Huntingdon journal. (Huntingdon, Pa.) 1843-1859, April 02, 1850, Image 4

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    Reta Men of Merchandise.
Classification of Dealers and Retailers of Mer
shandies In Huntingdon county, by the Ap
praiser of Mercantile Taxes" for the year com
menting the let day of May A. D. 1850, viz
Class of License.
4lesandria Borough. --
Bucher & Porter 12 $l2 50
John N Swoop. 44 12 50
Charles Porter 13 10 00
Donis & Walker « 10 00
Michnel Sm.ler 14 7 00
George B Young 7 00
Barret Toumship.
A NV Graff & Co.* 14
John Cresswell & Co. "
Gillum & Frank
Irvine J J & Co.
Brady Township.
Ressler & Brother 12
do for Pat. Med. 4
Irvine, Green & Co. 13
Washington Buchanan 14
do for Pah Med. 4
Birmingham Borough.
James Clarke 13
James Bell 14
Ettinger do Brother
John R Thompson
Cass Township.
Read & 11111 Duff 13
James Henderson 14
Clay Township.
E B Orbison & Co. 13
Cromwell Township.
Thob E Orbison & Co.
!sett & Wigton
George Sipes
David Etnier
Dublin Township
Brice X Blair & Co
James Cree
Franklin Township.
G&.l H Stonebraker 11
Shorb Stewart Ic Co.
John S 'sett 13
J W !Vattern & Co. 14
!sett & Harnish
John Conrad
Huntingdon 130 ough
Fisher' M'Murtrie & Co 12
J and %% Saxton
George G win
Dorsey Or Maguire "
Thomas Read le Son 13
do for Pat, Med. 3
William Dorris 13
Moses Stmt.@
Peter Swoope 14
Dr William Swoop. "
William Stewart'
T K Simonton
do for Pat. Med. 4
A Willoughby 14
B & W Snare
Jacob Snyder
Neff & Dliller 14
James T Scott
Levi Westbrook
Jackson To wnship.
E& A Stewart • 14
William Cummins
Robert M'Burney II
John A Wright &Co 13
Hopewell Township.
Wigton & Moore 13
James En trek in
Henderson Township.
Henry Comprobst 14
Morris Township.
Geo %V Patten & Co. 13
Geo H Steiner 12
do for Pat. med. 4
Irvine & Kessler 14
Joseph Law
Steiner & M'Williams
Law & Fetterhoof
Porter Township.
S Hatfield & Co. 13
Joseph Green & Co. "
Petersburg Borough.
Abraham Cress well 12
John R Hunter
Irvine & Marks 14
Shirleysburg Borough.
John Long & Co. 13
Henry Brewster
John Lutz" 14
David Fraker
William Johnston
Shirley Township.
Samuel H Bell 13
Aaiun. & Sharra
James Kelly & Co, "
Penn Township.
Frank & Nell'' 13
A & E Plummer
Tell Township.
A C Blair & Co. 14
Jacob Filmalee
Springfield Township.
Robert Madden, of H L 4
Tod Township. --
James Anderson* 14
Horatio Trex ler & Co. "
Mordecai Chi!cote
Vision Township.
Glasgow & Brother 14
Walker Township.
James Campbell* 13
Given & Orlady
West Township.
Cunningham & Myton 13
Warrzorsmork Tp.
Benj. F. Patton 13
Abedaego Stevens
Joseph B Shugarts 14
William Giles*
Joshua R Cox*
Morris Township.
Sorrell tfr Mytinger 14
Darras Township.
/tots, and Patel Massey 9
George Eton
'freely Township.
Jae Jno AlcDonald
goswdl Totons4ip.
Leonard Weaver 10
Penn Township. I Juniata Cabinet Manufacturing
Isaac Fr John Peightal 10 5 00 ZI stablishme nt.
Tod ownship.
John Hoover 10 5 00 JOHN H. WHITTAKER,
BREWER. Respectfully begs least to inform his friends
alexa i ndrin Borough. and cuatomeis and the public generally ,that he
Henry Foekler 9 8 00 has built a large and commodious shop immedi
ately in the rear of the public braise of John
Classification of Beer, Oyster and Eat- I V 1 hittakey, sr., on the bank between the rivet
ing houses, for the year commencing and canal, w here be will constantly keep on
Ist day of April A. D. 1850, viz : hand furniture of al kinds, of the best quality,
emh• dein g all descripti ohs, kinde., styles and va•
,Ilexandria Borough.
\V L Phlilips 8 5 00 furniture, which will be offered for sale at the
W L Philips 8 5 00' i very
Brady Township.
John Montgomery°
Ilenderson Township
James M. Foster
10 50
7 50
7 00
10 00
Huntingdon Borough,
Louis Schneider"
Henry Africa
David Hazzard
Smith & Ritter
Catharine He!fright*
Yno M' caningham
itobt De CorseV4
12 50
5 00
10 00
7 00
5' 00
10 00
7 00
7 00
7 00
Petersburg Borough.
John Nelson .
Washington Sissler"
Thomas Isenberg*
Samuel Seigle*
James Kelly*
Porter Town Ship.
John Nelson*
fo' 0'
7 00
fo' 00
Walker Township.
Joseph Douglas
Ttarriorsna rk Tp.
John Cramer* 8
Those 'hailed thus (') sell liquor
, Nor tea is hereby given to the above named
dealers in Merchandize, &c., that I will attend
nt the Commissioners Office in the borough of
Huntingdon, Oil h ursday fire f fCh daY 01 . APYil
next, , the the pU'rpOse of hearing person, who
ma)/ desire to appeal front the above classifica
tion, as the amount of their sales for the preci
ous year.
1.0 00
KY 06
7 00
7 00
10 00
7 00
15' 00 ,
15 00
10 00
7 00
7 00
7 00
AnY person selling Patent Medicines yearly
to the amount of $lOO, or more, in connection
With other merchandire, is required by law, to
pay an additional lieeil . rte. Any person keeping
an Eating Denise &c, whose yearly sales shall
amount to $OOO or more, or shall carry on a Dis
tillery or Brewery, or shall sell Patent Medi
cines without a license, is liable to' be ittir'cted
and fined $2OO or more, as provided for in the
Act of Assembly passed 10th April 1810.
If the above license fees are not paid to the
Connty Treasurer, or not exonerated by the
undersigned, he is directed to see for and recov
er the same, adding ten per cent to the licence
for his troubre;
1. sStrrii REA I),
Appr. of Mercantile Taxes.
March 19, 18.50—it.
Encourage Your Own Mechanics.
Saddle and Harness Manufactory.
j I TOULD respectfully inform his
VV friends and the public nt large ; thnt
he ddnt in ties the abode lousiness in
Main street, Huntingdon, nearly oppo
site the store of Rend & Son.
7 00
7 00
7 00
10 00
All kinds of HARNESS, and SAD
DLES of a superior kind, BRIDLES,
in short, every thing in his line of bu
siness, will be manufactured on the
shortest notice, of the best materials,
and as cheap, if not cheaper, that can
be had at any other establishment in
tho county.
He is thankful for the liberal patron.
age already extended to him, and hopes
try strict attention to business to receive
a cdatinuante of public favor.
[l:7—A large assortment of SADDDES
READY MADE, always on hand, and made
in superior style.
ED- Hides, and country produce gen
erally, taken in exchange for work.
March 5, 1850.
10 00
10 00
7 00
10 00
12 50
5 00
7 00
7 00
7 00
7 00
10 00
10 00
rptlE undersigned, Executors of the
j_ last Will of Matthew Garner, late of
Penn township, Huntingdon county, deed, will
expose to gale on the premise., by public Ven
dee or outcry, on Someday the Gth dap of
April next, at 3 o'clock P. M., eight or nine
town lota, situate in the village of Maikleaborg,
in mid township and county.
Tiatms--Ono-half of the purchase money of
be pad on cortartuation of sale, and the residue
in six months thereafter. Attendance given by
March 5, 1850. Executors.
12 50
12 50
7 00
10 00
10 00
10 50
7 00
7 00
10 00
10 00
15 00
4IIDiTOR'S 110fiiCEi
tugt undersigned appointed by the
Orphan's Court, Auditor to ascer
tain liens or debts against the estate of Charles
Biotherline, dee'd, and the amount (tithe intei
est due from said estate to the administrator of
Elizabeth Brotherline, deed, and to apportion the
&dance to, and among the hair, of the said
Charles Btotherline, dec d., wilt attend for that
purpose at his office in the borough of Hunting.
don on Saturday the 30th day of March next,
at I o'clock P. M. when and where all persons
interested can attend.
Marc, 5,1886. Auditor.
15 00
10 00
7 00
7 00
7 00
id 50
7 00
7 (10
7 00
Auditor's Notice.
THE undersigned. appointed Auditor by the
Orphans' Conrt of iftintingdi n county. to
marshal the assets, &a., in the hands of Jona
than Elias, Administrator of Jaeoit, late
ofTod townahip said county, decensed,• hereby
notifies all persona interested in said estate, that
he will attend for the said purpose at his office
in Huntingdon, on Saturday the 30th day of
March Mat., at 10 o'clock in the forenoon of said
Hr atingdon, March 5, 1850, Auditor.
15 00
10 00
10 00
10 00
10 00
1 00
10 50
10 50
Administrator's Notices
T ETTEHS of Administration have been gran
ted to the subscriber upon the estate of
Gcottos Snam.zweanosn, late of Warrieramark
township, deceased. All persona having claims
*ill present them duly authenticnted, and those
indebted are requested to make payment to
Feb. Ig, 1850. Administrator.
8 00
8 00
6 00
rOR ie.e at the Cheap Store of
Oet 16, '49.) CEO GWfl
5 00
In order to accommodate the 'midi, with all
kinds of work in his line of business, he has
just supplied himself will' a large lot of the
bast civility of Cherry, CYohitit, Maple, Poplar,
Ifhtl all kinds of Veneering of the most popular
fashion. He will offer neither botched or half-
finished work for sale, and will et all times sub
mit his Work to the most rigid inspeetion.
Merchants, Professional men, Partners, Me
chanics, Hotel Proprietors, Laboring men—all,
are invited to calf and examine his
fore purchasing elsewhere. "Seeing is believ
Coffins will be made on the shortest notice, of
either Cherry, Walnut or Poplar, as may be de
sired, and fmerals attended.
7 15 00
8 5 00
15 00
10 00
8 5 00
" 5 00
7 50
it 5 00
7 50
He flatters liiinvelf that by industry and close
attention to hishusiness, he will be able toplease
all who may give him a mill.
7 15 00
15 00
15 00
4 15 00
Old furniture will at all time. be repaired in
the neatest nail most durable manner, at low
rates. All kinds of country produce will he ta
ken in exchange for fdruiture, repairing, exc.
Huntingdon, May Co, 1840.
8 7 50
Commission Merchants,
'ID 311 IN W 3 11209
Tcas„ Segars, A•c.
..16 4 0 . 1 1 Walnut Street,
PHI .L.,1 DELP H 1.4.
(Cr Consignments of Western end &Willem
Produce solicited. ,D)
June 12, 11,49.
7 50
Of Valuable Heal Estate.
DY virtue of an alias order of the Orphans'
L) Court of Huntingdon county, the following
described trset of land, late the properly of Abra
ham Long,tiee'd, will be sold as follows, viz:
On Friday the sth day of April next (A. D.
1850) at and on the premises ; all that valuable
tract of Lime Stout Land of the first quality sit
uate in Dublin township, Huntingdon county,
near Cie Burnt Cabins, and known as the -Cab
ins Farm" containing about 197 acres and 28
perches ; hitting about 1 . 25 acres eleare I and un
der good fence. and in the highest state of culti-
Idtion—havingthefeorr a log dwelling house and
stable, and two never fulUog springs of water.
Will also be sold at the same time and place;
two contiguous and adjoining tracts of land, in
the said township of Duldimsaid county, bound
ed by lands of Thomas W. Neely, tall., and eth
ers, containing 90 acres nto e or less, and hav
ing afore°n a good stone dwelling house a small
portion cleared and cultivated. The whole
thereof will be sold as one tract,
ALSO, at the house of David Fraker, in the
borough of Shir!eystArg, on Saturday the Irk
day of April next A. D. 1850, at 1 o'clock I'. M.
A tract of Mountain land wel; timbered lying on
the Black Log Mountain in Shirley township
adjoining lands of Samuel H. Bell and others
ceatnining 88' acres more or less.
Tanns.—Oat third of the purchase money
to ha paid on the confirmation of the sale, one
third in one year interest, and the remain
ing third at the death of the widow with inter
est thereon during her life to be paid annually
and to be secured by bonds and mortgage.
Any information will be given by William
McLain of Dublin township, Gen. A. P. Wilson
at Huntingdon, or by the subscrifiers at SlOrleye
burg, huntingdon county.
By orde. of the Orphans' Court,
r0).19, 1850.
Orphans' Court Sale.
BY virtue of an order of the Orphans'
Court of Huntingdon county, will be
exposed to sale on the premises, by the under.
signed Executors of the last will of Matthew
Garner, Into of l'enn township, Huntlugdan
county, deed., on Saturday the 6th day of April
next, at 11 o'clock A. M., a
situate in Hopewell township, adjoining lands
on which John Beaver now resides and others.
The above valuable tract of land is well worthy
the attention of purchasers. Any person wish
ing to view the premises cen call upon the sub
Ts:Rms.—One third of the purchase money
to be paid on confirmation of sale, one-third in
one year thereafter, and one-third in two years,
with interest front confirmation of sale, to be se
cured by bond and mortgage of the purchaser.
By the Court.
Attends:lde given by
March S, 1850. Executors
Estate of WM. STEWART, late of Dublin
township, elcc'd.
Mallet is hereby given that Letters of Admin
istration on the estate of Wm. Stewart,
late of Dublin township, Hunt. co., dec'd, hare
been granted to the undersigned. All persons in
debted tonsil estate are requested to make imme
diate payment, and those having claims or de
mand. againstthe same to present them duly au.
tbenticated for
Feb. 26, 1850
M. &, i. M, ROWE,
63 North Third Sreet, above .arch,
1500 Hoz.Corn Broom.,
500 doz. Painted Buckets ;
500 nests Willow Market Baskets ;
600 " Cedar Tubs ;
800 Staff and Barrel Churns;
together with the largeetatock of N illow, Cedar
and Eastern Woodware ever offered in thecity.
N. B. Cash paid at all times for broom corn
at our factory.
Feb. 26, 1860.
THANKFUL to the citizens of Htintingdon
I and its vicinity for their increased custom,
we again request their company to view our large
and splendid assortment of
Dinner &is, Tea Sets, Toilet &le, and sin
gle pieces, cithea of Glass, China, or Stone
Were, sold in quantiited Eo evil purchasers, for
lees than they can be had elsewhere—
In greater variety than ever before offered in the
FANCY CHINA to great variety very cheap.
We would Invite any person of ding the
city fecall and see as—they will at least be plea
sed to walk around our beautiful store, and to
view the finest china and the cheape.vt the world
Very respectfully,
No. 219 Chestnut Street.
Phi!a, Sep. 25, 1849.-Iy.
R. C. IVI'GiII and W. Z. Zeigler.
, T , HE subscribers have now started, and will
I have on hand a general assortment of cast
ings, consisting of Conklin; Stoves, Air-tight,
Parlor, Ten-plate, Wood and Coal stoves—all
of which are new patterns not before introduced
into this section of coumry. NIS°, tt ♦afietjt of
Plough patterns of the kinds row m use. A
general assortme h t of Hollow-ware castings, con
sisting of Kettles, Dutch Ovens, Skillets, Pans,
&c., &c. Miscellaneous articles, such as Wag
do Boxes, Sled and Sleigh Soles, Smoothing
Irons, Ito ling NW! and F orge castings, 'k% in
slow Grates for cellars, birdies and sills for hou
ses, Sash Weights and Water Pipes ; also Sweg
At nil, and Mandrels for Blacksmiths, mode to
order on the shortest notice. We will selleve
ry artMle fn eve line on the most reasonable
terniVfor Cash, and will take all kinds of coun
try produce ard old metal in exchange for cast
ing, 'the Foundry is situated et the Southern
end of Huntingdon, along the canal, where ono
of them can always be found, or at the Tin and
Stoveshop of W. B. Zeigl,, North East cor
ner ofMarket Sgulre in Huntingdon. One of
them being a practical Moulder, and experienc
ed in the business, feels confident that they will
render satisfaction to all who may favor them
with a call. R. C. WAHL!,
Huntingdon, Oct. 2,1349-6 m.
World respectfully inform his friends and the
travelling public generally, that he has leased
the above large and well known Hotel. 't he
location is one of the very best for business
men in Philadelphia, and he flatters himself that
by giving it his entire attention, that he will be
able to render perfect satisfaction' tet all who
may fuSo'r him with their custom.
He returns thanks for the very liberal sup
port already extended to him by his friends of
Huntingdon and the neighboring counties, and
begs leave to assure them that he will spare no
pains or expense to resider the CITY Horst
worthy of their continued support.
Philadelphia, Oct. 30, 18 y.
W ° CU s i t ' o p m r e e r s r acr h i r d o e l e r a v n n b o o u d n y ce e I s h e ' t ° l:e d
has removed his store from his old stand, to the
room a few doors below, on the same side of the
street, and but two doors from William Dorris'
Store. In addition to his old stock, he has just
received on elegant assortment of
which he is prepoicd to tell as cheap, if not a
little cheaper, than can be procured elsewhere.
His stock consists of
Dry-Goody, Groceries, hardware,
Drugs, (ST., 4'c.
Thankful for past favors he would resi.ect
ful y solicit a continuance of public favor. It
wi I always give him p'easure to use his utmost
exertions to render satisfaction to those who may
deal with him.
Feb. 10, 1850.
- 1)Y virtue of an order of the Orphans' Court
j) of Huntingdon county, will be exposed to
sale on the premises, by public vendue or out
cry, on Satorfloy,Me (ilk day of April, 1850, a
situate in Brady township, in said county, con
taining 188 acres, more or less, adjoining lands
of James floss, Jesse Yocum, James Ker James
McDonald, and others. The said tract of land
lies along the Kisacoquillaa valley, is within a
convenient distance of the Pennsylvania Rail
road and Canal, and is well timbered, which
renders it very valuable, and offers a profitable
speculation to purchasers.
Alms.— The half of the purchase money to
be paid on confirmation of sale, and the residue
in one year therearter, with icterest, to he se
cured by bond and mortgage of the purchaser,
By the Court,
M. F. CAMPBELL, Clerk.
Attendance given by
Arlm'r of John Wiley dec'd.
February 26, 1950.
FOR thelntelfeettrat and Moral trainin g of
young persons and children of both sexes,
kept by J. A. HALL, in the new Academy
building, Huntingdon, Pa.
The fall sermon will commence on MONDAY,
Toe BTir DAY orr Ocroasn, INST. For par
ticulars apply to the Teacher.
Rev. John Peebles, James Steel, Esq., Dr. A.
14. Henderson, Mr. James Maguire, Maj. W.
B. Zeigler, Hon. Johr Kerr, Maj. D. McMur
trie, Hon. George Taylor, and James Clark.
A SUPERIOR article of Cheese just receit.
November 27, 1819.
PURE Concentrated Extract of Lemon, a
genuine article for sale at CUNNING
HAM'S, opposite the Post Office.
November 27, 1819.
41 &, 4*
A, H umwr
Orphans' Court Sale.
Chair and Farnilnre
`Q,P'eratr4 ca LV. ab en) utga se 8
Up Stairs above Peter Swoope's Stare
and Sheriff Crownover's office, and three
doors east of .McKinney's Hotel.
THE undersigned has dgein corn ,
al meileed the above business in all its
((ask various broYfeliesi and is now pre.
pared to etZoilltilotlate all who may
/---, I
favor him with their custom on the
moat reasonable terms.
He 'pistil's keeping on hand all kinds of
CHAIRS dud FultNrrtmE, from common to
the most fashionable sty'e,snd made in the nines
durable manner, which he will sell low for cads
or country produce.
All kind,' of Lumber taken in exchange for
Chars or furniture.
COFFINS will at all times be kept on band,
er,d funerals attended in town, and shortly in
town and country, as he is getting a splendid
Herse mode for the accommodation of the public.
Hocsts •ODICIYI PAINTING attended to as
11 untingdon. October 30, 1849.
For the Purchase and Sale of
rpHE undersigned, believing ilita an
1 Agency of this character would be
an accdinmedafidtiand an advantage to both the
purchaser and seller of Real Estate, has condu
cted to open one nt his oilier in Huntingdon.
All business of this kindentrusted to him, and
all commUnicat l idtiS motto hint, stilt teceive his
prompt and diligent attention. He will adver
tise when requested, either in his own name or
in the name df the owner, as may be desiraule,
in one or bdth of the newspapers of the county,
add iteany other newspaper that may be desig
nated, and endeavor to procure purchasers and
sellers, and connunnkote between them.
A full arid minute description of the property
•'efts improvements, supply of water, conveni
ence to markets, schools, churches,and the terms
of sale, most accompany the request of any per
son who wishes his real estate advertised or of
fered for sale ; and some description, as definite
as po'ssi6ie, of the quality, kind and value, or
the premises desired to be ',might, must be giv
en by those who wish to purchase.
All communications relating to the business
of this Agency will lie confidential if desired.
The subscriber is in communication with a
similar agency in Lancaster, Pa., and will be
able through it to bring property offered for
sale to the immediate notice of Lancaster coun
ty purchasers.
OV'T s cfage most be paid on all letters sent.
P. S.—Several desirable properties are now
offered for sale. For further particulars inquire
of the subscriber. DAVID BLAIR,
Attorney at Lasv.
Huntingdon, ru,, Nov. 20 ‘ 1819.
The Girard Life insurance Annuity and
Trust Company of l'lthiladelphia.
Office No. 159 Chestnut Street.
Capital $300,000.
(10NTINUE to make Insurancev on Lives on
j the most favorable terms ; receive and execute
l'iusts and receive deposits em psterest. •
The Cr pitul being paid Lord invested, tn.
gether with accumulated premium fund. affords
a perfect Brcurilll to to the insured. The pre
mium may be paid in yearly, half yearly, or
quarterly payments.
- The Company add a BONUS at stated peri
ods to the insurances for life. This plan of in
surance is the most approved of, and is more
generally in isse, than any other in Great Britain,
(where the subject is best understood by the pen
pie, and where they have had the longest expe
rience,) as appears from the fact, that out of 117
Life insurance Companies there, of all kind I, 87
are on this plan.
The first ItONO'S Misappropriated in Decem
ber 1844, amounting to 10 per cent. on the sum
insured under the oldest policies ; to 8 3.4 per
cent., 7 1-2 ?er cent., &c. &c. on others, in pro
portion to the time of standing, making on addi
tion of $100; $87,50; $75, &c. &c. to every
1,000, originally insured, which is an average of
more than 50 per cent. on the premiums paid,
and without increasing the annual payment of
thacomf any._
The operation of the AON US veal he @ern by
the following exaMptcsfrom the Life Insurance
Register of the Company, thus:
A int.afpnt.und
Policy. Insured.. Bonne or tfatitnt payable
Addition. et the party's
; decease
No. 58
$:00.00 1;1,100,00
250,00 2,750,00
400,00 1 4,400,00
175.00 2,175,00
437,50 5,437,50
Pamphlets oontaining the table of rates, and
explanations of thesubject; forms of application
and further information can be hod at the office,
gratis, in person or by letter, addressed to the
President or Actuary.
B W. RICHARDS, President.
JNO. F. JAMES, Actuary.
May 8, 1849.•1y
Wholesale and Retail
No. 238 Markel St., above Seventh, South side,
ALTHOUGH we can scarcely estimate the
value of Tim}, commercially, yet by calling
at the above establishment, JAMES BARBER
will furnish his friends, among whom heinclades
all who duly appreciate its fleetness, with a beau
tiful and perfect Ism for marking its progress,
of whose value they can judge.
His extensive stock on hand, bonstantly chan
ging in conformity to the improvements in taste
and style of patern and workmanship, consists of
Eight-day and Thirty-hour brass CouNrixo
nouse, PRlTLfrif, HALL, Owner, and Axon!
Cure., French, Gothic and other fancy styles,
as well as plain, which from his extensive con
nection and correspondence with the manufactu
rers he finds he can put at the luster coca FlG
van in any quantity from one to a Ifioutrand, of
which he will warrant the accuracy.
C.locks 'repaired and warranted—clock trim
mings on hand. Call and see die among them.
JAMES BARBER, 238 Market St.
Phila., August 28, 1849..
at the "cheaper" Watch and Jewelry Stare
No. 1001 Market Square. Bear in mind that
they kayo a workman who is unequalled in RE•
NEFF & miitEn.
Fob. 13, 1850.
of Bristol.
Who was pronounced incurably fixed to
the last stage of Pulmonary Con
sumption, by two skillful Phy
Mr. Johnson was rescued from death's door
by the use of Schnook's Puhnonic Syrup—hav
ing titert prostrated all winter, His case was
witniAtt , tity several of the mast reapeetsbli
citizens or 1104 state, whose unman sew append.
ed to his certificate. Read I Read I 5ink.h0,,....
vinced that tidlaieck's Pulmonary tt , yrup is thit
only certain cure for Conattniptiort.
ristol, Burks gangly, Pa.
ff , ept. 21,1849.
Da. I. If. Srutcacite —Dear Str,—l am induced'
from a sense of ju'itifde to.JoCtia you, as well as'
duty to the public, to make knoW9l ode of the
most hopeless and extraordinary Corea, in mi
eum person,. that you bane ever bitfth'ef plttteure'
Co record. Indeed, I regret my inability to pot ,
tray, in truthful colors, my consuming disease;
and the remarkable chance which Sclitieck'e
Pulmonary 14 rep effected in en short a time.
_ .
I was taken some time prJoious to Derefflhef
1818, witta heavy cold, producing PYcessant
coughing, aceoropaffldtl Witti acute pain in the(
right tide, pains in the hack, mader the right
shoulder, having heavy lifght swear., high fever.
&c.. which made me FO nerl l 6fis and restless as
bi produce utter peosfintiOn. AII these N1 . 114-fiend .
increased vllfh tacit iiiailence, that on the 4th of
January 'oat I sent fur my family physician. Hu
attended me faithfully, and prescribed ever/ thing
that medical skill could suggest, but witl.ont ef
fect. I found myielf gradually growing warts,
and my hopes of recciVery lessening as my dia.'
sate increased. My eafflgli'llecame distressing
my 'mini severe; arid, eamethely debilitated. I
lost all omlution Ili fife, and gave tilt It a Melan
choly dep ession. My physician exafflined me,
and informed me I had an abates. on the upper
part of my liver and louver part of one of my lungs.
Notwithstanding all this ekill.l grew WOW!, but
with that tenacity with which we all cling to life;
I concluded to Irave nothing undone, and cancel
in a consulting physician, who fully concurred'
with toy own, and prominced my case an ex
tremely critical one. lie o:ought I was in im
minent danger--saying my disrase "was one the
is seldom if ever cured." All this time I w as en'
doling sullerioga that mode life burdensome ; ex
periencing great pain in coughing ; expeciora
Ling from a pint to a quart of nauccous matter
every '2l hours, and gradually ricking under Oaf
weakning progress of my daces.. At this stager
of my i Ines., my Mende in Plittid suggested'
the use of Schneck's Pulmotfic Syrup. but know
ing the many expedients retorted to for the par- -
pose of draining money from the afflicted, I lies ,
itated. My friend., however, intirting, I was
prevailed upon to try its virtue.. I commenced'
taking the Syrup about the first of Marrh, and
used several bottlet before 1 had any cradefice
in it. I then began to experience a clintsge ?de
the better, and continued it till I had consumed'
ten limit., when I was so far relieved as to ho
able to visit Dr. &hoed in Philadelphia, Hu
examined me, and pronounced my right Tung 0-
fettled, but in a healing con !hie.. 11, ' , coin .
mended the further use of the Syrup, which I
continued till I consumed IS battles, and found
myself once more restored bi health. 1 Ad* far ,
ther add, that the consulting physician. seeing tf,i
action of the medicine. NOV approved its use.
To give the reader some idea of the severity
of my ease, and the rapid cure affected by the
Syrup, I will state that my usual weight in
health area 177 pounds, which was finally re
duced lay my sufierings to but 121 pounds. Yet,
on the first of this mouth, (Seplember,3 I weigh
ed 174 pounds, thus gaming in a few months 53
pounds, and within three pounds of nay heaviest
Weight. It is not in my power locative'', in the
abort space of this certificote, the row hieing
proofs of my remarkable cure, or the rtirticulate
of the ' (mixing afflictions through which 1 Iwo
pressed ; but to those who will take the trouble to
call on me, at BrOstut, apposite Prott's ttftek I
shall take pleasure in detailing (very particulat.
In conclusion, I deem it my duty to urge upon
every person who may have the premonitory
symptoms of this fatal dieease, not to delay one
hour, but to call upon Dr Schneck immediately.
His skill in the treutinent of this complaint, and
prompt detection of diseased pane of the lungs
by wens of Iffla Stethescope, added to any own
mimeo ous cure, fully satisfiesme, that had 1 0411•
lienaubmitted myself to his care, I should have
escaped much suffering; hut restrained by doubts
and suspicion, which make ua oli naturally skeps
tical in regard to the virtues of a medicine when
first introduced. I resisted the importunitiga of
my friends till almost too late; and yielded only
as a last resort, resolved to kill or cure." To
those nfilicted as I have been, again let me any,
hesitate no longer, toy own case is presented to
you as convincing evidence, that when all 'elso
fall, your last hope is in Dr, Schneck's Pula/runic
Syrup. I have also for the satisfertiota of dims
who may lie atrangera to me, appended to this car
tifica`e the names of gentlemen we'll known in
the walks of public and private life, and where
standing in society admits of no cavil or doubt in
regard to their testimony,
We the undersigned, residents of Bristol and
vicinity, are well acquainted with Mr. Johnson,
and know him to have been afflicted as he states
above. We also know that he used Schneck'e
Pulmonic Syrup, and hive every realms he hc
lieve, Ilia to this medicine he owes his preeerra
lion from a preinature grave. The knoim in
tegrity snd posPion in society of Mr. Johnson
however in a sufficient guarantee to the public of
the truth of this statement. •
LE WIS T. PRATT, Print's Hotril.
LEWIS M. W H A RTON. Merchant.
CHESTER - STURDE VAN I', Cod deafer.
JOHN W. BRAY, Merchant.
JAMES M. HARLOW, Clergyman of the
Presbyterian Church.
S. H. HOLT, Hotel, Burlington:
JAMES R. SCOTT, Boob agent:
A. L. PACKER, Cool argent.
WISTAR C. PARSONS, at E. &moor*
Laboratory, 44 Prune etreet, Philadelphia,
Bristol, September 24, 1849.
Prepared sod sold by J. H. Schneck at his.
Laboratory S. E. Corner of Coate & Marshalil
Sta. Phila. and by
T. K. Si storrroic, Huntingdon.
G. H.STEINNO, Waterstreety
STarmatt & Mc W/LtIAMS, SPrOCO Credo,
MOO. & SWOO., Alexandria.
KIKSBLEII & BRO., Mill Creek, . •
anti by agents generally througtout i ffie United
i;cice $ f ,A 0 per trottfe, dr $5,00 per half doz.
Nov. 20, 1849.-Iy.
Oa tr. CD Clla GO
A GENERAL assortment of groceries just
II opened and for sale atCuNntsonsta's Gro
cery and Confectionary estublishment, directly
eppositethe Post Office, Huntingdoli.
Novernber27, 1949.