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    Latest Foreign News.
NEW YORK, May 11
The steamship Hibernia arrived at Halifax on
Thursday morning last and was expressed to `'t.
Johns, reaching there early this morning. She
brings £83,000 in specie.
The Navigation bill has passed the House of
Commons by a majority of Cl.
Hostilities still continue to be waged between
Danmark and Prussia, without any marked pre
ponderance on either side likely to affect the
general issue. A large body of German troops
entered Jutland on the 20th ult.
'reached Liverpool prior to the sailing of the Hi
bernia, that permission has been given by the
Danish Goverment, which would enable the
American steamships Herman and Wahington,
to carry goods to and from Bremen, without
Search or detention by the blockading squadron.
Tue Fitaxcir EXV.ITION.—Affairs in France
Continue tranquil. The expidition in aid of Pope
Pius, sailed on the 22d alt., and arrived at Cevi
ta Fecchia. and would immediately proceed to
Rome. It is understood that the Pope will re
main at Gaeta until the temper of his revolted
subjects is first ascertained.
The Sardinian Goverment have rejected the
terms offered by Austria,and the twogoverments
are again at issue. The Piedmontese Ministers
have given fresh directions to the War Depart
ment to prepare for the immediate resumption
of hostilities.
Germany is torn by dissentions. The account
from Hungary speaks of fresh disasters to the
army of the Imperialist. The accounts how
ever are of a conflicting character.
The war between these two powers still con
tinues. The advantages are all on the side of
Naples. In addition to Catania, Soto has sur
rendered to the Neapolitan troops. Palermo
has also prepared to capitulate.
The Hibernia brings Liverpool dates down to
the 28th ult. Trade in Liverpool has been very
dull. The London Money Market is represen
ted as being steady. Consols closed at 92 to 91h,
The French funds are firm.
llcconsrrFF9.—ln Breadstuffs the market has
been dull. Wheat has declined 2d to 3d. Flour
declined tid to 9d. We give the following quo
tations: Western Canal Flour, 23s to 23 6,1;
Philadelphia and Baltimore brands 23s to 23 Gd.
Fnrace and the Pope.
By telegraphic despatches of foreign news re
teived at Philadelphia, on the 4th inst., bringing
dates from Liverpool to the 21st ult., inclusive,
we learn that the French government has " re
solved upon the extreme measure of an armed
intervention to reinstate rope Pius IX in
his temporal sovereignty at Rome ;" and that
" a lorce adequate in number to the emergency,
iris already been embarked and sailed for Civ i
ts Vecchia." This is news indeed.
Whatever comes to America fre;n the once
renowned Rome, is read and heard with the
liveliest interest; and the above announcement
will doubtless, awaken a general anxiety as to
the result of this step on the part of France.
The aspiration of every republican is, that that
country may be restored, without interruption,
1..) its ancient freedom and renown. We believe
that her people have the unaffected sympathies
of this nation, for we naturally rejoice at what
ever promises liberty to Europe.
The accession of Pope Pius IX as temporal
and spiritual ruler of the Roman states and
church, promised much to universal liberty. By
personal concessions on reaching the throne,
and the surrender into the hands of his subjects
of many of his prerogatives, he was regarded
as the friend of popular rights. He gave free
slum to the Press, and because its patron ; he in
yearned learning, and granted privileges to in
dividual and corporate enterprise ; he gave them
a constitution, and promised largely in favor of
national freedom. But they asked more they
asked for the surrender of the temporal sever
ignty into their hands. Catching the spirit of
the French republicans they rose in strength,
and clamarously demanded a democratic govern
ment. The Pope and his Cardinals of the Vati
can, imagining that these popular outbreaks
arose from over indulgence and concession, drew
the reins of state more firmly on the refracti
on=. The potency, however, of the popular
voice alarmed his Holiness, and with some dif
lenity he fled to, and found an assylum in Gaeta,
where he still remains. Italy is now a repub
lic !
That Republican France, —just emerging from
a long reign of tyrants,—should officially take
measures to re-establish a Kingdom and monar
chy over a people who, following their example
thrust them firmly aside, seems strange indeed.
We have no sort of objection to the Pope's
holding his spiritual sovereignty over the Ro
man church, and remaining at Rome, in person,
to superintend its affairs; but we cannot see
what good can result to either Europe or popu
lar rights, by his reinstatement to the tripple
crown.—tVuahengton Commonwealth.
High Handed Outrage.
On Thursday evening, about 9 o'clock, at
Philadelphia, a young man, of rather genteel
appearance, drove up to the house of Mr. John
McCandless, and inquired for Mr. M. He was
invited in, taken up into the parlor, and engaged
in conversation about the purchase of a farm
near Gray's Ferry, respecting which Mr. Mc-
Candless had received a note through Blood's
dispatch on Monday last, and not liking the ap
pearance of the same, paid no attention to it.
The villain advised him to go along with him in
his carriage to the Ferry, on Thursday evening,
and make the arrangement for the property,
which he refused as he was lame, and it was
too late, where upon the man rose from his seat,
pulled a dirk from his pocket and stabbed him
several times in the face, neck, arms, legs and
sides, and then ran clown stairs, jumped in his
vehicle, and drove away at the top of his horse's
speed. Mr. McC. is strongly impressed with
the idea that the assassin was instigated by
another individual to take his life. The indi
vidual referred to once paid his addresses to
Mrs. McCandless, when the parties all lived in
Ireland, and since they came to this country, he
has annoyed Mrs. McC., and sent her a letter
within the last few months.
THE 111ARKE'rEl.
PHILADELPHIA, May 12, 11319
There has been but little done to-day, as both
buyers and sellers decline operating until after
the receipt of the Hibernia's °deices. The
only transactions in flour are small lots to the
city trade at $ll '75 to $5 25 per bl. Rye flour
we quote at $2 871, and corn meal at $2 75 per
bbl. Grain--There is very little inquiry for
wheat, as prices are comparatively higher than
flour, and most of the receipts are going into
store ; sales of 500 bus. good Southern red at
$1 08. Rye=—Wc quote Pennsylvania at 59
cts. per bus. Corn continues in good demand;
sales of 3000 bus. Southern yellow at 61 and
1000 bus. Pennsylvania round yellow at 611
eta. per 56 lbs afloat. Whiskey—Sales :n both
lihds aml•bbls at 22 cts.
In Chambersburg, on Tuesday evening the
Bth inst., by the Rev. Samuel Sprecher, JOHN
SCOTT, Jr., Esq., of Huntingdon, to Mi.
ANNIE E.,daughter of George S. Eyster, Esq.,
of the former place.
On the 10th inst. ' by the Rev. J. Y. McGin
NANCY, youngest daughter of Matthew Tay
lor, Esq., all of Dublin township, Huntingdon
On Tuesday morning Ath inst., in this borough,
JACOB AFRICA, aged about 55 years.
On Thurrday night, 3d inst., THOMAS DO
LAN, a contractor on Pa. Railroad, aged about
45 years.
- - -
In West township, on Thursday last, Mrs.
MARY THOMPSON, wife of Samuel Thomp.
son, Sr., aged 96 years.
In this borough, on the 9th inst., Mrs. .TE
MIMAH H. SUMMERS, wife of Joseph Sum•
mers, aged 31 years 11 months and 11 days.
Auditor's Notice.
'rho undersigned Auditor, appointed by the the various operations of cooking end baking in
C.iiirt of Common Pleas of Huntingdon county, a manner equal to any, and superior to most.—
to distribute the moneys arising from the sale of Ho has these stoves calculated for either wood
the Property of the firm of Mitchell, Vance & or coal. He has lately procured patterns for
Alexander, to and among the respective claim- wood and parlor stoves, which for beauty and
ante, will attend for that p urpose at his office in excellence cannot be excelled. Also, stoves for
the boroughs of H unlined on, on Saturday. June offices, .11.1)P, &c., such as egg stoves, cannon
16, 1849, at 10 o'clock, A. M., when and w h e n, stoves,and others. Ho invites persons desirous
all persons interested may of purchasing to give him a cal, as he is (Wei-
A. W. 11 ENE DlCT;Auditor. mined to sell as good an article and at as lute
May 16, 1849. I prices as can be obtained at any other place.
AUDITOR'S NOTICE. May 9, 1846-Iy.
The undersigned Auditor, appointed by the
Court of Common Pleas of 11 untingdon coun
ty, to distribute the moneys arising from the
sale of the property of Frederick Cates, t o and
among the respective claimants, will attend for
that purpose at his office in the berough of Hun
tingdon, on Thursday the 14th June, 1849, at
10 o'clock A. M.. when and whore all persons
interested may attend.
A. W. BENEDICT, Auditor.
May 15,1849.
The undersigned Auditor, appointed by the
Court of Common Pleas of Huntingdon coun
ty, to distribute the moneys arising from the
sale of the personal property of Joseph Vance,
wand among the respective claimants will at-
tend for that purpose at his office in the borough
of Huntingdon, en haturday the 18th June,
1849, at 10 o'clock A. M.. when and where all
persons interested may attend.
A. W. BENEDICT, Auditor.
May 15, 1849.
Of Partition and Valuation of the Real Estate
of Nathaniel Wilson, Esq..; late of Barre° town
ship, Huntingdon county :
Notice is hereby given to the heirs and legal•
representatives, of Nathaniel Wilson, Esq.,
late of Barret) township, Huntingdon county,
and ell others interested, that by vinue of a
writ of Partition suet Valuation, issued out of
the Orphans' Court of said county, and to me
directed, 1 will hold an Inquest to part and di
vide or value and appraise, all that certain real
Estate, tract or plantation of land, situate in
Barree township, Huntingdon county, contain
ing about three hundred and thirty-live acres,
and adjoining lands of William Oaks, Robert
Massey. Daniel Maesey, William Johnston, the
heirs of Thomas Bell, deed., and others, hav
ing thereon erected three horses—one large stone
house, and two small ten ant houses and Bank
Barn, on the premises on Wednesday the 27th
day of June 1849, at which time and place all
persons Interested may attend if they think
May 15, 1849-6 t. Sheriff.
19'r.:iD '2 UC.M zm
Of Partition and Valuation of ihe Real Estate
of Daniel Kurfman, late of Union township,
Huntingdon county, dec'd., and to all others
interested, that by virtue of a writ of Partition
and Valuation, issued out of the Orphans Court
of said county, and to me directed, I will hold
an Inquest to part and divide or value and ap
praise all that certain tract, piece or parcel of
land, situate in Cass township, -Huntingdon
county, adjoining lands of I.ewis Stever, l'hilip
Kudrna!), Conrad Kul-linen and Peter Kurfman,
and ShirleVa Knob, containing about two hun
dred and sixty acres or thereabouts, being the
farm upon which the said Daniel Kurfman re
sided at the time of his death—on the premises,
on Friday the 20th July, A.D. 1849, at which
time and place all persons interested may attend
if they think proper.
May 15, 1849.0 t. Sheriff.
Estate of John Miller, deVd.
Huntingdon County, SS.
A T an o:phone' Court held at
,!",)( r a Huntingdon, in and for the
county of Huntingdon, on the sec
and Monday, (9th) April, 1849,
before Hon. George Taylor. Presi
dent, and James Gwin, and John Stewart, Asso
ciate Judges of said Court, on motion of A. W.
Benedict, Esq.. the Court granted a rule en the
heirs and legal representatives of John
late of Union- township, in said county, deceased,
to appear on the second Monday of August next,
and accept or refuse to take the Real Estate of
the said deceased at the valuation thereof. Cer
tified from the Record under the seal of the said
Court at Huntingdon the 23d day of April, A.
D. 1849, hy M. F. C AM PREM., Clerk.
May 8,1849-41.
worm & SINCLAIR,
Wholesale Grocers,
Produce & Commission Merchants,
and Dealers in Pittsburg Manufactures,
No. 36 Wood street, Pittsburg, Pa.
Refer to Mr. Gr.nnow GwrN,
1. Huntingdon.
Messrs. J. & W. SA 'crux, •
April 3,180.
Grand Musical Concert !
The "EUTERPEAN BAND," under the
direction of Dr. Josef RIGGER, will give a
CONCERT in the Court House of this place ou
MeeseAr EVENING May 17th. The entertain
ment for the evening will consist of the follow
OVERTURE. CALTrov 13ArrnAn,byBoighliert.
QUICK MArtrit, Wal eh .
SILVER LAKE WALTZ, .Tohn C. Seheepf.
10. GAT.LOPADE 2nd.
14. MARSEILLSS Hymn, Ronget .De Lisle
16. NATIONAL AIRS, Arranged by T. A. Beaet
Doors open at half past seven. Performance
to commence at eight.
ADMISSION—Twenty-Five Cents. Tickets to
be had at the Stores and Hotels in town and at
the'door. [May 8, 1819.
qinE subsmiber respectfully annom res to the
1 public that he is prepared to do work of all
kinds connected with the Foundry business, in
the best manner, and on the most reasonable
lie has constantly on brad wagon boxes,
ploughs and plough castings, hollow ware, and
stoves of various kinds and sizes. The cooking
stavps which he manufactures are inferior to none
in the country, and ore warranted to perform
OrphanS' Court Sale.
T)Y a decree of the Or,,hans' Court of the
county of Huntingdon, made on the second
day of May in the year 1849, Welter 13. Hudson,
Executor of Margaret Smith, deed., late of hhir
ley township, in said county, rind widow and
devisee of James Smith, formerly of said county
and township, was ordered and decreed to make
sale of the real estate of the said Margaret Smith,
in the said county and township, consisting of a
tract of Land, containing one hundred and fifty
acres, more or less, with about Cal) acres of clear
ed land , and a log house, log stable, log spring
house, and other improvements thereon. 'Flint
in pursuance of the said decree of the Orphans'
Court, the a!oresaid tract of 150 acres of Land
in Shirley township, will he solti at public outcry,
on the premises, to the highest and best bidder,
on Monday the 25th day of June 1849, at 10
o'clock A. M, of said day.
One huff of the purchase money to be paid on
the confirmation of the sale; and the other half
thereof in one year th, mailer ; to be secured by
bond and mortgage. . . . .
Attendance will he given on the day of eale,
on the premises, hy my agent, Jame* Ramvey,
Executor of Margaret Smith.
May 8, 1849,
The Girard Life Insurance Annuity and
Trutt Company of Phhiladelplna.
Office No. 159, Chestnut Street
Capital $300,000.
fIONTINUE to make Insurances on Lives on
j the moot favorable terms, receive and execute
Trusts and receive depoeits on interest.
The Cr pilot being paid up and invested, to
gether with accumulated premium fund, affords
a perfect security to to the insured. The pre
mium may be paid in yearly, half yearly, or
quarterly payments.
The Company add a BONUS at stated peri
ods to the ineurances for life. This plan of in
surance is tire most approved of, and is more
generally in use, than any other in Great Britain,
(where the subject is best understood by the peo
ple, and where they have had the longest expe
rience,) as appears from the fact, that out of 117
Life insurance Companies there, of all kinds, 87
are on this Wan.
The first 'BONUS woe appropriated in Decem
ber 1844, amounting to 10 per cent. on the sum
insured under the oldest policies ; to 8 3-4 per
cent., 7 1.2 ?er cent., &c. &c. on others, in pro
portion to the time of standing, making an addi
tion of $100; $87,50; $75, &c. &c. to every
1,000, originally insured, whiclf is an average of
more than 50 per cent. on the premiums paid,
and without increasing the annual payment of
the company. _ .
The operation of the BONUS will be seen by
the following examples from the Life Insurance
Register of the Company, thus:
P°lieY*Sum Donue or honue payable
Insured. Addition. at the party's
No. 58 I $l,OOO
„ 89 2,500
„ 205 , 4,000
• 276 I 2.000
• 333 5,000
Pamphlets oontaining the table of roles, and
explanations of thesubject; forms of application
and further information can be had at the office,
gratis, in person or by letter, addressed Is tlia
Pi esident or Actuary.
[B W. RICHARDS, President.
3NO. F. JAMES, Actuary.
May 8, 1849;.l•y
Sbhcrift% Sale.
By virtue of a writ of Vend. Exp. to me di
recoil, will be exposed to sale, by public vendue
or outcry, on the premises, on the 26th instant,
the following reel estate, viz:
A certain Lot of Ground, situate in Barret,
township, Huntingdon county, near to or ad
joining the village of riau'sburg, containing one
acre, more or less, adjoining lands at John For•
rest's heirs, John Armitage. Esq., and others,
having thereon erected a log house, tan-house
and yard.
Seized and' taken in' execution, and to lie sold
an the property of John Snyder, with notice to'
Adam areer and nit other terre tenants.
• M. OROWNOVER,eheriff.
Sheriff's Office, Mt 8, 1849.
Brigade Orders.
TN pursuance of General Orders, No. 1, issued
1 by the Adjutant General, the militia compo
sing the Second Brigade, 10th Division, P. M.,
are hereby notified that the Company and Bat
talion Trainings, heretofore advertised to be
held during the month of May, will not take
place, in consequence of a law having been pas
eed at the last session of the Legislature aboli-h
-ing said trebling
Brig. Inap'r 2d B. 10th D. P.ll
Brigade Inspector's Office,
Philipsburg, May 1, 1999,5
School Fund.
In pursuance of the provisions of the 32nd
Section of the Act of the General Assembly,
passed the oth day of April A. 1). 1849, we,
the undersigned Commissioners of Huntingdon
county, hereby notify the citizens of the several
School Districts of said county, that the share
of each of the said districts in the State appro
priation of $200,000 for the year 1830, is the
sum set opposite to each district respectively,
as transmitted to us by the Superintendent of
Common Schools, viz :
Alexandria borough,
i Birmingham,
May I, ism,
Teachers Wafted
At a meeting of the School birectors of the
borough of Huntingdon, held 28th April, 1349,
it was resolved to employ two male and two
female teachers to take charge of the Common
Schools for ten months, commencing on Tues
day the sth day of June prox. Proposals from
teachers, directed to the President,will be recei
ved until Saturday evening, 26th May, when a
meeting of the board will ho held andapplicants
will present themselves for examination.
Jour SCOTT, Seey.
May 1, 1849.
Auditor's Notice.
The undersigned Auditor appointed by the
Court of Common Pleas of Huntingdon county,
to distribute the money arising firma Sheriff's
sale of the personal property of William John
ston of the borough of Huntingdon, round among
those entitled by law to receive it, will attend to
the duties of this appointment at his office in the
borough of Huntingdon t n Tuesday :he 12th
day of June next, (A. D. 1849) at one o'clock
in the afternoon of said day, when and where
all perm,' s ore required to present their claims
on said fund or be debarred thereafter front cost
ing in for any shore thereof,.
May 1, 1849.
Has just returned from Philadelphia with a
general and elegant assortment of
Boots and Shoes,
for Ladies', Gentlemen's and Children's wear,
allot which have been manufactured of the best
materials and after the latest and most approved
style, and will be sold at EXTRICMELY LOW HAT..
Ho will also manufacture BOOTS and SHOES
to order, and all who favor him with their cus
tom may rely upon having their work done neat
ly and expeditiously, and of the best materials.
A continuance of public favor is respectfully
May 1,1849-3 t.
Saddle & Harness
Respectfully informs the public, that he has
commenced business for himself in the room
lately occupied by F. Krell nearly opposite the
Post Office, in Main Street, Huntingdon, Pa.
All kinds of Harness and Saddles wi.l be men•
factored on the shortest notice, of the best mate
riots, and as cheap as can be had at any other
establishment in the county.
He respectfully cake o share of public patron
age. May 1, 1849.
"Beat the " Hall of Fashion" who
No, 1, Corner Room of Snare's Row, opposite
John Whit taker's Tavern, Huntingdon, Pa.
Tho undersigned thankful for past favors, in
film their customers and the public generally
that they have just received from the city, the
largest, cheapest and most splendid assortment
Beady-Made Clothing',
ever brought to Huntingdon. Their stock con
sists of Dress and Frock Coats, t-acks and Busi
ness Coats, Pantaloons and Vests of every style
and description suites) to the season—wnrranted
well made and fashionnhly cut. A splendid as
sortment of Bleached Muslin and Linen Shirts
and Plaited Bosoms. Cotton, worsted and
woolen short Stockings; Suspenders end Hand
kerchiefs. A genteel suit of clothes for almost
Nov styles of Hats and Caps. Boots & Shoes,
Umbrellas, &c., all of which will be sold at the
lowest prices. Please call and examine before
purchasing elsewhere
Buntingdon, April 3, 1849.
New Goods! New Goods!
receivedAVE just II ap;eodid Lso,
tnien a t n o d ,. are non opening a
Their stock has been selected with great care,
and at lower prices than those who purchised
earlier, and comprises a general variety of evert•
thing called for by the public. They have a
beautiful variety of LADIES and GENTLE
MEN'S Dress Goods, of the very latest styles,
which fur quality and cheapness cannot be sur
passed. In addition to their large stock of Dry
Goods, Housekeepers can be supp'ied with
Fresh Groceries,
of a superior quality, very cheap ; liErdworr,
Queensware, &c., &c.
They invite the public to call and examine
their stocic. They make no charge for showing
their Goods.
May I, 1849.
W3uld respectfully inform his old friends and
the Public generally that he hes resumed busi
nesses NIERCHAN'I"PAII.CR, in the loom
next door to C. emits' Hotel, formerly occupied
by the Globe Printing office, Huntingdon, Pa.
He has just received from Philadelphia e
splendid asoltment of ( LOTHs, cAssi-
ItIERS and VES'I'INGS of the best finish which
he in prepared to make up to order of prices that
cannot fail to suit the views of all. A perfect
fit will in all cases be guaranteed.
Work will also he ;lone for those who prefer
purchasing their cloth elsewhere.
May 1, ISM
JACOB SNTDEIt would infoim those indebted
to him, that he has left his accounts with D.
Snare, Esq., for collection. Those knowing
themselves indebted will savo costa by calling at
his office soon and paying up.
May 1. 1849.
$225.1 18
THE undersigned auditor, sppointedto distri
bute the assets in the hands of Jacob M.
Cover's Assignees, among the creditors, will at
oted for that purpose athis office in Huntingdon,
on Saturday the 26th day or May inet., at 10
t'clock A. M., when and where all persons in
terested• will preseht theiJ claims, properly am ,
May 2,1849.
The Partnership heretofore existing between
the undetaigned, in the Caliinet.M eking business,
under the firm of J. H. Sc D. Whittaker, was
dissolved on the let of April, 1849, by mutual
consent. All persons haying unsettled accounts
with said firm will please come forward and net
tle them without delay.
May 1, 0149.
The subscriber, residing in Penn township,
Huntingdon county, gave two promitary notes
in the month of June 1848, fur $55 each to J.
S. Shull, of Williamsburg, Blair counts, one
payable six months after dote, the other in one
year; being in part consideration for building
for him by said Shull a saw mill, which he has
never finished according to contract. This is to
caution all persons against purchasing said notes
as I stn . determined not to pay them until the
work is finished, unless compelled by law. If
Hr.Shull's honor will not prompt him to come
and finish his job, I hereby invite himto institute
a suit for the eollectien of the note duo, and I
will teetthe matter with hint.
Penri townettip,April 23,1849.
JOIIN REED, Auditor,
Notice is hereby given that the NINTH IN
STALMENT' of live dolars per share in re ,
quired to bo paid on or before the Ist day of May,
and the tenth instalment of five dollars per shore
on or before the Ist day of next, at the
office of Miles & Dorris.
Payments will be received of one or more in
stalments, or the stock may he paid in full, at
the option of the Stockholders, and interest will
be allowed from date of payment.
Instalments not paid punctually wit be sub
ject to thepenn Ity of one per cent per month,
as required by :ow.
oEonGt V. BACON,
April 24, 1940. Treasurer.
Administrator's Notice.
Estate of JOHN 31.4R5H.41,L,- late
of Springfield township, dcc'd
NOTICE is hereby given that Letters of Ntl - -
mihistration have been granted to the under
signed on said estate. Persons indebted to said
estate are requested to snake immediate payment,
and those having claims or demands against the
same to present them duly authenticated for set
tlement to
April 24, 1842.
LETTERS testamentary having been
granted to the undersigned on the estate
of JOHN WALL, late of West town
ship, in the county of Huntingdon, de
ceased, all. persons indebted to said es
tate nre hereby notified to' call and !Italie
payment, and all persons having claims
against the same are requested to pre
sent them duly authenticated for settle
ment to the subscribers.
April 24, 1848
COL. JOHN STEVER, of Cuss township'
Huntingdon county, will be supported at the
ensuing election for BRIGADE INSPECTOR,
April 10,1849.
Have the satisfaction to announce to the cit
izens of Huntingdon and the neighboring coun
try that they have just received from the easteirt
cities, a splendid stock of new
Administrator's Notice. SPRING & SUMMER GOODS,
Estate of JOHN DEJLA", late of Porter which have been selected with great me. Our'
stock consists of all the vat ious styles of
township, deceased.
N ° i TICE
sion i lit r e et bo Y e g n iv g e l t t h e a dt el i t h e e r ltd: d l ' g ln .: I
ed, on the estate of JOHN DEAN, late of I DRESS GOODS 4
Porter township, Huntingdon county. All per- BOOTS, SHOES, and HATS of all kintla.- , -
sone indebted to said estate are requested to make I Hardware, Queensware, Groceries, &c.
immediate payment, and those having claims or 1 We invite all to give ua a call, as we take
demands a g ainst the acme to present them duly pleasure in showin g our Goods.
authenticated for settlement. Thankful for past favors, we hope by strict
WILLIAM GRAFFI US, attention to to receive a liberal share.
Administrator. of public patronage.
Huntingdon, April 3,1849.
April 17,1840
Last Notice,
Auditor's Notice.
JOHN REED, Auditor,
Executors , Notice.
' In p oan order of the Or
plans' Court ursuance
or ( Huntingdon county,
will be exposed to public sale, on the
promises, on
FRID.IY, 25th MAY next,
A Tract of Land situate in Jackson
township, Huntingdon county, being the
property of Abraham Ditswortli, dec'd,
00 . 3CIiES,
neat measure, and bounded oil the" east
I by lands of J. Hadley, end on the west
by lands of G. W. Campbell. Thd irn
prpvements are a small log house and
barn. About 40 acres cleared,
TERMS :—One half of the purAnse
money to be paid on confirmation of the
snle, and the other half in one yenr
thereafter, with interest, to be secured
by the bond and mortgage of the put ,
chaser. JAMES GILLAM,•
.Idner de bonis non:
April 13, 1849.
The undersigned has just returned
from Philadelphia, with a large and very
superior assortment of Clocks; Watches,
Jewelry and Fancy Goods, which he is
enabled to sell
20 per Vent. Cheaper
than heretofore`.' Pdrstins Il'ishinfl to
purchase are invited and satisfy
themselves of this fart:
ID- Particular attention will be paid
to the repairing of all kinds of Watches,
Clocks and Jewelry. An experienced
workman from one of the eastern cities
will be constantly employed for this
Old gold and siler bought and ex
changed for which the highest price Will
be allowed.
Hunting,don,. April' 17, 1849.
Hae received and is now openiiig a splontlid
stock of eiprittgr and tibmrher (roods, among
which may be fornd every variety of
Ladies' and Gentleinens' Dress Goods,
in part, Cloths of all kinds, French, Belgian
and Fahey Cassimers, Kentucky Jeans, Croton,
Oregon and Tweed C oths ; Vestings, Flannels
and Drillings, and a variety of Cotton Got* for
summer wear; iNfouslin de Laines, French
Lawny and Scotia, Shawls and Handkerchiefs,
Alpacds, Merrnoes, a large assortment of Cali
coes of the newest styles, and at lo*
Eat Iston, French, Scotch and Domestic Ging
hams and Balzorines, French and Irish Line.
and Checks, Bed Ttekings, Misting and sheet."
ings, &c., &c.
Boots, Shoes, hats and Caps, Groceries,
Hardware, Queensware,
with a great variety of gootliof all kinds.
The above stock of Goods having been peke.;
fed with great care, and purchasetlat minted
prices for Cosh, I am enabled to offer
*rest Bargains,
and hope, all who want will at least examine toy
stock before purchasing else% lime, as I aril de-
termined to sell on as reasonable terms as any
ono in Pennsylvarila. Please mill and see my
Goods, as il affords' finfpleifsure shots
at all times.
All kinds of Country Producia taken in cx
change for Goods.
March 11, 1849.
Books! Books!
Persons desirous of purchasing 11001c9 .of
almost any description, can be supplied ni thy
prices, by leaving their orders with the subset] ,
bor. All orders will more with prompt attention.
J. T. scurf.
May 8, 184 9.
E undersigned will, in pursuance of an di-
Or of Court, offer for sale as the property
of Alexander Owin, dee'd., at public vendue on
TUESDAY, 12th day of Juno next, at the Court
House in Huntingdon, a certain Lot of ground
in the Borough of Huntingdon, on the south
west •corner of Allegheny and Path Streets,
numbered 117 in the plan of said borcugh, and
having thereon a two-story !trick dWel!tri . o house,
with a stable, Ace. Also the undivided third
part of a tract of land, situate on the Raystown
Branch of the Juniata River in Hopewell town
ship, Huptingdon . county, containing 227 acres,
more or less, haying a house and barn thereon.
Terme of Sale : One half of the purchase md
ney to be paid on confirmation of tha sale, and
the residue in one year thereafter with interest,
to he secured by bond and mortgage.
WM. P. 011131150 N,.
May 1„ 1819.
Great Slaughter of high Prices!
The Town in Commotion !
Nobody Killed, but Several Bad•
ly Wounded !