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Democratic Whig Nominations.
co- Y. B. PALMER, Esq. is our author
ized agent for receiring adverb . ..comas and
subscriptions in the cities of Philadelphia, Bal
timore and New York, and for collecting and
t‘eeeiptiiag for the same.
132 Sickness and death in the editor's family
has delayed the publication of the Journal this
week. The same cause has prevented the edi
tor from giving the paper his personal attention.
The principal editorials arc from the pen of a
Look Out!
Friends of Gen. Taylor look out that you are
not deceived by SPURIOUS TICKETS. Our
enemies are at their old game. So says the
Philadelphia papers, and have printed tickets
headed "GENERAL TAYLOR ;" but the
names in the inside are Coss electors. Exam
ine your tickets before you vote. Let none of
the tricks of your opponents cheat Old Zack out
of one vote. The names of the Taylor electors
are given below.
John P. Sanderson,
Thomas M. T. McKennan,
Joseph G. Clarkson,
John P. Wetherill,
James M. Davis,
Thomas W. Duffield,
Daniel 0. Hither,
Joshua Dungan,
John D. Steele,
John Landes, •
Joseph Schmucker,
Charles Snyder,
William G. Hurley,
Francis Tyler,
Henry Johnson . ,
William Colder,
William Mcllvain,
Charles W: Fisher,
Andrew G. Curtin,
Thomas R. Davidson,
Joseph Markle,
Daniel Agnew,
Andrew W. Loomis,
Richard Irwin,
Thomas H. Sill,
Samuel A. Purviance.
Gov. Johnston
I. expected in Huntingdon to-day, (Wednesday)
at 2 o'clock. Let there be a general turn out
of the People to hear end see the Governor el
ect. By the foltoWing proceedings it will he
seen that the Trytor men have made proper ar
rangements fen the - reception oT his Excellency :
TA:Tidos sarwrzzect,
At a meeting of the Rough and Ready Club
of Huntingdon, convened at the house of Alex.
Carmon, on Monday evening lasf, for the pur
pose of making suitable arrangements for the
reception of Gov. JOHNSTON, when on motion,
the chair appointed the following committee to
prepare a report for the action of the Club, viz :
David Snare, Eng., Muj. David McMurtrie, W.
S. Africa, Martin Flenuer and John Armitage.
The committee after retiring a short time
made the following report :
William H. Peightal, John Flenncr,
Wm. S. Africa, Win. T. Wilson,
A. K. Cornyn, Esq., John Williamson, Esq.,
John Bumbaugh, Sr., William Dean, Esq., Dan
iel Africa, Esq., John F. Miller, E. C. Som
mers, David Fridley, Martin Flenner, Wm. B.
Zeigler, P. Livingston, Wm. Snare, Daniel
Whittaker, John Flenner, George Murrets, John
Port, Thomas MeCahan, Adam Hoffman, John
:Morningstar, Samuel Fridley, David Hazard,
James Hight, James Moore, J. S. Stewart, W.
I'. Orbison, Nicholas Decker, M. Decker, W.
A. Saxton, John Irayett, E. Fockler, Peter C.
Swoope, David MeMurtrie, David Snare, S. S.
Wharton, Benj. rockier, Win. G. Furlong, Mi
chael Snyder, E. Thomas, and D. Miller.
On motion,Resolved, That the friends of
Taylor and ohnson, and the public generally,
are invited to'join in the procession.
WTI. 11. PEIGIITAL, Presq.
H. K. ?key, Secretary.
A Mistake.
Our neighbor of the Globe is /nioilkrn when I ,
he charges the Taylor men with offering illegal
votes at the last election. One young man came
upon the ground who told us that he had been
paying taxes for two years, but that los father
was not confident that he was of age, and that
he would not swear to it. He had a Whig ticket,
but as he will bear us witness, we told him he
bad no right to vote and advised him not to snake
the attempt.
On the other hand, there were men standing
about the pails ail day, with Locofoco tickets in
their bands, whose taxes had been paid by the
editor of the Globe, but who, conscious of their
want of qualifications were AFRAID to make the
attempt, seeing that "gcnarioss wour,B B B
ASKED." The boot is therefore on the other
Cr - The Don. Dixon If. Lewis, U. S. Sena
tor, from Alabama, flied at the National Hotel,
New York, on Wednesday
Never since the organization of our Govern
ment was there a time, that called so loudly,
upon the honest and free of every party, to
arouse themselves to action. A party long in
power have grown fat 'upon the official plunder.
So long have they held place, that their offi
cial impudence demands a rebuke at the hands
of every man who loves his country better than
the idle triumph of party.
flaying grown bold from their repeated suc
cess they demand of the people the continuance
of their power. They make all kinds of pro
fessions and promises, before an election, and
disregard them when suuccessful.
Will freemen longer tolerate, such duplicity
and official insolence I They have willed
if we do not mistake the signs of times. Penn
sylvania has broken the chains which have so
long bound her to the earth. The party which
has burdened her with a debt of forty-five mil
lions of dollars, and oppressed her people with
taxation, has been hurled from power, and the
people in their might have decreed that they
will have a change ; and that they will seek for
prosperity and justice, from other hands than
those who have so long and so faithlessly prom
ised them redress.
The industrious Mechanic, Laborer, and
Farmer, have determined to seek for better
times where there is some hope. The "Aibbo
leth" of porty has failed to mislead them, and
because they know, that any change must be for
the better, they have shouted "away with
them !" to the officials and their menials who
have ilindled them before eleeticms, and scour
ged them afterwards. Startled at the rebuke,
yet bold, and saucy in their places of power ;
they have arisen from the blow maddened and
desperate. They cannot realize it. Wild, with
the fury of despair they sent forth theirhowls of
Knowing how they obtained and kept the pow
er, they suppose they have been beaten at their
own game ; like every impudent and rascally
servant when discharged and kicked out by his
master ; they in turn charge their masters with
fraud. Every species of fraud and deception
have characterized their conduct for years.
The ballot box which should be sacred from the
polluting touch of unholy hands ; has been foul
ly corrupted by them to secure their ends—ille
gal votes have been crammed into it, by hands
ful, and by thousands. They know and well
understand the power of fraud. Fraud! fraud ! !
they then cry, and charge it upon the people,
that they may consummate some foul scheme
They are now arrayed against, old office hold
ers and hungry parasites, who hope to obtain
. place and power. The honest of all 'parties
know this, and they know too, that the election
of that honest and faithful old soldier Zachary
Taylor, will be the dawning of better days.
His hands are not stained by any unearned gold ;
his blood and toil was the exchange he gave for
every cent he ever received from his country.
The sleepless night, and the bloody field, have
seen him spending his best strength for the hon
or of our starry banner, and the welfare of our
whole country. He knew no party strife nor
partizan fanatacism, in the long march, the
comfortless camp or the fierce contest, his coun
i try was his all,—his soldiers, his brothers
for he has seen them of both parties fight shoul
, der to shoulder, and smitten by the hail storm of
death sink side by side into their last sleep.
Glerions, gallant, generous, brave
What man who loves his country can vote
against him. Can you, young man ? Vote
against the brave old man. No ! no, it cannot
be. Nor can you, who are tired of voting for
politicians. We need an honest man now at the
head of affairs. We need one who loves his
country snore than party. We need one who
has no enemies to punish—no partisans to re-
Ward, nothing to serve but his country : who
dare do right regardless of all. Such a one is
,0 011.13 ZACK."
Then freemen if you would do your duty de
mand a change, awake fromyour sleep, guard a
gainst the frauds of those who have the money
and thepower, and come out to the polls and vote
for "OLD ZACK," and bring every one of your
neighbors with you. Let no man stay at home.
The Duty of Voting.
We commend to the attention of a certain
class among our voters, the following remarks
on the DUTY of voting, by President WAY
LAND, author of "Political Economy," and
"Moral Science." They are, weknow, able to
decide moral qdestions for themselves, and no
doubt their opinion will coincide with that of
Wayland, but their attention may not have been
particularly turned to this point
think that every Christian citizen is under
obligation to vote in every case where a public
officer is to be chosen. The happiness and vir
tue of the community, no less than the security
of property, depend greatly on the character of
the magistracy. If I am injured in person or
property by a wicked public officer, I have a
right to complain of my fellow-citizens who
gave him authority over me, or who, when it
was In their power, did not prevent his election.
A Christian in this country, above all others,
has a duty to perform in this matter, and he dis
obeys the commandment in the text if he does
not perform it."
Moms DEFECTION.-The J3lairscilla Apalti
ian, edited by R. B. McCabe, Esq., has taken
down the Cass ticket, and goes for Van Buren
and Adams. It is printed on the borders of
Westmoreland and Indiana counties, and has
been always a Locofoco advocate, supporting
Longstreth and Painter at the recent election.
quirer says, that the enthusiasm in that quarter
in behalf of the old Hero of Buena Vista in
creases with every hour. The meetings in
Philadelphia City and County are immense.
Hundreds of Democrats have already joined our
ranks, and not ,a day goes by that other access
. ions di, not occur.
One Blow More,
And all is safe: To the Polls then freemen,
and let that blow smite to the earth the last hope
of your official oPpressdis. You have done
well, bravely, nobly ! "You have ecotch'd the
snake not killed it." One blow more I Let
every freeman wield the people's sceptie,
free ticket,—and let every one give that blow,
as though he felt,
, c-As if himself were he
On whose sole arm hung victory:"
The labor of your enemies knows no sleep.
Every energy is aroused,—every sinew strained,
and untiring toil used. Their energy and toil
must be met with "ETERNAL VIGILANCE."
MPH be watched more vigilantly, more fearless
lessly at the next election. Many of them were,
by the fears of the law scared from the Polls.
They are still about. They are waiting still,in
the hope that you will forget theta and their foul
Freemen ! watch them better next time.
Swear every man of them. The law has pro
vided you a safe guard. Object to every doubt
ful vote, and if the fraud is consummated, let
the deeper and more damning crime of perjury
blister the tongues of those who would pollute
the altar of your freedom. You have the right
to ~A SK QUESTIONS," and don't neglect it.
Watch these men—they will try it again. Be
on your guard—stand up to the work faithfully,
and the crowning victory shall be yours.
"Old Zack shall be your President,
And no body else but he."
Half a Million of Dollars,
Says a Washington correspondent, is pledged to
be raised by the Officers of Polk's Administra
tion, to carry the election in Pennsylvania.—
Their Tariff swindle of 1844, they are determi
ned shall be sustained by Pennsylvania,—a State
which was cheated and prostrated by that fraud.
Polk and his party are determined to oppress and
crush still deeper into ruin. The Workmen in
her cent and iron mines have been caught in
their trap—they think they have got them down
to Jimmy Buchanan's low wages, and now they
are determined to keep them there. And money!
millions of money is now to be used to hold the
poor laborers by the throat. What care they if
the poor man starves, if they can keep their fat
Money is to be used
to import voters into the border counties, from
New York to carry Pennsylvania for Cass.—
New York they know is lost, now they must
save this State. How else will they use it 1—
We will tell you; they will hire men and boys
to ride through every township, to circulate pa
pers and pamphlets filled with falsehood against
that bonest old man Gen. Taylor. Look out for
them,—they are loaded with secret circulars,—
vile slanders and bare-faced falsehood. Freemen
be on the alert. Up, every honest man, and
go to work.
One Whole da3• for your Country.
Begin early in the morning ; go to your neigh
bor, urge him to turn out and vote for 4 , Old
Zack” 4 --that honest, good old man—that man,
tha ey, as well as us, in 1817 said was the
weian for the people.
The People
can beat down the scheme of fraud and corrup
tion if every man does his duty. Gen. Taylor
has stood by your banner, when the smoke of
battle shrouded the statry emblem from all
eyes, and in the darkest hour--when the roar of
the cannon, the clash of steel, and the groans
of the dying, would have sent terror to many a
brave heart, cc leis wounded were behindhim and
he would not pass them alive," and above the
din of strife, he shouted " A little snore grape,"
and onward he bore that banner, till terror
stricken at the stern old warrior the beaten foe
fled. Will you honest freemen then'refuse to
stand by his banner, in this strife of official
power against one
Old Hero.
The Administration at Washington once tried
to crush that glorious old War horse Jackson.
Who does not remember that. The same power
tried to break down and supersede that great and
good can Harrison. The same power have
spent all the arrows of their spite to destroy and
disgrace, another honest, stern, faithful old sol
dier. Corrupt power hates the bold, the honest,
and the true. It was alwaye so. Then arouse
and let not the power of place or gold strike
down one of your own old Heroes.
The day of Election,
The Presidential election in this State was
formerly held on Friday, and the change of
day may not be generally known. Care should
therefore be taken to inform the people that, un
der the law providing for holding the election
in all the States on the same day, Congress has
Tuesday the7th day of November
next, as the day for electing Electors of Presi
dent and Vice President of the United States.
(17" Do not mistake the day.
The old Tune.
The editor of the Globe in making a short ex
hortation to his readers last week says:
"Huntingdon county can give a majority for
CASS and BUTLER—and she will do it if you
do your whole duty."
We have never seen a more striking parallel
to the pronunciamentos of Santa Anna than the
above. Breathing nothing but victory previous
to every battle, but invariably whining over
defeat at the closisof the contest. A "majority
for Cass and Butler" in Huntingdon county !
Did your correspondent from the "Big Valley"
tell you to say that, neighbor ?
Rain or Shine.
It has been suggested that if a severe storm
or any kind of , 6 bad weather" should blow on
the day of election, measures ought to be taken
by the Taylor men in every township to provide
comfortable conveyances for all their voters
who cannot conveniently get to the election
without. Whether it rain or shine, they should
provide ways for all the aged and infirm, and
those who live far from the polls and have no
conveyance of their own. RE3IEMBER THIS A vu
Look Out for FRAUD and CORRUP-
We ask the serious attention of every free
man to the following letter to the New York
Express :
" WASHINGTON, October 19,1818.
" But I wish to give you an item of important
news, which I hope will put the honest people
of Pennsylvania on their guard. I have it from
the very best authority, that the leading officials
at Washington have solemnly sworn and resol
ved that the Democratic party shall carry Penn
sylvania in Novembei, even if it should be at
the cost of half a million of dollara ! They
say that the money can' be rained, and that it
must be raised, and that Pennsylvania must be
carried for Cass and Butler. 1 assure you that
the above is strictly true, and. I do think you
could not do a better thing than .by making
your Pennsylvania readers acquainted with this
inferno/ democratic scheme. If the Whigs of
the Keystone State do not strain every nerve in
November, they will be defeated by the uhpriti
eipled enemy."
In publishing this disclosure, the National
Intelligeneer, says, it " comes as we happen to
know, from an honorable source, and which, as
we also happen to know, is corroborated by
measures now in progress in this city; we refer
to the levying of contributions on democratic
office-holders, to be used in Pennsylvania to
carry the State for the anti-tariff and anti-im
provement candidate for the Presidency."
It is well known here,
that Locofoco members of Congress are now
flooding the country with SECRET CIRCU
LARS, got up by the office-holders at Washing
ton. We have one of these documents now in
our possession. It was sent to a Democrat who
voted for Longstreth bat who will now vote for
Taylor. It is dated " Jackson Hall, Washing
ton City, Oct. 17, ISIS ;" and signed "J. D.
HOOVER, Chr'n Ex. Corn. Jackson Dem. As
sociation"—Z. W. MCKNEW, Cor. Sec." It
urges the Locofocos to get out their "FULL
VOTE," and to be sure that when out they
vote for Cass and Butler.
Lying Pamphlets,
grossly abusive of Gen. Taylor and the Whig
Party have also been got up by the Office-hold
ers at Washington city since the last election.—
We have one of these also in our possession,
which came to this office under the frank of
Congressman Bridges, of the Bucks district.—
This document is addressed " To the People of
Pennsylvania," and commences with "Read,
Pause and Reflect !" But so gross are the
contains, that the reader will seek in vain for
any signature assuming the responsibility of the
authorship. If .the arguments contained in this
document were soind and the ntimeraus allega
tions against the Whig party true, how comes
it that the author sends it to tile world without
his endorsement? Such stuff as this can deceive
no one. It is emphatically "TOO LATE."—
The doom of the corrupt office holders is sealed.
The People of Pennsylvania have read, PAUSED,
and REFLECTED, and the consequence is they
have cast off the demagogues who have already
SWINDLED and brought their proud old Common
wealth to the very verge of RUIN. Let all,
Pennsylvania Election.
The N. York Tribune, speaking of the result
of the Pennsylvania election, says.--
This is anastounding revolution. The party
Which lives on its empty professions of Democ-
Be on their Guard
I racy has never been beaten in the State contest
The prospect of defeat which the election of preceeding
a Presidential Election. Even when
Gov. Johnston . furnishes, has rendered the o ffi ce-
o G f en i . B. l-I m ar i rl os o f n ii c e a n r d r s ie , d ve t r h e e Sbtletattee,niri nearly
holders desperate! They will stopat no scheme in the Proceeding State election. William Heis
of FRAUD and CORRUPTION which may ter, who was not supported by the larger por
seem to give them any hope of retaining their tion of the Democracy, was chosen Governor
over Fitully in 1830 by a close vote, and Joseph
places. It is notorious that they committed
some of the most enormous FRAUDS at the Ritner was elected i n 835—ineachcase through
a serious schism in the ranks of the so called
late election. And it is equally notorious (we Demooracy but a Governor chosen in even
know of one case) that moneyhasbeen offered to handed opposition to what vaunts itself the Dem
voters to cast their votes for Longstreth. Freemen ' la c s r t a t fo i t P" l e Y a rhsa!'not before occurred during the
of Pennsylvania ! will you endorse the conduct Again Y h
of these CORRUPT and unworthy servants by „
t Y e Tribune says:
voting for Cass and Butler and thereby retaining Gov. Johnston is elected, and the whole as
pect of affairs changed. Pennsylvania lias taken
them in power? We are mistaken in your vir- her Place at the head of the Whig array- , -the
tue and 'intelligence if you do. But we do not fin-ship of the Whig Armanda in the great
fear the MONEY of these political rascals.--, c v o o t t t e t e f s o t r a
e hrl i a titre
moral ly,State
the t Union o
The People of Pennsylvania can't be BOUGHT. I , after Kentucky, Taylor
we think the niajority is
In the language of the North American, if the more likely to exceed 20,000 than to fall below
Administration at Washington expects, by the :3,000. Next to New Y6rk, she will probably
its , give Old Zack the largest State majority."
base application of money, levied among
hirelings and menials, to BUY TILE SUFI:JUGES of , Insolence and Infamy Rebuked.
Pennsylvania farmers and' mechanics, it will The Pa. Telegraph says : The passage of
wake up to a reality, even more astounding, the relief law of 18 tf , for which Gov. Johnston
than that which rang the unexpected news of took an active part; saved the Locofoco party
defeat in their ears two weeks ago. Our honest from defeat in that campaign, besides saving
people have been deceived by confiding in dem- from ruin hundreds of active and ardent locofo
agogues and traitors ; but, they have never yet co politicians. Notwithstanding this, the vials
been sold like cattle, nor would all the hundreds of Locofoco wrath were poured upon the head
of millions that were squandered in the Mexican of Gov. Johnston, during the late campaign,
war, if concentrated upon this State, be sutfi- for this very act, spiced by the lowest party
cient to stagger its integrity for a moment. i billingsgate. The result of the election is a
But the warning is important, as showing the whithering rebuke to such infamous demogogues,
infamous and desperate means to which a corrupt who must wish to hide their heads from the
party intends to resort, for the purpose of carry- gaze of an indignant people
ing the vote of Pennsylvania. Despairing of
success by a repetition of the fraud of 1811, the
political managers at Washington have determi-
ned upon this gigantic experiment of bribery, to
effect similar results. We cannot urge our
friends too strongly to be vigilant.
Their Principles.
You cannot meet a Locofoco who does not
say that he would rather have the Canal Com
missioner than the Governor. Why is 'this ?
Simply because they have no principles worth
caring about, and if they can keep the offices
on the Canal suit go on stealing the People's
money they are content. Did it ever occur to
these fellows that the People once voted to sell
the improvements, and that in accordance with
that vote the present administration might see
proper, in order to lighten the taxes of the Peo
ple, to dispose of them ? It might so happen.
Irishmen, Remember!
Let ever Irishman remember, that when John
J. Crittenden (whig) introduced into the United
States Senate, a bill granting relief to Ireland in
the hour of her famine and distress, It 'LEWIS
CASS.O3 dodged the question and did'nt vote
for it ! and let every Irishman remember, that
this bill for Ireland's relief was opposed gener
ally by Locofoco Senators and advocated by
Whigs ; and let every Irishman remember, that
while this prodigal Administration has millioas
to throw away upon a bootless expedition-to fifth
up the remains of Sodom and Gomoirah, they
can't spare one dime to alleviate the pangs of
distress, or allay the knawings of hunger.
Election °Dicers!
Judges and Inspectors, keep a good look out
for Fraudulent certificates of Naturalization !
All those signed by R. Palmer, Jr., from the
Court of Philadelphia are suspicious. Take a
memorandum of all such ; and if any are detect
ed voting fraudulently let them be arrested at
once and punished. Right wrongs no man. But
these dishonest voters, every one of them
who votes cheats an honest voter out of his
vote. The honest alien who has been Natural
ized, and has thus shown that he loves this
country, by complying with its Laws, gains no
advantage, if the dishonest can have papers
forged for them for nothing, which are just as
When the voles are counted remember that
each ?tame on each Ticket must be written out
carefully, and exactly as it is on the tickets, and
the number of votes in Words at length and in
figures; thus:
Jolui P. Sanderson, had one hundred totes, 100
The Fraud of 1f414.
Friends of the protection of Horne Industry!
of a Howie Market ! of the Whig Tariffof 1812!
We call upon you to remembei the infkmoUs
fraud practised, upon the people by the locofoco
leaders in 184 I. Remember that they not only
represented Jilirll)9 K. Folk as in favor of the
Tariff, but that they srenously contended that
he was the especial friend and advocate of the
coal and Iron interests of Pentisalvania. As an
evidence of these things we need but refer
among many others to the following article, pub
lished during that campaign in the Hari:is - burg
Union, then edited by Edwin W. Hotter, who
is now Chairman of the locofoco State Central .
Committee :
Col. Polk and the Tariff—A Vile
Whig Falsehood.
We perceive that the Harrisburg Inteligencer
with the mendacity so eminently the character
istic of the coon papers, denounces Col. Polk
in advance as an 44 open cud avowed Free Trade.
Theorist." The authority of this gratuitous
assertion is, of course, not furnished by the In
teligencer, as it is the policy of the Whig press
to deal in habitual misrepresentation both of the
men and measures of the Democratic party.
Now Me happen to know, and state rpon the au
thority of a Tennesseean with whon set conver
sed at Baltimore—a near neighbor of Col. Polk
—that he holds the doctrine of Free Trade in
sees quail:fled abhorrence. HE NEVER ADVO
is in favor of a judicious revenue tariffaffording
the amplest incidental PROTECTION To AMERI
CAN INDUSTRY. He is the especial friend and
advocate of the COAL AND IRON INTER
ESTS, those two great objects of solicitude
with Pennsylvanians, and believing PERMA
NENCE in our laws to be of incalculable value
is opposed to the disturbance of the existing
tariff (of 1812.) These facts we state upon
the awry best authority, and caution the Democ
racy of this great State against listening to the
misrepresentations of the coons. The truth is,
the strong names of POLK and DALLAS have
struck our enemies with such deep consterna
tion as to make them desperate in feeling and
unscrupulous in the use of means.
Keep up the fire !
The result of the recent contest should in
spire every friend of Taylor with renewed zeal
in the good cause. Let it not be forgotten that
the greatest victory is yet to be achieved. It
was at Buena Vista that our glorious leader ac
quired his brightest laurels. Our triumph is
November will be the crowning victory in the
political campaign of '.113. Arouse, then, broth
er Whigs and unite once more in a long pull, a
strong pull, and a pull altogether, and the na
tion, as well as the State, will be gloriously re
deemed troin locofoco misrule.
The Difference.
In Armstrong county, the home of Governor
Johnston, (where the locofoco majority usually
'ranges from 500 to 800,) at the late election
Mr. Longetreth received a majority of only 17
In Montgomery county, where Mr. Long
streth resides, (and where at the election in
1817 Gov. Shunt, had a majority of 1.118,) Gov.
Johnston was only beaten 573 votes at the elec
tion on Tuesday last.
A proper estimate of the relative popularity
of the two candidates among their friends and
neighbors may be gathered from these facts.
11Y Gov. Johnston was in Philadelphia on
Saturday last, and met with an enthusiastic re
ception•—lle male a spirited speech, and an
nounced his intention to continue addressing the
people of. the State until the 7th of November.
We notice already a number of appointments for
him in different parts of the State.
Mass Meetings.
The Taylor State Committee have called
Mass Meetings at several prominent places
throughout the State. Among other places, a
Macs Meeting at Huntingdon
was called, to be held on Friday, the 3d Novem
ber, and, Hon. JAMES COOPER, and Hon. JAMAS
POLLOCK named us speakers to be present on the
Our County Committee believing that the
people of our county will be exceedingly anx
ious to meet Gov. Johnston, on Wednesday, No
vember Ist, when he will' visit our place
have issued no call for a general' meeting on that .
day, (3d Nov.) and for still another reason. It
has been pretty generally understood and cir
culated that our opponents will hold, a meeting'
in our town on that day.
The “Pennxylvanian" urged upon their
friends the importance of holding meetings and
having able speakers to reply to Gov. Johnston/
in every place where he may speak—therefore,
their meeting. They fear his plain truths,—
and they want' some body to throw dust into the
eyes of the people.
ari Friday evening, at the Court House, to the
13,;roligh of Huntingdon ; and every friend of
Taylor and Fillmore—EVEßY BODYri re in
vited to attend: Mr. Cooper and Pollock we
are assured will be present to address them.
We hope our friends front the adjoining Town
ships will come in. They may expect a rich
The toteiii County.'
The locofoco leaders and editors'
throughout the State are racking their
brains to discover the . why and the
wherefore of their fate disaaterous de;
feat in this State; and. every apology
which ingenuity or fancy Can devise is
presented to the faithful to break the'
crushing influence which their discom
fiture might very naturally be expected
to exert over the spirits and hopes of the
Democracy of Pennsylvania and the
Union. The most ridiculous and ab
surd, however, of all these excu
ses, is the insinuation of fraud in Schuyl
kill county, where the vote of the "
ine• millions"—the hard fisted collier
and Miner—has told so fearfully against
the shameful fraud of 1844. Schuyl
kill county gives an increased vote over
that of 1844, of 2195 ; and it is argued
that of course there has been a gross
fraud, by which this increase has been
effected! According to the same Arith
metic, there must have been a fraud in
York county, which has increased its
vote 2014, only 181 less than Schuylkill
—fraud in Philadelph;a county, where
the present vote exceeds that of 1844
by from 19' to 20,000 !
This charge of fraud, at best, conies
With an exceeding bad grace from a par
ty whiclr returned d larger locofoco major
ity en Richmond and Penn township dis
tricts; (Philadelphia county,) than the
whole number of votes polled—and then
destroyed the poll lists; for fear the fraud
should be detected
Our neighbor of the Globe is not alone
in this absurd charge of fraud in Schuyl- .
kill; as will be seen by the following
pertinent paragraph from the PhiWet
phia News :
Locofoco papers, stud particularly the
Pennsylvanian, to cover the disgrace and
infamy fixed upon their party, by the
glaring frauds committed on the elec
tive franchise at Richmond, South Penn
&c., are making a parade of the increase
in the vote of Schuylkill, as if there had
necessarily been fraudulent voting a
mong the miners of that county ! The
rebuke the miners & laborers of Schuyl
kill have given to the leaders of the lo
cape° party, for the infamous fraud
which was practised on thero, in the
destruction of the Protective policy, by
men who pretended to be its warmest
friends, is not relished—and now, for
sooth, the cry of fraud must be raised
against those who are no longer willing
to be duped by the locofoco office hold
ers. In Richmond, South Penn, &c., it
is well known there are is not many tax
able inhabitants, by many hundred, as
the declared vote ; while in Schuylkill
county, it is not even pretended that
more votes were cast than there are tax
' able inhabitants. The whole story about
fraud in Schuylkill county is a base in
vention, and has not a single fact for its
foundation, and, as we said before, it has
been started solely for the purpose of
drawing away the attention of the pub
lic from the locofoco frauds in Philadel
phia county. You hear nothing in
Schuylkill county about these pretend
ed frauds—if any had been committed,
surely the people of that county, whigs
and locofocos, ought to know something
about them. The 7th of November will
tell a tale which will astound these Lo
cofoco slanderers—the miners of Schuyl
kill county intend, and they will most
assuredly, largely increase thelf;traajor