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    List of. Letters
ItD EMAINING in the Post Mice at Hunting
don, Pa., on the Ist di,y of July, gin, and
which if not lifted on or before the Ist day of
October next, will be bent to tho General Post
Office as dead lettete.
A Klingell Margaret
Aenes Joseph Kerns Edo'rard 3
Auchter. Joseph 2 Kennedy James
Anderson Miss Adeline Kertfee Daniel
Allison Rev James Kelly Jasnas •
. it Keller deorge
Burns John KinksllY Patrick
Boneless Tobias Kelly Patrick
Burns Maj A W Krng. Michael
bluest Mr Kelly John 2
Bnrig Anthony Kallerstrass Fridrich
Bennet Eli Kee6kran Henry
Boys John
Brooks Jason
larger Joseph
Brandt Justice
Barggermon John
Barnes Thornton
Barn. Wm Esq
Baptist Old School
Beales Simon
Logan Robi 7 rt ,
Lewis Rev David
I,i'gavory Boras
Lanai. 'tiehael
Loral N
Lancaster John
Loullit Wm
Lacey Wm__
McKanna Peter
Morrison Margaret 2
.Morgan Janes
Maguire Albert
Me Ntilion Patrick
Carroll Palilick
Centlen William
Conway _Michael
Carr Thomas
Callahan' James
Nnllon Michael,
Miller & llacii
Murry Michael
MeDerrnot Mary
McKim ,Willutui
Mailsm! C 4 ..
Martin Joseph
McMantas thigh
Marrion John
McClure James
Clay John
Carren John
Clark Gen Wm
Carey Yu'gh
Cephatt Sarah J
Clark Robert
ClamObeli Patrick
Cramer Henry
Carver Miss Ann
Casey William
- -- .
u :‘TeDermit .10101 A.
Duncan John Molloy liagh
Dockry Patrick McGinky John
Dodson Matilda McCarthy Patrick
Davis Patrick I . ,irorniick Michael
DoUgherty .luhu Martin Thomas
Dohty Colliding JOhn
Davis Ueorge Esq M,.( - bicern John
Dickson Isaac T log :i M.Gavera P a tri c k I
LI Merl. John
EigeriThrmaii II Medill John
Ir Moore A D
Focht Jonathan 'AI
Feeney %vinyl Naughton Thomas
Fentler Martin Nii , bition Victor
Fans William '..! V,ll Peter
Fitzpatrick T110111:1 ; NOWlllitll Joql,llll
(1 No tiAliton Michael
Gates Peter 0
Gordon Dr J J O'Donnell Lames
Glass Joseph 2 O'Connell Laurence
Gaßagan Peter ()'Neil Mas Anna
Gayley Rev S A Orton Benjamin Esq
Gaynor John Esq Orrcn Albert Enq
Gallagher Patrick 11.
Gsiner James P , ig s lit , di R.•hecca
Giyley . & Somerville P:ialdell Sainnel
Glasgow & Brother 5 Parsons William 2
Port ,r Henry
Healy Patriek2
Horan John
Highland William Telford Ed
Hunter bseqd Thompson Miss Magt
Hutchison James 'Pried., Daniel
Hampson Jackson .Tllofl p illl Charles E
Harman John Teniiiiidoo Jain,
Howell John C
Hamilton Mr
Haman John G Wara John
Hersey Rev John 2 White. E
Hershey John Wilson Ernon
Height William White Moo Ellen
Walton Jesse V
Johnston Id II Wood worth Almon
Jarboe Thomas A Williams Alfred
K Wilson George
Kelly James &Co 2 Wilson William
Kelly J-6 B,Co.
Persons inquiring for letters on the above
List will please say they are advertised.
Ci" Two cents in addition to the regular
postage charged on advertispd natters.
pErF,R. C. SWOOPE, P. M.
Huntingdon, July in, Is
Wauld respectfully infoim his old frir t dr. and
t'm Public general!) , that he ties rcst tar ri busi
ness as MERCHANT TAII.GE, in the room
next door to C. Costs' Hotel, formerly occupied
by the Globe Prtn , ting office, Huntingdon, Po.
He has just received from 1 hiladelphia a
splendid assortment of ( LOTHS, (;Asst_
MFRS and VESTINGS of the best finish which
he is prepared to make up to order at prices that
cannot fail to suit the views of all. A perfect
fit will let all cases be guaranteed.
Work will also be done for those who prefer
purchasing their cloth elsewhere.
May 1;1849.
Saddle & Harness
Respectfully informs the public. that Le hos
commenced business for hi:naelf in the room
lately occupied by F. Krell nearly opposite the
Post Office, in Main Street, Huntingdon, Pa.
All kinds of Harness and Saddles *i lie mutt•
factored on the shortest notice, of the best mate
rials. and as cheap as can be had at any other
establishment in the county.
He respectfully cake a share of public patron
age. May 1, 1849.
spring Millinery Geods.
lona Stone & Sons,
Silks, Inns and Millinery Goods,
No. 45 South Second Street, above Chesnut
AVOULD call the attention of fvferchanfs unit
Milliner. visiting the city, to their large
and rich assortment of
Spring Millinery Goods,
Received by late arrivals from France, such ail'
Glace Silks for casing bonnets,
Pettey Rennet and Cap Ribbenr—a large and
beautiful essortment of all priers ;
Plain Mantua and Satin Ribbons, from No. I
to No. 12 ;
French and American Artificial Flowers, (in
great variety) ;
Colored and White Capes;
Fancy Laces and Nets;
French Chip Hats;
Face Trig minge—Quillings ;
Covered Whalebones—Cane:
Buckrams—Willow ;
Bonnet Crowns and Tip.,
Together with every article appertaining to the
Millinery trade.
March 27, IND.
line received and in now opening a aplondid
Clock of Spring and Summer Goode, among
which may be found every variety of
Ladies' and Gentlemens' Dress Goods,
in part, Cloths of all kinds, French, Belgian
and Fancy Cassimers, Kentucky Jeans, Proton,
Oregon and Tweed Goths; Vestings, Flannels
and Drillings; ands variety of Cotton Goods for
summer wear; Mouslin de Laines, French
Lawns and Scants, Shawls and Handkerchiefs,
Alpacas, Mentions, a large assortment of Cali
coes of tho newest styles, and at low prices,
Eu Isten, French; Scotch and Domestic Ging
hams and Balzorines, French and Irish Linens
and Checks, Bed Tlckings, Muslins and sheet
ings. &c., &c.
Bouts, Shoes, Hats and Caps, Groceries,
Hardware, Queenswate, &e.,
with a great varietS , of goods of all . kinds.
The above stock of Goods having been selec
ted with great rare, and purcliair if at reduced
prices for Cash, I urn enabled to offer
Great Bargains,
and hope all who want will at least examine my
stock before purchasing else% here, as I aside•
(ermined to sell on no reasonable terms as any
one in Pennsylvania. Please call and see my
Godds,as tt affords me pleasure to show them
at all tiinefi.
All kinds of Country Produce taken in ex
change far Goods.
AT ;rch :11, 1849,
Thankful for past favors, most respectfully in
forms the citizens of Huntingdon and its skin
ity, that he has made every arrangement neces
sary to supply all who may favor him with a
call, with the most choice varieties of
Confectionaries, Cakes, Fruits and Nuts.
. ,
His private rooms are fitted up in a handsome
style, which will mike them a comfortable resort
for Ladies and fientiemen.
Parties can be furnished on the shortest notice
with Ice Cream, Confectionaries, all kinds of
Cakes and Fruits.
Huntingdon, May 22, 1849.
New Goods! New Goods!
H AVE just
a l s •e s c o e f i t v m e e d n o t n o d f are now opining a
Their stock has been selected with great care,
and at lower prices than those who purchased
earlier, and comprises a general variety of every ,
thing called for by the public. They have a
beautiful variety of LADIES and GENTLE ,
MEN'S Dress Goods, of the vety latest styles,
which for quality and cheapness cannot be sur
passed. In addition to their large stock of Dry
Goods, Housekeepers can be Bopp' ied with
Fresh Groceries,
of a superior quality, very cheap ; Hardware
Queensware. &c., &c.
They invite the public to call and examine
their stock. They make no charge for showing
their Goods.
May 1,184 fl. ' •
Drs. Neff & Maier
I)ESPECTI , LILLY inform the citizens of
fl Huntingdon and vicinity, that they have
fitted up a room in the S. E. , corner of John
ston's Hotel (enteritnee through Neff & Bro's
Jewelry store) where they will take greVt pleas
ure in attending to all who may favor them with
a call.
Artitietal , Teeth.
_ -
of all. kinds,:nOpoki.TdOn the - most improved
modern style: Also, plugging, filing and clean
ing done with care and neatness.
N. B. Teeth Extracted with aff the ease and
dispatdh. that modern science' chn
Charges moderate.
THE subsciiher respectfully omen; era to the
public that he is prepared to do work of all
kinds connected with the Foundry businese, in
the best manner, and on the ;nest reasonable
._...._. •
- - I
a true and correct copy of the thiginal Reso
Ho has constantly on band wagon boxes,
tion of the General Assembly, entitled ~ liesolu
ploughs and plough castings, hollow ware, and .
, lion relative to an amendment of the Constitu
stoves of various kinds and sizes.
The " " " i ` tMn," as the sums remains on file in this office.
stoves which he manufactures are inferior to none c
in the coun...y, and are warranted to perform S
5.,, In testimony whereof I have hereunr
the various operations of cooking and baking in szat to sot my hand, and caused to be affix.
a manner equal to any, and superior to most.—
ed the seal of the Secretary's Office
He has these stoves calculated for either wood at Harrisburg, this eleventh day of June Anna
Domini, one thousand eight hundred and forty
or coat. ile has lately procured patterns for
wdoti and parlor stoves, which for beauty and tine. TOWNSEND HAINEtt,
excellence cannot be excelled. Also, stoves for Sec'y of the Com
offices, shojis, &.c., sorli ex egg stoves, cannon
stoves, and others. He invites persons desirous
of purchasing to giVe him a cal, as he is deter
mined to sell as good an article and at as low
prices as can be °blotted at any other place.
May 5,1846-1 y
W. H. SMITH.. •• W. Isit.STNCLAIN,
S3lllllll AINCLAIR,
Wholesale Grocers,
Produce & Cominission Merchants,
and Dealers in Pittsburg Manufactures,
No. 56 Wood street, Pittsburg, Pa.
Refer to IV, Genital: Gwirr,
} Hentingdon
Amore. J. & W. SAXTON,
April 3.1840.
Ceratinissien Merchants,
Teas, Se gars, 4te.
No. 11 Walnut Street,
Consignments of Western and Southern
Produce solicite4.l..CD
June 12, 1999.
Relative to an Amendment of the
Repolvetl by the Senate and rkinse of Repre
sentatives of the Contmon locale& of Pennsytva
nt'a 171 General Assembly stet That the Consti
tution of this Commonwealth be amended in the
second section of , the fifth article, so that it shall
read as follows : The Judges of the Supremo
Court, of the several Courts of Common Pleari,
and of such oilier Courts of Record as are or
shall be established by law, shall l,e elected by
the qualified electors of the Ccommonwealth in
the manner following, to wit : The Judges of the
Supreme Court, by the quslified.electorti of the
Commonweelth at large. The President Judges
of the several coutt,, of Common Pleas and of
I such other Courts of Record as are or shall be
established by law, and all other Judges requi
red to be teat ned in the law, by the qualified
electors of the respective districts over which
they are to preside or act at Judges. And the
Associate Judges of the Courts of Common
Pleas by the qualified e'ectors of the Counties
respectively. The Judges et' the Supreme Court
shall hold their offices for the term of fifteen
years if they ohs II so long behave themselves
well: (subject to the allotment hereinafter pro
vided for,subsequent to the first election:) The
President Judges of the several Courts of Com
mon Pleas, and of such other courts of Record
as are or shall be established by - law, and all
other Judges required to be lea, ned in the law, I
shall hold their offices for the term of ten years,
if they shall so long behave themselves well :
The Associate Judges of the Courts of Common
Pleas shall hold their offices fur the term of five
years, if they shall so long behave themselves
well: all of whom shall be commissioned by the
Governor, but for any reasonable cause which
shall not be sufficient grounds of impeachment,
the Governor shall remove any of them on the
address of two-thirds of each branch of the Leg-
islature. The first election shall take place at
the general election of this Commonwealth next
after the adoption of this amendment, and the
commissions of all the judges who may be then
in office shall expire on the first Monday of De
cember following, when the terms of the new
judges shall commence. The persons who shall
then be elected Judges of the Supreme Court
shall hold their offices as fel haws : one of them
for three years, one fer six yeers, one for nine
years, one for twelve years, and one for fifteen
years , the term of each to be decided by lot by
the said judges as soon after the election as con
venient, and the result certified by them to the
Gt vernor, that the commissions may be issued
in accordance thereto. The judge whose com
mission will first expire shall be Chief Justice
during his term, and thereafter each judge whose
commission shall first expire shall in turn be the
Chief Justice, anti if two or more commissions
shall expire on the same day, the judges holding
them shall decid 3 by lot which shall be the Chief
Justice. Any vacancies happening by death,
resignation, or otherwise, in any of the said
courts, shall be filled by appointment bythe Gov-
ernor, to continuo till the first Monday of De-
comber succeeding the next general election:—
The Judges of the Supreme Court and the Pres
?dents of the several Courts Df Common Pleas
shell, at stated times, receive for their services an
adequate compensation, to be fixed by law,
which shall not be diminished during their con
inuance in office, but 'they shall receive no fees
or perrinisites of office, nor hold any other office
ut profit under this Commonwealth, or under the
government of the United States, or any other
State of this Union. The Judges of the Su
preme Court during their continuance in office
shall reside within this Commonwealth, and the
other Judges during their continuance in office
shall reside within the district or county for
which they were respectively elected.
Speaker of the of Representatives.
Speaker of the Senate:
In the Senate, March 1, 1840.
Resolved, That this resolution. pros. Yeas
21, Nays 8. Extract from theJoUrnal.
I,e the House of Representativ . e-, April 2; 18.19.
Resolved, That this resolution pass:—Yeas
58, Nays 26. Extract front the Journal.
W M. JACK, Clerk.
Secretary's Ore.
Filed April 5;1849.
Dep. Sec. of the Corn,
Pennsylvania, st
I no eawriFr that the nbovo did foregoing is
" Resolution, No. 188 entitled " Res
" olution relative to an amendment of the
" Constitution," was read a third time.
" On , the question, will the Senate agree
"to the resolution 1 The Yeas and Nays
"'were taken agreeably to the Constitu
" tion, and were as follow, viz:
"YEAS—Messrs. Bons, Brawley,Crabb,
"Cunningham, Forsyth, Hugus, John ,
"son, Lawrence, Levis, Mason, Mattlii
" us, M'Cuslin, Rich, Richards, Sadler,
" Sankey, Savory, Small,. Smyser,
'~rett and Stine-2f.
" NAYS—Messrs. Best, Drum, Frielc,
"Ives,King, Konigmaeher, Potteiger and
" Darsie, Speaker-8.
" So the question was determined in
"the affirmative."
" Shall the resolution pass 1 The
"yeas and nays were taken agreeably to
" the provision of the tenth article of
"the Constitution, and are as follow,
" viz :
YEAS—AI essrs. Gideon J. Ball, tia
" rid J. Bent, Craig Biddle, Peter D.
" Bloom, David. M. Bole, Thomas K.
" Bull, Jacob Cort, John H. Diehl, Na
thaniel A. Elliott, Joseph Emery, Da-
"vid G. Eshelman, William " EVans,
"John Fausold, Samuel Fegely, Joseph
W. Fisher, Henry M. Fuller, Thomas
"Grove, Robert Hampson, Gorge P.
" Henszey, Thomas J. Herring, Joseph
" Higgins, Charles Hortz, Joseph B.
"Hower, Robert Klotz, Harrison P.
"Laird, Abraham Lamberton ' James J.
" Lewis, James W. Long, Jacob M'-
" Cartney,: John F. M'Culloch, Hugh
" M'Kee, John M'Laughlin, Adam Mar
" tin, Samuel Marx, John C. Myers, Etl
.‘ ward Nickleson, Stewart Pearce,
"James Porter, Heary C. Pratt, Alonzo
"Robb, George Rupley; Theodore Ry
" man, Bernard S. Schoonover, Samuel
" Seibert, John Sharp, Christian ,Snive
" ly, Thomas C. Steel, Jeremiah B.
"Stubbs, Jos. J. Stutzman, Marshall
" Swartzwelder, Samuel Taggart, Geo.
"T. Thorn, Nicholas Thorn, Arunah
" Wattles, Samuel ‘1 eirich, Alonzo 1.
.1 Wilcox, Daniel Zerbey and William
" F. Pack( r, Speaker-58.
"Naas--Messrs. Augustus K. Cornyn,
"David M. Courtney, David Evans,
"Henry S. Evans, John Fenton, John
" W. Georg; Thomas Gillespie, John
" 13. Gordon, William Henry, James J.
" Kirk, Joseph Laubach, Robert R. Lit
" tie, John S. M'Calrront, John
"William M'Sherry, Josiah Miller, Wil
liam T. Morrison, John A. Otto, Wil
liam Y. Roberts, John W. Roseberry,
"John B. Rutherford, R. Rundle Smith,
"Jahn Smyth, John Souder, George'
" Walters and David F. Williams-26.
" So the question was determined in
" the affirmative."
Harrisburg, June 15, 1849.
Pennsylvania, ss :
r.l Ino CERTIFY flint t i
the above an
SEAL foregoing is a true and correct copy of
—...,...... the ~ Yeas" and " Nays," taken on
the .. Resolution relative to an amendment of
the Constitution," es the same appears on the
Journals of the two !louses of the General As
sembly of this Commonwealth, for the session
of 1849.
Witness my hand and the seal of said ollice,
the fifteenth day of June, one thousand eight
hundred and forty-nine.
Secretary of the Commonwealth
June 26, 1849. ~
164 Chesnitt Street,
Corner of Seventh, Swam's Buildings,
VNOWING the wants of the com
munity, the Proprietor of this es
tablishment has fitted up a store in the
most elegant manner, having due regard
to the comfott of his customers, so that
every stranger visiting his Book Store,
may feel entirely at home.
of Books is classified according to the
various Departments of Literature, so
that visit:•rs can find the books they are
in search of for themselves. Buying
his stock for the most part at the Auc-
TION SALES, and being connected with
in this country, besides publishing large
ly himself,. enables him to sell ALL Books
than any other house of a similar char
acter on this continent. His facilities
for the IMPORTATION of Books from En;
rope are unsurpassed, having a branch
of his Establishment in London , where
orders of private gentlemen are careful
ly executed and forwarded to this Coon ,
try by every STEAMER and PACKET.
of Raolcs with the prices aitaelicql
sued quarterly, containing Lists of New
Additions made to his large collection,
which are in all cases for sale at the
or, from 25 to 75 per cent. below Pub
lishers' Prices. Thus in buying even a
few books, quite a considerable amount
is saved.
As a still further
to strangers visiting the city, every one
who purchases One Dollar's worth of
Books, will receive a copy of the
lBmo volume, the price of which is 25
The limits of this advertisement
are too confined to enumerate the prices
of any of the Books, or to give even a
faint idea of the advantages to
be derived from purchasing at'the Great
Central Cheap Book-store, but let all who
are in search of Books send for a Cato.
logue, and buy the Books they arc in
wont of, and when visiting the city, give
Appleton one call, and you will be sure
to call again.
in all Its branches, furnished at the Low
est Prices. The Initials of those purcha
sing Letter and Note Paper, neatly
stamped in the corner without charge.
Orders for any article may be sent by
mail, addressed to the Proprietor, and
the directions in all cases will be fully
carried out, with great punctuality and
Orders for Catalogues should be pre
Bookseller, Publisher, Importer, and
Stationer, 164 Chesnut St., corner of
Seventh, Swaim's Building.
May 23, 1849.-3 m.
Warranted GOLD PENS, with silver
handles, can be had at SCOTT'S Cheap
Jewelry Store, for $1.25 Other Gold
Pens, without handles, for 75 cents.
April 17, 1849.
The Girard Life insurance Annuity and Worsdell's Vegetable 'Restorative Pills
Trust Company of Phhiladelphia. HA V abeen gradually but surely poniitig into
favor, arriong the fatniliee orthistountiy for
Office No. 159 Chestnut Street• some years past. They have done this entirely
Capital $300,000. through their great Worth ne a FAMILY MED-
Cusunin Pas PYTUAL.
ICINE: Agencies have been appointed but no
CIONTINLIE to make Insurances on Lives on puffing
kj the moat favorable terms, receive and execute •
quacks and humbug each suit resorted to by
. to sell their medicine has been dune.
Trusts and receive deposits on interest. the pills are o ff ered fin sole and have, and will
The Cr pital being paid up and ieveated, to
keepers. The proprietors claim for their Medi
, continuo to be sold by all the pi awe
gether with accumulated premium fund. alfindi
v ine the following advatitagea over all others
a perfect secitrily to to t're insured. The pre
viz: They (nil PtRELY VF.GETABLE.•;—
nnum may be paid in yearly, hail yearly, or ,
nu : utterly payments. They are CERTAIN TO OPERATE. Theif
oi.eration is FREE from all PAiN. They cad
The Company add a BONUS at stated
P eri " be used with EQUAL BENEFIT by they oung:
ode to the insurances for life. This plan of
aurance is the most approved of, and is more ! ,
generally in use; than any other in Great Britain, their efficiency in Fevers, Ague, Headaches,
(where the subjeutis best Understood by the pee- boa, &c.. Habitual Costi has beenvees proven upon thousands.-
io, Dyspepsia, Cholera Mor
ple, and 'whfro they 'had thu !unseat ex pc..
They area Ccitsin Cure for Worms. The pro
rience,) as appear. from the fact, that out ,of 117 .
prielore possess a certificate from a gentleman in
Life insurance i Coni,panies there, of. all kinds, 87
St. Louts who was cured of a TAPE WORM by
are on this plan.'
the are of theni. Try them they will.not
The first BONUS misappropriated in Decem
'travelling agent for the State of Perinsilva
her 1844, amounting to .10. per cent. oh fife aunt
aim—CmintAs AlO ET. For sale, price nit
insured under the oldest policies; tag 3-4 p er
cents a box containing FIFTY PILLS, situ full
cent., 7 " ?" cent " 6 " e ' on °he "' in p ro " directions by the following agents in Huntingdot
portion to the time of Mending, making an addi- cow . ):
lion of $lOO $7ll, dtF. &c: to every
themes Reed & Son. Huntingdon.
t,OOO, originally insured ) w hi c h jh aft average of Thome. E. Orbison, Orbisenin.
more than 00 per cent, on the prerniuthe paid,
arid without increasing the annual payment of Lindsey, Hollidaysburg, Blair Co.
the company.
A. WEEKS & Co.
The operation of the BONUS will he seen 4
Proprietors, Laboratory N 0.141 Chesnut street,
the following exempt( from the Life Insutance • Janes •23 Ei4r-2t
Register of the Company, that : '
Anlt.ofpol.and MILNWOO.I2CACADEMY.
Insured:l Bonus or bonne payable : riIHE subscribers, residents of Shad
Addition. at the • parry's 1 Gnp, Huntingdon county, Pa., beg
; decease. I leave to inform their friends and the pub-,
lie generally, that they have established
I at the place above mentioned, a BOARD-:.
I ING SCHOOL for the education of
young men.
The course of instruction comprises;
in addition to the usual branches of a
common English education: Philosophy,
Mathematics, and the Latin and Greek'
languages. The location is distinguished
for its healthfulness and the moral and
religious character of the surrounding
community Every attention will be
paid to the health and morals of the pu
pils as well as to their mental training
and advancement in scientific knowl
edge, and every facility will be afforded
for their personal comfort and cohveni ,
ence. The year is divided into two ses
sions of five months each ; the winter
session commencing on the let of. No
vembcr, and the Summer session com
mencing on the 23rd of April.
Terms per Session :—For Orthogra
phy, Reading and Writing, $5. Arith
metic, Geography, Grammar, Philoso
phy, History arid composition, sB.
Mathematics, Greek and Latin lan
guages, 2. Boarding, exclusive of
fuel and light, $1.25 per Week. Instrec•
tion given in French rind German, at an
additional charge. The subscribers, en
couraged by the liberal patronage which
they have already received,' writild re
peat, that they are determined to spare
no effort in making the Institution Mie
that will commend itself to all parents
who desire to give their Sons a thorough
preparatory education, without expo
sing them to the 'contaminating and un
moral influences that exist in more pop
ulous communities: For reference or
further particulars nddross •
Simile Gap, March 13, 18
No. 58 $l,OOO
88 2,500
„ 205 , 4,000
„ 270 I 2.000
„ 333 5,000
$lOO.OO $1,100,00
250,00 2,750,00
900,00 4,400,00
175.00 2,175,00
437,50 5,4:37,50
Pamphlets oontaining the table of rates. and
explanations of the subject; forms of application
and further information can be had at the . Aire,
gratis,' in person or by letter, addiessed to the
P. esident or Actuary.
B W. RIC HA RDS, President.
JN O. F. JAMES, Actuary.
May 8, 1849.-ly
purr E It S,
&c., &c., &c.
This medicine i 6 on 'excellent tonic. ft im
parts health and vigor to the digestive ergs/wand
thus strengthens the whole system. Bence it is I
just the thing for tipring, when so many need
something strengthening. Let every one read
the following cases, and if pit' have one or more i
symptoms like those'inectioned, don't fail to try
this invaluable medicine.
- Severe Case of Dyspepsia.
From R. P. STOW, Esq,, 4sst. Clerk
U. S. House Representatives.
wAsniNoTos, D. (~June 16,1846
• - ---
Da. Gso. B. Ouuzw:--Dear Sir—l feel jt not
only a pleaeut e, but a duty, to make known to
you and to the public, (if you desire it.) the sur
prising effects of the " Oxygenated Bitters," in
relieving me from that most discouraging disor
der, Dyspepsia. I have bean afflicted for 'about
seventeen years with the usual attendant symp
toms, viz: constipation of the bowels, headache,
pain in the chest, flatulence. acidity of the t:toin
ach, and severe nausea; and for mouths at a time
not the least particle of moisture would appear
on the surface of the chest or limbs, rind most
of the time I was extremely bilious. I have used
various remedies, have been strict .in my diet,
have been dosed with calomel and emetics day
after day by physicians, but all to no gocrl pur
pose. Hearing of the wonderful effects, of the
"Oxygenated Bitters," in the currt of Dyspepsia,
I procured some as n last resort , have used four
bottles of the medich e, and find the bad symp
toms all removed, and myself once more in the
enjoyment of health. None but the Dyspeptic
sufferer, who has felt a' l the horrors of the dis
ease, can at all appreciate the value of the medi
cine. I most sincerely hope that all will make
trial of the medicine, and with me be able to re
joice in the return of health.
Lady Cured of Neuralgia.
From Rev. n10.114S KIDDER, of
WINDSOR, VI., Aug.:4,134'8,
Dant Sin :—lt gives ma great pleasure to in•
form you that the Oxygenated Bitters," with
which you furnished my wife, has wrought a
cure in her case. About two years s ince, my
wife was violently attacked with neuralgia in
the face, through the chest, in the wrists and
ankles. So violent was the disqase, added to a
general derangement of the female sy stem, that
her strength was completely prostrated, her flesh
wasted, and she rendered miserable indeed. I
feel grateful for the restoration of her health, and
in duty bound to give pul.licity to tho above
facts, that others similarly afflicted may know
where to seek for cure. :Praty your friend,
From Hon. .11Y120.N7 L4WI2BNCE,
of .llnss;
"For some twenty years I had auflered severe•
ly from humeral Asthma. I was compelled to
sit up one-third of the night, and the rest of the
time my sleep was interrupted by violent fits of
coughing and great dam Ity of breathing. la
all my attendance upon our courts I never went
to bed in Northampton in twenty years but twice,
and then was compelled to get up. Now I lie
in bed without difficulty, and sleep soundly. I
took the " Oxygenated Bitters," according to
directions. The violent symptoms immediately
abated, and perseverance in the use of the rem
edy has removed all its troublesome consequen
ces. the value of such a remedy is incalculable.
and I hope lie virtues may be widely diffesed rind
its beneficent agency extensively et4tployerl.'
thtszx & Fra , rcircn, General Agents, No. 26,
South Sixth St, Philadelphia.
Sold wholesale and retail by Timm.. BE►n &
Sox, Huntingdon, Ps.
Price—sl.oo per bottle: sit 'bottles
for $5.00.
May 8, 1845.
LARD & CHEESE,) Feb. 27, 1849.-3 m
Constantly on hand
and for sale by
J. PALMER, & Co.
Market St. Wharf,
ua►ODN !
The " (Ad Loem.nt COrtler"
Fisher, racriaertric do co.,
just received u large and Fill( r
1.1 sortmei.t of
which they aro soiling, as usual, at exit,e is
tow profits. Their stools consists of a genei,,l
assortment, adapleil le the wants of all. tra
sonable DRESS GOODS for Dailies and Gen
neW, Hoe, caps, boots and Shoes, Hardware,
Grceeries, &c., ace. In short, the " OLD LOCIriT
COB:tete' continues to be Ole
“'GRAND IBA kAit,”
where every thing useful and ornamental, can
be had, better and ctiesper, than can be procu
red eleewhere. Their those is quirk tab s
and Small Profits." All who.drsire to supply
themselves with good goods, at low prices, mill
give them a call.
March 27,1949.
Beat the ,!‘ Hall of Fashion, who
R. Si ! W. SNARE,
No: 1, Corner Room of Snare's Ro‘v, opposite'
Juhn Whittaker's Tavern, Huntingdon, Pa.
The undersigned thankful for past favors, in ,
firm their customers anti the public general) j•
that they have just received from the city, the
largest, cheapest and most splendid assortment
Iteady-illade Clothing,-
ever brought to Huntingdon. Their stock con ,
sists of Dress and Frock Coats, t'seks and Busi
ness Coats, Pantaloons and Vests of every style
and description sailed to the sentiet—warranted
well made and fashionably cut. splendid as
sortment of Bleached Muslin and Linen Shirts
and Plaited Bosoms: • Cotton, worsted and'
woolen short Stockings; Suspenders end Hand ,
kerchiefs. A genteel suit of clothes for almost
Nev'sty/es of Hare and Capa, Boole & Shoes,
Hmbrdllas, &e., o'l of which will be sold at the
lowest prices. Please cal and examine before
purchasing elsewhere.
B. 8c
Runtingdon, April 3, rf B
i 49. W. SNARE.
Walters & Harvey,
[Late Haalehural & Harvey]
Produce and General Commission Merchants ;
Nos. 15 & 18 Spear's Wharf,
Liberal Cash advances made on consignment.
Of all kinds of Produce.
April a, 1849-3 m,