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    Men and Things at Washington.
PARSON BROWNLOW, of the Jonesborough,
iTenn.) Whig, could not resist the temptation
of being in Washington to witness the Inaugu
ration of Gen. TAYLOR, and while there he bu
sied himself in seeing sights which he commu
nicated by letter to the readers of his spicy
Journal. His impressions of men and manners I
are decidedly original, and his descriptions are 1
rich in the extreme. A letter from him under
date of March 2d, is so unique and like himself
that we copy the following extracts from it:
I have been present during • the dis- I
cussian of the Territorial question, or
the proposition to admit Californiti, and
New Mexico into the Union, as a State,
er as States, in both the House and - the
Senate. I witnessed discussions i n I
1832, and again in 1844, and I sin sor
ry to say that the tendency of men andl
manners, is downward. Especially is
` 4l this the case in the Senate, more so in
the Senate than in the House. Great
confusion prevails in both, while that
order and dignified deportment which
characterized these bodies in the better
days of the Republic, are numbered
with the years beyond the flood. The
Senate is the mast contemptible body
6f the two. There are but few fine and
imposing looking men in the Senate.
Benton, Badger, Bell, Mangum, Under
wood, Webster, Calhoun, Upham, Phelps
Metcalf, Johnson, and a few others, look
like Senators aria will command respect.
Most of the remaining Senators are
young looking men, in a great degree
inexperienced, and of disgusting mein
and little carriage. Many of them are
under size, and in their manners fool
ish. Douglass, of Illinois, weighs 100
pounds, and wears dirty clothes.
• a a « a a a
The moat remarkable man in the I
House, is Horace Greely, a New York
editor. He speaks fluently, but with-,
out the manners and•gesticulations coin
mon to public speakers. He is an odd
looking specimen of mortality. As he
walks from you, you are struck with his
stooping shoulders—his bald pate—his
sandy whiskers—his hopping gated—he
looks to be seventy
_years of age, while
he is really a young man. He. has a
deep set, but benevolent eye—a eon
. stela but simple smile plays upon his
• • • • • •
" President Polk is 20 years older in
appearance than when he canvassed for
the .office of Governor in Tennessee."
" Cave Johnston looks grey, old, dry
and feeble, and a stranger would sup
pose he ad seen better days. Amos
Kenchtli looks lean and lank, stooped
shouldered and like the latter end of an
ill spent life. Old Marcy looms up as
usual, and whether drunk or sober, may
fitly be denominated the upper crust of
all political nastiness. George M. Dal
las is the finest looking man in the loco
foci) ranks, and is the best specimen of
an English nobleman to be seen in
Washington. Millard Fillmnre, is the
is the finest looking man in the Whig
ranks, and Speaker Winthrop is the
next best in appearance. Mr. Calhoun
is sinking fast, tinder the weight of
years and of mental labor."
• * • • • •
A very large party of gentlemen
and lathes dined with Mr. Polk yester
day, upon a Special invitation, among
whom were Old Zack, Gen. Cass, Col.
Hell and Marcy, Filltriere and others.
Gen. Taylor was as familiar and play
ful with Marcy, us if he had never giv
en him jesse in the Gaines letter,.and as
polite to Cuss, as if neither of.. them had
aver created any " noise and confusion"
in the country."
" I was not present, my name having
been overlook (no doubt unintentional
ly) in the hurry of issuing the tickets
of invitation. Having eulogized the
President's Grandfather, "Old Zeke,"
in former days, it is certain that he In
tended me to be present."
In a subsequent letter he thus de
scribes the rows which oceurredin the
souse just Arevious to adjournment:
"After a majority of , the House be
intoxicated, and many
,of them
even beittly drunk, Mr. Meade of Vir
;ginia, loco, advanced upon old Giddings
.ot Ohio—took him . by the throat, and
ilbl;ed his fist under his nose , denoun
cing with nittlies and bitterness : suited to
' the eccasion„ . c nosing gicat. excitement,
. a roiv g e nerally on that side
Housd! Mr. Clarke, of Kentuck y, a to-'
co, advanced upon Wentworth, and cur
sed thin for a d-----d thief and scoun
and every thing elSe hs could think
. of, till of which he bore like a christian,
. .
-but from's principle of cowardice. This
Clark could charge with impunty, be
cause Wentworth is known to be a com
mOn• thief and a public robber. The
House last. session, had to pass a luw
to prevent him from stealing and frank
home all the stationery. And the mem
bers throw up to him, his stealing enough
wrapping paper one year, with which
to print 9 paper of which he is the os
tensible editor."
The next scene of interest, and
surpassing in grandeur, any thing yet
named, was an attack upon Ficklin, of
a loco, by two other locos John
son of Arkansan, and Inge of. Alabama.
The former struck Ficklin with his fist,
and the latter knocked him down with
a cane. After removing Ficklin beyond
the bar, and washing the blood off of
him, the parties all returned and pro
ceeded to business! One moved an ad
journment, as the session had expired
by limitation. Old Petit, of Indiana, .a
*deco infidel, who was educated for
the X f ini ry; inisve.d an adjournment of
this TOWN MEETlNG . ,"'declaring the
session to be nothing more. A third
moved for the dispersion of this mob,"
while another called out from his seat
for more whiskey. To this, another
fellow replied, that it was contrary to
rule to bring the article within the bar,
Mit just outside, in an adjoining room,
there was lots. Well, all in all I never
witnessed such a scene."
Two Weeks Later from Europe•
ST, JOHNS, April G.
, -
The Niagara reached Halifax on Thursday
afternoon at 3 o'clock with 41 passengers.
The Europa had arrived at Liverpool, March
20th. The Hermann had reached Southampton
on the 20th for New York. The Sarah Sands
made the passage out in 17 days.
Trade had been depressed in consequence of
the Continental news, until within three days
before the steamer sailed, when favorable news
caused an improvement in the cotton Market;
cotton had fallen penny per lb., but rallied
and the market closed with an improved de
mand. Fair uplands and Mobile 1f ; fair Or.
leans 4t. The sales for the week ending March
16th, 31,690 bales ; for week ending March 23d,
24,290. . . . . . . .
breadstuffs had not improved, but prices con.
tinne to recede.
Flour—Western Canal 235. Failadelphia and
Baltimors 235, Ohio prime 21s.
. . _ .
Grain—American , :vhest Gs tole. Indian corn
is in moderate demand at 27 to 29s per quarter.
Best yellow corn meal 12s Gd to 13s Gd.
The clubs have beau abolished by the Assem
bly. The socialists arc unusually active in sow
ing disaffection among the troops.
In consequence of the state of Italy, troops
are embarking •at Toulonne, and the army of
the Alps is to be reinforced.
. .
The . French funds have fluctuated.
The King of Holland died on the 17th of
'Official notice has been given of the cessation
of the Holstein Armistice.
The Paris papers state that Metternich is
shortly expected in Paris.
An office has been opened in Havre for the
purpose of registering the names of all who
may wish to go to California.
The election has been held throughout Prus
sia, and so far give strong indications of a large
Democratic majority. There has been consider
able rioting and attempt at fraudulent voting in
the Duchy of Posen, where the Democratic par
ty are in a deciced majority.
Some of the Legitimists and Red Republican
papers of Paris mutually accuse each other in
unmeasured terms of wishing to overthrow the
form of government.
It is reported that the Sicilians have pro
claimed Lucian Murat, King of Naples. He is
the so of Murat, formerly the King of
that country under Napoleon.
An order has been given by Ih'indischgratzto
hang all the inhabitants who may be found with
arms in their hands, and that any place of which
even a few inhabitants shall attempt to molest
any Imperial .courier, shall be levelled to the
A motion to seperate Austria from the Ger
man empire was carried in the Diet - sitting a't
Frankfort, by a vote of 261 to 224. The mo
tion created considerable excitement.
An order had been given at Munich for 8000
Infantry helmets to be made in that city, which
seemed to indicate an increase of the army.
A letter from Berlin states that in conse
quence of negotiations with the German Impe
rial Minister, a Prussian envoy will proceed to•
the United States shortly, for the purpose of
buying both sailing vessels and steamers, to be
commanded by American officers until the na
, fives shall be qualified sufficiently for the pur
It is stated on good authority that the Ambas
sador of Russia, Baron Kissals, has demanded
his passport from the French government.
It is said that the Emperor of Russia had de
clared to the French Ambassador at Letlo, at
St. Petersburg, that he should acknowledge the
French Republic if Cavaignac were elected
President, but since the election of Napoleon
he has changed his tone. He considers this a
sign of a still existing spirit of conquest. Gen.
Lebo has left St. Petersburg in consequence.
THE CHOLERA.-The cholera is disappearing.
The total number of deaths in England is
3,464 It still rages in Ireland.
In the manufacturing districts the demand,
for goads has fallen off, and the price of manu
factured iron had also receded.
A Whole Family Lost
The Keokuk (Iowa) papers contain the ac
count of the loss of a family by the breaking up
of the ice in the Des Moines river.
Two families,:named Frederick and
Cross, finding their dwellings suddenly
surrounded by water, attempted to es
cape in a canoe to the highlands.—The
canoe being small, Frederick and fami
ly left first; leaving Cross, his wife and
two - children behind on a log. Fred
erick and family reached the shore
nearly : frozen, and sent a man by the
name of Colvin back with the canoe to
Cross, and all set out . for the shore in
the Canoes. The . capoe upset, and Col
.vin' held the children in his arms, hold
ing on to the • branches, and kept all
afloat. They were' in speaking distance
of Ihe .. people on Shore; but •• no assist
ance could be rendered. •
Cross and wife after remaining an
hour and a half in this situation, sunk.
'!he children froze to death in Colvin's
.arms. He held their bodies until two
o'clock ; (five hours) when fearing he
too would perish, dropped them. Col
vin was rescued at 6.0 clock.
lowing is the official statement of votes cast at
the recent election in Vermont for and ngainst
granting licence for the sale of ardent spirits.
For granting licence,
Against granting,
Majority for no licence,
l'ultrk.i.riti : t, April, 6, 1849
The Market is dull and flour has further de
clined. Sales of Ba9oo bbla. common and good
shipping brands at 54,44a4,50 per bbl. Sales
of Rye flour 'in small lots at $2,75 and Penna.
Corn meal at $2,371. The demand for wheat
continues limited, with small sales.of common
and good red at 901195 e. per bu., and white at
97c. Rye is dull at 60c. Corn is in fair re
quest at at 52a5211e. per bli. for good yellow;
sales of Southern oats at 30c.per bu. Whiskey
is chill, and priees fend to a further deline, sales
of bbls. at ?.oe. per gal.
On Monday morning the 2d inst., at Alexan
dria, after a short illness, Mr. JOHN P. DEAN,
aged 34 years. He has left a widow and five
children to mourn his irreparable loss.
Co, JOHN STEVER, of Case township,
Huntingdon county, will be supported at the
ensuing election for BRIGADE INSPECTOR,
April 10,1849.
A large else ‘. Queen of the West" COOK
ING STOVE for sa:e on the most reasonable
terms. Any person wanting an article of this
kind will please call at this office.
April 10, 1849.
W O t U he LD pu r b e l sp
ie e g c e t inform
that friends and
s n ie,,sed
the above well known house, formerly kept by
John McConnell, and is fitting it up for the ac
commodation of all who may fovor him with
their custom.
In point of location, the "Bcscx B anti," Is
the most pleasant and convenient in Hunting
don. And► no pains or expense will be spared
to make the accommodation. such as cannot be
surpassed by any other house in the place. The
wants of the stranger and traveller will always
be carefully attended to. In !Mott, it will be the
constant aim of the proprietor to make all feel
at home, and perfectly comfortable, who step at
the. Black Bear." His chatgcs will be mod
Permanent boarders will be accommoda•
ted on reasonable term..
April 10, (849.
Administrator's Notice.
Estate of W1LL1.4.11 H. .8 L./1C K, late
of th. borough of Huntingdon, dec'd.
NOTICEis hereby given that Lettere of Ad
ministration on said estate have been grant
ed to the undersigned. All persons indebted to
said estate are requested to make immediate pay
ment, and those havingclaims or demands against
the same to present them duly authenticated for
settlement to Dr. JACOB HOFFMAN,
Dissolution of Partnership.
The Partnership heretofore existing between
the subscribers in carrying on the Alexandria
Foundry. under the firm of McGill & Gratfins,
was by mutual consent dissolved upon the 31st
day of March A.D. 1849. All persons having
unsettled accounts will attend to them immedi
ately. The books are for the present in the
hands of William Graffi us. in Alexandria.
April 2O , 1849—pd,
The Partnership heretofore existing between
the undersigned, trading under the firm of
Swoope & Africa, On the Mercantile business,
was by mutual consent, dissolved on the let day
of April, 1849.
Huntingdon, April 10,1849.
ALLpersons knowing themselves indebted to
the undersigned by note, book-accoußt or
otherwise will please call and pay off their re
spective accounts, on or before the ist of July
next. All persons who neglect this notice will
find their accounts in the hands of a proper offi
cer for collection.
Huntingdon. April 10, 1840.
Administrators' Notice.
Estate of WILLIAIIf LYTLE, late of
Jackson township, dec'W
NOTICE is hereby given that Letters of Ad
ministration on said Estate, have been granted to
the undersigned. Peisons indebted to the same,
are requested to make payment, and those having
claims or demands against the same, to present
them duly authenticated for settlement.
April 10, 1849. [Administrator.
Great Slaughter of High Prices!
The Town in Commotion !
Nobody Killed, but Several Bads
ly Wounded !
Have the satisfaction to announce to the cit
izens of H untingdon and the neighboring coun
try that they have just received from the eastern
cities, a splendid stock of new
which have been selected with great care. Our
stock consists of all the various sty lee of
HOOTS, SHOES, and HATS of all kinds.—
Hardware, Queenaware, Groceries, &c.
Wo invite all to give us a call, as We take
pleasure in showing our Goods.
Thankful for past favors, wd hope by strict
attention to business to receive a liberal share
of public patronage.
Huntingdon, April 3,1849..
"Beat the " Hall of Fashion , who
Can I
11. & W. SNARE,
No.l, Corner Room of's Row, opposite
John Whittaker's Tavern, Huntingdon, Pa.
'rho undersigned thankful for pant favors, in
firm their customers ana the public generally
that they have just received from the city, the
largest, cheapest and moat splendid assortment
23,81 G
Beady-Made Clothing,
ever brought to Huntingdon. Their stock con
' f Dress and Frock Coats, t-acks and Busi
ness C oats, Pantaloons and Vests of every style
and description suited to the season—warranted
welrmade and fashionaly cut. A splendid as
sortment of Bleached Muslin and LinCri Shirts
and Plaited Bosoms. Cotton, worsted and
woolen short Stockings; Suspenders and Hand
kerchief's. genteel suit of clothes for almost
Nev styles of Hats and Caps, Roots & Shoes,
Umbrellas, &c., s'l of which will be sold at the
lowest prices. Please call and examine before
purchasing elsewhe to.
B. & W. SNARE.
liuntitigd on, April 3, 1949.
REMAINING in the PostOffiee at Huntingdon,
Pa., on the 31st day of March, 1819, and which
if not lifted on or before the first day of July
next, will be sent to the General Post Offico as
dead letters.
A. Lynn John
Anderson William. Langfeld Isaac
B. Lavery James
Brooks Letitia M
Benlaugh J. G. Revd. Montgomery William
Brooks Mariah Mayer Henry
Bacon Geo. V. Malloy Hugh
Bowlen Patrick Manny Thomas
Beckman Theodore McNally Peter
Barnwell Sarah Murry John J. 2
Bales Simon Masson Edward W.
Butler James Mansion Dan.
Boyles Patrick McHugh Francis
Barringer Joseph Marshall Joseph
Beaty Martin Mateer William
Ball J. N. Malone Thomas
C. Murphy Martin
Crozier Ann B. Miss McCracken Joseph
Corbin Nicholas McCartney Wm. F. 2
Coleman Velina Mulloy Thomas
Convery John N. McMagan James
Crotzer Wni, Morrison John
Clark Patrick Morrison Eleanor Miss
Cunningham John Murphy John
Couch Samuel McGrann Philip
Campbell Charles Miller Henrietta Mrs.
Corbet Mary McLaughlin Patrick
Cree David Mooney Thomas 2
Coroon Patrick McCulloch Geo.
Coningham J. At at L. Miller Sarah A.
Craig John Manelis Patrick
Corbet Steward McCay Hezekiah
Corran John Messer Smith John
Clinger James N
Cummings Robert N. A. P.
Carlin Patrick Nail Elizabeth
Cornprobst Henry ' 0
Cirtis John O'Donnell James
Carson Charles O'Donnell John 2
Cornelieus Geo. W. Oakman Joseph
Cough Joseph O'Donnell Tim
Curtis Edward F. P
Cowden Charles Patton James M.
D. Proudfoot Alex. R.
Doolan John Q
Devine James Quinn James
Dolen Thomas R
Dolan John Ross John
Drinks Anthony Raker Jacob
Davis W. Richard Mary A. Miss
E. Rowland James & .Co.
Earnest Henry Rutter Daniel
Evers Patrick Reidenour Levi
F. Ryan John 4
Ford John Rex John
Fox Bernard Ricker George
Fink Mary P. Reed Jane Miss
Fulton James Belly Edward
Foster David Richardson Thomas
G. Roles Richard
Gorsuch Stephen 2 S
Gallaher Patrick Sipe. George
Gray J. W. Swinehart William
Gosnell Jno R. Sprinkle Absalom
Goodman Win Stoufer Isaac
Gorman James Sheeter Henry
Goodman Marks , • Stewart John P. 2
Geiger John Selfrich William
Gaynor John Shaver John
Galbraith James W. Snider Frederick
Gm'land Revd. M. Smith G. 2
Gavegan Murt Smith Gerome
Gaughan John Shinefelt A. B.
H. Saiher William
Henegan Thos. Speck Adam
Hicks Samuel Sharrer George
HeatonJoseph P. Snyder. Paniel
Harker Samuel Stare Jacob
nerdap Thomas Stevens D.
Harper Wm. Shoffner Margaret
Hoffman George Sinky, Shem. Sam.
Hoban Michael Snyder Charles
Hawn George Schureman Henry
Hutchison Wm. Souders Catharine Miss
Harvey & Son T
Hight T. James Tipton Amos
Hubbell Alfred Tocklin Thomas
J. Thompson Alexander
Jones Fanny Mrs.
Jarboe Thomas A. Wight Eliza'
Johnston John Wilson James
Jarboe Alexander Whittaker Thomas
Jarvis & Boatman Welch Timothy
K. Waldron Matthew
Kelly James White Adolphus P.
Knepp Jacob Woods Samuel S.
Kerns James Watts Thomas
Kurt. Josiah Wright N. N.
Kemp Mary Miss 2 Worrell Alexander
Kyler Thomas Wilt A. M.
Kunkle William L. Y
Keclan Edward Yenter John M.
L Young Daniel
Lewis John 2 Young Lewis
Longenecker Jacob Yaw Elizabeth
Persons inquiring for letters on the above
List will please say they are advertised.
B:r Two cents in addition to the regular pos
tage charged on advertised letters.
Huntingdon, March 31, '49.
Has received and is now opening a splonaid
stock of Spring and Summer (foods, among
which ma) be bound every variety-of
Ladies' and Gentlemens' Dress G oods,
in part, Cloths of all kinds, Fr6tich, Belgian
and Fancy Cassimers, Kentucky Jeans, Croton,
Oregon and Tweed Csoths ; Veatinga, Flannels
and Drilling., and a variety at Cotton Goods for
summer wear; Muualin de Lames, French
Lawn. and Scants, Shawls and t landkerchiefs,
Alpaca., Merino., a large assortment of Cali
coes of the newest style., and at low prices;
Eau Won, French, Scotch and Domestic Ging
hams and Balzorines, French and Irish Linens
and Checks, Bed Ticking., Ignatius and sheet
ing., &c., &c.
Boots, Shoes, Hats and Caps, Groceries,
• Hardware, Queensware, &c.,
with a great variety of goods of all kinds.
The above stock of Goods having been selec
ted with great care, and purchased at reduced
prices for Cash,l am enabled to offer
Great Bargains,
and hope all who want will at least examine ray
stock'before purchasing elsewhere, di I am de
termined to sell on ea reasonable terms a■ any
one in Pennsylvania. Please cat! and see my
Goods,as tt affords me pleasure to show them
at all times.
All kinds of Country Produce taken in en
change for Goode.
March 31, 1849.
List of Leiters
W*. T. WALTER.. (:n• HA liVrr.
Walter% & Harvey,
[Late Haslobular. & Harvey]
Produce and General Comminion Merchant.,
Noe. 16 & 16 Spear'. Wharf,
Liberal Cub advance. made on conaignmcnta
of ell kinds of Produce.
April 3,1849-3 m
The " old Locemt Corner' )
Fisher, McMnrtrie & co.,
H AvE L, jus t t received large and splendid es-
which they are seding, as usual, at extremely
low profits. Their stock consists of a general
assortment, adapted to the wants of all. Sea
sonable DRESS GOODS for Ladies and Gen
nets, Hats, Caps, Boots and Shoes, Hardware.
Groceries, &c., &c. In short, the uto toccaT
conssa" continues to be the
where every thing useful and o•namental, can
he had, better and cheaper, than can be procu•
red elsewhere. Their motto is Quick belts
end :mall Profits." All who desire to supply
themselves with good goods, at low prices, will
give them a call.
March 27,1849.
Major David McMurtrie
TAKES great pleasure in announch g to the
I public that he has leased the basement
atory,of SN %RE'S ROW, where be has fitted
up in suierior style an
which has already become the eAsaton•aLe
assone of all who love good Oysters, served up
in the most superior style—including the choi
ce.' kind of fixin's.
The Major flatters himself that by unremit
ting attention to the wants of his customers
generally, he will receive a liberal share of pub
lic patronage.
A supply of Fruit, con lectionaries, &c., &c.,
always on hand.
1 Huntingdon, March 27, 1849.
Milliner & Mantua-Maker.
The undersigned respectfully begs leave loin•
form the L-tdies of Huntingdon and vicintiy
that she carries on the above named business at
the residence of Matthew Crownover, et the
Jail, where she will receive any work in her line
of buaineos. She fees confident that the neat
Heel as well as the durability of her work will
recommend her to the patronage of the Ladies
of Huntingdon. MARTHA McCRUM.
March 27, 1840-Im.
Spring Millinery Goods
John Stone 4r, Sons,
Silks, Ribbons and Millinery Goods,
No. 45 South Second Street, above Chesnut,
WOULD call the attentlon of Merchants and
Milliners visiting the city, to their large
and rich assortment of
4itiving M.Maier)* GOods,
Received by late arrival. from France, such as
Glace Silks fur casing bonnets,
Fancy Bonnet and Cap Ribbene—a large end
beautiful assortment of all prices;
Plain Mantua and Satin Ribbons, from No. I
to No. 12 ;
French and American Artificial Flower's (in
great variety) ;
Colored and White Crepes ;
Fancy /Aces and Nets;
French Chip Hats;
Face Trio mings—Quillinga ;
Covered Whalehones—Cane :
Buckram.—Willow ;
Bonnet Crowns and Tip.,
Together with every article appertaining to the
Millinery trade.
March 27,1849.
Great Centre of Attraction!!
AVE just received and are now opening Et
their old stand, 1 0.1001 Market Square,
Huntingdon, Pa. the most fashionable and su
perb assortment of
Clocks, Watches•dt. Jewelry
ever offered is this place. Their stock consists
in part of English & Anchor Lever, Chronom
etc-, Duplex and Lepine GOLD 11 ATCDES.
Every variety of Lever, Quartier and
English SILVER WATCHES. Eight-Day
and Thirty-hour BHA. CLOCKS.
Their jewelry has been selected with such
care in regard to Fashion. Elegance and Quality
as to challenge compari,on and defy competition
It embracea Diamond Brew, Pies and Finger
Rings, Gold Rings aml Pencils, Peps, Specta
cles, &c., together with a g neral and extensive
assortment of ILV ER ARTICLES. They
have also a well chosen su pp y of Perfumery,
Soup mail Fancy Stationary.
N. B. Clocks, Watches, and Jewelry prompt
ly repaired and warranted. The pubiic are po
litely requested and exa mine their 'stock.
Unrivaled Perfumes, Hair Oil, Tooth
Paste and Powder, Soaps, Shaving •
Cream, lici
The Largest, Cheapest and best assortment of
the above named articles ever opened in bun=
tioadon,juat received and for sale wholesale and
retail by
March 20,1849
AFIRST RATE new one twine wagon. which
the aubscriber will cell cheap for Cash.
March 20, 1840.
Estate of MICHAEL H. DEITRICH, late
of Warrio, smark township, deed.
NOTICE is hereby given that Lettere of Admin
istration on dlr. estate of M. H. Deitrich,
late of Warriormark twp.. Hunt. co., dee'''. have
been granted to the undersigned. All persons in
debted to said estate are requested to make inre
dime payment, and those having claims or de
mands against the same to present them duly au.
thentican.d for settlement to
• Administrator.
'FAKES this method of informing ber old cos
lumen and the'publd itiLersilY lb.( she
has leased the law end commodious house on
Allegheny street,, Huntington, Ps., known, as
occupied for eeyetel yeses by Mrs. E. Clarke.
end lately by John Mark., es a public house.--
She will be found on end slier the let of
April, 1849, prepared to accommodate all who
may favor be, with a cull in o manner that can
not be eurpeeeed by any other hoceo In the
lath:23M l 'a's‘lMUsol - 30 . 0
will always be furni! , hed with the very be that
the market will afford. In short, nothing will
be left undone that will in any way add to the
comfort of her customers, as she is determined
not eo be beat.
The location of the "Mansion House" is de
cidedly the beat in the borough; the rooms are
large, will be well furnished, cud made comfort•
able in every particular.
Regular boarders will be accommodate,' at
moderate prices.
March 20.1849.
riiHE subscribers, residents of Shade
I Gap, Huntingdon county, Pa., tieK
leave to inform their friends and the pub
lic general that they have established
at the place above mentioned, a BOARD
ING SCHOOL; for the education of
young men.
.The course of instruction comprises,
in addition to the Usual brunches of a
common English education: Philosophy,
Mathematics, and the Latia anal Greek,
languages.. The location is distinguished
for its healthfulness and the moral and
religious character of the surrounding
community Every intention will be
paid to the heailii and morals of the pu
pils as well as to their mental training
and advanceinent in scientific knowl
edge, and every facility will he afforded.
for their personal comfort and conveni-.
ence. The year. is divided into two sea-•
alone of flee months each this winter
session commencing on the
.Ist of No
vember, and the Sumner .session com•
mencing on the '23rd of April.
Terms per Session :—For Cfithegra
phy, Reading and Writing, $5. • Arith-.
metic, Geography, Grathmar, Philosci
•phy, History and composition,
Mathematics, Greek -and Latin lan
guages,. $12.• Boarding, exclusive of
fuel and light, $1.25 per week. Instruc
tion given in French and German, at an
additional charge. The subscribers,. en
couraged by the liberal patronage w hich
they have already received, would re
peat, that they are determined to spare
no effort in making the Institution one
that will commend itself to all parents
who desire to give their sone°. thorough
preparatory educatiOn, without expo
sing them to tue , sad
moral influences that exist in more pop.-
ulous communities. For reference or
further particulars address .
Shade Gap, March 13, 1849.
Capt. David hazzard,
TXTeULD respectfully informal' his chi fu lends
VV and castotner4--which include. about the
entire population—that he has removed
Standing-Stone Head-Quarters
to the room nest doer to Prowell *Note, directly
opposite Wallace's Washington Hotel, where he
has fitted up an
•rntal DAZAZIN•
above ground, which can't he beat on the Juniata.
The lovers of good Oyaters can always be sc. giving bun a call.
His new etaul is fitted up on purpose" to ac
commodate Ladies and ge. tlrmen. The old
Captain" therefore hopes that his friends of both
sexes will extend to him • liberal support:
NUTS, &c., &c., nlwaye on head.
March . R. 184 t
LAIP,D & Cnr.zus, Feb. !7, 11149.:81it
Constantlx nu band
and for asle•bv
T. PALMER, & Co.
Market St. Wharf,
Look out for Bargains!
More Watches, Jewelry, Silver Spoons,
dtc., 4:c:
A MOTHER superior lot of GOLD and 811.
Vk:R WATCHES of various descriptions,
will be received and opened this evening at the
Huntingdon Jewelry Store." Also—Gold
Finger Rings, Gold Pens, Steel Beads, Pistols,
&c., &e. J. T. SCOTT
:don, Feb. 6, 1849
THE subscribers to the capital stock of the
Spruce Creek and Water Street Turnpike
Road Company," who have neglected to comply
with the previous calls of said Company, for the
payment of the 'several instalments. are again no- .
titled that they are required to pay me et my res
idence, in Franklin township, Huntingdon coun
ty, for the use of said Company, on or before the
tenth day of April A. D. 1549, ens and ull mo
neys. now remaining due and unpaid by reason
of or on account of their said subscription to said
Any subs , ril4rs who hrt7e subscribed to enid
stork since July. A. D. 18-47, are also notikp
that they aro required to pay at the same time and
place, ten per cent of the stock subectibed, and
on or before the tenth day of each succeeding
month the like turn of ten per cent until the
whole is paid.
Treasurer of W. 8. & SM. T. Co
March 8. 1849-4 t.
W. IL Shill' 11. W. M.• IN , LAIR.
Wholesale Grocers,
Produce & Commission Merchants;
and Dealers in Pittsburg afanufactures,
No. 66 Wool street, Pittsburg, Pa.
Refer to Mr. GEORGE
Messrs. J. & SAITOT, a •
April 3, 1849,