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    Death from Sopentttion.
David Boston a colored man, died near
Ilchester, Md., on the Ist inst., a Victim
to superstition and knavery. The How
ard Gazette says : . . . . .
Some three months before his death,
it appears he was taken sick with a cold.
He suffered from the accumulation of
phlegm on the chest and from the
choking sensation and hoarse sound in
breathing, he and his wife concluded he
had a frog in him, and that somebody
had 'tricked' hint. His wife according
ly went to Baltimore to consult a harpy
called a 'Fortune Teller,' a white per
son, who tully confirmed, of course,
their notions, and told her that the first
person who should visit the house after
her return home was the 'tricker.' She
was als further instructed to let nothing
come in nor nothing go out of the house.
After his wife's return, a neighboring
colored man went to the house, but
was driven away from the place by
Boston's wife. The poor victim took
little or no nourishment—no one was al
lowed to visit him, until he died the vic
tim of ignorance and wicked advice,-
After his death, about fifty small calico
balls were found about him, having been
placed there to break 'the spelt.'
Good Advice to Pic-Nickers.
The Sunday Timesgives the following
seasonable hints of, the formation and
conduct of pic-nicks :
Two ingredients, however, are abso
lutely necessary—a smart humorist and
a good butt. A pick-nick party without
these would be like a pantomime with
out a clown and pantaloon. Avoid en
gaged pairs. They sneak oft into se
cluded spots to bill and coo, and contrib
ute nothing to the common stock of fun.
Beware of bores. One bore is capable
of turning the gayest troop of merry.'
makers that ever started to enjoy a fete
champetre into a patre-grievous set of
mourners. People that are afraid of a
shower should have nothing to do with
pic-nicks, as a rain-storm usually 'comes
oft' during the performance. Roast
chickens, boiled hums, bottled porter,
light•hearts, champagne, sparkling eyes,
accessible lips, the gift of the gab, a ca
pacity for punning, natural or acquired
from Joe Miller, [Joe Barber would do
as well.—D. B.] good padestrian facul
ties, and an indisposition to imbibe the
rheumatism from dump grass, are abso
lute requisites to pie-nick parties.
QUA western paper informs us that
"a lady, while stepping into one of the
cars with a pair of spectacles on missed
her footing, and came near losing her
life." A car with a pair of spectacles
on, must be a curiosity.
[D.-Talking of "enlarging" newspa-
pers, the editor of the Chicago Journal
suggests that it's not the largest calf
that makes the best veal !
On the 13th inst., by the Rev. W. R. Mil!s,
JOHN M'Cono, Esq., of Mifflin co., to Miss
ELIZA GLAZER, of this borough,
PHILA. June 25, 1850.
There is but little activity in the market and
prices have undergone no material change.
In Flour there is but little doing. Sale of SR
000 bbls good brands ;Or shipment at $5.25 per
bbl, and some extra at $5.511.
Rye-Flour is in limited demand at $3.
Corn Meal is but little inquired after. A
small sale at $3 per bbl.
Grain—There is but little Wheat Offering, and
it is wanted. We quote Red at $1.20a1.22 ; and
White at $1.30 per bushel.
Corn In in good demand fur shipment, and Yel
low is taken on arrival at 62c.
Oats are steady at 43a4.1e per bu and meet a
ready sale.
Relative to an aumulitineal oftheConstitution
Resolved by the Senate and House of Repre
sentatives of the Commonwealth, of Pennsylva
nia in General Assembly met, That the Consti
tution of this Commonwealth be amended in the
second section of the fifth article, so that it shall
read as follows: The Judges of the Supreme
Court, of the several Courts of Common Pleas,
and of such other Courts of Record as are or
shall be established by law, shall be elected by
the qualified electors of the Commonwealth, in
the manlier following to wit The Judges of
the Supreme Court, by the qualified electors of
the Commonwealth at large ; the President Jud
ges of the several Courts of Common Pleas, and
of such other Courts of Record as are or shall
be established by law, and all other Judges re
quired to be learned in the law, by the qualified
electors 01 the respective districts over which
they are to preside or act as Judges ; and the
Associate Judges of the Courts of Common
pleas by the qualified electors of the counties
respectively. The Judges of the Supreme Court
shall hold their offices for the term of fifteen
years, it . they shall so long behave themselves
well, (subject to the allotment hereinafter pro
vided for subsequent to the first election;) the
President Judges of the several Courts of Com
mon Pleas, and of such other Courts of Record
as are or shall be established by law, and all
other Judges required to be learned in the law
shall hold their offices for the term of ten years,
if they shall so lung behave themselves well;
the Associate Judges of the Courts of Common
Pleas shall hold their offices for the term of five
yea., if they shall so long behave themselves
well; all of whom shall be commissioned by
the Governor, but for any reasonable cause,
which shall not be sufficient vrouncis of impeach
ment, the Uovernor shall remove any of them
on the address of two-thirds of each branch of
the Legislature. The first election shall take
place at the general election of this Common
wealth next after the adoption of this amend
ment, and the commissions of all the Judges
who may be then in office shall expire on the first
Monday of December following, when the terms
of the new Judges shall commence. The per
sons who shall then be elected Judges of the
Supreme Court shall hold their offices as fol
lows One of them for three years, one for six
years, one for nine years, one for twelve years,
and one for fifteen years, the term of each to be
decided by lot by the said Judges, as 80011 after
the election as convenient, and the result certi
fied by them to the Governor, that the commis
sions may be issued in accordance thereto. The
Judge whose commission will first expire shall
be Chief Justice during his term and thereafter
each Judge whose commission shall first expire
shall in turn be the Chief Justice, and if two or
more commissions shall expire on the same day
the Judges holding them shall decide by lot
which shall be the Chief Justice. Any vacan
cies, happening by death, resignation or other
wise, in any of the said courts, shall be filled by
appointment by the Governor, to continue till
the first Monday of December succeeding the ,
next general election. The Judges of the Su
preme Court and the Presidents of the several
Courts of Common Pleas shall, at stated times,
receive for their services an adequate compen
sation, to be fixed by law, which shall not be
diminished during their continuance in office:
but they shall receive no fees or perquisites of
office, nor hold any other office of profit under
this Commonwealth, or under the government of
the United States, or any other State of this
Union. The Judges of the Supreme Court, du
ring their continuance in o ffi ce, shall reside with-
in this Commonwealth ; and the other Judges,
during their continuance in office, shall reside
within the district or county for which they
were respectively elected.
Speaker of the House of Representatives.
Speaker of the Senate ,
Harrisburg, January 28, 1850.
Samuel W. Pearson, Chief Clerk of the
Senate of Pennsylvania, do hereby certify that
the foregoing resolution, (No. 10 on the Senate
file of the present session,) entitled "Resolu
tion relative to an amendment of the Constitu
tion,"—it being the same resolution which was
agreed to by a majority of the members elected
to each House of the last Legislature—after
having been duly considered and discussed, was
this day agreed to bye majority of the members
elected to and serving in the Senate of Pennsyl
vania, at its present session, as will appear by
their votes given on the final passage of the re
solution, as follows, viz :
That voting in favor of the passage of the
resolution were, H. Jones Brook, J. Porter
Brawley, William A. Crabb, Jonathan J. Con.
ningham, Thomas S. Fernon, Thomas H. For
syth, Charles Frailey, Robert M. Frick, Henry
Fulton, John W. Guernsey, William Haslett,
Isaac Hugus, Timothy Ives,Joshua Y. Jones,
Joseph Konigmaeher, Geo. . Lawrence, Max
well M'Caslin, Benjamine Malone, Benjarnine
Matthias, Henry A. Muhlenberg, William F.
Packer, %Vahan R. Sadler, David Sankey, Peleg
B. Savery, Conrad Shinier, Robert C. Sterrett,
Daniel Stine, Farris B. Stieeter, John H. Wal
ker and Valentine Best, Speaker—Yeas 29.
Those voting against the tassage of the reso
lution were. George Darsie, Augustus Drum and
Alexander King—Nays 3.
Extract frorri . the fournal.
Harrisburg March 14, 1810.
I, William Jack, Chief Clerk of the House of
Representatives of Pennsylvania, do hereby cer
tify that the foregoing resolution, (No. 10 on the
Senate file, and No. 211 on the House Journal
of the present session,) entitled "Resolution rel
ative to the amendment of the Constitution,"—
it being the same resolution which was agreed to
by a majority of the members elected to each
House of the last Legislature—after having been
duly considered and discussed, was this 'lay
agreed to by a majority of the members elected
to and serving in the House of Representatives
of Pennsylvania, at its present session, as will
appear by their votes, given on tho final passage
of the resolution, as follows, viz:
Those voting in favor of the passage of the
resolution were, John Acker, John Allison,
William Baker, Robert Baldwin, David J. Bent,
Craig Biddle, Jeremiah Black, John S. Bowen,
William Brindle, Daniel H. B. Brower, Jesse
R. Burden,John Cessna, Henry Church, John
N. Conyng ham, Sylvester Crindland, Benjamin
G. David, Wiliam J. Dobbins, James P. Dow
ner, Thomas Duncan, William Dunn, William
Espey, John C. Evans, William Evans, A. Scott
Ewing, Alexander S. Feather, James Flowers,
Benjamin P. Fortner, Alexander Gibboney,
Thomas E. Grier, Joseph E. Griffin, Joseph
Gulley, Jacob S. Haldeman, George H. Hart,
Lelfert Hart, John Hastirgs, William J. Hemp
hill, Jahn Hoge, Henry Huplet, Lewis Herlord,
Washington J. Jackson, Nicholas Jones, John
W. Killinger, Charles E. Kinkead, Robert Klotz,
Harrison P. Laird, Morris Leech, Jonathan D.
Leet, Anson Leonard, James J. Lewis Henry
Liitle, Jonas R. M'Clintock, John F. M'Cul
loch, Alexander C. M'Curily, John M'Laughlin,
John M'Lean, Samuel Marx, John B. Meek,
Michael Meyers, John Miller, Joseph C. Molloy
John D. Morris, William T. Morison, Ezekiel
Mowry, Edward Nickleson, Jacob Nissly,
Charles O'Neill, John B. Packer, Joseph C.
Powell, James C. Reid, John S. Rhey, Lewis
Roberts, Samuel Robinson, John B. Rutherford,
Glenni W. Scofield Thos C. Scouller, W. Shaft'.
ner, Richard Simpson, Eli Slifer ,Williarg#mith,
William A. Smith, Daniel M. Smyser, William
H. Souder, Thomas C. Steel, David Steward,
Charles Stockwell, Edwin C. Trone, Andrew
Wade, Robert C. Walker,
Thomas Watson, Sid
ney B. Wells,Hiram A. Williams, Daniel Zer
bey and John S. M'Culmont, Speaker—yeas 87.
Those voting against the passage of the reso
lution were, Augustus K. Cornyn, David Evans
and James M. Porter—Nays 3.
Extract from the Jourm;l,
SacewrAar's OFFICE.
Filed March 15, 1850
A. W. BENEDICT, Dep. Seery. of Common
Pennsylvrnia as. —...tea.
1 do certify that the above and foregoing is a
true and correct copy of the original resolution
.of the General Assembly, entitled "Resolution
relative to an amendment of the Constitution,"
as the same remains on file in this office.
' '' In testimony whereof I have here
„,..i.' '' , e,. unto set my hand, and caused to be
,_ ' affixed the seal of the Secretary's
'. 1 ,.C111 t Office, at Harrisburg, this fifteenth
u f i e
- 4 4. day ofJune, Anno Domini one thou
sand eight hundred and fifty. ..,:?.
Secretary of the Commonwealth.
June 25--1850.--3 m.
Dissolution of Partnership.
The co•partnersht? heretofore existing be
tween R. C. M'Uill and J. Moore, in the Iron
Foundry business, has been dissolved by niu
tual consent. Those indebted are requested to
maks payment to R. C. M'Gill, in whose hands
the books will be left, and who will continue to
carry on the business,
June 25, 1850. J. MOORE.
FROM Philadelphia, respectfully informs the
Ladiut that slip has opened a btory iu the
borough of II untingdon, nearly opposite Couto'
Hotel, fur the sale of
Bonnets, Trimmings and Fancy Articles.
She invites the Ladies to call at her establish-
ment and examine her stock. Her Bonnets are
of the latest Fashion. Bonnets altered and
trimmed to the latest fashion. Also, bleaching
and pressing done on reasonah e terms and at
abort notice. (June 18, 1850.
Administrator's Notice.
Estate of MICHAEL GRAZIER, deed., late
of Warriorsmark township.
ET'I'ERS of Albninistration hare been grunt •
ed to the undersigned upon the est;to of
Michael Grazier . . late of Warriorsmark town
,* ip, Huntingdon couitty. deceased. A I per
sona knowing themselves indebted, aro requested
to make immediate payment, and those having
claims will present then] properly authenticated.
June 18, 1850.-8t.—51,75 pd.
To Alexander Entiog, Robert Ewing, and Hen
ry Ewing, eons of Thomas Ewing, late of
West Township, Huntingdon county, deed.,
and all other persons interested :
TAKE NOTICE that by virtue of a citation
I issued out of the Orphans' Court of said co.,
you are required to appear in the said Court on
the second Wednesday in August next, to show
cause, if any you have, why satisfaction should
not be entered on the record of certain recogni
zances in said Court, given by Thomas Ewing.
jr. and his surety, to the said Alexander, Robert
and Henry Ewing, at August Term 1838, to se
cure to them their respective shares, of and in
the money, at which the Real Estate of their
father, 'L'homas Ewing, dec'd., was valued, and
taken by the said Thomas Ewing under the de
cree of said Court.
M. CROWNOVER, Sheriff.
June 18, 1810.-61.
To the Whigs of Huntingdon County
FELLOW CITIZENS :—I offer myself to
I` your consideration as a candidate fur the of
fice of Sheriff, at the coming election ; subject to
the decision of the Whig County Convention.—
If fairly and honestly nominated and elected, I
pledge myself to discharge the duties of the of
fice with fidelity, and to the best of my ability.
Morris township, June 18, 18M.
AVE are authorized to announce Maj. JAMES
V y TEMPLETON, of Brady township, for
merly of Shirleysburg, as a candidate for Sheriff
ut the ensuine October election.
June 18, 18M.
IS hereby given that I have purchased at
stable's sale, the following articles, to wit:
One Grey Horse, 1 two horse wagon, 2 sett of
harness, 1 sorrel Mare, 1 River Fiat, and 1 Log
Chain, and that I have loaned the same to Jo
seph Mapes. J. F. COTTERELL.
June 18, 1810.-3 t.
f HE undersigned will sell at private sale, that
I large and extensive Tavern property, situa
ted on the corner of Allegheny and Smith sts.
in the borough of Huntingdon, and
on the south side of the Railroad,
; known as the " WASHINGTON
• - HOTEL," with two lots of ground
and the capacious stabling connected with it.—
This Hotel, located us it is, and commanding as
it does the passenger custom by Canal and Hail
Road, and being the
Packet and Stage Office,
and situated so near to the contemplated Rail
Road Depot, affords facilities for a tavern which
cannot easily be , itirpassed. The opening ut the
Penn'a. Rail Road will make it a most desirable
house fur any petson wishing to keep an exten
sive I otel.
The Lots connected with it would also afford
a most favorable location for a Warehouse, with
canal on one side and Railroad on the other.
.. _......
Terms moderato, and payments made easy to
suit purchasers.
Any information will be given by
Juno 11, 1850.
JAMES CLARK, ESti.-Sir :-The citizens of
Penn Township respectfully offer the name of
JOHN GARNER, Jr., us a candidate for the
next ensuing Sherifliilty of Huntingdon county,
subject to the decision of the Whig Convention
to be holden for the purpose of nominating can
didates for the various offices of the county. In
thus presenting our candidate to the public, we
court an enquiry of the character, the claims,
and the principles of the man, folly assured that
under the most scrutinizing investigation, he
will be pronounced worthy.
June 11, 1850.
A DAMS & CO. have established an Express
LI Office in Huntingdon, in charge of Horace
W. Smith, at the Huntingdon Bonk Store. AII
packages left with him wil. be carefully attend
ed to. [June 4, 1850.
THE Collectors of State and county taxes, in
1_ the several townships of the county, are
' hereby notified that no Bank note of a less rleno
urination than five dollars, except the notes is
sued by the Banks of this State, under th. Act
of 4th March, 1841, will be received by the ,rtate
Treasurer, from the Co .nty Treasurer, in pay
ment of -lute tax, after the let day ofJune inst.,
as communicated to us by the tate Treasurer.
By order of the Co. Commissioners.
June 4, 1850.
WOULD respectfully inform the public that
he is prepared to serve up ICE CREAM
at his establishment, in the best style. He has
fitted up a SALOON especially for the LADIES
and made such arrangements for the accommo
dation of all as cannot fail to please. He will
also be prepared to furnish PRIVATE PARTIES
with any quantity of Ice Cream desired.
May 21, 1850.
INERAL WATER, of a superior quality,
21 at Marks' Confectionary. IMay 21.
3tt#;'4,A';(;.,.-A; :.
~...,,i—'' ..:24,„;,.,:,i...;,,V0.101v:t::..:v.,.::,..,
:. i
-, 'ti;f7
tg`N•l's,,4';',?.. — - Alf"- !'e...'
TTAVE received. and are now opening, in the
IA room formerly occupied by J. N. Prowell,
The Largest, Richest and Cheapest
IMS'actD caa cu.) LP C:,rb CD CD cia
evet brought to i runtingduu. It embraces every
thing that is 'rich, racy and picturesque,' and
are Bitch ac must induce those who ere in want
of BARGAINS to make their selections ai this
establishment. As ••the I roof of the podding is
in the eating, it is to be hoped that everyboiiy,
and all their relations, will drop in before pur
chasing elsewhere. & hove occular evidence that
MONEY CAN BE SAVED by purchasing at
the sign of the
For example, they are selling a very heavy
yard wide Marlin at a FIF. Three quarter yard
Tide, T 1112E1.; CENTS.
Calicoes from 3 to 12i; beautiful Lawns at
10; handsome Linen Lustre's at 12k; De
mesne Gingham. let 10; Drillings at 10.
Superb Sugar at Si cents per pound, t afire
10 to 12d cents; Cup. and ,eurers 12i cis.
per set. and everything else in proportion. Their
assortment of everything is temple.
Dry Goods, Groceries, Queensware, Bonnets,
Third ware, Boots, Shoe?, Paints, 4.c.
Togetho. with a host of other articles too nu
mmous to mention; and they have no hesitation
in assuring the public that nn inspection of their
immense stock will convince the most skeptical
that they ore
Beyond the reach of Competition
(heir terms are CASH; and all they desire's
that the people—the whole people—will rush in
upon them and he satisfied that
Twenty per cent. at least can be Saved
by paralleling at the Cheap ash more of
Huntiugdon, June 11, 1850.
Z7c. Z 230
Thais assortment will always be complete, as
they are constantly receiving fresh suppltesfrom
the Easter., cities.
Have You heard the News?
EVERYBODY is talking about the splendid
assortment of
Clocks, Watches, Jewelry, &c.
which are daily being received at the extensive
and handsomely fitted up establishment of
Their stock of Clocks, Gold and silver Watches,
Jewelry, &c., is superior to that of uny other es•
tablishment in the place; and the
Astonishingly Low Pi ices
at which they sell, accounts for the fact why ev
erybody goes there to buy.
uj Having twoexperieuced workmen in their
employ, they are prepared to
Repair Clocks, Watches and Jewelry
promptly, and on the 'nost reasonable terms. If
you want work we I done, and desire to purchase
superior locks, Watches, Jewelty, and Fancy
Articles CHEAP, don't forget to go to
Huntingdon, June 11
The Ilate's Valley and Woodcock ,Valley
Ityutes United ! I
A General Depot for the Produce of the entire
Coal Region,establiehed on the Pentea.
Canal and Hail Road, at
HAVING each labored zealously for the suc
cess of his favorite route for the Rail Road
to the Coal Region, have now determined to u
nite interests, and continue their labors jointly,
with the view of making.sume money for them
selvea, as well at securing the construction of this
important work; while the books are open, and
the public generally invited to subscribe stock,
they are also opening a large assortment of
goods, embracing every article which the de
wands of rho country may requi, e, such as
Hardware and Queensware,
Hats, Caps, Shoes, IS•e.
All of which they have purchased with a view
to the tatted of their old friends ai rmen ROUTES
and are determined to sell as low as any other
regular udtublisturent in the county.
They are also prepared to purchase the sur
plus produce of the country for cash, at the nen
tieun MARKET Patties; or to receive, forward to
market, arid have sold on cornmisvion, any arti
cle that may be entrusted to their care.
Their location and arrangements are such,
that they can forward and make return of pro
duce us fast astern can curry it, and intending
to give the business their personal superintend
ence, they hope to give satialuction to all who
may favor them with their trade All orders for
goods supplied on the shortest notice.
G•t.t. Arun see co.
Dridgeporyuno 11, 1850.- $2 pd.
THE subscriber wishes to inform the public in
general, that ho to now fully prepared to do
Calking,' of all kinds, and will keep o . hand a
fleneral Assort meta of Castings,
consisting of CC M 'KING STOVES Mr-tight,
Parlor, Ten-plate. Wood and Coal stoves—all
of which are new patterns not before introduced
into this section of country. Alen, a variety of
Plough patterns of the kinds now in use. A
general asaortme• t of Hollow-ware catnings.con
sisting of Kettles, Dutch Ovens, Skillets, Pans,
Misce laneous articles, ouch as Wag
on Boxes, Sled and Sleigh Soles, Smoothing
Irons. Ro ling Mill and Forge castings, VI in
dm" Grates for cellars, Unties and sills for hou
ses, Saab Weixtita and Water Pipes ; also Sweg
Anvils and Mandrels for Blacksmiths, made to
order on the shortest notice. We will sell eve
ry article in our line on the most reasonable
terms for Cash, and will take all kinds of cotin
try produce and old metal in exchange for coat
i. gr.. The Foundry in situated nt the Southern
end of lluntingdon, along the canal.
Dustings of all kinds will lie kept nt the
shop of Win. 10. Zeigler as formerly, at N. E.
comm. of Market Square, Huntingdon.
All oiders addressed to R. C. will
be protnptly attended to.
Huntingdon. May 29, 1950.
Main Street, Huntingdon, three doors West of
Neff kV Miller's Jewelry Store,
EtS they
Y ro ry o
I h t
It hy v
Saddle and Harness Making,
• and nie ready to furnish their
. ,
, customers with all kinds of Va..
V,4„ lices, 'Trunks, and Carpet Bags,
Plush, Hogskin, and Tub Side
Saddles, (from the cheapest to the Met.) Also,
Shelter Saddles of all kinds, Wagon and Car.
tinge Harness, Bridles, Collate, W hips, &c.
Having a Tannery in the immediate vicinity
of Huntingdon, they are prepared to fuinieh alt
who favor them with their custom, at their
and Harness shop with.
Leather of all Hinds,
of superior quality and (*milli. All of which
will be disposed of cheap for casu or a y kind
of country produce. The highest price,in trade,
given fur beef hides, calf hides, bark, &c.
Huntingdon. May 29, 1850.
Pay Up and Save Costs.
All knowing themselves indebted to I. Graflus,
I. Grrfius & Sou, I. & H. Gratin., I. Grath's &
Mackabee, (I. Grafius surviving partner.) either
by note or hook account, will phrase make it
payment, as longer indulgence cannot be
granted. The hooks of the above named firms
ore in the bands of 1. ORA NUS, Alexandria.
whe e those indebted will please cull and settle,
and thereby save costs.
Alexandria. May 29, 1t150,-4t.
U51:21?-0d coa - :1D CID
Ice Cream, Confeetionarl, and Bakery !
Thankful tot past favors, 'neat respectfully an
nounce to the citizens of Huntingdon and vicin
ity that they have made necessary arrange:milts
to supply all who may favor them wit. a call,
with the inost choice varikies of
Ice Cream, Confectionaries, Cakes,
fruit, Nuts, ace.
Their private rooms are fitted up in a hand
some style which make them a comfortable place
of resort for Ladies and Lien denten.
Parties elm be turnislied, On the shortest no
tice with Ice Cream, CoAcetionaries, and all
kinds of Cakes, Fruit, &e.
..,Ly Duu't fu got to cull at the sign of the Red
Curtain, Railroad street, one dour above W Mime
Steivares store.
Huntingdon, May 29, 1850.
To the IVhig Voters and Citizens of Hunting
don County.
- -
In accordance with the advice of numerous
personal and political friends, I oiler mysell us
a condition for the office of tihcrtll, ut the ensu
ing October election. subject to the decision of
the Whig County Convention. If nominated
and elected, I will dischurge the duties of the
oilier foitlifully, tnipainally and humanely.
Executor's Notice,
Estate of Dr. JOHN HENDERSON, Dee'd.
E'rTERS testainraitary have been grantvd
_LA on the estate of said decorated, this iluy, to
the undersigned. AU persons having claims
against said Estate, are hereby notified to pre
sent them duly authenticated for settlement. and
all persons indebted to said estate, will make Im
mediate payment. 050. l'A Y LOH,
. .
Huntingdari, May 22. 1850.—may 28, 6t.
• OTILE is lieieby givim that subsc iption
▪ ke of the said company will be opened
at the public Minim oft hark ( (Righting. in
Newton Hamilton, et the house at Sena.' H.
Bell, in Shirk, townvhip, end at the office of
John Luiz, in iihirleysburg, on the 4th. sth and
Bth days of July next, lor the purpose of raising
funds to erect a Midge over the .uniata, et oi
near the mouth of A ughwick creek.
WILLIAM I Eks, Chairman.
J. C. SECHLLII, Secretary.
luno 4. 1850.
north 01 Hollidaysburg, and about one mile north
west of Allegheny Furnace, Blair county.
After the 21st day of May, the LOTS in said
TOWN will be open to the public for sale.
It is well known that the Pennsylvania Rail ,
Road Company have selected this place for the
erection of their main Machine and other Shops
and are now building the same.
The Rail Road ivill be opened early in the Fall
throwing at once a large amount of trade to this
place. The main inducement at this time in of
fering Lots for sale, being to secure the requis
ite Machinists and Tradesmen, and homes for
the Machinists and other employees of Cie Rail
Road Company. Early application will secure
Lots at a low price.
For further information apply to C. 11. MAY
ER, at Altoona, or to R. A. McMURTRIE,
June 4 15:10—tf.
LIARSAPA RI fine article7for sale at
0 Marks' Colafeetionary. [May 21.
A Valuable Limestone Term.
BY virtue of an order of the Orphans' Court of
Huntingdon county, will he exposed to pub
lic sale, on Saturday,the29th day ef Juno next,
Into the rotate at Wm. Ewing, dee'd., situate in
West and Barree townships, adjoining leads of
John Stryker, Dr. Mordecai Massey, Robert Mas
sey, Janice Ewing's heirs, and others, containing
226 ACRES. more or lese; a large part of
which is cleared and in a good state of cultivation,
with an apple Orchard of good fruit
thereon, and a two story stone
a .
111 a Dwelling House, •
and a large Frame. Bonk Burn, thereon erected.—
Also a corn crib, wagon shed, spring house, at
other buildings.
The above is situate in a fine settlement, as
the land is of the best quality, and is one of II
most valuable farm. in Huntingdon county.
Tmists aF SA I.E.—Otte third of the purchas
money to Ire paid on confirmation of the sale—
one third in one year thereafter, with intereet—
and the remaining third at and immediately efte
the death of the widow of said deceased. the in
terest thereon to be paid to the said widow ar
nuttily and regularly during her life, the whob
to be secured by the bonito and mortgages of th
By the Court.
Attendance given by
J. MES 'EWING, Administrator
May 21, 1850.
01CrillAA 1 44' COLItT P§ALE.
J3Y virtue of anorder of the Orphans' Court
Huntingdon county, will be exposed to sal•
on the premises, by public vendee or outcry, o
Saturday tire 29th day of June, 1850,
situate in Brady township, in said county, con
taining 188 acres more or less, adjoining land
ot James Ross, Jesse Yocum, James Ker, Jar
M'llonald and others. The said tract of lan,
lies along the Kisacogitillas valley, is within
convenient distance ot the Perinsyl
544 • vania Rail Road and Canal, and is
- 4,1,3;
Well Timbered,
which renders it very valuable, and offers a pro
fitable speculation to purchasers.
The above tract will be sold whole or in par
cels to suit purchasers.
TERMS.—The half of the purchase money to
be paid on confirmation of sale, and the residue
in one year thereafter, with interest, to be secu
red by bond and mortgage 01 the purchaser.
By the Court, M. F. CsaiensiA., Clerk.
Attendance given by
Adm'r. of John Wiley, dec'd.
May 21, 1850.
3N.LiW rEita.UILE.
LOVERS of the Beautiful ehould not fail to
call immediately at the ottire of
who have just received from the Eastern cities, a
splendid assortment of
which they are offering, au usual, at most aston
ishing PRICES. Their stuck compri
ses ever) thing that the wont. of the People re
quire, and is wade up, in part, of the most ex
tensive variety of all thu vaiieus styles, selected
to snit ail tastes, of
Ladies SI. Gentlemen's Dress Goods,
Boots, Shoes, Hats and Caps, Hardware,
Queensware, Groceries, &c.
We neither wish to boast or deceive, in tegard to
the superior quality or the low prices of our
goods. and hence invite the puirlic at large
to call and examine to thenrcelt es. It will give
us pleasure at all times to chow our goods.
'Thankful for past favors, we hope by strict
attention to business to receive a liberal share of
public patronage.
Huntingdon, June 4, 1850.
Watches and Scwelry.
J. T. SCOTT bus just received en additional
supply of Watches, Jewels,. dm a hick he will
sell uu terms highly advantageous to purchasers.
Phase in Heed would du well to give him. a call•
Remember that he has removed his store to
the room directly opposite the Bons of Tetnper
once Mall, and three doors west of T. Read &
Bun's store. [May IS, 1850.
Blair county. Lancaster county.
Huntingdon co. Lancaster county.
Blair county. Lancaster county.
Office on Allegheny St., a Jew doors west of the
Court lions, and nearly opposite Post Office,
rilBE Company is now ready to transact husi
n-ss. Upon money deposited for a specific
period or thrpe, six, tune or twelve months, in
terest will be paid at such rates as are actually
allowed by Savingr Institutions. Tiansient Ue
posites received, payable on demand.
R. R. BRYAN, Cashier.
Hollidaysburg, Nay 21, MO.
Administrator's Notice.
Estate of JOHN P. DORSET, late of Hun
tingdon Borough, Deceased.
I ETTE RS of Administration have been grant
ed to the subscriber open the estate Cl Joust
P. Dosser, !ate of Huntingdon Borough, deed.
All poisons having claims will present them du
ly authenticated for settlement, and those in
debted are requested to make payment.
May 21, 1850.-ot.
To the Democratic Whig Voters and Cate's.
of Huntingdon County.
T the request of many friends, I have been
Li induced to announce myseli us a candidate
for the office of Sheriff at the ensuing full elec
tion; subject, however, to the di Coin. of the
ount• Convention, to be held in August next.
I pli•dge myself, if nominated and elected, to die
charge the dodo , of the office impartially and
honestly, to the beet of my ability.
Union township, April 80,1850,
i ‘I , FICE hour. from 8 to 12 A. M., and 2 to 6
U P. M. S. %V. Corner of Bill and Montgom.
a ry street.. [May 1, 1860.