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Notice is hereby given to all persons interested
that the following named persons have settled
their accounts in the Register's Office, at Hun
tingdon, and that the said accounts will be pre
sented for confirmation and allowance, at an Or
phans' Court, to ho held at Huntingdon, in and
for said county of Huntingdon, on Wednesday the
12th day of January next.
I. David Walker, Administrator of David
Peightal, late of Barred township, deed.
2. Benedict Stevens, Esq., and William Rut
ter, Administrators of John Rutter, late of Crom
well township, dee'd.
5. Mordecai Chilcote, Administrator of John
Chilcote, late of Cass township, dee'd.
4:. Simon P. Maley, surviving Administrator
of Esther Logan, late of Cromwell township,
FLPoter Shafier and William Shaffer, Execu
tors of the last will of John Shaver, late of Mor
ris township, dec'd.
Robert Mcßurney, Guardian of Anetta Ball,
minor child of Josiah Ball, late of Jackson town
ship, dec'd.
7. Thomas Anderson, Administrator of John
Shedder, late of Tod township, dec'd.
. .
8 Milton Montgomery, .Administrator of Sa
rah Stewart, late of West township, deed.
9. Thomas L. States, aeting Administrator of
Joseph Stewart, late of the Boi•oilgh of Hunting
don deed.
M. F. CAMPBET.L, Register.
Register's Office,
Huntingdon, Dec. 16, 1852.
WHEREAS by a precept to me directed, dated
at Huntingdon, the 11 th day of December,
A. D. 1852, under the hands and seals of the
Hon. George Taylor, President of the Court of
Common Please, Oyer and Terminer, and gene•-
nl deli Very of the 9th judicial district of Penn-
Sylvania composed of Huntingdon, Blair and Cam
bria, and the Hon. Thomas F. Stuart and Jona
than McWilliams, his associates, Judges of the
county of Huntingdon, justices Assigned, appoint
ed, to hear try and determine all and every in
dictments made or taken for or toncerning all
crimes, which by the laws of the State are made
capital or felonies of death and other offences
crimes and misdemeanors, which have been or
shall hereafter he committed or perpetrated for
crimes aforesaid—l am commanded to make pub
lic proclamation throughout my whole bailiwick
that a Court of Oyer and Terminer, of Common
Pleas and Quarter sessions, will be held at the
Court House in the Borough of Huntingdon, on
the second Monday (and 10th day) of January
next, and those who will prosecute the said pri
soners bo then and there to prosecute them as it
shall be just, and that all Justices of the Peace,
Coronors and Constables within said county be
then and there in their proper persons, at 10
o'clock, A. M. of said day, with their records, in
quisitions, exatenations and remembrances, to
do those things which to their (dikes respectfully
Da at Huntingdon the 11th day of December,
in the year of our Lord 1852, and the 76th
year of American Independence.
WM. B. ZEIGLER, Sheritl:
Wl t EREAS, by a precept to me directed by
the Judges of the Cominon Please of the
county of Huntingdon, bearing test the 11th day
of December 1852, lam commanded to make
Public Proclamation throughout my whole baili
wick, that a Court of Common Pleas will be
held in the Court House in the Borodgh of Hun
tingdon, on the third Monday (and 1 ilk duty) of
Jan., A. I)., 1853, for the trial of all issues in said
Court, which remain undetermined before the
said Judges, when and where all jurors, witnesses
and suitors, in:the trial of all issues are required
to appear.
Dated at Huntingdon, the Ilth day of December,
in the year of our Lord 1852, nod the 76th year
of American laden cadence.
WM. B. ZEIGLER, Sheriff.
Dec. 16, '52.
To the Honorable, the Judges of the Court of
Quarter Sessions of the Peace of the County of
Huntingdon, S'or January Session, 1853:
Your petitioner respectfully shon•eth, that he is
well provided with house room, and all other con
veniences for the accommodation of the public
and entertaining of strangers and travelers, at the
house now occupied by him, and formerly °mur
pied by Michael Sissle• us a licensed Inn or Tav
ern, in the borough of Alexandria. lie therefore,
prays your Honors to grant bins a license to keep
an Inn or Tavern in said house, fur the ensuing
year, and he trip pray, &e.
We, the undersigned, citizens of the borough of
A'exandria, in which the above Inn or Tavern is
proposed to be kept, do hereby certify, that such
Inn or Tavern is necessary to accommodate the
public and entertain mangers and travelers; and
that Patrick WAteer, the above petitioner, is a
person of good repute for honesty and temperance,
and is well provided with house room and all ne
cessary conveniences for the accommodation of the
public, and entertaining of strangers and travelers.
Nicholas Isenberg, John Bisbin, Samuel hen-
Jacob Botlinan, Abraham Piper, Benjamin
Cross, Wm. Kemp, John B. Gregory,
son, James S. Fleming, James Yocum, Francis
Conner, Adam Seanor, George 11. Fleming, John
Piper, jr., B. Atherton, Joseph Piper, Curtis Pat
terson, B. J. Williams. Dec. Ili, '52.-30
To the Honorable, the Judges of the Court of
Quarter Sessions of the Peace in and for the
County of Huntingdon, January Term, 1853.
The Petition of John Stahl, of Morris township,
Huntingdon county, hereby shewerh: Thht your
petitioner bath provided himself with materials for
the accommodation of strangers, travelers and
others, at his Dwelling House in the village of
Shaffersville, township & county aforesaid, which
for the last two years was kept by himself, as a
Public house of entertainment, and prays that
your Honors will be pleased to grant him a Li
cense to keep and continue the saints as a Public
Henke of entertainment, sod your petitioner will
ever pray, &c.
We the subscribers, eitiienS of Morris township,
do certify that the above petitioner is of good re
pute for honesty and temperance, and is well
provided with house room and conveniences for
the accommodation of strangers, travellers, and
others, and that said Public House is necessary to
accomodate the public and entertain strangers or
J. E. Seeds, R. Kinkead, J. Plympton, Wil
liam Davis, S. Charleton, John Divers, Geo.
Haupt, Jossiah l?etterhoot; George W. Walter,
James Russell, I'hilip Walter, Joseph Shaffer;
JoremialkEerry, George Keller, Alex. McClintick.
At The Cheap Cash & Produce Store of
James Bricker.
The undersigned, encouraged during the past
year, by the very liberal patronage of a discern
ing public, has made ',amniotic arrangements
for receiving, from' the Eastern Cities, FRESH
GOODS EVERY MONTH! His stock of Gro
ceries, Drugs, Confectionares, Boot & Shoes, Li
quors, Notions, and general varieties, is now ex
tensive and com?lete, of the very finest quality,
and sold wholesale or retail, at thevery lowest
figures for cash or country produce: ,
Dec. 2, '52.-1 y.
By *tuts of sundry writs of Vend. Ex. will be
exposed to sale nt public vendue, at the court
house in the borough of Huntingdon, on Tuesday
the 11th day of Jantinry, 1858, at 10 o'clock, A. M
the following described property, to wit:
All the right, title, and interest of John
Ramsey, in and to a lot of ground in Spring
field township, Huntingdon county, con
taining one half acre of ground, bounded
by lands of Robert Madden and school
house lot, having thereon erected a one
and a half story frame weather boarded
httuse, &c.
Seized, taken in execution, and to be sold
as the property of John Ramsey, (of B.)
ALSO—AII the right, title, and interest
of defendant, George Murrits, in and to a
tract of land, in Henderson township, Hun
tingdon county, containing 266 acres, be
the same more or less, having thereon er
ected two-two story log house§ 2 log barna,.
about 80 acres cleared and in a state Of.
cultivation, adjoining lands of the estate of
Alexander Gwin, Esq , dec'd., and land of
Elisha Shoemaker, with the appurtenances,
Seized, taken in execution, and to be sold
as the property of George Murrits.
ALSO—AII the right, title, and interest
of Elias Hoover, in and to all that certain
piece, parcel or tract of land situate in
Cromwell township, Huntingdon county,
bounded on the north by lands of Andrew
Hegie, D. Blair, Robinson & Co., on the
cast by lands of Blair, Robinson, & Co., on
the south by lands of Locks, and on the
west by the Blacklog Mountain, containing
three hundred acres, more or less.
Seized, taken in exeention, and to be sold
as the property of Elias Hoover.
ALSO—A tract, or piece of land, in
Henderson township, Huntingdon county,
containing 69 acres, snore or less, about 45
acres of which arc cleared and cultivated,
adjoining lands of James M. Sankey and
James Porter, having thereon erected a two
story log house, a log barn and other im
provements— the property of Doffs.
Siezed, taken in executicn, and to be
sold as the property of William Sankey
and James M. Sankey.
ALSO—Two lots of ground in the town
of Warriorsinark, as the property of Abed
nego Stephens, being on the corner of the
street or roads, one of which leads from
Spruce Creek to Phillipsburg, and the oth
er from Birmingham to Pinegrove, and ad
joining a lot of Dr. H. K. Neff on the
north-west, having thereon a two story
Store House on the corner, and a two sto
ry Dwelling House on the lot adjoining
Dr. Neff, both weatherboarded and painted
white, with t ther necessary buildings and
a stable—Also an out lot adjoining said
town, containing 0 acres, more or less, in a
good state of cultivation.
Seized, taken in execution, and to be
sold as the property of Abednego Stevens.
ALSO—AII Deft's right, title, and in
terest in and to a tract of land in Jackson
townahip r Huntingdon County, containing
twenty-nine :hills, about twenty of which
are cleared and under fence, having there
on erected a Log House two stories high,
and a log barn, adjoining lands of Solomon
Hamer on the north, and on the west by
lands belonging to the estate of Leonard
Stoffey, deed., of Samuel Rudy on the
south, and on the east by fends of the es
tate of Leonard Steffey+Also one other
tract in Barrce township, containing 15,
acres 12 or 13 of which ate desired and
under fence, adjoining hod of Nicholas
Troutwine on the east, Christian Gearhart
on the west, of Solomon Hamer on the
north, and lands of Thomas Logan on the
Seized, taken in execution, and to be sold
as the property of Michael Steffey.
ALSO—By virtue of a writ of Livari
Macias, will bo sold at the seine time and
place the following described property ,to
All that certain tract of land known as
the Blacklick tract situated in the town
ship of Barre° (now Jackson,) Hunting
don county, adjoining lands of John Brown,
John Davis and others, containing three
hundred and twenty-four acres and thirty
nine perches with the usual allowance, sur
veyed on a warrant granted to Gen. W.
M'Aleavy dated the first day of April A.
b. 1795, together with the hereditaments
and appurtenances, &e.
Seized, taken in execution, and to be sold
as the property of James Alexander.
WM. B. ZEIGLER, Sheriff.
Dee. 16,'52.
B' virtue of an Order of the Orphans' Court of
Hun!'ingdon county, there Will Sold at Pub
lie Vend.° or Outcry on the prtimises, on
Thursday the 30th day of December, 1852,
the following described real estate, situated in
Cass township,, Huntingdon county, part of the
real estate of Matthias Miller, late of said town
ship, dee'd., to wit
• A certain messuage, tract, and plantation of
land, situated in Hares Valley, in the county and
township aforesaid, adjoining latid of Geo. Quarry
on the South, other land of M. Miller, deed., on
the North, Rocky Ridge on' the East, and Henry
Dell on the South, containing 100 ACRES,
more or loss, about Forty Acres of which aro
cleared and cultivated; the Woad is well timber
ed, and nearly all susceptible of being cleared and
The above described properVy is apart; to wit:
the Southern end of the tract of land owned by
Matthias Miller, from which it' has been divided
of Ibr sale, by a line parallel to the Southern line
of the said tract. This property is situated in a
healthy and improving Valley, 4 miles West of
Brewster's Factory, and six miles South of Ma
pleton, on the Pa. Railroad.
TERMS OF SALE.—One third, of the pur
chase money to he paid :on the confirmation of
sale, and tho residue in two equal anneal payments
thereafter, with interest, to be secured by the
bonds and mortgage of the purchaser.
Sale to commence at 12 o'clock, noon, of said .
day, when attendance will he given by
_ _
Executor of Matthias Miller, dec'd.
M. P. CAMPBELL, Clerk.
December 9,1852.-3 t.
300,000 Copies Bold I
. . .
1. A Seleetioh of the best Tunes from all 3fr:
Masim's.previouo book, 2. First rate composi
tions IV Ctt. Zounen. 3. Appendix, contain
ing Now Tunes. The whole making "the most
important hook of Church Music in the world."
_ _
The sale of Three Hundred Thousand Cami
no BaCra is suffitient evidence of its merits.—
Fifteen letter-stamps sent to the publishers, Rico
& Kendall, Boston, will command a copy by mail,
for examination.
Also for sale by R. 4. K., The Boston Acade
my's Collection; The Psaltery; Mason's Large
Musical Exercises for Schools; Mason's Juvenile I
Singing Books; The l3oston Glee Book (very
popular;) The Boston Academy's Collection of
Choruses (put down to $l4 per dozen;) and oth
er musical works.
Boston, Dee. 9, '52.-3t.
10170 11100M-IMAID,
No. 23 Wood St. Pittsburgh,
Particular attention paid to the sale of Blooms
and Pig Metal, and CASIL advances made.
Dec. 9, '52.-1y:
Executor's Notice.
Estate of Artti:ra, Me of West township,
Letters testamentary having been granted to
the undersigned on the above estate, all persons
undebted tt ill innke,.immediate payment a n d
those having &alas against said estate will' pre
sent them duly authenticated for settlement.
Orphans' Court Sale.
By virtue of an Order of the Orphans' Court of
Huntingdon County, will he of for sale at
the Court House in the Borough of Huntingdon,
Fidam the 24111 day of December, al 2 o'clock, P. it,
the following described property, to wit:—All the
certain parcel of ground situated in said Borough
of Huntingdon,
at the South-eastern corner of
Hill and Smith Streets, fronting 481 feet on Hill
Street extending in depth along Smith Street 70
feet to. alley ten feet wide, and extending along
said alley 981 feet, and including the ground be
tween said alley and a line rumung parallel there
to at the distance of forty feet therefrom in rear
of certain Brck Offices 51) feet in length, having
thereon erected a largo brick dwelling house,
Stable and other buildings. Also the undivided
half-part of a parcel of ground shunted in said
Borough, fronting 50 feet on Hill Street, rthd ek
ending in depth at right angles to said street, 30
feet adjoining the said described mansion proper
ty on the west and south, having thereon erected
a one story Brick building used as Offices. Also
the nuidivided fifteen twenty-fourth parts of that
part of I.ots No's. 8, 9 and 10, in tha plan of said
Borough of Huntingdon, which is described as fol
lows; bounded on the bast by Lot, No. 7, owned
by Thomas Fisher, fronting on Alegheny Street
the extent of said three Lotto, also fronting 120
feet on Smith Street, and bounded on the north
by an alley ten feet wide, at the distance of 70
feet upon 11111 Street to the extent of the same,
thence extending in breadth 44 feet frosts said al
ley to Hill Street, adjoining part of the said de
scribed two parcels on the west, and said Lot of
Thomas Fisher on the rest, having thereon erec
ted a large two story Stone Brick dwelling House,
used as a boarding House a small frame dwelling,
a large Stable and other buildings. Also, the un
divided half part of a lot of ground in said Bor
ough, fronting fifty feet on Washington Street,
and extending 200 feet to Mifflin Street, it being
a Corner Lot, and numbered 120, and having
thereon a frame Stable.
TElt MS.—One third of the purchase money to
Impala on confirmation of Sale, and the residue
in two equal annual payments, thereafter with
interest, to he secured by the Bonds and Mort
gage of purchasers.
ET.IZA D. Doro'.El7,
Mull's. of 001rnberry Dorsey (Teed.
I eillalso , at the seine iimc and place, offer
for sale all my interest, it being the residue of
above property not advertised by the adminis
trators of Greenherry Dorsey, which will give
the purchaser a title to the whole. •
Dee. 2,1852.-4 t.
To the Stockholders of the Huntingdon
and Broad Top Mountain Rail
Road and Coal Company.
- -
In pursuance of the Act of incorporation, and of
the general Act of Assembly regulating Railroad
Companies, the undersigned, Commissioners of
said Company who have acted, hereby give no
tice, that they have atipointed Monday the
tenth fusty Of January, A. D. 18153,
between the hours ankle o'clock, A. M., and live
o'clock, I'. M.. fin• the subsefiliers to the Capital
Stock of sail' Company to Meet at the Court
House in the Borough . pf Hunthigdon, fin• the
purpose of organizingthe said Company, by the
election of NINE dirodtors one of whom is, at the
same time, to be clioSen as President.
.1. G. Miles, A. P. Wilson, Thomas Fishir, .1.
Cahan, James Gwin, loosen Entrekin, ih;vid
Blair. James Saxton, John Herr, John Seidl, S.
S. Wharton', John A. Doyle, George Jackson, .hio.
Porter, Israel G.mfius, S. M. Green, Min McCul
loch, James Clark, J. B. Wintrode, jdca, frees
well,Charles Micktey, Alexander King, .led, Mann,
Samuel L. llussW, Emus, Andrew J.
Nef ll'm. P. Schell, David McMurtrie, John 13:
Given, Win. Ayres, George W. Speer, Win. P. Or
bison, Levi Loam, James Patton, R. 13. Petriken,
A. IV. Benedict, Alexander Port, James Maguire,
Isaac Cook, Georr. Gitlin, James Campbell, Dan
iel Grove, Henry 'Zimmerman, IV. T. Dougherty.
December 2, 1852.
The subscriber (Ars for sale, that valuable and
well iinjortived . Lot of Ground situate in Alleghe
ny or Ritilrdad street, hi the _borough of HuntingA
dun, on which he now resides,
,and on which is
erected a Buick l)wttr.t.taa U . SE, and BRICK
ButLoisia adjoining, suitable for any mercantile
purpose, having a good Store Room nnd Ware
house Room extending:back' thp Canal, with a
good well of water, a Brick C-ement (Astern, an
Ice House, and . all ether convenient out building( i;
in excellent repair.
Terms will be made known by enquiry of the
subscriber. . LOUIS SCHNEIDER.
December 2, 1852:--ts,
HAVING provided himself with a new Mee;
adjoining the late residence of his father; Di.
Joing . klaNuansett, respectfully tender's his Pro
fessional services, as heretofore, to the pablid.
Huntiugdort, Dec. 2, 1822:
VERY largo lot of BOSOM PINS,
KE YS tbr the ladies at EDM. SNARE'S.
Auditors Notice.
The undersigned Auditor, appointed by the Or
phans' Court of Huntingdon county, to distribute
the balance in the hands of James Saxton, Adnir.
of Benjamin Corbin, deed., amongst those enti
tled to receive the same, hereby gives notice, to
all parties interested, that he will attend to the
duties of his said appointment, on Wednesday the
29th day of December, A. D. 1852, at 1 o'clock,
I'. M., at his office in the borough of Huntingdon,
when and where all persons interested may attend
if they think proper. JOHN REED,
December 2, 1851-41. Auditor.
To the Honorable Judges, of tV4. COuft of
Quarter Sessions of the Peace, in and for the
County of Huntingdon.
The Petition of George D. Hudson,Respect- , fully showeth: That he is desirous okeepinif an
Inn or Tavern in that large and commodious
Stone House, situated in Scottsville, in the town
ship of Clay, in the County of Huntingdon, on
the main road leading from Mount Union, to the
Three Springs, that he is well provided with
House roots, and good stabling for horses, and
all other eoveniences necessary, fur the enter
tainment of Strangers and Travellers, and that
the Inn or tavern proposed to be kept is suitable,
necessary to accommodate the public and etertain
Strangers and travellers. He therefore prays
your Honors to grant him a Licence to keep a
Public House at the place aforesaid, and he will
ever pray, &e.
, The subscribers, citizens of the township of
Clay, aforesaid, in the County of Huntingdon,
being personally acquainted with the above named
petitioner, and also having a knowledge of the
house for which the Licence is prayed, do certify
that the Inn or Tavern above mentioned, is ne
cessary to accommodate the public, and entertain
strangers or traveller's, and that the petitioner
above mentioned is of good repute for honesty
and temperance, and is well provided with house
room and covenfende for lodging and accommo,
diAtions dl strangers and travellers. NVe there
fore beg leave to recommend him for a License
agreeably to his Petition.
Wm. P. Taylor,. John Hooper, George,W.
Price, George Kriger, Wm. Caficlio's Alexander
Kongh, Jobs M. IVallaCe, Adam Heifer Geo.
Hudson Ephraim Hier, James E. Glasgow
Richard S. Star.
Dec. 2, '52.-3t.
To the Honorable, the Judges of the Court of
Quarter Sessions of the Peace, in and for the
county of Huntingdon, January Term, 1853.
The Petition ofJohn Fitzgerald, of Penn town
ship Huntingdon county, humbly sheweth: That
yout petitioner bath provided himself with mate
rials for the accommodation of strangers, travel
lers and others; at his dwelling house in the vill
age of Marklesburg, township and. county afore
said, and prays, that your Honors will he pleased
to grant hint a License to keep a Public House
of entertainment. And your petitioner as in ditty
bound, will ever pray.
We the subecribMs, t i ',cos of Pen'ti township,
do certify that,the above petitioner is of good re-,
mitt for honesty and temperance, s apd is well'
provided with house room and eanveniegres for
the accommodation of stranger, travellers and
others, and that said tavern is necessary to ac
commodate the public, and entertain strangers br
J. H. Wintrode, A. G. Net, J. K. Isett, Geo.
Garner, Andrew Grove, Jacob Frank, Win. Gar
ner, Wm. Boyer; Michael Garner, Jacob Grove ;
Henry Boyer, Jno. I'. Grove.
Dec. 2, '52.-31."
All persons interested arc hereby notified that
the Trust account of Andrew Huey and Dr. John
Mete, Committee of SESANNAII STEEL, a lunatic,
has been filed in the office of the Proththicitary of
the Court of Common Pleas of Huntingdon coun
ty, and that the same will be presented to the said
Court for confirmation, on the second Monday in
January next; at which time the cause will be al
by the said Court, unless cause be shown
why it should not be allowed.
Dec. 2,1852.-3 t
- • -
♦,Notice to Tax Collectors.
The Commissioners will meet at their office in
Huntingdon, on the 27th. 28th and 29th ofj)e,
comber, for the purpose of giving exoneration, tv
tax Collectors. You will therefore apply at that
time, as no exonerntions willbe given afterwards.
Proposal will be received at the same time fur
furnishing wood for the use of the Jail and Court
By order of the Commissioners,
W. MILLER, Clerk.
Doc. 2, '52.-3t
Auditor's Nottce.
The tffiderOgned Auditor appointed by the Or-
Thatia ePdif of Huntingdon County, to distri
bute the evicts in the hands of John G. Fleck,
Esq.,,Administrator de lands non of Samuel 1).
Miller, late of Warriorsmark township, dee'd.,
among the creditors of said deceased, will attend
fpr that purpose at the office of .Jno. Owens, Esry.„
in the Borough of Birmingham, on Mondy, Jan
uary 3, 1853, at 10 o'slock A. 31.,
when and
where all persons interested can be present if
they see proper.
. .
Dec. 2,1852.-4 t.
Auditor's Notice.
The undersigned appointed Auditor to distri
bute the money In the hands of William B. Zeig
ler, Trustee appointed by the Orphans' Court to
sell the real estate of Peter Heither, late of Walk
er township, dee,d, (being the first payment for
the spill real estate) and also to distribute fhe
balance in the hands of Isaac Heifoer, Adminis,,
traitor of the said Peter Heifner, deed., to and
einongst albs° entitled to the same, will attend for
said purpose at his Office in the Borough of Hun
tingdon.' oil:Friday the 17th day of December,
next, where all persons interested can attend if
they think proper. JACOB MILLER,
Hunt. Nov. 25, '52.-4t. Auditor.
OSEPD DOUGLASS, in MeConnellstowii:
has constantly on hand, and is prepared to
make and repair OUNS of all kinds at the short
est notice. Nov. 25, '52.
Administrator's Notice.
Estate of D. E. BROUE, lute of Tod township,
Huntingdon county, dec'd.
Letters of admir7istraiion having been granted
to the undersigned on the above estate, all per
sons knowing themselves indebted will make im
mediate payment, and'those having claims will
present them properly authenticated fur settle
ment. LEVI EVANS, Admr.,
Broad TIM tp., Bedfbrd co., l'a.
November 18. 1852.-6 t•
H. W... t4MI TH.
HiLIV7 LNG D P. 4,
NOvember 18, 1852.
fir Linseed Oil, a 0 kegs pure White Land,
Jersey Window Glass and Puny, for sale at the
store of GEO. Own,
BEFtupps,,,taken in exelninge for good, at
the Cheap Store or. .1. BRICKER.
••••- . • . .
Cir ble. 1 Iletring,fbr salent the store
of Geo. Gwvw.
Administrators' Notice;
Estate of GEORGE SCROLL, late of. Penn town
ship, Huntingdon etr, deed.
Letters of administration heyjng been granted
to the undersigned, on the nbove estate, all per
sons having claims against said estate will pre
sent them duly anthentivated thr settlement, and
those Indebted will make immediate payment.
ICoi+. 18, 1852.-6 t.• Admr's.
Administrator's Notite.
lent(ite of John tirubb,lnte of l'enn township,
Lettrs of administration having been granted
to the undersigned on the above estate, nil per
sons Dayiug claims against said estate will pre
sent them , dply authenticated for settlement, and
those indebted will make immediate payment.
SAMtEL . GRUBB, 5 Admr's.
Nov. 11, '52.-60
Administrator's Notice.
Estate of William Ilitrrisin, late West township,
Letters of administratign having been granted
to the undersigned, oh the aboye estate, all per
sons having claims against said estate will pre
sent them duly authenticated fir settlem,iit, and
those indebted will make immediate .payment.
JAMES HARRISON, Administrator.
Nov. 11,
Administrator's Notice.
Estate of Robert Speer, late of Cassville, Hunting.
don County, dec'd.
Notice is hereby given that letters of adminis
tration having been granted to the undersigned
on the above Estate, all persons indebted to the
same will make immediate payment, and those
having claims will present them duly authentica
ted for settlement.
; JAMES McILDUFF, 5 Mines,
November 11, 1852.—5 t.
To his old frinds, riul the Public Greeting.
Whereas I have just rettiCn' ,4 4 Nom the East,
with a full supply of
Ready Made Clothing
for Men and Boys—l am prepared to sell
Coats, from $2.50, to $14,00.
Pants, from $1,75, to $5,00.
Vests, from 75 cents, to $5,00.
Shirts, and Shirt Collars, Hats, Caps, Gloves,
Suspenders, &c. &c., of all sorts, d• sizes, at prices
to suit all purchasers. Call and examine, before
you buy, at the Old Stand in Market Street.
Huntingdon, October 21, 1852.
hepublletitioli of the .
For any one of the four Reviews, • • $3OO.
For any two do. • • 5 00.
For any three do. . • • 7 09,
For all four of the Reviews, 8 00.
For Blackwood's Magazine,
For Blackwood and three Reviews, • • 0 00.
For Blackwood and the four Reviews, 10 00.
79 Fulton street, entrance 54 Gold street,
New York.
Small f arm for Sale.
The subscriber offers, at private sale, the
Ridgeland Farm of 00 acres, on which he now re
sides, in Henderson township, one mile north
east of Huntingdon. The land is of the best
quality of slate, all tillable, and well watered,
about 40 acres aro in good cultivation, the rest
well timbered. A new, commodious, anif neatly
finished frame house and log stable; and a fine
orchard of young apple and peach trees—mostly
crafted fruit—arc on the premises. Intending to
move west in the spring, I am determined to sell
on reasonable terms.
Oct. 15, '52.-3m.
Fall and Whiter Clothing'
A. WILLOUGHBY, has just returned from
the east with a large and splendid assortment of
Fall and' Winter Goods
for men and boys, made in the latest fashion and
in the most durable manner. Who ever wawa
to be dressed better and cheaper than any body
else in town, let him call at Wtt.t.otronny's
Clothing Store, one dour West of 'rhos.
Reed & Son, drug store in Huntingdon. Call and
see ftiFyourselves. October 21, 1852.
Have jilt received the rnost:runghifict supply of
Fall and Wlnier Gonda
ever offered to the citizens of Huntingdon. They
consist of every.variety of Dress Goods, such, as
SUk `Dross Paterns, plain and figured- 7 Merinos,
Parnietta Cloth. Muslin de Lane, Alpacas of dif
ferent colors, Silk ',muds, Cc., &c., and every
thing in the shapeof Ladies' Dress Goods. Also,
Bonnet Silk, Sack Flannels of every
variety and color; Cloths, Cassimere and Vesting
of every variety and color. Sattinetts at all prices.
500 pieces assorted Prints,. Long - Shawls, Thilictt
Shawls, Muslin, Gingharns ' Flannels, Carpets,
Carpet hags, Gent. Cravats, Ladies Collars; La
ces, Bonnet Gibbons, Feathers, Linings, Gloves
of every variety; Ladies Dress Trimmings, Mar
tin, Tippete„ Muffs, Bonnets, German Hoods,
Hosiery, &c.
the btit assortment ever offered in this place...
a beautiful assortment of every variety and at ex•
ceedi'ngly low prices. .
suehis Grain Leather, and coarse!. rottan Boots.,
Also,all.kinils of Ladies and 'Genii Shoes; please
calland examine our stock.
No. 1 Moleskin hats, No. 2 Moleskin Hats, and
an endless variety of Caps-for Men and Boyt,
at such prices as cannot te fleiise, the ntoiCl
fastidious. Also—every other tirtiCle, suel as
are commonly kept in a country store, which we
are selling Myer than any other house in town or ,
country; call and see. We are determined to sell
off our old stuck at cost, or under. (oct. 14, '52.
Blasting Powder and Safety Fuse always
on hand and for sale at the cheap store of
J. lintcxErf..
The public are hereby informed that the suli
scriber has leased that popular and well known
store room in the Elephant building, opposite tho
Railroad lintel, where he has just received and
opened the latest and best qupply of
in town.. Ws stock entwines of every variety of
Q 'EN. , BOOTS, SHWA I'm., 84,
all of which trill be Fold low for the "dust," or
exchanged for country produce.
Ladins and gentlemen are respectfully invitod
to call and "see the Elephant,' at least, no no
charge is made for exhibiting the
October 14, 1852,
in the
.barge and Splendid Stock of Watches,
Jewelry and Clocks, just opened 11
He has ,fitr.the most extensive and best se
lected assortment ever broaght to Huntingdon,
comprising Gold and Silver Watches, (Hunting
Watches, Patent Levers, Anchors, Lepines . acid
Quartiers,) Fob, Vest and Guard Chains, Finger
and Ear Rings, Brenst Pins, Cuff r:Md Sbnrf Pins,
Medallian Cnses, Senls, Keys, Pencils, Silver
Table Ware, Coral Bends, Spectacles, old Pens,
Fine Knives, Port Mosaics, and an endless vari
ety of Fancy Gsods.
(fir Persons having fine Watches and Jewelry
needing repairing, can confidently leave them with
him, as he has employed one of the best workmen
in the State, Work
Huntingdon; Oct. 14, 1552.
To a All the World and the Rest of
Mankind :"
KNOW YE Tan' .
Has.inst received from the Eastern Cities a largo
and splendid assortment of fresh •
at his old stand in Market Square, where ho will
be pleased to see his old customers, and the pub
lic generally.
His Goods wort seleCted to suit this market,
and he is determined to sell en terms to suit pur
ills assortment consists of WAY-GOODS,
Groceries, Queensware,
Hats and Caps, Glassware,
Boots and Shoes, Hardware, an.
and a great variety of Goods of all kinds.
Feeling thankful for past favors, he hopes, by
strict attention to business, to merit a continuance
of the same. foct. 14,'52, ,
Mfi. EDITOR :-
. •
I was one of the .meity of our citizens who
were nitkaCted by the "Grand Exhibition," of our
neighbor Charles S. Black, Esq., And I of course
attended the opening exhibition. lam also one :
of the few who understand the value of a good.
newspaper: Being therefore -,f‘boq4ell uP' in the.
facts, and the price of the press, and anxious to
impart substantial knowledge to the understand
jogs of my neighbor, I have taken this method
to say to all,—lf you would have your Sales well
cared for, call at Black's, and examine his stock
of Ladies, and Gentleman's, shoes und boots, he
warrants the work not rip; and stitches withuot
charge if it does. Neighbors try hint.
Oct. 14,1852
Huntingdon County Manta Irisur,.
mice Conipau y,
Wish to receive applications for agents,
from such persona as are willing tb give
time anti attention to the duties. The pay
allowed will fully compensate agents for
their treMblo. Agencies and duties con
fined to the county. Apply in person or
by letter, post-paid, to
Sept. 16,1852
Huntingdon county Mutual Insurance
At a InCeting,uf the Directors of the Hunting
don county mutual Insurance Company held at
the Court Huuse in the Borough of Huntingdon
on Monday Sept. 6th 1852. On motion said .
Company was organized, by appointing Janice
Gain, Esq., Pres., and David Snare, Esq.., Sec
retary and Treasurer. James Gain, David Mc-
Mnrtrie and John Bayou were appointed an Ex
ecutive committee.
As soon as Blanks and instructions can be pre
pared; proper agents will be appointed to secure.
applications for Insurance ssiast 'tire. David.
Snake of the Ifotough of trentingdon is nuthorised
to grant Insurances iminedecliately on applica
tion. Payeteet for Insurances will not be re
quired tintill the Policies are tendered to the ap
plicant. By order of the Board.
DAVID SNARE, Secretary.
Sept. 9, 1752.
The subscriber, thankful to his friends and pa
trons, and to the Puhlic generally, for their pa
tronage, still eptitinues to carry on at the same
stand, ono door east 01 . 111,,C. Cones Hotel, Mar
ket street, Huntingdon, will attend to
all who will favor him with their custom,
so keeps on hand a good assortment of WATCHER,
CLOCKS, JEWELRY, &c., &e., all of which ho is
determined to sell at low prices.
Clocks, Watches and Jewelry of all kinds will
be repaired ht short notice, and having made ar
rangements with p good workman, all repairs will
he, done in a neat and durable maunpr, aud.exery
person leaving articles, for repairnigib e ali ,
them done at the precise time. By paying strict,
attention, aud selling at low rates, he
hopes to receive a share of pubbc patronage.
Ifuntingdon, Sept. 7, 1852.-1 y•
Just Arrived.
One of the best and largest selected steak's of
Boots and Shoes .in .14untingdon. Also, full as
sortment of Gum Shoes, of all sizes, at tip now
store' or J. BRICKER.
Abeautiful assortment of coley Capings and
Vesting for sale by J. &W. SAXTON.
4a. too Sacka of Salt in store, and for sale
by GEO. Gw•it.
• • -
W".. A splendid article of Carpet Chain always
on tend and for sale at the cheap store of