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    The Pacific Railroad.
We are credibly informed that Mr. Hexer
33. Reortitc, of this State ' has 1/0001110 connec
ted with Messrs. Walker, Chatfield &Aslimun's
moonshine project for making money in Nei.
fir Railroad atock. Mr. Stanton will thus con
tinue the career, in the course of which he has
veriously figured as an Abolitionist, a leader of
the Liberty party, a Freesoiler, a Barnburner
and a pro-slavery Democrat, by assuming the
[auctions of a lobby-agent and buyer.up of
newspapere, and Congressmen, etcetera, to be.
half of that great echeine for the transfer of
money from the pockets of those who have it
not. We congratulate the Company on the
nequisition of a gentleman so well qualified
for their service; and we congratulate the new
anent on having passed front political life, in
+-illicit he could shine no longer, into a station
where his genius is sure to find ample room
and verge enough.
The New York Atlantic and Pacific Rail
road Company owes its existence in great part
o f Mr. LEVI S. CHATFIELD, 48 President, who
a, Attorney General of: the State has rendered
his name illustrious. lie got the charter
through at the extra session of the Legislature
last seamier, and a very bad character it is,
for every other purpose except selling stock,
and for that it may be good enough. Mr. Chat.
field being a Jeffersonian democrat, was na
turally led to adorn his charter with a demo.
cratic clause rendering all and each of the
stockholders personally liable for the debts of
the Company. This, however, need not alarm
small stockholders, or it is not likely that the
Company will ever owe any debts to any body,
since heavy capitalists like Mr. R. J. Walker
have come forward and subscribed let: mil
lions apiece, whereby the Directors will always
have lots of cash at command and can flail
John Randolph's maxim of "pay ns you go."
Another objectionable feature of this charter is
this. that like Aaron's rod, it swallows all oth
era that may be granted by other States, and
excludes Missouri, Arkansas, Texas and Cali
fornia from any share in the management of
an enterprise which they moot all be asked to
charter and assist. How far those States are
likely to grant charters merely for the pleasure
cf seeing them merged in a gigantic New York
Company, and how far they are likely to give
land to a body of capitalists, who have a hun
dred millions already in hand, and ate mem
cordingly perfectly able to carry through the
work without any such subsidy, is a question
to every body but Messrs. Walker, Chatfield &
Co., with their agent Mr. Stanton. They know
liow'to manage Legislatures; but we trust that
in their future dealings with those bodies, they
will take good care tiiavoid everything like Is
personal liability clause.
The line of this splendid speculation is in
.geniously devised. It begins at St. Louis, in
order to secure the support of Westerm men,
and head off Col. Benton; it runs down through
Arkansas to Marshall, in Texas, and thence
West to El Paso, in order to secure the sop
port of the slave States, which wont no Pacific
yearend throngli free territory; thence it passes
through the north of Chihuahua and Sonora,
—by virtue of a special grant obtained or to
be obtained from Gen. Santa 7 Anna, for a con
sideration,—running as near the northern
boundary of Mexico as possible, in order to
secure the support of' G.. Pierce and of Con
gress. as the best and cheapest means of pre
ventine Inalan depredations in that quarter,
and fulfilling the treat? of Guadalupe Hidalgo;
nod, finally, it reaches' San Diego, on the Pa
eine, end runs up to San Francisco, having
token the longest possible course from St. Lou
is to the Western emporium, the shortest,
ever, es it is believed, to the Treasury of the
Federal Government, and the pockets of those
who are to buy the stock at second band.
Tire nominal capital, en which this enter.
prize is brought befire the pub:le, is a In:ln
deed millions of dollars; the real ceeitel, is
nothing, or ns near thereto es poesible. At
first it was not intended to cell in any pert of
the subscriptions, hut finally, the observations
which several Journals thought proper to melee
on the speculation, and certain regard fur pub
lic opinion, seemed to render it necessary to
call in something, and accordingly an assess
men was laid to the enormous amount of ofze
min on a This it is supposed, is all
that will ever Lc necessary for any stockholder
to pay.
The relied on to give consistence end
respectability to the undertaking, gifts Ire of
lands to be procured from the Federal Govern
meat and from the State of Texas, with a fat
mail contract for a long series of years. With
n sufficient ntunber of millions of acres, and ft
mail contract of from three to five million dol
lars yearly for fifty years, it is probable that
the Sleek, having cost its authors and holders
exactly ono mill all the dollar, will rise to some
thing substantial. Supposing it rises to only
twenty dollars a share, the portion of Mr. R.
J. Walker will fetch the sum of two millions,
affording the pleasant little profit of one million,
nine hundred and ninety thousand dollars,—
which would go far toward . paying off the re
pudiated debt of Mississippea purpose his pat
riotism would naturally lead him to devote it
• to. Or, if lie should prefer to keep the, shares
till the lands were sold, money borrowed on
the bonds of the Company, and the road actual
ly completed—supposing he could live to the
eenerable age which that would imply,—he
would then be the owner of ten millions of
stock above par, and paying as great n divi
dend, as ever was expected from Law's Missis
sippi scheme or the great South Sea bubble.
Such are the general features of a plan
which already holds out glittering temetations
to the gentlemen of the press; nod will soon
appear with big bribes in hand at the doors of
r Congress. These bribes ore not offered in
ready money, but in this wonderful stock itself.
We have not the slightest doubt that any re
spectable journalist, who wishes to sell himself.
may obtain from five thousand to two hundred
thousand dollars, according as lie is slurp at a
bargain. For the honor of the profession, we
trust that no one will take less than the latter
sum. As for the price of a Congressman, or
nn Executive official, we have no advice to
give; and besides, there is no reason to doubt
that the commodity will be held up to its trill
marls . ! value, especially as the sellers are well
aware that the arligle given in exchange costs
the buyers nothing.
We add, for the information of throne who are
green. in such matters, that they are sometimes
arranged without the actual delivery of the
scrip; the journalist or official gets hie:cite/me
in stock, but in order to nave trouble the party
furnishing it takes it off his hands at once and
pays down the premium he might expect to
fret eon it in the market. • This anode of trans
acting the business also affords an opportunity
of reporting a movement in the stock. Thus
A gives B a thousand shores for service rent
tiered or to be rendered to the Company,
and at the same flute brings with bier his!
friend C, who buys them of
,B at per cent.
premium, or such other rate as the elate
of the Market willjastife. Thus B receives
$5OO or $l,OOO withoet .a stroke of a pen,
and it is reported next cloy as a Lanai:4e sale
at an advanced price.
The mere exposure of such n project ought
to suffice for its extinction, and there are indi
cations that the public judgement is not mis
led with regard to it. Not one respectable
journal has yet been found to lend itself to the
scheme,—and we Care say it has not been for
want of solicitation and proposals,—while an
honorable war has been declared against it in
many quarters. In Congress too, it has to en
counter the redoubtable opposition of Col. Ben
ton, Gen. gild* anti other gentlemen who can
not be seduced by the allurements of the most
brilliant speculation in moonshine shares.—
But its supporters are active, their power of in
vention and intrigue great, their offers lavish,
and unless public attention is kept alive to tire
subject. their project May become a noted
motet formidable hindrance in the way of a
genuine Pacific railroad enterprise than the
real friends of that great national desiOeretten
now imagine.
It is earnestly to be hoped that the next see
stun of Congrees should not pass by without
the adoption of sonic honest and praetienble
plan for the beildinT of tho real The hem.
,ty is sign nt, tisr the *. , *.serf o: mb, el-
can sent out to explore, there will be little dif
nculty in determining which is the most easy
and advantageous route. What is the Lest
mode of getting the work accomplished will not
sci readily be agreed on, but it is certitin that
in one form or nnother the either the Govern
ment must be had. On this head there is OIN
suggestion which may well be borrowed from
the plan of ASA WHITNEY, a man oflarge mind
and noble ideas, with whom - the Pacific Rail
road seas something inure than a stock specu
lation. Mr. Whitney proposed that the road
should be built from the proceeds of public
lands, and that having thus been constructed
from the property of the whole country, it
should not be converted into a source of private
gain, but that the charges for passage and tran
sportation should be so reduced as simply to
suffice for running expenses and repairs.—
Here is a sound principle: so fares the road
is built by the money of subscribers, actually
paid in and used in the work, it ought to pay
n profit like any other private enterprize; but
if three-quarters or seven-eights of the means
of building it are derived from the Federal
Government, it Ought, so fur, to be held as pub
lic property, open to the public use at rates
similar to those contemplated in the Whitney
project. The cheapness of transportation thus
attained would immensely enhance the public
benefits of the work, and add moral grandeur
to its collossal magnitude as an industrial en
terprise.—N. I'. Tribune.
Tral3 D.l.4\afirrfi.
Nov. 29, 1853.
Flour per bbl., $6.00 n 50,00
Clover Seed, per bu., 7,00
Red Wheat. per be., l,OO
White \Vilma, per bu.. 1,30
Rye, per ho 75
per lot GO
Buckwheat, per bu 50
Oats, per bit 44
Flaxseed. per lot 1 00
liar, per ton 8 00
Butter, per Lb., 15
Nov. 26, 1853.
Flour Ter i i i 87 00
Corn Meal 3 64
White Whent, per be 1 60
Coro, 60
ThousandAof Parents who use Vermifuge com
posed of Castor oil, Calomel. he., are not aware,
that while they appear to benefit the patient. they
ere actually laying the foundations for n series of
discuses, such as salivation, loss of sight, weak
ness of limbs,
In another column will be found the advertise
ment of Holionsack's Medicines, to which we ask
the attention of all directly interested in their own
as well as their Children's health. In Liver
Complaints and all (lit:orders arising from those
of a billions type, should make use of the only
gcnnine medicine, Hobensack's Liver Pills.
1751'.' Benet Deceived," Ina ask liar thibensack's
Worm Syrup and Liver Pills, and observe that
each has the signature of the Proprietor. J. N.
HOBIhNSACK'S, us none else are genuine.
iF e r "I DIGEST !" Scan Is TILE TRUE
MEANING of the word • •PEPSIN; or of the two
Greek words from which it is derived. This is
the significant and appropriate title of the Tare
Dfccsmc FLuto. or GASTRIC Jcion, prepared
by Dr. J. S. llocouToN, of Philadelphia, from
the fourth stumoch of the Ox, fin• the cure of In
' digestion and Dyspepsia. It is Nature's own
remedy fur un unhealthy Stomach. No art of
man can equal its curative powers. It renders
0000 k,rixo perfectly consistent with HEALTH.
See the figure of the Ox, in another part of this
On the l•t-th inst., by the Rev. William Find
ley, .Ton;: S. FAIRMAti, formerly of this place,
to Miss MARGARET J. SCEIE, of Prospect, Pa.
At his residence is Massessburg, Barren
township, on Friday the 18th inst., MORDECAI
Mossy, M. I)., of Typhoid fever, aged 73 years.
The deceased wns a physician of known skill.
and had practised his profession with great sue
revs in the neighborhood in which he lived and
died, for a period of thirty-five years, and his
loss will be severely felt by the public. He
was, aside from his professional character and
reputation, a man of integrity and worth,--of
great urbanity of demeanor. and of kind and
benevolent disposition. All who knew him,
will mourn his loss as a friend and neighbor,
whilst those more nearly connected by the ties
of nature. will feel a more overwhelming sense
of C.
I N pursuance of an Order of the Orphans' Court
of Huntingdon county, the undersigned Trus
tee appointed to make oale of the Real Estate of
William Corbin, Into of Clay township, in said
county, deceased, will enpoce the same to Public
Sale, on the premises, on SATLIDWY, run 24T11
DAY OP DECENDUM, 1853, at I I o'clock, A. M.,
described ns follows, to wit
. . .
A plantation or tract of land, situate in the
township of Clay, in said count, adjoining lands
of Martin Grissinger on the South, of Michael
Bernd°llar on the West, of Charles Carson on
the North, of William McLain and others on the
East, containing 213 Acres, be the same more
or less, having thereon erected a Saw Mill, two
Dwelling Houses, two Log Barns, wagon shed,
corn-crib, amble, and other buildings, of which
said land about 160 Acres are cleared, with two
Apple Orchards thereon. Also, another tract or
parcel of land claimed by said Intestate at his de
cease, adjoining the land last described, and land
of Christopher Favorite's heirs, containing about
120 Acres, on which there is a small improve
Tgnsts or SALE.—One third of the purchaFe
money to bo paid on the confirmation of the sale,
one third in ono year thereafter with interest,
and the remaining third at the death of the wid
ow of said deed., the interest of which is to be
paid to her yearly and regularly during her
to be secured by the bonds and mortgage of the
purchaser. ROBERT MADDEN,
Nor. 30, '53.-3t. Trustee.
Auditor's Notice
riIHE undersigned Auditor, appointed by the
Court of Common Pleas of lien tingdon'coun
ty, to distribute the moneys in the hands of John
Shover, Esq., late Sheriff of said county, arising
out of the Sheriff's sale of the real estate of John
C•, and &ebb Rinse!, which, b}• a former report,
was appropriated genernlly in satisihetion of tho
Recognizance in the Orphans' Donn of said
county, of the said John C. and Jacob Kinsel to
the widow and heirs of John Kinsel, deed., will
nttend to the ditties of his said appointment on
FRIDAY, THE ffOru DAY or Duct:sun. NEXT, at
one o'clock P. M.; at his Office in the borough
of Huntingdon, when all interested may intend.
JOHN REED, Auditor.
November 50, isn3.-4t.
Patent Salamander Fire and Thiot
Proof Safes.
PIIILADELPIII.t, Oct. 14, 1853,
Messrs. Evans & Watson, No. 83 Dock street.
GEBTILESIEW gives us great pleasure to in
form you, that in the fire which destroyed the
store and office °four establishment on the morn
ing of the 12th inst., the Salamander Safe, man
ufactured be yon, preserved our books and papers
entirely uninjured; in fact, they were in as per
fect condition after the fire ns they were before it.
Will you please be good enough to hare the safe
door repaired, as it is very much warped, when
we will put it in use again, 'Wing great confidence
in the Fire and Thiel-proof qualities of your
Safes. Yours, respectfully.
No. 283 North Fifth street.
Cir Evans & Watson Imre a large assortment
of SALAMANDER SAFES on band, nt No 28
South FOURTH Street, between Market and
Chesnut, west side, late No. 83 Dock street.
Nov. 30, 1853,-31.
Ki ln lbs. of Coil Fish, just received and fo
eaie by J. & W. Svcrox.
.inst rereired
Rol ale.SForn,
For Sale or Real,
The Shirleysborg Female Seminary.
.tri FIE Trnstces said Fenrinery having fully
-IL tested the system of managing and .1'01.2
on en Institution of the kind on the joint stork
principle, and finding it vexations rind inefficient:
And believing. moreover, thee in the hands. end
under the control of one individual, matters of
this kind ace managed with more facility, and to
much greater Advantage. do therefore offer et pri
vate sole the said senrinerY, together with the
appurtenances thertinto belonging; to he used for
the sole purpose of carrying nn a Seminary of
lemming for youhg ladies, and for no other pur
pose whatever.
The buildings are new and in good taste; and
are shunted nn a bentatiful and commanding emi
nence, nflbrding an extensive view of the sur
rounding scenery. The country around is be
coming densely settled, and en eagerness for
instruction manifested, on the part of the commu
nity, nide!, exclusive of foreign aid, render pa
tronage to the Institution, certnin. The health
(lllness of the situation is proverbially good, and
the morality of the citizens will compere favora
bly with that of any other section of country.
Tn .y person Wishing to pursue the business
of teaching, and controlling an Institution of the
kind, this would, rertatniy, he a most desirable
investment. The School is now in a prosperous
condition, having from twenty-five to thirty (25
to 3U) pupils in attendance; and from its immedi
ate proximity to the Male Academy, now in sue-
cessful operation in the some place. it enjoys all
the advantages to be derived from the scientific
and philosophical apparatus belonging to said
Academy, and the lectures and illustrations con
nected therewith.
For further particulars, address a note to cid,
er of the subscribers, living in the borough of
'By order of the Board,
Wit. B. LEAs, Seery.
N. IL If the above property is not sold before
the lot day of January next, it will then he for
rent. [Nov. 30, 1853.
I N pursuance of an Order of the Orphans, Court
of Huntingdon county, there 'will be exposed
to Public Sale on the premises on
at 10 o'clock, A. N., All that certain plantation
or tract of land situate in West township, in said
county, adjoining lands of Jacob Neff on the
South-west, J. J. Ross on the South, John Stry
ker on the East. and Shavers' Creek and ft small
lot in the occupancy of the widow of Daniel Neff,
late of said township, deceased, on the North,
containingabont One Hundred and Eigh
ty' Acres, One Hundred and Thirty Acres of
which are under cultivation, thereon erected are
a two storied stone house, a frame barn, and oth
er out buildings. To be sold as the property of '
the said Daniel Neff, deceased.
Timm or• SALE.—One-third of the purchase
money to bo paid on confirmation of the sale, one
third within one year thereafter with interest. and
the residue at the decease of said Widow, and the
interest of the said one-third to he paid to said
Widow annually during her life-time, the unpaid
part to be secured by the bonds and mortgage of
the purchaser. GEORGE nonsT,
November 30,18.13.-3 t.
or The Lewistown "Democrat" will please
publish three times and send bill to this Mike.
BY virtue of An Order of the Orphans' Court
of Hunting/lon county, there will he sold at
Public Vendor or out-cry, on the promises, on
the following described Real Emote, situated in
Black Log Valley, in the township of Shirley, in
the county of Huntingdon. the property of Thom
as Crownoner. late of the township and county
aforesaid, dee'd., to wit: A certain messnage
and tract of land situate as aforesaid, in Black
Log Valley, in the township of Shirley, In the
county of Huntingdon, adjoining lands of Peter
Crownover on the West and South, lands now
owned by Wm. Barclay on the East, and on the
South-east by land of Joseph Gifford, containing
60 Acres, more or less, about ten acres of
which are cleared, with a good Log Dwell. :•
ing House and a Gntsv and Saw Mitt.
thereon erected, with the appurtenances.
TERMS OP SALE.—One fourth of the purchase
money to be paid on the Erst day of April next,
and the residue in three equal annunl payments
with interest, to he secured by the bonds and
mortgave of the purchaser.
'lithe property is not sold, it will be offered for
rent. for one or more years, nt the time and place
above mentioned.
Sale to commence at 12 o'clock, noon, of said
day, when attendance, &c. ' will he given by
Adm. of Thos. Crownover, dec'd.
November 23, 1853.—5 t.
New Furniture Ware Room.
TVIE subscriber respectfully informs the pub.
lie uenerallv. that he has opened in the front
room of the residence of P. C. Swoope. (lately
the Postotlice,) at new Furniture Wnrcroom,
where every article of hence-hold Furniture can
be parch:mil at reasonable prices—such as bu
reaus, tables, clinics, he., &e.
Huntingdon, Nov. 15, 1853.
DY virtue of an Order of the Orphans' Court of
Huntingdon comity, the undersigned will ex
pose at Public Vend. or Out Cry, on the prem
ises, on WED..., December 33st, 1053, the
following Real Estate, late of Henry L. Keister,
deceased, viz
A certain messuage, tenement, plantation, or
tract of land bounded and described as follows,
vie : bounded on the East by lands of Jacob E.
Bore, on the South by lands of I3eMamin Sellers,
on the West by lends of Elliot Ramsey, and on
the North by lends of John Long, nod having
thereon erected a Two Story L. loose and
Log Barn, and containing about 1.07 Acres,
more or less, nod being the same tract of land
upon which Henry L. Keister resided at the time
of his death, situate in the township of Spring
field, Huntingdon county.
Tensts or Senn.—One third of the purchase
money to he paid on confirmation of the solo, and
the residue in two equnl annual payments there
after with interest, to he secured by the bonds
and mortgage of the purchaser.
Executor of Ilenry L. Keister.
Nov. 16. '53.-3t.
HAVING received n new end splendid stock
are now prepared to accommodate elf who any
Site us a coil, with GREAT BARGAINS. Our stock
consists or a larg.. assortment of
Dry-Goods, Groceries, Hard-Ware,
Queensware, Hosieries,
and in short, ererytlting that is necessary to con.
stitute a Country Store.
Contractors and others, desiring to purchase,
will find it to their interest to give us a call before
purchasing elsewhere, as we ore determined to
nor goods (wholesale or retail) at low and
redneed prices.
Portstown, Novetnber 9, 1853.
INFORMS his all customers ,t. d the public in
general, thnt Ise has just opened a very large
assortment of Store Goods, at his old stand in the
Diamond, opposite Costs' Hotel, att of which he
will sell at prices as low, if not lower, then the
same kind of Goods eon be had at any other store
its the comity. He invites ell to call and examine
Isis goods and hear his prices. His stock consists
of a splendid assortment of Ladles , Dress
Goods, of the latest styles. Cloths, Cassimeres,
end a henry stuck of iteady-stunie
Clothing, for men and boys—fine and course,
cheaper than the cheapest.
Hats, Caps, Noets and Shoes,
of all sizes and of. tho boat qualities: Also,
Groceries, Queensware, Sardivare.
and n large variety of articles too numerous to
Can me a call—you min find at my store every
kind 'at goods to Lc found in the county, at prices
to suit the tines.
'A6 kinds of c-ma;ry moaned taken in ex
611' 1;C for good:. [N•es, 0, 10t,7.
I signed three notes as security tbr J. Sansom
Smith; one for one hundred and fifty dollars, and
the other two, one hundred dollars each, dated
the 19th day of December, 1850. The induce.
mourn under which I agreed to becomobail in said
notes, proving delusive by the action of the sold
parties, I therefore hereby give notice that I will
dot he hold responsible nit boil, or pay them, un
less compelled by due course of low.
Union twp., Nor. 2, 1853.
C. AfeGl LT. returns his thanks
- 11 .‘• to his friends and the public , .11 ,
fbr their very liberal patronage. and
hopes by strict attention to business 1 :Er ;41 "
to merit a continuance rf the same; in all kinds of
Castings, Cooking Stores, Air-Tight, Nrlor,
Ten Plate Wood and Coal Stoves, of various si
zes, and all kinds of Ploughs: the Lancaster and
the Plank 13arshear patterns, and Keystone No.
4 Self-sharpening and Hill side Ploughs, and
Shears to suit all kinds of Ploughs in the country;
Rolling-mill and Forgo Castings, Grist and Saw
mill Castings, Lewistown Threshing Machine
Patterns, and the four horse and two horse power
of Chantbersburg patterns; and ell other kinds of
castings too numerous to mention, all of which
n-ill ho sold cheaper than ever for cash and all
kinds of country produce. Also, old mettle taken
in exchange for castings.
Huntingdon, November 9, 1853. .
THE second Annual meeting of the Huntingdon
II County Teachers' Institute will he held in
Huntingdon on the 22d day of December next.
A programme of the exercises will appear in a
future number. It. DVDIVITT,
Huntingdon, Nov. 2, 1853.
To Country Merchants and Others.
Congtnntiv on hand
And fin: min by
Mnrket Street Wharf,
LARD AND CHEESE,} Nor. 2,'53.-3m
Hardware, Groceries,
Fancy Goods, Notions; Drugs, Paints,
Oils, Bats, Caps, Boots, Shoes, &c.,
At James Bricker's Store,
MU are Offered at the lowest prices, also re
ceiving a large supply of CANDIES, which
will be sold at wholesale price as low as 14 cts.
per lb. Also, Fruits, L/ranges, Lemons, Reis
ins, Figs, &c. All of which have been bought
with great care, and on the best terms, and will
he sold low for Cash or to punctual customers.
I myself that I can and will sell Goods low
es they con he bought for in this neighborhood.
My friends are requested to call and examine for
themselves, feeling confident that those who do
so cannot go away without buying. Ladies and
Gentlemen of this neighborhood believe me when
I say that great pains have been taken to get such
goods as you admire.
Store' on Hill street, opposite the Jormit.
1111TIIIIIIIII0E, Oct. 19, '53.
- .4 4,1: ~,,';:,
if.*l - , , ,TiV,,:ik's , ',,.,,;;:;:, t ,,, , .. , ',.
1*Lit,•,:i . ,..,_ , V; i ,P 4',1.,:-*,...:: . 1
7,:.. r ..-, ; Tt i.6.f.,;., 1. , : . ' 1*”..1;,',: , .
I f
- v . -..••• - .*- 1 4 . - ,' , 4-0-,
1, ~ , T -f• -- .
‘ •': it , - - •
- •t : ---
t1 a5,,,4;?..,-...---v't,!.:.-- - t. -_.,,, ~
~.".: c..,,1711;e1A,ra,,i1iF
New Arrival of Fall and Winter
Goods at the Elephant.
AtiF,XANDER CARNION, Ims just returned
front the East. with n full mot complete se
lection of Fall and WinterGoodS, which ore bow
arranged for examination nod sole, at his store,
opposite the Railroad Hotel. The stock lots all
been bought moot and as a matter of course
will be sold cheap for CARL
• The stock consists cf
Cloths, Cassimere, Cashmeretts, Satinetts, Cotton
odes. Brown and Bleached Linens, Satins,
Silks, Shovels, Scarfs,Brown and Bleach
ed Muslins, Checks, Tickings,Crash,
Canton and Woolen Flannels,
and many other goods too
numerous to mention,
Prints in abundance, Mous de Laines, Beretta de
Gaines, Silk Tissue, Foreign and American t;ing
hams, Mouse de Liege ' S il k Lustres,
Hats, and Caps, Boots and Shoes,
Hardware. Quceusifare, &e.
Thankful for past Slivers, the polflio generally
are invited to call and examine the splendid stock
now on hand, which in variety, quality, and price
will compare with any ever exhibited in town.
Oct. 13, '53.
'ETAS just returned from the Eastern cities,
I I with the nose 0114 LARGEMT assortment of
Ready-made Clothing, Dais, Caps,
and Fancy Articles,
for Gentlemen's wear, ever known to he brought
to Huntingdon. His styles are of the latest, cal
culated to pienso everybody that mat• eon.
He has atoll times CLOTHS, CANSIMERES, and
Vaartaos, which he will make to order.
Oct. 19, '53.
tU. aA314051,
HAVE, just received from Milts&lphir. the
finest and hest assortment of FALL and WIN-
Tea Goons, ever otiercd,nnd at lower prices titan
can ho purchased nt any other house. They are
d e t erm i ne d to sell lower than can he purchased
anywhere east of the Allegheny, and no mistake.
If you wish to he satisfied of the fact, call and see.
Dry Goods such as
Cloths, Cassinters, Sa',lusts, Flannels, French Me.
rinos, Parametta Cloths, Muslin de Laines,
Barred and Figured Sack Flannels, Al.
paces, and a general assortment of
Also, 500 webs of essorted PRINTS, and eve.
ry other article esnelir kept in a Country Store.
of wliteli we niwayn keep the largest and hest as
sortmont ever kept in this place.
a magnificent assortment, which we are selling
quite low.
ore little np, bat we ore determined to sell as
Mw if not lower, than any other house,accortling
to quality.
Cedar and Willow Ware,
such as Baskets, Tubs, Buckets, Krout Stands,
&c., &c. - _
Carpels add tin Moths.
beamiful assortment, which will be sold low,
cull and see and be satisfied of the fact.
hats and Caps.
of the very late;Yanti hest styles, also
Boots and Shoes,
the hest anti cheapest in town, if you don't
lie~eit,CALL AND AP..
We are also purchasing and storing Grain,
and it is admitted ou all hands that we have the
mat convenient place for unloading grain in or
about town.
Oct. 19,'99.
?At 311ITYli'L
Attorneys at Law,
Iluallugdon, Pa.,
Office same .ti that formerly occupied by john
Si:net, Esq.
Oct. 19, 1953.
A(} TONI COAL, jest rccti'•ed nod for sale
GREAT 11/41111171741111/P ZW
The Anoient Borough.
12V1 7/ 2 `ll' 511 CO @CZ D
i A ti s ie jii n s r t g r e e s t t urAe ,e d n fro
g m , the
i r e s n t t e a r . n s c o i r t t i m e s o
n u , :
o t1; .
0011 and SH OES, n ova
opened in thin county. He also hailib io.
a large and splendid assortment o f
Hats And Caps ;
of the most fashtonable styles. Also, teaks'
and Childrens. wooten hose. Carpet Rags,Hand
Trunks, &e., for the travelling community. Also
a great variety of useful articles too numerous to
The public me respectfully invited to call and
examine the stock. Ile is determined to sell ns
curio, if not cheaper than any other establish
ment in the county.
Store on Bill street, opposite Snyder's Cheap
Clothing Store.
• Oct. 26, '53.
Administrator's Notice.
TETTERS of administration having been
a granted to the undersigned on the estate of
Henry Rhodes, late of Cromwell township. Hun
tingdon county, deed., All persons indebted will
make immediate payment, and those haring
claims will present them duly authenticated for
settlement. 'JOSEPH 11 HODES.
Oct. 26, '53.-60. Mtn!,
Administrators's Notice.
LETTERS of administration having been
granted to the subscriber on the estate of
John Rupert, Into of Cloy township, Huntingdon
minty. deed., All persons indebted will make
immediate payment, and those having claims
will present them duly authenticated for settle-
Oct. 26,'53.-6t.• Admr.
10,000 V'lenies of Kerr
ffi -
Books, enthrneine
every variety usnally kept inn Phil
ndelphin Book Store—the subscriber has added
to his New CIIIUP BOOK &roan, opposite Whit
taker's Hotel, Ibtilrond street, Huntingdon, Pn,
Particular attention is invited to bit extensive
and splendid stock of plain and fancy Stationary,
Blank Books, Memorandums, Diaries, for 1854,
has pnrchnsed Sctrnnr. Bonne on !moll
terms to cnuhlchim to sell them rheum', Whole
sale and Retail, than any store in the county.
Harper's Magazine:Go(ley's Lady's Book,
and cheap publications kept corwantl . y on hand.
Thepnhlic will please call aria examine for
themselves. IV3I. COLON.
Huntingdon, Oct. 19, '33.
Shirleysburg, Huntingdon Co. Pa.
Ilcv. J. Campbell, A. M., and Hugh J. Camp.
bell. A. 13.. Principals.
These institutions ore beautifully situated in
the venter of the Great Aoghwick Valley, seYen
miles from the Peron. Central Ilnilrond, nt Mt.
Union. and on the direct line from that to Chum
bershurg. They are now furnished with capa
cious buildings nod extensive tippnrittats, for nll
the departments of Natural Science, and every oil- ,
vantage for instrnet inn in the branches oft liberal
&tendon, that the hest schools of a similar or
der can aftbril. The cost ot their apparatus 'dime
is one TDOCSAND dollars. Fine hundred dollars
has been appropriated to a library. Believing
that too much expense has hitherto been lavished
by schools of this order on ontward decorations,
and too little devoted to furnishing them with the
more essential requisites for instruction, the Trus
tees of this Academy have been the first in the
State to take this new step and invest so LAMM:
a sum in instruments and books. They call the at-
tention of the older class of students, especially
those intending to teach, to these facilities.
TERMS or SgsNanr —SgssioN or 22 WEER,
Board, washing, listitt, and tuition in Eiigli,ll
hrtnelies 550,00, Music, Painting, Drawing,
Lath!, French Ste—extra.
ACADEMY Session or 22 NVEEKS.—Tuition
$5,00, $lO,OO, $12,00 per session. in Primary,
Junior and Senior classes respectively. Board
$1.75 per week in Winter $1,50 in Summer.—
No deduction flir absence except in case of pro
tracted sickness. No students admitted for less
than half n session. For pnrticulars, see
tars, or address (post paid) either of the Princi
Shade Gap, Huntingdon Co. Pa.
The Trustees of this Institution owning to the
death of its late lamented Principal, J, TI. IV.
McGinnis, have pinced it in eharage of the Rey.
W, A. Morrison, a faithfill and competent teach
er, assisted in the Mathematical and Classical
departments, by other Experienced Instructors
and by Mr. S. Campbell, who has long and suc
cessfully had control of the English department.
The ram,. of study emnrsees mvhat is usually
taught in the first class Institutions of the kind
in this country, being thorough and sufficiently
expensive to q u alify students fir the higher Class
es in College, and for every department of busi
ness life.
The Buildings are now large and commodions,
owl the domestic arrangements, are in every way
adapted to the health and comfort of a large num
ber of students, who are required to board in the
Academy under the immediate supervisionof the
The location is retired, rind proverbially health
fill, and is easy of erects, being connected with
C ham livaborg and the Penn'. Railroad at Mount
Union, - by a daily line of stages.•
. .
The terms are eery low. The whole expenses
per session, of 22 weeks, 'lir hoard, washing, tui
tion, fuel. &c., are from $4O to $45 Recording to
the branches pursued. The next Session will
commence on Wednesday 19th of October.
For any further information address
Shade Gap PA., Oct. 12 '23.
At David P. Gwin's New Store.
TA P. GAVIN, informs his friends and the pub
lic generally that he has just returned from
Philndelphia,and is now opening at the coiner
of Hill and Bath streets, opposite Gouts' Frank
lin House,
A large and beautiful assortment of
1 1 01,7 110iOnN v
Consisting of Cloths, Cassimers, Block and Fan.
cy Cassinctts, Woolen Goods, Silks, Fancy
and Black Berege de Laines, De lmise,
Detains, French Merinoes, Coburgh
Cloths, Flannels,Cotton Flan
nels White ad Colored,
Ginctharns, Linens, Muslin, and a largo lot of
Prints of all styles.
Also, Carpets. Oil Cloths, lints and Caps, Boots
and Shoes, Groceries of all kinds, Queens
ware, Hardware, Fish and Salt.
The public ore respectfully incited to call and
examine mc Gonda, as I nm determined to sell
them CHB
All kinds of country Produce taken in exchange
for Goods at the highest market prices.
Huntingdon, Oct. 12, 1853.
Lagt Arrival
HAS just returned from the Eastern Cities, and
is now opening, at the old stand, in Market
Square, a large and splendid assortment of new
and fashionable goods, for fall and winter, con
sisting of
French Cloth, Double Milled Black and Fancy
Cassimora, Sattinetta, Mcrinocs, Do Berege,
EcTtirig — t; De Laines, Flann'els, Wool .
and Cotton, Brown ant Bleached
apil u variay of ttoods
of all kinds usually kept
in a country skim
and a great vniturry or vitxrarrflics suitable for
A Large Assortment of Groceries,
Hardware, qtteentware, and
Hats, Caps, Boots awl Shoosi
Mullis and Tilpetat
The peblie are rerpccifelly invited to call and
exnmine my smelt, us I an, determined not to be
undermdd by anyltouso in vo . '.
_ _ . . .
Feeling thankful fur the enconrngement be has
received, hopes by strict attention to buoinets to
merit a continuance of las men.
Huntiuolen. Oct. 1?, 1851.
Tun subscriber cdTvrs. at private sale. ft veina
blo tract of land. situate in Hill Valley, Shir
ley township, Huntingdon county, containing
ahont Two Hundred Acres. About fifty
acres of this trttrt is cleared and in good tillable
order. haringthereon erected a comfortable Stone
Dwelling House, Stabling, &c.
There is also a good Spring of Water on the
preniistr, near the dwelling house.
The land ispf a good qnality, part being strong
limestone, find an industrious man could not Ind
to do well on it. It is situated abont six miles
from Mount Union, where the Pennsylvania Rail
Rood and Caned pass, and will be sold et a very
moderate price.
Trams or PATMtNT.—One half in band, and
the balance in two equal annual payments.
Fnr further informedon address the subscriber,
at Shirleysburg, I'. 0., Ihntinann Co.. Pa.
October 12,'n3.
Grocery, Confectionary, Bakery,
CITCITER 5A24001 1 /.
HENRY J. AFRICA. would respectfully in.
rite the public to call nt hie establishment
in Railroad Street, where all those who need any
rood Bread. Rock, or nor other kind of Cakes
found nt a Bakery, may be supplied.
Be toe jet received n very large and fresh
supply of Fruit and Confectionaries. such as
Oranges, Lemons. Raisins, Nuts, &c.,
and a large stock of TOYS.
HP receives daily from the city of Baltimore,
the best OYSTERS that ran he found. Those
in want of prime 'shell fish,' can he accommoda
ted by calling at the saloon. lie has fitted op a
saloon expressly for the Ladies.
Thankful to tho public for past favor', he hopes
by strict attention to business to inerlt 4 continu
a.° ofthe same.
Oct. 12, '53.
MITE sabscriber has nn bond French Burr
I Mill stones of various sire+, which ho
will warrant to be ofsuperior quality, and at rea
sonable prices.
1110,.. Orders by mail promptly attended to.
Harrisburg, Oct. 5, 's3,—Cm.
RADUATE of the University of Maryland,
VT (in connection with Dr. JIMICq G. Ligntnet)
having permanently boosted in filtirleysbure, re
spectfully offers his pmfescinnal cervices to the
citizens of that place and adjacent country.
Oct. 5, 's3.—Gm.•
Mountain Female Seminary.
Monntain Female Seminary nt Birming
horn, 'Huntingdon county,Pa., on the Penn
sylvania Railroad, occupies one of the most
healthy and desirable locations in the State.—
Strangers visiting the Institution have unhesi
tatingly expressed the opinion, that it so easy of
access, retired, heslthfnt, and surrounded with
such romantic mountain scenery, that nn one
who wishes to learn, could find nn institution
more favorably situnted. Past success and fa
ture prospects have induced 119 to greatly enlarge
nor plan■, and enabled us to Rive such compensa
tion to teachers as will command those possess
ing the highest qunlitiedtions.
Cost, per term of 22 weeks, reties from 856 to
$OO, for which good ace.ommodntions will be giv
en. Music, French, Latin, Painting, &c.,extra.
Pupils from thread are expected to hoard in
the Seminary lmilding with the Principal, who
gives hisentiro attention to the interest of the
Institution. ISRAEL W. WARD,
Oct. 5, 1853
FNTITtELY displaced
notdonc, by tbo
display and marvellngs assort- -
meat of Jewelry, Watrlict, Clock , . Silver Warct
Fine Knives. Pistols, Perinmery, Fort Monnaies.
and Fancy Articles. jot opened and exhibiting
to rulatiriga ',final-ads, at the Jcv , viry fit,:e o.
EEMENii SNARE, opposite Read's Drug
Store, TTontippton.
w.tche, ;cal other articles, GOLD rLATLD
in tho heat and molt lasting manner.
Oct. 5, '!".3.
R T c . , N s ' S ant other Pistols, at Edlll.
SnarTl i T "IPled Z id S !T e l nd S Plated and Plated
Snare's Jewelry
LVER Butter Knives, and Salt Spoons, at
E. Snare's Cheap Jewelry Store,
TO SSUT H, Wellington, Cottage.
1 Gothic. and other Clocks, for sale
cheap. at Edm. Snares Jewelry Store, I
ym.v. *xi) NvrtiTZß
Li - Asian warned from tho east with a large
and gplondid neanrtment of
Fall and Winter floods,
for men and hop.. made in the latest fitshion and
in the most durable manner. Who ever wants
to he dressed hotter and cheaper than anybody
also in town. let him call at WILLOUGHTIT'a
CHEM` CLOTIII:t0 STORE. one door west of T.
Rend & Son's drutr, store. Huntingdon.
Call rind see for your
Oct. 5, 1852.
IL L. Bnoww.
rr HE undersigned Physicians haring entered
I into a co-partnership, in the practice of med
icine, would respectfully inform the citizens of
Trough Creek, and vicinity, that they will be
found at all times in their omen, in Cassville,
to attend to any calls with which they may be
favored. H. L. BROWN.
J..f Ve Eii, m. b., Bunt;
RaEnct:er.s: J. I. h)OROEY. 0. D., ‘.
33 F. Bowzns,3l. D., Newton
Csfsville. Oct. 5, '53,-3m.
HOUSEKEEPERS study your intorestr, why
go to Auction and pay extravagant prices for
half-Mali° Ftiantnt:oat Call at No. 1, North
NINTH street, and examine the largest assort
ment of the hest made Furniture and Bedding in
the city, Feather Beds, Hair, Husk, and Straw
_Mattresses; a large ns,ortment of fancy TVhat
nuts, Sofa Tables, marble tops, end Vitashstands;
Walnut and Mahogany French ' Tete-a-tetes, Di
vans, Wardrobes, Bookcases; French Bedsteads;
Fancy Stuffed Sent, Cane seat, Windsor, and of
fice Chairs, Counting-honse. and cane-sent Stools,
Settee and Arm-chair Cushions; Cottage furni
tnre made in every style and color; Sofa Beds and
Lounges, wholesale and retail, and warranted to
give satisfaction, and sold at the lowest prices.
Sup. 2e, 1653.-11
gibbons and Millinery Goods.
itYLIES STERN, No. 171, North Second
.1 Street, opposite the Canal Hotel, Philadel
phia. Having in store a fell and extensive as
sortment of Trimmings And Fancy Goods. All
kinds of /ilium:llT AnTretca, such as Bib
hone, Laces, Blond Lace Silks, Florences,
Bonnet Frames, and a large assortment of needle
worked Handkerchiefs, Collars, Capes,Flounces,
Inserting,. Edgings ? &c., together with a great
variety of other articles in our line, too liunitrOUS
to mention, at Wholesale and Beteg,
N. 11.-11 request all such that are shout Ma
king the , FALL purchases, to give me a call.
Sept. 21, '53.-2m.
GOLD CLIALVS—A five variety for sale. ve
ry low, at EOM. SsAn's.
DUBE WHITE LEAD, juvt received and for
1 sale by J. O: W. EAX'ION.
IS4u . st s 7 ., V;gl;na
usT recoi'•ed a handsome amortment of
.1 B a y s• a ,,, Shawls, Long Shawls and Square
Shawls, which we are selling quite low.
J. it. W. Soto?,
Gold Watches will be sold 11-to. SrAts
;Quer asp clic 412ste•
A 0,45 South Second Simi,
A RT: now opening for the FALL TRADE, a large
LI and well selected assortment of
Silks, Ribbons, Feathers, Flowers,
and Millinery Goods, &C.
Confining themselves exclusively to this branch
of the trade, and IMPOnTINO the larger part. of
their stock ennblos thorn to offer an assortment
UNSURPAISSED in extent or variety, which will La
sold on the meet favorable terms. -
Sept. 21, 't.3.-2m.
The anhAcriher has placed on the road leading
from Mill Creek to Camille a line of Haek to
rim from the latter place to the former, on Wed
nesdays and Saturdays. Leaving Cesar!lle In the
morning of each day returning in the afternoon.
The accommodations are comfortable and the
faro is very low. OLO. SMITH.
Cassville, S,ep. 21, '53. .
. J. S. GRIFFITH, N. D.,
Huntingdon, Pa.,
Graduate of the University of Pa., offers lila
professional service to the citizens of Huntingdon
and adjacent country.
REFERENCE4:—MedicaI Faculty of University
of Pa., Physicians and Surgeons of the Pennsyl
vania Hospital and Dr. Jacob Huffman.
Office, No. 189, Mifflin Street. alone with Dr
Hoffman. July 13,1853:
Salamander Safes.
Evans & Watson, 28 tiOtaiiFonrth
Street, late 83 Dock street,
I.llr ,Zl2:irrap
Books, Papers, Jewelry &o:
Fire-Proof Doors for Banks & Morose
li2na r taDliaD
wn,,,nted to stand as much file as any other
Safes in the country.
Fire-Proof Safes.
Iliententno, Pa., Oct. 30, ISM. s
The undersigned appointed a committee for the
purpose. by the officers of the State Fair, were
present this afternoon, when Messrs. EVANS &
WATSON tested OHO of their small sized SAL
they consumed Three cords of Wood over it,
commencing at I o'clock, P. M.. and lousing
posed it to II WHITE HEAT for Too Hours, Juin
dent to destroy the cost iron feet.
On opening the Safe, the papers with 2000 cir
culars deposited in our presence were token out,
nal only having been preserved, but not having
the appearance of scorch upon them.
A. T. NEWBOLD, Ex-Governor of re.
Sole Agency for Butterworth'* Celebrated
Bank Locke.
Gen. Wilson,
Esq , Huntingdon, Pa., is an
thorized agent for the sale of the above, at his
office a specimen can be seen, and also at office cf
the Broad Top Railroad Company.. in Hunting
don, we also refer to Col. S. S. Wharton, and
I the County Treasurer, in Huntingdon. Below
reference is made to a few in Philadelphia, who
have our safes in use. Hundreds more ran be
Formers & Meanies' Lank, 12 safe,.
U. S. Mint. ,
U. S. Arsenal. 3 in Phil'a. sin California.
Samuel Allen, Esq., High Sheriff.
Barker Bros. & Co , Brokers, No IG N. 3d St.
F. C. Knight, corner Chesnut and Water St.
Michelle & Co. No. 17 S. Water st.
Richard Norris & Son, Loetimotire works.
Penn'n. R. R. Co. 2 sates.
Phi Pa. Germantown and Norristown R. R.Co,
State Treasurer and Trenton Banking Co.N.J.
Odd F. Halls, 13th st. and eon 3d & Brown stet
Southwark & Moyamensiug Gas Co.
Corporation of Northern Liberties.
do. of Moyamensing.
Jnly 13,
Chartered by the State of Penn.
syitania in 1411.
CAPITAL STOCK. $210,000.
rrIHE Saving Fund of the National Safety Com
pane, No. 62 Walnut Street, 2 doors above
Third, PHILADELPHIA. is open every dad•
from 8 o'clock A. M. to 7 o'clock P. M., and on
Monday and Thursday evenings till 9 o'cluck•—
This institution is well known us one of tho best
managed and safest in the cotintry t and Ws Ifvn
rEn CENT. intere‘t for money put in there, from
the date of deposits. _ _
Any sum from One Dollar upWards Is received.
And all sums, large or small, are paid back on
demand, without notice, to any amount.
This saving card has mortgages, Ground
Rents, end other first-class investments, all well
encored, amounting to more than half a million of
dollars, for the security of depositors.
Office 62 Walnut street, two doors above
Third, Vhiladelphin.
Hon. HENRY t. BENNER, Praet.
poutwr SELFRIDGE, Vice ?met.
Wu. J. REED, Socretury.
front Wm. Richards, Pottstown, Montgomery.
co. J. D. Streoper editor of tie Montgomery
county Ledger, Pottstown.
J. M. Sheenemen, editor of the Neutralist,
Skippaclirille, Mont. co.
Enos Renner, E'sq., editor of the Farmer's
Friend, Sumncytown, Since. co.
Hon. Joel Jones late Mayor of Phira.
Hon. John Robbins, jr., member of Congress
4th District, Pennsylvania.
lion. James Page, late Postmaster of Phil's.
Ron. Wm. Ponington, late Governor of New
Sop. 58, '53.
leg, Market Street,
Fancy Goods and Trimmings, Combs and
Brushes, At CASH PRICES,
Sept. 7, '53.-6m
Store, 20 N. 3rd St. Philadelphia,
Morrocco Manufacturers. Curtiers, Importers,
Commission and General Leather Business,
Wholesale and Renal.
Manufactory 15 Margaretta Street.
Aug. 24, .53.-ly.
tbr,l Vt. k
DM. 730 Goo EUIIII O
(111,ADUATE of the Philadelphia College of
Dentsl Surgery.
Artificial Teeth, from one to a full set, moun
ted in the most improved modern style.
Filling, Filing and Scaling done with care and
Teeth Extracted with all the ease and despatch
that modern science can furnish.
July, 13, 1853.
Huntingdon, Penn'a.
UFFICE on Main Street, next to tbat of Gan.
A. P. Wilson. •
Terms moderate, and oil work warranted
give entire satisfaction.
Jnly 13, '53.
OAT MONNAIES from SS oen‘s pp be la 00
as Ed. &sere's. Alan l 4 1110.-