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ler Never marry for money.
tie Two boats propelled by steam an now
in operation upon the Schuylkill canal.
M.." Ground Hog Glory" and "Slum gul
lion Bar" are the named of two towns in Cali.
Sir The Dauphin County Whig COM'CIP
tion will meet on the 20th inst., to nominate a
County ticket.
eir Wisconsin has given charter,; for fifteen
thousand miles of Railroad, that will require
$300,000,000 to construct.
sr,W. A. locomotive engine and machine
manufactnring company has been.organized at
Lancaster, Pa., capital, $80,000; Cuckley, Pre
grie An editor of a newspaper out towards
Lake Champlain has discovered a way of keep.
ing eggs from spoiling. His method is to eat
them while they are fresh.
ce - The Whigs of Blair County will hold a
County Convention on the 21st inst, to nomi•
nate a ticket for their support at the October
le.. Alexander E. Brown Esq., of North
simpton Ca, is now spoken of, and eulogized by
the Waynesburg Eayk as a suitable Whig
Candidate for Governor.
ar S. S. Blair, Esq., has been suggested by
the Blair County Whig, as a suitable person
to nominate us a Candidate for the Supreme
Bench of the State. We heartily approve
Major's suggestion.
Two individuals, whose names we have not
learned, were committed to the county Jail on
last Monday, by Justice Africa, for stoning a
neighbor's house in one of the back streets of
this Borough.
lerThe bonds granted by the general go,
eminent to the Illinois Central railroad will, it
is said, build the road entire, without its cost
ing the stock-holders one cent. The same of
the Missouri and Pacific railroad.
SW— The I iemocratie State Convention which
assembled at Harrisburg its March last is call
ed to meet again at the same place, on the 28th
of July next, to nominate a candidate fur Su
preme Judge.
cir One and a half tnillion of dollars have been
contributed by the Baptist in the United States
during the last five years, for the establishment
and endowment of collegiate and theological
lir The Mississippi river is said to be tint
wearing away the Illinois banks, and it is
gravely intimated that St. Louis will find itself
six miles distant from that river within the next
ten, or possibly the next five years.
tar Notwithstanding the Government has
near 320 2 000,000 in its treasuries, the Mar
shall of Ohio had not a cent of funds to pay
Jurors or witnesses at the late United States'
Circuit Court held at Columbus.
(fir The London Court Journal tells u 3 that
a light thread net, suspended before a window,
will effectually keep out the house fly, which
will not pass through the meshes, even though
they be more than an inch in diameter.
Ba. Two little girls in Lancaster, slept
with a water snake a few nights since. They
did not discover the reptile until the morning.
The bed was in the second story. The snake
was 20 inches long, how it got there is a mys
air Hon. Humphry Marshall, U. S. Minis
ter to China, lately had an official dinner gi,
en to him by Dr. Bowring, the acting British
Plenipotentiary, and also one by the Ameri
can Consul at Canton, while on a visit to Ma.
Car An Indian was ordained to the work of
the ministry by the Baptist Home Missionary
Society,.in Troy, New York, last week, who, to
attend the convention, walked six hundred
miles in snow shoes, necompaied by his wife
and child.
in" Hon. James Buchanan declined deliver
ing the anniversary address before the Penn
sylvania Historical Society, in consequence of
his acceptance of the mission to England, the
society have selected Hon. Charles Ingersoll to
fulfil that duty.
fir The most striking ease of moral turpi
tude is related by the lantern:—Ong of the
prisoners recently convicted, and being con.
ceyod to Sing Sing, said his brother was a New
York Alderman, and he wasn't ashamed to own
it 1
Sir The individual whose skull was fractur
ed, as we stated a few weeks ago, in a fracas
among a number of boatmen above town, by a
blow from a hatchet directed by anothe - r, died
a few days since in the Pennsylvania Hospital,
pets. The Huntingdon Journal has recently
been enlarged; clothed in a new and beautiful
dress, and otherwise improved. The Journal
is, and always has been, a staunch unwavering
Whig paper, and conducted with tact and
ability.—Brownsville Clipper.
Va. On Friday week six soldiers who had
been tried at the Carlisle Barracks for deser
tion, and sentenced, were flogged, marked with
the letter "D" on the hip, and had their heads
shaved and on Sunday morning were drum
med out of the garrison.
M. Chief Justice Black has decided that a
debtor cannot retain $3OO in money, out of the
proceeds of a Sheriff's sale—after the sale of
the property,although he may select at the time
of the levy, that amount of property, which
shall be exempt from levy or sale.
Heavy Damages Clai»aed—it is said that
one suit has already been commenced by the
surviving relatives of an eminent deceased
physician who was killed by the railroad ac•
cident at Norwalk, for $25,000 damages, and
another by the friends of one of the deceased
Boston passengers for $lOO,OOO.
The Noe Territory—Governor Stevens will
probably locate the territorial government of
the new territory of Washington, at Olympia, a
thriving village at the head of Puget's Sound,
which, it is thought in the land office, is short.
ly to become the great commercial capitol of
our northern Pacific coast possessions.
It is stated that 27,000 emigrants em
barked at the port of Liverpool for America
and Australia, during the past month of April,
being a larger number than in any preceding
month; the increase being mostly in Irish, Ger•
mans and Dutch to America, owing to the less
favorable accounts by recent arrivals from 3Iel•
A Main Lena Needed--in the recent discus•
lion in the British House of Commons, on the
hill for regulating public houses in Scotland
Mr. Henry Drummond affirmed that every
Saturday night Mirk, thousand men get drunk
in Glasgow, and lay in a state of insensibility
until Monday morning. We should think a
Maine law would be very beneficial in Glue.
[fly request.]
&ones of the Past.
0, ye scenes or the past, vou are ever in my
view! 0 could I cull you back, I would freely
'do it ! but you are past; you have fled away I
I eon well remember the time
When cares and troubles were not mine,
When all was joy and happiness
I dreamed of nothing but of peace;
But alas how soon our hopes are blasted,
And we to the cares of the world are rowed,
I once enjoyed the snnshine of day;
But alas how short was its stay,
..... .
It has passed away like a flower
When nipt by the frosts of winter:
0 that my stammer joy were come mare more,
And the winter of my sorrows were o'er.
Then my heart would greatly rejoice,
In perfect love, and joy and peace;
Then when the birds would sing their song,
. .
My heart would join the happy throng,
0 that my summer joy were come once more,
And the winter of my troubles were o'er.
Then I could enjoy the flowers
Which grow in amaranthine bowers;
0, why do I languish and mourn;
And why are my winters on long
Ohl that these clouds were banished front my
That I might see the beauties of the skies!
It. M. J,
Central Route to the Pacific.
Col. Benton has been making speeches at
Kansas, West port and Independence, Missouri,
on the subject of the great central route to
California. The people on the frontier arc ve
ry enthusiastic on the subject. Superintendent
I3eale, Harris, Heape, and their company left
Kansas on the Ilth. Ensile Riggs, of the firm
of Corcoran & Riggs, and his young brother
William Henry, and H. Rodgers, Es,l., mem
ber of the bar of Washington city, and son of
the late Corn. Rodgers, left St. Louis on the
night of the 10th lire Kansas, to join Superin
tendent Beale in his new route. As the Su
perintendent would have left Kansas when
these gentlemen arrived there, they would take
a light carriage, drawn by six Mexican mules,
and run fifty miles a day until they overtook
him. These gentlemen have no government
employment, and go as amateur travellers to
see the grand features of their own country, and
to form their own opinions of the practicability
of one of the noblest works which the mind of
man ever conceived. Mr. Richard H. Kern,
St. Taplin, and the rest of the expedition or
ganized by Gen. Davis, Secretary of War, were
to reach St. Louis on the 15th, on the way to
the frontier to fit out the government surveying
party for the same route. Kern and SL Tap
lin Were comrades of Fremont in his winter ex
'pedition, where he and his party came near
being lost in the mountai• snows, Col. Fre
moat himself will not be able to return from
London in season to join any of the govern
ment surveying parties, but it is said he will he
at home in time to make a winter expedition.
and prove the, practicability of his cherished
central route in winter as well as in summer.
LARGE Eon.—Mr. Jacob
.Frey, of West King
Street, brought to our office on - Wednesday last,
the largest hen egg we have ever seen. It
weighs 4 ounces, 1 drachm and 40 grains, and
measures 81 inches lengthwise. and 61 around
the centre. It can be seen at his residence.—
It weighs nearly an ounce more than the egg
recently mentioned in the Rending papers, and
measures more in every direction. his certain
ly something to brag or.—Laacastca Whig.
It is estimated that within the last six
years,there has been ass addition to the curren
cy of the world, in the gold of California and
Australia, to the amount of $250,000,000.
*if' The Public Debt of the United States,
on the second of March,lBs3,amounted to U3,-
IR — The examination of the Cadets at West
Point took place 011 the lst inst.
Thousands of Parents who use Vermifitgc com
posed of Castor oil, Calomel, &c.. are not aware,
that while they appear to benefit the patient, they
are actually laying the foundations tier a series of
diseases, such as salivation. loss of sight, weak
ness of limbs, &IL
_ _ .
In another column will be found the advertise
ment of llobensack's Medicines, to which we ask
the attention of all directly interested in their own
as well as their Children's health. In Liver
Complaints and all disorders arising from those
of a billions type, should
make use of the only
genuine medicine, llobensack's Liver Pills.
Cr,6*"l.3e not Deceived," but ask for llobensack's
Worm Syrup and Liver Pills, and observe that
each has the signature of the Proprietor, J. N.
110BENSACK'S, as none else are genuine.
No. 27.—Mr Joel Thompson, (Commissioner
of Chester couniv) says—"l have Mr a long time
back, been greatly afflicted with severe spells of
headache, originating, as I suppose from a costive
and irregular state of my bowels. I have tried
several remedies which were recommended to use
for the disease, but found none to give permanent
relief, until I used Dr. J. W. Cooper's Celebrated
Vegetable Anti-Dyspepsia Pills, (prepared by C.
I'. Hewes.) Since then toy bowels have been
regular, and I have been entirely free from head
ache, and would earnestly* recommend all ray
acquaintances who may be afflicted with any
ease originating from a costive or irregular state
of the bowels, to try these Pills, believing them
to be greatly superior to any other medicine now
in use for the same diseases.
JOEL TimmrsoN.
New Garden, Ches. co., Paw 1851.
For the convenience of persons afflicted with
the above mentioned disease, (costive or irregular
ity of the bowels.)
'T. Read & Son, has been appointed agents for
the sale of these Pills.
irrir "I DIGEST !" Sucu is THE TRUE
MEANING of the word ‘PEPSIN," or of the two
Greek words from which it is derived. This is
the significant antrappropriate title of the TRUE
DIGESTIVE FLUID, or Gssrnte Juice, prepared
by Dr..l. S. HOUGHTON, of Philadelphia, from
the fourth stomoeh of the Ox, for the cure of In
digestion and Dyspepsia. It is Nature's own
remedy for an unhealthy Stomach. No art of
man can equal its curative powers. It renders
cool, EATING perfectly consistent with HEALTH.
See the figure of the 0; in another part of this
ounce of fact is worth a pomp' of theo
ry: and the swarm of conclusive facts that cluster
round that incomparable preparation, Iloofland's
German Bitters, prepared by Dr. C. M. Jackson,
Philadelphia, establishing its value as n tonic and
restorative' are such as would prevent incredulity
itself from questioning its efficacy. In all cases
of phrase of the stomach, whether acute or chron
ic, it may be recommended for its soothing, cor
dial, and renovating influence. Dyspepsia, heart
burn, loss of appetite, nausea, unrvous tremors,
relaxation, debility, &c., are relieved, by the
Bitters in u very short space of time; and a per
severenee in their use never fails to work a thor
ough cure.
On Thursday the 2dinat., by Rev. A. Brittain,
Mr. GEORGE F. MCCABE, of this place, to Mien
LETITIA llorrmAx, of Smithfield.
IlvsmoDou, Juno 7, 1853.
Flour per bbl., $4.30 a $4,73
Clover Seed, per ho., 5,25
Sled Wheat, per bu., 88
White Wheat, per bu., O4
Rye, per bu
Corn, per bu
Buckwheat, per bu
Outs, per bu
Flaxseed. per bu• •
Ilay, per ton
Butter, per 1b.,• • • •
Eggs, per doe.,• • • •
PHILADELPHIA, •luae 7,1853.
Fish, fur medium, per bhl., $12,75
No. l's, $13,50 a 13,75
Flour, per barrel, $4,624
Wheat - per bushel, $1,07 a 1,08
Rye IS 83
Cora " 56 a 62
Iron per tom Anthracite, 535,00 a 36,00
Scotch Pig, 33,50 a 31,00
Plaster per ton, $4,00 a 4,25
Leather, active and prices well sustained.
THE undersigned offers himself to the people
of Fluntitylon county, as n candidate for the
office of Sheriil, of emit county; subject to the de
cision of the IVhig County Convention.
Burr. fiL, June 8, 1852.—tc.
TTIE Subscriber respectfully announces himself
to the Voters of Huntingdon county,that he
will submit his name to the Whig County Con
vention, an a candidate for the office of Sheriff.—
If nominated nod elected, he pledges himself to
perform the duties of the office with fidelity,
Porter twp., June 1, 's3.—tc.
To thr Voters of Huntingdon County: Fellow
citizens, at the solicitation of many warm friends,
I offer myself as a Candidate for the next Sher
iffitity of Huntingdon county, and most respect
fully solicit support. Should I be elected, I
pledge myself to discharge the duties of the office
litithfullv and impartially. Subject to the deci
sion of the Whig County Convention.
Louis Schneider,
HAVING purchased the Store of Cunningham
& Cornprohst nt Marklesburg, Hunt. co., pa.,
is prepared to accomodate the public at said place;
with a splendid and fashionable assortment of
his assortment consists of
Dry Goods, Groceries,
Queensware, Has d ware.
Liquors, &c.,
and nll kinds of Goods usually kept in a country
Store. Also, a beautiful, cheap and elegant as
sortment of &dies' Dress Goods, and Trimmings
of every variety, also, Bats, Caps, Bonnets, Boots
and Shoes, anii a variety of Goods of all kinds.
All kinds of Country Vroduee taken in exchange
for Goods.
And I do hereby notify all persons having ac
counts on the hooks contracted at the Markles
burg Store, belonging to Cornprobst & Cueing
ham, will pa)• the sum over to me, they having
been asigned to me. LOUIS SCHNEIDER.
June 8, 1853.
Hobensacit's Worm Syrup,
An article founded upon Scientific Principles,
compounded with purely vegetable substances,
being perfectly safe when taken, and has never
been known to fail in curing the most obstinate
case. Worms can never exist when this remedy
is once used, from the fact that it only destroys
them but removes all the slime and mucus w Welt
may remain.
The Tape Worm
Thin worm is the most difficult ono to destroy
of all that inhabit the human body. It grows to
an almost indefinite length, and becoming so
coiled and fastened in the intestines and stomach
as to produce Fits, St. Vitus' Dance, &e., which,
is the cause of many going to the grave, not be
lieving that these complaints bars their origin
from the Tape Worm; consequently they do not
use the proper medicines for their disease. No
those who are afflicted with this nand fun to
health, I recommend the use of my Worm Sy
rup, and Liver Pills; the Syrup to ho taken in
doss of two table-spoonstuls three times a day,
than take from .5 to 8 of my Liver Pills, to dis
loge and pass the worm. By strictly following
these directions, the most obstinate cases of Tape
Worm can he speedily cured.
Round or Stomach Worm,
This worm is usually found in the small intes
tines, and is the worm most common to children,
yet is not entirely continell to them, as adults
have frequently been known to suffer with then,.
The symptoms most promineht while affected with
this worm, are hardness and fullness of the belly
slimy stools, looseness or the bowels, picking at
the nose, a blueish streak under the eyes,
If you, or any of your children have any of the
above symptoms, llobensack's Worm Syrup can
safely be depended upon—by using it you have a
certain, safe, and. speedy cure; and if after using
it according to the directions, the patient is net
restored to health; and the worms thoroughly
eradicated from the system, you can rest assured
there is no remedy beyond the grave, as for fail,
there is no such word as fail with those who use
my worm Syrup.
Ascarides, or Small Thread Worms.
These worms, to which the human system is
liable, are the most troublesome of all others.—
They are generally to be found in the rectutn,and
if allowed to remain, from the irritation they pro
duce, lay the foundation for set ions disorders,
such as intlamation of the bowels, and other de
rangements of the stomach. The hest and safest
medicine that can be used is Hobensack's Worm
Syrup. Such is the astonishing power of my
medicines over Ascarides, that I defy any 3ne to
produce a case where my worm Syrup and Liver
Pills ore recommended to be used they will not
cure. All that is necessary is to use the Syrup
in accordance with directions on each bottle; and
in case a gentle purgative is required in order to
allay the irritation they produce, the Liver Pills
by their sympathising action and healthy opera
tion upon the bowels, is the most pleasant medi
cine that can be taken.
Hobensack's Liver Pills.
No part of the system is more liable to disetso
than the Liver, it being supplied with numeromi
blood-vessels and nerves, and it diseased, the
blood of course flowing through all parts of the
body produces Liver Complaints, Jaundice.
lious Affections; Dyspepsia, &e., &e.
Liver Complaint.
Is attended with chills, succeeded by fever, se
vere pains in the region of the Liver, vomiting,
bitter tastes, yellow furred tongue, pulse full and
bounding, the pain in the side is increased by
pressure, should the left lobe be affected, the pain
is generally in the left shoulder, with a short, dry
cough, the skin becoming of a sallow appearance,
and the stools clay colored. This disease can be
cured by the use of Hobensack's Liver Pills, as
they act directly upon the scat of the disease, and
then operating upon the bowels they expel all the
corruw and vitiated matter from the system.
The symptoms of Dyspeptia, and its various
diseases ore dizziness in the head, heartburn, op
pression after eating meals, sournese arising tram
the stomach, &c., and sometimes general languor
of the whole body, from this it will be seen that
the diseaSe owes its origin to a disorganized
state of the Liver and Stomach. Ilobensack's
Liver Pills is the very medicine to effect a per
manent and lasting cure, as they act by changing
the certain morbid actions of the system into a
healthy action, and rendering the blood pure and
To Females.
You will find these fills an invaluable medi
cine in many complaints to which yon aro subject.
In obstructions either total or partial, they hove
been found of inestimable benefit in restoring nnd
purifying the blood and other tinkle so as to cure
all complaints which may arise from female irreg
ularities, as headache, dimness of sight, pain in
the side, back, &c. These rills are the only safe
and effectual remedy to cure the following coin
(;out, Nervousness, Melancholy, Sick
Headache, Giddiness, Rheumatism, distressing
Dreams, Dimness of Sight, or in fact any of the
diseases that arise from the affections of the Liver,
impurity of the blood, or Constipation of the
Medical Evidence.
WE, the undersigned Physicians, having had
the receipt of their manufacture submitted to us
for inspection; say, that the ingredients of which
they are composed makes them the Mist Pill in
use for all discuses of the Liver, Impurities of
the Blood, &e.
GEAR. Woon, 111. I).
BowEN, M. D.
• 61• 56
• • 37
I 00
8 00
leirPurchase wino but those it:wing the signa
ture of ".I. N. 11011ENSA.C8,” its all oth
ers are worthless imitations. .
Agonts wishing new supplies, and ail others
wishing to become agents, must address tho pro
prietor, J. N. 110BENSACK, at his Laborato
ry, No. 120 North Second Street, above Race,
illifSold by all Druggists and Merchants in tbo
United States. [Juno, 8, 'l3 .—ly.
FUSE. constantly on bawl and for solo by
J. 1312ICKER.
BARGE 1)1: LAMS, in endless variety, at
tls cheap corner of CARMOS.
Sale of Real Estate.
BY Order of dm Court of Common Pleas of
Huntingdon county, in pursuance of certain
proceedings in partition. in sold court between
Lleorge Borst, dee'il. Timm will be esposed to
public sole, on the premises,
at 2 o'clock, P. M., all those two small lots or
tracts of land, situate in West township, Hunt.
ingdon county, ono thereof, bounded by bind of
John limit, Jacob Eberly, mid James T. Wilson,
containing 37 Acres, more or less, and basilic
thereon erected a small log dwelling house and
stable. . .
The other tract contains about 13 Acres, ad
joins lands ofJuhn limit, Jacob Eberly, and the
heirs of Joseph Thompson, leed. and has there
on erected n two story frame dwelling house. To
be sold together or seperately,7se as to suit pur
TERMS made known on day of sole by
W. Ir. zEIGLit,
June 8. 1853.-4 t.
MO the heirs and legal representatives of Wm-
LIAM Connto, late of Springfield township,
Hunt. Co., dec'd.
. . _ . .
Take noiico, that by virtue of a Rule issued
out of the Orphans' C ourt of Huntingdon county,
on the heirs a n d legal representatives ofsa id deed,
you are notified to come into said court, the sec
ond Monday and Bth day of August next, and
accept, or refuse to take. the real estate of said
deed at the valuation 'thereon, to wit t at the
sum of $2322 00 or to show cause, if any you
have why the same should not he sold.
W. B. ZEIGLER, Sh'ff.
Sheriff's Office, Huntingdon,
June Bth, 1853.
Farm Land and Wood Land,
9 1 11 E Trustees of the estate of John Savage,
having determined upon disposing of their
interest in Huntingdon and Bedford Counties,are
now prepared to sell land, In lots to suit purchas
ers, upon accommodating terms. Those wishing
to purchase will please call on the undersigned at
Savage Forge, or address him by mail, directing
to Parsdise Furnace P. 0. Hunt. Co.,
Trustee of the Estate of John Savage.
Juno 8, 'u3.—tf.
Scottsville, Huut. Co. Pa.
►7sIIF undersigned respectfully informs the tray
eling conununity and the public generally,
that he is now prepared, at his new mid commo
dious dwelling, to accommodate all who may
favor him with their custom. Ills lintel is situ
ated at the South-east end of the village, neer the
Mineral Springs, and the conveniences connected
with it, are calculated to give satisfaction.
Scottsville, June 8, '53.-61n.
Notice to Contractors.
PROPOSALS, will be received until the 28th
of June next, at the Engineers Office in
Huntingdon, fur the graduation and masonry or
thirty-live miles of the HUNTINGDON AND BROAD
Tot' Milt ROAD.
Plans and Speeifirations will be exhibited in
the office, for three clays prior to the above date.
Huntingdon, June 1, 's3.—lt.
Dissolution of Partnership.
TILE subscribers, recently doing business..
der the name of Cornpropst x Cunningham,
in the merchandising business in Portstown and
Marklesburg, and in the forwarding and boating
business on the reined. canal, and carrying on
the Huntingdon mill, has this day been dissqlved
by mutual consent, and by agreement, all business
of the firm fur the purpose of liquidation, are
placed under the control ofJouiah Cuuninghatn,
one of the late partners. The business, until
liquidated, will be carried on at the old places,
by said liquidating partner. Alexander Port,
Esq., will be found at the store room of said firm,
at all times, who will receive money due the firm,
and pay out to those having claims against the
Juno t, '53.-st.
It.tntttsuuno, April 20, 1853.
To the Commissioners of Huntingdon county:
GENTLEMEN ,--In pursuance of the thirty-see
and section ofan act, entitled "An act for the
regulation and continuance of a system of educe
tion by Common Schools," passed the 7th day of
April, 1849, I herewith transmit to you, a state
ment of the amount to which every district in
your county is entitled, ottt of the annual appro
priation of $200,000, for the school year, 1854, as
follows t
I3arree, 109,80 Brady, 77.04
Cass, 60,12 Clay: 59,76
Cromwell, 104,04 Dublin, 69,48
Franklin, 93,24 Henderson. 71,28
I fopewell, 65,88 Jackson, 132,12
Morris, 51,12 I 'oder, 77,04
Penn, 57,96 Shirley, 115,92
Springfield, 42,48 Tell, 78,84
'led, 90,72 Union, 43,72
Walker, 87,12 Warriorsmark, 121,32
West, 155,88 Hunt. Bor. 129,96
Alex. for., 53,28 Shirleysh'g do., 29,16
Graysport, 26,64
Yours, very respectfully,
Superintendent of Common Schools.
Published by order of the Commissioners of
Huntingdon county.
Juno 1, '53.-3t.
BY virtue of an order of tho Orphans' Court of
Huntingdon county, will be exposed to pub
lic sale, on the premises, in Springfield township,
iu said county, on
THURSDAY, THE 30Th DAY or down, 185:1.
at 10 o'clock, A. ➢I., all that certain messuage,
tenement, plantation or trawl of land situate in
Springfield township, (being composed of two
surreys, or smaller tracts of land) adjoining hind
of Jacob E. Bare, Sarah L. Kerr, 111111 John
Long, and Black Log Mountain,containing about
283 ACRES,
more or less. 100 acres of which are cleared, or
thereabouts; with a two story house and log barn,
thereon erectefl.
TERMS 01 , SALE.—One-third of the purchase
money to he paid on confirmation of sale, and the
residue in two equal annual payments, with in
terest, to be secured by the bonds and mortgage
of the purchaser.
Adria. of Ludwiek Kekter.
June 1,'53.-3t.
Auditor's Notice
THE undersigned auditor appointed by the
Orphans' Court of Huntingdon county to
distribute the balance in the bands of 'Phoning
Anderson, mini'. of the estate of John Sheeder,
Into of Tod township, in said county, deed.,
amongst those entitled to receive the game here
by gives notice to all persons interested that he
will attend for the purpose of making said distri
bution, on Friday the 25th day of June next at
2 oclock, P. M, at his otlico in the borough of
Huntingdon, when and where all persons inter
ested may attend. JOHN REED,
May 25, '53.-4t. Auditor.
(I'M:HAMS—Domestic and . Dress, just re
ceived at 1). P. GIN ,
lig'S Cheap Store.
large assortment of Lawna and Borneo do
.Lalues, just received at the cheap store of
U. r.
cIASSINETTS, Corduroy, Tweetla, Icana,
for sale at the cheap corner opposite C,
Coots' Hotel• D. I'. G WIN.
BONNETS and Hats of the latest styles, just
received at D. P. GWIN'S Store.
Alargo lot of Shoes—Lace Boots, 'Buskins,
Misses and Children's at the Store of
D. P. (3WXN.
A superior lot or Rifles, for sale nt the
DITTSBUItG Hams anti Flitch fiwasile chetlPl
at the ELEPHANT Corner,
PARASOLS—un excellent quality, for sale
cheap at the LLl'llArr Curlier.
Cabinet Maker and Undertaker,
Huntingdon, Pa.,
TAKES this method of informing his friends
and the public generally, that he still
remains in his oil stand, on Ado street, nearly
opposite the Presbyterian Church, where he is
prepared to turn out work equal with any eastern
manufactory, or in short Inferior to none. Per
sons wanting New Furniture, will do well to give
him a call before purehasingelsewhere, as he is
determined to sell low fur CASH or Country
Produce. lie also respectfully returns his thanks
to the public. for the liberal patronage heretoiltre
received, and hopes by careful attention to busi
ness, to merit a continnence of the same.
also intends to give his attention the rode,
taking business. COFFINS mods and funerals
attended, at the shortest notice and on reasonable
terms, either in town or country.
All work warranted. M. P.
Muntingdon, June 1,
An Invaluable Book for 23 cents.
SIX Thousand Copies sold in less than three
mouths. A new edition, revised and impro
ved, just issued.
Dn. Medical manual and hand book
for the afflicted—Containing an outline of the or
igin, progress, treatment and Core of every form
of disease, contracted by promiscuous sexual in
tercourse, by self-abuse, or by sexual excess,
with advice for their prevention, written in a
fitmiliar styleovoiding all medicinal technicali
ties, and every thing that would offend the ear of
decency, from the result of 20 years' successful
practice, exclusively devoted to the cure of dis
eases of n delicate or private nature.
To which is added, receipts for the cure of the
above diseases, and a treatise on the cause, symp
toms and cure for the Fever and Ague, for 25
cents a copy: six copies for $1 ; will be forwar
ded to any part of tke United Statcs, free of pos•
rage.—Address postage paid, Castles & Co.,
Publishers., or "Box 195, Post Office, Phila.
"This is without exception, the most compre
connive and intelligible work published on the
Gloss of diseases ofwhich it treats. Avoiding all
technical terms, it addresses itself to the readers;
it is free from all objectionable muter. and no
parent, however fastidious, ran object to placing
it in the hands of his sons. Theauthor has devo
ted many years to the treatment of the various
complaints treated of, and 'with too little breath
to puff,' and 'too little presumption to impose,' he
has offered to the world at the merely nominal
price of 25 cents. the fruits of some twenty years
most successful practice."—lieraN.
"No teacher or parent should be without the
knowledge imparted in this invaluable work; it
would save years of pain, mortification and sor
row to the youth under their charge."—Peo
pie's Athmened
A Presbyterian clergyman in [licks, in writing
of "llunter's Medical lititual," says t—
•‘Thou sands upon thousands ()four youth, by evil
example and the influence of the passions, have
been led into the habit of self-pollution without
realising the sin and consequence upon them
selves and their posterity. 'lice constitution of
thousands, who are raising families have been
enfeebled. if not broken down, and they do not
know the cause or the cure. Any thing that
eau he done so to enlighten and influence the
public mind as to cheek, and ultimately to re
move this wide-spread source of human wretch
edness, would confer the greatest blessing next
to the religion of Jesus Christ, on the present and
coming generation. Intemperance, (or the use
of intoxicating drinks,) though it has slain thou
sands upcn thousands, is not a greater scourge to
the !musts race. Accept sty thanks en behalf
of the afflicted, and, believe me, your co-worker
in the good work you are so actively engaged in."
One copy will be forwarded, (securely envelo
ped and postage paid,) on reedpi of 25 cents, or
six copies foe $1- Address, COSI)EN & CO.,
Publishers, Box 196, Philadelphia.
a-Booksellers, Canvassers and Book Agents
supplied on the most liberal terms - .
June '53.-Iy.
TN pursunnee of an order of the Orphans' Court
of Huntingdon county, will he exposed to solo
On Tuesday the 28th day of June, 1853,
on the premises, the interest of the minor children
of Alexander Gwin. late of the borough of Hun
tingdon, deceased, it being the undivided third
part in a tract of land situate on the Roystown
13raneh of the Juniata river, in Hopewell town
ship. in said county, nilioining lands ol'Juhn So-
VllDt ' s Trustees and Joints Entrekin, containing
227 Acres, be the stune inure or less, about
110 ACRES of which arc cleared and cultivated,
with a log house and log barn thereon; also, a
goad Apple Orchard.
TerMs . of Sale.—One half of the purchase mon
ey on confirmation of the sale, and the remaining
lialf in one year thereafter with interest, to he Se
cured by the bond and mortgage of the purchase.
Attendance will be given by
JAMES (MIN, Guardian.
N. B. The Widow's dower in 'the undivided
third port of the above described tract of land
will be exposed for sale nt the time nod place
mentioned in the above notice, and James Uwin
is hereby authorized to sell the same, by
May 25, 1853.-51.
Myton Mosser,
TJAVE recently opened n new Store at Stints
-1.1 burg, Huntingdon county, and respectfully
invite tlie publa to call and examine their goods.
Their stock consists of the dampest and most
fashionable that can be secured in the cast.
May 25, '53.-3t.
Chocery, Confectionary, Bakery,
HHENRYJ. AFRICA, would respectfully in
vice the public to call at his establishment
in Railroad Street, where all those who need any
good Bread, Rusk, or any other kind of Cakes
found at a Bakery, may be supplied.
Ile has just received a very large and fresh
supply of Fruit and Confectionaries, such as
His ice Ciemn Saloon is one of the most beau
tiful and gorgeously furnished rooms to be found
outside of Philadelphia, it is worth n visit there
just to see the saloon, mul then, if you should feel
like taking a saucer of ice cream the AGENT can
supply you with the best article that has ever been
manuthetured in this or any other country.
Thankful to the public for past favors, he hopes
by strict attention to business to merit a continu
ance of patronage.
May 18, '53.-Iy.
The undersigned respectfully informs his
friends and the public generally. that he has es
tablished a MARBLE YARD, in the borough of
Huntingdon, and has just received from Phila
delphia a selected stock of choice Marble grave
stones, of every description, which he will furnish
nt very reduced prices.
All orders from any part of the county or ad
joining counties, addressed to the undersigned,
will be received 'tad promptly attended to.
May 18, 1851.—ty.
A NOTIIEII fresh supply of Berne detains,
( 2 - Lawns, Berne, all wool do Bag% nud part
cotton from 20 to 371 ets peryd. Also another
fresh supply of Trimmings, just ree'd and fur
sale by J. St W. SAXTON.
A new supply of low priced Bonnets; ja , 3
ceiVOd and for solo by J. &W. SA XTON.
Abeautiful lot of White Cnipo Shawls, put re
mired and fur Mk by .1. &W. SAXTON.
10 BARRELS of Shad jus, received and for
sale by J. & W. SAXTON.
fur sale at the Cheap Store of
PERFUMERY—A good , lot, of tho beat, at
Ad assortment of Vans, Just received
and for sale lOw by J. 4. W. SAXTON.
beantifld lot at linai:
LOOKING Glasses, just received and fpr sale
by J. 6- SAX! O.V:
beautiful assortment of Cross-barred India
ISilk, just received and for sale by
i:OLD (1/..4/Nzi—A tine variety for sale, ye
at LW,
♦There may be obtained the most speedy rem.
edy fur
'SECRET DISEA SES.—Cileets Strictures,
Seminal Weakness: Pain in the Loins, Affections
of the Kidneys, nod all those peculiar affections
arising from a secret losbit, part coterie the youth
of both sexes, which if not cured, produces con
stitutions' debility, rendering marriage impossi
ble, and in the cud destroys both Mind and Body.
Young Men especially, who have become the
victims of Solitary Vice, that dreadful and des
trnctive habit which annually sweeps to an un
timely grave thousands ofyoung men of the most
exalted talents and brilliant intellect, who might
otherwise have entranced listening senates with
the thunders of eloquence, or waked to cestaey
the living lyre, nosy call with fnll confidence.
Married persons, or tlsomo contemplating mar
riage, being aware of physical weakness, should
immediately consult 1)r. J., and be restored to
Dr. Johnston, office No. 7 Sou•h Fredrick St.,
seven doors front Baltimore Street, east skin up
the steps. far Be particular in obtaining the
name and number, or son will mistake the place.
- .
A cure warranted, or nu charge made, in from
one to two days.
'l'axc Nudes.—Dr. Johnston's office is in his
dwelling, np the steps. Ills very extensive mac
t!i",e is a sufficient guarantee ; that he is the only
propel physician to apply to.
Dr. Johston, member of the Royal College of
Surgeons. London, graduate from one of the
most eminent Colleges of the United States, and
the greater part of whose life has been spent in
the Hospitals of London, Paris Philadelphia, and
elsewhere, has effected some of the most aston
ishing cures that were aver known, many trou
bled with ringing in the ears and bead when
asleep, great nervousness, being alarmed at slid
den sounds, and bashfulness, with frequent blush
ing attended sometimes with derangement of
mind, were cured immediately.
A ' CERTAIN DisEAsti.—]tis a melancholy fact
that thousands full victims to this horrid disease
owing to the unskilfulness of ignormit pretenders
who by the use of that deadly poison Mercury,
ruin the Constitution, causing the most serious
symptoms of that dreadful disease to make their
appearance, such as afrections of the head, nose,
throat, skin, etc., progressing with frightful ra
pidity till death puts a period to their dreadful
suffiTing, by sending them iu that Bourne whence
no traveler returns.
TAKE P.tnricur.Alt NOTICE.—Young men who
have injured themselves by a certain practice in
dulged in when alone—a habit ftoquently learned
from evil companions. or at school—the effects
of which are tightly felt, even when asleep, and
if not cured renders marriage impossible, and de
stroys both mind and body.
What a pity that a voting man, the hope aids
country, and the darling of his parents should be
snatched from all prospects and enjoyments of
life by the consequence ofdeviating from the path
of nature and indulging inn certain secret habit.
Such persons before contemplating Marriage,
should reflect flint n sound mind and body are
the most heeessary requisites to promote COB.-
Mal happiness, indeed without these, the jour
ney through life becomes a weary pilgrimage,
the prospect hourly darkens to the view; the
mind becomes shadowed with despair, and filled
with the melancholy reflection, that the happiness
of another heroines blighted with our own.
CONSTITUTIONAL 131,11111.11,-1)r. J. nildress•
es young men, nit nil who have injured them•
selves by private and improper indulgence.
IMM:lB;A:q.t.—These are some of sad nod
melancholy effects produced by early habits of
youth, viz: Weakness of the Back and Limbs,
Pains in the head, Dimness of Sight, Loss of
Muscular power, Palpitation of the Heart Dys
pepsia, Nervous Irritability, Derangements of the
Digestive Functions, General Debility Symptoms
of Consumption, Or.
MENTALLY—The fagrful effects on the mind are
mach to be dreaded; Loss of memory, Confusion
of iti=;, Depvesslon or Eorbodings;
Aversion to Society, Self Distrust, Love of
&c., ore some of the evils produced.
Tbousttnds of persons of all ages,ean notrjudge
what is the cause of their declining health. Los
ing their vigor, becoming weak, pale and emacia
ted, have singular appearance about the oyes,
cough and vitamins of consumption.
married persons, or those contemplating mar
riage, being aware of physical weakness, should
immediately consult 14. J. and be restored to per
fect health. Other, No. 7, South Frederick• St.,
Baltimore, Nlil.
N . li. Let no false delicacy prevent you. hut ap
ply immediately either personally or by letter.
Skin Diseases Speedily Cured,
To STRANGERS.—The many thousanda, cured
at this Institution within the last ten yen's, and
the numerous important Surgical Operations
performed by Dr. fflovitnessed by the Reporters of •
the papers, and many other persons, notices of
which have aline:lied again mud again before the
public, is a sufficient guarantee that the afflicted
will find is skillful and honorable physifflan.
As there are so numy ignorant and wortldess
quacks advertising themselves as Physicians,ruin
ing the health of the afflicted Dr. Johnston would
say to•those unacquainted with his reputation that
his Credentials or Diplomas always hang in his
Venkness of the organs immediately cured,
and Atli vigor restored
n y lettersAltb
post paid—reniedies sent y
.:14y 22, 1831.-Ir.
'DV virtue of an order and decree of the Court
of Common Pleas of Huntin g don county, to
me directed, for the purpose of satisfyin g a curtain
jud g ment, No. 64, Nor. Term, 1862, ofsaid Court
and the costs thereon and expenses of trust, I
will expose to sale on the premises, in the bor
ough of Shirleyshurg,
014 Friday the 17114 day n/ Jane next,
_ -
all that certain phite or parcel of ro und situate
in and near the borough of Shirk vs rg afqresaid,
being the estate of Walter B. for , floe iii
00 the North, a lot owned by the Baptist Church,
told lands of the estate of David Fraker, deed.;
on the West, lands of the estate of florid Era
ker, dee'd.; on the South, lands of Samuel Car
others and Eliza Carothers, and On alley, and on
the East adjoining or fronting on Main street, in
said borough; or so notch thereof as may be ne
cessary to discharge said judgment wills its inter
est and costs, mid expenses ns aforesaid. The
said lot or parcel of ground, containing in all
eight acres, he the same snore or less, on part of
which is erected a two story lag dwelling house
and a barn, and the rest thereof in a high state of
cultivation. The above property will he Lid oft
in low, of from one to two acres, to suit purcha
sers, and offered separately or together, as the
same may sell best, untilthe said amount shall be
raised. A plan or plot of the same will be exhib
ited on the day of sac.
TERMS.-- . Cash on confitination of sale or
sales, at August Tenn 1854.
WM. B. LEAS, Trustee.
Shirleysburg, May 25, 1853.-4 t.
Pennsylvania Rail Road.
Great Rc 'Helton on Loral Rates of Frerya
From April lal 1853.
Huntingdon to Philadelphia.
Ist class 50 ets. per 100
2,1 " 40 "
3rl" 88&1'
4th " 28.
il;tr peii,bl. 60 etc,
Plaster per Ton $4,25,
Huntingdon to Pittsbn%
lot class nri cts. per 100
2 ,1 11 4 5 44 64 64
3 n l if 31 ft f 6 St
4th .‘ 30 " " "
Floor per bbl. GO es.
Iron, Blooms, Lumber and Bark, will be car
ried Eastward in Car loads, at the convenience
of the Company, at the following rates per ton
of 2000 lbs.
Huntingdon and Harrisburg, 121 cts per 100 The.
Iluntingduli and Philadelphia, " " "
For ford', information relative to the Trans
portation 01'1'1140a (or Passengers ' ) apply ut
the °lnce of the Compintv.
May, 23, '23.-3tn. Hunt. Station.
tilveriber announces to the traveling
community, and the publics generally, that
he has taken charge anti fitted tip the above house,
h on i ng on e of the most pleasant and heautiAd
locations ih the country, where he will he happy
to wait upon all who may favor hint with their
patronage. Thorn is a
. good stable, and also a
carriage house lichmtptig to the premises, to
which the most careful attention will be given,
flay 25, '23.—ly
Mil BARREL* orliminp^, rucetred and
isur J. S. W. !'`AN.
James Bricker,
At the old stand formerly occupied by Peter
Swoope, on ;Main Street, Huntingdon, Pa.,
has just returned from the City with a
Now Stock of
Hardware Groceries,
Fancy Goods, Notions, Drugs, Paints,
Which are offered at the lowest priers, also re
eviviug a large supply of CANDIEB, which
will be sold at wholesale price as low as 14 ets.
Per lb. Alio, Fruits, Oranges, Lemons, Rais
ins, l?ige, &c. All of which have been bought
with great care, and on the best terms, raid will
ho sold low for Cash or to punctual customers.
I flatter myself that I can and will sell Goods as
they can he bought for in this neighborhood.—
My friends are requested to call and examine for
themselves, feeling confident that those who do
so cannot go away without buying. Ladies and
Gentlemen of this neighborhood believe me when
I say dial great pains have been taken to get such
goods as you admire,
Huntingdon, May 18, '53
James Haslett respectfully informs his
friends and the traveling pOlie generally, that
he has taken ^barge of the "Keystone Hotel," at
Spruce Creek, Huntingdon county, Pa., and is
well prepared to accommodate all who may favor
him with their custom. No pains will be spared
to render the fullest satisfaction.
:Huy no, iss3.
The subscriber respectfully informs the piddle
that he now devotes his whole time mad atten
tion to making and repairing pumps and will
promptly attend to all orders and culla that Ins
may be favoured with warranted all work to be
made of the best materials, and done in work
manlike manner at reasonable prices. Address
Mill Creek I'. 0. Huntingdon cutinty,
We tho Subceribers having used of Isaac Wol
verton's make of 1 1 =14 and ii not hesitate itt
saying that wo believe them to 6, the best pawl,
that is now in general use.
Thos. Read.
duo. Armitage,
William Dorris,
William Christy,
David 131inr,
D. MeMortrie,
That. Fisher.
J. Porter,
Charles Porter,
Wm. D. Slntw,
Conrad Barber,
Jno. Whittaker,
Wm. Orbisoo,
May 18,1853.
Auditor's Notice
THE undersigned appointed by the Court of
Common Pleas an Audi tor to make distri
bution of the fund in the hands of Wm. B. Zeig
ler, Sheriff, arising from the sale of the Real Es
tate of Allen Green, will tnect for that purpose at
his Office, in the borough of Huntingdon, ott
Tuesday the 21st day of Juno next, at ten o'clock
A. M. All persons interested are required to
make their claims before such Auditor or be de
barred front coming in upon said fond.
A. W. BE EDICT, Auditor.
May 18,1833.-41,
Auditor's Notice,
THE undersigned appointed by the Court of
Common Pleas an Auditor to make distribu
tion of the fund in the hands of John B. Given
and John Snyder, Assignees of Daniel Protzmon,
to and amon„, ,, the creditors entitled thereto, wilt
meet fur that purposeut his Office, in the borough
of Huntingdon on Monday the 20th day ofJune,
at ton o'clock A. M. at which time and place OH
persons interested will present their claims if they
think proper. A. W. BENEDICT,
May 18, '33.—at. Auditor.
Attorney at Law,
Huntingdon, Pe nn'a.,
Will attend to all business entrusted to his
care. Office near the Court House.
May I I, '53.
Attorneys. at Law,
Huntingdon, Pa.,
Mee same as that formerly occupied by John
Scott., Esq.
May 11, 1853.
Ali the new School Books used in our I'ill,llo
Schools in town, as well as those throughout the
country, fur sale al Colon's New Cheap
Book Store.
May 11, 1853.
Will attend to all husineas entrusted to him. Ott
tiee nearly opposite the Court !louse.
May 4, 53.
SILK Dress Patterns—such as Brocade, Figur
ed, Plain and Cross-burred,,ust received and
for sale by ,1•. W. SA XTON.
VANer Dress Articles—fur gentlemen and !a
l. dies, for sale by S. Sc U. LEVI.
GnonniEs—Fresh and cheap, at the cheap
store of S. & G. LEVI.
LAMES DRESSES—aII kinds of goods suit
- 1 -4 able, at the cheap store of S & G. LEVI.
pLOTIIING.-A largo assortmentfor men and
boys, at the cheap corner of S. & G. LEVI.
HARDWARE. —A good assortment for solo
at S. & G. LEVI'S Store.
'S. :I \YI CA PS—of all kinds, of the latest
fashion, for sale at the cheap store of
S. & G. LEVI.
for sale at the store tit
& C. LEVI.
Ladies' Shoes.
A ' pLENDID assortment of Ladies' Shoes,
of the latest biyll,9, just received at the store
o f S. & G. LEVI.
Asplendid lut of Bonnets just received and fur
sale by J. 11'. S.:l XT( 0".
CAltl'ET Bags, just receivell and for saftilo•
J. 6. 11'. SAX 1191 N.
T)ORT MONNA Ili@ front 25 cents up to S 2 50
A at Ed. Snare's. April t 5 ISS2.
LVo r rUco L" an ti tl ng tlr d at lo " o k ts w aV Shoe at t iC t! ' fi t
store of (IEO. Girl S.
Alas. Delanes, 11. Delanes, 1)e Berege, Lawns,
Ginglunns, and a choice variety of Goods of all
kinds, at the store of GEO. GWIN.
•p 1 in and limey, at very low prices, ut the store)
of GEO. G WIN.
fur safe at the store of GEO. GNUS
ASPLENDID assortment of Ladies' Dress
Guodsjust received tit' CARMOrs,
11.78 T receiving the handsomest hit of Carpets
everodered in this place. Also, Oil Cloths,
which will be sold low by.
7EPHYR worsted, Lisle, Cotton, Linen Floss.
4 Cotton Floss, Lace Mitts, Mohair Mitts, Silk
Gloves, Kid Waves, Lisle Thread, Cotton, and
every variety of Dress Trimming suitable fur
spring sod sumuter dress, for sale by
J. t i• sAxrox.
THE tiinest itssortmont of foots and Shoos
erer otrored in town, fur solo low by
r 10111: Ladles will please bear in mind that Pur
i asols can be had exceedingly low at the (basis
store or .T. W. SsINTON.
Amt. - „it.b,r.11'. 1 ,:,:` ptenee'gnie ( 1 8 6 , , l`b:,!topa5t0
eta. per road, just racy/red and for silo by
✓. t f• W. SA X t'ON,
Gold Watches will be sold by ED. Sx.trin
/ewer then elsewhere.
A+plcudid itorttnett tt . AioNNETS,Just re
rci~cd at th e ettettp store at &U. LEVI,