Huntingdon journal. (Huntingdon, Pa.) 1843-1859, November 05, 1850, Image 3

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Lies of Discount.
Philadelphia 11
Philadelphia Banks • •pa
Pittsburg, pa
Germantown pa
Chester County, • • • •pa
Delaware County, • • • pa
Montgomery C 0.,• • •p
Col. Bridge Co.,
Lancaster, • • • •
Doylestown • • •
Bucks County,
Browitsville •
Pottsville • • •
York, • • •
Lebanon, par
Honesdale, II
Wyoming par
Erie Bank, I
Waynesburg, I i
Schuylkill Haven,• • • par
,West Branch par
Relief Notes
" Sta " te new
'PaScrip, issue •11
• • i Pittsburg City Scrip • • lo
• • tAllegheny City, 25
pariAlleglieuy County, • • •20
New Counterfeits.
Among the latest counterfeits, and decidedly the
best, are 105 on the State Bank of Ohio. The
bill is letter B, No. 978, dated August 11, 1849,
mid payable at the Guernsey Brunch in Washing.
ton. The filling up is varied in thin:rent bills of
the same plate. The engravingis slightly coarser
on the counterfeit than on the genuine. The
whole appearance of the bill is well calculated to
deceive good judges of money. There is however,
one defect in the counterfeit by which it may be
detected. In the genuine hill the point of the
spear in the hand of the figure on the right, runs
to a very fine point, and intersects the shading of
the tail of the letter Tin the word Ten. in the
counterfeit the point of the spear is blind, mid
strikes very near the centre of the space between
the tails orr and E in the word Ten, and it is
folly one-eightli of an icicle shorter than:ln the
genuine bill.
PHILADELPHIA, Nov. 2, 1850.
The Receipts of Flour continues limited, and the
market is firm. There is a moderate export de
mand, and 1500 barrels have beets disposed of at
$4 87i per barrel for standard, and $5 for a good
brand. Sales for city use at $5 to $7.
Small sales of Ron FLoutt nt $3 25.
CORN MEAL is steady at $3 per brl.
GRAlN—There is scarcely any WUEAT
We quote Red $1 02 a $1 OS for inferior andprime
quality, and White at $1 10 a $1 15.
Rri, is scarce and worth 69a71 cts per bushel.
CORN continues in demand fin. shipment. A
cargo of Yellow told 68a69 cents.
OATS are steady at 36 a 37 cents, and Pennsyl-
Yallia at 41 a 42 cents per bushel.
Mills flourishing institution is situated in Tus
carora Valley, Juniata county, Pa., eight miles
south-west of .11failintown, and six miles from the
Perryville station on - the Pollee. Railroad.
lilies been in successful operation fur more than
twelve years, and is believed to be equal to any
Academy in the State in atibrding facilities to
young teen for acquiring a thorough academical
education, either for business or for college. Be
ing situated in a very pleasant neighborhood in
the country, the pupils are removed from those
temptations to idleness, dissipation and vice, which
are the bane of similar institutions in town; and
the whole surrounding vicinity will vie with any
Place in the State for healthfulness, and for the
high tone of morality pervading the community.
The buildings, recently, have been greatly im
proved, and are large, appropriate and commodi
ous, constructed according to the latest and most
approved models of school architecture ; and are
believed to combine all the essential requisites for
the advantage and convenience of both learnerand
teacher. Pupils from a distance are required to'
board in the Academy with the Principals; but if
it is desired by the parents, good boarding may be
obtained in the neighborhood.
For Boarding, (per week,) $1,25
Washing, (per quarter, of 11 weeks,) 1,50
For Bed, (per quarter of 11 weeks,) 1,00
For incidental, " 44 25
For Tuition in Latin, Greek, and Mathematics,
(per gnarter,) $6,00
Natural Philosophy, Chemistry, Rhetoric,
Political Economy, Book-keeping, Bot
any, History, &c. &e., 4,50
Arithmetic, English tinuntaar, Geography,
Reading, Writing, &c., (per quarter,)• •• • 3,00
Light, Books and Stationery are tumid by the
Pupil, anti may be obtained at the stores in the
neighborhood. There are uo extra charges what
The academical year is divided into two sessions
of 22 weeks each; and each session into two quar
ters of 11 weeks each. t g- One quarter must be
paid in advance, when the Pupil enters; and all
bills must be paid off before he leaves the Academy ;
.41terwise seven per cent. on the whole bill for the
q i rter will he added. No deduction for absence
de ng the quarter, unless caused by sickness.
. ' he Principals have both been constantly enga
ged iu teaching, for upwards of twelve years, and
can furnish the very best testimonials, both of
their own scholarship and ability, and also of the
thorcuyhncss, success and accuracy of their mode of
teaching. 'they will both give their exclusive and
undivided attention to their pupils, and will also be
assisted by other competent instructors; and they
therefore hope to enjoy the confidence of the pub
lic, and to merit and receive a liberal share of
The Vacations occur in April end October.
There is also a Private Boarding ]louse belong
ing to the Academy, at which several young men
may board themselves at about half the above rates.
Address all communications (post paid) to the
"Academia P. O."
Tuscarora Valley, Juniata Co., Pa.,
November 5,1850.-9 t.
N. B.—Pupils front a distance can always find
a ready conveyance from Mifflin or Perryville up
to the Academy, by applying to any of the Hotels
in either place.
THE great amount of WATCHES, CLOCKS,
JEWELRY, and Fancy Articles, sold daily
at NEFF & MILLER'S, is the best evidence that
they sell the most fashionable, best and cheapest
in Huntingdon, and that the principle of dealing
with all upon fair terms, gives satistimtion.
er' They are THIS DAY opening the Lar
gest and Best AsSortment at WATCLI•
Es and JEWELRY, &c., ever brought to Hunting
don. Call and see them. They only ask a small
advance on cost for goods, and not two prices, as
at other places.
vire All goods sold WARRANTED TO HZ AS RE
PRESENTED. Don't forget the cheap corner.
Nov. 5, 1850. NEFF & MILLER.
at Smith's Auction Store, during the first
week of the costing Court. A large quantity of
Dry Goods, Boots and Shoes, &e. will be sold.
Nov. 5, 1850.
and JEWELRY, at Philadelphia prices.
Just received at Scott's Cheap Jewelry Store, three
doors west of T. Read & Son's store. The public
we respectfully solicited to call and see.
Nov. 5, 1850.
Faints, OH, Glass, Putty, &c.
AT the lowest prices for cash.—Pure White Lead
at $2 per keg. Flaxseed Oil at $1 per gal.—
Spirits of Turpentine at 50 eta. per gal. Putty at
0i cts. per pound. Whiting at 3 etc. per pound.
Litharge at 10 etc. per lb.
75 boxes Windsor GLASS, from Balo to 28a
30, assorted qualities.
8 dozen Paint Brushes and Sash Tools.
100 lbs. GLUE, 100 lbs. Red Lead,
50 " Chrome Yellow, 100• Venitian Red,
50 " " Groan, .25 " Terra Cena,
25 " Plain Green, 20 " Sugar of Marl,
10 " En. Vermillion, 25 " Spanish Brown.
With au assortment of all kinds of Paints, &c.,
suitable for Painters, ilousebuilders, &c., which
are warranted of good quality, always on hand at
Lewistown, Nov. 5, 1850.
Vernon Air-tight Cooking Stoves.
WE have just received three sizes of these high
ly celebrated Premium Cooking Stoves, pat
ented in 1850, which is considered by all to be in
valuable in its economy of fuel, and can do as much
work as the largest sized Hathaway Stove, at the
low price of $l6 to $25, with Kitchen Companion
complete, with Tin and Hollow-ware, at $l6 ;
Norton's Minerva Stove at $l5 a $18; Nus. 2 a
3 Air-tight parlor Stoves at $5, $6 a $7,50, the
handsomest pattern in too. Cast Iron Stoves, $9
to $10; 7, 9 a 10 plate Stoves, $3,50 to $lO.
As we wish to close oat our stock of Stoves,
we will sell, for cash, bargains.
Lewistown, Nov. 5, 1850.
Solar Lard Lamps.
CHURCHES, Public Buildings, &c., can be sup
plied with Solar Lard Lamps of any style and
quality, as low as can be purchased in Philadel
phia, warranted to give satisfaction, or be return
ed within a reasonable time.
14 pair Lard Lamps, new and fashionable styles.
8 " Hanging " "
6 " Side " a cc e
6 " Hanging Lamps, for Camphene.
6 " Side
dozen Lamps for burning Fluid, with an as
sortment of Chimneys, Shades & Fixtures, Globes,
Wicks, &c. at F. G. FRANCISCUS'S.
Lewistown, Nov. 5, 1850.
Leather and Shoe Finding Store.
IHAVE always on hand a large and well assort
ed stock of all kinds of Morocco Binding and
Lining Skins, Kip, Upper, Sole, French and coun
try Calf Skins, Pegs, Shoe Kitt, &c. to be sold
lower than the lowest, by
Nov. 5, 1850. F. G. FRANCISCUS.
AMUST beautiful assortment of Tea and Ta
ble Cutlery—the most beautiful ever offered
here—Mallard's Ivory handle setts of 51 pieces;
Ivory do. ; Desert knives, a new and good article,
low for cash, at
Nov. 5, 1850.
ROCK and Sporting Powder, Safety Fuse for
blasting, at
Nov. 5, 1850.
I RON of various sizes, at 3 and cts. per lb. at
Nov. 5. F. G. Faanciscus's.
GLASS! GLASS!! GLASS!!! of all sizes at
lowest cash prices, by
Nov. 5, 1850. F. G. FRANCISCIIS.
NAILS, Brads,Spikes, at $4,25, and perhaps a
little lower for cash, at
Now. 5, 1850. F. G. FRANCISCUS'S.
MIN, Block, ditto, Spelter, Zinc, Rivets, Iron
Wire, from 6 to 25, always on band, at
Nov. 5, 1850. F. G. FRANCISCWeiII.
CAMPHENE, Oil, and Burning Fluid, of best
quality, always for sale, pure and fresh, by
200 Packages Saddlery, at reduced prices.—
100 packages Couch Ware. The largest
assortment of these goods always on hand.
Nov. 5. F. t 7. FRANCIRCUS.
, ƒ I
HAVE just received another tremendous ad
didon to their previous heavy stock. They
have everything now that is required to suit the
wants of this community.
Splendid Excelsior De Lains, at
121 cts. per yard.
Superb Paramatta Cloths, at 624 cts.
Unequalled Brocades, at all prices.
Rich Irish Poplins, at 33 and 75 cts.
Calicoes, front 3 to 121 cts.
French Oiled Ginghams, at 12% eta.
Damask de Lains, richly figured, at 27 cts.
Real Conestoga Sheetings, 91 eta.
Oriental and Bay State Shawls, at all prices.
Heavy Yard wide Mantles, at 6 and 8 cts.
Real "Jane Lind , ' Cloths, at 12%.
Satinetts, at 37, 50, 62 and 75 cts.
Tweeds at 25, 31 and 37 cts. . _
Hardware, Queeusware, Boots &
Shoes, Paints, Drugs and Dye Stuffs, at their
former low prices.
.Lideed, everything can be had at this popular
Bazar, 25 per cent. lower than else
where, and all that is required t• convince the
community that the "ELEPHANT" is the
place for cheap and good goods, is for them to
call, when an examination will satisfy them
that money can be saved by patronizing this es
Nov. 5, 1850.
MISS MARY A. MILLER, respectfully an
nuances to the Ladies of Huntingdon, that
she has just returned from the city with a splendid
assortment of MILLINERY GOODS and FAN
CY ARTICLES, of the very latest, richest and
most fashionable styles. She invites the Ladies
to call and examine her beautiful and fashionable
BONNETS, and TRIMMINGS, and splendid as
sortment of FANCY GOODS, as from the extent
and variety of her stock, she feels confident of be
ing able to please, both as to quality and price.
ried on in all its various branches, and all orders
will be thankfully received and attended to with
Huntingdon, Oct. 29, 1850.-3 t.
Administrator's Notice.
LETTERS of Administration have been grant
ed to the undersigned, upon the (state of
Peter Showalter, sr. late or Penn township,Hun
tingdon county, dec'd. All persons knowing
themselves indebted are requested to make pay
ment immediately, and those having claims will
present them, properly authenticated, for set-
Oct. 29, 111.50.-6 t.—pd. Administrators.
CIARSAPARILLA, a fine article , for 'vile at
13 Marks' Confectionary. [May 21.
A CAMPBELL, Land Agcnt at Lasalle,
linois, has openedagenend Land Agency for
Middle and• Northern Illinois, and Southern Wis
consin, where ho will attend to the purchase and
sale of Improved and Unimproved Lauds, payment
of Taxes, Location of Mexican Land Warrants,
making selections for those who may be entitled to
Bounty Lands under the late act of Congress, and
generally to all business connected with a general !
Land Agency.
Having completed arrangements whereby per
sons wishing to procure hands in this fertile and
rapidly improving portion of the West, can do so
at the minimum price of $1,25 per acre, without
she expense and risk of travelling there, any per
son who may pay to my Agent, James Maguire,
at Huntingdon, the sum of two hundred dollars,
will have ono quarter section (160 acres) entered
in their name, (or as they may direct) for which
they will receive the patent from the general Land
Office at 'Washington city, in their name, clear of
all charges.
According toexisting laws those lands are not tax
able for 5 years from the date of the entry. Sat
isfactory security will be given for all performances
on my part, and for the refunding of the amount
of the purchase, with 6 per cent., at the expiration
of five years, to any person who may then be dis
satisfied with the location.
The canal from Chicago to Lasalle, at the bead
of Steam-boat Navigation on the Illinois River,
the Railroad from Chicago to Galena, which is
now in process of construction, and the Railroad
from Chicago to Rock Island, on the Mississippi
river, now completed to Aurora, some 30 miles
west of Chicago, will pass through this country
from East to West, and the great Central Railroad
from Galena to the mouth of the Ohio river, pass
es through it from North to South, for the con
struction of which the late Congress appropriated
a large amount of land, thereby securing, beyond
doubt, its speedy completion; and there is no doubt
in the mind of any person well informed upon the
subject, bid Chicago will be connected with all the
Atlantic Cities by Railroad, in the course of from
two to four years from this time, thereby enabling
families to emigrate to this country in the short
space of from three to four days, from any portion
of the East, without the risk of travelling by steam
boat. Persons wishing to procure desirable homes
for themselves and Ilimilies, Will do well to mato
application soon, as the amount of public lands is
limited, and is being taken up tapkfly by actual
Any information desired, can be obtained from
ISAAC FISHER, Esq., Huntingdon, Pa.
KESSLER & BROTIIER, Mill Creek, Huntingdon
County, Pa.
Mroutaz & DORSET, Huntingdon, PR.
S. S. BLAIR, Esq., Hollidaysburg, Pa.
Letters connected with the business may be
addressed to A. CAMPBELL, Peru P. 0. La
salle Co., Illinois.
Oct. 29, 1850.-3 m .
FOR fear you will be crushed by the avalanche
of Fall and winter Goods which J.
& W. SAXTON have just received and opened
for public inspection and purchase, at their store
in Huntingdon, so celebrated for their cheapness
and variety. The crowds assembling at their
store daily, are only equalled by the numbers
nightly rushing for seats at a Jenny Lind
Concert! We have better and cheaper
Goods than can be found at any other establish
ment in the country. If you don't believe this
assertion, "just drop in, you won't intrude,"
and verify it by examining qualities and prices.
To enumerate in detail all the articles we have
for sale, would occupy too much space in the
paper, to the exclusion of "marriages," always
so interesting to the fairer portion of our nu
mesons customers. We will mention but a few.
We have For the Ladies, (first in our es
teem, and "first in the hearts of their country
men,") Long Shawls, Thibet Shawls, Silks,
French Merino, Alpacas, Bonnet Ribbon, Cash
mere de Lanes, Jenny Lind Cloth, Ladies' and
Children's Muffs, &c. &c. with every desirable
article of DRESS GOODS.
07' The Ladies will not forget that their de
partment is confined to the store on the corner,
opposite Costs' Hotel.
A splendid assortment of the above article.
FRESH GROCERIES, of which we have the
very best, and will sell at a very srnall advance
on cost. Just call and examine for yourselves.
a great many other articles too numerous to
mention, all of which will be sold low for cash
or country produce.
02 — We will receive and store Grain, also,
and pay the highest market prices, and it is ad
mitted by all to be the most convenient place to
unload Grain in and about town.
J. &. W. SAXTON.
Huntingdon, Oct. 20, 1850.
NOTICE is hereby given to all persons concer
ned, that the following named persons have
settled their accounts in the Register's Office
at Huntingdon, and that the said accounts will
be presented for confirmation and allowance at
an Orphan's Court, to be held at Huntio, don,
in and for the county of Huntingdon, on Wednes
day the 13th, day of November next, to wit
1. Isaac Moreland, administrator of Thomas
Moreland, late of Springfield township, dec'd.
2. James Chamberlain, administrator of Mar
tin Gates, late of Franklin township, dec'd.
3. James Gillam, administrator of Dr. John
Rankin, late of Barree township, dec'd.
4. James Stewart and George Wilson, admin
istrators of David Jackson, late of Jackson town
ship dec'd.
5. Joseph Park andwilliam Crotsly, adminis
trators of John Miller, late of Cass township,
6. John Owens, Esq., administrator of David
Garrett, late of the borough of Birmingham
7. Daniel Massey, administrator of Mathias
Lightner, late of Barren township, dec'd.
. ,
8. William Mitchell, administrator of James
Mitchell, late of Tell township, dec'd.
9. James S. Reed, administrator of James
Ramsey, late of the Borough of Alexandria
dec'd. •
M. F. CAMPBELL, Register,
Huntingdon, Oct. 15, 1850.
Valuable Property at refute bale.
THE subscriber will sell his farm at private
sale, situated in Ktshacoquillas valley, about
three miles west of A Ilenville, adjoining lands
of C. & Daniel Yoder, Samuel King anal others,
containinv * 142 acres, about 125 acres of which
is cleared, and in a good state of cultivation.—
The remainder is well timbered. The improve
ments are a large two story Stone House, good
Log Barn, good Spring at the door, good Spring
House, and all other necessary out-buildings.—
A first rate Apple Orchard of choice fruit, and
only six miles from the Pa. Canal and Central
Railroad. This farni is laid off in fifteen fields,
with running water in every field, and a running
stream through the barn yard. This farm will
be sold reasonable, as the subscriber as desirous
of emigrating to tho were.
Oct. 22, 1850. JACOB MUSSER.
"music llath Charms."
QMITH has just received, at the Huntingdon
k , Book Store, a choice assortment of MUSIC
TARS, with Preceptors. These instruments are
of a superior quality, and produce a "concord of
sweet sounds" that fall upon the ear
"Like the sweet south upon a bank of violets,
Stealing and giving odor."
BY virtue of sundry writs of Vend. Ex. to me
directed, will be exposed to aide on Monday
the 11th day of November next ; at 10 o'clock,
A. M„ at the Court House, in the Borough of
Huntingdon, at public out-cry, the following de
acribed property, viz:
All that piece, parcel or tract of land situate.
in Jackson township, Huntingdon county, con
taining about 100 acres, more or less, adjoining
lande of Henry Shunkwiler, John and William
Smith, and others, Laving a two story log house
and log barn thereon erected, from 40 to 60 a
cres cleared, some fruit trees on the premises.
Seized, taker in execution, and to be sold as the
property of John Beightat.
ALSO—AII that certain tract or parcel of land
lying on Stone Mountain, in Jackson township,
containing 437 acres, more or less, adjoining
lands of Kobert Cummins and others warranted
in the name of Jonathan Priestly, having no im
provement thereon. Seized, taken in execution
and to be field as the property of F. A. Jen
.ALSO—AII defendant's right, title and inter
est, in and to all that certain piece, parcel or
tract of land situate in Barren township, Hunt
ingdon county, containing about 100 acres more
Or less, adjoining lands of Alexander Livingston,
Joshua Greer and others, having thereon erected
a small log house, log barn, having about 50 or
00 acres cleared. seized, taken in execution,
and to be sold as the property of John Living
ALSO—AII that certain parcel or tract of land
situate in West township, containing about 150
acres more or less, adjoining lanits of John Stry
ker, John Neff, and others, having thereon erect
ed a two story brick dwelling house, frame barn,
about 110 acres cleared, a good young apple or•
chard on the premises. Also, all that certain
parcel or tract of land situate in West township
adjoining lands of Mark M'Donald, Robt, Moore
and others, having thereon erected a two story
frame dwelling house, barn, part cleart, being
the same tract of land purchased by defendant
from John Lang. Also, all that certain tract of
unseated land situate in West township, lying
along Tussey Mountain, adjoining Dorsey's
heirs, John Land and others. Also, all that
certain unseated tract of land situate in
Huntingdon county, containing 300 acres,
lying along Tussey Mountain, adjoining the a
bove mentioned tract and others. Also, one
other tract of unseated land situate in
containing about 200 acres, tying along,
Tussey Mountain, adjoining the above mention
ed tract and others. Seized, taken in execution,
and to be sold as the property of Edwin F, Sho
, Rev. J. Y. M'Giiines, A. IV., and J. H. W".
.01'Ginnes, A. M., Principals. The Winter
Session will commence on the first Wednesday
of November, 1850, to continue five months.—
The course of instruction embraces all the
branches necessary to prepare young earn either
for the higher classes in College, or for the stu
dies of a profession, and the active business of
life. The Academy building is new, commo
, (lions, and in every way adapted to the accom
modation of a large number of boarders. The
location is distinguished for its healthfulness,
and the moral and religious character of the sur
rounding community. It is easy of access, be
, ing on the stage route connecting, Chambersburg
with the Central Railroad, at Drake's Ferry.
TERIUS ram SassioN.— For Orthography,
Reading and Writing, $5; Arithmetic,
phy, Grammar, Composition, Natural Philoso
phy, Astronomy, Physiology, Chemistry, &c.,
$8; Mathematics, Greek and Latin languages,
$l2; French and German, each $5. Boarding,
exclusive of fuel and light, $1,25 per week.—
' For reference, or further particulars, address
Shade Gap, Oct. 15, 1850.
Who is the Owner 1
CAME to the premises of the subscriber, about
the last of August, a RED STEER, with a
few white spots on his face, supposed to be about
three years old. The owner is requested to call,
propety, pay charges, and take it away.
0ct..5, 1850.—St. REUBEN DUFF.
Auditor's Notice.
rrliE undersigned Auditor, appointed by the
Orphans' Court of the county of Hunting-
PROCLAMATION. don, to distribute the balance ill the hands of
Wuzauns by a precept to me directed, dated Ann Pulley, surviving , Administrator of the Es
at Huntingdon, the 29th day of Aug. A. tote of SAMUEL All ' in
ON, late of West town
ship, rice d., also the balance in the hands of
D. 1850, under the hands and seals of the Don.
William Myton, Samuel Myton and Jas. Stew-
George Taylor, President of the. Court of Com
mon Please, Ojer and Terminer, and general art, Administrators of JOAN W. MYTON, de
jail delivery of the 50th judicial district of Penn- ceased, (who was, in his life-time, one of the
sylvania compose(' of Huntingdon, Blair and Administrators of the said Samuel Myron, de-
Cambria, and the lion. James Gwin and John ceased,) belonging to the estate of the said Sam-
Stewart, his associates, Judges of the county of nel Myton, dee'd., amongst those entitled to
Huntingdon, justices assigned, appointed, to hear receive the same, hereby gives notice that he
try and determine all and every indictments made will attend for the purpose above mentioned, on
or taken for or concerning all crimes, which by FRIDAY, the lot day of November next, at his
the laws of the State are made capital or felonies office in the Borough of Huntingdon, at 10 o'clock
of death and other offences, crimes min d rn m e . in the forenoon of said day, when and where all
meanors, which have been or shall hereafter be persons interested may attend if they think pro
committed or perpetrated fur crimes aforesaid Per. JOHN REED, Auditor.
—I am commanded to make public proclamation
Oct. 1, 1850.-st.
AL - SO—All that certain piece or lot of ground
situate in Tod township, Huntingdon county,
containing 15 acres more or less, adjoining lands
of Edward Anderson, Henry Roods having there
on erected a two story log house, store house
and frame stable, all cleared. Also, 150 acres
of unseated land situate in same township, ad
joining lands of Philip Barnitt, Jesse Cook and
David Blair, Esq. Seized, taken in execution,
and to be sold as the property of John P. Baker.
ALSO—By virtue of a writ of Fieri Facies,
will be sold on the day aforesaid, a tract of un
seated land, in Jackson or Barree township, sur
veyed in name of John Wright, containing .101
acres, adjoining Jonathan Priestly, Jonathan
Austin and others. Seized, taken in execution,
and to be sold as the property of Proctor Cad
wallader, Mitchener Cadwallader, and Anita
Maria Cadwallader, heirs of the late John Cad
wallader, dec'd.
ALSO—AII the right, title and interest of
John Wood in and to that certain lot of ground
situate in the BoronA of Birmingham, Warriors
mark township, Huntingdon county, adjoining
lot of Jacob Yeager, fronting on Tyrone street,
66 feet and running back 106 feet to Vineyard
alley, being No. 18 on the plan of said Borough,
having a one and a half story frame plastered
dwelling house thereon erected.
M. CRO WNO VER, Sher iff.
Oct. 22, 1850.—ts.
throughout toy whole bali.;ick tat a Conrt of . Auditor's Notice.
Oyer and Terminer, of Common Please and ' rrsHE undersigned Auditor, appointed by the
Quarter Sessions, will be held at the Court I Orphans' Court of Huntingdon county, to
House in the borough of Huntingdon, on the distribute the balance in the hands of John Hirst
second Mszntlay (and 11th day) of November
Administrator of the Estate of ELI/..A BETH
next, and those who will prosecute the said pus-
WILSON, lute of Barree township, in the cons
oners be then and there to prosecute them as it ty of Huntingdon, deceased, amongst those en
shall be just, and that all Justices of the Peace. titled to receive the same, hereby gives notice
Coronors and Constables within said county be that he will attend, for the purpose above men
then and there in their proper persons, at 10 , tinned, at his office in the I3orough of Hunting
o'clock, A. M. of said day, with their records, non, on
...,, tt „,. d „ y the :. , d ( j oy g riv or ,„a„ „,..,,,,
inquisitions, examinations and remembrances, . at ten o'clock in the forenoon of said day, when
to do those things which to their offices respect- • and where all persons interested may attend if
fully appertain. I they think proper.
Dated at Huntingdon the 12th day of October in ; JOHN REED, Auditor.
the year of our Lord 1850, and the 74th year i
Oct. 1, 1850.-51.
of American Independence.
October 22, 1850.
GEORGE GSVIN has just received and
opened the largest and most splendid assort
offered to the people of Huntingdon county, and
is prepared to sell at such remarkably LOW
PRICES as must induce everybody to buy.
His stock has been selected with great care,
with a view to cheapness and good quality, and SIX Cents Reward!
comprises, in part, Cloths of all kinds, French, - D AN away from the subscriber, in Peters
Belgian and Fancy cassimeres, Kentucky Jeans, it burg, Huntingdon county, on the 24th of
Oregon and Tweed cloths, Vestings, Flannels, August, a Mulatto Servant Girl, named Harriet
and Drillings, and a variety of cotton goods for Magraw. She is about 15 years of age, rather
summer wear; Mouslin de Laines, Alpneeus, tall and good looking. All pct sons are warned
French Lawns and Scarfs, Shawls and Handker- against harboring said runaway. The above re
chiefs, Merinos, Calicoes of the newest styles ward will be paid to any person who will de
and at low prices, Earlston, French, Scotch and liver her to me twain
Domestic Ginghnms and Balsorines, French and I
Irish Linens, Bed 'Pickings, IVluslins Sheetings,
&c. Having heretofore been honored by a large I -
patronage from the Ladies, he has procured the I PROCLAMATION.
most elegant assortment of Lathes' Dress Goods! WHSREAS, by a precept to me directed by the
ever brought to the interior of the State. Also I v Judges of the Common Pleas of the court.
Boots, Shoes, Hats, Caps, Groceries, Queens- , ty of Huntingdon, bearing test, the 2-Ith of Aug.,
ware, and a great variety of goods of all kinds. 1850, lam commanded to make Public Procla-
In short he is prepared to offer Great Bargains motion throughout my whole baliwick, that a
to those who favor him with their custom. All , court of Common Pleas, will be held at the Court
are invited to call and judge for themselves.— House in the borough of Huntingdon, on the 3d
It affords him pleasure to exhibit his goods at Monday (and ISth day) of Nov., A. D., 1850,
all times. 'for the trial of all 'mimes iR said Court, which
Br All kinds of country produ se taken in remains undetermined before the said Judges,
exchange for goods. when and where all jurors, witnesses and slut-
Oct. 15, 1850. GEO. TWIN. ers, in the trial of all issues are required.
ARIETY of articles too numerous to men- Dated at Huntingdon the 12th olOctober, in the
Year of our Lord 1830, and the 74th year of
V lion for sale at Carrorrighaes's Grocery and
American Independence.
confectionary “Head Quarters." M. CROWNOVER, Sheriff.
October 22, 1850.
HAVING located in Huntingdon, oilers his Dro
-1111 verviees to the citizens of the town
and vicinity. Office in the new brick row, oppo
, site Dr. Henderson's.
Oct. 20 , 1850.-3 t.
"Now the burly burly's done,
Now the battle's lost and won."
THE "noise and confusion" attendant upon
the election, having subsided, the public
will now have time to visit the PEOPLE'S
CHEAP CLOTHING STORE, which hoe just
been supplied with the largest, most beautiful,
and cheapest assortment of READY MADE
CLOTHING ever brought to Huntingdon,
consisting in part of Dress and Frock Coats,
Overcoats and Cloaks, Sack Coate, Pants and
Vests of the latest and richest putteins. The
remarkably LOW PRICES at which Clothing
can and will be sold at the People's Cheap Store,
cannot fail to attract purchasers.
every variety of Shirts, Collars, Suspenders,
Hosiery, Caps, Umbrellas, Flannel Shirts and
Drawers, Handkerchiefs, Gloves, &c. &c.
usual. A large assortment of beautiful Cloths,
Cassimeres and Vestings constantly on hand, at
the PEOPLE'S CHEAP STORE, which will
be made up to order, at short notice, and in the
very best style of workmanship.
GREAT INDUCEMENTS are offered to
purchasers. Those who visit SNYDER'S estab
lishment, and examine his magnificent stock of
, Goods for the Fall and Winter Trade, will be
I convinced that it is the interest of every man,
who studies En onomy, or who values his appear
ance in society, to purchase his Clothing at the
O come, come away,
No longer delay,
'Tis time to prepare for the Pali..
Some thick clothing boy,
• For cool weather is nigh,
So repair to SNYDER'S Cheap Hall
Good Clothing you'll find,
That's just to your mind,
And CHEAP as good Clothing can be.
Then come one and all,
To the People's Cheap Hall,
And purchase good clothing of me.
Huntingdon, Oct. 15, 1850.
School Teachers Wanted.
Five School Teachers, to teach the Fublie
Schools of Union Township. Applicants are re
quired to teach all branches of English education
commonly taught in country schools. Application
to be made to the undersigned, on or before tho
first of November.
WM. PIILA SANT, President,
Of Board of school Directors.
Union Township, Oct. 15, 1850.-ot.
Petersburg, Oct. 15, 1850.-31.-0.
{Livia 13, :Ne,-9M,
1 411
Ahead of all others with Ntw Clothing!
T ILE undersigned have just received and core
now opening the largest and most splendid
assortment of FALL AND WINTER cLoni
'No ever brought to Huntingdon. Our new
stock consists of black, blue, green and brown.
Frock and Dross Coats, from $ 4 3 to .1.19., worth
more money; black, brown, drab abd blue Over
Coats and Sack Coats, from V 1,50 to $l2, worth
$l5; a fine assortment of Business Coats, Pea
Jackets, black Satin and Figured Vests, eassi.
Inert, nod cassinet Pants, Shirts, Suspenders,
Gloves, Stocks, Trunks and Carpet Bags, all o
which will be sold at auction prices,
Also, the latest styles of NEW YORK HATS
and BOSTON BOOTS, the superior quality and
tow prices of which have astonished the world,
lamb founded Queen Victoria, and brought
Kings off their Thrones to purchase from us.—
Purchasers should BEWARE OF IMPOSTERS
who ask five prices lk their clothing, and who.
allow themselves to he beat down to two prices,
Such a system is certainly not in accordion,
with fair dealing, and will not be practised at
the Ball of Fashion, as long as purchasers are
opposed to the "five price" system.
The Rs.m. OF FASHION has, after an existence.
of three years, won a character far telling good
and fashionable clothing CHEAP, and it will en
deavor to keep up that character, by selling at
Sept. 3,11350.-3 m. B. &W. SNARE,
Administrator's Notice.
T ETTERS of Administration kit:been grant
ed to the undersigned, upon the estate of
JOHN RUTTER, lute of Cromwell town
ship, Huntingdon county, deed. All persons
knowing themselves indebted, are requested to
make immediate payment, and those having
claims, will present them, properly authentica
ted, for settlement.
Oct. 1,1850.—1 t. Admintstrators
ADAMS & Co. have establiehZi;n Express
Office in limitingdon, in charge of Horace
W. Smith, at the Huntingdon Book Store. All
packages left with him will be carefully attend
ed to. [June .1, 1850.
Philadelphia Watch and Jewelry Store, No.
55, North Third Street.
Gold Lever Watches, fall jeweled, IS caret
cases, $3O and over ; Silver Lever Watches, full
jeweled, $lO awl over;
Silver Lepine, jeweled,
$ll and over; Silv Silver Quartier Watches, $3 to
$10; Gold Pencils, $1 to $l2; Gold Pencils,
warranted, $1 ano over.
Breast Pins, Finger Rings, and every des
cription of Jewelry in like proportion. He
would wish to inform his friends in Huntingdon
county, that he has enlarged his establishment,
and greatly increased his already extensive stock
of goods, which he now offers for sale at such
prices that will strike terror to all competitors.
Call and see me ; I will charge you nothing for
looking. Don't forget the RED SMN, six doors
North of our friend Hirst's City Hotel.
No. 55, North Third Street.
Philadelphia, Sept. 17, 1850.
JOHN STONE & SONS, iTrip;J;;;;;ld deal
era in Silks, Ribbons and Millinery Goods,
No. 45 Sundt Second Street, Philadelphia.—
Have received by late arrivals from France, a
large and very desirable assortment of FALL
MILLINERY GOODS, among which will be
Bonnet Velvets of all colors in variety of prices
Corded Velvets fig it
Figured, water'd and corded Bonnet Goods.
Bonnet and Cap Ribbons, a large assortment,
French AI Amethan Flowers.
Laces, Bonnet Tabs, Crowns, Buckrams, &c.
&c., together with a splendid assortment of Par
is Fancy Feathers.
The above goods were selected by one of the
firm in France, and will be sold at the very
lowest market prices.
Phihla., Sept. 17, 1850.-IM.
Valuable Property at Public, Sale•
r I `IIE subscribers will sell at public sale, ontho
premis?s, on Thursday the 7th day of Nov
- - -
next, at 1 o'clock, P. M. a Tract of Land, contain
ing 287 acres, more or lees, situate and lying in
Penn Township, Huntingdon county, adjoining
lands of John & Benjamin Grove, lands of Jane
Steel and others, about 200 acres of which is
cleared and in a good state of cultivation, the
buildings thereon erected are a good two story
Log Dwelling House, well finished, Log Bank
Barn, &c. There is also a good apple orchard
on the premises, an excellent spring of. never
failing water near the house, and the tract gen
erally is well supplied with water. The said
tract of land is owned by the estate of Samuel
Steel and June Steel jointly. The said Jane
Steel will attend on the day of sale herself, or
by her agent, James Entrekin, Esq., for the
purpose of ratifying and confirming sale of said
laud. TEams:—One third of the purchase mo
ney to be paid on confirmation of sale ; the eth
er two thirds to be paid in yearly payments of
five hundred dollars each, with interest thereon
from confirmation of sale, to be paid annually.
Payments to be secured by bond and mortgage
of purchaser. JAMES GWIN,
Met, o) Samuel Steel, deed.
Sept. 17, 1850.—ts.
Dissolution of Partnership.
THEpartnership heretofore existing - between
Elijah C. Gillam & Wm. J. Franks, in the
Mercantile business, in Saulsburg,Rarree town
ship, Hunt. co., was dissolved by mutual con
sent on the 2d day of September, MO. The
books and accounts are left in the bands of Win.
J. Franks, at the old stand, where all indebted
are requested to call and settle immediately.
Sept. 9 t, 1550.-3 t.
Administrator's Notice.
T ETTERSofAdministration have been gran
ted to the undersigned upon the estate of
ANDREW M'NEAT., late of Morris township,
deceased. All persons knowing themselves in
debted are requested to make immediate pay
ment, and those h..ving claims will present them
properly authenticated for settlement.
Oct. 22, 1850.—pd. Administrators.
State Mutual Fire Insurance Co. of
Office at the Huntingdon Book Stole,
Authorized A tent
July 13, MO
A assortment of Pittsburg Glassware just
received by J. & W. SAXTON.