIN.
50 sacks Ground Annul Snit ingt arrived and
fur safe at GEI). GWIX'S Store.
50 barrelg Conenunigli Safi in More ninl fn• sae
A late arrival of English and 'Emileh Merinos
for sale low at the store of CEO. GITIN.
100 kegs Nails and Spikes for sale by the keg
or pound, at GEO. GNU'S Store.
500 lbs. Cast Steel for drills and sledges, for
sale itt the store of (IWJX.
5000 feet Safety fuse for sato nt the stare a
:100 pieces cutlet>, new styles nail patterns, of
good quality, sold law at the store of
Fluid lamps. n large and handsome assortment
fur mle at GEO. GIVIN'S Store.
Jam 4, 1854.
Last Arrival
'irAt:ll: & 'WINT-T1T..0601,i0.
LTAS just returned front the Eastern Cities, and
AI is now opening, at the old sm u t, in Market
Square, a large and splendid [lmminent of new
and fashionable goods, for fall and winter, con
sisting of
French Cloth ' Double Milled Block and Fancy
Cassimers, Sattinetto, Meriuocs, Dn
Coburgh De Laines, Flannels, Wool
and Cotton, Brown and Bleached
'Unsling, and a variety of goods
of all kinds usually kept
in a country store
and fl great vmtorry or• TI7III3IINOR suitable for
A Large Assortment of Groceries,
Hard ware,Quecnsware, and
Hats, Caps, Boots and Shoes,
1111101 And Tippets.
The public are respectfully invited to call and
examine toy stork, no I am determined not to ho
undersold by any home M town.
Feeling thankful for the encouragement be line
'Tech ed, hopes by strict attention to business to
merit a continuance of the same.
Huntingdon, Oct. 12, 1833
and for sale
g3C 6 ;7 1 377 VA I DYN-1)
Attorneys at Y.-.w,
°nice same as that formerly occupied by John
Om in, 1853.
I..upET BAGS and MUFFS, ja,l rvreivol
kj and fur sale by J. & W. iSANTON.
JUST received a beautiful assortment of Scol
iped and Plain Velvet Ribbons, bv
.1. & \V. SAXTON.
SAXT( has jot reveived another
• fresh supply of FALL too WINTER
uhieh they our deterniincrl to soli at lower priers
than l'e Perchssetl at any otherestablistoneut.
tii re us a will,
r 1 ir.;
Represented by Lewis, James Co.,
135 South Front Street,
Orders thunk fully receired—pitnctnally intend
ed to, guaranteed to give sntisfaction, and uttered
for sale on the most liberal terms.
For samples and particulars, please address as
above. IJan. 18, 1851.-3 m.
91111 7 : under-signed would herewith friendly and
most earnestly invite all persons who are in
debted to him tor medical attendance, to COMP (In
ward and settle their accounts; owl Its would fur
ther give notice to those, whose accounts may
still remain unsettled till'cr the first day of March
next, that exhausted patience and already too
long extended indulgence must then compel him
to have the same collected in a legal way.
J. B. LL'DEN; B. I)
limit. Dec. 14, '53
C. MeCI GI. returns his thanks
- 1 -.• to his friends and the public ir;s7
for their veer liberal patronage, and kx.
hopes by strict attention to business + " 'OF
to merit a continuance +3f the same, hi all kiudn of
Castinus, Cooking Stoves ' Air-Tight, ? odor, ,
Ten Plate Wood and Con! Stoves,
of various si
res, and all kinds of Ploughs: the Ltine.ster and
the Plank Masker patterns, and Keystone No.
4 Self-sharpening mul 11111 side Ploughs, and
Shears to suit till kinds of Ploughs in the country;
anal Forge Castings, Grist and Saw
mill Castings, Lewistown Threshing Machine
Patterns, and the four horse nod two horse power
of elitimbersburg patterns; and all other kinds of
castings ioo numerous to mention, all of which
will be sold cheaper than ever for cash and all
kinds of country produce. Also, old mettle taken
in exchange for castings.
Iluntingdon, November 9, 11 , 53.
I signed three notes as security for J. Sansom
Smith; one for one hundred and fifty dollars, and
the o ther two, one hundred dollars each, dated
the 10th day of December, 185 U. The induce
:news under which I agreed to become bail in said
notes, proving delusive by the action of the said
parties, I therefore hereby give notice that I will
not be held responsible as bail, or pay them, un
less compelled by due courso . of law.
MEL smun
Union twp., Nov. 2, 1853.
'Grocery, Confectionary, Bakery,
CAYSlttrt SALOOff..,
HENRY J. 'Mal :A, 1.1111 respectfully In
vita the public to call at his establishment
in Railroad Street, whore all those who need any
good Bread, Rusk, or nny other kind of Cakes
found nt a Bakery, may bo supplied.
Ile has just`receivcd a very large and fresh
supply of Fruit and Confectionaries, such as
Oranges, Lemons, Raisins, Nuts, ac.,
and a large stock of TOYS.
Be ret;eivesly from the city of Baltimore,
the hest OYSTERS that van lie found. Those
in Want of prime 'shellfish,' can lio accommoda
ted by calling at the saloon. Ito has fitted hp
saloon expressly for the Ladies.
Thankful to the public for past favors, lie hopes
by strict attention to business to merit a continu
ance of the sonic.
Oct. 12, '53,
TEE sab cribcr has on Itantl French Burr
M idl stoates of curious. sizes, which lie
will warrant to be ofsuperior quality, aud at re.
somtble prices.
Ve..Orderi by mail promptly nttenile,l tn.
W.. 11. KEPNER,
ITnrrisburg, Oct. s,'sB.—Gm.
11 ADUATE of the 17niversity of Maryland,
VT On connection with Dr. James O. Ligutner)
Lacing permanently located in Shirleyslotru, re
spectfully offers his professional services to the
citizens of that place and adjacent country.
Oct. 5,'53.—Gm.
HAVING received n new and splendid dock
are now prepared to accommodate all who may
give us n call, with Gum, BA ROM:CS. Ourstock
consists of n large nssortmont at
Dry-Goods, Groceries, Mard-Ware,
Queensware, Ilosieries,
ntol in short, everything that is necessary to eon•
stitnte a Country Store.
Contractors rind others, desiring to parehaso,
will lied it to their interest to givens a call before
purehnsing elsewhere, . no arc determined to
sat, our goods (wholesale or retail) at low and
reduced mires.
Portstown, November it, 1853.
rd are roe eriem,
Fancy Goods, Notions, Drugs, Paints,
Oils, Hats, Caps, Boots, 81► ors, &c.,
At James Bricker's Store,
Widell are olrered at the lowest prices, also re
ceiving a largo supply of CANDIES, which
will be sold at wholesale price sat low as 14 , cts.
face lh. Also, Fruits, Granges, Lemons, lids
ins, Figs, &c. All of which have been bought
with great care ' and on the best terms, and will
he sold low for Cash or to punctual customers.
I flatter myself that 1 can and will sell Goods low
as they can he bought for in this neighborhood.
My friends are requested to call and examine for
thewelves, feeling confident that those who do
so cannot go sway without buying. Ladies and
Gentlemen Of this neighborhood believe me when
I Say that great pains have been taken to get such
goods as you admire.
Store on Hill street, opposite the JOURNAL.
Orra ,, E.
HIIIIIiIIOOII, Oct. 19,'53.
10,000 ]looks,.°l7ofra N e embracin g („C","
every variety usually kept in a l'hil, •
rulelphia Book Store—the subscriber has added
to his Now CIIV:Ar BOOK STOKE, oppo,ito Whit
taker's Hotel, Railroad street, Huntingdon, Pa,
. . . .
Particular attention is invited 40 his extensive
and splendid stockof plain and fancy Stationary,
Blank Books, Minnorandunis, Diaries, for 1954,
&c. _
Ile has purchased SCOOOL BOORS ott such
terms to enable him to sell them cheaper, Whole
sale and Retail, than any store in the county.
_ .
flarper's Magazine, Godey's Lady's * Book,
and choap publications kept constantly on hand.
Thepublic will please call nod examine for
themselves. MI. COLON:
iitWiftlgOn, Oct. 19, '53,
At David P. (Win's Now Store.
1), i l e 'L l ' . fi s l ju " s d t s re a ttn tl et e l l iiott
Philadelphia,and is now opening at the corner
of Bill and Bath streets, opposite Coats' Frank
A largo and beautiful assortment of
TIM 400.710. r
Consisting of Cloths, Cassimors, Black and Fan ,
cy Caesinetts, Woolen Goods, Silks, Fancy
nod Black Bongo do Lain., De
Debains, Fronds Merinoes, Coburgh
Cloths. Flannels,CottonFlan
. nolo White ad Colored,
Ginglianu, Linens, Muslins : and a largo • lot of
)'tints of all styles. _ _ _
Also, Carpets, Oil Cloths, Hats nnil Cops, Boots
and Shoca, Groceries of alt kinils. Queens
ware, 1 itirdwarejkli :1111.1 Salt.
. •
The public ate respactially invited to call nail
examino my Wogs, as 1 am ,leturmiaccito son
thorn CHEAP. _ . .
All kinds of country Proßttee taken in exchange
fin. Goods et the highest market prices.
Iluntingtiog, Oct. 12, 1853.
GoLD C 11.1ISS —A fine variety for sole, we
ry low, at lion,
; , 11, ' * E '
.1;4 , t i''l42Pj l l 1 --4'l
••• wwww., , ...; , ..,>....Vir•iiiiiiing
New Arrival of Pall and iVinter
Goods at the Elephant.
A LENANDER CAMITON, has just returned
11 frmn tie East, with a fall and complete se
lection of Fall nail Winter Goods, which me now
arranged fur examination and sale, at his store.
opposite the Railroad lintel. The stock has all
been bought ItiOllT and as a mutter • of course
will be sold cheap for CAS,,.
The stock consists a
Oaths, Cosion,rs, CashinerM3, ScaintiM,
tales, Brown and Mead" d Sothis,
.Shure/s, ScaVir,liron•n and Blench
ed Aluslins, Chrrks, Tiolingq,Cru3b,
Canton and II oolcO Flannels,
and inning uthor goods too
7111111 red's in mention.
Prints is abundance, MMus do Loners, tiorilte drt
Twines Silk Tsui, Foreign and Alnerfran Ging
&Has, ,Ifousc de dirge,Lustres,6T.
Ilats, and Caps, Boots and Shoes,
Hardware. Queensware,
Thillikfiil for past favors, the public generally
are invited to call and examine the splendid sl e d,
now on hand, which in variety.quality, prkt,
will compare with any ever exhibited iu town.
Oct. 19, 'Ol.
The Ancient Borough.
j Y./ 5 'Tj (!)
It As
HOOTS and SHOES, evert e44x.„,
opened in this county. Ile also has
a large and splendid assortment of
Hata and Caps,
of most faslitonable styles. Also, Duties'
and ChiWrens' woolen hose. Carpet 8ag3,1144m1
Trunks, &e., for the travelling community. Also
a great variety of useful articles too numerous to
The public are respectfully invited to call and
examine the stock. Ile is determined to sell as
CHEAT', if not cheaper than nay other establish
ment in the county.
Store on Hill street, opposite Snyder's Cheep
Clothing Store. _ _
CZ ... CA.. AND tx.tmlxE Tun 5T0CK..2,0
26, '53.
Mountain Female Seminary
Mountain Female Seminary at Binning-
I ham, Huntingdon county,Pa., on the Penn
sylvania Railroad, occupies ono of the most
healthy and desirable locations in the State.—
Strangers visiting the Institution hsvc unhe,i
tatingly expressed the opinion, that it so easy of
access, retired, hellthful, anti snrrounded with
such romantic mountain scenery, that no ono
_who wishes to learn, could find an institution
more favorably situated. Past success and fu
, ture prospects have induced us to greatly enlarge
our plans, end enabled us to give such compensa
tion to teachers as will command those possess
ing the highest qualifications.
Cost, per term of 22 weeks, varies from $55 to
$6O, for which good accommodations will lie giv
en. Music, French, Latin, Painting, &e.,extra.
Pupils front abroad are expected to board in
tint Setninary building with the Principal, who
gives hisentire attention to the interest of tha
Institution. ISRAEL W. WARD,
Oct. 5. 1833, Principal.
MMITE ,al,,criber offers, nt private sale. vnlaa
-1 hie tract of and, situate in Hill Valley, Shir
ley township, Huntingdon county, containing
about Two Hundred Acres. About fifty
terra of this tract is cleared end in good till:lido
order, havi ng thereon erected a comfortable Stone
Dwelling House, Stabling, f.c.
There is also a good spring of Water on the
premises, near the dwelling house.
The land is of n good quality, part being strong
limestone, and an industrious man could not toil
to do well on it. It is situated about six miles
from Mount Union, where the Pennsylvania Rail
Road and Canal pass, and will be sold at a very
moderato price.
'rests or PAY MENT.—One half in band, and
the balance in two equal annual payments.
For further information :Wrests the subscriber,
at Shirleysburg, I'. 0., Huntingdon Co.. Pa.
October 12,
1 Gothic, nod other Clocks, C ro o t t • m a
cheap, at Etfin. Snore's Jewelry Store,
i tALy.„ AN w.rivrzi,
1..(;1111/1111i \ -1:Li. )
uAs just returned from the east with a large
and splendid assortment of
Fall and Winter Goods,
for men and boys, made in the latest litshion and
in the most durable manner. Who ever wonts
to be dressed better and cheaper than anybody
else in town, let him call at Wn.t.nuctitni"s
CHEAP CLOTHING STomt,one door west of T.
Read & Son's drug store, Huntingdon.
(4401 mid sec for•purseives.
Oct. 5, 1852.
HOUSEKEEPERS study your interests, wily
go to Auction and pay extravagant prices-for
half-rondo Funtgivrec Call at No. 1, North
NINTEI street, and examine the largest assort
ment of the best made Furniture and Bedding in
the city, Feather Beds, Ilair, Husk, and Straw
Mattresses; a large assortment of limey What
nots, Salle Tables, marble tops, and Washstands;
Walnut and Mahogany French Tete-a-tetes, Di
vans, Wardrobes, Bookcases; French Bedsteads;
Fancy Stuffed Seat, Cano sent, Windsor, and of
fice Chairs, Counting-house, nod crate-sent Stools,
Settee and Arm-chair Cushions; Cottage furni
ture made in every style and color; Sofa Beds and
Lounges, wholesale and retail, and wgrranted to
give satisfaction, and sold at the lowest prices.
Sep. 28, 1853.-ly • •
The subscriber has placed on the road lending
front Mill Creek to Cassville a line of flacks to
run from the latter place to the former, on Wed
nesdays and Saturdays. Leaving Cassville in the
morning of each day returning in the afternoon.
The accommodations are coudbrtuble and the
fare is very low. GEO. SMITH..
Cassville, Sop. 21,':.:1.
J. 8. GRIFFITH, M, D.,
Huntingdon, Pa,,
Graduate of the University of Pa., offers his
professional service to the citizens of Huntingdon
and adjacent country.
Bun:nu:cm; :—liedical Faculty of University,
of Pa., Physicians and Surgeons of the Pennsyl
vania Hospital and Dr. Jacob Hotline.
Office, No. 189 7 Minn Street, along with Dr
Hoffman. July 13,1853.
10% Market Street,
Fancy Goode and Trimmings, Combs and
Brushes, .at CAI4II PRICES,
Sept. 7, 'hB.-Gin
Store, 29 N. 3rd St. Philadelphia,
Morrocco Mnoufacturers, Curt icrs, Importers,
Couunissien General Leatber Busiccss,
IVfiolesak, and Retail.
Munurdetory 15 Margaretut Street.
An, 24, '53.-Iv.
DORT MONNAIES from t:5 vents up to $2
A at Ed. Snares, April nt.