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    Splinters and Shavings,
figrA wager is a fool's argument.
lE6 — Belgium has recognised the independence
of Liberia.
Noconfidencc can be placed in thoSe who
are in the habit of telling lies.
Cr Franklin's treaty with Sweden was con
summated on the 3d of April, 1783.
CrThcre aro 5,800 idiots iu the State of
New Yolk.
(WA machine for dusting carpets is in opera•
tion at Louisville. What next.
Ca - The pen of the tongue should be dipped in
the ink of the heart.
Cr Alexander the Great, died on the Gth of
April, 323 B. C.
W'New potatoes, Cabages, radishes &c., are
now very plentiful in Mobile.
cr Plato, tho Grecian, Philosopher, died on
the sth of April, 347 B. C.
cir Have the courage to let your ignorance be
known in order that you may learn.
P. T. Barnum, Esq., the great showman,
has beets elected to the Connecticut Legislature
from Bridgeport.
IWPresident Harrison died on the 4th of
April, 1841—Goldsmith died on the 4th of April,
Praise prepares the tray for offence, nt the
cessation. The desire of flattery is an appetite
that grows by what it feeds on.
0 -The uninformed man is like a city with its
walls broken down, defenceless, end exposed to
the inroads of the enemy.
'The earthquake which recently shocked
northern New York was also felt on the other
side of Lake Ontario, in Canada.
tpr The officers attached to the Surveyor's
Department of the Philadelphia Custom House
have presented to William B. Norris, Esq., the
Surveyor, a silver tea set, composed of six pieces
as a tribute of regard.
a 'The nomination of Senator Borland, of
Arkanias, by President Pierce; for Governor of
the Territory of New Mexico, was confirmed by
U. S. Senate on the Bth inst.
erln Pittsburg, on Tuesday, April 56, the
jury in the case of B. Matthcs vs. the Pennsyl
vania Railroad Company, returned a verdict of
MOO for the plaintiff.
tar Gen. Lorimer, of Pittsburg, declines hay.
ing his name used as the Whig Candidate for
Governor of Pennsylvania.
fa" The lower house of the N. York Legisla
tore has ordered to a third reading, the bill ap
propriating $5,000 for a monument to General
arGen. Winfield Scott has purchased for his
own private use the splendid residence of Chas.
Partridge, New York city, where hereafter will
be the Head Quarters of the U. S. Army.
C,i — One greet and kindling thought front a re
tired and obscure man, may live when thrones
have fallen and the memories of those who filled
them obliterated, and, like an undying fire may
illnminate, and quicken alt future generations.
Erne funeral of Mrs. Fillmore took place
in Buffalo on Saturday, the al instant. Her re
mains were followed to their resting place at
Forest Lawn by her family and a large procession
of sorrowing friends.
Car Col. James Burnsides, it is rumored, is to
he appointed President Judge of the new Judicial
District, composed of the counties of Centre,
Clearfielld and Clinton. If appointed, he will
serve until the October election, when there will
be a Jtulge elected.
GrThat man who is in the habit of traducing
or constantly pointing out defects in the charac
ter of his neighbor, ought to he shunned by nn
honest community and kicked out of decent sari
et y. There are several of that sort in this coin-
au pity
(fir Hon. Pierre Sonic of Louisiana hai been
appointed Minister to Spain by President Pierce.
Thos. 11. Benton is spoken of in connection with
the minktership at the Court of St. JaMes, Eng
land; and Robert J. Walker with that of France.
oLord ;Utley, before he charged at the bat
tle of Endehill, made this short prayer:
"0 Lord, thou knowest how busy I meat be
this day. If I forget thee, do not thou forget
There was certainly, says Flume, much long
er prayers said in the Parlimentary army, but I
(lonia if there was so good a one.
gia-Hun . Thomas F. Marshall has not been
murdered as was announced in a telegraphic des.
patch publi shed in some of yesterday morning's
papers. The Louisville papers state, however,
that Gen. Thomas Marshall was shot in Lewis
county, Ky., on Tuesday, by a man named Tyler
one of his tenants.
(fir Hawthorne, the fiction writer, who wrote
the Life of Gen. Pierce, when he was a candidate
for President, has received the appointment of
Consul at Liverpool, one of the most lucrative
appointments in the gift of the President, being
worth from thirty to forty thousand dollars a year. l
This is a good recompense thr that produetidn.
or The Political Guillotine, at Washington,
already reeks with the blood ofu thousand victims.
Yet arc not a tenth of the applicants siipplied with
places. There is no end to the nuniber and the
variety of the demands upon the appointing pow
er. Among other petitions before the President
is one from a waggish Freesoiler in the East, for
merly a prominent Locoforio, who has applied to:
Gen. Pierre for an appointment ps agent to sell
Uncle Tom's Win.
op Wainright and others have issued a circular,
inviting donations to the amount of $30,000, for
the erection of a church in New York city for the
deaf and dumb. About ono hundred each per'
sons have been gathered into a congregation by
the Rev. Thomas Gallaudet, who for nye months
past has preached to them on the Sabbath, in the
University. A few of them have been organized
into a church, under the sanction of the Provis
ional Bishop.
THE LATE flits. CASS.—TiIe Intelli
gencer says, of all the estimable ladies who have
resided at the seat of government, with their hus
bands holding public stations, not ono was more
esteemed for goodness and sweetness than the
amiable and gentle wife of Gcn. Case, or the
Memory of whose virtues will be more warmly
sod sincerely cherished by the survivors of the
Circle in which she was best known.
Death of liaynau.
Intelligence has been received from Vi
enna, Austria, of the death of General
Haynau, famous for his alleged cruelties to
the Hungarians in their late rebellion.—
We copy the following sketbli of him from
the New York Mirror :
"Julius BarOn Von Hayntly, field mar
shal in the Austilan service, was born at
Cassel in 1876. He was a natural son of
the Duke of Hesse by a goldsmith's
daughter. In early life he was so notori
ous for his eccentricities, as to be consid
ered on the verge of insanity. He ,was
educated at Cassel, and entered the. Aus
trian army as lieutenant in 1801. In the
campaign of 1805 ho distinguished him
self so much as to be promoted to the rank
of captain in one of the most notable reg
iments in the service. In 1813 he was
elevated over his seniors to the rank of a
major, and acquired new laurels in the
campaigns of Italy during 1814-15 for his
brilliant audacity and reckless bravery.—
Little was heard of him during the peace
which succeeded the downfall of Napoleon,
until the revolutionary ferment of 1848.
In May, 1849, he was made commander
in-chief of the Austrian army in Hungary
and Transylvania. He it was who led the
AuStrian army in that sanguinary conflict,
which terminated in the utter defeat of the
Hungarian cause. Georgey surrendered,
arid the disgraceful cruelties with which
Haynau treated the captive Hungarians;
both women and men, are fresh in every
mind. Since his disgrace at the court of
Vienna in 1850, he has spent his time ih
travelling over Europe. His visit to Lon
don, and the manner in which he was mob
bed by the brewers of Barclay & Perkins'
establishment, need not be repeated. Of
late ho has resided on his estate in Blame
ha. He died at Vienna, beneath the
shadow of that despotic court which he
served so faithfully in so mean a cause."
The Oath Administered to Vice
President King.
Advices received at New Ybrk from Hat
vans, dated March 29th, report that the
oath of office was administered to Vice
Presdent King, on the 25th, at the estate
of Ariadne. The ceremony was performed
by Judge Sharkey, U. S. Consul at Hava
na, assisted by Hon. George W. Jones, U.
S. Senator from lowa, and in the presence
of several American citizens. The party
were entertained by M. Chautraud, the
proprietor of the .estate, with generous,
hospitality, and every facility was offered
for the appropriate performance of the du
ty. The gentlemen present, twelve or fif
teen in number, represent Mr. King to be
in an exceedingly delicate state of health,
and that he has not improved under the
sugar-house treatment.
Another account says Mr. King.when
sworn hi was too feeble to stand without
assistance, and was supported on the right
by G. NV: Jones, M. and ou the left by
T. M. .Rodney, Esq., consul.
The ccreindnv, although simple, was ve
'ry sad and impressive; and will never be
forgotten by any who were present. To
see an old 'man, on the very verge of the
grave, clothed with honors which he cared
not for, and invested with authority which
he could never exercise, was truly touch
ing. It was only by persuasion that Mr.
King would go through the cerernony, iiS
he looked on it as an idle forth; for he said
he was Conscious he could not live many
weeks. After the ceremony was over, Mr.
King conversed with the gentlemen pre
sent for a short time, and then retired to
his couch.
THE NEW SILVER COIN.—The first issue
of silver coin under the late law of Con
gress was made on the Ist. The only dif
ference is that the new issue has rays
around the eagle and a spear head at each
side of the date. The new coin makes a
handsome appearance but is somewhat
lighter than the old., All o: the silver
coins are now to be made of one purity—
nine parts silver and one part alloy.. The
issue of three cent pieces now in circula
tion contains 75 parts silver and 25 parts
Creditors have better weinories
than debtors.
tigr We have frequently heard the celebrated
German Bitters, sold by 1)r. 0. M. Jackson, 120
Arch street Philadelphia, spoken of in terms of
the highest commendation, and we honestly be
lieve that it is one of the best medicines advertised
for the complaints for Which it is recommended.
They are pleasant to the taste, and can be taken
under any circumstances by the most delicata
stomach. The press far and.wide, have united in
commending this intaluable remedy fur dyspepsia,
debility, &c.; and such ned the healing eflodts Of
this panacea, that we hope it may he introduced
intti every family where dyspepsia has, or is like
ly to have, a victim. 4.
Feb. 2,4853.
No. 19. For the benefit of our readers who
may be afflicted with Dyspepsia, we give below a
remedy which lies never been known to fail in ef
fecting a complete and permanent cure. This re
medy is Dr. J. W. Cooper's Vegetable Dyspepsia
Bitters, prepared by C. P. Hewes, and may be
bud of.T, Aced & Son, Huntingdon, win, is agent
for the Proprietor.
the 17th .ult., by Rev. A. Itrittain, Mr.
THOMAS B. IitotKELL to Mrs. MARY Ootioy,
both of Warriorsooirk.
On the 29th ult., by the sante, Rev. A. M.
BAnNtr a, of the Baltimore Annual Conference,
to Miss SARAN Is., (laughter of Col. Jacob Gray,
of * llulf Moon, Centre co.
On the 31st alt., by the same, Mr. At:unarm;
of M'Connellstown.
On the 25th ult., at the residence of her son, in
Franklin township, Huntingdon county, Mrs.
C•THARINT MA TTERN, aged 69 years.
THE undersigned respectfully informs the pub
lie Clint he still continues to carry on the
above business at his old stand, on Mein Street,
nearly opposite the Presbyterian Church, where
he has constantly on hand nn extensive assort
ment of well-made work, which consist of a va
riety of Windsor Chairs, Settees. &c. The cab
scriber feels no hesitation in warranting all his
work, ns it consists of the best of material, and
made in the best workmanlike style; he flatters
himself to be able to turn out a ork unsurpassed
by any East of the mountain. He returns his
thanks to the pub'ic for the liberal patronage
heretofore received, and hopes, by strict attention
to business, to receive a continuance of the same.
Persons desirous of purchasing any thing in his
line, will do well to give him a call, as he is de
' terrnined to sell very low, to suit the times.
A boy will be taken, if application be made
soon, to lentil the Chair making business.
April 13,'5'3. JOHN SKEES.
just returned train the taSiern Cities with
a large and splendid assortment Of
Notwithstanding all kinds of Goods have ad
vanced in price, he is determined to sell at the
old rates. His assortment consists of.
Dry-Goods, GrocerieS,
and all kinds of Goods usually kept in a country
store. Also, a beautiful assortment of
and SHOES and a variety of Goods of all kinds.
Feeling thankful fur the encouragement he has
received, hopes by strict attention to business to
merit a continuance of the same.
Huntingdon April 5, 1853.
THE subscriber has opened, permanently, on
extensive Newßook Store, opposite Whitta
ker's Hotel, on Rail Road Street, 10,000
Volumes in Store, and for sit!ct, wholesale.and re
tail, extremely low fur cosh. his stock consists of
Law, Medical, Theological, Poetical, Historical,
Mechanical, Scientific and Miscellaneous Works,
together with a general assortment of -Blank
work, School Books and Stationary, and in short,
every variety in the Book and Stationary way,
can be procured of him at the shortest notice, and
upon the most favorable terms. Call and exam
ine for yourselves. WM. COLON.
Huntingdon, April 13,'53.-Iy.
Valuable Meal Estate, Mill Proper-
ty, &c.,
At Public or Private Sale.
9 1 11 E undersigned will expose to public sale, on
the premises, in West township, Huntingdon
County, Pa., on THURSDAY THE 16TH DAY OF
A. D. 1853, the valuable limestone farm
on w hich he resides, containing 152 Acreii,
more or less—having thereon a large three story
Grist Mill with four run of stone, and a good Saw
Mill, a large hank barn, a large stone dwelling
house and kitchen, two frame houses and a log
house. A line :wide orchard, all grafted fruit.-
120 Acres cleared, and in a good state of cultiva
tion. Situate in a fine healthy neighborhood.—
Fine water power.
Also, another litrtn in same township, contain
ing 100 Acres, more or less—about 30 Acres
cleared—having thereon a lug house and staliln,
and a good orchard, and excellent seat and water
power tbr Saw Mill.
All the above land is about six miles from the
Penna. Canal and Railroad, in Shavers Creek
settlenient. Au indisputable general warranty
title will be giimn. Terms made known on day
of sale. Persotis wishing information, write to
West Barrer, Huntingdon county.
April 13, 1833.-ts.*
Corilprobst & eunninghana,
HAVE now connected their present business
with the Huntingdon Mill, and are prepared
to accommodate all who may favor them with a
cull. Their Grain Business is a heavy one, and
will be conducted altogether on CASH princij,lo,
and .tttey; 101 .not deviate from it for any one,
&Omit% it the only true mode of safety, both for
themselves and those who deal with them.
Portstown, April 13, 1853.
Securethe shadow ere the substance fades,
TE undersigned are. again in Huntingdon,
operating in tlae Paguerreon Art, and can be
found in their rooms at any hour during the day,
natty, willing, and competent, to take as good
pictures as any of their predecessors. Their in
struments are all now, and nt i he best quality, and
they hope, by strict attention io basinessoind by
combining the highest artistic sink with.the..l4w
est cash prices, to merit ti lib,ral shunt of patron
age. . _
— Hours of operating front 8 A. M., to 5 I'. M.
Dark clothing is preferable, (avoiding light
blue,) except Inc children.
April 13, 1852.
Persons indebted to the Huntingdon Journal
Office for advertising or Job work, dune daring
the post year will please settle the some
way; No further notice will be given.
Huntingdon, April, 13, 1853.
ZEPHYR worsted, Lisle, Cotton, Linen floss,
Cotton Floss, Lace Mitts, Mohair Mitts, Silk
Gloves, Kid Gloves, Lisle Thread; Cotton, and
every variety of Dress Trimming suitable for
spring and summer dress, for sale by
J. I. lir. SAXTON.
rrilE fiinest assortment of Boots and Sho6s
over offered in town, for sale low by
rrIHE Ladies will please bear in mind that Par
asola can be bad exceedingly low at the cheap
store of J. 4- W. SAXTON.
A most baeiaitrifitidtitioat
Berme do . Lamas pat
tents,eta. pe r yard, just b y
J. W sAxiroAr.
SILK Dress Patterns—such as Brocade, Figur
ed, Plain and Cross-harred,just received and
fur sale 11 J. 6.. W. SAXTON.
Asplendid assortment of Fans, just received
and fur .;:t!: low by J. di. IV. SAXTON.
FEIST receiving the handsomest lot of Carpets
01 ever btlered in this place. Also, Oil Cloths,
which will be sold lbw by
.1. 6. W. SAXTON.
HATS - 7 -141 a us Moleshin, Kossuth, tbr men
and hdysi also Calcutta, Leghorn and Chip,
just received and for sale cheap by •
J. d• W. SAXTON.
Asplendid lot of Bonnets just received and for
sale by J. 6. W. SAX7'ON.
CARPET Bags, just received and for mile by
J. er W. SAXTON.
LOOKING Glasses, just received and for sale
by J. f f. TV. SA X TON.
QEALED proposals will he received for 170,-
k , 000 Brick, to be delivered at Altoona,
MO. county, for the building of a Methodist
Episcopal Church , ,' alsq, for the carpenter work
and materials for the same. The plan and speci
fications can be seen by calling riti Thos. Burch
enell, in this place. The receiving of proposals
will close.3oth inst. Address either of the fol
lowing, at Altoona P. 0., Blair Co.
Secretary of the Board.
Altoona, April 13,'53.-2w.
Executor's Notice.
LETTERS testamentary having been granted
-Li to the undersigned, who resides in Morris
township, on the estate ofJoux HARN nu, late of
Morris township, deed., all persons indebted to
said estate are requested to make immediate pay
ment, and those haring claims to present them
duly unthentieated for settlement.
April 13, 1853.-6 t.
ALL p'elsons are hereby cautioned against pnr
chasing or receiving a transfer of a note given
by George W. Cnynelius, Valley,) to one
Joel Hersh, dated 7th of JOY., 1832, payable
twelve months after date.' Tho said . Cornelius
having never received Yelue,, and therefore de
clares he will not pay the sum specified. in said
note. [April 13, !FM
J& W. SAXTON have just received from
• Philadelphia the finest assortment of Spring
and Summer Goods ever brought to this place,
Consisting as follows
Cloihs, Cassiineres, Tweeds, Cotten Goods, Silk
Dress Patterns.. Berge de ',nines. Debages,
Lawns. Mnslins; bleached and unbleach
ed,.Black Silk, And a great variety
Siinirher Dress Gtids.
ALSO-500 Prints, of every variety:and shade;
a beautiful assortment of Ginghains, linen Lus
tres. Also—an endless variety of lloziery, such
as Gloves of all sorts, colors, and sizes; Stockings
of every size and color; Black Silk Mitts, long and
short; black Veils, and a great variety of Trim
mings too numerous to mention, which we are de
termined to sell as low, and lower, than any
Muse in town.
of which we have the very best the market allitrds.
a general essortment, ingluding GLASSWARE
of which we always keep the largest and hat as
sortment ever kept in thin place..
consisting as follows—Row-Lines, Stern-Lines,
Tow-Linen, Bed-Cords. &c., &c.
Salt, Fish, and Plaster, always on hand. , We al,
so store and hue Grain, and it is admitted on all
hands that we hare the most convenient place of
unloading grain in town. Our old stock of Goods
We are determined to sell at cost, and under. Also,
Please give us a call, and you will, we !MVO nu
doubt, be satisfied of the fact. lap. 6,'53.
OUSEKEEPERS study your interests, why
go to Auction and pay extravagant prices for
hall'-made FeatmonE? Call at No. 1, North
NINTH street, and examine the largest assort
ment of the best made Furniture. and Bedding in
the city, Feather Beds, Bair, usk, and Straw
Mattresses; a large assortment of fancy What
nots, Sofa Tables, marble tops, and Washstands
Walnut and Mahogany French Tete-a-tetes, Di
vans, Wardrobes, Bookcases; French Bedsteads
Fancy Stalled Seat, Cane seat, Windsor, and of
fice Chaihs, Vomiting-house, and cane-seat Stools,
Settee. and.Atm-chair Cushions; Cottage furni
ture Made in every style and color; Sofa Beds and
Lounges, Wholesale and retail, and warranted to
give satisfaction, and sold at the lowest prices.
April 6,1853.-1 y
ISAAC & WILLIAM Mvana, the present Propri
etors of the above Hotel, at Mount Union, Hun
tingdon county, respectfully iitform their friends
and the public generally, that they are prepared
to accommodate all who tire disposed to favor
them with their custom, ana that no pains will be
spaieil fo render satislitetiom
The Hotel is convenient 40 the Roil Rood sta
tion, and the closest attention will he given to bag
gage, le., in having it conveyed to and front the
depot. [April 6,1853.-1 y
idadiicik, Horning; & Birother,
N 0.221, N. 2nd St. above Vine,
I TAVING had many years practical experience
Li in the business, and nq.all work sold by is is
manufactured under our immediate supervision,
we are enabled to offer to purchasers superior ar•
titles, in every branch of our trade, upon the most
favorable terms. At our Store may be found in
every variety and st 3 le of finish, Gas and Lamps,
Chandeliers,.Pendant,s, • Side Brackets, for Halls,
Churches; &c. • The nrproved Pine Oil Lamp, al-
so, Milk]; ard, and Oil Lamps, Gerandoles, Bri
quet holders, Parlour, Night, and Reading Lamps,
or hand lamps, glasses, globes, Wicks, Shades, &c.
.411 Work warranted or no sale.
FactOry, No. BC, Noble St., neat Emulh.
member Store 221 N. 2iid St., next door to J.
Stewart Deptiy's Carpet Store. [op. 6.—'5:3.41m,
Ad olio istra tor% Notice,
LETTERS of Administration haye this day
been granted to the subscriheratprih the. es
tate of.facoh Frank, late of Penn town Ship, Ilan
tingdon county. deceased. All persons indebted
are requested to make immediate payment; tied
those having claims will present them for settle
ment to ANDREW G. NEFF,
April 6, '53.-6t. Admrs.
School Teachers Wanted.
SEVERAL male and female teachers will he
paid liberal salaries, for ten months, by the
School Directors of Huntingdon Borough. Ap
plication- to be made, and examination bad, on or
before Saturday the 36th of Aril inst. The
Schools will be °Poled on•the Oth of May next.
OWEN BOAT, .Prest.
April 6,1853.-3 t.
Just Arrived.
One of tho.hest and latgeot selected stocks of
Boots and ,Shoes in Huntingdon. Also full as
sortment of Gum Shoos, of all sizes, at the new
store of J. BRICKER.
All persons indebted to Robert Grains, by
Book account will call and settle within one
month, Books teft at the Tin•shop in Alexandria
outdone, by the magnificent display of Jewelry,
Watches, Clocks, nod Fancy Goods just received
from New York and Philadelphia by the under
signed. His splendid stock consists of Gold and
Silver Watches, Gold Chains, Breast Pins, Finger
Rings, Pencils, Keys, Gold Pens, Ear Rings, Sil
ver Table Ware, &e., Port Folios, Clocks, Port
Monnaies, and an endless assortment of Fancy
Goods too numerous to mention.
eisr Watches, Jewelry, and Fancy Articles
neatly and substantially repaired and WARTIANT
March 30, 1853,
The Murderer Convicted!
The public are hereby iiiformed that the sub
scriber has leased that popular and well known
store room in the Elephant building, Ct4osite the
Railroad Hotel, where he has just received and
opened the latest and best supply of
in town. Ills stock consists of every variety of
all of which will be sold low for the "dust," or
exchanged for country produce.
Ladies and gentlemen are respectfully Invited
to call and "see the Elephant," at least, as no
charge is made for exhibiting the animal.
March 30, 1853
Administrator's Notice.
T ETTERS of Administration, on the estate of
Thomas Crownover, late of Shirley township,
deed., have been granted to the undersigned, who
resides in Black Log Valley, Shirley township,
Huntingdon county All persons indebted to said
intestate will please call and make settlement, and
those having claims or demands against the es
tate of the said Thomas Crownover, deed., are
requested to make known the same, to the sub
scriber, without delay.
',larch 30, 1853.-6 t.
Administrator's Notice.
T ETTERS of Administration, on the estate of
Joseph Gatird, late. of . Shirley township,,
deed., have been granted to the unite' signed, who
resides in Black Log Valley, Shirley township,
Huntingdon county. All persons indebted to said
intestate will please cull and make settlement, and
those having claims or demands against the es
tutu of the said Joseph Gifford, dee., are request
ed to Make known the came to the subscriber,
without delay. JOHN OIFFO RD, /Winn
March 30. 's3.—Gt,
Of Spring and Summer Goods, at
The subscribers respectfully return thanks for !,
the patronage they have received during the time
they have been in business, and would inform the
old customers of S. Levi, with no many new ones •
as may be pleased to favor them with their pat
ronage, that they still continue to distribute Goods
at Maguire's old stand, in Market Square, Hun
tingdon, where they will he happy to supply all
who may be in want of anthing in their line at
the low,est possible rates. 'Lodi- s and Gentlemen
whit we are goit ' , .to.tell you now is no "Hum
bug." Oar stock of Goods consists chiefly of a
most splendid vurtment of DRY GOODS,
Ladies Dress Goods,
from lite pliimest to the finest Silks, Alpacas.;
Mouslin dr Base, Moats de ].nines, White and
Brown Muslim, White Dress Muslins, and Lit
dies! Dress Goods in every variety. Also, Ho-
Story, Gloves. Veils, Woolen Scarfs &c., &c.,
a variety of Fancy Articles and Jewelry. Also a
splendid stuck of
Cloths, Cassinteres& Ready-Made Clothing:
Fine Coats from $7,50 to $l5; Business Coats
from $1 to $10; Pants front 75ets. to $6; Vests
from 37,icts. to $5.
Men snd Boys' Hats & Caps,
of different qualities,
Also—A splendid assortment of Ladies' Shoes,
got up with be latest and most approved pattrens
and sqles.
A lso—a Aoki, selection of Groceries, Queens
ware, Hardware, Glassware, &c.,
As our motto is "Quicx SALES AND SMALL
Pitofita," Whoever dues not come and buy from
us does not intend save. money, thinking in
nimble ninepence better than a slow shilling, we
invite all to come and examine our stork of Goods,
as we charge nothing for looking at theth, so it
you dun% buy it will cost you nothing but the
pleasure of a pleasant ride or walk—for we intend
to keep all from a broomstick to a windmill.
All 'kinds of country produce taken in exchange
for Gouda.
March 23, 1853.
IPraetice in the several Courts. Alf Buntittgdon,
Blair, Cambria, Centre, Mitllin and Juniata Coun
ties. March 23, 1853.
150 wholesale
5000 „t e l i d G r iß
e l tai? o f "le'
Ladies' Shoes.
A SPLENDID nssortineut of Ladies' Shoes,
of the latest styles, just received at the store
of S. & G. LEVI.
Asplendid assortment of BONNETS, just .
calved at the cheap storo of 9. & G. LEVI.
Gfold Watehes will be sold by En. SNARE
lower than elsewhere.
GOLD. CHAINS—A tine mkt) , for sale, ye.
ry low, at Evid. SNARE'S.
PEAFUMER Y—A good, jui, of the best, at
-I,RE,AST PINS, Ltr Rings, and Finger Rings,
in endless variety, at Elm. SNARE'S.
CLoctcs- 7 A . boautillil lot at EDM. SNARK's.
eir A fine Int of PISTOLS at Hum. SNARE'S.
Ad in n Istia tor% Notice.
T ETTER S of administration having been grant
ed to the undersigned on the estate of, John.
Walker, late of Dublin township, deed., all per
sons having claims against said estate will present
them duly authenticated for settlement, and those
indebted to said estate will make immediate pay
ment to JAMES CREE.
March i 6, '53. -60 Adm'r.
Administrator's Notice;
Letters of Administration having been granted
to the undersigned, on the eshue of WitAtAst
DEAN, late of Penn township, deed., all persons
knowing themselves indebted will make immedi
ate payment, and those having claims will present
Skein drily authenticated for settlement.
March 16,'51 -61 Adminiptraters,
WHEW :AS, by n precept to me directed by
the Judges of the Common Pleas of the
county of Huntingdon, bearing test the 18th day
of January, 1853, Lam commanded to• make
Public Proclamation throeghoat my whole baili
wick, that a Court of Commoir 'Pleas will be
held in tha.Court House in the Borough of Hun•
tingdon, on the third Monday (and • 18th day) ot
April, A. D., 1853, for the trial of all issues in said
Court, which remain •undetermined before the
said Judges, when and where all jurors, witnesac ,
and suitors, in the trial of all issues are require,'
to appear., •
Dated at Huntingdon, the 18th day of January
in the year of our Lord 1853, and the 76th yetu
of American Independence.
WM. B. ZEIGLER, Ellerin.
Mardi 16, 1853.
Thirty Four Mules for Sale.
MIIE undersigned has, at his residence, on Sh,
cers Creek, Huntingdon county, thirty-four
MULES, which he ofYers for sale.
Mb. 16. '53. WILLIAM MYTON.
' , to IVrth (oporte the Camel Mt,
Having in Store a full and extensive assortment
of Millinery Articles, Trimmings, and Fancy
Goods, such as Ribbowls, Lases, Blond, Glace-
Silks, Floretices, featites, and a large as
sortment of Needle-worked Hdkfs., Collars, Caps;
Flounces, Insertings, Edgings, &c., together with
a great variety of other articles in our line too
numerous to mention, nt •
Wholesale &
N. B. I request all such that me about making
their spring purchases to give me a call.
March 16, '53.-2m.
The largest stock ever offered in Philadelphia,
and the cheapest in the world. Orders promptly
M. & J. M. ROWE,
No. 111 North Third Street,
March 9,'53.-3m. Philadelphia.
Administrators' Notice.
L ETTERS of administration on the catate of
John H. W. Malizines, late of Dublin town
ship, deu?d,have been granted, by the Register
of Hantingdori County, to tho subscribers, one of
whom Shippensburg, and the other iu
Dublin township. All persons indebted to the
said estate are requested to make payment, and
those having claims to present them for settle
ment. R. P.-. M'CLUI3g,.-
March 9, 1853.-Gt
„ .... .„„
HAVING received by late arrivals a large and
well selected assortment of
are now prepared to offer to their customers; at
the lowest market prices—
Qlace. Silks for Bonnets,
Faro) , Bonnet and Cap Ribbons,
French and American Artificial Flowers,
Crapes, and colors,
• :Pappy-Nets_and Laces.
Toge,thes with every article appertaining to the
Millinery trade. ,
March 9, '53.-2m.
Timber Land tor Sale.
WILL he sold, at Private Sale, TIMBER
LAND, (in small or large quantities,) situ
ated and lying on the Woodcock Valley side of
Tussey Mountain, in the neighborhood of Mar
klesburg, and extending several miles. Terms
Apply to Jacob Cresawell, TroughTreck, Hun
tingdon.county, or Georgellandle & W. Griffith,
Trustees of the Estate of Savage, No. 2,,
Philadelphia. March 9, 1853.—tf.
MRS. SUPLEE, invites the attention ,
of Country Merchants and Dress Makers to
her unrivaled assortment of
for full sized Ladies' Dresscs, Sleeves,Mantles,
Talmes, Mantillas, Capes, Aprons, Sacks, &c. &c.
The Patterns are embroidered in various de
signs, printed and fringed, showing exactly how
the Dress will appear when made.
Being in constant communication with the be a st
houses of London and Paris, afulfurnislied month
ly with every. new design as soon as it appears,
the public can always depend on this Old Estab
lished House for the most recherche novelties in
in dress.
Always, on hand a benatiful assortment of
Chilaren% Clothing,
of the newest styles and materials.
Medals were 'awitrded her in 1848, '5O, and '52.
13:" A set of Six Patterns will be sent to any
ono enclosing Three Dollars. '
Mrs. H. G. Suplee's
Childreu's Clothing & Pattern Emporium,
54 South 2d St., Philadelphia,
Feb. 2,1853.-3 m
Ariffiaial Teeth, from one to a full set, mounted
in the most improved modern style.
Filling, Filing and Cleaning done with care and
. Teeth Extracted with all the ease and despatch
that modern science can tarnish.
March 2, 1853.
ALL persons are warned against taking an as
signment of a Note, bearing date September
18, 1852, in favor of Simon. Levi fgr536,79. Said
note nuni Amin ed by frandulent representations as
to the contents. ainount and character of the pa
pet, at the signing thereof, and will not he paid by
me, unless compelled by law. HENRY LEVI.
March 2, 1853.
Administrator's Notice.
Estate of•WlLLiau IRVINE, lato of Warrioremayk
tawnship, Cloc'd.
- -
Letters of Administration having been granted
to the undersigned on the above -Estate, all per
sons indebted will make immediate payment, and
those having claims will present them duly au
thenticated for settjaufbni.
March 2, 1853.6 t.•
Abeautiful lot of Cast Iron Pumps, for Wells
and Cisterns, just received, and tar sale by
Feb. 23, 1833. J. & W. SAXTON
Iu exchange for merchandiae, 500 bushels of
dried apples, paired; 950 bushels of Peaches, un
paired. A. S. HARRISON, & Co.