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    Notice of Administration.
Estate of JOHN SHEERER, of Tod Township,
Huntingdon county, dec'd.
NOTICE is hereby given that lettirs'Of Ad
ministration on the above named estate
have been this day granted by the Register of
Huntingdon county to the subscribers,—all
persons having claims against the estate of said
decedent are requested to make known the same
to the undersigned without delay and those in
debted to said estate will make immediate pay
ment to the same.
August 7,1851.-6 t.
Medical Society.
The Members of the Huntingdon County Med
ical Society are requested to meet in the Hall of,
the Sone of Temperance, in the borough of Hun
tingdon, on Tuesday, the 12th of August, at 1
o'clock. All regular Physicians in the county
are respectfully invited to attend.
ORLADY, Secretary.
August 7, 1851.
Shack Gap, Huntingdon County, Pa,
Rev. J. Y. McGialit.v; ' A. M., Principal and
Professor of Natural and Moral Sciences.
J. H. W. Me(limas, A. M., Professor of
D. McKumnr, A. 8., Professor of Mathe•
matics. •
THE Courseof Instruction embraces all the
-I- Branches necessary to prepare young men
either for the Higher Classes in College, or for
the duties of a'profession and the active business
of life.
The Academy Buildings aro new, commodious
and in every Way adapted to the accommodation
of a large number of Students. The location is
distinguished for its healthfulness and the moral
and religious character of its surrounding com
munity. The year ittdivided into two sessions of
FIVE swamis each. The Winter Session com
mencing on the Ist Wednesday of November and
the Summer Session on the last Wednesday of
Orthography, Reading and Writing,• • •
Arithmetic, Geography, Grammar,
Philosophy, &c.,
Mathematics, Greek and Latin Lan
French g a u e
and German, each (addition.
al charge,) 5,00
Boarding, exclusive of fuel and lights $1,34
per week.
The whole expenses for a Session, inclusive of
Tuition, Washing, Fuel, &c., de not amount
to over $5O, and with economy, less.
Cr The subscriber, encouraged by the liberal
patronage he has already received, would repeat
that be is determined to spare no eftbrt in making
the Institution under his care, one that will com
mend itself to all parents and guardians who de
sire to give their Sons and wards thorough pre
parito7 education without exposing them to the
contaminating and immoral influences that exist
in more populous communities.
' The place is easy of access, being on the
'Stage route that connects Chambersburg with the
Central Railroad at Drake's Ferry.
. .
For reference or further partlculars ad.
dress J. Y. 14IcGINNES.
Shade Gap, Pa., July 31, 1851-4 m
Philadelphia Medical House,
N. W. Cornerof :third and Union Streets,
Between Spr uce and Pine Steeds
• hiladdphia.
FIFTEEN years of extensive and uninterrupted
practice spent in this city have rendered Dr.
K. the most expert and successful practitioner
far and near, in the treatment of all diseases of a
private nature. Persons afflicted with ulcers up
on the body, throat, or legs, pains in the head or
bones, mercurial rheumatism, strictures, gravel,
disease arising from youthful excesses or impuri
ties of the blood, whereby the constitution has be
come enfeebled, are all treated with success.
Ho who places himself under the care of Dr.
K., may religiously confide in his honor as a gen
tleman, and confidently rely upon his skill as a
• Young Men who have injured themselves by a
certain practice indulged in—a habit frequently
learned from evil companions or at school—the ef
fect of width are nightly felt, even when asleep,
and destroy both iniad and body, should apply
immediately. Weakness and constitutional de
bility, loss of muscular 'energy, physical lassitude
and general prostration, irritability and all ner
vous affections, indigestion, sluggishness of the
liver, and every disease in any way connected
with the disorder of the procreative functions cur
ed, and full vigor restored.
A Vigorous Life, or a Premature Death.
Kinkilin on self Preservation. Only 25 cents.
This Book just published is filled with useful
information, on the infirmities and diseases of the
Generative Organs. It addresses itself alike to
should be read by aIL
The valuable advice and impressive warning it
gives, will prevent years of misery and suffering
and save annually thousands of lives.
Parents by reading it will learn how to prevent
the destruction of their children.
*„• A remittukte of 25 cents, enclosed in a let
addressed to DR. KIRKMAN, N. W. corner
of Third and Union streets, between Spruce and
Pine, Philadelphia, will ensure a book, under en
velope, per return of mail.
Persons at a distance may address Dr. K. by
letter, (post-paid,) Mid be cured at home.
Packages of Medicines, Directions, &c., for
warded, by sending d rinnittance, and put up se
cure from damage or curiosity.
Eldridge , e Patent Corn Sheller.
The attention of the Public is invited to this
improvement in Corn Shelters, which is acknowl
edged to be fur superior to any other, being on
an entirely new principle shelling the Corn length
wise of the ear, the cob passing straight through
without revolving, thereby requiring no gearing
to increase its speed, which adds so materially to
the cost of other machines. It turns easier and
shells cleaner than any other, and is porta
ble in size and durable in construction. Persons
interested are invited to call and see it in opera
tion. The Right of this and other Counties for
sale. For further particulars address or ap
North W. Cor. End FL Dock sts. 3rd story.
Philada. July 31, 1851.-3 m.
Tho accounts of the late James Clark
for advertising and job work, have been
put into the hands of the undesigned for
collection. Therefore persops who are in
debted for such work, or whose accounts
are unsettled, will please call and make
settlement with the undersigned at his
Office in Iluntingdon,_
P. 8. All monies due said Clark for
subscriptions to the a Journal" are to be
paid to Win. H. Peightal, the present pro
prietor, he having purchased the same.
Huntingdon July 17 'sl] W. P. 0.
LIST OF 1117110118--Aug. Term, 1831
David Beck, jr Farmer, Warrioremark township,
Benjamin Beers, Just. Peace, Cromwell
Jacob Baker, farmer, Springfield
Solomon Beyers, farmer, Springfield
Peter Citrfman, farmer, Cass
Ephraim Doyle, carpenter, Shirley
Martin Flenner, wagon maker, Walker
John B Given, merchant, Walker
James Ewing, farmer, Barren
Barlets Ealy, blacksmith,Brady
Oliver Etnier, farmer, Sirley
James Horning, thrmer, Barree
Miles Lewis, fanner, West
John Levingston, fanner, West
John Lyon, iron master, Franklin
Robert Kinkead, just. peace, Morris
William Moore, merchant, Porter
Henry B Mytinger, gentleman, Morris
Thomas E Orbison, merchant, Cromwell
Solomon Rough, miller, Porter
George H Steiner, merchant, Morris
John Stryker, farmer, West
George Sipes, farmer, Cromwell
Hiram Williamson, farmer, West
Daniel Africa, laborer, Henderson township,
Henry Brewster, merchant, Shirley
William Campbell, farmer, Dublin
Richard Culegate, blacksmith, Cromwell
Nicholas Corbin, shoe Maker, Cass
William Dowling, shoemaker, West
James Entrekin, merchant, Hopewell
Thomas Enyart, tanner, Penn
David Fraker, merchant, Shirley
Caleb Guyer, farmer, Warriorsmark
Charles Green, farmer, West
James Galbraith, farmer, Shirley
John Gersinger, farmer, Penn
James K Hampson, inn Keeper, Brady
Adam Hoffman, chairmaker, Walker
David Jeffries,,just. peace, Dublin
George Keith, farmer, Tod
Lenard G Kessler, merchant, Brady
William S Lincoln, farmer, Walker
George Leas, farmer, Warriorsmark
David MeMurtrio, merchant, Henderson
George MelVAliams, merchant, Morris
Charles Mickley, manager, Tod
David B Moug, farmer, Warriorsmark
James Miller, farmer, Brady township
George W Mattora, farmer, Franklin
Daniel Neff, farmer, Porter
Philip Piper, gentleman, Porter
Benjamin.F Patton, Merchant, Warriorsmark
William Pheasant, farmer, Union
Samuel PoPet, bricklayer, Henderson
John House, fiu•tner, Dublin
Hugh Seeds, farmer, Franklin
John Smith, farmer Barre°
Samuel Smith, laborer, Henderson
Elie! Smith, just. peace, Union
Azariab Sackets, faftner, Warriorsmark
Christain Shwaz jr, farmer, Hopewell
James Siberts, farmer, Tell
Henry Shively, farmer, West
Thomas G Striker, plasterer, Walker
Thomas Schell, taylor, Warriorsmark
James Stewart, (manor) farmer, Barron
A J Taylor, saddler Dublin
Walter Vautries, constable, Warriorsmark
Casper Weight, farmer, Morris
John Whitney, manager, Tor)
Thomas Irvine, farmer, Union
• 8,00
Alexander Ambrose, founder Franklin Township,
James Alexander, farmer, Jackson
Washington Baker, farmer, Toil
Jacob E Bare, Sterner, Springfield
William W Campbell, farmer, Tell
Abraham Cresswell, merchant, West
Conrad Curfman, farmer, Cass
John Donelson, Sumer, Hopewell
James Ewing, farmer, Franklin
John Flemming, farmer, Cromwell
Daniel Grazier, farmer, Warriorsmark
Alen Green, farmer, Barren •
David Henderson, farmer,
Samuel Jones, carpenter, Franklin
William Jordan, farmer,Cromwell
Henry Leo, farmer, Jackson
Peter Lovingston, firmer, Barre°
James Lane Sr., miller, Brady
George Lininger, farmer, Walker
James M Lloyd, farmer ' Walker
John Moore, carpenter, Shirley
John McKinstrey, farmer, Shirley
John McCarty, farmer, Brady
James McCracken, farmer, Brady
David Parker, blacksmith, Warnormark
John Porter merchant, Porter
John Price, Shirley
Job Plympton, machinist, Morris
Edward L Plowman, farmer, Brady
William Rutter, farmer, Cromwell
Joseph Read, farmer, West
Richardson Read, merchant, ,Cass
William Stinson, farmer, Tod
John C Wilson, farmer, West
Levi Westbrook, shoemaker, Henderson
Henry Zimmerman, Justice Peace, Hopewell
WHENEAs by a precept to me directed, dated
at Huntingdon, the 9th day of April A. D.
1851, under the bands and seals of the Hon.
George Taylor, President of the Court of Com
mon Please, Oyer and Terminer, and general
jail delivery of the 200) judicial district of Penn
sylvania composed of Huntingdon, Blair and Cum
bria, and the Hon. James Gwin and Jonathan
McWilliams his associates, Judges of the county
of Huntingdon, justices assigned, appointed, to
hear try and determine all and every indictments
made or taken for or concerning all crimes, which
by the laws of the State are made capital or felo
nies of death and other offences crimes and misde
meanors, which have been or shall hereafter be
committed or perpetrated for crimes aforesaid
—I am commanded to make public proclamation
throughout my whole bailiwick that a Court of
Oyer and Terminer, of Common Pleas and
Quarter sessions, will he held at the Court House
in the borough of Huntingdon, on the second Mon
day (and 11th day) of August next, and those
who will prosecute the said prisoners be then and
there to prosecute them as it shall be just, and
that all Justices of the Peace, Coroners and
Constables within said county be then and there
is their proper persons, at 10 o'clock, A. M. of
said day, with their records, inquisitions, exami
nations and remembrances, to do those things
which to their °likes respectfully appertain.
Dated at Huntingdon the Sad day of July in the
year of. our Lord 1851, and the 75th year of
American Independence.
July 24, 1851.
AMAN & MARKS inform the public Sint they
still continue to make coffins at tho old stand
formerly occupied by Thomas Burchinoll in the
rear of the Sons of Temperance Hall, fronting ou
Washington Street, and attend funerals either
In town Or country. They kcop a splendid Hearse
for the accommodation of their customers.
All persons having unsettled accounts with the
late firm of Dorsey & Maguire are respectfully re
quested to call and have the same satisfactorily
arranged, as the/ are determined to have the ac
counts settled without resptiet to persons.
Huntingdon July 31, 1841.
TRIAL LIST--August Term, ISSI.
Wray Maize vs William Campbell.
Randell Alexander vs Blair & Madden.
A. W. Benedict vs David Milliken
John Fulton et al vs John Wafters et al
Joseph Stewart's Ex vs B E McMurtrie
Com'th for Hudson vs John Shaver
Robert Barr vs J W Myton's heirs et al
Math Garner's Ex vs Sebastian Keely
Isaac Woolverton vs Elisha Shoemaker
Elias Hoover vs Daniel Teague et al
William Welch vs Nathanial Kelly
Math. Garner's Ex vs Dan'l Kyler
Andrew Shaw vs John Montgomery
Ennis & Porter vs Andrew Stewart's Adms
John E Thompson et al vs John W Swoops
John Wiugard vs Jacob Brubaker
Elizabeth G Morrison vs Goo Hutchison
Rel. Transp. Co. for use vs B O'Friel's adms
Daniel Kirtinan's adms vs Robert Speer
Sam'l Caldwell vs Dan'l Teague et al
Elias Hoover vs Dan'l Teague et al
Geoige Jackson vs Conrad Wittich
Com'th for use of Vances vs Vance & Alexander
John White's Adms vs Semi Eckley
Clarissa Holland's Adms vs David Styor
John Dearment for use vs James Alexander
Samuel Shoemaker for use vs Hunt. Pres. Cong.
George Randolph vs F A Jennings & Co
GR&JH Shoenberger vs Dan 'l Bressler et al
J & J Milliken vs William Couch's Ex
Fetzer & Riddle vs John List
Devon & Greene vs Banks & Cromwell
Zentmyor for Good vs Martin Gates' Adms
Martin Gates Adms vs Math. Crownovor &c
Christian Ladner & Co vs McGrun & Fitzpatrick
Com'th for Lowry vs John Shaver
Sam'l S Barr vs John Willamson
Joseph Ennis vs James S Lawrence
John Love for use vs Mitchell Vance & Alexander
John Bridenbaugh &c vs Philip L. Fox
William Gaghagan vs William Colder & Co
John Walters for use vs Spang Keller & Co
Mary Ann Ullman vs Same
1 A C Blair &c vs David Welch
Sam'! Kittermau vs Janiei Entrekin
William MeNite vs John Dougherty et al
Amos L Smith vs Chilcote & Myorly
Collett' for Johns vs Ramsey & Madden
Jos H SPayd ht al vs William Moore
Robert Speer vs Isaac G Gorsuch
Dennis Donovan vs Tho Penna. Railroad Co
Thomas Ashton vs Iletiry Keister's Ex
Moore & Myton vs Michael Stacy &c
A Burn's Adms for use vs Sam'lllurket et al
John lloper for use vs John Smith's Adms &c
Andrew Freakcr vs Benjamin Mogahan et al
Sam'! Steffey vs Michael Steffoy
BUSINESS MEN to take the exclusive Agency
(for a County or Counties) for the Sale of the
GERMAN WASHING FLUID, being an article
much cheaper and easier to use than soap, and is
warrented to perfectly cleanse all kinds of cloth
ing, containing no Potash, Soda-ash, Spirits of
Turpentine, Ammonia, Acids, or any article what
ever that will in any manner injure the finest fab
ric or the Ash. It is an article which, when once
introduced, constant sales can be made with largo
profits to the Agents. For full particulars regard
ing prices, terms, &e., address (post paid) to
I. P. HOYT & Co.,
No. 26 South F9i th St., Philad'a
Philatra, July 2.1,1851.-2 m.
Take this Method of informing the Public, that
in addition to their
IcOCream Saloon
they have fitted up in splendid style an EATING
Boost for geutleinen '
.where every luxury, as well
as the subdantials of the season, will he served up
in such a manner, as to make an Epicurean smack
his 141 with gusto._ _ _
Spring Chicken's, Oysters, Roast Beef, Boiled
Lamb, Roust Mutton, iv. v., with all the fixins
can be hod at any time. Suppers will be prepared
for parties on timely notice being given.
We are determined to spare no efforts to make
onr establishment a place of agreeable resort.
Our stock offndts CoVectionarics is unrivalled. ,
We wish every person to give us a call, when we
are certain we shall have the extreme pleasure, of
having them "conic again and again."
F. 37, C. SNYDER.
Hunt., July, 1851. tf
Written and Verbal, will be received at
SCOTT'S ateapfeteelqj Stare, opposite the Sons
of Temperance Rail, for any number of Watches
or Clocks, and any quantity of the most fashion
able Jewelry, &c., which he is now prepared to
furnish on the very lowest terms, wholesale and
retail, having just returned from the east with a
now supply . Purchasers are respectfully invited
to give him a bid.
N. B. Watches and Clocks carefully repaired
and cleaned and warranted.
Bunt. July 10, 1851. tf
THE unclesigned begs leave to call the atten
tion of Printers and Publishers, to the fact
that lie continues to manufacture all kinds of
TYPE at his old stand, N. W. Corner of Third &
Chestnut streets, Philadelphia, at his usual low
prices for cash. Ho has just introduced a large
quantity of new style
all of which aro made of the best metal; and for
beauty of finish and durability, cannot be surpass
ed by any other foundry in the Union. His long
experience in the difforent branches of the trade
as well as in the mixing of metals, will, he flatters
himself, enabled him to make a better article and
at a much less price than any of his competitors.
lie keeps constantly on band a largo variety of
Cases,Chases,Composing Sticks,lmposing-stones,
Common and Brass Galleys, Stands, Bodkins,
Brass Rules, Loads, Printing Presses, Furniture,
and all other articles required in a Printing Office.
Old Type taken in exchange for new at nine
cents per pound.
Printeri are requested to call and examine his
speciments before purchasing elsewhere. All or
ders thankfully received and promptly attended to,
at his Philadelphia Typo Foundry, corner of
Third and Chestnut streets.
July 3, 1851.-ly.
WIIHREAB by a precept to me directed by the
Judges of the Commpn Pleas of the coun
ty of Huntingdon, bearing test, the 9th of April,
1851, I ant commanded to make Public Procla
mation throughottt my whole baliwlek, that at
court of Common Pleas, will be held at tho Court
House in the borough of Htuningdon, on the ad
Monday (and 18th day) of August, A. 1.):, 1851,
for the trial of all issues in said Court, which re
mains undetermined before the said Judges, when
and where all jurors, witnesses and suitors, in
the trial of all issues are required to appear.
Dated at Huntingdon the 23d of July in the
year of our Lord 1851, and the 75t1t year o
American Independence.-
July 17,1851.-ff
July 24, 1851.
IRON PUMPS and Load Pipo, for well or cis•
tern, far sale by J. &. W. Saxton.
May 29,'55.
NOTICE is hereby given to all persons inter
ested, that the following named persons have set
tled their accounts in the Register's office, at Hun
tingdon, and that the said accounts will ' be pre
sented for confirmation and allowance, at an
Orphans' Court to be hold at Huntingdon, in and
for said county of Huntingdon, on Wednesday
the 15th day of August next.
1. Ephraim Yingling Administrator of the estate
of Jacob Stambaugh late of Tod township, doe'd.
2. John Skinner, Executor of the last will and
testament of Robert ill'l?arlaltd, late of Toll
township, decd.
3. 13Crijamin Loas, Administrator of tho estate
of Mary Barton, late of the borough of Shirleys
4. Trust account of Christian and Daniel Yo
der, Trustees appointed by the Court to sell the,
real estate of Daniel Yoder, late of Brady town
ship, dec'd.
5. John M'Cahan, Administrator of Barton
M'Mullen, Esq., Into of iphe borough of Hunting
don, dec'd._.
6: Benedict Stevens, Esq., Administrator of
the estate of Samuel N. Wharton late of Crom
well township, dee'd.
7. John APCahan, Executor of the last will
and testament of James ISPCahan, late of the
borough of Huntingdon, due's'.
8. John Neff, one of the Executors of the last
will and testament of George Mang, lute of War
riorsmark township, deed.
9. John Shaver, Esq., Administrator of the
estate of Allen 0. Brown, late of the borough of
Shirleysburg, deed.
10. William Graflus, Administrator of the es
tate of John P. Dean, late of the borough of
Alexandria, dec'd.
11. Israel Grans, Executor of the last will and
testament of Catharine Auraudt, late of Morrris
township, deed.
12. John Porter,Executor of the last will and
testament of Jonathan Johnston late of the bor
oughs of Alexandria, dee'd.
13. Adam Steffey and Samuel Steffoy Admin
istrators of the estate of Leonard Steffey, late of
Barre° township, dcc'd.
. . .
14. CatharinWShultz Administratrix with tho
will annexed of Philip Shultz late of the borough
of Huntingdon, deed.
15. Daniel Neff, Jacob Harocamo and Alex
ander Stitt Administrators of the estate of Hen
ry Neff, late of the borough of Alexandria. dee'd.
H. F. CAMPBELL, Register.
Register's Office, Huntingdon, July 11, 1851.
Tho Art Union of Philadelphia was established
by its founders, and incorporated by the Legisla
ture of Pennsylvania, for the purpose of extend
ing throughout the American community that at
tachment to the fine arts which is distinctive of
national refinement and civilization.
Every person subscribing live dollars becomes
a member at the Art Union until the succeeding
annual meeting in December. Subscribers for
this 3 , ear arc entitled to their choice of any two of
the fotir following splendid engravings, any one of
which is fully worth the subscription price:
Each subscriber also receives a copy of the
Art Union Reporter, monthly, alter his subscrip
tion: this should induce early subscriptions. Af
ter payment of all expenses, the balance of the
funds arising from subscriptions is represented by
prim certificates, ranging from $4O to $lOOO,
which are distributed by lot among the members,
on the last week-day in December, and aro avail
able only for the purchaser of original works of
American Artists.
Thus, for five dollars each member is sure of
receivhig two engravings which could not be pur
chased elsewhere with the same money, and bus
also the chance of obtaining a lino original paint
ing to be selected by himself.
JOHN SCOTT, Esq., is tho Honorary Secre
tary for this county, and will receive and remit
THE subscriber gives notice that his wife, Mary
Ann Carter did, on the 7th day of May, 1851,
leave his bed and board. Ito therefore cautious
all persons from harboring or trusting her on his
account, as he will pay no debts of her contract
Huntingdon, July 3,1851.-3 t.•
Ey virtue of a certain writ of Vend. Ex. to ttic
directed. I will, oh Monday the 11th day of An
gust next, at two o'clock P. M. expose to sale by
public outcry, at the Court House, in the bor
ough of Huntingdon, the following described real
estate, to wit
All Hefts. right, title and interest in and to
all that certain tract of land. situate in Jackson
Township, Huntingdon county, 'containing about
one hundred acres more or less, adjoining lands of
Shunkwiler, of William & John Smith and others,
hawing thereon erected, b. twu story dwelling
house, and cabin barn; from fully to sixty acres
Seized taken in execution and to be sold as the
property of John Beightal.
WM. B. ZEIGLER, Sheriff:
Iltunindon July 24th, 1851.-3 t.
HAS on hand,just received, a complete As
sortmont of SIIOT GUNS, Powder Flasks,
Game Bags, and all other Sporting Apparatus of
the best and approved patterns.
Ho has constantly on hand SPORTING POW
DER of all descriptions, Percussion Caps, Shot,
Bullet Moulds, Ball and Blank Cartridges, and a
general assortment of materials for Gun Makers,
Also PERCUSSION CAPS of a superior qual
ity, designed expressly for U..S. Mos. „
An Assortment of FISHING TACTILE always
on hand.
. .
AR the above, atui any other articles in his Hoe,
the Subscriber will sell as low as any other estab
lishment in the United States.
In testimony of his skill as a manufacturer, the
FRANKLIN INSTITUTE, in the years 1840
and 1842, awarded to him TWO CERTIFI
CATES— and in thoyears 1844, 1846, 1847,
1848 and 1850 FIVE SILVER MEDALS, all of
which may be seen at his place of business.
I'hilad'a, July 24, 1851.-3 m.
SIX DOLLARS and Fifty cents for the largest
Gold Pencils, at
Ed. Snare's Jewelry Store.
A Beautiful lot of Parasols for stile by
J. 6. W.
May 29, 51.
T HE finest fast colored 12/ cent Lawns for sale
by J. 6- W. Saxton.
May 29, 51.
A Splendid assortment of Ladies Slippers for
salu by J. ts' W. Saxton.
May 29, '5l.
lillE best assortment of Hardware in town, for
sale by J. 4, IV: Saxton.
May 29, '5l.
North-East cor. Walnut & Second Sts.,
Every subscriber of five dollars is a member for
the year, and is entitled to,
1. A copy of each number of the BULLETIN
(referred to in a proceeding, number,) which shall
be issued in 1851, during and after the month in
which payment of his subscription shall bo made.
This is a monthly publication, of sixteen or more
quarto pages, of three columns each, illustrated
with Engravings and Etchings from works of the
most distinguished artists.
. .
Ir. A print of Mr. Jones's lino Engraving on
Steel, measuring nineteen inches by twenty-one
inches, after Mr. Woodville's celebrated painting
of Mexican News, representing a group at the
door of an inn, listening to the reading of account
of the first battles of the late Mexican War.
111. A set of Five. Prints from finiihed line En
gravings on Steel, of the average size of eight
inches, by ten inches, and executed by distin
guiblied American Engravers, after the following
paintings, viz.:
Margni Crossing the Pede, By Bouncy, Mount
Washington, from the Valley of Conway, By
Kcusott, merican Harvesting Scenery, By
Cropsey, Old '76 and Young '4B, By Woodville,
Bargaining for a Horse, By Mount. . . .
Thus forming a Gallery of American Art, of
convenient size for binding, or for preservation in
a portfolio, instead of framing, if desired.
IV. A hare in the distribution of several hun
dred paintings, sculptures, and drawings in water
The subscriber has thus nn unequalled oppor
tunity to achieve tho triple purpose of obtaining
a valuable return for a small investment—of se
curiug the possession of a superior work, gratify
ing has taste for Art, and of affording encourage
ment to promising Artists of his own country.
Honorary Secretary
Huntingdon, July 17, 1851.
RESPECTFULLY informs the citizens of the
borough of Iluntingdon, and the public generally,
that.he has taken the shop formerly occupied by
T. Adams, where he is carrying on business as a
hi all its branches, and he hereby solicits a share
of the pablic patronage. By strict attention
to his business (intending to be at home at all
times) and care in the manufacture of articles, he
hopes to please those who may become his pat
rons and, also, to induce a fair . rade.
0 — Ile makes Coffins and attends Funerals on
the shortest notice.
has a SPLENDID HEARSE for the
accommodation of those living iu the country.
Huntingdon, June 26, 18.51.-3 m.
Executor's Notice.
Estato of WILLIAM SCHEAFFER, late of
Shirley township, dee'd.
LETTERS Testamentary having been granted
by the Register of Huntingdon County to the un
dersigned on the above estate, all persons having
claims against the estate of said decoased,,are re
quested to present their accounts, duly authenti
cated, for settlement, and all persons indebted to
said estate will make payment without delay.
Juno 26, 1851.-6 t. •
I•Ias just received at his "BASLV STORE" a
tremendous stock of goods from Philadelphia,
which he is enabled to sell at greatly reduced
prices, in consequence of having purchased the
same much lower than usual.
His stock embraCes everything required to sup
ply the wants of the community and consists in
part of a must splendid variety of
All . of which will bo sold 20 per cent. lower than
,similar articles can be had for in Huntingdon.
Persons who have any regard for economy
should give hint a call, when. ho will take great
pleasure in convincing them that his store is the
place to save money. His stock of
is very large, and as he has all his goods brought
on in - his own boats, it is reasonable to suppose
that he can sell lower than anybody else.
I tun sincerely grateful to the community for
the very liberal share of patronage I have hereto
fore received, and trust that toy great reduction
in prices will be the means of having it continued
and greatly increased.
May 29, 1851.—tf.
Begs leave to retnrn his sincere thanks, for the
very liberal patronage lie has heretofore received,
and at the same time informs a generous public,
that he still continues the
at the old stand of dumb Snyder, where he will
be pleased to have his friends call and leave their
Every garment is warranted to fit neatly, and
shall be well made.
Hunt., July, 1851
LADIES Gold Pens nod Pencils at the Cheap
Corner Jowolry Store.
B OOKS and STATIONARY of all kinds at
Ed. Snaro'b Storo.
ALLEN'S REVOLVERS, and various other
kinds of Pistols, at tho lowest prices, at
Scott's Cheap Jewelry Store.
for sale by
10 Half Barrels Herring
J. S. IV. Saxton
May 29,'51
ABeautiful lot of the latest style of Bonnets,
large and small. Also, children's Flats for
sale by J. o• Saxton.
May 29, '5l.
To the !tars and to Me creditors of John Stewart,
All persons interested sirs hereby notified that
the Trust account of John P. Stewart, Trustee of
the estate of his rather John Stewart, late of Vest
township, Iluntingtion county, deceased, under
end by virtue of un article of agreement recorded
in the Mike for recording of deeds in said county,
has beau filed in the Wilco of the Prothonotary of
the Court of Common Pleas of said county, and
that the same will be presented to the said Court
on the second Monday of August next, for eon
fimiatiomat which time the same will be allowed
by said Court, unless cause be shown Why it
should not be allowed.
THEO. 11. CREASER, Prot'rv.
May 22, 1851.
Z. to.. WILLIAMS & Co.,
Wholesale Grocers and Commission Merchants and
Dealers in Produce and Pittsbury
No. 116, Wood Street, Pittsburg.
HAVE NOW IN STORE, and to arrive this
week, the following goods, of the most re
cent importations, which arc offered on the most
reasonable terms:
115 catty boxes prime Green Tea.
45 half chests . do do
46 " Oolong and Cbulan.
100 bags Rio Coffee.
15 " Laguyra and Java.
60 boxeslPs, s's, and Ilb lump tobacco.
35 bbls. Nes. 1 an d,3 Mackerel.
20 and do No. 1 do
2 and Ido Salina.
50 oxes sealed Herring.
1300 lbs extra Madder. ••
3 bales Coale, 1 bale CleiVoi; ' •
6 bags Pepper & ALipieo, 1 bbl Nutmegs,
2 bbls Ground Ginger, 1 bbl ground pepper,
1 bbl Ground Pimento, 10 kegs ground Mustard
10 kegs ground Cassia, 10 do do Cloves,
2 bids Garret's Snufl; 45 bxs Stearin Candles,
20 bxs Spy Candles, 10 do Sperm do
100 do. ..Masons Black'g 100 lbs sup. Rice Flour,
100 lbs S. F. Indigo,— 20 doe Ink,
150 doe Corn Brooms, •125 doa Patent Zinc
50 bas extra pure Starch, Wash Boards,
25 do Salefatus, 75 bbls N. G. Molasses.
15 bbls S. 11. Molasses, 10 do Golden Syrup,
25 do Loaf, Crushed, 5501bs seedless Raisins,
& Powdered Sugar, 50 drums Smyrna Figs,
20 jars Bordeaux Prunes, 50 lbs Sicily Prunes,
5 boxes Rock Candy, 2 boxes Genoa Citrons,
10 do Cocoa & Chocolate, 5 do Castile & Almond
12 doe Military Soap, Soap,
1 bbl sup. Carb, Soda, I bbl Cream Tartar,
1 case Pearl Sago, 2 cases Isinglass,
2 cases Sicily & Refined 1 case Arrow Root,
Liquorice, 150 Bath Brick,
1 bbl Flour Sulphur, 100 gross Matches,
100 doe Extract of Lent- 5 doe Lemon Sugar,
on, Rose & Venilla, I cask Sal Soda,
Glass, Nails, White Lead, Lard oil, &c.
Refer to Merchants Thomas Read & Son,
Fisher & M'Murtrie,
•, Charles Miller,
Honorable John Ker,
May 15, 1851.-Iy.
The subscriber, in his offorts,to make folks as
comfortable as possible, takes this method of as
suring everybody in quest of, felicity, that he is
now prepared to furnish ICE CREA . SI and DE
LIGHTFUL CAKES to persons both at home
and abroad. Ills arrangements are ample and
Persons residing at either of the points named be
low had better send in their orders considerably
before immediately in Prder to secure the ricliesP
and best. The facilities afforded by the Railroad
enables him to assure all who may favor him with
their orders that they may, rely upon his being
punctual id Bjllug all from the following places,
And any other place in the United States.
Huntingdon, June 12, 1851
Tr:7K L. - oval:a a
_ _ _
ter having been vigorously contested by suits
at law for the last sin years,) has lawn fully and
finally established in the Supreme Court of the
United States.
The undersigned, at his depot, has on hand a
large assortment of the genuine
Loth Fire and Burglar Proof.
With Now and Sec Mid gand Safes of other tna
kers—forming the largest assortment in the world.
Also, the following
Zr4i - QP ago UMGMII3 .
And Locks of other calobrated Makers.
isro; 34 Walnut Street, PHILADEI.I,IIA,
Sole Agent for the State of Pennsylvania:
June 2G, 1851.-Gt.
TIIE undersigned begs leave to inform the putt..
lie and the " rest of mankind," that he is desirous
of settling up the books of the late firm of
lam & Comprolist. Tho books have been trans
furred to me and as I am determined to close the
accounts, persons indebted had better call and
make a satisfactory arrangement.
June 19, 1951.-tf.
P 11111011111( BALSAM,
Many years of experience, and more then a 4lettdred
Thoneand Cerro of yoneamptive Complabe,havo
COreeCo n ne ll' ac u qVut l i t t i nt; writ i tl e il i Vw=4/:Pre: r oTy n , li thrt h i7
l inf r :s e ge y r N e i g:ri l i n t . j j' a! ' it= " tolort:na t tflt r : ' V i tt
L...., Rum any other ReMcdy In the world. We know.
hweer that it mild by some that ConsulaPtlon cut eel
be cured. Bo that the opinion of the many or the few, we
shall not attempt to argue with such, but Ibis we mid me,
and do asset an a fact, which can ho proved in thottrando
of omen dim this medicine has cured Cough. and din
wen wltiall, before the cured wore inibeind, wore coiled rani
Consumption, me which wore to/ended with systodoeij
that resembled, and were in till respeett like the symptoms
of them who die, and when dead aro said to have Bi nd with
that fatal dis e ase Conatamptiou. 'Ude 'labiate Ism cured
Manmade of pertains who were said to be hopelessly ethic,
ed—who Mad hard, dry, rucking Conglie—reb,e In the
Bream, Side, sad B abe —Dlineulty of lirrnihing—
Politic. - Expectoration —litrtie Pave Night. sweat•—and
meeting tawny of the Flesh and Blood. Persons
having such complaints have beau cared after It was said
tiny mold nut live a week bongo. This Medicine lag
cured some who were supposed to he in a dying mate,
but, by the use of this remedy, they now Ms, end soli d
good health. .
Thin Labium is purely a tegetabk compound. lt la
Pleasum to lake, and ruler dam rows in any *Uwe or than
ease or under any cireunieuutce.. It effect. its wonderful)
and almost nollrneulows Cures by Pnettrying,
ening, ant invigorating the when minim-14 equali
sing the eirridatinn, and producing . a Sanaa union — tifile .
atiejilori Cough — nothing the Nervea—and aiding .1
JaeGadny lixpectorntion. 1t Cures the tolluwing dia
lIIOUGUS and Colds, Recital:is, Asthma, Spittinggr Blued.
Bleeding at the Lungs, Paine in the lirega, Side, and Chad,
Nerveronieu,Niaht Sweatt Palpitation ef the Heart, and all
IFE.IIALE, NVEAKNILaispei aud Complaint, missies
therefrom, ()bolero )uranium, Cc.
elv . For Proof and particulars of Come, me our
Pamphlets and our Agent. have then It
give away.
For sale by T. K. SI3IONTON, Husain gdon; J.
N. Swoope, Alexandria; J. Luta, Shirleysburg ;
J. & J. Kelly Burnt Cabin; James Kelly, Sattta
o ; and by 11Icrebauts and Druggists gewsemlly.
All orders must be addre,seil to Wallace & D 0...
304 Broadwav, Now York Jon. 30, '5l