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    Front the Plains.
Fights between California Emigrants and the
St Lout., June 25,
News from Chihuahua to the 7th ult., says
that the neighboring Indians are ver y hostile,
and that a number of skirmishes had taken place.
between them and the emigrants, in which sev
eral were killed oil both sides.
On the 4th of May, Thacker and his party
were attacked by a large body of Mexicans. A
fight ensued, in which twenty-three Mexicans
were killed.
..... _ _
Accounts received from the emigrants beyond
Port Kearney, state that Buffaloes are very
scarce. On the 16th of May, Capt. Garrett, ac
cidentally shot himself on the Plains.
Peter Cameron murdered a lumber man nam•
ed Allen, at Prairie le Croix, on Monday last
Tut Pons GOING TO BOLOGNA.—The Courier
and Enquirer has a telegraphic despatch from
London, which states that accounts from Gaeta
announce that it is the intention of the Pope to
return to Florence with the duke of Tuscany,
and to recede to Bologna where he will estab
fish his Government until Rome shall be in a
state to permit his return to it. It was repor
ted at Bologna that Ancona had been taken by
the Austrians on the Ist, after 48 hour's bom
bardment; but the news was not generally
credited. A telegraphic despatch from Paris
states that news had arrived from Trieste, un
der date of June 2d, of the cessation of the I
bombardment of Venice, and that negotiations '
for peace were concluded.
CALIFORNIA MARKET.—One of those persever
inz spirits called Yankees, a resident on the Is
land of Nantucket, being fully persuaded that
“the Fever" would soon depopulate the place,
has put his stock of marble and slate on board
a schooner bound for the gold region; and stones
which were intended for some of the old inhab
itants, beginning "Sacred to the memory of,"
end ~e rected by his brother" &c. &., have ac
tually been shipped from that once populous is
land, to mark the last resting place of many of
its inhabitants in the El Dorado of the present
time. What will be the next article of specu
lation ?
The Free Church of Scotland has two Normal
Seminaries, upward of 500 Schools, and a Col
lege, in which upward of 200 are in training for
the ministry; and has many Missionaries, do
mestic and foreign. There were raised within
its bounds, for the support of missions the last
year, $278,475.
IMMENSE Fines IN TILE woons.—A telegraph
ic despatch from Calais, Me., states that the fires
in the woods were still raging in every direction.
More than 6,000,000 acres of timber land have
already been destroyed. They have had no rain
since the first week in April, and in that part of
Maine and the province of New Brunswick,
there is no water for driving logs. . Nearly all
the present stock is sawed. The lumb-r busi
ness, it was thought, must be suspended for the
summer, and the fields of grass will not be worth
cutting. The prospects of the country were
never more gloomy than at present. The wea
ther Wag excessively warm, the thermometer
rising to 06 in the coolest places.
ILLINOIS U. S. SENATOR.-Several of the Lo
col° papers of Illinois have declared in favor of
John McClernand, for U. S. Senator, in the
place of General Shields, who was declared in
eligible. The race will probably be between
Breese and McClernand, from all the indications
We have seen.
ANOTHER. VICTIM. -The Johnstown Trans
cript of Thursday last states that a man named
John Goudy, of that neighborhood, was found
dead at the Lock a short distance below the bor
ough, where he had wandered in a state of in
toxication. A flask of whiskey half full was
found in his pocket.
Me, BUR ROVUus.-The Snowhill Shield
says that the wife of Rev. Thom. J. Burroughs,
who was tried at the late term of Worcester
County Court for the homicide of Bishop, has
become completelyderanged since her husband's
acquittaland return to his family at Chestertown.
She is now an inmate of the Maryland Hospital,
and he has returned to Dorchester county, his
native place.
TOBACCO AND COOLERS..—The mantlfactuers,
as well as the slaves of the weed, will rejoice to
see by one of the late foreign items that Dr.
Hertaux, of Paris, has published a statement
that the use of tobacco is a preservative against
the cholera to a great extent. Dr. Hurteaux
says that of 2000 people engaged in its manu
facture, he found but twelve persons who had
been attacked. It is added that Vidal, Dietner
brook, and Ruef, all agree in this opinion, and
Dr. Moore says tobacco injections will cure the
tY'The Lancaster Intelligencer states that
the Ron James Buchanan has presented to the
Councils of that city, in trust, the sum of $4,000
par bonds, to remain as a perpetual fund, the in
terest whereof is to be annually expended in
the purchase of fuel for the use of poor and in
digent females, during inclement winter seasons,
s , A LITTLE Moas GRAPE."-We find the fol
lowing announcement in one of our exchanges :
Married.—ln New Orleans, on Thursday the
7th instant, Brevet Lieut. Col. Braxton Bragg,
U. S. A. to Eliza B. daughter of Mary Jane and
the late Richard G. Ellis.
inr"The machinery for the second cotton fac
tory at Lancaster, has nearly all been received,
and operations will be commenced in a few
weeks. The third Factory at that place is now
in progress of erection.
a? The Arkansas papers announce that gold
has been discovered by the California emigrants
on the Wicheta Hills, on the western frontier of
that State, and much excitement is the conse
Ca " Old Whitey," Gen. Taylor's famous
eharger was brought to Louisville on the 19th
from Baton Rouge.
The Russian Army.
A gentleman, familiar with the aubject, has
prepared some statistics of the Russian army,
from which it appeare that the land forces of
Russia amount to 1,000,000 of risen in the war
establishment, and are arranged into six main
bodies of the army, the general reserve and the
several corps of Cossacks. The first division,
the great moveably European army of operation
contains 465,720 men. These are arranged into
386 battalions of footmen, (together 386,000
men,) 469 squadron of horsemen, (together 70,-
720 men,) and 79 brigades of artillery, with
1200 pieces. By adding the artillerists, the
train, the companies of workmen, &c., the great
army of operation may be estimated at 500,000
men. The army of reserve contain 202,480
men. To these must be added the arttllerists,
&c. The total of the pieces of artillery be
longing to the army of reserve amounts to 472.
The Caucasian arm) the third division, has 150-
167 troops with 302 pieces of artillery. The
army in Findland consists of 16,000 men, with
16 pieces of artillery. The main body of the
army in the piovince of Orenburg is 64,000
men 16 pieces of artillery. The army in Sibe
ria, 16,000 men, 16 pieces of artillery.
The several corps of Cossacks, who are liable
to active service abroad in time of war, amount
to 50,000 horsemen. The Cossacks, who had
several particular appellations with reference to
the parts of the country where they live, (for
instance, Cossacks of the Don, Cossacks of the
Ural, &c.,) and who number upon the whole, a
bout 600,000 men able to carry arms, are genu
ine Russians, as well as the great mass of the
nation, but with the difference that they, since
the year 1631, enjoy many political and social
. _ . .
The disposable force of Russia is able to send
into the field in time of war amount to about
800,000 men. Of course they consist only of the
European armies of operation and reserve and of
the regiments of Cossacks; because the main
bodies of the army in Caucasian Russia, in the
Province of Orenburg, Re., mu it keep their sta
tions for the maintaining of internal peace and
order there, and for tl.e safety of the frontiers.
According to the latest official reports, the total
of the population throughout. all parts "of the
Russian empire amounts to about sixty-seven
millions inhabitants.
The reader may judge from this exhibit what
the Hungarians have to encounter, with Austria
combined with this formidable power, and Prus
sia probably lending its aid.—Philadelphia
In this borough, on yesterday afternoon,
PHILIP SHULTZ, at old and respected citizen of
this place, aged 71 years.
At Colerain Forges, Huntingdon county, on
the 27th ult., JAcon HAirses, in the 82d year
of his age.
In this borough, on Friday June 29th, of lock
jaw, JANK Et izAus.rit Isannona, aged about 7
years. daughter of Abner and Eliza Isenhour.
But a few days ago, and she was full of health
and hope, and while at play received a severe
wound from a piece of iron, which pierced and
shockingly mangled her hand. No danger was
at first anticipated, but suddenly a change be
came apparent, and baffled all medical skill.—
Slowly but perceptibly death folded her in his
chilly embrace. Child, as she was, she knew
that his silent footstep was in her chamber and
that he had " marked her for his own." No
murmur, no complaint, no childish regret, broke
from her infant lips. Her calm, meek, and pa•
tient bearing seemed to say, "Come my Re
deemer come." She told her friends she should
die, and desired them to repeat her infant prayer
—"Our Father" &c., and hushing every sign
of anguish or fear she listened to the voice of
prayer until the supplicant bad repeated—" Thy
will be done"---then that will do mother, she
said, and the gentle spirit bowed with calm
submission, a silent Amen. "Death touched
her veins with ice, and the rose faded from
cheek and lip; her voice, whose softest whis
per charmed her friends to tears," was hushed
forever. " Thy will be done," was heard and
The spoiler set [a smile
His seal of silence there. But there beamed
So fixed and holy from that marble brow
Death gazed and left it there ;—he dared not
"The signet ring of Heaven." [steal
In Harrisburg, on the 28th ult., JAMES CHAP.
Lin, son of Levi Chaplin of this borough, aged
about 20 years.
On the 28th ult., by the Rev. H Heckerman,
Simon roe, both of Woodcock Valley, Hunting.
don county.
rilAkE notice that the account of Brice Blair,
I tog., Trustee in the place of Jossion P. Hud
son, deceased, who was Assignee of john A.
and William A. Hudson, under a voluntary as.
signment, has been filed in the office of the Pro
thonotary of the l ourt of Common Pleos of
H tintingdon county, and that the name will be
presented to the said (%ourt for confirmation and
allowance on the second Monday of August
next, at which time the same will be confirmed
and allowed unless exceptions tie filed thereto.
THEO. H. CBE WEB, Prot'y.
Prothonotary's Office,
Huntingdon. July 3, 1849.
Rota:, of MARTIN FUNK, latt of War
rio,smark township, deed.
MOTICRie hereby given that Letters of Admin
istration on the estate of Martm Funk,
late of Warriormark twp., Hunt. co., dec'd, have
been granted to the undsrsigned. All persons in
debted to said estate are requested to make imme
diate payment, and those having claims or de
mands ag 'lost the oaMO to present them duly an
thenticatsd for settlement to
July 3,1849,
To Let.
ACOMFORTABLE dwelling house, in this
Borough, can be had to rent immediately,
by a careful family. Apply at this office.
June 26, 1849.
Prospectus of the Republic.
The undersigned will, on the 13th day of June
next, begin the publication to thy City of Wash
ington, of a daily Whig Administration paper,
to be railed Tux Rxrusuc. the editorial super.
•isiun of which will be committed to the enclu•
sive cure of Alexamlei C. LSullitt and John 0.
The R,
. ne Republic will give to the principles upon
which the administration of Gen. Taylor came
into power 's'cordial, zealous, end constant sup- '
port. It will he a faithful record of the thorn;
it will discuss public measures in en impartial
and independent spirit , it will be a vehlde of
the la est end most authentic information: it
will be, in a word, a political newspaper, devo
ted to the liberalizing and progressive doctrines
which prevailed in the late Presidential c• nvass ;
to the interestss of labor, as developed in the
wants of agriculture, commerce, and macufac
tures, and to the cause of literature, acience,!
and general intelligence.
The Republic will acknowledge no allegiance , 1
except to the country. It will aim to merit the
confl,lence end support of the t tnerican people.
It will he the organ of no person, or party or
fraction of a Patty, in that compulsory sense
which would hinder it from speaking boldly and '
candidly to the People about whatever it con
cerns them to know.
The Republic alit he printed upon a double
royal sheet, in a new, large, clear, readable type.
Beeples the Daily paper. there will be publish
ed a Tri-week y and Weekly Republic, made
up or the moat interesting, and important mat
, ter of the Daily issue.
For the Daily Republic
For the Tri-Weekly
For the ‘Neekly
To POSTMASTEns,— Any Postmaster who
will transmit us $lO shall hove sit copies of the
Weekly Republic sent to such persons as he may
direct, and $l5 will entitle a Postmaster to three
copies of the Tei-Weekly paper.
No paper will be sent unless the order is ac
companied by the money.
All comminications upon business must be
addressed to GIDEON & CO.
Washington City, May 18, 1949.
A new Threshing' Machine,
OF four horse power, will be sold cheap
foe cash or country produce, by
H. K. NEFF &
June 26, '49.] Huntingdon, Pa,
Commission Merchants,
701mInGE warrtn,
Teas, Se gars,
.No. 11 Walnut Street,
ai Consignments of Western and Southern
Produce solicited. ..Q)
June 12, 1849.
Of Valuable Real Estate,
THE subscribers will sell at Public
Sale, on the premises, on
Monday the 27th day of august, 1849,
All that valuable Real Estate situate in
Barree township, 1 - funtingdon county,
about seven miles from the Penn'a canal,
and Central Railroad, and on the main
Road leading from Petersburg to Pine
Grove, containft about
700 acres Limestone Land,
and about 400 acres of which are cleared,
and in a good state of cultivation, the
woodland being all first rate Timber
Land and heavily timbered ; and there
is an excellent scite for a Saw Mill, on
a never failing stream. There are erec
ted on the said Land two houses and
two burns, small, but in a tolerable state
of repair.
The above Tract of Land will be divi
ded into two, three, or more parts, and
sold separately; or it will be sold alto
gether, as will best suit those desiring
to purchase.
The Terms shall be made so as to suit
purchasers, and will be definitely made
known on the day of sale. An indispu
table title will be given.
Any further information can be had
by applying to either of the undersigned.
June 19, 1849—ta.
Juniata Cabinet Manufacturing
Respectfully begs leayr to ihforM his friends
and customers and the public generally .that. he
hae built a large and commodioue shop immEdi
ately in the rear of the public house of John
hittaker, Sr., on the batik beltseen the rivet
and canal, where he will constantly keep on
hand furniture of al kinds, of the best quality,
emir acing all desctiptions, kinds, styles and vu.
rieties of parlor, medium and plain household
fu niture, which will be offered for sale at the
In order to accommodate the pobli. with all
kinds of work in hie line of business, he has
just supplied himself with a large lot of the
bast quality of ('berry, Walnut, Maple, Poplar,
and all kinds of Veneering or the most popular
fashion. He will oiler neither botched or half.
finished work for sale, and will at all times sub.
mit his work to the most rigid inspection.
_ _
Merchants, Profeesionar men,. Farmers, Me.
ehuniee, Hotel Proprietors, Laboring men—all,
are invited to call and ex amine his furniture, be
fore purchasing elsewhere. Seeing is believ
Collins will he made on the shortest notice, of
either Cherry, Walnut or Poplar, as may be de
sired, and funerals attended.
He flatters himself that hy industry and close
attention to his business. he will be able loplease
all who may give him a call.
Old furniture will nt all times be repaired in
the neatest and moat durable manner, at low
rates. All kinds of country produce will be ta
ken foe furniture, repairing, &e.
Huntingdon, May 1'29, 1849.
Hun_ Agdon,
The undersigned announces to his former pa
trons and the friends of sound Education gener
ally, that he is about to establish, in the new
Huntingdon Academy" building, a permanent
PRIVATE SCHOOL fur young persons and
children of both sexes.
The course of instruction will comprise all
the branches usually taught in the best English
Academies, and will be well suited to prepare
pupils for the ordinary avocations of life, and
the more important and responsible duties cl
good citizens.
The internal management of the school will
be with the 'Teacher; but he will be assisted by
the general supervision of a Board of nine gen
tlemen, justly esteemed for their private worth,
public spirit, and correct and comprehensive
educational views. With this important aid,
and sustained by the approbation and kind en- !
couragei»ent of many of the best and purest
minds in this community, the undersigned feels
confident that he will be able to introduce with
ease, arid maintain without difficulty, such Reg
ulations as will give to the Institution, a high
money. us well as intellectual character ;—a.
character that will secure the confidence and
respect of all good nien.
The building is a new three story brick struc
ture delightfully situated on the high ground
back of town, and affording a commanding Vietv
of the valley of Huntingdon and its agreeable
mountain scenery. The school room is large
and well ventillated; and the chambers are so
arranged as td accommodate comfortably sev
eral boarders, who will be taken on reasonable
terms, and treated with all the faithfulness that
parental solicitude can desire or impose. The
number of pupils will be comparatively limited,
and the sexes always kept separate except
when in the recitation room. The school year
will be divided into four Sessions of eleven
weeks each with suitable vacations; the first
session commencing, this year, in duly or Au
gust; but hereafter not until the first of Sep
classes $3.00. Ggograplij with the use of
Globes and Outline Maps, drammar, Composi
tibm &c., $3.50 Astronomy, Philosophy,
Book•lteeping, the various branches of Mathe
matics, &c., $4.00
For particulars apply to the Teacher,
J. A. 11-ALL
Rev. John Peelles, - IVM.7.Orbison, Esq,
Hon. Geo. Taylor, M. Crownover, Esq., Judge
Gwin, Maj. James Steel, Maj. Wm. 8. Zeigler,
Messrs. James Allison, James Maguire, and
John N. Prowell, M. A. Henderson, M. D.,
J. H. Dorsey, M. D., Maj. D. McMurtrie,
Thos. Fisher, Wm. Dorris, J. P. Anderson,
A. W. Benedict, Esq., Gen. A. P. Wilson, Hon.
John Her, Jacob Miller, Esq., Jas. Clark.
Huntin;don, Jun, 19, 19.19.
This excellent compound, which never tails
in the cure of Fever and Ague, is for sale by the
proprietor's agents. 'l' HEAD & SON, Hunt•
ingdon ; L. G. KESSLER, Mill Creek.
me, Doctor? What is the cause of this sallow
complexion, jaundiced eye, depression of spirits,
pain in the side and shoulder, weariness of body,
bitter taste in the mouth? Such is the inquiry
and such the symptoms of many a sufferer! It
is the liver which is diseased, and the Dholrigasue
is the remedy always successful in curing a.
Try it, and judge for yourself. For sale by
above named agents.
lem to he tortured front day to day with this
horrible Ague, exclaims the poor sufferer whose
life has heroine a burden from the racking parox
ysms of an interinittent, and whore confidence
in human aid it destroyed by the failure of rem
edies to produce fit r promised relief. Such has
been the situation of thousands who ere now
rejoicing in all the blessings of health from the
use of Dr. Osgood's India Cholagogue. In no
instance does it fail to effect a speedy and perma
nent cure. For sale by above named agents.
How felt• who think aright among the thinking
flow many never think, but on'y think they do."
in the above exclamation is on no subject more
fully exemplified than on that of health. But
few give it a single thought. and fewer still re
flect upon it with the observation and good sense
which matters of minor consequence receive.
As observation teaches the fact thief Dr. Osgood's
India Cholngogue is a never failing remedy in
Fever and Ague, good sense would surely indi
cate its prompt and immediate use. For sale by
the shove mooed agents.
Jone 26. '849.
Great Slaughter of High Prices!
The Town in Commotion !
Nobody Killed, but Several Bad,
ly Wounded !
Have the sand' action to announce to the cit
izens of Huntingdon and the neighboring coun
try that they have just received front the eastern
cities, a splendid stock of new
which have been selected With great core. Our
stork consists of all the on icto r of
BOOTS, t-110E•i, and HATS of all kinds.—
Hardware, Queensware. Groceries, &c.
We invite all to give us a call, as we take
pleasure in showing our Goods.
Thankful for past fators, tve hope by strict
attention to businesa to receive a literal share
of public patronage.
Huntingdon. April 3,1849.
Stray Mare
CAME to the residence of the subscriber, resi
ding in Walker township, Huntingdon county,
about the lath of June inst., a stray MA HE.—
Said Mare is about 12 years of age; color, Straw
berry Roan, and shod all round. The owner is
requested to come forward, prove property, pay
charges and take her away, otherwise I will dis
pose of her according to law.
Tune 26-3 t
Relative to an Amendment of the
Resolved by the Senate and House of Repre
sentatives of the Commonwealth of Penasylva
via in General Assembly met : Thai the Cenral-
tution of this Commonwealth be amended in the •
second section of the fifth article, so that it shall
read as follows : The Judge. of the supreme
Court, of the several Courts of Common Pleas,'
and of such other Courts of Record as are or'
shall he established by law, slts•t he elected by
the qualified electors of the Commonwealth in ,
the manner following, to wit The Judges of the i
Supreme Court, by the qualified eleetore of the
Commonwealth at large. The President Judges ,
of the severs! Courts of Cornices Pleas and of
such other Courts of Record as ere or shall be
established by law, and all other Judges requi
red to be leaned in the law, by the qualified
electors of the respective districts over which
they ore to preside or act as Judges. Arid the
Associate Judges of the Courts of Common
Pleas by the qualified o ectors of the Counties
respectively. The Judges of the Supreme. Court
shall hold their offices for the term of fifteen
years if they sits II so long behave themselves
well: (subject to the allotment hereinafter pro
vided for.sobsequent to the first election :) The
President Judges of the several Courts of Coin
men flees, and of such other collate of Record
as are or shall he estehliened by law, and all
triter Judges required to be lea. ned in the low,
shall hold their offices for the term of ten years,
if they shall so long behave themselves well :
Ti t o Associate Judges of the Courts of Commas
Pleas shall hold their offices for the term of fire
years, if they shall so long behave themselves
well: all of whom shall be commissioned by the
Governor, but for any reasonable, cause w hi c h
shall not lie sufficient grounds of impeachment,
the Governor shall remove any of them on the
address of two-thirds of etch branch of the Leg
telature. The first election shall take place at
the general election of this Commonwealth next
after the adoption of thi s amendment, and the
commissions of ell the judges who may lie then
i n Ai re ellen expire on the first Monday of De
cember following, when the terms of the new
judges shall commence. The persons who shall
then be elected Judges of the Bopierne Court
' , hall hold their offices es follows: one of them
for three years, one fer six seers, one for nine
yeare, one for twelve yews, and one for fifteen
years , the term of each to be decided by lot by
the said iitilges as soon after the election es con
vonient, end the result certified by theta to the
Gm vernor, that the commissions may be issued
in accordance therein. The judge whose com
mission will first etpire shall be Chief Justice
durin,, his term, and thereefter each judge whose
commission shall first expire shall in turn be the
Chief Justice, and if two or more commissions
shall expire on the same day, the judges holding
them shell decids by lot which shall be the Chief
Justice. Any vacancies happening by death,
resignation, or otherwise, in any of the said
courts, shall lie filled by appointment hy the Gov
ernor, to continue till the first Monday of De.
cember succeeding, the next general electioh.
The Judges of the Supreme Court and the Prem.
identsof the several Courts of Common Pleas
shall, at stated times i receive for their services en
I adequate compenitation, to be fixed by law,
which shall not be diminiehed hiring their can
inuance in office but they shall receive 110 fees
or perquisites of office, nor hold any other office
of profit under this Commonwealth, or Under the
guvernmeht of the United States, or any other
State of this Union. The Judges of the Su
preme Court during their continuance in office
shall reside within this Cornmodwealth, and the
other Judges during their continuance in office
shall reside within th.• district or county fur
which they were reevrrtively elected.
Speaker of the Housed/ Representatives
GEO. DAR:rile
Speaker of the Senate
In the Senate, March 1,1849.
Received, That this resolution pass. tress
21, Nays 8. Extract from the Journal.
In the House of RepresenMtives, April 2, 18•19.
Resolvoti, That this resolution pass.—Yeas
SS, Nays 26. Extract from the Journal.
WM. JACK, Clerk. I
Secretary's Ohre .
Filed Api it 5,1849
Dep. See. of the Coen
Sei,ltary's Office
Pennsylvanta, as
I DO currier that the above and foregoing is
a true and correct copy of the 0 igirnil Resolu
tion of the General Assembly, entitled "Resolu
tion relative to an amenduient of the Constitu
tion," as the sante realms on tile in this office.
In testirhony whereof I have hereon
se A L toilet me hand, and caused to lie afi1t
...,..., ed ihe seal of the Secretary's Office
at Harrisburg, this eleventh day of June Anno
Doinini, one thou./Intl eight hundred and forty
Sec'9 of the Cdm.
"JOLT[ SAL or SENATE. Nelda to Purchasers of Unseated,
" Resolution, No. 188 entitled "Res. Land.
"elution relative to an amendment of the A."
w persons who have neglected lift
" Constitution," as read a third time. -- log their Deeds for Unseated Land
"On the question, will the Senate agree balight June 1848, are notified that if
"to the resolution 1 The Yeas and Nays not attended to by the August Court,
" were taken agreeably to the Constitu- they will be left in other hands for col
" don, and were as follow, Viz: lection. The Treasurer will be absent
"Y sits—Messrs. Boas, Brawley,Crabb, from home during the first three weeks
" Cunningham, Forsyth, Hiigus, John- of July. ISAAC NEFF,
"son, Lawrence, Levis, Mason, Metall- Treasurer
"as, M'Chslin, Rich, RiChards, Sadler,l Treasurer's Office, June 9, /849
"Sankey, Savery, Small, Smyset, Ster
rett and Stine-----21
" NAVA—Messrs. Best, Drum, Frick, riltE m e o hop win i rl h o , w of . I t t he o eu th lnri he ti :
i lv n as br n n ;
"Ives,King, Konigmacher, Potteiger and the foilow t it e ig n d ° :scrils r l l' :vatcher token viz . : one
" Darsie, Spealcer-8. I Gold Anchor Lever No. 16462. Two Silver
"So the question was determined in Anchor Levers, the ...hers not known—ono was
"the affirmative." entirely new, with u silver that and gold balance',
arid the other WAS second hoiden, with n screw
" JOURNAL OF THE ROUSE OF REPRE- balance, purse holt and coinpetosntion everts—owe
BRNTAVVES. of the joints brokersoff. Oro English. IN atsh No.
"Shull the resolution pass"( the lilt, no outside rase. Three Warners—Ns,
"yeas and nays were takes agreeably to •
a k 9 l 1 .0 3 'h N e l' c'es 7 e . a7f a a ' h r e re N n ° c • h i WV. I l i 'l l . o " 7 " i i n ie c e a ka.
" the provision of the tenth article of In addition to these it is believed that two or tat;
" the Constitution ' and are as follow, other watcher; were store, but the numbers or
" viz: k'nd are not exactly known.
" YEAS—Messrs. Gideon J. Bail, Da- ' The above reward will he paid for the appre
" vid J. Bent, Craig Biddle, Peter D. !moon of the robber ar robbers and recovery of
"Bloom, David M. Bole, Thomas K. preportlou for one or
, the watches, or a reword e n
"Bull, Jacob Cort, John H. Diehl, Na- i nm e of the watches.
" thaniel A. Elliott, Joseph Emery, Da-
" vid G. Eshelman, William Evans,
"John Fausold, Samuel Feely, Joseph
W. Fisher, Henry M. Puller ( Thomas
"Grove, Robert Hampson, amnia P.
"Henazey, Thomas J. Herring,Jasep_h
" Higgins, Charles Hartz, Joseph
" Hower, Robert Klotz, Harrison P 1
" Laird, Abraham Lamberton, James J.
"Lewis, James W. Long, Jacob 111'.
Cartney, John F. WCulloch, Hugh
M'Kee, John M'Laughlin, Adam Mar.
"tin, Samuel Mars, John C. Myers, Ed ,
" ward Nickleson, Stewart Pearce,
"James Porter, Henry C. Pratt, Alonzo
"Robb, utrorge Rupley, Theodore Ry.
"man, Bernard S. Schoonover, Samuel
" Seibert, John Sharp, Christian &rive
" ly, Thomas C. Steel, Jeremiah B.
"Stubbs, Jos. J. &Minion, Marshall
" Swartzwelder, Samuel Taggart, Gee.
"T. Thorn, Nicholas Thorn, Aruntth
" Wattles, Samuel %% cinch, Alonzo 1.
Wilcox, Daniel Zerbey and William
"F. Pac ks r, Speaker-SS.
"NAys—Messrs. Augustus K.Cornyn,
"David M. Courtney, David Evans,
" Henry S. Evans, John Fenton, John
" W. George, Thomas Gillespie, John
B. Gordan, William Henry, James J.
" Kirk, Joseph Laubach, Robert R. Lit
" tie, Jahn S. M'Caliront, John M'Kee,
"William WSlierry, Josiah Miller, Wit
" Hum T. Morrison, John A. Otto, Wil
" liam Y. Roberts, John W. Roseberty,
"John B. Riithorford, R. Rundle Smith,
"J,hn Smyth, Juhn Solider, George
" Walters and David F. Williams--2U.
" So the question was determined in
" the affirmtVire."
Harrisburg, June 15, 1849.
Pennsylvania, ss :
e5....., ' Ino CERTIFT that the shove and
SEAL foregoing is a true and correct copy of
....,,,-• the ~ Yeas" and - Nays," taken on
the " Resolution relative to an amendment of
the Constitudon," an the Caine appears on the
Journals of the two :louses of the General As
sembly of this Commonweelth, for the erasion
of 1849.
Witnuna my hand and the seal of said °Mee,
the ilPeenth day of June, one thouaand eight
hundred and fortv•ninc,
Secretary of thc Commonwealth.
June 26 1849.
1.0 i S OF GOOD THINGS ! !
Loiitt „..cititelb'er,
Thankful for past favors, most respectfully ino
forms the citizens of Huntingdon and its vicin
ity, that he has made every arrangement neces
sary to supply all who may favor hint with a
call, with the most Choice varieties of
Confectionaries, Cakes, nuns and lute.
His private rooms are fitted up in a handsome
style, which will make them a comfortable resort
fur ',Julie! and Gent (mien.
Parties can he furnished nn the shottest'notica
with Ire °team, Confectionaries, all kinds of
Cakes and Fruits.
Huntingdon, May 22, 1849.
Now Goods! New Goods!
H A . N I E eiid,ti
just received
nt and of ure now oi I ning a
Their stock has been selected With great care,
and at lower prices than thol4 who purchssed
earlier, and comprises a at net al variety of every•
thing called fur by the public. They have a
beautiful variety of LADIES and GENTLE
MEN'S Drs. Goods, of the troy latest sty'cit,
Which fur quality aril cheapness cannot be our.
passed. In addition (tithe', large stock of Dry
Goods, Iluusekeipertt can be Flipp led with
Fresh Gho6erie§,
of a superior quality, very cheap Hsrdware
Queeneware. Re., &e.
They invite the public to call and examine
their stork. They make no charge for glowing
their Goods.
May 1, 1849.
Drs. Neff & Miller
ESPECTFULLY inform the eititens of
11. Huntingdon and vicinity, that they have
fitted up a room in the S: E. corner of John
ston's Hotel (enterance through Neff & Bro's
Jewelry store) where they will take great pleas
ure in attending to all who rhay favor them with
a call.
Artificial Ireeth,
of all kinds, mounted on the most improved
modern style: A [so, plugging, filing and clean
ing done with care and neatness.
N. B. Teeth Pictracted with all the ease and
dispatch that modern science can furnish.—
Charges moderate.
VetLD IKAMA.111:1).
Ilaniingdon, June 19,184.9.