Huntingdon journal. (Huntingdon, Pa.) 1843-1859, February 19, 1852, Image 3

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    Auditor's Notice.
The undersigned, appointed Auditor by the
Court, to distribute the fund in the hands of Wm.
B. Ziegler, Sherifl; arising from the sale of the
personal property of Lindley Stoopes, to and
among those entitled to the same, will attend for
that purpose at his office, in the borougn of Hunr
tingdon, on Monday the 15th day of March next,
when and where all persons interested can at
tend. JACOB MILLER, Auditor.
Huntingdon, Feb. 19, 1852.
m r , r ) i f ?iv m in r t t y lins t e a l g v i Vn n d i T l b p tt s to .
A l to P lT:fiT
cell and have their several accounts satisibetorily
adjusted, without regard to persons. By attend
ing to this notice will save farther trouble and
Huntingdon, Feb. 12, 1852.
Notice to Tavern Keepers.
NoncE is hereby given to the keepers of Inns
and Taverns within the county of Hunting
don, that the Judges of the Court of Quarter Ses
sions of said county, enjoin upon the keepers of
such Inns and Taverns that they close their res-
pective bars on the Sabbath, and refrain from
selling or dealing out liquors on that duty ; and
the licenses of such persons as shall disregard this
injunction will be revoked forthwith agreeably to
the Act of Assembly in such case made and pro
vided upon the fact of such violation coming to
the knowledge of the Court.
By the Court, 24th Jan. 1852.
THEO. 11. CREMER, Clerk.
Feb. 12. 1852.
Orphans' Court Sale.
In pursuance of an order of the Orphans' Court
of Huntingdon county, the undersigned Execu
tors of Peter Swoope, deed., will expose to pub
lic sale, on the premises, on Saturday the 11th
day of March next, at 10 o'clock, A. AL, the fol
lowing described real estate, of which (enter alia)
the said Peter Swoopo died seized, to wit: A
House and Lot of ground in the borough of Hun
tingdon, being the whole of Lot No. 22 in the re
corded plan of said borough, and part of Lot No.
21, in said plan, adjoining a lot of Win. I'. Orbi
son on the east, and that part of lot No. 21 owned
by David Blair, Esq.,on the west, fronting on
Hill street, and exteding back to Washington
street, having thereon a large two story house, a
log stable'
carriage house, and other buildings.
TERMS.—One third of the purchase money to
be paid on the confirmation of the sale, and the
residue in two equal annual payments thereafter
with interest front the confirmation, to be secured
by the bonds and mortgage of the purchaser.
WM. SWOOPE, S Executors.
Feb. 12, 1852.-4 t.
Administrator's Notice.
Estate of Cateaxnenar Donsar, late of the
borough of Huntingdon, dee'd.
Letters of administration having been granted
on the said estate by the Register of Huntingdon
county to the undersigned, all persons indebted
are hereby notified to make immediate payment,
and those having claims will present them proper
ly authenticated for settlement.
JOHN' I'. Mee A HAN, 5 Adm'ra.
Huntingdon, Feb. 12, 1852.-6 t.
Auditor's Notice.
The undersigned Auditor appointed by the Or
phans' Court of iluntingdon county, to distribute
the balance remaining in the hands of Jacob Mil
ler, Trustee appointed by -said • Court, to make
I.IIIC, &e., of the real estate of John Miller, Esq.,
late of the borough of Huntingdon, deed, amongst
those entitled to receive the same, hereby gives
notice that he will attend fur the purpose afore
said on Friday the sth day of March next at 2
o'clock, I'. M., at his office in said borough, when
and where all persons interested can attend if they
think proper. .
JOHN HEED, Awiitor.
Feb. 12, 1852.-41,',
To Owners of Unpatented Lands.
Take notice that the act of Assembly passed
the 10th day of April 1835 entitled an act to gra
duate lands on which money is due and unpaid
to the Commonwealth of Peimirlreniit, and said,
act hart ng expired on the 15th hay ot IMcomltcr
last by 1 imitation, has now been extended to the
let clay of February 1853, of which all interested
will-take notice.
ROBERT STlrr, Cutters
Hunt. Feb. 5,1852.-3 m.
Application having been made to the Court of
Common Pleas of Huntingdon county at January
Term, A. 1). 1852, in pursuance oldie act of As
sembly passed lath of October A. 1). 1840, for
the incorporation of the "CASSVII.I.I: SEMINARY"
—wherefore the Court order and decree that no
tice of the said application he given in one news
paper published in the county at least three
weeks before the meeting of the next court at
April Term, 1852, and in pursuance of said or
der and decree notice is hereby given.
THEO. H. CREMER, Prothonutory.
Hunt. Feb. 5, 1852.-st.
Haveyou unsettled accounts with the late
James Clark's estate for advertising and ju'o
work? All such accounts ns remain unsettled,
on the let day of March next, will then be placed
in the hands of a Justice for collection. After
that time the undersigned will bare no control
over them.
Hunt. Feb. 5,1852.-3 t.
Orphan's Court Sale.
By virtue of an order Odle Orphan's Court of
Huntingdon County; will be offered at Public Sale
on the premises, on Thursdaythe 20th, day of
february, A. D. 1855 at one o'clock P. M., As
the property of Dr. David Diller, Into of War
riorsmark, dee'd.
A certain Lot of Ground, situate in the said
town of Warriorstnark, containing one quarter of
am, 'told having a TWO STORY FRAME
frame stable, and other buildings thereon erect
TERMS OF SALE:—One third of the pier
chaso money oe the confirmation of the sale: the
residue in two equal annual payments, with in
terest, to be 'secured ty Bonds and Mortgage.
By order of the Court,
M. F. CAMPBELL, Clerk.
January 29 1852.
Watch Repairing.
Persons desirous to have the i r watches repaired
in a neat and substantial manner, will do well by
leaving them at Ed. Snare's Watch Store, as he
OM secured the services of a workman, who, hay-
Jag worked in all the principal cities of Europe
And America, is perfectly acquainted with every
.branch of the business, and he challenges this see
*on of country to produce a superior.
AS work warranted. Jun. 29, '52.
Gold Pens.
A vary igkerior lot of Bagley's celebrated Gold
Pens (e th er eases) at Ed. Snares Jewelry Store.
Jan, 2R r 1852.
The undersigned will offer for sale, at the Cour
House, in Huntingdon, on Wednesday the 3d
day of March next, at one o'clock I'. M., the fol
lowing real Mate, to wit:
. . . _ .
A t7act of land, situate at the mouth of the
Raystown Branch, in the township of . Walker,
and county of,Huntingdon, bounded by said Rays
item' Branch and the Juniata River, and by a sur
vey of William - Smith D. D.; containing one hun
dred.tunl forty six art and one hundred and eighty
perches about7seventy acres of which are cleared
and in a good state of cultivation, and having a
good filmic Dwelling House, frame Barn, and
out buildings, thereon erected, with an orchard of
choice fruit, cider press &c.
ALSO, the following described tracts of unseat
ed laud, situated in said township, along the stud
Raystownlßranch, to wit:
ONE TRACT surveyed on a warrant in the
name of Rebecca Smith, containing 40 acres, and
140 perches.
ONE TRACT surveyed on a warrant in the
name of Joint Henderson, containing 110 acres
and allowance.
ONE TRACT surveyed on a warrant in the
name of George Fee, containing 420 acres and
67 perches.
ONE TnACT adjoining the above, surveyed
on a warrant to William Fen, containing 355
acres and 116 perches.
ONE TRACT adjoining the shove surveyed on
a warrant in the name of David Fen, containing
414 acres and 37 perches.
ONE TRACT surveyed on a warrant in the
name of Robert Fee, containing 181 acres and 78
perches. . . . . . .
This property has a valuable water power,
which, with but slight expense, can be made
available, & Ibr the purpose of Erecting a Saw Mill
or Tannery upon it, affords facilities that cannot
be equalled.
TERMS OF SALE.—One third of the pur
chase money to be paid on the Ist day of April
next, when possession will be given, and the resi
due in two equal annual payments with interest
to ln secured by Bonds and Mortgage.
Jan. 29, 1852.—ta.
Of the County of Huntingdon j;•otn the 12th day of
January, A. D. 1851, up to the Itilh day of Jan
uary, A. A 1852, including both clays.
Amount in Treasury at last sada- I
1847. Lemuel Green, Case,
. .
. ~
" John 11. Stenehraker, Franklin, 45 00
1848. Daniel G. Logan, Cromwell, 13 59
" John Conrad, Franklin, 55
" Hubert Madden, Springfield, 28 40
" Levi Smith, Union, 9 60
1849, John Stewart, Barren, 75 20
" Daniel Curfman, Clay, 3 61
'. Daniel Conrail, Franklin, 60 00
" Henry Elias, Tod, 44 02
1850. Samuel Henry, Barren, 409 00
" Jesse Yocum, Brady, 133 68
" David Stever, Cass, 30 44
" Kenzie L. Green, Clay, 76 16
" David Burket, Cromwell, 290 73
". William Apple*, Dublin, 127 69
" John L. Travis, Franklin, 234 99
" J. Davis flight, Henderson, 915 00
" David Mountain, Hopewell, 145 14
" Peter Shaller, Morris, 395 00
" William Dean, Penn, 105 00
" JOllll 'HAM, Porter, 522 58
", Samuel Bowman, Shirley, 209 43
" Henry Cramer, Springfield, 111 12
" Abraham Ile , de, Tell, 27 53
" tleorge Kehl Tod, 203 06
'. William Pheasant, Union, ',"2 06
Wil'intuit. White, Walker, 245 00
" B. Hutchison Warriorsiark, 14 12
" John Ilewit, West, 540 16
1851, John Love,' Barron, 511 00'
‘ Jesse Yocum, Brady, 287 00
" David Myerly, Cass,
.... 189 00
...,.. ......
" William C un ni ngha m, Clay, 100 00
" Daniel Teague, Cromwell, 'l7O 87
" James Cree, Dublin, 182 00
" Samuel Slattern, Franklin,
.562 00
" John Marks, Henderson, 995 00
" Jacob Weaver, Hopewell, 177 00
" john Smith, Jackson, 705 00
" 'Joseph Isenberg, Morris, 500 00
" John Grove, Penn, 442 00
" Daniel Neff', Porter, 799 40
" Isaac Sharrer, Shirley, 875 00
" John Brown, Springfield, 54 00
" Jonathon Briggs, Tell, 305 12
" Jesse Cook, Tod, 165 12
" Moses Swoope, Union, 133 00
" Thomas Dean, Walker, 558 50
" Azsrinh Sacketts, Wurriorsmark, 632 00
" Charles Green, West, 571 00
" Amount revolved of County tax
on Unseated Lands, 22 34
" School tax' " " 8 67
" Hc, Hoed tax, " 14 19
" Amount of Redemption money on
Unseated Lands received siren
last settlement, . ' 50 41
" Amount paid by Fisher & McNlur
trie fur old bridge across Crook
ed Creek sold at public outcry, 15 00
Attorney General mid others on cri
minal prosecutions, 688 36i
Gratin! and Traverse Jurors, Court,
Cryer, Tipstalls, She., 3147 25
Constables making returns and ad
vertising Spring Elections, &c., 246 04
Assessors, 316 ,7
Judges, Inspectors and Clerks of
Elections, 616 6U
Sundry persons premium on Wild
Cats mid Foxes, 252 50
Itoad and Midge Viewers and Data.
ages, . 296 23i-
Inquisitions on dead bodies, 34 62
Joshua Greenland, in full, 4 90
Benjamin Lens, 62 00
Isaac Peightal, 47 00
- Eliel Smith, 2U 00
William Hutchison, 81 50
, James Clllant, for 1850, $3 00
Thomas Fisher, " 4 30 7 50
Thomas Fisher, 1851, 10 50
William Ramsey," 13 50
Renate L. Green, " 10 50 34 50
J. Smyth Read in fall as Clerk to
the Commissioners, 340 00
Henry W. Miller, on account as
Clerk to the Commissioners, for
1851, 850 00
John Reed, Esq., on account of his
salary as counsel for Commission
ers for 1850, 20 00
Poor House Commissioners, 63 00
County Printing—
James Clark, $69 00
Wittiest Lewis, 70 25 139 25
In full of a Judgment, Nicholas limit
vs Huntingdon County, 731 33
Sundry persons, interest on County
Bonds, 253 14
For Repairs for Court House and
Jail, 436 82
Coal and Wood for " 197 00
Chairs liar Jury Box in Court Room, 24 00
Merchandise for Court Ilouse, 36 93
For Casting end Stone fur Meriainit
June Kelm; washing for county prix
oners, 20 00
Mary Gibson, sweeping and scrub.
,bing Court House, &c., 20 00
Docket for Recorder's office, 12 37}
Postage, 23 63
Judicial Return Judge, 7 10
Ballot boxes for elections, 3 50
W. 11. King, for attending to Elec
tions and Return Judges 8 years, 16 00
Sundry persons refunding orders for
land sold at Treasurer's sale, &e., 40 02
Sundry Supervisors' road tax on un
seated lands,
23 50
Sundry School Treasurers' school
tax on unseated lands, 36 87
Sundry persons, redemption money
of unseated lands sold by Trea
surer, 49 55
John Robinson, in fall of bridge
at Drake's Ferry, 1000 00
Wallace and Patton in 10 of
Unlon.Furnace Bridge, 150 00
MeVety McKinstrey, in full of
a bridge across mill race of
George Eby, 1125 00
Aloxunder Cannon on account of
a bridge across Raystuwn
Brarilli at Dawns, 1900 00
Expenses of Poor House.
William B. Leas on account of Real
Estate, 1000 00
Wilson & Petrikiu fur writing Deed, 10 00
M. F. Campbell fur recording Title
Deeds, 9 75
A. K. Cornyn, for services as Direc
tor of the Poor, 10 00
John S. Isett, " 6C •
12 00
John Morrison, 12 00
For a Blank Book, 2 00
Elliot Robley, 5 00 .
Treasurer's Commission on
$26,922 56 at 1 per cent, 403 83:
Balance iu the Treasury, 353 02
14647 45
In testimony of the correctness of the above
account we have hereunto set our hands
this 10th day of January, A. D., 1852.
AttestHErillY W. MILLER Clerk.
We the undersigned Auditors of the
Vounty of Huntingdon, do hereby certify
that we have examined the orders of the
Commissionm of said county, and the re
ceipts for the saate, fnr and during the
past year and find a biOance in the Trea
sury of Three Hundred and Fift:-tbree
Dollars and two cents.
$1615 49
17 46
Given under our hands this 10th day of
January, A. D. 1852.
County Tax.
List of Outstanding balances due 10th Jan
uary 1852, by the following Collectors,
viz :
1840, S. Robinson, Allegheny, $466 33
1846, C. Cowden, Barren, 29 01
Jacob Keogh, Porter, 852 08
1847, Thos. W. Neeley, Dublin, 12 50
J. H. Stonebraker; Franklin, 99 39
Win. B. Smith, Jackson, 24 58
1848, Conrad Curfnian, Cass, 3 00
John Conrad, Franklin, 25 00
Wni. McGarvey, Shirley, 87 85
Mordecai Chiloote, Tod, 11 99
1849, James .Neeley, Dublin, 97
Daniel Conrad, Franklin, 72 72
Henry Elias, Tod, 5 02
1850, Samuel Henry, Barren, 2 85
J. Davis Hight, Henderson, 116 68
David Mountain, Hopewell, 16 79
Peter Shaffer, Morris, 88
Win. Dean, Esq., Penn, 103 54
Henry Cramer, Springfield, 11 90
Win. 13. White, Walker, 95 89
1851, t Jesse Yocum, Brady, 287 97
t John Love, Barree, 465 85
David Myerly, Cass, 98 77
Win. Cunningham, Clay, 164 11
t Daniel Teague, Cromwell, 346 91
t James Croc, Dublin, 228 92
t Samuel Mattern, Franklin, 763 85
t John Marks, Henderson, 638 18
t Jacob Weaver, Hopewell, 243 14
* John Smith, Jackson, 175 64
t Joseph Isenberg, Morris, 334 04
t John Grove, Penn, 175 34
t Daniel Neff, Porter, 641 51
t JohiPßrown, Springfield, 159 56
t Isaac Sliarrer, Shirley, 774 27
Jonathan Briggs, Tell, 34 21
t Jesse Cook, Tod, 258 06
1* Moses Swoope, Union, 142 13
t Thomas Dean, Walker, 481 23
tA. Saoketts, Warriors'rk, 389 55
t Charles Green, West, 1236 54
• Since paid in full.
t Since paid in part.
Given under our hands the 10th Janu
ary, 1852.
14647 45
Feb. 5,1852.
ALLENS REVOLVERS, and various other
kinds of Pistols, at the lowest prices, at
Scott's Cheap Jewelry Store.
LADIES Gold Pens and Pencils at the Clump
Corner Jewelry Store.
Paint Brushes, Sand paper &c. & &c., at the
cheap store of BRICKER & LENNEY.
BUTTER, Eggs, Rags, Lard, Clover Seed,
Grain, Potatoes, &c., &c., taken in exchange
for goods at market prices at the new atom of
V.- 3 and JEWELRY, at Philadelphia prices.
Just received at Scott's Cheap Jewelry Sore, three
doors west of T. Road & Son's Store. The public
are respectfully solicited to call and see.
For sale, or Rent.
The Fnrm, on which I at present reside nenrly
opposite the Borough of limit in g lon.
Oct 2, 101.-ff
24 66
By virtue of an order of the Orphan's Court of
Huntingdon County, there will be sold at public
vendue or outcry, on the premises on
Thursday, the 26th day of February, 1852,
the following described real estate, situated in the
village of Shade Gap, Dublin township Hun
tingdon County, the property of the Rev. J. Y.
M'Ginnis, late of the township and county afore- '
said, deed., to wit:
The undivided interest of the aforesaid Rev.
.J. Y. M'Ginnis dee'd., in ..MILNWOOD ACA
DEMY," and the two certain lots of ground up
on which the same is built, the said interest being
nearly the undivided half, to wit; seven and al
half shares of sixteen shares of joint stock at one
hundred dollars per share in the said. Academy and
the two certain lots of ground aforesaid upon
which the same is built—each of said Academy
lots lying and being sixty feet in front on the road
or street miming from Shade Gap towards the
Burnt Cabins and extending back at right angles
with the same, one hundred and forty feet, adjon
ing each other, and upon which is erected as
aforesaid a large Stone Building forty eight feet
front by thirty eight back, three Stories high
designed and built, and occupied and known as
...Millwood Academy."
Also the interest of the said deed in the follow
ing &sullied lots of ground—the same being the
fee simple estate of said dee'd., In the whole of
the fullowir , described lots of ground, and the
buildings thereon erected, to wit: Otte other lot
adjoining the above described Academy lots on
the north, GO feet front and extending back 140
feet; upon which is erected a large new building
for students' rooms and dormitory ;s•c. Also one
other lot adjoining the Academy lots before de
scribed, on the south GO feet in front and exten
ding back 140 feet, upon which is erected a large
school room and hall 6.e.
Also two other unimproved lots, lying and
being on the same side of the road or street Mitre
s:Lid as the above described lots, south of the
Academy and numbered eleven and seventeen in
the surveyed plot and plan of the village aforesaid
eaelt of said lots being 60 feet by 140 feet back.
Also one other lot of improved bottom land
lying and being on the cast side of the road or
street aforesaid, directly opposite the residence of
the said deceased, containing about three acres
, and three quarters, inclosed and cultivated and ad
joining land ibrmerly owned by Brim Blair, land
of James Hudson and others.
Also one other lot or parcel of land lying on the
west side of the road aforesaid opposite to the lot
last described, containing several acres, upon which
is erected a cottage—the residence of the late Mr.
M'Ginnis, with stabling and other improvements,
all in good style and good order.
wool, ACADc.MT is one of the most nour
ishing and popular institutions of the kind in the
State, and it se ith all the above described proper
ty is situated in the most thriving village and
neighborhood in the county.
TXRAIN or SALE.—One third of the purchase
money to be paid on confirmation of the sale,
tie residue in two equal annual payments, with
intef , et ) to be secured by the Bonds and Mort
gagp o f no purchaser.
j. H. 11 7 . Admr's.
By order of tho Couri,
Jan. 22, 1852.
Orphan's Court Sale.
In pursuance of an order of the orphan's Coni:,
of Huntingdon County, will he exposed to Public
Sale on the premises, on
Saturday, the 28th day of February next,
ett, ten o'clock A. M.
The following described Real Estate, to wit
A Lot of Ground situate in the Borough of
Alexandria, fronting 60 feet on Front Street, and
extending back along Harts-log Street 200 feet,
being Lot No. 20 in the plan of said Borough,
A Large Two Story Brick House,
frame Ware House, frame Shop, and frmno Sta
ble, thereon erected.
ALSO: Two Lots of ground, in said Borough,
on the North side of Front Street, fronting on
said street 60 feet and extending back across the
Penna., Canal, 200 feet to an alley, and being
Lot No. 37 in the plan of said Borough. .
ALSO: Two Lots of ground, in said Borough,
adjoining each other, and bounded by lots of
Samuel Hamer and Enoch Cline and being lots
Nos. 7 & 8, in the plan of said Borough.
ALSO: A lot or piece of ground in said Bor
ough, South of the Mansion House and lot above
described, containing 127 perches.
ALSO: A lot or piece of ground, situate in Por
ter ownship, adjoining the Borough of Alexan
dria, bounded by lands of Conrad Bucher, lots of
John Cresawell by the road from Alexandria to
Petersburg, and the Juniata River, containing two
acres more or lesson , ' having a Large Frame
Warehouse thereon erected.
ALSO: A lot or piece of ground situate in the
said township bounded by a lot of Semple Flem
ing, deed., the lot above described, and the
turnpike, containing - perches, more or
ALSO: A tract of land, situate on Warriors
mark Ridge, in said township, adjoining lands of
John Swoope, Henry Swoope and John S. Isett,
containing 176 acres and 111 perches.
TERMS OF SALE:—One third of the pur
chase money to be paid on the confirmation of
the sale; the residue in two equal annual pay
ments, with interest, to be secured by bonds and
By order of the Court,
M. F. CAMPBELL, Clerk.
Jan. 29, 1852.
Birmingham Female Seminary.
The liberal patronagewhich this School has
received in the past, encourages the proprietor
nod friends of female education, to expect by
proper exertion to make it both a premanent and
important Institution; and no pains will by spar
ed to sustain its growing reputation.
Among other considerations which inspire hope
as to its future seems, the location is not unim
portant. Three years actual experiment has de
veloped a more philosophical, if not a truer reas
on for the existence of Ilirmingliain than loony
which have been assigned—that it is the situation
for a Female Seminary, surrounded us it is by
most romantic scenery—retired—healthful—easy
of access and in itself a place where ono might al
most grow wise in the study of Nature alone un
mocked by the works of Art.
Tho school year is divided into two Sessions of
twenty-two weeks each; the stmuner term com
mencing the last Tuesday in April, the winter
term the last Tuesday in October.
Charges to date from time of entering, and no
deductions made fur absence except iu case of
Tuition $.1,00 and $5,00 per quarter—boarding
$1,50 per week. Music, Latin, French, Draw
ing, &c., extra.
Rev. ISRAEL W. WARD, A. M., Principal.
Rev. THOMAS WARD, A. M., Associate.
Jan. 15, 1852.
(IOFFEE, Sugar, Rice,.Chocolate, Tea, Ginger,
v Pepper, Cloves, Chinamen, Allspice, Tobac
co,. (Atari, Snuffy &a &0., for sale at the now
`SILVER SPOONS of the latest patterns can be
k , had t
E. Snare's Jewelry Store.
Would respe , ,tfally , inform his friends and the
public, that he has on Imial and is receiving for
the coming season, C fine tts,fortment of
Consisting of Watehcs, Chains, Breast Pins, Fin
ger Rings, Esr Rings, Pencils, Rep, Thimbles,
Studs, Medallions, &e. Together with iiisselebra
ted and unrivalled
OA D Tll4
Which is equal it nut superior, to any now in use
Each Pen is Engraved with his own name,
and every Pen Warranted.
Oh did you ever, no I never !
Mercy on us what a treat;
Get Read's Gold Pen, they're extra fine,
And only found in North Third Street.
A splendid Pen !!! Where did you get it
Pure Diamond Pointed, can't he beat;
Yes, my friends, there's ti Intinloiging
In Read's Gold Pens of North Third Street!
glirltentrs Gold Pen is found only at h 5 North
Third Street, below Arch East Side.
Tiles. READ,
Piladelphia. Jan. 8, 1852.—tf.
TIN ! TIN!! TIN !!!
In Alexandria.
The undersigned, having bought ont tho
nury Establishment of Robert Uratlitis of Alexan
dria, continues to carry on
The Tin, Copper & Sheet Iron 11119111CSSI
in all its various branches at the ohl.stand in Main
street, where he keeps constantly on hand a full
and splendid assortment of tin-ware and every
thing else in his line of business,
all warranted to
he as good, if „hot better manufactured. than ally
in this or the adjoining cotmtios—spouting put up
at 12i cents per foot any place within thirty miles.
Ho particularly calls theattention of merchants,
who purchase by whole-sale, to aiamine his splen
did assortment of ware before purchasing else
where, as he is determined to sell IoW for cash;
All kinds of country produce taken in exchange
fur work—all orders will be promptly attended to,
and he hopes by a close attention to Insiness to
receive a liberal share of phhlic patronage.
Alexandria, Jun. 8, 1852,-2m.
The undersigned will sell that tract of land sit
unto in Jackson township, Huntingdon ; county,
adjoining lands of Martin Orlady, Janice Duff,
A. G. Curtin, John M'Cahan, and land lately
owned by William Magill, containing.
and allowance, now occupied by John L. Walker
with one good frame !tense, plastered in the in
side, with a fountain of pure r soft and very cold
water running at'the door, and log house suitable
for n tenant libnie, a sqnnred log lawn with a
.Lingle roof, a good saw-mill antrother bniftlings
thereon erected. Fifty or sixty acres of said land
are pleare:! and under fence and in a good state
of cultivation aZtd nearly all the balance can be
cleared and cultivated: A considerable portion of
the uncleared part in boto:!'t land of as 'pod qtrni
ity as can be found in tho courtly. The tract also
contains a good limestone will , . The saw-mill
Is turned by the east branch Of Stone Creek, a
never failing stream which is used coven miles
above to drive Greenwood 'Furnace, and iE about
one find three fourth miles from the main brand!
of Stone Creek, which is a navigable stream emp- •
i into the Juniata at Huntingdon. The prop
erty s situated near the base of Stone Mountain,
which affords an unequalled range for cattle.
There is timber enough on the property to pay
for it two or three times over. An undoubted ti
tle will be given.
Terms to suit the purchaser.
Huntingdon, Dec. 4, 1851.
By virtue of an order of the Orphan's Cotitt of
Huntingdon county there will be sold at public
vendue or outcry, on the' premises, on
Friday, Mc 20th day of February, 1852,
the following described real estate, situated 'in
Cromwell township, Huntingdon county, the pro
perty of Item Thompson. late of the township and
county aforesaid, dec'd., to wit.:
A certain messuage, tract and plantation of
land, situate in Block-Log valley, in the township
and county aforesaid, adjoining land of Jacob
[logic ou the north, John Long on the south, the
Tuscarora Mountain on the east and Black-Log
Mountain on the west, containing 240 Acres, more
or less,
about eighty acres of which are cleared
and cultivated, with a two story log dwelling
house and a double pen log barn, and saw-mill
thereon erected, with the appurtenances.
The above described property is susceptible of
being divided conveniently into two farms ; the
land is good limestone land, with a stream of wat
er running through the middle of it, upon which
is built the saw-mill, aforesaid. This property is
situated in a healthy and improving valley, and
within ten miles of the Penna. Canal and Railrord.
Terms of Sale.--One third of the purchase mon
ey to be paid on confirmation of sale, and the res
idue in two equal annual payments ;hereafter with
interest, to be secured by the bonds and mortgage
of the 'purchaser.
Sale to commence at 12 o'clock, noon, of said
day, when attendance will be given by
By order of the Court,
M. F. CAMPBELL, Clerk.
Jan. 29, 1852.
Oct. 9, 1851.
Constantly on hand, &
for sale by
Market. street Wharf
Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, &c.
The - undersigned is just opening another large
assortment of the above articles, at various prices,
and earnestly invites every body to call and ex
ocrine for themselves.
Watches, Clocks, and Jewelry, carefully and
promptly repaired ; and warranted for ono year.
Nun•. 6, 1851.—tf.
The great Atlantic, the blue Pacific, and the
Niagara Fulls all combined•tteegqether, cannot be
mannered with Heaton if• WiUcdr spleudid assort
ment 01 FALL AND WINTER GOODS opened out
at Bridgeport, which they intend• to• sell cheap for
cash or produce.
Bridgeport. Jon. la, 1852.
bk. Flour just received and for sale by
lJ JA S. MAG . UIRE, Jan. 29,
Att his Cheap Store in tbo Dianiond,
GRO. GWIN respectfully informs tho citisew•
of the borough and county of Huntingdon, that
ho has just received an unsunlly largo stock of
atinsiStlng of every variety of
Ladies' ts Gentlemen's Dress Goods,.
and all other artitilel in the Dry-Goods line.
Gllor EU/I,w, (41 .7r, 1 1 ; WARh:
HATS oh,/ d t/'S, ("LA ss WARE,
B(. 1 07' and SHOE S. 11.418 )11" : 1 AA',
• '
and in fact every variety of Goods to suit Oka
murk et. Sink or swim, live or die, survive or per
ish, I wu determined not lobe undersold by any
establishment in this section of the country, and
this is no humbug. nor is it intended to deceive.
Hive me ;t call and I will convince you that my
statements are strictly % true. Cull and extunine
my stork and judge aor yourselves, and without a
moment's hesitation you will he convinced that
I purpose meeting my pledge. Sly stock is eo•
tirely now and of the latest styles. I take pleas •
tire in showing theta at all times free ofelturge.
Feeling thankful for past faVors, I hope, IfY
strict attention to business, to merit a contittutaee
of the same.
liimtingdoir, Oct. 9, 1851.
For the Mai what struck Billy Pat
The attention of the public generally is iusite,l
to the fart that
hose just received mug of the largo§f" aSkortdients
of Fall and Winter Goods ever brought to this
place; all of which they offer at prices so greatly
reduced as to make their store
Their supply embraces all the usual variety of
Cloths, Cassimeres, S a ttinets and Vesting;
Prints, Flannels, &c. to
gether with the latest styles of
Consisting of Silks, Merinos, Par
metto Cloths, de Lanes, Ginghams, Ho-
sierr, &c.; and a very ldrgo assortment of
Ladies, Misses and Children's Shoes;
SHOES of every description. They also invite
particular attention to their stork of
,And the best utock of HARDWARE in town.
The/ hew, :duct
_ .
of the very best quality, which they will sell at
a very small advance on cost. Call and exam
ine for yourselves. They have' also a beantiful
article of
E21113,,EZ1 w CeSataity)..
Carpeting, and every other article usually kept is
country stores. es'Wer will receive and sturo
grain, and also pay the highest market prices for
it t a2/1 it is admitted by all that . we Intro the
most con vpnient place to unload grnit in w shout
town. Oct. 6, '5l.
Constantly on hand, and for sale the most
highly improved Durham Short llorn cattle,
Chester Hogs, South Down, Colswald‘ end
Leicester Sheep.
The subscriber now offers fin sale several very
fine Durhitm Short hers Bull and heifer calves;
two Chester Boars shout five months old, which
took the first preinihm for pigs of that age at
the late State Agricultural Fair: also, sixteen
young thorough bred Pigs of the' startle' breed,
about three weeks old; else, eight thoi.onet
Buck and Ewe Lambs of his South Down flock:'
The undersigned takes pleasure in stating that
for all the stock which he exhibited, at the State
Agricultural Fair, he received the highest pre
miums for South Down and Leicester sheoP and
Chester Hogs.
_ _ _
Any leite7.s'dire'eted to Engle Foundry F. 0.,
Huntingdon' Co., Penne., will he attended to.
Nov. 20, 1851
Wholesale Grocers and Commission Merchanls an
Dealers in Produce and Pittsburg
No. 116, Wood Street, Pittsburg.
U AVE NOW IN STORE, and to arrive this
11 week, the following goods, of the most re
cent importations, which are offered on the most
reasonable terms:
115 catty boxes prime Green Tea.
45 half chests do . do
46 " Oolong and 'Chula.;
100 bags Rio Coffee:
15 " Laguyra and Java.
GO boxes B's, s's, 4 mild 1 lb lump Wham.
35 bbls. Nos. 1 am •& Mackerel.
and i do No.' V de
2 and do Salmon:
50 oxes scaled Herring.
1300 lbs extra Madder.
3 bales Cassia, 1 bale Cloven;
6 bags Pepper & Alspice,
1 bbl Nutmegs; •
2 bbls Ground Ginger; 1 bbl ground poppet,
1 bbl Ground Pimento, 10 kegs ground Mustard
10 kegs ground Cassia, 10 do do Cloves,
2 bbls Garret's Snuff, 95 ban Stearin Candle.,
20 ban Star Candles, 10 do Sperni .
100 doz Masons 131ack'g 100 lbs sup. Rice Mein`,
100 lbs S.F. Indigo, 20 dos Ink,
150 dos Sum Brodnis, 125 doz Patent Zoe
50 bxa extra pure Starch, Wash Boards,
25 du Saleratus 75 bbls N. 0. Molasses,
15 bbls S. H. Molasses, 10 do Golden Syrup,
25 du Loaf, Crushed, 5501bs seedless Raisins,
& POwdered Sugar', 50 dims Smyrna Age,
20 jarekkudeittix Prunes, 50'lbs Sicily PritneS,
5 boxes Rock Candy, 2 boxes Ganett'Citrons,
10 do Cocoa & Chocolate, 5 do Castile & ANdOild'
12 do. Military Soap, Soap,
1 1,41 sup. Carb, Soda, 1 bbl Cream Tarter,
1 ease Pearl Sago, 2 cases Isinglass,'
2 eases Sicily & Refined 1 ease Arrow Root,
Liquorice, 150 Bath Brick;
1 bbl Flour Sulphur, 100 grass Mhtehe , ,
100 dos Extract of Lem. b sloe Lento,' Sugar,
on, Ruse & Vanilla, 1 cesk•Sal Soda, •
Glass, Nails, White Lead, Lard oil, &c.
Refer to Merchants Thomas Read & San,
41 Fisher & M'Murtrie.
•, Charles Miller,
Honorable John Ker . ,
May . IS,
'PUFF VINS.—The Ittlies can• set a splendid
virievi tit BtL Einares, deelB--Sx