Huntingdon journal. (Huntingdon, Pa.) 1843-1859, July 09, 1850, Image 4

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Mews Street, IretoAtingdon, three don's Watt of
Neff 4. Miller's Jewelry Store,
IRESPECTFULLY inform the public that
.1),, they are prepared to carry on in all its ea
?jou. branches,
Saddle and 'farness Making,
and are ready to furnish their
,cte.tomers with all kinds of Va.
4. 1W..:4•:... lice., Trunk., and Carpet Bag..
? Plush, lingskin, and Tub Side
Saddles, (front the cheapest to the beet.) Also,
Shatter Saddles of all kinds, Wagon and Car-
Title Harness, Bridles, Cullen., W hips, ate.
Lracria lallaclea nr.
Having a Tannery in the immediate vicinity
of Huntingdon, they are prepared to furnieh ill
who favor them with their custom, at their dad
die and lierneas chop, with
Leather of all Hinds,
of superior quality and finish. All of which
will he disposed of clump for CASH or a y kind
of country produce. The highest price,in trade,
given for beef hides, calf hides, bark, &c.
Huntingdon. May 29, 1950.
Pay 117 p and Save Costs.
An knowing themselves indebted to I. Gf
I. Urr fius & Son, I. & H. Grafi., I. Grafi. &
Maekabee, (I. Grafius eurvivtng partner.) either
by note or hook account, will please make imme
diate payment, as longer indulgence cannot be
granted. The books of the above named firms
are in the hands of 1. GRA FIU, Alexandria.
whe a those indebted will please call and settle,
arid thereby save costs.
Alexandria. May 29, 1550.-4 t.
E%V Alt Et N I'.
r subscriber wishes to inform the public in
L general, that he is now fully prepared to do
Uastings of all kind., and will keep o. band a
General Assortment of Castings,
consisting of COOKING STOVES, Air-tight,
Parlor, Ten-plate. Wood and Coal stoves—all
of which are new patterns not before introduced
into this section of country. Also, a variety of
Plough patterns of the kind. now in nee. A
general assortment of Hollow-ware castinge.con-
Mating of Kettles. Dutctt Ovens, Skillets, Pans,
&c., &c. Miscellaneous articles, such as Wag
on Boxes, Sled and Sleigh Soles, Smoothing
Irons, Ro ling Mill and Forge castings, Vs in
3ow Grates for cellars, Unties and sills for hot,
ees, Sash Weights and Water Piper ; also Sweg
Anvils and Mandrels for Illackeiniths, made to
order on the shortest notice. We wilt sell eve
ry article in our line on the most reasonable
terms for Cash, and will take all kinde of coun
try produce and old metal in exchange for east
±age. The Foundry is situated it the Southern
cad of Huntingdon, along the canal.
Castings of all kind. will be kept at the
chop of Wrn. B. Zeigler as formerly, at N. E.
corner of Market Square, Huntingdon.
fl;:r All order. addressed to R. C. M'Gibl will
ci promptly attended to.
. .
Huntingdon, May 29. 1950.
4A old and silver Watches,
as)*uQr a'auz.z:7 9
, ':atch. and Jewelr y of every description neatly
repaired and warranted.
His friends and the public gen.
.1 •rally, visiting Philadelphia, ate
.ivited to give him a call, as he
teels confident that he can furnish
articles in his line of such quality
.tnd price as will give universal satisfaction.—
i'he trade will be supplied with Watches, Jew
-try, as cheap as they can be procur d
Philadelphia, April 23, 1850.
OKI aEt 1•2 L) a
Ice Cream, Confectionary, and Bakery !
8. & J. ALFILICA.,
Thankful for past favora, moat respectfully ari
iounce to the citizens of Huntingdon and vicin
ity that they have made necessary arrangements
supply all who may favor them with a call;
ith the most choice varieties of
Cream, Confectionaries, Cakes,
Fruit, Nuts, etc.
Their private rooms are fined up in a hand.
e,ne style which inakethein a comfortable place
soon for Ladies and Gentlemen.
Parties can be furnished, on the shortest no•
rice, with Ice Cream, Confectionariee, and all
Ititole of Cakes, Fruit, &c.
Doq't fo get to call at the sign of the Red
; , stain, Railroad street, one door above William
F,ewart's store.
Huntingdon, May 29.1850.
Farmers of Huntingdon County.
PENNOCK'S Patent Seed Planters, for
Wheat. Rye, Corn and One, the hest machine
the kind now in use, kept constantly for sale
At the Red Warehmise, Huntingdon, These
I•:ar•.ters will save 15 per cent in ahor, and 20
t cent in grain over the old method of Harrow
, g. Also -elf--tharpening Plows and Co. n
TL tellers of the latest and most improved style.
April 23.1. 11450.-3 m.-pd.
Jacob Africa's Estate.
THE undersigned, Administrators of JAC,II
L AFRICA, tlee'd., hereby give notice that they
- ye lett the books and accounts belonging to the
-scan in the hands of Daniel Africa, Esq., for
•ttierneot. Portions haying eettlements to make
• , -e thereto,' requested to call upon hint on or
',fore the let day of July next.
May 7, 1860.
Watches and Xewelry.
J. T. SUOTT has just received an additional
.pply of Watches, *lewdly, &c. which he will
11 on terms hi4hly .tdrantageous to purchasers.
l'tose in need would do well to give him a call.
Remember that he has removed his store to
room directly opposite the Sons of Temper
ance Hall, and three doors went of T. Read Sr
, 3on'e store. (May 18, 1850.
r o eURE Concentrated Extract of Lemon, a
genuine article for sale at CUNNING
: AM'S, opposite the Post Office.
November 27, 1849.
,T ORE FIP SUGAR .—A superior article
ill of fip Sugar just received at J. & W. SAX
TON'S 'tom. f May 7, MO.
LOVERS of the Beautilel should not fail to
call immediately at the more of
who have just received Irma the Eastern cities, a
splendid assortment of
which they are uttering. as usual. at most aston
ishing LO Vti PRICES. Their stuck compri
ses every thirg that the wants at the People re
quire, and is made up, in part, of the most e:•
tensive variety of all the various etyle., selected
to suit all tastes, of
Ladies & Gentlemen's Dress Goods,
Boots, Shoes, Hats and Caps, Hardware,
Queens ware, Groceries, dtc,
We neither wish to bullet in deceive, in regard to
the superior quality or the low prices of our
goods, and hence invite the public at large
to call and examine tot themerkee. It will give
us pleasure at all tinwe to ',bow out goods.
Thankful for pact favors, we hope by strict
attention to businees to receive a liberatsbare of
public patronage.
Huntingdon. June 4,1850.
t2a ua a a via g; . ) , . cal co au
Book and Stationary Depot.
THE subscriber respectfully informs
the citizens of Huntingdon and its
shanity. thi t he has commenced bireiness in the
stand formerly occupied by I. Dorlend, opposite
Coot's Hotel. and naving made arrangements
with the Philadelphia Merchants to have CUII•
surlily on hand, upon commission,the following
general assortment of
consisting of Ledgers, Day Books receipt, pass
books and Justices Dockets. Also—every de
scription of writing and deed paper white and
colored pasteboard, plain and perforated bristol
board, tissue paper, &e,
.lilack,blue and red inks ; ink powder, quills, Wa
fers, inkstands, steel pens, sand and sand boxes,
lead pencils, indian rubber, water colors, slates
and slate pencils.
of every description, of late editions kept con
stantly on hand.
Pocket bibles and Testaments, Hymn and
Psalm Books, Prayer Books, &c.,
Fancy Note Paper and Envelops,
of every variety. A lbuins, portlolios, pocketbuoks,
annuals, fancy boxes, wafers and sealing wax,
visiting cards, bend purees, penknifes and every
variety of fancy goods.
Novels, Song Books, Music, Miscela
neous works, &c,
consisting of extracts for the Handkerchief,
Soaps, Shaving Cream, Cologne, &c.
Also—Cigars of the choicest brands, Chew
ing tobacco, &c.
March 26,1850.
Juniata Cabinet Manufacturing
Respectfully begs leaat to inform his friends
and cuatomms and the public generally .that he
has built a large and commodious shop immedi
ately in the rear of the public house of John
bittaker, hr., on the bank between the rivet
and canal, where he wilt constantly keep on
hand furniture of al kinds, of the best quality,
emb. acing all descriptions,kinds, sty lee and va•
rieties of parlor, medium and plain household
furnittlre, which will be offered for sale at the
In order to accommodate the publi, with all
kinds of work in his line of business, he has
just supplied himself with a large lot of the
bast quality of Cherry, Walnut, Maple, Poplar,
and , all kinds of Veneering of the most popular
fashion. lie will offer neither botched or half.
finished work for sale, and will at all times sub.
mit hit work to the most rigid inspection.
Merchants, Professional men, Farmers, Me
chanics, floral Proprietors, Laboring men—all,
are invited to call and examine his furniture be
fore purchasing elsewhere. "Seeing is Wise.
. . _
Coffins will be made on the shortest notice, of
either Cherry, Walnut or Poplar, as may be de
sired, end funerals attended.
He dotter. himself that by industry and cleee
attention to hisbusiness he will be able toplease
all who may give him a call.
Old furniture will et all times - be repaired in
the neatest and moat durable manlier, at low
rates. All kinds of country produce will lie la
bels in exchange for furniture, repairing, &c.
Huntingdon, May •.L,9,1849.
U-at' Wiir.13"..11i74
Sti,V WAR &c.,
The undersigned has just returned from the
East. and is now opening at his New Sid11(1,
three doors West of T. Heads, lone' tore, and.
directly opposite tile S.ine of Teinpertince Hull,
A large and very superior assoitnient of
Gold and Silver IVatches,
8 day aid 30 hour Bras, Clocks;
Jewelry of the must fashionable styles, Silver
ware, Cutlery, Perfumery, Soaps, : ocket Hooke,
Port Mounsiea, I Wield, Note and fine Letter
Paper. whin it general 0.01 - 110,.01 of Fancy
The unusually low Prices-
At which we are demrinined to dispose of this
Stuck, otters peculiar inducements lu purcha.ers.
All should remember this fact before making
their purchases, 8d it is our fixed determination
to sell our Watches, Jewelry dec.,at a very sinsll
prod!, and thus establish our reputation fur
selling _ .
The Cheapest and Best Articles.
Watches and Clocks neatly and carefully re
paired.—The Highest Price allowed fur 01
Ould ar.rl Silver.
N B. Our friends and others who may wish
to patronise •'Sh OT'l•'S CHEAP JE %V EJ
S wit please bear in mind that he has
removed his establishment front the corner long
occupied by IY. Buoy, to the locaiion above
described, where he hopes to greet his old and
many new customers.. _ _
If untineerm. April 9. 1860
DURE California Gold wedding rings lor sale
Oct. 30, 1810'.
"lags ! Rage!—rho bigheet price paid in
cash for Report the Huntingdon Book Store
flay 21. noneck W. B.nrrn.
4 .N'ew and SplehdicMssortment of
Has just been received ut the Cheap
and popular Stand of
cipsvaccio C.a•csw fl 110. e
.Market Square, Huntingdon Pa.
HIS stock has been selected with
great care, with a view to cheap
...and , mid quality, and compiler.. in part,
Cloths of all Undo. French, Belgian and Fancy'
Caeximeree. Kentucky Jean, Croton. Oregon,
arid Tweed r lotus. Vestings, Flamiele and
Drillings and a variety 1111 Cum. ter num
mer wear. Moueliii de ',Hiors French Lawns,
and Scarfs, t-hevele and handkerchiefs. A !pee
cam. Merin.. a large 111 , entloil nt of Calicoes cf
the neweet styles and at low prices, Earleron.
French. Scotch and Dorneetic Gihghoine and
Baleorines. French and Irish Linens, Checks,
Oct Tiekings, Muslinsand ribeetings, &c., &c.
Having hvetolore been honored by a large
patronage from the Ladies he has procured the
most elegant aseortnient of
Ladies' Dress Goods,
ever brought to the interior of the State. Also:
Boots Shoes, hats and Caps, Grocertes,
Hardware, Queensware, &c.,
. ,
and a great iariety of good. of all kind.. In
short he is prepared to oiler
Great Bargains
to those who boot him with their custom. All
are invited to call and judge for themselves. ft
allinds him pleasure to exhibit his goods at all
All kinds of Country Produce taken in es.
change for goods. UEO.
April 2, .850.
Greatest Variety in Town at the
HAS just laid in a very heavy stock of all
srnnsor(aocentseand CONMTIONAPIES,
&C., which he invites his old costumers and the
public generally to examine. His stock of Goods
'every large, consisting of every variety to suit
the wants of the people.
Huntingdon, April 23d, 1850.
All Kinds of Groceries.
(IOFFEE, Teas, Surars, Molasses, Chocolate,
k. fa fresh supply just received at SCHNEI
DER'S General Depot.
A GREAT variety of choice Confectionary
Li for sale at SCHNEIDER'S.
Fresh Breadand Cakes
(IC all kinds always on hand at the Bakery of
Sperm and Tallow Candles, and Soap
ON hand and for sale at SCHNEIDER'S Gen.
etal Depot.
Superior Brand Segars
(1F various kinds just received and for sale at
Spices of all Kinds
iOR sale at SCHNEIDER'S Grocery sod
Cheese and Crackers
I , OR sale at SCHNEIDER'S Confectionary
12 and Grocery Depot.
Raisins at 12 cts. per pound.
GOOD article of Raisins at 121 eta. per lb.
for sale at SCHNEIDER'S.
A SUPERIOR article of Vinegar for sale a
Fluid, and Fluid Lamps
SUPERIOR Fluid, and Fluid Lamps received
0 and for sale by LOUIS SCHNEIDER.
BRANDY.—Superior Brandy, in bottles,
.1) fur sale by Louis sciixeinkta.
Port and Madeira Wine, of su
perior quality, in butt es, for sale by
Louis SeunzinEa.
Fruit and Nuts
Of all kinds, for sale at SCHNEIDER'S
TJAVING purchubed the stock of said Foun•
ri dry, I oat prepared to do all kinds of wul k,
such as
Machine, Forge and Mill Castings;
STOVES—..dir-Dght, Coal and Wood
Parlor Stoves, Coal and Wood Cook
ing Stoves of superior pattern;
Wood and Coal Stoves of
all kinds; Wagon
Boxes; Hollow
Ware, 4-c.
too numerous to meta' .... ; and all kinds of Pin,
hopper and Sheet Iron work. anode to order. and
kept on band. - pouting at 12 errata per toot,
Copper Pumps,&c Old metal taken rta exchange
—Also all kinds of produce,
Alexandria, April 2,3 d 1850,
John Marks in the Field.
The subscriber has open, d a vary neat GRO ,
CERN' and CON FEC I'ION ABY in the East
end of the Exchange Hotel, Market Square. Hun
tingdon, in the room formerly occupied by
Nell and Miller as a Jewelry Store, where
articles in his line can be had cheap for cash or
country produce. Ilia stock consists of
t. Mice of ditlerent qualities,
Tea, Young Rya., Imperial and Black,
`ugnr, from 61 to I I cis per lb.
Chocolate, Sweet spiced.
Tobacco, Snuff and egars.
Corn brooms and Whitewash Brushes,
Best Table and Baking Molasses,
Soap. Fancy anti Rosin,
Candles, Mould and Sperm.
Rice and .torch,
Twine and Candle Wick,
Congress Lemon and Orange.,
Fancy and aide Combs,
Both Brick,
'fable Salt, and a general assortment of CAKES ;
RAISINS. NUTS and CANDIES. all of which
I am prepared to sell at a very small profit.
April 23,1,1850.-3 m.
J. T.B.
A N assortment of Pittsburg Glassware just
a received by J. & W. SAXTON.
May 7, 1850.
COFFEE at 12i cents.—An excellent
V article just received and for sale at J. & W.
SAXTON'S store. [May 7, isso.
41 & 43
Would respectfully his friends and flit;
travelling public generally, that he l leased
the above large and well known Hut,:. The
location is one of the very best for business
men in Philadelphia, and he flatters himself that
by giving it his witire attention, that he will be
able to render perfect satisfaction to all who
may favor him with their custom.
He returns thanks for the very l'beral sup. ,
port already extended to him by his friends of
Huntingdon and the neighboring counties, and
begs leave to assure th am that he will spare no
pains or expense to render the CITY HOTEL.
worthy of their continued support.
Philadelphia, Oct. 30, 1840-Iy.
THANKFUL to the r itizens of I luntingdon
I and its vicinity for their increased custom,
we again request their company to view ourlarge
and splendid assortment of
Dinner Sets, Tea Se's, Toilet Sets, and sin
gle pieces, oithea of Glass, China, or Stone
Ware, sold in quantities to suit purchasers, for
less than they can be had elsewhere—
In greater variety than ever before offered in the
FANCY CHINA in great va , iety very cheap.
e would invite any person visiting the
city to call and see us—they will at least be plea
sed to walk around our beautiful store, unit to
view the finest china and the cheape , ,t the world
Very respectfully,
No. 219 Chestnut St, eel.
Phila. Sep. 25, 1849. ly.
- XTOULD respectfolly announce to his old
VI , customers, and every body else, that he
has removed his store Irons his old stand. to the
room a few doors below, on the same side of the
street, and but two doors front William Dorris'
store. In addition to his old stock, ho has just
received an elegnnt assortment of
which he is prepared to sell as cheap, if not a
little cheaper. than can be procured elsewhere.
Hie stock consists of
Dry-Goods, Groceries, Hardware,
Drugs, kc.,
Thankful for past favors he would resrect
ful y solicit a continuance of public favor. It
wi I always give him, p ensure to use his utmost
exertions to render satisfaction to those who may
deal with him.
Feb. /9. 1830.
New Arrangement.
Summers & Ball,
UTOULD respectfully inform the public that
V V they have purchased from Henry Smith, his
tools, stock, &c.. belonginv to the above depart.
meet of his business, and that they wit carry it on
for the present. in all its various branches, in
toe shop heretofore occupied by Mr. Smith. They
are prepared to execute all onto s in their ine on
the shortest notice and most leasonatile terms.
Carriages, Buggies, Wagons, Sleighs,
Carts, Wheelbarrows, &c.,
made to order, of the best materials, and at rea
sonable p‘ ices.
Repairing of all kinds of vehicles, done on the
shortest notice.
g-Those wanting neat, cheap and durable
articles in their line of business, arerespectfully
requested to Rive them a call.
Feb. 26. 1850.
M, &, J, M, ROWE,
63 North Third Sreet, above .drch,
1500 D 50 D 0 z. t107. " 1' lj aite r t u r °in dl.lueketa ;
500 nests Willow Market Dasketa ;
600 •• Cedar Tubs ;
800 Stall and Harrel limns;
together with the largeststoek of \\ illow, Cedar
eta Eastern Woodware ever offered in theeity.
N. B. Cash paid at all timeg for broom corn
at nur factory.
Fch 26. 1850.
"it ir
. -Cott, .•=itra,
• P. , .
/THE undersigned, having lately dissolved the
J, partnership existmg between them, have
st II on hand a number of CARRIAGES AND
BUGGIES of superior finish, which they wish
to dispose of, to' which they respectfully invite
the attention of purchasers. Any person need
ing a Carriage or Buggy should give them a
call as they will sell on the' most reasonable
March 19, 1850
TOR the Intellectual and Moral training of
_r younu persons and children of both sexes,
kept by J. A. II LL, in the new Academy
building. Huntingdon. l'a.
The aping session will commence on MONDA x.
TIIN 22i1 Der op Arum 1.7'. For particulars
apply to the Teacher.
Rev. J. Moore, A. P. Wilson, J. S. Stewart,
R. M'A lister, Esqs; M.•ssrs. D. M'Murtie, W.
B. Zeigler andJ. N. Prowell; Judge Gwin, Hon.
George Taylor, Col. James Clark and Dr. M.
A. Henderson.
April 2d. 1850.
REspEcTre Li, informs the politic that he hat
commenced. the above hueineaa in the Bor
ough of Huntingdon. He is located one door
east of the Poet lane, where he will be pleased
to attend to the calls of all who may wish loam.
ploy hie services in any brilich of his burin...
Noy 7,1850.-9 m.
IPNERAL WATER, of a superior quality,
at Marks' Confectionary. [May 21.
3) 124,071.
Respectfully informs the public fat he has
Removed hibestablishinent to dw room serenity
occupied by I'. K. ,tnionton. opposite the attire
of T Read & ,on, where, in addition to his
former stock. he has just received the moat
elegant vies unentof
Clothing for Men and Boys
ever brought to the borough of 111..1mi/don !
firs stock consists in part of Viers and Frock
COATS, a variety of PANTS and
VESTS, of every quality and price ; Shinto,
flannel shirts and drawers, cravats, tic. &C.
Having considerable knowledge of the wants
of the Peop.e, and being experienced in the
quality and make of I, otlring, he Can confident=
ly assure the public that the material isnot only
good but that his stock or clothing is well mode
up, in the most fashionable style. Having pur
chased low, he is determined to sell at such
prices so will cause the people generally to hail
his store as the
Cheap Clothing Depot !
Every body. in town and country, are invited to
call and examine hic truly
N. 8.--Clothing will be made op for customers
as heretofore, in the beta style and shortest
Huntingdon, April 9 1960.
Chair and E►►rllillll'l'
\o cEn 23 , CD MD. GES
Up Stairs above Peter &mope's Store
and Sheriff Crownovir's office, and three
doors east of McKinney's.
THE undersigned has again eon,
111110 menectl the above business in all its
1 ,4jl various branches, and is how pre
oared to accommodate all who Inlay
favor him with their custom on the
most reasonable terms.
He intends keeping on hand all kinds of
CHAIRS arid FURNITURE, from common to
the most fashionable sty c, a ndmade in the most
durable manner, which he will sell low for cash
or Country produce.
All kinds of Lumber taken in exchange for
Chairs or furniture.
UOFFINS will at all Oliva be kept on hand,
and funerals attended in town, and shortly in
town and country, as he is getting a splendid
hearse tattle 'or the accommodation of the public.
Hot. eats `Sled PAL:vet:au attended to as
Huntingdon. October 30, 1849.
Wholesale and Retail
No. 238 Martet Jt., abort; Seventk, South side,
A ETHOUGH we can scarcely estimate the
1i value uf 'rims commercially, yet by calling
at the above establishment, J A NI ES HA kilEft
will furnish his friends, among whom het neludes
ell who duly appreciate its fleetness, with a beau
tiful and perfect INDEX for marking its progress,
of whose value they can judge.
Ilia extensive stock on hand, bonstantly chan
ging in conformity to the improvements in taste
and style of pa:ern and workmanship, consists of
Eight-day and Thirty-hour brass t: ousTiNCI.
(.LOCKX, French, Gothic and other fancy styles,
as well as plain, which from his extensive con
nection and correspondence with the mJnufaciu
rers he finite he can put at the LOWEPT CASH
vne in any quantity lrom one to a thousand, ot
which he will warrant the accuracy.
C °eke repaired and warranted—clock trim
mingson hand. Call and see me among them.
JAMES BAR ER, 238 Mitikrt St.
Phila., Auguat 28, 1849.
EILJD QU.llcli rc
Groceries & Confectionaries
HAS just recei , ed a choke atot k of Groceries
Confectionaries. &e. He rceptctfull) invite
his cuatomt re and the public generally to cal
and examine his assortment.
Huntingdon. 5 pril 23, 1850.
. ,
Dried Beeland Cheese,
TcT F , ale at the Cheap Grocery and Confec
tionary of J. M. CUNNINGHAM.
. •
SP IC 14,5.
A LL kinds of Spices for sale at CUNNING
-11. HAM'S Grocery and Confectionary.
A Variety of A rticles,
rpoo numerous to mention, for sale at CUN
NINGIIAM'S Confectionary and Grocery
Head Quarters.
Cotit.e, Teas: and suvars.
FIMSII supply, - jo.t opened and for sal. at
CUNNINGHAM'S Grocery and Confec-
•-•— - •
L IP SUGAR.—Elegant Fip Sugar for vale
I . l by .1 M. CUNNINGHAM.
FINE assortment of Roussel's and
Eauel's perfumery, for sale by
April 2, 1850.
EncOurage Your Own Mechanics.
Saddle ni Harness andcfac tory.
WOULD respectfully inform his
friends and the public at large, that
he continues the above business in
Main street, Huntingdon, nearly oppo
site the store of Read & Son.
All kinds of HARNESS, and SAD
DLES of a superior kind, BRIDLES,
in short, every thing in his line of bu
siness, will be manufactured on the
shortest notice, of the best materials,
and as cheap, if not cheaper, that can
be had at any other establishment in
the county.
He is thankful for the liberal patron
age already extended to him, and hopes
by strict attention to business to receive
a continuance of public favor.
QUA large assortment of SADDDES
READY MADE, always on hand, and made
in superior style.
(r7:-Hides, and country produce gen ,
eraliy, taken in exchange for work.
March 5, .850.
CIARSAPARILL A, a fine article, for sale at
Marks' Confectionarr. [May 21.
CHAS. G. ,1011NSON 1
of Bristol.
Who was pronounced incurably fired in
the last stage of Pulmonary Con.
RUlltptiOli, ON IWO skillful l'hy-
Mr. Johnson vies rescued from death's door
by the cats of , Schneck's t unnutno toy rup—hav ,
ing" been pruetreced all winter, ilia case watt
wiineeted by 'several of the Most respectable
citizens of this elate, whoge 111111Ifitl are append•
ed a ilia eertnicote. Read ! Read ! and be con=
vineed that netineek's Pulmonary syrup is the
wily certain cart for Consumptrun.
Bristol , Buck., co rimy, Po.
ryept. 21, 1848.
DR. 3: H. SCriittcx, —Dear Str,—l am induced
from a image of juPtree towarde you, an well ao
duty to the public, to Make !Mown one of the,
most hopeless and extraordinary ctn., in niy .
own person, that you have ever had the ple.urs
to record. Indeed, 1 regret my inability to nor.
tray, in truthful colors, my commtnitig
and the remarkable chance which Sclateck'e'
Pulmonary syrap effected in so short a time.
I wee taken some time prawn,. to Decembeir:
1848, with a heavy cold, producing incessant
coughing, accompanied with acute pain in the
riot side, pains in the hack, uncle' the right
shoulder, having heavy night evreata,high lever.
Ate.. winch made me eo nervous and trestle. as
to prod.. , utter prosttationi. AII these afll•ctione
increased mils such vsulence, that on the 4th of
January lost I sent for my (amity physician. He
attended me ittithfully, and preset ibed every thing
that medical skill could suggest hilt without ef
fect. I found myself gradually growing an arse,
and my hopes of recovery lessening as my dia.'
ea. increased. My cough became distressingl;
my pain. severe; rind, en. newly debilitated, 1
loos all ambition in lide, and gave up toe melan
choly deli contort. My physician examined me.
and tufurined me I hail an alt.ea on ine upper
part ut my liver and lower part °lone of my lunge.
Notwithstanding all this skill.l grew worse. but
with that tenacity with which we all cling to life.
1 concluded to t. ave nothing undone, and called
in a consulting phyaiman, who fully concurred
with my own, and pronounced my case an ex
tregiely critical one. 1 e thought 1 was in im
minent danger--any trig my disease "was one t btu
la sehloni if ever cured.' All this tint, 1 was en
timing sufleringe thin made file fureenstmie ; ex
periencing great pain in coughing ; ex 'teeters
tang from a pint to a quart of nauceous matter
every 24 hours, and gradually sinking under the
weakning progress of my disease. A. thin stage
of my i Ines., my friends in liiistol suggested
the use of Schneck s Pulmonte Syrup. but know
ing the many expedients resorted to for the put
pose of draining money from the afflicted, I her
tinted. My friends, however, insisting, I Was
prevailed upon to try its virtues. I commenced
taking the Syrup about the first of March, and
used 'several bottles before 1 had any ceefidenee
in it. 1 then began to experience a chat :go for
the better, and continued it till I had consumed
ten bottles, when I was so far relieved Be to lo
able to visit D r. Seltneck in Philadelphia. He
examined me, and pronounced my right !ung al.
fected, but in a healing confiner]. He recom
mended the further use of the Syrup, which I
continued till I consumed 15 bottles, and found
myself once more restored t.• hvoltl.. 1 hill fur
titer add,that the consulting physician. acting the
action of the medicine. fully approved its use
'l's give the reader some idea of the severity
of my ease, and the rapid cure effected by the
Syrup, I will state that my usual weight in
health tvaa 177 pounds, which was finally re
duced by my tutfierings to but 121 pounds. Yet,
on the heat of this month, (Bepicitil—r.) 1 weigh
ed 174 pounds. thus gaining in a few months 61
pounds, and within three pounds of my hear test
weight. It is not in my power to con% ey ,iu the
bort epOre 01 thin eel lifivale, the curt. Mring
proofs of my reinaltable cure, o the rattieWaie
of the th,dinizing .fflictions through which
passed ; but to those who will take the trouble to
call on me, at Bristol, opposite Pratt's hotel,
shall take pleasure in detailing every partirtUet.
In conclusion. I deem it my duty to usgr u; un
every ;remelt hliu tiny have the pin Minn.).
mplinna of this fatal disease. not to delay one
hour. but to call upon Dr Bchneck immediately•
Ilia skill in the treatinent of this complaint. end
prompt detection of diseased parts of the lungs
by means of his Stethescope, added to my own
mil men Mrs cure. fully satisfies nie, that had I rat
her submitted my .1.11 to his care, 1 should haV•
escaped snitch ; but testraint y doubt'
and susinvion, Which make us all 'unwell) ship.
treat ra regard to the virtues of a medicine when
first introduced. I resisted the importunities of
My friend- nil almost too late ; and yielded only
fle it last ream t, reSOlved to kill or cure." To
those afflicted as 1 have lit en again let tne soy,
nestle., no longer, my own case to presented to
yin: as conciliCing evidence that alien all etre
fails your lest hope it in Dr, B,llm-rte. Pulmonie
Sy-up. I bare also for the satisla, C H , o f ! b one
who may be strangera to me appended to ibis er
tilictoe the names or gendeMen w ell known in
the milks of public and private tile. and whore
standing in society admits el sto cavil or doubt,in
regard to their testimobv.
We the undersigned, residents of Bristol and
vicinity. are well acquainted with Mr. Johnson,
and know him to have been afflicted as he states
above. We also know that he used Schneck
Puhnonic ,yrup, and hive every reason to be
lieve, teat to this medicine he owes his preserva
tion froth a premature grave. The known in.
tegrity and posiiion in society of Mr. Johnsen
however is a mufficient guarantee to the public of
the truth of this statement.
LEWIS 'P. PRATT, Prert's Hotel.
LEWIS M. V% HARTON, Merchant.
EsTEll STURDEVANT, Cool dealer.
JOHN W. BRAY, Merchant.
JAMES N. HA itho W, C.ergyman of the
Presbyterino Church.
S. li riuLT, Hotel, Bur' legion.
JAMES R. 5C0 . 1"1 . , Book agent.
A. 1.. PACKER. Coal agent.
WISTAR C. PARSONS, at E. Rommel.
Laboratory, 44 Prune street, Philadelphia,
B September 24, 1N49.
Prepared a nd sold by J. H. Schneck at bir
Laboratory .E.Gort,er of Coats & Ma reha:o
t,ts,Philn.and by
P. K. Si monToN, Huntingdon.
0. FI.STjINLn, Waieretreet.
Morons & wooer., Alexandria.
& 8.1., Mill Crerk,
and by agents generally throughout the United
Price sl '
,n 0 per bottle,or $5,00 per hell dos
N0v.20, 1849.—1 y.
CsiD zrz. cca Era CIO
A GENERAL assortment of groceriesjust
Xi opened and for sale atCunnisouast's Oro.
cery and Confectionary establishment, directly
oppositethe Post Office, Huntingdon.
November 27, 1849.