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    lona Mr. Bullock's' AC Wren before the Wor
cester (Mass.) Agricultural Society.,
Progress of Industry and the har
mony of Labor.
''his, then, is the grand moral lesson
of the hour—the progress of industry
and the harmony of lasor. That progress
is already proved and illustrated when
this society remembers, on the one hand
what its (ethers saw, and what they did,
and on the other, casts its eye on the
exhibitions, and gathers up the instruc
tions, of this day. That harmony in HI-
Weat and growth, in sentiment and
purpose, is a bs(n, t wed by this pres•
eat re-union of all the sons of labor at
this annual civic triumph. These ex•
hibitiona are teaching us that we are
all producers and all consumers. These
holidays are proving to us that the cir
cle of all business and rill pursuits is a
charmed circle, and that a single jar
any whe-e spreads discord and disaster
through the whole. There is no such
thing here as an isolated interest, nor
any such a man as an isolated laborer.
In the formation and growth of commu
nities, labor divides and sub-divides its
elf—to the end, not that this pursuit or
that may become easier or more Winora•
blo than the other, but that each and all
may be the more profitable and more
productive.—Would any say that the
divisions and suh-divisionsof human in
vention in the Machinery we have wit
nessed to-day, with all their nice and
varied improvements from year to year,
involve any encroachment on the rights
of laborl Neither with any more truth
wool you maintain that any fixed de
partment of human pursuit, whether of
the hand or the head, in the field or the
shop, in the counting room or the office
could be stricken out without imparting
disturbance to the whole. There is one
harmonious idea running through the
whole scheme, and the whole fabric of
society, the whole theory and the whole
practice of the world—and that is, in
creased profit and increased production,
—greater capacity for producing, sus
taining, educating, and at . vincing the
race. The small and despised stream
which flows through the heart of this
city, is a wiser witness and a more liber
al philosopher than we.—What growth
and unbuilding, and expansion of ins
dustry has it not witaessedl It very
early beckoned to its banks a scattered,
humble, dependant colony of mechanics.
It kept them up through prosperous
and adverse fortune, till now a score of
smoking shafts penetrate the sky, and
from the reservoir in the north to its
southern (valet, its banks are vocal with
the axe and hammer, the whirling wire
and the building machine, the farming
plough and the noisy plane, the fierce
glow of the furnace and the heavy work
ing of iron, the whiz of the car shop
and the crack of the pistol—while a
host of children whom no man can num
ber, look towards it in the morning and
in the evening for their daily bread. If .
I were to call upon this productive riv
ulet for its testimo•ty, what, think you,
it would bel Why, to be sure, that
the wire maker and machine builder
combined to supply the cotton and wool
en mill—that the plough maker furnish
ed his ware for the whole agricultural
world—that the iron man, with his five
or six scores of hands, was at work for
every body—and on to the end of the
chapter, concluding with this essential
and impressive fact, that as this com
munity has increased from year to year,
new churches and schools, a little more
counsel and a little more medicine, yet
other stores, for the wholesale and re
tail, more boarding houses and shoe
',hope, and tailors and halters, and gr
cers arid dress-makers, were demanded
and came in upon us, till tie town has
become, what Ave behold it to-day,—all
helping one anuthar, AND TILE FARMER
hold him to be
a suspicious friend, who would scatter
the seeds of dissension where Provi
dence and natural causes have estab
lished a coincidence of interest ; and
against his testimony I place that ever
speaking and benern ent stream, as it
carries down to the waters of the Black-
stone, to be diffused over yet larger com
twinkles between this rind the Bay of
the Narragansett', that large, universal
truth of American life.
Dr. Donne, afterwards the celebrated
Dean of St. Paul's, when he took pos
session of the first living to which he
was inducted, wilked into the yard of
the church where he was to officiate.
It happened, that as lie sauntered along,
the sexton was digging a grave, and the
doctor stood for a moment to observe
his operations. As the man was at
work, he threw up a scull, which in
some way or other engaged the doctor's
attention.—While he examined it, he
perceived a headless nail, which perfo
rated the temple, and which convinced
him that some dreadful deed must have
been perpretated. Taking up the skull,
he demanded of the grave digger to i
whom it belonged. The man instantly
said, that he knew very well—that it
belonged to a man who was accustomed
to excess in the use of liquor ; and who
one night, having been guilty of his
usual intemperance, had been found
dead in his bed in the morning. Dr.
Donne then asked, "Had he a wife 1"
The answer was in the affirmative.—
.. What character does she beat 1"
The sexton said " A very good one, only
she was reflected upon for marrying
immediately after the death of her hue.
bend," Thie R tss enough for the doc- !
----..... ' • • • , ..—..........
tor, who, upon the pretence of visiting MO3E NEW GOODS
all his parishoners, soon called upon AT TES
the woman in question ; and in
course of conversation he inquired of i _ . •
what sickness her husband died. She
gave him precisely the same account as Fisher, Thritiortrie & Co.,
the sexton had given before her. But Have just received a further addition to (heir
the doctor produced the skull, and point- Fall and ‘N inter stock of Goods, consisting of
ing to the place said, , t Woman do you everything useful and ornamental. Shawls of
11 ir E e nd all prices: Muslin de Loins at 10
know this nail 1" Th e unhappy crim
, cis per ya d ; l.,alicozs at 3 and 4 cis ; Muslin.
nal was struck with horror at the de- bleached and unbleached. at 3 cts, and yard wide
'nand and the sight, and instantly oven- at 0 cu.; l ishmeres. Gingham, B<r ; Water
ed that she had been thr perpetrator of proof and other Boots for uteri and boys. Shoes
the deed, which had hurried her lin , . of nll kinds, Buffalo socks, gum shoes, Yip Mo
band, in a state of intoxication into the 'acorn , RoulY•amde ( 1011141 0• Holy and traps,
, Trunk, Valises,Blatikets, &c., &c., cheaper
eternal world.
thin ever!
' , Hurtlngdon. Dec. b. 1898.
Great Ziconorny iD Kindling Tires.
THE attention of I ountry Merchants. Ped-
I lava, and Dealers generally. anti families ate
respectfully invited to a composition called
an article much needed and in demand from all
quarters. FIFTY Carers wit supply one fire ev
ery day for 6 month.. It is neatly done up in
packager, each containing 24 cakes—each cake
t 0 inches square,—one of which Instantaneously
taking fire front contact with a lighted watch will
ignite Charcoal. Wood and Bituntinoie Coal,
and with one-fourth the ordinary quantity of
mood or charcoal will kindle the Anthracite.
For sale. Wholesale and Retail, at the KIND
LING DE POT, No. 149 elouth 2nd street, Phil-
adel phia.
Feb. 12. 1844-Im.
Auditor's Notice.
Non CE is hereby given to all pereone inter
rated, that the undersigned was appointed by the
Orphans' t ourt of Ilunitngdon enunty. at Jamb.
cry loam last. auditor to apportion the balance in
the handsof the administrators of ,amuel Myton,
late of West township in s .id county deceased.
and that he will attend to the dunes of his said
appointment on Saturday the 10th day of March
next, 10 hie Office in the borough of Huntingdon,
at ten o'clock A. M. of said day ; when and where
all persons interested are notifit d to attend.
JOHN REED, Auditor.
Feb 13, 1849.
A.dministraters' Notice.
Estate of-ILEXO.MT-
GOMERY, late of West township,
NOTICE Whereby given that Letters of Al.
ministration on said Estate. hare been granted to
the undersigned, Persons indebted to the rime,
are requested to make payment, and those having
claims or demands against the some, to present
them duly authenticated for settlement.
Fah. 20, 1849. (Administrators.
Executors , Notice.
LETTERS testamentary having been
granted to the undersigned on the estate
of Matthew Garner, Into of Penn town
ship, in the county of Huntingdon, de
ceased, all persons indebted to said es
tate nre hereby notified to call and make
payment, and all persons having claims
against the same are requested to pre
sent them duly authenticated for settle
ment to the subscribers.
Penn twp.,feb27-pd,
Executors' Notice.
Estate of JOHN .41cC.1REVEY, late
of Henderson township, dec'd.
NOTICE is hereby given that letters testamen
tary have been granted to the undersigned on the
estate of John Mc artney, late of Henderson
township, ikeeaqed. Persons knowing themselves
indebted will come forwardand make pay inentiand
all those having claims will present them duly au
thenticated for settlement.
Worsdell's Vegetable Restorative Pills
! - LT A VE been gradually hut surely coming into
11 favor. among the families of this Country for
some years post They have done this entirely
through their great worth as a FAMILY Ml D.
!CANE. Agencies have been appointed but no
putting and humbug anch as is resorted to by
quaeav to sell their medicine has been done.
The pills are offered lot sole and have and will
continue to Ire sold by all :he p• inciple store
keepers. 'rho proprietors claim for their Medi
cine the following advantages over all others—
via: They are PURELY V GETA BLE.—
They are CERTAIN 'l'o OPERATE. Their
o erasion is FREE from all PAIN. They can
be used with EQUAL , ENEFIT by theyoong
est INFAN 1 and the STRONGEST MAN—
Their efficiency in Fevers, Ague, I leadaches,
Habitual Costiveness. Dyspepsia, Cholera Moe
bus. &c.. has been proven upon thousands.—
They area C °twin Cure for Worms. The pro
prietors possess a certificate from a gentleman in
St. Louts who was cured of a TAPE W OR 5 , 1 by
the use of them. Try them they will not fail.
Travelling agent for the State of Pennsylva
nia— . nunt.ns I'. Aster. For sale, price 25
cento a box containing FIFTY PILLS. with full
directions by the following agents in Huntingdon
Thomas Read & Son. Huntingdon.
Thomas E. Orbison, Orbisonia.
J. M. Lindsey, Hollidaysbor t s. Nair Co.
A. WEEKS & Co.
Proprietors, Laboratory No. 191 Chesnut street,
January 23. 11149-Iy.
. Administrator's Notice.
Estate of Ja.NE 8..41?R, late of Jack
son township, deed.
NOTICE is hereby given that Letters of Ad
mihtstrution have been ranted to the uhder
signed on said estate. Persons indebted to said
estate are requested to malts immediate payment
and those having claims or demands against the
same to present them duly authenticated for set
tlement to JO' IN PARR,
Pelt. IL ?899 —pd. A d nistrator.
Perfume., Hair Oils, Snaps, Shaving Cream, &c.
A very large lot of Roussell's unrivalled
Shaving Cream, &c., icc., just opening at the
Huntingdon Jewelry Store. It i■ decidedly the
best assortment in town and will be sold very
Boots and Shoes.
rpHE: largest, finest and best assort
ment of Boots and Shoes, aver
brought to town, for sale by
P. M.
FELLOW CITIZENS :—At the solicitation of
many friends, I offer myself as candidate for
at the ensuing election. I respectfully solicit
your suffrages, and if elected, promise to dis
charge the duties of the office faithfully—and I
trust to the satisfaction of the Brigade.
Your Fellow Citizen, JAMES CLINGER.
Pine Grove Mills, t
Centre county, Jan. 9, 1849 r
S3'CID LE Cni -_W
Of Partition and Valuation of the Real
Eestate of JO HAW ILL ER, late of
Union township, Huntingdon
County, deceased.
THE heirs and legal representatives of the
raid John Miller. deceased. viz: Christian
Miller. John Mi ler, Matthew Miller, and Han
nan Dell now intermarried with Michael Dell,
are hereby notified that by virtue of a Writ of
Partition n Valuation. issued to me out of the
Orphans' Court of Huntingdon County, I will
hold an Inquisition on the Real Estate r f said de
ceased, viz: a Tract of Land aitunte in Union
township, Huntingdon county, • ontaining 339
acres and allowance, on TUESDA Y. MARCH
13th, 1949,0 n the premises, when and where all
interested can attend if they think proper.
Saznirr's Orrlcx,
Jan. 31.1849-4 t
Sheldrake's Alleghany Ilouse,
.Yo. 280 .Market Street, above Eighth,
(South hide s )
THIS large and splendid Hotel has been fur
nished with entire new furniture. The bar
Room is the largest in Philadelphia. The Par
lors and ,itting-Roosts are entirely separated
from the noise and bustle, consequent to the ar
rival and departure of care. The Portico en
lending the whole front of the house, affords a
cool retreat in warm weather, and a splendid
view of the greatest thoroughfare in the City.
The Lodging Rooms are well furnished. The
Table as well provided for as at any other Hotel,
with every attention of the roanapers to woke it
the hest Hotel for Merchants and Businers Men
during their stay in the City. The terms will
be one dollar per day, On the arrival of the
Cars from the Wert, a Porter will be in attend
ant•o to convey beagage,&c. to the Hotel, which
is adjoining the depot.
Feb. 13, 1819-6 m.
Pennsylvania Railroad Company.
Notice is hereby given that the SEV
LVRS per share on the Capital stock of
this company is required to be paid on
or before the Ist day ofJanuary ip3xt ;
The eighth instalment of five dollars per
share on or before the 2d day of March
—The ninth instalment of five dollars
per share on or before the Ist day of
May, and the tenth instalment of five
dollars per share on or before the Ist day
of July next, at the office of Miles •ic
Payments will be received of one or
more instalments, or the Stock may be
paid in full, at the option of the Stock
holders, and interest will be allowed
from date of payment.
Instalments not paid punctually will
be subject to the penalty of one per
cent per month, as required by law.
Dec. 12, 1848.
Administrator's Notice.
Estate of JOSEPH J./IC KSON (of
David) decd, late of Jackson township,
Huntingdon county.
NOTICE is hereby given that letters of Ad
ministration on said estate have been grant
ed to the undersigned. All persons indebted to
said estate see requested to make immediate pay
ment.and those having elaima ordemands against
the same to present them duly authentiewd for
settlement to GEORGE OLIVER.
Adm'r, Oliver township, Mifflin county.
Jan. 31, 1849-6 t.-pd.
Administrator's Notice
Estate of cas.nxDua LI.EC H, late
of Union township, Iluntingdon county.
NOTICE is hereby given that Letters of Ad
ministration on said estate have been grr, nt
ed to the undersigned. All persons indebted to
said estate are requested to make immediate pay
ment, and those having claims oedema t de against
the same to present them duly authenticated for
settlement to MUSES WOOPE,
Auditor's Notice.
The undersigned, appointetEby the
Court of Common Pleas of Huntingdon
county, to appropriate the proceeds of
the Sheriff's Sale of the real estate of
Henry Dopp, hereby gives notice to all
persons interested in said appropriation,
that he will attend for that purpose, at
his office, in Huntingdon, on Friday the
6th day of April next, at 1 o'clock,
Feb. 27. 1849. Auditor.
M. & J. M. ROWE,
Ao. 03 orth Third street,
One door above Arch, ',oat side,
Pllll. %DELPHIA,
Manufacturers & Wholesale Dealers in all kinds
of Brooms, Brushes, Buckets, Cedar Ware.—
Willow and French Baskets, Shoe and 'A all
Brushes,Sc uhp, Dusters, Mats, Blacking. East
ermmade Wooden-ware of every description,&e.
&c., at the lowest market prices.
March 7,'4R,
The undersigned announces to the citizens o
Huntingdon County, that he has just opened in
the borough of LE W .SITOWN, a new HAT
IMANUFACTORY, where he is pre
poredto make every variety of Huts in
uoe.out of the beat materials such no
WOOL,&c. The business of manufacturing is
conducted by and under his own personal super
vision, and his long experience in the business in
the hest estatiliohniento of the country warrants
him in guaranteeing to all who may purcharie
from him good substantial and highly finished
work. . . .. . _
Our Otnish fri nds shnll not he forgotten in the
efforts we shall put forth to meet the wants of the
commurity ,in our line of business, end h e w ill
be really to answer their calls at prices that must
p ease.
and all others who may desire to purchase Hots,
hisestabliehment riffords superior inducements,
both as regards quality nod price, which hall be
of such a character 118 to l.•ave no room for grum
bling. We the efore invite everybody, of every
distinction of party or aect,to call and examine
our stock; which is ths la , gest and best assorted one
that has ever been introduced here.
N. B. Hats of my manufacture can be hod
nt retail at the store of WM. STE WART, in
Huntingdon Borough.
Lewistown, Sept. '213,1848.
If you want to get the worth of your money then
Jbuy from
where you will find the I irgest, best, and cheap
est,' olortimmt of Goods, drat the town can pro
duce; and that, too, at such low prices that all
who purchase are fully satisfied t .at our motto
is true,. A quick Six-pence is better than a alow
Huntingdon, Oct. 17, 1849.
J. & W. SAXTON,.
Inform the public that they have received
splendid and extensive 1050/flmclit of
all kinds of
which they are determined in sell of prices to
suit ALL. They invite the public to call end ex
amine their Goods.
Huntingdon, Nov. 21, 1898.
Great Redaction in Prices.
Have just received direct from the Eastern Cities,
and are now opening n splendid en.,orinn nt of
consisting of every variety of
Suited to Ladies and Gentlemen's wear, including
Cloths. Cassimers, Sattinetts, Veining, Silk., Sat
ins, Alpachas tinehmeres, De Lninft. Plaida.Bom
banines, Ginghanis, ahem, Checks.Shawla,&c.
We have also a handsome assortmont of
They would also invite attention totheirstock o
Sugars— 5, 6 and 8 cents per pound—
Molasses, from 371 to 40 cents per
gallon ; and every other article usually
kept in a Grocery Store, at equally
low prices.
Boots, Shoes, Hats and Caps,
Hardware and Cutlery, hino, Glass and Queens
wit re. Drugs. Medicines. Dye 8i Ws, &c.
Alt of which will Ire sold at very reduced prices.
The Ladies and Gentlemen are requested to call
and examine three Goode, ae they cannot fail to
please all both as regards style and price.
In the store room formerly occupied by Jacob
Miller, opposite the residence of Judge Gwin,
All kinds of Country Produce ta
ken in exchange for goods. [Sept. 26.
Magnetic Telegraph Outdone!
Likenesses taken in a <, leale less than no time."
9 'HE undersigned begs leave most respectfully
I to announce to the Ladies and Gentlemen of
Huntingdon and vicinity, that he has procnrcd
an improved Daguerreotype Apparatus, which
he has located at the Court House in this place,
where he can he found at all times prepared to
wait upon any of his friends who may favor
hirn with a call. W. I'. WILSON.
Jan. 9, 1849.
H. H. NEXT & BRO.,
Invite the attention of the citizens of H noting
don and persons visiting this place during the
present Court to their immense stock of
W A Teti E S,
Jewelry, and Fancy Articles
just received at their store in MARKET &vitas:,
one door east of the Exchange Hotel. They
will sell
Full jewelled Gold Levers, 18 Carol, huntinc ,
case, for $6O 00
" gold levers, 18 carat, single case, 30 00
Gold Lepine, finest quality, 25 00
Silver Levers, from $l2 to 40 00
" Lepines Btols 00
" Verge Watches Itolo 00
Eight day brass Clocks 5 to 6 00
30 hour " " 3^to 400
Aecordeons, 1 to 18 00
Gold Pencils, 1 50 to 6 00
" Pens, 1 00 to 2 50
Gold Miniature Frames, 4 00 to 10 00
All kinds of Jewelry 20 per cent lower than
We are thankful for patronage heretofore re
ceived, and would solicit all persons desirous of
purchasing any thing in our line to give us a
N. B. Clocks, Watches and Jewelry repair
ed and warranted.
Huntingdon, Nov. 14, 184 F.
lit 11 Eno.,
&C., &C., &C.
Si DIP : 1 %1 OP!
MT noon MAN READ Tlllll if you have got
Driirs.roro or As•ru+u °conifer from general de
bility. or any complaint resuliing from derange
ment of the stomach. You would give a good'
deal toget well, wonld'nt you? Then just give
a LITTLE, and try lireen's Oxygenated Hitomin.
Its juc‘ttlie thing for you. 'flue [Moor discover
ed thin medicine only after lung and careful study
—to cure a friend too—not to make money out of
it. Look at the evidence of its efficacy and you
will he natisfied.
Hon. Alrnotc LAIVIIENCe cured of ASTHMA.
fitt.citismrowN, March 16,1848.
_ _
Da. GRNENE.-4 take great pleasure in inform
ing you of the effects of the medicine called Ida
ygenated Bitters you had the kindness to send
rne. For come twr my years I had suffered se
-verely front [rumored Asthma. I was compelled
to sit up one third of the night, without going to
bed ut all; and the rent of the time my sleep was
interrupted by violent fits of coughing and great
difficulty of breathing. In all my attendance
upon our courts I never went to bed in Northamp
ton in twenty years but twice, and then was com
pelled to get up. Now I lie in bed without diffi
culty, and sleep roundly. I took your medicine
according to directions. The violent symptoms
immediately abated, and perseverance in the use
of the remedy has removed all its troublesome
consequence.. The value of such o remedy is
incalculable. and I hope its virtnes may be wide•
iy diffused and its benificent agency extensively
imp oyed.
Respectfully yours.
E Pc June 10, 1848
Mesas. Collier & flro.
Gentlemnn—ln reply to your note tus to the
effect of the Oxygenated Bitters in me cone. I
would say, that I hay* been afflicted with Dyspep
sia about six years, and have tried ninny known
remedies, but obtained no relief until a friend
recommended the Oxygenated Bitters. a • • •
I me finally induced to procure two bottle' of
you, and I had not taken half a bottle before I
felt its effects upo, my system , anti after the use
of the second bottle, I found mysel in a state of
health as unexpected as it was gratifying. To
the afflicted I have no hesitation in recommend
nig the Bitters, as superior to any medicine I
have ever heard of fur the cure of Dyspepsia.
Very Respectfully yours,
The following Certificates have re
cently been received :
WASIII;;GTON, 1). C., June :0. 1846
Having inade use of the .Oxygenated Bitters"
prepared by Dr. Geo. B. Green, of I,‘ indsor, Vt ,
t nd from knowledge obtained of their efficacy in
other eases. we cheerfully recommend them to the
public, believing that they will fully sustain the
recommendation of the Proprietor. e hope
that this valuable remedy may be so generally dif
fused 'throughout the country that it may be ac
cessible to all the afflicted.
SAMUEL PHELPS, U. S. Senator.? from
WM. UPHAM, 5 Vermont.
JAMES F. SIMMONS, U. S. Senator from
Rhode Island.
J. T. MOREHEAD, U. S. Senator and for
merly Governor of Kentucky.
L. H. ARNOLD, Member of Congress and
formerly Governor of R. I.
WM. WOODBRIDGE, U: S. Set.ator and
formerly Governor of Michigan.
M. L. MARTIN, Delegate in Congress from
Wisconsin Territory.
From the lion. SOLOMON FOOT. Member of Con
_ green from Vermont.
Gusts cgs F....r0t5:1, General Agents, No. 26,
South - ixth St. Philadelphia.
Sold wholesale and retail by TIIONAS REA. &
Seri, Huntingdon, Pa.
Price—s7.oo per bottlo. : six bottles
for $5.00.
August 15 1848
THis Popular I louse has recently undergone a
1 thorough repair, and been furnished mite
entire new fu.i.niture, of the best quality. Mem-
Itera of the Legislature and others, viaiting the
Seat of Government. will find it a very desirable
stopping place.
CO — Charges moderate.
FiJulyarrisburg, 14, 1848—Om.
r.a.x.r. AND WINTER •
1 1 A S reo NS !
Cluthing for Men and Boy R.
Has received at his old Stand in Main Street,.
Huntingdon, a new. and large assortment of
of all sizes to suit men and boys, consisting of
the most fashionable Dress Coats, Pantaloons
and Vests, made of the hest and finest Cloths,
Cassimeres, and Ces.rinetta. And nn equal as
sortment of plain and substantial materials,
suited for the every day business of all classes.
He has a FIT, ASSORT.ENT of every size and
kind, and he will sell
as Cheap as the Cheapest
He only wants a small living profit; and he in
vites all who wish to purchase to see his Goods,
before purchasing elsewhere.
Taylorhig is his trade, and he knows wnat he
says when he says he can and will accommodate
all who call, on terms to suit. Ile also continues
and has an extensive assortment of Cloths, Cos
simeres, Cassinetts and Vest!ngs which he will
sell and make up to suit any and every body,
cheap and well. He is determined to leave
No Room for Grumbling!
A SPLENDID assortment of Ameri
-11 can Cottage, Cast Iron, Air Tight,
Parlor, Coal and wood Stoves, Russia
Iron Stoves, Fancy 6 Plate, Parlor Radi
ators, &c., &c., for sale by
Tohn Scott, jr.,
A TTORNEY Al' LAW, Huntingdon,Pa.-
1 Hue removed hisollice to the middle room of
• Snare's Row,"direcily oppomitt Fisher & WMur
trie'etitore where he will attend with protoptnese
and fidelity to ell business with which he maybe
erroetedin iisrintingdon orthe siajoiningconatig
" Encourage your Own"
Cabinet itare Manufactoilo
Main Street, Huntingdon, Pa.
informing their friends and the public at
large that they continue to carry 011 the
business, at their old stand, one door east of the
dwelling holm of J. G. lilies, Esq.. and directly
opposite the ('rioting Office of the •' Huntingdon
Journal," where they will he pleased to furnish
those who may favor them with their customovii It
all articles in their line on the moat reasonable
terms. Having supplied themse ses with a very
Icrge and superior stock of stuff, they hove no
hesitation in assuring the Public that they can
furnish work, which, for cheapness, beat ty end
durabithity,cannot be surpassed by .T other shop
in the county.
They will keep constantly on hand, and make
to order,
Card Tables, Bedsteads, Centre Tables, -
Cupboards, Stands, Dough Troughs,'
Wash. Stands, Wardrobes, Secretaries,'
Breakfast Tables, Pedestals, Ste.
Old - futniture repaired at the very shorte:i. no
tice. COFIIII9 made sod funerels rittend , a, either
in town or country, at the shortest notl,e. They
keep a Hoarse 19r the accommodotion of their ens.
Grain of all kinds will be taken in exchange
for furniture end work.
Thanklulfor the very I iheralpatronage heretofore
extended to them, they assure the public that no
efforts will be spared on their part to deserve a coa•
tinuencoand increasie of public patronage.
may 2, 18484 f.
l'egrilaiile Gaoler Nal kills,
The only known Medicine that at the same
time purges, purifies and strengthens
the system.
Los ao,r,July 7,1840.
TAR. LE ROY'S Pills are a new medicine which
hasp.t appeared,and infest taking the places
of all others of the same clam. These pills are
composed of many ingredients, but the two princi
pal ones are Sarsaparilla and Wild Cherry, so uni
ted that they act together; the one, through it
admixture with other substances, purifying end
purging, while the other is strengthening the sys
tem. Thus those pills ore at the some time tonic
sod opening; a desideratum long and en, rly
nought for by medical men, but never before din
cuiered. In other words they do the work elms
medicines, and do it much better than any two we
know of; for they remove nothing from the system
but the impurities; co that while they purge they
strengthen; and hence they cause no debilitation,
and are follow, dby no reaction. Dr. I.e Roy's
pills have a wonderful influence on the blood; they
not only parity without weakening it hut they re
move all noxious particles front the eh la beloteit
is converted into fluid, and thus make impure
blood an utter impossibility. As the, is no ;Irbil
itation,so there iv no nausea or sickness 'wending
the operations of thin most excellent of medicines
which never strains or torturer; the digestive fun , .
tions,buteanses them to work in n perfectly nattn•
al manner; and hence persons taking them do not
become pale and emaciated. but the eor ,nary ; for
while it in the property of the Sarsaparilla, unit , tl
as it is with other ingredir'nts, to remove all that is
foreign and impure, it is equally the property ; f
the Wild Cherry to retain ull that in natural at
sound; and hence a robust state of health is the
certain result of their united operations.
(0 - .Priee 25 Cerrts per BOX.
AGENTS.—T. Read & Son, Swoop, & Af
rica, ; W. W. Buchanan, Millj i.
and Kessler, reek ; S. H atfield LC Son. Jubi.
eta Iron Works; Porter & Bucker, Moore
Elvvoope, H. C.. Walker, A lexandi in; G. I I.Steitic r
Woterstreel. (Aug. 31:47.
Washington Gallery of Dagnerrotypen,
No. 231 North Second Street, N. W. corner of
qint Likenesses taken and beautifully colored
1 at this well known establishment far oat TOL.
LA 11, are ouiversally conceded to be 1: AL in el*-
ery respect to AST in the city. Pictures taken
equally well in cloudy and clhir weather. A
large assortment of AdmiALLioNs and LocKris
on hand, from $2 to $5, including the picture.
The subscribers respectfully invitt the citizent ,
of Huntingdon County, to call and examine 01 r.
clowns of the latest improvements it the art of
Daguerrentyping, which will ho exhibited cheer•
fully sod without chit ge.
Jay 4; 1848
Nos. 32 and 33 Arcade. and 8} North Third Bt. ,
COUNTRY Merchants can site from 10 to lr
per cent by purchasing al the above stoics ---
By importing my own goods, pn3'ing but litylv
rent, find living economically, it is plain I cin us,
dersell those who purchase their goods here, p‘i'
high rents, and live like princes.
Constantly on hand, a large assortment of Fr,
and Pocket Knives Scissors and Razors. Tehl
lilliser and Forks, in Ivory, Slog, Buffalo, Bons
and Woo,: handles; Carvers and Forks, Sleek',
&c. Butcher Knives, picks, Bowie Knives. De•
volving and Plain Pistols, Arc. Just seceikta
large stock of Rodgers' an 1 Westenholm's fitye
Pen and Congress Knives.
Also, a large assortment of Accordeont, Are..
&c Also, Fine English Twist end Germ.'
Crouneliati & Brother,
No. 11. Walnut Street, Philadelphia.
Wine, Liquor and General Conzmissioft
Brandies, Gin, and Chnmpniyne• of
VV V different brands imported direct, and sod ou,
accommodating terms to Country Dealers. Qual
ities and proof of Liquors wrrranietl.
Philadelphia. June 20, IR4B.
The sulascriber is forced' once more tp al
upon his friends and patrons and ask them to
conic and pay off their accounts' Necessity
alone induces him to call upon them again at
present, and necessity alone does dictate him to
hanchover to the proper officer all accounts, that
maY remain unpaid or unsettled by the Ist dig
of February 1849 Tor collection.
NS. 21t)i 1818. J. ti