Huntingdon journal. (Huntingdon, Pa.) 1843-1859, October 31, 1848, Image 3

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8,856 6,161 9,244 6,130
2,331 1,806 2,314 1,785
2,094 2,133 1,864 2,013
4,207 8,411 4,113 8,390
2,760 2,384 2,591 2,329
5,081 5,245 5,063 5.204
2,613 2,739 2,610 2,730
2,293 1,427 2,282 1,424
2,410 2,308 2,303 2,310
3,241 3,748 2,992 3,700
1,151 1,421 1,118 1,140
'768 '996 '746 i 3 OOO
5,895 5,140 5,898 5,101
1,649 2,544 1,636 2,540
2,989 3,069 2,988 3,085
1,980 3,157 1,922 3,134
2,580 2,849 2,308 2,778
1,255 2,238 1,134 2,209
808 1,004 792 997
630 1,111 603 1,105
3,249 2,269 3,203 2,287
1,975 1,500 1,974 1,480
145 283 116 277
Lebanon, T. 4
Lancaster, 1
Lehigh, 1: 0 , .'
coming,. - ,
3,500 2,087 3,305 2,006
2,776 3,290 2,710 3,273
3,758 2,988 3,736 3,004
144 2,362 1,297 2,350
2,289 1,871 2,277 1,864
2,371 1,568 2,258 1,568
1,103 1,201 1,108 1,190
788 992 642 926
2,637 1,800 2,622 1,807
1„727 5,514 9,706 5,519
- P4550 2,996 2,521 2,966
1,850 2,298 1,831 2,267
2,967 3,785 2,899 3,683
425 1,769 372 1,635
3,613 3;109 3,642 3,103
Mifflin, 1,443 1,591 1;132 1,585
Montgomery, 4,645 5,218 4,522 5,337
McKean, 376 429 362 906
Northampton, 2,551 3,176 2,160 3,107
Northumberland, 1,516 2,124 1,186 2,038
Perry, 1,339 2,061 1,343 2,056
Philadelphia city, 8,963 4,972 8,955 4,972
. _
co., 16,90 6 16,028 16,991 16,003
Pike, 126 612 119 398
Potter, 278 627 277 600
Schuylkill 4,261 3,338 4,181 3,534
Somerset, 2,735 1,103 2,703 1,977
Sullivan, 182 360
Susquehanna, 1,597 2,116 1,105 2,373
Tioga, 1,219 2,077 1,12.1 1,080
Union, 2,887 1,686 2,911
Venango, 988 1,332 935 1,523
Westmoreland, 2,856 4,955 2,630 4,1183
Washington, 4,065 3,944 3,906 3,052
Warren, 917 1,115 901 1,136
Wayne, 835 1,155 713 1,109
Wyoming, 780 918 750 930
York, • 4,162 4,315 4,122 4,319
Total, 168525 168220 181201 166030
Official majority for Johnston, 305.
What a gleriods veto have the people of Penn
sylvania put upon the ruinous measure of their
locofoco rulers at Harrisburg and Washington!
'They hive vetoed the British Free Trade Tar
iff of '4l3the MissouricemPromise, or any oth
er compromise with Slavery ! They have ve
toed ideuToedism-;:vetoed Casoretord Polk—
vetoed the vetoers ! Hiiaza for the triumph of
popular over Executive vetoes !—the sovereign
ty of the people ever the one mar pdwer!.:-R.
Cc7 - Look at this !
. .
Lewis Cass, while Secretary of wet, got up
an association with a capital of $200,006, to
specUlate in Western lands, and when called
upon by Francis 0. J. Smith and Ju i dge Hubbutd
who had contributed td the general fund, id ren
der an account of the profits, REFTSiD To DO so!
This was dishonest. Is sueha man fit to be
Placed over the National Treasury t
02 - Pennsylvanians
87 - Ramicitatin that LEWIS CASS voted in
favor of the ItufEAL of the Whig Tariff of
and in favor of the British Free Trade Tariff of
132"RemEmnsii that LEWIS CASS is the
Candidate of the British Free Trade party,
and against the protection of American hiders.:
(33° - Remember 1844.
Friends of the tariff! we call upOn you to re-
Member MI! Pennsylvania was then duped
into the support of Polk and Dallis, by repre
senting them in favor of the protection of Home
the sante deception will :low be attempted to
secure the electoral vote of the State for Lewis
Cass. Ho, too, will be represented as the espe=
cial friend of Pennsylvania interests, notwith.t
standing his vote in Myer of the repeal of the
Tariff' of 1812. We warn you not again to bd
14eceived. Be on your guard against another
fraud like that of 1811.
Account Currents
The October elections are over. Their
results, says the N. Y. Tribune, may be
summed up thus :
Whig Governors in all the States that
have chosen Governors— Ohio, Penn
sylvania and Florida—the latter two
having never before chosen Whig Gov
ernors in an even handed contest.
Whig Legislatures in each of the
States, though Ohio is threatened with
an anarchical contest,
Whig U. S. Senators in place of Loco
locos from Pennsylvania, Florida, and
probably Ohio.
A drawn battle in Georgia, which last
year chose a locofoco Governor by 1,200
An unexpected sharp contest in South
Carolina, which elects one decided Tay
lor member of Congress, and two others
who at any rate are not for Cass. The
Legislature is quite likely to throw away
or withhold the the vote of the State.
Of these States, only Ohio voted for
Clay in '44 ; Florida was not organized
but came in locofoco soon after. The
probability now is that a majority of
their aggregate votes will be cast for
Gen. Taylor. That will do for one month
seeing it is not quite November.
Poor Men!
Don't forget that Lewis Cnss, while Govern
or of Michigan, caused a law to be enacted for
whipping; al the whipping-post, white men and
women, Who happened unfortunately to be out
of money and unable to get work.
the election of Taylor is now very geneially
admitted by candid members of the Locofoco
party. A Locofeco friend of ours confessed to
us the other day that every indication seemed
to warrant the belief that OLD ZAcx would, go
into the White House try a larger majority than
was given to Gen. Harrison in 1840.
important frcint Europe.
The Steamer Europa arrived at New
York on Wednesday evening in 11 days
from Liverpool. '
Smith O'Brien, the leader of the Irish
insurgents, has been convicted of trea
son and sentenced to be executed. The
verdict of the jury was accompanied by
a recommendation of mercy. But little
hope, however, was entertained of roy
al clemency toward him. M'Mannus,
another insurgent, had also been found
guilty and sentenced.
The Cholera has at length reached
England—Out of 25 cases at Edinburg,
20 proved fatal.
The Anglo French mediation in Italy
has been terminated by an Austrian
manifesto declaring the Lombardo Ve
nitiati kingdom part of the Austrian cm
pire, with a constitutional representa
In France Cavaignac's Ministry was
defeated in a rote of the National As
sembly. He refused to accept the res
nations of Ministdts, deciding to retain
power until the Constitution was adopt
ed, which would probably be proclaimed
on the Ist proximo. The eleetion of
President will probably take place on
the 9th. Louis Napoleon's chalice for
the Presidency is the best. Cacaignac
is the candidate of the Moderate party.
A successful revolution has 'taken
place in Vienna, a Republic proclaimed
and a Provisional Government appoint
ed. The late minister of war was hung
on a lamppost. The Emperor, with
the military, fled to Lintz.
On Thursday evening, 26th inst., on board
the Packet boat ,4 Win. Colder," Malty
ISA BELLA, daughter of Dr. J. H. Pager, of Har
risburg, aged 4 years and 8 months.
How uncertain is life ! The deceased was a
niece of Mrs. Clark, wife of the editor of this
paper. In company with her Grandfather and
another friend, she came to Huntingdon about
two weeks ago. She had taken a cold, which
terminated in a disease of the throat. Her father,
not deeming her dangerous, and anxious to have
the child with her mother, concluded to take
her home. They left this place on Wednesday
evening of last week. The above notice tells
the rest. The deceased was a very interesting
child, and we cannot refrain giving, in connec
tion with her death, the following lines, written
by an unknown friend of the family :
Say is it spring in heaven, as now on earth,
That tender buds, should be demanded there 1
That from your an
owrets, of terrestial birth,
One, all acknowledged lovely, sweet and rare,
Should thus be called and softly borne away,
To ope its petals to celestial day
• •
Yott have one flowret leo, and lie one more!
But yours must kndw the cold and blight and
stortn— , :
/Rs shull be nurtured where no tempest war,
No change nor death may touch the gentle fort.
Then do not grieve when more to you are given;
To ofler up mid bud to bloom in heaven.
WaS she the loveliest ? give the best to him!
Was she the dearest 7 fittest for the skies 1
Was she the purest ? sever more May tin
Dim, with its taint, the lustre of her eyes,
Was she the best beloved, the fond, the true'?
Give! give the best beloved—it is His due:
On Sunday morning, 20th inst., of inflamma
tion of the Lungs, terminating in Croup, ISABELLA
FITLION, daughter of Jas. Clark, editor of this
paper, aged 2 years and 11 days.
The libo've records the death of Our &Wit dear
child. An esteemed friend favors us with the
following tribute to her memory:
who was old enough to be intelligent ; and young
.enough to to innoceni :
Ah, Bella, dear,
Ah, whither hest thy spirit gone !
is there a fairer land on high 1
Some brighter world beyond the sky
Stime dearer friends above, than we,
Who fondly love and cherish thee
Celestial choirs ! why did ye call
FrOm earth to thee, our I
Why did ye break the ties apart,
That bound her sweetly, to the heart?
Oh, heav'nly cherubs! send her back,
And let her joyous soul awake.
Allow one fondle ;—send her here—
We wish, her laughing voice, to hear :
Oh ! grant as but one magic tone,
And We will give her back again!
Dear father, mother, mourn me not,
In happy climes, is cast, my lot.
Could you but see the fond embrace,
The smiling welcome in their face,
The angel's kiss, the seraph's love,
The smiling joys of those above,
You would agree that Bella's sprite
Should linger in the heav'nly light.
Be then content, that here I dwell,—
Farewell—farewell,—for r 4 all is well."
Huntingdon, 30th Oct. 1818. Anions.
last, are now ready, and the purchasers are
requested to come forward and lift them.
ISAAC NEFF, Treasurer,
Oct. 31, 1848.
/ac:) , cvllCD.lue.
hereby caution the public against purchasing a
Promissary Note given by me to George H.
Markley, for eighty-two dollars and fifty cents
($52.50), bearing date Sept. 30, 1948, es I never
received value for the same and am determined
not to pay it. WILLIAM MYERS.
Oct. 25, 1848-pd.
The undersigned take great pleasure
in announcing to the public that, after a
considerable amount of labor and ex
pense, they have succeeded in opening
the most splendidly furnished and com
between Phitddelphi'a and Pittsburg, iw
the basement of SNARE'S ROW,
Huntingdon, immediately opposite the
"Grand Bazar" where they will be plea
sed to see all who may be kind enough'
to give them a call.
They have, on this occasion, as well
as all others had an eye single to the in
terests of the ladies, in furnishing an
apartment expressly for their fair friends
Give us a call ladies and gentlemen,
and examine the different apartments,
for yourselves, and if you are not sat
isfied you can "take our hats."
They have also a fine lot of Confec
tionary kc., which will be sold low.
Huntingdon, Oat. 31, 1848.
Ran away from the subscriber on Tuesday!
night, 25th inst., Jo'. BEATY, an indented ap
prentice to the Tailoring busineSs. All per Sons
are cautioned not to harbor or trust said appren
tice, as I will pay no debts of his contracting.—
The above reward, but no other charges, will
be paid to any one returning said apprentice to
Huniingdon, Oct. 31, 1848.
Now Arrangement.
TACOB SNYDER, Tailor, would take this
J means of informing his customers and the
public generally, that he has disposed of his
Tailoring Establishment to Mr. Jong EASTON,
by whom the business will be hereafter conduct
ed. All pesrons knowing themselves indebted
for work done, will please call and settle with
out delay, as he is determined to collect his out
standing debts forthwith. Those who call soon
will therefore save costs.
Oct. 31, 1818
The partnership heretofore existing
under the firm of Joseph Milliken & Co.
was diaolved by mutual consent on the
19th inst. All persons having claims
will present them to L. G. Kessler for
payment, and those indebted by note or
book account to the above firm, and also
those indebted to the late firm of
kens & Kessler, will pay their respec-
tive amounts to L. G. Kessler.
The business will be continued as
heretofore, by P. F. Kessler & L. G.
Kessler, under the name of Kessler &
Brother, who are at all times prepared
to pay cash for wheat, clover-seed and
other produce at the highest market
Constantly on hand, Plaster, Salt,
Fish, Iron, Stoves, Coal &c., with a gen
eral assortment of Merchandise at the
lowest prices.
Mill Creek, Oct. 20th, 1818.
Farmers, Look Here!
Mansfield's Patent Clover-Mulling
THE eubscriber having purchased the Pliteni
right for this CLOVER HULLING MA
CHINE, for Huntingdan county, now offers it
to the public throughout the county, feeling oe
ured that it hat not its equal in the United States.
It will shell, with a cylinder only 22 inches long
end 16
. in diameter, from
30 to 40 Bushels per Day!
With four horse rower, and is warranted lush&
clean and not to break the seed. A number of
farmers who have tried it are willing to testify
that it has actually shelled
The object of the undersigned is to put up a
machine wherever desired, and todispose of town
ship rights. Persons, therefore, who wish to en
gage in the business and MAKE MONEY, con see
the machine, thoroughly tested by calling on the
dedersigned residing near MANOR HILL, liar
ree township, Huntingdon county. Individual or
township rights will be disposed of on the most
reasonable terms.
AP persons are respectfully invited to witness
a trial of said machine. . .
Near Manor Hill, Hunt. Co., Pa.
Oct. 24, 1848-3 m.
%5 4 U - .3Ja.`Ze
(lAMB to the residence of the subscriber resi
t) sling in Brady township, near Roxberry,
Huntingdon county, on or about the middle of
September last, a. Black ('ow, some seven or
eight years old—the points of her horns hsvebeen
sawed off. The owner is requested to come for
ward, prove property, pay charges, and takeher
away, otherwise she will be disposed of according
to law. JOHN McCAR7'HY.
Oct. 24,1948.
Is hereby given to the Stockholders of the Spruce
Creek and Wateratreet Turnpikeßoad Company,
That an election will be held on the first Monday
of November next, at the house of Geo. W. Mat
tern, Franklin townbliip, Huntingdon county, for
six manners, a President and Treasurer, to man
age the alTairs of said company for the ensuing
seer. J. FORNEY, Sec'y.
Oct. 16,1848
The subscriber is forced once more to call
Upon his friends and patrons and ask them to
come and pay off their accounts. Necessity
alone induces him to call upon them again at
present, and necessity alone does dictate him to
hand over to the proper officer all accounts, that
may remain unpaid or unsettled by the Ist day
of February 1819 for collection.
Oct. 20th 1848. J. B. LUDEN
Ladies' Dress Gaiters and Shoes.
Abeautiful assortment for sale at the
new store of DORSET' & MAGUIRE.
Also, a good assortment of Children's
line an d coarse shoes.
Respectfully informs the Ladies and Gentlats.!'
of Huntingdon and its vicinity; that they have
opened a Daguerrian Gallery at the Court House
where with an improved apparatus; and materials
of the best quality they are prepared to execute
Daguerreotype Likenesses;
of aII sizes, in a style unsurpassed by any other
Artists in the country. Their likenessee a, e war
ranted not to fade, and their bright lifa-like ex pres
sion is one of their peculiar characteristics of beau
Family groups token in a splendid style, and
at moderate prices. Likenesses of children (as
young as two yearn,) taken in the handsomest
Mibiaturec, and Paintings of all kinds copied;
minattiree made, without regard to the weather,
from o'clock, A. M. to SP. M.
gi;lts their stay win be limited, those wishing
to get a good likeness, would do well to call soon
and have their 4 , Shadow caught, ero the sub
stance fades,"
p, Instruction given at Moderate' rates.
Huntingdon County, SS,
A T an Orphans' Court held at Huntingdon it
11_ and for the county of Huntingdon, on the
second Monday (and fourteenth day) of August
A. D. 1848, before the Judges of the said Cott&
The Petition of George Fray was read, setting
forth—That a written contract was entered into
between Petitioner and James Entrekin, Esq., in
his life time, by which the said James Entrekin
agreed to sell and convey to Petitioner, three lots
of ground in Stoner's Town, Bedford county,
Penn's. That said A greement has been lost and
cannot be ftiund, and praying the Court to take
Testimony of the existence, contents and loss of
said Agreement, and desire a specific performance
of the said contract, &c.
Whereapor., the seventeenth day of August
A. D. 1848, the Court order that the first day of
next (November) Term be appointed to take said
Testimony—that personal Notices of this Order
be served on the Executor of James Entrekin,
Esq., dec'd., and that Notice thereof he published
in one Newspaper printed in the county of Hun
tingdon for six weeks prior to the said first day
of next (November) Term, which shall be deem
ed notice to all other persons interested in the Es
tate of said deceased. By the Court. . .
Certified from the Record under the Seal of the
said Court at Huntingdon, the twenty-eighth day
of September A. D. 1848.
Oct. 3, 1848.
rpHE subscriber o ff ers for sale or rent his house
1 and Lot situate in the borough of Alexandria,
in Main street opposite the residence of I. Grafius,
Esq. The house is large end suitable for any
kind of business. A good lot, Pump at the door,
a variety of fruit trees, large stable and other out
buildings. This property will be sold low.
Application may be wee to CYRUS WILSON
or GEO. B. YOUNG, Esq., AleSehtlria, Pa.
Oct. 3, 1948.
THE heirs and legal representatives of
Alexander Ramsey, late of Spring
field township, Huntingdon county, Pa.,
will please to take notice that pursuant
to an order of the Orphan's Court, of said
county, to me directed, an inquest to
make partition of the Real Estate, late
of said deceased, to and among the par.
ties interested therein, in such manner
and in properties as by the laws of this
Commonwealth, it is directed, if such
partition can be made, but if it cannot,
to value and appraise the same, will be
held on the premises, in said Springfield
township, on Tbursdiiy, November 2d,
A. D. 1848, at 1 o'clock of said day, .ai
which time and place you can attend if
you think proper.
Sheriff of Hunt. Co.
Sept. 12, 1848-6 w.
Clothing for Men and Boys;
Has received at his old Stand in Main Street,
Huntingdon, a new, and large assortment of
of all sizes to suit men and boys, consisting of
the most fashionable Dress Coats, Pantaloons
and Vests, made of the best and finest Cloths,
Cassimeres, and Cassinetts. And an equal as
sortment of plain and substantial materials,
suited for the every day business of all classes..
He has a FULL. ASSORTMENT of every size rind
kind, and he will sell
as Cheap as the Cheapest.
He only wants a small living profit; and he in
vites all who wish to purchase to sec his Goods,
before purchasing elsrrnher•e.
Tayloring is his trade, and he knows what he
says when he says he can and will accommodate
all who call, on terms to suit. He also continues
and has an extensive assortment of Cloths, Cos .
simeres, Cassidetts and Vestings, which he will
sell and make up to suit any and every body,
cheap and well. He is determined to leavi
No Roonk for Grumbling!
Town Properly For Sale.
THE subscriber offers at Private Sole a Lot of
ground, situate in Hill street in the borough
of Huntingdon, nearly opposite the new Presby
terian Church, extending back to Washington
Street, on which is erected a Log Dwelling House,
a large Frame Store House, well finished, a largo
frame Coach-maker shop, and a large Frame
Stable. there is also a good well of water with
a pump near the house.
13y his Agent, DANIEL AFRICA.
N. H. Persons wishing to purchase, can have
alt desired information by applying to DArriar,
Arnica, Huntingdon, Pa.
Pennsylvania Railroad Company.
NOTICE is hereby given, that the SIXTH
instalment of FIVE DOLLARS per chore
is requested to be paid on or before the FIRST
day of NOVEMBER next.
GEORGE V. BACON, Treasurer.
B7' Instalments receivad by MILES & Doe.
nis, Huntingdon.
Huntingdon, Oct. 17, 181.
Great Reduction in Prices.
WHERE AB, by precept to the directed, da
ted at Huntingdon, the adtti day of Aug.
1884, under the hands and Rola Of the Hon.
DORSET & IVSAGUIRM, ' Abraham S. Wilson, President Of the *lure of
Have just received direct from the Eastern Cities, Common Plea., Over and . Terminer and general
and are now opening a splendid assortment of jail delivery of the 20th judicial district of Penn•
NEW AND CrIEAP GOODS, Sylvania, composed of the counties of Hunting.'
don, Mifflin and Union, and the Hone. James'
consisting of every variety of Gwin and John Stewart, his associates, judges of
I) P. 7-0 0 0 Y.) 0 , the county of Huntingdon, justices aesigned, op.
F ointed to hear, try, and determine all and every
Suited to Ladles and Gentlemen's wear, including :
i indictments and presentments, made or taken for
C tothe. Cassimers, Sattinette, Vestings, Silks, em.
or concerning all crime., which by the lows of thi
Alp has , Cishineres, De Laines,Plaid.,Bom-
felonies of
bruin., Ginghams, Calicoes, Checks, Shawls, Arc.
death an d We leave also a handsoMe asso - rtment of
READY-MADE which have been, Sr shal l ' be committed ' orlrerle . -
j water! within sold county. or all person. who aro
CLOTHING., ,Or ehall i h i:o e thr r; a f i t d er ,hi be committed or perpetrated, for
. am commandld
l crimes ,
They would also in vit e atten lion to thei rsierci of, Court amatm o n f Oyer roug
and ol 'Pe y r , who r e
min er, Quarter
.1: ee sn s .
GIi,()CE ItIES 1 and Common Pleas, will be held at 64 dour t
House, iu the borough of Huntingdon, dti the 2d
Sugars-5, 6 and 8 cents per pound— Monday (and tuth day) of November. I'B4B, and`
Molasses; from 37f, to 40 cents per those who will prosecute the said prisoners, be
then and there to prosecute them as it shill be
gallon ; and every other article usually
kept in a Grocery Store, at equally
just,and that all justices of the peace, coroner,
and constable,' within the said county, be tliiin
low prices. and there in their proper remit., nt 10 o 'clock '
Boots, Shoes, Eats and Caps, IA.M. of said day, with their records, inquieitiona,'
Hardware and Critiery, t. hina, Glass and Queen.- I exsminatione and remembrances, to do those
ware, Drugs, Medicines. Dye Staffs, &c. thing. which to their offices respectively appertain.
All of which will be sold at very reduced prices. listed at Huntingdon, the 19th day of August,
Tho Ladies and Gentlemen are requested to call in the year of our Lord, one thousand eight bun
and examine those Goods, as they cannot fail to Bred and forty-eight and the 73d year of Amer
please ail both e. regards style and price. can Independence.
lit the store room formerly occupied by Jacob stisnlrr's Omer , lien. 1
Miller, opposite the residence of Judge Gwin, tingdon, Oct. 17, 4448. c
0:7- All kinds of Coutary Produae fa
ken in exchange for goods. [Sept. 2G.
The undersigned announces to the citizens of
Huntingdon County, that ho has just opened in
the borough of LEW 1 STOWN, a new HAT
MANUFAC'T'ORY, where he is pre-
pared to make every variety of Hats in
use.out of the beat materials, such as
NV 0 OL,&c. . The business of manufacturing is
conducted by and under his own personal super
vision, and his long elperience in the business in
the best establishments of the 'country warrants
him in guaranteeing to all who may purchase
from him good artbstantial and highly finished
Omish friends shall not be forgotten in the
efforts we shall put forth to meet the wants of the
community, in out line of business, and he will
be ready to answer their calls at prices that must
and all others. who Way desire to putcharie Hats,
his establishment affords superior inducements,
both as regards quality mid price, which shall be
of ouch a character se to have no room for grum
bling. We therefore invite everybody, of every
distinction of party or seat, to call and examine
ettr stock; which is the largest and best aseorted one
th a t h a s coos been introduced here.
N. B. Hate of my manufacture can be hod
at retail at the store of WM, *TEWART, in
Huntingdon Borough. . .
Lewistown, Sept. 26,1848.
If you want to get the worth of your money then
buy from
where you will find the largest, beet, and cheep
est atsortment of Goods, that the town can pro
duce; and that, too, at such low prices that all
who purchase are fully satisfied tad our motto
is true, " A quick Six-pence is better than a slow
Huntingdon, Oct. 17, 1848.
ALL persons knowing themselves in
debted to the undersigned by note,
book account or otherwise will call and
pay off their accounts before the Ist day
of November next. Those neglecting
this notice will find their accounts in
the hands of the proper officer for col:
Sep. 12, 1848.
English and Classical Institute.
The subscribers, residents of Shade Gap,
Huntingdon county, Pa., beg leave to infOrm
their friends and the public generally, that they
intend, if they meet with sufficient encourage
ment, to establish at the place above mentioned
a BOARDING SCHOOL for the education of
young men. The cOurse of instruction will
coniprise in addition to the usual branches of a
common English education—Philosophy, Math
ematics, and the Latin and Greek languages.—
The ideation is distinguished for itd healthful
ness and the moral end religiods character of
the surrounding cOmmunity. That attention
will be paid to the health and morals of the pd
pile as well as to their mere mental trainery and
advancement itf scientific knowledge, and every
facility will be althrded fcir their personal com
fort and convenience.
Owing to some necessary preparations to be
made in the buildings, the first session will not
be commenced until the 20th of November next,
and will continue for five months, thus dividing
the year into two sessions of five months each.
The terms will be :
'or reading, vtriting and Arithmetic, $2 50 per
qtiarter, or $5 00 per session. Grammar,
Geography and Philosophy, $4 00 per Oar.
ter, or $8 00 per session. Mathematics,
Greek and Latin Languages, $6 00 per guar
ter, or $l2 00 pet session. Boarding, exclu
sive of fuel and light, $1 25 per week.
The stibscribers, in casting themselves upon
the patronage of the community, are determined
to spare no effort in making the Institution one
that will commend itself to all parents who de
sire to give their sons a thorough preparatory ,
education without exposing them to the contam
inating and immoral iiifltiences that exist its more
populous communities. For reference or fur
ther particulars addrese........
.1. H. W. McGINNES.
Shade Gap, Oet. 17, 1848.
ALL persons knowing themselves indebted to the
undereignetLindividuelly, by note, book ac
count, or otherwiee, are requested to make tiny
meat to William McMurtrie, Huntingdon, pre
vious to next November court; other*ise they
will be left with the proper officer for collection.
Aug. 23, 1948.
T HER EA S, hy precept to me dii coed by the
V V judges of the CoMmon Pleas of the coun
ty of Huntingdon. bearing tint the 26,h day of
August, A. D. 1848. 1 em commanded to make
public procluthation throughout my whole • baili
wick that a Court of Common Plea, will l.a held
ai the Court House in tl•e borough of Huntingdon,
in the county of Huntingdon, on.lhe 3d Monday
(end 211th day) of August, A. D. 1848, for the
trial of all issues ?fed COurt, which riaaiii un
determined before the said jUdgee, when and
where all jurors, witnesses and suitors, in the
trial of all crud 18.14 are required..
Dated at Huntingdon, tho 19th day of August.
A.D. 1948, and the 73,1 year of American inde
iftrutingdon, ea. 17, 1488.
This excellent compound if for sale by the propri
elor'e Agent T. READ & SON,
Price 431 50 per bottle
' V" What fa the matter with me , Doc
tor? What the cause of this sallow complttion.
jaundiced eye, depression of spirits, Hain an the
side and shoulder, weariness of body,' bitter taste
in the mouth Such is the enquiry, and such the
symptoms of many n sufferer! It is the liver
which is diseased, and the Cholegogue is the rem
edy always successful in curing it. Try it, and
judge for yourself. For sale by T. Rend ex `on,
agent for the proprietor,
. .
c 0". Better ale than tire, if I em to bi
tortured from day to day with this horrible Ague,
exclaims the poor sufferer whoee life has become a
burden from the racking paroxysms of or. inter
mittent, and whit confidence in human aid is de
stroyed by the fai:ure of remedies to prodrice the
promised relief.
.Such has been the dildation of
thousands who are now rejoicing in all the bless
inge of health fi69, the wit 61 Dr. Osgood's India
Cholagngue. In no instance does it fail of effect
ing a speedy and rieitifeheitt cure. For sale by the
proprietor's agent. 'l. RDA D & FON.
..How few who think aright among the thinking
How many never think, but only think they
The sentiment implied in the
above exclamation is CII7 no subject mere fully ex
emp'efied thaii on that of health. But few give,
it a single thought, Mid fewer still reflect upon it
with the observation nod good sense which mat
ters Of minor consequence receive. As °boot v.-
lion teaches the fact that Dr. Osgood'. India Cbol
agogue is a never fai ing remedy in Fever and
Ague, good saheb would surely Indicate its prompt'
and immediate het. To be found at
agent for the proprietor
June 27, 1848
itTLI A PARKINSON of Huntingdon desires
to say that she has used the India Cholagogue"
for Ague and Liver complaint with entire suc
cess. She therefore recommends it to all sitn
ilarly afflicted.
Ladies moil 44entlemen
Always consulting the &elves of the votaries of
f shion , taste and cennfor(
has the pleasure of informing the. Ladies and
Gentlemen of Huntingdon--snd throughimt the
county—that he has just returned from the East
with a large end most 'Attlee selection of
ern work of the latest iaaltion of Ladle. Gaiters,
ri) Kid, Morocco and
Calf in Shoes—
Men'. Boot., &mei;
and Gaiters, Mad
• ud eit, Bunters' Boots, and
,Boots *rid
Shoes, and Miaael
and Children.' Gai
ters and Sheet..
Mr. Westbrook does not deem it necessary to
enumerate, particularly, the large stock which
stow has on hand, but respectfully *Kilian; an
immediate call by all who wish to consult fash
ion comfort and economy, at his extensive Store
a fow doors west of the Post Otte.. His prices
are unusually low, and to stilt the Most
cal purchaser.
He also continues the Manufacture of (foots,
Shoes, and every article in his tine Of basinese,
which he will warrant equal to etty in the mate.
for neatness, and workmanship.
Call, one and all, and •uit' youraeleee
Huntingdon, Oct. 17, i,4&