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    Interesting Confab. NEW Goons!
.Hob you get de *der Petel de The " old Locust Comer' ,
white oti yeitr eyes stn yeller as saffrum.
'Hush gout mouf on dose insinsidious Ahead!!
risherSlOnzrtrio de. co.,
caparisons, Sanibel! Pse got the Calum.
TTAVE i t i received a large and splendid as
fornea gold 'fever — wen de crisis arribes ~ n ~,,„„;„u , °, of
in de delirium stages, den die indervid•
nal slim leabe: for the rogue of perpet- SPRING 86 SUMMER GO! OS
ual ed. Dot is, Sambo i perwidecl Con. I which they ere ' , ee 11eg... usual, at extremely
guess does not perhiblt; lit, to take our 1 l'w profits, Theit stack consists of a general
1 assortMeht, rid opted to the wants of all. Se.-
and oder real estate %yid us.' sonable DRESS CIOODS for Ladies and Gen
'NV ell, Pete, you is insane! A Gem- tietnen; lintlY.M iDE CLOTHING, Bon
man of your color to talk about foolishing \ nets, Hats, Caps, Boots and Shoes, Hardware,
after dese visiumary white folks down Groceries, &c., Ore. In short, the o OLD LOCUST
Cape Horn. 1 guess 'twill be in n horn I cottons" continues to be the
dey'll find thnr de gold! If you includes "GRAND BAZAR ' ' ,
to take de stages, Pete, I shall detract
b w a h where thing useful c,oa e a r ni t l ha o n .nalen b t e al, r LI!
my remarks on your appear:me, and sub- , red elsewhere. Their motto is •, Quick P Lealts
atertute darefore dui all ob a color, all All who desire to supply
. sad t-mall Profits."
over alike, you is de darkest, greenest themselves with good goods, at tow prices, will
nigga in Belknap street., you is a disgrace' give them a call.
to the whole colored sex! you is as green March 27,1849. ____
as geese!' ammovaL I
Empty din buildin' of your presence Capt. David Hazzard,
Snmbo, or I'm not 'ponsible for your ear- NU OULD respectfully informal! his cid friends
ly decease.' VI/ and customers—whien includes about the
entire population—that he hos removed
DEM'S 'Ex.—A pious old negro, while Standing-Stone Head-Quarters
saying grace at the table, not only used to the room next door to Prewell'a Store, directly
to ask a blessing on nll he had upon his opposite Wallace's Washington Hotel,. Where he
board, but would also petition to hove has fitted up au
some deficient dishes supplied. One crzi.2,2litz 0,410011 s
day it was known that Cato was out of shove ground, which can't he beat on the Juniata.
potatoes, and suspecting that he would i The lovers of good Oysters can slway •be so
pray for the some nt dinner, a wag pro- conunodated by giving him acall.
vided himself with a small measure of 1 His new stand fitted up
ni ,; o n n w p n urp , ose" torte
n. ..old
the vegetables, and stole under the win- c c 7
dow near which stood the table of our p n terit e herefor ' e " ho n pes g tha l t ' hie friends of both
sexes will extend to him a liberal support.
colored christian; soon Cato drew up a CONFECTIONARIES, APPLES,
chair and commenced. NUTS, &c., &c., always on hand
"Oh manna Lord! will dowdy provident March 6, 1849.
kindness condesend to brass every tang
before us; and be pleased stow upon us
just a few tnters—and all de praise,"—
(Here the potatoes were dashed upon NEFF BROTHER
the table; breaking plates and upsettin g T_TA , V h
, E i
stand,ece i &
q i n u e t
. r i ,,
the mustard pot,) "Dery em, mnssa 1- Huttingdon, Pa. the most fashionable and su.
Lord!" said Cato, "only jist lull 'em perb assortment of
down a little easier next time!" Clocks, Watches di. Jewelry
i ever offered is this place. Their stork consists'
CURIOUS ERRATUM—TiIe editor of a' in part of English & Anchor Lever, Chronom
country paper, speaking of the people ete•, Duplex and Lepine GOLD Vs ATCHES.
of France, says, in a beautifull rui mina. Every variety of Levi r, L'Epine, Quartier anti
tiny leader: "When the Provisional Gov- English SILVER WATCHES. Eight-Day
I and Thirty hour BB ASS execs.
ernment promised the laboring classes, Their Jewelry hes been selected with such
that they should never again want either I care in regard to Fashion,Elegance and Quality
work, or high wages, them asses acutal. , so to chellerice c omparison and defy competition
ly believed it." , it embraces Diamond Breast Pins and Finger
We thought this rather strong, and a Rings, Gold Rings and Pencils,Pe n n d s, Spect.
little ungramatical, when the next . cleit, &, c ; , n
t t oget her
of ‘ii
,v withE; n at aIgAVCICLES. e x trusiv e
week's paper contained the following: ,
also a well chosen Bopp'' , of Perfumery,
ERRATUM.—For "them asses" 111 our 1 Soap aid Fancy s int i onnry ,
last, read ..the masses." N. B. Clocks, %Vetches, end Jewelry prompt-
However there is n deal of coarse ly repaired and warranted. The public ore po
truth wrapt up in a bit of bad grammar : Mel) , requested to call and ex •e the: stock.
sometitnes. For ourselves, we dectdediy
prefer them asses
London Punch
one has heard of action, action of Dem
osthenes, and of what a variety of emo
tions and passions Roscious could ex
press by mere gestures; let it not be sup
posed, however that such perfections of
art belong to the ancients only. The fol
lowing anecdote of W illinm C. Preston,
is Illustrative of our remarks. Some
years ago, among a thousand others, we
were Henning to one of his harrangues
from the stump. Besides us was one as
deaf as a post, in breathless attention,
catching apparently every word that fell
from the orator's lips. Now the tears
of delight would roll down his cheeks in
an ungovernable extticy, lie would shout
applause which might have been mista
ken for the noise of a small thunder•
storm. At lenght Preston launched out
one of those passages of massive decla
mations which those who have heard
him know him to be so capable of utter
ing. In magnificent splendor it was
what Byron has described, the moun
tain storms of Jura. Its effect upon
the multitude was like a whirlwind.
Our deaf friend could contain himself
no longer—but bawling into our ear as if
he would blow it open with a tempest he
cried—' Who's that a speak ingl' 'Wil
liam C. Preston!' replied we, as loud as
our lungs would let us. 'Who!' inquir
ed he, still louder than before. 'Wil
liam C. Preston, of South Carolina!' re
peated we almost splitting our throat in
effort. 'Well! well! returned he, can't
bear a darned word lie or your are say
ing, but great Jerico don't he do tke motions
A. WEDDING IN JAIL.—The Cincinnati
Dispatch gives an account of a Wedding
in jail; the parties being a young man,
confined for an offence which will, upon
proof, send him to the penitentiary—the
other, a young girl, his betrothed, who
insisted upon marrying her felon lover.
She persisted against all opposition, pro
curul the license herself, and taking a
magistrate with her went to the jail, and
was united in the holy bonds of wedlock
which the law must suon sever.
A New SPECIES or Wl,EAT.—Advices from
St. Petersburg state that a peasant, named
Baltowish, in the district of Bender, has discov
ered a new species of wheat, distinguished by
its greater fertility, its deep amber color, and
its early ripening, and by its being less affected
by drought than any other variety Be obser
ved in his crops certain ears which were longer
and became ripe earlier than the rest of the
crop.—These were collected, and sowed seper.
ately, and the result was an abundant harvest
and in the introduction of a new and valuable
variety of wheat.
(p- A h me!" said a pious old Scotch
lady, "cur mini:ter was a powerful
preac'ter; for the short time he minister•
ed the word among us he kicked three
pulpits t.) pieces, and banged the innards
out of fire bibles."
Great Centre of Attraction 1
Milliner & Mantua-Maker.
, The !Lilly ue‘ Active Loin
form the Ladies of ifuntingdon end .ioinriy
that she carries on the above named business ■t
the residence of Matthew Illownover, at the
Jail, where she will receive any work in her bite
of business. She fee a confident that the neat.
ness as well as the durability of her work will
recommend her to the patronage of the Ladles
of Huntingdon. MARTHA McCRUM.
March 27, 1849—im.
Unrivalled Perfumes, Hair Oil, Tooth
Paste and Powder, Soaps, Shaving
Cream, &c.
The Largeet, Cheapest and beat assortment of
the above named articles ever opened in h un
tingdon, just received and for sale wholesale and
retail by
NEFF & nno
March 20,1849.
Estate of _MICHAEL H. DEITR ICH, late
of IVaeriot smack township, dee'd.
NOTICE is hereby given that Letters of Admin
istration on the estate of M. H. Deitrich,
late of Warriormark twp.. Hunt. co., dec'd, have
been granted to the undersigned. All persons in
debted to said estate are requested to make imme
diate payment, and those having claims or de
mands agsinst the same to present them duly an
thenticated for settlement to
Feb. 27, 1840,
spring Millinery Goods.
Sohn Stone & lons,
Silks, Ribbons and Millinery Goods,
No. 45 South Second Street, above Chesnut,
WOULD call the attention of Merchants and
Milliners visiting the city, to their large
and rich assortment of
Spring Mlillinery Goods,
Received by late arrivals from France, such as
Glace Silks for casing bonnet.,
Fancy Bonnet and Cap Ribbons—a large and
beautiful essoriment of all price.;
Plain Mantua and Satin Ribbons, from No. 1
to No. 12;
French and American Artificial Flower., (in
great variety) ;
Colored and White Crapes;
Fancy Laces and Nets;
French Chip Bats;
Face Trin mings—Quillings ;
Covered Whalebones—Cane :
Buckrams—Willow ;
Bonnet Crowns and Tips,
Together with every article appertaining to the
Millinery trade.
March 27,1849.
Inform the public that they have received
splendtd and extensive-aksortmentof
all kinds of
which they are determined io cell at prices to
suit •LL. They invite the public to call and ex
amine their Goode.
Huntingdon, Nor. 21, 1818.
last of LeMery
REMAINING in the Post Office at Huntingdon,
Pa., on the 31st day of March, 1819, and which
if not lifted on or before the first day of July
next, will be sent to the General Post Office as
dead letters.
A. Lynn John
Anderson William. Lungfeld Isaac
B. Lavery James
Brooks Letitia
Benlaugh J. G. Revd. Montgomery William
Brooks Mariah Mayer Henry
Bacon Geo. V. Malloy Hugh
Bowlen Patrick Manny Thomas
Beckman Theodore McNally Peter
Barnwell Sarah Murry John J. 2
Bales Simon Masson Edward W.
Butler James Mannion Dan.
Boyles Patrick McHugh Francis
Barringer Joseph Marshall Joseph
Beety Martin Mateer William
Ball J. N. Malone Thomas
C. Murphy Martin
Crozier Ann B. Miss McCracken Joseph
Corbin Nicholas McCartney Wm. F. 2
Coleman Velina Mußoy Thomas
Convery John N. McMagan James
Crotzer Wm. Morrison John
Clark Patrick Morrison Eleanor Mc
Cunningham John Murphy John
: Couch Samuel McGrann Philip
Campbell Charles Miller Henrietta Mrs
Corbet Mary McLaughlin Patrick
Cree David Mooney Thomas 2
Cocoon Patrick McCulloch Gco.
Coningham J. At at L. Miller Sarah A.
Creig John Manelis Patrick
Corbet Steward McCay Hezekiah
Conan John Messer Smith John
Clinger James
Cummings Robert
Carlin Patrick
Cornprobst Henry
Cirtis John
Canon Charles
Comelieus Geo. W
Cough Joseph
Curtis Edward F
Cowden Charles
Doolan John
Devine James
Dolen Thomas
Dolen John
, Drinks Anthony
I Davis W
N. A. P.
Nail Elizabeth
O'Donnell James
O'Donnell John 2
Oakmnn Joseph
O'Donnell 'rim
Patton James M.
Proudfoot Alex. It
Quinn Jame;
Ross John
Raker Jacob
Richard Mary A. Mil
Rowland James &
Rutter Daniel
Reidenour Levi
Ryan John 4
Rox John
Ricker George
Reed Jane Miss
Reily Edward
Richardson Thomas
Roles Richard
Earnest Henry
Evers Patrick
Ford John
Fox Bernard
Fink Mary P.
Fulton James
Foster David
Gorsuch Stephen 2
Gallaher Patrick
Gray J. W.
Gosnell Jno R.
Goodman Wm
Gorman James
Goodman Marks
Geiger John
Gaynor John
Galbraith James W.
Garland Revd. M.
Gavegan Murt
Gaughan John
Ilenegan Thos.
Hicks Samuel
1 Heaton Joseph P.
Harker Samuel
Heslap Thomas
Harper Wm.
Hoffman George
Hoban Michael
Hawn George
Hutchison Wm.
Harvey & Son
I Hight T. James
Hubbell Alfred
Jones Fanny Mrs.
! Jarboe Thomas A.
Johnston John
Jarboe Alexander
Jarvis & Boatman
Sipe George
Swinehart William
Sprinkle Absalom
Stoufer Isaac
Sheeter Henry
Stewart John P. 2
Selfrich William
Shaver John
Snider Frederick
Smith G. 2
Smith Gerome
Shinefelt A. B.
Saiher William
Speck Adam
Sharrer George
Snyder Daniel
Stare Jacob
Stevens D.
Shoffner Margaret
Sinky Shem. Sam.
Snyder Charles
Schureman Henry
Souders Catharine Mil
Tipton Amos
Tocklin Thomas
Thompson A lexander
Wight Eliza
Wilson James
Whittaker Thomas
Welch Timothy
Waldron Matthew
White Adolphus P.
Woods Samuel S.
Watts Thomas
Wright N. N.
Worrell Alexander
Wilt A. M.
Yenter John M.
Kelly James
Knepp Jacob
Kerns James
Kurtz Josiah
Kemp Mary Miss 2
Kyler Thomas
Kunkle William L.
Keelan Edward
L Young Daniel
Lewis John 2 Young Lewis
Longenecker Jacob Yaw Elizabeth
Persons inquiring for letters on the above
List will please say they are advertised.
Mr' Two cents in addition to the regular pos
tage charged on advertised letters.
Huntingdon, March 31, '49.
M. & J. M. ROWE,
Broom and Wooden ware store,
No. 63 North Third Street, or.e door abort Arch,
East Side,
Manufacturers and Wholesale Dealers in all
kinds of Brooms, Brushes, Buckets, Cedar
Ware, Willow and French Baskets,
Shoe and Wall Brushes, Scrubs,
Dusters, Mats, Blacking,
Eastern•made N ooden Ware
of every de m iption, &c., at the low
eat market prices. Cash paid for Broom Corn.
March 20, 1849-3 m.
Wailers & Harvey,
[Late Flaclohurst & Harvey]
Produce and General Commiaeion Merchant:,
No.. 16 & 16 Spear's Wharf,
Liberal Cash advance. made on consignments
of ell kinds of Produce.
April 3,1849-3 m
Major David McMurtrie
MAKES great pleasure in announch g to the
I public that he has leased the basement
etory,of %RE'S ROW, where he has fitted
up in au ?erior style an
which has already become the luau; .
'mon a of all who love good Oysters, served up
in the inlit superior style—including the choi
cest kind of fixin'a.
The Major flatters himself that by unremit
ting attention to the wants of his customers
generally, he will receive a liberal share of pub
lic patronage.
A supply of Fruit, confectionartea, &c., &c.,
slway• on hand.
Huntingdon, March 27, 1849.
MAKES this method of informing her older*. t HI TERN,
),. homers and the public generally that the 1 FOR THE CURE OF
has Welted the large end commodious holm *" DYSPEPSIA, GENERAL DEBILITY,
Allegheny street, Huntingdon, Pa., known as
the n., &C•, &C.
•---- -- -
occupied for several years by Mrs. E. Clarke, Mr seas DIAN 11000 Tills if you have got
and lately by John Marks, as a public house.—' DI-sex:es. of Asia.'" or suffer from general de-
She will he found there on and after the Ist of briny, or any complaint resulting front derange-
April, 1849, prepared to accommodate all who ' ment of the stomach. You would give a good
may favor her with a call in a manner that can. I deal to get well, would'nt you 1 Then just give
not be surpassed by any other house In Hiea "Free., and try tireen'e Oxygenated Bitter..
county. lite justthe thing for you. The Doctor discover-
Ua qactACI.UU3 s , ed this medicine only after long and careful study
—to cure a friend too—not to make money out of
will always be furnished with the very best that .
t Look t the evidence of its efficacy and you business, aitheirold stand , ' troo; sssssss tb•
the market will afford. In short, nothing will ' ' !'
will be satiefied. dwelling horse of J. G. Miles, Esq.. and directly
be left undone that will in any way add to the
. i Hon. Mr noo Lawnexce cured of ASTIMA. opposite the Printing Office of the • • flunting.len
comfort of her customer., as she is determined
not to be beat. Bsecueturowie, March 16,1818. Journal," where they will be pleased to furnish
Da. Gie f e t rar e l— tre l ci t . ak o e r se e at p ed le i a ci s i u , :e c in all i e n d lo t r ) m , - i th ose who may favor them with their ellllll-111, le, it h
The location of the "Mansion House" is de. .
all articles in their line on the must rest, haler
v ul a g en y o o t u ed o Bitter. you had ' the kindness to send , terme . Having supplied themse see with a !my ,
culeilly the best in the borough; the rooms are ,
I Me. For some twenty years I had suffered se- large and superior ' eck of afvff, they have no
large, will be well furnished, and made comfort
able in every particular. vereiy from humored Asthma. I was compelled ' hesitation in assuring the Public that they rate
Regular boarders will be accommodated at
to sit up one third of the night, without going to ' furnish work, which, for cheapness, brolly and
moderate price.. , bed at all; and the rest of the ti m e my deep was durability ,cannot be purposed by any other shop
March 20,1849. , interrupted by violent fits of coughing and great' in the county.
11111.NWOOD ACADEIIArk difficulty of breathing. In all my attendance . They will keep constantly on hand• sad make
fTIHE subscribers, residents MPS hale'
t u o P o on in o t u w r e c n , t u y rt y : e l a ci n ev b F t iv w e i i ie ; : :;: in i e r d e d d t 4N , Z i t s h. c uii , - .. i to order,
Card Tables, Bedsteads, Centre Tables,
I Gap, Huntingdon county, Pa., beo•
,Cu boards, Stands, Dough Troughs,
= sleep „nf u
oundly I I took y ' o v ur i' me t il min
?Nash Stands, Wardrobes, Secretaries,
leave to inform their friends and the pub'.
lie generally, that they hove es tablished according to dir r ections.. The violent eymptom:
at the place above mentioned, a BOARD- immediately abated, and perseverance in the use ;
ING SCHOOL for the education of of the remedy has removed ell its troublesome I Breakfast Tables, Pedestals, Ste.
young men.consequences. The value of such a reined) , is I Old furniture repaired at the vary shortest ne-
The course of instruction comprises,
i inceleulable, andl hope its virtues may be wide, Lice. Cowers. rnude and funerals attended, either
'y diffused and its bentficent agency Oaten/11,1y in town or country, at the shortest notice. They
in addition to the usual branches of a .
re np. , oyed . krup a Hoarse for the accommodotion of their cup
common English education: Philosophy, Respectful' y yours. turners.
Mathematics, and the Latin and Greek .MY RON LAWRENCE. Gram of all kind. will be taken in exchange
languages. The location is distinguished for furniture and work.
for its healthfulness and the moral and ! DTSPE*I A CURED. Thank iulfor the very liberal patronage heretofore
reply to your note a . t „ the tinunnceand increase of public patronage.
( .. , , A...,., , ,, Pa. hue 1 , , 1 , 48. extended to them, they astute the public that no
religious character of the surrounding ; efforts will be spared 011 their part to deserve a con•
community Every attention will be Mess.. Collier & Bro.
paid to the health and morals of the Pu- effect of the Oxygenated Bitters in my c .iee 1 iii;ty 2, 184841.
pHs as well as to their mental training would say, that I have been afflicted with Dyspep- r
and advancement in scientific knowl- . ilia about. six years, and Ilene tried many known
edge, and every facility will be afforded remedies. but obtained no relief Ulllii a friend
for their personal comfort and conveni- recommended t i i: i e d, ° ‘, K .. ): l l:l i t i 7lert B r t' % ( ; '.. 0 .• L t . tlos
once. The year is divided into two ses- ' War "1”"
sold after the use . 7'he only knoWn Medicine that at the sat
you, and I Lel not taken procure
a bottle t before I : Vegeta ble Ills?
time purges r purifics and strengthens "
sions of five months each ; the winter felt
it. effects
upe „ . y 8 ,,,, e . ,
session commencing on the Ist of No-' of the second bottle, I found myseif in a ewe of,
vember, and the Summer session com• health as unexpected an it was gratifying. l'o, the system.
mencing on the 23rd of April. the iffilicted I have no hesitation in recommend- ' 1
pins... a
medicine which Lonnow,July 7,184 e.
in the Bitters , as superior to any medicine I 1 ..
of all others of the same clam These pill. are
Terms per Session :—For °allegro
ate ever heard of for the corset
phy, Reading and Writing, $5. Arith- has just appeared,and isfast taking the placer
Very Respectfully yours,
metic, Geography, Grammar, Philos°. MADSON M. LE V4'ISI. ,
play, History and composition, sB. _ composed of many ingredient., but the two prinei
lial ones are Sarsaparilla and Wild ('1 e • '
Mathematics, Greek and Latin ran- The following Certificates have re- , 1 "" in '
while the other is strengthening the eye
t that they act together; the one, through it
guages, $:2. Boarding, exclusive of 1 cently been received: , admixture with other substance., purifying end
Thus those pills are at the some time trmie
fuel and light, $1.25 per week. Instrue- I w•anisaTos, D. c., June in, 1( . 446.
~ purging,
e ared b Dr. Geo. B. Green, of Windsor, Vt e ' a g Ed opening ; a desideratum long and eegerly
Having made use of the “Oxygenated Balers tom.
lion given in French and German, at an I
•orered. 111 other words they do the work ale 0
additional charge. The subscribers, en- t P i r iSfrom knowledge obtained of their efficacy in
medicines. and do it much better than
, mght for by medical men, but never before dip
couraged by the liberal patronage which other cues, we cheerfully recommend them to the
know of; for they remove nothing from s t o hn usl' vi n t' s
they have already received, would re- public, believing that they will fully sustain the
but the impurities ;
hen s c o e t t h h a e t y w c h a i i l i t , ;:h n e o v d p e u ,i r i g P i Y i e:t:l: 4 7 , ,
peat, that they are determined to spare recommendation of the Proprietor. %Ye hope
able remedy may be so generally dif
no re.action. Dr. Le 110,'.
no effort in making the Institution one tli a I
e fu e s . e g d ilii t e hr w ou zi a i nu te t t a ti ffi e k e te o d untry that it may be ac-' , , o , ougiiinii;
that will commend itself to all parents
who desire to give their sons a thorough c
.O.AMUEL PHELPS, U. S. Senators front' sod a" follow, dby
pills have a wonderful ntl ueace on the blood .
; thi
preparatory education, without expo- . tAr TT
. M....,PHARI, Vermont, not only purify without weakening it • but tl •
sing them to the contaminating and lin- ' JAMES F. Sim moss, U. S. Senator from 'wor ea ll • • ' " a noxious particles from the clo le betoreit
,moral influences that exist in more pop-' Rhode Island. is converted into fluid, and thu• milk,' inii ore
ulous communities. For reference or J. 'l'. MOREHEAD, U. S. Senator and for- . blood an utter i rnpossibility. As there is no dibil.
further particulars address merly Governor of Kentucky. itation,so there is no natiere orsieknesi. ant ndil g
JAMES Y. McGINNES,the operations of this most excellent of medicines
L. H. ARNOLD, Member of Con an d gress . • . •
J. H. W. McGINNES. , winch no, cr strains . tortures the digest!, e funt -
n, March 13, 1819. formerly Governor of R. I. ' tione,hutcauses them to work in a per( c 13 rotor-
Wm. WOODBRIDGE, U. S. Senator and , fil enamor ; and hence persons taking the mdo nil t
Magnetic Telegraph Outdone!
formerly Governor of Michigan. I become pale and emaciated, but the cowl-airy ; Inc
Likenesses taken in a , f leetteless than no time." while
i.M L. MARTIN Delegate in C ong re s s f rom ' it is the property of the Sarsaparilla, united
9111 E undersigned begs leave most respectfully . . ,f , . as it is with other ingredients, to remove all that i•
Ito announce to the Ladies and Gentlemen of W i scons i n I err ttory. , _ foreign and impure, it is equally the property of
Huntingdon and vicinity, that he has procured From the Hon. Se:rumor( Fool., Member of Co n • `-' " . the Wild Cherry to retain all that is natured al el
an improved Daguerreotype Apparatus, which gress from Vermont.
' sound; in hence a robust state of I II '
tea t i ta the
he has located at the Court House in this place, G lona &1' 1,1..1,11, General Agents, No. 26,
' certain result of • '
their united operation,
where he can be found at all times prepared to South Philadelphia. j C•Price 25 Cep is per BOY'
wait upon any of his friends who may favor Sold wholesale .d retail by Telexes READ b e ,
1 AGENTS.—T. Rea ' *
Rend de Son, Sweeps & Al. him with a call. W. T. WILSON. Sox, Huntingdon, Pa. !rice, Huntingdon • W. W. Buchnn Mil' '
Jan. 9, 1819. Price—sl.oo per bottle : six bottles
,and Ke . sier,mii ,..6 reek ,
S. Hatfield t nl / 4 1 1,3 1 ' o „ I cl ' I T
Great Economy in Kindling Tires. for $5.00. 1 stn Iron Works ; Porter & Bucher, Moore . de .
mini attention of Country Merchants, Peti- August 16 1848. I Swoope, H. C. Walker, A luxundi ia; G. I 1 stainer.
1 lore, and Dealers generally, and families ate WASHINGTON HOUSE, Wnterstreet.
-- [Aug. 31,'47.
respectfully invited to a composition called TENNENT , S
an article much needed and in demand from all , THIS Popular House has recently undergone a Washington Gall e n' of Daguerrotyre#,
quarter.. FIFT7 CENTS will supply one &ace- I I thorough repair, and been furnished with No. 234 I\ - orth Second Street, N. W. earner If
Call. what Street ,
cry day for 6 months. It is neatly done up in entire new farniture,of the best quality. Mem- PIIII,,IDPLPIII4.
packages, each containing 24 cokes—car h cake bets of the Legislature and others, visiting the . ..,
Likenesses taken and beautifully soloed
10 inches equare,—one of which instantaneously Seat of Government, will find it a very desirable tu t . .
this well known establiblinient throw. not -
Lakin g fire from contact with a lighted match will stopping place. Las, are universally conceded to Inc e at• AL in ea
ignite Charcoal, Wood and Bitumincus Coal, I 0:2 - Charges moderate.
and with one-fourth the ordinary quantity of 1 WM. 'l'. SANDERS, Aghtt. ' cry respect to ANT ill the city. Picture, taken
equally well in cloudy and clear w rather. A
wood or charcoal will kindle the Anthracite. I 11Julyarriaburg, 14,1848-6 m.
For sale, Wholesale end Retail, at the KIND- 1 --. largo assortment of • •
NI slur. eloN s and Lot ass s
A PURELY VEGFTABLE ItIFDICINF. on hand, from S 2 to $5, including the picture.
LING DEPOT, No. 149 outli 2nd street, Phil. 1
.del hie. J. W. GRAY 1 WorstlelPs Vegetable Restorative Pills ; The subscribers
respectfully invite the citizens
Feb. 13, 1849-Im, I TT AVE been gradually but surely coming into of Huntingdon County, to call and examine et e
.la favor, among the families of this Country fur cimens of the latest improvements in the art of
some years past They have done this entirely Daguerreotyping, which will be exhibited cheer
' through their great worth ns a FAMILY MED-
fully and without che ge.
ICINE. Agencies have been appointed but no 'l'. &. J. C. TENNENT
pulling and humbug ench as is resorted to by
quacks to sell their medicine has been done.
The pills are offered for sale end have and will
continue to he sold by all the pi inciple store
keepers. The proprietors claim for their Medi
cine the following advantages over all others—
viz: They are PURELY V I...GETABLE.
They are CERTAIN To OPERATE. Their
operation is FREE from all PAIN. They can
be used with EQUAL BENEFIT by theyonng.
est INFAN I' and the S'TRONGES'T' MAN—
Their efficiency in Fever., Ague, Headaches,
Habitual Costiveness, Dyespepsia, Cholera Mor
bus, &c.. has been proven upon thousands.—
They area Certain Cure for Worms. The pro-
prietor. peerless a certificate from a gentleman in
St. Loute who was cured of a TAPE WORM by
the use of then'. 'Try them they will not fail.
'Travelling agent for the State of Penneylva
nia—I.IIAIILES P. AMET. For sale, price 25
cents a box containing FIFTY PILLS, with full
directions by the following agents in Huntingdon
Thomas Read & Son. Huntingdon.
Thomas E. Orbison, Orbisonia.
J. M. Lindsey, Hollidaysburg, Blair Co.
A. WEEKS & Co.
Proprietors, Laboratory No. 141 Chesnut street,
Januery 23, 1849—:y.
Shade Gal
P. M.
FELLOW Cm...Ns :—At the solicitatton o
many friends, I offer myself as candidate for
at the ensuing election. I respectfully solicit
your suffrages, and if elected, promise to
charge the duties of the office faithfully—and I
trust to the satisfaction of the Brigade.
Your Fellow Citizen, JAMES CLINGER.
Pine Grove Mills,
! Centre county, Jan. 0, 1819
Sheldrake's Allegheny House,
.NO. 280 .]Market Street, above Eighth,
(South side,)
THIS large and splendid Hotel has been fur
nished with entire new furniture. The bar
Room is the largest in Philadelphia. The Par-
tors and ;sitting-Rooms are entirely separated
from the noise and bustle, consequent to the ar
rival and departure of cars. The Portico ex
lending the whole front of the house, affords •
cool retreat in warm weather, and a splendid
view of the greatest thoroughfare in the City.
The Lodging Rooms are well furnished. The
Table as well provided for as at any other !fetal,
with every attention of the inanspers to make it
the beet Hotel for Merchants and Business Men
during their stay in the City. The terms will
be one dollar per day, On the arrival of the
Cars from the West, a Porter will he in attend.
once to convey baggage, &c. to the Hotel,which
is adjoining the depot.
Feb. 13, 1849-6
Constantly on hand
and for sale by
J. PALMER, & Co.
Market St. Wharf,
LARD & Cnzess,
Feb. V, 18411.-gm
Perfumes, pair Oils, Soaps, Shaving Cream, &e.
A very large lot of RousselPs unrivalled
Shaving Cream, &c., just opening at the
Huntingdon Jewelry Store. It is decidedly the
best assortment in town and will be sold very
Boots and Shoes.
MHE largest, finest and best assort
ment' of Boots and Shoes, evor
brought to town, for sale by
J. le W. MXTON.
" Encourage your Own"
Cabinet Hare Manntactor),
Main Street, Huntingdon, Pa
3. H. & D. WHI2TA UDR,
ULD avail themselves of this method of
\V Informing their friends and the public .4
large that they continue to carry on the
July 4; 1848
Nos. 32 and 33 Arcade, and 8} North Third St.,
COUNTRY Merchants can save from 10 to IS
per cent by purchasing at the above stores
By importing my own goods, paring but little
rent, and living economically, it is plain I can un
dersell those who purchase their goods here, pay
high rents, and livo like princes.
Constantly on hand, a large assortment of Pen
and Pocket Knives, Scissors end Rumors. Table
Knives and Forks, in Ivory, Stag, Duffslo, Bone
and Wood handles; Carvers and Forks, Steele,
&e. Butcher Knives, Dirks, Bowie Knives, Re
volving and Plain Pistols, &c. Just received, a
largo Mock of Rodgers' an.l Wostenholm's Sae
Pen and Congress Knives-
. ~-
Also, a large assortment of Accordeont., dce.,
dm Also, Fine English Twist and German
No. 11, Walnut Street, Philade lphiel
Wine, Liquor and General Comminien
ITINE'4, Brandies, Gin, andChampaivna of
different brands imported direct, and so'd on
accommodating terms to Country Dealers. Qual
ities and proof of Liquors wrrranted.
Philadelphia, June 20, 1845.
Look out for Bargains!
Afore Watches, Jewelry, Silver Spoons,
&c., 4-c.
ANOTHER superior lot of GOLD and SIL
VER WATCHES of various descriptions,
will be received and opened this evening at the
" Huntingdon Jewelry Store." Also—Gold'
Finger Rings, Gold Pens, Steel Beads, Pistols,.
&c., &e. J. T. 61110TT.
Pluntingdon, ?eh. 1, 1 E; O.