Huntingdon journal. (Huntingdon, Pa.) 1843-1859, April 10, 1851, Image 3

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I :rhe friends of GEN. WINFIELD SCOTT—
the gallant Captain—the great Statesman, and the
0001) :MAN, who, in two wars, has lad our Ar
mies to Victory—whose deeds and whose glory
are the common heritage of our country, and who
deserves nt the hands of a free people their warm
est affections and proudest honors, are requested
to meet In COIJNTT MEETING, on Tues
day the 15th day of April next, at Huntingdon, to
express their determination to use all honorable
means to secure the election of GEN. WIN—
1832, and to adopt and carry out sash measures
as the present crisis may demand to further that
Every friend of the Old HERO is earnestly so
licited to attend, by their fellow citizens :
J. Geo. Miles, Jno. Bumbangh,
J. Sowell Stewart, JohtiFlenner,
Wm: M'Cltite, i Wm. Steel, ~
Theo. H. Cramer, Andrew Friedly,
John F. Miller, Saint. S. Smith,
Jonathan H. Dorsey, J. H. T. Boltz,
David Irons, Geb. Henderson,
Wm. Hoffman, Jno. Reed,
• 'John Cornelius, Wm. P. Orhison,
Isaac Cornelius, A. K. Cornvn,
J. I). Hight, Henry W. Miller,
Wm. B. Zeigler, Isaac Long,
S. R. Stevens, D. R. Friedly,
David Snare, Fidel Werth,
Benjamin Snare, Isaac Lininger,
James Steel.' S. 8: Wharton,
Daniel Snider, ' Wm. Snore,
Benjamin Rushy, David Corbin.
Wm. M'l)ivit, Henry J. Swoope,
R. A. Miller; ' ' Aaron Kelley,
K. L. Green, Thos. Fisher,
Michael Schneider, John Shaver,
/no. A. Doyle, H. K. Neff,
Samuel L. Glasgow, H. A. Dorsey,
Wm. Swoope, M. F. Campbell,
Wm. A. Saxton, J. N. Prowell,
James Sexton, Benj. Corbin,
James M'Cabe, John Read,
John P.. M'Calian, Jacob rockier,
Thos. S. M'Cahan, I'erer Swoope,
P. C. Swoope, Wm. Long,
Jacob Cresswell, John Dean,
Wm. Harman, - Wm. Dean,
A.' Iti Bumbitugh, D. M'Murtrie,
E. C. Summers, Peter N. Marks,
Benjamin Heffner, John Her.
John Watson, Win. Louttit,
Daniel Gray, R. A. Mattson,
Robert Ilyfe, • • Conrad Yothers,
• A. Ready, David Grove,
David Cunningham, Henry Ready,
Peter Vandevander, Daniel Parsons,
• Adam Warfel, Christian Miller,
Henry Cremer, James Miller,
Matthew Gill, Jacob Condron,
John Cremer, John Ritter,
E. L, Plowman, S. D. Cornelius,
Dixon Hall, Jos. McDonald,
Wm. Ginter, Jos. M'Cracken,
W. H. Watson, Isaac Wolverton,
Aquila Long, A. G. Neff,
Thos. L. Jenks, J. H. Wintrode,
Jas. Watson, J. P. Aslicom,
P. F. Kessler, C. H. Leabhart,
L. G. Kessler, Michael Garner,
John Etter, Solomon Moyer.,
George Hawn, Wm. Boyce,
Geo. Rosenberger, - John Householder,
Wm. Meredith, Abner Plummer,
Francis Holler, - JA. H. Isett,
Philip Holler. Washington Shell,
Geo. A. Bluramer, Geo. Garter,
Autos Fry, . .'Samuel Garner,
J. H. Howson, Samuel Kerr,
Geo. Hall, Daniel. Burnish,
James Blakley, . B. C. Lytle,
Wtn. M'Allister, J. F, Householder,
Joseph Springer, ' • Jonathan Fink,
IL A. Stitt, Henry Boyer,
'Ell Thomas, John Garner,
Eli Witkefield, John Harris,
Jacob I.4enburg, Abner Hicks,
John Summers, Jacob Sower%
Jacob Prongh, Jno. Ratilatal,
Andrew Grove, Geo. Householder,
George Hawn, David Hawn,
Isaac Hewn, John Hawn,
Peter Hawn, John Ridenour,
John Ridenour, jr. William White,
David Corbin, - William Corbin,
John Thompson, James Moore,
John Snyder, Joseph Douglass,
Moses flamer, Adam Huffman,
-Martin Flenner, John B. Logan,
John Ashman, Aaron Shore,
Joshua Shore, Geo. D. Hudson,
Geo. Hudson,Geo. Drake,
Richard Madden, Moses Greenland,
Robert Madden, Hugh Madden,
Jeremiah Brown, John Brown,
Morris Brown, Jacob E. Bare,
Wm. Ramsey, W. H. Gorsuch,
'. Hugh Brown, John MeDuffey,
John Cree, James Stitt,
John Shade, Brice Blair,
A. J. -Taylor, Mathew Taylor,
Wm. Clrmans, Jas. Neely,
George Wilson, David Hackadorn,
John Jeffries, William Orr,
Andrew Hegie, Michael Starr,
Daniel Logan, T. T. Cromwell,
Simon (Init., George Sipes,
R. B: Wigton, ' Wm. Jordan,
Jos. Cornelius, ' David Entire,
Aaron Stains, Dauicl Teague,
Hugh L. Cook, Thos. E. Orhison,
Wm. Christy, John N. Swoope,
Samuel Huey, James Alexander,
Jacob Neff, . Israel Grains,
Wm. Grafi" S. M. Green,
• Alexander Stitt, Benjamin Neff,
. Peter Livingston, Samuel Coon,
John Carver, Jos. Forrest,
John M'Culloch, John Neff,
Isaac Neff, Alexander Steel,
Michael Maguire, Thos. Montgomery,
John S. Wilson,
John Montgomery,
Robert Kinkead, Ahm. Harnish,
Samuel Harnish, J. M. Tussoy,
Perry Moore, John Davis,
Jos. Law, Win. Hileman,
Nathaniel Lytle, G. W. M'Williams,
George Isenberg, Samuel Milliken,
Alexander Struah, Robt. Cummins,
MM. M'Birney, Hugh Smith,
Samuel Steffey, John Rudy,
. Geo. Rudy, Peter Sassaman,
William Cummins, Charles Mickley,
George Prongh, Isaac Taylor,
Philip Taylor, Solomon Houck,
'David Amend*, James S. Snare,
Amos Clark, George Hoover,
Isaac Hoover, Adam Keith,
Jacob Lies, . Silas Crum,
John Stever, Soloman Stever,
Joshua Greenland, Caleb Greenland,
Jesse 'Wright, Isaac Smith,
George Smith, Wm. Croteley,
Nathan Greenland, Elias Wilson,
Nicholas Miller, Peter Ctsrfinan,
John Gayton, - John Himmson,
Eliel Smith, John Mverly,
Zech. Pheasant, Wm. Pheasant,
Simeon Wright, BenjaminF. Glasgow,
Wm. Chilcote, Wm. Smith.
David Mountain, Jackson Wigton,
Jas. Entriken, John Donaldson,
Lazarus Houck, Christian Shoats,
A. Stevens, . Peter Burket,
David Diller, Wm. Hutchison,
Jnoa. M'Williams, John Conrad,
lieli, liamilbcar, Mae lief*
John Q., Adams, : , ' John Stonebraker,
David Stonchraker, ' John W. Mattern,
Samuel S. Mattern, Samuel R. Wigton,
Henry Brewster, Benjamin Leas,
John Luta, James Harvey,
L. A. Myers, James Ramsey,
Hezekiah Ricketts, James King,
John Brewster, James P. Forbes,
James T. Collins, Jacob Hiller,
Aaron Staines, . John S. Back,
Peter Bowman, James G. Doyle,
William Morrison, John M'Kiustry,
David Lutz, Peter Myers,
John H. Leas, G. W. Cornelius,
James W. Bigley, Thomas I'. Baker,
Geo. P. Wakefield, Isaac M'Donithen,
J. M'Elroy, Edmund Snare.
Umbrellas & Parasols.
HAVING decided to quit the business, I pro
pose to sell my Stock at very low prices.
It embraces the newest and most desirable
styles. You are invited to call and examine.
No. 104, Market Street,
April 3, '51.-2m.) Philadelphia.
Something Superior, Convenient, Safe, and
I have purchased the right for the county of
Huntingdon, in the State of Pennsylvania, to use
a Patent Sash Lock or stopper, invented by
William E. Arnold of Rochester, Vlonroe coun
ty, New York, which is neat, safe, convenient,
cheap, and superior to any article of the kind
ever yet invented or used. With it sash can be
raised from below or let down from above or
both at once if required. It is constructed that
it cannot be put out of order, and when the win
dow is closed it is a perfect lock. A modal will
be exhibited to show how it works. A number
of the citizens of this place (Huntingdon) have
already the locks attaehad to their window sash.
It will also answer for cupboard and parlor
doors, and the windows of Railroad passenger
cars, and many other places. The neatness,
durability, convenience, cheapness and saf,ty,
makes it preferable to any thing of the kind ev
er yet invented for the use for which they are
intended. Any person wishing to have such
locks or storiliers put to their window sash, will
please address
Care of Doctor Jacob Hoffman,
Huntingdon Pa.
N. B. My obligations bind me to remain or
operate within the limits of the county of Hun
tingdon as it existed before Blair county was
stricken off, and also gives me the privilege to
put in said locks in any part of said county should
any part be strcken off during the period of the
patent. (Patent secured Feb. 26th 1851.)
April 3.-1. m.] T 1). IT.
= ..:,...,
... : -. 7
m 7.,i, -
—...., , (::::),
o i
-r...7.4 ~..,, C/D
B. W. SNA!'Llet"r" their sin
es ks to the citi
of Huntingdon and the people in general
for sustaining them against high priced.compe
tition. They have just returned from the City
with a splendid stozk of Spring and Summer
For Men and Boys,
Consisting of Business, Dress, Sack and Frock
COATS, of all colors, sizes and kinds, suited
to the season ; Cassimere Pants, Vests and
Standing Collar Patent Shoulder Seam Shirts,
which for beauty of fit, comfort and elegance
are unequalled. Purchasers will at all times
get a neat garment and a good fitby buying their
Clothing from
D. & W. SNARE.
Suited for Persons of all flutes.
Boots, Shoes, Gaiters and Slippers for sum
mer. Mr We keep the largest assortment of
Trunks, Carpet Bags and Valise Trunks at the
loivest prices, that is offerer' fur sale in the
county. Umbrellas and all other articles usual
ly kept (and a number of al ticles too numerous
to name) in a well regulated Clothing Store.
Oar These goods have all been purchased for
Cash, which will enable us to sell them 25 per
centum lower than goods boughtonthe credit
aystem. „
March 27, 1851.-3 m.
Executor's Notice.
Estate of SAMUEL M'KINSTRY, late of
Shirley township, Huntingdon Co., der'd.
LETTERS Teslameritary having been grant
ed to the undersigned on the Estate of said de
ceased, all persons knowing themselves indebt-,
ed will please make immediate payment, and
those having claims will present them properly
authenticated to JOHN M'KINSTRY,
Shirley township, March 27, 1851.-6t.=
Wholesale Grocers and Commission Merchants and
Dealers in Produce and Pittsburg
No. 116, Wood Street, Pittsburg.
150 doz. Pomeroy's Corn Brooms.
125 " Holmes' Patent Zinc Wash Brushes.
100 kegs No. 1 & Pure White Lead.
100 Boxes W. R. & Cream Cheese.
100 " Mould, Strained & Star Candles.
100 " Rosin and Palm Soap.
200 " Window Glass, assorted.
50 " Pearl Starch,
50 a Saleratus.
150 package. Green and Black Teas.
100 bags Rio; Laguyra and Java Coffee.
100 bbls. N. 0. and S. H. Molasses.
23 " " " and Golden Syrup.
.. 50 If Loaf, Crushed and Pule. Sugars.
50 hhds. N. Orleans Sugar.
Lard Oil, Bacon, Dried Beef, &c.,
On accommodating TerMs.
Refer to Merchants Thomas Read & Son,
" Fisher & M'Murtrie,
Charles Miller,
" Honorable John Ker,
March 27, 1851.-Iy. •
Administrators' Notice.
Estate of JAMES TRAVIS, late of Franklin
township, Huntingdon county, dec'd.
LETTERS of Administration having been
granted to the undersigned on the Estate of said
deceased, all persons knowing themselves in
debted will please make immediate payment,
and those having claims will please present
them properly authenticated to
Franklin township, INfareh 20, 1001.-ot..
First Arrival this Spring! I
MORE NEW GOODS are expected this day
at the "ELEPHANT," consisting in
part of
Conestoga Sheetings, at the old price.
Bleached & unbleached M uslins from 3 to 124 c.
Splendid Ruby Calicos.
Carpet Chain, all colors.
Lancaster Ginghams, 124 cents per yard.
Coffee, Tea, Sugar, Molasses, Tobacco,
Mackerel, &c., &c., all of which will be sold
at the usual low rates which have rendered the
ELEPHANT" Tits Store of the county.
Huntingdon, March 13', 1861.—tf.
Six Cents Reward!
RAN AWAY from the subscriber in Crom
well !ownship, Huntingdon county, on the 20th
of March 11321, an Indentured Apprentice to
the Tanning Business, (named David Nalley,)
aged 13 years 2 months, rather small and a down
look. All persons nre warned against harbor
ing or trusting said Runaway. The above re
ward will be paid to bring him home, but nei
ther thanks nor charges.
March 27, 1851.-3t.—*
AXTirEarAs by a precept to me directed, dated
VV at Huntingdon, the 14th day of Jan. A.
D. 1651, under the hands and seals of the Hon.
George Taylor, President of the Court of Com
mon Please, Oyer and Terminer, and general
jail delivery of the 00th judicial district of Penn
sylvania composed of Huntingdon, Blair and
Cambria, and the Hon. James Gain am; John
Stewart, his associates, Judges of the enmity of
Huntingdon, ustices assigned, appointed, to hear
try and determine all and every indictments made
or taken for or concerning all crimes, which by
the laws of the State are made capital or felonies
of death and other offences, crimes and .misde
meanors, which hove been or shall hereafter be
committed or perpetrated for crimes aforesaid
—I am commanded to make public proclamation
throughout my whole baliwicX that a Court of
Oyer and Terminer, of Common Please and
Quarter Sessions, will be held at the Court
House in the borough of Huntingdon, on the
second Monday (and 11th day) of April
next, and those who will prosecute the said pris
oners be then and there to prosecute them as it
shall be just, and that all Justices of the Peace.
Coronors and Constables within said county be
then and there in their proper persons, at 10
o'clock, A. M. of said day, with their records,
inquisitions, examinations and remembrances,
to do those things which to their offices respect
fully appertain.
Dated at Huntingdon the 19th day of March in
the year of our Lord 1851, and the 74th year
of American Independence.
WM. B. ZEIGLER, Sh'ff.
March 20, 1851.
Wuserss, by a precept to me directed by the
Judges of the Common Pleas of the coun
ty of Huntingdon, bearing test, the 14th of Jan ,
1851, I am commanded to make Public Procla
mation throughout my whole baliwirk, the a
court of Common Pleas, will be held at the Court
House in the borough of Huntingdon, on the fhl
Monday (and 21st day) of Jan., A. D., 18.51,
for the trial of all issues in said Court, which
remains undetermined before the said Judges,
when and where all jurors, witnesses and sint
ers, in the trial of all issues are required.
Dated at Huntingdon the 19th of March, in the
year of our Lord 1851, and the 74th year of
American Independence.
WM. B. ZEIGLER, Sheriff.
March 20, 1851.
NOTICE is hereby given to all persons con
cerned that the following named persons have set
tled their accounts in the Register's Office at
Huntingdon, and that the said accounts will be
presented for confirmation & allowance at an Or
phans' Court, to be held at Huntingdon, in and for
the county of Huntingdon, on Wednesday the 16th
day of April next, to wit :
_ .
1. Ste Wart Wilson and Edwin J. Neff, Admin
istrators of the Estate of John Bruce, late of
West township, dec'd.
2. Trustee account of Wm. B. Leas and Sam
uel Al'Vitty, Trustees to sell the Real Estate of
Abraham Long, late of Shirley township, dec'd.
3. William B. Johnston, Administrator of the
Estate of Thomas Montgomery, late of Franklin
township, dec'd.
4. Isaac Heifner, Administrator of the Estate
of Peter Heifner, late of Walker township, dec'd.
5. Alexander Carmon, Administrator de holds
non with the will annexed, of the Estate of John
Carmon, late of Barree township, dec'd.
6. Jacob Eby and Samuel M'Vitty, Adminis
trators of the Estate of David Eby, late of the
borough of Shirleysburg, dec'd.
7. George Couch, one of Executors of the last
Will and Testament of Andrew Couch, lute of
Barree township, dec'd.
8. Alexander l'ort, one of the Executors of the
last Will and Testament of Andrew Couch, lute
of Barree township, dec'd.
9. Daniel Longtnecker o Trustee to make sale
of the Real Estate of Jacob Longenecker, late of l
West township, dec'd.
10. David Snare, Executor of the last Will and
Testament of George Helfright, late of the bor
ough of Huntingdon, dee'd.
11. James Ramsey and Wiliam B. Leas, Ad
ministrators of the Estate of James Carothers,
late of the borough of Shirleysburg, dec'd.
12. Jacob Shoop, Executor of the last Will and
Testament of Philip F. Shoop, lute of Tell town
ship, dec'd.
13. William V. Miller, Administrator,. of the
Estate of John Wiley, late of Brady township,
14. John R. Gosnell, jr., and David Myerly,
Administrators of Jesse Gosnell, late of Union
township, dec'd.
15. Caleb Swoops, Administrator of the Estate
of Moses Starr, late of Cass township, dec'd.
M. F. CAMPBELL, Refer.
Register's Office, Huntingdon, March 14, 1851.
Booksellers, Country Merchants
and Teachers.
IATR Respectfully request the attention of all
V v dealers in SCHOOL, MISCELLANE—
PAPER and WINDOW SHADES, to our su
perior facilities for supplying at unusually low
rates, for cash or approved credit, every article
pertaining to our business.
A long and active experience warrants us in
saying that we can offer inducements to pur
We earnestly ask an examination of our mode
of conducting business, believing it an experi
ment is made, it will be found for the interest
of those desiring goods in our line to continue
operating with us.
Our stock is at all seasons large, and selected
with particular reference to the wants of Penn
sylvania, Ohio and the near trade generally.
Orders by mall or otherwise despatched
promptly and at the lowest rates known ireany
market. • .
agr The highest price given for RAGS in
cash. PECK & BLISS,
North East Corner of Third & Arch ate.
Piffled% March 6, 1851.-Im.
BY Virtue of sundry writs of Venditioni
Exponas, and Levari Facies, to me directed, I
will, on Monday the 14th day of April next,
at two o'clock, P. M„ expose to sale by public
outcry, at the Court House in the Borough of
Huntingdon, the following described real estate,
to wit:—
All defendants right, title and interest in and
to all that eertain tract or parcel of land situ
ate in Dublin township, Huntingdon county,
containing about 97 acres, adjoining land, of
Henry Likely, Samuel Campell, and others,
having thereon erected a log dwelling. house,
about 50 or 60 acres cleared, more or less."
Seized, taken into execution and to be sold as
the property of William P. Laughlin.
All that certain piece or lot of ground situa
te in Tod township, Huntingdon county, con•
taining fifteen acres, more or less, adjoining
lands of Edward Anderson and Henry Roods,
having thereon erected a two story log house,
store house and frame stable, all cleared,—and
also 110 acres of unseated land situate in the
same township, adjoining lunds of Philip Bar
nett, Jesse Cook and David Blair, Esq.
Seized, taken into execution and to be sold
as the property of John y. Baker.
A certain tract of land situate in Cass town
ship, flitnting,dob county, containing about 300
acres, more or less, adjoining lands of John
Miller's heirs, aeo'rge Quarry, James Dell and
Jacks mountain on the east, having therenn
erected a small log house, also a fog house irri
finished, a small log stable, about 100 acres
Seized, taken into execution and td be sold
as the property of John Qoarry,%%,th notice to
Terre Tenant.
A certain tract, parcel or piece Of ground
situate in Barree township, Huntingdon coun
ty, bounded and described as follows, to wit :
Beginning on the line of John Little's land at a
white oak, thence along said line south fifty
three degrees east thirty-four perches to a gum,
thence south twenty-five and one-third degrees
east sixty-four perches to a post, thence north
sixty-five degrees east forty perches to a post
in the centre of a spring, thence south eighty
six degrees east thirty perches to a dogwood,
thence north forty-two degrees east one hund
red and forty-six and one-half perches to a
white oak, fallen, thence north fifty-eight de
grees west one hundred and sixty-one perches
to a rock oak, thence south sixty-four degrees
west twenty-eight perches to a chestnut oak,
thence south forty-eight degrees west one hun
dred and fifty•nine perches to a white oak to the
place of beginning, containing two hundred and
thirty-three acres and one hundred a thirty
three perches and the usual allowance, togeth
er with hereditaments and appurtenances.
Seized, taken into execution and to be sold as
the property of Michael Sassaman and Peter
Sassaman, with notice to Terre Tenants.
All the defendants right, title and interest in
and to a certain tract of land situate in Brady
township, Huntingdon county,coritaining about
109 acres, more or less, adjoining lands of Jas.
Lane, David Milliken, James Irvin & Co., hav
ing thereon erected a log house and cabin barn,
an apple orchard, with about 30 acres cleared.
Seized, taken into execution and to be sold
as the property of James Kelly.
All the within named defendant's interest,
right and title to and in a certain lot of ground
situate in the Borough of Holliday sbnre, in the
township of Blair, and county of Blair, being
180 feet on Wayne street and 60 feet on Walnut
street, situate on the southwestern corner of
said two streets, having thereon erected a two
story frame dwellieg house, frame stable, wood
and smoke house,—said lot is well fenced and
in good condition, and has a good well of water
and pump and other conveniences.
Seized, taken into execution and to be sold
as the property of John Bollinger.
The following real estate, being a piece, :ler
cel and tract of !and situate near the borough
of Huntingdon, in said county of Huntingdon,
bounded as follows, to wit: by lands of James
Saxton, jr., David Snare, John Fockler, Geo.
Black, Joseph Stewart, James Gwin, Andrew
P. Wilson, Orbison & Nt'Murtrie, and lands
devised by Charles Smith, deceased, to his son,
Theodore H. Smith, containing about one hund
red acres, together with the here. itaments and
Seized, taken into execution, and to be sold
as the property of Benjamin E. M'Murtrie.
All that piece and parcel of land in the bor
ough of Huntingdon, lying on the north of
Moore street and between Franklin and Bath
streets in said borough, which has riot been ap
propriated by the original proprietor of said
borough to the use of a public grammar and
free school, (the ground so appropriatdd being
designated in the recorded plan of the said
borough and containing two acres.) Also, all
that piece, parcel and tract of land, adjoining
and lying north of the said borough of Hunt
ingdon. bounded by land conveyed to the said
Benjamin E. M'Murtrie, by Leonard Kimball,
Trustee under the Will of Charles Smith, de
ceased, on the west, by land of Alexander
Gwin on the north, by land of Christian Cole
stork on the east, and the borough of Hunting
don and land of Isaac Borland on the south,
containing about one hundred acres, more or
less, together with the hereditament' and ap
. .
Seized, taken into execution, and to be sold
as the property of Benjamin E. M'Murtrie.
All that certain two story brick Building,
situate on a lot of ground south east of and near
to the Borough of Huntingdon in Henderson
Township, abont fifty yards more or less East
of the bridge across Stone Creek, and fronting
on the Pennsylvauia Railroad, arid the lot and
peice of ground and cartilage appurtenant to
said building•
Levied upon and taken in execution as the
property of Samuel Houck.
. .
- •
A tract or parcel of land situate on Spruce
Creek, in Franklin township, Huntingdon co.,
adjoining lands of James Ewing, of Johnathan
M'Williams, Esq., and of Craig's heirs, con
taining 155 acres 130 perches, more or lees,
with two dwelling houses thereon, one con
structed of logs and one a-frame weather board
ed, and a large frame bank barn and other im
provements thereon, it being the same land
which in pursuance of an action of partition
in the Court of Common Pleas of said county,
No. 53, January Term, 1843, was decreed to
Martin Gates and John Ewing.
Seized, taken in execution and to be sold as
the property of John Ewing co. deft. with
Martin Gates, dec'd, with notice to Hugh Seeds
Terre Tenant.
Terms of sale. one fourth of the purchase
money to be paid as bid off, otherwise the pur
chaser or purchasers will be required to pay 15
per cent on the amount bid, for disappointment
of sale, and the property will be set up for sale
the following day.
WM. B. ZEIGLER, Sheriff.
Huntingdon, March 13, 1851.
DRI ED Beef and cheese for sale at the cheap
Grocery and confectionary eatalrliehrnent
of "Wm Ortrtrenvetnink
e -
T T I. put a p fn (flu l quart HMlles, and contains
I. the strength a SIX TIMES as much pure Honduras
Sarsaparilla sr any Walla preparation In America. Price
one dollar per bottle, or six bottles CO five dollars.
. .
It hen hero a well eetabliehed fad for yearn past, that
garnaparilla, when pure and properly prepared, wan the
only true panacea for all dinessee originating from an
Impure state of the blood, the U. of mercury, intoxicating
drinhe, coif habits in yeinth, barrenneee, Ac. We boldly
Wert, that JOIN WU'S
Fluid Extract df Sarsaparilla
is the only preparation before the" public, that Is peeped
on strictly acientific principles, and of uniform s trength.
The Sarsaparilla Is purchitaed without regard to pries etto
every pound, before being used, In subject to the strletest
rheinical testa, and Its genuineness aacertained before being
Bull's Sarsaparilla also contains the virtues of several
other salvable medical roots, together forming the best
compound, and producing rue (MEATUS CURATIVE sonar
re rim grimes *Malt! This Med/tine, when used according
to direction.,
,SL-rnfula or King's Era, Otncers, Tumors, Eruptions elf
the Min, Ihympelas, Chronic Sore Ryes, Ringu,orm or
Tellers, &eld Head, Rheumatism, Pains in the
Bones or Joints, Old Sara and Meese, Swelling
qf the Glands, Syphilis, Dyspepsia, .S tilt
Rheum, Diseases of the Kidneys, Loss
of Appetite, Piseases arising from
Vie use of Mercury, Thin in the
Side and Shoulders, Gene
ral Delolity,• Ornpey,
Lumbago, Jaunt - 11re, C,ostireness, here Throat, Bronchitis,
Coughs, Colds, Weakness of the Chest, Pulmonary Afton-
Bons, toed all other diseases tending to produce
Liver Complaint, Female Irregtratilnes stol Complaints.
Sick and Nervous Headache, Low Spirits, Night Sweats,
Efrisure or Imprudence in Life, Chronic Constitutional
Disesees; and is a s prin g and summer drh.k, and general
took, for the sysp•m, null a gentla and pleasant purgative,
fur ruperior tv Blue Lick or Congress water, Salts, or &U
-lna Cowden!
The Louisville Courier thus 'Peaks Of Bull's StratiParilla:
We have been shown, by Mn. John ltntl , proprietor of
that world-renowneil preparation, " !fluid Extract of
Sarsaparilla," an original, genuine and beroitiful letter,
addressed to him by the necainiplisilod holy of one of Ole
most eminent old physicians in the West, giving a detailed',
!termini of one of the most astonishing rums on n-cOrd i Per'
formed alone by the use of "Bull's Sarsaparilla."
This most excellent and charming lady had long .uffrred
from prolapsus uteri, ii nor olbns, piles, and chronic diseases
of the stomach and digestive organs, and derangement of
the whole system, attended with distressing eutitneoue erup
tion, tick headache, and violent attacita of cramp. After
exhausting ail of her liumband's skill, and applying to many
celebrated medical gentlemen, both at home end abroad,
and also using great quantities of 0 Townsend's Selwyn.
without the tlightostrelicf, she ! . was induced to use
"John Bull's Sarsai.lrilla." And what ;van the happy
result? After the two of a P.w bottles. a perfect and won
derful cure--the lady restored to perfect health, and to her
usual flow of spirits.
Such letters its the nor we speak of, moat afford Mr. Bull
more real gratification, than could the rOssession of counts
less wealth. And whether he accumulates wealth or not
by the sale of his truly valuublo Malkin, being Ito author
to glory and honor enough: sod he sun say to the world,
without fear of contradiction, " I have In my poverty re
lieved more human suffering, than did Stephen Girard or
John Jacob Astor with their millions."
Let All v.So ore suffering under the agonizing tortures of
Rhentmitisre read the following, and roe whet may be done
for them, if they will use the infallible remedy:
Usiostows, Kr., May 12, ISO.
Mn. Jot. nru, Pear B,—Fer the last limoe over.,
have been afflicted with Illieuniatism of the neverent
acts I was at time, In the greatest agony of pain. 1 tried
every remedy 1 mold procure for the disease; but found no
permanent relief until I wan indumd to use your prepara
tion of Sarsaparilla, which has entirely cured me of Rheu
matism, and greatly improved my general health more
than any medicine 1 ever 11.1. I have bemire° from pain
for several months, and have no doubt the cure in perm*
vent: end I recommend it as the boat medieine in use for
It is asserts to produce further testimony to favor of this
great remedy. It has only to be tried and proved, to con
vince the public of its superior efficacy.
Notice to Females.
John Dun Sareaparilla is one of the greatest female
medicines now in existence. In those numerous eases
where the constitution is debilitated, the nervous energy is
lessened, settee the efforts of nature are weak and deficient,
or are profuse and overwrought, when the face is pale and
colorless, the strength feeble and yielding, the smirit trou
bled and depressed, the health broken, mind shaken, and
coneequently the happiness destroyed—than Bun Sara.
parilin is a sovereign remedy. It assists nature in the per.
Immune° of her duty, braces the whole /Tames, renews
permunently the natural energies, removes obstructions,
checks excesses, creates pure and healthy blood, and imparts
health and happiness. Were ladies generally to adopt the
use of this Medicine, vat would cue far lees suffering, disease
and unhappillOAS among thew than now exists, health would
take the place of disease, th rosy cheek would succeed the
pallid face: we should have smiles instead of tears, and per
it happy long life incited of one cut churl by &sem,
or toads inlet:sable by continued suffering and affliction.
At that critiettl peeled tertnisl the "turn of life," which is
often attended with so mush danger, Bull's Sarsaparilla is
found to exert a most beneficial effect. All Indies approach•
ing this crisis, should les apprised of this fact, and avail
themselves of this valuable Medicine.
How we ail admire a clear, le•autiful, white skin, and a
rosy colored cheek. llow often do we Fee persons, not pos.
sensing this "desideratum so devoutly to be wished," re
sorting to cosmetics, lotions, washes, paints, and coloring
materials, to restore to them a semblance of what disease
has deprived than of, and that, too, with great injury to
the skin. Bali's Sarsaparilla lo the best Cosmetic known.
It beautitia the skin by removing every particle of morbid
and diseased matter from the blood, making It pure, heal
thy and vigorous, giving activity to every minute venal,
and changing the yellow and dark countenance to the
bloom and freshness of youth. Ladies, abandon the use of
paints and mixtures, and use Bull's Sarsaparilla, the only
effectual remedy. "A word to the wise is sufficient," and
a hint is enough for the ladles.
Read the testimony of Pr. Moore.
MP. JOHN BULL,—i have nn hesitation in Paying that
Lefieve your Sorsopanda to be the Lest article ever manu
factured, for the cure of Scrofula, Syphilis, and many other
Cutaneous or Glandular Affections, having used it, with
entire success in numbers of the above cases.
Louisville, Dec. 26, 1847. JAS. 111. MOORE, M. D.
From Dr. L. P. Yandell,Professor of Chemistry in Lout.
role Medico/ Ca 11,,.
I have looked over the lint of ingredients compoeing
and have no hemitetion in saying that they tbrm a safe corn.
pound. and one that promises well in chronic diseases, to
which it S a opplirtiblo. L. P. ICANDELL, M. D.
Louisville, June 6, 1641.
From Dr. Iteks, Physician by appointment to the Lossismlle
Marine Hospital.
Lemavnur, March 20, 1640.
I hare examined the preparation of the prescription of
.10112 BULL'S SARSAPARILLA, and believe the combines
ben to he an excellent one, and well calculated to produce
an alterative impreasion on the ayatem. I have tilted it
both in public and private prectice, and think it the beet
article of Sanaperillo in use. 111. PYLES, M. D.,
Itesident Physician, Marine IloapiteJ,
BULL'S SAIMPARILLA.—Go where you will, to steamboats
bound for Nashville, New Orleans, St. Loins, Cintinuati,
Madison, Frankfort, or for thu Omen River courstry, and
you will find Immense supplies of this prepare don about
being shipped on board.
But few merehants visit our city, In whatever brands of
trade FOUVIT they rutty be engaged, but have orders foe
more or IVPS of Bull's Sarsaparilla. ',nitrate Democrat.
Manufactured at Dr. JOHN BULL'S Laboratory,
hi Fourth street, Louisville, Ky.
For Sale at the Store of T. READ & SON, in
the borough of Huntingdon. [March 20, 1851.
Hardware Cheaper.
JOHN A. NEFF, for many years in the house
of Mr. Buehler & Bro., desires to inform
his friends of HuntinDlon county that he has
connected himself with the firm of Messrs.
Lower & Barron, No. 174, North Third Street,
3rd door above Vine Street, where he will be
pleased to offer every article in the IliatowirtE
LINE AT MITCH towns PRICES than ever before
Bela to his native county.
Philad'a, March 20, 1851.—tf.
' Are you Insured ?
rnot, insure your property at once M the Coln
berland Valley Mutual Insurance Company.
Apply bra Gee. W. Srzaa, Agent,
lividgpert, P.
alum litiLurigat sotbth -7
Importers and Dealers in Silk., Ribbons and Milo.
nerd Goods, No. 45, South Second Strad,
HAVE received, by late arrival., a large
and handsome assortment of
Spring Millinery GOodsi
Selected by one of the firm in France. Tbey
have now in store
Glaec Silks for casing Bonnets.
Fancy Bonnet and Cap Ribbons.
Plain Mantua and Satin Ribbons all wfdflie.
A large assortment of Artificial Flowers.
White and colored Crapes and Crape Lease.
Frence Chip Hats.
Fancy Nets and Laces.
I Fancy Lesse Trimmings—Caps.
1 Quilllngs—Caning Wire—Crowns.
Covered Whalebones, &c., &c. *itli all oth
er articles appertaining to the Millinery Trade.
March 20, 182!..-Im.
C. cznasEnnotrdiftt & CO.
VISIONS, have constantly on hand an assort
ment of DRIED and PICKLED FISH, tec., rise
Mackerel, Codfish, Hams, Butler.
Salmon, Beef, Sides,Pada,
Shad, Pork, Shoulders, 8e. Herrings, I I Lard, Cheese,
Philad'a, March 8,1851.-3 m.
JOSEPH H. srivaiiiiii
Wholesale Tobacco Warehouse.
No. 218, N. 3rd St., Philadelphia.
C"UNTRY Storekeepers and Tobacconists
in general, corning to the city to
their spring supply, will do well to call and ex
an"One my gcods. I have or hand a large stock
of Leaf 'Pointer°. and a complete assortment of
and SEGARS, which 1 can sell wholesale anti
retail ad low as any other house in the city.—
Do'not forget to call at
No. 21S, N. 3rd at. (3 doors below Callow
hill,) at the sign or the large Indian Chief.
N. B. All orders thankfully received and
promptly attended to, on the most rcasooabl•
Philad'a, March 6,1851.-3 m.
Executors' Notice.
Estate of BNJAM IN JOHNSTON, late of
Warriorsmark township, Huntingdon county,
Letters Testamentary having been granted to
the undersigned on the estate of said deceased.
all persons !waiving themselves indebted will
please make iffimedinte payment, and them
having claims will present them properly ax•
thenticated to JAMES CLARK,
Tyrone Forges, Executors.
March 6, 18eil.-6t.
No. 41 South Sccoud Street Phiadelphia.
NOW conducted by Thomas White, eon of its
late proprietor, a: the Old Stand, where
Dealers will at all times find a stock of Foreign
and Domestie Straw, Lace, Fancy, Crape and
Silk BONNETS, Panama, Palm Leaf, and eve
ry variety of. Straw HATS, and Artificial
Flowers unequalled by any other for extent
or beauty of manufacture, and at very low
prices, having facilities for producing these
goods possessed by no other establishment.
To the Ladies and Milliners generally, he
wouN tender his grateful acknowledgments for
their kind approval of the business system of
this house, and begs to assure them that no ef
forts on his part shall be wanting, to merit •
continuance of their liberal patronage. They
will still be greeted with the same old familiar
faces, who will at all times endeavour to exe
cute their commissions with fidelity sod prompt
ness. (Philadelphia, Feb. 10, 1851.-3 m.
Cheap Hardware.
M. BUEHLER & BRO., No. 195 Market
street, Philadelphia. 2 doors below sth street.
offer for sale. HARDWARE in all its 'varie
ties, at low prices. Call and see before you
buy. Look for the Red Lettered Mill Saw.
Philad. Feb. 20. 1851.-3 m.
SALMON, Constantly on hand sad
HERRINGS, for sale &
HAMS AND SIDES , Market Street' Hl h A arf, .
Philad'a, Feb. 27, 185
,- 1.-3 m.
CORN BROOMS, Constantly on
PAINTED BUCKETS, hand at Manufas..
CEDAR WARE, turors' prices by
BRISTLE BRUSHES, ' 11l N. 3rd street.
TWINES & CORDAGE, 3 doors below
WOODEN WARE, &c., &c., Philadelphia.
Feb. 6. 1851.
Tomkios' British Plate Powder.
FOR cleansing, polshing, and beautifying
Silver, Silver Plated Ware.
German Silver.
A lbata Plate,
Britannia Ware, And all white Metats.
The undersigned have received from the pa
tentee the exclusive right to manufacture three
preparations for the United States. The Plate
Powder has been most extensively used for a
number of years in Great Britain, and is now
used by most of the manufacturer. of silver and
other wares in New York and Philadelphia ;
likewise by nearly all respectable families and
hotel proprietors in the Union.
WM. TOMKINS, & CO., Manufacturers,
231 South Second street, Philadelphia.
For sale at T. K. SIMONTON'S Store,Hunting
don, Pa.
New Stock ef Watches, Jewelry, Bc h
At Philadelphia Prices.
J. T. SCOTT has just opened a new and ele
gant assortment of Watch., Clocks, Jewelry,
&c., which he is enabled to sell at the vary tow
cat cash prices. . .
An excellent workman is constantly employ
ed, who devotes his whole time to repairing
and cleaning all kinds of Watches and Clocks.
All work done promptly and warranted for one
year. [ja.-23-af.
Administrators' Notice.
LETTERS of administration having been
granted to the subscriber upon the Estate
of JOHN BUMGA RDNER, late of Union
township, deceased. All persons knowing
themselves indebted are requested to make im
mediate payment, and those having claims arc
requested to present them properly authenticat
ed for settlement.
Marek 0, 1861