Huntingdon journal. (Huntingdon, Pa.) 1843-1859, July 13, 1853, Image 3

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    /Ist of Patents.
Issued from the United States Patent ()gee
from the week ending June 28, 1863, and tear•
ing dtee June 28, 1852.
. _
.ilarnabas H. Bartel, of Philadelphia, Pa.—
For improvement in refrigerators for cooling li
quids. Dated June 28, 1853. Patented in
Cuba Oct. 8, 1852.
Horatio Clarke, of Dedham, Mass.—For im•
provement in bobbins. .
Christopher Dockwortb, of Thompsonville,
Ct.—For improvement in shuttle boa motion
in loom.
Horatio N:Ooodman, of New Haven, Conn.
—For improvement in melodeons.
Daniel H. Hovey, of Kilborn, Ohio.—For
improvement in machines for twisting waxed
ends. _ _
Edmund Morwood and George Bogers, of
London, England.—For improvement in coat
ing zinc with lead. Dated June 28, 1853.
Patented in England, December 12 1850.
Levi S. Reynolds, of Indanapolis, Ind.—For
improvement in barn dusters.
Christian Sharps, of Hartford, Conn.—For
improvement inipercussion pellets. Dated
Juno 28, 1833. Patented in England April
22, 1852. _ .
E, E, Shepardson and Edwin Lucas, of New
Bedford, Mass.—For improvement in tuning
melodeons and other reed instruments.
Lauran Ward, of Naugatuck, Conn., admin
istrator of Richard Wan], deceased, of same
placm—For improvement in machines for
turning irregular forms.
James Foster, jr., and Platt Evens, jr„ of
Cincinnati, Ohio.—For improvement of metal
lic boxes forpresses, S te.
Amizi C. Semple, of Cincinnati, Ohio, no
signor to Wth. C. Semple, of same place.—For
improvement in presses.
Napoleon B. Lucas, of Otter Creek, Ill.—
For improvement in threshers and separators
of grain.
Re-issue.—Walter Kidder, of New York, N.
Y.—For improvement in gas regulators. Pat
ented October 12, 1843. Re-issued June 28,
18$3. •
Designs.—N. S. Vedder, of Troy, N. Y.—
For design for a cook stove.
Samuel D. Vose, of Albany, N. Y.—For de
sign for a cooking stove. Dated June 28,
1853. Ante dated May 2, 1853.
Samuel D. Vose, of Albany, N. Y.—For de
sign for a cooking stove. Dated June 28,
1853. Ante dated May 2, 1853.
Samuel D. Vose, of-Albany, N. Y.—For de
sign for a cooking stove. Dated June 28,
1853. Auto dated May 2 1853.
Samuel D. Vose, of Albany, N. Y.—For de
sign for a parlor stove. Dated June 28, 1852.
Ante dated May 2, 1833.
James Cowles, of Itoebester, N. Y., assignor
to Albert G. Bristol, of same place.—For de
sign for a register face.
Robbery and Arrest
Two young men entered the house of Mr.
James Alexander, ut McAlavey's Fort, in Hun
tingdon county, and carried away about $5OO.
Constable Selfridge and Mr. Alexander pursu
ing, got into the name train of cars with them,
And when within a mile of the Portage Inter
section in this county, on the evening of the
4th inst., Mr. Selfridge seized one of the per
petrators, named Henry Scott, fearing that he
might make his escape on the cars stopping,
when Scott jumped off (the cars under full
headway,) and the officer jumped on him, and
succeeded in retaining him till assistance hap
pened to be passing. The were both injured,
ed, though not dangerously. $lBO of the mon
ey taken was obtained. Scott was taken to the
Huntingdon jail, and hi, comrade escaped.—
Hollidaysburg Register.
No. 31. We are informed from a reliable
source that the sales of Dr. J. W. Cooper's In
dian Vegetable Cough or Consumptive Syrup,
which is prepared only by C. P. Hewes, are
enormous nod everyday increasing; the papers
from almost every direction notice the wonder
ful cures of stuborn or long standing coughs,
as well as the utmost miraculous cures of Con
sumption, which it is constantly effecting. We
are ead that such a medicine has at last been
discovered and placed among us, so that all
who arc afflicted with this consuming, and
heretofore considered incurable disease, can
now have . an opportunity of being cured. We
take pleasure in inflirming our readers that the
genuine Indigos Vegetable Cough, or Consump
tive Syrvp can be had of T. Read, & Son, Hun
tingdon, who
* are agents for the proprietor.
• fir POISONING. 4,111
Thousands of Parents who use Vertnifuge com
p osed of Castor oil, Calomel, &c., are not aware,
that while they appear to benefit the patient, they
are actually laying the foundations for a series of
diseases, such as salivation, loss of sight, weak
ness of limbs, &c.
. _ .
In another column will he found the advertise
ment of Ilobensack's Medicines, to which we ask
the attention of all directly interested in their own
as well as their Children's health. In Liver
Complaints and all disorders arising from those
of a billioub typo, should make use of the only
genuine medicine, llobensack's Liver Pills.
Clie"Be not Deceived," but ask for llobensack's
Worm Syrup and Liver Pills, and observe that
each has the signature of the Proprietor, J. N.
110BENSACICS, as none else are genuine.
„ .... ,„ .....
MEANING of the word O'PEPSIN," or of the two
Greek words from which it is derived. This is
the significant and appropriate title of the Tnog
by Dr. J. S. IloconvoN, of Philadelphia, from
the fourth stomoch of the Ox, for the cure of In
digestion and Dyspepsia. It is Nature's own
remedy for an unhealthy Stomach. No art of
man can equal its curative powers. It renders
000 n EATING perfectly consistent with HEALTH.
See the figure of the Ox, in another part of this
On the 4th inst. by Rev. A. Brittain, Mr.
both of Franklin township.
On the 16th ult., by_Rev. J. B. Wells, Mr.
both of Barren township, this county.
In Hill Valley, on the 4th inst., DANIEL.
ROBERTA, an aged and respectable citizen of
Shirley township, Huntingdon county.
In this borough, on the sth inst., Jon, son
of Josiah A. and Lucinda C. Hall, aged about
4 years,
He was an intelligent and interesting child;
gentle, affectionate, and obedient. The remem
brance of little John by all who knew him will
be the remembrance of that personification of
amiable qualities, and Christian graces no aptly
exemplified in an innocent and lovely child,
that the blessed Saviour himself said,—hof such
is the kingdom of heaven." Surely, the grief
of his afflicted parents should be assuaged by
the thought, that, in this purity and meekness
for the transition, their dear child has been
taken from amid the scenes and sorrows of this,
to the unmarred happiness of a brighter and
better world; and that their loss, keenly felt
and hard to bear though it be, is his everlast
ing gain. A.
lICNTINGDON, July 12, 1853.
84.50 a 84,75
Fleur per bbl.,
Clover Need, per bu•h•
Bed Wheat, per bu.,• • •
White Wheat, per bu.,
Rye, per bu
Corn, per hu
Buckwheat, per bu • • • •
Oats, per bu
Flaxseed. per bu
Pay, per ton
Butter, per lb.,
Env, per doz.,
PIIILADELPIIIA, July 12, 1853.
Fish, far medium, per bbl., $12,75
No. Pe, $13,50 a 19,75
Flour, per barrel, s4.fi2i
Wheat per bushel, $1,09 a 1,10
Corn it
Iron per ton, Aathraeito, ,
Scotch Pig,
PhWet per toll,
62 a 65
$35,00 a 26,00
• • 33,04) a 34,00
• .$1.304 a 4.15
To the P;ople of Huntingdon County :—The
undersigned is induced, respectfully, to announce
himsclt as n candidate fur the office of Sheriff of
Huntingdon county. No promises, no pledges.
Try me, prove me. GEO. HARTLEY.
Huntingdon, July 13,'53.-31.
County Treasurer.
I,I[TE er authorised of announce the name of
if V PETER C. SWOOPS, of this borough,
as a candidate for the office of.Transurer. at the
ensuing fall election, subject to the decision of
the Whig County Convention, to he held in
August next.
July 13, 's3.—tc.
WE are authorised to announce the name of
Col. JNO. A. DOYLE, as a candidate for
the office of Sheriff at the ensuing October elec.
tine, subject to the decision of the Whig Coun
ty Convention to be held in August next.
July 13, '53. -M.
WE are authorised to announce the name of
ISAAC WOLVERTON, of Brady town
ship, as a candidate for the Legislature, at the
October election, subject to the decision of the
Whig County Convention, to be bcld in August
July 13, 'l3.—tc.
Mn. Entron:—Please announce the name of
JACOB SNYDER, ofyour town, as a very suit
able person to receive the nomination for County
Treasurer. Mr. S. is an energetic, unflinching
Whig, and we hope will receive the nomination.
And is also well qualified to discharge the duties
of the office. AN OLD
June 22,953.
County Treasurer.
JOSEPH STEVENS, of Petersburg, is room
mended to the whigs of Huntingdon, as a
suitable person for the office of County Treasurer
to be elected in October next, His nnme will
be submitted to the nominating County Conven
tion for that office.
Juno 22, 's3,—tc.
VUE are authorised to announce the name of
as a candidate for the office of Sheriff, at the en
suing fall election, subject to the decision of the
Whig County Convention to be held in August
June 29, 's3,—tc.
AVE are authorized to announce the name of
township, as a candidate for the office of Sheriff,
at the ensuing full election, subject to the decision
of the Whig County Convention to be held in
August next.
Juno 22, 's3.—tc.
WE are authorised to announce the name of
borough, as a candidate for the office of Sheriff,
at the miming full election, subject to the decision
of the Whig County Convention to he held in Au
gust next. June 13, 's3.—te.
/WE undersigned offers himself to the people
of linntingdon county, us a candidate for tho
office ufSheriff, of said county; subject to the de
cision of the Whig County Convention.
Burro tp., June 8, 1852.—tc.
MIIE Subscriber respectfully announces himself
to the voters of Huntingdon county, that he
will submit his name to the Whig County Con
vention, as a candidate for the office of Sheriff.—
If nominated nod elected, he pledges himself to
perform the duties of the office with fidelity.
Porter twp., June I, 's3.—tc.
To the Voters of Huntingdon County: Fellow
citizens, at the solicitation of many warm friends,
I offer myself as a Candidate for the next Sher-
Welty of Huntingdon County, and most respect
fully solieit support. Should I be elected, I
pledge myself to discharge the duties of the office
faithfully end impartially. Subject to the deci
sion of the Whig County Convention.
• ''' • ALL persons who have not yet
paid in the first and second In
stannous on their subscriptions
to the stock in the Huntingdon
and Broad Top Mountain Rail
Road and Conl Company, are hereby required to
pay in the same to the undersigned, on or before
the 20th day of July, inst. Immediately after
that date suits will be brought against all delin
quents, and Interest at the rate of one per cent.
per month will be charged.
By order of the Board of Directors,
July 13,'53.-31.
13 n A e r i t
tia fu l Le t t , h m , f o r u o n
o from
ted in the most impro-
red modern style.
Filling, Filing and Cleaning done with care and
Teeth Extracted with all the ease and despatch
that modern science can furnish.
July: 13, 1853.
Huntingdon, Penn'a.
OFFICE on Main Street, next to that of Gon.
A. P. Wilson.
Terms moderate, and all work warranted to
give entire satisfaction.
July 13, '53.
.1. S. GRIFFITH, M. D.,
Huntingdon, Pa.,
Graduate of the University of l'a., offers his
professional service to the citizens of Huntingdon
and adjacent country.
RECERENCEs:—MedicaI Faculty of University
of Pa., Physicians and Surgeons of the Pennsyl
vania Hospital and Dr. Jacob Hoffman.
Office, No. 189, Mifflin Street, along with Dr.
Hoffman. July 13, 1853.
Fire-Proof Safes.
ILtanisuono, Pa., Oct. 30, 1851.
The undersigned appointed a committee for the
purpose, by the officers of the State Fair, wore
present this afternoon, when Messrs. EVANS &
WATSON tested ono of their small sized SAL
they consumed Mee Cords of Wood over it,
commencing at 1 o'clock, P. 51,. and having ex
posed it to a WHITE COAT for Two Hours, suffi
cient to destroy the cast iron feet.
On opening the Safe, the papers with 2000 cir
culars deposited in our presence were taken out,
not only having been preserved, but not having
the appearance of scorch upon them.
A. T. NEWBOLD, Ex-Governor of Pa.
Solo Agency for Butterworth's Celebrated
Bunk Vault and Door Locks. These Locks bid
defiance to all Lock Picks, Hobbs included.
ltsetasaces—Col. S.' S. Wharton; County
Treasurer, Jacob Miller, Esq. Sec. and Treas.
oldie Hunt. and Broad Top 12. R. Co., and Gen.
A. P. Wilson, who is the authorised agent of
Huntingdon county.
July 13, '53.-ly.
.• 1 00
• 6 00
Executor's Notice;
NOTICE is hereby given to all person. indeb
ted to the estate of Anna Barbara Breda,
deed., late of Todd township, to make payment,
and all having claims against said estate will
present them duly authenticated fur settlement,
to the undersiguol
BY virtue of certain Writs of Vend. Exp. and
Mr. Facial, issned wilt of the Court of
Common Piens of Huntingdon county. and to
me directed, I will expose to public sale, at the
front door of the Court House, in tho borongh
of Huntingdon. on Tuesday the 9th day of Au
gust, at 10 o'clock, A. M., of said clay, tho fol.
lowing described Real Estatc,to wit :
All that certain tract, piece or parcel of land,
situate in Jackson township, Huntingdon county,
containing about 50 acres, more or less, adjoining
lands of Michael Sassaman and Wm. Holtman,
having thereon erected a two story/log home, a
log barn, unfinished, a good shop, sumo frnit trees,
about six acres cleared. wised, tnken in execu
tion and to be sold an the property of Michael
Henn i
ALSO—AII the right, title, and interest of de
fendnnt in and to 2 lots aground in the borough
of Alexandria, in the connty of Huntingdon; each
fronting 60 feet on Market Street, each being 200
feet deep, having thereon erected a large double'
two story frame house, weatherbonrded and pain
ted white and plastered inside, with other int
proweinents, adjoining a lot of Andrew McClure
on the cast and a lot °florae' Griffins on the west.
Seized, taken in execution and to be sold as the
property of Solomon Baker.
ALSO—The undivided one-fifth pert of the
following described eleven tracts of land belong
ing to the Monroe Furnace, bounded and demerib
ad as follows, the first thereof, situate in Barren
township, adjoining lands of James Leonard, Is
rael Grafitti( George Miller and others, begin
ning at a w hite oak thence N. 53, E. 117 Prs. to
a gum, thence N. 107 pro. to a pine, thence N.
53 deg. E. 72 prs. to a white oak, thence N. 45
deg. E. 88 pro. ton post, thence S. 47, W. 232
pro. to a post, thence N. 50, W. 52 pre. to a post,
thence S. 45. E. 192 prs. to beginning, containing
180 acres 48 perches and allowance. The second
thereof situate in said township of Barren, begin
ning at a post, thence by land of It. Riddle N. 20
W. 186 pro• too post, thence by land of David
Scott N. 51 deg. E. 97 pro. ton post, thence by
land of R. Nelson, S. 45 deg. E. 95 prs. to a post,
thence 8, 381 E. 45 pro. to a chestnut oak,thence
S. 311 E. 64 pro, thence S. 541 E. 11 prs. thence
S. 63 den. W. 66 pro. to a white oak, thence S,
45 deg. W. 55 prs. to beginning, containing 117
acres 49 prs. and allowance. The third thereof
situate in the said township of Barren, surveyed
on a warrant in the name of Elijah Green, con
taining 392 acres 110 pro. adjoining land, sur
veyed in the nnmo of Aquino. Green, and land
now or late of Benj. Morgan. The fourth thereof
situate in said township of Barren, containing'.42o
acres 20 pro. surveyed in the name of Samuel Ca
non. The sth thereofsituate in said township of
Barree, beginning at n post, three by land of S.
Fletning'N. 45 deg. W. 142 pro. to a pine, thence
by a tract in name of A. Hemphill N. 32 deg. E.
340 prs. to s stone, thence N. 65 dog. E. 12Iprs.
to a post; thence by the Thomas Russell tract S.
25 deg. E. 212 prs. to a post, thence by the Geo.
Willport tract, S. 65 (leg. W. 320 prs, to a post,
thence 6 deg. E. 113 prs to a post, thence N.
deg. W. 20 pro. to beginning, containing 388
acres 103 pre. The sixth thereof situate in Jack
son township, Huntingdon county, beginning at
a white oak, thence S. 45 deg. W. 16.2 prs. to a
post, thence S. 21 E. 361 pro. to a gum, thence
S. 21 deg. E. 101.1 prs. to a post, thence S, 111
E. 101.1 prs. to a post, thence N. 58+ B. 46 pre.
to stones, thence N. 146 E. 60 prs. to a white oak,
thence N. 471 deg. W. 160 pro. to beginning,
containing 58 acres 26 prs. and allowance. The
seventh thereof situate in Berme township afore
said, beginning at a pine thence N. 65 deg. W.
150 pre. to stones, thence S. 444 W. 137.5 prs.
to stones, thence S. 64 deg. E. 150 prs , by land of
Wm. Muflit to stones, thence N. 441 E. 137.5 prs
by land of J & B Fleming to beginning, contain
ing 114 acres 108 pro. and allowance, subject to a
certain lease of a putt of the said tract to Robert
Fleming. The eighth thereof situate in Jackson
township aforesaid adjoining lands of Mielinel
Flasher. Israel Grath's, James Johnston and Jas.
Fleming, containing about 65 acres more or 1099.
The ninth thereof situate in Borate township,
aforesaid, surveyed in the name of Geo. Fithrian,
containing 400 acres, more or less, called "Bloom
field." The tenth thereofsituate in Barren town•
ship aforesaid, surveyed in the name of Henry
Stover, and containing 393 acres 55 prs. and al
lowance, and called "Newry." Tho eleventh
thereof situate in Barree township aforesaid, sur
veyed in the name of John Sinks, and containing
408 acres 160 prs. and culled "Wilmington." be
ing the same tract which Samuel Edmiston and
wife by deed hewing date (herewith) conveyed to
the said John Irvin & Jared Irwin, together with
the hereilititments and appurtenances. Seized,
taken in execution and to he sold as the property
of John & Jared Irvin.
ALSO—AII that piece. parcel or tract of land
situate in Jackson township, Huntingdon county,
containing about 100 acres, more or less, adjoin
ing lands of Henry Shunkwiler, John & William
Smith and others, haring a two story log dwel
ling house thereon erected, log barn, from 40 to
60 acres cleared; some fruit trees on the premises.
Seized, taken in execution, and to he sold as the
property of John Beightal.
W. B. ZEIGLER, Sh'ff.
Huntingdon, July 13, '53.
Notice is hereby given to all persons interested
that the following named persons have settled
their accounts in the Register's Office, at Hun
tingdon, and that the said accounts will be pre
sented for confirmation and allowance, at an Or
phans' Court, to be held at Huntingd,',.m, in and
for said county of Huntingdon, on Wahesday the
10th day of August next.
1. The General Gurdiunship account of
James Potter, Guardian of the minor children
of Silas Moore, deed.
2. James Potter, Guardian of Maria J. Moore,
minor child of Silas Moore, deed.
3. James Potter, Guardian of Lucretia E.
Moore, minor child of Silas Moore, deed.
4. James Potter, Guardian of Thomas J.
Moore, minor child of Silas Moore, dee'd.
5. Hays Hamilton and James Crawford Wal
lace, Admrs. of Thomas Wallace, dec'd., who
was Admr. of Sarah Wallace, deed.
6. William B. Smith, Administrator of James
B. Smith, late of Jackson township, dec'd.
7. Alexander Port, Administrator of the et
tate of James Simpson, late of the borough of
Huntingdon, dee'd.
8. Andrew Shore, Administrator of the es
tate of John Green, late of Clay township, dec.
9. Alexander Port, Trustee to sell the real
estate of Janice Simpson, lute of the borough
of Huntingdon, deed.
10. John Owens, Esq., Trustee to sell the
real estate of David Garrett, late of the bor
ough of Birmingham, deed.
11. Samuel Rtewail and William Cummins,
Executors of the last Will of Charles Commits;
late of Jackson township, deed.
12. Benjamin and Abraham Megallan, Ex
ecutors of the last Will of Jacob Ilegahan ) late
of Walker township, deed.
13. Thomas Stevart, acting Administrator
of the estate of Henry Whitescll, late of West
township, deed.
14. Angus Gill, Administrator of the estate
of David Mattei), late of Franklin tp., deed.
15. George Jackson, Administrator of the
estate of llosannah Vance, late of Jackson
township, deed.
16. George Jackson, Administrator of the
estate of Samuel Vance, late of Jackson town
ship, dee'd.
17. James Gwin, Esq., Administrator do
bonis non of the estate of John P. Dorsey, late
of the borough of Huntingdon, dee'd.
18. The accounts of John MeCaltan, Trustee
under the Will of James MeCahan, deed., of
the estate of the children of said James McCa•
hen, deed.
M. F. CAMPBELL, Register.
ReFiNter's Office,
Huntingdon, July 8, 1833.
Huntingdon Co. Temperance League,
WILL take notice that the next regular
meeting of the League will ho held at the
Court House, in the borough of Huntingdon, on
Wednesday evening the 10th day of August next
at 6 o'clock, P. M. . .
'h— ,
e Officers are generally solicited to be in at.
tendance , at that time.
The public generally, both gentlemen and La
dies are respectfully invited to tntend.
The Rev. P. Comes, of Lancaster, end other
eminent advocates of the. cause will be invited to
address the League upon the occasion.
V. P.
and others,
Win, P. Orbison,
James Maguire, Bergs.
J. W. Mmterii,
10,'31, It.
t'armer, Farrier & Stage Proprietor.
VSPARRALIALLD IA TIIL ilurroxy OY All[l , l , lSt
As the most remarkable External Application ever
c.oop OR MAN
They can't Keep Howe without it."
Ceperienre of more than sixteen yeara has eatablidled
the inet that hlarrhant'a Celchruted liargling Oil, or lint.
venial Family Entbracatian, x . ttl cure utast wee, and re•
I ere all such IS
Spaeine, Sweeney, R inghnne, rot)
Evil,Cnlluns,Cenelled lieFle, pulls of all
kinds, Fresh Wounds, Sprains, Bruises, Fis
tula, Sitfast. Sand Cracks, Strains, Lameness,
foundered Feet. Scratches or Creme, Mange,
Rheumatism, Bites of Animals, External Poi.
sons, Painful Nervous Affections, Frost Bit c ,,,
Corns, Whitlows. Barns and Scalds,
Chillia:Lino, Chapped Bands, Cramps, Con:
/Teflona of the Muscles, Wenkneas
of the Joints. Caked Breasts,
The unparalleled eucceas of this Oil, In the cure of dm
ease. In Iloraes and Cattle. and even in human (loch, le
unity becoming more known to the farming community
It ran hardly ho credited. except by throe who have been
on the habit of keeplair it in their stably , and hour., what
■ mot amount of pun, ,mining end time, ore saved by
the timely application of Ili. Oil.
Mr Ile sure the name of the sole proprietor, GEORGE
W. MERCHANT, Lockport. N. 1.,,e 'down in the aide
of the bottle. and in his hanJwnting over the cork.
All ortlem addressed to the proprietor will be promptly
teeponded to.
l eta Pamphlet of the Agent. and Pee what wooden are
secomplirhed by the roe oil this medicine.
Sold by revpactable dealers generally, in the United
!Hates end Canada. Also
T. Rend & Son, Huntingdon,John Lutz, Shir
leysburg, Isett & Bucher, Union Furnace, James
Clark, Birmingham, Chas. Ritz, Lewistown; J.
W. McVeytown; S. Hoover, Williams
burg; A. 11i. Lloyd & Co., Gaysport; Grossman
& Johnston, Boalshurg; T. B. Miller,Belifonte;
and at wholesale by Fleming & Brothers, Pitts
burg, D. Robinson, Tyrone Station ani, F. Klitt
& Co., Phila.
July 13, 's3.—ly.
Administrator's Notice.
ETTERS of administration have this day
1..1 been granted to the subscribers upon the es
tate of IVilliam Mears, late ofJackson township,
Huntingdon, county, deed. All persons indebt
ed are requested to make immediate payment,
and those having claims will present them for
settlement to
July 13,'53,-Gt. Mum.
THE undersigned has leased and fit
' tell up the above HOTEL, on the
?•, • corner of main and Montgomery Street,
! in the borough of Huntingdon, and is
well prepared to accommodate all who may fitvor
him with their custom. The traveling communi
ty and the public generally are cordially invited
to call with him, hoping by strict ;mention to
business to merit it large portion of public patron
age. No pains will be spared to render general
Juno 29, 's3.—ly,
White Sulphur Springs,
At Doubling Gap,
Cumberland County, Pa.
Are now open for the Season, and
are nrcessable from Harrisburg to
Newville, via Carlisle, on the C.
V. R. Road; from NOWVIIIO are 8
miles good staging, to the springs. Many im
provements have been made during the past year,
to render the place more attractive.
The proprietor is pledged to every person vis
iting his delightful mountain retreat, to make them
comthrtable and happy, the granduro of the sce
nery is beyond description. Fur further particu
lar; please address
SCOTT COYLE, Proprietor,
Newville P. 0.
REFERENCES Dorrisjr., Esq., M. A.
Henderson, M. D., Huntingdon.
June 22,
TAE undersigned respectfully invite the atten
tion of the public to their new and splendid
stock of
Spring and Summer Goods,
now exhibiting in Portstnwn, consisting of n forgo
variety of German and Belgean Cloths.
Cassiti!ores and Cassineta of the best quality.
Silks, Serges, and Satins of superior qadity.
Silk Tatfets and plaid, plain and twilled llkfs.
Cotton Hosiery of every quality and style,
Cotton and Thread Gloves in great variety.
Ginghams, Cambrics and Jamincts.
Cotton, Cambric and Jaconct Utiles.
C9ttonyri . n . go, assortcdsizes.
Linen Plaid; Cotton and Striped Tapes.
Ribbons of every description.
French Merinoi, TablO'Covcrsand Shawls.
Be!age Delaiae; t l,l3wns and Alpia:aa.
ColicOes, Tidies k. Maslins in countless numbers.
Cotton Drills and Cor du Rays.
Groceries, Boots and Shoes, Hats and Caps.
Glass, Bard and Queensware.
Ready-made Clothing with a largo lot of varie
ties and notions too numerous to mention.
Persons wishinir to purchase will find it to their
interest to roll and examine our stock of goods
before purchasing elsewhere, as n•e are determin
ed to sell at extremely low and reduced prices.
Portstown, Juno 22, '53.
Chartered by the State of Penn
sylvania In 1841.
TILE Saving Fund of the National Safety Com
pony, No. 62 Walnut Street, 2 doors above
Third, PHILADELPHIA, is open every day
from 8 o'clock A. M. to 7 o'clock P. M., and on
Monday and Thursday ovenings till 9 o'clock--
This institution is well known as ono of the best
managed and safest in the country, and pays MB
Pen rear. interest for money put in there, from
the date of deposit.
Any sans from One Dollar upwards is received.
And all sums, large or small, are paid back on
demand, without notice, to any amount.
This saving fund has mortgages, Ground
Rents, and other first-class investments, all well
secured, amounting to more than half a million of
dollars. for the security of depositors.
011Ico 62 Walnut tweet, two doors above
Third, Philadelphia.
Hon. HENRY L. BENNER, Pros't.
Wu. J. Raapy Secretary.
Hon: Wm. -
Richards, Pottstown, .Montgomery
co. J. D. Stroeper editor of the Montgomery
county Ledger, Pottstown.
J. M. Sheenemen, editor of the Neutralist,
Skippackville, Mont. co.
Enos Benner, Esq.,
editor of the Farmer's
Friend, Sumuoytown, Mont. co.
Hon. Joel Jones, into Mayor of Phil'a.
Hon. John Robbins, jr., member of Congress
411, District, Pennsylvania.
Hon. James Page, late Postmaster of Phil'a.
Hon. Wm. Pentagton, late Governor of Now
June 22, '53.-Iy.
DITTSTURO llama and Flitch forsale cheap
at tho ELEPHANT Corner.
JUST RECEIVED and for sale Fish, Salt and
Plasterby J. & W. SAXTON.
Asplendid lot of Silk Cravats and &aril:76r
. sale by J. ht W. SAXTON.
DOUBLE Barrelled English Snub and Twist
FOWLING PIECES--also Single Barrel
ed Huns, from four dollars to thirty each, for
bide by J. R. W. SAXTON.
lot of Ciit pctin ,, and Oil Cloth for
sac Ly .1. S W. AXTON
James E. Glasgow,
HAVING fi tted up a large and elegant Store
•room, directly in the centre of Scottsville,
Huntingdon Co., into-which ho ban removed his
store from the old starlit, is now prepared to ac
commodate his customers and the public general
ly, with a splendid and fashionable assortment of
His assortment consists of
Dry Goods, Groceries,
Hardware, Queensware,
and all kinds of goods usually kept in a Century
Store. Also, a beautiful cheap and elegant as
sortment of
Ladies' Dress Goods,
end Trimmings of every vartety. Also, Hats;
Caps, Bonnets, Boots and Shoes, and a variety of
goods anti kinds.
Or All kinds of Country Produce taken in
exclienge for goods.
Scottsville, Hunt. Co., Pa.
June 15, '53.-Iy.
Carriage Manufttotory.
TILE undersigned respectfully informs his pot
roils and the public generally, that he still
continues tif the old stand, in the borough of
Casseille, Huntingdon county, to manufacture
Carriages, Buggies,
Borkaways, Sleighs,
nnd every thing else connected with his business.
Repairing done on the shortest notice.
Carriages, Buggies, Rockaways, tte. constant
ly kept on hand, hut others will he made to order.
Work done ehenper than nt any other estab
lishment in the State, and all warranted to the
Cash, but when not convenient, country pro.
duce, taken in exchange for work.
June 15, 's3.—ly,
ASecond-hand Eight horse power Steam En
gine, with a Boiler 30 inches In diameter
and 20 ft. 6 inches in length, with all the neces
sary machinery to make it complete. The En
gine has been but little used and in good order.—
Persons desiring to purchase, will call on the
subscriber; residing in Hamilton township, steer
Keefer's Store, or on Jos. Eberly, residing in
Chambersburg. .
Juno 15, .53.-111
Louis Schneider,
HAVING pnrchased the Store of Cunningham
& Cornprobst at Marklesbnrg, Mint. co., Pa.,
is prepared to accomodate the public at said place;
with a splendid and fashionable assortment of
his assortment consists of
Dry Goods, Groceries,
Queensware, Hardware.
Liquors, &c.,
and all kinds of Goods usually kept in a country
Store. Also, a beautiful, cheap and elegant as
sortment of Ladies' Dress Goods, and Trimmings
of every variety, also, Hats. Caps, Bonnets. Boots
and Shoes, and a variety of Goods of alt kinds.
All kinds of Country Produce taken in exchange
for Goods.
And I do hereby notify all persons haying ac
counts on the Books contracted at the Markles
burg Store, belonging to Cornprobst C Caning
barn, will pay the same over to me, they having
been asigned to me. LOUIS SCIINEIDER.
June 8, 1853.
F. Brown's
THIS Essence is a prep /1%60n of unusual ex
cellence. In ordinary diorrlca, incipient
cholera, in short, in all cases of prostration of the
digestive functions, it is of inestimable value.—
During the prevalence of epidemic cholera and
summer complaints of children, it is peculiarly
efficacious; no fussily or individual should be
• without it.
CAUTION•—IIe sure to get the genuine es
sence, which is prepared only by F. BROWN, at
his Drug and Chemical Store. N. E. Corner of
Fifth and Chestnut Streets, Philadelphia, and for
sale by all the respectable Apothecaries in the
United States. For sale by T. READ & SON,
Huntingdon. [Juno 22,'53.—15•.
House to Rent.
A large, commodious dwelling holm,.
®Railroad Street, recently occupied by Maj.
John P. Anderson, is now for rent, suite
le ahnost for any purpose. The house is well
finished, having attached to it all the necessary
out-buildings. Application can be made either
to Jacob Cresswell at Paradise Furnace P. 0., or
to the Editor of the JouRNAL.
Juno 22, '53.
Administrator's Notice.
Estate of Insixs MrrenEra., Into of Jackson
townshlp, - Hunt. co., dee'd.
LETTERS of administration having been
granted to the undersigned, who resides in
Jnaksnn tp., on the shove estate, all persona in
debted will mike immediate payment, and those
having claims will present them duly authentica
ted for settlement.
June 22,'23.-6t• Admr.
TO the heirs and legal representatives of Wit-
LIAM CORBIN, late of Springfield township,
Hunt : Co., deed.
Take nail., that by virtue of a Rule issued
out of the Orphans' Court of Huntingdon county,
on the heirs and legal representatives of said deed,
you are notified to come into said court, the soo
ond Monday and Bth day of August next, and
accept, or refuse to take, the real estate of said
dec'd at the valuation thereon, to wit: at the
sum of $2322 OD or to show cause, if any you
have why the some should not ho sold.
Sheriff's Office, Huntingdon,
Juno Bth, 1853.
Farm Land and Wood Land,
Tim Trustees of the estate of John Savage,
I. having determined upon disposing of their
interest in Huntingdon and Bedford Connties,nre
now prepared to sell land, in lots to suit purchas
ers, upon accommodating terms. Those wishing
to purchase will please call on the undersigned at
Savage Forge, or address him by mail, directing
to Paradise Furnace P. 0. Hunt. Co.,
Trustee of the Estate of John Savage.
Juno 8, 's3.—tf.
FUSE, constantly on hand and for sale by
JUST receiving the handsomest lot of Carpets
ever offered In this place. Also, Oil Cloths,
which will be sold low by
THE Ladies will please bear in mind that Par
asols can be had exceedingly low at the cheap
store of J. W. SAXTON.
AA new supply of low priced Bonnets; just re
colved and for ado by J. &W. gAXTON.
A beautiful lotof White Crepe Shawlsjest re ,
11 calved and for sale by J. & W. SAXTON.
1 O
BARRELS of Shadjus, received and fur
sale by J. & W. Snx.rox.
fur sale at the Cheap Store of
PERFUMERY—A good lot, of the beat, at
Aplendsid assortment of Fans, just received
and for sale low by J. I S. 1. SAXTON.
CLocma—A beautiful lot at ED3I.
LOOHING Masses, just received and for sale
by J. d. W. SA XTON.
Abeautiful assortment of Cross barred India
.Silk,jusl received and for tale by
GOLD CHAINS—A fine variety for sale, ve.
yr Idw, at EPIC S*ARled.
I)ARASOI.B—an excellent quality, fur sale
cheap at the ELEPHANI' Coruer.
(yr . A five 1,1
Itobensack's Worm syrup.
An article founded upon Scientific Principles,
compounded with purely vegetable snlist.inces,
bring perfectly cafe when taken, end has never
hem known to fill in curing the most obstinate
case. Worms eon never exist when this remedy
is once used, from the fact that it only destroys
them but removes all the slime and mucus which
may remain.
The Tape Worm.
This worm is the most difficult one to destroy
of all that inhabit the hnman body. It grows to
nn almost indefinite length, and becoming so
coiled and fitstened in the intestines and stomach
as to produce Fits, St. Vitus' Dance, &c., which,
is the cause of many going to the grieve, not be
lieving that these complaints have their origin
from the Tape Worm; consequently they do not
use the proper medicines for their disease. To
them who are afflicted with this nu ful the to
health, I recommend the use of my Worm Sy
nge, and Liver Pills; the Syrup to be taken in
doss of two table-spoonstuis three times in day,
then take from 5 to 8 of my Liver Pills, to dis
loge find puss the worm. By strictly following
these directions, the most obstinate cases of Tape
Worm can be speedily cured.
found or Stomach Worm.
This worm is usually found in the small intes
tines, and is the wort most common to children,
yet is not entirely confined to them, as adults
have frequently been known to sitter with them.
The symptoms most promincht while nifected with
this worm, are hardness and fullness of the hay
slimy stools, looseness of the bowels, picking at
the nose, a blueish streak under the eyes, &c.—
If you, or any of your children hove any of the
above symptoms, Ilobensock's Worm Syrup con
safely be depended open—by using it you have a
certain, safe, and speedy cure; and if after using'
it according to the directions, the patient is not
restored to health; and the worms thoroughly
eradicated frosts the system, you can rest assured
there is no remedy beyond the grave, as for fail,
there is no such word as fail with those who use
my worm Syrup.
Ascarides, or Small Thread Worm.
These worms, to which the human system is
liable, ore the most troublesome of all others.—
They are generally to be found in the rectum,and
if allowed to remain, from the irritation they pro
duce, lay the foundation for minus disorders,
such as intimation of the bowels, and other de
rangements of the stomach. The best and safest
medicine that can be used is Ilobensack's Worm
Syrup. Such is the astonishing power of my
medicines over Asearides, that I defy any one to
produce n case where my worm Syrup and Liver
Pills are recommended to be used they will not
cure. All that is necessary is to use the Syrup
in accordance with directions on each bottle; and
in case a gentle purgative is required in order to
allay the irritation they produce, the Liver Pills
by their sympathising action and healthy opera
tion upot the bowels, is the most pleasant medi
cine that con be token.
Hobensack , s Liver Pills.
No part of the system is more liable to disease
than the Liver, it being supplied with numerous
blood-vessels and nerves, and if diseased, the
blood of course flowing through all parts of the
holy produces Liver Complaints, Jaundice. nil.
lions Affections; Dyspepsia, &c.,
Liver Complaint.
Is attended with chills, succeeded by fever, se
vere pains in the region of the Liver, vomiting,
bitter tastes, yellow furred tongue, pulse full and
hounding, the pain in the side is increased by
pressure, should the left lobe be affected, the pain
is generally in the left shoulder, with a short, dry
cough, the shin becoming of a sallow appearance,
and the stools clay colored. This disease can he
cured by the use of liobensack's Liver Pills, as
they Oct directly upon the seat of the disease, and
then operating upon the bowels they expel all the
corrupt and vitiated matter from the system.
The symptoms of Dyspepsia, and its various
diseases are dizziness in the head, heartharn, op
pression after eating meals, sourness arising from
the stomach, &c., and sometimes general languor
of the whole body, from this it will he seen that
the disease owes its origin to a disorganized
state of the Liver and Stomach. llobensack's
Liver Pills is the very medicine to effect a per
manent and lasting cure, as they act by changing
the certain morbid actions of the system into a
healthy action, and rendering the blood pure and
To Females.
You will find these Pills an invaluable medi
cine in many complaints to which you are subject.
In obstructions either total or partial, they have
been found of inestimable benefit in restoring and
purifying the blood and other fluids so as to cure
all complaints which may arise from female irreg
ularities, as headache, dimness of sight, pain in
the side, hack, tic. These Pills are the only safe
and effectual remedy to cure the following com
platnts, Gout, Nervousness, Melancholy, Sick
Headache, Giddiness, Rheumatism, distressing
Dreams, Dimness of Sight, or in fact any of the
diseases that arise from the affections of the Liver,
impurity of the blood, or Constipation of the
Medical Evidence.
WE, the undersigned Physicians, having hail
the receipt of their manufacture submitted to us
for inspection; say, that the ingredients of which
they arc composed makes them the best Pill in
use for all diseases of the Liver, Impurities of
the Blood, &c.
GEonon Woon, 11. D.
L. Bowl., M. D.
Cr Purchase none but those having the signs.
tare of "Jr. N. 11011ENSACK? as all oth.
ers are worthless imitations.
Agents wishing now supplies, and all others
wishing to become agents, must address the pro
prietor, J. N. HOSENSACK, at his Laborato
ry, No. 120 North Second Street, above Utica,
(e'Sidd by all Druggists and Merchants in the
United States. [June, 8,
Scottsville, llunt. Co. Pa.
THE undersigned respectfully informs the tray
cling community and the public generally,
that be is now prepared, at his new and commo
dious dwelling., to accommodate all who may
favor him with their custom. His Hotel is situ
ated nt the South-cast end of the village, near the
Mineral Springs,
and the conveniences connected
with it, are calculated to give satisfaction.
Scottsville, June 8,
Cabinet Maker and Undertaker,
Huntingdon, Pa.,
T _
AKES this method of informing his friends
and the public generally, that he still
remains in his old stand, on ]Main street, nearly
opposite the Presbyterian Church, where he is
prepared to turn out work equal with any eastern
manufactory, or in short inferior to none. Per
sons wanting New Furniture, will do well to give
him a call before purchasingelsewhere, on ho is
determined to sell low for CASH or Country
Produce. He also respectfully returns his thanke
to the public, for the liberal patronage heretofore
received, and hopes by careful attention to busi
ness, to merit a eon tinuence of the same.
113 ttlso intends to giro his attention tie Under
taking business. COFFINS made and funerals
attended, nt the shortest notice add on reasonable
terms, either in town or country.
dier All work warranted. M. F.
Huntingdon, June 1, 's3.—ly.
The undersigned respectfully informs his
friends and the public generally. that ho bits es
tablished a MARBLE YARD, in the borough of
Huntingdon, and has just received from Phila
delphia n selected stock of choide Marble grave
stones, of every description, which ho will furnish
at very reduced prices.
All orders from nay port of the county or ad
joining counties, addressed to the undersigned.
will be received and promptly attended to.
May 18, 1853.-Iy.
A NOTHEIt fresh supply of Ilqrage do LaMs,
Lawns, Berne, all wool do Bogo, and part
cotton from 20 to 37} eta per vd. Also smother
fresh supply of Trimmings, just reed and for
sale by J. W. SAXTON.
ZEPHYR worsted, Lisle, Cotton, Linen Floss,
Cotton Floss, Loco Mitts, Mohair Mitts, Silk
Gloves, Uhl Gloves, Lisle Thread, Cotton, and
every variety of Dress Trimming suitable for
spring and summer dross, for sale by
J. ( S. W. SA XTON.
60111 Witteheti will be hy ED. SNASIS
•-r•. c:sc"•kcre.
An Invaluable Book for 24 cents.
SIX Thousand Copies sold in MSS than three
months. A new edition, revised and impro
ved, just issued.
An. Maitre 'a Medical mannal and hand book
for the afflicted—Containing an outline of the or
igin, progress, treatment and Cnre of every form
of disease, contracted by promiscuous sexual in
tercourse, by self-abuse, or by soma] excess,
with advice for their prevention , written in a
familiar style, avoiding all medicinal technicali
ties, and every thing that would offend the oar of
decency, from the result of 20 years' successful
practice, exclusively devoted to the cure of dis
eases of a delicate or private nature.
To which is added, receipts for the cure of the
above diseases, and a treatise on the cause, symp
toms and care for the Fever and Ague, Cr 25
cents a copy: six copies for $1 ; will be forwar
ded to any part of the United States, free of pos
tage.—Address postage paid, Cosden & Co.,
Publishers, or "Bonin, Post Office, Phila.
"This is without exception, the most compre
hensive and intelligible work published on the
class of diseases of which it treats. Avoiding all
technical terms, it addresses itself to the readers;
it is free from all objectionable matter, and no
parent, however fastidious, can object to placing
it in the hands of his sons. The author has devo
ted many years to the treatment of the various
complaints treated of, and 'with too little breatit
to puff,' and 'too little presumption to impose,' ho
has Word to- the world at the merely nominal
price of 25 cents. the fruits of some twenty years
Mai successful practice."—throtd.
"No teacher or parent should he without the
knowledge imparted in this invaluable work; it
would save years of pain, mortification and sor
row to the youth under their charge."—Peo
ple's Advocced -
A Presbyterian clergyman in Ohio, in writing
of "Hunter's Medical Manual," says
"Thou sands' upon thousands of our youth, by evil
example and the influence of the passions, have
been led into tbe habit of self-pollution without
realizing thoiht and consequence upon them
selves .d their posterity. The constitution of
thousands, who are raising families have been
enfeebled, if not broken do:vit, and they do not
know the cause or the cure. Any thing that
can be done no to enlighten and influence the
public mind as to check, and ultimately to re
move this wide-spread source of human wretch
edness, would confer the greatest blessing next
to the religion of Jesus Christ, on the present and
coming generation. Intemperance, (or the use
of intoxicating drinks,) though it has slain Mon
sands upcn thousands, is not a greater scourge to
the Imman race. Accept my thanks on behalf
of the afflicted, and, believe me, your co-worker
in the good work you are so actively engaged in."
One copy will be forwarded, (securely envelo
red and postage paid,) on receipt of 93 cents, or
six copies for 21.1• Address, COSDEN & CO.,
Publishers, Box 19e, Philadelphia.
iSw'Booksellers, Canvassers and Book Agents
supplied on the most liberal terms.
June 1, '53.-Iy.
Grocery, Confectionary, Bakery,
HENRY d. AFRICA, would respectfully in
vitt the public to call at his establishment
in Railroad Street, where all those who need any
good Bread, Rusk, or any other kind of Cakes
found at a Bakery, may be supplied.
Ile has just received a very large and fresh
supply of Fruit and Confectionaries, such as
His Ice Cream Saloon is one of tho most beau
tiful and gorgeously furnished rooms to be found
outside of Philadelphia, it is worth a visit there
just to see the saloon, •tad then, if you should feel
like taking a saucer of ice cream the AGENT can
supply you with the best article that bas ever been
manufactured in this or any other country.
Thankful to the public for past favors, be hopes
by strict attention to business to merit a continu
ance of patronage.
May 18, 's3.—ly.
Pennsylvania Rail Road.
Great Redaction Olt Local hates of Freight
From April lot 185:1.
Huntingdon to Philadelphia.
Ist class 50 en,. per 100 lbs.
24 " 40 " 6 , 6 ,
3 r d if 33i II MI if
4th " 28 " " "
Flour per bbl. 60 ets.
Master per Ton $4,25.
Huntingdon to Pittsbnrg.
1M class 55 cts. per 100 IN,
2! " 45 " "
3r d c, 37e ,c ,t
4th " 30 " "
Flour per bbl. 60 cte. •
Pig Iron, Blooms, Lumber and Bark, will be car
ried Eastward in Car loads, at the convenience
of the Company, at the following rates per ton
of 2000 lbs.
Huntingdon and Harrisburg, 121 cts per 100 lbr.
Huntingdoh and Philadelphia, 25 " " " "
For further information relative to the Trans
portation of Freight (or Passengers,) apply at
the office of the Company.
May, 25, '53.-3m. Hunt. Statiulr.
T HE subscriber announces to the traveling
community, and the public generally, that
be has taken charge and fitted up the above house.
having one of the most pleasant and beautiful
locations in the country, whore he will he happy
to wait upon all who may favor him with their
patronage. There is a good stable, and also a
carriage house belonging to the premises, to
which the most careful attention will ho given.
May 25, '53.-Iy.
HARDWARE.—A good assortment for sale
at • 8. &G. LEVI'S Store.
HATS AND CAPS—of all kinds, of the lateet
fashion, for sale at the cheap store of
S. & G. LEVI.
for sale at the store of
S. & G. LEVI.
Ladles' Shoes.
ASPLENDID assortment of Ladies' Shoes,
of the latest styles, just received at the store
of S. & G. LEVI.
Asplendid lot of Bonnets just repaired and for.
sale by J. W. SAXTON.
CARPET Bags, just received and for sale by
J. ¢• W. SAXTON.
PORT MONNAIES from 25 cents up to 62 50
at Ed. Snare's. April 15 1824.
LAMES Lasting and Silk work Gaitors, Eli
Morocco, and Goat Boots and Shoes, at the
storo of
Mos. Delanes, B. Delanes, Do Berege, Lamle;
Ginghams, nud a choice variety of Goods of all
kinds, at the store of GEO. GIVIN.
plain and fancy, at very low prices, at the store
for safe at the store of CEO. GWIN.
A m te o r s u t s, be a a n nf n ul fi l i e c t Berage aT titte pat
ets. per yard, just recreTinfTgrlletabyup to 50
J. ,q• W. SAXT'ON.
GINGUAMS—Domestic and Dress, just re
ceived at D. I'. GWIN'S Cheap Store.
alarge assortment of Lawns and braze de
Laines, just received at the cheap store of
rASSINETTS, Corduroy, Tweeds, K. leans,
for sale at the cheap corner opposite C,
Coats' Hotel• D. I'. °WIN.
BONNETS and Hots of the latest styles, just
received at I). P. GAVIN'S Store.
A large lot of Shoes—Lace Boots, Madam,
Libitues and Children's at the Store of
A ,nperior lot of Hines, tbr sale at tho
P,AIIGE DR LAINES, lu endless variety, at
the cheap corner of A. CARMON.
P ! IPLENDII) assortment of Lit,lies' Dret
x (21, '• :• !CA . , .!