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    schools, so as to afford a regular occupation
to teachers, may be considerably relieved
by encouraging to a much greater extent,
the employment of females. While it is
conceded that a male teacher is betteer a
dapted to control the older boys, and to
teach such as are considerably advanced in
their studies, yet, for girls and younger
children of both sexes, the instructress, as
a general thing, has superior qualifications.
Her delicacy, benevolence, attractiveness
and moral power, provided by Nature, par
ticularly for the government of children,
give her a potency the Instructor does not
The table herewith annexed, shows that
the average salaries paid to male and fe
male teachers per month, during the past
year, to be $18,75 to the former, and $ll
46 to the latter. It costs about as much
to pay male teachers for six months in the
year as it does females for ten. It is obvi
ous, therefore, that by the general employ
ment of the instructress iu all schools for
which she is adapted, the duration of teach- 1
lug might be greatly enlarged without in
of cost, and at the same time be
forded by those who pursue it as a profes
sion, who possess experience, and maintain
continuity and progress in the method and
course of study.
But however much wo way prepare safe
guards so as to prevent incompetent teach
ers from being placed in the schools, what
ever measures may be adopted to stimulate
the ambition and excite the energies of
teachers for greater improvement, whatev
er shall be expended to fit them for the
performance of their responsible duties, yet
if not invited and temped to enter upon and
continue the profession of the teacher by
adequate cumpensation, all other means for
obtaining this desired end must measurably
fail. Good teachers should receive good
pay, to prevent them from abandoning the
business and entering upon some other pur
suit in which their qalifications will be bet
ter rewarded. How shall the means for
better salaries be supplied? On the score
of mere econemy, an enlightened and lib- I
eral view will show that it is true policy to
pay high salaries to good teachers, rather
than low salaries to bad ones. In both in-
stances the golden moments of the youth of ;
pupils are expended, and if not improvedl
by the aid of competent instructors, it is to
them, as well as the State, a serious loss,
which cannot well be estimated. Educa
tion is the lever that, resting upon the ful
crum of mind, moves the world. No la
bor, whatever it may be, is efficient but in
proportion to the aptness with which it is
applied by mind. The better cultivation
of the intellect the more productive the la
that is directed by it. This is true
whether applied to the mechanic arts, man
ufactures, agriculture, or anything else.—
As a consequence, therefore, the develope
'tient of the resources of this great country
must depend upon the mind that conceives
purposes, and with skill and adaptation di
rects the execution of details. The saga
cious and cultivated intellects that. project
and adjusted the plans for the construe
tion of the great artificial water coma:lnm
cat;on between the waters of Lake Erie and
the Hudson river, have added incalcuable
millions to the wealth of a sister State; while
in our own, the practical application of sci
ence has costructed gigantic internal im
provements, developed the rich treasures
of our vast and varied mineral deposites,
called into fruitful life-bearing production
our naturally fertile soil, established and
placed under successful operation manufac
tures of almost every conceivable kind,
spread over our valleys and plains, numer
ous cities, towns and villages,and filled our
borders with a thrifty population of nearly
two and a half millions. Such results could
never have been produced among an uned
ucated people; and whatever limitation may
have existed hitherto to the general preva
lence of education, still whatever of pro
gress we have made is owing to the mind, to
the cultivated mind, that has given fruitful
ness to the labor it controlled and directed.
In proportion as intellegence prevails a
mong a people with the energy of our raze,
and under the untrammelled oportunities
that our free institutions afford, so shall be
our progress, number, power, and wealth.
What then shall the increased cost of good
schools, furnishing a goood education to ev
ery child in the Commonwealth, weigh
against the increased advantages that shall
result to us as a community and people,
even in a pecuniary point of view? Surely
an enlightened economy, if for motives of
gain only, prompts the outlay.
In a republican government like ours,
depending upon moral power, the virtue
and intelligence of her, people must be the
substitute for the vastly expensive machi
nery of other governments who rule by the
maintenance of a costly physical force.—
With us, our scholars. and teachers are
trained and diuiplincd in lieu of the soldiery
and burthensome police establishments of
despotic governments. Educate our people,
teach them to understand their. duty atioi
tizets, to make good laws and observe thew,,
and we shall have no occasion to-support
such forces as in other countries "harrass
their people and eat out their substance."
General education makes a very cheap, yet
priceless substitute.
But apart from those considerations, the
interest the State has in the intellegence of
her citizens, should induce the patriotic
promptings of our people to make any ne
cessary pecuniary sacrifice to attain this end.
As the benefits of the common school sys
tem, imperfectly as they have hitherto been
afforded, become understood, the more pop
ular is this institution. Furnish good
teachers, show the tax-payers the differ
ence in the results produced betty dll com
petent and incompetent teachers, and the
but be responded to by a willingness to in
cur the necessary cost.
In concluding this report, I will merely
add, that owing to my brief connection
with the duties of the Department, I may
have omitted other and perhaps more im
portant considerations, which would tend
to correct defects, or add new features and
improvements in the machinery of our com
mon school system. Those suggested have
presented themselves most foriebly to my
mind, and they are, therefore, most re
spectfully submitted to the reprerentutives
of the people, for such action thereon as to
them may seem right and necessary.
Tyrany of the Petticoats,
"We males swagger and talk of our su
periority, but only the savage has practi
cal dominion over the 'weaker sex,' simply
because he bangs his refractory female in
lordly style ! We don't beat our women,
and are therefore slaves; we arc forced to
knock tinder, because we have fastidious
notions of knocking theta down! This
I may be quite correct; I only state the fact
without commentary. Unbeaten woman is
a tyrant. A little blond creature with fair
eyes, fragile figure, whom you could crush
in your wanly grasp, somehow or other you
find yourself trembling before a crowed po
tentate. She bends you to her purpose, to
her caprices; if you quail not before her
anger, she rushes into hysterics! What
is helpless and above all, clubless man to
del Be meek and acquiescent."
Of course; no other way, my dear sir, if
you want your shirts made to suit you,
your old pants rosurrectionized, your dinner
kept hot, or any other little accommoda
tion, (when you are in a hurry and can't
atop to discuss matters.) 'Clubless mars!'
I like that; I'd like to know if they don't
always resort to ARMS when they intend
to subdue us I I merely ask for informa
tion, as lam an old maid myself ! Now
there's no use trying to DRIVE any of the
female gender (I'm ono of the sisters, and
feel myself qualified to "take the floor,"
Mr. Chairman!) There's no necessity for
making such a bungling piece of matrimo
ny, either. Were I a man, I'd engage to
manage any wife you can bring along.
(Between you and I, I should keep the bite
awl reins out of sight !) but I'd do it !
She should be as docile as a kitten, and
believe herself master of the house, too !
Oh, pooh ! you don't understand the phil
osophy of the thing—'tisnt every man that
has a call to be a husband ! Do you sup
pose if you feed and clothe a woman, and
keep her warm, that's- the end of the chap
terl Pshaw: Imagine me to bo Tom Fern!
When I came home from the office, I
should take a microscopic view of my dear
Fanny's face, to see which way the wind
blew. If she looked dull,. from the thou
sand petty annoyances of housekeeping, I
should just put my arm around her blessed
little neck (never minding collars and fix
ins,) and tell her I didn't care a damaged
cigar whether I had my favorite pudding
or not, if she only loved me Wouldn't
she brighten up, hey 1 Do you suppose I'd
go staving up and down the room like a
hyena, and knock over her work basket,
and tread on the baby, and break the bell
wire, and scowl till I looked like one of those
"gutta percha" phizzes I No, sir ! Then
I'd kiss her, and tell her to keep up her
spirits till I came home at night, and we'd
have an early tea, and hear Tommy say his
prayers, and go to— (well I DARSEN 2 T
say it; but I'd TAKE her there ?
Voll, sir, the consequence would be she
would see I was the same fascinating Tom
who begged her on my marrow bones and
moonlight evenings,
, •to make me the hap
piest of men," and there isn't one woman
in a thousand (treated that way) that
wouldn't love till you were as hap
py as a fly in a molasses cup! As to a
meek man, defend me from Betty's in cor
duroys! I'd prefer to endure the "bang
ing of a refractory-female!"" I'd rath
er be under a tyrent than over a Moses !
—Olive Branch.
The subscriber, having taken the large four sto
ry brick Hotel, tormerly the "Washington," kept
by Mr. Thomas Wallace, is refitting the same for
public accommodation. This Rotel is situated
within a few yards of the Railroad station ' and 'is.
ono of the most eligible in the place. The sta
bling is extensive, and the location pleasant.—
Every attention will be given by the proprietor
to promote the comfort of guests.
April 15,1852.
ABRAM LEWIS respectfully informs his
friends and the travelling public, that lie has taken
the above house at MOUNT UNION, Huntingdon
County, and assures all those who may favor him
with their custom, that no pains will be spared to
render satisfaction. Baggage taken to and from
the Rail Road station, and conveyances furnished
at all times, to persons going to Milnwood Acad
emy, Shirloysburg, Orbisoma, &e.
Mount Union, April 22, 1852.
A large assortment of Candies, Nuts,
Raisins, Dates, Prunes, Lemons, Oranges, Scotch
Herring, Coca Nuts, 6.c., &c., wholesale and re
tail, at the cheep store of J. BRICKER.
April 22, 1852.
uISH, Tar, Oiis, Lead, Glue, Turpentine, Glass,
Putty, Paints, Tobacco, Cigars, 6.c., whole
sale and retail, at the cheap store of
April 22, 1852, J.. BRICKER.
beautiful assortment of , Fancy Capin. and
Vesting for sale by J. &W. SAXTON.
0 lir 100 Sacks of Salt in store, and for sale
by Geo. Gwin.
KOSSUTH , HATS for sale at the new store
of J. Bricker.
eir Feathers wanted in exchange for goods at
t ile new store of J. BRICKER.
Philadelphia Advertisements.
Most Popular Religious Books of
the Age.
...... _
4 vols. 12mo. Price reduced to 75 cents
each, viz:
30,000 of these books have been sold In Eng
land, and from 3to 4000 in this countr y, where
they are now offered at less than half the i r original
price. No religious writings are more pleasant or
profitable to read. The style is very clear and
beautiful; the spirit of Christian tenderness and
love beams in light on every page; and few books
inculcate a safer and more practical acquaintance
with Holy Scripture, as a whole. A thousand
collies should be read where one is now.
and the best STANDAUD AND New AND ENTER—
TAINING Womis, with an extensive stock ofJc--
Publications of the Prot. Epis. S. S. Union, and
the Evan. Knowledge Society, for sale at the low
est prices.
11. HOOKER, Publisher,
and Cheap Theological and Miscellaneous Book
sellers, corner Chesnut and Eighth Streets, PHIL,
fresh evidence of the reliance to be placed in
No. 61. South Second St.,
"We take pleasure in stating that we had one
of Oliver Evans' Fire Proof Safes' in our store,
BUILDINGS, which NillWo taken from the ruins
and opened, was found to have preserved our
Books, Papers, &e., entirely uninjured. GETZ &
esT "My store was entered by Burglars, and
failing to Pick the Lock of my Iron Sale, they
tried to blow it open with Powder, but no loss or
injury was sustained. It was purchased of Oli
ver Evans, 61 S. Second street, Philadelphia.
J. C. Foutats, Bordentown, N. J."
For sale, of all sizes, by OLIVER EVANS,
61 5. &caner St., below Chestind.
, W• Sole Agent for the
Day & Newell's World's Fair Premium Bank,
Vault and Store Locks—Thief and Powder proof.
Also, in stove—Seal and Letter Copying Press
es. Trucks, for moving boxes, halos or mums.
Druggists' Presses, with Cylinders and Pans.—
Portable Shower Baths, of superior construction.
Water Filters, for purifying bad water. Refrig
erators, and Ice Chests. Water Coolers of all
kinds, for Hotels, Stores, &c.
Sept. 30, 1852.-3 m.
The Subscriber having leased the Public House,
fortnerly knoen as the American House, No. 1S
S. Sixth Street, between Market and Chesnut
Streets, has changed the name of the same to
Begs leave to inform his friends and the Public,
that this house has undergone a thorough remod
elling, repairing, repainting and repnpering, from
attic to basement. An entire new outfit of furni
ture, bedding, &e., &c., has boon procured front
the most celebrated Manufacturers in this city.
From the central location, and its close prox
imity to the Railroad Depots, Steamboat Land
ings, Places of Amusement, Fashionable Thor
oughfitres and Public Squares, it offers induce•
meats to the Merchant visiting the city on busi
ness, or the Traveler socking pleasure. To fam
ilies and females visiting the city, every facility
will be offered, and every comfort regarded to
make their visit agreeable and pleasant.
A share of the public patronage is respectfully
Superintendent. Proprietor.
September 9. 1852.—Grn
No. 280, Markel Si., above Tight, Philadelphia.
Under the new arrangement the cars which ar
rive from Pittsburg, llarrisburg,, &c., will run to
the New Depot, corner of Schuylkill sth and Mar
ket. In order to accommodkte the public we will
always have our Coach at the New Depot on the
arrival of the cars to carry Passengers to the Al
legheny House, which is in the centre of the city.
Our old friends will please ride down, and all who
wish to patronise a House with a Good Table,
Clean Beds, and accoenmodatting assistants, will
please give us a call. Terms, use dollar per day.
August 26, 1852.-6 m.
Would respectfully inform his friends and the
public, that he has on hand and is receiving for
the coining season, afino assortment of
(13' -zu•ce3o a 12. W -9
Consisting of Watches, Chains, Brcast'Pins, Fin
ger Rings, Ear Rin, Pencils, Keys, Thimbles,
Studs, Medallions, &c. Together with his celebra
ted and unrivalled
c1.0 1 L.) TIMIT4
Which is equal if not superior, to any now in use.
Each Pen is Engraved with his own name,
and every Pen,Warranted.
Oh did you ever, no I never !
Mercy on us what a treat;
Get Read's Gold Pew, they're extra fine,
And only found iteNorth Third Street.
A splendid Pen !!! Where did you get it?
Pore Diamond Pointed, can't be bent;
Yen, my friends, there's no humbuging
In Rend's Gold Pens of North Third Street
Cf'Rend's Gold Pdn - id found only at 46. North
Third Street, below Arch East Side.
Tnos. READ,
Piladelphia. Jan. 8,1852.—tf.
H. K. NEFF, 111. D.,
HAVING located himself in WARRIOItBMARK
in this county, would respectfully offer his
professional services to the citizens of that place
slid the country adjacent.
J. B. Ludcn, M. B. Gen. A. I'. Wilson,
M. A. Henderson, " Wm. P. Orbison, Esq.
J. 11. Dorsey, " lion. James Gwinn,
M. Stewart, " John Scott, Esq.
lion. George Taylor. . _
Huntingdon, Pa.
Jacob M, Gammill, M. D., Alexandria.
John M'Culloch, " Petersburg.
Stoves and Ploughs.
A large assortment constantly on hand, and will
be sold twenty per cent. cheaper than can be
boughtat any other place.
Alexandria, Jane 3, 1852.
DRESS GOODSjust opened at the store
Oct. 14, 'O2.
v'., .1,..
Huntingdon County Mutual Insur
ance Company,
Wish to receive applications for agents,
from such persons as are willing to give
time and attention to the duties. The pay
allowed will fully compensate agents for
their trouble. Agencies and duties con
fined to the county. Apply in person or
by letter, post-paid, to
Sept. 16, 1852.
Huntingdon county Mutual Insurance
At n meeting of the Directors of the Hunting
don county mutual Insurance Company held at
the Court house in the Borough of Huntingdon
on Monday Sept. 6th 1852. On motion mid
Company was organized, by appointing James
Gwin, Esq.,_Pres., and David Snare, Esq., Sec
retary and Treasurer. James Gwin, David Me-
Murtrie and John Huyett were appointed an Ex
ecutive committee.
As soon as Blanks and instructions can be pre
pared; proper agents will be appointed to secure
applications for Insurance against fire. David
Smite of the Borough of Huntingdon is authorised
to grant Insurances immedediately on applica
tion. Payment for Insurances will not be re
quired until] the Policies are tendered to the ap
plicant. By order of the Board.
DAVID Ps - sue, Secretary.
Sept. 9, 1752.
All persons knowing themselves indebted to
the subscribes., either by note or otherwise, are
requested to call and snake settlement, at Isis store
in Portstown, near Huntingdon; as he is desirous
of having his old Books
July 29, 1852.
Will attend faithfully to all legal business entrust
ed to his care.
Huntingdon, July 29, 1952.
Informs his old friends and the public that he
has returned to his old home, and will attend to
all business in his profession, entrusted to him,
with fidelity and his best ability.
Office in Main Street, south side, the lust house
hefow the Court house:
Huntingdon, May 13, 1832.-6M'.
J. S. GRIFFITH, M. D., •
Graduate of the University of he., offers his
professional service to the citizens of Huntingdon
and adjacent country.
REFERENCES :—Medical Faculty of University
of Pa., Physicians and Surgeons of the Pennsyl
vania Hospital and Dr. Jacob Hoffman.
(ate, No. 189, Mifflin Street, along with Dr.
Hoffman. May 6, 1852.
Artificial Teeth, from one to a Nisei, mounted
in the most improved modern style.
S. L. GLASGOW, I Filling, Filing and Cleaning done with care and
TTORNET AT LAW, neatness.
HUNTINGDON, PA, Teeth Extracted with all the case alai despatch
that modern science can furnish.
Will attend to all business entrusted to his care. N. B. A liberal deduction made on the price
He will make collections, draw Deeds, Bands, of work done for persons coming from a distance,
Mortgages, &c., and state Administrator's, Exec- ' to d e f ray trave lli ng expenses, &c.
utor's, and Guardian's Accounts on the most red- Huntingdon, March 25, 1852.
sonable terms.
Office in Dorsey's brick row, opposite the res. i ßirmingham Female Seminary.
dence of Dr. llenderson, near the Court House.
April 1, 1852. The liberal patronage which this School has
! received iu the past, encourages the proprietor
LEWISTOWN POTTERY. and friends of female education, to expect by
proper exertion to make it both a premanent and
The undersigned respectfully inthrms their important Institution; and no pains will by spar
customers, and the citizens generally of Hunting- ed to sustain its growing reputation.
don county, that they still continue the manutiw- Among other considerations which inspire Lope'
taring of all kinds of Earthenware of the most au- as to its future sucess, the location is not units
perior quality and nt prices to suit the times.— portant. Three years actual experiment loss de-
They will make a trip by Canal, in the month of veloped a more philosophical, if not a truer reas-
May when they will be able to supply all who on for the existence of 'Birmingham than many
may favor them with their patronage. Merchants which Imo been assigned—that it is the situation
may rely on getting an article that cannot fail to fur a Female Seminary, surrounded as it is by
please their customers, and such as will yield them most romantic scenery—retired—healthful—easy
a handsome profit. All orders promptly attend- of access and in itself a place where ono might al
ed to. Address J. A. MATHEWS & BRO, most grow wise in the study of Nature alone un-
Lewistown, Pa. mocked by the works of Art.
April 1, 1852.-tf. The school year is divided into two Sessions of
twenty-two weeks each; the summer term corn.
FEATHERS! FEATHERS ! meneing the last Tuesday in April, the winter
For sale by HARTLEY & KNIGHT, 149 South term the last Tuesday in October.
Second Street, five doors above Spruce, Charges to date from time of entering, and no
PHILADELPHIA. deductions made for absence except in case o
10,000 lbs. of feathers. all qttalities
wholesale and retail at the lowest Tuition $4,00 and $5.00 per quarter—boarding
cash prices, •
8 1 ,50 per week. Music, Latin, French, Draw
• log, & e ., extra.
Bens, BoLsrEns, PILLows, MATruEssEs and Rev. ISRAEL W. WARD, A. 51., Principal
Cusitioxs constantly on hand or made to order. • liev. THOMAS WARD, A. M., Associate.
Also—Tickings, Blankets, Marsailes Quilts, Mav 1. 1852,
Comfortable, Sacking Bottoms &c., A.
First floor and Basement appropriated to sale
ofVelvet. Brussels, Tapestry Imperial three ply
• .
Carpetings. Ingrain C . arpeiings • from 25m; to
$1 00, Stair do lOUs to: $1 00, Entry do loots
to $1 25, Rag do 25 to 4Octs.
width and all prices.
April 1, 1852. Central Pentea. Banking House,
I , BRYAN, ‘..ILEIM & CO.— Office on Alla
&S. JONES, & Co., k gheuy street, a few doors west of the Court
CORNER OF FOURTH AND RACE !louse, and nearly opposite the Post Office, Hot.
STREETS. Publishers of the Model Ar- Itlaysburg, Pa.
chitect, by SAMUEL SLOAN, Architect, to be he Company is now ready to transact busi
complete in 24 monthly parts. 'less. Upon money deposited Itir a specific
The above work is designed to meet the wishes period of three, six, nine or twelve months, in
not only ofthose directly interested in buildings, terest will be paid at such rates as are usually
but of all who desire the advancement of this nu- allowed by Suvinge Institutions. Transient de ,
ble art in our country, and wish to cultivate their posites received, payable on demand.
tastes and acquaintance with architecture. The R. R. BRYAN, Cashier
handsome manner in which it is prepared and on,- Hollidaysburg, May 21, 1850.
bellished, renders it a tasteful ornament for the
drawing : room, while its accurate delineation give
it the highest practical value.
Nos. 1. 2 & 3 now ready for delivery.
Price-50 cents per number. Address as
above, post paid.
Dec. 18,1851.
Constantly on hand, and for side the most
highly improved Durham Short Hors cattle,
Chester Hogs, South Down, Cotswold and
Leicester Sheep.
The subscriber now offers for solo several very
fine Durham Short Horn Bull and heifer calves;
two Chester Boars; about five mouths old, which
took the first premium for pigs of that ago at
the late State Agricultural Fair: also, sixteen
young thorough bred Pigs of the same brood,
about three weeks old; also, eight thorough
Buck and Ewe Lambs of his South Down Hock.
The undersigned takes pleasure in stating that
for all the stock which he exhibited, at the State
Agricultural Fair, he received the highest pre
miums for South Down and Leicester sheep and
Chester Hogs.
Any letters directed to Eagle Foundry P. 0.,
Huntingdon Co., Penna., will be attended to.
April, 7, 1852.
SIIPERIOR Port bionnaien, Gold Penn, and
Pea and Pocket Knives, at E. &wiz's.
A N oxcollont variety of line It'EV r lr 6 1 , 8 41: 2
Cl. Snare's. ls,
Oil, Paiay Vapish, Turpentine, Tar, Ito;
Notice is hereby given that application will be
made to the next Legislature for the incorpo
ration of a Savings Institution with discounting
and deposit privileges, with a capital of not less
than ten thousand nor more than fifty thousand
dollars, to be called the linumonox SAVINGS
BANK, to be located in the borough of Huntingdon,
Huntingdon county, Pa.
Gr.o. Gwirr, D. MCMIIRTRIE.
July 6,'52.
COMM issiou Merchants,
Nos. 23 & 25 Spear's Wharf,
Will receive and sell, Flour, Grain, and all
kinds of Country Produce—including Lumber.
CT Liberal Cash advances made on Consign
ments, prompt returns as soon as sales are effect
ed. Aug. 26, '52.-4m.
All persons knowing themselves indebted to
the late firm of Dorsey & Maguire, or to the anti
scriber, either by note or book account, please
call and settle the same as lam dctermand that
no longer indulgence shall be given.
Huntingdon Aug. 19,1852.
The great Atlantic, the blue Pacific, and the
Niagara Falls all combined together, cannot be
compared with Heaton & Winces splendid assort
ment of SUMMER Goons opened out at Bridge-.
port, which they intend to sell cheap for cash or
produce. HEATON & WILLET.
Bridgeport, Aug. 5, '52.
The subscriber respectfully informs the public
that he now devotes his whole time and atten
tion to making and repairing pumps and will
promptly attend to all orders and calls that he
may be favoured with warrented all work to he
made of the best materials, and done in work
manlike manner at reasonable prices. Address
Mill Creek I'. 0. Huntingdon county,
We the Subscribers having used of Isaac Wol
vertons make of Pumps and do not hesitate in
saying that we believe them to be the best pump
that is now in general use.
J. Porter, Thos. Read.
Charles Porter, Jno. Armitage,
Wm. D. Shaw, William Dorris,
Conrad Bucher, William Christy,
Joe. Whittaker, David Bliar,
Win. Orbison, 1). McMurtrie,
Thus. Fisher.
July 22,1852.
Blair county. Lancaster county,
Huntingdon co. Lancaster count!.
Blair county. Lancaster county.
WASH Rubbers, White Wash Brushes, Cur
ry Combs, Cards,
Brushes, Clothes Lines,
lied Cords, Quilting Cotton, Baskets,Siatesi
Paint Brushes, Sash Tools , and an en dless vari
ety of other goods to numerous to mention, at the
cheap store of J. BRIC KER.
April 22, 1852. -
Adams Si, Co.'s Express.
Tomkins , British Plate Powder.
F OR cleansing, polshing, and beautifying
SilVer, Silver Plated Ware,
German Silver, Albata Plate,
Britannia Ware, And all white Metals.
The undersigned have received from the pa
tentee the excluaive right to manufacture these
preparations for the United States. The Plate
Powder has been most extensively used , for a
number of years in Great Britain, and L now
used by most of the manufacturers of silver and
other wares In New York and Philadelphia t
likewise by nearly all respectable families and
hotel proprietors in the Union.
WM. TOMKINS, & CO., Manufacturers,
234 South Second street, Philadelphia.
For sale at I'. K. SIMONTON's Store, Hunting
don, Pa. May I, 1852.
cheap store of J. BRICKER.
k." Paint Brushes, Sand paper &c. & &c., at the D
I'. K. SIMONTON, Agent, huutingdon.
Money, Packages and goods ofall kinds, re
ceived and forwarded the risk of the company,
to all the cities and principal towns in the United
State May 1,'52.
Are you Insured 'I
F not, insure your property at once in the Corn
I berland Valley Mutual Insurance Company
Apply to Gao. W. SPEER, Agent,
blab 1, 1852. Bridgeport, Pa.
A splendid article of Carpet Chain always
on hand and for sale at tho•oheap store of
DORT MONNAIES from 25 canta upte $2.517
at Ed. Snaro's. April 15 les2t
FANCY Articles in endless variety at
E. Snare's Store.
(lON LOC KS and BARRELS, fur sale low
" by J. & W. SAXTON.
1:11*s.:11 E , ••••••1111wr 11•1" s••• 1.•• *h. 117....1
Saddle, Harness & Trunk Manufacture's.
The undersigned respectfully inform their
.fiends and the public generally that they have re
moved their manufactory to the building in Mar
ket Square, for many years occupied as a dry
goods store, by Samuel Steel dec'd., where every
thing in their line of business will be furnished
on the shortest notice, and on terms that cannot
fail to suit all. They manufacture the most of
their work themselves, and can therefore assure
the public that every article will be made in the
best and most durable manner.
Cr A large assortment of superior SADDLES
READY MADE, always on hand.
tar Hides, and country produce generally,
taken iu exchange for work.
They return thanks for the liberal patronage
heretofore exteded to them, and hope that their
old patrons will continuo to patronize them.
March, 18, 1852,
Notice to Tavern Keepers.
NOTICE is hereby given to the keepers of Inn!
and Taverns within the county of Hunting ,
don, that the Judges of the Court of Quarter Ses
'ons of said county, enjoin upon the keepers of
such Inns and Taverns that they close their res
pective bars on the Sabbath, and refrain from
selling or dealing out liquors on that day ' • and
the licenses of such persons as shill disregard this
injunction will be revoked forthwith agreeably to'
the Act of Assembly in such case made and pro
vided upon the fact of such violation coining to'
the knowledge of the Court.
By the Court, 24th Jan. 1852.
May 1., 1852,
CHOICE LIQUORS for medicinal purpo.
see, consisting of
Best quality FRENCH BRANDY,
In short, all kinds of Liquors used for that pur.
pose can he had at the cheap store of
April 22, 1852. J. BRICKER.
Encourage Your Own Mechanics!
. 1 WEN & WM. BOAT, would respectfully
U announce to the public, that they are now
in all its various branches, nt the old stand for
merly occupied by Adams & Boat, a few doors
west of the Presbyterian church, where they are
now manufacturing Buggies, Carriages, Bureau
ches, Rockaways, Dearborns, &c., in short any
thing in the line of carriage making, of the very
best kind of material, and in the latest and most
approved style.
They have on hand now several Buggies and
Rockaways, finished in the latest style. They
have a good assortment of Lumber, selected with
a great deal of care, seasoned for use, and invite
those who are desirous of purchasing vehicles to
call and examine their work and materials, and
judge for themselves, as they intend to make
good work and warrant it to be so. All kinds
of country produce taken in exchange for work..
N. B.—OWEN BOAT returns his thanks to
his friends and the public generally, for their
very liberal patronage, and hopes, by strict at.
tention to business, to merit a cOntinuance of the ,
same, under the new firm. We have come sec
ond hand work which is of a good quality, which
we will sell right. Give us a call. We wi:r
sell low for cash.
Huntingdon, May 1, 1852.
Returns his sincere thanks to his friends and the
piddle generally for their very liberal patronage,
and hopes by strict attention to htt3iTICSS to merit
a continuance of the same. lie would embrace
the present opportunity of informing the public'
that he is still prepared to furnish them with uli
kinds of castings; he has
of every aegeription, fur burning either wood or
Coal, ouch as Cook, Parlor. Egg, Caution and
Ten Plate stoves, together with
za au as
and Plough Irons 'lntl patterns used in the State.
Forge, Grist and Saw-mill castings; Lewistown
Threshing machine patterns, and the four and.
two horse power patterns of Chambersimg, nn , !
all other castings usually made at foundries, ail yi
which will, be sold very low for cash.
May, I, 1852.
Lots ill Altooo=afor Male.
north of Holliduysburg,and aboutone mile north
west of Allegheny Furnace, Blair county.
After the 21st day of May, the LOTS in Said
Tows will he open to the public for sale.
It is well known that the Pennsylvania Rail
Road Company have selected this place for the
erection of their main Machine and other Shops
and are now building the same.
The Rail Road willbe opened early in the Fall
throwing at once a large amount of trade to this
place. The main imhiceraent at this time in of
fering Lots tor safe, being to secure the requis
ite Machinists and Tradesmen; and homes for
the Machinists and other employees of the Rail
Road Company. Early application will secure
Lots at a low price.
Foi further information apply to C. H. MAY
ER, at Altoona, or to R. A. McMURTRIE
May 1, 1812—tf.
‘OUBLE Barrelled English Snub and Twist
FOWLING PIECES—aIso Singkrßarrel
led Guna, from four dollars to thirty each, for
sale by' J. & W. SAXTON.
---- 7 --- --- 7 --
A beautiful lot of Carpeting and Oil Cloths for
sale by J. & W. SAXTON
A splendid lot of Silk Cravats and Scarfs, for
11. sale by J. & W. SAXTON.
G OLD and Silver Spectacles at all prices, at
E. Snare's. April 15,1852.
UP, New Orleans, and S. H. Molasses, for
sale Amin at the new genre of