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    t i ONofa TO PENNSYLVANIA'S IlE.;Trial List for April Term, 1849.
!: ,
The following message from the Governor '
~is transmitted to the two Houses on Tuesday
ast.—As the subject sugggested in the mes
mage is one of general interest, we lay it before
our readers : ,
ITo the Senate and House of Representatives
of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
GICNTLEMEN :-I herewith transmit a list of
lithe officers of the United States Army, natives
ef Pennsylvania, who distingsished themselves
in the late war with Mexico, with the Regi- ,
went or corps to which they were attached,
land the date of their Brevet rang.
It is believed that other States have taken hon- 1
orable notices of their officers in the regular ar
my, who risked their lives and nobly maintain
ed the national honor in the recent licontest with
Mexico and their example should remind us that
something is due to the brave and heroic officers
yet living, who in the sanguinary battles of the
late war, signalized themselves by meritorious
conduct, and proudly sustained the just renown
of our beloved Commonwealth.
Executive Chamber,
%Harrisburg, Mar. 20, 181 fl.
The following are the names of the officers :
Colonel—Persifer F. Smith.
Lieutenant Colonel—H. Wilson.
Majors—F. Lee,G. A. McCall, J. S. Simon
Captains—C. F. Smith, J. McClellan, S. P.
It eintzelman, T. B Linnard, J. B. Backenstos,
A. Porter, G. Nauman, J. F. Roland, J. H.
'Miller, G. 0. Haller, J. P. J. O'Brien,G. Deas,
G. W. F. Wood, Ed. H. Fitzgerald, and J.
Van Horne.
First Lieutenants—L. Sitgreaves ' P. W. Mc-
Donald, S. K. Dawson, J. B. Gibson, W. A.
Nichols, H. F. Clarke, J. F. Reynolds, J. C.
Pemberton, A. W. Bowman, P. Farrelly, T.
Hendrickson, and Charles S. Kilburn.
Second Lieutenants—George McClellan, W.
B. Franklin, J. Oaks, A. D. Tree, and W. T.
Hancock—numbering in all thirty-seven.
A lady writes from San Francisco to her
fi lend in Massachusetts, as follows :
4 , The demand for marriageable wo
men seems to be as great as for goods.
This is the only country in the world
where women are properly appreci
ated. The proportion of males in the
territory is five to one of females, and
the labor of females is as much needed
in cooking, &c., at the gold region, as
the male•. There have been more mar
riages the last few months than in ten
years previous, in this country.—The
squaws, before they will go the re
gion, make efforts to get white husbands,
which they soon obtain in the present
state of affairs. Father Manaque, the
Catholic Priest, has informed me that
he married the last month 110 white
men to squaws. The consequence is,
that the poor Indians will soon be left
without any class of females from which
they can choose—as certainly no white
woman of whatever condition in socie
ty, will marry an Indian, when she can
readily marry a white man of some
wealth and prominence. Some of the
most ugly and slovenly servants here,
merry traders, who have accumulated
fortunes in a week."
terview between General Taylor and the offi
cers of the war of 1812, on the 2d inst., was a
very interesting scene. In reply to the admire-
ble address of Col. Todd, the President said:—
happy to receive you as the surviving
officers of the war of 1812, mid to rec
ognize among you some with whom I
have served in past years. I thank you
kindly for your congratulations and
good wishes on this occasion.
In regard to my past services, to
which you have been pleased to a llude
in too flattering terms, 1 can only say
that the merit of these services is main
ly duo to the skill and bravery of the
troops who served at different times un
der my orders. Tu have led such offi
cers and such men is itself a sufficient
honor and reward for all my services.
1 feel that I am now entering a new
career, in which 1 entertain a natural
distrust of my ability to redeem the ex
pectations of those who have called me
to it.
For your kind expressions in this re
gard, I beg you to accept my sincere
thanks. May you long live in the en
joyment of health and happiness.
The President then mingled with courtesy
and cordiality among his ancient associates, and
gratified them by some sportive remarks intro
duced with admirable taste.
Horrible Tragedy.
A most horrible tragedy was enacted in War
ren township, Bradford county, Pa., on the
night of the 10th inst. The house and barn of
Mr. Charles Corben was discovered about mid
night to be on fire. Three persons were in the
Wise at the time, Mr. Corbett and his two
sons, one 7 and the other 13 years of age, and
their bodies were burned. The father had com
mitted suicide by cutting his throat, and it is
supposed he first murdered the boys and then
set the house on fire, He had also tied up in
the barn eighteen head of cattle and a horse,
and they would all have been destroyed had it
not been for the timely arrival of some of the ' i
neighbors who released the cattle. The only
motive for this fearful crime which can be con
is a brutal hatred of his wife, who only
a few days before, he had driven from home.—
He had a daughter also, whom he brutally mal
treated, and who escaped from home only the
day before this tragical occurrence.
A HAPPY EXPRESSION.-It is said that a gen
tleman of Washington city called at the White
House, a few days since, accompanied by his
family, consisting of three sons and six daugh
ters, to pay hie respects to Gen. Taylor. They
were received very cordially, and after shaking
hands with all, he turned to the father andsaid
5 5 Sir, you are a rich man,—a nation's strength
consists in the number of her people, and a pa
rent's wealth in the =Veer of his children."
Joseph Higgins et al vs Martin Gates.
James Myton vs Samuel Myton.
Milliken for Cresswell vs William Stewart.
Cadwallader's heirs vs John Smiley et al.
James Stewart vs Dennis Coder.
John Stewart vs David McMurtrie et al.
Samuel Caldwell vs George Davis.
Christian Prough vs James Entrekin.
Daniel Prough vs Same.
George Prough vs Same.
Henry Prough vs Same.
Commonwealth vs James Steel, &c.
Allen, Wilson & Co. vs Martin Gates.
Walters for Isett vs Jacob Shoop, &c.
Same vs Same.
Same vs Same.
Same vs Same.
A. McAninch & wife vs Wm. P. Laughlin.
Mott & Schober vs Geo. Taylor & D. Black &c.
Smith, Murphy & Co. vs Dennis Coder.
Mary Ann Hileman vs Butte & Johnston.
Reed Goe for use vs Martin Gates.
Alexander Steel vs James Reed.
William Harper vs James Wilson &c.
Isaac Woolverton vs Elisha Shoemaker.
James Siars' Ex'r vs Miller & Lane.
Morrison for McMahon vs Daniel McMahon.
McAninch & wife vs Wm. P. Laughlin.
Robert Massey vs Robert Moore.
Ewing for Gates vs James Ewing.
James Entrekin's F.x'rs vs John McPherran.
Rebecca Wall vs Dinsmore & Cromwell.
Lewistown Bank for use vs Hardman Phillips.
Wm. R. Thompson & Co. vs Penn'a & Ohio
[Transp'n Co.
D. N. Carothers vs Blair & Madden.
M. Marble & Co. vs John W. Myton's adm'rs.
James M. Conrad vs Same.
James Ewing vs Ewing & Gates.
John MeCahan vs E. H. Lytle.
James A. Cummings vs Wm. H. Patterson.
Ennis & Porter vs Andrew Stewart's lidos',
John Edgar Thompson etal vs John W: Swoop°.
George H. Steiner &c. vs John Zentmire.
Moore & Steiner vs Same.
George Jackson vs Conrad Wittick.
Martin Orlady vs Lindley Hoopes.
A. MeAninch & wife vs Wm. P. Laughlin.
Nathaniel Kelly vs Anthony Murray.
Russ fur 0. G. Scott's Ex'rs vs Wm. Shipley's
- :
FIIILADELPUIA, March 23, 1819.
FLOUR AND MEAL—With moderate receipts,
the market for Flour has been rather inactive
throughout the week, and sales are confined to
about 5000 brls. taken for export at $4 75 for
fair mixed and $4 87i for good bakers brands,
including some small lots of Western at the
former price and half brls. at $5 the pair ; the
market closing quiet at our lowest figures.—
For city use there is a moderate demand at
$4 75 a $5 and $5 25 for common and extra
brands. Rye Flour has been in limited demand
at $3 15 as 3 06k, with sales of 800 barrels.
GRAlN—There is yet very little wheat ar
riving, and buyer and seller are apart in their
views, we notice sales of 000003000 bushels
lair and prime reds at 100a1031 cts. in store.
Rye is scarce, some small sales of Penna. Ire
reported at 66 eta, and 1500 bu. northern, de
livered in this market, at the same price. Corn
with light receipts, has been in good demand
for shipment, and about 30,000 bu. have been
taken at 54 its. for both Southern and Penna.
yellow, the latter in store, including a small lot
at 51 icts. afloat. Oats have been in moderate
request. Sales at 30 a3l cts.
In Harrisburg, on Tuesdaymorning, 20th in
stant, NARY KELTON, daughter of T. W. and
E. S. Buffington, aged one year and ten days.
" Her soul is at peace,
With Jesus it rests,
Her home is in Heaven,
The land of the bless'd."
The Democratic Whigs and all friends of the
National and State Administrations, of Hunting
don county, are requested to meet in COUNTY
for the purpose of choosing a Representative
Delegate to the Whig State Convention, to nom
inate a candidate for Canal Commissioner, and
selecting Conferess to meet similar Conferees
from the counties of Bedford and Blair, to select
a Senatorial Delegate to said Convention. A
general attendance is requested. By order of
the County Committee.
March 27, 1810. Chairman.
The " old Locust Coruce,
richer, Alattburtrie ck co.i
HAVE just received a large nod splendid as
sortroo.,t of
which they ore eel ling, as usual, at extremely
low profits. Their stock consists of a general
assortment, adapted to the wants of all. Sea
sonable DRESS GOODS for Ladies and Gen
tlemen; READ Y-Nt %DE CLOTHING, Bon
nets. Hata, ( ape , Boots and Shoes, Hardware,
Groceries, &c., &c. In short, the " OLD LOCUST .
coma" continues to be the
where every thing useful and o•namental, can'
be It ad, better and cheaper, than can be procu
red elaew here. Their motto is .6 Quick Faits
and t. mall Profits." All who desire to supply
themselves with good goods, at low prices, will
give them a call.
March 27, 1949
Major D avid Mc:divide
TAKES great pleasure in ennounci g to the
1 public that he has leased tie basement
etery, of %RE'S ROW, where he has fitted
up in su?erier style an
which has already become the FASIIIONA DUI
krionT of all who love good Oysters, served up
in the most superior style—including the choi
cest kind of fixin's.
The M iijur flatters himself that by unremit
ting attention to the wants of his custome re'
generally, he will receive a liberal share of pub
lic patronage.
A supply of Fruit, confection arms, &c., & c.,
always on hum!.
Huntingdon, March 27,1849 .
rot:twin:l LADIES.
Milliner & Mantua-Maker.
The undersigned respectfully begs leave loin.
form the Ladies of Huntingdon and vieinfiy
that she carries en the above named business at:
the residence of %Tetthew Ctownover, at the
Jail, where she will receive any work ire her line
of hotlines.. She fee a confident that the neat
nave as well se the durability of her work Will'
recommend her to the patronage ell the Ladies(
of 1-lantinvlon. MARTHA McCRUM.
March 27, 1049—1 m.
spring Millinery Goods ,
John Stone & it °ki,.
Silks, Ribbons and Millinery Goods,
No, 46 South Second Street, above Chesnut,
WOULD call the attention of Merchants and
Milliners visiting the city, to their large
andfich assortment of
Spring Millinery Goods,
Received by late arrivals from France, such as
Glace Salks for casing bonnets,
Fancy Bonnet and Cap Ribbons—a large arid
beautiful essortmcnt of all prices ;
Plain Mantua and Satin Ribbons, from No. 1
to No. 12
French and American Artificial Flowers, (in
great variety) ;
Colored and White Crapes;
Fancy Laces and Nets;
French Chip Hats;
Face Trim minas—Quillings ;
Covered Whalebones—Cane:
Bonnet Crowns and Tips,
Together with every article appertaining to the
Millinery trade.
March 27,1849.
Great Centre of AttraetiOri!!
EFAVE just received and ore now opening t t
11 their old stand, 1\ o. 1001 Market Square,
Huntingdon, Pa. the moat fashionable and su
perb assortment of
Clocks, Watches & Jewelry
ever offered is this place. Their stock consists
in part of English & Anchor Lever, Chronom
ete•, Duplex and Lepine GOLD lA' A'VCHES.
Every variety of Lever, L'Epine, gnarlier and
English SILVER. WATCHES. Eight• Day
and Thirty•hour Buses CLOCKS.
Their jewelry has been selected with such
care in regard to Fashion, Elegance and Quality
as to challenge coinpariron and defy competition
It embraces Diamond Breast Pins and Finger
Rings, Gold Rings end Pencils, Pens, Specie.
cles, &c., together with a general and extensive
assortment of t-lI.VER ARTICLES. They
have also a well chosen auppOy of Perfumery,
Soap nod Fancy Stationary.
N. B. Clocks, Watches, and Jewelry prompt
ly repaired and warranted. The public are po
litely requested to call and examine their stock.
Unrivalled Perfumes, Hair Oil, Tooth
Paste and Powder, Soaps, Shaving
The Largest, Cheapest and best assortment of
the above named articles ever opened in hun
tingdon, just received and for sale wholesale and
retail by
M arch 20,1849.
AFIRST RATE new one horse wagon, which
the subscriber will! sell cheap for Cash.
March 20,1849
this method of informing her old cos•
I turners and the public generally that she
has leased the large and commodious house on
Allegheny street, Huntingdon, Pa., known as
occupied for several years by Mrs. E. Clarke,
and lately by John Marks, as a public house.—
She will he found there on and after the Ist of
April, 1849, prepared to accommodate all who
May favor her with a call in a manner that can
not be surpassed by any other bowie in the
will always be furnished with the very best thnt
the market will afford. In short, nothing will
be left undone that will in any way add to the
comfort of her customers, as she is determined
not ori be beat.
The location of the "Mansion T - Touse" is de
cidedly the best in the borough; the rooms are
large, will be well furnished, and made comfort
able in every particular.
Regular boarders will be accommodated at
moderate prices.
March 20,1849.
THE subscribers to the capital stock of " the
Spruce Creek and Water Street Turnpike
Road Company," who hove neglected to comply
with the previous calls of said Company for the
payment of the several instalments, are again no
tified that they are required to pay me at my res
idence, in Franklin township, Huntingdon coun
ty, for the use of said Company, on or be fore the
tenth day of April A. D. 1849, any and all mo
neys, now remaining doe and unpaid, by reason
of or on account of their said subscription to said
Any subscribers who have subscribed to raid
stock since July, A. D. 1847, are also notifiep
that they are required to pay at the same time and
place, ten per cent of the stock subscribed, and
on or before the tenth day of each succeeding
month the like sum of ten per cent until the
whole is paid.
Treasurer of W. S. dc S. C. T. Co
March 8, 1849.41.
Estate of MICHAEL H. DEITRICH, late
of Warrio, mark township, deed.
I\T°TICE is hereby given that Let ters of Admin
istration on the estate of M. H. Deitrich,
late of Warriormark twp.. Hunt. co., deed. have
been granted to the undersigned. All persons in•
debted to said estate are requested to make imme
diate payment, end those having claims or de
mands against the same to present them duly so
thenticattd for settlement to
Feb. 27, 1849.
Look out for Bargains!
More Watches, Jewelry, Silver Spoons,
A NOTHER superior lot of GOLD and sm.
VER WATCHES of various descriptions,
will be received and opened this evening at the ,
Huntingdon Jewelry Store." Also—Gold
Finger Rings, Gold Pens, Steel Beads, Piefold,
See., 84e. J. T. SCOTT.
Ilentingdelf, Feb. I, 1049.
Retailers of Merchandize.
= .
Classification of Retailers of Merchandise in
Hunt.midon county, by the ,4 Appraiser of Mei.,
cantile 'faxes. for the year commencing Ist
May, 1849, viz . . .
Class. of License.
Alexandria borough
Bucher & Porter,
12 $l2 50
12 12 50
12 12 50
13 10 00
14 7 00
Charles Porter,
John N. Swoope,
Dorris & Walker,
Michael Siegler,
Birmingham borough:
James Clarke, 13 16 00
James Bell, 14 7 00
John Gaynor & co.,* 'l4 10 50
Petersburger & Ettinger, 14 7 00
Barree township:
A. W. Graff & c 0.,• 14 10 50
John Cresswell & co., 14 7 00
James Gillam, 14 7 00
. _ __
13 10 00
James Irvine;
J. A. Jennings, 14 7 00
Brady township:
Kessler & Brother, 12 12 50
J. & W. Saxton, 13 10 00
.- --
Irvin, Oreeii & Co., 13 10 00
Washington Buchanan, 14 7 00
Cass township
James Henderson, t 4 7 00
Clay township:
E. B. Orbison & co., 13 10 00
Cromwell township:
Thos. E. Orbison er co., 13 to 00
Isett & Wigton, 13 10 00
.:. .
George Sip es,' 14 • 10 30
David Etnire, 14 7 00
Dublin township:
Brice X. Blair C co., 13 10 00
Franklin township:
G. & J. H. Shoenberger, 10 20 00
Shorb, Stewart & c 0.,, 10 20 00
John S. Isett, 13 10 00
Ingram & co., 14 7 00
Isett & Harnish. 14 7 00
Huntingdon borough:
Fisher, McMurtrie & co., 12 12 30
J. & IV. Saxton, 12 12 30
A. P. Wilson, ,
12 12 50
Thomas Rea & Son, 12 12 50
Willitim . Ddrrid 13 10 00
13 10 00
Moses Strousd,
Dorsey & Maguire, 13 10 00
George Gwin, 13 10 00
A. NVilloughtiy,
Swoope & Africa, 14 7 00
Dr. William Swoope, 14 7 00
William Stewart,* 14 10 50
T. K. Simonton,'
George A. Steel, 14 7 00
Mayer Lisberger, 14 7 00
Benjamin Snare, 14 7 00
H. K. Neff & Bro., 14 7 00
James T. Scott, 14 7 00
Louis Schneider, 11 7 00
Levi Westbrook. 14 3 50
W. E. McMurtrie, 14 7 00
Jackson township :
E. & A. Stewart, 14 7 00
Conch & Cummins, 14 7 00
Robert Mcßurney, 14 7 00
Hopewell township :
James Entriken, 13 10 00
Morris township :
George Steiner ' 12 12 50
George W. Patton & co., 11 10 00
Irvine, Kessler & ca., 14 f 00
, .
Joseph• Law, 14 7 00
Porter township :
S. Hatfield & eo., 13
Jos. Green & co.. 12 12 50
Petersburg borough:
Abraham Cresswell, 12 12 50
John R. Hunter, 12 12 50
Larimer & Beatty, 14 7 00
_ __ _ _ __
Irvine & Marks, 14 7 00
Shirleysburg borough :
Sohn Long & co, 13 10 00
13 10 00
Henry Brewster,
14 10 50
John :Lutz,*
David Fraker,
William Johnston, 14 7 00
Shirley township :
Samuel H. Bell, 13 10 00
Penn township
A. & E. Plummer, 13 10 00
Frank & Neff,' 13 15 00
Tell township :
A. C. Blair & co., 14 7 00
Jacob Filmaleei 14 7 00
Springfield township
Madden & Gorsuch, 14 7 00
Tod township :
Horatio Trexler & co., 14 7 00
Mordecai Chilcote, 14 7 00
Union township:
Glasgow & Brother, 14 7 00
Walker township :
James Campbell,• 13 13 00
Given & Orlady, 13 10 00
West township :
Edwin P. Shoenberger, 13 10 00
Cunningham & My ton, 13 10 00
Warriorsmark township :
Benjamin F. Patton, 13 10 00
Abednego Stevens, 13 10 00
Joseph B. ShUgarts, 14 7 00
Thcise marked thus (•) sell liquor.
Notice is hereby given to the above named
Dealers in Merchandise, that I will attend at
the Commissioners' Office in Huntingdon, on
Thursday the 12th day of April nett, for the
purpose of hearing persons who may desire to
appeal from the above classification._
Appraiser of Mercantile Mess
March 20, 1949.
M. & J. M. ROW E,
Broom and Wooden ware Store,
No. 63 North Third Street, or.e door above Arch,
Ent Side,
Manufacturers and Wholesale Dealer. in all
kinds of Brooms, Brueher, Bucket.. Cedar
Ware, Willow and French Baskets,
Shoe and Well Brusher, Scrub.,
Dusters, Mats, Blacking,
Eastern-made Wooden Ware
of every de c iption, &c., at the low-
eet market prices. Cash paid for Broom Corn.
March 20, 1849-3 m.
Administrator's NOtite. ,
Estate of J./INE B.RER, late of Jack
son township, dec'd.
NOTICE is hereby given that Letters of Ad
milustration have been granted to the uhder
signed on said estate. Pefenrie indebted to said
estate are requested to make inimediate payment,
grid those having claims or demands against the
same to present them duly authenticated for set ,
Clement to JOHN HARR,
All the right, title, and interest, of the defend
ants, in and to a tract of land sitttate in Shirley
township, containing 330 acres, more or less,
adjoining lands of Dr. James Lightiler, .fames
M. Hell, Esq., John Huck, and othbrs, haring
thereon erected three Dwelling Houses, and two
log liar.. 200 acres clewed.
Taken in execution and to he cold as the pro
perty of Thymas Bigham awl Hobert Bighorn.
M. CROWNOVER, Sheriff.
Feb.lB,lB4o—pd: Adminish‘afer. I March 13, 1849.
WWHEREAS, by precept to me directed,da-
VI/ ted at Huntingdon, the 20th day of Jan.
1849, under the hands and seals of the .Hon.
Abraham S. Wiloon, President of the Court of
Common Pleas, Oyer and Terminer and general
jail delivery of the 20th judicial district of Penn
sylvania, composed of the counties of Hunting
don, Mifflin and Union, and the Hone. Jame.
()win and John Stewart, his ausociatee, judge. of
the county of Huntingdon, justices aenigned, ap
pointed to hear, try, and, determine all and every
indictments and presentments, made or taken for
or concerning all crimee,which by the laws of the
Commonwealth are made capital or felonies of
death and other °llene., crimes and miademeaaore,
which have been, or shall be committed or perpe
trated within said county, or all person. who are
or ehallhereafter be committed or perpetrated, for
crimes aforesaid, I am commanded to make proc
lamation throughout my.whole bailiwick, that a
Court of Oyer and Terminer, Quarter Seseiona
and Common Plea., will be held,at , the Court
House, iu the borough of Huntingdon, on Alia ',I
Monday (and 9th day) of April 1849, , and,
thoee who will prosecute the Bard ptiaoners, be
then and 'there to prosecute them as it shall be
just, and that all j
wi ustices of the peace, coroner',
and constable. thin the said county, be then
and there in their proper Fersons, at 10 o'clock
A. NI. of said day, with their records,inguirritions,
• examinations end remembrance., to do those
things which to their officesrespectively appertain.
Dated at Huntingdon, the sth day of. March,
in the year of our. Lord, one thousand eight hun
dred and forty-nine, and the 73d year of Amer
ictin Indspendejies.
WIER — DAS, by precept to me ditected by the
idges of the Common Pleas of the coun
ty of Huntingdon. bearing tint the 20th day, of
January, A. D. 1849.1 am commanded to make
public proclamation throtighout my whole baili
wick that a Court of Common. Pled., will be held
at the Court Howie in the borough of Huntingdon.
in the county of Huntingdon, on the 3d Monday
(and LOW day) of April, A. D. 1849, for the
trial of all issues in said court, which remain un•
determined before the said judges, when and
where all jurors, witnestsrs and suitors, in the
trial of all said issuea are required.
Dated at Huntingdon, the sth day of March,
A.D. 1919, and the 73t1 year of American inde
To Catharine McGrath, Margery McGrath,
Bernard A, McGrath, and Hugh McGrath, grend
children and heirs of Bernard O'Friel, dec'd.,
and to Francis McGrath, (who wan appointed by
the Court of Common Pleas of Hunti gdon
county, to receive notice for acid grand children
and heirs.)
W arrens, John Dougherty, John Bennet, Ed
win k'.nh ocnberger,.lohn 11. Shoenbe rger, Geo.
IC. Shoenberger, Peter 8 hoenberger, John M.
Davis, James M. Davis and John McFaden, now
or la.ely acting or trading tinder the firm of the
Reliance Transportation t ompany, heretofore, in
the Court of Common Pleas of Huntingdon
county, to wit, in the term of April 1842, recov
ered against Dr. CharlesO'Friel and John Dough
erty, Executors of Bernard O'Friel, dec'd., a
certain debt of three thousand, eight hundred end
eighty eight dollars and thirty two cents, lawful
money of Pennsylvania, as also fifty dollars end
sixty four cents, like money, which to the said
plaintiffs were adjudged for their damnes which
they sustained by occasion of the detention of
that debt, whereof the said John Dougherty and
Ur. Charles O'Friel, Executors of said deceased,
are convict.. And Whereas, Margery O'Friel is
now adminietratrix, de bonis non, with the will
annexed of said Bernard O'Friel, dec'd.; and
Whereas. exectition of the &lit and damage. as
aforesaid an'yet rernaineto be Arne,
You, and each of you, are Itheiq nctiffed etal
required to appear before the judge. of the Court
of Common Vie.. of Huntingdon county, at a
Court to be held in Huntingdon on the second
Monday in April next, to chew if anything for
yourselves you know, or have - to say, why Ex
ecution should not be had against you for the
debt and damages aforesaid, and why the lame
should not continue a lien against the real entitle
of said deceased, according to the form and effect
of said recovery.
Witness the Honorable A.S. Wilson, Presi-
dent 3f the said Court, at Huntingdon, the 25th
day of January, A. D. 1849.
March 6,1849-4 t.
BY. virtue of sundry writs of Vend-
E , cp. to me directed . , will be exposed
to sale on Monday the 9th day of April
next, at the Court House in the borough
of Huntingdon, at 10 o'clock on said day
the folloWing described property, viz
A certain piece dr tract of land situ=
ate in Jackson township, Huntingdon
county, containing about 6 acres, more
or less, adjoining land of James Alex
ander, David Miller and Robert Mcßur
ney, having thereon erected a three
story frame dwelling house. All clear
ed, and to be sold as the property of Da
vid S. Vance.
The right, title and interest of Joseph
Whitesell, in a certain tract of land sit
uate partly in %Vest and partly in Bar
ree township, Huntingdon coanty, ad
joining lands of Thomas Stewart- Jas.
Harnish's heirs, David Whiteseg and
others, containing one hundred and
eighty acres, or thereabouts, having
thereon erected a log dwelling house,
and Cabin barn--about 70 acres of which
are cleared, with an apple orchard. Ta
ken in execution and to be sold as the
property of Joseph Whitesall.
A certain lot of ground situate in Bra
dy township, (Mill Creek) Huntingdon
county, having thereon erected a two-
Story brick house and out buildings, ad
joining lands of James Irvin, & co. and
other lands of said defendants. Taken
In execution and to be sold as the prop
erty of James Milliken and Joseph Mil
NOTICE is hereby given to all per
sons concerned that the following
named persons have settled their ac
counts in the Register's office at Hun
tingdon, and that their said accounts
will be presented E'er, confirmation and
allowance at an Orphans' Court to be
held at Huntingdon on Wednesday the
11th day of April neil; viz:
1. Abraham Hagan surviving admin.
istratn of Charles liarhits,, late of the
! borough of Huntingdon; d6c'd..
2., Elijah Weston, sating ex e cutor of
Thomas Weston,late of WarrtOimarlc
township, dec'd,
3. 11cit;es Robison and William Pur•
ter, executors of John Watt, late of
West township, dcc'd.
_ _
4. Samuel Houck executor of Jacob
Houck,, late of Tod township, dec'd.
5. Dawson C, Smalley, adinliiixtrutor
of Margaret Smalley, late of Shirley
township, dec'd„
6. William Vandevender and John
Householder, administrators of Isaac
Vandevender, late of Walker township,
7. Peter Secrist, gunrdian of the mi
nor children of LIM fl Sher, lath of
Cromwell tc,iwiiship,. deg d.
8. Samuel isott, gutiedian of Cornelia
Scott, lath of the borough of Birming
ham, deed.
9. Samuel (sett, ghardian of Ellen
Eliza Scott a minor fi child of Dr. Oliver
G. Scott, fate of the borough of Birm
inghain, dec'd
_ . .
10. Thomas Postlethwait and John
Postlethwait, executors of William Pos
tlethwait, late of Shirley township, dec'd.
_ _
11. William McNite, administrator
of Nk illiana Peebles, late of Tell town
ship, deed.
12. Partial account of Abraham Buck
administrator of Daniel D. Miller,' rate
of Warriorsmark township, dec'd.
13. James Gwin, acting executor of
Patrick Gwin, late of the borough of
Huntingdon, dec'd.
14. George Jackson and John
son executors of Joseph Jackson, late
of Jackson township, dec'd.
15. Gbneral Guardianship of James
Potter guardian‘ of the minor children,
of Silas Moore, late of the borough' of
Hollidaysburg, dec'd. . _
16. gar/meiDean and William Cald
well, executors of Robert Dean, late of
Morris township ' decd..
M. F. CAMPBELL, Regiiter.
Register's Office,
Huntingdon, March 10'49.
HE subscribers, residents of Shade
I Gap, Huntingdon county, Pa., beg
leave to inform their friends and the pub
lic generally, that they have established
at the place above mentioned, a BOARD
ING SCHOOL for the education of
young men.
The course of instruction comprises,
in addition to the usual branches of a
common English education: Philosophy;
Mathematics, and the Latin and Greek
languages. The location is distinguished
for ifillitalthfulness and the floral and
• .
religious character of the sufrounding
community Every attention will be
paid to the health and morals of the pu
pils as well as to their mental training
and advancement in scientific knowl
edge, and every facility will be afforded
for their personal comfort and conveni
ence. The year is divided into two sea
sions of five months each 1 the winter
session commencing on the Ist of No
vember, and the Summer session cbm
mencing on the 23rd of April.
Terms per Session :—For Ortho'gra
phy, Reading and Writing, $5. Arith ,
metier Geography, Grammar, Philoso
phy, Ilialory and composition, sB.
Mathematics, G're'ek
s and Latin lan
guages, $l2. Boarding, exclusive of
fuel and light, $1.25 per week. Instruc
tion giiren in French and German, at an
additional charge. The subscribers, en
couraged by the liberal patronage which
they have already received, would re
peat, that they are determined to spare
no effort in making the Institution one
that will commend itself to all parents
who desire to give their sons n thorough
preparatory education, without expo
sing them to the contaminating and im
moral influeuees that exist in more pop
ulotis comthunitleis. For reference or
further partidulars address
Shade Gap, March 13, 1849.
Capt. David Ilazzard;
WOULD reapeetfully inforMall his cid friends
and euatnmert—which includes shout the
entire population—that he has removed
. .
Standing-Stone IteadAgiarters
to the room nest door to Prowell a Slope, directly
opposite Wallace's Washington Hotel, where he
has fitted up an
4173ZZlit 0.4124001 T,
aboveground, which can't he beat on the Juniata .
The lovers of good Oysters can always be etc
commodated by giving him a coll.
- , -
His new stand is fitted by on purpose" to ae
commodate Ladies and ee , denten. The "old.
Captain" therefete hopes that hie friends of both
sexes will extend to him aliberal support.
&c., always on hand
NUTS, &c
March 6, 1848.
SHAD, Constantly on hand
SALMON,I , and for sale by
PORK, ( Market St. Wharf,
Num Sr Otero, Feb. V, 15149.-361