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    A 'Crimea WITTIUIIT A BIBITOP.—The Special
Convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church,
'which was held in New York last week adjourned
Mace die, after it three days seseten, in which it
was found impossible to elect a provisional Bishop
for the New York diocese. The diocese remains
therefore without an acting Bishop for another
On the, sth inst., by the Rev. Win. R. Mills,
Flowtil, all of this place.
- Oh, whit a large, delicious, entire pound-cake
accompanied the above. The truth is, ii revived
our spirits this dull weather, just to look at it,. to
say nothing about the eating part. Language fails
no to properly return thanks to the happy maple,
for this generous remembrance of the Printer.—
May long life, unalloyed happiness, unbounded
prosperity be their portion through life. To friend
Woods, we must say that his unyielding patriotism
deserves nil praise. After gallantly serving his
country as a Lieutenant in the late war with Mex
ico, he now, as a good citizen, stands up for the
union like a man. .
Pitri..ADLLritia, I)cc. 7, 1850.
The inquiry for Flour is .limited, and the only
sales reported aro small lots for city consumption
at $4.8l #a4,94 for common and select brands, and
ss;l2ias, 50 for extra. lit 'Rye Flour and Corn
Meal no transactions; the former is in demand at
$3,75 but the latter is dull nt $2,75 per bid. 'There
is a moderate inquiry for Wheat and prices are
steady; sales of 3000 bushels good white at
including a - clibice lot at 112ic., and red at 105 c.
por bushel. A stile of 1000 bushels Rye at 77c.
Corn is in limited demand; sales of 2000 bushels
new yellow at 55a57e. Oats are in demand nt for
mer rates. Whiskey—Demand limited and prices
of bbls. and hints are unsettled.
Philadelphia Dates of Discount.
Philallelpli in Banks. , paq..ebanon, par
Pittsburg, par Chambershurg, •
Germantown par i Gettysburg,
Chester County,• • • • parlMiddleton,
Delaware County, • • • par Carlisle,
Montgomery Co., • • • par Harrisburg
Northumberland . • • • parlllonesdale, 1
Col. Bridge Co., • • . • par:Wyoming par
Bondi% par Erie Bank, 1
Lancaster, par:Waynesburg ' li
Doylestown parScliuylkill flaven,• • • par
Easton . , par West Branch par
Bucks County, pan Relief Notes , 11
Brownsville part 4 ' 4 ' new issue • 1
Pottsville par,State Scrip,
Washington, f Pittsburg City Scrip • • 15
York, ilAllegheny City, 20
Danville. pariillegliony County, • • • 20
GRACE W. SMITH will furnish the prin
cipal Magazines, (including Harper's, Gra
ham, &c.,) at $2 50 per annum, thereby saving no
small sum as there is no postage to be paid.
[Dec. 10, 1850.
Military Ball,
A Military Ball trill take place in Huntingdon
11, on Watuesdag Evening the Bth of Junuarg,
1851. Tickets, 82 50.
Committee of dbrangement.
Dee. 10, 1850.
Extra Family Flour,
OV the celebrated Crownover Brand, for sale by
ALSO, superior Mackerel at unusually low
Every day brings something now" to this pop
ular establishment, in the way of rich and rare
goods, and as everybody deals there, we tire sur
prised that all their relations do not follow suit.
Another arrival hourly expected of Boots and
Shoes, Bay State Long Shawls, Paramattas, Bro
cades, &c. &c. [Dee. 10.
Are you Insured
TF not, insure your property at once in the Cum
j. berland Valley Mutual Insurance Company.
Apply to GEO. W. SPEER, Agent,
13ridgeport, Pa.
VID GLOVES, of a new and superior style,
.1.1 tbr sale by SPEER & IRONS,
Dec. 10,2t.1 Bridgeport, Pa.
P's Superior Cloth, for Overcoats, for sale by
Bridgeport, Pa,
Dec. 10,-2t]
BLANKETS, of every quality, for sale by
Bridgeport, Pa
Dec. 10,-2t)
LONG SHAWLS, a superior article, for sale by
SPEER & laotts,
Auditor's Notice.
rrinE undersigned Auditor, appointed by the
1 Orphans' Court of Huntingdon County, to
ascertain and report leins against the real estate of
Philip F. Shoop, late of Tell township, dce'd,
hereby gives notice to all persons interested, that
ho will attend to the duties of his said appointment
on Saturday, the 4th day of January next, at 1
o'clock, P. M., at his office in the borough of
Huntingdon, when and where all persons interested
may attend. JOHN REED, Auditor.
Dec. 10, 1850.-4 t
Administrator's Notice.
Estate of GEORGE GARNER, Dec'd.
LETTERS of Administration have been gran
ted to the undersigned upon the estate of
GEORGE GARNER, late of Penn township,
Huntingdon county, dec'd. All persons know.
leg themselves indebted are requested to make
immediate payment, and those having claims
well please present them for settlement.
Dec. 10, 1850.-3 t. Administrators.
TE subscriber will offer at public sale, in
the village of Shade Gap, on Wednesday,
the 18th of DeComber, 1850, the well known
TAVERN STAND now in the tenure of Henry
Crouse. The buildings are large and commodi
ous, witn the necessarystablins and outhouses.
Terms allele easy to suit the purchaser. If
not sold on that day, it will then be offered for
runt at public outcry
Skids Gap, Doe. 10, 1880.—te
Real Effatt'at Public Sale.
On Trtursneir, Dec. 20, 1850.
WILL be exposed to public sale,•on the pre
mitres, in the Bormigh of Alexendria,'in
Huntingdon: county, on Thursday, the 26th of
December, 1850, the following real estate, late
the property of John Scott, dee'd., vie
lst. , ‘-A CORNER LOT extending tram Main
street to the Jurinta river, :laving thereon erec
ted a two story log house, weatherboard front,
and a back building plastered; and the well
known TANNERY which has bees carried on
for upwards of 30 years, with an excellent ran
of custom. The lot runs from the bridge cross
log theliver, and is the most favorable locution
in the Borough for business. The shops are two
story log and frame, and also a frame bark 7 mill
house. There are thrge handlers, two bates,
and one lime in the beam shop, twenty,six lay
nanny Vats, two double latches, and one pool.—
In the currying shop is a large and splendidly
finished stone table, which will be sold with the
1 premises. Bork can be gotten in abundance,
' and the facilities fur reaching market ore
that leather ran nt all times he converted into
cash in the city, anal this offers a good opportu
nity for any person wishing to invest in this now
profitable business,_
2,1.—;-Lot No. 51 in the plan of said town,
- situate on Second street, on the public square,
.having thereon a two story FRAME PLAST.
3d.—Lot No. 7 in the new town plot, front
ing on the ennui, having thereon,a two story
frame plastered 1) WELMN G HOUSE, kitchen,
and a large &ache stable.
pa" Terms made known on day of, sale.
G .lf l ) eO lN . W SC . O S T CO I I7, Ekeeutors.
Dee. 10, 1850.—ts.
Valuable Real Estate arPublic Sale,
WILL be offered qt public sale, on Tuesday,
the 14th day ofJanuary next, at the Court
House, in the Borough of Huntingdon, the fol
lowing described TRACT OF LAND, in Hen
derson township, in said county, containing
Three Hundred Acres be the same more
or legs, adjoining lands or J ohn Silknitter on
the east, Rolland Evans on the south, William
Coutch on the north, and Bell on the west,
having thereon erected a two story square Log
D'vELLING HOUSE, and a cabin Burn, with
a never-failing spring of water at the door, fifty
acres of which are cleared, with a thriving AP
PLE ORCHARD thereon. A large portion of
the remainder is 'welt set with White and Yel
low PINE TIMBER. Murray's Run .passes
through said land, on which there is a good site
for a SAW MILL, rendering it, on the whole,
a desirable property for a man of enterprise
with some capital.
Tana,, or SAJ.E.—,One half of the purchase
money to be paid in hand, the balance in two
equal annual payments, with interest, to be se•
cured by bond and mortgage of the purchaser.
Surviving Executrix of Sarah Cole, de'c'd.
Dec. 10, 1850.—t5.1
Auditor's Notice. •
Estate of JOHN YOCUM, Deed.
rrITE undersigned Auditors, appointed to
tribute the money in the hands of Andrew
S. Harrison, Administrator of JOHN YOCUM,
late of Walker township, dec'd., will meet for
that purpose, at the office of John Reed, Esq.,
in the Boiough of Huntingdon, on Saturday, the
28th of December, 1850, at 10 o'clock, A. M..
when and where all persons interested can at
tend, if they see proper.
. .
THOS. FISHER,: Auditors
Dec. 10, 1810.-3 t.
Orphans' Court Sale.
BY virtue of an order of the Orphans' Court
of Huntingdon county, will be exposed to
sale, by public vendee or outcry, on the prem
ises, on Saturday, the 4th day of January, 1851,
the following described piece or parcel of land,
situate in Jackson township, Huntingdon coun
ty, containing 37 acres 102 perches, and allow
ances, be the same mare or less ' adjoining lands
late of Josiah Ball, dec., Cornelius Davis, dec.,
and John Marsh and others, on which is erected
a log house and stable, and about ten acres clear
ed thereon.
TERMS OF SALE.-One half of the purchase
money to be , paid on confirmation of sale, and
the residue one year thereafter, to be secured by
the bonds and mortgave of the purchaser.
By the Court. M. T. CA3II•IIELL, Clerk.
Attendance given by
GEORGE KOPS, Adinlnistrator.
Dee. 10, 1850.—ts.
Orphans' Court Sale.
BY virtue of an order of the Orphans' Court of
Huntingdon county, will be exposed to sale,
by public vendue or outcry, on the premises,
on Friday, the 10th day of January, 1851, the
following described piece or parcel of land, sit
uate in Union township, lluntingdon county,
containing 200 Acres, or less, adjoining lands
of John Chilcote on the north, Arnhem Wright
on the west, Henry Dell on the south, and lands
now occupied on the east by Amos Smith, on
which is erected a story-and-a-half log House
and Kitchen, and cabin Barn, a small Orchard,
about 50 acres cleared thereon.
TR/OIS or SALE.—Oue bailor the purchase
money to be paid on confirmation of the sale,
and the residue one year thereafter, to be secu
red by the bond and mortgage of the purchaser.
By the Court. M. F. CAMPBELL, Clerk.
Attendance given by
Dec. 10, . 1850 —tit
rrilE heirs of Leonard Steller, late of Jackson
township, Huntingdon county, deceased, are
hereby notified, that in pursuance of a writ of
Partition and Valuation, issued out of the Or
phans' Court of said county, an Inquest to make
partition and valuation of the real estate of the
said deceased, will be held on the 2d day of
January 1851, on the premises, situate in Jack
son and Barree townships insaidcounty.
WM. B: ZEIGLER, Sheriff.
December 3,1850.-3 t.
Santa Fe Warehouse.
FOR• SALE OR RENT, a large Warehouse
and Store-room, dwelling * house and stable,
also a Tavern stand, situate at Mount Union,
Huntingdon county, all now doing a good busi
ness, end likely to increase, it being the :learnt
point fora large portion of Huntingdon and Bed
ford counties to get their produce on the canal
and railroad. Possession given on the first of
April next. Apply to the subscriber in Hill
December 3, ISso.—pd.
1713" Hollidaysburg Register insert to amount
or it I. nail ehnr, this otliCp.
DAMS & have established an Express
4 Office in Huntingdon, in charge of Horace
- Smith, at the H.lntingdon Book Store. All
packages left with him will be carefully attend•
e 4 to. [June 4, 1950.
THE subscrner will offer for sale, on Saturrbry
the 21st tf , Derctabci, at 10 o'clock, A. M., a
LOT OP GROUND, situated in Shatersville,
Morris township, Huntingdon county, on which is
erected two excellent DWELLING HOUSES,
the one being a now two story STONE HOUSE,
the other a one and a half story frame house.—
Any person wishing to examine the property, con
do so by calling on Robert - Kinkead, Esq., who
1 resides on the premises.
An indisputable title will be given and terms of
' sale made known on day of sale by
Nov. 26, 1850.
QTRATS.—Came to the residente 'of the sub-
Ferilwr, shout the l st of October, a 13R I NI )I.E
STEER, with a white forehead, supposed to be
&kit a year and a half old.. They are about one
age, with a piece off the left car, and a slit in the
right ear. The owner is requested to come for
ward, prove property, pay charges and take them
affray, otherwise they wilt he disposed of timed-
Mg to - law. GEORGE A. HEATON.
Nov. 26, 1850.
Arn HAIL C BESS t,r.
In thp Court of Com
mon Pleas of Hunting
don county.
Writ de Partition de
ITARDMAN Pima.. Fac lend.
VUIIE said Hardman Philips, and all other per
sons interested, are hereby notified, that in
pursuance of a writ de partition° facienda, issu
ed out of the said Court, and tome directed, I
will on WEDNESDA 1,, the Bth day of January next.
take with me twelve free, honest, and. lawful
nice of my bailiwick, upon that certain tract of
land situate in West township, in the said coun
ty, bounded by Shaver's creek, and lauds new
or late of John Crawford, Jacob Neff, Benjamin
Brubaker, J. Neff, and the Frankstown branch
of the Juniata river, surveyed. on a warrant
granted to Samuel Anderson, bearing date the
oth April, 178-I, and then and there, as in the
said writ commanded, the said tract of land with
the appurtenances, having respect - to the true
value thereof, into two equal parts cause to be
parted and divided, and one equal pert of the
said tract of land, (the whole into two equal
parts to be parted and divided) unto the said
Abraham . c resswell, and the remaining one e
qual part of the said tract of land, (the whole
into two equal parts to be parted and divided)
unto the said Hardman Philips, to he held by
them in severalty, will then.and there be as•
signed and delivered Recording to the command
of the said writ, and the laws of this.Commen.
W.M. B. ZEIGLER, Sheriff.
Nov. 20, 1820.-6 t.
MBE subscriber will sell, at private sale, the
cupied by &mita Hoekenberrv, in Wells town
ship, Fulton (formerly Bedford) county.
The MILL was erected 'only a few years ago;
has three run of stones, a twenty fOot over shot
water wheel, and has all the modern improvements.
The whole of the machinery being in complete
order. -
The FARM consists of 90 Acres, about on
half of which is cleared and in cultivation.
As the undersigned resides at a distaneeLfrom
this property, and his engagements will not admit
of - his giving it 'proper attention, ho will sell it at
A DARGAIN, and make the payments easy--say
one-fourth or one-third in hand, and the hahmee
in from six to ten annual payments. Possession
given on the Ist of April next.
For further particulars call on the subscriber, in
Mercersburg, Franklin county; G. W. 11. Sipe,
near the premises, or Win. Donis, Esq., Hunt
ingdon. JAMES O. CARSON.
Mercersburg, Nov. 19, 1850.
GT "Centre Democrat" insert natal first of
January, 1851, and charge this office.
TAE great amount of WATCIIES, CLOCKS,
JEWEL,RY, and Fancy Articles, daily
at NEFF & MILLER'S, is the best evidence that
thee sell the most fashionable, best and clwapea
in Huntingdon, and that the principle of dealing
with all upon fair terms, gives satisfaction.
"They arc THIS !)AY opening the Lar
gest anti Best Assortment of WATCH
ES and dywaliur, &e., ever brought to Hunting
don. Cull and sec them. They onlyask a small
advance on cost for goods, and not two prices, as
at other places.
ritEsENTED. Don't forget the cheap comer.
Nov. 5, 1850. NEFF & MLLE%
THE subscriber has just returned from the city,
1 where he purchased at large and well assorted
lot of MAIIBLE, which he offers to the citizens
of Huntingdon and adjoining' comities, at prices
which: cannot fail to suit all who may want either
STONES, or any work usually done in an estab
lishment of this kind. Persons wishing any work
in his line, would do well to give the subscriber a
call, as he is determined not to he outdone by any
other establishment, either in material or work
manship, on the Juniata.
Slop near the upper end of Main street,
noddy opposite the Presbyterian church.
Huntingdon, Nov. 10, 1850.-3 m.
Improvement in llaguerreotypeing
VAN LOAN & CO., No. 118, Chesnut street,
Philadelphia, have, by recent discoveries in
their art, enabled themselves to take pictures at
all times. with great certainty—as well in stormy
as clear weather—which are justly pronounced by
artists and scietitic men, UNRIVALLED, for depth of
tone and softness of light and shade. By working
themselves, they not only produce pictures which
are GOOD AND CHEAP l l but by far the best
and cheapest which can he produced at any other
establishment. Their charge for pictures in hand-
SUM improved cases, lunge from ONE DOLLAR
to three dollars, depending on the size of the pic
ture, being scarcely one-half the prices charged at
other establishments, for pictures of equal size—
but of inferior quality. Their GALLERY OF POR
TRAITS, consisting of some hundreds, embraces
worthy the attention of visitors to their rooms,
which are OPEN AT ALL TIMES.
The collection which they had deposited in the
exhibition of the Franklin Institute, was constant
ly surrounded by dense crowds of admirers, who
were loud in their praise of the artists' skill.
To guard against every possibility of mistake,
they guarantee every picture to be of the best ma
tennis, and unless it is - entirely satisfactory to the
or When visiting the diiaaltheir rooms,
whether you wish a Daguerreotypo or not. The
admission is free, and you will be pleased with
yuur visit. Don't forget the number, 118 Chesnut
street, a few doors below Fourth.
Philadelphia, Nor. 19, 1850.
ELRY aro going °limpidly, at the low rates
at which he sells. His stock is new, large and
well selected, and people find it advantageous to
call with him before making purchases elsewhere.
Nor. 111 Mt.
• kir ,y
1 , 4 1 ;iitr;
IjAVE just received another tremendous ad
-11 dition to their previous heavy stock. They
have everything now that is required tosuit the
wants of this community.
Splendid Excelsior De Loins, at
1.24 cts. per yard..
Superb llnram7itta Cloths, at 132 1 ¢ ets. -
Unequalled •Brocades, at all prices.
Rich Irish Poplins, at 36 and 73 etc.
Calicoes, from 3 to 12t eta.
French Oiled Ginghams, at l2i ct.
Damask-de Lains, richly figured, at 23 etc.
Heal Conestoga Slaeetingsi 91 etc.
Oriental and Bay State Shawls, at all prices.
Heavy Yard wide Mastitis, at 6 and 8 etc.
Real "Jane Lind' , Cloths, at 12i.
Satinetts, at 37, 30, 62 and 73 cts.
Tweeds at 23, 31 and 37 cts.
Hardware, Queensware, Boots &
Shoes, Paints, Drugs and Dye Stuffs, at their
former low prices.
Indeed, everything can be had at this popular
Bazar, 25 per cent. lower than else
where, and ell that is required to eonvinee the
community that the “ELEPIIAN'I"' is the
place for cheap and good goods, is for them to
call, when an examination will . 'satisfy them
that money can be saved by patronizing this es
Nov. 5, 1850.
A CAMPBELL, Land Agent at Lasalle, 11-1li•
1li• lias opened ageneral Land Agency for
j . Middle and Northern Illinois, and Southern
cousiu, where he will attend to the purehase and
salo of Improved atidtninaproved Lan4 payment
of • Taxes, Locution of Mexican Land Warrants,
Isnaking selections for those who may be entitled to
Bounty Lands under the lute act of Congress, and
I . generally to all business connected with a general
Land Agency. .
liming completed imangonents whereby per
! sons whiting to procure lauds in this fertile and
rapidly improving portion of the West, can do so
at the minimum price of 51,1*4 per acre, without
the expense and risk of travelling there, any per
son who may pay to my Agent, James Maguire,
at rluntingdon, else suns of two huudred , dollars,
will have one quarter section (160 acres) entered
its their name, (or us they may direct) for which
they will receive the patent front the •general Land
Office at Washington city, its their nuns, clear of
all charges.
According to existing laws those 'awls are not tax
able for 5 years front the.dade of the entry. Sat
isfactory scctwity w ill be given for all performances
on Any part, and tot the refunding of the amount
of the purchase, with 6 per cent., at the expiration
of five years, to any person who may thou be dis
satisfied with the location.
The canal front Chicago to Lasalle, at the head
of Steam-boat Navigation on the Illinois River,
the Railroad fron t , Chicago to Galena, which is
now in proCesi of construction,.and tbe.Railroad
from Chicago to 'lock Nand, qtr the Mississippi
river, now completed to Aurora, some 30 miles
west of Chicago, will pass through this country
from East to West, and the great Central Railroad
front Galena to the mouth of the Ohio river, pass
es through it from North to South, for the con
struction of which the late Congress appropriated
a large amount of land, thereby securing, beyond
doubt, its speedy compictimi ; and till`, IS no iluobt
ill the mind of any person well informed upon the
subject, but Chicago will Is ...tweeted with all the
Atlantic Cities by Railroad, in the course of front
two to four years from this tittle, thereby enabling
litmilies to emigrate to this country in the short
spare of from three to flair days, tirom any portion
of the East, without the riskof travelling by steam
twat. Persons wishing to procure desirable homes
for themselves and thtnilies, will do well to make
application soon, as the amount of public Loads is
limited, and is being taken up rapidly by actual
Any information desired, can be obtained from
ISAAC FISHER, Esq., Huntingdon, ht.
. .
KESSLER & BROTHER, Mill Creek, Huntingdon
County, Pa.
Alionnte & DOnsty, Huntingdon, Pa.
S. S. BLAin, Esq., Hillidayslitog, Pa.
6,,ir Letters c' muec'ted with the 1111,411 CM may be
addressed to A. CAMPBELL, Peru P. o:La
salle Co.;
(let. 29, 1850.-3 m.
Valuable Property at Private Sales
THE subscriber will sell his farm at private
sale, situated in Kishacoquil las valley, about
three miles west of Allenville, adjoining lands
of C. & Daniel Yoder, Samuel King and others,
containin g 142 acres, about 125 acres of which
is cleared, and in a good state of cultivation.—
The remainder is well timbered. The improve
ments are a large two story Stone House, good
Log Barn, good Spring at the door, good Spring
House, and all other necessary out-buildings,—
A first rate Apple Orchard of choice fruit, and
only six miles from the Pa. Canal and Central
Railroad. This farm is laid off in fifteen fields,
with running water in every field, and a running
stream through the barn yard. This farm will
be sold reasonable; as the subscriber is desirous
of emigrating to the wes'.
Oct. 22, 1850. JACOB MUSSER.
Valuable Property at Private Sale.
I , HE subscriber ollbrs at private sale, the fol
lowing described valuable Farms and Timber
Land, situated in Kishacoquillas Valley, n
county, Pa., one of the richest Agricultural valleys
in the State of Pennsylvania.
No. 1, contains 120 Acres of first rate
Limestone land, in good state of cultivation, with
a Brick House, Frame Barn, and other buildings
thereon erected.
No. 2, contains 82 Acres, with a House,
Barn and Saw Mill thereon erected. A beautiful
Orchard of fruit trees, and a never failing well of
water at the door.
No. 3, contains 230 Acres, with House,
Barn, and two tenant Houses thereon erected.—
About 40 acres cleared, and the rest well thn bored.
No. 4, is a tract of beautiful and valuable
The above valuable property will be sold whole
or in lots to suit purchasers. For further particu
lars, terms, &c., address the subscriber, at Allen
vine, Mifflin county, Pu,
Nov: 19, 11390.--3 L—pd.
rpHE CROWDS who dully visit the splendid cu
-1 tablishment of NF,EF & MILL, R, say that
they have the very best and cheapest assortment of
WATCHES &JEWELRY in town, Theirstuek
Is unrivalled, and from the low rates at which they
sell, they are beyond the reach of competition.
Nov. 12, 1850:
JUSTICE OF THE PEACE.-6flice ja Main
eireet, Huntingdon, Pa.
l'aluts, OH, Glass, Putty, &c.
A T - the lowest prices for cask—Pure White Lead
at $2 per keg. Flaxseed Oil at $1,--
Spirits of Turpentine at Wets. per gal. Putty at
6 et,. per pound. Whiting ut.3 ets. per pound.
Litharge at 10 ets. per lb.
/5 boxes Windsor GLASS, from Balo to 28a
30,.assorted qualities.
8 dizen Paint Brushes and Sash Tools.
100 lbs. GLUE, 100 lbs. fled Lend,,
30 " 'Chrome Tallow, 100 " Venitian lied,
50' " " Green, 23 " Terra. Cent,,
25 " Plain Green, 25 " Sugar of Lead,
10 " En. Vermillion, '23 " Spanish Brown.
With an assortment of all kinds of Paints, &c.,
suitable for Painters, Housebuilders, &c., which
are warranted of good qualitY,' always on hand at
'Lewistown, Nov. 5, 1850.
Vernon Air-tight Cooking Stoves.
Iriy h n e etZte 7 gett ' i l m7Co s o i ll s ig of L he ,.. g e e s hi p g a i t i :
anted in 1850, which is considered by all to he in
valuable in its economy of fuel, and Min do as much
work as the largest sized Hathaway Sttive, at the
low price of $l6 to s2s,•with Kitchen Companion
complete, with Tin and Hollow-ware, at $l6 ;
Norton's Minerva Stove at $l5 st,slB; Nos. 2 a
3 Air-tight parlor Stoves at $5,56 a $7,50, the
handsomest pattern in use. Cast Iron Stoves ; $9
to $10; 7,9 a 10 plate Stoves, $3,50 to $lO, •
As we wish to close out our stock of Saves,
we will sell, fur each, bargains.
F. CT. FRAN(.! isc us.
_ Lewistown, Nov. 5; 1850.
Solar Lard Lamps.
0111:1{CItES, Public Buildings, &c., can be sop
plied with Scalar bard Lamps of any style and
quality, as low as calm be purchased in Philadel
phia, warranted to give satistliction, or be return
ed within a rea,miable time.
14 pair Lard Lamps, new awl fashionable styles.
8 ‘• Ilattging •• "
6 " Side " "
6 " Hanging Latnna, fur Eaniphene.
6 " Side
2 dozen Lamps for burning Fluid, with no as
sortment of. chimneys, hinnies & Fixtures, Glbes,
Wicks, &e. at F. G. FIZANCISCUS'S.
Lewistown, Nov. 5, 1950.
Leather and Shoe Finding Store.
I HAVE' always on hand a large and well assort
-1- ed stock of all kinds of Morocco Binding and
Lining Skins, Kip, Upper, Sole, French and coun
try Calf Skins, Pegs, Shoe Kilt, &e. to he sold
lower. q uin the lowest, by
Nov. 5, I tzso. F. G. FP ANCISC l'S.
AMOST beautiful assortment of Tent and Tu
ble Cutlery—the toast beautiful ever offered
bere--liallard's Ivory handle setts of 51 pieces
Ivory du.; Desert knives, a new and good ankh;
low fox cash, at
NOV. 5, 1850,
- D O M
CK and Sporting Powder, Safety Fuse' r
. 1 - 4, idast:nr4 at
Nov. 5. 18.0.
T. G. Vittxrvicurs,
ruts IN of various sizeA, at :3 :oat ets. per lb. at
Nov. 5.' F. G. Fic 4\('1•,1('1:1:'!1.
GLASS! GLASS!! GLASS!!! of till sizes at
lowest Bash prices, by
Nov. 5, 1850. F. O. Fa.m.ozets.
Brad,, Spikes, at $1,25, and perhaps a
little lower for cash, at •
Nov. 5 1850. F. O. PaAxepsct-s'A.
MIN; Block, ditto, Speller, Zinc, Rivets, Iron.
Wire ) from 6 to 25, always on hand, it
Nov. 5, 1850. P. G. FIRANCISCUS'B.
r AMP lIENE , Oil, and Burning Fluid, of best
quality, always fur sale, pure and fresh, by
.Nov. 5. F. G. FRAM:IW.,
200 Packages Saddlery, at reduced prices.-
100 packages Coach Ware. The largest
assortment of .these goods always on hand.
Nov. 5. F. 0. FRANCISCI.B.
Tll.lSi r l a ..
utp ; i t llin g institution is situated in Tns
ro y,,lliniata county, I'a., eight miles
south-west of Alilllintown, and six miles lirom the
Perryville station on the Penn's. Railroad.
Itlas been in successful operation for more than
twelve years, and is believed to be equal to any
Academy in the State in affording facilities to
young men for acquiring a thorough 'academical
edification, either for business - or for college. Be
ing situated in a very pleasant neighborhood in
the eonntry, the pupils arc removed front these
temptations to idleness, dissipation and vice, which
arc tint bate of similar institutions itt town ; and
the whole surrounding vicinity will vie with any
place in the State for het/MA/am, and tier the
high tone of morality pervading the community.
The buildings ' recently, have beer, greatly im
proved, and are large, appropriate and commodi
ous, constructed according to the latest and most
approved models of school architecture; and are'
believed to combine all the essential requisites for
the. advantage and convenience of both learner and
teacher. Pupils from a distance are required to ,
board in the Academy with the Principals; but if I
it is desired hr the parents, good boarding may be
obtained in the neighborhood.
For Boarding, (per week,)
Washing, (per quarter, of 11 weeks)
For Red, (per quarter of 11 woeks,)• •
Fur Incideutal, "
For Tuition in Lacm, Greek, and Mathematics,
(per quarter, , , $6,00
Natural Philosophy, Chemistry, Rhetoric,
Econonty, Book-keeping, Bot
any, History, tic. &c., 4,50
Ar,tinnotic, English Grammar, Geography,
Reading, Writing, &c., (per quarter,)• • • .8,00
Light, Books and Stationery are found by the
Pupil, and may be obtained at the stores in the
neighborhood. There are no extra charges what
The academical year is divided into two sessions
of 22 weeks each; and each session into two quar
ters of 11 weeks earls. One quarter must be
paid in advance, wheat the Pupil enters; and all
bills must be paid off' Fuji:qv he leaves the Acialculy
otherwise seven per cent. on the whole bill far the
quarter will be added. No deduction for absence'
during the quarter, unless caused by sickness.
The Principals have both bceh constantly enga
ged in teaching, for upwards of twelve years, and
can furnish the very best testimonials, both of
their own scholarship and ability, anti also of the
thoroughness, success and accuracy of their mode of
teaching. They will both give their exclusiro and
undivided attention to their pupils, and will also he
assisted by other competent instructors; and they
therethre hope to enjoy the confidence of the pith - -
lie, and to merit and receive a liberal share of
The Vacations occur in April and October.
There is also a Private Bearding House belong
ing to the Academy,. at which several young men
may board themselves at about hatithe above rates.
Address all communications (post paid) to the
"Academia P. 0."
Tuscarora Valley, Juniata Co., Pa.,
November 5,1850.9 t.
N. B.—Pupils froth a distance can always find
a ready conveyance aom Mifflin or Perryville up
to the Academy, by applying to any of the Hotels
ih either place.
CIARSAPARILLA, a fine article, for eale a
13 Marla.' Caafeetiortay. [Mar 21.
.. Auditor's Noticer.
Estate 4f GEORGE BUCHANAN. Dec'd.
rpHE undersigned Auditor, appointed to dis•
tribute the balance in the bands of William
Buchanan, surviving acting Administrator of
GEORGE BUCHANAN, late of Hopewell
township, dec'd., bmong the heirs of said de•
ceased, will attend, for that purpose, at his office
in the Borough of Huntingdon, on Tuesday, tha
31st day of December inst. at 10 o'cl•pck, a. at.
Dec. 3, 18.50.--it.
Auditor's Notice.
THE undersigned. Auditor, appointed by the
Orphans' Court of, the county of Hunting.
don, to ascertain and repPrt rienAr&c, figains ,
thereat estate of ALEXANDER RAMSEY,
late of Springfield deed., hereLy
gives notice to all persons interested, thst he
Will attend to the dutic,, 01; the said appointment
on Friday, the 27th day of December, A. D.
1850, at IQ o'clock, A. M. at his office, in the
Borough of Huntingdon, when and where di
person, interested ,may attend.
JOAN ItE4D, Auditor,
Dec. 3, 1830.—,1t.
T , ,
E LADIES are' respectfully invited to
examine the now and splendid assortment of
DRESS GOODS, now offered for sale at tho
Bridgeport Stare, by '
Nov. 20.-25 • MIER & IRONS.
-L.!, sing every description, for either Ladies or
flew/metes wear, now opening and for,sale cheap
fr emit or country produce, at the Bridgeport
Store. SPIER tit
Nun•. 26.-2 t,
Jenny Lind Concert Scarfs, Shawls,
and indeed every article of seasonable Goods
tin• Ladies weer, fur sale by
WANTED, in ex 'hangs 1 . 9 r goods, at cash pri.
ces, 10.0ofi 11, RAGS, 2,0013 bulb. RYE,
10,001) lbs. RUTTER, 1,000 brightls . CORN.—
Enquire of SPEER & IRONS.
Nov. 26-41.
Sneutt 0.5 COENT I', Pa.—
Rev. J. Y. .111'671,,,,, A.. 17., (444 J. R. fr.
llPOinne, A. liT. , rrbicipars. The Wintor
Session will commence on the first Wednesday
of Norember, ISSO, to continue live months.—
The course of instruction embraces all the
branches necessary to prepare young men either
for the higher classes in College, or for the stu
dies of a profession, and the active business of
life. The Academy building is new, comrno..
dious, and in - every 'nay adapted to the accom
modation of a Targn number of boarders. Th•
location is distinguished for its healthfulness,
and the moral and religious character •f the our
rounding community. It is easy of access,Ara
ing on the stage route connecting Chambersburg
with the Central Railroad, at Drake's Ferry.
TER NIS Pee SESSION.— For Orthography,
Reading and Writing, $5; Arithmetic, Geogra•
phy, Grammar, Composition, Natnral Philoso
phy, Astronomy, Physiology, Chemistry, dre.,
Su; :11athematics, Greek and Latin languages,
$l2; French and German, each $5. Boarding,
exclusive of fuel and. tight, $1,25 per week.
For reference,. or further particulars, address
Shale Gap, Oct. 1.5, 1850,
TOR fear you will be crushed by the avalancheof Fall and winter Goods which J.
& W. SAXTON have just received and opened
•for public inspeetion and purchase, et their store
in Iluntinodon, so celebrated for their clicapnes.
and variety. the erowds assembling et their
store daily, are only equalled by the numbers
nightly rushing for seats at a jenny Lind
Concert! We have better and cheaper
Goods than can be found at any other establish-
Ment in the country. if you don't believe this
`assertion, "just drop in, you von't intrude,"
and verily it by examining qual,ties and prices.
To enumerate in detail all the articles we hays
for sale, would occupy too much space in the
paper, to the exclusion of "marriages," always
so interesting to Ihe fairer portion of'our nu • .
merous customers'!" We will mention but a few.
We have For the Ladies, (first in our es.
teem, and "first in the heart, of their country.
men,") Long Shawls, Thibet Shawls,
French Merino, Alpacas, Bonnet Ribbon, Cash-
Mere de Lanes 'Jenny Lind Cloth, Ladies' and
Children's Mulls, &c. &c. with every desirables
article of DRESS GOODS. .
D The Ladies will not forget that their de
partment is confined to the store on the corner,
opposite Coots' Hotel.
A splendid assortment of the above article.
FRESP: GROCERIES, of which we have the
very Lest, and will sell at a very small advance
on cost. Just call and examine for yourselves.
a great many other articles too numerous to
mention, all of which will be sold low for cash
or country produce.
Err We will receive and store Grain, also,
and pay the highest market prices, and it is ad
mitted by all to be the most convenient place to
unload Grain in and about town.
.1. &. W. SAXTON.
Huntingdon, Oct. 29, 1850.
• •1,50
• • 1,00
Agent for the sale of Soathern Manufacturing.-
Company's Writing Paper.
200 CASES of the above superior Palms
now in store, and for sale to the trade
at the lowest market prices, consisling in part
Fine thick Flat Caps, 12, 14, 15, and 16 Ibs.,
blue and white.
Superfine Medium and Demi Writings, blue
and white.
Extra super and superfine Folio Posts, blue
and 'white, plain and ru:ed.
SuperfineCommerciall'oets, blue and white,
plain and ruled.
Extra super Linen Note Papers, plain and
Superfine and fine Bill Papers, long and broad.
Superfine and fine Counting-House Caps and
Posts, blue and white.
Extra super Congress Cnps and Letters, plain
and rifled, blue end white.
Extra super Congress Caps and Letters, gilt.
Stipertine Sermon Caps and Posts.
Superfine blue linen thin Letters.
Extra super Buth Posts, blue and white, plain
and ruled.
Embroidered Note Pr.pers and Envelopes.
c , Lawyer's" Brief Papers.
Superfine and fine Caps and Posts, ruled and
plain, blue and white, various qualities and pri
A lso, 1000 reatni white end assorted Shoe
Papers, Bonnet Boards, white and assorts' Tis
sue, Tea, Wrapping, Envelope, assort, '4
blue Mediums, Cap Wrappers, Hardw a •
pers &c,
July 03-Im.
VARIETY of 'articles too numerous to men
tion for sale at Cunningham's Grocery. .04
confectionary . 4 11e5(1 Quarters."