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    Later From Mexico.
The British Mail Steamer Great Western,
from Vera Cruz, atrived at Cat Island, on the :
19th, with dates from the city of Mexico to the
13th, Vera Cruz to the 15th, andTampied to the
13th. She had on board, specie to the amount
of $2,298,075, of which $202,129 was con
signed to New Orleans.
The news by this arrival possesses no great
interest. Revolutionary projects were still hint
ed at in the newspapers, but they had not as
sumed any definite shape. The Sighs of the
Bth says that a rumor was in circulation the
day previous, to the effect that a revolution in
favor o f Sante Anna had broken out in San
Louis, and that it was seconded by Gen. MM
on in Guanojuato. The Sighs pronounces the
rumor destitute of truth. In Orizaba, some
thing more definite had taken place. It was
known that a revolution in favor of Santa An
na was to break out on the Ist, butthe diligence
and activity of the authorities frustrated the de
signs of the conspirators, who were arrested and
(Cottespondence of the N. 0. Picayune.]
CITY OF Mexico, Nov. 13, 1848.
The depredations of the Indians in the
northern and midland States are becom- I
tog every day more :Ind more troublesome !
especialy in Michoacan; and not all the
efforts that are being constantly made
to repel them than can prevent the rob
beries and murders of Mexicans by those
Savages. Indeed, the affair is assuming
a very alarming appearance, and none
can foresee the result: Desertions in
the army are also getting to be frequent;
so much so that a circular has been di
rected to the proprietors of haciendas,
instructing them to arest all deserters
whom they may find and forward
tnation of the same. Sr. Flores, Govern
er •of this State, resigned his office
shortly since, and in his place Sr. Malo
has een appointed. Sr. Malo, though
his 'name signifies evil, has the repute
lion of being a man in all respcts well
qualified to fill the high and responsi- '
ble station of Governor of Alexico. Sr.
Pores, it is said, with what truth I
know not, was man °linnet' mildness of
disposition, and not over disposed to
tarry out the terms of the law in all
An extra session oldie Congress has
been called, for the purpose of passing a
MA , to authorize the appointment of corn-
Mcssioners to nct in connection with
those from the United States, in relation
to the formation of the boundnry line be
tween the States of New Mexico and
California and this Republic. This
Must be considered a very eitellent mea
sare, as the sooner those things are ac
tomplished the less trouble and dispute
tan nrise hereafter. The loan of $1300,-
000,—not $BOO,OOO, as I stetted to you
in my last—which has been authorized
to be made bysthe •goiernment, has not
yet been effected, nor is it likely either,
on the terms allowed. Nobody will
lend the Govrnment money on its own
security, and it is a matter of very great
doubt whether the present Government
has the power at all to hypothecate nny
portion of the next payment that is to
be made by the United States.
lit mons izotsLATIoN,--A corres
pondent of one of the Boston papers, up
on the recent passage of a law of an arbi
trary character, submitted the following,
as worthy the consideration of the Leg•
islature :--First; a law to regulate the
killing of cats, and the drowning of blind
pups. Second; one to prevent the eyes
of lobsters from projecting mare than
one foot. Third; one to prevent the
buzzing of flies and hook-billed musqui
toes. Fourth; to regulate the twist of
dog's tai's. Fifth; the regulating the
color and size of whiskers. Sixth; pre
scribing the mode in which eels shall be
skinned, potatoes roasted, and pen.pods
General Taylor, according to rumor.—
having known Gen. Cass while both in
Oen, Jackson's cabinet. They also dill%
says the same rumor, concerning the
right of States to iegislate on the sla
tkry question.
THE JEwx---On the let of this month,
the decree for the complete emancipa
tion of the Jews of the Roman States
came into force. They are thou eby de
clared fit for the exercise of all civil
rights. The year 1848 is an amazing
one. • The changes of the form of Gov
ernment are, however, less suprising
than the abandonment of the Ghetto by
the Jews of Rome.
DISCRIMINATE.—The office-holders in
power are just now very anxious that
Gen. Taylor abound titSCRIMINATE in their
favor, when the time for appointments l i
comes round. The General in one of '
his letters, said very properly that ho
would make no iNDISCRIMINATE removals
from office. The N. Y. Courier and En
quirer notices this anxiety of the pres
ent office-holding party, to know upon
what principle his discrmination' will
be exercised, and says:—
We are entitled to our "guess" as
well as others ; and we buzzard the con
jecture that he will discriminate with
reference to two points : 1, with a pri
mary reference to the ability, faithful.
ness and integrity of the office-holder,
so as to insure a proper discharge of
the duties of the office,—and 2, he will
discriminate in such a way as to afford
neideutal protection tothe Whig pa rty!•
WHOLESALE EXTERMINATION.—It was ! Orphans' Court Sale.
stated' recently, by Rev. Mr. Cliiniguy, 1 i N pursuance of an order of the Orphans' Court
in a puplic meeting at Montreal, that he I J of Huntingdon county, the undersigned rut
had a list of fifteen families Administrato of George W. Thompson, dec'd.,
I once among r
will expose to public sale on FRIDAY the 4th
the wealthiest of Montreal, who have all day of JANUARY, 1849, at 10 o'clock A. M.
been destoyed by Intemperance. Their !on the premises, the following described-Real
aggregate fortune a few years ago a- 1 Estate late of said deceased,viz : A Lot of ground
mounted to $BOO,OOO. Now they have situate in the town of Warriormark in sattl'coun
disappeared entirely, root and branch, ' s' ,
the toed anntidograni.:eingPhaill7g
soley through the influence of intoxica ,
' tng to an alley, known as Lot No. 11 in i tne
Ling liquors. He had another list of I plan o r sol d town. and having a house and other
fourteen families, of various ocupations, ' building. thereon. Also an out Lot adjoining
whose aggregate fortunes amounted to ! said town, in the township of Warrioramark in
$1,200,000, who have also disappeared 1
said bov : Q S:A l N:ri ft s 1 n t
the gs
;Vt . Dr .. ' h
Oliverrope property
from the same cause, and another list
8 8 coo and wife by deeds recorded in he Record
er five hundred and seventeen families,
er's Office of said county in Record Book C No.
who resided in fourteen parishes, and i 2. pages 133,4 Bes, conveyed to the said Geo.
were all once comparatively wealthy, IW. Thompson.
but are row destroyed by liquor, except ' Terms of Sale:—One half of the purchase
remnants scattered through the States : money to lie . Poid on confirmation f of the sale, and
and elsewhere. it is thus that intoxica- ' t t4 e l4,4 " ,, l e d c u u e r : )
17:37 the year therea ft er
and e rn r ort . ;age ln o k rtte
ling liquors destroy the human race,
HORRIBLE DRAM-A young man na
med Davis, aged 19 to 20 years, was
killed at Carmel, Me., a few days since,
by coming in contact with a circular saw.
It struck him on the top of the head, cut
down between the eye and nose, severed
both upper and lower jaws, and by the
blood and particles of his brain on the
saw, the wound must have been some
seven inches in depth. He fell dead
without a struggle.
the close of his service on Sunday after
noon, says the Boston. Journal, Father
Taylor held up the Goyernor's Procla
mation, appointing a day of Thanksgiv
ing, and said,—"Brethren, I would read
this paper, if I had strength enough left
to do it. It is very lot.g, and as good
as it is long. It ends with the Prayer,
"God save the Commonwealth!" Thank
God brethren, that was done a week
situate in Shalreraville, Morrie township, Hunt-
The ALLISON LETTER.—Since the e- ingdon county. on which is erected a large
leetion, the Democrats have abandoned / TWO STORY FRAME HOUSE,
all their former objections to this let- fin formerly used as a tavern, two tea
ter, but have just discovered a new and bin, and a store house, and other
more formidable one than all the others outbuildings. T his property is le.
toted on the turnpike leading from Huntingdon
combined, which is, that there is no to Hollidaysburg, and is a very desirable loca
pledge in it on the part of General Tay- ti,:n for public business.
lor that he will Hot run for a second term. I Attendance will be given and terms of sale
They are now disposed to waive all fur. made known on the day of sale, by the under.
ther cavil against the Letter, ifGen. Tay- signed, ADAM SHAFFER.
ler will only supply this omission, as PETER SHAFFER.
Nov, 29, 1848—ts• •
they are afraid he may serve them as he _..
did the Mexicans, and give them "a lit- NOTICE.
tle more grape."—N. 0. Bulletin. At a meeting of the Board of Directors of the
Lycoming County Mutual Insurance Company,
h4l at their office in the borough of Money,
MARKETS. Sept. 27, 1818, it wax resolved that an assess-
PIIILADELPIIIA, Nov. 30, MIL ! meat '. of 2
per cent. be directed on all premium
s company given for
on of the
The Flour market has been quiet. Some fur- Tf ran ' e n e
insurance, which were in force onthe 13th day
of September, 1818.
ther sales for export at $5,25 per bbl. For "n"
city consumption small sales at $5,31} a 5,37 A The undersigned has been appointed Receiver
for -common brands, and $5,56; a $6 for extra.
„ for a part' of Huntingdon and a small part of
R y e Flour—A ' mall ' lie at $3,"1. Corn
Meal—A small sale a! $2,87 i a $2,94 per bbl. Blair county. It is therefore hoped that as the
Holders generally ask the latter rate. Grain— amount is so small to each, no delay will be
Sales -of good white wheat at 116 c., and red at caused on the part of members, to pay this pro
110e. per ha. Old Corn is dull, and prices are portion and sustain the credit and usefulness of
rather unsettled. Sales of new Yellow, at 56c., , the institution. .
The amount lost by fire, the persons names,weight. Oats arc dull. Whiskey—Sales
Ithds at 23 a 23}c., and bbls. 21c. and the amount to be paid by each member, can
' be seen at his office in the borough of Hunting
at. DAVID SNARE, Receiver.
----------- I,
By Rev. Mr. Elderdise, on the 30th ultimo, , -
Orphans' Court Sale.
Mr. DANIEL SNYDER of Henderson town-
i i BY virtue of an order of the Orphans'
ship, to Miss ANN ELIZA HICKS of Hope- Court of Huntingdon county, there
well township. "Old Zack has come!" will be exposed to sale, by public vendue
Orphans' Court Sale.
i ,Friday the 15th day of December, 1848, or outcry, on the premises on
TN pursuance of an order of the Orphans' 1
Court of Huntingdon county, the undersign- at 1 o'clock in the afternoon of said day,
ed as Administrator of Alexander Gwin, deed.,: in parts or together, as may be to the
will expose to public sale at the Court House in interest of the estate and the conveni
the borough of Huntingdon, in said county, on once ofpurchasers , a certain messuage,
'THURSDAY tho 27th day of DECEMBER
instant, at 1 o'clock I' H. the following descri-
plantation and tract of land situate in
b e d R ee l R o t ate , lat e o f sa id d ecease d, viz: Th e Franklin township, Huntingdon county,
undivided third part of a tract of land situate adjoining lands of John M'Ferran and
in tiopewell township in said county, adjoining 1 Alexander Stewart on the north west,
the Rsystown Branch of the Juniata River. and lands of Robert and Benjamin Wallace,
lands of hones Entrekin, containing
227 acres,' the little Juniata River and land of Dr.
be the saMe More of less, about 100 of which
Adams IVFFerran on the south, and land
are cleared, booing re tog barn, a log house and s
gout orchard thereon.; With a well of water at the .of Abraham Weight on the east, con
house. Also a Lot of ground in the said Bor• taiaing ninety-seven acres, fifty-five per-
OLIO of Huntingdon on the south west earner of . ches, and the usual allowance for roads,
Allegheny and Bath streets, No. 117 in the plan ! &r. Seventy-five or eight acres of which
of said
ktick dwelling Do•.rough
h ouse a , litiviu
nd ki g th'e
tchen and reon-a good
o ther o uv
build story ' are cleared and under cultivation, and
- : .
thereon erected a two-story slant
tags thereon, which Lot is 50 feet in front and having
lies between the Velure Vail Road as located . and house and a frame' !Tarn,- rate the estate
the Petite,' canal. lof Joseph. %Vaguer, of Freak fin tottii-
Terin4 of Sale:—One half of the petcleitse ship f deed.
m he paid on the confirmation of the I TERMS (IF SALE.— The tflirdorthe
sale, an I the balance in one year thereafter with I purchase money to be paid on the con
internal, to bo secured by the bond end mortgage I firmation of the sale, one third within
of the purchaser:
one year thereafter wit interest, and
WM. P. ORBISON, Atlnt'r.
At tho s une tint: and place the undersigned the remaining third to b 0 paid at or im
will off:r far cite the remaining two-thirds of mediately after the death of Elizabeth'
the shove described tract of land situate in Hope- I Wagner, widow of said intestate—the
well township. JAME'S GWIN, interest of this third part to be paid to
GEORGE GMT?. said widow annually and regularly du
ring her natural life by the purehaser—
and the whole to be secured by the Bond
and gortglige of the purchaser:
The above property is situate in sight
of the Central Rail Road—there is on
it an excellent spring of lime-stone wa
ter; and strong appearances of iron ore:
The land will be offered in parts or al
together as may be deemed advisable.
I Attendance will be given at the sale
by the undersigned Admipistratrix.
Dec. 5, 18 4 8
Fisher, M'Murtrie & Co.,
Have just received a further addition to their
Fail and Winter stock of Goode, consisting of
everything useful and ornamental. Shawls of
all kinds and all prices: Muslin de Leine at 10
eta per yet d ; Calicoes at 3 and 4 eta ; Mushily,
bleached and unbleached, at 3 cts, and y ard wide
at 6 ctet Cashmeres, Gingltams, &c; NVater
proof and other Boots for men and boys. Shoes
of all kinds, Buffalo seeks, gum shoes, Fig Mo.
I , Ready-made Clothing. Hat■ and Caps,
Trunks, Valises, Blankets, &c., &c., cheaper
than ever
Huntingdon. Dec. 6, 1848.
I hereby caution the public against purchasing
a promisory note given by me to Robort Myton,
for twenty-five dollars ($25,00) bearing date
Aug. 26, 1818, tui I have never received value
for the same and am determined not to pay it.
Doc. 3, 1216,-3t.
Dec. 4, 1848,
)rARIvc Ton. SALE
THE undersigned offers for rule or rent the
limn now tenanted by Michael Stone, allude in
Hopewell township, Huntingdon County, and
within a mild or two of James Entriken'a new
Furnace, containing
303 Acres,
and allowances, a huge quantity of which is
cleared and under fence, haring thereon Iwo log
dwelling houses, a new log barn sixty-five by
thirty feet, and a small orchard. There is about
forty acres of meadow on the some.
The terms will ho made easy. and indisputable
title given. If not sold, it will be leased and
possession given on the first day of April next.
I luntingtion. Dec. 5, 1848.
1 5 1753L/0 SALM.
?ILL be cold at public Sale on the 25th day
NA' of DECEMBER next, a Lot of ground
- Huntingdon, Nov. 21, 1848,
Nov. 21, 1818—ts,
JUST .11111111PED,
A SPLENDID assortment of Ameri-
A can Cottage, Cast Iron, Air Tight,
Parlor, Coal and wood Stoves, Russia
Iron Stoves, Fancy 6 Plate, Parlor Radi
ators, &c., dm, forsale by
J. dc W. SAXTON.
10g1 SACKS of Salt, Plaster, Fish,
kc., Fro., for sale by
Nov. 21, 1848..
lIIHE subscriber will offer at Public
Sale, on the premises on SATUR
DAY, the 23d of December, at 12 o'-
clock, M., the following valuable Real
Estate, to wit : ' " .*
situate on the banks of the little Juni;
atn river, one mile below Birmingham,
and within 4 miles of the Penn'a Canal
at Water street, and the great Central
Rail Road passes through it : One tract
situate in \Varriormark township, Hun
tingdon county, the other tract situate
in Tyrone township, Blair county, the
river being the line between the two
tracts, and also the line between Hun
tingdon and Blair counties, well known
as the property of Andrew Robeson, of
Warriorsmark township, now deceased.
in NV amorsmark township, contains
200 acres of excellent limestone land,
about 100 acres cleared, and in a good
state of cultivation, with TIIREE DIVEL.
LING HOUSES, a stone barn and a good
apple orchard thereon.
in Blair county, contains 400 acres of
excellent timber land, with a house and
stable thereon erected; there is an Ore
bank on this tract, from which a quan
tity of Iron Ore of an excellent quality
has been raised. A large part of this
tract is good limestone land for farming.
On these two tracts are
Four Situations for Forges or Furnaces,
perhaps the best sites in the State There
is a number of springs on the two tracts
of never failing water that keeps the
river free from ice for more than a mile.
This last tract is ail woodland, and
well covered with timber.
TERMS—One third of the purchase
money to be paid in hand, and the bal
ance in two equal annul payments, with
interest, to be secured by the bonds and
mortgages of the purchaser.
Persons wishing to purchase are invi
ted to call and examine the premises.—
Attendance will be given by
Surviving Executor 0f../Ind; ew Robeson,
Nov. 21, 1848.
Inform the public that they have received a
splendid and extenaire assortment of
all kinds of
which they are determined io sell at prices to
suit ALL. They invite the public to call and ex
amine their Goods.
Huntingdon, Nov. 21, 1848.
Woodon Ware
SUCH as Tubs, buckets, barrel churns,
atmospheric churns,
wash boards.
Also, Clothe baskets, hand-baskets, trav
elling baskets, &c., &c., for sale by
Boots and Shoes.
THE largest, finest and best assort
_ ment of Boots and Shoes, ever
brought to town, for sale by
?THE greatest variety of Groceries,
j_ Queenswara and Hardware ever of
fered to the citizens of Huntingdon
county, for sale by J. & W. SAXTON.
Later, Oheaper and Better,
THE Huntingdon Jewelry Store has just re
ceived another large and choice selection'of
&c., &., of every description and quality.
All persons, whether desirous of purchasing
or not are requested to call and examine this
stock and thus satisfy themselves of its cheap
ness and excellence.
CU — The undersigned has recently employed
a skillful and experienced workman from Pilau
delphitt, to'do 'all kinds of Clock, Watch and
Jewelry repairing. Customers may rely upon
having their work well and promptly door, and
warranted for one year.
Huntingdon, Nov. 13. 18.18.
J. T. SOT T,
zt. X. NErr & lIRO.
Invite the attention of the citizens of Hunting
don and persons visiting this place daring the
present Court to their ittnnenue stock of
jewelry, and randy Articles
just received at their store in'Af.tast, Sou4nE,
one door cast of the Exchange Hotel. They
will sell
PUl 7 ljeWerled Gold Levers, 18 Carot, hunting
case, for $6O 00.
" gold levers, 18 carot, single case, n 00
Gold Lepine, finest quality, 25 00
Silver Levers, from $l2 to 40 00
Lepinea to 15 00
" Verge Watches Itolo 00
Eight day brass Chicks 5 to 6 00
30 hour 3 to 4 00
Accordeons, 1 to 18 00
Gold Pencils, 150 to 6 00
" Pens, 1 00 to 2 50
Gold Miniature Fratues, 4 00 to 10 00
All kinds of Jewelry 20 per cent lower than
We are thankful for patronage heretofore re
ceived, and would solicit all persons desirous of
purchasing any thing in our line to give us a
N. B. Clocks, Watches and Jewelry repair•
ed and warranted.
Iluntingdon, Nov. I I, 1818
"CHEP JOHNNY" in the field again, With
the lhigest, prettiest andcheapest stock of goods
eveioffered to the public in this Section of the
country..Otir stock of dress goods is complete
and staple goods in abundance. We have also
a large assortnient of, • ,
CAPS; sokyrs AND SHOES;,
It Is unneccessary for us to enumerate the
names and prices of our goods, as it is expected
persons wishing to inn-chase. will examine for
themselves. Person/I wishing good bargains,
will find that this is the place, and if we do not
satisfy you that the goodsare the CHEAPEST ir.
TOWN, we have a small lot ymi can have
for taking them away.
The public are invited to attend the grand
rally at the Cheap Corner..
Huntingdon, Nov. 14, 4848.
If you want to get the worth of your money that
buy from
where you will find the largest, best, and cheap
est aoortment of Goods, that the town can pro
duce; and that, too, at such low prices that ell
who purchase are fully satisfied t .at our motto
is true,. A quick Six-pence is better than a slovv
Huntingdon, Oct. 17, 1848.
English and Classical Institute.
The subscribers, residents of Shade Gap,
Huntingdon county, Pa., beg leave to inform
their friends and the public generally, tlat they
intend, if they meet with sufficient encourage
ment, to establish at the place above mentioned
a BOARDING SCHOOL for the education of
young wen. The course of instruction will
comprise in ufhlition to the usual branches of a
common English education—Philosophy, Math
ematics, and the Latin and Greek languages.—
The location is distinguished for its healthful
ness and the moral and religious character of
the surrounding community. Every attention
will be paid to the health, and morals of the pu
pils as well us to their mere mental training and
advancement in scientific knowledge, and every
facility will be afforded for' their personal com
fort and convenience.
Owing to some necessary preparations to be
made in the buildings, the first session will not
be commenced until the 20th of November next,
and will continue for five months, thus dividing
the year into two sessions' of live months each.
The terms will be :
For readin;, writing and Arithmetic, $2 50 per
quarter, or $5 00 per session. Gratimiar,
Geography and Philosophy, $ t 00 per quar
ter, or $8 00 per session.' Mathematics,
Greek and Latin Languages, $6 00 per quar-
ter, or $l2 00 per session. Boarding,
sive of fuel and light, $1 25 per .week.
The subscribers, in casting themselves upon
the patronage of the community, are determined
to spare no effort in making the Institution one
that will commend itself to all parents who de
sire. to give their sons a thorough preparatory
education without exposing them to the contam
inating and immoral influences that exist in more
populous communities. For reference or fur
ther particulars address
Shade Gap, net. 17, 1848.
Pennsylvania Railroad Company.
MOTICE is hereby given, that the SIXTH
IA instalment of FIVE DOLLAIIS
is requested to he paid oArr before - the FIRS"'
day of NOVEMBER next.
OF.OROR treasurer.•
Instalments received by Afiy.,,,pecrY6u
!us, Huntingdon.
- Huntingdon, Oct. 17, 1818:
Executors' Notice.
NO'l'((7E ie hereby giventhat T.Tel te re Testa
mentary on Iha estate of Samuel Barr,
late of Jackson township, Hunt. co., dec'd, have
been granted to the undersigned. All persona in
debted to said estate are requested to make imme
diate payment, and those having claims or de
mands againet.the same to present them duly au
thenticated for settlement to
Jackson tp., Nov 11, 1848-6(.
ts Popular House has recently undergone e T thorough repair, and been furnished with
entire new ficrniture, of the best quality. Mem ,
hers of the Legislature and others, visiting the
Seat of Government, will find it a very desirable
stopping place.
B:7" Cfneges moderate.
WM. 'F. SA NDERS, Agent
Harrisburg, ittly 14. 1848-6 m.
Perfumes, Hait Oils, Soaps, Shaving Cream', Rie
. . . . ,
A very large feri of Rousseli"; unrivalled
Shaving Cream, Rte. ' &c., jtiSt opening at the
Huntingdon Jewelry S 4 /ore. it is decidedly the
best assortment in town dritl NCI' be sold very
of 'Valuable Beal Estate.
rpHl undersigned offers at private sale, a farm,
1_ containing one hundred and twenty acres of
first rate
formerly owned by Chtistian Oycr, and latterly
by Dennis Coder; situate in lierree township,
Huntingdon county, adjoining lands of Dr. B.
E. McMurtrie, William !Tenon, Captain John
Srewart and others. There is a good dwelling
house and stable erected on the premise.. The
land is in a high elate of cultivation, and in
point of quality, there is none superior in the
county of Huntingdon. The neighborhood In
which it is located is pleasant, and one of the
moat intelliegnt that can be four'! in the State.
'Perms will be made easy, and an indisputable
title given by the untlersisned, residing in Walker
township, Huntingdon county.
N.B. Should the subscrice;norgeiipurch a
ser for the above property previous to the lot dav
of January, 1849, it will then be offered for lent.
Possession will be given on the Ist Of April,
Nov. 18, 1848
A. W. Desediet,
ATTORNEY AT LAW, Huntingdon. Pa.—
Office at his old residence in Main atreet,a
few doors west of the old Court House. He wil
attend to any business entrusted to Ivan in the see
air Courts ofHuntingdon and adjoining counties.
"Broke atit in a New Place Pt
would reapecifully Inform till creation—every thing
on two legs, that eats—and his numerous Mende
in particular, that he has again opei ed in a new
place, next door to T. Read and Son's store, an
wiyore tie ii prepared to accommodate all n homey
fieor him +kb theiicustOrn with superior "SHELL
Fl an" and fiiin's, et all tirtids.
His neW stead is fitted op . 1 on purpose" to ac
commodate Ladies end gentremen. The " old
Captain" therefoie hot" that hie friends of both
sexes will extend to lum a tihhidt eupport.
. . ,
NUTS, Sec.., 'lce. ; always on. hand.
Pio.. I], 1846.
liAtiLE s &LOON;
The undersigned take great .pledaure
in annouricidg to the public,6at,afier a
considerable amount of labOr and ex
pense, they hate Oui .
ceeded opening
the most splendidly etYWvhed s and Com
between Philadelphia and Pitisbutk f .. in
the basement of SNARE'S SOW,
Huntingdon, immediately otii . 4eite the
"Grand Bazar" where they Ivilt,bi; plea
sed to see all who may be enough
to give them a call.
They have, on this oceirAii, as well
as all others had an eye single to the in
terests of the ladies, in furnishing an
apartment es preAs:fy for dieir fair friends
Give us a eel! ladics find gentlemen,
and examine' the different apartments,
for yourselvei t •pti4 if you are not sat
isfied you can " take our hats."
They have also a fine lot of Confec
tionary 'Sze., which will be selklettl.'
Huntingdon, Oct. 31, 1848.
The partnership heretofore aiiTilt
under the firm of Joseph Milliken & Co.
was disolved by mutual consent on the
19th inst. All persons having claims
will present therm to L. G. Kessler for
payment, and those in'debt'ed' by note or
book :mean at (6 ttettliofe Orrii; and also
those indebted to the late frrtiri of Milli.
kens & ;Kessler, will pity their respec
tite amounts to L.,G.Kessler.
The business *ill be continued as
heretofore, by P. F. kessler & L. G.
Kessler, under the ntae of Kessler &
Brother, who are at alit times prepared
to pay cash for wheat, clover-sped and
other produce at Ote highest • market
price , / . •
Corisfanely on hand. Plaster, Salt,
Fish, Iron, Stoves, Coal &c., with a gen
eral assortment f Merchandise at the
lowest prices.
Mill Creek, Oct. 20t io 1848.
Fariucrs. Look Wre !
Mansfield's Patent Clover-Mulling
THE subscriber having pwrehrised the Patent
". right for this CLOVER HULLING MA -
CHINE, for Hunttngdan county, now offers it
to the public throughout the county, feeling as
sured thot it hoe not its equal in the United States.
It will shell,with a cylinder only 22 inches long
and 16 in diameter, froth
SO to 4 6 Duitcils per Day !
wfih foh'r frordet °war, Old is warranted toad"
clean and not to break the aced. A. number o?
farmers *NO MOO (fled it are %Nilluog to rertify
ihdt ft 1)11111'6unit) , shelled
The objlcci of the undersigned is to put up a
mad:lino whereJer desired, and Indispose of town
sh rights. fiersons, tloerefure, who wish to en
gage in the lousiness and MAX,. MONEY, can see
the machine thoroughly tested by rolling on the
unrleriigned residing near MANOR HILL, Pao
see' Mionship.Huniingdon county. Individual or
township rights will he disposed of ett the West
realsOnable terms.
All pereAs arc respectfully iuciud to wittier,
a trial of said machine.
Near Manor Hill. aunt, Co., I'a.
Oct. 24, 1848—ante
THE DEEDS FOR tirtsEAT. LAND sold in June
last, are now ready, and the purchasers are
requested to come forward and lift them.
ISAAC NEFF, Treasurer.
Oct. 31, 1848
Respectfully inform the Ladies and Gent`men
of Huntingdon and its vicinity, that they have
opened a Daguerrian Gallery at the Court Notice
where with an improved apparatus and materia le*
of the lest quality they are prepared to execute
Daguerreotype Xigdtleasefs•
of all sizes, in a style unsurpt erred by any other
Artists in thecountry. Their likenesses a c V.ll
- not to fade, and their brigh,t Ilfa•like CA pre,
sion is one of their peculiar titseshtttlietics of beau
t*Y.Family groups taken is seilleitlid ste le, and
at moderate price.. Likenesses or ch ildren (as
young astwo years,) taken' iM' the llandsomest
Miniatures, and Paintings of all kinds copied ;
miniatures made, without regard to the weather,
from 8 o'clock, A. M. to SP. M. ,
yAs their stay will bo limited, t h ose wishing
to get a good likewise, would do well to call soon
and have their " Shadow caught, ere the sub.
stance fades,"
Erg - Instruction given it ihodarata fates:
Huntingdon, Nov. 1,4, 1848.