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THE Summer Session of these Institationt corn
MAY, and continues five months. A fund of
$l5OO has been procured, to be applied to the
purchase of a superior philosophical apparatus and
a standard library. With these facilities for in
struction. the Principals and Trustee& of these In
stitutions otter to all, and especially to those seek
ing to qualify themselves for teaching, advantages to those enjoyed by the academical student
in our colleges.
These Institutions are in the same village,
though entirely separate, and some distance apart,
thus affording to parents the opportunity of send
ing their sone and daughters together. Believing
that the same principles sought to he carried out
in our common school system, should, and will
eventually, extend to the highest branches of a
liberal education, the Principals and Trustees view
what they have dune only as the nucleus of fur
ther and more extended efforts, which, ns they
proceed, will enable them to afford to all classes,
a liberal course of education, at an expense more
commensurate with the limited means of a large
number of the youth of our State, who are enga
ged in the praise-worthy endeavor to obtain an
education. And with this expectation, they com
mend their Institutions to the patronage and kind
assistance of all friends of a sound, liberal and
general ed nee tion.
Lessons on the Piano, with the use of in.
strument, per quarter,
Latin and French, each,
Painting $3,00, and Dinning
Vocal Music, with the Piano accompani•
• 50
Board, lights, washing and tuitiorr, for
thu Summer Session of 22 weeks, $45 00
No incidentals. Day scholars, the usual prices,
according to studies.
Tuition, $6,00, $ i 0,00, and $12,00, per ses
sion, according to grade of studies. Boarding
can be had in the village for from $1,50 to $2,00.
No dednction for absence except in cases of
protracted sickness.
eir The semi-annual examination of the Pu
pils of the Female Seminary will commence on
Thursday the 7th day of April. The friends of
the Seminary, and the public, are respectfully in
vited to attend
Principal of Female Seminary.
Principal of Academy.
March 2,1853.-3 m.
More Proof of their Superiority.
The Late Fire in Jersey City.
Mr. Silas C. IlerKng—Sir It gives us much
pleasure to state that a Safe of your make was the
means of preserving our hooks and valuable pa
pers, together with a lot of Silver Spoons, Forks,
&c., front destruction by the fire that occurred in
our store on the night of the 27th ult., at No. 46
Montgomery st. The tire commenced near the
Safe, which, owing to its situation on a wall, did
not f.ll into the cellar, but was exposed to the
Pill heat of the fire from its commencement, and
wkcn taken train the ruins had all the brass plates
and knobs completely melted otf.
Yours, R. B. EARLE & CO.
Jersey City, Feb. 3, 1853.
Great Fire in Strawberry st.—Letter fi om
Lewis 4^ Co.—Phila., March 29, 1852.
Mr. John Farrel—Sir: It affords me much sat
isfaction to jail= you that the " Herring Sala
mander Safe" which we purchased of you a short
time since, preserved our hooks and papers in good
condition. during the severe ordeal through which
it passed at the disastrous conflagration that took
place nt our warehouse on the morning of the
xBth inst , when the safe was exposed to the most
intense heat for some hours, and when dragged
from the flames was red hot on several sides. We
make this statement by way of hearing testimony,
to the worth of these valuable Fire Proofs. Very
respectfully, LEWIS & Co.
The Proprietor of the genuine ‘. Herring Sala-
=Mar Safes," challenges the whole world, in
the sum of One Thousand Dollars, to produce their
equal. Awarded the Prize Medal Ist the World's
Fair. London, and the GOLD MODAL by the Amer
ican Institute. Over 8000 of these safes have been
sold and are now in use, and more than lOO'have
passed triumphantly through accidental fires.
Second-hand Safes and "Salamanders" of oth
er makers, having been taken in part pay for
"Herring's," tor sale at cheap rates.
34 Walnut St., Philadelphia.
GT' Atarbleised Iron Mantles, Table Tops, 4,,
from the Works of the celebrated "SALAMANDER
MARBLE Co." on hand in great variety.
March 2,1853.-3 m.
For Sale or Rent.
the necessary buildings, situate on the waters
of Standing Stone Creek, is now fot sale or rent.
This desirable property, for any person inclined
to enter into the Iron business, offers favorable
facilities. Situated, as it is, 12 miles off the pub
lic improvements at Huntingdon or Petersburg,
in the heart of a well wooded country, awl with
ahundance of the finest quality of Iron Ore within
two miles from its location, it offers to the enter
prizintt, an opportunity seldom not with, to em
bark in a profitable business.
Persons desiring information on the subject,
may apply to William or George Couch, at
Conchs' Mills, Barree township, Huntingdon co.;
Mrs. Mary Couch, Altoona, Blair co.; or Thomas
I'. Campbell, Esq., Huntingdon.
Ex'rs. of A. Couch, deceased.
. _
Executrix of Wm. Couch, dee'd.
N. B. If not gold or rented, the undivided half
port of the above property will be offered for tale
nt the Court House, in the borough of Hunting
don, on raeaday the 12th day of April next.
Feb. 9, 1853.
lARE this opportunity to notify my customers,
X and the•Trade' in general, that I have in atom
a choice iissurtment of STRAW BONNETS, such
as Blonds, Tripolit. Karla • French Gimpy, Gov.
wuucrs CHILDR.ENS' IIXTS, Winne's. Straw
Trimmings, and Millinery Goods, such as Crapes,
Tin - Bung, Illuslomr, Stiles, Ribbons, Crape and
Taritint Lin,ings, French and American I , l,,wers,
Buckram Frames, Crowns, Tips, dm, to which I in ,
Vita your attention. I have made arrangements
with the principal Importers and Manufacturers
so that I will he enabled to receive all yhe newest
Styles of Goods. • r 'feel confident that I can sell
my Goods AS LOW as any person in the trade.
No. 59, N. led ER., Phila.
Mach 9, el.-9tn.
Aties!) supply of Garden Seeds trout Risley'
Uurclens, just received, and tbr sale by
Feb. 21, ma, J. &. SAXTON.
Ire bls. No. I herring, for sale erishe btoro
of Giro. OWIN.
UP, New Orleans, and S. H. Molasses, for
sale cheap at the now store of
Fresh Cheese alwaye on hand and for eale
et the new gore of J. Bri4,
hltß, GIESE,
Commission Merchants,
Nos. 23 & 25, Spear's Wharf,
John Clark, Esq., President Citizens Bank, Balt.
A. I'. Giles, Esq., Cashier Franklin Bank, "
John Ilertzler, Jr., Esq., Philadelphia.
Rogers, Sinnickson, & Co., "
.1. Tome, Esq., I'resd't Cecil Bank, Port Deposit,
J. Wallower & Son, Harrisburg
Col. H. C. Eser, Selinsgrove.
J. 11. App & Co., "
Nagle, Wingate & Co., Milton.
W. W. Cooke, Esq.. Money.
Simon Schuyler, Esq., "
Geo. Bodice,
W. Weaver & Co., Montoursville.
Gen. W. F. Packer, Williamsport.
T. W. Lloyd, Esq., Cashier,
lames H. Holing:, P..sq.,
Lewis G. Boling, 10
McHenry & Bubb, Jersey Shore.
J. P. Hailing, Lock Haven.
_ _ _
IR" Carr,'Giese d• Co., have the hugest wharf
rouin of any Commission House in Baltimore, al-
ways giving quick despatch to bouts in discharg
ing their cargoes. [Feb. 23—Gm
The Summer Tcrin of this Institution will com
mence Wednesday, April 2 71/, next.
Instructions given in all the 'wenches prepara
tory to entering College.
TER:IN.-Tuition per Session, of twenty-two
weeks, $6.00 to $12,00 according to studies par
sOed; payable in advance.
Boarding, Washing, 6T, usual prices.
QV' Charges to date from time of entering and
no deductions matte for absence unless caused by
It is the determination, (Providence favoring,)
to render the School, in ail respects, worthy of
confidence and patronage.
Feb. 16, '53.—11t Principal.
• • 4,00
Are now offering at their Store and
Warehouse in Portstown,
The ratist extensive Stock of DRY-GOODS,
Groceries, Glass, Hard, and Queenswarc,
Boots & Shoes, Hats, Caps and Ready
made Clothing,
ever offered by one establishment in the county.
Their assortment is full and complete, and is un
surpassed in quality or cheapness, by any thing in
this market. Their operations in the drain and
Produce business arc very heavy, andiare allcon
ducted on a cash principle. All kinds of the,
chantable grain arc paid fur in cash as soon as
delivered, and at the following advanced prices
White Wheat,
Read do,
Shelled Coru,
After the first of April next, they will almicom
meet with their business, the Husyrixotiox MILL;
they will pay cash fur all grain delivered to them
at their Mill and will deliver, twice a week, on
Tuesday and Friday, all the family grinding en
trusted to their cute, without additional charge.
Jan. 12, 1852.-1 p
20,000 acres in exchange for City Property, Mer
chandise or Cash. Apply to
Real Estate Brokers, 106 Walnut St:
Jan. 25, '53. Philadelphia.
TCommis,ioners of Huntingdon County
± having purchased the Toll Bridge, near the
West end of the borough of Huntingdon, there
fore notice is hereby given to all persons indebted
to the Juniata Bridge Company, in said county,
by bond, note, or for yearly subscriptions of toll,
to make payment of the same, without delay, to
JAMES GWIN, Treasurer.
January 19, 1853.
Foundry for Sate or Rent.
THE old established Stone Foundry, 40
by 40 feet, Ware Room 30 by 40 feet, En
gine House by 31 feet; Patterns for Cook
Stoves, 3 sizes—Patterns for Cook Stoves for
Coal and Wood, 3 sizes; Parlor Stoves for Wood
or Coal, Tight Air Stoves, Thrashing Machine
Patterns, Patterns for Egg Stoves, 4 sizes; and
for ranouts for Forges and Rolling Mills, Wagon
Box Patterns, Hill-side and Bull Plough Patterns,
Iron Wash Kettles, with a variety of other Pat
terns, and n large Lathe for turning Iron or Wood,
all in good order.
Apply to the subscriber at Alexandria,
January 12, 1853.
ICING & 14007:-MEAD,
No. 23 Wood St. Pittsburgh.
Particular attention paid to the sale of Blooms
and Pig Metal, and CASH advances made.
Dee. 9,'52.-Iy.
The subscriber, thankful to his friends and pa-1
trons, and to the Public generally, for their pa
tronage, still continues to carry on at the same
stand, one door east of Mr. C. Coot's Hotel, Mar
ket street, Huntingdon, where ho will attend to
all who will favor him with their custom, and al
so keeps on hand a good assortment of WAvc HES,
CLOCKS, JEWELRY, &c., &V., all of which he is
determined to sell at low prices.
Clocks, \Vetches and ,Jewelry of all kinds will
he repaired at short notice, and having made ar
rangements with a good workman, all repairs will
be done in a neat and durable manner, and every
persorr'leaving. articles for repairing shall have
them done at the prectselime. rty paying strict
attention to business, and selling at low rates, he
hopes to receive a share of public putropege.
Huntingdon, Sept. 7, 1852.-Iy.
TOSEPII DOUGLASS, in MeConnellstown,
a had constantly on hand, and is prepared to
make and repair GUNS °fall kinds at the short
est notice. Nor. 25, '52.
Best Family Flour, by the Barrel or
retail, at J. Bricker's Store. ap. 22,'52.
,3in ;,f!fr i,e o l l , l , , I:T a tt :m N:at l n o i p s c h , , , T B t r t e r . p , e ta nt r in . e alo Tg y r,
NV. Saxton
GOLD and Silver Spectacles at all prices, at
E. Snare's. April 15,1852.
itir Feathers wanted in exchange for goods at
the ne. , st , re of 3. %wars.
AND ALL diseases arising from a disordered
Liv, or Stomach, such as Constipation, Inward
Piles, Fullness or Blood to the Bend, Acidity of
the Stomach, Nausea, Heart-burn, Disost. for
Food, Fullness or weight in the Stomata, Sour
Eructations, Sinking or Fluttering nt the pit of
the Stomach, Swimmittg Of the Head, flurried
and dillictilt ltrctithitig; Fllittering at the Heart,
Choking or Suffocating sensations when in a lying
posture, Dimness of Vision, Dots or webs before
the Sight, Fever and dull pnin in the Head, Defi
ciency of perspiration, Yellowness of the Skin
and Eyes, Pain in the Side, Back, Limbs, &c.
Sudden Flushes of Heat, Burning in the Flesh,
Constant Imaginings of Evil mid Great depres,
sion of Spirits, can be effectually cured by
Prepared by
120 Arch Street. Philadelphia.
Their power over the above diseases is not ex
celled—if equalled—by any other preparation in
the United States, as the cures attest, in many
cases after skilful physicians had failed.
These Bitters are worthy the attention of inva
lids. Possessing great virtues in the rectification
of diseases of the Liver and lesser glands, exer
cising the most searching powers in weakness and
affections of the digestive organs, they are withal,
safe, certain and pleasant.
From the " Boston Bee."
The editor said, Dec. 22nd.
Dr. Hoofland's'Celebrated German Bitters for
the cure of Lives Complaint, Jaundice, Dyspepsia,
Chronic or Nervous Debility, is deservedly ono of
the most popular medicines of the day. These
Bitters have been used by thousands, and a friend 1
at our elbow says he had himself received an effec
tual and permanent cure of Liver Complaint front
the use of this remedy. We are convinced that,
in the use of these Bitters, the patient constantly
gains strength and vigor—a fact worthy of great
consideration. They are pleasant in test and
smell, and can he used by persons with the most
delicate stomachs with safety, under any circum
stances. We are speaking from experience, and
to the afflicted we advise their use.
one of the best Literary
papers published, said Aug. 25
factored by 1)r. Jackson, are now recommended
by some of the most prominent members of the
faculty as an article of much efficacy in cases of
female weakness. As such is the case, we would
advise all mothers to obtain a bottle, and thus save
themselves much sickness. Persons of debilitated
constitutions will find these Bitters advantageous
to their health, as we know from experience the
salutary effect they have upon weak systems."
The Hon. C. 1). Hist:LINE, Mayor of the city
of Camden, N. J., says:
seen many tlatteriog notices of this medicine, and
the source from which they came induced us to
make inquiry respecting its merits. From inqui
ry we were persuaded to use it, and must say we
found it sp erific in its action upon diseases of the
liver and digestive organs, and the powerful in
fluence it exerts upon nervous prostration is real
ly surpristing. It calms and strenghtens the nerves
bringing them into a state of repose, making sleep
refreshing a
this medicine was more generally used, we
are satisfied there would be less sickness, us from
the stomach, liver, and nervous system the great
majority of real and imaginary diseases entenate.
Have them in a healthy condition, and you can
bid defiance to epidemics generally. This extra
' ordinary medicine we would advise our friends
who are at all indisposed, to give a trial—it will
recommend itself. It should, in limb, be in every
family. No other medicine can produce such ev
idences ut merit.
$1 00,
Evidence upon evidence has been received (like
the fbregoing) from all sections of the Union, the
also alma yaars, and the strongest testimony in its
Ihvor, is, that there is more of it used in the prac
tice of the regular Physicians of Philadelphia, than
all other nostrums combined, a fact that can easily
be esablished, cod fully proving that a scientific
preperattion will meet with their quiet approval
when presented even in this form.
nth this Medicine will cure Liver Complaint
and Dyspepsia, no one can doubt after using it as
directed. It acts specifically upon the stomach and
liver; it is preferable to calomel in all bilious dis
eases—the etfect is immediate. They can be ad
ministered to female or infant with safety and re
liable benefit at any tissue.
. _
Look well to the marks of the genuine
They have the written signature of 0. M.
JACKSON upon the wrapper, and his name blown
in the bottle, without which they are spurious.
For sale Wholesale and Retain at the.
No. 120 Arch street; olio dour below Sixth,
PhittidelPlia; and by respectable dealersgenerally
through the country.
To enable all classes of invalids to enjoy the ad
vantages of their great restorative powers:
Single Bottle 75 cents.
Also for sale by Thomas Heed & 'Son, Hunt
ingdon, Pa. ; John Lutz, Shipponsburg, Pa.;
Thomas E. Orbisun, Orbisoniu, Pa.; J. & J.
Kelly, Burnt Cabins, :'a. [July 22.—'52--ly.
New Goods and New Prices,
HARRISON, & COUCH have just opened
a magnificent assortment of rich and rare Store
Goods, at their now store room in Purtstown.
Their stock is entirely new, and consists of
all of which will be sold at the lowest rates for
cash or exchanged for oonntry produce:
CT The highest price gil•en at all times for
every description of merchantable grain.
Broad Top Depot, Dec. 30, 1852.
At The Cheap Cush Et Produce Store of
James Bricker
The undersigned, encouraged during the past
rear, by the very liberal patronage of a discern
ing public, has made permament arrangements
for receiving, from the t,astent Cities, FRESH
GOODS EVERY MONTH! His stock of (iro-
ceries, Drugs, Confectionares, Boots & Shoes, Li
quors, Notions, and general varieties, is now ex
tensive and come lete, of the very finest quality,
and sold' wholesale or retail, at thevery lowest
figures for cash of country produce.
Dec. 2, 's2.—ly.
Novomber 18, 1852,
PORT MONNAIES from 25 cents up to $2 50
at Ed. Snare's. April 15 1852.
Blasting Powder and Safety Fuse always - •W' A splendid article or Carpet Chain always ,
on hand and for sale at the cheap store of KOSSUTH HATS for sale at the new store on liend and' or sale at the cheap store of
F3rtrker. I '
A beautiful assortment of Fancy Capings and
J. Batmen. of J. Tinteirr a. Veqing for gain by J, &W. SAXTON.
Philadelphia Advertisements.
The Subscriber having leased the Public Ilnuse,
formerly known as the American House, No. 18
S. Sixth Street, between Market and Chesnut
Streets, has changed the name of the same fo
' •
Begs. leave to inform his friends and the abbe,
that thiahollse line undergene it thorough retnod
ening, repairing, repainting and repapering, from
attic to basement. An entire new outfit of furni
ture, liedding, &c., has been procured front
the most celebrated Manufacturers in this city.
From the central location, and its close prox
imity to the Railroad Depots, Steamboat Land
ings, Places of Amusernent, Fashionable Thor
oughfares Mid Public Squares, it otters induce
ments to the Merchant visiting the city on busi
ness, or the Traveler seeking pleasure. To fins
flies and females visiting the city, every facility
will he offered, and every comfort regarded to
make their visit agreeable and pleasant.
A share of the public patronage is respectfully
Superintendent. Proprietor.
September 9. 1852.-6 m
Would respectfully inform his friends and the
public, that he has on hand and is receiving fur
the coming season, a fine assortment of
cl:7 asi•waPcz42l - .r.
Consisting of Watches, Chains, Breast Pins, Fin
ger Rings, Ear Rings, Pencils, Keys, Thimbles,
Studs, Medallions, &c. Together with hisselebra
ted and unrivalled
.Cox; Tart z ,
Which is equal if not superior, to any now in use,
Each Pen is Engraved with his own name,
and every Pen Warranted.
Olt did you ever, no I never !
Morey on us what a treat;
Get head's Gold Pen, they're extra fine,
And only found in North Third Street.
A splendid Pen !!' Where did you get it?
Pure Diamond Pointed, can't be heat;
Yes, my friends, there's no loonlitiging
In Read's Gol d Pens of North Third Street
10'llead's Gold Pen is found only at 55 North
Third Street, below Arch East Side.
Piladelphia. Jan. 8, 1852.-tl. Tho undersigned respectfully informs their
customers , and the citizens generally of Hunting-
FEATHERS! FEATHERS i I d ' on county, that they still continue the manuflte-
For sale by HARTLEY & KNlGirr, 148 South
taring of all kinds of Earthenware of the most su-
Second Street, five doors above Spruce,
perior quality and at prices to suit the tones.-
PHI 1:-.1DELI'll I_ I. They will Make a trip by Canal, in the month of
May when they will he able to supply all who
1 0 , 01)(1 lbs. of feathers. all qualities may favor them with their patronage. 51ercleints
V V Wholesale and retail at the lowest , may rely on getting en article that cannot fail to
cash prices, please their eustotners, anti such as will yield them
13eus, BoLsTEtts Pit.t.ows, MArrnEssEs and a handsome profit. All orders promptly attend-
Croltlons constantly on hand or made to or-. 1,. ed to. Address J. A. MA.'IIIEWS & BRO,
1 Also-'Pickings, Blankets, Marsailes Quilts, , Lewistown, Pa.
Comthrtable, Sacking Bottoms &c., &. I April 1, 1852.-tf.
First floorand Basement appropriated to sale I _ __ ________ .
of Velvet. Brussels, Tapestry Imperial three ply
Birmin g ham Female Seminaty.
Cummings. Ingrain Cm
aetings from 25ets to ,
$1 00, Stair do lOcts to $1 00, Entry do 20cts I The liberal patronage which this School has
to $1 25, Rag do 25 to 40ers. I received in the past, encourages the proprietor
OIL CLOTHS AND MATTINGS of every and friends of female education, to expert by
width and till prices. proper exertion to make It both a premanent and
HARTLEy & KNIGHT. , important Institution; and no pains will by spar-
April 1, 1852. , ed to sustain its growing reputation.
, Among other considerations which inspire hope
E. S. JONES, 6:. Co., ' as to its future sueess, the location is not unim-
I . ORNER OF FOURTH AND RACE portent. Three years actual experiment has de.
•-/S'PREETS. Publishers of the Model Ar- veloped it more philosophical, if out a truer rens
ebitect, by SAMUEL SLOAN, Architect, to be on Ihr the existence of - Birmingham than many
complete in 24 montlilVparts. which have been assigned-that it is the situation
The above work is .kigned to meet the wishes fur a Female Seminary, surrounded as it is by
not only of those directly interested in buildings, most romantic seenery-retired-healthful-easy
hat of all who de-ire the ad vancement of this uo- of access and in itself a place where one might ta
ble art in our country, 1111,1 Wl,ll to cultivate their most grow wise in the study of Nature alone Mn
tastes and acquaintance with architecture. The mucked by the works of Art.
handsome 111111111er in which it is prepared and ern- The school year is divided into two Sessions of
bellished, renders it as tasteful ornament for the twenty-two weeks each; the summer term coin
drawing-room, while its accurate delineation give mencing the last Tuesday in April, the winter
it the highest practical value. I terin the last Tuesday in October.
Nos. 1. 2& 3 now ready for delivery. I Charges to date from time of entering, and no
Price-50 cents per number. Address as deductions made for absence except in case o
above, post Paid. sickness.
Dec. 18,1851. Tuition $4,00 and $5.00 per quarter-boarding
-_ : - -- - - • --............. $1,50 per week. Music, Latin, French, Draw-
BROAD TOP DEPOT. ing, &c., extra.
Bev. ISRAEL W. WARD, A. INI., Principal.
Hello, Old lions, Where are you coming to?
Rev. THOM AS WARD, A. M., Associate.
Stand from under, keep your seats, gentlemen, Slav 1. 1852,
you shaft be hurt-. 1 merely wish to !Ms' to all the -
world and the rest of mankind, that I Inure at the Tuomas JACKSON, THOMAS E. FRANKLIN,
Broad Top Depot, near the Juniata Bridge, and I Blair county. Lancaster county.
will keep fbr stile, HAMS, SHOULDERS, Davis Nl'MnicTiciE, WiLhism Gi.sim,
MACKEREL, SALT, OATS, &e. Tryon don't I Huntingdon co. Lancaster county.
believe me come and see. A. S. HARRISON.t r . 1,,,,,,, GARD, Rico', H. 8 at ,,,,
Huntingdon, April 22, 1852. Blair county. Lancaster county.
NOTICE. Central Penn's. Banking House,
All persons knowing themselves indebted to I
\F BRYAN, GLEIM & CO.- Office on Alle
the sultscriher , either by note or otherwise, are k I gheuy street, a few doors west of the Court
requested to call and make settlement, at his store House, and nearly opposite the Post Office, Hal.
in Portstown, near Huntingdon, as he is desirous lidaysbure, Pa.
of having his old Books closed. The Cotnpany is now ready to transact busi-
II E NRY CORNPROPST. j ness. Upon money deposited for a specific
July 29, 1852.
period of three, six, tone or twelve months, in.
-.-- --- -- -
RAILROAD 110 TEL, terest will be paid at such rates as are usually
allowed by Savingr Institutions. Tiansient tie-
HuNTINGDON, PA. posites received, payable on demand.
The subseriber, having taken the large four sto- R. R. BRYAN, Cashier.
ry brick Hotel, formerly the "Washington," kept Hollidaysburg, May 21, 1850.
by Mr. Thomas Wallace, is refitting the same for •
public acemomodation. This Hotel is situated 11. K. K NEFF M. D.,
one of the most eligible in the place. The •
within a few yards of the Railroad station and is •
sta- . H AVING located himself in W.autuons3rana
Wing is extensive, and the location pleasant.--
in this county, would respectfully ollbr his
Every attention will Ire given by the
p,,,, pr i„,,, i • . professional services to the citizens of that place
to promote the comfort of guests. aml the country adjacent.
April 15, 1852. J. B. Loden, AI. D. Gen. A. P. Wilson,
---- ---- M. A. Henderson, " • Wm. P. Orbison, Esq.
JOHN N. PROWELL, .I. 11. Hersey, " Hon. James Gavinn,
4TTORNEY 4T LJIW, M. Stewart, " John Scott, Esq.
Will attend faithfully to all legal business entrust-
than. George Taylor.
ed to his care.
H_ untingdon, July 29, 1852.
Graduate of the University of Pm, offers his
professional sera-ice to the citizens of Huntingdon
and adjacent country.
REFERENCES I—Medical Faculty of University
of Pa., Physicians and Surgeons of the Ponnsyl
vermin Hospital and Dr... Jacob Huffman.
Office, No. 189, Mifflin Street, along with Dr,
Hoffman. . May li, 1852.
Adams & CoOs Express.
T. K. SIMONTON, Agent, Huntingdon.
Money, Packages, and goods ofall kinds, re
ceived and forwarde d at the risk of the company,
to all the cities Lind principal towns in the United
State May 1,'52.
L ISH, Tar, Oils, Lead, Glue, Turpentine, Glass, ! __
1' Putty, Paints, Tobacco, Cigars, t ie., whole- Are you Insured 'I
sale and retail, at the cheap store of
J. B II IC K 1,1 • roa r !:y.,i(i.?.,,„':?,sv,otley A i tt i g t al l L i s ' int u ° rli l i c i e c ' e 9ie Company. Cam
April 22, 1851,
(Fe' Bed Pins, already turned, for sale at the , A l'i' l Y ' . Lino. W. SPEER, Ayent ,
new store of .1. Bricker. ' ill.t. i, 18.'2. Bridgeport, Pa.
DRESS GOODS just opened at the store '' Paint Brushes, Saud paper &c. &.&c., at the
GEO. GWIN. cite tp store a J. BRICKEH.
•T 4, '52.
_Oct excellent variety of line 188 KistvEB,.llt E
by e- too Sacks of Salt in store, and lbr sale A.. N
Snare's. April 15, 1852
. .
A large assortm6if of Candies, Nuts, Figs,
Raisins, Dates, Prats, Lemons, Oranges, Scotch
Herring, Coca Nuts, t j c., &c., wholesale and re
tail, at the cheap store of .1. BRICKER.
April 22, 1852.
All persons knowing themselves indebted to
the hate firm of Dorsey & Maguire, or to the sub
scriber, either by note or book account, please
call and settle the same as lam determand that
no longer indulgence shall be given.
Huntingdon Aug. 19,185/.
The subscriber respectfully informs. the public
that be now devotes his whole time pntl. atten
tion to making and repairing pumps and will
promptly Attend to all order; and calls that he
may be tliVotired with warranted all work to be
made of the best materials, and done in work-
Manlike manner at reasonable ,prices. Address
Mill Creek I'. 0. Iluntingtioacounty,..___
IsAA - 6 wociLVERToN
We the Subscribers having used of Isaac Wol
vertons. make of Putnps and do not hesitate in
saying that we behave them to be the best pump
thit is now in general use.
J. Porter, Thos. feud,
Charles Porter, Jno. Armitage,
Wm. D. Shaw, William borris,
Conrad Bucher, William Christy,
Jno. Whittatker, David Misr,
Wm. Orbison, D. McMurtrie,
Thos. Fisher.
July 22, 1852.
ABRAM LEWIS respectfully informs his
friends and the travelling public, that lie has taken
the above house nt \toINT CNION Huntingdon
County, and assures all those who may favor hint
with their custom, that no pains will he spared to
render satistitetion. Baggage taken to and from
the Rail Road station, and conveyances furnished
at all times, to persons going to Milnwood Acad
emy, Shirleyshurg, Orhisonia,
Mount Union, April 22, 1832.
Informs his old friends and the public that he
has Twinned to his old home, and will attend to
all business in his profession, entrusted io him,
with fidelity and his best ability.
Office in - Mitin Street, south side, the lest house
below the Court house.
Huntingdon, Ality 13, 1852.—Gin.
Huntingdon, Pa.
Jacob M, Geminill, M. I)., Alurandrta.
John M'Culloch, " Petersburg.
WASH Rubbers, White Wash Brushes, Cur
ry Combs, Cards, Brushes, Clothes Lines,
Bed Cords, quilting Cotton, Baskets, Slates,
Paint Brushes, Sash Tools, toed an endless vari
ety of other goods to numerous to mention, at the
cheap store of J. BRICKER.
April 22,1852.
Constantly on Mind, and for sale the most
highly improved Durham Short Horn cattle.
Chester Hogs, South Down, Colawald and
Leicester Sheep.
_ _ _
The subscriber now offers fur sale several very
fine Durham Short Horn Bull and heifer calves;
two Chester Boars; about five months old, which
took the first premium for pigs .of that age at
the late State Agricultural ittr:. also. sixteen
young tlic . rottgh bred,Vf the same breed,
;,host three weeks hl; also, eight thorough
Buck and Ewe Lambs of his South Down flock. ,
The undersigned takes pleasure in stating that
for all the stock which he exhibited, at the State
Agricultural Fair, he received the highest pre
' adult's for South Down and Leicester sheep and
Chester Hogs.
. . _
Any 'cue; directed to Eagle Foundry P. 0.;
Huntingdon Co., Penna., will be attended to.
April, 7, 1852.
Notice to Tavern Keepers.
voncE is hereby given to the keepers of Irma
IN and Taverns within the county of Ifunting
don, that the Judges of the Court of Quarter Ses7
sions of said county, enjoin upon the keepers of
such Inns and Taverns that they close their res,
peetive bars on the Sabbath, and refrain from,
selling or dealing out liquors on that day ; and
the licenses of such persons as shall disregard this
injunction will be revoked forthwith agreeably to
the Act of Assembly in such case made and pro-
vided upon the fact of such violation coming to
the knowledge of the Court.
By the Court, 24th Jan. 1852.
THEO. 11. CREMER, Clerk.
May I. 1852.
CHOICE LIQUORS for medicinal purpo
ses, consisting of
Best quality FREArcrr BRANDY,
• In short, all kinds of Liquors used forthat pur
pose can he had at the cheap store Id
April 22, 1852. J. I3RICILEIL
Encourage Your Own Mechanics!
nwEN & WM. BOAT, would respectfully
announce to the public, that they are now
in all its various branches, at the old stand for
merly occupies! by Adams & Mat. 3 few doors
west of the Presbyterian church, where they are
now manufacturing Buggies, Carriages, Bureau.
ches, Rockaways, Dearborns, &c., in short any
thing in the line of carriage making, of the very
best kind of material, and in the latest and most
approved style.
They have on hand now several Buggies and
Rockaways, finished in the latest style. They
have a good assortment of Lumber, selected with
a great deal of care, seasoned for use, and invite
those who are desirous of purchasing vehicles to
call and examine their work and materials, and
judge for themselves, as they intend to make
good work and warrant it to be so. All kinds
of country produce taken in exchange for work.
N. B.—OWEN BOAT returns his thanks to
his friends and the public generally, for their
very liberal peonage, and hopes, by strict at.
tention to business, to merit a continuance of the
same, under the new firm. We have some sec
and hand work which is of a good quality, which
we will sell right. Give us a call. We will
sell low for cash.
Huntingdon, May I, 1852.
Returns his sincere thanks to his friends and the
public generally for their very liberal patronage,
and hopes by strict attention to business to mei it
a continuance of the same. He would embrace
the present opportunity of intbrming the public
that he is still prepared to furnish them with all
kinds of castings; he has
r "
S (WES '
of every description, for burning either wood or
coal, such as Cook, Parlor, Egg, Cannon and
Ten Plate Stoves, together with
and Plongh Irons of all patterns used in the State
Forgo, Grist and Saw-mill castings; Lewistown
Threshing machine patterns, and the four and
two horse power patterns of Chambersbug, and
all other castings usually made at foundries, all of
which will be sold very low for cash.
May, I, 1852.
Lots in Altoona for Sale.
norti, of Hollidaysburg,and about one mile north
west of Allegheny Furnace, Blair county.
After the 21st day of May, the LOTS in said
TOWN will be open to the public for sale.
It is well known that the Pennsylvania Rail
Road Company have selected this place for t
erection of their main Machine and other Shops
and are now building the same.
The Rail Road willbe orned early in the Fall
throwing at once a large amount of trade to this'
place. The main inducement at this time in of
fering Lots for sale, being to secure the requis
ite Machinists and Tradesmen, and homes for
the Machini , ts and other employees of Cie Rail
Road Company. Early application will secure
Lola at a low price.
Foi further information apply to C. H. MAY
ER, at Altoona, or to R. A. McMURTRIE.
May 1, 1852—tf.
Tomkins' British Plate Powder.
F OR cleansing, polshing, and beautifying .
Silver, Silver Plated Ware,
German Silver, Albata Plate,
Britannia Ware, And all white Metals.
The undersigned.liave received from the pa
tentee the exclusive right to manufacture these
preparations for the United States. The Plate
Powder has been most extensively used for a
number of years in Great Britain, and is now
used by most of the manufacturers of silver and
other wares in New York and Philadelphia
likewise by nearly all respectable families and
hotel pi aprieiors in the Union.
WNI. TOMKINS, & CO., Manufacturers,
23i South Second street, Philadelphia.
For sale at T. K. Simoxiee's Store, Hunting
don, Pa. May I, 1852.
- n MILE Barrelled English Simla end Twist
FOIIr'LLVG PM:CRS—eI", single Barrel•
led Onus, from four dollatrs to thirty eneli, for
sale by W. SANT,N.
A bountiful lot of Carpeting awl t , i, k•,l bs for
sale by J. & W. SAXTON
Silk Cravats and Scarfs. for
A_ splen d ide id lot
leby J. & W. SAXTON.
T UST RECEIVED and for side F7A. Salt and
r by J. & W. SAXTON.
"JEER II IDE S, taken in exchange forgoorL7it
17 the Cheap Storo of J. BRICKER.
LOCKS and BARRELS, for sale 'ow
J by • J. & W. SAXTON.