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Classification of Merchandise in Iluutingdon
County by the " Appraiscrof Merchantile Taxes"
or the year eommaneing the Ist day of May, A.
D., 1851, hot
Alexandria Ebronyh, Class. Anti. of Lie.
Bucher & Porter 19 • $12,30
John N. Swoop. 12,50
Charles Porter 15 10,00
Dorris & Walker 10,00
Michael Sissler 14 7,00
Barree Township.
Hartman & Smith 14
John Creswell & Co.
Gillam & Frank
William Walker
D. Longneeker• 111
Charles C. Ash, Agent' "
Brady Township,
Kessler & Brother 12
do. for Pat. Med. 4
Irvine, Green & Co. 13
Washington Buchanan 14
Speer & Irons 13
Birmingham Borough.
James Clarke 13
James Bell 14
Ettinger & Brother
John It. Thompson SI
Cass Township.
Read & Wllduff 13
James Henderson 14
Clay Township.
E. B. Orhison & Co. 14
(h - omwell Towsnship.
Thomas E. Grimm & Co. 13
Iseu & Wighton
George Sipes
David Etnier
Brice X. Blair & Co.
George Akins
James Cree
Franklin Townrhip.
G. & J. H. Stonebraker
Shorb, Stewart &
J. W. Slattern & Co.
John Conrad
Huntingdon Borough.
Fisher & M'Murtrie 12
J. & W. Saxton 12
George Gwin 12
Dorsey & Maguire 12
Thos. Read & Son 13
do. for Pat. Med. 3
William Dorris 13
Benj. Jacobs • 13
Dr. William Swoop. 14
William Stewart. 14
T. K. Simonton 14
do. for Pat. Med. 4
William H. Peightal 13
A. Willoughby 14
B. & W. Snare
Jacob Snyder ■
Neff & Miller ■
James T. Scott •
Levi Westbrook •
Horace Smith
Jackson Township.
E. & A. Stewart 14
William Cuinmius'
Robert M'Burney
John A. Wright & Co. 13
Hopewell Township.
Wigton & Moore 13
James Entrekin 13
Henderson Township.
Henry Cornpropst 14
Morris Township.
George W. Patton & Co. 13
George 11. Steiner 13
do. for Pat. Med. 4
Irwine & Kessler 14
Steiner & 14
Law & Yetterhoof 14
do. for Pat. Med. 4
Porter Township.
S. Hatfield & Co. 13
Joseph Green & Co. 13
Petersburg Borough.
Abraham Creswell 12
John R. Hunter 12
hirleyaburg Borough.
John Long & Co. 13
Henry Brewster 13
David Fraker 14
Bowman, Gooshorn & Cu. 14
Shirley Township.
Samuel F. Bell 13
John Sharra 13
James Kelly & Co." 13-
Penn Towns 4.
Frank & Neff • 11
Jas. Campbell & Son' 13
Tell Township.
A. C. Blair & Co. 14
Springfield Township.
Robert Madden of 11. 14
Tod Township,
Horatio Trexter & Co. 14
Mordecai Chilcoto 14
Flare Powell 14
Union Township.
Glasgow & Brother 14
Walker Township.
James Campbell' 13
Given &Orlady 13
West Township.
Cunningham & Myton 13
1)r. Peter Shoneherger 13
Warriorsmark Township.
Benj. Patton 11
Abednego Stevens 13
Joseph B. Shugart. 14
Joshua H. Cox• 14
Warehonses.—Morris Township.
Cunningham & Creswell 14
Distilleries.-13arree Township.
Itobt. & Daniel Massey
George Bell 9
Brady Township.
JAS. & John M'Donald 9
Penn Township.
Isaac & .John Peightal to
Breweries.—Alexandria Borough.
Henry Fockler 9
Huntingdon Borough.
John Fockler
ciassine.tim or Beer, Oyster, Eating Houses
and restaurants for the year commencing Ist day
of April, A. lA, 1851, viz :
Alexandria Borough.
W. L. Philips class 8 *5,00
W. 1,. Philip' il 5 3 00
Barre, Township.
S. W. Myton
Brady Township.
John Montgomery•
Henderson Tounuhip.
Anthony White
Huntingdon Borough.
Henry Africa r 10,00
7. & C. Snyder' T 15,00
David Hazeard 8 5,00
John Marks I 5,00
Rohr.. 1)c Coney e 7,50
John Mentz s 5,00
Morris Township.
Samuel Beigla•
John Stahl•
Jacob Wolf
Walker Township.
Joseph Douglas 8
Those merited thus (') sell liquor.
Novice is hereby given to the above named
dealers in Merchandise, &c., that I will attend at
the Commissioners' Office, in the Borough of
Huntingdon, for the purpose of hearing persons
who may he desirous to appeal from the above
classification, at any time previous to the 15th day
of July, after which no appeal can be granted.
Any person selling Patent Medicines yearly to
pii, amount of 1100, or more, in connection with
• 6,00
0 1m
R 7,50
8 7,50
• 5,00
other merchandise, is required, by law, to pay an
additional license. Any person keeping an Eat
ing House, &c., whose yearly sales shall amount
to $5OO or more, or shall carry on a Distillery or
Brewery, or shall sell Patent Medicines without a
license, is liable to be indicted and fined $2OO or
more, as provided for iu the Act of Assembly
passed tOth April 1819.
If the above license fees are not paid to the
County Treasurer, or not exonerated by the un
dersigned, lie is directed to sue for and recover
the same, adding ten per cent to the license for his
trouble. HENRY W. MILLER,
Appr. of Merc'le Taxes.
April 9, 1851.-41.
Valuable Farm for Sale.
I will sell, at private sale, all that watt.
[VON, Ta•CT or LAND, situate in Henderson
Township, about live miles from Huntingdon,
now occupied by Jacob Knepp, Jr., containing
about 225 acres and allowance, about 125 acres
of which are cleared and in a good state of cul
tivation. There are a good apple orchard of
select fruit and other choice fruit trees in prime
bearing order, an excellent timothy meadow,
several never failing springs of water, a double
log barn with frame overshot, and a double
douse, part log and part frame on the premises.
The convenience of this land to the Canal,
Rail Road, Town Market, Church, School
Ifau•e, and Blacksmith Shop, render it worthy
the notice of persons wishing a comfortable
home. All the land is susceptible of cultiva
tion, lies p,citliarly protected from the winter
storms, and the woodland is heavily timbered.
The fences being in good order, the land not
over-worked, and a good portion in clover, lit
tle expense need be incurred to commence far
ming as soon as possession is taken.
This land will be sold at a bargain and the
Urine made reasonable, on account of my ne
=nary absence, and possession given on the
let day of April next. Hon. James Gwin, Esq.,
of Huntingdon, is authorized by me to make'
sole, Sec. JNO. ARMITAGE.
Feb. 13, 1851.—tf.
New Arrangement.
THE subscriber has purchased the entire inter
est of It. G. STEWART, ill the Huntingdon Mar
ble Works, and would respectfully announce that
ha has on hand a large and well assorted lot of
of MARBLE, which he offers to the citizens
of Huntingdon and adjoining counties, at prices
which cannot fail to suit all who may want either
STONES, or any work usually done in an estab •
lishment of this kind. Persons wishing any work
in hit line, would do well to give the subscriber a
Gall as he is determined not to be outdone by any
other establishment, either in material or work
manship, on the Juniata.
"Shop In the brick building in the rear of
the residence of Judge Gwin, near Johnston's
The subscriber will collect all accounts
chre the firm anti pay all debts of the tame, the
accounts being left in his hands.
ca-JOHN G. SrsvrAwr will continue to act as
*gout for the concern.
Huntingdon, Jan. 23, 1851.-3 m.
RAND EXHlBlTlON !—Admittance Free!
jr Lovers of the beautiful 'Mould not fail to
wall immediately at the store of Dorsey & Ma
guire, who have just received a splendid assort
ment of new and cheap Goods, which they are
etTering, as usual, at very low prices. 'Their
stock eoglikrjses everything that the wants of
the people require, and is made up, in port, of
the most extensive variety of Ladies' and Gen
tl•raen's Dress Geode, Boots, Shoes, Hats and
Caps, Hardware, Queensware, Groceries, &c.
Vire neither wish to boast or deceive, in re
gard to the superior quality or the low prices of
our goo ls, and hence invite the public to come
and examine for themselves.
Thankful for past favors, we hope by strict
attention to business to receive a liberal share
of public patronage.
THE subscriber wishes to inform the public
1 in general, that he is now fully prepared to
do Castings of all kinds, and will keepon hand a
General Assortment of Castings,
...nsistin g of COOKING STOVES, Air-tight,
Parlor, Ten-plate, Wood and Coal stoves—all of
which are new patterns not before introduced
into this section of country. Also, a variety of
Plough patterns of the kinds now in use. A
general assortment of Hollow-ware castings,
consisting of Kettles, Dutch Ovens, Skillets,
Pans, &c., &c. Miscellaneous articles, such as
Wagon Boxes, Sled and Sleigh Soles, Smoothing
Irons, Rolling Mill and Forge castings, Window
taTates for cellars, Lintles and sills for houses,
sash Weight■ arid Water Pipes; also Sweg
Anvils and Mandrels for Blacksmiths, made to
order on the shortest notice. We will sell eve
ry article in our line on the most reasonable
terms for Cash, and will take all kinds of coun
try produce and old metal in exchange for cast
ings. The Foundry is situated at the Southern
and of Huntingdon, along the canal.
Mr'Castings of all kinds will be kept at the
e►op of Wm. B. Zeigler, as formerly, at N. E.
airier or Market Square, Huntingdon.
lITA II orders addressed to R. C. M'Gill will
be promptly attended to.
T 5,00
. _
Huntingdon, May 19, 1810.
Encourage Your Own Mechanics!
OWEN & WM. BOAT, would respectfully
announce to the public, that they are now
in all its various branches, at the old stand for
merly occupied by Adams & Boat, a few doors
west of the Presbyterian church, where they are
sow manufacturing Buggies, Carriages, Bareau
ithes, Rockaways, Dearborns, &c., in short any
thing in the line of carriage making, of the very
best kind of material, and in the latest and most
approved style.
They have on hand now several Buggies and
Rockaways, finished in the latest style. They
have a good assortment of Lumber, selected with
a great deal of care, seasoned for use, end invite
those who are desirous of purchasing vehicles to
call and examine their work and materials, and
judge for themselves, as they intend to make
good work and warrant it to be so. All kinds
of country produce taken in exchange for work.
N. B.—OWEN BOAT returns his thanks to
his friends and the public generally, for their
very liberal patronage, and hopes, by strict at
tention to business, to merit a continuance of the
same, under the new firm. We have some sec
ond hand work which is of a good quality, which
we will sell right. Give us a call. We will
sell low for cash.
Huntingdon, Aug. 13, 1850.
-13 ELBY arc going off rapidly, at the low rates
at which ho sells. Ills stock id new, large and
well selected, and people find it advantageous to
call with him before making purchases elsewhere.
Nov. 12, 1850.
HAVING located permanently at Mill Creek,
offers his professional aervices to that com
munity. All calls trusted to his ear• wig umpire
Isle utmost a Rontlem.
THE celebrateo American Oil has been in use
long enough to test its powers. It is rec•
omrnended as one of the best, if not the very
best medicine for the cure of Rheumatism, try
sipelas, Tetter, Toothache, Cramps, Spasms,
cholic, burns and scalds, bowel complaints,
(piney. croup and sole throat, indamation, &c.
Read the following certificate;
Hu;risunoN, larch 11, 1850.
For the benefit of sufferers like me end oth
ers, I do freely declare the following facts
have suffered more or less for twenty years with
the most desperate Rheumatism, and also for 18
years at times with most desperate pain in the
stomach, which at times seemed to expand as if
it would burst; also for many years I was ter
ribly troubled with cramps in my legs—indeed
I can't describe all my sufferings for so long a
time. I could do no business for the last ten
years, nor had I a single good night's sleep for
the last five years. I never could find any relief
worth mentioning, until last November, when I
met with the Extract of American Oil, and to
my no little surprise I got relieved of all in a
short time and to this day. I respectfully in.
vite all who choose to call and see me upon the
matter; such I can tell much more. I can say
it has dote wonders on others around me in va
rious complaints. If ever an article was put
out honestly, this is one. I know it sells rap
idly here. No family in the land will be with
out it when they once know its use.
JOHN Bumanuou.
HUNTINGDON, March 11, 18M.
1 do hereby certify to the following facts :
That I have suffered for five years past with
pain in my back, spine and kidnies, and never
received any relief but by bleeding, for a few
days only. Last November I got a bottle of
the Extract of American Oil, I used it inward
ly, and to my surprise it removed the complaint
in a short time. From what I have seen and
heard of its wondrous effects upon others in des
perate cases, I can freely recommend if, and be
lieve it to be worth all the humbugs in the land,
and do believe it will do all for what it is so
highly recommended. C. COUTS.
Lewis Tows, March 1850.
1 never before gave a certificate, but this I
give with a clear conscience for the benefit of
sufferers like myself. I suffered with the Ery
sipelas or St. Antony's Fire, mixed with Tet
ter, so pronounced by my doctor, for 12 years.
The suffering, I endured is beyond description.
At times all my hair came off my head. During
this time I had no relief for more than a few
days at a time. Last October 1 got a bottle of
the Extract of American Oil, used it inwardly
and outwardly, and to my great astonishment
and my neighbors, I got clear of it in a short
time, and to this time I have noticed its won
drous effects on other desperate complaints. I
do assure my friends and the public that it is
indeed a wonderful thing for many complaints.
I invite all whochoose to visit me inLewistown.
My maiden name was Nancy Magarky, now
F 7 The American Oil is for sale by A. S.
HARRISON, Huntingdon, General Agent for
Huntingdon county. Those who wish a supply
of the medicine will call on him.
Also for sale by Samuel Huey, Alexandria,
Huntingdon county; Catharine Hart, Lewis
town, Mifflin county; John B. Given, M'Con
nelstown; Daniel Decker, M'Veytown; Mays
S. Harrison, Shirleysburg. [Aug. 213.-Iy.
Rev. J. Y. M'Ginnes, A. M., and .1. 11. W.
M'Ginnes, A. M., Principals. The Winter
Session will commence on the first Wednesday
of November, 1950, to continue five months.—
The course of instruction embraces all the
branches nezessary to prepare young men either
for the higher classes in College, or for the stu
dies of a profession, and the active business of
life. The Academy building is new, commo
dious, and in every way adapted to the accom
modation of a large number of boarders. The
location is distinguished for its healthfulness,
and the moral and religious character of the sur
rounding community. It is easy of access, be
ing on the stage route connecting Chambersburg
with the Central Railroad, at Drake's Ferry.
TERMS PEE SESSION.—For Orthography,
Reading and Writing, $5; Arithmetic, Geogra
phy, Grammar, Composition, Natural Philoso
phy, Astronomy, Physiology, Chemistry, &c.,
$9; Mathematics, Greek and Latin languages,
$l2; French and German, each $5. Boarding,
exclusive of fuel arid light, $1,25 per vreek..
For reference, or further particulars, address
Shade Gap, Oct. 15, 1950.
Lots In Altoona for Sale.
north of Hollidaysburg,and aboutone mile north
west of Allegheny Furnace, Blair county.
After the 21st deo/ of May, the LOTS in said
TOWN will be open to the public for sale.
It is well known that the Pennsylvania Rail
Road Company have selected this place for the
erection of their main Machine and other Shops
and are now building the same.
The Rail Road willbe opened early in the Fall
throwing at once a large amount of trade to this
place. The main inducement at this time in of
fering Lots for sale, being to secure the requis
ite Machinists and Tradesmen, and homes for
the Machinists and other employees of the Rail
Road Company. Early application will secure
Lots at a low price.
For further information apply. to C. H. MAY
ER, at Altoona, or to R. A. McMURTRIE,
June 4 1850—tf.
Thomas JACKSON, THOMAS E. Ficammus,
Blair county. Lancaster county.
Huntingdon co. Lancaster county.
Blair county. Lancaster county.
Central Penn'a. Banking House,
/AP BRYAN, GLEIYI & CO.— Office Alle-
J gheuy street, a few doors west of the Court
House, and nearly opposite the Post Office, Hol
lidaysburg, Pa.
The Company is now ready to transact busi
ness. Upon money deposited for a specific
period of three, six, nine or twelve months, in
terest will be paid at such rates as are usually
allowed by Saving. Institutions. Transient de
posites received, payable on demand.
R. R. BRYAN, Cashier.
floltPlaysbyri, May 2 . 1, IBM
Extra Family Flour,
OF the celebrated Crownover Brand, for sale by
ALSO, superior Mackerel at unusually low
" Every day hrings something new" to this pop
alar estahlishment, in the way of rich and rare
goods, and as everyhody deals there, we are sur
prised that all their relations do not follow suit.
Another arrival hourly expected of Boots and
Shoes, Bay State Long Shawls, Paramattas, Bro
mides, ie. ie. [Dec. 10.
Head Quarters
FOR Groceries and Confectionaries.—Joni
M. CUNNINGHAM has just received a choice
stock of Groceries, confectionaries, kc. He re•
spitefully invites his customers and the public
to corns and examine his assortment. tap
„ Now the hurly burly's done,
Now the battle's lost and won.”
THE"noise and confusion" attendant upon
the election, having subsided, the public
will now have time to visit the PEOPLE'S
CHEAP CLOTHING STORE, which has just
been supplied with the largest, most beautiful,
and cheapest assortment of HEADY MADE
CLOTIIIINC ever brought to Huntingdon,
consisting in part of Dress and Frock Coats,
Overcoats and Cloaks, Sack Coats, Pants and
Vests of the latest and richest patterns. The
remarkably LOW PRICES at which Clothing
can and will be sold at the People's Cheap Store,
C&DHOI fail to attract purchasers.
every variety of Shirts, Collars, Suspenders,
Hosiery, Caps, Umbrellas, Flannel Shirts and
Drawers, Handkerchiefs, Gloves, &c. &c.
REGULAR C usTom WORK attended to as
usual. A large assortment of beautiful Cloths,
Cassimeres and Vestings constantly on hand, at
the PEOPLE'S CHEAP STORE, which will
be made up to order, at short notice, and in the
very best style of workmanship.
GREAT INDUCEMENTS are offered to
purchasers. Those who visit Se rnxit's estab
lishment, and examine his magnificent stock of
Goods for the Fall and Winter Trade, will be
convinced that it is the interest of every man,
who studies Economy, or who values his appear
ance in society, to purchase his Clothing at the
O come, come away,
No longer delay,
'Tis time to prepare for the Fall. •
Some thick clothing boy,
For cool weather is nigh,
So repair to SNYDF.It'S Cheap Hall !
Good Clothing you'll 11101,
That's just to your mind,
And cu., as good Clothing can be.
Then come one and all,
To the People's Cheap Hall,
And purchase good clothing of me.
Huntingdon, Oct. 1.1, 18.50.
Philadelphia Watch and Jewelry Store, No.
North Third Street.
Gold Lever Watches, full jeweled, IS caret
cases, $3O and over ; Silver Lever Watches, full
jeweled, $lO and over; Silver Lepine, jeweled,
$ll and over; Silver Quartier Watches, $5 to
$10; Gold Pencils, $1 to $l2; Gold Pencils,
warranted, $1 and over.
Breast Pins, Finger Rings, and every des
cription of Jewelry in like proportion. lie
would wish to inform his friends in Huntingdon
county, that he has enlarged his establishment,
and greatly.inereased his already extensive stock
of goods, which he now offers for sale at such
prices that will strike terror to all competitors.
Call and see me; I will charge you nothing for
looking. Don't forget the RED SIGN, six doors
North of our friend Hirst's City Hotel.
No. 55, North Third Street.
Philadelphia, Sept. 17, 1850.
DUMBAUGR & CO., respectfully inform the
I) public that they are prepared to carry on in
all its various branches, Saddle and Harness
Making, and are ready to furnish their custom
ers with all kinds of Valices, Trunks, a nd car
pet bags, Plush, Hogskin, and Tub Side Saddles
(from the cheapest tor the best.) Also Shatter
Saddles, wagon and carriage Harness, Bridles,
collars, whips, &e.
LEATHER.—Having a Tannery in the im
mediate vicinity of Huntingdon, they are pre
pared to furnish all who favor them with their
custom, at their saddle and harness shop, with
Leather of all kinds, of superior quality and fin
ish, which wilt be disposed of cheap for cash or
country produce. The highest price in trade
paid for beef and calf hides, bark, &c.
Huntingdon, May 29, 1850. ly.
A valuable farm and tract of land situate on
Ll_ the Big Aughwick Creek, in Huntingdon
county, containing by the official draft thu 7 acres,
but by subsequent re-surveys has been found to
contain a large excess over the official quantity,
originally surveyed in pursuance of a warrant
in the name of David Franks, and is DOW in the
occupancy of Simon Gratz. A good part of the
tract is improved bottom land of first rate quali
ty, and is well worth the attention of persons
wishing to purchase a good farm. It is but about
one and a half miles from Orbisonia, four miles
from Shirfeysburg—within about eight miles
from the Pennsylvania Canal and the same dis
tance from the Pennsylvania Rail Road and is
in the immediate neighborhood of several Iron
Works. For further information and particulars,
apply to Miles & Dorris, Attorneys at Law in
the Borough of Huntingdon.
J. GEO. MILES, Attorney in fact foz
Joseph Gratz and Jacob Gratz, Trustees for the
heirs of Michael Gratz, deed.
July 23, 1850.
Farm for Sale.
The subscriber others his farm at private
sale, situate in Woodcock Valley, Hopewell
township, Huntingdon county, adjoining lands
of Daniel Brumbaugh, Leonard Weaver, and
others, containing 224 acres, more or less,about
tOO acres cleared and in a tolerable good state
of cultivation, 20 acres of which is meadow;
most of the remainder is well timbered, a con
siderable part of which is locust and chestnut;
considerable of the timber land is tillable, and
there are several springs of never failing water
on the• premises, with an apple orchard and
other fruit trees, part of which bear choice
fruit. The buildings are, a large frame bank
barn, log dwelling house, stone spring house,
frame shop, and a saw mill. Apply to the sub
scriber on the premises.
Dec. 21, 1820.-If.]
Hollidaysburg "Register," "Whig,"
and " Standard," publish until otherwiseorder
ad, and charge thin office.
IN any quantity, and of all the various patterns
the market affords, may be obtained at No.
55 North 3d Street, six doors north of the City
Hotel, at the Manufacturers lowest cash prices.
Clocks purchased at the above establishment
may be depended upon as being good and dura
ble time keepers, or the money refunded in case
of the failure of any Clock to perform according
to the recommendation. Purchasers, now is
the time, and here is the place for bargains, and
although I do not pretend to sell Clocks for less
than cost, I can sell them at a figure which does
not admit of complaint on the part of the closest
buyer, and for the simple reason that I sell ex
clusively for rash.
No. 55, North Third Street, Philadelphia .
Sept. 10, 1850.—tf.
and JEWELRY, at Philadelphia prices.
Just received at Scott's Cheap .Tetrelry Store, three
doers sweet MT. Rend & Son's store. Tits puhke
ass rmrstvelely oiliorod to aril etsrl m.
FOR fear you will be crushedby the avalanche
of Fall and winter Goods which J.
& W. SAXTON have just received and opened
for public inspection and purchase, at their store
in Huntingdon, so celebrated for their cheapness
and variety. The crowds assembling at their
store daily, are only equalled by the numbers
nightly rushing for seats at a Jenny Lind
Concert I We have better and cheaper
Goods than can be found at any other establish
ment in the country. If you don't believe this
assertion, "just drop in, you won't intrude,"
and verify it by examining qualities and prices.
To enumerate in detail all the articles we have
for sale, would occupy too much space in the
paper, to the exclusion of "marriages," always
so interesting to the fairer portion of our nu
merous customers. We will mention but a few.
We have For the Ladies, (first in our es
teem, and "first in the hearts of their country
men,") Long Shawls, Thibet Shawls, Silks,
French Merino, Alpacas ' Bonnet Ribbon, Cash
mere de Lanes, Jenny Lind Cloth, Ladies' and
Children's Muffs, &c. /lc, with every desirabie
article of DRESS GOODS.
13:7" The Ladies will not forget that their de
partment is confined to the store on the corner,
opposite Couts' Hote!.
A splendid assortment of the above article.
FRESH GROCERIES, of which we have the
very best, and will sell at a very small advance
on cost. Just roll and examine for yourselves.
a great many other articles too numerous to
mention, all of which will be sold low for cash
or country produce.
Og• We will receive and store Grain, also,
and pay the highest market prices, and it is ad
mitted by all to be the most convenient place to
unload Grain in and about town.
Huntingdon, Oct. 29, 1850.
Improvement in Daguerreotypeing I
V AN LOAN & CO., No. 118, Chesnut street,
Philadelphia, have, by recent discoveries in
their art, enabled themselves to take pictures at
all times, with great certainty—as well in stormy
as clear weather—which are justly pronounced by
artists and scietific men, UNRIVALLED, for depth of
tone and softness of light and shade. By working
themselves, they not only produce pictures which
are GOOD AND CHEAP!! but by far the best
and cheapest which can be produced at any other
establishment. Their chlrge for pictures in hand
some improved cases, range from ONE DOLLAR
to three dollars, depending on the size of the pic
ture, being scarcely one-half the prices charged at
other establishments, for pictures of equal size—
but of inferior quality. Their GALLERY or Pon-
TRAITS, consisting of some hundreds, embraces a
worthy the attention of visitors to their rooms,
which are OPEN AT ALL TIMES.
The collection which they hail deposited in the
exhibition of the Franklin . Institute, was constant
ly surrounded by dense crowds of admirers, who
were loud in their praise of the artists' skill.
To guard against every possibility of mistake,
they guarantee every picture to be of the best ma
terials, and unless it is entirely satisfactory to the
customer, NO CHARGE IS MADE.
or When visiting the city call at their rooms,
whether you wish a Daguerreotype or not. The
admission is free, and you will be pleased with
your visit. Don't forget the number, 118 Chesnut
street, a few doors below Fourth.
Philadelphia, Nor. 19, 1850.
GEORGE GWIN has just — received and
opened the largest and most splendid assort
offered to the people of Huntingdon county, and
is prepared to sell at such remarkably LOW
PRICES as must induce everybody to buy.
His stock has been selected with great care,
with a view to cheapness and good quality, and
comprises, in part, Cloths of all kinds, French,
Belgian and Fancy cassimeres, Kentucky Jeans,
Oregon and Tweed cloths, Vestings, Flannels,
and Drillings, and a variety of cotton goods for
stammer wear; Mouslin de LaMes, Alpaccas,
French Lawns and Scarfs, Shawls and Handker
chiefs, Merinos, Calicoes of the newest styles
and at low prices, Earlsron, French, Scotch and
Domestic Gingharrrs slid Balzorines, French and
Irish Linens, Bed Tickings, Muslin, Sheetings,
&c. Having heretofore been honored by a large
patronage from the Ladies, he has procured the
most elegant assortment of Ladies' Dress Goods
ever brought to the interior of the State. Also
Boots, Shoes, Hats, Caps, Groceries, Queens
ware, and a great variety of goods of all kinds.
In short he is prepared to offer Great Bargains
to those who favor him with their custom. All
are invited to call and judge for themselves.--
It affords him pleasure to exhibit his goods at
all times.
CO'" All kind. of country produce taken in
exchange for good..
Okt. /5, 1950. GIEO. GWIN.
Saddle. Harness & Trunk Manufacturer[.
ri,HE undersigned are now associated in the
above business, in the old stand heretofore
occupied by Wm. Glasgow, in Main street, near.
ly opposite the store of T. Read & Son. Every
thing in their line will be tarnished on the
shortest notice, and on terms that cannot fail to
suit all. They manufacture the most of their
work themselves, arid can therefore assure the
public that every article will be made in the best
and moot durable manner.
0:7" A large assortment of superior SAD_
D LES ,READY MADE, always on hand.
00"" Hides, and country produce, generally,
taken in exchange for work.
Gi.xsoow returns thanks for the liberal
patronage heretofore extended to him, and hopes
that his old patrons will continue to patronize
the new firm. WM. GLASGOW.
August 27, 1850,
T"E great amount of WATCHES, CLOCKS,
JEWELRY, and Fancy Articles, sold daily
at NEFF & MILLER'S, is the best evidence that
they sell the most fashionable, best and cheapest
in Huntingdon, and that the principle of dealing
with all upon fair terms, gives satisfaction.
' They are THIS DAY opening the Lar
gest and Best Assortment of Waren-
Ea and JEWELRY, &c., ever brought to Hunting
don. Call and see them. They only ask a small
advance on cost for goods, and not two prices, as
at other places.
Cr All goods sold WAORANTED TO on AS RE
PRESENTED. Don't forget the cheap corner.
Nov. 5, 1850. NEFF & MILLER.
--- -
T O travel in the Southern, Middle or Northern
Staten. Steady employment will be given for
a number efyears to respectable young men of bus
netts habits and possessed of a good common edu
cation and gentlemanly address. Such young men
would find it greatly to their advantage, as it will
afford an opportunity to see a large portion of the
country, and at the Baffle time earn, besides all ex
pens,,, from $3OO to $5OO a year. Some Agents
have earned double that amount. Much depends
upon ability to act, perseverance and economy, it
being a pleasant business. Those who desire fur.
er infornmtion ear obtain the same lay addres
/IVA r ,.. Is, iro uoos mm a.
MANY and many a wife endure. rilere of beefily
suffering and of mental angnith, prostrate and help.
Zees, embittering her life, that of her husband, end
hazarding the future welfare of her children, arising
from caner, which, if known, would have spared the
etufrering, the anguish to the wife, and to the he►
band emb aaaaaa mcnts and pecuniary difilcultire has-
Ing their origin in the mind being weighed down aal
harmed in consequence of the in:knees of the CIIM
panion of his bosom,
How important thet the cameo ehonld he knowle
to every wife, to every husband, that the dreadfel
and harrowing conaerenees to the health and hap•
pineal, of both may be avoided! Life is too 'hen and
health too procioua to admit any portion of the one to
be spent without the full enjoyment of the other.
The timely possession of a little work entitled se
follow,' Ilea been the meana of saving the health and
the life of thottaanda as over
copies have been cold since th• flret edition was le
Th. author ha. been Induced to edvertise it by
the urgent and reqnest of those who have
been indebted to it. publication for all they hold dim
(that .1; may have an opportunity of obtaining it), and
who have favored hint with thouttnd• of letter. of
encomium, tome of which are annexed lo the advt.
Private Medical Companion.
AAAAAA 110 R or DI O7 1•0111101.
nrentietli Edition. limo., pp 150. Price, Cie.
LY FOR THE AfARRIED, or throe contemn].
.ing marriage,. it 'Radon. important secrete which
thoald be known to them particularly.
Here, every fomele—the wife, the mother—the
Jae either budding into vromanhond, or the one le
.he decline of yew's, in whom nature contemplated
an important change—eon discover the cane's. 'yew
corns, end the moat efficient remedies and most car
twin mode of cure, in every compleint to which higt
iex in 'object.
The revelations contained in its pages her* prene4
a blessing to thouaande, es the innumerable lettere
received by the author (which be is pennitteil by lbw
writers to publish) will ettest.
Extract of a Letter from a Gentletnart in Dope*, a
" DA TTog, May 1, 1347.
Married Woman's Private Medical Companion,' be
which I enclosed one dollar to your addrees, eau*
safely to hand. I would not have troubled you with
these few line., but that I an: impelled by • seem,
of gratitude, fur myself and wife. to give atteranee
to MIT sincere and heartfelt emotion..
My wife ham been perceptibly sinking for wee
three years or more, in consequence of her great ate
guieh and suffering some months before and during
confinement; every anceeesive ono more and mere
debilitated end prostrated her, putting her life in inv.
minent danger, and which wee. on the lain occasion,
despaired of. I supposed that this state of things was
inevitable, and reigned myself to meet the worse
At this time (now shoot two rrronthe) I heard yaw
book highly spoken of. as containing some matters
reaching my cane. On its receipt and perveal, I eau
not express to you the relief it ',forded my dietreesed
mind and the joy it. pages imparted to my wife, ea
learning that the great discovery of M. M. Dee.
means provided a remedy. It opened a pnwpect to
me which I little conceived was possible. No pone.
niary consideration can ever repay the obligatkow
am under to you for having been the MMns of hew
parting to ems the matters contained in ' The Married
Woman'. Private Medical Companion.' Bat fire
this, ero another year would have palmed over my
head, in all human probability my wife would have
been in her grave, and my children left mother/ow "
Extract from a Letter.
Competence and Health
"LANC•III,R, PA, Oat. 04, MT.
"My pIeAR Sine: I know you will have the kinh
nest to bear with me in encroaching upon your time,
while I acknowledge (in behalf of myself and wild
the obligations we feel ourselves under to you ip boo
log made known certain mutters, contained in your
most invaluable • Married Woman's Private Medical
Companion.' It has been worth it. weight in gold
to me. 111 express myself rather warmly, ion will
see that I can not do so too warmly, when I infigm
you of the extent to which I have, thrmigh it, berm
benefited. I will state my nitnation when I obtained
your book through the merest curiosity 1 book epos
it to one of the most fortunate events of ow life.
had been married come ten years, end Wt. the father
of seven children. I wen long strugglina nnrragingl,
to the end that I might gain a moderate competency,
but the result. of my utmost exertions at the end left
roe about where I was at the beginning of each year
and that only, with the moot :aimed economy, oefb
cing with barely the necessaries of life. ffinall,thie
remnant effort won beginning to hate it, effect upset
my health: I felt few copal,le to endure its centime
ante, while 1 felt the nectioaity of perseverance.
"This constant, unceasing Powle on my part wee
imperative, in erninermenre of the prnstrated cosdl'
two of my wife /with oecosional intermission) for sht
years, notch of the time confined to her had, and of
course inespal.le of taking the charge and manage.
ment of honnehrdd affairs. He- condition idioms front
emotes of which I wan ignorant. Oh I what would
I have given had I the nix years to live over again I
What would toy wife hove given Where been spared
the long days and stiff longer nights prostrote on a
bed of sickliers l—all of which wield have been
ovoidad, had I then seen a copy of • Tit a MA utter
WOMAN'S PRIV AI, Monte. Cuerostos.'"
From a l'hyorMn.
n.iNoEnous nELlvEnirx,
How rreitny are suffering from idnitruction or irrec
ularitiee peculiar to the female eyetem, which an.
liermine their health, the effects of which they pro
ignorant, and for which their delicacy forbid. seeking
tnedral advice! How many puffer from prolamin
!lien (falling of the wood)), or fromfloar.albus (weak
ness, debility, kr., &e)! How ninny are in marten'
agony for many months preeediog confi 11. meta! How
many have difficult if not den:erne. deliveriee, eel
whine lives are jeoparderl during such time, will NM
in its pare. the mewls of prevention, ameliorative,
and relief!
Varna from a 141er.
To those just Morrirl. Had 1 know' r'
"PHILADELPHIA. Igoe. ID, 11147.
DR. A. M. M antic icAu : Had I known ef tlia fen
portant matters treated of in !The Married Woman'a
Private Medical Compiinion . fume years Aga, hwo,
much mires- I might linen rasped ! I lis•• sulfured
years from ermine which ymi point nut in your book,
without knowing what to do. I Didnined a copy, miol
found lily rase treated DC I trout evury female will
avail herself of the information contained io its mos."
Letters •re Amity rocsivsd of this chuact•r, •on•
To thosr yet unmarried, but contemplating meg
riagu, or perhapa hesitating a M the propriety tar
incurring the responsibilities attendant neon it, 11e
importance of being poeased of the revelations r.oa
tained in these pages, an intimately involving the+,
future happiness, can not be appreciated.
It is, of course, impracticable to convey 'none fully
the swims subjects treated of, as they ■re of a ea•
lure strictly intended for the marrkd. or those eau•
templating marriage ; neither I.
it is every one'. duty to become pawned of knowl
edge whereby the sufferings to which a Wife, a auth
er, or a sister, may be subject, can be obviated.
ar Copies will he Rent by Mell free et teetege
nr On the receipt of One Dollar, " TIIN MAN
PANION" is sent (mailed fret) to any part of Ilse
United States. All letters must be post-paid (ersaept
those containing a remittance), and 'Miramar.' to Dr.
A. M. MAURICFCAU, Hoz Mt, New York City.
Publishing Offlee, No. 129 Liberty st., New York .
Over 20,000 copies bare bee■ sent by MAD.
within throe wombs with perfect safety see &er
0.7" F•r sale bI ft*RAgin W• WNW.