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    The Slanderer.
, Tie wondrous strange, and yet 'tie true,
That some folks take delight,
The deeds of other men to view,
As if their own were right.
And If a piece of news comes out,
They'll eagerly pursue it
Then hand the charming dish about,
Aud add a little to it.
Mach faullthey'd try to magnify,
Yet seeming to bemoan
The mote within a brother's eye,
Are blinded to their own.
And if a brother chance to stray
Or fortune on him frown;
Tho' humbled in the dust he lay,
The text is, 4 . keep him down."
They'll preach up penance, with • sigh,
To cure, or nothing can—
Iluiterings are good, I'll not deny,
But not when sent by man.
Bach worthy deed is now forgot,
As if not worth retaining;
But 01 let failings fill the pot,
And slander sucks the draining.
Vnto the dregs she draws it out,
Delighted with her labors,
Then bears the charming swill about,
To treat her thirsty neighbors.
'Neath friendship's mask she often lurks,
And smiling fawns around you ;
Concealed, she more securely works,
And kisses, but to wound you.
Dotested pest of social joy,
Thou spoiler of life's pleasures;
Like Sampson's foxes would destroy
What's more than all our treasures.
• story of Down east.
• few months ago there arrived in
the quiet city of Portland, a home ape
omen of the genius homo, in a packet,
all the way from Passamaquoddy. Upon
ping ashore, he enquired the way to
lb, nearest public house, and was in
formed that it stood directly at the head
of the pier where he landed.
Opposite the head of the wharf stands
tho "Eagle Coffee House." At the cor
ner is located the Custom House. the
front of which is surmounted by a large
gilt spread eagle. Into the latter our
traveller walked, carpet-bag in hand,
and, having found his way into the near
sot room—which chanced to be in the
the surveyor's department—he threw
his luggage against the corner, seized
an arm chair, and drew himsel f up to
thafire. Bracing his feet against the
grate, he pulled forth a huge pipe, and
having very leisurely crowded it with pig
tail, he cocked his hat over his shoulder,
and commenced to puff away in right
good earnest.
The surveyor gazed at the queer bi
ped a moment, but concluded to wait for
tb• finale of this scene, without intru
ding unprofitable questions. Having
finished his pipe, lazily, the traveller
lump(' about to the official with—
" Cold day, nabur."
"Very sir."
" How long to dinner."
"To what, sir 1"
" We dins at two," continsd the slur
voysr, discovering the stranger's error,
sod disposed for ones is humor it."
" hitr'a the *ld man 1" (meaning
the landlord.)
"The collector is in the next room,
sir," said the agreeable surveyor ; and
our down easter immediately moved
himself into the collector's department,
teeing his baggage along as he went.
Having laid down his traps he stepped
op to the counter, where stood a pitcher
and a tumbler for the use of the room.
The cashier looked at him an instant,
when the stranger broke silence:
"Brandy and water."
" What girl" said the astonished ac
"A little brandy and water, 'fu
Leaving the bar-keeper (as he suppo
sed him) to fix his toddy, he moved for.
ward, and suddenly discovered the col
lector of the port sound asleep in his
easy chair. Stepping up to him, he
gave him a most unceremonious blow
upon the back, and shouted at the! top
of his voice:
" Hello! old feller—how are y• I I
say ole hose—how d'e deu 1"
" Sir !" exclaimed the collector.
"Glad to see yer. Two toddies, bar-
keeper ! Brandy and water for me--
what der yer drink 'squire 1"
" Sir l" continued the collector again
imagining himself the victim of some
horrid dream.
"Come, come, old feller! wake up,"
added his tormentor, bringing down his
huge maulers again between the collec
tor s shoulders, and well nigh knocking
the breath entirely Irom his body.
"There's some mistake here, sir,"
said the collector. springing back.
" Not a bit tit , it, old rusty ; 1 know
you jest like an inkstan."
"I don't remember--really."
"Yis you deu, sart'n. But never
mind—what yer goin' to takel"
"Do you know where you are sir 1"
inquired the collector, supposing the
man to be a lunatic, whom he had better
got rid of as easily as possible.
"Mel Sartin. I'm in Portlan'—
Eagle Coffee House. You're old Brass,
th. lan'lord ; I know yo G'git aout!
We're bound to have a drink ;" and he
drove his thumb and fore finger in the
Collector's ribs with so much good earn
est, that ha nearly "finished his busi
ness" for him.
"Excuse me, air, but—"
"No air-es. No backin' aout, old
rgoibtry seen you go it afore, yer
know. Come, bar-keeper, tote aout the
ticker. All mumshum, yer know.
un'stan--agin the law t. sell brandy in
Portlan'—but we know; pass it up.'
"You have mistaken your quarters,
4. Eh 1"
"This is the Custom House."
"The wot 1"
'! Custom House."
" Cus—eh !" continued the discomfit
ed traveller, endeavoring to get the
thing thro' his head—" not the coffee
house 1"
" No, sir."
" Why, I seen the eagle over the top
—they told me head of :he wharf—tav
•rn—an' you say it aint a public house."
"Ns, sir."
" Wal-1 never !" said the chop-fallen
traveller, gathering up his duds. Look
ing about him to be satisfied of his error,
he concluded by enquiring what was
the expense. He was informed that
there was nothing to pay.
" Wal, eld feller, a mistake isn't a
hay-stack 1"
"Ne—fortunately," said the collector.
" Wal, I would'nt ha' b'lieved I could
ha' made sich a blunder"—and then in
sisting that the " haul craowd should
g'out and take a gin'ral drink," which
wa■ declined, he secured his luggage
and hastily vamosed, to the no small
gratification of the government officials,
who hag been so queerly started from
their customary propriety.
Don't Sit up to Her.
A Green Mountain boyboy fell in love
with a very pretty girl and determined
"to court her." To that end he dress
ed himself in his "Sunday go to meet•
ings ;" went to her father's house, and
found her alone.
" How d'ye du I" said Jonathan
"I'm nicely," said the girl.
Jonathan took a seat and seated him
self in the farthest corner of the room,
as though the beauty was a thing to be
feared rather than loved.
~ Aint you cold—hnd'nt you better
sit up to the firel" says Sally, suppo
sing he would, of course, if he was go
ing to make love at all, do it in a proper
No I thankee; I reckon I'm com
fortable," returns Jonathan.
"How is your marm 1" said Sally.
Well, she's complainin' a little,"
said Jonathan. Here a pause of ten
minutes ensued, during which time he
amused himself whittling a stick.
"There's nothin' new up your way,
is there 1" said Sally, which Jonathan
might understand as applying to his
present situation, or his father's domi
"Here! oh—yes. you meant hum;
well, no; that is, yes; our spotted cow's
got a calf!" said he.
Sally would undoubtedly have laugh
ed at this queer piece of information,
only she was ton much vexed at the
speaker. At length after much protrac
ted silence, Sall• got up a very small
edition of a scream, and in aloud voice
exclaimed, " let me alone."
" Why," says Jonathan, dropping his
knife and stick in astonishment, "why,
I ain't a tonchin' on ye."
" Well," says Sally, in a voice which
might be indicative of fear, but sound
ed very much like a request.
" Well ain't you going to l"
Jonathan thought a moment on this
equivocal reply, and then placing his
'knife in his pocket, he drew his chair
by the side of pretty Sally, gently en
circled her waist, and—the next week
they were married.—St. Louis Reveille.
Ttts Ladies of Columbia, Pa., must
be modest. A valentine has been lying
in the Post office of that interesting
village, since the 14th ult., addressed to
the" handsomest lady in Columbia," and
is still uncalled for.
Pennsylvania Railroad Company.
Notice is hereby given that the SEV
CAMS per share on the Capital stock of
this company is required to be paid on
or before the Ist day of January next ;
The eighth instalment of five dollars per
share on or before the 2d day of March
—The ninth instalment of five dollars
per share on or before the Ist day of
May, and the tenth instalment of five
dollars per share on or before the Ist day
of July next, at the office of Miles &
Payments will be received of one or
more instalments, or the Stock may be
paid in full, at the option of the Stock
holders, and interest will b• allowed
from date of payment.
Instalments not paid punctually will
be subject to the penalty of ene per
cent per month, as required by law.
Dec. 12, 1848.
Administrators' Notice.
NOTICE is hereby given that letters of admin.
ietration have been granted to the undersign
ed on the estate of JAMES DAVIS, late of
West township, Huntingdon county. All per.
sons indebted to said estate are requested to make
immediate payment, end those having eleirns or
demands against the same to present them duly
authenticated for settlement.
March 13, 1849-pd.
ASPLENDID assortment of Ameri
can Cottage, Cast Iron, Air Tight,
Parlor, Coal and wood Stoves, Russia
Iron Stoves, Fancy 6 Plate, Parlor Radi
ators, kc., &c., far sale by
J. & W. lAXTON.
Retailers of Merchandizi,
Classification of Retailers of Merchandise in
Huntingdon county, by the 6 , Appraiser of Mer
cantile Taxes" fur the year commencing Ist
May, 1849, viz:
Clays. of License.
A lexand ria borough
Bucher & Porter,
Charles Porter,
John N. Sw•oope,
Dorris & Walker,
Michael Sissler,
12 $l2 50
1$ 12 50
12 12 50
13 10 00
14 7 00
Birmingham borough
James Clarke,
James Bell,
John Gaynor & co.,*
Petersburger & Ettinger,
Barree township:
A. W. Graff & c 0.,•
John Cresswell & co.,
James Gillam,
James Irvine,
J. A. Jennings,
Brady township :
Ressler & Brother,
J. & W. Saxton,
Irvin, Green & co.,
Washington Buchanan,
Cass township:
James Henderson,
Clay township
E. B. Orbiaon & co.,
Cromwell township
Thos. E. Orbison cl f co.,
Isett & Wigton,
George Sipes,•
David Etnire,
Dublin township:
Brice X. Blair C co.,
Franklin township ;
G. & J. H. Shoenberger,
Shorb, Stewart & do.,
John S. Isett,
Ingram & co.,
Isett & flarnish.
Huntingdon borough
Fisher, McMurtrie & co.,
J. & W. Saxton,
A. P. Wilson,
Thomas Read & Son,
William Dorris,
Mopes Strouse,
Dorsey & Maguire,
George Gwiri,
A. Willoughby,
Swoops & Africa,
Dr. William Swoops,
William Stewart,*
T. K. Simonton,
George A. Steel,
Mayer Lisberger,
Benjamin Snare,
H. K. Neff & Bro.,
James T. Scott,
Louis Schneider,
Levi Westbrook,
W. E. McMurtrie,
Jackson township
E. & A. Stewart,
Couch & Cummins,
Robert Mcßurney,
Hopewell township
James Entriken,
12 12 50
12 12 50
12 12 50
12 12 50
13 10 00
12 10 00
13 10 00
13 10 00
14 7 00
14 7 00
14 • 7 00
14 10 50
14 7 00
14 7 00
14 7 00
14 7 00
14 7 00
14 7 00
14 7 00
14 3 50
14 7 00
14 7 00
14 7 00
14 7 00
13 10 00
Morris township
12 12 50
IS 10 00
It 7 00
14 7 00
George H. Steiner,
George W. Patton & co.,
Irvine, Kessler & co.,
Joseph Law,
Porter township :
S. Hatfield & co.,
Jos. Green & co.,
IS 10 00
10 12 50
Petersburg borough :
Abraham Cresswell.
John R. Hunter,
Larimer & Beatty,
Irvine & Marks,
Shirleysburg borough
John Long & co.,
Henry Brewster,
John Lutz,•
David Fraker,
Williom Johnston,
Shirley township :
Samuel H. Bell,
Penn township :
A. & E. Plummer,
Prank & Neff,•
Tell township :
A. C. Blair & co.,
Jacob Filmalee,
Springfield township :
Madden & Gorsuch,
Tod township :
Horatio Trexler dr co.,
Mordecai Chilcote,
Union township:
Glasgow & Brother,
Walker township:
James Campbell,'
Given & Orlady,
West township :
Edwin P. Shoenberger,
Cunningham & M)ton,
Warriorsmark township
Benjamin F. Patton, 13
Abednego Stevens, 13
Joseph B. Shugarts, 14
.1 Those marked thus (•) sell liquor
12 12 50
12 12 50
11 7 00
14 7 00
IS 10 00
19 10 00
14 10 50
14 7 00
14 7 00
LETTERS testamentary having been
granted to the undersigned on the estate
of Matthew Garner, late of Penn town
ship, in the county of Huntingdon, de
ceased, all persons indebted to said es
tate are hereby notified to call and make
payment, and all persons having claims
against the same are requested to pre
sent them duly authenticated for settle
ment to the subscribers.
14 7 I " Penn twp.,feb27-pd.
14 7 00
li 10 00
li 10 00
111 13 00
14 7 00
14 7'oo
14 7 00
14 7 00
is 15 00
1$ 10 00
1$ 10 00
13 10 00
Notice is hereby given to the above named
Dealers in Merchandise, that I will attend at
the Commissioners' Office in Huntingdon, on
Thursday the 12th day of April next, for the
purpose of hearing persons who may desire to
appeal from the above classification.
Appraiser of Mercantile Taxes.
Marsh 20, 1819.
Broom and Wooden ware Sto;e,
No. 63 North Third Street, ore door above Arch,
East Side,
Manufacturara and Wholeeale Dealers in all
kind. of Brooms, Brushes, Buckets, Cedar
Ware, Willow and French Baskets,
Shoe and Wall Brushes, Scrubs,
Dusters, Mats, Blacking,
Eastern-made Wooden Ware
of every de ci iption, ar.c., at the low-
. .
Cash paid for Broom Corn,
eat market prices ,
March 20, 1849-3 m
Administrator's Notice.
Estate of J./INE 8.411 R, late of Jack.
sou township, dec'd.
NOTICE is hereby given that Letters of Ad
milustration have been granted to theuhder
signed on said estate. Persona indebted to said
estate are requested to make immediate payment.
and those having claim. or demands against the
same to present them duly authenticated for set
tlement to JOHN BARR.
Feb. 13.1A10 —pd. A dmixiYfrater
J. S: . W. SAXTON,.
inform the puldie. that they have received
splendid and extensive assurtnieni of
all kinds of
which they ale determined io Fell et price. to
suit ♦LL. They invite the public to cell and ex
amine their GllOllB.
Huntingdon, Nov. 21, 1848.
10 00
7 00
10 50
7 00
To Catharine McGrath, Margery McGrath,l
Bernard A. McGrath, and Hugh McGrath, grand
children and heirs of Bernard O'Friel, dec'd.,
and to Francis McGrath, (who was appointed by
the Court of Common Pleas of Hung gdon
county, to receive notice for said grand children
and heirs.)
Waereas, J oho Dougherty, John Bennet, 'Ed-
win F. :-.linenberger, John H. Shoenberger, Geo.
K. Shoenberger, Peter Shoenberger, John M.
Davis, James M. Davis and John McFaderi, now
or lively acting or trading tinder the firm of the
Reliance Transportation t ompany, heretofore, in
the Court of Common Pleas of Huntingdon
county, to wit, in the term of April 1842, recor
ded against Dr. CharlesO'Friel and John Dough
erty, Executors of Bernard O'Friel, dec'd., a
certain debt of three thousand. eight hundred and
eighty eight dollars and thirty two cents, lawful
money of Pennsylvania,ns also fifty dollars and
sixty four cents, like money, which to the said
plaintiffs were adjudged for their damages which
they sustained by occasion or the detention of
that debt. whereof the said John Dougherty and
Dr. Charles O'Friel. Executors of said deceased,
de convict. And Where., Margery O'Friel is
' now administratrix, de honis non, with the will
annexed of said Bernard t) Friel, deed.; and
whereas, Execution of the debt and damages as
aforesaid as yet remains to be done,
You. and each of you, are hereby notified and ,
requited to appear before, the judges of the Court
of Common r le. of Huntingdon county. at a
Court to be held in Huntingdon on the second
Monday in April next, to chew if anything for
yourselves you know, or have to say, why Ex
ecution about,' not be had against you for the
debt ant! damages aforesaid, and why the came
should not continue a lien against the real estate
of said deceased, according to the form and effect
of said recovery.
Witness the Honorable .S. Wilson, Presi
dent of the said Court, at Huntingdon, the 25th
day of January, A. D. 1' 49.
10 50
7 00
7 00
10 00
7 00
12 50
10 00
10 00
7 00
10 00
10 00
10 00
10 50
7 00
10 00
20 00
20 00
10 00
7 00
7 00
March 6,1849-4 t
Magnetic Telegraph Outdone!
Likenesses taken in a ,r leetleless than no time."
THE 'undersigned begs leave most respectfully The following Certificates have re
to announce to the Ladies and Gentlemen of Gently been received :
Huntingdon and vicinity, that he has procnredW.l. yorox, D. C., June ;0.1846.
an improved Daguerreotype Apparatus, which Ha' ing in". use of the *Oxygenated Bitters"
he has located at the Court House in this place,, prepared by Dr. Geo. 13. Green, of 1A indoor, Vt ,
where he can be found at all times prepared to , tml from knowledge obtained of their efficacy in
wait upon any of his friends who may favor ; other more, we cheerfully recommend them to the
him with a call. W. T. WILSON. ' public. believing thst they will fully sustain the
Jan. 9,1819. I recommendation of the Proprietor. lA to hope
i t u li . a c t ii this tt,
r v o a u l , u l a w b i l i e t remedy e ‘ dy m i e r y be so
d if.
Great Zlconomy In Xindling rires. y be tic.
riliE attention of t ountry Merchants. Ped. ; eesaible to all the Milicte ° ,l l . l Y
I lars, and Dealers generally. ono Winne. me ! .
, SAMUEL PHELPS, ? U. S. Senators from
respectfully invited to a compoeition called ~ . TT
an article smelt needed and in demand from all 1 JAISIES F. SimmoNs, U. S. Senator from
quarters. Firm CENTS wil eupply true fire en- Rhode Island.
ery day for 6 months. It is neatly done up in J. 'l'. ;MOREHEAD, U. S. Senator and for.
packages, each containing 24 raker—each cake merly Governor of Kentucky.
to inches square,—one of which instantaneously L. H. AaxoLo, ./Ilember of Congress and
letting fire from contact with a lighted match will
ignite Chnrcoal. Mod and Bituminous Cool, I formerly Governor of R. I.
and with one-fourth the ordinary quantity oil \t AI. WOODBRIDGE, U. S. Sehator and
wood or charcoal will kindle the Anfbruciie. I formerly Governor of Michigan.
For sale. Wholesale end Retail, at the KIND.; M. L. MARTIN, Delegate in Congress from
LING DEPOT, No. 149 bomb 2mlatrect, Phil- Wisconsin Territory.
adelphia. J. W. °RAI% From the Hon. Sotomog FOOT, Member of Co/1-
Feb. 13, Me— km geese from Vermont.
G.EN & Ft.rectiee. General Agent.. No. 86,
South - josh St, Philadelphia.
Sold wholesale and retail by THOMAS RRAn 15c
S .N, Huntingdon, Pa.
Price—sl.oo per bottla : six bottles
for $5.00.
August 15 1848.
Executors , Notice.
Executors' Notice.
Estate of JOHN AIcC.IRTNEY, late
of Henderson township, dec'd.
NOTICE is hereby given thatlCtterstestamem
tary have been granted to the and( reigned °ti the
estate of John Ivle,'artney, late of Henderson
township, deceased. Persona knowing themselves
indebted willcome forwardsnd make paymeni;and
all those having claims will present them duly au
thenticated formettlement.
10 00
10 00
7 00
P. M.
FELLOW CITIZENS :—At the solicitation of
many friends, I offer myself as candidate for
at the ensuing election. I respectfully solicit
your suffrages, and if elected, promise to dis
charge the duties of the office faithfully—and I
trust to the satisfaction of the Brigade.
Your Fellow Citizen, JAMES CLINGER.
Pine Grove Mills, t
Centre county, Jan. 9, 1849
Sheldrake's Allegheny House,
J'fo. 280 Market Street, above Eighth,
(South side,)
THIS large and splendid Hotel has been fur
nished with entire new furniture. The bar
Room is the largest i/1 Philadelphia. The Par
tore and ,itting-Rooms are entirely separated
from the noise and bustle, coneequent to the ar
rival and departure of ears. 'fire Portico en
lending the whole front of the houre, affords a
cool retreat in warm weather, and a splendid
view of the greatest thoroughfare in the City.
The Lodging Roma me well furnished. The
Table as well provided for as at any other Held,
with every attention of the mantic eis to make!'
the beat Hotel for Merchants and Bueinees Men
during their stay in the City. The terms will
lie one dollar per day. On the arrival of the
Cars front the West, a Porter will be in attend
ance to convey baggage, &c. to the Hotel,which
ie adjoining the depot.
Feb. 13. 1819-6 m.
Gi E EX , 8
r.rre ERA.
&c., &c., Sze
Mr MAN READ xmis if you have got
Drse ',PSI or Aterusix or suffer from general
htlity,or any complaint resuliing from derange
ment of the stomach. You would give a good
deal to get well, would'ut you Then just give
a LITTLE, and try Green's Oxygenated Bitters.
Its justthe thing for you. The Doctor discover
ed this medicine only after long and careful study
—to curd a friend too—not to make money out of
it. Look at tho evidonce of its ellicacy and you
will be satisfied.
BNLCIINNTOWN, March 16,1,848.
Dn. Gostisrs-1 take great pleasure in inform
ing you of the effects of the medicine called Ox
ygenated Bitters you had the kindness to send
me. For route twenty yenta I hail suffered se
verely from humored Authors. I was compelled
to sit up one third of the night, without going to
bed at all ; and the rest of the time my sleep was
interrupted by violent fits of coughing and great
difficulty of breathing. In all my attendance
upon our courts I never went to bed in Northamp
ton in twenty yearn but twice, and then was com
pelled to get up. Now I lie in bed without diffi
culty, and sleep roundly. I took your medicine
according to direction.. The violent symptoms
immediately abated. and perseverance in the use
of the remedy tins removed all its troublesome
consequences. The value of such a remedy is
incolc•ulable. and I hope its virtues may be wide•
iy diffused and its lienificent agency extensively
Respectfully yours.
CARLISLIS, Pa..lutie 10, 1848
Mews. Collier & Bro
Gentleman—ln reply to your note no to the
effect of the Oxygenated Bitter* in my rase. I
would say, that I have been afflicted with Dyspep
sia about six years, and !lava tried many known
remedies, but obtained no relief until a friend
recommended the Oxygenated Bitters. • • • •
I was Gnelly induced to procure two bottler of
you, and I had riot taken half n bottle before I
felt its effects tipon my system , and after the use
of the second bottle, I found inyae:f in a state of
health as unexpected as it was gratifying. To
the afflicted I have no hesitation in recommend
ing the Bitters, es superior to any medicine I
have ever heard of for the cure of Dyspepsia.
Very Respectfully yours,
rin IS Popular Howse hes recently undergone a
thorough repair, and been furnished with
enti re n e w fier o it ure, of the best quality. Mem
bers of ilio Legislature and other., visiting the
Seat of Government, will find it a very desirable
stopping place.
115 1 " - Charges moderate.
\V M. 'l'. SANDERS, Agent.
1 - IJulyarrieburg, 14, 1848-6 m.
Worstlell's Vegetable Restorative Pills
1i AVE been gradually but sorely coming into
1 favor, among the families of this Country fur
some yearn past They have done this entirely
through their great worth as a FAMILY MID-,
BANE. Agencies have been appointed but no
pulling and humbug sock as is resorted to by
quacas to Nell their medicine has been done.
The pills are offered lot sale nod have and will
continue to he sold by all the p. inciple store
keepers. The proprietors claim for their Medi
cine the following advantages over all others—
' viz: They aro PURELY V EGETA BLE.—
i They are CERTAIN To OPERATE:. Their
operation is FREE from all PAW. They can
be used with EQUAL. BENEFIT by theyoung.
, Their efficiency in Fevers, Ague, Ileadaches,
Habitual Costivenees. Dyspepsia, Cholera Mar
bus. &c.. has been proven upon thousands.—
They area Cm tsin Cure for Worms. The pro
prietors possess R certificate front a gentleman in
St. Louts who was cured of a TAPE WORM by
the uve of then,. Try them they will not fail.
Travelling agent for the Stare of Poinsylva
nlB—l HAI,. P. AMET. For sale, price 21i
cents a box containing FIFTY PILLS, withfull
directions by the following agents in Huntingdon
Thomas Read & Son. Huntingdon.
Thomas E. Orhison, Orbisonia.
J. M. Lindeey, Hollidaysburg. Blair Co.
A. WEEKS & Co.
Proprietor., Laboratory No. 141. Chesnut street,
January 23. I 849—: y
Perfumes, Hair Oils, Soaps, Shaving Cream, &e.
A very large lot of Roussell's unrivalled
Shaving Cream, &c., &c., just opening at the
Huntingdon Jewelry Store. It is decidedly the
best assortment in town and will he geld very
eeHmEl .tt
n a e n s d t
, t
ql7 t alßg o e f 7t ßoots and Shoes, ever
I brought to town, for sale by
J, la W.:K.AITON.
" Encourage your Own"
Cabinet Ware ittanntactery,
Main Sireet,lluntingdon, Pa
Z. 11. & D. WILITTI.
WOULD avail themeelvcs of thin method of
Vi informing their friends and the public or
largo that they continue to carry on the
busin79‘7, et their old rasa, one door east of the
dwelling house of J. G. Niles, Esq.. and directly
opposite the Printing Office of the '"Hunting.lo■
Journal," where they will be pleased to tarnish
those who may favor them with their custom, with
all articles in their line on the moat ressonsilo
terms. Having supplied themee sew with a very*
large and superior stock of a/v.r, they have Ire
hesitation in assuring the Public that they east
furnish work, which, for cheapness, beat ty and
durability ,cannot be surpassed by any other shop
in the county.
They will keep constantly on hand, cod make
to order,
Card Tables, Bedsteads, Centre Tables,
Cupboards, Stands, Dough Troughs,
Wash Stands, Wardrobes, Secretaries,
Breakfast Tables, Pedestals, &c.
Old furniture repaired at the eery ehorteet nay
tire. Comas mode and funerals attended, either
in town or country, at the shortest notice. Titcy
keep a Hoarse for the accommodation of their coo.
Grain of all kind. will b• taken in •sebaoge
for furniture and work.
Thankfulfor the very ltberalpatronage heretofore
extended to them, they nature the public that no
efforts will be spored on their part to deter,. a con•
tinuanceand increase of public patronage.
mey 2, 1848-tf.
, V4 -, e+ailll4. 1 11 , 11111.1111 I Fib.
The only known Medicine that at the tams
time purges, purifies and strengthens
the system.
Loaeor,July 7, 1846.
Jilt. LE ROY'S Pillsere a new medicine which
has just appeared,end Watt taking the placed
of all others of the 118(113 class. Therie pills are
coinpoeed of many ingredients. but the two
print i
pal once ere Saresperilla and Wild t berry. .eo
ted that they act together; the one, through it
adinixrure with other eubstancee. purify ibg Idi
purging, while the other is atrengthebir lit,
tent. Thus those pills ore at the same tiros It ni
end opening; a desideratum long and eag.t y
sought for by medical men, but never before dlt
corered. In other words they do the work el tat
medicines, and do it much better than any two syr.
know of; for they remove nothing from the sy +let,
hut the impuritiee; no that while they purge they
strengthen; and hence they cause no debiliirtit u.
and arc followed by no re-action. Dr. Le Roy's
pills have a wonderfulinfluenee on the blood ; they
not only purify without weakening it but they re
move all noxious particles from the chyle beforeit
is converted into fluid, and thud make iin; tire
blood an utter impoexibility. Anther, is no debit.
itation,so there is no neueea or airline. , attendir c;
the operations of this most excellent of ut. akin,
which never etraine or tortures the digestri efun, .
tione,buteauses them to work in a perfectly wow.
al manner; and hence persone taking the m do tri t
become pale and emaciated. but the contr.') ; ler
while it is Ike property of theareeparille, nniird
en it ie with other ingredients, to remove al thsi is
foreign and impure, it is equally the property of
the Wild Cherry to retain all that is natural ai.d
sound; and hence a robust state of health is tLe
certain result of their united operetionr.
(Price 26 Cep It pc, BOX.
AGENTS.—T. Read & Son, Swoops & Al.
rica, ontingdon; 11'. W. Buchanan. Milliki
; and Kessler.M reek ;B. H etfield & tton,Jl/11 , •
I ate Iron Works; Porter & Bucher, Moore &
t Bwoope,li.C. Walker, Ales endrie; G. I I .Btekt r
Wlterstreet. [Aug. 2! , '47.
Washington Gallery of Daguerrotypes,
No. 234 North Second Street, N. W. corset. ssf
Callowhill Street,
rplIE Likenesses taken and beautifully coleus!
jai thie well known establishment for oils rot.
LAR, aro univernally conceded to be TOSAL in ev
ery respect to ANT in the city. Picturee taken
equally well in cloudy and deer weather. A
large trneortment of end L0C1...
Oh hand, from $2 to $5, including the picture.
The subscribers respectfully invitt the citizens
of Huntingdon County, to call and examine age.
cimene of the latest improvements in the art of
Daguerreotyping, which will be exhibited cheer.
fully and without chei ge.
'l'. tk. J. C. TENNENTi.
Jo!, 4; 1848.
Nos. 32 and 33 Arcade. and 83 North Third st.,
COUNTRY , Merchants can save from 10 to 16
per cent by purchasing at the above stores. , —
By importing my own gm's, paying but little
rent, and living economically, it is plain I can un
dersell those who purchase their goods hire, pay
high rents, .d live like princes.
Constantly on hand, a large assortment of lea
and Pocket Knives, Scissors and Razors. Tale
Knives and Forks, in Ivory, Stag, Buffalo, Bone
and Wood handles; Carvers and Forks, Steels,
&e. Butcher Knives, Dirks, Bowie Knives. Re:
volving and Plain Pistols, &c. Just received, a
lingo stock of Rodgers' and Wostenholin's In,.
Pen and Congress Knives.
Also, a large assortment of Acroldrons,
&c. Also, Pine English Twist and German
C 'el"
-romelian it Brother,
No. 11, Walnut Street, Philo&!phis,
Wine, Liquor and General Commissiofe
Prandlea7;in7andChampairn e of
different brandsinsported direct, and no d on
accommodating term. to Country Dealer..
Weil and proof of Liquors wrrranted.
Philadelphia, June 20, T 849.
The subscriber is forced once more to eal
upon his friends and patrons and ask them to
come and pay off their accounts• Necessity
alone induces him to call upon them again at
present, and necessity alone does dictate him to
hard over to the proper officer all accounts, that
may remain unpaid or unsettled by the lat day
of February 1849 for eelleetiea.
Aet. 14Wit Mitt I Limon*