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— vlV/ftltra.t . s., by an act of the General
Assembly of the Commonwealth of Penn !
sylvania, entitled "rqn . act to amend an
act dtiee:ting the mode of selling unseated
fcii,lartarand whet' pUrposee,'"pas•
seall9th—TVlerch, 1815; and the 'other
acts n pcn that subject, the Treasurers of
the several counties within this egtzitnon
wcal,tit,are directed to commeace.on the
2nd Monday,in June in the year.lBl6,
and ta the expiration of every twe years
thereafter, and adjourn' frnm .. day to day,
if it be necessary sO to do, and melee
public sale of the whole or any part of
such tracts of unseated land, situate in
the propkteounty, ae sill pay the arrenr
eggs of„the taxes which shall then have
remained due and' unpaid for the space
. cate'iyearAefore, tOgether 'Will alt
costs ne,:e.ssartly accruing by reason of!
Stich delinquency, &c. 1 , JOHN A.
,DO,YLE, Treasurer of the county of
go tiprefore. hereby give
notic r iVhat upon tracts of
unseated land, situate as herein descri
•belryttie.several sums stated are •'the
atrearages 'of the taxes, respectively,
_due mpd unpaid for , one year :%and, that,
in pursuance of the direction of the 'a
foresaidackotAsspinbly, I shall, on Mon
day 'the 70th day of June next, at the
Court House'in the borounirof Hunting
don,. commence the Public Sale of the
whole or any part of such tracts of un
seated lands, upon which all or any part
of'the taxes herein specified shall Olen
be due, and continue such sale by
journment,antilallThe tracts upon which
the taxes shall. remain due and unpaid,
be sold.
. • JOHN A. I:3OYL,
tfeasirer Of Huntingdon county
Trensurer's. Office, t
,;March 5,15.50.
mount of taxes due and unpaid on the
following tracts of Unseated Lands, up
to and inclUding the year 1848
.A. Pr, Warrantees or owners.
..diarree Totua.yhip
271 Jonathan Austin
430 Robert A•tstin
437 20 Moses Vanost
400 , Robert Simpson
399 William . Sherman
133 ,83 Gorge Bickhairi
140 G..orge Green jr
413' ainAvoiltader..Evalle'
3.38 Philip Sickle.
dl Lewis bow
411 Abraham Duffield
440 Jesse Hawkins
302 44 Joseph Webb
304 ,72 Da . vid Ott
412 Frederick Bates .
378 97 Benjamin Gibbs
33J 34 Adam Foulke
435 85' Sarnusl Ayres
350 88 Andrew Bingham
409 47
43 39 Andrew • ;
• 40 Charl, Kelley
'l7O John Wiley
220 Levi King .
Cass. .
300 John George ,
870 07 Dorsey Belt •
Clay . , •,,
413 120 Ephraim Galbreath
29 Peter Cornelius
408 James Rankin* ~
SO Thomas Green
100 ”Williatn4l , C lain
Dublin. .
910 • William Bingham'. heirs
413 88 Titus Harvey
424 Jdhn FOrrest
. -
47 71 Mordecai Massey'
133 , 87 'Zephaniah Wakefield
400 43 Henry Hill
426 24 Thomas Smith
lit) 71 • Jacob Keith •
422 Jarob 'Schuyler add pt. of
Philip Deviner
.92 20 John Canan
11 John Farmer
• 60 Mary Jourdan
283 John tight
204 22 James• Whitehead
17.1. 142 I Knepp -
120 William Worrell • . •
40 Henry Gates
4 80 John Fritz
' 8 John Whitehead
150 James Clark
388 103 William Trotter
353 George Randale
414 Csoerge Wi I port
397 Henry Stever
400 Thomas Russell
400 Thomas Ralston
400 , •i • David Ralston jr
400 George Hill
400 David Ralston
400 Ephraim Jones • .
401 141 ' Jahn Wright ' •
400 • . John Brown
437 65 Jonathan Priestly
400 ; , - George Hess
420 24 Samuel Canan
400 William Steel
200 ..George Tallman
400 , James Fulton
70 William Barrie
400 'Samuel Marshall
400 Robert Caldwell
400 Mathew Simpson
400 , James keCune
400 John Fulton
400 John Galbreath
400 Joseph McCune
400 -.Batton •
30 . Greenbury Dorsey • ,4 50
219 87 Ann Brown 4 09
408 80 Mary,Brown 8 17
70, ,8. Dorsey 2 10
429 62 Elizabeth Brown 8.57,
485 152, Andrew Cone 14 50
446 112 John Copp , 13 44
416 102 Robert Irwin 12 46
100 William Smith 7 06
150 _William Smith - 1056
.00 ,Jacob NetT 2
a O O O
• 40d Ruth Green ,
977. , Henry. Green 1 37
44 60 Elenzer Wallnster. • 45
$OO i ,William. Smith . 483
310 'Micheal Wsllse, (heirs) 6 91
404 k: Wllsbe
200 ' John M6Ciihtin
.59 Margaret Smith's heirs
195 John Morgan
456 64 James McMullin
41.1 80 Pater'Vt"erts • ..!'
405 108 Henry Klipo"
439 133 ,Agnes Gardner
400 Petifr 'Ecekhart •
406 . Henry Harris
1..367 87, Samuel Jarvis,
903 158 James Caldwell
420 30 Richard Pendleton •
440 80, Jacob Carlota
233..82 William Savory
932 115 Ruihanna Calhoun '
LO7 12 William Taylor
224 :Margaret timalley's heirs
420 102 .Nathan,Old
270. inenjumin:Cross
284 94 &Tray Wen Vet
401 41 'John King
100 Morris Covcrt
700 Shepherd' Hook ,
140 Joh n McCahan
250 Riqharti Rainsby
140 John I'a'yv;',ll
433 110 Samuel King
345 1.../7 Simon Patter'
414 10. John Pease
431 30' Maid Clen
395 113 George Trumarf
1 314 31 John Calilvvell •
I 9.-
401 Polly Chambers
04 John Mood
300 NieholaroCrtiM '
205 George Knobliaugh
400 Johanna Houston
60 • Henry Hubble
3gp, , John Phillips
31 , George Buchanan
'97 William Galbreath
100 Razin Darts
400 James Witer
409 1.34 RObert Fell
426 43 Robert Moor
209 69 John Covenhover
357 73 .Samuel Hell .
60 ' Sarah Elliott
200 . John.Srll (pt. tract)
100 Richard Plowman
28 18 Benjarnin'Elliott •
1 294 37 William Ewing
1 094 37 JOhn Haley
ti )- arribrenidtk,
121:,31 John Hall
Joshua Lewis
100 Elisha Sblemaker
437 , William lairelienor •
428 Thomas Mitchenor
397'' Jamei' Watson
379 Rotieet Watton
402 ; John Watson
37 thomas Cummings
353 '" Robert Young
10 William Reed
67 William Dorris
15) 220 John Jackion'
134 William Foster
94 DaVid Leonard
16- 72
7 76
7 76
.7 3 0
7 ;1
9 o
Q 7
lOd. George Oatnalt (pt tract) 2 22
200 Jacob Moyer 6 1 4 4 )
.100. John Patton 4.4 3
30 Sarah Elliott
AO Charles Smith
436 Richard Smith'
30 thigh LaUrish
412 78 . RUdolp', 'Amish
110 Samuel Finley
437 18 John Patton
416 John Carson
99 John Kerr
2 53
13 57
0 06
The following real estate" titibn Which
perguyil property cannot be found suf
ficient to p,,y the taxes, returned by the
several colleitors, is charged with the
taxes thereon assessed fbr theyear 1518 i
and will be 'sold as unseated .lands, in
pursuance of the directions of the 41st
section of the art of Assemblyi entitled:
"An Act to reduce the State debt and to
incorporate the Pennsyl'vcinia Canal and
Railroad Company," • approved the '2oth
April, 1844:
6 64
'2O 00
21 30
14 80
• • „,
' • Bariee Total ,hip.
1 Lot and hduse, th.oreelohnston ,
1 Lot and house. Solomon Flamer
180 60 - et and saw mill, Charles Ash
SpriTfiEld tp.'
31 10
6 81
200 , Michael
. .
1 Lot Martin Gates 16
2 Loth Eliiabeth Curhy 30
Slexandria BoroUgh.
Ground rents on lots
Elizabeth Brown's heirs 3 53
1 Lot Thomas Johnston 90
6 32
6 79
6 00
1 20
To the Honorable Judges of the Court of
Quarter Srssims, &c., of H,intingdon
County, at .9pril . 7'er;n,lBso,
The petition of Thomas Wallace of
the Borough of Huntingdon in the said
county respectfully showeth s That 'he
still occupies and continues to keep that
old and Well known
.Tavern stand,
knowti'cis the " Washington Hotel," in
the said Borough, which has heretofore
been used and occupied by him as a
public house of entertainment, and that
he is desirous of continuing to keep's
public house therein : He therefore prays
your honors to grant 'din a license to
keep'a public house at the place afore
said for the ensuing year, and he mill
pray &c.
The subscribers citizens of the Borough
of Huntingdon in the county of Hunting.
don, recommend the above petitioner,
and certify that the Inn or Tavern above
mentioned is necessary to accommodate
the public and entertain. strangers or
travellers, and that the petitioner above
named is of good. repute for honesty and
temperance, and is well provided with
house room and Conveniences 'for the
1 16.coutodation and lodging of strangers
and. travellers,
4 00
'4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
1 00
J P Anderson, Abner Isenhour, Chas A
Stihnsnri, Hen-
Bender, Robt• Woods, Alercander
Osborn, Thos Fisher, John Whiun
her, A Johnston, Geo Gwin, William
A Saxton, Henrs,Africa, Jas Clark,
Jounes ;Saxton '
March 5, 1850.—•
To the lionorolde Judgeijof thcrovrt of
Quarter Sessions, &c., of Huntingdon
county, at .Rprii Terra 1850.,
patittoti of Wesley P. (.4rien
the Borough of.Birmingnam, in the coun
ty of- Huntingdon, respectfully repre
cents That your said , petitioner has
leased that large and commodious' well
known fraine bootie situate no the cor
ner of Market arid St. David's strbet in
the .boroußfi of Birmingham. in the said
county, and witich was heretofore kept
as a house of public entertainment by
Esroireoind at pres
-ofit by John Higgin, and being ObsirOtis
of ke4iing . a house of public entertain.
lkos proieided hiinself with house
mom, st'abling and other necessaries
and!-Conteniericea fur the ,keeping , bf a
liOnse of public entertainment in the
Itetherefore prays y(itir honors
`tt . grant him a license fur said purpose
JOT,ile ensuing year, and he as in duty
bound will ever pray Arc.
W. P. GREEN. .
21 13
11 70
9 14
/ 7 11
6 49
,2 20
1 71
2 O 1
2 13
1 06
1 71
We the undersigned, citizens Of, tile
borough 13irinieglia to in the county of.
Eluotingdon, do hereby. certify that the
above named.: pbtitioner, Wesley •P.
Green, is a person of gbod repute for
honesty and temperance, and fs-it*ll
provided with house room and Conven
iences for the accommodation of stran
gets and travellers, and. that said • Inn
or- Titern proposed to be kept is neces
sary tti-aecialliddate'the public, and: en
:ltlrttiln 's'ifarigers and travellers.
,Alexonder Stewart Jr William Botts .
J. C. Fortbd lattliew Dunlap
John Homan 13erii. F.. Young
, 93
a ss
2' OS
A.. P. Kinney
W. W: Miles
A. P. Owens i TliompsonMeilpe
J, T. 11cVey Jas' Gilliland
Woods John J. Wood
John Devine
• March 5, MO.
TO the liotorable the Judges of the Court
of Quarter Sessiona, &e., of Hunting
don count• ; at April Term •triso.
The Petition of W E Hottenslehen of West
to*Y - 11.1iip in the county of 1. uri logrlon. resPeet ,
fully shewelli That your petitioner occupies
that well known heir,. of Mrs. '1 Irroopson. in
Fairfield in raid township sod cout,t).urr tland
or:eupird us a public honor ol eiriertaiirtor
Nleintoler . .6llllFloll, (Hid said p. it tr is de
, Aeons fo.keep hou.e therein ;.lid there
fore prays yotir flo111)ro to vain him a license
it', keep a pulilie house at place aforesaid fur
the'ensuinciesr, and he will e,kqr ray
• • W E 11.4ENSLEBEN.
4 60
8 73
8 55
7 01
7 56
7 05
We the "euhecribera cititone.ol: the township
of Wein and the county of runtingdbn. rectms
mend thir Lahore petitioner and certity that the
inn or tavern ahovernentionett it necessary to cc
connuodute the public and eutirtniti strangers
amt traveller., and that the, petitioner above
'panted is , of itiatutetupetua , for honesty 'and 4gin-
.3 20
1 41
10 61
19 29
• 2 71
11 15
2 96
pertwee, and in well provided with flout* room
..riind ton vehieneerr forthe accornhiOdotioh of etran
eerrverid trei r iPlierti, • •
'indub Flamer,'Sarnael b Srtiloeti Jas
Myron, jr, Solonion Siev , el.; nifienrlf . v.
ten, - Iranc Neff,'S'arauel OregOr)i,
ert B Wilson, Joseph Reed, Mordecai
Henry, John 'Eberly, John Cuniegham,
Daniel Stauffer. • •
TO the Honorable Judges of Court'of
Quarter .S 4 cssions, &c., of ; gtiun'qgdbn
county, at slptil Term, 1860. •.
The Petittoh of Shmuel (Then of the •towitship
blltarrbe , ;in the said county, rittpectfully show
eth t. That he has 'recently 'porehMell'that well
known l'iittirn'ii!Othl, in the low.i of Saulsbury.
itt I.3orree:toWnship, now occupied ht Janice
Livingston ;he therefore prrts ,out Donors to
Irma hint a License to keep a Public House' at
the place tiforehaid lbr the enstiitig . yelii . :"anti•
ThC subscribers, of Da r ree township,
in the 'County 'of A recommend the'
above petitioner,and certify that the inn or tav
ern above mentioned is necessary to aecornmo.
date:the public and entertain stringers or tray
tillers and that the petitioner above named is
of goad repute for honesty and temperance, and
is Well provided wkh hoine moth and conveni
ences fur the lodging and accomtnodation of
strangers and travellers,
3 85
. .
. John Harper ' Isaac .Anderson, John
Hirst, Thomas Bell, Shadrack Chaney,
E C Gillam, George Sleek, Job Slack,
David Ramsey, John Carver, S A Cress
well, George 114 John Love, James
Forrest, John AlcCiatri, Gilbert Chaney,
John Gilleland, hunee CartnontpJames
Ewing, Peter Livingston. ! .•• .
March 5, 1850:*
• .
To the Honorable , the Judges of the
Court of Quarter• Sessions, -6re. 4 r of
Huntingdon county, at April Perth,
The petition or Michael Sister of the itoroukti
*of Alexatittriti, in the county of Huntingdon,
shewcth That he keeps a putilat inn oi'tasern
in the house he now occupies in the said borough
al Alexandi ia, and that the said inn or taierit lb
necessary to accommodate the public, soil enter
tain stringers and travellers ; your ,piiiitionet
therefore prays your Honors to grant him a
Cense for the continuance of the saute; and your
petitioner will ever pray • &c. •
We the underligned, citizen. of the bowel
of Alexandria hereby certity that the bruise tin*
kept by Michael Sisler, a. an inwor triverrl in
the borough of Alexandria is neer/mirky' to ac
cearimodite the public and entertain alrangerp
cud traveller., ouJ that the said Michael Dicier
is of good repute for honesty nail temperance,
itridle will provided with hese. room and con
venience. for the acconunodatioti of strangers
and traVelliirtf
John Swoope, •Piper, . Michael
Ri , chason, Alexander Stitt, Jno Coneley,
Samuel Spylier, H 'Fort; ler; Stephen
Itinger, Enoch Kline, Samuel Ise . ObOrgi
Benjamin Williams, °Norge 's allcer,
Jacob Baker, Andrei', M'Clure, Henry
Al'Clure, William Moore, Jahn Bieber.
H Kennedy.
. , .
Pelt Unite '
To Me iforiora , A,kilies of the t'Ourt of
• Qiiarier Sessions, &c., elf Huta ing
• done ounty,, ut dpri 1 lerm,• 1850.
The petiflon'er A: Jblittston, of the
.I.3orottglt. 0,1 - tuntingdon„in the county'
'of Huntingdon,- r tfiect r4i•esents :
that he is provided with house roorn and
stabling, and all the necessary aceem-
Imodations for. keeping. a house of pub-'
iic entertainment, at the house now oc
cupied by himself in said Borough. Ho
therefore prays your hottiJr'S"
b.itri a license to Continue to keep a house
of entertainment at said- place, for the
ensuing year, and as in duty , ham} will
pray, &e. , A. JOHNSTON.
IV° the • tintlersigned•eitizens velhe
bOrough of •Hilirtingdo'n''''dO hereby:Cer
tify that the above named petitioner,, A.
Johnston, is a man of good reput e for
honesty and, temperance; :rind is w€ll
prbvided .with' houseroom for the . ac
commodation of strangers arid travel
lers,,l4l.6o Ih4f-Alte• Inn or Tavern pro.
posed.. 4) be necessary to accom
thodate and enteftaiti
gers and travellers.
C S Black, Louis Schneider, Thos %Val
lace, H K Neff, C A Newingham Mo
ses Sires,
.Jarries Snit'on; Wltliarn A
William Glasgow G.eePwin
J Maguire,. G eci A Steel,K:H.McCoy,
• Benj. Snare, Jss. Clark. •
• Mira 5, 1850.
To the Honorable Judges of the Coure,of
Quarter Sessions, 4c. of Huntingdon
County, at the.4pril 850.
The petition of of Joseph Forest re
spectfully sheweth : That your petition
er occupies n commodious house in the
borough of Petersburg and county afore
said, .which is well calculated for a
house of public entertainment, and suit
obit and necessary for the acrommoda
thin of the public and the ehiertainment
Of strangers and travellers,
,and.that he
is now occiipyingi and has heretofore
for:sotne years occupied the said house
ns a public• house; Re therefore prays
your honors•to. grant him a lfrcetiSe to
continue beeping the . said house as a
public house ) and he:will ever pray &c.
We the undersigned citizens of the
borough of Petersbur g being personally
acquainted with die said Juseplithrtest
and also having knowledge of the bootie
for which the license is prayed, do here
by certify that the said house is neces•
strry to accommodate the public and en
tertain. strangers and travellers. That
the said Joseph Forrest is-a person of
good repute for honesty and temper
ance, and that ht'is well provided with
lionse'ropin and •Conk , enietices for the
, toyit weeoutruodittion of strangers
,and travellers.
Jno It• Hunter, Jno P Mnrphy,• John J
' Marks, 'Geo 11Cresswell, Jas M Ir
vine, II Orhi4y, Barnabas..Zeigler Jr
I. 13. Ilutchinsoa, .Win 13 Megaben,
Tho.mas Morgan, Isaac Winry, Isaac
Post, Jonathan Hardy, Josepii . .ldhn.
T b drlitrell 5, 1850. • • -
To the Honorable Judges of the 'Court of
quartirSepsidn3, &C., HUatingdon
C ( otinty;at'..dipiql 7'era,
g, of
the townSfirVoP , Porier; in the county of
Huntingdon,, respectfully rFpreeents
That your petitioner is desirous of
keeping, a public Inn or Tavern in the
house -he-now occupies, being in the
township above named, eitsttif the town
,ef Alexsndria, and on the Noithern
'Turnpike 'leading td Pittsburg. That
hi lies' protided himself with necessa
ries far the accommodation, of strangers
and travellers, and therefore prays your
honors to grant Min a license -to keb'p a
public hriase of entertolninent In said
house, and he will ever pray -&C.
We ille,suhecribers,. citizens of the
township of Porter, in the County of
Huntingdon, do certify that the Tavern
prayed for above by SaMple Fleming, is
necessary for the 'accommodation of
the public: and the entertainment• of
straqeisaad k .,t revellers, that the said
applicant is of good repute for honesty
and tempertitice, and-is -*ell provided
With hetnie room and other convenien;.
cies for .the accommodation of strrin
geri and.travellers.
Francis Conner, John•Relsen jr; Jacob
P. Baker,, Henry Miller, Wm 11 Cook,
'William Laird: Jr ' Adam Hatfield,
Solomon Hamer John Gemmel], Tho
Maloy, A J Wilson; Jooph Works
U Taylor, Peter Piper.
, March. 5; 1850.—*
E. C: J. N. 11Ai.,
lew Arrangement.
11TOULD respectfully inforrri the pnlilic that
V V they have purchased front llenry'Sinith, his
'thole, si c k, i&c,, belonging to the anise deport.
ment otitis buaineso, and that they wif carry . iton
tor, the present, in all ite 'triune branches, in
the'iliop heretofore occupied by Mr. Smith. They
ore prepared to execute allordeterin their line on
the shor toot notice antl, moot teationable terms.
Carriages, Bu gg ies, Wagons, Sleighs,
Carts, Wheelbarrows, &e.,
made to order, of the befit materials, and at rent
timinble pi ices.
Repairing of all kinds of vehicles, thine on the
shortest notice.
o'rbure wanting neat, cheap and durable
articles in
line of busineee, are respectfully
requested to kreb !Item a call.
Feh."...6, 1 PMIO,
Summers i• Ball,
To the Honorable the Judges of the
Court of Cleaner Sessions, die., of
Huntingdon county; tit April Tenn,
The petition of.'Abraham Moyer of hforris
tow,ighip, in the said county, Yeepuetfully ehew-
Leth3..That he occupies a house in the town of
Waterakreet, to the township of Morrie afore,
said, wliidll bus for many years been used- end ,
occupied es a public house of entertainment,
end is desirous of continuing to keop a public
house,therelp ; hetberefure prays your Honors
to, grunt him a license to keep ,a public house
at the place aforesaid for the ensuing year, and
he will ever pray.. ABRAHAM MOYER.
The Subscribers, citizens of the township of
Morrie, in the county of Huntingdon recom
mend the above petitioder and certify that the
InanvtaVerli eiltrve mentioned is neceseary to
ecoommodatoghe public and entertain strangers
or travellers, and that the petitioner above
named• is of Anol i t repute for honesty and tern
,perance, and is well priiiided with house room
and convenienr'.es for the lodging and acconuno•
&Aim' of 4rang era and travellers.
John Renner, ,Aioxander McClintich,
Job PlYmptoni Ilenry 13 Mytinger, Pe•
ter Conigan, Samuel Herniate; 3 Lt• Butts,
J M Young, John Mytinger, John Cary,
Robert Kinkead, G•W Graham.
Orphans' Court Sale.
DY virtud of On order of the Orphans'
Court ofgultingdon county, will he
ex posed to sale on the premises, by the under
signed Executors of the last will of Matthitw
Garner, late of Penn township: Huntingdon
county, dee'd., on Saturday MI .tith day ojAprit
nr.rt, at 1l o'clock. A. M a
situate in llopewell township, adjoining landS
on which John Beaver now resides and others.
The ritioie valuable tract of land Is Well worthy
the attention of purchasers. Any person wieh:
ing to view the vintages can call open Thesfil).
Bernier!. ! • • • . •
Tanta,—One third of the portlier', money
to be paid on confirmation of mile, one-third in
one year shereatter, and one-third in two 'ears,
with interest from confirmation of rude, to bese:
cured by• bond and mortgage or the purchaser.
•: By the Court.
M. F. CAMPBELL, Clerk.
. Attendance given by
March 5, 1 550. • - ' • • Execetior.v
Auditor's Sot ice,
NOTICE is hereby given to all per.
sons interested, that the undersign-
ed has heed appointed try the Orphans' Court of
Huntingdon county. Auditor to ascertain and
repiErt, licitte against the interest or share of Jas.
M. tall: in the proceeds of the sale a lhe real
estate of his father, Josiah Hall, deceased, and to
apportion the said interest amongit the lieu
creditpra, qua that he, h.s aPPPinjed.atur.
tlay, the 23,1 day of March next.•at P.
M.,at his office in the borough of Huntingdon,
for the hearing of the parties, tke. Whin and
where ell persona interested may attend if then
think proper, , JOHN REED, Auditor.
Prdr 20.1850-41.
M, 1, M, ROWt,
63 North Third Sieet, above .arch,
Isnn Doz. Corn Bi:oonis,
UV 500. Painted. Boekets ;
500 nests Willow Market lia6kets ;
600 tt Cedar Tubs ;
800 Stair oind.flarrel ('horns;
together With the laige4stock of Willow, Cedar
tind Eastern Woodware ever oiter,d in the city.
ClOlll I , llbl tti.tlll. Mimi Tor, broom cord
at our factory . • •
Feb. 26, 1850. • •
Of Va1 . u4034 Real Estate:
. .
1)Y virtue of and alias order of the Orphans
I) Court of Huntingdon county, !be follotting
tteseribed tract of land, latF,the property of Abra•
ham Long,tice'd, acill sold as follow., viz
'On Friday the 6th day of April next' (A. D.
1850) dt and on the premise.; all that valuable
tractof Lime Sten, Land of the first quality sit
uate in Dublin township; 'in alitigtitill county,
neartle Burnt Cabins, and known. thb
ins Farm". containing 'about 107 acres and 88
perches; - having about 120,acresslea,re and
der godd fence. and in theitighest'state of coin.
iation—having thereon a log dwelling house and
stable, and two neverfailing springs of water.
Will also be sold at the same time and place,
. . .
two contiguous and odjoining (toots of lund, in
the said township of Dublin . iaid county, bound
ed by lands of Thomas W. Neely, Esq.; and oth
ers, containing 00 acres nioi e OF less, and la',
jug thereon a good atone dwelling houie a small
portion cletirea ..andcultivated. The
thrirbof will be sold as one tract. • • •
. ,
A •LSO, at • the house of David
.Friikei, in the
bbrough of Shirleysburg, on Stinti•tny the Gat
d a y of April next A. D. 1860, at 1 o'clock V: M.
A tract of Mountain land Well timbered lying on
the Block Log • Mountain in Shirley tdrinahip
adjoining Mita of Samuel 1 - 1. BNII and Akre
curtaining 88' acres more or less.
l'itana.—thre third: of the ptirchaae Money
to Ira paid oh the confinnotion of the sale, one
third in one year wilt interest. and the•
legthird at tire death of the widow with inter
est thereon during • her life' to be phitl annually
ant!•to be securers by bdnds and mortgage.
Any information will be given by - William
Ate Loin of Dublin toweship, Oen. A. P. Wilson
at Huntingdon, or by the eubstribors at Shirfeye
burg, litnttingdorreonnty.
By .onle.• of the Oroltene' Court, • ,
M. F, CA 'AUBE LI., Urk,
\V M. B. LEAS, •
Feb. l9 . /930.
TN pursuance of an order of the Orphan's Court
lof Huntingdon county the following real es
tate will be exposed to public sale, on the prem.
lees, in Jackson township, Huntingdon criuntp,
On Satarelay the ltith day of March tie2it,
at one o'clock in the afternoon of said day, to
.wit All that certain lot of ground situate in
Jackson 'l'esinshili, iiaid county, adjoining lands
61 Henry tee add James
,Alexander, edniairsing
Shout one acre, With a log housound stribln there
oil erected; Idtd the property of WM. McKee,
dec tl.
TEnmi Os RAtt4.o6ll: half of the tiurchaso
honey to raid do etniqtnyition ,of the sole, and
he bilanoe in ono year lbeisider with interest.
!ti be 4ecured by Ite Mond and mortgage of the
JOHN OAKS, Adm'r.„ with
the will annexed of Wm. McKee, deed.
Feb. 12. 1850.
BY . 1461041,4:v'
gln-8 undlibiighed•reo&igneei of Hair and
' M added/will soil at , Shadokittp, dn.Tookloy
tho 2d day of Apri4,4614.0, on.S4'ict
Vontainilig 150 aer4s,.in Dublin wyll
import d rind it, a gond Mate of cul:ivallOn.
A isd—On the same day, wi I offer Ai/ Ink a
/Mother dr 1.01. Of drohnd in the of
Chlyiviile, id Eltiblig foWnship.
A Iso—On thb same day, about 70 serail of
timber loud in Crothwell tott whip, part 13 ing
in :Shade Gap, where there is a, good meat for
water works. ilnd good water power.
A be sold on the pretniies,, on
ednattlay, the 3d day of April, 1:40, the
Melinda Iron Work"
situate on the Aug hivick creek, in ettnaisrell
Huntingdon connty, Pe:, and *fibrin
few miles of the Pennsylvania Canal anihnil
road. The IVorks co ci.l of a Ch. renal Ihr
:Ace and Forge, firstly new, and yaw Mill, all
in good order, and the usual and necessary hou
ses and buildings attached thereto, together with
about 020 acres Of hind adjoining the Workir,
'shout 70 acres cleared aml in a good stint of
cu'iiiation, and the remainder of.,thr premiere
is tinitier aid woodland upon which some iron
ore hao been Mind convenient to the Furnace.
To any poison wishing to engage in the Iron
business,the above Works titter great Induce
ments; they are located ih a itedfthy and thri
ving neighborhood, where laif6f end meterial•
ere comparatively cheap. Good ate ruin be had
convenient to the Furnace, and timber .e% mod
ornin prices : op Atqfherick creek. gives ample
water power at all seasons of the
Also—('.n the mime day, one tract of land in
Springfield township, containing 75 scree well
improved, and a good quality of land, lying on
Aurrhwiek creek.
Attendance given and term. mode known on
Joy deal, Titos.. E. ORBTEINV, •
THOi. W. NE,pfX,
gol3l'. MADDErf.
Veb. 26, A psidnees,
Orphans' Court Sale.
Y virtue of an order of the Orphans' Court
1) of Huntingdon county, will be exposed to
sale on the preMises, by public vendue or out
cry, on Sit thg 6tls. day of April, 1850, a
situate ill Brady township. in said county, con
taining 108 ate., more or leas, adjoining lands
of Jamesitoss. Jobe 'Yocum, Jame. Ker,,lames
McDonald, and others. The said tract of, land
hes along the kisacoquillas valley, is within, a
convenient distance of the Pennsylvania Ril.•
road and Canal, and is well timbered, which
'render. it very valuable, and (deity a prontattio
speculation to purelmers,
Poems.— The half of the purclurse money 40
be, paid on con fir motion of sale, and ttie reaitibb
.in one year tiorearter, with it.terem, to to se
cured by bond, and Rortgage of the purchaser,
Ry the Court,
• M. 0; CAMPRELL,'theriu.'
. .
Attendance given by .
ofJohn Wiley deed.,
February 26.
Auditor's Notice.
NOTICE ie iiWiisity given to all perione-intev
ented, thavitre stniteiOrtved, heti been ap
pointed Auditor I , Y the Court.of : Coipniiiihrlees
of Huntington county, to distribute the proceeds
of theSheritre sale of the reel coatis of
Ake, amongst the lien'ereilliors, Ste MI that he
hes eprnihtefl Friiloy,.the 22d Jai , of Mete% Ilext.
at I o'clock 0.. M., at his office in the dioroagh
of Huntingdon, for inektng eaid. distrthntion
at which time and , place all pergons interested
may attend if they think proper.
JOHN REED, Auditor.
Feb. 26, 1860..4t.
' inettee of the Peace.
respectfullyHE ttttl{b~ihantiouki annount e
to the voters of Huntingdon, that he will 4e
a candidate fur the office of
Justice of thi Pence,
at the enstting Sly ing Election, and will Le
thtukful fur their etarages.
. . .
Feb.l9, 1850.
Admpinistrator 3 iilmtrice.
LETTERS of Asheintstriitioa have been
ted to the dubscriber Upon the 't of
dEo F. t‘ 8111 t(
MWitship, deceesed. Ait pereohs bevitti, _me
wilt preeent them duly ohthentiehlttd; and theie
'itidebtod ore tegtieeted to Melte payment to
11A.113 fIitAILTON,
Frb. 19, Isso. .itiihni.niet rotor,
LAST NOtittrik
PaERSONS knOititit . thenfselves In
debted to the fi riti of R. K. NEFF &
0., are hereby ;OA:ironed that' nil bal
ances fdlitid iin their books after the Ist
driy df April, Isso,will be transferred to
the proper Officers for Collection. it
will therefore be well, fOr those concern
ed, to ball immed:ately upon 'the sub
scriber and save further expento. •
for . H..K. Neff& tiro.
Feb. 19, 1850
TIM subscriber, expecting to leave Hunting
), 'don shortly, will offer at AU.CTION on
Tuc STII or M.toui, his
itougehold Furniture,
and n onricty of other articles, annipg which in et
Bale to commence at 9 o'clock A. NV. — .Teruis
then made known. JOHN THEOLES,
Feb. 19, 050, . , •
NEW Goons I NEW Goons I
respectfullyT~TO c U u ! to ti eande
ne u n
Sisal bor#y else, hi
his old
has removed his store from his std stand, to the
rosin a few doors below . , on the same aide of Os
strA, and bul two doors from William Dorris'
EttOte. In addition to hit old stock, he 11 . .1; it
ificeited an elegant assartrbent of
QZ) Cr)
Which he is prepared to sell as cheap, if nM 'a
//We cheaper. Ihin cats be procured shrew here.
the stock consists-of
Dry-Goods, Groceries,
Drugs, epo., Oc.
Thankful fur past firvoi:s he *mild' real ea
rnl y.solich a continobnee of public favor. It
WI I always give him tiefteure to use hip. utmnat
exertione to render satiffection to those who may
deal with him.
Feb. 19, 1850. . ••
. .
PURE California Gold wedding ringifor,sabe
Oet. 10, 1810,..