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    (ClMan is never wrong while he lives
'for others; the philosopher who contem
pl ates from the rook is a less noble image
than tho sailor who struggles with the
HUNTINGDON, March 8, 1853.
Flour, per bbl., $4,50 a $5,00
White Wheat, 1,00 eta per bu.
45 it 50
15 ets. per lb
123« " doz,
. .
Potatoes, per bu., 37i a 50
Beef, per cwt., • $4,00 a $5,00
Pork " " 5,50 a 6,00
Dry Apples, per be., $l,OO
No. 15. For the benefit of t,lmatilieted we feel
it a duty to giro the following testimony in relit
tion to a young gentleman, who was cured of
Coniumption,by Dr. J. W. Cooper's Indian Vege
table Cough or Consumptive Syrup, prepared now
only by C. I'. Ilewes.
Tu the Editor of the Franklin Repository.
. „
Stu:—l wish you to confer a favor on me and
the afflicted; hoping that other papers may copy
fur the benefit of the afflicted at large, that they
may have an opportunity of being relieved as I
have liens. I had been troubled with a pain in
my side mid breast for three veurs, attended with
a very bail cough, which the * Doctors said was an
affection of the lungs. lat last was so severely
attacked that 1 was confined to Illy bed, and out
of my head the most part of toy time• ' the cough
was incessant, and I spit blood streak ed with mat
ter. I sent for Dr. Cooper, he gave me his Indi
an Vegetable Cough, or Consumptive Syrup, and
the third day I commenced throwing up matter
and blood to the quantity of a pint a day; the
smell was so bad that my mother. had to burn
Peaches and sugar to keep down the smell; but
the smell was so bad that it had very little effect.
All that had seen me, said that it was impossible
for the to recover, us I was in the last stage of
consumption; but I continued to take 1)r. Coop
er's celebrated Indian Medicine, mid in seVen
weeks I was able to do work of any kind, and I
am at this time sound and well. In giving this
certificate, I conceive it to be a duty I owe to the
public at huge, rind I think it would hen ditty for
other editors to copy this certificate, that those
suffering under the same disease may hove nn op
portunity of getting cured. Yours, respectfully,
One mid a half miles from Chambersburg.
. .
I do hereby certify, that I saw the said Jollies
Ill'Cray while lying sick, and I thought it was im
possible for him ever to recover. For my part, I
thought ho would die in two or three days, as he
looked like death, pale and ghastly, voice sunk so
much that he could scarcely siwak above his
Dr. J. W. Cooper's:Medicines are for sale by
T. head Sr Son, Huntingdon; Geo. W. Breeh•
man. MeVeytown; and J. M. Belford, Mifflin
town, who is agents for C. I'. Hewes, the present
1' We have frequently heard Ole celebrated
tierman Bitters, sold by Dr. C. M. Jackson, 120
Arch street Philadelphia, spoken of in terms of
the highest commendation, and we honestly be
lieve that it is one ()film best medicines advertised
for the complaints for which it is recoMmended.'
They are pleasant to the taste, and can he taken
under any eirculwomees by the most delicate
stomach. The press f:tr and wide, have united in
commending this invaluable remedy 'dr dyspepsia,
debility, &e.; and such arc the waling effects of
this panacea, that we hope it linty be introduced
into every family where dyspepsia has, or is like
ly to have, a victim. 4.
Feb. 2, 1853.
On the 17th ult., by lb,. .lateoh(mice, Mr.
IVm. Oil' NT, Bed County, to "Ali,
;SI ABC, T AICC A ti. of 1)Ubli11 Ilon
tingden comity.
Ott the _'2nd lilt., by lice. J. 11. Nviiiene,,
W. 'l'. KlM!,vol Aliticeseille Schuylkill Co., to
Miss AIAR V .1. GUM, Of Huntingdon County.
(hi the 21st ult., SAn.tit MAIIGAnwr, dabghter
of John and Anna Maria Albright, aged .4
1 month and 21 dap.
In 'rrottglt Creek Valley, on the 25th ult., at
the house of David Swoop, after a short, but
painful, illness, Jlrs. HANNAH it. IlionT, aged
11 years and 12 (lays.
this borough, on the sth inst., ANNA M.iny,
daughter of Samuel S. and Rebeees Smith, aged
10 years, 4 mon th s an d 23 days.
Her toil is past, her work is done,
And she is fully blest,
She fought the tight the victory's won
And enter'd into rest—
Then let nor sorrows cease to flow,
God has recalled his own—
But let nor hearts in every wo
Still say, thy will Iw untie.,
In LluutingdOn, on Fridity morning, the 4th
instant, after a painful and protracted illness,
CIIARI,ES W. eldest son of C. 11. and Martha
Miller, aged 8 years and 5 months.
He wits a noble child; and his early death is
sincerely mourned by many besides his bereaved
relations. It is, a source of coin tint to reflect that
in being culled front kindred and dear associates
on earth, he is also removed from the sorrows and
templations of the world.—"Of such is the king
dom of heaven.
Two Tide Water Boats.
ANY person wishing to purchase it good BOAT
at ‘t reduced price, will lind it to his inter
est to examine these. Apply to A. Harrison,
Portstown,or Elisha Shoemaker, on Stone Creek.
March 9, 1853.-95. *
"Blair County Whig" please insert three times,
add charge this attire.
A public examination of the pupils of Birming
ham Female Seminary, will take pluec on the
28th and 29th inst. Exercises will commence on
Monday, at 1 o'clock I'. M. At the close of the
examination Tuesday afternoon un address will
he deli,:red by John Scott, Esq., of Huntingdon,
Pa., und in-the evening, the Ladies of the Semi
nar'', will hold a fair, the proceeds of which will be
elevated to ptirchasing a hell for the Institution.—
A gout variety of fancy articles have been pre
pared and will be offered for sale, together with
various refreshments. .
The friends of education, and all who are will
ing to aid the young ladies in this enterprise, aro
respectfully solicited and urged to attend.
March 9, 's3:—at.
The house and lot, un Hill street, in the bor
ough of Huntingdon, formerly occupied by A. W.
Benedict, Esq., IV. ORBI SON.
4erch 9, 1453.
Administrators' Notice.
LETTERS of administration on the estate of
John H. W. MeMenem; Into of Dublin town
ship, deed., have been granted, by the Register
of Huntingdon Comity, to the subscribers, one of
whom resides at Shippensburg, and the other in
Dublin townehip. All. persons indebted to the
said estate are requested to make payment, and
those having claims to present them for settle
ment. R.. P. APCLURE,
March 9, 185 . 3.Z6t
At The Lewistown Nurseries.
.10,000 APPLE TREES 3 and 4 years
from graft, of fine form, and 10 to
12 That high, of the most approved varieties, at the
Nursery price, 8- to 10 cents each. A lot of
I'EAOI TREES, of select no hardy varieties,
one and two years from bad, at 10 to 12 , , cents
each, Plum, Apricot, Cherry, and Nectarine, of
the mmt desirable varieties, at 25 to 50 cents each.
A few choice varieties of PEAR THE ES„grafted
on Pear Ste* tiro orchard, and a few dwarfs for
gardens 'and yards at 25 cents to $l,OO each.
AlSo :for parsens who wish to graft their own
Fruit, or testmew varieties. 2,000 seeding Ap-
Tie Trees, 10 to 14 feet high, and now ready to
bear. at 5 - cents each, ' All post paid orders from
responsible persons, addressed to the subscribers,
in Lewistown will be promptly attended to.
T. W. & J. MOORE.,
March 9,1853.-3 t.
Timber Land for Sale.
WILL be sold, at Private Sale, TIMBER
LAND, (in small or large quantities,) situ
ated and lying on the Woodcock Valley side of
Tussoy Mountain, hi the neighborhood of Mar
klesburg, and extending several mile,. Terms
Apply to Jacob Cresswell, Trough Creek, Hun
tingdon county, or George Rundle .& W. Griffith,
Trustees of the Estate of Savage, No. 2, York Bt.,
Philadelphia. . March 9, 1853.—tf.
I' AKE this opportunity to notify my customers,
and the Trade in general, that I hove in store
choice assortment of STRAW BONNETS, such
us Blonds, 'Tripolis, Pearls, French Gimps, Gos
samers, CIIILDRENS' HATS, Bonnets. Stow
Trimmings, and 411illinely Goods, such as Climes,
Tarltons, Illusions, Silks, Ribbons, Crape and
Tarlton Linings, t rench and .Imeriean• Buckram
_Fontes, Crowns, Tips, he., to which I invite your
attention. I hove made arrangements wills the
principal Importers and Manufacturers so that I
will be enabled to receive 'all the newest Styles of
Goods. I feel confident that I can sell my Goods
AS LOW as any person in the trade.
Nu. 50, N. 2nd St., Phila.
Moreh 9, 1 .
The largest stock ever °GEM in Philadelphia,
and the cheapest in the world. Orders promptly
filled. M. & M. ROWE,
No. 111 NOrth Third street,
31arch 9, '53.-3m. Philadelphia.
AVING received hy late arrivals a large and
well selected assortalcet of
are now prepared to offer to their ostumers, at
the lowest market prices—
Glace - SAS for Bonnets.
Fan-y Bonnet and Cap . flibhons,
French nut American Artificial Flowers,
'Crapes, and &dors,
.Fancy and Laces.
Together with every article appertaining to the
iniabry• trade.
'fo the lltennable, the Judges of the Court of
Common Pleas of Huntingdon County, now
composing and holding a Court of General
Quarter Sessioils of the Peace, in and for said
County, of April Term, 1853:
The petition of John Ward, new of the borough
of MeVeytown, Mifflin county, Pa., respectfully
sheweth : 'That veer peLitioner i desirous of keep
ing a public house or tavern in the hodse now, or
recently, nccupied lt'y Peter 11. Ensehuan, as a
public lamsc, hi the town of Waterstreet, in said
county; that he has provided himself with nem
sariot for the rmivedience and accommodation of
travelers anti strangers. lle therefore prays your
Honors to grant him a license to keep a house of
public entertainment fit said house, and he will
pray, Stc. JMIN
We, the subscribers, do certify that John Ward,
the above applicant, is of limal repute for honesty
and temperance, and is well provided with house
room and couvenieness lor the lodging and ac
commodations of strangers and travelers, and that
said house is necessary to accommodate the pith
lie and entertain strangers and travelers.
I henry 13. Mytinger, William Isenberg, Patrick
Learey, Daniel Bolick, John E. Seeds. Alexander
MeCaslin, John lialsbach, Monies S. Kyler, Ja
cob Tinker, Robert Kinkead, John 1). Fouree, G.
\V. Bead:, Job Plympton. March 9, '53
To the Judges of the Court of Common Piens of
Huntingdon County, now composing and
holding a Court of thmeral Quarter Sessions
• of the Peace in and fur said County.
The Petition of Isaac & William Myers, of Mt.
Union, Shirley township, Huntingdon county, re
spectfully showed' That they are provided wit!'
house room and conveniences for lodging and ac
commodation for strangers and travelers in the
house they nnw occupy as a tavern, they therefore
pray your Honorable Court to grant them a li
cense fie the said purpose, and us in duty bound
they will ever pray, &e.
The undersigned jitizetis, of Shirley township,
where the above owned hotel is. located, do certi
fy, that Isaac & Myers-; the above applicants,
arc of guod repute fiir - honesty and temperance,
and aro well provided with house room and con
veniences for the lodging and ttecornmoilatidn of
strangers and tot velersond that such Inn or Tav-1
ern is necessary fur wad purposes.
,lames ltubison ' Samuel Shaver, Nicholas
Shaver, Alfred Wolfkill, Samuel Eby,•Thcnas ,
)'Garrey, Seth Benner, JOhn Shaver, jr., John
Dougherty, 1). C. Smawley, Jet
so Myers. • March 9, 1859. I
All persons indebted to Robert Gratius, by
Book necount will call and settlo , within one
month, Books left at the Tin-shop in Alexandria.
21.1 ble. No. 1 Herring, for sale at the store
of Gno. Gww.
Fresh Cheese always on hand and for sale
at the new store of J. Bricker.
To the Honorable, the Judges of the Court of
Quarter Sessions of the Peace, in and for the
County of Huntingdon.
The petition of Samuel Steffey, ofJackson town
ship, and county aforesaid, humbly sheweth ;
That your petittoner is desirous of keeping a pub
lic house of entertainment on the road leading
from Pine Grove to Lewistown, anti he hath pro
vided himself with materials for the accommoda
tion of strangers, travelers, and others, and prays
that your Honors Will ho pleased to grant him a
license to keep aunblic house of entertaintnent,
and ycior petitioner, ris in duty bound, will ever
We, the subscribers, citizens of Jackson town
ship, do certify that the shir() Petitioner is of good
repute Thr honesty and temperance, oral is well
provided with' house room and 'convenience for
the aceOrninodation of strangers, travelers, and
others, nod that said tavern is necessary.
William Bruse, Mathitie 'Lightner, heob Val
entine, William Mitcli,ll, William that's, Henry
Walborn, Roberd Wilson, William Mars, John J.
Greer, Washington Randolph, N. W. Scott,.Dan
iel Troutwine, Solomon blunter, George Steal,
George Rudy, March 'l, 1853.
To the Honorable, the Judges - of the Court of
Quarter Sessions of the County of Huntingdon.
The petition of William liockenberry respect
fully sheweth t That your petitioner has leased,
and now occupies that convenient house in the
village of Shade Gap, in Dublin township, which
was tiomerly kept as a public house by John Ja
mison and others, and which is well calculated for
a public house of entertainment, and from its
neighborhimd and situation, is suitable, as well
as necessary, for the accommodation of the public
and the entertainment of strangers and travelers;
that he is well provided with stabling tar !orsos, •
and all conveniences for the entertainment of
strangers and travelers. He therefore respeetfal
ly prays the Court to giant him a license to keep
an lnn or Public House of entertainment there,
and your Petitioner
W 11.1,1,114 fIoCKENBERRY,
We, the undersigned citizens of the township of
Dublin aforesaid, being personally acquainted.with
William Hookenherry, the shove named petition , -
er, and also having a Imo, ledge of the house 11,r
which the license is prayed, do hereby certify that
such house is necessary to accommodate the pub
lic and entertain strangers or travelers, that he is
a person of good repute for honesty and temper
ance, and that he is well provided with house room
and conveniences for the lodging and accommoda
tion of strangers and travelers. We therefore beg
leave to recommend him for a license agreeably
to his petition.
David Peterson, Chas. C. Burkholder, Alexan
der Cree, J. S. Hunter ' Jelin MA - cloy, duo. W.
Carl, Alex. Kennedy, George Mills,John Paid,
Geo. Waggoner, James Peterson, 'int Reader,
William A. Logan. March 9, 1863.
Huntingdon County, Pa.,
situate 15 miles front the Central Roil Road at
Mount Union, is cosy of access by a daily line of
stages from the former place to Chandarsburg.
ACADEMY will take place on Wednesday the!
16th of March, inst.
The anniversary Oration will be delivered, be
fore the Literary Societies, by Rev. Wm. CLARKE,
of Chambershurg. Exercises to continence at 10
o'clock, A. M. The friends of education are re
spectfully invited to attend.
Th e subscribers, ju consequence of the decease
of she lumented Principal, J. H. W. McOinnes,
will have the general management of the Institu-
In addition to the teachers of the present Ses
sion, they have procured, for the ensuing tents,
the services of R. H. Morrow A. 13., an experi
enced teacher, who was formerly in connection
with the Academy. No effort will be spared, eith
er on the part of . Teachers or Trustees, to render.
the School worthy the patronage of parents and
guardians who to give their sons and wards
a thorough academical education without exposing
them to the immoral influences of more populous
The Academical year is divided into two ses
sions, of tire months caeh. The Summer Session
commences the third Wednesday of April, (April
0000853.) The Winter Session commences the
third NVednesday of October,(Oct. 19th, 1863.
The entire expenses of a stu dent 'teed not exceed
Mrty-live tier session. Foe circulars and
further information, address the subscribers,
.1111 IN i',ItEWSTEII,
B. N. 10.111 i,
March 2, 1858.-3 m
THE Summer Session of theSe Institutions com
mences on WEDNESDAY The 4TII DAY or
MAY, am! continues five months. A tend of
$l5OO has been procured, to ho applied to the
purchase of it Superior philosophical apparatus and
a standar; library. With these facilities for in
struction. the Principals and Trustees of these In
stitutions othar to all, and especially to those seek
ing to qualify themselves for teaching, advantages
equal to those enjoyed by the academical student
in our colleges.
These Institutions are. in the Same village.
though entirely separate, and sonic distance apart,
thus afibrding to parents the opporthaty of send-
Mg their soot , and daughters together. believing
that the same principles sought to lie carried out
in our eOMIIIOII school system, should, and will
eventually; extend to the highest branches of it
liberal education, the Principals and Trustees view
what they have done only as the nucleus of fur
ther and more extended efforts, which, as they
proceed, will enable them to atlbrd to all classes,
• a liberal course of education, at an expense more
commensurate with the limited means of a large
• number of the youth of our State, who are enga
ged in the praise-worthy endeavor to obtain an
education. And with this expectation, they cotit
mend their Institutions to the patronage and kind
totsistunee of all friends of a sound, liberal and
general education.
Board, lights, washing and tuition, for.
the Summer SesAien M . 22 weeks, $45 00
No incidentals. Day scholars, the usual prices,
according to studies. Music, Latin, and French,
extra. '
Tuition, $6,00, $lO,OO, and $12;00, per ses
sion, iteCording to grade of studios. Boarding
can lib had in the village for from $1,50 to $2,00.
, So deduction for absence except in cases of
pnjtraeted sickness.
Tito semi-annual QXwipation of the Pu
pils of the remark Sculihary rumitneuee on
Thursday the 7th day of April. The frieuds of
the Seminary, and the public, are respectfully in
vited to attend
March 2,1853.-3 m.
Administrator's Notice.
Estate of \'ILLIAIt IRVINE, late of Warriorsmart
township, dec'd.
Letters of Administration having been granted
to the undersigned on the above Estate, all per
sons indebted will make immediate payment, and
those having claims will present them duly au
thenticated for settlement.
March 2, 1858.6t.'
More Proof of their Superiority.
The Late Fire in Jersey City.
Mr. Silas C. Herring—Sir: It gives us much
pleasure to state that a Safe of your make was the
means of preserving our books and valuable. pa
pers, together with a lot of Silver Spoons, Forks,
&c., from destruction by the fire that occurred, in
our store on the night of the 27th ult., at NO. 46
Montgomery st. tie fire commenced near the
Safe, which, owing to its situation on a wall, did
not fall into the cellar, but was exposed to the
Hill heat of the fire from its commencement, and
solicit taken from the rains had all the brass plates
and knobs completely melted otl:
Your. B. EARLE &
Jersey City, l?eb. 3, 1853.
Great Fire -in Strawberry st.—Letter fs om
Lewis 8f Co.—Phila., .March 29, 1852.
Mr. John Farrel—Sir: It aflbrdstne much sat
isfaction to inform you that the " Herring Sala
mander Safe" which we purchased of you a short
time since, preserved our books and papers in good
condition, during the severe ordeal through which
it passed at the disastrous conflagration that, took
place at our warehouse on the morning of .the
28th iust , when tho sale was exposed to the most
intense. heat fur some hours, and when dragged
from the flames was red hot on several sides..We
make tbis.statement by way of bearing testimony
to the worth of these valuable Fire Proofs. Very
respectfully, LEWIS & Co.
The Proprietor of the genuine " Herring Sala
tnander Safes," challenges tho whole world, in
the stint of One Thousand Dollars, to produce their
equal. Awarded the Priie Medal at the World's
Fair, London, and the GoLn MEDAL by the Amer
ican Instinite.. Over.Booo of these safes have been
sold and aro now in use, and more than 100 have
passed triumphantlythrOugh accidental fires.
Second-hand Stdes and'Sttlamanders" of oth
er makers, having been taken in part pay for
"lltrrines," for sale at cheap rates.
34 Walnut St., Philadelphia.
Cr Marbleised Iron Mantles, :Able lops,
front the Works of the celebrated "SALAMANDER
MARBLE Co." on hand in great variety.
March 2,1153.-3 m.
i/FICHAEL TRACY would most respectfully
"- inform his friends generally, that lie has
ken the. New Store, No,. 204, Market Street, ad
joining The Red Lion Hotel, Philadelphia, where
he would. he
,plersNl to see them. .Jle alWaYs
have on hand is varied assortntentiof Confection
ary, Fruits, Ac., At, Marzh 3,'53.-3t.
To the Honorable, the Judges of the Court of
Quarter Sessions of the Peace, in and for the
County of Huntingdon,
The Petition of Edwin J. Neff, of the borough
of Petersburg, in the county aforesaid, humbly
showed': That your Petitioner hath provided him
self with materialSor the accommodation of stran
gers, travelers, aSnd others, at his dwelling house,
formerly occupied by Joseph Forrest, in the coun
ty aforesaid, and prays that your Honors will be
pleased to grant him a license to keep a public
house of entertainment, and your petitioners as in
duty bound, will ever pray, &c.
We the subscribers. citizens of the borough of
Petersburg, do certify, that the above petitioner is
of good repute tbr honesty and temperance, and is
well provided with house room and conveniences
tar the accommodation of strangers, travelers, and
others, and that said tavern is necessary.
Jos. Forrest, Geo. M. Cress Well, 11. A. Wake
field, Juo. R. flouter, Geo. B. Porter, John G.
Ritter, 11. Orlady, Bernal). Zigler, lonics IL
Wright, henry Nov ill, Peter Vandevander, James
Meettuly. March 2,1853.
To the Honorable, the Judges of the Court of
Quarter Sessions of Huntingdon County, at
April Sessions t 8.53,
The Petition of James li. Hampson, of Mill
Creak, Brady township, Huntingdon County, res
pectfully shcweth : That he still occupies that well,
knoim brick Tavern House, in said township,
which has heretofore been used and occupied as a •
public house of entertainment, and is desirous of
continuing to keep a public house therein. Ho
therefore prays your Honors to grant hint a license
to keep a public house at the place aforesaid, fur
the ensuing year,mnd
The subscribers, citizens of township of Bra
dy, in the county of Huntingdon, recommend the
above petitioner, and certify that the Inn or Tav
ern above mentioned is necessary to accommodate
the public and entertain strangers or travelers; and
that the petitioner above named is of good repute
liar honesty and temperance, and well provided
with house room and conveniences for the lodging
and accommodation of strangers and travelers.
E. L. Plowman, llobt. Kyle, Samuel G. Simp
son, Wm. Buchanan, A dam Warfel, Eli Wakefield,
Jacob Schaffner, John S. Weston, Jesse Yocum,
James M'Donald, Alartiu Fleming, Francis trol
ler, Martin Getz. Merck 2, 1853.
To the Honorable, the Judges of the Court •of
Common Pleas Or Huntingdon County, now
cemposing and holding a Court of General Quar
ter Sessions of the Peace, in and for said coun
ty, April Term 1853.
The Petition of Jolt G. Stewart, of the town
ship of Barren, in the county of Huntingdon, res
pectfully sbeweth That your petitioner is desirous
of keeping a public lonise or tavern in the house
he now occupies, situated in. the village Of Souls
burg, county art towosltip aforesaid; that he lots
provided himself with nece,sories for the conveni
ence and accommodation of travelers and stran
gers. He therefore prays your Ilonrrs to grant
him a license to keep a house of public enteelain
ment in said house, and Ito will pray, &c.
We, the subscribers, 4o certify that John G.
Stewart, the above applicant, is of good repute for
honesty and temperance, and is well provided with
house room and conveniences for the lodging and
accommodations •of strangers and travelers, and
that said house or tavern is necessary to accom
modate the public and entertain strangers and
James Forrest, John Love, Samuel Coen, Pe
ter Livingston, Gilbert Chaney, Job Slack, Reu-.
ben Massey, Thomas Bell, John Artnon, James
M'Griger, Shadrach Chaney, Christian Peightal.
March 9, 1853.
R. A. MILLER, D. D. S.
Artificial Teeth, from one to a full set, mounted
iu the most improved modern style.
Fail y and cleaning dime with care anti
Teeth Extracted with all the ease and despatch
that modern science can furnish.
March 2, 1853.
ALL persons are Warned against taking an as
signment of a Note, bearing date September
IS, 1852, in favor of Simon Levi for 538,79. Said
note was obtained by fraudulent representations as
to the contents. amount and character of the pa-{I
pet, at the signing thereof, and will not be paid by ,
rue_, unless compelled by law. HENRY LEVI.
March 2, 1853.
GULL) and Silver Spectacles at all prices, at
E. Snare's. April 15,1852.
SUPERIOR Port Monnaies, Gold Pens, and
Pen and Pocket Knives, at E. SNARE'b.
Commission Merchants,
Nos. 23 & 25, Spear's Wharf,
John Clark, Esq., President Citizens Bank, Balt,
A. I'. Giles, Esq., Cashier Franklin Bank, "
,rohn.llertzler;Jr.; Esq.,Philadeiphitt.
Rogers;Sinnickson, o.; • . "' •
J. Tome, Esq., Presd't Cecil•Ban . k, Port Deposit.
J.. Wallower & Son, Harrisburg
Col. H. C. Eyer, Selinsgrove.
J. 11. App & Co., " '•
Nagle, Wingate & Co., Milton.
W. W. Cooke, Esq...Muney.
Simon Schuyler, "
Geo. Bodine Hughesville.'
W. Weaver k Co., Montoursville.
Gen. W. F. Packer, Williamsport.
T. W. Lloyd, Esq., Cashier,
James 11. Haling, Esq.',
Lewis U. Huling,
McHenry & Bubb, Jersey Shore.
J. P. Ruling, Lock Haven.
. .
fig - Carr, ,
Giese d• Co., have the largest wharf
mum of any Commission House in Baltimore, al
waya giving quick despatch to boats in diticharg-
Mg their cargoes. [Feb. 23-6 m
To the heirs and legal representatives of TVILLIAM
CORBIN, late qf Clay townshlp,
Take notice that in pursuance of a Writ of Par
tition or Valuation issued out of the Orphans'
Court of Huntingdon County, I will hold an In
quest to make partition or valuation of the real
estate of which said William Coybin, dec'd., was
seized, on the premises,
on Friday the' 25th day
of March next, at whirl, time and place all per
sons interested are notified to attend if they think
proper. WM. B. ZE[GLER, Sheriff.
Huntingdon, Fell. 23, 1853-4 t.
Proposals, for inniding a Bridge across the Ju
niata River at Huntingdon, will be received at the
Commissioners' (Mee up to four o'clock on the
14th dny of March, 1853. Specifications to be
seen at the Commissioners' Office.
ALSO-Proposals for building a Bridge acrms
Black Log Creek, near Ruck 11111 Furnace, in
Cromwell township, will be received by the Com
inlisioners on the 84th day of March, 1853, at the
house of Mr. Etnicr, at which time and place the
specifications can be seen.
17t011El1T STITT,
ELIEL SMITE, Commissioners.
February 23, 1853.-3 t.
Executer's Notice
Estatd of Hezekiah :Rickets, late of Shirley town
ship dec'd.
Letters testamentary hawing been granted to
the undersigned on the . estate of Heeekialt Rick
ets, late of Shirley township, dec'd., All persons
haring claims against said estate are reqtfested to
present them duly authenticated fur settlement
without delay, tend all persons indebted to saitt es
tate are requested to make immediate payment.
Feb. 23, 1853.-6 t.• Executors
A .
fresh supply of Garden Seeds from Risley's
Gardens, just received, and for imle by
Feb. 23, 1853. J. Sc. SAXTON.
Abeautiful lot of Oast Iron Pumps, for Wells
and Cisterns, just received, and for sale by
Fob. 23, 18:33. J. W. Sys TON
The Summer Term of this Institution will com
mence Wednesday, April 57th neat
Instructions given in all the branches prepara
tory to entering College.
TERMS.—Tuition per Session, of twenty-two
weeks, 0,00 to $12,00 according to studies pur
sued; payable in advance.
Boardiny, Washing, b.., usual prices.
cr Charges to date from time of entering and
no deductions for absence unless caused by
It is the determination, (Providence . favoring,)
to render the Schuol,.in all respects, worthy of
confidence and patronage.
Feb. 16, '53.-111 Principal.
DV virtue of an order of the Orphans' Court of
nunthiglion County, will he exposed to pub
lic sale on the premiset; near Mill Creek, in said
county, on
at ten o'clock, A. M., all that farm or tract of land
situate in Brady township, late the property of
Absalom Plowman, dec'd., 61:landed by the Juni
ata Myer, Jack's Mountain,Vandevanders' heirs
and others, containing 174 Acres more or less,
about 70 acres of which are cleared and in a good
state of cultivation,. having thereon four dwelling
houses, ouo good log barn, a stable, lime-kiln,
two good apple and peach orchards, and two nev
er failing springs of water. The property con
tains Iron Ore and an inexhaustible quantity of
TEnna.-One third of the purchase money on
confirmation of the sale, and the balance imtwo
equal annual payments with interest, to be secu
red by the bonds and mortgage of the purchaser.
Lx. of A. Plownian, dec'd.
February 9,1853.—5 t
All persons who have subscribed to the Stock
of the Huntingdon and Broad Top Mountain Rail
Road and Coal Company, who have not paid in
the first instalment on the number of shares sub
scribed for them, are hereby required to make
immediate payment of the same to the undersign
edott tine Office of the Company, in the borough
of Remind.. JACOB MILLER,
Huntingdon, Feb. 16, '53. Treasurer.
In exchange for nierehandiae, 500 bushels of
dried apples, paired; 250 bushels of Peaches, un•
paired. A. S. HARRISON, & Co.
Just Arrhtd,
Ono of the best and largest selected stocks of
Pouts and Shoes in Huntingdon. Also WI as
sortment of Gum Shoes, of ali sizes, at the new
Story of J. BRICKER.
Nail►, all kinds and sizes, for sale at the new
store of J. Bricker.
A VERY large lot of BOSOM PINS
t 771 1, PINS, Edit RINGS, PENCILS
KEYS for the lathe. at ED3I. SSARE'S.
Cr Linseed Oil, 20 kegs pure White Lead,
Jersey-Window Glass and Putty, for solo at the
store of GEO. GWIN.
At- VP, New Orleans, and S. H. Molasses, ki•
sale cheap at the new store of
For Sale or Rent.
1 EBECCA. FijI{'NAQE 413 D FORGE, with
the necessary buifaings, situate oh the water,
of Stainlihg Stone Creek, is now fop sale or rent
This desirable property, for any ItiElion - Inclinek
to enter into the Iron business, offers' faVorabl.
facilities. Situated, as it is, 12 miles off the pub
' lie improvements at Huntingdon or Petersburs
in the heart of a well wooded country, and wit
abundance of the finest quality of TrorfOre withi.
two miles front its location, it offers to the enter
prising, an opportunity; seldom met with, to,ent
bark in a profitable business.
Persons desiring inthrmation on the subject',
may apply to William or George Couch, at
Conchs' Mills; Berree township, Huntingdon co.;
Mrs. Mary Couch, Altoona, Blair pm; or Thomas
P. Campbell, Esq., Huntingdon. •
17.x'rs. of A. Couch, deceased.
Executrix of Wm. Conch, dec'd.
N. B. If not sold or rented, the undivided half
part of the above property trill be offered for sale
at the Conn House, in the borough of Hunting
don, on Tuesthry the 12th day of April next.
Feb. 9, 18.51'.
MRS. fl. G. SUTLER, invites the attention
Iva.' of Country Merchants and Dross Makers to
her uuriyaleti assortment of
for full sized Ladies' Dresses, Sleeves, Mantles,
Talmes, Mantjllas ) pmes
,Aprons,, Sado ? &c. &c.
The Patterns ff?C• erg;roitlerpl in venous de ,
signs, printed 'and fringe% showing exactly hoW
the Dress will appear when made.
. .
Being in constant communication with the beat
houses of London and Paris, and rilruislied month.
ly with every new design as soon as it appears,
the public can always depend on this Old Estab;.
Haired House for the most recherche novelties iu
in dress.
Alway. on hand n beneticul assortment of
Children% Clothing,
of the newest styles and materials.
Medals were awarded her in 1848, '5O, and 'SZ
set of Six Patterns will be sent to any
one enelusing Three Dollars.
Mrs. H. G. Suplee's •
Children's Clothing & Pattern Emporium,
54 South 2d St., Philadelphia. -
Feb. 2, 1855.-3 m
Orphans' Court Sale.
By virtue of an order of the Orphans' Court of
Huntingdon county, will be exposed to public
sale at Mill Creek on a
Saturday the 12th day of March, 4. A 1853,
the following deicrihed real Estate, late' of Rich
ard Plowman, deed., viz A TRACT OF
LAND, in Union township Huntingdon county,
adjoining the Juniata River nearly opposite Mill
Creek, adjoining RoNert M'Neal, and others, and
near the Pennsylvania Railroad, containing fl
Acres, he the same more or less, being timber
ed land, and of such kind as to furnish cross ties
fer Railroad purposes, and
. of a good quality of
farm land, when cleared.
TERMS.—One half in hand
,on continuation of
sale, and the residde'in one yearthereitfter with in:
terest to he seemrztlby the bonds and. mortgage of
the purchaser. • •
Itv the 6;:trt, M. P. CAMPBELL, Clerk:
Attendance given by
Feb. 2,'53.-Gt. • Administrator,
dim itt , .
&.GAtitiel Levi, . .
Respectfully announce to illeir.friaad's.aud'thci
public in general, they will open on Saturday
next at the old stand in Market Square, In the
Borough of Huntingdon, lately occupied by ono
of the firma,
consisting of
DRY (300D9,•0f eiehydeseription, of the la
test oylds and best qualities: •
GROCERIES of all kinds, fresh and of the
READY-MADE CLOTHING—ti litrge - stoek
for men and boys,of the host material and cell
BOOTS AND SHOES-a large assqrtment. of
coarse and fine.
HATS AND CAPS, for men and boys.
' !
• WARE, &e. . ;
all of which will bc sold low, for cash o r ,country.
produce. .
Thepublic generally, and the old customers of
S. Levi, in particular, arc earnestly invited to
call and examine the Goods and prices.
Jan. 26, '53.
Conittligioners or nuntingtion Co,unty
Wink purchased the Toll Bridge,- near the
West end of the. borough of Iltintitigden,' there:
fore notice, is lore* given to all person' . itidebted
to the Juniata Bridge Com Pliny, in said county;
by bond, note, or for yearly subscriptions of toll,
to make payment of the same, without delay, to
JAMES GWIN, Treasurer.
January 19, 1853.
Attention, Lumbermen I
The undersigned otter for sale ono of QEORG.EI
itAoe's Second Closs Portable Saw Mills, with a
fifteen horse power engine attehedoind in com
plete running order. It was bought and pdt up in
June last, and the mill and engine is made of the
best material. This mill will cut 1000 tent of lum
bar per hour, and is at present situated near-Bald
Eagle Furnace, Blair CO. For further particu
lars enquire of E. L. Shultz ' Bald Eagle Furnace
Jan. 19, 1852.-2 m
Foundry for Sale or Rent.
THE old established Stbne Foundry, 40
by 40 feet,'Waro Boom 30 by 40 feet, En=
House, 30 by 31 feet; Patterns for Cook
Stoves, 3 sizes—Patterns for Cook Stoves for
Coal and Wood, 3 sizes; Parlor Stoves for Wood
or Coal; Tight Air Stoves, Thrashing Machine
Pntuons, Putterms.for Egg Stoves, 4 sites. and
for runouts for Forges and Rolling Mills, Wagon
Box Patterns,'Hill.side and Bull Plough Patterns,
Iron Wash Kettles, with u variety or dtlier'Pat ,
terns, and a large Lathe for turning Iron or Wood,
all in good order.
Apply to the subscriber at Alexandria, '
January 12, 1853, •
20,000 acres in exchange for City Property, Mer
chandise or Cash. Apply to
Real Estate Brokers; 106 Walnut St. .
Jun. 25, '59.. Philadelphia.
H. W.
HfI.IV7'I..KGDON, P. 4
November 18, 1852.
JOSEPH DOUGLASS, in Dicdonnenstown,
has constantly on hand, and is prepared $0
make and repair GUNS of all kinds at the short
est notice. Nov. 21, '52.