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Useful, Beautiful and Ornamental I !
BEGS LEAVE to inform the people of Hun
tingdon, and the rest of mankind, that he hat
bought, brought and opened the richest, largest
and cheapest assortment of
ever beheld in this meridian In addition to his
unprecedented stock of Watches and Jewelry
he is just opening a most excellent variety of
miscellaneous BOOKS, as well as School
Books and STATIONARY, which lie is de
termined shall be sold lower than ever sold in
Call in and see if this statement is not cor ,
rect. Store formerly occupied by Neff & ylil•
117 - 01,1 Gold and Silver wanted,
April 1851.
J. & W. 5.5.XT07.,7.
J. 4- W. S. have just received and are now
opening for public inspection and purchase, a
eplerdid stock of
We have better and cheaper Goods than can
be found at any other establishment in the
county. If you don't believe this assertion,
"just drop in," and verify it, by examining
qualities and prices.
To enumerate in detail all the articles we have
for sale, would occupy too much space in the
paper, to the exclusion of "marriages," always
so interesting to the fairer portion of our nu
merous customers. We have every desirable
ariticie of
07' The Ladies will not forget that their deL
partment is confined to the store on the cotter,
opposite Costs' Hotel.
A splendid ossortment of the above article.
FRESH GROCERIES, of which we haVe the
very best, and will sell at a very small advance
on cost. Just call and examine for yourselves.
a great many other articles too numerous to
mention, all of which will be sold low for cash
or country produce.
ca" We will receive and store C,;•r
also pay the highest market prices,ano it is ad
mitted by all to be the most convenient place to
unload Grain in and about town.
J. &. W. SAXTON.
Huntingdon, April2l, 18:31.
From the Laboratory of the Celebrated
Dr. J. S. ROSE, of Philade.
teal cure of Scrofula, Diseases of the
Bone, stubborn IT!cerb, Liver Complaints, old
Eruptions, Rheumatism, and every Disease
arising from an impure state of the blood.
The great pow.: of this valuable Medicine
being now fully established by the many cures
it has effected of CONSUMPTION, BRON
rities of the blood, has sufficiently proven to
the public its superior panaceal power above
all nostrums now in use. Price $l.
Tea Liven, being the largest gland in the
human body, is more frequently deranged in
its healthy action than any other. The con
sequences of this derangement are first Dys
pepsia, known by costiveness belching up of
wind, sour stomach, and sometimes Diarrhcca
or looseness of the bowels, head-ache, nervous
feelings, cold feet, wakefulness, and variable
appetite, &c. Secondly, if the above symp
toms are allowed to go on long without this
Medicine, (which will always cure or remove
them,) then follows debility of the lungs and
predisposition toconsninption..
Dr. Rose has been called on by over TuREE
THOUSAND CASES within the last few years, and
many of them had tried the various bitter com
pounds to their delusion; fortunately the most
were in time and were soon cured by the above
compound, which contains no mercury, and
does not injure, but always improves the con
stitution, as thousands can testify. Price 50
This beautiful preparation has beenus;lby
me in a full practice of thirty years in the city
of Philadelphia, and is a never-failing remdy for
cholera-morbus, dysentery, bowel complaint,
flatulency, &c. Price 25 cents.
This compound having been used by me in a
full practice of twenty-six years, with the most
beneficial results in cases of worms, has so well
established its superiority above most other
worm medicines that the demand has increased
beyond all calculation. All medicines should
be prepared by a physician and chemist. It is
true that many articles are now sold as good
for worms, but it should be remembered that
many are too powerful for the constitution of
young children. Price 25 cents.
These pills are confidently recommended for
Dyspepsia, disease of the Liver, Costiveness,
and for the constant use of families, as they are
mild, and certain in their operation, causing no
',sin or uneasiness, leaving the bowels perfect
ly free from costiveness. Price 15 cents.
SYRUP, a certain cute for all diseases of the
lungs, spitting of blood, bronchitis, asthma,
colds, coughs, and consumption. This syrup
has no equal. Fifty cents and 51 per bottle.
This invaluable compound for — ;ile — hair has
been used and highly recommended by the late
a nd truly great Dr. Physic, of Philadelphia.—
Price 50 cents.
There has been many remedies compounded
for the cure of Croup or Hives. The disease
Is particularly prevalent among children, and
often fatal; but as I have never seen a case
terminate fatally or continue long where this
syrup was used, I can recommend it with the
highest confidence. Price 25 cents. See di
The a ffl icted arei nv ited to call upon the
Agent, and procure (gratis) one of the Doctor's
pamphlets giving a detailed account of each
remedy and its application.
These medicines are in high repute, and can
be relied upon as suiting the diseases for which
they are recommended, as they are the result of
an extensive practice for the last thirty years
in the city of Philadelphia.
. .
Mg."' Mine genuine without my written Cigna •
turn, J. S. ROSE, M. D.
_ _
POI- sale by T..REAI, & SON, Huntingdon
'Tis i'r!
is the !flare t purchase Spring and ~i ;; ;. ., - • :••.:-;
Summer Clothiny, cheaper than you can buy in the = , - .-'l'.,,
mitt' of Philadelphia. i r,-, reo. -,
; 1 / 4 _,....: A t 0.....- ~ ... , ,
JACOB SNYDER, -a- 11,.. - __.
The Proprietor of ~ COSTUME HALL," ha: just ; p„T4 'rt. ;. CD
arrived from tt.e East with the largest assort- : : ..".......,.. ~,
. 11 jile -- "
merit of Spring and Summer L'lothing,, suits- . ~5,-__ :, ~-...,"-'
ble for men end boys, ever ofliqed to the good , r .
,5f01 , 4 , 7 -701.::Zi Cr)
citizens of Huntingdon county. 1 lts.{
He dues not wish to offend his friends by of- .
suing to give them any article of Clothing they 13
may desire, but he will sell so cheap that it will . 12.,. IV" QNARE Return their sin
LX, VV • /-3 cere thanks to the citi
mount to the some thing in the end
__ . yens of Huntingdon and the people in general
for sustaining them against high priced compe
tition. They have just returned from the City
JOIIN LIVING TO N with a splendid stock of Spring and Summer
Takes this method of announcing to his I For Men and Boys,
friends, and the public generally, that Ire has
! Consisting of Business,Dress, Sack and Frock
leased the long established and wall known
stand, lately occupied by Col. Johnston, and COATS cif' all colors sites end kinds, suited
to the season ; Cassimere Pants, Vests and
flatters himself he is prepared to accommodate Sta ndin g Collar Patent Shoulder Seam Shirts,
all w 1 wh ich for beatify of fit, comfort and elegance
satisfactory toothier.
are unequalled. Purchasers will at all times
//IS T-411 E I get a neat garment and a goodfitby buying their
will always be furnished with the choicest vi- clothing from
ands the minket will afford, and
H., & W. SNARE.
Is as good as can be found in the borough. PHILADELPHIA 4. NEW YORK HATS,
Sated fit, l'ersons of all Tastes.
Huntingdon, April 31, '3l.—lf. •
Boots, Shoes, Gaiters and Slippers for sum
mer. 0.7" We keep the largest assortment of
Trunks, Carpet Bags and Valise Trunks at the
lowest prices, that is offerer' for sale in the
(toasty. Umbrellas and ell other articles usual
ly kept (and a number of articles too numerous
to name) in a well regulated Clothing Store.
El?' These goods have all been purchased for
Cash, which will enable us to sell them 25 per
centum leaver than goods bought on the credit
system. so B. & W. SNARE.
March 27, 1851.-3 m.
Respectfully informs the citizens of Hun
tingdon county, and all others who may at any
time have occasion to visit or pass through
Huntingdon, that he has taken this well known
stand, and is prepared to accommodate the pub
lic in the most satisfactory manner. His undi
vided attention will be devoted to the task of
rendering the Black Bear Hotel one of the most
pleasant stopping places in the borough, and
he most respectfully solicits a call from his
friends and the travelling public generally.
Huntingdon, April 91,
New stiil ood s.
HAS just received a large and splendid as•
sorttnent of
Which he will sell at fair and reasonable prices.
tie is thankful for the very liberal patronage
he has received, and hopes to merit a continu
ance of the.same. Ills stock of goods consists
of every variety of
With a fine variety of goods of every de
Wheat, Rye, Corn, Oats, Flour, Cloverseed
and Flaxseed, Butter, Eggs, &c., &c., &c., ta
ken in exchange for goods.
1:17"Cnil and examine my goods.
April 18, 1851.
It. K. NEFF, M. D.,
HAVING located himself in IVAIMIORS3IARK,
in this county, would respectfully offer his
professional services to the citizens of that place
and the country adjacent.
I. B. Laden, M. 1). Gen. A. I'. Wilson,
M. A. Henderson, " Wm. I'. Orbison, Esq,
J. H. Dorsey, " Hun. James Gwinn,
AL Stewart, " Julni Scutt, Esq,
Hon. George Taylor.
Iluntinydon, Pa,
Jacob M, Gcmmill, M. 1)., Alexandria.
John M'Culloch, " Petersburg.
Splendid Stock of New and Cheap
Watches, Clocks, & Jewelry,
At Phiactelphia Prices.
J. T. Scott has just received from Philadelphia
and is now opening a new and very large assort
ment of Gold and Silver Watches, 8 day and thir
ty hour Clocks, Jewelry, and a groat variety of
other articles, which he is enabled to sell at rates
much lower than usual. " Quick sales and small
profits" is his motto, the plod of which will be
found on examining his excellent assortment
April 10th 'ol.—tf
GUM (mon larnmr.
N. B. All operations Warranted.
Female Seminary.
THE Subscribers to the Birmingham Female
Seminary will take notice thatthey are re
quired to pay to the 'treasurer, James Clarke ]
in Birmingham, Huntingdon county, Pa., an in
stalment of ten per centum on the amount sub
scribed by each to the Capital Stock in the said
Seminary, on the 10th day of April, instant,
and on the 10th day of each succeeding month.
Birmingham, JOHN CLARK,
April 3, 1851.-tf. Managers.
Birmingham Female Seminary.
THE fifth semi-annual term of this institu
tion will commence on Wednesday, the
23rd of April, instant.
The liberal patronage which this school has
heretofore received encourages the proprietors
and friends of female education to expect, by
proper effbrt, to make it both a permanent and
important institution. And in hope of accom
plishing this, vigorous effbrts are making for
the erection of a large and commodious build
ing, Nhich is expected to be ready for occupan
cy by the opening of the winter term.
For the present session a number of boarders
can be accommodated in the family of the Prin
cipal and others will find good accommodation
in private families in the village at reasonable
[ rates.
No pains will be spared to sustain the grow
ing reputation of this institution. And the
Principal hopes, with the assistance of compe
tent female teachers, to render it in all respects
worthy of patronage. For terms refer to
April, 3,'31.-3m.] Principal.
ELRY arc going off rapidly, at the low rates
at which he sells. His stock is new, large and
well selected, and people foul it advantageous to
call with hint heibre making pun:lll4,es elsewhere.
Nov. 12, ISSO.
First Arrival this Spring! !
AirORE NEW GOODS are expected this day
at the "ELEPHANT," consisting in
part of
Conestoga Sheetings, at the old pride.
Bleached & unbleached Muslins from 3 to 124 c.
Splendid Ruby Calicos.
Carpet Chain, all colors.
Lancaster Ginghams, 124 cents per yard.
Coffee, Tea, Sugar, Molasses, Tobacco,
Mackerel, &e., &c., all of which will be sold
at the usual low rates which have rendered the
" ELEPHANT" rice Store of the county.
Huntingdon, March 13, 1831.—tf.
Wholesale Tobacco Warehouse.
No. 218, N. 3rd St., Philadelphia.
COUNTRY Storekeepers and Tobacconists
in general, corning to the city to purchase
their spring supply, will do All to call and ex
amine my goods. I have on hand a large stock
of Leaf Tobacco, and a complete assortment of
and SEGARS, which 1 can sell wholesale and
retail as low as any oth,!r house in the city.—
Do not forget to call at
No. 218, N. 3rd st. (fl doors below Callow
hill,) at the sign of the large Indian Chief;
N. B. All orders thankfully received and
promptly attended to, on the most reasonable
Philad'a, March 6,1651.-3 m.
New Arrangentent.
THE subscriber has purchased the entire inter
est of R. G. STEWART, in the Huntingdon Mar
ble Works, and would respectfully announce that
he has on hand a large and well assorted lot of
of MARBLE, which he offers to the citizen::
of Huntingdon and adjoining counties, at prices
which cannot flail to snit all who may want either
STONES, or any work usually done in an °stab
lishment of this kind. Persons wishing any work
in his line, would do well to give the subscriber a
cull as he is deterininecl not to he outdone by any
other establishment, either in material or work
manship, on the Juniata.
eir The establishment has been remoted to
the shop f'ormerl'y occupied by Mr. Hawkins, near•
the Railroad Watering Station.
i" The subscriber will collect all accounts
due the firm and pay all debts of the same, the
accounts being left in his hands.
Cr JOHN G. STEWART will continue to act as
agent for the concern.
Huntingdon, April 24, 1851.-3 m.
VISIONS, have constantly on hand an assort
ment of DRIED and PICKLED FISH, &c., viz:
Mackerel, Codfish, Hams, Rutter,
Salmon, Beef, Sides, Pails,
Shad, Pork, Shoulders, &c. &c.
Herrings, Lard, Cheese,
Philad'a, March 6,1851.-3 m.
Farm forSalep
The subscriber °fliers his farm at private
sale, situate in Woodcock Valley, Hopewell
township, Huntingdon county, adjoining lands
of Daniel Brumbaugh, Leonard Weaver, and
others, containing 22-1 acres, more or less,about
100 acres cleared and in a tolerable good state
of cultivation, 20 aeres of which is meadow ;
most of the remainder is well timbered, a con
siderable part of which is locust and chestnut ;
considerable of the timber land is tillable, and
there are several springs of never failing water
on the premises, with an apple orchard and
other fruit trees, part of which beat choice
fruit. The buildings are, a large frame bank
barn, log dwelling house, stone spring house,
frame shop, and a saw mill. Apply to the crib
scriber on the preniises.
Dec. 24, 1820.—tf.]
0:7 - Hollidaysburg "Register," "Whig,"
and " Standard," publish until otherwise order
ed, and charge this office.
Blair county. Lancaster county.
Huntingdon co. Lancaster county.
JAMES GARDNER, Rico's. It. Balms,
Blair county. Lancaster county.
Central Penn'a. Banking House,
BRYAN, GLEIM & CO.— Office on Alle
k J gheuy street, a few doors west of the Court
House, and nearly opposite the Post Office, Hol
lidaysburg, Pa. •
The Company is now ready to transact busi
ness. Upon money depostted for a specific
period of three, six, nine or twelve months, in
terest will be paid at such rates as are usually
allowed by Saving:. Institutions. Transient de.
posites received, payable on demand.
R. It. BRYAN, Cashier.
Hollidaysburg. May 21, 1850.
I T th ' e a lr.. " ,tgrol u si f V4ilVgt b m ' u t e t t Pa n el l e o " u n d t u ' rt
Sarsaparilla as any similar preparation in America. Price
one dollar per bottle or six bottles fir five dollars.
It has }Won a well established fact for years past, that
Sarsaparilla, when pure and properly prepared, was the
only true panacea for all diseases originating from an
Impure state of the blood, the ueo of mercury, Intoxicating
drinks, evil habits in youth, barrenness, &e. We boldly
wed, that JOHN DULL'S
Fluid extract of Sarsaparilla
to the only preparation before the public, that is prepared
on strictly scientific principles, and of uniform strength.
The Sarsaparilla is purchased without regard to price, and
every pound, before being used, is subject to the strictest
liemical fonts, and its genuineness ascertained before being
used! . . _
- 1M . 11 . 14 Sarpoparilla also contains the virtues of several
other valuable metlitasi roots, together focusing the best
compound, and producing VIE ORBATEBT CURATIVE ACILNT
IN VIE KNOWN woiuml This Medicine, when used according
to directions,
S•onfula or King's Roil, Cancers Tumors, Eruptions of
the Shin, L'rysipelas, Chronic Sore Byes, Ringworm or
Tellers, Scald Head, Rheumatism, Pains in the
lines or Joints. Old Sores and Ulcers, Swelling
of the Glands, Syphilis, Dyspepsia, Selt
Rheum, Diseases el the Kidneys, Loss
tf Appetite, Diseases arising from
the use of Mercury, Pain in the
Side and Shoulders, Gene
ral Debility, Dropsy,
Lumbago, Jaundice, Costiveness, Sore Throat, Bronesitis,
roughs, Colds, Weakness of the Chest, Pulmonary Airco•
lions, and all other diseases tending to produce
- -
Liver Complaint, Female Irregularities and Complaints.
Sick and Nervous Headache, Low Spirits, Night Sweatm
Exposure or Imprudence in Life, Chronic Constitutional
T11..1,, and is a spring nod summer drink, and general
tank 1 , ,r the ,yetem, and a gentle and pleasant purgative,
for superior to Blue Lick or Congress water, Salts, or Pei&
lits powders!
Tho Louisville Courier thus speaks of Bull's Sarsaparilla:
We bare been shown, by Mr. John Bull, proprietor of
that wor!ii-ronownrd preparation , "Bull's Fluid Extract of
Sarsaparilla." an original, genuine, and beautiful letter,
addrrss...l to hie: by the accomplished lady of one of the
most eminont old phy6lcions in the West, giving a detailed
accoubt of oat sf tho most astonishing cures on record, per
furint.i alma: 1:y the, use of "Bull's Sarsaparilla."
This most v::sellent and charming lady had long suffered
from poi:tr.:us uteri, fluor albus, plies, and chronic diseases
of the steam, h nul digestive organs, and derangement of
the whole system:it ttr.drd with distressing cutaneous erup".
tion, liradache, and violrbt attacks of cramp. After
exhausting all or her husband's skill, and applying to many
celcl mrdiral gentlemen, both at home and abroad,
nod Id,: using gri at quantifier of "Townsend's Sarsapa
rille," without the slightest relief, she was induced to use
"Joit ItoWA Sorml.7.rilin." An . .l what was the happy
result Aft,, the use of a few bottles, a perfect and won
dornti rare--the holy restored to perfect health, and to her
mood now of spirits.
Filch letter , . as the ono we speak of, must afford Mr. Bull
mon, tool grotitichlion, thou could the possession of count
les, %width. And whether he accumulates wealth or not
by the sch of his truly oeltutble Medicine, being its author
,ebony and Itoisor enough; and ho can say to the world,
of contradiction, "I have in my poverty re
loon. I..iman ?offering, than did Stephen Girard or
John dc. oh A.tor with their millions."
;.:1 t!10 era Stlfrozing under the agonizing torture', of
;,..limatimu read tho following, 'mil we what may be done
u• them, if they will use the infallible rumgdy:
UNIONTOWN, KY., May 12, 1818.
MR. .1,!!N Btu,: De, B,r,—Eur the last three years, I
be.v, been ethietad with hheumatism of the severest Aloe-.
set,. I WI. at times In the greatest agony of paln. I tried
every remedy I could procure for the disease; but found no
permanent relief until 1 was induced to use your prepare"
i;on ..•ae ut,:rh o, which Ito entirely cured out of 'thew.
e ad improved my general health more
Item any nualieine 1 ever used. I have been free from pain
for revcre.l months, and have no doubt the cure in perm.
neat: nn 1 ! r. commend it as the best medicine in era fob
hleatultism. 1211 AM BRIDGES.
It is n. 01,, to prcdurr further testimony in favor of this
groat rmnedy. It ham only to be tried and provod, to eon
e the public of its superior efficacy.
Notlce to Females,
John Parsatarilla is one of the greatest female
existence. In those numerous sawn
whore tho volistitotion is debilitated, the nervous energy is
lien the efforts of nature are weak and deficient,
er are Kofuso a n d (to, rwrought, when the face is pale and
colorless, the strength feeble and yielding, the spirit trou
bled and th.pre,sed, the health broken, mind shaken, and
eonsequently the happiness destroyed—than Bull's Sara.
parilla is a sovereign remedy. It assists nature in the per
t:run:nee of her duty, braces the whole system, renews
permanently the natural energies, removes obstructions,
chocks excesses, creates pure and healthy blood, and imparts
health and laippineNe Were ladies generally to adopt the
use of this Medicine, we, would see far less suffering, disease
and tinhurphiess mining them than now exists, health would
take the plane (4' disease, tha rosy cheek would succeed the
pallid face: we should have smiles instead of tears, and per
haps a !nippy long life Instead of one cut short by diseenes
or made miserable by continued suffering and affliction.
At that critical perinl termed the " turn of life," which is
often attended with so much danger, Bull's fiamparilla 18
found to exert a Most betniffilal effect. All ladies approach
ing this ,'rids, /111011 Iii Is, apprised of this fact, and avail
themselves of this valuable Medicine.
Ilow we all admire n clear, beautiful, white skin, and
rosy voles. d (Meek. How often do w•o see 'swoons, not pos.
goosing. this "desideratum no devoutly to be wished," re
sorting to enstnetics, lotions, washes, paints, and coloring
materials, to restore to them a semblance of what disease
has deptived them of, and that, too, with groat Injury to
the skin. Mll ' B Sfimparilk Is the best Cosmetic known.
It beautifies the skin by removing every particle of morbid
nod diseased matter front the blood, making It guru, heal
thy and vl,OlltlS, giving activity to every minute vessel,
and e•h:otiit ( l the yellow and dark countenance to the
bloom and ft .Itne. of youth. Ladies, abandou tiro use of
rands and otivturos, and use Bull's Sump. ritla, the only
effectual remedy. ^ A word to too wise is sufficient," and
a hint is enough for thu
Mod the testimony of "tr. Moore.
Jour have no hesitation In raying that I
lielieve your Nosmtintrula to to the best amide ever mum
fuetitred, tbr the cure of Scrofula, Syphilio, uud limey other
Cutaneous or ttlmulular Affeetlons, having and it with
entire suivws in numbers of the above eases.
Louisville, Dee. 26, 1817. JAS. M. MOORE, M. D.
row Pr. L. It rundell„Prqiessor of Chemiatry in Louii
I have looked over the list of ingredients composing
and have no hesitation In saying that they forma safe com
pound. and .roe that promises well in chronic diseases, to
which it Is applicable. L. P. YANDELL, M. D.
Louisville, June h, 1848.
Front Dr. Pyles, Physi an byoppgiltmcnt to the Louitteille
Ilurine IloW)ital.
Lot Useful!, March 20, 1949.
I have examined the preparation of the prescription of
JOIIN 13U1,1.14 SARFAItaiIILI.A, and believe the eontbin.
Lion to be nu excellent nue. and well calculated to produce
an alterative impression on the evident. I have used it
Loth in public and private practice, and think it the best
arti, le of Saretiparille in one. 11. PYLES M. 11.,
Resilient Physician, Marine'llospiCal.
Iti ILI 's SAY kPAPTI.I.A.—Go where you will, to etenniboata
lui.d ibr Nashville, New Orleana, ht. Louis, Cincinnati,
Nadi, n, Frunkfort, or fur the Greco River country, and
bou will find 1111111,MM supplies or this preparation about
eing shipped on board.
. . . . .
But few merebsids visit our city, in whatever branch of
trade snorer they may bo engaged, but have orders for
more or less of L'ull's Sarsaparilla.— Louisville Democrat.
Manufactured ut Dr. JOHN BULL'S Laboratory,
81 Fourth street, Louisville, Ky.
For Salo nt the Storo of T. Roan & Sow, in
tho borough of Huntingdon. [March 20, 1851.
Hardware Cheaper.
JOHN A. NEFF, for many years in the house
of Mr. Buehler & Bro„ desires to inform
his friends of Huntingdon county that he has
connected himself with the firm of Messrs.
Lower & Barron, No. 174, North Third Street,
3rd door above Vine Street, where he will be
pleased to offer every article in the HAnowAns
LINE. AT MICH LOWEIt Prunus than ever before
sent to his native county.
Philad'a, 'March 20, 1851.—tf.
Are you Insured ?
TF not, insure your property at once in the Cum
berland Valley Mutual Insurance Company.
Apply to Gno. W. Srcen, Agent,
Itrid~cpo t, Pe.
Tcele'orated American Oil has been in use
I long enough to test its powers. It is rec
ommended as one of the best, if not the very
best medicine for the cure of Rheumatism, try
sipelas, Tetter, Toothache, Cramps, Spasms,
cholic, burns and scalds, bowel complaints,
quinsy. croap and sore throat, inflamation, &c.
Read the following certificate:
HUNTINGDON, March 11, 1850.
For the benefit of sufferers like me and oth
ers, I do freely declare the following facts'—l
have suffered more or less for twenty years with
the most desperate Rheumatism, and also for 18
years at times with most desperate pain in the
stomach, 'which at times seemed to expand as if
it would burst; also for many years I was ter
ribly troubled with cramps in my
I can't describe all my sufferings for so long a
time. I could do no business for the last ten
years, nor had I a single good night's sleep for
the last five years. I never could find any relief
worth mentioning, until last November, when I
met with the Extract of American Oil, and to
my no little surprise I got relieved of all in a
short time and to this day. I respectfully in
vite all who choose to call and see me upon the
matter; such I can tell much more. I can say
it has done wonders on others around me in va
rious complaints. If ever an article was put
out honestly, this is one. I know it sells rap
idly here. No family in the land will be with
out it when they once know its rise.
Jour BumnAvou
IluN:rtN(woN, March 11, 1950.
I do hereby certify to the following facts:—
That I have suffered for five years past with
pain in my back, spine and kidnies, and never
received any relief but by bleeding, for a few
clays only. Last November I got a bottle of
the Extract of American Oil, I used it inward
ly, and to my surprise it removed the complaint
in a short time. From what I have seen and
heard of its wondrous effects upon others in des
perate cases, I can freely recommend It, and be
lieve it to be worth all the humbugs in the land,
and do believe it will do all for what it is so
highly recommended. C. COUTS.
I,EWISTOWN, March 1850
I never before gave a certificate, but this I
give with a clear conscience for the benefit of
sufferers like myself. I suffered with the Ery
sipelas or St. Antony's Fire, mixed with Tel
ter, so pronounced by my doctor, for 12 years.
The suffering I endured is beyond description.
At times all my hair came off my head. During
this time 1 had no relief for more than a few
days at a time. Last October 1 got a bottle of
the Extract of American Oil, used it inwardly
and outwardly, and to my great astonishment
and my neighbors, I got clear of it in a short
time, and to this time I have noticed its won
drous effects on other desperate complaints. I
do assure my friends and the public that it is
indeed a wonderful thing for many complaints.
I invite all whochoose to visit me inLewistown.
My maiden name was Nancy Magarky, now
127" The American Oil is for sale by A. S.
HARRISON, Huntingdon, General Agent for
Huntingdon county. Those who wish a supply
of the thedicine will call on him.
Also fur sale by Samuel Huey, Alexandria,
Huntingdon county; Catharine Hart, Lewis
town, Mifflin county; John 13. Given, M'Con
nelstown; Daniel Decker, M'Veytown; Mays
S. Harrison, Shirleysburg. [Aug. 20.—1 y.
BVARDING SCHOOL FOR YOUNG MEN. d Philadelphia Watch and Jewelry Store, No.
SHADE GAP, Huirriscinox COUNTY, 55, North Third Street.
Rae. T. Y. .11PCinnes, A. M., and J. H. n'. Gold Lever Watches, full jeweled, 18 caret
Ill'ainues, A. M., Prinaipala. The Winter cases, $3O and over; Silver Lever Watches, full
Session will commence on the first Wednesday jeweled, $lO and over ; Silver Lepine, jeweled,
of November, 1850, to continue five months.— $ll and over; Silver (banter Watches, $5 to
The course of instruction embraces all the $10; Gold Pencils, $1 to $l2 ; Gold Pencils,
branches necessary to prepare young men either I warranted, $1 and over.
for the higher classes in College, or for the stu- I Breast Pins, Finger Rings, and every des.
dies of a profession, and the active business of cription Of Jewelry in like proportion. He
life. The Academy building is new, commo- ; would wish to inform his friends in Huntingdon
Mous, and in every way adapted to the accom- county, that he has enlarged his establishment,
modation of a large number of boarders. The and greatly increased his already extensive stock
location is distinguished for its healthfulness, ' of goods, which he now offers for sale at such
and the moral and religious character of the sur- prices that will strike terror to all competitors;
rounding community. It is easy of access, be- Call and see me; I will charge you nothing for
ing on the stage route connecting Pliambersburg looking. Don't forget the RED SIGN, six doors
with the Central Railroad, at Drake's Ferry. North of our friend Hirst's City Hotel.
TERMS PER SESSIO,-For Orthography, THOS. READ, Jr.
Reading and Writing, $5; Arithmetic, Geogra- No. 55, North Third Street
pity, Grammar, Composition, Natnral Philoso- Philadelphia, Sept. 17, 1830
phy, Astronomy, Physiology, Chemistry, &c., •
$8; Mathematics, Greek and Latin languages,
$l2; French and German, each $5. Boarding,
exclusive of fuel and light, $1,25 per week.-
For reference, or further particulars, address
Shade Gap, Oct. 15, 1850.
Lots in Altoona for Sale.
north of flollidaysburg,and aboutone mile north
west of Allegheny Furnace, Blair county.
After the 2 let day of May, the LOTS in said
TOWN will be open to the public for sale.
It is well known that the Pennsylvania Rail
Road Company have selected this place for the
erection of their main Machine and other Shops
and arc now building the same.
The Rail Road willbe opened early in the Fall
throwing at once a large amount of trade to this
place. The main inducement at this time in of
fering Lots for sale, being to secure the requis
ite Machinists and Tradesmen, and homes for
the Machinists and other employees of Cie Rail
Road Company. Early application will secure
Lots at a low price.
For further information apply to C.ll. MAY
ER, at Altoona, or to R. A. McMURTRIE,
June 1810—tf.
N any quantity, and of all the various patterns
I the market affords, may be obtained at No.
55 North ad Street, six doors north of the City
Hotel, at the Manufacturers lowest cash prices.
Clocks purchased at the above establishment
may be depended upon as being good and dura
ble time keepers, or the money refunded in ease
of the failure of any Clock to perform according
to the recommendation. Purchasers, now is
the time, and hero is the place for bargains, and
although I do not pretend to sell Clocks for less
than cost, I can sell them at a figure which does
not admit of complaint on the part of the closest
buyer, and for the simple reason that I sell cx
, elusively for rash.
_ .
Nu. 55, North Third 8t Philadelphia
Sept. 10, IS3o.—tf.
Tomkins , British Plato Powder.
FOR cleansing, polshing, and beautifying
Silver, Silver Plated Ware,
German Silver, Albata Plate,
Britannia Ware, And all white Metals.
The undersigned have received from the pa
tentee the exclusive right to manufacture these
preparations for the United States. The Plate
Powder has been most extensively used for a
number of years in Great Britain, and is now
used by most of the manufacturers of silverand
other wares in New York and Philadelphia ;
likewise by nearly all respectable families and
hotel proprietors in the Union.
WM. TOMKINS, & CO., Manufacturers,
South Second street, Philadelphia.
For sale at T. K..SIMONTOX'S Store, Hunting
don, Pa.
Improvement In Daguerreotypeing
VAN LOAN & CO., No. 118, Chesnut street,
Philadelphia, have, by recent discoveries in
their art, enabled themselves to take pictures at
all times, with great certainty—as well in stormy
as clear weather—which are justly pronounced by
artists and ,cietific men, UNRIVALLED, for depth of
tone and softness of light and shade. By working
' themselves, they not only produce pictures which
are GOOD AND CHEAP ! ! but by far the best
and cheapest which can be produced at any other
establishment. Their charge for pictures in hand
some improved cases, range from ONE DOLLAR
to three dollars, depending on the size of the pic
ture, being scarcely one-half the prices charged at
other establishments, for pictures of equal size—
but of inferior quality. Their GALLERY OF Pon-
TRAITS, consisting of some hundreds, embraces a
worthy the attention of visitors to their rooms,
which are OPEN AT ALL TIMES.
The collection which they had deposited in the"
exhibition of the Franklin Institute, was constant
ly surrounded by dense crowds of admirers, who'
were loud in their praise of the artists' skill.
To guard against every possibility of mistake;
they guarantee every pieture'to be of the best ma
terials, and sinless it is entirely satisfactory to dui
customer, NO CHARGE IS MADE.
CIT When visiting the city call at their rooms;
whether you wish a Daguerreotype or not. The'
admission is free, and you will be pleased with
your visit. Don't forget the number, 118 Chesnut
street, a few doors below Fourth.
Philadelphia, Nov. 19, 1850.
Saddle, Harness & Trunk Manufacturers.
r "HE undersigned are now associated in the
above business, in the old stand heretofore
occupied by Wm. Glasgow,
in Main street, near
ly opposite the store of T. Read & Son. Every
thing in their line will be furnished on the
shortest notice, and on terms that cannot fail to'
suit all. They manufacture the most of their
work themselves, and can therefore assure the
public that every article will be made in the best
and most durable manner.
D A large assortment of superior SAD
DLES, READY MADE, always on hand.
frr Hides, and country produce, generally,
taken in exchange for work.
Wm. GLASGOW returns thanks for the liberal
patronage heretofore extended to him, and hopes
that his old patrons will continue to patronize
the new firm. WM. GLASGOW,
August 27, 1850. WM. J. STEEL.
BUMBAUGH &.CO., respectfully inform the
public that they are preparedto carry on in
all its various branches, Saddle and Harness
Making, and are ready to furnish their custom
ers with all kinds of Valices, Trunks, and car
pet bags, Plush, Hogskin, and Tub Side Saddles
(from the cheapest to the best.) Also Shatter
Saddles, wagon and carriage Harness, Bridles,
collars, whips, &e.
LEATHER.—Having a Tannery in the im
mediate vicinity of Huntingdon, they are pre
pared to furnish all who favor them with their
custom, at their saddle and harness shop, with
Leather of all kinds of superior quality and fin
ish, which will be disposed of cheap for cash or
country produce. The highest price in trade
paid for beef and calf hides, bark, &c.
Huntingdon, May 20, 1830. 1 y.
A valuable farm and tract of land situate on
11 the Big Aughwick Creek, in Huntingdon
county, containing by the official draft 227 acres,
but by subsequent re-survey has been found to
contain a large excess over the official quantity,
originally surveyed in pursuance of a warrant
in the name of David Franks, and is now in the
occupancy of Simon Gratz. A good part of the
tract is improved bottom land of first rate quali•
ty, and is well worth the attention of persons
wishing to purchase a good farm. It is but about
one and a half miles from Orbisonia, four miles
from Shurleysburg—•within about eight miles
from the Pennsylvania Canal and the same dis
tance from the Pennsylvania Rail Road and is
in the immediate neighborhood of several Iron
Works. For further information and particulars,
apply to Miles & Dorris, Attorneys at Law in
the Borough of Huntingdon.
J. GEO. MILES, Attorney in fact for
Joseph Gratz and Jacob Gratz, Trustees for the
heirs of Michael Gratz, dec'd.
July 23, 1850. •
Encourage Your Own Mechanics!
riwEN & WM. BOAT, would respectfully
kJ announce to the public, that they are now
in all its various branches, at the old stand for
merly occupied by Adams & Boat, a few doors
west of the Presbyterian church, where they are
now manufacturing Buggies, Carriages, Bareau
ches, Rockaways, Dearborns, &c., in short any
thing in the line of carriage making, of the very
best kind of material, and in the latest and most
approved style.
They have oti hand now several Buggies and
Rockaways, finished in the latest style. They
have a good assortment of Lumber, selected with
a great deal of care, seasoned for use, and invite
those who are desirous of purchasing vehicles to
call and examine their work and materials, and
judge for themselves, as they intend to make
good work and warrant it to be so. All kinds
of country produce taken in exchange for work.
N. B.—OWEN BOAT returns his thanks to'
his friends and the public generally, for their
very liberal patronage, and hopes, by strict at
tention to business, to merit a continuance of the
same, under the new firm. We have some sec
ond hand work which is of a good quality, which
we will sell right. Give us a call. We will
sell low for cash.
Huntingdon, Aug. 13, 1850.
and JEWELRY, at Philadelphia prices.
Just received at Scott's Cheap Jewel Store, three
doors west of I'. Read & Son's store. The public
are respectfully solicited to call and see.
HAVING located permanently at Mill Creek,
offers his professional services to that corn
triunity. Allcalls trusted to hie care will receive
his utmost attention.