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    L. Martin and the Lawyer.
We heard an anecdote of this distin
guished lawyer a few days ago, which
we remember to have met with in print,
but which is so good that it will do to
tell again.
Martin was on one occasion riding to
Annapolis, in a stage coach, in which
was a solitary companion, a young law
yer just commencing the practice of
law. After some familiar conversation
the young lawyer said:
" - Sir, you have been remarkably suc
cessful in your profession—few men
have gained so mary canes—will you
be good enough to communicate to me,
n.beginner,. the secret of your won
derous successl"
"I'll do it, young man on one condi
tion, and that is that you defray my ex
penses during my stay of a few day at
" Willingly," replied the young man,
hoping thereby to profit greatly by the
" The secret of my success," said.
Martin, "may be discovered in this ad
vice which 1 now give you nawrzly :
Deny everything and insist upon proof."
On reaching Annapolis, Luther Mar
tin was not very self-denying in the en
joyment presented by a fine hotel ; the
aubttantials and general refreshments
were despatched in a manner quite grat
ifying to the host. The time for return
at length came. The young man and
Martin stood together at the bar, and .
demanded their respective bills.
Martin's was enormous, but on glan
cing at it, he quietly handed it to the
piung lawyer, who running his eye over
i. azily, returned it with the utmost
.• Don't you intend to pay it 1"
`• Pay- what 1" said the young lawyer.
Why, pay this bill. Did you not
pruniise on the route downward, that
you would defray my expenses at the
" My dear sir," said the young gen
tleman, "1 deny everything, and insist
upon proof."
..Nla;tin at once saw that he was caught
and eyeing his young friend a moment
or two, he said, pleasantly, "You don't
need any counsel from me, young man;
you don't need any counsel from rue."
Counsel to the Young.
Resolve to form your life upon some
certain principles, and regulate your ,
principles by fixed rules. Man was
made to be governed by reason, and not
by mere accident or caprice. It is im
portant therefore that you begin early to
consider and inquire what is the proper
course, and form some plan for your fu-
ture lives. The want of such consid-
eration is manifest in the conduct of
multitudes. They are governed by the
impulse of the moment, reckless of the
consequences. They have fixed no steady
aim, and have no certain principles of
action. Living thus at random, it would
be a miracle if they went uniformly
right. In order to your pursuing the
right path, you must know what it is
and to acquire this knowledge you must
divest yourselves of thoughtless giddi
ness ; you must take time for serious re
flection. It will not always do to adopt
the recommendation of those who may
be about you ; for they may have a sin
ister regard to you; or may themselves
be misled by error or prejudice. Per
sons already involved in dissipation or
entangled in error, naturally desire to
keep themselves in countenance by the
number of followers whom they can se
duce into their path in vice. As rea
sonable creatures, therefore, judge for
yourselves what course is right• anu fit
ting that you should pursue. Exercise
your own reason independently and im
partially, and give not yourself up to be
governed by mere caprice and fashion,
or by the opinions of ethers.
ter Village Record says that a man liv
ing in north Coventry township, near
the Schuylkill river, was brought to the
jail at West Chester, last week, charged
with beating his wife so• unmercifully
that she died. It appears that the man
and wife were both addicted to intoxica
tion, and were furnished by some per
sons in the neighborhood, with means
of gratifying their propensity for drink.
On Sunday, the 6th inst., they were both
in a state of inebriety, and the husband
in a fit of passion, beat his wife until
she was insensible. In this condition
she was discovered by a neighbor. The
man displayed no signs of humanity or
contrition; but even after his arrest
treated his wife with brutal indignity.
He acknowledged that he had inflicted
the injury, said he was willing tobe pun
ished, and desired the neighbors to lynch
him on the spot. He has been commit
ted to await his trial at the July term.
The woman died on Monday.
ing in a field chanced to be stung by a
nettle, and came crying to. his father.—
He told him. that he had been hurt by
that nasty plant several times before;
that tie was always afraid of it; and that
now,. though he did but just touch it,
yet he was most severely stung. 'Child,'
said he, 'your touching it so gently and
timorously is the very reason of its hur
ting you. A nettle may be handled safe
ly, if you do it with courage and resolu
tion ; if you seize it boldly and hold it
fast, be assured it will never sting you;
and so it is with many things in the
world ; if we grapple boldly with them
we shall come off unhurt."
A Beautiful Allegory.
Mr. Crittenden was engaged in defen
ding a man who had been indicted for a
capital offence. After an elaborate and
powerful defence, ho closed his effort by
the following striking and beautiful
"When God, in His eternal counsel,
conceived the thought of man's creation
He called to him the three Ministers
who wait constantly upon His Throne—
Justice Truth and Mercy ; and thus ad
dressed them ; "Shall We make man 1"
Then said Justice, "Oh, God, make him
not ; for he will trample upon thy laws."
—Truth made answer also, "Oh, God !
make him not, for he will pollute thy
sanctuaries." But Mercy, dropping upon
her knees, and looking up through her
tears exclaimed, "Oh, God ! make him ;
L. will watch over him with my care,
through all the dark paths which he may
have to tread." Then God made man,
and said to him, "Oh, man ! thou art
the child of Mercy; go and deal with
thy broth.er2 "
The jury when he finished, was drown
ed in tears, and against evidence and
whnt must have been their own convic
tions, brought in a speedy verdict of not
Gold and Silver Walchrs,
,Lt cE.•c!Kr Cid a a. CZa
Watches anti Jewelry of every description neatly
repaired and warranted.
His friends and the public gen
-4 orally, visiting Philadelphia, me
invited to give him a call, as he
aa" feels confident that he can furnish
articles in his line of such quality
and price as will give universal satisfaction.—
The trade will he supplied with Watches, Jew
elry, &c., ascheapas they con be procured else
Philadelphia, April 23, 1850.
Greatest Variety in Town at the
LT AS just laid in a very heavy stock of all
&c., which he invites his old customers and the
public generally to examine. Hie stock of Goods
is very large, consisting of every variety to suit
the wente of the people.
Huntingdon, April 23d, 1850.
All Kinds of Groceries.
fIOFFEE, Teas, Surars, Molasses, Chocolate,
Us fresh supply just received at SCHNEI
DER'S Generul:Depot.
LGREAT variety of choice Confectionary
, for sale at SCIINEIDF.R'S.
Fresh Bread and Cakes
F all kind's always on hand at the Bakery of
Sperm and Tallow Candles, and Soap
ON hand and for sale at SCEINEIDER'S Gen.
eral Depot.
Superior Brand Segars
(IF various kinds just received and for sale at
Spices of all Kinds
L'OR sale at SCHNEIPER'S Grocery and
Cheese and Crackers
FOR sale at SCHNEIDER'S Confectionary
_l2 and Grocery Depot.
Raisins at 121 cis.. per pound.
GOOD article of Raisins at 12i cts. per lb.
for sale at SCIINEIDEIt'S.
SUPERIOR article of Vinegar for sale a
Fluid, and. Fluid Lamps.
0 tIPERIOR Fluid, and Fluid Lamps received
0 and for sale by LOUIS SCHNEIDER.
D RANDY.—Superior Brandy, in bottle.,
1) fur sale by Louis St:lll.4El.n.
X TXXXL— Port and Madeira Wine, of au-
A/ perior quality, in botties, for sale by
Fruit and Nuts
Of all kinds, for sale at SC HNELDER'S
John Marks in the Field.
The subscriber has opened a very neat GRO
end of the Exchange Hotel, Market Square. H un
tingdon, in the room formerly occupied by
Neil and Miller as a Jewelry Store, where
articles in his line can be had cheap for cash or
country produce. Ilis stock consists of
Coffee of different qualities,
Tea, Young Hyson, Imperial and Black,
Sugar, from 6} to 11 eta per lb.
Chocolate, Sweet Spiced.
Tobacco, Sttuff and Seger..
Corn broom and Whitewash Brushes,
Best Table and Baking IVlolawies,
Soap, Fancy and Rosin,
Candles, Mould and Spot in.
Rice and Starch,
Twine and Candle Wick,
Congress Lemon and•Orangee,
Fancy and side Combs,
Bath Brick,
Table Salt, and a general assortment of CAKES,
RAISINS, NUTS and CANDIES, all of which
I am prepared to sell at a very small profit.
April 23d,1850.-3m.
Constantly on hand and
SALMON, for sale by
PORK, (Market Street Wharf,
LARD & CHEESE, i March 26, 1850.-3 m.
I iNERAL WATER, of &superior quality,
.LVI at Marks' Confectionary. [May 21.
EZlaa umta 6z3
E. & W. SNARE,
ave just received and are now open
-11 ing a well selected and mammoth
assortment of
Spring and Summer Clothing,
for men and boys, consisting of every thing usu
ally kept in clothing stores, and a variety of fan
cy articles unusually kept is them. Our stock
is superiorto any other ever brough.t to Hun
tingdon, end is not inferior to any other ever
between Philadelphia and Pittsburg.
Presuming it unnecessary to enumerate. long
list of low piers, as the establishment has been
long and favorably known as the hawse for sel
ling cheap and fashionable clothing.
H. & W. SNARE.
Merck 25, 1830-3 m.
EncOurage Your Own Mechanics.
Saddle and Harness anufact ory
f O r
i U e
. L d D s
n r e d s&e e c t e
p f u u h l 113:c
at i inform e t
h h a i s t
he continues the above business in
Main street, Huntingdon, nearly oppo
site the store of Read & Son.
An kinds of HARNESS, and SAD
DLES of a superior kind, BRIDLES,
in short, every thing in his line of bu
siness, will be manufactured on the
shortest notice, of the best materials,
and as cheap, if not cheaper, that can
be had at any other establishment in
the county.
He is thankful for the liberal patron
age already extended to him, and hopes
by strict attention to, business to receive
a continuance of public favor.
[)JA large assortment of SADDDES
READY MADE, always on hand,artd made
in superior style.
Liz-Hides, and country produce gen
erally, taken in exchange for work.
March 5, 1850.
L...s'aucoaaaaazycia QCD Eta
Book and Stationary Depot.
rpHE subscriber respectfully informs
I the citizens of Huntingdon and its
thc t he has commenced business in the
Maud formerly occupied by I. Dorland, opposite
Coot's Hotel, and having made arrangements
with the Philadelphia Merchants to have con
stantly on hand, upon commission,the following
general assortment of
consisting of Ledgers, Day Books, receipt, pars
books and Justices Dockets. Also—every de
scription of writing and deed paper, white and
colored pasteboard, plain and perforated bristol
board, tissue paper, &c,
Black, blue Brod relinks, ink powder, quills, wa
fers, inkstands, steel pens, sand and sand boxes,
lead pencils, indian rubber, water colors, slates
and slate pencils.
of every description, of late editions kept con
stantly on hand.
Pocket Bibles and Testaments, Hymn and
Psalm Books, Prayer Books, &c.,
Fancy Note Paper and Envelops,
of every variety, Albums, portfolios, pocketbooks,
annuals, fancy boxes, wafers and sealing wax,
visiting cards, bead purses, penknifes and every
variety of fancy good..
Novils, Song - Books,.hfusic, Miscela-
7ieous works, &c,
consisting et extracts for the Handkerchief,
Soaps, Shaving Cream, Cologne, &c.
Also—Cigars of the choicest brands, Chew
ing tobacco, &c.
March 26.1850.
Administrator's Notice.
r ETTERS of Administration have been grant
ed to the undersigned, upon the estate of
LEONARD STEFFEY, late of Barree town
ship, Huntingdon cimiity, deceased. All per
sona knowing themselves indebted, are requested
to make immediate payment, and those having
claims, will present them properly authenticated
SAMUEL STEFFEY, Jackson towhship,
ADAM S'fEFFFY, Barree township.
May 7,1850.-6 t.
Musical Instruments.
VIOLINS, flutes, guitars, flageol ts,
V accordeons, banjoes, and musical
boxes, for sale by NEFF & MILLER.
April 2, 1850.
AFINE assortment of Rousserse — ia
Hauel's perfumery, for sale by
April 2, 1850.
tN assortment of Pittsburg Glassware just
received by J. & W. SAXTON.
Ray 7, 1850.
Corral' at 12t cents.—An excellent
article just received and for sale at J. & W.
SAXTON'S store. [Kay 7, MO.
THANKFUL to the citizens of Huntingdon
and its vicinity for their increased custom,
we again request their company to view ourlarge
and splendid assortment of
Dinner Sets, Tea Sets, let Sets, and
pieces, eithee of Glass, China, or Stone
Ware, sold in quantities to suit purchasers, for
less than they can be had elsewhere—
In greater variety than ever before offered in the
FANCY CHINA in great variety very cheap.
We would invite any person visiting the
city to call and see us—they will at least be plea
sed to walk around our beautiful store, and to
view the finest china and the cheapest the viol Id
Very respectfully,
No. 219 Chestnut Street.
Phila. Sep. 25, 1849.—1 y.
41 & 43
Would respectfully inform his friends and the
travelling public generally, that lie has leased
the above large and well known llotel. The
location is one of the very best for business
men in Philadelphia, and he flatters himself that
by giving it his entire attention, that he will be
able to render perfect satisfaction to all who
may favor him with their custom.
He returns thanks for the very liberal sup
port already extended to him by his friends of
Huntingdon and the neighboring counties, and
begs leave to assure them that he will spare no
mins or expense to render the Cm( llorr•.n.
worthy of their continued support.
Philadelphia, Oct. 30, 1819-1 y.
VITOULD respectfully announce to his old
%V customers, and every body else, that he
has removed his store from his old stand, to the
room a few doors below, on the same side of the
street, and but two doors from William Dorris'
Store. In addition to his old stock, he has just
received an elegant assortment of
a 3. CID
which he is prepared to Fell as cheep, if not •
little cheaper, than can be procured elsewhere.
His stock consists of
Dry-Goods, Groceries, Hardware,
Drugs, 47c., 4.c.
fhankful for past favors he would real ect
ful'y solicit a continuance of public favor. It
wi I always give him pleasure to use his utmost
exertions to render satisfaction to those who may
deal with him.
Feb. :9, 1850.
New Arrangement.
Summers & 3all,
W ° th V e l y A) ha r v e : P p e u e r t e i h n a i s ly ed i f n r i o7e n he h n e ry P S u l i n d i l th " ht
tools, stock, &c., belonging to the above depart
ment of his business, sod that they wit carry it an
for the present, in all its various broacher, in
the shop heretofore occupied by Mr. Smith. They
are prepared to execute all ordcir in their :Mesa
the shortest notice and most reasonable terms.
Carriages, Buggies, Wagons, Sleighs,
Carts, Wheelbarrows, &c.,
made to order, of the best malodors, and at t ea
sonable prices.
Repairing of all kinds of vehicles, done on the
shortest notice.
Those wanting neat, cheep and durable
articles in their line of business, ascrespecifully
requested to Rive them a call.
Feb. 26, 1850.
M. 86 J. M, ROWE,
63 North Third Sreet, above .Ireh,
1500 Don. Corn Wooing,
500 doz. Painted auekets ;
500 nests Willow Market Baskets ;
600 Cedar Tubs ;
800 Staff and Barrel Churns;
together with the largeststock of IA Blow, Cedar
and Eastern Woodware ever olrered in thecity.
N. B. Cash paid at all times fur broom corn
at our factory.
Feh. 26, 1850.
Commission Merchants,
111113N011 1721T1M09
Tens, Segars, .{•e.
JV'o. 11 Walnut Street,
Cry Consignments of Western and Southern
Produce sulirited.,CD
June 12, 1R49.
IIHE undersigned, having lately dissolved the
partnership existing between them, have
still on hand a number of CARRIAGES AND
BUGGIES of superior finish, which they wish
to dispose of, to which they respectfully invite
the attention of purchasers. Any person need
ing a Carriage or Buggy should give them a
call as they will sell on the most reasonable
March 19, 18M.
FOR the Intellectual and Moral training of
young persona and children of both sexes,
kept by J. A. HALL, in the now Academy
building, Huntingdon, l'a.
The spring session will commence on MoNDAT,
Tux 22,1 DAP OP APRIL INST. For particalara
apply to the Teacher.
Rev. J. Moore, A. P. Wilson, J. S. Stewart,
R. M'A lister, Eggs; Messrs. D. M'Murtie, W.
B. Zeigler andJ. N. Prowell; Judge Gwin, Hon.
George Taylor, Col. James Clark and Dr. M.
A. Henderson.
April 2d. MO.
SARSAPAKILL A, a fine article, for sale at
Marks' Confectionary. [May 21.
Chair and Furniltire
znolia ar) zaa as 8
Up Stairs above Peter Swoope's Store
and Sheriff Crownover's office, and three
doors east of McKinney's Hotel.
THE undersigned has again corn
") menced the above business in all its
,51.1! various branches, and is now pre
pad ( r vro e r d to ' m h a
w c c i o t m th o o d i a r te o
o a v l
t l o t o y , h
y e
most reasonable terms.
He intends keeping on hand all kinds of
CHAIRS and FURNITURE, from common to
the most fashionable stye, and made in the most
durable manlier, which he will sell low for cash
or Country produce.
. .
All kinds of Lumber taken in exchange for
Chairs or furniture.
COFFINS will at all timos ho kept on hand.,
and funerals attended in town, and' shortly its
tea, and country, as he is getting a splendid
hearee made for the accommodation of the public.
Hour's trin SIGN PAINTING attended to as
Huntingdon. October 30, 1849.
For the Purchase and Sale of
IrEIE undersigned, believing that an
I Agency of this character would be
an accommodation and an advantage to both the
purchaser and seller of Real Estate, has conclu
ded to open one at his office in Huntingdon.
All business of this kindentrusted to him, and
all communications sentto him, will receive his
prompt and diligent attention. He will adver
tise when requested, either in his own name or
in the name of the owner, as may be desirable,
in one or both of the newspapers of the county,
and Many other newspaper that may be desig
nated, and endeavor to procure purchasers and
sellers, nod communiente between them.
A full and minute description of the property
—its improvements, supply of water, conveni
ence to markets, schools, churches,and the terms
of sale, must accompany the request of any per
son who ,vishes his real estate advertised or of
fered for sale ; and some description, as definite
as possible, of the quality, kind and value, or
the premises desired to be bought, must be giv
en by those who wish to purchase.
All communications relating to the business
of this Agency will be confidential if desired.
The subscriber is in communication with a
similar agency in Lancaster, Pa., and will be
able through it to bring property offered for
sale to the immediate notice of Lancaster coun
ty purchasers.
ll'Postage must be paid on all letters sent.
P. S.—Several desirable properties are now
offered for sale. For further particulars inquire
of the subscriber. DAVID BLAIR,
Attorney at Law.
Huntingdon, Pa., Nov. feff, 9819.
Wholesale and Retail
No. 2:38 MarkeeNt., afore S eren i h, s out h side,
LTHOUGH we can scarcely estimate the
/1. value of Tine commercially, yet by calling
at the above establishment, JAMES BARBER
will furnish his friends, among whom hei neludee
all who duly appreciate its fleetness, with a beau.l
tiful and perfect lan], for marking its progress,l
of whose value they can judge.
His extensive stock on hand, boustautly chan
ging in conformity to the improvements in taste
and style of patern and workmanship, consists of
Eight-day and Thirty-hour brass COUNTING.:
CLOCKS, French, Gothic and other fancy styles,
as well as plain, which front his extensive cnn.
section and correspondence with the manufactu
rers he finds he can put at the LOWEST CASH mi
tten in any quantity from one to a thousand, of
which he will warrant the accuracy.
(: ocka repaired and warranted—clock trim
mingson hand. Call and see me among them.
JAMES BARBER, 238 Market St.
Phila., August 28, 1849.
CIA MEWS D1.1120T.
Respectfully informs the public that he has
Removed his estsblishment to the room recently
occupied by T. K. Simonton, opposite ttie store
of T. Read le Son, where, in addition to his
former stock. he has just received the most
elegant tarot tment of
Clothing for Men and Boys
ever brought to the borough of Huntingdon !
Ws stock consists its part of Dress and Frock
COATS, a roriotY of PANTS and
VESTS, of every quality and price ; Shirts,
flannel shirt. and drawers, cravats, &c. &c.
Having considerable knowledge of the wants
of the People, and being experienced in the
quality and make of Clothing, he can confident
ly assure the public that the material isnot only
good but that his stock of clothing is well made
up, in the most fashionable style. Having pur
chased low, he is determined to sell at such
prices as will cause the people generally to hail
his store as the
Cheap Clothing Depot !
Every body, in town and country, are invited to
call and examine Ilia truly
N. 13.--Clothing will be made up for customers
as heretofore, in the beat style and ahorteat
Huntingdon, April 9. ISSO,
CMB 5 ;12. Z2D •
AI[TE take this method ofinfoiming ourfiiends
and the public generally, that owing to
an increase of business we have removed our
Watch, Jewelry, and Variety Store,
to the large room on the corner of Hill and
streets, formerly occupied by Col. D.
Buoy ne a Watch and Jewelry Store.
We have just returned from the eastern cities
with a y.ery large and handsome assortment of
Fine Gold and Silver Watches,
Clocks, Jewelry, Silverware, Cutlery,
Fire arms, *Musical Instruments,
Stationary, Perfumery,
Candlabras, and Fancy ✓lrticles.
Notwithstanding these article■ now demand
a higher price In the eastern market than former
ly, we have purchased our goods remarkably
low, and are determined to sell CHEAP.
N. N. The highest prices paid in Cash for
old gold and silver.
Arpil 2, 1130.
PURE Concentrated Extract of Lemon, a
genuine article for sale at CUNNING
HAM'S, opposite the Post Office,
November 27, 1849.
/ IN I.:GAR, Homeny, Golden Syrup Moles,
V es ' Luscious Luxury, &c., constantly for
sale at Marks' Confectionary. [May 21.
of Bristol.
Who was pronounced incurably fixed m
the last stage of Pulmonary Con
sumption, by two skillful Phy.
Mr. Johnson was rescued from death's door
by the use of Schneck's l'ulmonic Syrup—hew
ing been prostrated ell winter. His case wee
witnessed by several of the most respectuble
citizens of this state, whose names are append
atrtolt•is certificate. Read I Read ! and be con ,
vinced that Schneck's Pulmonary Syrup is the
only certain cure for Consumption.
Bristol, Backs county , Pa.
I'epl.2l, 1849.
pn..f. H. Scnnren, —Dee r r,-4 am induree
limn a sense of justice•towards you, as well ae •
duty to the public, to make known one of the'
most hopeless and extraordinary curry, in my,'
t o or ten :
epoereda. Indeed,
o at you lr
eg have ret ever my l i i n a
A d
b t
i h l 'ie4drao por
tray , in truthful colors, my consuming disease; •
and the remarkable chance which Schnecles •
j Pulmonary Syrup effected in so short a time.
I was taken some time pravioua to December'
1848, with a heavy cold, producing incessant'
coughing, accompanied with acute pain in the
right side, pains in the back, under the right'
shoulder, having heavy night sweats, high fevers
due., which mode me so nervous and restless an
to produca utter prostration. AII these afflictions
increased with such violence, that on the 4th of
January lest I eent fur my family physician. lie
attended me faithfully, and prescribed every thing
that medical skill could suggest, but without ef
fect. I found myself gradually growing worse,
and my hopes of recovery lessening as my din
afire increased. lily cough became distressing);
my pains severe; and, extremely debilitated, I
lost all ambition in life, and gave up to a metal,
choly dap; ession. My physician examined mr,
and informed me I had an alisess on the uI per
part of my liver and lower part of one of iny
Notwithstanding all this chill, I grew worse. hit
with that tenacity with which we all cling to life,
I concluded to I, are nothing undone, and called
in a consulting physician, who fully concurred
with my own, mod pronounced my ease nn
tremely critical one. Ile thouelit I was in in,
minent danger—saying my disease °was one ilia.
Is seldom if ever cured." All this time I was en
during sufTerings that made life burdensome ; ex
periencing great pain in coughing; ex pectora
ling Irvin n pint to a quart of nauseous matter
every 21 hours, and gradually sinking under the
weakning progress of my disease. A t this stage
of my i Iness, my friends in Ptistol suggested
the use of Schneck'e Pulmonic Syrup. but know•
ing the many expedients resorted to for the pur
pose of draining money from the effliett d, I ht.
Bated. My friends, however, insiating, 1 loan
prevailed upon to try its virtues. I commenced
taking the Syrup about the first of 111 arch, and
used several bottles before I had any confidence
in it. I then began to experience a charge for
the better, and continued it till I had convulsed
ten bottles, when I was eo'far relieved an to he
able to visit Dr. Schneck in Philadelphia. lie
examined me, and pronounced my right bung 10-
fected, but in a healing con !hien. He recom
mended the further use of the Syrup, is Huh I
continued till I consumed 15 bottles, and found
tnyself onee more restored t health. 1 will fur
ther add,that the consulting physician, erring the
action of the medicine, fully approved its nee.
To give the reader some idea of the seventy
of my case, and the rapid cure affected by tl,o
Syrup, I will elate that my usual weight in
health was 177 pounds, which war finally re
duced by my eufierings to but 121 pounds. Yet,
on the first oT this month, (September,) I weigh
ed 174 pounds, thus gaining in a few months 53
pounds, and within three pounds of my heaviest
weight. It is not in ivy poser to convey, in the
hors space of this certificate, the convincing
proofs of my remarkable cure, or the partieulers
j of the at,onizing afflictions through which I have
passed; but to those who will take the trouble to
ca ll an one, a t Bristol, opposite Pi att'a hotel, 1
shall take pleasure in detailing ivory particular.
In conclusion, I deem it my duty to urge upon
every person who may have the premonitory
symptoms of this fetal disease, not to delay one
hour, but to call upon Dr Schneck immediately -
j Hia skill in the treatment of this complaint, and
prompt detection of dbeased parts of the lungs
by means of his Stetheacope, added to my own
mirecu one cure, fully salibilesme, that had I eat
, lier submitted myself to his care, I should have
escaped much suffering; but restrained by doubts
and suspicion, which make us all naturally sleep,
' tical in regard to the virtues of a medicine when
brat introduced, I resisted the importunities of
my friends till almost too late ; and yielded only.
as a last resort, revolved to " kill or cure."
Chore afflicted as I have been, again let me any,
hesitate no longer, my own case in presented Ira
you or convincing evidence, that when all else
Mils year lust hope is in Dr, Schneelee Pulmonic
Syrup. I have also for the entisfactinn of those
who may be strangers tone appended is this ci ri
tificate the names of gentlemen well known is
the walks of public and private life, and whore
standing in society admits of no cavil or doubt in
regard to their testimnuy.
We the end. eigned, reeidents of litiatol mad
vicinity, are well acquainted with Mr. Johnson,
and know him to have been afflicted as he suites
above. We alao know that lie used Schneck
Pulmonic Syrup, and hive every Teasel] to be
lieve, that to thin medicine he owes his referee
lion from a premature grave. The known in
tegrity and position in society of Mr. Johnson
however is a sufficient guarantee to the public of
the truth of this etatement.
LEWIS 'l'. PRATT, l'rart's Hotel.
JOHNW. BRAY, Merchant.
JAMES Al. HARLOW, C,ergyman of the.
Presbyterian Church.
S. B. HOLT;HoteI, Burlington.
JAMES R. SCOTT, Book agent..
A. L. PACKER, Coal agent.
WISTAR C. PARSONS, al E. Roussel'.
Laboratory, 44 Prune street, Philadelphia,
Brtetol, September 24, 1549.
Prepared and sold by J. H. Sahneck at Ida-
Laboratory S. E. Corner of Coats &
Ste. Phila. and by
T. K. SI3IONTON, Huntingdon.
G. H. Srs.rxen, Waterstreet,
STEINER & McWrwams, Spruce Creek.
MOORE & Seri:Karts, Alexandria.
Kessisit dr Ban., Mill Creek,
and by agents generally throughout tbe United
Price $l,OO per bottle,or $5,00 per half doz
N0v.20, 1549.—1 y.
CMlt tr. co as. lic.ft et) as,.
% GENERAL assortment of groceriesjust
/ - 1 opened and for sale at GUNT:INGH A 31 3 6 Gro
cery and Confectionary estAlishment, directly
oppositethe Post Office, Iluntingdoir.
Novemlserl7, 184 n.