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The New Militia Law.
We have received the recently enact
red law revising the Militia system of
the State, and as its pvavisions are im
portant—changing entirely the charac
ter of a system which had become as'
odious as it was unprofitable—we have
Made up from them the following sum-
Mary. It is made the duty [sec. I,] of
every able bodied citizen between the
uge of eighteen and forty-five; to pro
'ride himself with a proper uniform for
volunteer company, and [sec. 2,] per
kons shall form themselves of no less
' than 30, rank and file, electing their
own officers, dze. Where there are [see.
3,] three or more companies in any
brigade, they shall be rented into betel
ions and regiments, and elect such field
officers as are slowed to the same force
in the regular army but in ease there
are not three companies in any brigade,
then the company or companies shall
elect a Brigadier General, Brigade In
spector, and Major General. The uni
formed .companies [sec. 4,] shall meet
for training and discipline twice in each
year; and each battalion and regiment
for ttdititng and inspection, not less than
once. The commanding officer of each
company, [sec. 5,] Anil furnish a copy
of his roll to the County Commission
ers, at such times as the assessments of
taxes are returned, designating the res
idence of each member, the assessor al
so, [sec. 6,] to furnish a list of all male
persons residing in the township, be
tween the ages of 21 and 45, except
such as may be exempt, and all who are
not uniformed and enrolled, shall be con
sidered delinquent, and subject to a fine
df fifty tents; such officers and men,
flowerer,Lim 7,] ati served jh the late
war with Mexico, shah be foreeer here
after exempt froM militia duty. The
County Commissioners, in 'raking out
their duplicates for the collection of
State taxes, [sec. B,] shall add fifty
cents to the amount of tax of each de.
linquent, to be collected with the same,
on account of all such receipts to be
kept, and the same to form a . military
fund: In case the delinquent cannot be
found [see. 9,] or is exempt, an oath
shall be made to that effect by the col
lector, and the Commissioners shall give
him a credit or order which shall be his
voucher in the settlement of his account.
The County Treasurer, after the settle
ment of the military account, and the
payment of the expenses of collections,
&c., [sec. 10,] Is required to pay to each
company of not less than 30, $5O, and
to each company of not less than 50,
$75, for the purpose of keeping open
armory, &c. It is also made the duty
c i f the County Treasurer to pay the
Brigade Inspector, any reasonable ex
penses incurred by him, but such expen
ses shall not exceed in any one year
$l5O. In case the amount of the mili
tary fund collected be insufficient to pay
the ballance to each company, the State
Treasurer shall pay to the County Trea
surer of such county, n sufficient sum to
make up the deficit, such amount to be
taken" out of the military fund of the
State. The Brigade Inspector [sec. 11]
shall attend in Person to every organi
zation, make requisition for, receive and
disburse arms,
&c. The commanding
eficer of each regiment [sec. 12.] or
bitallion not attached to any regiment,
shall certify to the Auditor General on
or before the Ist of August in each year
the number of companies I,.Afii coin
mend, the number of inenlbrs ' &c.
The uniformed companies,isec. 13,]
organized before the first Monday of
June, 1849, shall meet on that day, at
their usual place of meeting, and on the
Ist Monday of June every five years
thereafter to elect Brigade and field of
ficers, the captain or commanding offi.
cer of each company superintending
such election. The Ist .Monday of Ju
ly next ensuing, [sec. 14,] and the same
day every five years thereafter, shall be
the time for the election of Major Gen
era! of each division, such election to
he holden at the county seat in each
brigade, and all commissioned officers
of companies, batalions, regiments and
brigades to be entitled to vote for Major
General, the election being superintend
ed by the Brigade Inspector and Briga
dier General, who may have been cletc
ed in the June previous. The election
for company officers, [sec. 15,] to be
held on the 3d Monday of August, 1849,
and on the same day every five years
thereafter, the captain to appoint two
officers of the company to hold such
election. Every person, [sec. 16,] who
shall have been uniformed and served
five successive years after the passage
of this act, shall thereafter be exempt.
Each county of the Commonwealth
[sec. 17,] shall form a brigade, except
the city and county of Philadelphia,
which shall form three brigades, as at
present. The several divisions of the
State, [sec. 18,] are as follows :
I.—City and County of Philadelphia.
11.—Bucks, Montgomery and Delaware.
lll.—Cheater and Lancaster.
I V.—York and Adams.
V.—Dauphin. Lebanon and Berk..
Vt.—Schuylkill, Carbon and Monroe.
Vll.—Northampton, Pike and Lehigh.
VElL—Northumberland and Union.
IX.—Columbia, Luserne and Wyoming.
X.—Susquebanna and Wayne.
XL—Lycoming, Clinton and Potter.
XII.-11'Kean, Elk, Forest and Clarion.
Xlll.—Sullivan, Bradford and Tioaa.
Mifflin, Centre, Hunting
don and Clearfield.
XV.—Cumberland, Perry and Franklin.
XVl.—Bedford, Somerset, Cambria and
XVll.—Westmorslaud, Fayette, IVashing
ton and Greene.
XVlll.—Allegheny, Armstrong, Indiana
and Jefferson.
XlX.—Beaver, Butler, Mercer and Law
XX.—Crawford, Erie, Venango and War
The 19th section exempts from di.ty
the officers, executive and judicial, of the
United Slates, members of Congress,
and their officers, officers of customs ) department, ttc., &c., &e.
The Adjutant General [sec, 20,] shall
prepare a military code, and report the
same to the Legislature; and till for
mer laws, [sec. 21,] on the subject of
the militia of this Commonwealth are
repealed. The act is a Very important
one, and while it will do away with a
system which has long been an equal
burden and disgrace to the state, will
do much if rigidly enforced, to build up
and foster a strong and efficient volun.
teer force, equally a credit to the State
in time of peace and in war.
Another Horrible Outrage at liar-
HARRISBURG, April 22, 1899
Dear Sir—Last night at n late hour,
three young then, about 19 or 20 years
of age, prowling about the lower end of
the town, in pursuit, it is supposed, of a
girl of doubtful character, stopped at
the house of a Mr. Neip, and raised a
disturbance in front of it. Mr. Neip's
son, a returned volunteer from Mexico,
desired them to go away from the prem
ises, which they resisting, and insulting
him at the same time, he struck one of
them, named Kemble, the son of a mer
chant tailor of this place i who thereupon
drew a dh'k kritfa, and repeatedly stab
bed hitti in the region of the heart. His
Wounds are severe, and at this time are
said to be mortal. While the affray was
going on, Mr. Neip came out of the
house to the rescue of his son, when lie
also was set upon and stabbed by anoth
er of the party, a son of Mr. Bomgard
ner, the keeper of a tavern at the rail
road depot. The other youngster na
med Seiler, took no part in the homi
cide, but endeavored to seperate the par
ties, and prevent injury to either of
them. The whole town is in a state of
excitement at this bloody outrage, es
pecially as the public mind had hardly
recovered from the murder of Mr. Knep
ley, by his crazy son a week ago. Born
gardner has fled and Kemble is arrest
Mr. Webster Conquerred.
The Washington correspondent of the Spring- . 1
field Republican mentions the following amu
sing incident. Mr. Foote was addressing
the Senate, when Mr. Webster asked leave to
interrupt him a moment.
Mr. Foote turned towards Mr. W. who was
sitting directly behind him, and addressed him
as nearly as I can recollect in the following
strain : The Hon. Senator from Massachusetts
the distinguished Senator from Massachusetts,
the Statesman, the orator, the scholar, the phy
losopher—(here Mr. W. who, up to this time
had kept his eye fixed on Mr. F. covered his
face with both hands, and Mr. F. then proceed
ed as follows:) the man whose speeches are
destined to live as long as the English language,
he who will hereafter rank alongside the Hem
ostheneses and Burkes of our own race"—Mr.
Webster's patience seemed to be exhausted at
this point, and he belched forth from the top of
his lungs, ~O h! get out!" What conclusion
Mr. P. brought his elaborate eulogium to, I am
unable to say, for amid the roar of merriment
and laughter that ensued, he could not be heard
for some minutes after.
Tux MISSOURI TWIN9.-These wonderful
children are now in St. Louis. They are the
children of Benjamin Ross, Texas county, Mis
souri, and were both born on the 16th of De
cember, 1817. They are connected from the
breast bone to the abdomen, measure twenty
inches in height, and weigh twenty pounds.
Their connection is such that they stand face to
face, heads coated over with fine black hair, and
in other respects perfect in form and feature.
PHILADELPHIA, April 26, 1819
The export demand for flour continued limit
ed and the sales only amount to 5a600 bbls.,
good brands at $1,50, and extras at $4,75. Corn
meal is scarce, a small sale of Pennsylvania at
$2,50 per bbl. Grain—Wheat is in brisk de
mand, and with moderate receipts, prices are
fully sustained, sales of 2a3000 bu. prime Pen
na. red at $l, and prime white at $1,05. Rye,
sales of 3a400 bu. Penna. at 57e. per bu. Corn,
further sales of 2000 bu. yellow at 53a54ct5.,
weight. Oats sell slowly, Southern 28a29, and
'eons. at 31a33cts, per bu. Whiskey is firm,
sales hhds. at 201 and bbls. at 21 cts.
SEEDS.—There is some little enquiry for
Cloverseed, to hold over, and 6aBoo bu. have
been taken at $2,75 for old and $3a325 for new,
including strictly prime at $3,50. Timothy is
quiet at $2a2,50. Flaxseed remains without
change. We quote at $1,25a1,32.
BALTI3IOttE, April 26, 1649
Our markets have been inactive today, deal
ers holding off for the foreign news. Sales of
300 bbls. Howard St. flour at $4,50; City mills
is held at $4,50 without sales. Sales of red
Wheat at 100 to 103 c., and white Corn at 44 to
45c. prime yellow at 52c. Sales of Whiskey
in bbls. at 204 c.
By the Rev. H. Heckerman, at his residence
in Huntingdon, April 24th, Mr. WM. P. HAZ
ARD, to Miss ELIZABETH DAVID, ooth of
Trough Creek valley.
On the 26th inst. by the Rev. John Peebles,
Dr. H. W. SMITH of Philadelphia, to RE
SECCA M. daughter of the late Isaac Dorland,
Esq. of Huntingdon.
AccOmpaning the above; we received a liberal
share of wedding cake, for which the happy
couple have our sincere thanks and best wishes.
On Tuesday 24th ult., by the 11ev. John
Peebles, Dr. HENRY McCLURE, to Miss
An exchange very gravely informs us
that a young man who was recently bathing in
the Missouri River, seeing a number of ladies
approaching, drowned himself, from motives of
Brigade Orderio
I N pursuance of General Orders, No. 1, issued
by the Adjutant General, the militia compo
sing the Second Brigade, 10th Division, P. M.,
are hereby notified that the Company and Bat
talion Trainings, heretofore advertised to be
beld during the month of May, will not take
place, in consequence of a law having been pas
sed at the Mat session of the Legislature abolish
ing said training
Drig. Insp'r 2d B. 10th D. P.M
Brigade Invector's Office,
Philipsburg, May 1, 1849,5
School Fund.
In pursuance of the provisions of the 32nd
Section of the Act of the General Assembly,
passed the 9th day of April A. D. 1819, we,
the undersigned Commissioners of Huntingdon
county, hereby notify the eitizens of the several
School Districts of said county, that the share
of each of the said districts in the State appro
priation of $200,000 for the year 1830, is the
sum set opposite to each district respectively,
as transmitted to us by the Superintendent of
Common Schools, viz
.... ,
Cron . l4tell,
Franklin, 133 25
Henderson, 101 68
Hopewell, ' 70 52
daekson, 127 92
Morris, 56 99
Penn, 74 21
Shirley, 141 01
Springfield, 67 24
Porter, 73 80
Tell, 85 69
Tod, 93 07
Union, 48 38
Warriorsmark, 91 84
West, 138 19
Walker, 93 53
Alexandria borough, 30 02
Birmingham, 29 11
Huntingdon, 124 23
Shirleysburg, 28 70
May I, 1815. Commissioners.
Teachers Wanted
At a meeting of the School Directors of the
borough• of Huntingdon, held 28th April, 1849,
it was resolved to employ two male and two
female teachers to take charge of the Common
Schools for ten months, commencing on 'rue.-
day the sth day of June pro. Proposals from
teachers, directed to the President.will be recei
ved until Saturday evening, 26th May, when a
meeting of the board will be held and applicants
will present themselves for examination.
May 1, 1849.
Auditor's Notice.
The undersigned Auditor appointed by the
Court of Ccrmmcm Pleas of Huntingdon county,
to diettibute the money arising from a Sheriff's
sale of the personal property of William John
ston of the borough of Huntingdon, to and among
those entitled by faw to receive it, will attend to
the duties of thin appointment at hie officein the
borough of Huntingdon i n Tuesday the 12th
day of June next, (A. D. 1849) at one o'clock
in the afternoon of said day, when and where
all persons ere required to present their claims
on said fund or be debarred thereafter from com
ing in for any share thereof.
JOIIN REED, Auditor.
May 1,1849.
web,. satIOC
Has just returned from Philadelphia with a
general and elegant assortment of
Hoots and Shoes,
for Ladies', Gentlemen's and Children's wear,
all of which have been manufactured of tho best
materials and after the latest end most approved
style, and will be sold at NXTBEMELT LOW RATES.
He will also manufacture BOOTS and SHOES
to order, and all who favor him with their cus
tom may rely upon having their work done neat
ly and expeditionaly, and of the best materials.
A continuance of public favor is respectfully
May 1,1849-3 t.
Saddle & Harness
Respectfully informs the public, that Le has
commenced business for himself in the room
lately occupied by F. Krell nearly opposite the
Post Office, in Main Street, Huntingdon, Pu.
All kinds of Harness and Saddles wi 1 be man.
factored on the shortest notice, of the best mate
rials, and as cheap as can be had at any other
establishment in the county.
He respectfully asks a share of public patron
age. May 1, 1849.
THE undersigned will, in pursuance of an or
der of Court, offer for sale as the property
of Alexander Owin, dec'd., at public vendue on
TUESDAY, 12th day of June next, at the Court
House in Huntingdon, a certain Lot of ground
in the Borough of Huntingdon, on the south
west •corner of Allegheny and Bath Streets,
numbered 117 in the plan of said borough, and
having thereon a two-story hrickdwel!ing house,
with a stable, &c. Also the undivided third
part of a tract of land, situate on the Raystown
Branch of the Juniata River in Hopewell town
ship, Huntingdon county, containing 227 acres,
more or less, having a house and barn thereon.
Terms of Salo: One half of the purchase mo
ney to be paid on confirmation of tha sale, and
the residue in one year thereafter with inlereet,
to be secured by bond and mortgage.
May 1„ Ir
New Goods! New Goods!
.p ... j d u i a d t Le . c o e r i t y m e e d n a t n o d f arc' now opening a
Their 'dock has been selectiiil with great care,
and at lower prices than those who purchased
earlier, and comprises a general variety of every.
thing called for by the public. They have a
beautiful variety of LADIES and GENTLE
MEN'S Dress Goods, of the very latest stylee,
which for quality and cheapness cannot be sur
passed. In addition to their large stock of Dry
Goods, Housekeepers can be suppled with
Fresh Groceries,
of a superior quality, very cheap ; Hardware,
Queensware, &c., &c. _ .
They invite the public to call and examine
their stock. They make no charge for showing
their Goods.
Moy 1, 1849
Wallld respectfully inform his old friends and
the Public generally that he has resumed busi
ness as MERCHANT TAILOR, in the room
next door to C. Count' Hotel, formerly occupied
by the Globe Printing office, Huntingdon, Po.
He has just received from Philadelphia a
splendid assortment of CLOTHS, CASS&
MERS and VESTINGS of the beet finish which
he is prepared to make up to order at prices that
cannot fail to suit the views of all. A perfect
fit will in all cases be guaranteed.
$137 35
106 60
158 20
74 62
69 70
70 26
Work will also be done for those who prefer
purchasing their cloth elsewhere.
May 1,1849
Last Notice
JACOB SNIDER would inform those indebted
to him, that he has left his accounts with D.
Snare, Esq., for collection. Those knowing
themselves indebted will save costs by calling at
his office soon and paying up.
May 1, 1849.
Auditor's Notice.
THE undersigned auditor, appointed to distri
hute the assets in the hands of Jacob M.
Cover'. Assignees, among the cretiitois, will at
tend for that purpose atlas office in Huntingdon,
on Saturday the 26th day of May inst., at 10
o'clock A. NI., when and whcro all persons in
terested will present their claims, properly au
82254 18
JOHN REED, Auditor,
May 2, 1849
The Partnership heretofore existing between
the undersigned, in the Cabinet-Making business,
under the firm of J. H. & D. Whittaker, was
dissolved on the let of April, 1899, by mutual
consent. All persons having unsettled accounts
with said firm will please comelorward and set
tle them without delay.
May 1, 1849.
The subscriber, residing in Penn township,
Huntingdon county, gave two promisary tot,s
in the month of June 1898, for $55 each to J.
S. Shull, of Williamsburg, Blair counts, one
payable six months after date, the other in one
year; being in part consideration for building
fur him by said Shull a saw mill, which he has
never finished according to contract. This is to
caution all persons against purchasing said notes
as I am determined not to pay them until the
work is finished, unless compelled by law. If
Mr.Shull's honor will not prompt him to come
and finish his job, I hereby invite 'jolt° institute
a suit for the collectien of the note due, and I
will test the matter with him.
Penn township, April 23,1849.
Notice is hereby given that the NINTH IN
STALMENT of five do lass per share is re
quired to be paid on or before the Ist day of May,
and the tenth instalment of five dollars per share
an or before the tat day of ;lily next, at the
office of Miles & Dorris.
Payments will be received of one or more in
stalments, or the stock may be paid in full, at
the option of the Stockholders, and interest will
be allowed from date of payment.
Instalments not paid punctually wi:l be sub
ject to the pena Ity of one per cent per month
as required by law.
Apri124,1840. 'Pressures.
AdininistratOes Monte,
Estate of JOHN .114RSH..d LL, late
of Springfield township, dec'd.
AToTiCE is hereby given that Letters of Ad
mihistration have been granted to the under
signed on said estate. Persona indebted to said
estate are requested to make immediate payment,
and those having claim. or demands against the
same to present them duly authenticated for set
tlement to
April 24. 1R49. Administrator,
Executors , Notice.
LETTERS testamentary havi.ig been
granted to the undersigned on the estate
of JOHN WALL, late of West town
ship, in the county of Huntingdon, de
ceased, all persons indebted to said es
tate are hereby notified to call and mnke
payment, and all persons having claims
against the same are requested to pre
sent them duly authenticated for settle
ment to the subscribers.
April 24. 1840.
COL. JOHN STEVER, of Case township.
Huntingdon county, will be supported at the
ensuing election for BRIGADE INSPECTOR,
April 10,1849.
administrator's NotiCe.
Estate of JOHN DE.I-IN, late of Porter
township, deceased.
NOTICE is hereby given that:letters of admin.
'titration hove been granted to the undersign
ed, on the estate of JOHN DEAN, late of
Porter township, Huntingdon county. All per
sons indebted to said estate are requested to make
immediate payment, and those having claims or
demands against the same to present them duly
authenticated for settlement.
April 17,1849
in pursuance of an order of the Or•"
phans' Court of Huntingdon county,
will be exposed to public sale, on the
premises, on
FRIDAY, 25th M.RY next,
A Tract of Land situate in Jackson
toArnship, ITuritingdon county, being the
property of Aim'ahatn Ditsworth, dec'd,
100' *ICKES,
neat measure, and bounded' ou the cast
by lands of J. Haffley, and on the west
by lands of G. W. Campbell. The im•
provernents are a small log house and
barn. About 40 acres cleared.
TERMS :--One half of the purchaSe
money to be paid on confirmation of the'
sale, and the other half in one year
thereafter, with interest, to be secured
by the bond and mortgage of the pur
Adnet de bonis non.
April 13, 1849.
The undersigned has just returned
from Philadelphia, with a large and very
superior assortment of Clocks, Watches,
Jewelry and Fancy Goods, which he is
enabled to sell
20 per Cent. Cheaper
than heretofore! Persons wishing to
purchase are invited to call and satisfy
themselves of this fact.
a- Particular attention will be paid
to the repairing of all kinds of Watches,
Clocks and Jewelry. An experienced
workman from one of the eastern cities
will be constantly employed for this
Old gold and silver bought and ex
changed for which the highest price will
be allowed.
.1. T. SCOTT.
Huntingdon, April 17, 1849.
Warranted GOLD PENS, with silver
handles, can be had at Scores Cheap
Jewelry Store, for $1.25 Other Gold
Pens, without handles, for 75 cents.
April 17, 181,9.
lino received and is now opening a apiondid
Mock of Spring and Summer Goode, among
which may ho found every variety of
Ladies' and Gentlemens' Dress Goods,
in part, Cloths of all kinds, French, Belgian
and Fancy Cassimers, Kentucky Jeans, Croton,
Oregon and Tweed C.otlm; Vestinge, Flannels
and Drillings, and a variety of Cotton Gouda for
summer wear; Mouths de Laines, French
Lawns and Swirls, Shawls and Handkerchiefs,
Alpacas, Monnoes, a large assortment of Cali
coes of the newest styles, and at low prices,
Oat lston, Vrench, Scotch and Domestic Ging
hams end Balsorines, French and /Fish Linens
and Checks, Bed Twkings, Muslin. end sheet
Boots, Shoes, Hats and Caps, Groceries,
Hardware, Queensware, &c.,
with a great variety of goods of all kinds.
The above stock of Goods having been selec
ted with great care, and purchased at reduced
prices fur Cash, I am enabled to offer
Great Bargains,
and hope all who want will at least examine my
stock before purchasing elsewhere, as I am de
termined to sell on as reaeonable terms as any
one in Pennsylvania. Please call and see my
Goods,as at affords no pleasure to show them
at all times.
All kinds of Country Prod ace taken in cx•
change for Ooeds.
March 81, 1840.
Wholesale Grocers,
Produce & Commission Merchants,
and Dealers in Pittsburg Manufactures,
No. 56 Wood street, Pittsburg, Pa.
Refer to Mr. GEOM. GWIN, t Huntingdon.
Messrs. J. & W. SAXTON, I
April 3, 1849.
Huntingdon County, Ss.
The Commonwealth of Penneyl
• vania, to Hubert Mo'son, late of the
county of Huntingdon, Greeting:
—Whereas, Rachel P. Molson, by
r ° her father and next friend, Nathan
Scofield, did on the 24th day of November last,
past, prefer her petition to out Judges of the
Court of Common Pleas of said county, at a
Court held at Huntingdon in and for said coun
ty, playing that for the causes that ein set forth,
she might be divorced from the bonds of matri
mony entered into with you the said Roberti
We do therefore command you as you were
often before commanded, that, setting aside all
other business and excuses whatsoever, you be
and appear in your proper person before our
Judges at Huntingdon at a Court of Common
Pleas there to be held for said county, on the 241
Monday of August next to answer the petition
or libel of the said Rachel, and to show cause
if any you have, why the said Rachel your wife
should not be divorced from the bond of mattl
mony, agreeably to the act of Alisernbly, in such
cases made and provided. And hereof you are
not to fail. Witness the Hon. George Taylor,
President of our said Court di Huntingdon, the
13th day of April A.D. 11349.
April 24, 184 g.
Executors' Notice.
EstOte of ../IRC RIBALD STITT, late
o f Dublin township, dec'd.
NOTICE is hereby given thit letters Women
tiny bare bbeti grunted to the undersigned on the
estate of Archibald 81itt, late of Dublin
townehip o leeetraed. Persons knowing themselves
indebted Wiflcothe eorwardand make payment; and
all those booing claims will present therh duly au
rhenticated forsttpleinet 2 t.
April 17, 184*.
A large size Qneen of irte West" COOK
ING STOVE for are on the moat reasonable
terms. Any person wanting en at tide of this
kind will please call at this office.
A pill 10, 1849.
WOULD respectfully inform his friends and
the public generally, that he has leased ,
the above efoi known house, formerly kept by
John McConne?t. and is fitting it up for the ac
commodation of al! who may favor him with
their custom.
In point of location, the &see B sax," is
the most pleasant and converiihit in Hunting
don. And no pain. or expense *AI be spaniel
to make the accommodations Fur ir as cannot be
surpassed by any other house in the piece. The
wants of the arranger and traveller will Mite y.
be carefully attended to. In short, it will II ats
constant aim of the proprietor to make all ! fed
at home, and perfectly comfortable. e ho stop at'
the " Bleck Bear." His charges will be mod
Permanent boarders will be arcommode•
ted on remonable terms.
April 10,1849.
Administrator's Notice
Emu of WILLMX H. BLACK, late
of th. borough of Huntingdon, dec'd.
NOTICE is hereby given that Letter of Ad
ministration on said astute have been grant
ed to the undersigned. All persons indebted to
said estate are requested to make immediate pay.
ment, and those havingclaims ur domed& against
the lame to present them duly authenticated fol
settlement to Dr. JACOB HOFFMAN,
Dissolttl4ll of Partnership
The Partnership heretofore existing between
the subscribers in carrying on the Alexandria
Foundry. under the firm of McGill & Graffius,
woe by mutual consent dissolved upon the 31st
day of March A.D. 1849. All persons honing
unsettled accounts will attend to them immedi•
ately. The books are for the present in the
hands of William Graffius, in Alexandria.
April 20, 1949—pd.
The Partnership heretofore existing between.
the undersigned, trading under the firm of
Swoop° & Africa, in the Mercantile business,
was by mutual consent, diseolvcd on the Ist day
of April, 1549.
Huntingdon, April 10, 1849.
ALLpersons knowing themselves indebted trr
the undersigned by note, book -account or
otherwise will please call and pay off their if
spective arcour.ts, on or before the Ist of July
next. All persons who neglect this notice will
find their accounts in the hands of a proper offi•
cer for collection.
Huntingdon, April 10, 1849.
Administrators' Notice.
Estate of WILLI.I.II LYTLE, late of
Jackson township, dec'd,
NOTICE is hereby given that Letters of Ad
ministration on said Eetate, have been granted to
the undersigned. Persona indebted to the same,
are requested to make pity ment, and those having
claims or demands against the some, to present
them daly authenttes , ed for settlement.
April 10, 1849. [Administrator.
Great Slaughter of High Prices!
The Town in Commotion !
Nobody Killed, but Several Bad.
ly Wounded !
Have the satisfaction to announce to the cit
izens of Huntingdon and the neighboring coun
try that they have just received from the eastern
chin, a splendid stock of new
which have been selected with greet cat e. Cur
stock consists of all th,, vat ions styles of
HOOTS, SHOES, and HATS of all kind..--
Hardware, Queenswere, Groceries, &c.
We invite all to give ua a call, as we take
pleasure in showing our Goods.
Thankful for pest favors, We hope by strict
attention to basins.. to receives liberal share
of public patronage.
Huntingdon, April 3, 1849.
"Beat the " Hall of Fashion , ' who
li. & W. SNARE,
No, I, Corner Room of Snare'. Row. opposite
John Whittaker'. Tavern, Huntingdon, Pa.
The undersigned thankful for past favors, in
form their eustomere and the public generally
that they have jest received from the city, the
largest, cheapest and most splendid assortment!
Readyßade Clothing,
ever brought to Huntingdon. Their stock con
sists of Dress and Frock Coats, t.arks and Puri
na.. Coats, Pantaloons and Vests of every style
and description suited to the season—warranted
well made and fashionebly cut. A splendid as
sortment of Bleached Muslin and Linen Shirts
and Plaited Bomar.. Cotton, worsted and
woolen short Stockings; suspenders and Hand
kerchiefs. A gasket suit of clothes for almost
He, 'vise of Hats and Caps. Pacts & Sher.,
Umbrellas, &s., all of which will be acid at the
lowest rice.. Please call and examine before
purchasing elsewhete.
- - B. & W. SNARE.
Duntirtgdan, April 3, 1549.