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    9ro:7,ter9 ,lhavings.
c —tae
PLI,AiAS/r—clie weAther.
UNPLEASANT—empty pockets.
RXEITINO—the election on Friday.
lar Logan, the comedian, is dead.
(Er Creosote on paper will drive away mice.
Exrc,istvra---Levis' assortment of new Goods
gir Mr. Proscription is very busy at Washing.
ington 1101 V.
iar There are forty-one vessels now building
nt New York.
(Er Mr. Slander, still walks our streets.—Hope
he will soon leave.
ea- The population of Italy is three millions
greater than that of the United States.
000 D—the tooth powder prepared by Dr. R. A.
Miller. We've tried it and can hear testimony.
Cr A wild harse was recently purchased in
Cincinnati far $4OOO, and will bo exhibited in
New York at the World's Fair.
r Littlefield, the janitor, who discovered the
remains of Dr. Parkinan, has just returned from
California, where he is said to have cleared
er In consequence of the scarcity of small
change. the Merchants of Portland, Maine, have
resolved to receive and pay ont United States
postage stamps.
Er Some of the brokers in Paris make $20,-
000 monthly in mere commissions, on the sale of
stocks. This shows to what a height speculation
is now raging in that metropolis.
In^ "Mother, send me for thepectoc," "why,
my son ?" "Cause that Man in the parlor is go
ing to die—he said he would, if sister Jane would
not marry him,—and Jane said she wouldn't.
er In Havana no gentlemen, unless Ifo is a
priest goes to church. But the ladies go, and the
gentlemen cluster around the door, and hand the
ladies to their volumes when the mass is over.
V One of the most interesting relics in Phila
delphia may be seen in North Second street, viz t
—the first lightning-rod erected by Dr. Franklin,
which still stretches its attenuated fingers towards
the heavettS.
cir Spring is here, and soon will our ears be
saluted with the sweet melody of her feathered
songsters. How delightful and charming to the
senses will it be, when all nature is again clad in
her robe of living green.
cir It is said there is a young holy, with $lO,-
000, who hes - advertised in the New York Trib
une for a "PresbYterian or Dutch Reformed hus
band." Site wouldn't fail if she advertised in the
"Huntingdon Journal."
65- It is rumored that En-Goy. Poker, will
receive tho appointment of Collectoi of I s ort
of Philadelphia. Ho is one of Old Buck's faction
who fought the Cassites last spring, in . the State
end National Conventions.
lair When any man speaks ill of as, we are to
make use of it as caution, without troubling
ourselves at the calumny. lie is in a wretched
case, that values himself upon other people's opin
ions, and depends upon their judgments for the
course of his life.
er At a meeting of the Executive Counnittee
of the Pennsylvania Agrirulturil Society, which
took placeati Harrisburg on the 7th inst., it ails
agreed that the next annual State Fair should be
held at Pittsburg, on the 27th, 28th, 29th, and
nth of September, enSuing: .
Cr There are in the United States eighteen
towns named Alexander; twenty-eight, Adams;
twenty-one, Cass; forty-nine, .7eircion; five, La=
inartine; forty-four, Franklink nineteen, Lafay
ette; thirty-nine, Monroe; twenty-eight, Clinton;
seventeen Carroll; eleven, Polk; fifty-Six; Jack
son; eleven, Bunker Ilill; and nineteen, Buena
44r In the tom/ I.i.gislature of Lycoming
County, oh the 4th a March inst., Mr. Cum
mings, the member from Huntingdon, made n
very able nigument on a resolution introduced by
by Mr. Haack instructing our Senators, and re
questing our Representatives, iif Congress, to
procure tho annexion of Cuba; to the IL S. 110
was opposed to the adoption of the reSolutioh.
. -
tyr When at WilliamShtirg, recently, we had
occasion to call at the very fashionable Tailoring
Establishment of our friend Christian Meta, which
indeed is very tine and imposing, and we do say,
so tar as we are capable of judging in snub mat
ters, wo have not for a long tithe seen a hand
somer and better assortment of gentlemens' wear
of all kinds and qualities. Mr. M. is very clever
and accommodating, and wo hope receives that en
couragement in his line of husincs which he cer
tainly deserves.
No 171 North 2nd St., (oppostte the Camel llotel,)
Having in Store a full and extensive assortment
of Millinery Articles, Trimmings, and Jitney
Goods, such as Ribbonds, Laces, Blond, Glom
Silks, Florences, Bonnet frames, and a large as
sortment of Needle-worked Hdkia., Collars, Caps,.
Flounces, Insertings , Edgings, Sm., together with
a great variety of other articles its our line too
numerous to mention, at
Wholesale & Retail.
N. B. I request all such that are about making
their spring purchases to givo too a call.
March 16, '53.-2m.
Administrator's Notice.
LETTERS of administration having been grant
ed to the undersigned on the estate of John
Walker, lute of Dublin township,' dee'd., all per
sons having claims against said estate will present
them duly authenticated for settlement, and those
indebted to said estate will make immediate pay
ment to JAMES CREE.
March 16, '53. -61.• Adm'r.
Administrator's Notice.
Letters of Administration having been granted
to thd uhderslgned, on the estate of WILLIAM
thex, late of Penn township, dec'd., all persons
knowing themselves indebted will make immedi
ate payment, and those having claims will present
them duly authenticated for settlement.
March 16,'53.-61. •
Thirty Four Mules for Sale.
T HE. undersigned has, at his residence, on Sha
rers Creek, Huntingdon county, thirty-four
MULES; which ho offers for sale.
Mh. 16. '53: WILLIAM MYTON.
- - ---
All persons indebted to Robert Grafius, by
Book account will call and settle within one
month, Books WI at the Tin•shop in Alexandria.
COURT AFF OURS, April Term, la,
Martin Gates' Adm vs Matthew Crownover
A P Wilson Esq vs Michael Buoy
David Reynolds Esq vs William Long
Richard Sankey's Adm vs Mary Sankey et al
John Savage's Trustees vs John Fisher
John B Thompson et a! ve John W Swoopo
Reliance Trans Co vs B 0 Friers
Samuel Shaver vs John S Miller et al
George Biekerstaff et al vs David Patterson
James Entrekin vs John Fra!lei et al
Wm Gahagan Ye Wm Colder et al
John Walter for Use va Slating Keller & Co
V Wingard Esq vs jno it Hunter
Daniel Africa Lsq vs M F CaMpbell
John White's Admx vs Sunnis' Erkley
George Hutchison vs Edw!nJ Neff
same vs Jacob Herncame
Thomas Marlin vs Brice X Blair et al
Moore's Exrs vs John Zentinyre
S Shoemaker for use vs Hunt Pres Congregation
Alex Dysart's Exrs vs Israel Cryder's Adm •
Joseph H Spade et al vs Win Moore
E & J Yoentri 'Vs Xottith's Adm
Cook & Logan vs FOreman & Pym
o II & L B B Torn & Co vs Thos Weston
Samuel Caldwell vs John Dell
Smith fog• Sipes vs Benjamin Beers
Wm Tiley vs John H Isett & Co
Abrm Mattern vs J & 1' Stryer
Wm M'Nite vs John Dougherty et at
R Mitchell vs The Penne Rail Road Co
Hirst for Willoughby vs Christian Coats
Andrew Nowell Exrs vs It & J Neff et at
Hay for Richardson vs Andrew Walker
Kennedy, Johan & Co vs M'Bride, Roger & Co
1 B Moore vs John McComb.
John Appleby, farmer, Dublin.
James Black, farmer, Jackson.
Samuel Cornelius, farmer, Brady.
James G Doyle, Merchant, Shirley.
S Miles Green, iron master, Porter.
William Gansimore,.farmer, Warriorsmark,
Resin Hobbs, clerk, Brady.
George Hawn, farmer, Brady.
William Hoffman Carpenter, Henderson.
William Johninq, farmer, Shirley.
Christopher Irwin, Omer, West.
Enos II Kulp, tailor, Henderson.
John Leeport, wagon-maker, Franklin.
Albert Owen, teacher, Shirley.
James Rudy, farmer, Barret.
John Stever, farmer, Cass.
Win B Smith, thrnmr, Jackson.
John Striker, farmer, West.
Jacob Stever, farmer, Warriorsmark.
John Simpson, farmer, Henderson.
William Steel, saddler, Henderson.
Frank Spangler, merchant, Cass.
Abraham Smyers, bricklayer, Clay.
George W Whittaker, printer, West.
Daniel Barr, firmer, Jackson.
Michael Bolinger, farmer, Henderstib,
Robert Barr, farmer, Jackson.
Samuel H. Bell, iron Master, Shirley;
David Afrkft, fa'rffier,
JOhn Brumbaugh, farmer, Penn.
Richard Colegate, blacksmith, Cromwell.
Sterret Cummings, farmer, Jackson.
John, Campbell, farmer, Jackson.
Hugh Cunningham, farmer, Porter.
Henry Cramer, founder, Brady.
Silas Drake, farmer, Dublin. ..
David tpiclr,,reerehant, Cromwell.
Allen' RdWards, former, Tod.
Michael Flesher, farmer, Jackson.
Solomon Fink, farmer, P.n.
William Glasgow, saddler, Henderson.
Kenzie L Green, farmer, Clay.
.Stephen Gorsuch, farmer, Henderson:
John Grove, firmer, Penn.
Josluta Greenland, blacksmith, Cass.
David - Hawn, farmer, Walker.
Peter Hoffman, laborer, Walker.
Asahel II Hight, farmer, Walker.
Robeik Henderson, funnel, Franklin.
James King, farmer, Shirley.
Abraham Lewis, inn keeper, Shirley.
Jesse WLain, farmer, Tod.
Robert McNeal, farmer, Clay.
David Meng, tanner, Warriorsinark.
Dharles Mickley, manager, Tod,
Mellwain, mason, Franklin:
Jobs Oaks; jr., farmer, West.
:Tanks Porter, former, West.
Washington Reynolds, carpenter, Franklia.
K Simonton, merchant, Henderson.
Samuel Stowait, farmer, West.
.Tohn Shaver, far Mer. Shirley:
John Starr,justice of peace, Springfield.
' John Muffi., farmer, Morris.
James Stewart, (Manor) farmer, Btorree.
Henry Swoope, (of Henry) farmer, Porter.
David Snore, farmer, Penn.
Samuel Stewart, farmer, Cromwell.
William ThoMpson, former, Warriorsinark.
John 'furl*, teacher, Henderson.
Gardner H Thonipson, justice of peace, Ftanklin.
John Watson, farmer, Warriorsmark,
Thomas Ashton, farmer, Springfield.
John Q. Adams, manager, Franklin':
John Brown, farmer, Springfield.
A. C. Blair, farmer, Tell.
Alexander Bell, farmer. Barren.
Israel I3aker, farmer, Tod.
Williani Cummings, farmer, Marne.
Wm. W. Campbell, farmer, Tell.
Martin Flenner, wagoirmaker, Walker.
.John Flennet•; farmer, Henderson.
Jacob Hagey, farmer, Tell.
Benjamin Huainan, farmer, West.
Joseph Houck; farmer, Cass.
Tobias Harnish, farmer, Morris.
William Hays, farmer, Jackson.
William Jordin, farmer, CrOinWell.
George W. Jeffries, farmer, Dublin.
Daniel Kyper, mason, Walker.
Henry Lightner, farmer, West.
Samuel .1. Marks, carpenter, Franklin:
John Morrison, Esq., farmer, Shirley.
Jacob Miller, farmer, Henderson.
Robert Hair Powell, farmer, Tod.
Joseph Park, farmer, Cass.
Aaron Shore, farmer, Clay.
Benjamin E. Stitt, farmer, Dublin.
Samuel Spykor, hatter, Porter.
Vincent Stevens, thrmer, Warriorsmark.
Daniel Stains, farmer, Springfield.
David Stewart, farmer, Morris.
Peter Swoope, gentleman, Henderson.
Thomas Weston, Esq., farmer Warriorsmark.
William Wagoner, mason, Clay.
John Warefield, farmer, Henderson,
Levi Wright, timer, Union.
Eli Plummer, farmer, Hopewell,
Is hereby given that the partnership heretofore
existing between J. Wareham Matters, & W. J.
Matteru, trading under the firm ofJ. .
W. 11Iatteni
& Co. was on the 9th day of March disolved by
mutual consent. All persons indebted to said
firm, will please call before the Ist of May and
settle their accounts, the hooks and papers of
said firm, will remain in the hands ofJ. Wareharn
Mattern, for settlement, who will still continue the
business in the same place.
Mechanicsville, March 16, 1853.-31.
Abeautiful lot or Cast Iron Pumps, for Wells
and Cisterns, just received, and for sale by
Feb. 23, less. J. & W. SAXTON
I .I Y virtue of certain Writs of Vend. E. issued
out of the Court of Common Pleas of Hun
tingdon county, and to me directed, 7 will expose
to public sale, at the front door of the Court
House, in the borough of Huntingdon, on Tues
day the .12th day of April, at 10 o'clock, A. M.,
of said day, the following described Real Estate,
to wit:
All the right, title and interest iif John Rodgers
in and to a tract of land situate in Civmwell town
ship, Huntingdon county, adjoining lands of Si
mon Gratz on the cast, of Thanes E. Orbison on
the south and welt, of Eiios McMullin and others
on the north, containing 180 acres, be the same
more or leis, of Which about four acres are clear
ed, having thereon a log house and a, log stable.
Seized, taken in execution, and to he sold as
the property of .161 in Rodgers.
ALSO—A lot of ground in Barree township,
Huntingdon county, containing one acre, more or
less, bounded by lafids of Hezekiali Crownover
and Standing Stone Ciehli, Baying thereon a two
story frame dwelling house, plastered on the out
side and inside, a one story franie 'shop, weather
boarded, a frame stable and other qut buildings.
Also, defts. right, title and interest an ttnd lb a
farm or tract of land, in same township, containing
153 acres more or less, being the same tract of
land sold and conveyed by Crownover and wife to
defendant by deed, dated February 19th, 1850,
and recorded same date.
Seized, taken in execution, and to be sold as
the property of Allen Green.
ALSO—AII the light, title and interest of Geo.
W. Speer, in and to a tract of land in Tod town
ship, Ituntingitali county, surveyed on a warrant
Tai the name of Samuel Cornelius, containing four
hundred acres inure or less, part of which is clear
ed had cultivated—one other tract in said town
ship, in name of Dougherty & Speer, containing
439 acres more or less, unimproved—one other
tract of land is same township, in name of Dough
erty & Speer, containing 438 acres more or less—
Also, all Hefts. right, title and interest in and to
the Mount Union town property, known as the
Postlethwaite farm, in Shirley township.
Seized, taken in execution, and to be sold as
the property of George W. Speer.. •
ALSO—By Virtue of a writ of LetTri Facets,
I will sell at the same time and place, the folleiw
ing described lot aground:
A certain messuage, tenement and lot of land,
situate on Moore street, in the borough of Hun
tingdon, and bounded as follows, to wit : begin
ning at a post at the corner of a lot belonging to
Robert Lott, thence with twenty-four degrees west
Itwo hundred and twenty-nine feet to a post ad
joining a lot or land of Dr. Benjamin E. M'Mar
trie, thence by the same fifty feet to a post, ad
joining other lots of the said Alexander Port,
thence by a line parallel to the first above men
tioned line two hundred and twenty-nine feet to
Moore street, thence along said Moore street fifty
feet to the place of beginning, together with the
hereditaments and appurtenances.
Seized, taken in execution, and to be sold as
the property of Nathan Scofield.
WM. B. ZEIGLER, Sheriff.
March 16, 1853. .
is hereby given to all persons interested
that the following named persons, have settled
their accounts in the llegistot'ta Office, at Hun
tihgdon, and that the said accounts 1411 be pre
sented for 'confirmation and allowitnee' at on Or
phans' Court, to be held at Huntingdon, in and
for said county of Huntingdon, on Wednesday the
12th day of April next.
1. George Hudson and Jonathon Miller, Ad
ministrators of the estate of Richard Bradley, late
-of Clay township, dee'd.
2. John WKinstry, Executor of the last will
and testament of Samuel M'Kinstry, late of Shir
ley township deed.
3. John W. Mutters, acting Athninistrutor.of
Jacob S. Mattern, dee'd.,.who was one of the
Eiecutors of the last will,of George Mattern, late
of Franklin tawrkitii, deed.
4. Ephraim Shore and Joshua Shore, Admits
istrators of the estate ofJohn Shore., late of Clay
township, dee'd, .
5. Eminger Sie.;nrt, A4tpinistratur of the es
tate of Andrew SteWurt,dee'd.
l. Andrew G. Nat Executor of the last will
and testament of Abraham Zimmerman, late of
Tud township, dec'd.
liaviilis Stever, Executor of the last will and
testament of Jacob Buingardner, late of Cass
township, dec'd. _ _ _
E. Joidata Greenland, Esq., Administrator of
the estate of John Buntgatrdner, late of Cass
township, dce'd.
9. Isaac Swoope and John .Copenhaver, Ad
ministrators of the estate of David Copeuhaver,
late of Henderson township, dee'd.
10. William L. Spear, Guardian of Catharine
M. Spang, a minor child of Henry S. Spang, late
of Morris township, dee,d.
. ,
11. Geotge Branstetter Guardian of freilry
Myers, minor son of Henry Myers, deed..
Registers Office, Register.
Huntingdon, March IG, 1853. 5
WHEREAS by a precept to MC directed, tinted
at Huntingdon., the 18th day of Jainiary,
A. I). 1813, under the hands and souls of the
Hon. George Taylor, President of the Court of
Common Pleas,
Oyer and Terminer, and gener
al jail delivery of the 9th judicial district of Penn
sylvania composed of Huntingdon, Blair and Cam
bria, and the lion. Thomas P. Stuart and Jona
than McWilliams, his associates, Judges of the
county of Huntingdon, justices assigned, appoint
ed, to hear, try and determine all and every in
dictments made or taken for or concerning all
crimes, which by the laws of the State are made
capital or iblomes of death and other offences
crimes and misdemeanors, which have been or
shall hereafter be committed or perpetrated for
crimes aforesaid—l um commanded to make pub
lic proclamation throughout my whole bailiwick
that a Court of Oyer and Terminer, of Common
Pleas and Quarter sessions, will he held at the
Court Monad iu the Horotigh of Huntingdon, on
flip second Monday (and ilth. day) of :April
tidxt, and those who will prosecute the said pri-
Sobers be their and there to prosecute them as it
shall be just, Mid that all Justices of the Peace,
Coroners and Coristables within said county be
then and there in their proper persons, et 10
o'clock, A. M. of said day, with their records; in
quisitions, examinations and remembrances, to'
do those things which to their offroes respectfully
litited at Huntingdon the 18th day of January,
in the year of our Lord 1853, and the 76t11
year of American Independence.
WM. B. ZEIGLER, Sheriff.
March 16, 1853.
AXTHERBAS, by a precept to me directed by
vr the Judges of the Common Pleas of the
county of Huntingdon, bearing test the 18th day
of January, 1853, I am commanded to maVe
Public Proclamation throughout my whole baili
wick, that a Court of Common 'Pleas will ho
held in the Court House in the Borough of Hun
tinalon, on the third Monday (and 18th day) of
April, A. D., 1853, for the trial of all issues iii said
Court, which remain undetermined before the
said Judges, when and whore all jurors, witnesses
itnd suitors, in the trial 'of all issues are required'
to appear.
Data id Huntingdon, the 18th day Of Jinuary,
in the year of our Lord 1853, and the 76th year
of American Independence.
WM. B. ZEIGLER, Sheriff.
March 16, 1853.
Fresh Cheese always on hand and for sale
at the new store or J. Bricker.
A public examination of the pupils of Birming
ham Female Seminary, will take place on the
28th and 29th inst. Exercises will commence on
Monday, at I o'clock P. M. At the close of the
examination Tuesday afternoon an address will
be delivered by John Scott, Esq., of Huntingdon,
Pa., and in the evening, the Ladies of the Semi
nary, will hold a fair, the proceeds of which will be
elevated to purchasing a bell for the Institution.—
A great variety of fancy articles have been pre
pared and will be offered for sale, together with
various refreshments.
The friends of education, awl all who are will
in to aid the young ladies in this enterprise, are
most respectfully solicited and urged to attend.
March 9, '53.-31.
At the Lewistown Nurseries.
1.0,000 A PPLE TREES 3 and 4 years
from graft, of tine form, and 10 to
12 feet high, of the. Most approved varieties, at the
Nursery price, 8 to 10 cents each. A lot of
PEACH TREES, of select and hardy varieties,
one and two years front WI, at 10 to 12} cents
each. Plurn, Apricot, Cherry, and Nectarine, of
the most desirable varieties, at 25 to 50 cents each.
A few;chtilcc varieties of PEAR TREES, grafted
on Pear Sleeks for orchard, and a few dwarfs for
gardens and yards et 25 cents to $l,OO each.
Also for Persons who wish to - graft their own
Fruit, or test new varieties. 2,000 settling Ap
bip Trees, 10 to 14 , feet high, and now ready to
ear. at 5 dents each, All post paid orders from
responsible persons, addressed to the stibsCribers,
in Lewistown will be promptly attended tp..
T. W. & J. MOUIIE.
March 9, 1853.-St.
IPANE this opportunity to notify my customers,
and the Trade in general, that I have in. store
a choice assortment ofSTRAW BONNETS, such
as Blonds, Tripe. n, Pearls, French Gimps, Gos
samers, CHILDRENS' HATS, Bonnets. Straw
'FriaAnus, and Millinery Goods, such as Crapes,l
Tarltons, Illusions, Silks, Ribbons, Crape and
Tarlton Linings, French and American Buckram
Frames, Crowns, Tips, &c., to which I invite your
attention. I have made arrangements with the
principal Importers and Manufacturers so that I
will be enabled to receive all the newest Styles of
Goods. I feel coufident . that I can sell my Goods
AS LOW as any person Attila trade..
WM. G. ; ;A,
59. NI 2nd Si.,' I'hila.
March 0,1853.-3 M.
The largest uock ever offered in Philadelphia,
and the cheapest in the world. Orders promptly
filled. M. & J. M. ROWE,
No. 11l North Third Street,
March 9,'59.-3m. Philadelphia.
Philadelphia. -
LTANING recch'ed ttylat4 arrivals a large and
wdll selected assortment of
tire now prepared to offer to their customers, nt
the lowest insultet prices—
Glace Silks for Bonnets,
Four Bonnet and Cap Ribbons,
French and American &acre' Flower's,
Crapes, and colors,
Fancy Nets and Laces.
Together with every article appertaining to the
March D,
Timber Land for Sale, . • •
WILL be sold, at Private Sale, TI3I . EEIt
LAND, (in small or large quantities,) sitti
ate] and lying on the Woodcock Valley side,pf
Tussey Mountain, in the neighborhood of gae
klesburg, and extending several Miles. Terms
Apply to .facoh Creaswell, Trough" Creek, 11011-
tingdon county, or George Rundle S. W. Or
Trustees of the Estate of Savage, No. 2, York at.,
Philadelphia. March 9, 1853.—tf.
THE Summer Session of those ISStiDatiODS COW
MAY, and continues live months. A fund of
$l5OO has been procured, to. he applied to the
purchase of a superior philoscphical apparatus and
a standard library. With these (halides for in
struction, the Principals and Triodees of these
stitutions offer to all, and espeelally to those seek
ing to qualify themselves for teaching, advantages
equal to those enjoyed by the academical student
in our colleges.
These histitutions are in the same village,
though entirely separate, and sonic distance apart,
thus aftirding to parents the opportunity of send
ing their sons and daughters together. Believing
that the same principles sought to he carried out
in our common school system, should, and will
evdntually, extend to the highest branches of a
liberal education, the Principals and Trustees view
what they have done only as the nucleus of fur
ther mid more extended efforts, which, as they
proceed, will enable them to afford to all classes,
a liberal coarse of education, at an expense more
commensurate with the limited means of a large
number of the youth of our State, who are enga
ged ih the praise-worthy endeavor to obtain an
edtication. And with this exact:valet], they com
mend their Instittitibas to the patronage and kind
assistance of all friends of a sound, liberal and
general education.
Board, lights, washing and tuition. for
the Summer Session of 22 weeks, $45 00
No incidentals. Day scholars, the usual prices,
according to studies. Music, Latin, and French,
Tuition, $6,00, $lO,OO, and $12,00, per ses
sion, according to grade of studies. Boarding
can be had in the village for from $1,50 to $2,00.
No deduction for absence except in cases a
protracted sickness.
tE,4 The semi-annual examination of the Pu
pils of the Female Seminary will coMmence on
Thhrsday the ith day of. April. Thb friends of
the Seminary, anfl'the puttlic, are respectfully in
vited ft, attend
Principal of Female Seminary:
Principal of Acadia*:
March 2,1853.-3 m.
A , . .
A 'LI, persons are' warned against Wang an. as
signment of a Note, bearing date September
18, 1852, in favor of Sjmon Levi for $18,;1. Said
note was obtained by fraudulent representptions nit
to the Contents, amount and eharneter ,of the pti,
pet, at the signing thereof, and will not he paid by
me, unless compelled by law. HENRY LEVI.
March 2, 1853.
To the Honorable, the Judges of the court of
Quarter Sessions of the Peace, fqr Pie County
of Huntingdon, at April Terre A: D.
The petition of Wesley P. Gieen respeWAY
sheweth: That your petitioner has leased filet
large, coMmodions, well known frnme house, sit- .
nate on the corner of Market and St. David's at.,
in the borough of Birmingham, io suid,county, and
known as the Inn or Tavern heretofore kept by
William Galbraith, Esq., dee'd; u and being desi
rous of keeping a house of public entertainment;
that lie is well provided with stabiing for horses,
and all other conveniences necessary for the en
tertainment of strangers and traveleq, He there
fore. most respectfully, prays your &morn to grant
him a license to keep an Inn or public,house of
entertainment in the same. W. P. GREEN.
We, the undersigned, citizens of the borough of
Binningliiini, in the county of Huntingdon, do
hereby certify that the above named . petitioner, I
Wesley P. Green, is a person of good repute for
honesty and temperance, and is well movi(10
with hOuse room, stabling, and all other conveni
ences for the accommodation of strangers and tra
velers, and that said Inn or Tavern is realy ne
cessary and essential to accommodate the public
and entertain strangers and travelers. „
A. P. Kinney, Wobert M'Doual, O. C. NOM;
Stephen Hardy, Thomas Nlvling, John Unnter,
Thompson !Kettlen, A. I'. Owens, 11. J. Graham,
John Baker, J. T. McVey, Burton Dewolf, S. 8.
Proudfoot, A. Jackson Crissman. (mh. 16 '93.
To the Honorable, the Judges of the Court of
Common l'leas of Huntingdon County, now
composing and holding a Court of General
Quarter Sessions of the Peace, in and for said
County, of April Term, 1853. _ _ _
The petition OfJulin Ward, now of the borough
of McVeytown, Mifflin county, Pa., respectfully ,
sheweth t That your petitioner is desirous of keep
ing a public house or tavern in the house now, or
recently, occupied by Peter H. Enselman, as a
public house, in the town of Waterstreet, in said
county; that he has provided himself with neces
saries for the convenience and accommodation of
travelers and strangers. Ile therefore prays your
Honors to grant him a license to keep a house of
public entertainment in said house, and he will
pray, &c. JOHN WARD.
. -
We, the subscrihers, do certify tKrit John Ward,
the above applicant, is of good repute for honesty
and temperance, and is well provided with house
room and conveniences for the lodging and se-
CoMmodations of itrasgers and travelers, and that
said house is necessqy fo ri4tirtimodate the pub
lic slid ettiortaih Strangers and traierers.
Henry Mytinger, Williarri Isenberg, Patrick
Lamy, Daniel Bench, John K. Seeds. AlOimnder
Mee.lin, John Balsbach, Thomas.S. Ky les
cob Baker, Robert Kinkead, Jolts D. Fnurce, G.
W. Beuck, Job I'lympton. March 9, '53
To the Judges of tho Court of Commou Pleas of
Huntingdon County, now composing and
holding a Court of General Quarter Sessions
of the Peace in and for said County.
. . .....
The Petition of Isaac & William Myers, of Mt.
Union, Shirley township, Huntingdon county, re
spectfully sheweth That they arc provided with
house room and conveniences for lodging and ac
commodation for strangers and travelers in the
house they now occupy as a tavern, they therefore
pray your Honorable Court to grant them a li
censa lot the said purpose, and us in duty bound
they will ever pray, See..
The undersigned citizens, of Shirley township,
where the above named hotelis Ideated, &I certi
fy, that Isaac & Wrn. Myers, the above.applicants,
are of good repute for honesty and temperance,
and era well provided with house room and con
veniences for the lodging and accommodation of
strangers and travelers, and that such Inn or Tav
ern is necessary fur said purposes.
James J. Robison, Samuel Shaver, Nicholas
Shaver, Allied Welfkill, Samuel Eby,Thomas
M'Garvey, Seth Benner,John Shaver, jr., John
Dtiugheriy, D.C. Smawey, Henry Buckley, Jes
se Myers. March 9, 1853.
To the Honorable, the Judges of the Court of
Quarter Sessions of Huntingdon County, at
April Sessions 1853,
.- -
-.The Petition of Jollies IC. Htunpson, of Mill
Creek. Brady township. Huntingdon County, res
pectfully sheweth t That he still occupies that well
known brick Tavern House, in said township,
which has heretofore been used and occupied as a
public house of entertainment, and is desirous of
continuing to keep a public house therein. He
therefore prays your Honors to grant him a license
to keep it public house at the place aforesaid, for
tile ensuing year, and he will pray, &e.
The subscribers, eitinntoftba township of Bra
dy in the county of Huntingdon, recommend the
above petitioner, and Certify that the Inn or Tav
ern shove mentioned is necessary to accommodate
the public and entertain strangers or travelers; and
that the petitioner above named IS of good repute
for honesty and temperance, antl . well provided
with bonso room and conveniences for thelodging
atid accommodation of strangeta apd travelers.
E. L. Plowman, ROA. Kyle, Samnel G.
son, Wm. Buchanan, Adam Warfel, Eli Wakefield,
Jacob &honer, John S. Weston, Jesse Yocum,
James M'l)nnnld, Martin Fleming, Francis Hol
ler, Martin Getz. March 2, 1853.
Administrators' Notice.
LETTERS of administration on the estate oft
Julio 11. W. MeGinnes, Into of Dublin town
ship, deed., have been grunted, by the Register
at Huntingdon County, to the subscribers, one of
whom resides at Shippensburg, and the other in
thiblin township. All persons Itidebiia: to the
said estate tire reqtteltedlo mike payment, and
those hating attlins to present them for settle
went. R. P. APCLUEE, • •
March 9,1853.-6 t
Two Tide Water Boat's.
ANY perAon wishing to purchase a good BOAT
at a reduced price, will fled it to his inter
est to examine these. Apply to A, S. Harrison,
Portstown, or Elisha Shoemaker, on Stone Creek.
March 9, 1853.-30
The house and lot, on Hill street, in the bor
ough of Huntingdon, formerly occupied by A. W.
Benedict, Esru, W. ORBISON.
March 9, 1853.
R. A. Si LL , .D. S.
Artificial Teeth, front one to a full set, mounted
in the most impioved modern style..
Filling, Filing and Cleaning done with care and
neatness: . .
. • •
Teeth Rllitteled alithe CRSO and despatch
that modern science cuff furnish.
March 2, 1853.
Administrator's Notice.
Estate of WILLIAM LLVIse , late of Warriorsmark
township, deed.
s Letters of Administrptton hrtylpgben granted.,
to the undersigned on the ahoy() Estitc,alk et3r
sonsiridehted will snake itnipediate payntead, and
thtise haqug . clahns will present theta duly au
theittreauld Settleineat.,
, • •: .
March 2, 1853.60
SUPERIOR Port Monnaies, Gold Pens, and
Pen and Pocket Knives, at E. SNARE'S.
More Proof of their goieileirity.
The Late Fire in Jersey City.
Mr. Silas C. Ilerriny-Bir : It gives us much
pleasure to state that a Safe of your make was the
Means of preserving our hunks and valuable pa
pers, together. nrult.a.iot ol,Silver Spoons,. Ifatlts,
&e., from destrabtion ,by the fire that occurred in
our store on the night,of the 27th Mt., at No. 4f.
Montgomery st., The. fire commenced near the
Sala, which, owing to its situation on a wall, did
not fall into the cellar, but was exposed to the
Hill heat of the fire from its commeacemeiut, atut
when taken from the ruins had al! the brass plates
and knobs completely melted off. ;
Yours, R. B. EARLE & CO.
bY b a
Great Fire in Strawberry st.—Letter fi am
Lewis 4 Co.—Phila., March. 29, 1852.
Mr. John Farrel—Sir: It affords me much sat
isfaction to inform you that the " Herring Sala
mander Safe" which we purchased of you a short
time since, preserved our books and papers in good
condition, during the severe ordeal through which.
it passed at the disastrous conflagration that took
place at our warehouse on the morning of the
28th inst , when the safe was exposed to the most
intense heat for sonic hours, and when dragged
from the flames was red hot on several sides. We
make this statement by type of bearing testimony
to the worth of these valnable Fire Proofs. Very
respectfully, . • LEWIS & Co.
Th.e.Proprietor of the genuine " Herring Sala
mander Safes," challenges. tho.whole. world, in
the sum of On^ rhousunclDollgre,.to.produce their
equal. Awanittl•the
. IA-ire Medal at the World's
Fair, London, and the.Croi;o MEDAL by the Amer
ican Institute.,-Over 8000 of these safes have been
sold and are now in use, and more than 100 have
passed tritnnphantly through accidental fires.
Second-hand Safes and "Salamanders" of oth-,
er makers, having been taken in part pay for
"Herring's," for sale ut cheap rates. •
34 Walnut St., Philadelphia. ,
eir Marbleised Iron Mond% Table„Tops, 6.c.„;
from the Works of the celebrated .‘,`SoLuittannEr.
MARBLE Co." on hand in great variety.
March 2,1853.-3 m.
Commission Merchants,
Nos. 23 & 25, Spear's Wharf.
John Clark, Esq., President Citizens Bank, Bolt.
A. P. Giles, Esq., Cushier Franklin Bank, "
John HerrAer, Jr., Esq. ,Philadeiphia.
Itogers, Sinnickson, & do„ "
J. Tome, Esq:, Eresd't Cecil Bank, Port Deposit.
J. Wallower & Son, Harrisburg
Col. H. C. Eyer, Selinsgrove.
J. H. App & Co., "
Nagle, Wingate & Co.. Milton -
W. W. Cooke, EN...Money.
Simon Schuyler, Esq.,
Geo. Bodine, Hughesville.
W. Weaver & Co., Montoursville.
Gen. W. F. Packer,
T. W. Lloyd, Esq., Cashier, "
James 11. Haling, Esq.,
Lewis G. Huling,
McHenry & Bubb, Jersey Shore.
J. P. Holing, Lock Haven.
IW Curr, Giese Jr Co., have the largest wharf
room of any Commission House in Baltimore, al
ways giving quick despatch to boats in discharg
ing their cargoes. [Feb. 23-6 m
Executer's Notice:
Estate of Ltezekialt Biekas, late of &Nel town
skip dee'd.
. , ,
Letteis tesituntntaiy haviiig been g.rautcd
the undersigned on the estate of ficzekiah Rick
ets, late of .township, dec'd., All persons
having. claims against peitl,estate are requested to
present them qu t ly authenticated for, settlement
without delay, and all persons indebted to said es
tate are requested to make immediate payment.
A. S. RicKprs,
Feb. 23, 1853.-6 t.•
The Summer Term of this Institution will coot
mence Wednesday, April 27th next.
Instructions given in all the branc . hes prepara
tory to entering College.
TIERNIS.-THitioll per Session, of twenty-two
weeks, $5,00 to $12,00 according to studies pur
stied; payable in advrince.
Baardiny, Washing, 6T. tisual Prices., ~,
gir Charges to date from time of entering and
no deductions for absence unless caused by
It is the determination, (Providence favoring,),
to render the. School, in. all respects, worthy of
coutidence and patronar,e.
, Tnom - AS IVAiID, A. M.
Feb. 16; '53.-11i Principal.
For Sale or Rent.
the necessary buildings, situate on the watit:s
of Standing Stone Creek, is now fOl 811,14 rent.
This desirable property, for any persbn inclined
to enter into the Iron business, offers favorable
facilities. Situated, as it is, 12 miles off the pub
lic improycments at Huntingdon or Petersburg,
in dm .1w art of a well wooded country, and with
abundance of the finest quality of Iron Ore within
two miles from its locution, it offers to the enter
prising, an opportunity . seldom mot with, to em
bark in a profitable business.
Persons desiring information On, the subject,
may apply to William or George .Couch; At
Conchs' Mills, Barren township, Iduntingdon co.;
Mrs. Mary Couch, Altoona, Blair co.; or Thomas
P. Canipbell, Esq., Huntingdoll.
Ex'rs. of A. Couch, deceased.
Executrix of Wm. Couch, dec'd.
N. B. If not sold or rented, the undivided half
pert of the above property will be offered for sale
at the Court House, in the borough of Hunting
don on Tuesday the 12th day of April next.
fob. 9, 1853.
Ih exchange for merchandise, 500 bushels of
dried,apples, paired; 250 bushels of Peaches, un
paired. A. S. HARRISON, & Co.
Just Arrived.
One of the best and largest selected stocks of
Boots and Shoes in Huntingdon. Also full as
sortment of Gum Shoes, of all sizes, at the now
store of J. BuicKEtt.
Nail4,'all kinds and sizes, for salp at the new
store of J. Bricker.
Orleans, and S. P. MOreales, for
sale chesp'at the new store of
J. Bffidlitit. •
A • VERY large 100 , af• 080111 PINS
KEYS for tfie)adies at EON. SNARB'B.
air Linseed Oil, 20 kegs pure White Lead.
Jersey Window Glass and Putty, for sale at the
store of GwIN,