Huntingdon journal. (Huntingdon, Pa.) 1843-1859, October 12, 1853, Image 4

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    011licial Direabry of Bunt. Co.
President Judge :
Eon. Grso. TAYLOR, of Huntingdon.
Associate Judges :
Hon. JHNO. M'WILLIAMS, of Franklin tp.
Hon. T. F. STEWART, of West tp.
District Attorney :
J. SEWEL STEWART, of Huntingdon.
Sheriff :
W. B. ZEIGLER, of Huntingdon.
Sheriff's Counsel:
W. P. ORBISON, Esq., of Huntingdon.
Prothonotary :
THEO. H. CREMER, Esq., of Huntingdon.
Register, Recorder, &c.:
M. F. CAMPBELL, of Henderson tp.
County Commissioners :
ROBERT STITT, of Huntingdon.
ELTEL SMITH, of Union tp.
SAMUEL WIGTON, of Franklin tp.
Commissioner's Clerk:
HENRY W. MILLER, of Huntingdon,
Commissioner's Attorney :
JOHN REED, Esq., of Huntingdon.
KENZIE L. GREEN, of Clay tp.
Treasurer :
JOHN MARKS, of Huntingdon.
Directors of Poor :
JAMES SAXTON, of Huntingdon.
JOHN BREWSTER, of Shirley tp.
GEO. HUDSON, of Clay tp.
Poor House illtorney :
DAVID BLAIR, Esq., of Huntingdon.
Poor House Treasurer:
HENRY BREWSTER, of Shirley tp.
Deputy Surveyor:
WILLIAM CHRISTY, of Porter tp.
Court Crier :
SAMUEL S. SMITH, of Huntingdon.
Cabinet Maker and Undertaker,
Huntingdon, Pa.,
MAKES this method of informing his friends
j. and the public generally, that he still
remains in his old stand, on Main street, nearly
opposite the Presbyterian Church, where he is
prepared to turn out work equal with any eastern
manufactory, or in short inferior to none. Per
sons wanting New Furniture, will do well to give
him a rail before purchasingelsewhere, ns he is
determined to sell low for CASH or Country
Produce. Ho also respectfully returns his thanks
to the public, for the liberal patronage heretofore
received, and hopes by careful attention to busi
ness, to merit a continence of the same.
Inc also intends to give bis attention the Under
taking business. COFFINS made and funerals
attended, at the shortest notice and on reasonable
terms, either in town or country.
fia l All work warranted.
Huntingdon, June I, 253.-Iy.
- -
informs his
friends and the
public general
ly, that ho has
establis hod a
'Marble Yard,
,in the borough
Lof Huntingdon,
and has just re
"'reined from
Philadelphia a
selected stock of choice Marble grave-stones, of
every description, which he will furnish at very
reduced prices.
AU orders from any part of the county or ad
joining counties, addressed to the subscriber,
will be received and promptly attended to.
Shop on Hill street, two doors west of Gen. A
P. Wilson's Office.
May 18, 1853.—1 y.
An Invaluable Book for 25 cents.
S IX Thousand Copies sold in less than three
months. A new edition, revised and impro
ved, just issued.
HUNTER'S Medical manual and band book
for the afflicted—Containing an outline of the or
igin, progress, treatment and Cure of every form
of disease, contracted by promiscuous sexual in
tercourse, by self-abuse, or by sexual excess,
with advice for their prevention, written in a
familiar style, avoiding all medicinal technical i
ties, and every thing that would offend the ear of
decency, from the result of 20 years' successful
practice, exclusively devoted to the cure of dis
eases of a delicate or private nature.
To which is added, receipts for the cure of the
above diseases, and a treatise on the cause, symp
toms and cure for the Fever and .Ague, for 25
cents a copy: six copies for $1 ; will be forwar
ded to any part of the United States, free of pos
tage.—Address postage paid, Cosden & Co.,
Publishers, or "Box 195, Post Office, Phila.
"This is without exception, the most compre
hensive and intelligible work published on the
class of diseases of which it treats. Avoiding all
technical terms, it addresses itself to the readers;
it is free from all objectionable matter. and no
parent, however fastidious, can object to placing
it in the hands of his sons. The author has devo
ted many years to the treatment of the various
complaints treated of, and 'with too little breath
to puff,' and 'too little presumption to impose,' he
has offered to the world at the merely nominal
price of 25 cents. the fruits of some twenty years
most successful practice."—Herald.
"No teacher or parent should be without the
knowledge imparted in this invaluable work; it
would save years of pain, mortification and sor
row to the youth under their charge."—Peo
ple's Adrocae.t
A Presbyterian clergyman in Ohio, in writing
of "Bunter's Medical Manual," says:—
"Thousands upon thousands ofour youth, by evil
example and the influence of the passions, have
been led into the habit of self-pollution without
realizing the sin and consequence upon them
selves and their posterity. The constitution of
shousands, who are raising families have been
enfeebled, if not broken down, and they do not
know the cause or the cure. Any thing that
cau be done so to enlighten and influence the
public mind as to check, and ultimately to re
move this wide-spread source of human wretch
edness, would confer the greatest blessing next
to the religion of Jesus Christ, on the present and
coming generation. Intemperance, (or the use
of intoxicating drinks,) though it has slain thou
sands upon thousands, is not a greater scourge to
the human race. Accept my thanks on behalf
of the afflicted, and, believe me, your co-worker
in the good work you are so actively engaged in."
One copy will be forwarded, (securely envelo
ped and postage paid,) on receipt of 25 cents, or
six conies for $l. Address, COSDEN & CO.,
Publishers, Box 196, Philadelphia.
sup t i nlo o o n tksitle most
s zs C t Canvassers se t r e s rm an . d Book Agents
June 1,'53.-Iy.
Grocery, Confeotionary, Bakery,
HENRY J. AFRICA, would respectfully in
vite the public to call at his establishment
in Railroad Street, where all those who need any
good Bread, Rusk, or any other kind of Cakes
found at a Bakery, may be supplied.
Ile has just received a very large and fresh
supply of Fruit and Confectionaries, anch as
Ilia Ice Cream Saloon is one of the most beau
tiful and gorgeously furnished rooms to be found
outside of Philadelphia, it is worth a visit there
lust to see the saloon, nod then, if you should feel
ike taking a saucer of lee cream the AOENT can
supply you with the best article that has ever been
Manufactured in this or any other country.
Thankful to the public for past favors, he hopes
by strict attention to business to merit a continu
ance of patronage.
May 18, '53.-Iy.
DUBE WHITE LEAD, just received and fur
erde by J. & W. SAXTON.
2 TONS of Berea Ohio Grind Stones, for sale
at the cheap store of J. &W. SAXTON.
40 TONS COAL, just received and for sale
by J. & W. SA.XTON.
'caroler, Farrier & Stage Proprietor.
Li the most remarkable External Application ever
'They can't Keep Howie without it"
Esperiones of more than sixteen years has established
the fart that Merchant's Celebrated (agting Oil, or Ifni•
versa' Family Entbrottation, will cure most cases, and re•
lies. all such*.
Spacing, Sweeney, Ringbone, Windgalls, Poll
Evil, Callous, Cracked Heels, Gas of all
kinds, Fresh Wounds, Sprains, Bruises, Fis
tula, Sitfast, Sand Cracks, Strains, Lameness,
foundered Feet, Scratches or Grease, Mange,
Rheumatism, Bites of Animals, External Poi
sons, Painful Nervous Affections, Frost Bites,
Boils, Corns, Whitlows, Burns and Scalds,
Chi Dieing, Chopped Hands, Cramps Con
tractions of the Muscles, Swellings, Weakness
of the Joints, Caked Breasts, die dm. dm.
The unparalleled success of tide Oil, in the cure of din.
tens in Horse. and Cattle, and even in human flesh, is
daily becoming mere known to the terming community
It can hardly be credited, except by those who have been
on the habit of keeping it in their stables and houses, what
a vast amount of pain, suffering and time, are saved by
the timely application of this Oil.
tsar Ile sure the name of the eolo proprietor, GEORGE
W. MERCHANT, Lockport. N. Y., is blown in the aide
of the bottle, and m hie handwriting over the cork.
All orders addressed to oho proprietor will be promptly
tespondcd to.
Get a Pamphlet of the Agent, and see what 'condors are
accomplished by the use of (Ins medicine.
Sal by respectable dealer. generally, in the United
Staler and Canada. Aleo
T. Read & Son, Huntingdon, John Lutz, Shir
leysburg, Isett & Bucher, Union Furnace,James
Clark, Birmingham, Chas. Ritz, Lewistown; J.
W. Hume, McVeytown; S. Hoover, Williams
burg; A. M. Lloyd & Gaysport; Grossman
& Johnston, Boalsbnrg; T. B. Miller, Bellfonte;
and at wholesale by Fleming & Brothers, Pitts
burg, D. Robinson, Tyrone Station and F. mitt
& Co., Phila.
July 13, 's3.—ly.
Hobensack's Worm syrup.
An article founded upon Scientifie Principles,
compounded with purely vegetable substances,
being perfectly safe when taken, and has never
been known to fail in curing the most obstinate
case. Worms can never exist when this remedy
is once used, from the feet that it only destroys
them but removes all the slime and mucus which
may remain. _
M. F.
The Tape Worm.
This worm is the most difficult ono to destroy
of all that inhabit the human body. It grows to
an almost indefinite length, and becoming so
coiled and fastened in the intestines and stomach
as to produce Fits, St. Vitus' Dance, &c., which,
is the cause of many going to the grave, not be
lieving that these complaints have their origin
from the Tape Worm; consequently they do not
use the proper medicines for their disease. To
those who are atßieted with this artful foe to
health, I recommend the use of my Worm. S
yrup, and Liver Pills; the Syrup to be take in
dams of two table-spoonfuls three times a day,
then take from 5 to 8 of my Liver Pills, to dis
loge and pass the worm. By strictly*following
these directions, the most obstinate cases of Tape
Worm con be speedily cored.
Round or gtoniach Worm,
This worm is usually found in the small intes
tines, and is the worm most common to children,
yet is not entirely confined to thorn, as adults
hero frequently been known to suffer with them.
The symptoms most promineht while affected with
this worm, am hardness and fullness of the belly
slimy stools, looseness of the bowels, picking at
the nose, a blueish streak under the oyes, &e.—
If you, or any of your children have any of the
above symptoms, Ilobensack's Worm Syrup can
safely bo depended upon—by using it you have a
certain, safe, and speedy cure; and if after using
it according to the directions, the patient is not
restored to health; and the worms thoroughly
eradicated from the system, you can rest assured
there is no remedy beyond the grave, as for fail,
there is no such word as fail with those who use
my worm Syrup.
Ascarides, or Small Thread Worm.
These worms, to which the human system is
liable, are the most troublesome of all others.—
They are generally to be found in the rectum,and
if allowed to remain, from the irritation they pro
duce, lay the foundation for se; ions disorders,
such as mflamation of the bowels, and other de
rangements of the stomach. Tho best and safest
medicine that can be used is Hobensack's Worm
Syrup. Such is the astonishing power of my
medicines over Ascarides, that I defy any one to
produce a case where my worm Syrup and Liver
Pills are recommended to be used they will not
cure. All that is necessary is to use the Syrup
in accordance with directions on each bottle; and
in case a gentle purgative is required in order to
allay the irritation they produce, the Liver Pills
by their sympathising action and healthy opera
tion upon the bowels, is tbo most pleasant medi
cine that can he taken.
Hobensacles Liver Pills.
No part of the system is more liable to disease
than the Liver, it being supplied with numerous
blood-vessels and nerves, and if diseased, the
blood of course flowing through all ports of the
body produces Liver Complaints, Jaundice. Bil
lions Affections; Dyspepsia, &c., &c.
Liver Complaint.
Is attended with chills, succeeded by fever, se
vere pains in the region of the Liver, vomiting,
bitter tastes, yellow rimed tongue, milse full and
bounding, the pain in the side is increased by
pressure, should the loft lobe be affected, the pain
is generally in the left shoulder, with a short, dry
cough, the skin becoming of a sallow appearance,
and the stools clay colored. This disease can be
cared by the use of Ifobensack's Liver Pills, as
they act directly upon the seat of the disease, and
than operating upon the bowels they expel all the
corrupt and vitiated matter from the system.
The symptoms of }spepsia, and its various
diseases aro dizziness in the head, heartburn, op
pression after eating meals, sourness arising trom
the stomach, &c., and sometimes general languor
of the whole body, from this it will be seen that
the disease owes its origin to a disorganized
state of the Liver and Stomach. llobensack's
Liver Pills is the very medicine to effect a per
manent and lasting cure, as they act by changing
the certain morbid actions of the system into a
Healthy action, and rendering the blood pure and
To Females.
You will find these Pills an invaluable medi
cine in many complaints to which you ore subject.
In obstructions either total or partial, they have
been found of inestimable benefit in restoring and
purifying the blood and other fluids so as to cure
all complaints which may arise from fonale irreg
ularities, as headache, dimness of sight, pain in
the side, back, &c. Those Pills are the only safe
and effectual remedy to cure the following coin
plants, Gout, Nervousness, Melancholy, Sick
Headache, Giddiness, Rheumatism, distressing
Dreams, Dimness of Sight, or in fact any of the
diseases that arise from the affections of the Liver,
impurity of the blood, or Constipation of the
Medical Evidence.
Ws, the undersigned 1'lig;ia1;;;, laving hid
the receipt of their manufacture submitted to us
for inspection; say, that the ingredients of which
they are composed makes them the best Pill in
use for all diseases of the Liver, Impurities of
the Blood, &e. , _
1?. COOSVLEY, M. 1).
L. Bowurr, M. D.
Parehase none but those having the signe
turn of "J. N. 111013ENSACK," as all otli
en are worthless imitations.
Agents wishing now supplies, and nil others
wishing to hirotne agents, must address the pro
prietor, J. N. 110BENSAC1C, at his Laborato.
ry, No. 120 North Second Street, übove Race,
galfo r id by all Druggist. and Merebnnte in the
Vatted States. [June, 8,
James Bricker,
At the old stand formerly oecupiod by Peter
Swoope, on Main Street, Huntingdon, l'a.,
has just returned from the City with a
New Stock of
Hardware, Groceries,
Fancy Goods, Notions, Drugs, Paints,
oils, &c., &c.,
Which are offered at the lowest prices, also re
ceiving a large supply of CANDIES, which
will be sold at wholesale price as low as 14 cts.
per lb. Also, Fruits, Oranges, Lemons, Rais
ins, Figs, &e. All of which have been bought
with great care, and on the best terms, and will
be sold low for Cash or to punctual customers.
I flutter myself that I can and will sell Goods as
they can be bought for in this neighborhood.—
My friends are requested to call and examine for
themselves, feeling confident that those who do
FO cannot go away without buying. Ladies and
Gentlemen of this neighborhood believe me when
I say that great pains have been taken to get such
goods as you admire.
Huntingdon, Stay 18,'53.
Attorneys at Law,
Huntingdon, Pa,,
Office same as that formerly occupied by John
Scott, Esq.
May 11, 1853.
Will attend to allbusiness entrusted to him. Of
fice nearly opposite the Court House.
May 4,'53.
The subscriber respectfully informs the public
that be now devotes his whole time and atten
tion to making and repairing pumps and will
promptly attend to all orders and calls that he
may be favoured with warrentod all work to be
made of the best materials, and done in work
manlike manner at reasonable prices. Address
Mill Creek I'. 0. Huntingdon county,
We the Subscribers having used of Isaac Wol
verton's make of Pumps and do not hesitate in
saying that wo believe them to be the best pump
that is now in general use.
J. Porter, Thos. nand.
Charles Porter, Jno. Armitage,
Win. D. Shaw, William Dorris,
Conrad Bucher, William Christy,
Jno. Whittaker, David Blinn,
Wm. Orbison, D. MeMurtrie,
Thos. Fisher.
May 18,1853.
James Ilaslett respectfully informs his
friends and the traveling public generally, that
he has taken ^harge of the "Keystone Hotel," at
Spruce Creek, Huntingdon county, Pa., and is
well prepared to accommodate all who may favor
him with their custom. No pains will be spared
to render the fullest satisfaction.
May 18, 1853.
Grocery and Confectionary Store.
RESPECTFULLY informs their friends and
the public in general, that they have opened
a now Grocery and Confectionary Store, under
the Sons of Temperance Hall, on Main street.
Huntingdon, where they have now on hand a full
and general assortment of Groceries, Confection
aries, and Spices of all kinds, which they will sell
wholesale and retail. They have also on hand
Buckets, Salt, Carpet Bags, Fancy Articles, &c.,
&c., &c., all of which they will sell cheap.—
Country produce taken in exchange for goods—
the cash paid when we have no goods to suit ens
As we are determined to accommodate all win
may call at our store, we invite an examination
and trial of our stock.
Huntingdon, April 27,'53.
TOSEPIL H. THOMPSON 'returns thanks for
el the liberal patronage he has heretofore receiv
ed, and hopes, by strict attention to business, to
merit a continuance of the same. Tin and Sheet
Iron Wares always on hand, of all sorts and si
zes, and made of the best material.
Cooking Stoves,
large and small, to burn wood or coal, warranted
not to cut in the eye.
Please call, at the cheap corner, in the diamond
and see for yourselves.
Huntingdon, April 27,1853.
THE subscriber has Lpened, permanently, an
extensive Now Book Store, opposite Whitta
ker's Hotel, on Rail Road Street. 10,000
Volumes in Store, and for sale, wholesale an re
tail, extremely low for cash. His stock consists of
Law, Medical, Theological, Poetical, Historical,
Mechanical, Scientific and Miscellaneous Works,
together with a general assortment of Blank
work, School Books and Stationary, and in short,
every variety in the Book and Stationary way,
can be procured of him at the shortest notice, and
upon the most favorable terms. Call and exam
ine for yourselves. WM. COLON.
Huntingdon, April 13, 's3.—ly.
Persons indebted to the Huntingdon Journal
Office for advertising or• Job work, done during
the past year will please settle the same iuuncdi•
safely. No further notice will be given.
Huntingdon, April, 13, 1859.
MOTHER fresh supply of Bcrago do Lains,
1 - 1- Lawns, Borago, all wool do Hugo, and part
cotton from 20 to 37 cts per yd. Also another
fresh supply of Trimmings, just rcc'd and for
sale by J. & W. BAxxoN.
ZPHYR worsted, Lisle, Cotton, Linen Floss,
Cotton Floss, Lace Mitts, Mohair Mitts, Silk
Gloves, Kid Gloves, Lisle Thread, Cotton, and
every variety of Dress Trimming suitable for
spring and summer dross, for sale by
J. 6. 11 1 . SAXTON.
for men and boys, a good assortment, at the store
of GEO. WIN.
pANCY Dress Articles—for gentlemen and la
1: dies, for sale by ti. &G. LEVI.
J UST receiving the handsomest lot of Carpets
ever offered in this place. Also, Oil Cloths,
which will be sold low by
DOUBLE Barrelled English Snub and Twist
I'o WLING PIECES—aIso Single Barrel
ed Guns, front four dollars to thirty each, for
sale by J. & W. SAXTON.
H ATS—such ns Moleshin, Kossuth, for men
and boys, also Calcutta, Leghorn and Chip,
just received and for sale cheap by
J. 6. W. SAXTON.
Alargo lot of Shoes—Laeo Boots, Buskins,
Misses and Children's at tho Store of
D. I'. GWIN.
for sale at the Cheap Store of
for sale at the store of S. & G. LEVI.
Ladies' Shoes,
A SPLENDID assortment of Ladies' Shoei
/I at the latest styles, just received at dm stot
of S. & G. LEVI.
Asplendid lot of Bonnets st)eepadfe
solo b y pii:lyzl
C ARPET Bags, just received and for sale by
J. 6. W. SAXTON.
PORT MONNAILS from 25 cents up to $2 50
at Ed. Snare's. Aprtl IS 1852.
LAMES Lasting and Silk work Gaitors, Hi
Morocco, and Goat Boots and Shoos, at tii
store of GEO. GWIN.
Mits. Delano, B. Dclanes, Do Berme, Lawns,
Gingham, and a choice variety of Goods of all
kinds, at the store of GEO. °WIN.
yOOKING Glasses, just received and for sole
by J. I f IV. SAXTO.Y.
The Climax now Completely Capped.
Charles S. Black
Hoi• just returned from the East with the
cheapest and most fashionable assortment of
Boots, Shoes, Gaitors,
both Gentlemen's end Ladies', that ever wits
brought to the borough of Hnntingdon. He is
thankful for past patronage, and hopes to do as
well in the future, by selling very low and en
deavoring to oblige. The best Ladies' Slippers
can lie had for 55 cents per pair—and all others
at prices correspondingly.
Don't forget the sign of the "Yellow Boot."
No. 12, Sixth Street,
The most Extensive and Best Manufacturer in
the United States,
Originator of all New Styles !
Das taken the highest premiums at all the Exhi
bitions; buys the best materials cheap for cash,
which enables him to sell SUPERIOR
As LOW as others sell inferior articles.
Painted and Gilt Shades of beautiful designs.
Buff and White Holland Shades, Trimmings,
Fixtures, &c.
Store Shades Painted and Lettered to order.
Old Blinds Painted and Trimmed. Purcha
sers, please call.
April 27, 1853.—1 y.
Whore may be obtained the most speedy rem
edy for
SECRET DISEASES.—CIects Strictures,
Seminal Weakness, Pain in the Loins, Affections
of the Kidneys, and all those peculiar affections
arising from a secret habit, particularly the youth
of both sexes, which if not cured, produces con
stitutional debility, rendering marriage impossi
ble, and in the end destroys both Mind and Body.
Young Men especially, who have become the
victims of Solitary Vice, that dreadful and des
tructive habit which annually sweeps to an un
timely grave thousands ofyoung men of the most
exalted talents and brilliant intellect, who might
otherwise have entranced listening senates with
the thunders of eloquence, or waked to ecstasy
the living lyre, may call with full confidence.
Married persons, or those contemplating mar
riage, being aware of physical weakness, should
immediately consult Dr. J., and ho restored to
perfect health.
Dr. Johnston, office No. 7 South Fredrick St.,
seven doors from Baltimore Street, east side up
the steps. 10" Be particular in obtaining the
name and number, or you will mistake the place.
A cure warranted, or no charge made, in from
one to two days.
TAKE NovicE.—Dr. Johnston's office is in his
dwelling, op the steps. ills very extensive prac
tice is a sufficient guarantee, that he is the only
propel physician to apply to.
Dr. johston, member of the Royal College of
Surgeons. London, graduate from ono of the
most eminent Colleges of the United States, and
the greater port of whose life bra been spent its
the Hospitals of London, Paris Philadelphia, and
elsewhere, has effected some of the most aston
ishing cures that were ever known, many trou
bled with ringing in the cars and head when
asleep, great nervousness, being alarmed at sud
den sounds, and bashfulness, with frequent blush
ing attended sometimes wills derangement of
mind, were cured immediately.
A CERTAIN DISEASE.—It is a melancholy filet
that thousands fall victims to this horrid disease
owing to the unskilfulness of ignorant pretenders
who by the use of that deadly poison Mercury,
ruin the Constitution, causing the most serious
symptoms of that dreadful disease to make their
appearance, such as affections of the bend, nose,
throat, skin, etc., progressing with frightful ra
pidity till death puts n period to their dreadful
suffering, by sending them io that Bourne whence
no traveler retnrns.
have injured themselves by a certain practice in
dulged in when alone—a habit ftequently learned
from evil companions, or at school—the effects
of which eve nightly felt, even when asleep, and
if not cured renders marriage impossible, and de
stroys both mind and body.
What a pity that a young man, rho hope of his
country, and the darling of his parents should be
snatched from all prospects and enjoyments of
life by the consequence of deviating from the path
of nature and indulging in a certain secret habit.
Such persons before contemplating Marriage,
should reflect that a sound mind nud body aro
the most necessary requisites to promote connu
bial happiness, Indeed without these, the jour
ney thraugh life becomes a weary pilgrimage,
the prospect hourly darkens to the view; the
mind becomes shadowed with despair, and tilled
with the melancholy reflection, that the happiness
of another becomes blighted with our own.
CONSTITUTIONAL DEnturr.—Dr. J. address
es young men, and all who have injured them
selves by private and improper indulgence.
IMPUISSANA.—These are some of the sad and
melancholy effects produced by early habits of
youth, vizi Weakness of the Back end Limbs,
Pains in the head, Dimness of Sight, Loss of
Muscular power, Palpitation of the Heart Dys
pepsia,•Nervous Irritability, Deningernents of the
Digestive Functions, General Debility Symptoms
of Consumption,
MENTALLY—The fearful effects on the mind aro
much to be dreaded; Loss of memory, Confusion
of ideas, Depression of Spirit, Evil Forbodings;
Aversion to Society, Self Distrust, Love of Soli
tude, Er., are some oldie evils produced.
Thousands of persons of all ages,can nowjudge
what is the cause of their declining health. Los
ing their vigor, becoming weak, pale and emacia
ted, have singular appearance about the eyes,
cough and symtoms of consumption.
Married persons, or those contemplating mar
riage, being aware of physical weakness, should
immediately consult Dr. J. and be restored to per
fect health. Office, No. 7, South Frederick-St.,
Baltimore, Md.
N. 13. Let no false delicacy prevent you, but ap
ply immediately either personally or by letter.
Skin Diseases Speedily Cured,
To STRAIIGEItEL—The many thousands cured
at this Institution within the last ten years, and
the numerous important Surgical Operations
performed by Dr. J.,witnessed by the Reporters of
the papers, and many other persons, notices of
which have appealed again and again before the
public, is a sufficient guarantee that the afflicted
will find a skillful stud honorable physidlan.
As there are so many ignorant and worthless
quacks advertising themselves as Physicians,ruin
ing the health of the afflicted Dr. Johnston would
say to those unacquainted with his reputation that
his Credentials or Diplomas always hang in Ids
1 office.
NVoakness of the organs immediately cured,
and full vigor restored
fir All letters post paid—remedies sent by
May 22, 1853.—1 y.
A fresh supply of Garden Seeds from Risley'
Gardens, just received, and for sale by
Feb. 23, 1853. J. &. SAx.rox.
A most beautiful lot of Mirage de Leine pat
terns, and in tho piece, from I 8 cts up to 50
cts. per yard, just received and for sale by
.1. ir W. SAXTON.
ASilk, beautiful assortment of Cross-barred India
just received and for sale by
pAssiNETTs, Corduroy, Tweeds, IC. Jeans,
for sale at the cheap corner opposite C.
Couts' Ilotel• D. GIVIN.
plain and fancy, at very low prices, at the store
for safe at the store of GEO. GWIN.
H ATS ANL) CAPS—of all kinds, of the latest
-I- fashion, for sale at the cheap store of
S. & G. LEVI.
G iN9 HAMS--Domestie and Dress, just re•
calved at D. P. GWDI'S Cheap Store.
A large assortment of Lawns and Berate de
n_Laines, Just received at the cheap stare of
I). P. GAM.
BLASTING POWDEU and SAFETY FUSE, constantly on hand and for sale by
PITTSBURG llama and Flitch forsale cheap
at tho ELEPHANT Corner,
(Successor to A. FOIT.)
No. 101 Chestnut Street, Swain's
Extensive Music Publisher, and Dealer in Mu
sical Instruments of every description.
Exclusive Agent for the solo of Hallet, Davis
,Eolian and other
L. Gilbert's Tiondoir Pianos, Melodeons, Mar
tin's Guitars, Harps, Violins, Sheet Music, Music
Books &c.
Residents in the country will he supplied by
mail or otherwise with any music they may wish,
at as low rates as if purchased in person. Hav
ing ono of the largest stocks in the United States
I feel confident of satisfying all all who may fa
vor me with n call or order.
Dealers in Music supplied on the most reason
able terms. Pianos to let. Second-hand Pianos
for solo.
T. T. CROFT, Agent, Harrisburg, Pa.
Mny it, '53.--Iy.
respectfully of
:red to the citizens
licyrixonox &
linity as a prepa
lion of earnest
iportnnce to fam
ies, and destined
) become identifi-
I with the health
id happiness of
...ON will cure 95
tr cont. of all
ironic diseases in
dental to the re
icctable female,
Ily known under
tlio name of
Female Complaints.
Of these two Prolapses Glen, or Falling of the
Womb, flour Albns, or Whites; Chronic !Vet
motion and Ulceration of the Womb; Incidental
Ifirmorrahage ' or Flooding: Painful, Suppressed,
and irregyarllfenstruation,&c.., with all their ac
companying evils, (Cancer exbepted,) no matter
how severe or of how long standing.
city of New York and other places, finding them
selves without a remedy in inveterate cases of
the above complaints, and having due regard for
the welfare of their patients, have recommended
the use of this medicine; and, after witnessing its
salutary effects are now manifesting their appro
bation, not only by resorting to it in their treat
ment of all the diseases for which it is intended,
but in some instances accepting the agency of it
to facilitate its introduction into more general use
by the Faculty.
The influence of this composition npon the fe
male constitution is of the most friendly kind;
the most delicate and feeble female need have no
tear in its use for any length of time, thr it con
tain any mercury, nor any article which can
wove in any way injurious, being made entirely
of vegetable extracts, and prepared to taste like
a pleasant cordial.
_ _ _
The modus operand! of this remedy, in the cure
of this class of diseases, is through the general
economy of the system, with the peculiar deter
mination to the female organs.
ADDITIONAL PROOF of this Catholicon
being worthy of the confidence of the afflicted, as
a Successful, Safe and cheap Remedy, will be
found in the pamphletf together with important
observations touching the nature and symptoms
of the diseases, to which the attention of Ladies
and l..t.uelioners is respectfully invited.
THE INGIIEDIEN'TS, as~ccrtilicd by high
medical authority, (see pamphlet,) are All Vege
table; and are not associated with any article un
friendly to the animal economy.
Prof. Dunbar, M. D., Baltimore, Md.; J. C.
Orrick, M. 1). Baltimore; I'. B. Peckham, M.D.
Utica, N. Y.; D. Y. Foote, M. D., Syracuse, N.
Y.; M. 11. Mills, M. D., Rochester, N. Y.; L.
D. Fleming, M. D., ganandaigua, N.Y.; W. W.
Reese, 111. D., City orNew York; W. Prescott,
M. D., Concord, N. 11.
Pamphlets can be lad gratis at the store of
Thomas Read & Son, Agents, Druggists, &c.,
llnntlpgdon, Pa.
Sold by lauding Druggists in all the adjoining
J. B. MARCH'S' & CO., Proprietors, Cen•
trill Depot, 304 Broadway, Now York.
May 11,953.-om.
Watered according to Act of Congress, in the year
11361, by J. B. UOUGIITON, M. D., In tho clerk's
°Dice of the District Court for the Eastern
District of Pennsylvania.
Another Scientific Wonder!
. ._,
~,,:., ~,4 ,
'l'll E TRUE .
Prrpared from RENNET, or the fourth STOMACH
OP TOE OX, after directions of BARON Me
mo, the groat Physiological Chemist, by J. S.
Ilouoirrox, M. D., Philadelphia, Pa.
This NATURE'S OWN REMEDY for an unhealthy
Stomach. No art of man can equal its curative
powers. It contains no Atoitouor., BITTERS,
ACIDS, or NAUSEOUS DRUGS. It is extremely
agreeable to the taste, and may be taken by the
most feeble patients who cannot eat a water
cracker without acute distress. Beware of
Call on the Agent and get a Descriptive Cir
cular, gratie, giving a large amount of SCIENTIFIC
(EVIDENCE, from Lichig's Animal Chemistry;
Dr. Combo's Physiology of Digestion; Dr. Perei
ra Ott Food and Diet; 1)1.. John W. Draper, of
New York University; Prof. Dunglison's Physi
ology; Prof. Silliman, of Yale College; Dr. Car
penter's Physiology; Sic., together with reports of
omits from all parts of the United States.
0' OBSERVE Tits!—Every bottle of the gen
uine PEPB/N bears the written signature of J. S.
HOUGIITON, M. I)., sole proprietor, Philadelphia
Pa. Copy-right and Trade Mark secured.
.gE'Sold by all Druggists and Dealers in Med
icines. Price ONE DOLLAR per bottle.
May 11, '53.-Iy.
HATS.—Moleskin No, I and 2, of the latest
styles. Kossuth Hats of various styles and
qualities—will be sold low at the cheap store of
ALARGE and splendid assortment of Bon.
nets, Misses' Flats and eldldreus' Hats and
Cups, selling at low prices at the store of
GEO. 6' WIN.
BREAsTPLVS, Ear Hinge, and Finger Rings,
in endless variety, nt EMI. SNARE'S.
rpm: flinest assortment of Boots and Shoos
over offered in town, for solo low by
1. 6. IV. SA ATOM.
CLOTBING.—A largo assortment for men and
boys, at the cheap corner of S. & G. LEVI.
SILK Dress Patterns—sack as Brocade, Figur
ed, I'lain and Cross-barred, jest received and
for sale by J. i s.. W. SAXTON.
100 Sacks of Salt in store, and fur sal;
1?) , Gl' G
CAOLD and Silver Spectacles at all prices, at
Ur E. Sam's. April 15, 1852,
TAONNETS and Hats of the latest styles, just
1) received at 1). P. OW IN'S' Store.
IiSinECEIVED oath fur sale Fish, Salt nud
i'fastcr & W. s3.x.ros.
MBE undersigned respectfully informs the pub
tic that he still continues to carry on the
above business at his old stand, on Main Street,
nearly opposite the Presbyterian Church, where
he has constantly on hand nn extensive assort
ment of well-made work, which consist of a va
riety of Windsor Chairs, Settees, &c. The sub
scriber feels no hesitation in warranting all his
work, as it consists of the best of material, and
made in the best workmanlike style; he flatters
himself to be able to turn out c ork unsurpassed
by any East of the mountain. He returns his
thanks to the pubic for the libmal pntronage
heretofore received, and hopes, by strict attention
to business, to receive a continuance of the same.
Persons desirous of purchasing any thing in his
line, will do well to give him a call, as he is de
termined to sell very low, to snit the times.
A boy will be taken, if application be made
to learn the Chair making business.
Huntingdon, April 19,
Informs his old friends and the public that he
has returned to his old home, and will attend to
all business in his profession, entrusted to him,
with fidelity and his best ability.
Office in Main Street, south side, the last house
below the Court house.
Huntingdon, May 18, 1852.4 m.
ISAAC & WILLTAM NITERS, the present Propri
etors of the above Hotel, at Mount Union, Hun
tingdon county, respectfully inform their friends
and the public generally, that they are prepared
to accommodate all who me disposed to favor
thorn with their custom, and that no pains will be
spared to render satisfaction.
The Hotel is convenient to the Rail Road sta
tion, and the closest attention will be given to bag
gage, &c., in having it conveyed to and from the
depot. [April 6, 1853.—1 y
Of Spring and Summer Goods, at
The subscribers respectfully return thanks for
the patronage they have received during the time
they have been in business, and would inform the
old customers of S. Levi, with as many new ones
as may be pleased to favor them with their pat
ronage, that they still continue to distribute Goods
at Maguire's old stand, in Market Square, Hun
tingdon, where they will be happy to supply all
who may be in want of anything in their lino at
the lowest possible rates. Ladies and Gentlemen
what we are going to tell you now is so "limn
bug." Our stock of Goods consists chiefly of a
must splendid assortment of DRY GOODS,
Ladies Dress Goods,
from the plianest to the finest Silks, Alpacas,
Mouslin do Base, Mons de ',nines, White and
Brown Mashing, White Dress Muslins, end La
dies' Dress Goods in every variety. Also, Ho
siery, Gloves, Veils, Woolen Scarfs &c., &c., with
a variety of Fancy Articles and Jewelry. Also a
splendid stock of
Cloths, Cassimores & Ready-Made Clothing
Fine Coats from $7,50 to $115; Business Coats
front $1 to $10; Pants from 75ets. to $6; Vests
from 37icts. to $5.
lYten and Boys' rats & Caps,
of different qualities.
Also—A splendid assortment of Ladies' Shoes,
got up with ho latest and most approved pattrens
and styles.
.. -
Also—n choice selection of Groceries, Queens
ware, hardware, Glassware, &c., &c.
As our motto is "Quint Sm.Es min SMALL
PROFITS," whoever does not come and buy from
us does not intend to save money, thinking a
nimble nincpence better then a slow shilling, we
invite all to come and examine our stock of Goods,
as we charge nothing for looking at them, so it
you don't buy it will cost you nothing but the
pleasure of a pleasant ride or walk—for we intend
to keep all from a broomstick to a windmill.
All Linde If country produce token in exchange
for Goods.
March 23, 1853.
Practice in the several Courts of Huntingdon,
Blair, Cambria, Centre, Mifflin and .Juniatit Coun
ties. Morel, 23, 1853.
Foundry for Sale or Rent.
THE old established Stone Foundry, 40
by 40 feet, Ware Room 30 by 40 feet, En
gine House 30 by 31 feet; Patterns for Cook
Stoves, 3 sizes—Patterns for Cook Stoves for
Coal and Wood, 3 sizes; Parlor Stoves for Wood
or Coal, 'fight Air Stoves, Thrashing Machine
Patterns, Patterns for Egg Stoves, 4 sizes; and
for runouts for Forges and Rolling Mills, Wagon
Box Patterns, Hill-side and Bull Plough Patterns,
Iron Wash Kettles, with a variety of other Pat
terns, and n large Lathe for turtling Iron or Wood,
all in good order.
Apply to the subscriber at Alexandria,
January 12, 1853.
No. 23 Woocl St. Pittsburgh.
Particular attention paid to the sale of Blooms
and Pig Metal, and Caen advances made. '
Dec. 0 , 's2.—ly.
The subscriber, thankful to his friends and pa
trons, and to the Public generally, for their pa
tronage, still continues to carry on at the same
stand, ono door oast of Mr. C. Coat's Hotel, Mar
ket street, Huntingdon, where he will attend to
all who will favor him with their custom, and al
so keeps on hand a good assortment of WATCHES,
CLOCKS, Jawnuty & c., &c., all of which he is
determined to sell a low prices.
Clocks, Watches and Jewelry of all kinds will
be repaired at short notice, and having mode ar
rangements with a good workman, all repairs will
be done in a neat annul durable manner, end every
person leaving articles for repairing shall have
them done at the precise time. By paying strict
attention to business, and selling at low rates, ho
hopes to receive a share of public patronage.
Huntingdon, Sept. 7, 18.52.-Iy.
New Goods and New Prices,
HARRISON, & COUCH have just opened
a magnificent assortment of rich and rare Store
(foods, at their• now store room in rortstown.
Their stock is entirely now, and consists of
all of which will be sold nt the lowest rates for
cash or exchanged for country produce.
kir The highest price given at all times for
every description of merchantable grain.
Broad Top Depot, Doe. 30,1852.
Adams & Co.'s Express.
T. K. SIMONTON, Agent, Huntingdon.
Money, Packages, and goods ofall kinds, re
ceived and forwarded Cl the risk of the company,
to all the cities and principal towns in the United
State May 1,'52.
JOSEPH DOUGLASS, in MeConnellstown,
has constantly on hued, nod is prepared to
make and repair GUNS of all kinds ut the short
est notice. [Nuv. 25, '52 -Iy.
GRO:IERIES—Fresh and cheap, at the cheap
store of S. & G. LEVI.
LADIES DRESSES—aII kinds of goods suit•
able, at the cheap store of S & G. LEVI.
A superior lot of Rifles, for solo nt the
DARGE DE LAINES, in endless variety, nt
I , the cheap corner of A. CARMuN.
ASPLENDID assortment of Ladies' Dress
Goods just received at CARMON'S.
A splendid assortment of BONNETS, ju=t re
ceived at the cheap store of S. & G. LEVI.
Would reepectfully Inform his friends and the
public, that he has on band and is receiving for
the coming season, a fine assortment of
ctl as. •czzr as. LlErw,
Consisting of Watches, Chains, Breast Pins, Fins
ger Rings, Ear Rings, Pencils, Keys, Thimbles,
Studs, Medallions, &c. Together with his;selebra
ted and unrivalled
Which is equal if not superior, to any now in use,
Loch Pen is Engraved with his own name,
and every Pen Warranted.
Oh did you ever, no I never !
Mercy on us what a treat;
Get Head's Gold Pen, they're extra fine,
And only found in North Third Street.
A splendid Pen!!! Where did you get it I
Pure Diamond Pointed, can't ho heat;
Yes, my friends, there's no humbuging
In Read's Gold Pons of North Third Street
a"Read's Gold Pen is found only at 55 North
Third Street, below Arch East Side.
Piladelphia. Jan. 8,1852.—ff.
TIIO3IAS .lAcKsoN, Tuoatas E. PRANK Lim
Blair county. Lancaster county,
Huntingdon co. Lancaster county..
JAMES Gammen, Ricit'n. R. BRYAN,
Blair county. Lancaster county.-
Central Penn'a. Banking House,
OF BRYAN, 9LEIIi & CO.— Office on Alle—
gheuy street, a few doors west of the Court
House, and nearly opposite the Post Office, Hoi
lidaysburg, Pa.
The Company is now ready to transact busi
ness. Upon money deposited for a specific
period of three, six, nine or twelve months, in
terest will be paid at such rates as are usually
allowed by Savings Institutions. Transient de
posites received, payable on demand.
R. R. BRYAN, Cashier.
Hollidaysburg, May 21, 1850.
11. K. NEFF, M. D.,
TTAVING located himself in WARUIORSMATIX
1- 1 - in this county, would respectfully offer his
professional services to the citizens of that place
and the country adjacent.
J.B. Loden, M. D. Gen. A. P. Wilson,
M. A. Henderson, " Wm. I'. Orbison, Esq,
J. 11. Dorsey, " Don. James Gwinn,
M. Stewart, " John Scott, Esq.
Hon. George Taylor.
Huntingdon, Pa.
Jacob M, Gammill, M. I)., Alexandria.
John Neulloch, " Petersburg.
Constantly on hand, and for solo the most
highly improved Durham Short Horn cattle
Chester Hogs, South Down, Colso•ald and
Leicester Sheep.
_ _ _
The subscriber now offers for sale se teral very
fine Durham Short Horn Bull and heifer calves ;
two Chester Boars; about five months old, which
took the first premium for pigs of that ago at
the late State Agricultural Fair: also, sixteen
young thorough bred Pigs of the same breed,
about three weeks old; also, eight thorough
Buck and Ewe Lambs of his South Down Hock.
The undersigned takes pleasure in stating that
for all the stock which ho exhibited, at the State
Agricultural Fair, he received the highest pre
miums for South Down and Leicester sheep and
Chester Hogs.
Any letters directed to Eagle Foundry P. 0.,
Huntingdon Co., Penna., will be attended to.
ROBERT HARE rowlir..
April, 7, 1852.
Notice to Tavern Keepers.
money, is hereby given to the keepers of Inns
Di and Taverns within the county of Hunting
don, that the Judges of the Court of Quarter Ses
sions of said county, enjoin upon the keepers of
such Inns and Taverns that they close their res
pective bars on the Sabbath, and refrain front
selling or dealing out liquors on that day ; and
the licenses of such persons as shall disregard this
injunction will be revoked forthwith agreeably to
the Act of Assembly in such case made and pro
vided upon the fact of such violation coming to
the knowledge of the Court.
Ily the Court, 24th Jan. 1852.
May 1. 1852.
CHOICE LIQUORS for medicinal pups
es, consisting of
Best quality FRENCH BRANDY,
" "
In short, all kinds of Liquors used for that pure
pose can he had at the cheap store at
April 22, 1852. J. 13RICRIM
Returns his sincere thanks to his friends and the
public generally for their very liberal patronage,
and hopes by strict attention to business to merit
a continuance of the same. He would embrace
the present opportunity of informing the public
that he is still prepared to furnish them with all
kinds of castings; he has
of every descripti STO
on, for burVESning either wood or
coal, such as Cook, Parlor, Egg, Cannon and
Teo Pluto Stoves, together with
LP a CI) U 1 :72t):103
and Plough Irons of all patterns used in the Stet o
Forgo, Grist and Saw -mill castings; Lewistown
Threshing machine patterns, and the four and
two horse power patterns of Chambersbug, and
all other castings usually made at foundries, all of
which will be sold very low for cash.
May, 1, 1852.
Lots in Altoona
north of Hollidaysburg,and about one mile north
west of Allegheny Furnace, Blair county.
After the 21st day of May, the LOTS in said
Tows will be open to the public for sale.
It is well known that tne Pennsylvania Rail'
Road Company have selected this place for the
erection of their main Machine and other Shops
and are now building the same.
The Rail Road willbe opened early in the Fall
throwing at once a large amount of trade to this
place. The main inducement at this time in of
fering Lnts for sale, being to secure the requis
ite Machinists and Tradesmen, and homes for
the Machinists and other employees of the Roil
Road Company. Early application will secure
Lots at a low price.
Fos further information apply to C. H. MAY •
ER, at Altoona, or to R. A. McIVIHRTRIE,
May, 185 D—tr.
l'omkins , British Plate Powder.
TOOR cleansing, polshing, and beautifyi ng .
E Silver, Silver Plated Ware,
German Silver, Albata Plate,
Britannia Ware, And all white Metals.
The undersigned have received from the pa •
tentee the exclusive right to manufacture these
preparations for the United States. The Plate
Powder has been most extensively used for a
number of years in Great Britain, and is now
used by most of the manufacturers ofsilverand
other wares in New York and Philadelphia ;
likewise by nearly all respectable families and
hotel proprietors in the Union.
WM. TOMICINS, & CO., Manufacturers,
231 South Secondstreet, Philadelphia.
For sale at T. K. SIMONTON'S Store, Hunting
don, Pa.
May 1, 1852.
beautiful lot of Cast Iron Pum ps, for Wong
awl Cisterns,just received, and for nolo by
F01t.23, 1853. J. & W. SAXTON
In exchange for merchandise, 500 bushels of
dried apples, paired; 550 bushels of Ponchos, sin. ,
150,000 CIGARS for aalo, wholemdt
and retail, at
A N excellent variety of fine PEN Karma, .71,
Snare's. April
eg- fiuc lot of I%st 01.1 at Eon. 82,A/ie.&